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  1. Mesh: All About Normals
  2. Milkshape: Crashes!
  3. Body/Hair Meshing: How to add new groups to a Mesh
  4. How to 3D Edit Faces (Yes, Really!)
  5. Accessories: Fixing Accessories to Display Properly with the Pets EP (or later)
  6. Everything You Wanted to Know About Meshes But Were Afraid to Ask
  7. Body Meshing: How to use Blender
  8. General: Example Bodies and Faces
  9. Mesh: Adjusting the UV Map - Why?
  10. General: Tig's Editing Suggestions
  11. I'm new, where do I start??
  12. Milkshape: Settings and Tips
  13. Mesh: has a gap at the neck
  14. Hair: Strange Transparency or Holes
  15. Mesh: has weird transparency, holes, or strange display
  16. Mesh: has seams/lines down the arms, legs and sides!
  17. Mesh: The modified mesh does not show up in bodyshop!
  18. Milkshape: Blue Lines all over my screen!
  19. Mesh: is Laying Down in Bodyshop
  20. Body/Hair/Accessory Meshing Tools
  21. Hair: Basics and Beyond Articles
  22. Body Meshing: Making a NL (or later) Body mesh look good in old games
  23. Accessory Meshing Info + Advanced Tutorial