View Full Version : Pregnant roommates??

Doc Doofus
5th May 2009, 7:42 AM
I am a little surprised by this. My male sim was able to get a female roommate pregnant without cheating. Is that supposed to happen? I got the little RockabyeBaby chimes after woohoo, but so far I haven't seen any pregnancy changes, nor vomiting. Has anybody else experienced this?

Also, a glitch... When I go to another non-apartment lot, and have a Sim invite a townie roomie (one sharing an apartment) to move in as a full member of the household, she is able to move in, but she moves in as a roommate/pet -- that is, she shows up on the second list as an uncontrollable Sim. In fact, she shows Roommate Satisfaction in her control panel.

And here's another funny one, but not as annoying. If you marry a Sim who is babysitting the kids, they don't stop their nanny behavior after moving in. They keep getting pushed actions to wash and feed the kids interrupting their queue. After realizing what must be happening, I finally noticed that Dismiss Nanny was still available in the pie menu.