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  1. WCIF hole punched in wall
  2. WCIF a Medieval World?
  3. WCIF mod to enable "ask to join" for the store tea set?
  4. WCIF This top/Hair styles
  5. WCIF Poses: birth of a child
  6. WCIF Tusks/Fangs?
  7. WCIF SXS Content
  8. where can i find bleach uniforms and cherickters for the sims 3?
  9. WCIF a mod/cheat to delete moodlets off target Sim
  10. Where Can I find These Eyes?
  11. WCIF this skin?
  12. WCIF a Mod that Allows Placement of Residential Objects on Community Lots
  13. view contents
  14. WCIF doll joints?
  15. Wcif this hair? :)
  16. Wcif clothes and hair like Asami Sato off avatar?
  17. WCIF this spooky makeup
  18. WCIF finance mods (AKA banking serivces, stock trading, finance careers etc)
  19. WCIF Dress with Pinafore for Young Adults
  20. Werewolf Makeups - Not skins.
  21. no autonomous plumbot scan
  22. WCIF Beakers, Lap Equipment, Notebooks, Scattered Pieces of Paper- Clutter
  23. Better Vehicle Disembark Mod?
  24. FOUND WCIF Giant Christmas Tree
  25. WCIF Call/Spawn Dancers
  26. Wcif This Fantasy Outfit & Boots
  27. WCIF Bird Cages
  28. WCIF this chest of drawers & wallpaper
  29. WCIF table
  30. WCIF This Moon Phases T-Shirt
  31. Cat ears for toddlers/kids/teens
  32. WCIF this cute dog ears and this braided hair?
  33. Male Hair similar to this.
  34. Mod that removes random ghost sounds?
  35. Who makes the best male hair for toddler-elder?
  36. WCIF Mod That Allows Non-Mutual Relationships?
  37. WCIF a pose pack by Ana (at) SAHA ?
  38. WCIF This male hat ?
  39. WCIF objects from the James Cameron movie "Titanic"?
  40. WCIF Rugged/Rough male faces/masks/etc?
  41. WCIF Child/Toddler Hairs/Clothes and WCIF Halloween Content
  42. In need of at least 5 hairs about the same length as this one...
  43. In need of at least 5 hairs about the same length as this one...
  44. WCIF wedding suits?
  45. [FOUND] How/Where can I download these eye contacts?
  46. Does anyone know what this hair accessory is called?
  47. A Small Woodsy World
  48. WCIF Three-Tile Garage on Four Tiles / Garage Door that does not span the width of it's footprint?
  49. WCIF this male hair? (FOUND)
  50. Where can i find Selene from underworld for TS3?
  51. Classic Monsters
  52. WCIF mod to hire sims to make things, bigger domes and a couple others.
  53. Looking for a vehical unlocker/unhider for Sims and Buy Mode
  54. Notepad or something like it to keep your own notes
  55. Looking for this hair/makeup.
  56. Tusks?
  57. Apply for job
  58. Where can i find this type of hair for male sim?
  59. WCIF These eyes Please :)
  60. WCIF sims eyes that do not have reflections/a hair/ skin?
  61. WCIF Use .mp4 as custom music mod
  62. WCIF this skater pose ?
  63. Amputee and prosthetic limbs custom content?
  64. WCIF these poses
  65. where can i find these victorian/vintage pants?
  66. WCIF A world with dive lots?
  67. WCIF this hoodie ?
  68. WCIF this hair?
  69. WCIF these shoes
  70. WCIF this shirt
  71. WCIF cracked wallpaper
  72. CAS for Plumbots. Doctor Who Mod
  73. Wcif these Buy/build objects & a terrain
  74. WCIF Sims 1 Objects
  75. WCIF Clear Version of 2-tile Bakery Window
  76. WCIF this hair and possibly this outfit?
  77. Aeon Flux Outfits
  78. Mystical Creature/ Fairytale Stuff
  79. WCIF Amount of servings left in a group meal Mod
  80. WCIF": Trenchcoat as top or accessory?
  81. WCIF This Hairstyle...
  82. This Titanic hood
  83. Color lamps/fun lighting?
  84. WCIF Updated Worlds. (Expansion/Stuff packs content and no CC)
  85. WiCF the hair?
  86. WCIF this hair?
  87. WCIF this hair
  88. Looking for content
  89. Where can i download this??
  90. Windows/Macintosh computer for sims
  91. Looking for walls
  92. object\mod\hack to easily substract funds
  93. WCIF Joedy_76 TS3 Skins?
  94. WCIF the hair used on these models?
  95. WCIF male dresses (bottoms only, like a kilt/skirt, but preferably in a Japanese style)
  96. Stuff for the Blind?
  97. WCIF Labyrinth Costumes/Hairs
  98. WCIF smaller mosaic mod?
  99. Diving spots?
  100. new items from trick or treating?
  101. WCI DOWNLOAD: Deuxmille Dress by Sentate?
  102. WCIF no water taxi mod
  103. Where can I find these eyes/contacts?
  104. WCIF - Johnny Bravo's Hair Style for males
  105. Easily learning any household's composition, relathionships, traits
  106. WCIF this child pose?
  107. The Doors shirt - YA/A Female
  108. WCIF a particular house
  109. Sorayama-style Plumbot
  110. Ice Skin
  111. WCIF half-ponytail short hair + dress with illustration on it
  112. looking for a pose creator willing to do 4 specific poses for me
  113. Dance codes
  114. WCIF: Male Hair
  115. Plain Coffee for Coffee Machines?
  116. WCIF: A Retexture, Some Wrinkled/Stained Patterns
  117. Caravan?
  118. WCIF: this Hair for female Sims?
  119. Realisitc Sims!
  120. WCIF Living on community lot.
  121. WCIF Retro/1930s/1940s Content For Sims?
  122. Escalators and Glass Elevator
  123. Where can I find this skin?
  124. Visitor Teleporter
  125. Plumbot mods
  126. No autonomous 'Date' mod
  127. One size fits all window screens
  128. No Autonomous "Put In Crib"?
  129. Need Poses For Movie
  130. WCIF: Jetpack mods
  131. Can teen act like adult?
  132. WCIF some posters/pictures
  133. Résumé mod
  134. WCIF Hippie Clothing
  135. WCIF Testers for a world?
  136. Any mods for TS2 University-Style Gameplay? (Read post for more information)
  137. WCIF deadly/permanent Midas' Touch mod
  138. Ponytails for men?
  139. Help me create my Sim
  140. Any good Zombie skins? Or perhaps otter furs?
  141. Mod for Edit Town free rotate?
  142. WCIF: Remove Plumbob glow?
  143. More than 7 trait chips, and less cooking.
  144. User Startup Cheat
  145. WCIF Hair accessories?
  146. WCIF This Hair? - ANSWERED Thanks!
  147. Practical Curls Hair
  148. WCIF:In Need of 2 Male Undercut Hairstyles by shokoninio
  149. Fixed Liquid Job Booster?
  150. searching certain ripped / torn fishnet tights [Found]
  151. TS3 Creators who take REQUESTS
  152. Camp Halfblood T-Shirt!?
  153. Can someone identify this custom skin for me?
  154. Sims 4 textures for Sims 3
  155. WCIF Some hair
  156. Heard there was a fix for non-colorable fences?
  157. WCIF this adorable child hair?
  158. The town of san fransico in sims 3
  159. Which Cazy hair ID is this?!
  160. WCIF Steampunk Clothes
  161. WCIF Genetic Hair Mod
  162. WCIF Beach city world
  163. WCIF: Dresses/feminine clothes for male teens
  164. Anti-Burrito Babies
  165. Sims 3 households
  166. WCIF champagne bottle with strawberries (Found)
  167. WCIF: Male underwear
  168. Turn Sims into Pets?
  169. WCIF Futuristic/Sci-fi CAS Items
  170. Recreation of The Sims Medieval castle in The Sims 3?
  171. WCIF This table top mirror
  172. Looking for skins similar to the EVE skins.
  173. Bakery lot
  174. Where can i find a sim or a creator
  175. WCIF a way to force the weather stone to only spawn in a specific desired location?
  176. WCIF Female SS Uniform
  177. BIG pack of sliders
  178. WCIF Sectional Sofa like this???
  179. WCIF these eyebrows?
  180. Backed Benches for dining table ?
  181. WCIF an Elixer of Life or Fountain of Youth Mod?
  182. The creator of this lot?
  183. WCIF a nice looking empty world with small pet spawners.
  184. TS3 WCIF: Mod to turn my ghost sim human
  185. Pregnancy Test?
  186. WCIF Tutorial
  187. Charisma friend mod
  188. WCIF a mod for a good babysitter OR which allows multiple sims to be tutored OR tuition while seated.
  189. How to make guys look like they have actual muscle(solved)
  190. WCIF these Sims3 items
  191. WCIF 'country' style garage door? (Double doors?)
  192. WCIF overbed wardrobe/dresser ?
  193. More Motorcycles?
  194. WCIF a mod to set ownership of cribs?
  195. WCIF - Null Feet As Standalone Mod
  196. WCIF a mid-century modern button couch?
  197. Lookaplumbob Hair?
  198. WCIF this sweater?
  199. WCIF These kind of curtains
  200. WCIF faun accessories
  201. WCIF these signs?
  202. Where can I find a mod that let's my sim have more than one Job?
  203. Non-loft single beds to match EAxis bunk beds?
  204. WCIF These outfits
  205. WCIF This Male Young Adult Hairstyle? It matches my friend perfectly.
  206. Help for make police movies
  207. WCIF mod to enable "ask to move in" for teens?
  208. Sims 3 maternity
  209. WCIF clothing and a couple objects
  210. Can you suggest sites to get CC?
  211. period accurate outerwear (victorian/eduardian/regency)
  212. High heels for sleepwear
  213. Floor to ceiling height cupboards/wardrobes/closets/etc?
  214. skin help
  215. mod for ghosts not waking up sims
  216. Tattoos . xD
  217. NPC custom roles
  218. WCIF [Need Help!] Who is the creator & title name for this eyes CC?
  219. WCIF S-club-style 3d eyelashes for kids and toddlers?
  220. WCIF: BDSM objects for sims 3?
  221. Learn All Fish Bait 1 Book
  222. WCIF a mod to get rid of the music that plays every time anything 'significant' happens to my sims?
  223. Apply LTWs to a town or eliminate sickness?
  224. WCIF - Magician's "saw you in half" Table
  225. WCIF No Crying Over Dead Plants?
  226. WCIF this middle roof decor?
  227. WCIF a way to get pandorasims mod patch 3 without paying for a subscription
  228. WCIF custom majors for uni??
  229. REDHEAD sim! X3
  230. What skin is this? >O<!!
  231. More Faux Skyscraper Tops
  232. Mod for "old style" notifications
  233. Up-to-date default skin replacement?
  234. Any invincible bed sheet mod for Sims 3
  235. WCIF Toddler Flats?
  236. WCIF: A fix for the stairs from the "Brunch at The Old Mill" set?
  237. No Bikini at Tattoo-Studio
  238. World with some empty large lots and dive spots.
  239. WCIF a mod that breaks the smartphone?
  240. WCIF These Shoes
  241. Skyrim themed Clothes/Hair?
  242. Sims 3 sexy clothes needed please!!??
  243. Big billboard/poster
  244. Medieval Kitchen Wanted Please
  245. WCIF an orphanages sort of thing
  246. Female basic poses
  247. WCIF No Autonomous Scan Target for Plumbots
  248. WICF Almoust there hair (store) for child? [FOUND]
  249. WCIF Fake Doors
  250. Sims and community lots