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Announcements in Forum: Free Content Updates
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Old 13th Oct 2014 at 7:00 AM
Pictures and Paypal - please read
No content posted on MTS can have visible nudity, sexual content, or adult content, and instead must be posted on our adult site, Sexy Sims.

This means on MTS, you may not post:
  • Pictures that contains nudity, which we define as exposing the female nipples, or the butt crack/genitals of either gender, including semi-transparent stuff like a sheer bra.
  • Images of skintones with uncensored female nipples. Please blur or cover the nipples, butt crack, and genital area when taking screenshots of your skintones.
  • Posts relating to illegal drugs. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are okay on MTS though.

Why is this so?

The site is funded by ads and donations; these payments are made to the site Paypal account. Paypal have been known to close down Paypal accounts used to fund websites because of nude pictures on the website, even of pixel people. This is a risk we cannot take - no Paypal = no MTS.

Please see the Full Paypal TOU
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Old 18th Jan 2010 at 8:00 AM
Free Content Updates - Purpose and Guidelines
What is the Free Content Updates forum for?

This forum allows creators to advertise free custom content they have made.

This forum is open to any and all creators, as long as their creations are free. Whether you have your own site with just your work posted, or whether you post at a submissions site such as MTS or InSIM, you may use this forum to post when you've made new content.

Sites with pay content are allowed to post here but 100% of the content advertised must be completely free.

What is this forum NOT for?

This forum is JUST for posting new updates of custom content. It is not for advertising your discussion forum, story, YouTube channel, etc.

It is also not for requests, creation questions, or game help problems. Basically, anything that is NOT advertising your free content. Please use the Site Map to find an appropriate forum if you are not posting a content update.

How do I post a content update?

Make a new thread. In the title, put your site name and the date of the update (Simmer123's Stuff, Updated 01 Jan!). In the first post, tell us a little bit about your site, and give us a link to the site. Go ahead and submit your thread that way.

Then, in the next post on the thread (yes, you can double post here, it's okay) let us know about your batch of updates. Pictures and descriptions, etc...

Later on, if you have another update to do, use your existing thread. Add another post to the end of the thread with pictures and descriptions of the new update, and you can use the Edit button on the first post to change the title of your thread to reflect the new update (Simmer123's Stuff, Updated 12 Feb!)

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