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Latest News Mid-century - New Creator Theme 9th Jul 2019 at 12:18 PM EDT

That's right, our latest creator theme is Mid-century. Time to break out the glass and wood paneling and hang with Frank Lloyd Wright, design an entire capital city (looking at you, Brasilia), kick back in your Eames chair, embrace the power of the ... read more

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Create Forums:
Top Alpha Today 1:29 PM EDT
Can’t recolor license plates on car 19th Jul 2019 12:48 PM EDT
Blender Issues 19th Jul 2019 8:03 AM EDT
Island Counters Corner Unit Solid White Shadow when connected as corner 19th Jul 2019 12:58 AM EDT
Tents and Weather 18th Jul 2019 12:15 PM EDT
Issues with cfe roofs 17th Jul 2019 1:34 AM EDT
Slave Object Tutorial - Repository Textures From Maxis Objects 13th Jul 2019 7:42 PM EDT
Recolors not showing on my cloned sign object 12th Jul 2019 1:32 PM EDT
New High Chair Object is Not Recolorable Please Help 12th Jul 2019 12:18 PM EDT
Making Doors Gender-Specific 11th Jul 2019 4:38 AM EDT
Animations with Props on Blender Today 8:18 AM EDT
Problem with attic rooms and roof intersection Yesterday 8:27 PM EDT
Cleaning the Global Layer 19th Jul 2019 9:31 AM EDT
"Simplified" Roaring Heights Car 18th Jul 2019 8:20 AM EDT
Making a functioning library 18th Jul 2019 8:06 AM EDT
Problem with hair 17th Jul 2019 3:54 PM EDT
More Magical interactions for Witches/Wizards? 15th Jul 2019 9:44 AM EDT
Sidewalk Intersections -- Unveil their Mysteries to Me! 15th Jul 2019 7:22 AM EDT
Sea, Sky and Light parameters- let's learn! 15th Jul 2019 7:21 AM EDT
Can someone edit a custom world for me? 15th Jul 2019 5:04 AM EDT
Creativity Forums:
*TESTERS NEEDED*The Ultimate Challenge of Monopolization. (or The Monopoly Challenge) Today 2:06 PM EDT
Warwickshire: A Renaissance Challenge, Happy Holidays Gift! 14th Jul 2019 6:33 PM EDT
The MASH challenge! 14th Jul 2019 2:48 AM EDT
hunger games challenge 13th Jul 2019 10:08 AM EDT
The Dice Challenge-Now in English! 12th Jul 2019 4:49 PM EDT
House Levels Challenge (AL, NL required) 12th Jul 2019 8:56 AM EDT
Challenge: Sims make their own friends 12th Jul 2019 8:38 AM EDT
The Test of Time Challenge 18th Jun 2019 6:32 AM EDT
Empire Challenge 20th May 2019 1:46 PM EDT
Apocalypse Challenge - Realistic/Tiered Variant (Ruleset Mods Available!) 20th May 2019 1:02 AM EDT
Grow As You Go- A Farmacy Today 7:43 AM EDT
The Random Legacy Challenge (2nd Thread) Today 6:15 AM EDT
Sims 3 Rags to Riches Challenge 13th Jul 2019 7:35 PM EDT
Midnight Sun Challenge 13th Jul 2019 12:02 PM EDT
Sims 3 "Official" Asylum Challenge 9th Jul 2019 4:50 PM EDT
The Nanny Challenge 7th Jul 2019 11:13 AM EDT
Sims 3 Immortal Toad Legacy 4th Jul 2019 7:45 PM EDT
The Warrior Cats Legacy Challenge ~ Highly Updated! 24th Jun 2019 1:20 PM EDT
100 Baby Challenge - Casanova Edition 22nd Jun 2019 1:46 PM EDT
The Broken Home Challenge 16th Jun 2019 10:48 PM EDT
The Random Legacy Challenge for all packs Yesterday 3:14 AM EDT
Build your own "Not So Berry" Challenge! 19th Jul 2019 1:08 AM EDT
Zodiac Legacy Challenge - Updated for Seasons/Get Famous 17th Jul 2019 5:09 PM EDT
The Beehive Challenge 15th Jul 2019 2:18 PM EDT
Sims 4 Homeless Challenge 15th Jul 2019 9:40 AM EDT
The Sims 4 Random Legacy Challenge 14th Jul 2019 12:54 AM EDT
Box of Chocolates Random Legacy Challenge [Updated for City Living] 13th Jul 2019 4:46 AM EDT
Bonnie and Clyde challenge 13th Jul 2019 1:01 AM EDT
Fish Out Of Water (One Generation) Challenge 13th Jul 2019 12:23 AM EDT
[Beta] The Sims 4 History Challenge (2.0) 11th Jul 2019 11:57 AM EDT
Creator Feedback Forums:
(Hoods) Nestville: BETA TESTERS WANTED! 19th Jul 2019 12:10 PM EDT
Starter Street Pack! 18th Jul 2019 3:23 PM EDT
Puerto Simulado Beach Apartments 1st Jul 2019 1:20 AM EDT
Aileen Landing - Sci-Fi Neighborhood Project 29th Jun 2019 7:05 PM EDT
Moving out mod 27th Jun 2019 2:41 PM EDT
Uranesia's population design thread 19th Jul 2019 8:48 AM EDT
TS3 UI Recolor - Now with Gray UI for testing! 19th Jul 2019 8:44 AM EDT
Pompeii neighborhood 19th Jul 2019 8:10 AM EDT
Akhenaten and Nefertiti The Heretic King and His Beautiful Queen 13th Jul 2019 10:57 AM EDT
*JULY 4 UPDATE* New Halloween World! Feedback Wanted! 10th Jul 2019 6:48 PM EDT