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  1. WCIF - Broom Mod - No Auto Broom Riding
  2. WCIF - Tied Up and Box Carry Poses
  3. WCIF this frizzy, funky hair?
  4. WCIF: A pose like this?
  5. WCIF This Jacket
  6. WCIF Long Fall Boots?
  7. WCIF - Go go boots?
  8. WCIF: this female hairstyle?
  9. WCIF Fairy hair without the clips
  10. WCIF video game systems
  11. WCIF: A small, island styled Base Game World?
  12. Double Stroller?
  13. WCIF Ambitions hairs converted for children
  14. WCIF a bloody hospital gown?
  15. WCIF Minecraft stuffs
  16. WCIF mod for 3d feet and toes
  17. WCIF a dog back slider?
  18. hack for witches
  19. WICF a redo of sunset valley
  20. Is there a mod to improve witch spells yet?
  21. Cat Ears & Tail
  22. Spandex Shorts for Male Sim
  23. WCIF this male top - found
  24. WCIF No more Grounded Teens hack
  25. WCIF angel wings
  26. WCIF Rusty Nails toddler braids?
  27. WCIF sexy dance animations or pole dancing animation
  28. WCIF a Darker night mod!!!??????????(lights)
  29. Horse Drawn Carriage/ Wedding Coach?
  30. WCIF a Roadless, Lotless Wilderness World
  31. WCIF David Bowie-style Goblin King hair
  32. WCIF Male Hair (I accidently posted this in sims 2 :$)
  33. WCIF this fancy fence
  34. WCIF two braids for males?
  35. Wall set (pics)
  36. WCIF Tiered Serving Platter
  37. Clothing boutique items
  38. WCIF - Mod to stop Sims from running away from Bonehilda
  39. WCIF derelict walls and other objects?
  40. Marijuana mod?
  41. Where can I Find - Outfits from the Time Machine Unlocked (FOUND)
  42. WCIF - Mod to hide the Store Content
  43. Parted short-to-long female hair?
  44. Wcifmale Hairs
  45. WCIF this curly hair
  46. Half-Shaved Skrillex/Cassie/Cher Lloyd Hair
  47. WCIF open hooded jacket (female teen/young adult?
  48. party stuff
  49. Teen Prego Clothes
  50. (Mod) That covers angled terrain
  51. WCIF This type of facial Hair for Sims 3?
  52. Particular male updo hair
  53. Elena Gilbert clothes style??
  54. WCIF mod for pet
  55. WCIF Realistic Nude Replacement Skins
  56. Can someone help me find this shirt/sweatshirt again?
  57. looking for a program
  58. No nude embarrassment mod?
  59. Where can I find furry skintones and other sim-animal stuff?
  60. Longer Pregnancy
  61. WCIF Shyne's Ruddy V2 Skin
  62. WCIF this piercing?
  63. WCIF this amazing little world?!!
  64. WCIF new schools for kids and teens?
  65. WCIF this Cloud hair?
  66. Default Replacement Zombie Skin?
  67. A mod that disables money increase when a sim moves in?
  68. WCIF Pro Wrestling Career?
  69. WCIF: Skull (head) Tattoos
  70. WCIF a 5 tile wide garage door
  71. WCIF Ride Side Saddle Mod?
  72. Mod to get rid of Glow?
  73. WCIF a mod that makes Everyday hairs availble for Career outfits!!!???
  74. WCIF Buyable Insects (NOT Spawners)
  75. WCIF This pattern
  76. Mod to delete CC in game?
  77. WCIF Grim's Scythe
  78. WCIF: Angled Terrain paint tool/mod
  79. WCIF this lolita dress?
  80. WCIF Magic Meter depletion mod, please? (Supernatural)
  81. WCIF: Late Night Shoes Converted for teens
  82. WCIF vegetable "markers" ?
  83. WCIF a mod that makes work harder?
  84. WCIF mod that allow Elixirs and Potions to be placed on shelves
  85. WCIF: Female suits and other androgynous clothes. **pictures included**
  86. WCIF - Mod to block/lessen chances of Social Worker taking your pet
  87. WCIF - NICE Feathery/Angel Wings and other items
  88. WCIF rideable skateboard?
  89. WCIF A Custom Alarm Clock?
  90. WCIF Insivible Fairy wings
  91. Underwear as an accessory?
  92. WCIF piggy trait for sims
  93. Realistic time progression mod?
  94. Fairy magic
  95. WCIF Simbot slave mod for 1.38?
  96. WCIF skirts with colour (picture in the thread)
  97. Wizard/Witch robes?
  98. WCIF this male hairstyle?
  99. Frogs, Toads, and wrinkles, please
  100. WCIF A few things I've tried finding with no success
  101. WCIF - No Autonomous Eat from Inventory Mod (Found)
  102. no introduction mod?
  103. WCIF; Mod/Script for the Insane trait?
  104. WCIF A mod to remove these?
  105. WCIF Skeleton & Statue
  106. WCIF this male hairstyle?
  107. WCIF visit houses any time mod?
  108. WCIF Very Low rise Very short shorts.
  109. WCIF - World
  110. Fast Populate Neighborhood
  111. WCIF Nude skins/No Mosiac for Supernatural
  112. WCIF Sims 3 Version Of THis Mod?
  113. Does Anybody Know A Mod Like This?
  114. Multi coloured eyeshadow / eyeliner
  115. SimBot mod?
  116. WCIF Head Wings?
  117. WCIF SN werewolf goodies: wolf mask/hat, costume make-up, etc?
  118. WCIF Hairstyle?
  119. Teen woohoo and pregnancy?
  120. [WCIF - Mod that let's my ghosts look human-/-gives a human ghost interactions]
  121. Zombie woohoo?
  122. Still searching for the female sleep shirt!
  123. No Autonomous Dunking Mod?
  124. WCIF Broken/ripped up furniture and occult-specific doors
  125. WCIF fairy houses & tents that fill bladder/hygiene motives?
  126. [WCIF:TS3]Stockings for guys
  127. Vampire neck tat?
  128. WCIF a mod to put the bears in the shelf?
  129. How Can I add Items to the Consgnment Shop
  130. wcif (adult item?)
  131. WCIF challenge tweaks?
  132. WCIF this property?
  133. WCIF a mod against screaming, crying and other annoying sounds?
  134. WCIF the updated Master Controller Mod?
  135. No more fairy wing noise + unlimited magic?
  136. AwesomeMod for 1.38?
  137. Where to download hermi's lip sliders?
  138. Sims 3 - Slenderman
  139. WCIF this hair? (picture in the thread)
  140. WCIF this amazing shirt?!
  141. barock or Rococo clothing
  142. Fairy clothing & makeup?
  143. WCIF Pale skin tones, but not deathly pale?
  144. Looking for this hair and outfit
  145. Chef Mod
  146. Link to Dasha Kirilova's vintage earrings
  147. WCIF: Muscle Shirt
  148. What outfit is this? or...
  149. Speedy Skill Books for Supernatural
  150. WCIF a Supernatural mod for killer werewolves?
  151. WCIF The walking dead etc.
  152. * Solved* WCIF Peggy 455
  153. Help Finding Missing Mods
  154. Any suggestions on getting hair for black people?
  155. Rainbow Dash Hair
  156. WCIF specific story progression
  157. WCIF: A Fez?
  158. A MOD to get rid of Annoying Wishes
  159. WCIF Terracotta Warrior
  160. Shower Mod?
  161. WCIF deeper basements.
  162. a pose pack with positions similar to old portrait paintings
  163. this hair
  164. WCIF These suede boots
  165. Nicki Minaj Long Bob?
  166. WCIF a mod that makes you able to kill through sparring? + other cool martial arts mods
  167. WCIF this MTSims hairstyle?
  168. DECORATIVE stove? sink? Bonus: industrial-looking?
  169. Two problems with ghosts
  170. WCIF Little Corsican Bistro to put in Bridgeport?
  171. Two tile counter...
  172. Where can I find a bandana that covers a sims mouth?
  173. WCIF snake hair?
  174. A mod for spiral stairs?
  175. Looking For 'Aviation'-Styled Furniture (samples)
  176. Mod for Sorting
  177. WCIF late night formal shirt for everyday?
  178. Planets, Space and Futuristic things?
  179. Looking for a mod that fixes the stupid random clothes generator.
  180. Living Room/Rugs
  181. WCIF a facebook-like mod?
  182. WCIF shirts with hood?
  183. WCIF these shoes?
  184. WCIF No Work Outfit Mod?
  185. WCIF a mod to eliminate "Naughty" reputation?
  186. WCIF Mod to show motive decay numbers
  187. Denim skirt/jeans for female children? (found)
  188. a mod to sell my old furniture cheap
  189. Pets patch broken CC
  190. WCIF mod that makes my Sim not care about being publicly disgraced?
  191. WCIF A few Things, listed in detail?
  192. WCIF Baggy tank tops/sweaters for female
  193. WCIF this hair?
  194. WCIF a faster skills mod for 1.36
  195. EA's worlds updated
  196. WCIF these shoes and this shirt?
  197. sims 3 CC
  198. Placing houses mod
  199. WCIF: These accessories?
  200. Dina and Nina Caliente hairs and dress
  201. WCIF: Large awnings for a cafeteria terrace
  202. WFIC Overgrown/in eye male hair
  203. WCIF Pet custom content.
  204. Hair bun with "tendrils"
  205. Help with a long female hairstyle w/ clips, possibly Newsea?
  206. CAS Neighborhood - Empty world for creators
  207. WCIF more customizable hijab/headscarf
  208. WCIF These eyebrows?
  209. Green Shorts with Sash Belt -- Store Item?
  210. WCIF asymmetric hairstyle
  211. WCIF a way to stop paparazzi spawning?
  212. WCIF Sims Medieval Hairs converted to Sims 3?
  213. Sims 2 Apartment Life chimney for the Sims 3 (must be recolorable)
  214. Doctor Who
  215. WCIF: These jaw sliders?
  216. WCIF Nebula themed Clothes/Objects/Patterns/Acsesories ???
  217. WCIF this male hair?
  218. WCIF: Chaise Lounge
  219. WCIF - Mod/CC tester
  220. WCIF Horsies Antlers and pet bows?
  221. WCIF this hair...
  222. Wcif this sims 2 hairs converted to sims 3?
  223. Unlocked ExtraordinAIRe-Inator
  224. WCIF mod to make Story Progression sims (aka Townies) Asian?
  225. Compressing/zipping files for upload
  226. WCIF rooftop decorations?
  227. Wcif...
  228. WCIF a woman's sleep shirt modeled on a man's overshirt?
  229. WCIF a mod to put lots in a without route terrain?
  230. WCIF this town
  231. WCIF a mod to let sims perform custom music
  232. WCIF a decent mod for editing NPC sims in CAS
  233. WCIF Heart-shaped sunglasses
  234. WCIF Better Name Replacements?
  235. A mod to use pet heads on humans?
  236. Motive mobile
  237. Swimming Pool Items
  238. USA and MIA Flags and Poles for base game latest patched Sims3
  239. WCIF That Invisible Platform that can raise, resize other decos
  240. Skin on this Sim (from OrangeSim)
  241. short boyish hairs for girls
  242. WCIF hair [Updated list]
  243. these shorts...
  244. WCIF Updates for this sim?
  245. Outdoor Wicker Chairs...
  246. Empty World
  247. Is it Possible..?
  248. Is there a mod for this?
  249. WCIF: career earnings, skip speed, and CAS (specific inside)
  250. WCIF Victorian Swimwear