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  1. Career String Editing?
  2. Trying to make a mod that allows blogging on computers, need help
  3. nointro.package and NoBuildSparkles.package both working, however NRaas_Decensor.package does not do anything
  4. LTR Extra Energy, is it even possible?
  5. Floor Mark Summoner (was "[SOLVED] What's wrong with this script?")
  6. How Do I replace a carpool vehicle with a custom vehicle?
  7. Changing the Online Dating Manager
  8. Mike for stand up comedy
  9. Won't run (newbe to C#) Help Please.
  10. Core mod problem!
  11. Trouble Importing XML into S3PE
  12. Help with Scripting
  13. Changing the properties of a Store bed
  14. can i change the location of the pornstar career
  15. Can't edit jazz files
  16. Milkshape problem
  17. Motive Decay
  18. Editing an in-game LTW
  19. Having trouble modding objects to show up in CAW Metadata
  20. How to un-fix fixed colors in Build objects?
  21. How to add custom interactions have it play a custom animation?
  22. Why do people don't like modifications to their work?
  23. File format for a SIME resource.
  24. Subway Charge Mod
  25. Is there a way to remove the buydebug corn slots that were never used?
  26. Modding the Multi-Tab
  27. OBJD mod doesn't work
  28. Idea: Dumbing down the Smartphones - Possible?
  29. Translating some Game words?
  30. Help please with hat slider file
  31. Help making Script mod, please - confused on steps for making No Alien Eyes code
  32. How do you remove default items using S3PE?
  33. Houseboat Patrols / Water interaction
  34. Making Some Build Mode Objects Change With Seasons?
  35. TS4 Modding Disasters
  36. Making new harvestables
  37. Disable Autonomous for Grouped Sim
  38. First Mod: Insect Spawner
  39. Relax Here Interaction
  40. Can I change minimum age for have a smoke in cmomoney_CigaretteMod ?
  41. How difficult would it be to port a CAW function over to TS3 in-game editor?
  42. OBJD flag to make an object placable anywhere?
  43. Building Custom Body Models: Going out with a Bang (Not Really)
  44. Modding Socializing.XML STCs - "Sim B thinks Sim A is being boring" - removing the relationship hit, need help
  45. Effect planes/sprites on phones/tablets.
  46. Processor Architecture Mismatch in VS2010
  47. Making Milk and Jars storable in the fridge
  48. Has anyone managed to tune equestrian center competition hours??
  49. Making Custom Careers?(I did find some tutorials but didn't go well)
  50. Is it possible to set merchants, mixologist, bartender's working hour?
  51. Having more than 8 sims
  52. How to change singer's song in Sims 3 Showtime
  53. Replacing moodlet thumbnail - disappears instead...
  54. How to create new interaction for Sims 3?
  55. Route + Walk
  56. Modding questions
  57. Making a new default werewolf body?
  58. Help with an XML file for a mod?
  59. Once an interaction is completed... how to get a Sim to immediately do the next specific interaction?
  60. How to create an Interaction for a baby to perform ?
  61. Working on a cooktop for counters... Still...
  62. The buff doesn´t works!
  63. Wanting to set a Tag on a sim...
  64. Remove interaction
  65. Go to sleep at a fixed time
  66. Table Dancing Always Availble - Help Needed
  67. Poses: Sim is too low in game but not in Blender (still need help :( )
  68. Script Mod: Overidding Age Restriction
  69. Script Modding Help Needed
  70. Making Non-Functioning, Decorative Rabbitholes
  71. Rabbit Hole Rug Tutorial
  72. Reverse-engineering / updating for current Pose Player compatibility
  73. Functioning Santa NPC--work in progress. Artists required, some scripting help desired
  74. How do you add blood to default clothes and custom clothes and skin in the Sims 3?
  75. Creating Opportunities/The Urbz Challenge
  76. How to edit other sims houses without leaving your active household.
  77. Need help with editing clothing category
  78. How to make sims with certain trait(s) do an interaction autonomously ?
  79. Sims 3 - Custom Animations aren't playing properly.
  80. How to make an interaction available for target sim only ?
  81. Sprinkler Functions
  82. How to make a makeup appear with scripting
  83. Fight win/lose chance modifiers
  84. My scripting mod XML doesn't work!
  85. New Powers for Plantsims/Mermaids
  86. Pose Help (rigs) (FIXED)
  87. Mod Conflict
  88. Getting a script to call a specific accessory
  89. Plantsim flower trail needs to go.
  90. Stuck in a middle of a project HELP
  91. How to cancel the Loop.Idle Instance without reseting the sim
  92. Using Other Creators' Meshes
  93. How to make a sim hold a knife in an animation ?
  94. How to remove a animation on object?
  95. Using a computer/laptop for a custom career
  96. Replacing the Default Vehicles
  97. Is it possible/easy to copy a whole skill?
  98. Making Actor + Target play an animation at the same time in the *RUN* Bool c#
  99. Would it be possible to change the way sims listen to lectures?
  100. Replacement Pet Breeds?
  101. Needing scripting help for Animations.
  102. Starting a fire or summoning a meteor immediate interaction help ?
  103. Thumbnail in Saved Sims Bin doesn't match what the custom sim looks like?
  104. Adding buffs to sims by interactions ?
  105. Adding a buff after reading a skill book?
  106. Check if a mod has been loaded?
  107. list of traits, careers and skills as coded, in alphabetical order
  108. Problems with the pure scripting
  109. Making a new lot type
  110. The Sims 2 to The Sims 3: Belladonna Cove Statue???
  111. From a txt to a stbl file convertor
  112. Custom Harvestable Plants
  113. Modifying Dream Pod to increase Energy/Stress Relief/Environment
  114. easel paintings missing (EP 1-11)
  115. How to control object's transparency
  116. How to tune social data?
  117. Production for new mod
  118. Store plants
  119. How to hide specific clothes in CC?
  120. How can I change a particular word at all (STBL) strings?
  121. How can I edit the Ticket Price of Barrier To Entry System from the Store?
  122. Need help understanding where I went wrong
  123. Add Athletic Skill to Nraas Go Here's "Go Jogging"
  124. Where do I start?
  125. How I can edit the XML file "Motives"?
  126. Get Sims in <List>
  127. Vampire Mod Help
  128. Omni Plant Mod
  129. Mod to allow more Memories on Scrapbook
  130. Autonomous MoodModifer Cure not working (ITUN mod)
  131. Charisma challenges tweaks
  132. Classes for Teens to Gain College Credits?
  133. Uni-Career Mod
  134. "High detail lots" and rendering everything
  135. Need Help Scripting Bed-Wetting Mod
  136. is there a modder who can make Lower Traits_Rewards
  137. .kill is not working
  138. Need Help With Changing Baby, Puppy, Kitten, Foal Minimum Aging Days
  139. All She Wants For Xmas Is Moving Doors
  140. Basic script to load custom Recipe, Ingredient or Plant data into the Game
  141. Override Existing Animations on Animated Object?
  142. My MOD never works! Help Me!
  143. Replace rabbit holes with working objects
  144. Figured out how to sleep up to 37 times faster using Twallan's Relativity mod!
  145. Swimming in ocean mod
  146. Mummy curse ghost- can the old color be brought back?
  147. XML and ITUN Modding Questions
  148. Suggestions for making a Invisible Jetpack
  149. Scripting mod possible: modding map tags?
  150. Outfit categories
  151. Interface Modding
  152. Trying to create mermaid mod need help!!!!!
  153. Autonomously satisfying needs earlier?
  154. RANDOM NUMBERS: How to make the sim have random buff or something like that?
  155. Making Synthesized Only Food Cookable?
  156. Adding existing interaction to object....
  157. Mix Occult Needs Mod
  158. Increasing the maximum level of skills.
  159. Custom Animations for an Object
  160. How to create a tuning mod that can tune the social group levels of a specific sim
  161. How IkChain works in a animation ?
  162. Replacing Horse-niegh sounds
  163. Unlocking in-game animations (those not available via nraas mod) ?
  164. Object animation off position
  165. Recatagorization questions
  166. Is someone gonna write a core-mod patcher?
  167. Converting animations from Sims 2
  168. Custom buff! Help! Doesn't work in game!
  169. Help advice needed regarding modding Showtime performance items
  170. Mod nightclub ? how create a mod ?
  171. changing a mod??? (i think)
  172. Need some advice on changing some words in game
  173. Is it possible to edit the lot size templates in the new CAW tool in the edit town mode?
  174. MODoor 4.2.5
  175. Can I make it so kids can do what adults can do?
  176. Modifying a mod?
  177. ecto 1
  178. swtor skin tones
  179. Idea
  180. Career mod: emergency call
  181. Editing or just viewing the userPresets file
  182. kleptomanic mod question
  183. Disabling auto skeleton scaling.
  184. How to add Store skills on a list in XML files?
  185. Custom Terrain Paint Brushes for in game use
  186. I think I've discovered why EA Story Progression has gotten worse.
  187. New animation, new interaction ... which to do first?
  188. Want to make Animations, AnimTool keep giving error...
  189. How to make "nude clothing" generate the "Embarassed" moodlet for being naked
  190. Order of events
  191. About Channels and moodlets
  192. Q-Mesh Sims 3 GEOM Importer - Blue scribbles everywhere?
  193. Car Modding Help
  194. Need Help with missing strings (Showtime -TV)
  195. script to scale plants in planters
  196. Career modding help
  197. Where are Investigator Cases stored?
  198. I need some help for custom Sims 3 animations
  199. Creating a new occult lifestate?
  200. Replacing default fishing pole? [RESOLVED]
  201. Blender is not importing wavefront (.obj) files
  202. storyprogression caste flirt denied
  203. Making an Object Buyable
  204. What defines the free price of "Hobart's Hideaway"?
  205. RecipeMasterList_store
  206. Clothing as career reward
  207. How play a voice using script ?
  208. Want to edit an existing skin
  209. Opportunities specific to level
  210. CAS Mode Camera tweaks?
  211. Break In Mod [Updated 3 -- Test package available]
  212. Interaction Priority Level?
  213. Modding the tree of prosperity
  214. On object placed?
  215. Custom Pregnancy Books
  216. Replace TooMuchSun with OnFire buff
  217. Careers in non-rabbit hole lots and NPCs in community lots
  218. Mad Scientist experimentation gun
  219. Mermaid Swim Speed XML File?
  220. A few questions
  221. Mod to allow abduction to impregnate both genders (Need Slightly Less Help)
  222. Generating a Sim
  223. Changing a rabbit hole into a shell?
  224. Unhidden beach towel has no interactions
  225. how to update script mods?
  226. resort tower rabbit hole rugs
  227. Three-fingered Sims
  228. Modding Store Item! Help!
  229. Looking for the EA Default Muscle Slider
  230. Will-o-Wisps, modding, and values, Oh My!
  231. A question on NRAAS Story Progression
  232. Conspire-Magic Mirror
  233. Object Depreciation
  234. GUID Parameter in Register.xml
  235. Newbie updating mod to maintain garden
  236. Routing to the computer
  237. Custom Career Not Appearing in Rabbithole?
  238. New rabbit hole with new customized text adventure
  239. Adding Custom Paintings to Easels?
  240. Blender Importer/Exporter
  241. Need help with event tracker
  242. Changing Just Something Small in a Career
  243. Danish names in English game?
  244. How do I to get {1.SimName} when buff is add by custom scrip
  245. Want to start Modding, but don't know where to begin
  246. object wont stack
  247. What file in GamePlayData.Package controls limos?
  248. How do I create a custom part-time job?
  249. How do i add trait icon to script mod menu
  250. Neighbourhood Pet Adoption