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  1. Installation Problem
  2. File Question
  3. Mac Users
  4. Nothing is Working!!! Please Help
  5. How Do I Take A Screenshot of Clean Installer?
  6. Can't get my houses to install
  7. Try to do anything with files, prog freezes
  8. Clean installer can't read some files
  9. Q-Xpress Installer Run Time error 11
  10. Some custom content working, some not! :(
  11. Help - when installing walls and floors default goes to Teleport file
  12. Clean Installer just won't work
  13. Hacks and Duplicates aren't Highlighted
  14. Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer...overwriting files?
  15. Uninstalling
  16. Date&Time ??
  17. Sims 2 clean installer
  18. .NET V1.1 or V2.0 ?
  19. I'm now confused. IS it my laptop or what?
  20. [Mac User] Mac version?
  21. Can't install the Sims2 Clean Installer
  22. Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer
  23. Using sims2pack to package house for upload
  24. Having problems install objects to cleaner installer
  25. Sim2Pack Can't Check Filename
  26. Can't uninstall sims2cleanpack or reinstall
  27. Sims2Pack Clean Installer
  28. Sims2Packs installing mod problems
  29. can't remove S2PC installer...
  30. Making up filenames...
  31. What do I do know?
  32. Error message when saving a cleaned up lot
  33. duplicated files
  34. Error message-Common Language Runtime Debugging Services
  35. Bon Voyage, freezing and clean pack installer
  36. Maxis File cop
  37. Sims2Pack Files&&Clean Installer.
  38. wierd file extensions
  39. question please
  40. deleting characters?
  41. making clean installer default
  42. A problem with Sims2 Seasons and Clean Installer
  43. Maxis Recolours
  44. Not a DBPF file...?
  45. Flashing Pop-Up Box - Clean Installer
  46. short question
  47. 2 problems in one..oh goodie!!
  48. Red file
  49. deleting only sims in a lot
  50. next update req?
  51. Files suddenly unreadable - latest version
  52. Help!urgent matter!
  53. How to install packed sim, witch needs expansion pack? (version
  54. Im trying to delete Sims2pack clean installer with registry editor but...
  55. How can i run the sims2pack clean installer if i deleted it instead of uninstalling it ?
  56. Installing more then one file at a time?
  57. clean installer won't appear
  58. CPI refuses to uninstall
  59. When repackaging, only empty files appear
  60. Several problems with
  61. I made a huge mistake..
  62. Recolours
  63. I keep getting an error when I try to start up S2CPI
  64. Can't install clean installer
  65. Installer says it can't read any files
  66. Trying to include CC in lot: NullReferenceException -error
  67. Not really a problem, just a question I couldn't find in the manual...
  68. Teen/Young Adult Packaging Problem
  69. Can't move multiple files
  70. idea
  71. Thank you so much!
  72. Problem? o.O;
  73. Sims2Pack Clean Installer (Newer Version)
  74. Problem??
  75. Settings Request
  76. "Request registry access is not allowed." on Startup
  77. Process For Cleaning A Lot With Clean Installer
  78. Vista and Sims Clean Installer
  79. Problem With Program
  80. Custom Content Not Appearing
  81. Sims2Pack Clean Installer & Seasons
  82. clean installer problem
  83. Trying to uninstall it and i can't find it in Add/Remove programs
  84. Sims 2 Pack Resource File Problem
  85. .NET Framework Missing...?
  86. Clean installer wont install my custom content..
  87. Quick question
  88. Install All Missing.
  89. help cant delete
  90. clean installer
  91. Won't uninstall
  92. using CI for houses made with ep's I don't own
  93. Clean Installer won't work!!!
  94. still unsure about downloading clean installer
  95. No install button
  96. System Requirements?
  97. "The installer you...is corrupted or incomplete"
  98. Sims2Pack Clean Installer Problems
  99. Unnamed 'Type' Files
  100. .NET Framework?
  101. how to make clean installer default for sims2pack files
  102. deleting ALL custom content w/o screwing up game
  103. How do I get the orginal sims 2 installer back that came with the game?
  104. Help!!
  105. Not Working
  106. Problem with re-installing.
  107. Try This First!
  108. Fatal Error CLR error 80004005
  109. CI sorts by day month year
  110. Sims 2 Pack Deleted all Hacks
  111. opening rar files
  112. Compressing Files
  113. Clean Installer doesn't install?
  114. S2PCI not opening files
  115. Sims2Pack Clean Installer & Windows Vista...
  116. Finding Corrupt Files?
  117. Application JUST STOPPED WORKING
  118. update cp2i
  119. Sims Clean Installer doesn't look like examples
  120. I know I'm missing something, and it's prolly right in front of my face...
  121. Saving problems - Empty package?
  122. Clean Installer opens instead of folders...
  123. is there a thread dealing with sims2pak installer?
  124. Can't reinstall it ;-;
  125. clean pack fatal error
  126. Clean Installer for the Mac?
  127. Highlight Question Help Please
  128. Sims2Pack Clean Installer Manual
  129. Cannot Read Errors
  130. Pink highlighted (empty packages)
  131. Packages not showing up in clean installer
  132. Hover Problem
  133. HOW do I install certain sims INTO the game
  134. problems installing multiple walls and floors
  135. Cannot Install Sims into my Game using Clean Pack
  136. Packaged Files
  137. Won't default to clean installer
  138. Error message no one I've seen has posted!
  139. Clarification and a question
  140. Not compatible with .NET Framework 2.0?
  141. Sims2pack Clean Installer
  142. Isn't working
  143. Offline Version
  144. Lost it all?
  145. What about Mac?
  146. How can you tell what a file is....if.
  147. some items crash program when selected
  148. Clean Installer in multi-user enviornments
  149. No more "empty package" problem
  150. I need help about missing skins
  151. Can't get it to install downloads..see below
  152. Can't use Installer nor Download new one
  153. Not a Pets REQUEST only an issue
  154. Selecting folder to view packages...
  155. Many Error Msgs--Files Being Deleted-including the CEP-Screenshots-
  156. Error message when updating Installer
  157. Files with no info, are they empty packages?
  158. Something that happened...
  159. S2P Cleaner don't look like mine
  160. Why does the little pop up not show up sometimes
  161. can't update
  162. Problem with "Move to...New..." function
  163. Having problems with getting CI to start up
  164. I can't install a Sim2Packed self made lot with CI
  165. install multiple .rars simultaneously?
  166. Question about hacks.
  167. Please help! Clean Pack installing probelms
  168. Computer does not recognize I uninstalled clean pack installer
  169. JIT debugger???? HELP!!
  170. Empty packages
  171. Clean Installer Problems
  172. macbook
  173. CI packages question
  174. Need some guidance with CI
  175. Clean installer and .rar files
  176. Didn't want Sims2Pack Clean Installer as default program
  177. bug !! or i think so hehe
  178. Bug with files that should work
  179. "You have to uninstall old version first!"
  180. Batch Installing *.Sims2Packs
  181. need help,
  182. Where are objects installed?
  183. Clean Installer icon doesn't show up...
  184. Problem reinstalling CPI2
  185. Error!
  186. How to remove family by using clean installer?
  187. Sims 2 Content Installer.....installs everything in package form???
  188. Set Clean Installer as default
  189. Lots I downloaded not showing up in Clean Installer
  190. sims 2 Clean Installer-can't install lots.
  191. Can't Start It
  192. What about installing *ready made Sims*?
  193. Clean Installer error messages
  194. Clean Pack installer
  195. Reinstalling & receiving an error that version is already installed
  196. My Questions are . . .
  197. Creating subfolders...
  198. Clean Installer
  199. Sims2Pack Clean Installer For Macs??
  200. simple, quick, question
  201. Teleport Folder?
  202. Clean Installer won't even install into my computer!
  203. Problems with Sims2 Clean Installer version
  204. No blue house:/
  205. Error on my Sims 2 Clean Installer
  206. Clean installer Help
  207. Problems with clean pack installer version
  208. Is 1.5.1 still available for download?
  209. clean installer encountered a problem
  210. How does S2PCI mark meshes?
  211. Wish List for Sims2Pack Clean Installer
  212. Clean Installer Problem
  213. Cleaned-up lot does not appear in game
  214. Requested registry access is not allowed?
  215. Cleaning a Lot for Upload
  216. Please Help Me!
  217. clean installer
  218. Unable to Package - Error Message
  219. Character files in packaged lots?
  220. Empty Packages when preparing lot for upload
  221. disapearing installer
  222. Problems
  223. No "install all" option
  224. Clean Installer....not installig..o.o
  225. Where's my furniture?!
  226. Empty packages
  227. Can't delete file - in use by another process?
  228. Sims2Pack Clean Install
  229. Error Message
  230. this isnt mac is it?
  231. Clean Installer & Mac
  232. Ack! Too many files!
  233. S2PCI Problems
  234. Problem with Sims2Pack Clean Installer...Please help!
  235. .bak and .off files
  236. Multiple Files!
  237. Help?????
  238. Suggestion
  239. The Sorting Feature
  240. Funky Business Big Problem
  241. Files cannot be read
  242. Clean Installer
  243. Not identifing some file types, need help
  244. Page Forbidden
  245. Trying to dl CI, getting error
  246. Multi sims2pak installar
  247. Clean Installer - reinstall HELP!
  248. cleaner-installer 'not responding'
  249. manually uninstalling s2pci?!
  250. "Open with?"