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  1. WCIF: Drive-able Antique Cars (Sims 3 Edition)?
  2. WCIF Male hair with short ponytail/messy bun
  3. Has anyone tried to edit the game's sims limit
  4. There really should be more LGBTQ CC.
  5. WCIF: This type of cc
  6. WCIF: Outrageously Priced (> 500'000) Houses?
  7. sims2 AL style built-in wardrobe?
  8. WCIF map icons
  9. Mod to create your own lifetime wish
  10. WCIF This Hair?
  11. WCIF Sailor Moon?
  12. Al Simhara- Base Game?
  13. WCIF - This one mod...
  14. WCIF: 3 Things
  15. WCIF specific grungy plaster walls
  16. WCIF short Spiral Curls for women
  17. WCIF Items To Put Outside My Grocery Store Rabbithole
  18. WCIF a mod to change mailbox?
  19. WCIF: An automatic Sims 2 to Sims 3 object converter tool
  20. WICF a hack or mod for male pregnacy
  21. Where can I find 1930s clothing for my sims?
  22. WCIF Middle Eastern clothing
  23. WCIF: This Morgue Pose
  24. WCIF Topless tops for TS3?
  25. Wcif - Hair!!! Mod!!!!
  26. Realistic Stone/Brick Walls
  27. WCIF Neon lights/party lights like those in TS2
  28. WCIF stuff for ballerina
  29. Mod to change:Ask if single interaction to friendly?
  30. WCIF (Besides Jericho) a town with an old town AND city side?
  31. WCIF Better Camera control for painting Sim Portaits on Easel?
  32. Some stuff for my DBZ project... wrist cuffs, childrens sleveless t-shirt, etc...
  33. Where can I find eye replacement for pets eyes?
  34. Can't go steady with divorced sim, fix?
  35. WCIF the chaos mod?
  36. WCIF the Late Night goatee, only a little shorter?
  37. Looking for 'Giant' Flowers
  38. Dress, Terrain Paints, Flowers & Misc.
  39. Skin Tone / Subaxi Stuff. Where can I find?
  40. WCIF these mods?
  41. modular runner rug patterns (Sims 3 edition)
  42. WCIF: Knight Armor [FOUND, AMB EP]
  43. WCIF: fireplaces and some other stuff?
  44. WCIF: 2 Story Arches or Columns
  45. SOLVED--WCIF these windows?
  46. WCIF... "Just Shy Not Antisocial (you can talk to me) shirt"?
  47. WCIF: Wands as an accessory, male and female?
  48. Is there a slider to make the forehead stick out a bit?
  49. Help me ID this hairstyle.
  50. WCIF: An Invisible Arch and Security Screen Door
  51. 71robert13's newwalls sets (Recolorable) (Sims 3 edition)
  52. WCIF Some CAS items and some objects!
  53. Wcif: No Wild Horses
  54. poison
  55. [WCIF] These Dragonball Z outfits? - Lost due to megaupload shutdown
  56. I'm looking for a certain dog breed for the sims 3
  57. Looking for accessory bodysuit
  58. Vending machines in simlish / wall-height fences
  59. WCIF a start tattoo + this outfit
  60. WCIF: A table... and a Mod
  61. Default Eyes
  62. Classical Paintings, Palace Walls, Medieval Furniture, & Victory Podium
  63. I'm looking for a World.
  64. I need a Ninja this time
  65. WCIF male angel wings, YA?
  66. WCIF This Hair?
  67. Mod to hide premade CAS sims
  68. WCIF this hair used by Lemon Leaf
  69. Kilt from Sims 2 for Sims 3
  70. Any sliders hack for v.0.8.152?
  71. WCIF: Teen Maternity Clothes URGENT!!!!!
  72. WCIF Castaway Stuff
  73. Vampire Children Cure?
  74. WCIF a necklace like this
  75. WCIF: Pregnancy Test For Sims
  76. smoking
  77. WCIF this side braid with/without bow? [SOLVED]
  78. WCIF a mod to stop babies from crying?
  79. WCIF: TS2 Rose hair and EAxis Hilary Duff hair for TS3
  80. WCIF small lolita hat for TS3
  81. WCIF this sims 2 nouk hair converted for sims 3?
  82. wcif brolita and other male harayuku styles
  83. WCIF This pose pack? [FOUND]
  84. Required donwload for non default skins?
  85. WCIF: Small or Medium Sized World? / DIY CAW files? (FOUND!)
  86. WCIF (TS3): Mod that allows locking doors/gates on community lots
  87. WCIF Legolas' Hair
  88. No Muscle Size Slider For Women Mod for no over drastic beef armed women
  89. WCIF: A Clock (see picture for reference)
  90. WCIF Nice full-fringe hair styles?
  91. Where can I find this skin tone??
  92. So, like, did they ever make a "fight anytime" mod for this like they did in Sims 2?
  93. WCIF Movie Studio Rabbit Hole Replacement
  94. Sims 3 pets (horse) mods
  95. Tpgm
  96. WCIF patch from 1.28 to 1.29?
  97. WCIF faster spawner mod?
  98. Sims 3 Cyborg Skin?
  99. my chemical romance shirts??
  100. Wall-mounted stereo / Wall-height fence
  101. WCIF ts3 short, wavy, female hair FOUND
  102. I need a world but I'm having trouble...?
  103. WCIF this converted peggy hair?
  104. WCIF a List of items
  105. WCIF good custom worlds (for TS3)?
  106. WCIF: meshes
  107. WCIF sleeping masks?
  108. WCIF- Nrass animator earlier versions
  109. Is there to mod to Lower NPCs/ town members motives?
  110. really cute hair?
  111. FLAT Builder's Island?
  112. A sims 3 Enhancer?
  113. WCIF: This hairstyle & outfit, or their nearest match?
  114. need help!
  115. WCIF: How to remove the traits based animations?
  116. Display cushions or pillow's
  117. WCIF this outfit
  118. Another WCIF... An Updated Celebrity Mod?
  119. WCIF a tutorial for converting Sims 2 items to Sims 3?
  120. WCIF Marilyn Monroe Hair
  121. WCIF: Selena Gomez hair
  122. WCIF find the website of this author mod
  123. Where can I find a Skintone manager?
  124. WCIF: Two Storey Colonial Column and Half Column (actual two story edition)
  125. WCIF Two things
  126. Where can I find HUGE hair?
  127. Make more neighbours visit bars and community lots & Photography skill guide?
  128. WCIF hair rollers
  129. WCIF rope suspension bridge object, please? [FOUND]
  130. WCIF a Mauseleum shelf for urns?
  131. WCIF Larxene's hair from Kingdom Hearts for Sims 3?
  132. WCIF: This victorian style object
  133. Mod for Poison? (hunger games challenge mods as well)
  134. is there a sims 3 download organiser
  135. WICF: nsraa mods?
  136. WCIF: A tutorial on how to make a glass object
  137. WCIF: Corner Bookshelf Or Corner Bookcase (Sims 3 edition)
  138. WCIF: Ephemera's Skintones >Alternate link<
  139. Emaciated male mesh and mohawks
  140. Where can I find a sim with all the small pets? Solved...
  141. Hunt for prey indefinetely & transfer inventory contents?
  142. WCIF: A Large Crystal Chandelier & An Antique Mirror(see pics for ref)
  143. Increase Min-Max on Fat and Muscle sliders?
  144. Billboards
  145. WCIF This Goth Hairstyle?
  146. WCIF A Quick and Easy CC Viewer
  147. WCIF: Country flags? (For hanging on the wall, flagpoles etc.)
  148. Car replacements for Old World
  149. W.C.I.F. this hair?
  150. WCIF a single shelf/clutter items
  151. WCIF: 2 Things (Well, 3 Things Actually)
  152. A Hair like this
  153. Invisible Friend help?
  154. WCIF: Something that completely STOPS Story Progression
  155. WCIF WW2 Stuff for sims 3?
  156. SOLVED--WCIF This Hair?
  157. Extra Long Dining Table 8x1 (Sims 3 edition) & Victorian-style dining chair with a matching high back chair
  158. Custom Recipe Maker?
  159. Modding the Cowplant to increase Sim eating and decrease Spitting out.
  160. WCIF: City or Urban themed objects?
  161. WCIF Kim Kardashian Sim or Kardashian Family Sims!
  162. WCIF a exotic dancer pole?
  163. Where can I find some Hetalia sims?
  164. Where can I find decorative fish/aquatic life for my "aquarium"
  165. Pose, Grungy Walls & Patterns, Vodoo Doll, & Mens suit for women
  166. WCIF Collections, please?
  167. WCIF: Doggles and Werewolf fur/skin.
  168. HELP I need this!!!
  169. WCIF a version of the Maxis faux hawk with only the front spike?
  170. WCIF this Bed (Found thanks!)
  171. WCIF Zombie Skin
  172. WCIF: 2 Things
  173. WCIF two "hat hairs"?
  174. WCIF Resident Evil 4 (Game) Characters?
  175. These stuffs for females?
  176. Is there an OMSP with horizontal shifting?
  177. WCIF face mask
  178. WCIF Zombie world and things
  179. WCIF The Items in this Picture?
  180. sims 3 treasure objects
  181. WCIF a mod to make taxis cost money?
  182. Does a mod that removes the script box at startup exist?
  183. Always Eat at the Table Mod?
  184. wcif I find this top and hair
  185. Mod for sims 3 child to play the piano
  186. No curfew mod for sims 3 child
  187. WCIF a dog collar and cat collar? And a horse saddle?
  188. WCIF a custom content editor?
  189. Children-related mods / mods enabled for children
  190. WCIF Hobo things
  191. Male police hat and crop top
  192. step siblings
  193. WCIF A Medium or Small populated world.
  194. WCIF wall stains (wallpaper or wallhanging)
  195. WCIF a mod to make bunk beds comfortable as common beds?
  196. A mod that reworks Romantic Reputation
  197. WCIF Bare feet for everyday & kids look like parents?
  198. WCIF Dragonfly wings for the sims 3?
  199. WCIF Waffen SS uniforms?
  200. Smooth and shiny lip color?
  201. Ignore this thread... It can't be deleted.
  202. WCIF: Recategorized Clothes
  203. These items and one mod...
  204. Ladyfrontbum site is down. Is there any way to get her slider?
  205. WCIF ~ A direct link to this slider ?
  206. WCIF Indian Stuff for a indian wedding?
  207. WCIF bars and clubs
  208. WCIF a NPC mod that makes one of each type
  209. WCIF a maternity wear mod?
  210. WCIF a list of ALL sliders?
  211. A mod to change the opening/closing hours for bars?
  212. WCIF this red hair?
  213. WCIF: Bikes?
  214. WCIF: a ponytail like this?
  215. WCIF An Asian-style world/town? (Preferably populated)
  216. WCIF a mod to 'shorten the lifespan of unicorns'?
  217. WCIF? A mod to limit parent's scolding children
  218. Maternity clothes replacement
  219. WCIF: A 10x10 lot that Packs a Punch!
  220. WCIF this Hair?
  221. Drug Paraphernalia
  222. WCIF a window seat?
  223. WCIF A Female Knight outfit and a Assassin like Hood for Females?
  224. WCIF A 'No love to woohoo' mod?
  225. WCIF a flower hair wreath?
  226. A longer/brighter days mod that works with -at least- patch 1.26?
  227. WCIF This hair?
  228. Improved fat slider?
  229. WCIF Creeping Plant and Hanging Bottle
  230. Sims 3 eyes from Peggy?
  231. Sims 3-Bloody clothing/other bloodstains
  232. WCIF Hospital gowns/ esp maternity?
  233. nonAwesomemod "destroyallhumans" type command? AND CAW for Mac?
  234. Riding Boots for Males
  235. Ankle Bracelet for AM or TM
  236. Good Websites
  237. WCIF Long 'low' Ponytail hair for males?
  238. WCIF a piece of paper as an accessory?
  239. WCIF a mod to remove the Kleptomaniac trait's limits?
  240. Excuse me, WCIF A sims 3 mod
  241. WCIF this Feather Boa?
  242. Superhero poses
  243. WCIF these (images included) arches?
  244. WCIF: Sims 3 Female and Male Urban Clothing?
  245. WCIF crazy hairstyles? (like a mad scientist's hair)
  246. WCIF: Generations Thank-you Notes
  247. WCIF ~ This hair ?
  248. WCIF An adult/young adult female jacket with no shirt
  249. WCIF A Way to Alter an Imaginary Friend's Toy Outfit?
  250. WCIF (if exists...) this career?