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  1. How can I bin some of my hairs so elders can use them?
  2. WCIF a mod that will make sims sit down while talking on the phone?
  3. Money-making tracker?
  4. WCIF mod that enables teen to move out w/o parents?
  5. Where can i find this hairstyle for Sims 2
  6. No Clothing on Toilet?
  7. WCIF this hair?
  8. Only get bottle from nursery fridge
  9. Mod for Cousin's children to still be related [Found]
  10. Looking for more realistic recolours of Rose's hair 0090?
  11. WCIF Changeable light mod for sims 2 ?
  12. WCIF gems and other treasure like mods
  13. Original "secretary skirts"
  14. WCIF Shirley MacLaine & Linda Blair hairstyles?
  15. WCIF male afro
  16. white dress shirt w/ rolled sleeves ( Untckable top) for tf
  17. Emaciated/Thin Skintones (Still Looking)
  18. Exploding Dragon table and TPIT with floral decal
  19. WCIF: A Katherine Moennig/Shane McCutcheon Sim Look-A-Like
  20. Missing accessory
  21. WCIF: Lots from the tutorial game?
  22. Teen Male Crown Glasses-Type Accessory
  23. PIANO Recolors
  24. face tattoo ?
  25. Everyone Comes to Parties
  26. Profess Love?
  27. Skin with the annotation "ff7"
  28. wcif - a fix for seperates clothing
  29. wcif: ChristianLov's Resurrectatron?
  30. [looking for mods.] How do I disable school for teens?
  31. I'm looking for more realisitic recolours of Rose's donation hair #0062?
  32. WCIF: this mask?
  33. Hello, looking for a Helga hair mesh #81 recolor [SOLVED]
  34. WCIF Daphne Blake and Velma Dinkley's clothes?
  35. WCIF these pots
  36. Streaked recolour of Peggy's male hair mesh 4434-FOUND!
  37. WCIF: A particular island map, pictures included in the thread.
  38. 3 Christianlov downloads.
  39. Serpent and Salazar Slytherin Statuary and door
  40. [WCIF] a red scarf, white skirt, paint brush, blue/purple-ish eyes, & black-ish hair (all for a specific character)
  41. WCIF: These Child Female outfits?
  42. Social bubble blower
  43. WCIF old-time street lamp post recolors
  44. Pool Windows
  45. My flatmate needs help making Sims 2 more realistic
  46. Looking for Toddler Mirror
  47. WCIF these mods
  48. Where can i find a teen "model" like this?
  49. Ancienthighway's Stuff
  50. Getting rid of certain autonomous behaviors
  51. Anybody knows where can i find this blouse?
  52. Old Chateau/Castle?
  53. WCIF Daniel Radcliffe Woman in Black Style Hair?
  54. Toddler Cat Whiskers
  55. WCIF This Alien Skin?
  56. Where can i find this short hair for teenage female sims?
  57. WCIF Pillbox hats?
  58. WCIF Sleeve Tattoos?
  59. Request for a skin or tattoo
  60. WCIF: A mod to have my gay sims have a baby?
  61. Clothes for fake pregnant body
  62. Default replacement for male engagement ring
  63. Black and white default replacements/recolors
  64. Trying to find Gabe O'Mackey
  65. Light Blue Police Uniform
  66. Looking for an outfit with corset and bloomers
  67. Toddler Outfit
  68. WCIF these objects + two bodyshop items (circa 2010)
  69. WCIF - Some basic CC and some good creators
  70. The Sims 2 as... The Sims 2
  71. Default replacement hair meshes?
  72. Posebox
  73. Claws for females
  74. AM Athletic Outfit. (Pic) [FOUND]
  75. EAxis's maid dress with boots.
  76. WCIF Decoratives Buildings for Movie Making
  77. Sweaty / Dirty / other Tanned body & face
  78. Looking for a Unisex Handheld Umbrella
  79. looking for a building for sims2
  80. WCIF a complete custom university subhood?
  81. WCIF: Hindi/Indian Wedding Set
  82. Lots nearby to active lot in high detail
  83. WCIF fireplaces without chimneys?
  84. wcif pmsalley lots
  85. Hack for less fighting?
  86. Retroville misc. set
  87. I'm looking for Maxis style...
  88. WCIF Acoustic Guitar with Invisable Amp
  89. Teens can fight against adults
  90. WCIF this Maxis content?
  91. Pregnancy Mod
  92. Mod for an invisable weddign ring?
  93. Colorful recolors of ikea malm bed, and chests
  94. WCIF some stuff by Simnutscreation
  95. Sims 2 - Triplets&Quads - Identical girls only?????
  96. Newspaper Subscription
  97. Sims 2 version of No Autonomous Computer Games
  98. WCIF: "This" Plantsim Hair etc...
  99. WCIF a car that is a decoration type?
  100. WCIF Hacked Glass Coffin {FOUND}
  101. this stroller
  102. WCIF Ramona Flowers' Hair?
  103. Child Fairy for Teens
  104. Blinds that fit any window. Diagonal?
  105. WCIF these shelves?
  106. WCIF: The following items! :D
  107. Sims 2 object catalog or a fence picture from base game
  108. Beach scene backdrop-FOUND thanks
  109. Bonfire Dance Anywhere
  110. WCIF Plastic baggie decorations/ broken beer bottles
  111. WCIF: Slim Bodybuilder clothes for TEENS
  112. WCIF - Tip Jar Fix for Drums/Guitar/Bass
  113. Outfits/Sidetables
  114. WCIF Sims 2 Persona Sims
  115. WCIF this overhang?
  116. brightly coloured jeans on MTS - FOUND
  117. Maxis Flowers with No Base
  118. WCIF the signs and symbols (for memories)? (Found)
  119. WCIF male baggy shirt/shorts/sandals default
  120. How do you use Christianlov's Custom Skintone Selector?
  121. Sims2farm ANIMALS - recolors?
  122. Blood on the Dance Floor/Jayy Von Monroe stuff
  123. Sci Fi/Futureristic Style
  124. 2nd Empire Mansard Roof w/o M&G stuff
  125. BV Massage Table as Deco
  126. Old recolors that vanished from MTS2
  127. Wcif Constuction
  128. WCIF plastic shrubs (shrubs that don't need to be trimmed)? [FOUND]
  129. Prevent townie amnesia
  130. Looking for this column
  131. Downloading a recolor of something i dont know the name of and the HUD i think
  132. WCIF sims 2 stockings and tights?
  133. Hack that directs customer to cashier with shortest queue
  134. Is there a Mod like 'Master Controller' for Sims 2
  135. WCIF: Double Sink, +Dish Rack
  136. Can anyone create or seen a sim that looks almost identical to this ?-FOUND
  137. deleted thread
  138. Simslice the mask inspired movie npc
  139. WCIF dip-dyed hair?
  140. WCIF this hairs?
  141. a mod that stops food to be extra filling
  142. A way to control which townies can or can't go to a comm lot?
  143. A vampire aging hack?
  144. WCIF..these 2 Teen Outfits?
  145. WCIF hanging kitchen shelf
  146. Who wants a million dollars?
  147. wcif: OFB Re-stock sign fixer...
  148. Neighborhood Terrain Mods
  149. WCIF: Portcullis?
  150. WCIF: spongebob items: esp nursery items
  151. WCIF: Bald Sim Head Add On?!
  152. WCIF? Cool male hair!
  153. Anyone know where I can find a hairstyle similar to Justin Bieber's latest hair?
  154. wcif: replacement for the Lawyer Career from Seasons.
  155. WCIF this hair?
  156. WCIF Story Progression for TS2
  157. WCIF a way to let my sim steal items from other lots?
  158. half shaved hair for girls/boys
  159. no autonomous home bar hack for custom bars>?
  160. WCIF a mod/hack/fix that allows sims to be seated with their familes? (Solved)
  161. WCIF this sim?
  162. Josh Hutcherson aka Peeta Mellark
  163. Black-and-white halter dress, orange day dress
  164. WCIF Acne Scars?
  165. WCIF an Permanent Insanity Mod?
  166. WCIF this male hair ?
  167. Billiard/pool room deco
  168. Duh moment
  169. 'Never go to school' hacks for teens and kids?
  170. Female top conversion of male shorts outfit
  171. WCIF these outfits from the sims Viet Nam?
  172. WCIF pink dress (maybe a uniform)
  173. WCIF two hair styles...
  174. WCIF This Medieval/Fantasy Stuff?
  175. Bike as a vehicle
  176. WCIF this top?
  177. Cheerleading uniform? Is there somewhere else I can download this from?
  178. Is there a zombie pregnancy mod?
  179. WCIF: Cube or Ultra Modern or Architectural Styled Houses?
  180. these clothes?
  181. WCIF 18th Century Outfits for any Gender/Age?
  182. No pillow fights, no 20000 handouts please!!!
  183. WCIF Bright Items
  184. Where can I find some simple facial animation hacks for Sims 2?
  185. WCIF: Blinds, Flooring, & Countertops?
  186. Default Replacement Townies/Downtownies/NPCs
  187. WCIF Linda Blair's hairstyles? (hair down & ponytails)
  188. The Exorcist house furniture items help
  189. A bigger-screen tube tv?
  190. WCIF: Paper Fan Accessory?
  191. Alien
  192. No Bills Hack
  193. Looking for certian clothing?
  194. Bath for 2 sims
  195. WCIF: Testing cheats always enabled mod
  196. no bear suits at age transition
  197. is there a mod to allow crossing on stairs?
  198. Individual Aging for Witches
  199. (Sorry for another WCIF) WCIF This hairstyle (Picture in message)
  200. Christialov's Gussy Up plug in
  201. A harder uni hack
  202. WCIF Bloody clothes
  203. Where can i find rollercoaster restraints?
  204. University
  205. A mod that removes all creatures excluding plantsims
  206. MikeInside house downloads
  207. WCIF these skins and hair?
  208. WCIF hair like this?
  209. WCIF: Fake Wedding Guests
  210. Is there a hairstyle similar to this?
  211. New Sims
  212. WCIF Brown Hair with Colored streaks?
  213. Sims 2 17 bedroom lot
  214. Tack for horses
  215. Not allowed to post?
  216. WCIF Recolours of these withered lilies/Amaryll suits??
  217. WCIF: guardrail?
  218. WCIF - Broken Glass & Smashed Eggs
  219. looking for Gold medallion on Burgundy by Netseeker2
  220. WCIF - A Walking Cane
  221. WCIF - Bathtub as a Couch- being made
  222. Meshs for faery bodyshape
  223. WCIF a particular story?
  224. Does anyone know if there is a download available for hair like this?
  225. Plaid pants bottom for adult
  226. WCIF CF-AF Tiara and baby bundle?
  227. WCIF a mod/fix that keeps dead sims married? (FOUND)
  228. WCIF Toddler Chair
  229. Looking for hats tiaras & acc for hair
  230. WCIF This fancy hair?
  231. Show death and relatives status
  232. Table easel
  233. WCIF: These Screens As A Door?
  234. WCIF The hair in this pic?
  235. WCIF This Short Curly Hair [Pic Inside]
  236. WCIF Carpool/bus disabler?
  237. WCIF? DIY buy sets?
  238. WCIF:Kids in technicolor by Pooklet (Non-Geneticized Version)?
  239. I need "Don't get on the bus" and "No mutual friends" hacks?
  240. WCIF a sims 3 to sims 2 conversion tutorial?
  241. Sims 3 instrument music converted to Sims 2.
  242. WCIF TS3 to TS2 converted toys
  243. LotFullOfSims
  244. Vampire bite with better animation & vampire fight mods?
  245. Sims 2 Female to Male?
  246. WCIF Fire Never Stops
  247. wcif school uniform outfit (for adult? female) Found!
  248. Stone Archway
  249. WCIF dorm furniture set [with bunk bed]
  250. Little stuffed animal