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  1. Making coastal elevation changes stick when moving/packaging BV beach lots
  2. How to remove the Super Duper Hug?
  3. Beach lots
  4. Making nighttime brighter for the user.
  5. Collection Files
  6. Fixing the Stay-Things Shrub
  7. How to make the "Veg out" facial animation to be used as overlay?
  8. Fixing the deck skirt to work with an invisible floor edge
  9. Using AnyGameStarter with TS2 Collections
  10. Sims2Pack Clean Installer Research
  11. Making a cancer hack/mod or other disease(s)
  12. Tutorial: No Road Hood
  13. Ramps, Underground Basements, Enclosed Courtyards and Traversable 0-Click Levels
  14. Raining Blood
  15. Nuke Indestructible Door-Adjacent Floor Tiles?
  16. How to fix the backwards lot impostor lighting
  17. Roofs - Engine-Generated Geometry (Maxis Roofs)
  18. Manually finding an OBJd's MMATs?
  19. Change Textures Used for Child Faces By Gender
  20. Detecting which EP a package file needs?
  21. Why no "building blocks"?
  22. Arcade Machines with New Video?
  23. Prim 0x001A: "Relationship" = ???
  24. More to learn about BHAV's
  25. NPCs just got easier for modders!
  26. The Components That Make Up Dialogs?
  27. Pottery Modding
  28. How do I allow to click partly through an object?
  29. seaside lot: straight beach all the time?
  30. [FOUND] What "Idle System - Start" & "Idle System - Stop" do ?
  31. What "Idle - Minutes" & "Idle - Hours" do ?
  32. How to change wall sizes through lot-modding: HEX-editting on Grid Point Value in 3D array Instance 1
  33. How to create a new lot in Sims Castaway Stories
  34. Possible to make a liveable tipi mesh/object with cutaway sides?
  35. New sound for piano?
  36. More shelves on OFB shelves?
  37. Annoying Neighbor Hack: Impossible?
  38. Roaches to rats
  39. Simple or Impossible Idea?
  40. Mod the FamilyCreation UI to fit widescreen Screens
  41. Wants and fears and triggers
  42. Collection Group 0x0FFEFEFE
  43. Custom Vacation Destination Themes?
  44. Special FX
  45. Idea on Multiplayer Mod
  46. Is it possible to make permanent skinchange vials?
  47. Environment and Hygiene, Can we make sims ignore them?
  48. I had triplets w/o any hack
  49. Neighborhood Effects
  50. Interaction Position
  51. Modding - Swim pool & its directly related:
  52. Don't be afraid of d/l tattooed skintones anymore!
  53. Discussion: Lot Size, Orientation, Rotation, etc.
  54. Arranged Marriages
  55. Siamese Twin Sims
  56. Lua Notes updated for EP6
  57. Changing the day/night cycle for neighbourhoods
  58. Help - Change the language
  59. Door adjacent to a stairs pad gets stuck "in use"
  60. A Question on combining Lykanthropy and Vampirism
  61. Special driveways
  62. Could someone here make a hack where you can costumize the "days old" of a sim in CAS?
  63. Time Elapsation while visiting community lots
  64. Careers and Hidden Skills
  65. Loading Sound
  66. Pollination Face data replacement tutorial
  67. Maxis objects
  68. Can someone make a hack were teenagers are able to get married?
  69. night light leval
  70. An Ongoing Discussion
  71. Lot Resizing
  72. Accesories and Globals
  73. Help with Model State Indicies BCON
  74. Trying new socialization techniques
  75. Property Set Flags
  76. Creating new pie menu for the computer and assigning existing actions..
  77. greenhouse doors don't go down
  78. i dont know how to title this
  79. Custom Memory?
  80. Modding Questions
  81. More customizing for your custom foods - my finds, want more :)
  82. modding - Fence-arch: infos-sharing, ideas-mingling, etc...
  83. looking for info on outfit behaviors
  84. making body shape genetic & growing sims
  85. Parfum several times use
  86. Is it possible to add bhavs & pie menu to a fence?
  87. A Controller for more as one object??
  88. First-Timer Needs Guidance...
  89. The Disco Floor - something to step upon... :o)
  90. Animation with Pick up and Drop off behaviors
  91. need Code
  92. Regarding EA Instance Numbers
  93. Directory of Compressed Files - why have it?
  94. Requirements to make Sims2 online compatible
  95. Day Care
  96. Getting a new part of an object solid to sims-Pets
  97. Creating new pet pattern alphas
  98. How to fix the Bounding Mesh in objects that use joints?
  99. Modding - Mirror Material Shader
  100. modding - roof - material shader modded at the roof top texture definition
  101. How to get the number of kids/teens in a house hold
  102. Flag to show which EP an object needs?
  103. How to notify sim out of idle from a BHAV?
  104. Help Needed with Effect Stop/Start primitive 0x70
  105. New Animation
  106. Is this possible in Sims 2?
  107. Help needed with skill gain dialogue
  108. Modding The Sims into an educational game
  109. Morphmods: correcting the problems?
  110. Modding - Floor Tile: Settings for 2-sided/doubly-sided, animated, caustic pool-tile, and/or pool-surface-tile tiles (20070106 Update)
  111. Help Needed with 'Too many iterations' errors
  112. Adding *Learn to Play* Tutorials inside the game
  113. Want Trees
  114. Help Needed with Set to Next primitive 0x1F
  115. Approach to debugging a problem with LizLove's Teen WooHoo
  116. REQUEST: A Sims 2 Pose
  117. Bumpmapping normals
  118. Changing thumbnail rendering
  119. $<WHATEVER> In Dialogs/Dynamic Pie menu Options
  120. Is it possible to make your sim an NPC while she/he is working?
  121. Layering TXMTs?
  122. The in-game icon and a new object
  123. help Needed with Relationship Primitive 0x1A
  124. Help Needed with Dialog primitive 0x24
  125. What does the Stack Object's person data 0x0018 (Job Data) flag do?
  126. Changing Arcade Machine videos: Anyone been successful yet?
  127. Need Help With A Video Game
  128. Target Indices in the GMDC
  129. Edith and Simantics info
  130. Make an object electrocutional
  131. Combining doors and mirrors?
  132. BHAV to BHAV Parameters
  133. Tangent Normals
  134. How does one access the BCON values in Group 0x7FD46CD0 Instance 0x100?
  135. TRCN format and application
  136. Adding Social Interactions
  137. Modifying the default CAS faces...
  138. placement to specific tile on table
  139. Custom semiglobal groups
  140. Day check OpCode
  141. Does anyone know how to add slots and routes to an object?
  142. Question - Cars and WooHoo animation
  143. Listing of bhav differences between Uni and NL (Updated)
  144. New in NL : binary Lua script. (decompiled/deassembled)
  145. Package Ident / Meta Data
  146. How do floor cutouts work?
  147. Object Function table
  148. RTBN Headaches Revisited
  149. BCON = G - Category (Instance ID 0x0106) - Need Information
  150. Placement flags
  151. how can i add more attributes to a object?
  152. Advanced Question: RTBN Calls from Inside an Interaction
  153. Information about locking doors
  154. Animation via texture-rotation
  155. Bed: how to change sleep height?
  156. Project: Making custom hair styles works with game genetics
  157. Combining objects in one package
  158. Tech Discussion: The Material Definition ("TXMT", a.k.a. "MATD")
  159. The mysteries of Sim DNA unraveled