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  1. I'm trying to create K-pop led sceneries using TS3 showtime stages, but I need some help!
  2. Fairy Godmother / Dama Fortuna (Shrek 2)
  3. Dustin Broke and Dirk Dreamer (TS2 Pleasantview)
  4. La Fiesta Tech University Recreation | Feedback wanted!
  5. *MAY 15 UPDATE* New Halloween World! Feedback Wanted!
  6. Looking for feedback on a tomb lot I created
  7. BERGHEIM AM LECHEM - New German town in the making
  8. UPDATE: WHAT?? 3 Babies?! OH Geez... *enters Buildmode*
  9. Oasis Resort Needs Work and I'm Out of Ideas
  10. Weather overhaul - when is the sky too blue?
  11. :help: Testers Wanted for Custom Career
  12. New European-styled world!!!
  13. 10x10 residential lot
  14. Having trouble meeting your criteria
  15. How much counts as significant change when uploading a mod?
  16. Versailles Castle
  17. Paxlanis
  18. How to unmess these clothing meshes I messed up?
  19. The Asian Persuasion; how to not make them look like they've all been whitewashed?
  20. Any advice on terrain painting please?
  21. Landscaping
  22. How to Upload Multiple Versions of the Same Lot With Different Lot Type?
  23. The Tiny House Project - Gamma
  24. Tom Cruise (Lestat from Interview with the Vampire)
  25. Lots, locations, sets, Sims and stuff for the world of BRIDGEPORT'88
  26. New Orleans World Testers Needed
  27. UPDATED: 6/1/18 Lara Croft - Rise of The Tomb Raider WIP
  28. Testing—Versailles-esque World
  29. Fir Island - a mysterious vacation world
  30. Hana Island - WIP
  31. Abductor Mod => Testing Request (Players aswell as C# Coders)
  32. My first CAW project - Lulukoko from Trio of Towns!
  33. Upcoming pet beds
  34. a new korean sim
  35. Cast of ARCHER
  36. City of the Sun God - Ancient Egyptian fantasy world.
  37. Miner's Cove - My new Sims 3 World (WIP)
  38. [Japanese sim] Misato Katsuragi (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  39. Creating a New City--"Portlock"
  40. You suck at building: Authentic Mid Century Modern Homes
  41. New Cornish World
  42. The progress of my new mod of Vampires!
  43. New Orleans World
  44. New World WIP Stars Modern Fantasy Who Knows at this Point?
  45. Blue Butterly Manor
  46. New korean sims?
  47. Expanding the Electronica radio station - help me pick tracks!
  48. Apparently this needs some feedback.
  49. Feedback Wanted - Beta World 'Diligence Island'
  50. Some advices?
  51. Creating "The Bubble Room". Feedback appreciated
  52. [updated 6/27/2018] V E N E Z I A | realistic Venice world WIP
  53. Beta testing "Litten Island"
  54. I call it the "Wrought Pillar Fence"
  55. Modern Canal world
  56. Cultural center for Moonlight Falls
  57. The Town of San Simeon (Due for remake)
  58. Uranesia's population design thread
  59. Sim!Korra & Sim!Mako feedback
  60. asian sim.. kim na hyun
  61. Lucky Palms -> Las Palmas (or, an idiots attempt at CAW)
  62. Feedback on my progress of my first CAW world. Looking for name, aesthetic, and functional suggestions :)
  63. ssims 3 download, please help me:(
  64. Feedback on a new mansion project
  65. Two person starter home, no CC, base game
  66. Opinions on multiple festival lots
  67. Feedback? | Ellie from The Last Of Us
  68. Feedback needed, please help
  69. Can I build my own University?
  70. Nameless Yacht (No CC)
  71. Mr. Bates Downton Abbey
  72. The Old Rectory
  73. Dom Kiepskich / Kiepski's House / Непрухи
  74. Gatsby's House of Lights
  75. Is she good enough to upload?
  76. Custom poses gone wrong
  77. French style cathedral
  78. Cosmópolis - A lil' taste of Southern Brazil
  79. Need some feedback and advice with lot
  80. Competitive Auction Challenge (In Development)
  81. Feedback and Advice on Auburn City World
  82. Replicating 50's resort
  83. Help with Windows 10 Mods dont work!!
  84. Alano Lanai, A Simcific Ocean island nation.
  85. Lipstick
  86. Mermaidia
  87. Freezer Bunny kids set
  88. Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco
  89. Isla Paradiso redo
  90. San Felipe - A Journey Back to 19th Century Philippines! (No CC) (Ready to Upload,Testers Wanted)
  91. Abandoned Hidden Bunker
  92. Chair mesh has a hangover!
  93. [MOD] Hanami
  94. [MOD] Take a stroll
  95. Apocalyptic Motel - [Take 2]
  96. Sims 2/4-esque UI recolor for The Sims 3
  97. Tajirichi - a new Japanese world
  98. New Sims 3 World- Riverblossom Island- made 100% by me!- NEEDS SOME TESTERS!!!
  99. Australian flora
  100. Bankenshima (Japanese world) - BUILDERS NEEDED!
  101. Marlon Brando (Sim)
  102. Cubic CFE House
  103. Newport, a city version of Bridgeport..
  104. Greymont Bay - Final Lot Building Phase in progress
  105. Hidden springs mansion
  106. Twin Towns by jillbg
  107. Arabian
  108. [Mod Released] Grandma's Canning Station Jams/Preserves Fix
  109. Eastlands- A Middle-eastern world by Jje1000 & Nilxis
  110. King (Horse)
  111. Creating old, dingy textures for walls and other objects
  112. Isle Delphin feedback?
  113. Carey Ann Phillips
  114. Black Horse [Literally]
  115. Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas Replica NO FILE(Please Read)
  116. Jennifer Morrison as Alison Cameron from House M.D.
  117. Feedback request
  118. WIP- O'Dourke Brothers
  119. lots with CC .package not .simpackage - custard?
  120. Moonlight mansion
  121. No cellphones
  122. I have a great mod idea but i dont know how to make mods
  123. New Riverview
  124. Critique on a lounge?
  125. Los Angeles Metropolitan Area
  126. The Rosewood School for the Gifted and Talented (Story Telling School)
  127. Seven Sisters - Inspired by Real-life Counterpart
  128. Simsala Island
  129. Uranesia - Semi-fantasy, roadless, wild and tropical world (March 10 - new update!)
  130. Blender Pose Help With Ballet Arms
  131. NO idea what to do with the outside
  132. What do you guys think of this buildings facade??
  133. Maryellen Larkin and Baby Peggy
  134. could someone help me with this eyesore? [pictures]
  135. problem with signage (wall art)
  136. Mars Themed World
  137. Brian Kinney's Loft
  138. More Feedback Please.Post #10 - Seth Rollins: WWE Champ
  139. Palm Isle v2 - Testers Wanted
  140. Cottage build - Feedback will be greatly appreciated
  141. Blue Sands
  142. Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black clones)
  143. TS3 UI Recolor - Now with Gray UI for testing!
  144. Volcano
  145. A Post-Apopalyptic Motel (Residential)
  146. Floor tester needed
  147. I need a little bit feedback for my 'The lamp-' posepack.
  148. Preview: The City of Riverview
  149. CAS Part- the making of a new Mermaid Tail with evil sims in mind
  150. Vallar - Swiss inspired with a Tropical twist (testing and feedback wanted)
  151. Yamatai - Beta (feedback needed)
  152. Mandora - BETA 1.0 for download
  153. New CAW project - Ventington - BUILDER`S VERSION AVAILABLE!! (4th page)
  154. Small World, no roads? CAW Advice needed.
  155. Iceberg - Tiny world
  156. La Tene Dress
  157. Buildings for Challenge
  158. The cast of Archer (con't) - Update 05/26/2017
  159. My fail Archer sims - steal them if you want IDC
  160. Lee Pace
  161. Palm Isle V2.0
  162. Simple Holiday House, Feedback Please
  163. ZenHome Mini. 10x10 house
  164. Is there a way to tell if a skin is default or non default?
  165. yoshikage kira (from jojos bizarre adventure)
  166. Prairie Fire House
  167. Well great - I had to delete latest upload
  168. Midnight Sun Challenge World
  169. A Post-Apopalyptic Military world.
  170. Feedback for a Lord Of The Rings World (Misty Mountains added!)
  171. Complex building, help on floorplan
  172. FireproofFireplacesAndCo
  173. Image Quality?
  174. Whiteland - BUILDERS NEEDED
  175. Misukisu's exoticDancersStage Mod Updated
  176. How do you recommend doing an anime face sculpt?
  177. MTS first toilet-house
  178. Misa Amane Sim (From Deathnote)
  179. Sims Inspired by Bath and Body Works Fragrances
  180. Fawn Dell - My Joke Sim (Should I Upload Her)
  181. Old World Revamp
  182. Medieval Recipes
  183. Stardust Markings For Pets- Any Interest?
  184. CAS- 80's Dancer Girl
  185. The City of New Bridgeport - Rebuilding Bridgeport of Late Night
  186. Are these houses upload-worthy?
  187. Mod suggestion. ! Comment if the mod already exist and can be downloaded and works !
  188. 20x20 Tudor Revival: To upload or not to upload?
  189. Loft Apartment
  190. Valeria Lukyanova in The Sims 3
  191. Valley Mountain [WIP]
  192. Amanzimtoti International Airport Update
  193. New world: IBIZA!!
  194. Modern House
  195. Lana Kane (Archer TV Series) UPDATED
  196. [Work In Progress] Domino Heels with custom height
  197. Amanzimtoti International Airport
  198. Sterling Archer - Q for Mods
  199. Elyssa Hidago: Help with Uploading and Feedback
  200. How do I create chance cards for my career?
  201. Sims 2 to Sims 3
  202. Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Opinions Please!
  203. A Cozy Modern "Cabin"
  204. Farmhouse
  205. Maia Pulliam- Feedback and help please :)
  206. Sunset Valley Ultimate - WIP
  207. New World - Small Tropical Island City
  208. Guide me to create this sim
  209. TS2>TS3 Veronaville
  210. Sara Jean Underwood
  211. WIP: Scarlett Johansson
  212. A Western Styled Ranch - Feels a Bit Incomplete
  213. Help with a pin-up sim
  214. Self-sim help...?
  215. Investigator Case Ideas
  216. WIP Hairs
  217. Retuned "Improved Gift Giving" Mod
  218. A Beach House - What Improvments Should I Make?
  219. TS2 Bella to TS3
  220. Just want a small review to see if anything is missing.
  221. Opinions on Kpop Idol Sims 3 , Please? Yoona, Hyoyeon SNSD, Kim Jaejoong JYJ, Park Bom 2ne1 and Kim Hyuna 4minute.
  222. Jake Gyllenhaal - looking for feedback!
  223. Moon Valley - an urban & suburban mountain/lake world
  224. Royal Children's Hospital ( 1960 - 2012 ) W.I.P - 70 Percent Done
  225. Would anybody be interested in: Texture replacement of any EA hair?
  226. Niko Bellic (WIP)
  227. Korean Skin WIP (Based on Kim Hee-Sun)
  228. Natalie Kaplan
  229. Opinions on colour scheme?
  230. Troian Bellisario
  231. Rococo Château - Feedback Needed!
  232. Aaron Taylor-Johnson
  233. Open, Wild World Requires User Feedback
  234. James McAvoy?
  235. Robyn Andrews
  236. Jessica Lange
  237. Please feedback- What do you think of this sim?
  238. Disneyland Park
  239. Makino Tsukushi from Hana Yori Dango
  240. Mortimer Goth
  241. Female Sim, opinions appreciated.
  242. Critique on sim
  243. Is this good?
  244. Can I get your opinion on the house I built?
  245. Looking for someone to create sims
  246. Stefanie Scott - [Sim Version]
  247. Saghira Khan, a new Sim
  248. Fortune doesn't favour fools...
  249. Elsa & Anna - Frozen
  250. Casa de Lujo