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  1. Expansion Packs: How they compare
  2. Updated Mods?
  3. Room is always dirty!
  4. Does anyone else start a new neighborhood after a crash?
  5. Attic + tiles
  6. Is it just me, or does anybody else feel bothered by this social option?
  7. Jealousy Mod?
  8. So what's your Sims reputation?
  9. Why Sunset Valley?
  10. How do I "un-control" him?
  11. So...the mac and cheese has been cooking on the stove for about 4 Sim Days now...
  12. Continual Field Trips?
  13. It wont let me move into his house!
  14. sims 3 mods
  15. sims 3 mods
  16. I have problems with the gameplay like sims getting stuck
  17. How do I move without.........
  18. Sim's lifespan
  19. What's a poor Sim have to do to get ahead around here?
  20. Love in the servants quarters issue
  21. Getting married
  22. Do you prefer to play a pre-made family or create your own?
  23. Boxing/fighting?
  24. Lost relationships after restarting?
  25. Do you listen to music whilst playing The sims?
  26. How to "age up"/transform imaginary friend into real person
  27. Mac package file viewer
  28. Custom Music Question
  29. Sim gets unselectable
  30. Will she move somewhere else?
  31. Is there a way to buy empty lots?
  32. Just seeing if anyone can give some advice
  33. Dye or cut hair.
  34. Does anyone know if there are antennas for Sims?
  35. How do you self-employ? I don't see the option when I click CITY HALL?
  36. Thinking of reinstalling Sims 3 & LN. Did these things get fixed?
  37. Whoops, I buried my homework in the sandbox!
  38. Stuck in a rut
  39. Help me please!
  40. What LTH Rewards Do You Purchase?
  41. Toddler hair missing? HELP!?
  42. Magical vampire gnomes? Had one in your house yet?
  43. Limited interactions since installing Generations???
  44. Problem With Downloaded Sims.
  45. Weapon system Mod for EP4 Generation
  46. What Do You Mean...!?!
  47. Resizing objects?
  48. Empty Clubs?
  49. Is it worth buying? :)
  50. My save file's gone!
  51. Please help EA Exchange
  52. Unexpected baby at unexpected place, priceless moment
  53. Can somebody please help fix my game?
  54. Proms - How do you get them to work?/Questions about it.
  55. My sims devastated by recent terror attacks!
  56. Dreams/Nightmares
  57. sim is fozen in place !!!!
  58. Wedding Cake Question
  59. Generations bugs - daycare and boarding school
  60. game save issue
  61. Sleeping bags...
  62. Ugh...Did I backup right?...
  63. Tounge slider mod?
  64. Fun and Bladder Bar going down waaaay too fast now?
  65. Hey guys.... just a little question
  66. Painting Question.
  67. How to get the imaginary friend to be more than the doll?
  68. Daycare profession
  69. nraas woohooer help
  70. Generations Booklet?
  71. Please help! Missing Sim and User Interface
  72. Sims 3 Generations EP
  73. Graduation?
  74. Is this Gnome Grave/Memorial new?
  75. Usage Sharing
  76. Curious about spiral staircases
  77. The Sims Social
  78. the sims 3 file directory
  79. Woohoo in the shower with guests
  80. How to Spawn a Burglar?
  81. New age sliders..
  82. How to bring up Band menu?
  83. Problems loading Generations
  84. Categorise custom music?
  85. Mods?
  86. New hidden trait... lazy?
  87. Hiring entertainers
  88. What is "Origins"?
  89. Question for TS3 players
  90. Forever bloody famous
  91. Guide to multiple imaginary friends
  92. Romantic Rep.... Love it/Hate it?
  93. Video Camera...
  94. Can I ground kids and teens manually, or is it only automatic?
  95. since i installed generations: "unoffical game mod that does not match current version of sims 3"
  96. Kids keeping you from goals? Schlep them off to Boarding School!
  97. I hate that all the new events are random
  98. teen dating
  99. How to throw a teen party?
  100. (Generations) Teens Snubbing and Fighting *Help!*
  101. Sims 3 w/ Trackball mouse, Laser mouse, or BlueTrack mouse
  102. grey screen
  103. Maternity Clothing
  104. Woohoo in shower
  105. Vampire Fangs ?
  106. I can't seem to go on a date
  107. Console commands?
  108. What comes next?
  109. Grim Reaper all dressed up
  110. skill books missing when installed generations, help?
  111. Motives draining quickly!
  112. Sooo...My imaginary friend is starving to death?
  113. Constant Meteor Mayhem
  114. Is there a boarding school? How does it work?
  115. Teach teenagers how to drive?
  116. Kids Giving Each Other Flowers?
  117. No Edit Sims in CAS Option
  118. My First Impression of Generations (May contain Spoilers!)
  119. Kids cant use registers to buy food?
  120. Dinosaur costume?
  121. New nectar values and fruit going bad in new patch
  122. Turning off memories and sharing?
  123. Not responding??
  124. My Family Inventory was empty!
  125. Custom CAW objects
  126. Maximum sims mod/hack
  127. Is there a mod to fix the family tree to show Aunts, Cousins, Uncles, Nephews etc?
  128. Inventory Problem!!
  129. imaginary friends?
  130. What kind of mod would this be?
  131. Closing my eyes and installing Generations
  132. Problems with starting a new relationship.
  133. Can I choose when certain things happen? (graduation,prom,etc..)
  134. Why is Sim in my town pretty much starving/neglecting their tots!? This happening to anybody else?
  135. Alma Mater?
  136. Funny things your sims do.
  137. Is anyone else having this problem?
  138. installing World Adventures over Generations
  139. umm ok
  140. where do i put the CC folder?
  141. Missing all my mods...
  142. Disable Error message
  143. Opinions about imaginary friend
  144. New Patch broke the sliders system
  145. Things I've Seen/Heard/Read About in The Sims 3: Pets
  146. i cant use schools or jobs?
  147. Help me, I am bored!
  148. Sims 2 or 3?
  149. Question about the Memories and Facebook
  150. Stop the comets already!
  151. Day-care Career?
  152. Waiting so hard....
  153. How do you start a daycare?
  154. Afterschool glitch?
  155. Too many girls!!!
  156. Help desperately needed!
  157. How do I spawn Townies quickly?
  158. Hmm i am wondering if..
  159. Imaginary friend for pre-made sims
  160. No Mosaic for patch 1.22 Generations
  161. The tomb with music, toilet, and reading ^_^
  162. Your biggest accomplishment...
  163. Anyone figured out how to show off pics?
  164. Change Sims in Cas
  165. Potions...any details on them?
  166. Why can't you put all of this cool stuff on the sims 3 exchange?
  167. Those things that Sims do that make you wanna scream "OMG WTF ARE YOU DOING"
  168. Has Anyone Figured Out How to Make the Gnome Family
  169. What poses would you like to see for TS3?
  170. What happened too the stink bomb
  171. quick question
  172. i have an issue
  173. Awesomemod or Twallan? (Any Twallan mod)
  174. Nuts and bolts of the official patch?
  175. Day Care
  176. Unexpected elements in the Sims
  177. Can you guys use cameras after install Gen?
  178. Does anyone feel like since installing this...
  179. Teen getting Tattoos??
  180. Am I the only one having this problem, or is it just mods effecting it?
  181. Booby Traps
  182. How do I break into any house using lockpicking set?
  183. From the opinions of people who have them, what is the best EP?
  184. No patch!
  185. Overwatch and Generations
  186. Am I the only one that doesn't torture/kill my sims?
  187. Urk!
  188. Is this a safe thing to do to your sims?
  189. Anyone played The Sims 3 Generations yet? Well then you must of noticed....
  190. Those who have pre-ordered Generations for shipping, mind helping me?
  191. How to get Sims3 Teens pregnant???
  192. Nraas Story Progression and Generations
  193. Is it better for us to.....
  194. No Bartenders or Bouncers?
  195. quesion about create a world pls
  196. Generations' first impression?
  197. The Sims 3 Generations
  198. Can't get ANY Mods to work
  199. Wouldn't it be nice to "Turn Off" Vampires?
  200. question about a mod
  201. Photo Resolution
  202. HELP! Can't interact with two of my sims
  203. 'Unleashed' definitely the next EP
  204. What are the new interactions of Generations
  205. Town Life Stuff next SP?
  206. my hood democratics
  207. Cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  208. What's the most amount of children a sim has had on your game?
  209. Tried everything to install .package files. Nothing seems to work?
  210. Your Tips&Tricks for Sims 3 Gameplay
  211. Make Needs Static and Autonomy
  212. Purchasing a Specific Vaction home
  213. Before I get Generations on Tuesday...
  214. really now..
  215. What could the next stuff pack be?
  216. Adding more townies
  217. How do I make a sim an NPC/townie?
  218. please help
  219. Is there a place where I can find out the exact objects in a stuff pack?
  220. Generation problem, HELP ME! (I hate pre-ordering)
  221. Horrible jealousy...
  222. Instruments
  223. Is there any way to keep certain kids from going to school?
  224. Generations - How will you start?
  225. How to have a baby from a married sim?
  226. Should we give EA a chance to redeem themselves, or should we abandon The Sims 3?
  227. Hi, just started messing with Sims 3
  228. Sandbox / free building/landscaping mode?
  229. Do fishes have a limited lifespan?
  230. There isn't people at the bars!!!
  231. LN: Vampire Bat under the tramp supressing teen.
  232. Weird Age Jump Maybe a glitch?
  233. Question about Hair Genetics?
  234. What would you like to return/come to The Sims 3?
  235. Story Progress Question
  236. Energizer and power up for sims.
  237. Help: Can't quit or kick people out of band
  238. high-rise shell vs. fence
  239. Why are the babysitters so useless?
  240. Error during start-up problem.
  241. The Sims 3 - Create a Sim - Custom Content Viewer
  242. My Sim has become a car junkie!
  243. Gameplay motivation
  244. Is there a way to turn the time off or slow it down?
  245. Perfect sims 3 population
  246. Taking Limo everywhere
  247. Smelly bartenders and bouncers
  248. Finding hotspot without newspaper?
  249. random families showing up
  250. How to bring late night into twinbrook...