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  1. Perrie Hair
  2. Medieval Toddler Tunic
  3. WCIF more opaque wings for fairy sims
  4. WCIF This Hairstyle?
  5. WCIF This hair?
  6. WCIF/CC Request Two global scale sliders-Pets related
  7. WCIF Square Planting Pots?
  8. Force an elixir- is that possible?
  9. Dragon's crown Style Vampires
  10. WCIF This Shirt and a Mod to Stop Auto Breakups? (Still Looking as of Aug. 18)
  11. WCIF Wrap around eyemask?
  12. WCIF Turtle shell backpack?
  13. WCIF shirts for girls?
  14. WCIF 'colossal titan' or muscular insides skin
  15. WCIF Buyable Omni Plant made Portable and that eats "Anything" from Family Inventory and Sim's personal inventory.
  16. Eye See You TS2 to TS3 Conversion by Aphroditeisimmoral
  17. WCIF Non-Fishy Mermaid/Merman tails?
  18. wcif - custom punching animation
  19. WICF whiterider
  20. Replacing Community buildings that still work info
  21. WCIF: This Island Paradise Braid Conversion
  22. WCIF This Toddler Hair
  23. WCIF a program to merge package files with, that isn't s3pe?
  24. WCIF Decorative Bicycle
  25. WCIF Long Ponytails?
  26. Proprietor marker Big shows
  27. WCIF t-shirts as accessories?
  28. wcif hips and waist sliders except these from Jonha?
  29. WCIF this hair
  30. WCIF... place lot on lake
  31. WCIF: Those two clothes
  32. WCIF This skin and eyes
  33. WICF slower needs deacrese mod for TS3
  34. WCIF Khal Drogo for TS3?
  35. WCIF Transmutemods?
  36. WCIF... genie lamp
  37. WCIF glorious manly beard?
  38. WCIF Sakuya Izayoi hair?
  39. WCIF this hairstyle?
  40. WCIF this hair?
  41. WCIF noodle skin?
  42. WCIF KH2 Roxas Wristband and rings?
  43. Does anyone know who made these paintings?
  44. Is there a mod that separates money between sims?
  45. Mod for Maids
  46. wcif this hair
  47. Quistis Trepe (of FF8) hair
  48. WCIF these hair?
  49. CAS Texture Unitool for The Sims 3?
  50. Glass / Transparent Floor
  51. WCIF these hair
  52. Mod or Tune Not Sure
  53. (Closed) Where can I find the ff?
  54. I'm looking for clothes for a Mara Jade sim?
  55. WCIF this hair?
  56. WCIF Ombré Hair
  57. Decent custom world.. without EP?
  58. No Vampire Glow?
  59. WCIF Messy Bed Sheets
  60. Messy blankets
  61. WCIF this skintone
  62. WCIF: A reptile skin
  63. Gold aviator glasses yellow lenses
  64. Visitors come to house daily Mod
  65. WCIF- top/outfit
  66. No days off
  67. WCIF accessory bow for hair
  68. Wcif a mod to stop Mermaids From Swimming Everywhere?
  69. Looking For This Hair! Please help!
  70. Fire
  71. Acronyms terminology in Sims package files
  72. WCIF A 'castaway' lot?
  73. Warmer Temperatures for Triggering Outerwear
  74. WCIF long sleeved shirt as an accessory/layerable for female child?
  75. WCIF wooden shoes?
  76. WCIF Horse Size Slider...
  77. Two Rihanna hairs?
  78. Tig Trager from "Sons of Anarchy" (played by Kim Coates)
  79. [Found] WCIF... a Roommate mod ?
  80. WCIF Demolished Walls
  81. WCIF the skin for roboho sims?
  82. Neighborhood Controller Mod?
  83. Custom Worlds
  84. Jumpsuit
  85. WCIF Public Building "Doors"
  86. WCIF invisible feet mod categorized for YA and Adults only
  87. WCIF Handlebar Mustache/Generations Cane for Young Adults?
  88. WCIF Spikey hair?
  89. Needing a modern jail bed and toilet please
  90. WCIF - Handing things poses
  91. Does anyone have(or know where they can be found) these hair?
  92. WCIF Katana on back
  93. WCIF drinking cup/mug accessory/prop
  94. WCIF- Sweeping Stairs Sims 3?
  95. WCIF Deco escalator or deco escalator railing
  96. WCIF 1 pose, 3 cas items left
  97. Wcif Marina and the diamond's heart on cheek makeup?
  98. Eye See You TS2 to TS3 Conversion by Aphroditeisimmoral
  99. WCIF: Vintage TV Set
  100. WCIF making my mermaids NPC mermaids?
  101. WCIF These two hairs?
  102. WCIF a floral headband?
  103. WCIF Female Showtime Clothing De-Necklaced
  104. WCIF Worlds Updated for Island Paradise/ Updated Sunset Valley?
  105. WCIF CAS recolour hider?
  106. WCIF the post where someone was trying to make baby legs?
  107. WCIF Hair - Re-l Mayer?!
  108. WCIF Roman Nose/Nose Bump Slider?
  109. Sims 3 Doctor Who downloads
  110. So sorry for another, but sparkly, knee length ombré dress?
  111. WCIF Japanese Decor???
  112. WCIF a mod that lets me "set dining table"
  113. WCIF the rules etc. for a Rainbowcy
  114. WCIF TS3 Accessory big belts for female sims
  115. WCIF working download links for....
  116. WCIF this hair used by lemonleaf?
  117. WCIF Open for business with new Island Paradise EP
  118. WCIF this hair
  119. Looking for photography stuff
  120. WCIF TS3 Street Fighter Costumes
  121. Business as Usual Tweaks
  122. Proper Trait edit?
  123. Looking for African-American Sims (toddler, adults etc.)
  124. WCIF Fuctionable or non functionable umbrella stand?
  125. gargoyle
  126. WCIF a non replacement reptile skin?
  127. Sims 3 mustache help!
  128. WCIF this hair?
  129. WCIF shiny refine hair retexture
  130. [FOUND] WCIF... fake window wall paints ?
  131. updated buy all fish/books/food
  132. WCIF A mod that allows your sim to order other sims around?
  133. WCIF (1) Matching Jewelry (2) Hair w/headband (3) Necklace
  134. Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII for my sim
  135. I lost my data and now im looking for an outfit
  136. Doorway/Archway Curtain
  137. WCIF deco ships wheelhouse equipment
  138. Mod that lets vampires attack & feed off of anyone?
  139. WCIF Wavy hair with side swept bangs? (Picture included) ★
  140. WA Visa and Time Length
  141. WCIF Roxy Richter Hair?
  142. WCIF mods for Summer Gameplay
  143. WCIF this hair file?
  144. Where can I find?
  145. WCIF Seasons' Ski Mask as an Object on a surface
  146. WCIF Baseball hat or cap for female child
  147. WCIF Johnny Lee Miller (Sherlock Holmes) Sim?
  148. Boat Taxi's~
  149. WCIF: Wrinkles as Age Details
  150. WCIF Trill Spots
  151. WCIF this top/outfit ?
  152. WCIF Lunasims object
  153. City/World that does NOT require World Adventures?
  154. What store hair is this?? *SOLVED*
  155. Poor (Ghettoish) Town
  156. WCIF the skin and eyes that Liana Sims3 uses?
  157. This cute hairstyle-Found
  158. Max Skill Books
  159. WCIF: A mod to make horses/unicorns into wild horses
  160. WCIF: Edit town - Lot size sorter?
  161. Sims 3 Chemistry Set with Alchemy look
  162. WCIF a nice, simple low bun?
  163. WCIF this super CUTE double bun hair
  164. WCIF: Mods for Imaginary Friends
  165. Help me find this sim?
  166. WCIF this hair for sims 3?
  167. Slow dance with family members mod? sims 3
  168. Custom Worlds for Island Paradise EP
  169. WCIF CloudWalker's Guns?
  170. WCIF nicotania? plant
  171. WCIF paper bag for head?
  172. Where Can I Find These Items
  173. WCIF Short semi-curly male hair, glasses (for Will Graham sim)
  174. WCIF this/these?
  175. WCIF: Cheap Coffee Machine
  176. WCIF Mod that allows you to invest in the police station/city hall/military base?
  177. WCIF the mod to make each clothing item (in CAS) use one slot instead of one row
  178. V Neck T-Shirt
  179. WCIF these hairstyles
  180. Wcif...
  181. WCIF invisible fairy wings option -Supernatural
  182. WCIF:braided bundled 'n' beaded(store hair)converted to adult
  183. Very simple Custom Skill Mod
  184. Live-In Maid and Chef Mods
  185. Inteen 3 mod
  186. WCIF these hairstyles
  187. High Converse with Wings!
  188. wcif persona 3 cc?
  189. Lemonleaf Model Yoyo Hair
  190. Mod for movie theater to stay open later?
  191. hire someone to upgrade it all!
  192. WCIF a mod that stops sims changing into martial art clothing
  193. WCIF SIMS 3 Werewolf Skins
  194. WCIF Armor for a female?
  195. WCIF No glowing overlay unicorn and vampire; no glowing eyes vampire and werewolf?
  196. Is there a mod for vampires similar to Sims 2 (walking styles)
  197. WCIF items and decor for a Mosque?
  198. WCIF contacts like this?
  199. Help Finding CC For Sims 3 Hunger Games Fan Series?
  200. How do you make sims do pushups?
  201. Female Hair
  202. Egyptian Kilt
  203. Rapping Mod?
  204. WCIF this school uniform
  205. WCIF A mod that removes scandals for children outside marriage?
  206. WCFIF Bare-Chested mod?
  207. Toddler converted
  208. Using boat on community lots
  209. WCIF No glowing Unicorn or Vampire?
  210. WCIF this lamp please?
  211. WCIF nude skins
  212. WCIF wheat and wheat stubble and more love interactions
  213. wcif?
  214. WCIF Kpop Idol's Model
  215. WCIF this shirt and pants
  216. WCIF: Rugged/Average Male Content, and loose clothes for females
  217. Death Poses
  218. WCIF This Peggy Hair
  219. WCIF placeable dust/dust cloud particle effect
  220. WCIF Formal Kilt Outfit
  221. WCIF Outdoor/Camping fridge, shower and toilet TS3?
  222. WCIF scars, moles, freckles etc.?
  223. WCIF This dress please?
  224. WCIF this tie dyed leaf t-shirt
  225. WCIF No sms and attraction calls
  226. Mod to increase or decrease town population?
  227. Does Anyone Know What These CC Packages are From?
  228. Mod carrer bouncers ?
  229. WCIF Beard?
  230. WCIF: default replacement taxi into bus
  231. No love letters!
  232. WCIF Flynn Rider Hair?
  233. WCIF the bandana/glasses/tattoos?
  234. WCIF a "Bubblicious Bubble Bar" mod?
  235. WCIF this hair
  236. Dress with insane shoulder pads please
  237. WCIF This Black High Waisted Skirt, etc.
  238. Looking for ephemera's Fantasy Set
  239. Thomas Kinkade
  240. Female basic fitted tank top and pants that fit in boots.
  241. Looking for Paint items
  242. Materializing Materials FIX
  243. Mod for Paparazis?
  244. Mod to make all items show up only once
  245. WCIF: Shyne's Retexture of Peggy 78
  246. A mod that makes Sims walk instead of running.
  247. WCIF: Latest version of AwesomeMod
  248. Where is the blue firefly?
  249. WCIF: Mod to Remove University Mascot
  250. WCIF a mod for increasing max household size?