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  1. Another disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt thread.
  2. Sims can't walk through doors even after mods are uninstalled
  3. Not able to write books on computer
  4. Is there a way to change the ID of a world? Reasons and explanation inside
  5. Elevators not working
  6. CAW not using all available resources (ram/cpu/gpu) Fixed??
  7. Weird hole in lot?
  8. Sims 3 game will not save
  9. Changing interaction name?
  10. CC Magic and Exported Files
  11. Making Base Camp
  12. Custom lots installed but show up blank when placed
  13. Hidden Skills Unhidden mod only one not working?
  14. Can't find installed lot
  15. Problem with main screen
  16. Unexpected Error Occurred when trying to open Sims 3 via origin??
  17. Can you Access Master Controller's Options in Edit Town Mode?
  18. Males look pregnant
  19. Custom Hairstyles Being Replaced by Vanilla Hairstyles in Nude Outfit...
  20. s3pe/mono framework help
  21. My sim is suddenly an elder?
  22. Foreign Bookstores Don't Sell Foreign Books
  23. Game crashing after an hour
  24. Sub Worlds not loading
  25. I'm having Visual Issues with Lady Ravendancer's Spellbook
  26. Is it possible to have clouds in the sky with advanced rendering turned off?
  27. Lot conversion to package
  28. Can't make mods work and I've tried everything!
  29. Sliders Question.
  30. Weird lines on sims and glitchy/rough rendering
  31. Missing Nectar Maker?
  32. Cats keep dying all of a sudden
  33. Custom university world
  34. SOLVED: Glitching Umbrellas Problem.
  35. Disable Grandparent Genes in Offspring (NRAAS Story Progression)
  36. "Sims 3 has stopped working" + crash after a few minutes of gameplay, xcpt says ACCESS_VIOLATION
  37. delete this topic
  38. No Mods folder
  39. Help!
  40. Is there a way to delete All the lots from a Sims 3 world instantly? how do i do it? Please help
  41. Can a Mac guru help me? Store related
  42. How would one go and make custom Mummies?
  43. S3OC Shows No Thumbnail For EP Stuff
  44. Mods won't work even after following every step!
  45. Sim resets everytime I try to leave apartment
  46. Some package files not being loaded?
  47. Uninstaller Not Working
  48. Anyone else having Conflicts with Kandiraver's 4 to 3 conversions?
  49. Game crashes on Edit Town, has suddenly crashed while recording
  50. Name problem
  51. Game won't recognize my graphics card
  52. Combination lots
  53. Sim wont use oven at all. {Solved}
  54. Small blue school and city hall with 3 rabbitholes?
  55. Rescue lot and family?
  56. Getting Rid of Unwanted CC that came packed on Sims. I'm Using CCMagic
  57. [Solved] Blue screen but visible panel
  58. Dead completely missing from Barnacle Bay? (SOLVED)
  59. Void
  60. So Apparently YOU CAN Run SIMs 3 WITHOUT Having Steam Actually Running
  61. Commands go away
  62. Overrides folder not being recognized by the game. Like, at ALL.
  63. Equestrian Centre Menu Wont Open
  64. How/Where to install hair colour package files
  65. Why would this make my game lag?
  66. Sims 3 Xbox Controller Profile for Controller Companion (controllercompanion.com)
  67. Dark Full-Screen
  68. Corrupt Files - Reason 'Peggy'?
  69. "Tacky Memories Bulletin Board by Gal Pals" causing game freeze
  70. Into the Future time travel not working
  71. Whats like The Diva Treat In BaseGame?
  72. wcif sims voice and speech location ???
  73. this graphical error?
  74. Can't save sims and random sims in my saved sims panel.
  75. Can't give cat a flea bath
  76. How do i edit the object description?
  77. Game crashes when using particular CC objects
  78. Game always crashes on a certain day
  79. hot beverage cups don't show up while drinking
  80. Why do my babies look soulless
  81. No world caches generated, world crashes after certain amount of time
  82. Ghost took my Sim's baby
  83. Just me Getting Annoyed
  84. How do I make my avatar pic bigger?
  85. Map Viewing Glitched House?
  86. Vista os bypassing game launcher
  87. Problem with texture mapping after resizing a mesh
  88. Major Graphics Problem
  89. Game freezes after a large, screen-blocking (nonsensical) error message appears and will not respond
  90. How to make a river in a Distant Terrain mesh?
  91. ScriptError files in Sims 3 folder
  92. Certain Family Crashing (STILL NOT SOLVED)
  93. Won't let me add 8th character BUT--
  94. Is it Possible to Build Perpendicular Doors in game?
  95. it rained and now my terrain looks like this..
  96. Sims Energy Recharging Too Slow
  97. Skin and genetics glitches in game
  98. CC Skin Doesn't Affect Female Lips
  99. Details on the OBJD flags ?
  100. My Sims won't change into outerwear, not even manually.
  101. How to create objects sims can pass through ?
  102. An Odd Occurence: Game freezes and won't respond, animations play. Carries over save.
  103. A problem with moving out and also that "adults are currently travelling" bug
  104. [Steam Version Related] SIMs 3 Launcher Failing to Install .sims3pack Files
  105. Added more RAM, made things worse
  106. Need help making this house--what expansions and stuff do I need?
  107. Lag/delay for sim menu?
  108. Map Tags disappear when I try to move in a household
  109. How to convert Sims 4 mesh without TSR.
  110. Game crashes after deleting Sims 3 Expansion
  111. Sims 3 plays at over 200 FPS
  112. Buying steam version of TS3 when in-store retail already installed?
  113. Master controller related issues
  114. Outfits keep changing/University Mascot
  115. unremovable patterns/items?
  116. Child won't attend after school activity.
  117. Help: Unable to Locate Bad CC
  118. "new" computer and unholy internet issues {solved}
  119. Flashing Walls
  120. Unistalling unidentified Sim
  121. Upper eyelid issue occurs,switching sim gender!
  122. Help please!
  123. My Game is crashing in CAS with custom Content
  124. Black screen in windowed mode
  125. Business sim can't have meetings
  126. Is it possible to edit prebuilt Sims so I don't have all the extra content?
  127. i downloaded these hair and they don't show up in the game after installing what can i do ???
  128. Cat is just gone
  129. Incredibly slow loading + lagging, help appreciated!
  130. The Sims 3 Crashing Mainly When Chrome Is Open
  131. I would like tourists to actually stay at my base camp / inn
  132. Can a sim who drops college eventually return?
  133. Paintings
  134. Saving the game taking a ridiculously long time
  135. Inner roof tiles issue houseboat
  136. Converting Packages to Sim3packs on Mac
  137. Ghosts to spawn
  138. Custom Content Won't Install (Crashes) In Sims 3 Launcher
  139. HELP!! my sims have weird skin tones
  140. Curbing townie attraction to the Fowl Feathers Chicken Coop
  141. sims 3 won't load with nraas mods in packages folder
  142. Roommates Arrive everyday without being enabled
  143. Sims3Pack
  144. I run Sims 3 on Steam and accidentally deleted ccmerged.package file. Will uninstalling and reinstalling do the trick?
  145. Acc not showing up like in the CAS.
  146. Roof Holes
  147. I am unable to add NEW cc or mods to my game.
  148. Strange Savegame Loading Crash
  149. Mod Files - Exec
  150. Socially Awkward trait glitch
  151. PLEASE HELP Looking for someone to MAKE new cc for my game
  152. when creating first save for the first time, game loads all the way to 99%, then hangs and refuses to continue
  153. Kitchen Counter Texture/Graphic/Jagged Glitch
  154. S3 Package Editor Help: Changing Gender and Age Categories for Parts
  155. Stuck Facial Expressions...
  156. [Solved] Moving house affecting Gold Digger LTW?
  157. TWO HOURS to load a savefile?
  158. sims 3 won't recognize my card :(
  159. My Sim's boyfriend from University is cheating on her... with herself.
  160. Create a World Tool Search Crash
  161. World file keeps getting larger without any or few changes
  162. Family tree with deceased sims in a "fresh" save
  163. Baby glitched when born in game
  164. Are there any mod(s) known to bug your sim and cars?
  165. CAS Skintones are darkened and have bad shading.
  166. How to disable the autonomous anachronistic gobbledygook diddlydarn bullshit?
  167. Game does not save settings nor read the regular options.ini file
  168. Nraas SP prevents my sims from receiving opportunities
  169. How To Transfer My Sims 3 Games To New Computer (When The Old One Doesn't Work)?
  170. Low quality CAS clothing problem
  171. Sims Keep Having Boys
  172. The Sims 3 and Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti
  173. Female breasts texture on male sims chest?
  174. can i put sims3packs in the downloads folder?
  175. Mac Custom Content
  176. How to get rid of awful base game hairstyles such as this one?
  177. Is there a way to block the "juiced" moodlet?
  178. University World Takes FOREVER to Load
  179. Is there any fast and easy way to fixing Sims 3 issue with recognising graphic card
  180. Lots aren't shoing up in launcher
  181. HTTP Error 500 when I try to access a Simlish font download.
  182. Loading time of game is crazy slow
  183. Assigning careers through master controller/story progression {solved}
  184. No Mosaic Mod Not Working
  185. A certain stove is freezing my game
  186. Transferring my Sims3 with all EA Updates and Patches to another computer?
  187. The Sims 3 is freezing a lot of times
  188. Sim can't go from his front yard to the side walk.
  189. Game Freezes
  190. Sims going to school causes BIG CROWD
  191. How to make the game recognize my dedicated AMD GPU? Dozens of threads everywhere, none cover my exact problem.
  192. Which PC version did I have?!
  193. Please help!
  194. Sim not aging
  195. Balck screen after starting The Sims 3
  196. NONE of my store content will show up in my game
  197. Custom Content missing
  198. What does it mean when youre not able to clone.. {solved}
  199. "Materializing textures" sims 3
  200. What kind of ghost is this?
  201. CAS item Weird Behavior
  202. Relationship Bug
  203. How to remove these cupboards
  204. Sims leaving dates early, help!
  205. Remove only parts of sims3pack files?
  206. Dude! Where are my venues?
  207. Why can't my Sims engineer a baby in the future in The Sims 3?
  208. Opportunity disappearing after travel
  209. delphy's sims3pack multi installer's packages corrupted my game???
  210. Game crashing
  211. Nraas traveler + making your own vacation world
  212. Screenshots lose 90 percent of detail
  213. China Hot Springs nightmare
  214. "CAW has experienced an error" - please help, I've tried everything!
  215. CC Magic Problems/CC Magic not Working at all! I can't find a solution anywhere!
  216. Serious Lagging In Game
  217. DeviceConfig.log is completely empty.
  218. Ways to improve the speed of the game.
  219. All this time and I still cant use multipart downloads {solved}
  220. Game Help
  221. Duplicated Patterns?
  222. Interaction/Pie Menu Lag After Installing Sims3Packs
  223. Just want to know what caused my game to crash from this xcpt file
  224. Facebook script error
  225. UI goes wonky
  226. Trouble with colors in CAS.
  227. Game lagging extremely badly with AM
  228. Sculpture (2)
  229. Why are my Sims losing money?
  230. Some CC(clothes) showing up with missing textures and mis-shapen?
  231. Game crashes after finishing in CAS
  232. Problems with furniture in TSRW HEEEEELP
  233. CC Magic version 2732 download?
  234. Haven't played in awhile and I get this message about my mods and game version on startup
  235. My Game is Blocked From Accessing Graphics Hardware
  236. Script mods and packages not showing up in my game?
  237. How to let sims live without my intervention
  238. University: Sim keeps getting party wishes long after party ends
  239. Question regarding mods
  240. Is This Possible?: Library Files: How To ID The Cryptic Coded Files?
  241. I can see inside of my neighbor's home.Is there a fix for this?
  242. Please help I am about to cry, my sims 3 is not working...
  243. Unrecognized graphics card, need help editing GraphicsRule.sgr
  244. Is there a way around the "could not import all resources" pop-up with s3pe {solved} - u -
  245. Red pool windows
  246. my sims3pack installation woes
  247. CCMagic Crashing?
  248. Lunar Lakes - objects that came with the world are "replaced" everywhere
  249. Frozen at second loading screen on one save file. (Yes, I have searched, read and implemented many known solutions. Still doesn't work.) Help!!
  250. Moving save files to new game on same computer