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  1. Most of cc objects doesn't show up!
  2. Can't install Makin Magic Disc
  3. Deleted Sim won't come back (SOLVED)
  4. WCIF downloads from Poetica?
  5. CC from 7 deadly sims
  6. custom skin's hands glitch?
  7. Relationship tips, cheats or mods?
  8. sims 5 ?
  9. sims glitches
  10. I recently started playing this iteration again.
  11. Question About Sims 1 Disappearing Objects
  12. The Sims 1 mouse cursor has vanished.
  13. Change my sims everyday outfit?
  14. [SOLVED] Sims 1 Glitch
  15. How to install Hot Date/Update the Basegame
  16. Even more lots -- How to use them (NOT a tutorial, an experiment)
  17. WCIF mod that allows you to move out a sim. (Solved... *sigh*)
  18. how can i make custom objects for the sims 1?
  19. WCIF: The food replicator, for sims 1
  20. Sims 1 Discord server
  21. WCIF - TS1 extracted ingame icons?
  22. Sims blessed oblique? does anyone remember this site?
  23. Somebody uploaded a lot of Sims 1 CC from different sites
  24. What ever happened to SimblesseOblige
  25. Simslice Downloads?
  26. Did anyone ever buy The Sims: Superstar from Amazon back in the day? You might be able to help!
  27. save game location
  28. Any mod to fix Sims crowding around the dishwasher after eating?
  29. Sims 1 Complete Collection won't load
  30. WCIF: a fridge that has a Sim serve group meals when Sims are hungry?
  31. So, what's this about a college expansion for The Sims 1?
  32. Can any modder help? (Conflicting Mods)
  33. REQUEST: Sims 1 tools and Object modding tutorials.
  34. Weird Bug: Repo man appears, uses his gun on nothing, then leaves?
  35. Is modding the clock speed possible?
  36. Object motivations?
  37. Windowed Mode at 1024x768?
  38. WCIF hacked door that makes kids able to pay bills, use more objects etc.
  39. Looking for Sims 1 CC from particular old sites
  40. Cant choose installation location
  41. Sims 1 Mods Corrupting Game (PLEASE HELP)
  42. Changing the language?
  43. TS1: Canceled IOS Port
  44. WCIF Spawn/Force Burglar Mod
  45. Looking For Teenage Clothes Sims 1 (modded)
  46. Pre-Release Sim Footage Pics
  47. The Sims 1 Complete Collection Disc 1
  48. Random Crashes?
  49. Searching for TS1 Logo
  50. Does anyone know how to make floors and walls?
  51. First Sims Game?
  52. Show off your FreeSO lots
  53. Pls, I need help for some really bizarre problems about cc skins
  54. Makin' Magic
  55. Looking for Simslice for Sims 1
  56. How to fix the random name changes on Sims 1.
  57. ancient web series made with sims 1
  58. Residential and Community lots
  59. Maxis Stereo Radio Station Fix [MOD][REL][]
  60. Running Sims 1 in fake-fullscreen borederless mode
  61. sims poll about stories
  62. Install AddOn with Files from the past
  63. WCIF: Puberty Blows Birthday Cake?
  64. Sim Metamorphoser?
  65. WCIF - Pool/Beach/Water Rug
  66. Windowed Mode on Windows 10
  67. I've been talking to the original Sims devs
  68. WCIF all the Jojo's skins from "Mudabone People"
  69. Looking for ThingCheck
  70. Missing Sim Lane houses?
  71. Installing the original game and its expansions, what other basic stuff should I add?
  72. Importing Created Sims in Game
  73. (FOUND!) WCIF these Chocobo pet skins? They are so adorable and unique. (images and movies inside)
  74. WCIF the pet bed that switches a pet and a sim? (found! look if you want it too)
  75. WCIF Slower decay of needs.
  76. WCIF bed for Woohoo
  77. I wonder on what basis they chose to add the real life celebs to superstar?
  78. WCIF A mod for Superstar where my star power doesn't decay after a day of not going to Studiotown
  79. The Sims 1 on Android
  80. A long shot...
  81. Can anyone provide a guide for porting TS1 hairs to TS2?
  82. Instructions how to play sims 1 in 3D (beta)
  83. Heart Shaped (Vibromatic/Woohoo) Bed for Hot Date
  84. Renaming Sims 1 CC Files
  85. How Do I Get Food(Groceries)
  86. Catalog/Guide to see just the BASE GAME Sims 1 Objects, Floors & Walls?
  87. Do any of you miss CTO Sims?
  88. Any way for sims 1 to work on windows 10
  89. WCIF - IKEA furniture
  90. Beds and espresso machines in community lots
  91. WCIF Move out mod
  92. The Sims 1 body mesh edit SKN to OBJ help???
  93. Sims 1 CC on disc?!
  94. WCIF The calendar object that gives Sims days off?
  95. Changing a sim's head
  96. The Sims 1 in 3D! (Pictures)
  97. move out sims
  98. WCIF hair salon items, airport, etc from a certain defunct website?
  99. What is the scary black distorted face glitch? + other random bugs
  100. How did you furnish the default homes?
  101. WCIF: teenager program
  102. is sims1 for pc still worth it?
  103. Help with Make a Date and Make a Celebrity
  104. WCIF Sims 1 Maru Head Skins?
  105. A couple of questions - new re-install
  106. Sims 1 gets stuck a lot while playing
  107. Reinstalling old game files from original discs onto a Complete Collection install?
  108. The Sims 1 on Mobile
  109. Widescreen Hack, Need Testers/Helpers
  110. Neigbourhood bug...
  111. WCIF A List of The Sims 1 Hacks (ex) One Sims At A Time To Old Town
  112. FISHEYE cheat won't work
  113. Recommendations for Bootlegs of ('Sims 1') "The Sims Complete Collection?"
  114. Pet Doors?
  115. How can I edit .far files?
  116. Looking For A Specific Mod (Sims 1)
  117. Sims for console uses .IFF files??
  118. Editing the engine behaviours
  119. MTS Sims 1/2/3/4 Board Posters - no lying. So What Gender Are You?
  120. Pre loaded nhoods?
  121. Sims 1 base game in Windows 10?
  122. All interactions available mod?
  123. Fire... it's epic.
  124. Nice way to die for a sim
  125. TSO heads & bodies for the normal game?
  126. Weird graphics on sims 1 windows 8
  127. Pet control mod?
  128. Tools to make skin meshes
  129. The Prima Guide to The Sims 1
  130. The Sims Complete Collection - Disable expansion packs
  131. The Sims 1(console) or The Sims Bustin' Out
  132. Drivable car mods?
  133. how to play as npc or bring them home?
  134. The Legacy of The Sims 1
  135. Floors keep disappearing on me??
  136. What keeps you coming back to the original, even though the newer games offer so much more?
  137. WCIF an espresso machine or energy cheat object that works on community lots?
  138. WCIF A tool to change Townie outfits and a sound extractor?
  139. Sims 1 Complete Collection won't stop loading...
  140. Who else loves fires?
  141. Portal Problem
  142. The Sims deluxe edition will not play on windows 10
  143. Transmogrified
  144. The first ever custom content/mod?
  145. WCIF: Completely Empty Neighborhood
  146. How do you download custom content?
  147. CC content
  148. Installing sims 1 on windows 8 help please (with tons of info)
  149. Sims 1 Double Deluxe wont start Windows 10
  150. Sims 1 cd not install
  151. Modded Object - exercise machine
  152. heeeeeelp! the sims 1 vacation, my ducks keep disappearing.
  153. Unable to install The Sims Complete Collection
  154. Twitch Plays The Sims
  155. CTO Registration
  156. Light Bulb
  157. TS1 wont load on my Windows 7 Laptop!
  158. Gumi Custom Skin!
  159. Differences between Complete Collection/vanilla + all EP
  160. Custom nude skins?
  161. New to Sims 1, anything I should know? Challenges? Mods? CC?
  162. was The sims 1 game-play ever really modded like TS2, 3 & 4?
  163. Congrats, Sims 1 - Video Game Hall of Fame
  164. In Memory of the old Exchange Photo Album Stories <3
  165. WCIF slower mood decay mod?
  166. Simblesse obligue is down
  167. New to sims 1 can anyone advise
  168. [FOUND] MagiCo's Bookshelf of Dimensional Storage
  169. Ghost problem - please help!!!!
  170. WCIF community bar objects in residential lot
  171. Makin' Magic - Duel Guide
  172. FreeSO
  173. Objects without proper names
  174. FPS Limiter / Resolution change
  175. Sims 1 UI Mod (Pics)
  176. Merging Families
  177. TS1 Stupid/Random Questions
  178. [Solved] Stuck on first-time neighborhood loading screens
  179. Sims 1 content
  180. Sims 1 isn't working on Windows 7...again...
  181. Unable to switch neighbourhood
  182. Custom Neighborhoods?
  183. Disable/Remove EPs
  184. Best websites for downloads
  185. No hospitality section when building in Studio Town/Downtown
  186. WCIF Zoom?
  187. No burglar mod?
  188. another sim e-book
  189. Mods not working
  190. Cool Family Ideas?
  191. Script mods?
  192. Issues with The Sims Complete Collection?
  193. Help! Please!
  194. The Sims Online
  195. TS1 Deluxe/Unleashed and Windows 8
  196. Maxis Objects confusing to download
  197. Precious, classic The Sims moments
  198. Sims 1 NoCD Windows 10
  199. Sims 1 Complete Collection won't start on Windows 7
  200. Issues Reinstalling
  201. Playing sims 1 on windows 10 (with VMWARE)
  202. "Please login with administrator privileges and try again"
  203. Sims crashes after clicking on desktop icon
  204. The Agents?
  205. Installing The Sims 1 on Windows 10?
  206. Good safe places for Sims 1 skins?
  207. Custom Sims 1 Neighborhoods?
  208. SOLVED Merging households without marriage?
  209. What expansions are in The Sims 1 Deluxe Edition?
  210. WCIF Dating Mod?
  211. What's happening in your game?
  212. kewai-dou sims 1 naruto skins
  213. e-book
  214. Origin looking for feedback - we could ask for Sims 1!
  215. Where to put downloads?
  216. The Sims 1 complete collection download?
  217. Warning about the Pepsi Machine,McDonald's cart and HomeCrafter
  218. When nostalgia hits you so hard in real life...
  219. The sims complete collection crashed :(
  220. Tips & Tricks for starting a Sims 1 Play-through Series on YouTube?
  221. How to install Sims 1 on Windows 8
  222. TS1 Piano Piece
  223. I'm just curious, but can you change the language in Sims 1 to something like Japanese?
  224. WCIF these hacked items
  225. Its it possible to have only 3 neighboords
  226. How to restart
  227. Missing disk
  228. What should I do with Mama Hicks?
  229. MM Mod to make Beauty or Beast changes permanent or atleast very long???
  230. User Data 2 German Version
  231. Wcif
  232. Oh, hey. Kids can play guitar in this game.
  233. Different games on same computer
  234. Is there a mod were you can change hair?
  235. Sims 1 Medieval CC links
  236. Anyone Remember...?
  237. Will sims 1 work with intel intergrated graphics on a laptop?
  238. The Sims 1 windowed mode issue
  239. Silent Hill
  240. Pool that looks like a pond?
  241. WCIF No friends for job hack/mod?
  242. Should I get this game?
  243. A stuck Sim - solved
  244. Please, for the love of kibble, can I manage these [email protected]#&ing pets?
  245. Magic items for spells/charms
  246. who are the people buried at the goths graveyard... ( 5 Sim Lane)
  247. Let's Play: The Sims 1 (Ongoing Series) - Join the Neighborhood!
  248. Fail!
  249. Sims 1 CC Links
  250. Sims 1 Download Section?