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  16. Pet walks through pet bed
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  24. Vampire Stake Accessory Request
  25. how do you change colors on lights?
  26. D&D - Fantasy - Mythology Search and Request
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  38. Can somebody creat it for me?
  39. Is it possible to automatically give a trait to all Sims?
  40. How to create Custom Snacks
  41. changing hair from female to male?
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  43. Add flames to a custom candelabra
  44. Reflective Meshes?
  45. Route failure for tents enabled for toddlers? Any ideas?
  46. Object with missing mtbl
  47. Changing object attributes
  48. The best path when converting Objects
  49. Non-Functional Object Creation help
  50. Make the slim smartphone back again!
  51. Custom Careers
  52. Geostates?
  53. Making books available for purchase at bookcase
  54. Editing VFX?
  55. How can I replace an object's logo?
  56. Help testing my electric chair.
  57. Need help creating 2 pictures and 2 tattoos
  58. Secret extra door meshes!
  59. Testers wanted: mix n match showers and tubs
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  65. Can anyone help? me with a bed
  66. Odd Normal Map behaviour
  67. Half open GARAGE DOORS (or windows)
  68. Does anyone knows how to convert TS2 item to TS4? Could you convert the item or teach me how to do it?
  69. Clothing recolours
  70. Turning Sims 4 houses into 3d Model?
  71. Paintings?
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  83. (Update!) Animal Crossing: New Leaf Items to Sims 4
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  85. What is this strange shadow, please?
  86. "Object not Found" Error
  87. The best Blender video tutorials on the planet, if you guys are interested
  88. Problem with shading
  89. How to make an object cloned from a decoration have slots like a counter?
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  92. I want to make a curved table and could use some guidance please
  93. How to make default replacement paintings?
  94. Problems with Auras (Sims 4 Studio)
  95. how to make a sign for bulding
  96. Thumbnails zoomed to much
  97. THUM 0x16CA6BC4 / TMLT 0xB0118C15
  98. What to do if I can't find my mesh in the 3D viewport in Milkshape SOLVED
  99. Don't wake the Llama mesh
  100. What tools are must-haves for Sims 4 object creation
  101. Can Get Help With Tsrw
  102. Adding new craftables to woodworking table?
  103. Is it possible to recolor the sky?
  104. Object conversion went horribly wrong: purple/blue texture - SOLVED
  105. I want to mod
  106. Color options in TSRW
  107. Monkey bars
  108. Reference the game textures of a modified item
  109. TS3 -> T4 conversion
  110. Converting objects from previous games to sims 4
  111. Problems unlocking EA game objects in Sims 4
  112. After moving slots of a bar
  113. How to start creating buildmode objects
  114. bump/specular maps
  115. How?
  116. This coffin into an actual bed?
  117. Can slots be slanted?
  118. Object mesh invisible in game
  119. How do i convert CAS into Buy mode
  120. Extract mesh with S4PE?
  121. How to get palm tree texture replacement to show up on palm trees outside of lots?
  122. Help with a converted object?
  123. CC placement on surfaces
  124. New guitar: is this possible?
  125. Recoloring mega double window
  126. can the waterfall for the pool to be modified?
  127. Rug shader, no graduated alpha?
  128. Environmental rating of objects
  129. trying to figure how to find stuff packs stuff in sims studio
  130. Extract Custom Object Mesh
  131. Changing pie menu text?
  132. Attn. object creators: 64bit instances ought to be working now! (1.10)
  133. Creating a mirrored door
  134. Texture issue
  135. Create New Food
  136. Animation Player Project.
  137. Remove LOD Mesh Quality Group
  138. How to make cc of 3d mesh?
  139. Fade Issue with Recolors
  140. Door Conversion from 1-tile to 2-tile
  141. Help with tools to play nicely
  142. Adding a Stained Glass Window
  143. How do I make modular plants
  144. Window slot
  145. Track down a base game mesh
  146. Classic (out of copyright) paintings and wall hangings as recolors?
  147. Window Issues
  148. Dunkin Donuts Set
  149. EA Asymmetry Painting
  150. Help with hot tub.
  151. Help with Window
  152. Editing visual effects?
  153. Unable to change style on piece of CC
  154. mods
  155. Is it possible for objects to be negative in price?
  156. I need help to add custom items to Sims 4...
  157. How to convert sims 3 object to sims 4?
  158. Mesh Turns Black and rainbow coloured when testing in-game
  159. Adding Swatches to Buy Mode Objects
  160. Mod fail/Catalog Thumbnail
  161. How do I retexture this kind of .DDS?
  162. ? Regarding Babies and color assignments
  163. Locating Non-Catalog Items
  164. Making an object not disappear with walls down
  165. Changing footprint of curtains or blinds?
  166. How to hide objects in catalog
  167. Referencing textures for objects?
  168. FNV32 Hash Back to Text?
  169. Making objects Get to Work compatible
  170. Edit downloaded object price and such
  171. How can I recategorize items in the build/buy catalog?
  172. Changing/Adding interactions
  173. Info | COBJ/OBJD resources
  174. Changing In-Game Bonsai Pot Menu
  175. Recolor and meshing help
  176. HELP ME PLEASE! Maintaining Image Quality When Resizing Objects
  177. Lighting objects
  178. Converting Sims3 objects
  179. Cloning animated object?
  180. Adding/Editing Slots (RSLT file)
  181. Getting .obj into TSRW (
  182. Quality decays when zoomed out.
  183. How to make your own items?
  184. How to make good Bump and Specular maps
  185. “Spray” interaction on custom objects when Outdoor Retreat is installed
  186. I could use some advice
  187. Painting Recolour - Rotating the Mesh?
  188. Bassinet Recolours Not Working Properly
  189. recoloring cc objects
  190. No-fade ceiling lights
  191. No-fade column from Outdoor Retreat?
  192. Modding question using S4Studio
  193. How can I make my own paintings?
  194. Custom Unbreakable Object?
  195. Can't see custom content in catalog
  196. Vault Set - Light issue.
  197. Max Stats of CC Objects? Need Clarification.
  198. Thew format of TS4 textures
  199. Thumbnails
  200. Changing Environment / Hygiene / Comfort Values of Objects with Tuning
  201. Making Rugs look like they have pile
  202. How to add more color swatches to objects?
  203. Can someone please convert my FBX mesh to a file that will work in the game? (Zelda master sword)
  204. Converting TS3 objects to TS4 ?
  205. Wall masks (cutouts)
  206. Making Floor Stickers bigger
  207. Remove glassy shine from painting
  208. Catalogue tagging
  209. Recoloring a streetlight
  210. Is it possible yet to clone an object and make it invisible only in live mode?
  211. Changing A Door Texture
  212. Object recolor, s4pe failure?
  213. Fixing the Simple Wooden Double Door and Simple Glass Double Door
  214. how to change the price and object name? TS4
  215. Editing COBJ
  216. Sp4e
  217. Converting Sims 3 objects to Sims 4
  218. Sims 4 Paintings
  219. I don't know how to create cc/mods! HELP!!
  220. CC Car scupltures
  221. .obj?
  222. There is a way to clone a package using s4pe?
  223. I have Idea for a object
  224. Changing An Object Type?
  225. how to make objects
  226. I want to recolour
  227. Upright Piano? Copy from previous version?
  228. Where to find the files for paintings?
  229. Need Blank pictures to retexture
  230. Apparently TheSimsResource has figured out object creation.
  231. Is there a way (dumb it down please)
  232. Object re-coloring
  233. Has anybody found the object textures in the preload files?