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  1. WCIF a small world for all EP's?
  2. Looking for this hair (already checked TS3 gallery)
  3. WCIF cochlear implants or hearing aids?
  4. WCIF CAS Slider range multiplyer mod for Medieval
  5. WCIF Scroll through new worlds option?
  6. Current No route fail tantrum / Decorative stove for comm lots?
  7. WCIF a wagon wheel for making wagons and caravans?
  8. "Height Platform" for Objects - Need One for Contest
  9. Remove blurr?
  10. Purebred Mod?
  11. WCIF Small world
  12. No more pregnancy special outfits mod?
  13. WCIF a residential lot....
  14. Mod for less sleep?
  15. Origin
  16. WCIF lmfao pattern and paintings
  17. I'd like a Plant Anywhere mod.
  18. WCIF this mod.
  19. Steampunk Bathroom & Some Alien Style Plants
  20. WCIF A courtesy lights mod for TS3?
  21. WCIF New tv channels
  22. WCIF some androgynous female to male clothing/hair?
  23. WCIF a mod for buydebug
  24. mod to disable "ask for autograph", "take cell phone photo"
  25. WCIF this hair converted to female, or someone to do it for me?
  26. Does an Ice Cream store based off the truck exist?
  27. Small, cheap wall TV
  28. WCIF A Mod to make taxis cost money
  29. WCIF a Ghost Story Mod
  30. WCIF some "nu" goth hair, clothing, accessories?
  31. WCIF a mod that disables quick meals
  32. WCIF two mods - for lights and no autonomy
  33. Max Sliders Increased
  34. WCIF A small 'Late Night' town/world?
  35. A mine
  36. wcif something that will remove creatures
  37. EDIT: WCIF some androgynous FEMALE to MALE clothing?
  38. WCIF these curtains, tutorial?
  39. These classical items...
  40. A Specific Eye Contact (Pictures)
  41. WCIF Leaf Bed
  42. Futons on the floor
  43. Unicorn tail for horses?
  44. WCIF All interactions enabled?
  45. WCIF Less Autonomous Pet Interactions
  46. WCIF Male Clothing
  47. WCIF this master suite SP top?
  48. late night bars hack
  49. WCIF Bigger Rocks and future themed items
  50. Teen Pregnancy Mod Compatible with Patch 1.21
  51. Scythe accessories
  52. Oops, wrong pronoun!: WCIF clothes for transgirls?
  53. Please Help Me Find A Working Slider Mod
  54. WCIF Mods to cook uhm... NPC food?
  55. WCIF Shimrod's Mods - 504 Gateway Time-out
  56. Mods to make the game harder
  57. I'm looking for an up to date world.
  58. WCIF The Pentagon
  59. Mod that fixes the Gym Moodlet
  60. Ribbon accessories for outfits? - FOUND!
  61. WCIF slider mods? NOT AM or Master Controller
  62. WCIF MasterController for 1.0.631
  63. (Hair)
  64. WCIF Architecture/Interior Design clutter
  65. WCIF EA Terrain Paints and Roofing as CASt textures?
  66. Inge's lot sizes mod?
  67. a different sims3pack cleaner?
  68. Slider Hack Update for Patch v. 1.31?
  69. Wcif S3pe?
  70. Dog Poses
  71. Vampire Skin Glitch Fix
  72. WCIF a way to get bigger lots
  73. Feather boas and tiaras
  74. WCIF: Adoption Mod (From own Pool)
  75. WCIF a mod to pregnant sims mount horses?
  76. WCIF Decor Half Wall, please?
  77. WCIF This Pigtail with Headband hair?
  78. Really Long Hair
  79. neighborhood with waterfall?
  80. Looking for eyebrow piercing?
  81. WCIF this hair....
  82. This hair!
  83. WCIF these chairs
  84. wcif this chaise
  85. Need A Large World w/ LOTS of BUILDING ROOM
  86. Kleptomaniac Mod
  87. Community/rabbit holes
  88. WCIF these awesome windows?
  89. WCIF: Illness Mod
  90. hey
  91. Sheer Curtains, Teapots, & Candle Lighting
  92. WCIF nraas The Master Controller version 63 (for generations)?
  93. [FOUND] WCIF a way to remove ghost music?
  94. WCIF: Industrial Items
  95. WCIF Science fiction stuff and elf ears
  96. WCIF: This hair?
  97. WCIF:This pose set?
  98. Customize Martial Arts Clothes and Work Uniform...?
  99. Downloaded Sim missing some CC
  100. WCIF: Long Claws, like Wolverine (or similar)
  101. Medieval Laundry Machine
  102. WCIF A Hair Size Slider
  103. Lunar Lakes landscaping items
  104. wcif this grey tank
  105. WCIF: stardust skin
  106. WCIF: Drive-able Antique Cars (Sims 3 Edition)?
  107. WCIF Male hair with short ponytail/messy bun
  108. Has anyone tried to edit the game's sims limit
  109. There really should be more LGBTQ CC.
  110. WCIF: This type of cc
  111. WCIF: Outrageously Priced (> 500'000) Houses?
  112. sims2 AL style built-in wardrobe?
  113. WCIF map icons
  114. Mod to create your own lifetime wish
  115. WCIF This Hair?
  116. WCIF Sailor Moon?
  117. Al Simhara- Base Game?
  118. WCIF - This one mod...
  119. WCIF: 3 Things
  120. WCIF specific grungy plaster walls
  121. WCIF short Spiral Curls for women
  122. WCIF Items To Put Outside My Grocery Store Rabbithole
  123. WCIF a mod to change mailbox?
  124. WCIF: An automatic Sims 2 to Sims 3 object converter tool
  125. WICF a hack or mod for male pregnacy
  126. Where can I find 1930s clothing for my sims?
  127. WCIF Middle Eastern clothing
  128. WCIF: This Morgue Pose
  129. WCIF Topless tops for TS3?
  130. Wcif - Hair!!! Mod!!!!
  131. Realistic Stone/Brick Walls
  132. WCIF Neon lights/party lights like those in TS2
  133. WCIF stuff for ballerina
  134. Mod to change:Ask if single interaction to friendly?
  135. WCIF (Besides Jericho) a town with an old town AND city side?
  136. WCIF Better Camera control for painting Sim Portaits on Easel?
  137. Some stuff for my DBZ project... wrist cuffs, childrens sleveless t-shirt, etc...
  138. Where can I find eye replacement for pets eyes?
  139. Can't go steady with divorced sim, fix?
  140. WCIF the chaos mod?
  141. WCIF the Late Night goatee, only a little shorter?
  142. Looking for 'Giant' Flowers
  143. Dress, Terrain Paints, Flowers & Misc.
  144. Skin Tone / Subaxi Stuff. Where can I find?
  145. WCIF these mods?
  146. modular runner rug patterns (Sims 3 edition)
  147. WCIF: Knight Armor [FOUND, AMB EP]
  148. WCIF: fireplaces and some other stuff?
  149. WCIF: 2 Story Arches or Columns
  150. SOLVED--WCIF these windows?
  151. WCIF... "Just Shy Not Antisocial (you can talk to me) shirt"?
  152. WCIF: Wands as an accessory, male and female?
  153. Is there a slider to make the forehead stick out a bit?
  154. Help me ID this hairstyle.
  155. WCIF: An Invisible Arch and Security Screen Door
  156. 71robert13's newwalls sets (Recolorable) (Sims 3 edition)
  157. WCIF Some CAS items and some objects!
  158. Wcif: No Wild Horses
  159. poison
  160. [WCIF] These Dragonball Z outfits? - Lost due to megaupload shutdown
  161. I'm looking for a certain dog breed for the sims 3
  162. Looking for accessory bodysuit
  163. Vending machines in simlish / wall-height fences
  164. WCIF a start tattoo + this outfit
  165. WCIF: A table... and a Mod
  166. Default Eyes
  167. Classical Paintings, Palace Walls, Medieval Furniture, & Victory Podium
  168. I'm looking for a World.
  169. I need a Ninja this time
  170. WCIF male angel wings, YA?
  171. WCIF This Hair?
  172. Mod to hide premade CAS sims
  173. WCIF this hair used by Lemon Leaf
  174. Kilt from Sims 2 for Sims 3
  175. Any sliders hack for v.0.8.152?
  176. WCIF: Teen Maternity Clothes URGENT!!!!!
  177. WCIF Castaway Stuff
  178. Vampire Children Cure?
  179. WCIF a necklace like this
  180. WCIF: Pregnancy Test For Sims
  181. smoking
  182. WCIF this side braid with/without bow? [SOLVED]
  183. WCIF a mod to stop babies from crying?
  184. WCIF: TS2 Rose hair and EAxis Hilary Duff hair for TS3
  185. WCIF small lolita hat for TS3
  186. WCIF this sims 2 nouk hair converted for sims 3?
  187. wcif brolita and other male harayuku styles
  188. WCIF This pose pack? [FOUND]
  189. Required donwload for non default skins?
  190. WCIF: Small or Medium Sized World? / DIY CAW files? (FOUND!)
  191. WCIF (TS3): Mod that allows locking doors/gates on community lots
  192. WCIF Legolas' Hair
  193. No Muscle Size Slider For Women Mod for no over drastic beef armed women
  194. WCIF: A Clock (see picture for reference)
  195. WCIF Nice full-fringe hair styles?
  196. Where can I find this skin tone??
  197. So, like, did they ever make a "fight anytime" mod for this like they did in Sims 2?
  198. WCIF Movie Studio Rabbit Hole Replacement
  199. Sims 3 pets (horse) mods
  200. Tpgm
  201. WCIF patch from 1.28 to 1.29?
  202. WCIF faster spawner mod?
  203. Sims 3 Cyborg Skin?
  204. my chemical romance shirts??
  205. Wall-mounted stereo / Wall-height fence
  206. WCIF ts3 short, wavy, female hair FOUND
  207. I need a world but I'm having trouble...?
  208. WCIF this converted peggy hair?
  209. WCIF a List of items
  210. WCIF good custom worlds (for TS3)?
  211. WCIF: meshes
  212. WCIF sleeping masks?
  213. WCIF- Nrass animator earlier versions
  214. Is there to mod to Lower NPCs/ town members motives?
  215. really cute hair?
  216. FLAT Builder's Island?
  217. A sims 3 Enhancer?
  218. WCIF: This hairstyle & outfit, or their nearest match?
  219. need help!
  220. WCIF: How to remove the traits based animations?
  221. Display cushions or pillow's
  222. WCIF this outfit
  223. Another WCIF... An Updated Celebrity Mod?
  224. WCIF a tutorial for converting Sims 2 items to Sims 3?
  225. WCIF Marilyn Monroe Hair
  226. WCIF: Selena Gomez hair
  227. WCIF find the website of this author mod
  228. Where can I find a Skintone manager?
  229. WCIF: Two Storey Colonial Column and Half Column (actual two story edition)
  230. WCIF Two things
  231. Where can I find HUGE hair?
  232. Make more neighbours visit bars and community lots & Photography skill guide?
  233. WCIF hair rollers
  234. WCIF rope suspension bridge object, please? [FOUND]
  235. WCIF a Mauseleum shelf for urns?
  236. WCIF Larxene's hair from Kingdom Hearts for Sims 3?
  237. WCIF: This victorian style object
  238. Mod for Poison? (hunger games challenge mods as well)
  239. is there a sims 3 download organiser
  240. WICF: nsraa mods?
  241. WCIF: A tutorial on how to make a glass object
  242. WCIF: Corner Bookshelf Or Corner Bookcase (Sims 3 edition)
  243. WCIF: Ephemera's Skintones >Alternate link<
  244. Emaciated male mesh and mohawks
  245. Where can I find a sim with all the small pets? Solved...
  246. Hunt for prey indefinetely & transfer inventory contents?
  247. WCIF: A Large Crystal Chandelier & An Antique Mirror(see pics for ref)
  248. Increase Min-Max on Fat and Muscle sliders?
  249. Billboards
  250. WCIF This Goth Hairstyle?