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  1. W.C.I.F. this hair?
  2. WCIF a single shelf/clutter items
  3. WCIF: 2 Things (Well, 3 Things Actually)
  4. A Hair like this
  5. Invisible Friend help?
  6. WCIF: Something that completely STOPS Story Progression
  7. WCIF WW2 Stuff for sims 3?
  8. SOLVED--WCIF This Hair?
  9. Extra Long Dining Table 8x1 (Sims 3 edition) & Victorian-style dining chair with a matching high back chair
  10. Custom Recipe Maker?
  11. Modding the Cowplant to increase Sim eating and decrease Spitting out.
  12. WCIF: City or Urban themed objects?
  13. WCIF Kim Kardashian Sim or Kardashian Family Sims!
  14. WCIF a exotic dancer pole?
  15. Where can I find some Hetalia sims?
  16. Where can I find decorative fish/aquatic life for my "aquarium"
  17. Pose, Grungy Walls & Patterns, Vodoo Doll, & Mens suit for women
  18. WCIF Collections, please?
  19. WCIF: Doggles and Werewolf fur/skin.
  20. HELP I need this!!!
  21. WCIF a version of the Maxis faux hawk with only the front spike?
  22. WCIF this Bed (Found thanks!)
  23. WCIF Zombie Skin
  24. WCIF: 2 Things
  25. WCIF two "hat hairs"?
  26. WCIF Resident Evil 4 (Game) Characters?
  27. These stuffs for females?
  28. Is there an OMSP with horizontal shifting?
  29. WCIF face mask
  30. WCIF Zombie world and things
  31. WCIF The Items in this Picture?
  32. sims 3 treasure objects
  33. WCIF a mod to make taxis cost money?
  34. Does a mod that removes the script box at startup exist?
  35. Always Eat at the Table Mod?
  36. wcif I find this top and hair
  37. Mod for sims 3 child to play the piano
  38. No curfew mod for sims 3 child
  39. WCIF a dog collar and cat collar? And a horse saddle?
  40. WCIF a custom content editor?
  41. Children-related mods / mods enabled for children
  42. WCIF Hobo things
  43. Male police hat and crop top
  44. step siblings
  45. WCIF A Medium or Small populated world.
  46. WCIF wall stains (wallpaper or wallhanging)
  47. WCIF a mod to make bunk beds comfortable as common beds?
  48. A mod that reworks Romantic Reputation
  49. WCIF Bare feet for everyday & kids look like parents?
  50. WCIF Dragonfly wings for the sims 3?
  51. WCIF Waffen SS uniforms?
  52. Smooth and shiny lip color?
  53. Ignore this thread... It can't be deleted.
  54. WCIF: Recategorized Clothes
  55. These items and one mod...
  56. Ladyfrontbum site is down. Is there any way to get her slider?
  57. WCIF ~ A direct link to this slider ?
  58. WCIF Indian Stuff for a indian wedding?
  59. WCIF bars and clubs
  60. WCIF a NPC mod that makes one of each type
  61. WCIF a maternity wear mod?
  62. WCIF a list of ALL sliders?
  63. A mod to change the opening/closing hours for bars?
  64. WCIF this red hair?
  65. WCIF: Bikes?
  66. WCIF: a ponytail like this?
  67. WCIF An Asian-style world/town? (Preferably populated)
  68. WCIF a mod to 'shorten the lifespan of unicorns'?
  69. WCIF? A mod to limit parent's scolding children
  70. Maternity clothes replacement
  71. WCIF: A 10x10 lot that Packs a Punch!
  72. WCIF this Hair?
  73. Drug Paraphernalia
  74. WCIF a window seat?
  75. WCIF A Female Knight outfit and a Assassin like Hood for Females?
  76. WCIF A 'No love to woohoo' mod?
  77. WCIF a flower hair wreath?
  78. A longer/brighter days mod that works with -at least- patch 1.26?
  79. WCIF This hair?
  80. Improved fat slider?
  81. WCIF Creeping Plant and Hanging Bottle
  82. Sims 3 eyes from Peggy?
  83. Sims 3-Bloody clothing/other bloodstains
  84. WCIF Hospital gowns/ esp maternity?
  85. nonAwesomemod "destroyallhumans" type command? AND CAW for Mac?
  86. Riding Boots for Males
  87. Ankle Bracelet for AM or TM
  88. Good Websites
  89. WCIF Long 'low' Ponytail hair for males?
  90. WCIF a piece of paper as an accessory?
  91. WCIF a mod to remove the Kleptomaniac trait's limits?
  92. Excuse me, WCIF A sims 3 mod
  93. WCIF this Feather Boa?
  94. Superhero poses
  95. WCIF these (images included) arches?
  96. WCIF: Sims 3 Female and Male Urban Clothing?
  97. WCIF crazy hairstyles? (like a mad scientist's hair)
  98. WCIF: Generations Thank-you Notes
  99. WCIF ~ This hair ?
  100. WCIF An adult/young adult female jacket with no shirt
  101. WCIF A Way to Alter an Imaginary Friend's Toy Outfit?
  102. WCIF (if exists...) this career?
  103. Blood, Corpses/Pose, Dresses, & Throne
  104. WCIF: Deco Helicopters
  105. A mod for bigger households and no jealousy
  106. WCIF traditional Japanese tattoos
  107. WCIF Backmounted Katana
  108. WCIF: steampunk themed objects...
  109. WCIF this short bob?
  110. wcif mod that makes eyes smaller
  111. Sims 3 Vampire Fangs?
  112. WCIF a butler mod?
  113. WCIF a mod to 24/7 maid?
  114. bachelor party dancer's cloth
  115. Is there a mod out there for a larger household without using awesomemod?
  116. WCIF this Hair?
  117. A mixology skill Mod.
  118. [ wcif ? ] this male hair
  119. WCIF Natural looking Lips?
  120. WCIF - Emo/Scene mid length boy hair [PIC INCLUDED]
  121. WCIF A similar free version of the 'Japanese Inspired Living Compilation' & clothing?
  122. Greek/Roman
  123. WCIF: Elaborate dome / Decorative domed roof
  124. WCIF A no social worker mod?
  125. WCIF fixed beds from amasims?
  126. Built-in beds
  127. WCIF Horse Mod
  128. Help with Teen Pregnancy [twallan mod]
  129. WCIF ~ A perfect tan skin
  130. WCIF 1-tile Rug/Bath Mat
  131. I want a list of all Sims 3 things that are "special needs" ie. wheelchairs
  132. WCIF: Curly Hair for Males (Pic Inside)
  133. Corner Stairs
  134. WCIF A mod that allows more traits similar to MasterController?
  135. WCIF sideburns/mutton chops
  136. WCIF Voluntary Death by Old Age
  137. mod that allows wearing multiple accessories.
  138. WCIF Pet Shows, and Selling Animals?
  139. WCIF ~ A sharpened blush
  140. WCIF *specific* late night house overlooking city
  141. FOUND WCIF Legacy Story Progression Mod
  142. WCIF these gowns?
  143. WCIF Rusty/Dirty patterns
  144. WCIF a small - med Snowy world
  145. FOUND - WCIF this hair?
  146. WCIF this hair?
  147. WCIF this hair package in my mods>packages folder?
  148. WCIF houses made with only EA Content and Store Content?
  149. WCIF Second Empire Mansard Roofs (Found It)
  150. WCIF aWT's slider hack range?
  151. wcif these three things
  152. stop cheering at pets
  153. WCIF a mod to "add wild animal to family" ;p
  154. WCIF this hairstyle? [FOUND]
  155. FOUND - WCIF this hair & eyes?
  156. WCIF a 'disable social worker' mod?
  157. WCIF these hairstyles and a pendant
  158. I've been killing myself trying to find this 20s style hair
  159. all these poses....
  160. WCIF: a cobbled world
  161. WCIF - A hair that looks like this one...
  162. medieval or worlds with dirt roads
  163. Newbie looking for items for Seclusion house
  164. a hack that takes away the dog fight dust etc
  165. Dire horse
  166. WCIF mod for teens to be able to sleep in same bed for sleepovers?
  167. Searching for a new world.
  168. WCIF Smaller dog house/cat houses
  169. WCIF a male equestrian shirt enabled for athletic wear?
  170. RIG-fix for Macs
  171. WCIF gruth Modern Stairs set for Sims 3 ?
  172. WCIF: Visa Mod Compatible with Pets
  173. WCIF - Bandanas for men?
  174. WCIF Wojtek "Store conversions for your female kids"
  175. WCIF - Lady Fromtbum's skins / This hair.
  176. WCIF Skin
  177. WCIF Cape/Cloak as Accessory
  178. WCIF - #aWT's iris slider
  179. #aWT's HQ Modification?
  180. WCIF nail paint
  181. WCIF a mod to change a ghost's colour?
  182. Mod to Allow CC trees in World editor?
  183. Huge book-shelf FULL of books to use in library?
  184. Winter landscape items
  185. Polygamy
  186. Looking for... a bunch of stuff, actually.
  187. WCIF Mod to remove "Rude Guest"/"Ask to Behave"
  188. WCIF The Clothes In This Video
  189. WCIF lower visa mods?
  190. What's the name of the mod that fixes the school rabbit hole?
  191. Looking for a no restrictions mod on community lot objects or duplicate items that will work on community lots
  192. Where Can I find a Junk Yard repair hack
  193. WCIF a mod to don't be forced to sell the house?
  194. WCIF: Male clothes for female Sims/female clothes for male Sims
  195. WCIF A Cellphone Object Sims Can Hold?
  196. WCIF Cute apartment over a shop/store?
  197. WCIF Sims 3 Console Homes
  198. WCIF, gangster mods.
  199. Fog Emitter Effects List
  200. disabling the muscle slider for elders.
  201. Candy Decorations
  202. Can anybody help me find Teen Pregnancy mod
  203. TNW's Buildings & Simstrastos Stuff
  204. WCIF Wojtek Conversions
  205. WCIF Polygamy/polyamory mod
  206. All of aWT's sliders?
  207. WCIF... These Items Ingame
  208. WCIF a post-apocalyptic world?
  209. Hair
  210. Candy-Like Terrain Paint (non-CAW)
  211. WCIF a puffy sleeves, a royal cape and/or thick necklace
  212. WCIF This Male Hair!?!?! [New image added]
  213. WCIF Orange clothes for children/teens?
  214. (Please lock - Moved to Help :).)WCIF: Hot Tub Fix post Pets
  215. WCIF a no autonomous mod...?
  216. WCIF These Female Shirts/Outfits?
  217. Snow covered roofs?
  218. WCIF - Pee Self
  219. WCIF Toy Oven
  220. WCIF Tutorial for recovering CC broken by Pets?
  221. WCIF: Custom Bar Sets??
  222. WCIF: A Airplane?
  223. WCIF buyable puddles and ashes?
  224. WCIF capes, halter tops, and turbans? Final Fantasy inspired house!
  225. WCIF 50's styled fridge?
  226. Show celebrities/all sims from map view
  227. WCIF armor and/or lance
  228. Teen Woohoo/Pregnancy
  229. Lady Gaga hair by Anubis360?
  230. Glass walls, wall sized windows, transparent walls, ect.
  231. Twallan's story Progression link by link
  232. Clothing [ancient egyptian/middle-eastern inspired]
  233. Sim-Recorder Mod?
  234. where can I find furniture or statues that sims can move
  235. WCIF Appaloosa Plains town................
  236. WCIF Belle's cross necklace?
  237. WCIF shawl or just sleeves?
  238. jewels/beads for hair
  239. WCIF Custom Moodlets
  240. Doors that are 2 stories high?
  241. Does anyone know where the TS2 and TS3 body parts object files/mannequins are located here at MTS?
  242. WCIF... These Items:
  243. WCIF these two hairs?
  244. Help! Heiret's Chin to Neck slider...direct link perhaps?
  245. WCIF open jacket with bustier
  246. Small World?
  247. WCIF Everything on these sims?
  248. Division Fence and Gate (original from The Store)
  249. Birdcage for multiple small birds (Pets EP)?
  250. Mod to Stop Cat from Eating Pet Birds?