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  1. "Dislikes Children?" More like "Dislikes EVERYONE!"
  2. Changing required skill points to match epic game
  3. Rants for Mod Makers and Designers for CCs
  4. EPs worth buying.
  5. What Stuff Packs or EPs you KNOW will never get made, but you'd secretly love to have?
  6. Collecting
  7. Huge problem with custom sims?
  8. Flabaliki half walls don't work
  9. Mod The Sims Custom Content
  10. Sim moment in real life
  11. What is EA's Plan for The Sims 3 in the Future?
  12. Saving for a reinstall?
  13. Can I turn off shadows?
  14. Swirly rainbow all the way... what does it mean?
  15. How to change outfits during pregnancy??
  16. If Only Two EPs Were Left... Which Survey Themes?
  17. Homeworld opportunity does not register
  18. Mods and expansion packs
  19. What EP/SP you want EA to make it
  20. Broken Laptop, Hidden Lurker
  21. twallan story progression question
  22. ModTheSims.. as a stuff pack!
  23. Sultan's tabernacle in a community lot uploaded
  24. Sims 3 household members
  25. Will marrying the butler break my game?
  26. What is your favorite thing about generations?
  27. What do you think is a better expansion pack, Ambitions or World Adventures?
  28. Is there a way to turn a paparazzi into a regular sim?
  29. Once a bad area, always a bad area ...
  30. Do you think EA will bring back 'getting in/out of cars' ?
  31. When you download a residential lot...
  32. Sims On Console.
  33. How many traits can one pet have?
  34. Post pictures of your Sims families anticipating Seasons :D
  35. What determines whether or not a sim dies of old age a particular night?
  36. Is there anywhere which hosts NRaas Story Prog for patch 6.0
  37. The Sims 3 Seasons is officially announced!
  38. The Sims 3: Commemorative Edition
  39. ice cream truck
  40. Family moving away without your knowledge?
  41. Why can't EA give us more clothing options?
  42. Has anyone purchased Le Cirque Esprit?
  43. Sims just standing out side of a night club?
  44. Town Garden Mod Needed
  45. Custom saddles/bridles
  46. How do you get the most out of your game?
  47. Did EA ruin the Sims?
  48. Which framework to use?
  49. Frustrated By No Horsey Careers
  50. Dynamic Challenge: Spring Training
  51. "Sneaking". Is it forever?
  52. Is it worth it to download mods?
  53. Do You Think There Will Be More Katy Perry Packs?
  54. Such a Deal!
  55. Posing for another sim
  56. Why didn't Sims 2 have patches like Sims 3 does?
  57. The Old Town - First Information
  58. Has anyone found a way to get sims to go home when done at a RH?
  59. Showtime gigs
  60. It grows on you
  61. Adding new lot types to my town, but...
  62. Need help with mod for maternity clothes for men/teens!
  63. does anyone else get annoyed
  64. Funny Townie Names
  65. Order in CC files w/ s3pe (Wrong place to write this?)
  66. Question About A Sims Mouse
  67. I cant deliver Pangu axe
  68. Butler problems
  69. Simport?
  70. Getting EP Items/Interactions With No EPs Installed?
  71. ✳The Sims 3 Seasons: Ideas/Hopes/Speculations?
  72. Is it possible? Open EA worlds in CAW?
  73. Understanding how the spawn points work.
  74. Just Another EA Glitch?
  75. Craziest thing to ever happen while playing???
  76. Sim Names
  77. Any changes to the genetics recently?
  78. Will Bonehilda really return to Sims 3??
  79. Another way of installing Lucky Palms?
  80. Disease Mod!!
  81. The dead sims in your Family tree
  82. I can't find the small brick anywhere
  83. Modifying a custom world
  84. How do I download stuff from mod the sims?
  85. What is a pose player?
  86. Wall that blocks ghosts??
  87. Post Pictures of Your Sim Families!
  88. What are the fun things about Sims 3?
  89. Making a second public school work?
  90. Limited Industry
  91. Do your Sims 3 kids ever misbehave?
  92. Chinese food
  93. The Sims 3 Pets
  94. mod info
  95. When switiching active houesholds?
  96. Control Issues?
  97. tips for "relaxing my gameplay"
  98. Teen and Elder Voices
  99. i REALLY hate this....
  100. Why not more professions?
  101. Pets don't interact with windows?
  102. Sims 3 Supernatural: Faeries
  103. It all started with a meteor which took out the teen population . . .
  104. Build roof through walls
  105. Master Controller Help
  106. Gold Digger Lifetime Wish
  107. What is your favorite residential lot size?!?
  108. Have sims become sterile?
  109. Upcoming Sims games
  110. Can't lock door
  111. Most unique/beautiful sim born in game
  112. Sims unable to enter/exit high rise buildings & other Late Night problems
  113. Do travel destination reset after moving neighborhoods?
  114. Custom music in sims 3
  115. Kill Babies
  116. Any Laptop Users
  117. How do I make a Critically Seriously Deformed Sim?
  118. turning Lucky Palms into Sim Vegas
  119. Converting Sims 2 Custom Content / Objects for the sims 3
  120. Shimrod's Mods Moved Again?
  121. Realistic Avril Lavigne Sim
  122. Can't start the sims? -Startup error?
  123. Fail to upload lots to the sims exchange
  124. Thread about lag and game corruption
  125. What Happens if I play With the Wrong Video Card?
  126. Making Clubs/Lounges/Bars more full?
  127. Why Isn't My Band Getting Any Gig calls?
  128. My Daughter's House
  129. The Emperor of Evil fullfillment of lifewish, invisible.
  130. My First House (updated 7/15)
  131. Tame Raccoon
  132. Lucky Palms being slow/laggy?
  133. Creating Custom Lifetime Aspirations
  134. Normal Population of a World?
  135. Weird Bugs That just don't go away
  136. Moving out of Apartments
  137. How to ensure what your vampire is pregnant with
  138. Question about the cheat
  139. Film actor not available
  140. Becoming a Genie?
  141. Inactive Sims Won't Change Out of Work Clothes
  142. Can I transfer ownership of a building?
  143. Updated Moon Already?
  144. Sims Game / Options Menu disappeared
  145. Idea for a Multiplayer Apaloosa Plains!
  146. wcif Weapon's System Mod for old patches
  147. Sim returns from france married with child?
  148. How can my cats have kittens?
  149. You and Sims 3... what would your lifetime wish be?
  150. Rug turning black?
  151. Multi-zone Community Lots
  152. Dilemma: On or off the progression of the story?
  153. Is it worth it?
  154. Mods made specifically for Generations ?
  155. Game Crash When i get same message ingame.
  156. What do you do when you're getting bored of the game?
  157. Horse running is very ugly at racing 10
  158. Another Sims 3 Question
  159. The end is nigh...
  160. Horses gallop...
  161. Diesel, a new patch, and what now???
  162. My house creations
  163. 3 space gate??
  164. Easiest way to become a vampire?
  165. Sims Animal Hybrids
  166. Tame Deer
  167. Thinking with Portals...
  168. Normal sims to download?
  169. It is safety move sims from neighborhood?
  170. Disc-World/Ankh-Morpork and it's citizens
  171. What would make a Sims 4 worth it for you?
  172. Highrise Shell Issues
  173. Is there any way to not get any EA sims spawning in my town?
  174. Question [ About Editing Town and World Adventure ]
  175. Should I buy the expansions?
  176. Lucky Palms keeps uninstalling :(
  177. Firefighter Stuck!
  178. Is there a mod to fix the generations reputations?
  179. Deep Fryer and Ice Cream Machine addiction?
  180. Fire chief lost alarm, solutions?
  181. Poseplayer broke my launcher?
  182. Naked Bottoms
  183. CC - How great is it?
  184. There are current (not obsolete) Riverwiev empty?
  185. Need Help Please
  186. (SOLVED) How do I change camera options in MAC?
  187. Would it be safe to compress all my mods?
  188. [ Question ] About No Censor
  189. Possession is Nine-Tenths LTW
  190. Can't click on Mummies
  191. Where can I find the old version MasterController by Twallan? (1.25)
  192. New World Idea
  193. Sad that some great mods aren't updated..
  194. a mod to plant seeds indoor?
  195. Half of the game content is DLC?
  196. How do you save a lot?
  197. Screenplays...the long and short of it.
  198. Things You've Done in the Sims That You're Not Proud Of
  199. Can someone make me this sim?
  200. The Wishing Well are not compatible with the Prosperity Tree, or?
  201. will this be good enough for sims 3 etc
  202. Some Sims Need to Watch Where They're Walking!
  203. Is it just me or is it really annoying when sims play computer games?
  204. Crash Log Analyser Warning: Custom Content HELP PLEASE:D?
  205. Reset the whole town?
  206. Need help on a Package Problem.
  207. Normal Clothes for Career!
  208. Does anyone else really dislike the randomly generated names for babies?
  209. Challenge Newbie
  210. Sims 3 Patches?
  211. Foggy morning in Lucky Palms
  212. Problem with CC Cars
  213. Belated April Fool's Joke? Not at all. Patch 1.36 is out!
  214. How to make every sim fat?
  215. Giant Corpse As A Tomb
  216. I Seem to Always Have Twins on the 3rd Birth!
  217. Can I use sims I created as service sims?
  218. What annoys you the most in the Sims Fandom?
  219. Apartments without Late Night
  220. How is being grounded intended to work?
  221. The Store
  222. Quick Money From Dogs
  223. Sims Ambitions Question
  224. Inheritance lifetime reward
  225. Ghosts tend to go to random spots in Sunset Valley [SOLVED]
  226. getting pet to guard house?
  227. Why do people want a University EP?
  228. Random created animals - funniest or weirdest you've got
  229. What Community Lot of restaurant ?
  230. Transitioning From Sims 2 to Sims 3
  231. Is there a way to travel with a friend?
  232. Skin Thumbnails?
  233. Your opinion on EP support at the EA store
  234. Is it worth me investing money in the Sims 3 at this point?
  235. [ Question ] Adding Lot Size in Sims 3
  236. Centaurus??
  237. Late Night Band feature with Showtime Singers?
  238. Sims with buggy names on my CAW world.
  239. What can the Sims learn or adopt from Sim City?
  240. Placing second school
  241. No travel option in some worlds?
  242. Sims in 1st Person
  243. Are people on officially TS3 forums naive?
  244. Risky woohoo
  245. A serious error has occured while trying to load setra.world, can anyone help me with this problem please?
  246. General Game/Medieval/Furniture Questions
  247. Gardening & Auto-Watering
  248. EP Questions
  249. Have you guys ever made custom content you didn't like just for other people?
  250. My Review about ST