View Full Version : Application Fails when starting OFB

20th Jun 2008, 3:49 PM

I checked some Threads where the issue was that the game crashed during or before loading of the game.
And I followed the advice to deleat my "cigen" and "groups" packages and tried reloading my game.

(I unstillaed all my Sims 2 games yesterday and only reinstalled Basic and Open For Buissness)

I did download some stuff before it crashed (before downloading the newest stuff the game was working just fine) but I don't know if it was because of that.

Anyway, my issue exactly is, that ..

On the Sims 2 Loading Screen (with the little lines scrolling at the bottom) it stops at the first one (Disgruntling Employees ..) it stops and a window appears saying

"The application has failed. The application will be terminated"

Anyone have a suggestion what to do or what could be the cause?


20th Jun 2008, 4:09 PM
In order to better solve your problem, please go through the following as listed below:

General - Do the Game Problem FAQ
You appear to have not gone through our main Game Help:Game Problem FAQ. Please go through and do the steps on this FAQ, including any others that it links to (for example the Game Help:Game Problem-Problem Custom Content FAQ).

Usually, in the vast majority of cases, actually going through and doing the steps (doing, not just reading) fixes issues - sometimes you may be asked to remove custom content, or to patch - please rest assured that all of our FAQs have been tested by our staff and volunteers and we wouldn't suggest you do something unless it's been known to fix particular issues.

It could very well be due to some of the content you downloaded - crashing during that part of loading is often due to incompatible content. Go ahead and go through the FAQ above, each step, in order, and it'll tell you for sure whether it's custom content related or not, and if it is, how to track down the problem content and get it working again. :)

On occasion you might be asked to do a long FAQ - please make sure you do all the steps and don't just skip over them. You'll often find that these long FAQs have all the details you need. If nothing in the above FAQs fixes your problem you may post again detailing exactly which you have done and which steps failed.