View Full Version : Question about which object to clone.

1st Oct 2007, 10:49 AM
I am working on a movie theater project but my modding and object creation skills are not as advanced as most - so I have several questions and need some direction.

My plan is to create a ticket counter with an NPC that sells little gold tickets to the movies. For the counter, I would really like to have something built into a wall - like a window with a ledge that I can put at the entrance. (For this I am clueless where to begin - but I know I want an NPC at the counter so whatever I clone will need an NPC - I think) Originally I was thinking of cloning the counter top video rack - recoloring it show the gold tickets - placing it on a counter with a cash register and then just remeshing the games for the tickets - would this be easier?

I have the lot built and it has 4 movie screens - A, B, C, & D. I want to create 4 corresponding tickets for the theaters. I have looked at several objects for cloning but not sure which one I should start with. I really think I need the ticket before I code the counter though - as I will need the GUID of the ticket to get it to spawn.

Here is how I want them to function:

The tickets will be purchased at the ticket counter by clicking on the counter and choosing buy ticket - with a sub menu for the corresponding theater ticket. The cashier will take the money and the ticket will appear in the sim's inventory as a gold ticket with a theater letter on it - A, B, C, or D.

I would also like to use an invisible fence and gate at each theater's entrance that would delete the ticket from their inventory once they stepped through the gate - or block them out if they don't have the required ticket to pass through. Does this sound like it would be fairly complicated to do?

I would like to add an option for the ticket to expire - similar to how bills become delinquent - change color as it expires. I like the idea of randomly having a ticket show up in the mail <-not firm on this though, as well as purchasing at the ticket counter - so I was thinking of using the bills as my clone object - not sure though unless there is a better way.

It would be cool if I could add a memory of watching a movie - but I am not sure how that would work or what would be involved in that.

I cloned the bills because it is about the right size for the ticket - but the coding is so in-depth and I am not sure how to disable certain stuff within the bhavs. Would it be better to clone something else and then borrow some of the coding for changing the color of the ticket as it expires or just delete the coding from the bills, recolor, and add the specific coding that is needed.

I also saw within the bills how to prompt a pop-up window message - this would be nice to have as the ticket expires - giving the ticket holder a chance to know how long he/she has before it expires completely.

Anyway - that is my idea - so if anyone can give me some wonderful words of wisdom - please do so. :)