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  1. [Case Study] TS4-to-TS3 Pants Conversion
  2. First attempts in S3
  3. Tutorial: Let's create Maxis Match Clothing!
  4. Multiplier without mesh
  5. Hair UV Map and Bones Problem
  6. Death-Curls & Transperancy
  7. Wanting to use the EA rainbow tone ramp for a skin -- can't find it?
  8. [ASK] Plaint White/Gray Texture using the s3pe?
  9. Problem replacing mesh (?)
  10. Bone-assignment in milkshape: Assigning the Root_bind?
  11. Merging groups in Milkshape?
  12. Bone Joints on Children accessory wonky [RESOLVED]
  13. Morphs aren't working
  14. 3 Colored hair help
  15. Trying To Import Custom Boots Into TSR
  16. CASt pattern bleeding?
  17. Custom GEOM based sliders - how to fix messed up mesh data?
  18. Extracted packages from FullBuild0 incomplete?
  19. Utter, complete newb starting place?
  20. How to adjust UV map?
  21. LOD 2/3, DirectX Mesh Tools, and Waist + Ankle Seams
  22. How to remove presets with S3PE?
  23. When there is more than one Lod1...(SOLVED)
  24. Editing premade/custom hair in Milkshape
  25. Editing SIMGEOM files in Blender?
  26. GIMP : How to NOT load mipmaps?
  27. Looking for body slider mods in create a sim
  28. Adding Preg Morph to mesh, problem
  29. Modding question. Is it possible to 'layer' clothing like you can do with accessories?
  30. Plugin needed?
  31. My mesh has dark spots in Milkshape
  32. Problem with hair
  33. Problem with hair
  34. Making something base game compatible and Necklace with Morphs
  35. Overlay issue on clothing ?
  36. Defaulting Hair textures
  37. UV Mapping Issue???
  38. Missing Items In Store Package
  39. How to recolor ponytail hair?
  40. CAS Default Replacements No Longer Colorable
  41. Enabling clothing for costumes
  42. How do I make a custom hair color map?
  43. Removing 'garments' from a top
  44. matching CAS colors to skintones/CAS item too shiny
  45. Creating booty socks accessory & Converting unicorn horn for Dog sims.
  46. Eyes UV flipped (contact lens) problem?!
  47. A few questions about hiders
  48. Pixelore (AndromedaSims) Clothing Streams
  49. [help] Expanding CAS UI for a better experience
  50. Custom Rabbit Hole Cashiers
  51. How to Make Fairy Wing Replacements
  52. Trying to make backscars - Strange gray areas on sims body
  53. Diffuse / alpha / multiplier invisible (goes transparent) in-game: fine in TSRW
  54. Odd lighting/shadows on teen conversion
  55. Sims 2 to SIms 3 conversion - the infamous Batcowl!
  56. Heterochromia/Odd Eyes
  57. Testing hair LODs
  58. Vest Lace UV map problem
  59. Found easy to understand Milkshap Bones Tutorial
  60. Custom CAS/Launcher Thumbnails for preexisting .package files
  61. milkshape errors?
  62. How can I extract game items??
  63. Alternate skintone creating program?
  64. Changing or Recatagorizing items in CAS FIXED
  65. A non-skin skin?
  66. Wrong textures
  67. Weird seams in mesh? [RESOLVED]
  68. Bonedeltas in CAS items ( ! not sliders ! )
  69. "Broken" Skintone Sliders - Skininator Noob
  70. custom sliders
  71. Convert default skin for non-default?
  72. Uppper Arm Bracelet
  73. Replacing default career outfit with a custom one?
  74. Washed-out textures in the darkness
  75. skunkskintone
  76. WCIF A CAS Tools thing similar to Sims 4 CASTools?
  77. French Braid Hairs?
  78. Downloads are automatically attached with Exports
  79. WCIF the program to automatically make the small resolutions version in extracted clothing files?
  80. Unfortunate mesh incidents and errors
  81. Opening DDS files in PSP9 question...
  82. An idea.
  83. Old dress texture appearing under new texture
  84. A Wonderful set full of potential..but...
  85. UV Mapping Hair -- fine in Milkshape, borked in game?
  86. Strange mesh transparency on clothes [RESOLVED]
  87. How to recategorize sims3pack hair? - Solved!
  88. Custom VOCALOID-content(help wanted!)
  89. Textures Problem?
  90. Creating accesory hooves & Unicorn Horn for all dog ages.
  91. Hair alpha problems (Alt title: Pesky fringe glitch strikes again)
  92. Total Amateur Creator: Need help with creating a skin!
  93. Hair Meshing With Blender
  94. CTU exports only CASP files
  95. Limple
  96. Abnormal Textures with New Faces
  97. Strange black pixels on my edited mesh?
  98. custom fairy wings
  99. "Invalid WSO version" with Milkshape
  100. UV Mapping glitch with a TS4 backport
  101. How to make sim's body mesh arms stick out more from outfit, please?
  102. How to make different color eyes?
  103. Hair Age Conversion Help.
  104. Sims 3 Into The Future: Plumbot Creations
  105. Problem with my pose list
  106. my hair look all black up in game
  107. Custom bone weights to Milkshape?
  108. Help with dress mesh
  109. Toddler Hair not showing up in CAS
  110. Extracting saved sims as models.
  111. Convert clothes, hairs and accessories from Project Diva 2nd, Dreamy Theatre
  112. This is my first time meshing, and I've meshed a dress over Swimsuit_plunge clothing, But I can't figure out how to texture it, please help!!!
  113. Sims displayed on game art covers
  114. Werewolf reskin
  115. Making hair on Blender 2.67b
  116. I just want to move some vertices around to make a new shirt
  117. Strange issue with hair; scalp visible underneath in-game?
  118. Can you convert cc clothes from young adult to teens?
  119. Anyone use Paint.net?
  120. Helmet texture help
  121. Help with Visibility
  122. [ASK] To fix a CC to a base game compatible? Remove EP flag?
  123. identifying cc used in sim creation
  124. How to convert objects from Sims2 to Sims3
  125. Advice On Uploading Set or Individual Items
  126. Help with Curly Hair Transparencies.
  127. Control Map issues (CTU)
  128. How to exit sims 3 while loading screen
  129. Facial hair
  130. Gender Conversions for Clothing
  131. Sims 3 conversion from other Games
  132. Problem with Milkshape/align normals
  133. How to create makeup on other parts of the skin? (i.e. places other than the face)
  134. The Sims 3 Workshop problem
  135. Can't export GEOM files from store content with S3PE/GEOM files not opening
  136. Pattern on lenses?
  137. Batman and Flash Mask Creation
  138. skin creation from scratch, Photoshop, can't find a good tutorial
  139. What is the purpose of the dark skin in textures?
  140. What causes this WTF?
  141. Cloning and retexturing of a CAS item help?
  142. WCIF DETAILED tutorials on Creating clothes for Sims 3?
  143. custom skin effect
  144. Help with scars?
  145. TS4 hair to TS3
  146. Guess this is the wrong thread, but...
  147. Quick question about creating clothing with Mesh toolkit
  148. Milkshape Texture Coordinate Editor
  149. Sims 2 to Sims 3 Skin conversion HELP
  150. Editing Expansion Pack Clothing
  151. Test Subject Anybody?
  152. Genetic Heterochromia Mod?
  153. Sims 4 belly, butt, and body fat coverted to sims 3
  154. Milkshape textures for hair
  155. How to give shoes transparency, please? [RESOLVED]
  156. TSRW texture problem
  157. Modify CC Hair to *not* overwrite existing hair
  158. Beginner, Noob, and Clueless
  159. Joint assignment on wrist acting up; why, please?
  160. Where can I learn more about painting skin with Photoshop?
  161. Mesh weird "shadows"
  162. Jacket texture "bleeding" out.
  163. Pose Player Help!
  164. Drawing Multiplier?
  165. Shadows on skin
  166. Tshirt sinks in body
  167. How to make earrings partly glow?
  168. Two meshes with different textures
  169. Problem with alpha skirt (w/ cmars mesh toolkit)
  170. Import complete sim into blender
  171. Adult to Teen Shoe Conversion
  172. Tutorial for using TSRW and Blender together?
  173. How do you make a simsgeom file?
  174. To begin with. . .
  175. Reflective CAS parts?
  176. Townies with 'Unnatural' Skin Tones?
  177. Exploding morphs on an accessory that doesn't even use morphs? [RESOLVED]
  178. Multi-channel Default Eyes
  179. invisible pet mod?
  180. [Q] Subtle seam on shoe mesh, and a crash.
  181. Tutorial: Making High Heeled Shoes with Custom Elevation
  182. Skininator problem I think.
  183. Can .sim files be read or decompiled?
  184. TSR workshop error: "Index was out of range"
  185. Sims 2 to Sims 3 Hair Help!
  186. can a CC dress be "recolored"?
  187. Separating a top from an outfit
  188. Transparent areas on mesh appear white in TSRW and black in game
  189. Powerlines? Or Pylons?
  190. Trying to make an Omegaverse mod
  191. Persistant gaps that won't close
  192. Sims 3 Custom Content (Help Please!)
  193. Broken Hair?
  194. How do I properly re-size a stencil without distortion?
  195. issue with body => to bottom and to gloves
  196. Working with multiple LOD's IE: lod1 / lod1_1
  197. unidentified image in package
  198. Need some help with default pregnancy clothing
  199. Mask being ignored.
  200. Help!!!!!!
  201. Accessories Joint Assignnment not acting right in-game? [RESOLVED]
  202. Is it possible to have a hairstyle use the scalp texture?
  203. Creating long dresses
  204. Terrible at uv mapping
  205. How to combine two different hairs?
  206. I somehow made my top invisible and I have no clue how.. :( Please save me?
  207. [SOLVED] Body Hair Thumbnail Settings
  208. Making drag clothing for males WITHOUT breasts
  209. Normal mapping a skin
  210. How do you make clothing meshes & textures
  211. Weird corrupted-looking hair - First try at Hair-Making
  212. Clothes presets in .package format
  213. Odd distortion making backfaces on hair [RESOLVED]
  214. Default replacement mesh crashes game when zooming out.
  215. Fairy Wing FX - Please help! :(
  216. Shoes - problem with gap and texture
  217. create hair using blender??
  218. My accessory mesh will show up in TSRW but will not show the texture properly?
  219. Looking for the location of sim files
  220. Vampire skin
  221. "XMF, XRF, XSF ..."
  222. Is there a way to Prevent blurring Accessories, please?
  223. Mirror a hair mesh in Milkshape > Shadows problem
  224. Any way to replace the default pet breeds?
  225. TSW Help!!!
  226. Custom clothing replacing another custom clothing?
  227. Help with Batman skin! :D
  228. Getting EP content into the CTU
  229. Makeup ends up shaped weird in TSRW preview; can't place makeup correctly
  230. Adding Morphs to Hair in Mesh Toolkit, please?
  231. Renaming & Recategorising Pre-existing Sliders
  232. Help getting rid of button texture?
  233. [solved] how do i add more presets for CAS for an accessory (socks)
  234. Age Conversion Help???
  235. can't fix weird texture on my package
  236. Problem Exporting Mesh! Help Me,Please!
  237. A Cone shoe?
  238. Help with "unmatched number of vertices..."
  239. Exploding Fat Morphs [RESOLVED!]
  240. Transparent accessory with morphs
  241. Seam problem? [RESOLVED]
  242. Having trouble with CTU and Beards, Not Mesh related!
  243. Error Exporting Accessory Tail Mesh
  244. Transparent hair texture!
  245. A problem with TSRW+s3pe (transparent mesh)
  246. Face Mask Help
  247. Pawpads for Sim hands: Tattoo or make up?
  248. Creating a backpack with morphs
  249. Question about CASP reference in Sim File
  250. Converting LLOD into HLOD?