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  1. Tutorial: Making a Realistic Worn Graphic T-shirt
  2. Highlights and shading tutorial using Gimp
  3. TIPTORIAL: Extracting UV Maps for Better Recolors (2009 update)
  4. Gimp Tute 5: How to Add realistic Details with Photoskinning Using Gimp
  5. Tiptorial: Bump Maps
  6. Tiptorial: Making Black and White Clothing (The Right Way!)
  7. LAYERS - visual explaination :]
  8. TUTORIAL: Creating Eyes using Gimp
  9. Skinset recolor actionset + autobatch for complete beginner in photoshop
  10. Using Milkshape to Preview Body Shop Textures
  11. Making a New Skintone
  12. GIMP Clothing Tutorial #3: Changing the Alpha
  13. GIMP Clothing Tutorial #2: Using a New Texture
  14. Basic Clothing Recolour using The Gimp
  15. The Gimp - Getting Started (Installing and Basics)
  16. Faylen's Skinning Tutorial 2 - Selective Recolor, Adding a Simple Texture
  17. Faylen's Skinning Tutorial 1 - Basic Clothing Recolor
  18. Clothing Tutorials - using Paint.NET
  19. Hair Recoloring Tutorial
  20. Skinning FAQs
  21. Exporting UV Maps for Better Clothing Recolours
  22. How to Add Shadows and Highlights
  23. Faylen's Recoloring Tutorial Part 4: Working Around the Mesh
  24. Beyond Photoskinning: Transformation and Displacement Mapping in Photoshop
  25. Creating Textures from Images
  26. Mini-Tutorial: How to adapt Skintones/Clothing to Custom Meshes
  27. Tutorial - How to make a top out of a picture?
  28. Skinning From The Inside Out
  29. Tutorial: Custom Eye Colours using Photoshop (Beyond just Recolouring)
  30. Faylen's Clothing Recolor Tutorial Part 3: Adding Textures
  31. Faylen's Clothing Recolor Tutorial Part 1: Basic Recoloring
  32. Faylen's Clothing Recolor Tutorial Part 2: Selective Recoloring
  33. How do you change the lens color of glasses?