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  1. Wall/Foundation/Roof Prices?
  2. Finding the Medator_Instance_Name for specific objects
  3. A couple questions about sim rigs
  4. Custom career: retirement and outfits not working
  5. Sims 3 - Swords and Staffs
  6. How to Change Valid for Random Category on EA Clothing
  7. Connecting 2 or more bones together
  8. Action a "Ask to Leave Home" , autonomous and available playable sim
  9. Let's talk about Instantiator
  10. Object Modding Help
  11. Extracting voice files from Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2)
  12. Suggestion: Shy kiss and slow dance for children
  13. Creating Custom TV Channels
  14. Extracting some userpreset.package files and converting them to packages
  15. Trying to stop vampires from autonomously drinking plasma packs
  16. How the Muscular Definition Works/is Created?
  17. How to make a Jogging Track mod but for Horses
  18. Scripting: How to make interactions possible only if the Actor and the Target have the same moodlet?
  19. HELP! TSWR Won't Open on my PC.
  20. Making Custom Food -- Clippping Issues When Eating
  21. Animations for a mod
  22. A few questions about ITUN files
  23. How to change the target of an interaction
  24. Change "Fun-value" from downloaded ".sims3pack" custom object
  25. Any suggestions about my stoneage mod plans?
  26. Custom favorite food?
  27. Clip Resource wrapper for s3pe
  28. [Solved] Why is this happening?
  29. [Solved] Can't find the funny ITUN files
  30. Where are the PNG files
  31. How to make an object choose a random costume paint?
  32. Mod toddler splash in puddles
  33. Adult-to-Adult Carries
  34. Alternatives to .NET Reflector?
  35. I Want To Tweek A Mod
  36. Children can carry toddlers and Adults can carry children
  37. Help searching for OBJD resource/ instance ID - Syringe Gun from Ambitions
  38. How are those decorative AC units added in Supernatual patch animated?
  39. How to find out a Sims's traits?
  40. Making the Gypsy Caravan behave like the Celebrity Trailer
  41. Some interactions not showing up
  42. Overriding Imaginary Friend "Doll Form"?
  43. How to create a custom object with a new design
  44. Sims 3 CC: Book Issues?
  45. Following a LTW Tutorial... on macOS
  46. create ghosts pets in CAS
  47. StateMachineClient... wondering if i'm doing this right
  48. Tutorial: Randomized String Outputs Using {Variation.X}
  49. Help figuring out how to make a mod that adds new types of party attire?
  50. How do I make a social interaction with custom animations?
  51. Script modding - Help needed to recompile to DLL
  52. Turn (Nraas) story progression of for certain sims
  53. Custom Careers--Can They Have Tracks?
  54. Mods that add moodlets added by other mods.
  55. Expanded list of Rabbit Holes from expacs
  56. Changing the length/time of an animation in S3PE?
  57. Autonomy for immediate interactions possible?
  58. How To: Seasonal Occupation
  59. Wonky Phalanges (NEW 100% Custom Sculpted Body Mesh). Help Please!
  60. Epic(er) Sim Life Span?
  61. HQ Mod-- your opinions, please.
  62. [SOLVED] The weirdest vanishing mesh problem (now with pictures)
  63. Extracted Objects Disappearing In-Game?
  64. Forcing a social interaction to always accept
  65. Problem with object animation
  66. How are Occult types handled in game, and Werewolf / Alien shapeshifting?
  67. Animations linked to objects
  68. Custom Career - Missing Labels
  69. How to change price of an object
  70. Where to find STBL files
  71. Grid in s3pe grayed out
  72. How to post mods/uploader?
  73. Trying to recreate Vocaloid Characters as aqurate as possible with Custom Sliders in Sims 3.
  74. Program to swap meshes?
  75. Adding sounds to animations/poses
  76. Custom Career problems
  77. If you wanted a loop to repeat X times, how would you do it?
  78. Utility Library Package
  79. Roof PAttern Help
  80. Hidden Skills in Careers
  81. (Resolved) Needing help factoring -1 on skills
  82. Pose Pack Creator Error
  83. Custom Life Stage: PreTeen (Sims 3)
  84. A problem with a object after load the game
  85. Where could I find the xml file that stores the coding that forces children to follow their guardians and go back home?
  86. How to create BuffInstance for a custom Buff
  87. the creation of an alien is possible in the CAS?
  88. Decrease the speed of the rollercoaster cart
  89. Help with data Clean up
  90. How to get a Sim's name and Simdescription from just their SimDescriptionID?
  91. (Resolved) How to get current CASoutfit and add a new part without replacing whole outfit?
  92. Need help setting alarm to fire at correct time.
  93. How to store SimDescription
  94. How to make a variable retain it's value even aftersaving and reloading?
  95. What does ^ mean in C#?
  96. Adding more than five traits
  97. Looking for methods to locate custom object in world
  98. Skill ITrackedStat is being confusing
  99. Help with mod testing on a French game
  100. Animation of traits
  101. Regarding translations
  102. Can't find this interaction :(
  103. My walls break lots. What did I do wrong?
  104. anyone know where to find these resources in the game data?
  105. Looking for a tutorial/ guidance for creating bones/ skeleton on objects
  106. TS3 Mod > Use restroom on Rabbit Hole lot?
  107. Routing Interaction<Sim, Sim> Question
  108. How do I clone and edit an interaction and link it to a different animation?
  109. Genetics causes overload error?
  110. I want to make my own short height slider, but how?
  111. Unprotected .dll's is pain.
  112. Can I put in a mod request or can somone tell me how to?
  113. Unprotected .dll's ? Not that much apparently.
  114. How to trigger/custom/use sub-interactions (friendly...)
  115. C# -- Cannot explicitly call operator or accessor
  116. Need a C# compiler for Sims 3.
  117. C# - issues with enums ?
  118. Mesh/Model Switch?
  119. How do I make default customised skin color ramps?
  120. Creating SimOutfit for Occults
  121. action "Haunt" bug
  122. Need a bit of help with footprint issue
  123. Trying to eliminate the blue tint to indoor ambient lighting and outdoor reflections
  124. [SOLVED]hair not truly valid for naked category
  125. Hiding Buy Mode Objects
  126. Regarding Interactions and routing
  127. How can I use s3pe to make an object sit on the table?
  128. Dreams and promises
  129. Sailboat Effect Mesh Location?
  130. CASTable problems with object
  131. Converting animations from one game to another
  132. How to check if Sim is not in lot.
  133. Can't upload mods :( help!
  134. Sliding Feet in Converted Child Animation
  135. Social Interaction Help
  136. About Tuning mods
  137. Need Help Figuring out Jazz File Lines
  138. What makes a Shell Building Dissapear when the Camera is Close?
  139. Does anyone know whether it's possible to link an underwater cave to anything other than another underwater cave?
  140. Rotating platform
  141. ITUN for custom interactiions
  142. WCIF XML files for lightning in gameplay data?
  143. Questions from a newbie creator
  144. Change rig's eye color in blender?
  145. The Sims 3 Body Modifier tab window modding?
  146. s3oc download issue
  147. Create secondary letter option for non romantic letters?
  148. The new creator is being good :D
  149. Core-modding gameplay.package story progression(AddSim)with Visual Studio?
  150. Modding ambient sounds from one world into another?
  151. Modding For Sims 3 Custom Food/Ingredients/Harvestables
  152. Multiple Gameplaydata?
  153. Need Online Tutorials for C# and Visual Studio.
  154. Help making double moons / twin moons, please? [RESOLVED]
  155. Nobody has yet done TS2 Styled Memories??
  156. Visual C# 2010 vs 2017.
  157. Regarding Milkshape
  158. About TSRW
  159. Replacement mesh not showing up
  160. Changing Cloud Colors [RESOLVED] - Help changing Sun color, please?
  161. Toddler not posing correctly in game
  162. SIMS 3PE/Mod for viewing what's in packages in mods folder?
  163. Triggering the right animation with RequestState
  164. Visual C# 2008 misbehaving
  165. Facial Hair help
  166. Editing career mod
  167. Chicken scripting mod!
  168. Creation of a hairstyle
  169. Is it possible to create a mod that lets children and toddlers get sick\die?
  170. Wanting to replace pet animations
  171. Tuning mod to completely disable werewolf face alterations?
  172. Move Wild Horse spawn/respawner location?
  173. Help!
  174. [HELP] Add bed features into desk
  175. edit LITE resource (solved, woops...)
  176. Mod Idea:Mermaid Home Lot
  177. Sims 4 Bentley Bentayga File convert to Sims 3 File Request. Please Help
  178. Question about what Dialog to use
  179. Using CCLoader to add books
  180. Sims 3 CC Creating tools for windows 10?
  181. Help finding the right resources - XML Tunning modding?!
  182. Why don't more modder make new recipes for this game
  183. Create Traits??
  184. How "deep" can numerical values go in tuning files?
  185. Add "Plantable" to Custom Ingredients? Add Barista Bev to Arsil's Generic Food Maker?
  186. Creating custom videogames for pc and tv as well as a custom web browsing for pc ?
  187. I faced a problem trying to create a new career
  188. How to make a new package out of an old one?
  189. Help needed for creating Sims 3 careers
  190. Linking 3x1 windows/doors with their diagonal counterparts?
  191. Question about animations please help
  192. Which files control the length of workouts
  193. Need help with Interaction
  194. Controlling Fade-out/ Adding New TSRW Parameters
  195. Sims 3 Fan letter mod
  196. How to Use Kuree's Package Viewer
  197. Animation related question
  198. Tutorial creating food TS3
  199. [Solved] Generating CAS Thumbnails?
  200. object making
  201. Mod Ideas
  202. Custom lighting in worlds that use default lighting?
  203. Changing the properties of a build mode plant
  204. Sims 4 objects converted to Sims 3 - legality? potential piracy?
  205. Other ways to write the mods
  206. Having trouble with a recipe mod
  207. Combining rabbitholes
  208. Parking lot idea - allowing Sims to rent a parking space
  209. Editing Object Shadows Question
  210. My mod is causing lags!!
  211. Help making Jazz Scripts
  212. Pose Creator
  213. Question about autonomous interactions and alarms
  214. Does Anyone Know The Specs For The TV Video Files
  215. Help with creating an object
  216. Sims 3 Mods Help!!!
  217. How to check relationships and change them!?
  218. Using S3PI (C# library) to modify .package?
  219. Placing custom moon in your world
  220. Long term player trying to understand meshing any help is appreciated!
  221. How to push an interaction?
  222. Resizing textures from .package
  223. Outfits linked to personality traits
  224. Question about interactions while diving?
  225. Adding Futuristic Service Vehicles to Lunar Lakes
  226. Help with menu interactions
  227. Question about Visual Effect
  228. Game won't recognize custom Sim interaction script
  229. Interactions are getting added multiple times
  230. help in the mod on 'visual studio'
  231. Motive gain interactions like eat, drink etc. Where are they??
  232. Musical Instruments Mod - Technical Info thread
  233. New Role NPC - How did EA assign them to the world?
  234. How to store informations in saved game
  235. Edit Gardener Service 2 mod for more active sims?
  236. Editing gameplaydata.package file directly
  237. Sim intersection flags - L-shaped stairs
  238. sims3 body's part as "overlay"
  239. online pharmacy control pills- mod or add new
  240. Life States Mod
  241. Interactions
  242. Store's Chocolate Fountain recolor?
  243. Changing residential building interactions?
  244. Plea for help with animation tweaks
  245. converting object into accessory
  246. object editing
  247. Posting on MTS
  248. Children can cast spells
  249. MilkTypes (Cow Pasture Store) objects IDs - can anyone help me with understanding?
  250. Custom Career Opportunities