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10th Jul 2006, 10:40 PM
Okay, I have a problem with downloads not appearing in my game and yes, I have read all of the relevant FAQ material. If it's there, I'm clearly too dumb to find it.

The problem is none of my recent downloads are showing up. I have loads from ages ago that show up just fine, although I do get a prompt whenever I start the game that requires me to press 'Enable' every time (is there any way to get rid of that?).

But no downloads I've gotten recently are showing up in-game. I downloaded a transparent sim skin, the tenant lot thing, and a few clothing items if I remember rightly. None of them are appearing despite being in the same folder (Downloads, of course) as the downloads that ARE working.

One possible problem I thought of but did not know how to resolve is that the account name for this account has changed, which has an effect on the file path of the Downloads folder. But surely that isn't the problem if the other downloads are still working - surely that means the game is still finding that folder without a problem.

So yeah, that's my question. Thanks in advance.

11th Jul 2006, 1:42 AM
Your first problem is easy... please see the screenshots in this (http://modthesims2.com/article.php?t=92474) thread.

Now I have a couple of questions for you...

Which (if any) EPs do you have? Do all the new files have .package as the extension?

16th Jul 2006, 8:17 PM
I have Nightlife and University, and yes, they all are .package files.

Thanks for the first part.

16th Jul 2006, 11:32 PM
Some clothes and skins need to be in the saved sims folder to show up correctly. That's the only tip I can think of right now.

16th Jul 2006, 11:51 PM
The saved sims folder? Sorry, scuse the stupid attack, but where is that?

Also, it's not all clothing and skins that isn't working, unfortunately...

17th Jul 2006, 1:14 AM
My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\SavedSims
Anything bodyshop related *might* need to go in that folder (including hair, makeup, skin clothes and a lot of other stuff).
It might not be relevant, but it's worth a try.

17th Jul 2006, 12:04 PM
Thanks. I guess I'll try it.

This is frustrating.

17th Jul 2006, 3:23 PM
Okay, well, your suggestion worked perfectly for the clothes and skins that I had downloaded but wasn't seeing.

But the other things, the objects, I left them in the Downloads folder as I presumed I should, and they still won't show up.

Any idea?

17th Jul 2006, 5:38 PM
If they are recolors of items that you can see if the game, if you scroll through the other color options do they show up there? Also, if the downloads are custom (as opposed to Maxis recolors), did you download the meshes as well? And if it's a mod/hack, then double-check the instructions from the creator because there might be something you have to alter in a script.

17th Jul 2006, 6:13 PM
All of this information is in the following FAQ; please try everything mentioned in it:

17th Jul 2006, 7:07 PM
I did, simsample. I tried everything there and I stated exactly that at the beginning of my first post. I've tried everything and it doesn't work. I wouldn't post here if I hadn't.

I'm pretty sure I have the meshes. They are not recolors, they are entirely new things. And nothing in the FAQs is making them appear.

18th Jul 2006, 8:07 PM
The part about putting the skins into the Saved Sims folder, which you tried after it was suggested to you, is in the FAQ- this is why I suggested that you try everything in the FAQ again.
Try putting all CAS items and their relevant meshes into the saved sims folder- this includes the body skins and clothes. If you do not have the right meshes for a clothing or hair item the recolour will usually show up as a 'bunny head', other Maxis default hair or Maxis clothes. Also, meshes must have at least one texture (recolour), so if you have a mesh and no colour this will not appear at all.
Make sure you have the CEP files too- this ensures that recolours of Maxis objects will show up. Likewise make sure you have the original item if downloading recolours of custom objects. If you are downloading hacks then make sure they are compatible with your game and that they will not conflict with other hacks you have.