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30th Jul 2011, 2:36 PM
I continued my first round of the Megahood (playing all houses for one day just to figure out if any more folks need to be added to the families already culled). Pascal rolled as gay in ACR so I was going to hook him up with Nervous until I realized that ACR had made Nervous straight. Oh well. Nervous's roommate Gabriel Green is gay. Maybe Nervous can set them up? And if that doesn't work, Nervous's other roommate Cyd Roseland is bi. I'll find someone cute for Pascal. I just love him to much not to.

Natasha Una lives with roomies Kaylynn Langerak and Alexandra Teatherton. Kaylynn has triple bolts with Antonio Monty. Natasha is currently wooing Darren Dreamer. Alexandra rolled gay in ACR but so far the only other lesbian I've come across is Samantha Cordial and they have no chemistry. I'm only halfway through the hood, though. I quite like Alex being gay. It gives a whole new spin on why she left Gabe.

And in tragic news, I was playing the Newsons and my husband needed me for a second so I paused the game and went to help him. When I came back I realized I hadn't paused the game after all and all of them were dead. I don't do the whole "exit without saving" deal so RIP Newsons. :rofl:

Peni Griffin
30th Jul 2011, 4:32 PM
That is exactly why, instead of pausing, I save when I get up to leave. Nothing runs from the save screen.

I hope you find some nice lesbians for Alexandra and Samantha in the second half of the hood. Gay men are the ones I'm having trouble getting dates for. I blame myself for having two female straight Romance sims so early in the game and no male gay ones. I made two gay men in CAS when I started out, but they gravitated to each other too fast to flirt anybody else. Now the male townies and dormies have all been primed to respond sexually to women.

2nd Aug 2011, 2:31 AM
I'm thinking about ditching my legacy and starting something new. I'm so fickle. :p

I want to do a challenge that is kind of a Yeoman Farmer/Legacy/Warwickshire all in one. I want to start in 1868 and play by the Yeoman farmer rules. I want to play for 8
generations until my sims reach 2008 with restrictions on each generation, like no women working, no TV etc until certain years. Also, I'm going to adjust their life span to suit the decade. There were much shorter life spans in the 1800s, plus women had babies earlier in life (thanks inteen).

I can't wait to start but right now I'm mapping out all of my rules. I want it to be hard! I'm going to roll for infant mortality, mother's life during childbirth, if a child were to die from disease... There will be no birth control until the 1960s, the men can go to the military in the 30s and real jobs in the 40s. Women can't work a real job until the 60-70s.

I'm gonna need lots of cc. :P

2nd Aug 2011, 3:23 AM
Nothing terribly exciting. I started my prosperity hood, Luxuriante (which means lush in french ;)) and moved in my three families. I'll post more updates later on, but currently, the family i am playing has an elder, Rose, and her two adult daughters, Robyn and Wren. one of the daughters (i THINK it was Robyn) had the LTW to get to the top of the law enforcement career so she got a job as a security guard.
And I'm planning on downloading a ton of 50s themed CC because i am making a stuck in the 50s family, inspired by a certain experience at a resutrant in Disney Hollywood Studios.

Lady Scarlet
4th Aug 2011, 7:52 PM
In the Goth family, Alexander befriended Alon (his step-mother's adopted son) and they're now best friends forever (both teenagers, getting prepared for college ; even if Alon is a couple of days younger than Alexander and a little more rebel, they want to leave together).Unfortunately, Mortimer died one morning, leaving his wife with the two boys.Dina is currently the youngest (and richest) widow of Pleasantview, but she desn't know if she wants to get married again.She didn't really love Mortimer, but she respected him and seeing him dead was a little traumatic for her.Maybe when the boys will leave for College she'll feel lonely and she'll find someone for her.She's still young and beautiful.

Brandi Broke-Dreamer and her husband, Darren Dreamer are both elders now, raising Darren's daughter, Bianca, who is currently a lovely child.At school, she befriended Alejandro Lothario (the two of them are around the same age), Nina and Don't son (he also has a twin brother, Alberto).Now they spend all the weekends together, playing in the backyard.The little girl has no idea how much her mother (Cassandra Goth-Dreamer, who died in a tragic car accident, when Bianca was just a baby) suffered when Donleft her, before the wedding.She and Alejandro could have been brothers.Well, her father knows the whole story, but he took Brandi's advice and let the two children just play together.They're still too young to be aware of the whole feud between the Goth family and Don Lothario (and it happened long time ago).

Dirk Dreamer got a job in the army and, after some time, he proposed his girlfriend, Stella Terrano.They already have a daughter together(Audrey), so Stella couldn't be happier.They're planning to get married when Audrey will get a little older, right before she'll start school.Maybe, with the time, they're gonna have more children (even if Stella isn't sure that's what she really wants).

Because the house was a little too small for everyone, Dustin left and married Angela Pleasant.Angela never thought that she'll find true love again in the person of her high school sweetheart, Dustin Broke.She hasn't talked to Dustin since she left for College (he couldn't leave his family, because he was the only one that could work, while his mother had to stay home and raise the other three boys, so he finished high school but never went to College).Of course he found out that she already had a son, David (he was born while Angela was still a student, but she and her son's father split up), but he loved her and that was all that mattered.They got engaged and they bought an Asian house, adopting a new lifestyle.David was happy for his mother, because he knew that Dustin really loved her, so he accepted his step-father immediately.Short after the wedding, Cassia Broke was born, a lovely girl with her father's blond hair and blue eyes.Angela works as a doctor and David wants to move out (now, being an adult) and meet someone.

At her sister's wedding, Lilith met her brothers-in-law, the twins: Oliver and Liam.The three of them had fun, dancing all night and gossiping and, by the morning, she and Oliver were already making out in the bathroom.One week later, they were getting married.Everyone was so happy for them, because Oliver is a really good guy, that her parent's adore.Lilith discovered that she was pregnant in her first week of marriage and, seven months later, Linnea Broke was born.Her grandparents adored the little back haired and blue eyed baby.Unfortunately, a couple of years later, when Linnea was still a toddler, her grandmother, Mary-Sue, died of old age and everyone was so devastated ... Now they're learning to move on without her.

After her sister moved out to live with Mortimer, Nina and her husband, Don Lothario, decided that there was enough space for a new addition in the family.But they never expected to have twins, so everyone was stunned when Nina gave birth to twin boys, Alejandro and Alberto.Even if at the beginning, Adora (their oldest daughter) wasn't too happy to have two noisy babies in the house, she learned to like them now and often, when her parents need a pause, she offers to babysit them.She's a beautiful teenager and everyone is sure that she'll follow her father's footsteps until she'll meet the right guy.The boys are a little too young to care about such things, so they just play with almost every kid from the neighborhood.Alejandro met Bianca Dreamer and they're now best friends.

Alon Calliente, Nina Calliente's adopted son and Alexander's best friend.

Alejandro and Alberto Lothario having fun at a pool party.

Bianca Dreamer playing with Alejandro Lothario.

Dirk with his daughter, Audrey (Stella Terrano is the mother).

Linnea and her father, Oliver Broke.

5th Aug 2011, 1:43 AM
I've been playing the Belladonna cove neighborhood. Recently started a challenge in Downtown, which is becoming hysterically funny for the rest of my sims.

Cordial Sisters: Samantha and Kimberly became best friends despite their many differences. They both then worked hard at achieving their witch stature. Sam became the good witch and Kim is now the evil witch. Both have amazing skills and are friends with mostly everyone in the neighborhood. Armand DeBateau fell in love with Samantha after their first date and Samatha moved out of their old home. Kimberly felt the house was too empty, so she moved into the apartments (the ones that look like tiny town houses). I redecorated it for her evil witchness.

DeBateau: Moved them out of their rich condo and into a cute pre-made house. Tara got to know Sam and I think they became friends. Armand and Sam soon got married and went off on their honey moon at the beach. Tara still focused hard on her studies, while her relationship with Justin dwindled. They kissed and hung out a couple of times, but he refused to go steady with her, so she worked on her piano (creativity), ballet (body), and her grades. She got a nice scholarship to Sim State Universty and left for it the day her half brother (Jamie) was born.
Note: I did move them into a cute Victorian Apartment, but I think I may move them back out since I liked their old house better.
Tara is now a roomate with Stella, the premade alien girl. They were both able to afford the house due to some expensive statues her father gave her.

Cleveland: With Justin and Tara's relationship dwindling, Martha was quiet pleased with how Justin had more time for his studies and job. She wrote a romance book and made a nice bit of money through that. Her husband Jason, is now promoted and made friends within the job. Justin got accepted to SSU and just finished his freshman year. Meanwhile, his parents are thinking about moving out and finding a smaller, quieter space for the two of them and enjoy retirement.

Peterson: After her divorce, Jessica soon developed a "reputation" around her trailer-park complex. She wanted out, and she saw it through Carlos (I don't remember his last name, but its the old retired boxer guy). She soon the seduced him with her lovely charms and next thing you know, they are married. Jessica wanted nothing to do with children (as was the original reason for losing her ex husband) she got an oops baby, and is having a difficult time through pregnancy. Carlos is actually pretty happy about the entire thing and has been secretly drinking the Elixir of Life, so he can be alive when his baby is born.

Green: Moved them out of their house and into a loft. (245 Main Street, next to the trailer park and the small City apartments) Their relationship for each other developed. (As in, I had no control over it. I was playing another family on a community lot, and I heard the "in love" music and it turned out it was them. Awesome.) Gabriel left his job at the record store to focus his LTW in the medical career. Chastity (I cheated with her job,) is in the Artist Career, and working on her skills. (I think her LTW is like, whoo hoo 20 sims or something.) I thought about getting her preggo, but I think I am going to wait until her Career develops more. She's actually cheating on Gabe with another women (I started the Mistress Challenge (http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?p=3599581#post3599581) [Thanks headfirst4halos00] this is one of her lovers)
I changed the original loft house, but I am giving them a budget, so they have to earn the rest of it. Also Gabe has gotten into building cars, so now they have a hot ride.

Newson: Haven't played them much, but they moved into the Green's old house. The older teenager has gotten a job, and the older girl takes care of the children. She had to hire a nanny for the tottlers, but they should be growing up soon. Also their backyard is an awesome play area so kids can do something after school and socialize. I had to develop more bathrooms. (Tara DeBateau convinced her father to donate expensive statues for them.) Their bed rooms are boring (one big girl room, one big boy room) but its all I can do for now.

Cho, Riely and Patel: Haven't played them. Though for Patel, the Mom did have a baby boy and the Dad got a promotion (or two).

Baldwin: The long hours paid off and Ben got his promotion. He then moved his family out of the apartments, and into a cute, modern/tech ish house. Marcus grew up into being quite the scientist nerd himself. Sofia also focused on her studies, but when she grew up into a teenager she had these strange 'feelings' for her longtime childhood friend. (I forgot her name, but I did have her grow up with Sofia) She did gain a bit of weight from sitting and working on school work, but she loves her full figure even if the other boys tease her for it. Isabel is boring. I may have her become another lover for my Mistress to spice up her life. Other then that, she likes being a house wife.

Gieke: I really wanted to do something with him because I had only played him once before (which was a REALLY long time ago) So I moved him into techish apartments, and he got probed by aliens and now has a beautiful daughter named Andromeda (or Annie). He's still getting used to being a father, but he's made friends with some of the locals so maybe he'll find love? Or a Mistress. ;)

Rutherford: Pretty boring. Geoff is boring cause all wants is whoo hoo, but he isn't cool enough to know any ladies. That and he's butt ugly with no charm. I only was intrested in the family because Connor had gotten to know my Mistress. She went on a date with him, but then she broke his heart we he caught her cheating with Phobe, the Something Something Good Witch. He's pretty sad, angry and heart broken about it (I think all he wanted was to grow old with her and have many babies), so I had to go over to his family and clean up his rage for her. (At least so he'll stop stealing her newspaper) It didn't help that much, since I am not cheating with their relationship. I hope they can still be friends with her though later. I wanted her to have a baby with him. (I think he has nice genes)

Salem, Gabrion, Roseland: First two are my personal families, and Roseland is a premade sim. The families live in apartments together, all three families are friends. Rita and Rik Salem are just friends (I made them together, so their last names are the same) living together. Rik has the elvish ears. Rolf Gabrion is a Vampire who has the hots for Rita, but Rita is too busy into her work to deal with it. Cyd Roseland tried being friends with the local wolves and ended up becoming a werewolf. I think when Stella comes back from college, shes going to move in with Cyd as roommates. Its a crazy apartment complex with strange creatures living there. Rita is the only normal one.

Lov: My Mistress Challenge, Roxanne is maybe the most drop dead gorgeous sim, I have ever created. I made her really outgoing. She has many friends, but has been with Phobe, and Chastity. Her number three was suppose to be Connor but he went to go put out roses at her door after a date, but caught her with Phobe instead. Now her third guy is some guy named Elmer and he's okay looking, just not as fun. I think I was planning a date with him and her so she can have sexytimes and get the baby.

So yeah, alot of typing. Hope you guys enjoyed the read!

5th Aug 2011, 11:15 PM
Started a new neighborhood - quasi BACC, quasi Prosperity. Everything it is randomized to make things fun - including names. I randomly rolled 4 starter sims.

Sim #1: Bella Waterman, a fortune/knowledge sim who rolled starting funds of 20K and to be a werewolf. Bella met her boyfriend Otis on her first day out and he has since moved in with her.

Sim #2: Chryssa Stafford, a pleasure/family sim who rolled starting funds of 12K and to be a plantsim. She also rolled the additional challenge of being a Legacy founder. Chryssa had a spore named Vivienne, met her boyfriend Zachary, got pregnant and then Vivienne grew up and created her own spore named Raymond. First legacy to ever get to generation 3 in less than one sim week! :lol:

Sim #3: Larissa Salomon, a knowledge/pleasure sim who rolled starting funds of 7K and the additional challenge of having a small weekly challenge (I'm using some of those viking death squad challenges, but with my own challenges mixed in). Her challenge for the first week was to be a "lady of the night" and go on lots of dates to earn money by selling the gifts. Larissa also randomly rolled as a lesbian and on the first day out met her true love.

Sim #4: Flynn Anson - the only male I rolled - is a knowledge/popularity warlock who rolled starting funds of 14K and is also a Legacy founder. He hasn't had much luck with the ladies so far but he'd better get on that since the other legacy founder, Chryssa, is already a grandmother. :lol:

Peni Griffin
6th Aug 2011, 1:07 AM
It was a great day at the Munny house! When I last left that family, I was concerned about live-in help Nannie Ghote, who was visibly approaching the end of her life - and it's not until the rotation after this one that her granddaughter Billie graduates and get married. I've already had all my simmigrant grandparents die before they could see their oldest grandchildren married, and I was determined not to have that happen here, so when I signed off I did so with the intention of having her call that nice man from the garden club she has two bolts with and go on a really good date early in the morning, then hit her employers' Elixir and gain enough extra days for the ceremony. Today I sign on and she's already sitting at platinum. WTF? She was barely green last time I looked. Then I remembered - her neglectful Romance son got engaged to the only playable he's dating. It was a cynical move on his part, since he was running low on funds, but Nannie thinks it's the real deal. Apparently she had the "relative get engaged" want, now replaced by the "relative get married want." (Which I've locked, so I can see those points go up at the wedding party.) So I marched her straight over to the elixir and she should be good for another three days.

I sent her on the date, anyway, on the why not principle - poor thing deserves to have a good time. Also I thought she might finally make friends with Mrs. Munny, who really seems to hold it against her that she keeps spilling hearts about Mr. Munny, if her attention were diverted onto somebody else. I've never treated heartfarting as a serious thing because the sims never seemed concerned about it, but Nannies got 94/73 toward Sage Ann, 100/90-some-odd with all the guys, and Sage Ann has 30/15 toward Nannie - you can't tell me there's no resentment there.

Also, Frank got his first A+ and made friends with the youngest Ottomas just by teaching her to fish. Ernest and Sage Ann had gone on a dream date the night before and stayed platinum all day long, with another huge boost for Ernest when he made C.E.O. and for Sage Ann when she got her eighth logic point. So when I signed off, the only person on the lot not in platinum was Mark, who had wants concerning adults who weren't available in any way, shape, or form given his energy levels and how the activities fell out. He's the one who actually brought home that Ottomas girl, too! So I'll have to do something to make it up to him.

7th Aug 2011, 12:03 AM
Flynn finally met somebody - a fellow knowledge sim named Camille. She moved in with him, just narrowly helping him avoid defaulting on his taxes. :lol:

Larissa's girlfriend Janie moved in, helping her avoid defaulting too. Poor simmies are so poor. Larissa completed her weekly challenge which was to reach level 10 in creativity and paint a self portrait (or, in this case, a portrait of her and Janie). Next week's challenge should be fun - unexpected pregnancy. Since I don't have same-sex pregnancy and only allow it via inSim in the cases of an alien being one half of the couple (in my mind the aliens are hermaphrodites), one of them is going to have to find a sperm donor. I already have a guy in mind - Larissa's best friend Bennie.

Chryssa and Raymond had a baby girl named Melissa. Raymond's romance sim nature came out when he proceeded to flirt with Chryssa's daughter Vivienne while Chryssa was tending the garden. Vivienne is a family sim and is now rolling wishes to marry her mother's husband. Silly girl. Got to find her a man of her own.

Bella and Otis got engaged and then proceeded to drive me nuts rolling wishes to be werewolves and then not be and then be and then not over and over again. Ultimately they were both cured of lycanthropy and it'll stay that way for the time being because I'm tired of going back and forth all the time. :lol: Bella is saving up money to purchase a little sandwich shop that will be part restaurant/part store and eventually satisfy the requirements to open a career in culinary. Otis is working on his gold fishing badge so he can become Poseidon's assistant.

7th Aug 2011, 1:10 AM
How should I know? Sims 3 won't even start cuz I don't hav a gud enough graphics card...

Lady Scarlet
7th Aug 2011, 6:06 AM
How should I know? Sims 3 won't even start cuz I don't hav a gud enough graphics card...

The thread is about Sims 2.Everyone is sharing stories from their game, but everything is happening in Sims 2.(maybe there is a thread like this for Sims 3 too)

Peni Griffin
7th Aug 2011, 5:35 PM
Two babies born last night. Finally, another boy! I couldn't stand the suspense, so I opened SimPE this morning to look up star signs. He's a Virgo - oh, joy. Those are hard to match. But wait, one of the three girls born this rotation is a Libra, the sign it's the least work to attach to a Virgo! And her dad was visiting his mom when she gave birth! Hurrah!

Eugene has one social and ten nice points, and his OTH is Science. One sweet little nerdboy, coming up.

9th Aug 2011, 2:11 AM
Sooo my mistress got caught cheating while on a date. It was so bad it was hilarious. Then when she tried to smooth things over with the person, she ended up making her date angry and gave her the worst date shes ever had.
Oh and she is pregnant now so I can give her a "real" job now.

11th Aug 2011, 1:44 PM
In my Megahood Leod McGreggor became besties with Patricia Wan. He's bi so after he did that he started rolling wants to have a "joined union" so while I was looking into finding him that perfect man, he suddenly booty calls Patricia and the two of them fall in love. I have a rule about nobody under 2 bolts being allowed to marry (and they had negative chemistry until the booty call) but they were so surprisingly cute and Leod suddenly went from wanting a joined union to wanting to marry Patricia that I just couldn't say no. They're now expecting a baby (or, most likely twins since I had her eat cheesecake while on their honeymoon before I noticed her motives were dropping like mad :faceslap: ). Oh, and before all that happened Leod adopted a little boy named Arthur (who is actually Arthur Picklethorpe from Nepheris's BACC).

Gabe O'Mackey - who obviously is no longer with Patricia - is now with Tara Kat. They're surprisingly adorable with two bolts and she gets along great with Jules. Oh, and Samantha Ottomas came home with Gabe from work and proceeded to steal Jules' bed. Poor kid. I didn't notice at first and kept wondering why it was 4am and she was sitting in the living room. :lol: On top of that, she brought home Dustin Broke from school and proceeded to try and kiss him but he turned her down. Guess he prefers his redheads snotty and a twin. :lol:

Johnny Smith and PT died tragically of disease ( ;) ) leaving Jenny and Jill by themselves. I remodeled the house, got them a cat, and they're doing good now.

Florence Delarosa got abducted by aliens and later gave birth to Lily. I always have everybody - male or female - who gets abducted end up pregnant.

Peni Griffin
11th Aug 2011, 2:26 PM
I had five pregnancies come to term this rotation and played the last one last night. Twins. In a house with a child, a toddler, a teen four days from leaving for college, and $204 dollars to its name. Fortunately Dad got a promotion and the toddler was close enough I could go ahead and grow her up. After all, you do grow up faster in circumstances like that.

The kicker, though, is - five pregnancies, six births, one boy. On the previous rotation, I had three births, and one boy. Statistical clusters are kicking my butt, here. The next birth won't be for another two rotations. This age cohort will go down in Drama Acres history as "the generation of lesbians" or "the generation that married townies."

13th Aug 2011, 12:21 AM
Still going through my Megahood:

Gabe O'Mackey and Tara Kat got married and are expecting a baby. Jules went off to college (after receiving a nose job as a graduation present from SimGod - I have no idea where that horrible nose comes from but I just can't stand it :lol: )

Cleo, who was now living alone after Patricia married Leod McGreggor, went to the park where she met Parker Langerak (skellington7d) and ACR took over. The duo proceeded to scar the locals by woohooing on a park bench (ouch... :lol: ) and Cleo got pregnant. Parker (a romance sim in my game) really didn't want to get married but Cleo sure did. After their quickie marriage, Cleo went to work and Parker proceeded to have three affairs in one evening thanks to ACR and the matchmaker, but at least it brought him back to platinum status. Cleo later gave birth to a boy and discovered Parker's affair when, funnily enough, he was rejected by Sophia Jocque. She never caught him all the times he wasn't rejected. He gave her a buttrose but she's still pretty annoyed. They are on "same bed" terms, though, so maybe the marriage will work out.

Pascal gave birth to a baby girl named Venus. He also met and started dating Florence Delarosa - guess their common alien babies brings them together because they have only 1 bolt. Lazlo and Vidcund went hunting for the ladies at the Crypt O'Night club. Vidcund had luck finding a double bolter in Edith Worthington (strange-tomato) but poor Lazlo had no luck - finding only one bolters who he ended up in the negatives with after a few conversations (Alexandra Teatherton and Charlotte Worthington (strange-tomato)). He has double bolts with Florence, but she's spoken for at the moment. At least until Brandi Broke comes by. I'd like to see her chemistry with Pascal and if it's higher than Florence then Lazlo might get his chance after all. :P

13th Aug 2011, 2:23 AM
My third generation sim and her husband (who are still living with her parents and younger brother) just had twins (*squeee*), so now I have a 7 sim household to take care of. D:
Although Hugh and Ashlee (the parents who are now elders) should hopefully kick the bucket soon.
It's a big house, but it's only three bedrooms so you can imagine it's pretty damn cramped.

13th Aug 2011, 3:48 PM
i have a sim who's trying to figure out who to give one of her cats to

13th Aug 2011, 4:42 PM
Really rough night in the Ottomas house. I moved them into a giant fixer upper I downloaded - nastiest lot ever. I also made the Goodies into Samantha's parents because I felt bad they didn't have a family. Anyway, the whole lot of them moved into that giant fixer upper and by 1pm Peter was dead - eaten by flies. That left only Samantha and Dora having jobs - Herb and Faith are retired. David was sent off to college (as soon as ACR says they're 18, off they go). That night, Peter was out in full force. First he scared Herb to death in the kitchen. Then he scared Dora to death in the bathroom. He kept waking Sharla up and scared Samantha (thankfully not to death). Samantha gave birth to twins in the bathroom named after the deceased - Herb and Dora.

13th Aug 2011, 7:21 PM
I just had a first Sim earn negative reputation. It happened in a new hood, so I suppose I haven't seen this before cause in my old hood (predating AL) the Sims were all best buddies or something.

Lady Scarlet
13th Aug 2011, 8:10 PM
The Burbs have some serious problems.First day when they moved in Pleasantview, Jennifer convinced her husband to start their own business and they invested all their money in it, opening a little antiquity shop right in their house.Little Lucy was a little shy at the beginning, but her mother insisted her to follow her around, so she met lots of new people, including her cousins, Angela and Lilith and her nephew, David (Angela's son).Unfortunately, the shop didn't go too well and in a year they were penniless and they had to sell the house and rent.Jennifer wanted them to return to the big city, but this time John convinced her to remain in Pleasantview and move into a small rented house in the suburbs.Everything was wonderful, except that it wasn't what Jennifer wanted.She accepted this time and took a job in the Intelligence career, while her husband stayed home.Lucy became a beautiful teenager and, because her parents didn't keep an eye on her, she often sneaked out and met various guys.She started dating some of them.
John tried to convince his wife to have another child, but she doesn't even want to hear about it.She hopes that in a year or two, they will move back into the city, but John really enjoys the quiet and peaceful life here, in Pleasantview.
More years have passed and they remained in their rented house.Lucy is now an adult and she just discovered she's pregnant.Unfortunately, she has no idea who the father is.All she can do now is hope that it is either Beau Broke's or Alon Calliente's.Also, she doesn't want her parents to find out so she plans to move out and maybe give the baby for adoption.

In the Goth family, Alexander and Alon are both teenagers now.One day they returned from school with one of their friends and they introduced him to Dina.Dina and the teenage boy started a relationship.She felt guilty, knowing that he was the same age as her son, but she left lonely in that huge mansion, especially now, when Alexander and Alon prepared to leave for College.Unfortunately, 7 months later, the boy suddenly died (he was shot one night, in the city) and Dina was devastated.
Alexander and Alon couldn't help their mother, because they had to leave.They also took Adora Lothario with them and went to La Fiesta Tech, where they became roommates with Frances J. Worthington III.

Lucy Burb, now an adult.

Alon Calliente

13th Aug 2011, 8:42 PM
whats happening in mine? Well i always play the PC one, however right now im playing the PS2 one cause its really good. And i like the direct controls that i dont understand why were taken out in the sims 3 console. grr. Anyways im getting more money to get the people alive at the western area.

15th Aug 2011, 1:28 AM
After playing in the college household of Shelby Attention and Frances J. Worthington III, I accomplished my goal. The two of them are now dating. Shelby has quickly adopted Frances' rich-person persona. If she's not spending her time studying intensely in order to achieve the maximum amount of scholarship money, she's helping Frances host one of their many parties or is "busy" with him in the bedroom. The two of them make a very nice pair. They both have a desire to be well-liked and have a thirst for cash. I'm excited to see what they'll be like once they are adults and end up getting married some day.

Then it was to the Leong/Phelps household. Cyrus, Gina, Chelsea, and Clarence all transitioned to elders. I had a giant double birthday party for Cyrus and Gina when they transitioned, filled with balloons, decorations, and lots of guests. The party got busted by the cops for being too loud, but was still a success. Clair stuck around long enough to see her parents Chelsea and Clarence off into their elder years and then she took off for college, still without a boyfriend or a first kiss.

In the heir household not very much happened at all. I finally figured out that Adrina's boyfriend's name is Zack. I thought that if he wasn't good looking maybe it would make my decision over who would be heir go smoother. But he is good looking, so it looks like I'm back to the drawing board on that one. I'll send her and Jeremy to college next play through, and will make my decision once they are young adults.

In the Phillips' household Blake and Brielle celebrated a birthday and became kids. I can definitely tell they are Ethan's children...they both have incredibly good looks. Warren grew into a teen, and unlike his cousins, isn't that good looking. He was an adorable kid, but he apparently inherited his mother and father's not-so-good-looking traits after all. Oh well, I still love him. He found a girlfriend (a vampire of course!) Meredith. And sadly, Honor joined the Grim Reaper in sim heaven. But now she can finally be reunited with Count Renaud. The family also adopted a cat, whom they named O'Maley.

The King of the Attention Family Legacy Expressions Trent Okuma also joined the Grim Reaper to be with his two best friends in the whole world, Honor and Renaud. He left behind a weeping and very sad widow Ashton, who is now looking forward to the passing of the next two years before her son Orlando will return from college to live with her.

Shawn and Aiyanna also transitioned to elders, and adopted a new kitten they named Cymmi. Their grandson Wesley grew into a kid, and so far he's semi-cute. He has the potential to be a good-looking teen. Austin and Meadow are also expecting again. She's due to have her baby the next time I play their household.

To continue with the elder transitions, the youngest of generation two, Winter Langerak and her husband Corbin celebrated the beginning of their golden years. Their grandsons Jesse and Jackson also celebrated a birthday and became children. Much like their half brother and sister Blake and Brielle, Jesse and Jackson inherited their father Ethan's good looks, and unlike their half-sibs, maybe a bit of his attitude. That along with a bit of their mother Journey's rebellious spirit could make for a dangerous combination!

Devin Leong and his long-time fiancee Sophie finally got married after Sophie accidentally ended up pregnant. She's due when I go back into their household, I still have two days to play with them. Myles' alien twins Keeley and Kristof are also due to age into children...I wonder if they'll grow into their looks.

After their house...I think it's time for me to head over to Ethan's for a while...wish me luck!

17th Aug 2011, 3:51 AM
Today i played my winter hood heres the info on thE individual families
Sistr (4 sisters living together)
Katilyn is dating a CAS sim whose namE escapes me. Well call him mr ice. He got her through a blind date via gypsy. They have two bolts and one hundred relationship. I decided to throw some drama in so they wooed at the nightclub and shes preggers now. The other three sisters werent very exciting since getting katilyn pregnant was crucial to the storyline

Lark ?- her last name escapes me... Anyhoo she moved in, and got a job in dance as an aerobics instructor which by the way has crappy hours.

Mr ice- wooed katilyn as mentioned above. Also he cheated on her with the new romance sim in town, kaliea. They got busted and katilyn is heartbroken.

Kaliea ralf- shes the new cassanova in town-- the don lothario of winter vile. She dated mr ice but got busted and now katilyn shows up everywhere she goes.... And i really wanted that love tri because both girls had two or three bolts with mr ice

I will put more up tomorrow, sorry this was so skimpy

17th Aug 2011, 5:14 AM
I am sooooooo busy at the moment. Right now i am just
trying to perfect Pleasantview and Strangetown. I've been
so busy downloading makeovers, CC, even makeovering
lots myself.

I don't even think i have the time to play at the moment.
I am thinking of creating an Live Journal soon, once i get everything
on track. I have even stayed up to four AM in the morning
trying to make my game perfect. Eventually, it will get done. :rolleyes:

17th Aug 2011, 12:51 PM
im playing the megahood and trying to play each hood at a time and make each premade a lifestage or two older before going onto a next! But... I keep going back to the same ones. I have to play strangetown and veronaville as they are untouched!
Gabe O'mackey is with Nina Caliente and are having a baby. Dina had 2 daughters (Louisa and Naomi) with Mortimer, Bella came back and had 2 girls with Moritmer too - Morticia and Cordelia.
Cass has married a random townie. Darren is an elder and married to Kristen Loste, The pleasants are all dead in a fire and Don lives with Kaylynn in his condo and are thinking about babies!

20th Aug 2011, 1:47 AM
Chryssa's plantbaby Vivienne had a plantbaby named Raymond who grew into a romance sim. He found his triple bolter in a lovely redhead named Erma Henderson and moved out into their own place at the end of the round. Chryssa and Zachary's daughter, Melissa, became an adorable child. Zachary ACR'd with Vivienne in the last round while Chryssa was tending the garden. This round she caught them en flagrante delicto. Surprisingly Chryssa still gets along really well with her daughter and her husband and hasn't attacked or slapped around either of them. Vivienne became pregnant from the interlude and will give birth to her stepfather's child very early in the next round. The family is extremely poor having only one bed and one bedroom so Melissa and her father have to share the bed and the baby's crib is in the same room. Hopefully they'll earn some more cash soon to expand the house but right now all their money is going towards purchasing the town's car dealership since everybody has a want to buy a car and there's nowhere to do that. Since both Chryssa and Vivienne's OTH is Tinkering, it just makes sense for them to own a dealership and sell refurbished cars. Vivienne's BFF Faye Simpson moved in with them briefly before I opted to move her out and into her own place since Zachary was farting hearts over her.

Bella finally completed the Adult College career and earned her degree. I'm not following BACC rules completely and decided that the careers that require college can be opened to adults if they reach the top of the Adult College Career first. Seems fair to me. Anyway, now Bella has a career as a lawyer to hopefully achieve her LTW. Otis is nearly to his gold fishing badge so he can get into Oceanography. They are engaged and expecting their first child in the next round.

This houshold gets weekly challenges. At the end of the last round they rolled the challenge of having an "unexpected pregnancy". Since Larissa and Janie are lesbians and I don't have a same sex hack (and even if I did I only allow aliens to procreate with the same sex) I decided to have a "sperm donor" move in with them. Bennie Woods was the lucky guy chosen since he's BFF with both Larissa and Janie. Bennie and Larissa's son Samuel aged into a toddler before the round was over and he's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Bennie started dating a townie named Susan Dean and he'll be moving out of the Salomon house and in with Susan for the next round. Larissa's next challenge is to dig up a treasure chest by week's end. Not the most exciting challenge, but a useful one.

Flynn and Camille got married and are expecting a child. Otherwise, they're pretty boring.

20th Aug 2011, 11:11 PM
Had even more time to play today. I'm just ripping through this round.

The Salomon Family:
Cutest toddler ever Samuel became the cutest kid ever. At his birthday party Vivienne Stafford, still heavily pregnant with her stepfather's kid, fell in love with one of Bennie's friends - Dylan Frazier. I think it's time for Vivienne and her lovechild to get their own place anyway. Janie reached the top of the Education career track making it available for everyone. Larissa is still working her way up the Science Career track towards her LTW. Bennie married Susan Woods and the two moved out to await their turn.

The Anson Family:
Camille and Flynn were both able to get jobs in their LTW careers - Camille in Oceaongraphy and Flynn in Architecture. They welcomed baby Constance day one of the round and then immediately ACRd on the couch and Camille got pregnant with twins. Neither are family sims so this was pretty unexpected especially since they had about $150 and Constance was sleeping in a converted bathroom. I sent Flynn to dig and dig and dig until I could expand the house enough to make room for the twins and give Constance a decent sized room of her own as well. The twins were born just as the round was ending - a boy and a girl named Christian and Arianne.

The Stafford 2 Family:
Not to be confused with Chryssa Stafford's lot, this lot is Chryssa's grandson, Raymond, and his girlfriend Erma who somehow ended up being $10,550 in the hole when I loaded the lot up. I have no idea how this happened but I decided to work with it. Thankfully Raymond is a plantsim so he can dig and dig and dig and not have much ill affect and Erma has a job in athletics. Plus, they only owe $150 in taxes this round. They were only in the red for a few hours since Raymond found two treasure chests quickly and the rocks and bones helped make up the rest. While Ray was digging (his career for the time being) and Erma was gaining body skills, the neighbors were getting to know each other and it seems that my plan to hook up the two newest residents - Cheryl Vaccaro and Jonathan Botwright (both to be played next round) has gone out the window. The two kept poking each other. And then Susan Woods attempted to diffuse the situation by telling Jonathan how she her her first woohoo with her husband. He wasn't impressed. Then Jonathan decided to sleep in their newly purchased bed which caused poor Erma to pass out because she refused to share with him. Is this some sort of glitch? People just make themselves at home in my sims' houses. :lol:

The Simpson Family:
Faye Simpson had a rough first day in town. Starting with a mere $60 in the bank after purchasing her plot of land and building a wall for her toilet, shower, phone and recliner, she set about digging for cash. Things seemed to be going well until she was STRUCK BY LIGHTNING. Now normally I cheat and kill anybody who is electrocuted or set on fire, etc., but in this random town I decided to randomize the chance and fortunately for Faye she lucked out and didn't die. Although I think she may have wanted to after she peed herself in front of her welcome wagon and they all laughed and pointed. Poor, poor Faye. After embarrassing herself, Faye resumed digging and managed to afford a bed and a small fridge. She also met Gregg Sherman who she thinks is "HOT!" but she already knows her triple bolt soulmate Leland Owen and triple bolts trump double bolts in my game. Of course, ACR trumps everything and upon inviting Leland over, Faye woohooed with him and became pregnant. With $32 dollars to her name...and a wall. And Leland keeps refusing to move in. And even if he does he's poor and has a job that isn't opened. Way to go Faye!

22nd Aug 2011, 8:39 PM
Two of my adult sims who had been dating when they were teens, and lived together as adults, and have in-game twins finally tied the knot. They kind of forgot about it after getting engaged years before. But they had a great big wedding at his parent's beach house and all the family was there.

22nd Aug 2011, 10:03 PM
Sadly, the Salomon family is no more. Janie came home from work with a cold, passed it onto Larissa, and as a result of the realistic sickness mod, they both died (no matter what I do, I just can't get anybody to survive illnesses since getting this mod... :lol: ). Samuel will be moving in with his father and his stepmother during the next round. RIP Janie and Larissa. :cry:

Lady Scarlet
23rd Aug 2011, 5:35 PM
College life means lots of fun for the three best friends, Alexander Goth, Alon Calliente and Adora Lothario and their room-mate, Frances J. Worthington III.They kept their grades up, while they made lots of friends and organized lots of parties.
Alexander lost his chance with Adora when Frances kissed her one night, after the party and so the two of them ended up together.Of course, their relationship didn't last (Frances said something about getting bored dating the same girl all his college years) and, by the time the four of them finished their studies, Adora was single again.They returned in Pleasantview and Alexander invited Adora to come and live with him, in the Goth mansion.The girl accepted and soon, she was reunited with her aunt, Dina, who was still living in her late-husband's house.Alon also returned home with them (before leaving for college, he had a short relationship with Lucy Burb-Broke, but when he returned, he found out that she's married and has a daughter with Liam Broke, so now he tries to move on and forget about her).
Soon, another wedding was announced in the town: Alexander finally proposed to Adora.Everyone was so happy for them.And, with so much money in their bank account, no one had to get a job.
Everyone from Pleasantview was invited at the wedding: Herb and Coral Oldie, the most respected couple of the town, Adora's parents and Dina's relatives, Nina Calliente-Lothario and Don Lothario with their children, Alejandro and Alberto, Daniel Pleasant, Oliver Broke and his wife, Lilith Pleasant-Broke, Dustin Broke with his family, Angela Pleasant-Broke, David Pleasant and Cassia Broke, Liam Broke and his wife, Lucy Burb-Broke and, of course, John Burb and Jennifer Burb.
After the wedding, the newlyweds left for their dreamy honeymoon on Twikkii Island.

Alexander finally proposed his long-time-crush, Adora Lothario.She couldn't be happier.

Sharing a kiss, as the newly Mr. and Mrs. Goth.

After finding out she was pregnant, Lucy Burb decided that she had to leave her parents, who probably wouldn't be very happy to learn about their daughter's pregnancy, so she went to one of her boyfriends, Liam Broke and told him that she was pregnant with his baby (well, she didn't know exactly who the father was, so it wasn't exactly a lie).They got married and moved into a beautiful house.Shortly, Lucy gave birth to their daughter, Beatrix (fortunately for the mother, the baby was born with her skin-tone and hair color).Liam was very happy about his little family and already planned for more members, but Lucy convinced him to give up his plans.At least for a couple of years.
Few years later, when Beatrix was 6 years old, Lucy got pregnant again, but this time it was an ectopic pregnancy, so she suffered a miscarriage.
After she lost this baby, her relationship with her husband started to go down, so the two of them started attending couple counseling, for the sake of their daughter.

Lucy Burb and Liam Broke's wedding toast.

Lucy Burb-Broke pregnant with her first baby, Beatrix.

The Oldies bought a house somewhere in the suburbs and also adopted a cat.And they started they quiet life.Herb also got a part-time job.They reached their Golden Anniversary and spent some quiet years together, visiting their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.Unfortunately, one morning, Herb died, leaving Coral alone with their cats.Poor Coral started feeling lonely in that house and now she doesn't know who will inherit their house after she'll die too.She's considering letting David Pleasant, her great-grandson (Angela's son back from College) move in with her, now that he's already an adult and wants to start a life on his own.

Coral Oldie

Herb Oldie

Coral and Herb Oldie celebrating their Golden Anniversary.

Fluffy Puff
24th Aug 2011, 3:09 AM
Two beautiful baby girls joined my neighborhood today; and one of my teens finally got into a private school after being rejected the first time.

27th Aug 2011, 1:07 AM
I am having a ball playing a werewolf in a new custom 'hood, built on the Driftwood template.

Knowing that the sim with the oldest character file will be the designated neighborhood telescope slapper, I created a sim named Cranky Old Codger, figuring to make him the perfect sim for this role.

I ended up aging him down to teen (couldn't resist), got him werewolf-ified, and sent him to Uni. That was fun!

Now he's back in Driftwood, and I had him get kidnapped by aliens, after which he developed a taste for cheesecake. (Again, couldn't resist.)

Cranky has just given birth to his twin aliens - a boy and a girl. Both have Cranky's eyes! In addition, the boy has a normal nose. The girl is a no-nose, but I rather like the no-nose aliens. Everything else about her (and the boy) is fairly normal, other than their eyes being larger than normal, but not hugely so.

Cranky is going to be awfully busy for awhile, taking care of his twins, but once they're more self-sufficient, he'll go back to training the neighborhood wolves to be well-behaved - something he has already done a bit of. Later, he's going to adopt some female dogs and breed them to his wild wolf friends in order to put some wolf hybrid puppies into the adoption pool.

All this while, he's working on his LTW to become an Ecological Guru. In spite of his cranky werewolf personality, Cranky is a Popularity sim with secondary Knowledge. Getting the word out about the importance of the environment (his biggest Interest) is very important to him.

And someday, he'll be my neighborhood telescope slapper. A role he'll be conflicted about, I fear, but it's too late now! :lol:

27th Aug 2011, 2:09 AM
everything sounds great guys i love the sims! :gjob:

27th Aug 2011, 3:14 AM
Matt Skiba (yes I made a Matt Skiba sim, you don't even know who that is): Artistic, Loner, Virtuoso, Bookworm, Vegetarian. Colour: Red. Food: Autumn Salad. Music: Custom. Age: Young Adult (life stage was reset to the beginning of young adult, he was originally 4 days older than Tegan.)
Tegan Skiba: Artistic, Genius, Good Sense Of Humour, Loser, Vegetarian. Colour: Grey. Food: Fruit Parfait. Music: Custom. Age: Young Adult (turns into an adult in 13 days, I have aging set differently, so she's far into young adult-ness.)
Lucinda Skiba: Genius, Bookworm, Vegetarian. Colour: Black. Food: Key Lime Pie. Music: Custom. Age: Child (the oldest of three children, Tegan and Matt had all their children around the same time)
Brenden Skiba: Couch Potato, Computer Whiz, Vegetarian. Colour: Blue. Food: Stu Surprise. Music: Custom. Age: Child (middle child)
Austin Skiba: Excitable, Easily Impressed. Colour: Lime. Food: Sushi. Music: Electronica. Age: Toddler (youngest)

Okay... So when I started the game, Tegan Skiba was in fact Tegan Embry, and she lived with her older sister, Janine, and her uncle, Chase. Her uncle Chase was very close to the age of Janine, who was well into her teenage years, as Tegan was in her childhood. Chase favoured Janine over Tegan, and Tegan was getting picked on at school, but Chase was too busy trying to impress girls, while Janine was trying to become the most popular girl in school. As a child Tegan's traits included Artistic, Genius, and Loser. She had no friends whatsoever, and since she is not a Loner, she often cried. She met Matt Skiba well into her childhood, when Janine was already a young adult, though she still lived with Chase. Chase impregnated many girls, which came back to bite him in the ass, so before he knew it, he had a house full of kids. Tegan and Matt had became best friends, and Tegan was almost always at his house, instead of her own. When she became a teenager, her uncle Chase starved to death, and lucky for Tegan, the mother's of all the children ended up being responsible for them. Tegan also developed the Good SenseOf Humour trait. So young Tegan basically lived alone in her uncle's bachelor pad. That's when she had Matt over all the time, since there was noone at her house. She started dating him, and was finally happy for once. She started skipping school with him, and instead hanging out and bars and parks, and one day she met Aurora Benedict, and immediately became friends with her, as they had a lot in common. However Aurora and Matt did not like each other, and often fought. Then, one day, Aurora asked Tegan to break up with Matt, and being the gullible person she is, she agreed. Shortly after, Aurora stopped hanging out with Tegan, and Tegan was miserable. She tried talking to Matt, who didn't want to hear it. She grew into a young adult shortly after Matt and developed the Vegetarian trait, and Matt had forgiven her, so they started dating again. Matt moved into her uncle's old house with her, and they lived happily together, but one day Tegan realized she was pregnant.

She decided to marry Matt, as she planned on doing that at some point. During their wedding (which they invited their long time family friends Dan Andriano, Derek Grant, Kevin Townsend, Marnie Townsend, and Linda Mishi) Tegan's water broke, but luckily it was just after they exchanged rings. So Tegan and Matt rushed to the hospital, and they came back home with baby Linda, who had the Genius and Bookworm trait. Shortly after Lucinda aged into a child (and developed the Vegetarian trait) Matt began cheating on Tegan, and things were going fine for him until Lucinda walked in on him and the maid, Paisley Arnold. Lucinda started crying, and developed a bad relationship with her father. Lucinda was always best friends with her mother, so of course she told her what she saw. Tegan confronted Matt about it, however didn't immediately accuse him. Matt eventually confessed to cheating, and Tegan learned he cheated on her with the repairwoman, Caitlin Marsh, the maid, Paisley Arnold, the town "slut" Rebecca James, and (perhaps the worst of all) good ol' Aurora Benedict. Tegan was more sad than angry about it, and moved out of their house, taking Lucinda with her. Matt became heartbroken at this lost, and died soon after. After finding out, Tegan felt horrible, so she moved back to the house where she and Matt lived, and kept his urn on her nightstand, and mourned him everyday.

Then one day, Tegan got all call from the Science lab. They said they have an experimental test to resurrect someone, and they heard that Matt died! Tegan quickly brought the urn to them, and though they couldn't bring back Matt per se, they did manage to get his ghost. Tegan jumped into the arms of her deceased husband, very glad to see him again. A while later, Tegan became pregnant with her child Brenden, who had the Couch Potato and Computer Whiz traits at birth. After Brenden became a child (and Lucinda is almost a teen) Tegan gave birth to ghost child (a kid FINALLY inherited Matt's ghostliness) named Austin. On the night Austin aged from a baby to toddler, Tegan and Matt got into an argument, and soon after Tegan died. And now...? Now we play the waiting game... :heyhey:

27th Aug 2011, 2:09 PM

I deleted the Beaker family and removed ALL memories about them from the other people (SimPE). (This is due to a strange reason that they always crash my game. ALWAYS.)

I made a new family to replace the Beakers called Scientist.

Crazy Scientist is a Male Adult, wearing the therapist clothes (boolProp, Shift + N), works as a Mad Scientist, has the Knowledge Aspiration (DUH) and married Pollination Tech # 9 :wtf:. Edit: Something funny happened. Pollination Tech # 9 died because of *guess what* a satellite... :cry: and when I saw the satellite fall on him, the alien abduction video shows! Crazy was abducted the same time Pollination Tech # 9 died! Do the aliens blame Crazy for PT#9's death? :blink:

Test Subject of Scientist is a Male Adult, wearing underwear {cause his backstory is an orphan who was captured by Crazy Scientist and forced to be his Test Subject. His real name is Harrison Paddingstop (Another custom family, wherein all is deceased except Harrison, who was left by his parents when he was young, and his sister (not in memories, since they were separated. I tried to keep them apart from a romance as much as possible) Hannah Paddingstop.}, is Unemployed, and has the Family Aspiration. He is locked in a room with a speaker which he cannot turn off.

Hannah Paddingstop found Buzz Grant and married him. Buzz was always on the military thing or the weight lifts, so they only talk at night. Wait, not talk. *WooHoo sound comes*

27th Aug 2011, 2:57 PM

The Goth Family grew to 14 people (I have a mod which allows 50 sims in a lot)! The family consists of:

Cornelia Goth (resurrected through the Genie) - Elder
Mortimer Goth - Elder
Bella Goth (Mortimer finally found her) - Elder
Cassandra Goth - Adult
Darren Goth (Formerly Darren Dreamer) - Adult
Dirk Goth (Formerly Dirk Dreamer, changed last name through something....) - Teen
Alexander Goth - Teen
Alexandria Goth (1st child ever, they got it before marriage) - Teen
Kallie Goth (One of Cassandra and Darren's twins) - Child
Christelle Goth (The other twin of Kallie) - Child
Christian Goth (1st son) - Child
Wailing Goth (Another girl....) - Toddler
Jacob Goth (Adopted boy) - Toddler
Joseph Maple Goth (Another adopted boy) - Toddler

As you can see, Cassandra and Darren love to have kids! Also, Mortimer found a rusty lamp, rubbed it, and wished for her mother to live!

The Pleasant Family is gonna get broken. Daniel brought a maid to his house, and moved her in! Mary-Sue, who is at work will get mad at this....

29th Aug 2011, 2:23 AM
Bella Waterman became The Law and is now permaplat. Her next goal is to own 5 top level businesses. Probably won't happen, but she'll hopefully have at least one since they finally have enough money to open her sandwich shop. That'll reach level 10 eventually since my rule to keep the BACC from growing too quickly is that I can only use the CAS point if the community lot that earned it is level 10 (exception is any "town owned" lots). Her and Otis's son Ethan became a child and is quite adorable. Bella also finished her third novel aptly called "Book Title" (I accidentally clicked okay before I typed anything in :lol: ). This goes along with her two previous best sellers "Silvery Moon" - an expose on werewolves and "The Farmer and Adel".

Zachary Stafford - the ol' perv who knocked up his daughter-in-law - died on his daughter, Melissa's teenage transition. Melissa grew up to be a romance/pleasure sim (fitting seeing that her father was romance and her mother is pleasure). His wife, Chryssa, was in her third trimester and gave birth to son Connor the next day.

Vivienne Stafford married Dylan Frazier shortly after giving birth to her father-in-law's illegitimate daughter, Luanne.

Faye and Leland Simpson welcomed a second son, Jonah.

Cheryl Vaccaro began an affair with Raymond Stafford, who is currently living with his triple bolt soulmate Erma Henderson and opened a store selling all the things he digs up in the front yard.

29th Aug 2011, 4:52 PM
I started another neighborhood after giving in and downloading the only plasticbox NH I didn't have. My download folder cleared its throat pointedly but I pretended I couldn't hear. It doesn't have a name yet, I just plopped my usual family in there and played for half a sim year while I tried to come up with a for a story about the town etc.

http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6080/6093419516_d45a54a471.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/asylumjewell/6093419516/)


5th Sep 2011, 12:25 PM
My subject family to no end is amusement for me.

Awhile back if you remeber I had Nervous Subject have a baby with the Theropist (just say no to NPS spawn). While he went on to have a second child with the Theropist (Grace) this is about Ferfil the oldest Subject child. Ferfil was ugly, ugly as a sim can be. Still confident in who she was Ferfil would go on to marry Pascel's alien son Ben. Sure he had green skin, large black eyes and what seemed slots for a nose. But that didn't matter they made a great match personality wise. However they did not match so well genetically. Together they would have an even uglier daughter Living. Desprite for a place to fit in and have a family of her own Living married the first Sim that batted an eye at her. This would be townie Abhijeet Cho; a romance Sim. Feeling no one would love her she proposed assuming he'd change his womanizing ways. Soon after the engagement Living gave birth to daughters Love and Paine.

Oh Living heard the rumors, and knew he was with her apartment neighber Christopher Love, and with her great-aunt Fed (wonder who's the baby boy's daddy is that Fed just had). Never mind the night he spent at the community pool and "played" around with her family... This included her grandmother... That night he got home things hit the fan when he kissed Christopher goodnight, and then Fed. Apologizing Abhjeet made his move and decided to make her stay.Feeling stuck and pregnant again Living met him at the alter with Christopher and Fed looking bitterly on; Even the butler joined in.

"Should I should I should I?" Her hands shook at the alter. "Should I? I am pregnant again, how will I be a single mom, oh God should I?!"

No Living couldn't nothing could beat this life, she had her kids after all. Running out the door she peeled off in the car and never looked back. Taking only her favorite twin, the quiet one, Love. Shortly after moving into their new house Living succesfully gave birth to her third daughter Cactus.

Will Living find someone who will love her for who she is?
And will her kids come out looking as ugly as her?

5th Sep 2011, 5:11 PM
Just started a new neighborhood last night. I'm thinking about doing a BACC with this neighborhood, only y'know not following any of the BACC rules. :D

5th Sep 2011, 7:20 PM
I begun The Real World challenge starting with challenge #2- A single sim on jobseekers allowance (£270 simoleons). I started with a female sim called Alaska Hopkint who moved into a 1x3 empty lot. She only had £5,270 (£5000 starting money + allowance) so making a liveable home was tricky. I made a 5x5 box house which I filled with a cheap toilet and sink, a communal shower, a single cheap bed, a counter, a barbeque (because the things are cheaper than cookers- although I found out later that I couldn't cook anything it) a mini-fridge, a 1 square table and a chair. Plus a front door, indoor wall covering and a roof. After all those shenanigans I was left with only around £250. The challenge rules say that you can get married, so why not? Hopefully the sim will bring in some well needed wonga. So Alaska headed off to 'Superstore Columbia' to find a possible hubby (If we end up with low funds, I'll probably ditch the man for another to bring in some more money). And who would turn up there other than Maranatah's fabulous Basilio! Alaska was interested straight away, so she went in. They flirted a little when ACR kicked in and ended up with them woohooing in a photobooth (I've also got some sweet pictures of them both from the photobooth of love too). I got Alaska to ask him out on a date and it went great until Alaska needed to change her tampon (damn you bloody period hack) and managed to get all stinky, which dampened Basilio's spirit so he left early. The date was still a good one however.

Alaska headed back to her 'house' (by which I mean cardboard box) to shower, go to the loo and have some sleep (including having 'munchies' too. This period hack is gonna cost Alaska a fortune in crisps) until inviting Basilio over the next morning. After a bit of making out and loving up, Basilio fell in love with Alaska (yes, Basilio was the first to fall in love) followed by Alaska declaring her love shortly after. I decided to move Basilio in, and he brought in the smallish (well, LARGE for Alaska) sum of money, £4,053. With that, we ditched the good for nothing barbeque, single bed, mini fridge and cheap counter, and extended the wall, added windows, painted the exterior, laid floor down in the interior, put a wall around the bathroom, brought a chair, TV, large fridge, cooker, 2 counters and a double bed, and still had around £2,000 left over yay! maybe I won't fail this challenge after all.

Before I quit for the day, I got Basilio to propose engagement to Alaska. I don't usually pay any attention to the simlish they speak, but I swore down to earth that Al said 'Basilio' (You know when he had just shown her the ring and she says 'Ah!') its probably something that the sims say everytime theres a proposal, but it was still pretty spooky! (and cool).

EDIT: Played some more. I brought the cheapest mirror and gave both Al and Bas new haircuts. Then I decided that since these two seem to having an easy life at the minute to up the anti and try for a baby. Al got pregnant first time round so I extended the lot slightly to fit a crib and a toy. They still had £1,400 left over after the build and Al is expecting her allowance to come through in 4 days. Bas has an obbsession with serving a meal everytime even though theres leftovers in the fridge and a perfectly fine plate of food already out. This is annoying cause I'm trying not to waste food for the sake of saving money. Well then Bas decides to act like a complete dick and eats some old lunch meat sandwiches only to get food poisoning. With that and Al's pregnancy sicknesses, the toilet is always filthy. At one point I thought Al was going to have a miscarriage- and I was relieved when it turned out to be just pains. Shes just hit her second trimester. Bas also finds it funny to keep his poor wife awake at night by switching the bloody telly on whilst shes trying to sleep, and ONLY then.

It wasn't long before Al hit her third trimester. I got sick of the television waking everyone up so I sold it for a bookcase so my sims could finally have a decent nights sleep. Bas recovered from sickness of the stupid and I then had to deal with a bout of mood and needs failiure for Al. I was so scared that she would die (meaning I fail) because she was starving, so I got Bas on command just in case grimmy decided to visit. I soon got Al full up with food again so I was out of the danger zone (for now) Al then gave birth to a baby boy, called Valencio Thank god I only got a single xP

6th Sep 2011, 2:32 AM
I've stopped fiddling around with Pleasantview characters for the moment (wrote myself notes of where I left everyone off) and returned to my town I use for building lots. I'm currently trying to build a modern house. I don't normally build those so it's a challenge for me. Didn't realize something so "simple" could be so time consuming and un-simple, but I'm enjoying it. Going to have a poke around the web to get ideas on how to make it look nicer.

11th Sep 2011, 5:01 PM
I had to laugh at my game today. Henry Burb (younger brother of Lucy) is a student at Sim State, sharing a dorm with Tommy Ottomas and Zorah Curious-Smith (daughter of Chloe Curious-Smith and Gilbert Jaquet).

Well, being the only girl, Zorah attracted quite a bit of attention. She's Popularity/Romance and grew up in quite an unconvential household, so I never figured her to be a one Sim only kind of Sim, if you know what I mean. But within minutes of moving in to the dorms, she and Tommy were all over each other, and have remained that way all through Freshman year and into the first half of Sophomore year.

Now, Henry has taken quite a shine to Zorah as well, even though he has something going on with Tiffany Sampson as well. Today while playing, Zorah and Tommy were making out as usual, paying no attention to anyone else, when I saw Henry approaching Zorah with the intention of getting his first kiss from her. I sat back and thought "this should be interesting", but instead of any loose morals, cheating and slapping occuring, Zorah declined Henry's offer and instead went straight back into the arms of Tommy (who, by the way, just stood there smiling as his friend tried to mack on his girlfriend). Henry tried a further three times to kiss Zorah and each time she rejected him! In the end I had to cancel every time Henry attempted it again - it was getting too heartbreaking to watch the poor little guy crying after he was shot down!

I even inivited Tiffany over so Henry could get some love and affection from her, but he was having none of it! I'd direct him to talk to her, hoping then ACR would take care of the rest, but each time Henry stopped to cry over Zorah! In the end Tiffany got bored and went home!

Oh, the tangled love lives of YA Sims...

12th Sep 2011, 7:37 PM
Heh heh. The Mashugas went on vacation and when they came back Sylvia was puking all over the place... now they have two baby girls named Takako and Mizu (named after where they were conceived, of course).

15th Sep 2011, 1:38 AM
Amy and Majorie Butler adopted a little boy who spawned with the name Gerald. Gerald Butler. I'm really tempted to swap that "L" for an "R". :lol:

15th Sep 2011, 3:37 AM
Decided to start up a no-cc (but it has all store content and a few essential hacks) game and kind of exploit the Pleasantview characters' stories a bit to new extremes. :) Let's get crazy.

Brandi Broke got evicted from her apartment after her son Dustin got put in jail for being a petty thief and ended up living on the street outside of the community centre for a day and a half until she "popped" and I found her a cheap, miniscule bachelor-pad-styled apartment on the empty lot near the condos. Her son was released as Shaggy Broke (named because I am forming an addiction to Scooby Doo . . . my Dad thought differently T_T) was born into the family. Then Brandi decided to give up motherhood for quick money and fast "fun" on the street corners of Pleasantview, and Dustin was left to care for everyone as she popped out TWO more children, Justin and Ariana.

Nina married Don Lothario and was happily moved into one half of a new-build house up near the newly opened Pleasantview Secondary School . . . until Don drank himself silly at a party and ended up dying after a night of woohoo and poker with Kaylynn Langerak. Nina was 8 months pregnant with their child and wasn't home at the time, and gave their son Cielo Lothario up for adoption out of grief.

Dustin broke up with Angela after she woohoo'd with Gavin Newson, and Mary-Sue broke up with Daniel after she found out that he was cheating on her with their maid. The end to her short-lived political career nearly spelt financial ruin for the Pleasants, and Lilith getting pregnant with Dirk's child at sixteen wasn't good news either. Dirk then left Lilith and Angela seduced him, but after the birth of her little brother she settled her ways and tried to win back Dustin to no avail. Lilith had her baby Carson but sadly he was taken away by social services as Lilith was a terrible parent. In grief she drowned herself in the bathtub just as Dirk got the baby chime with Angela. Oh noooooo no no.

Cass and Darren got married in Three Lakes and remodeled the Dreamer's house to accomodate the new baby, Desiree. Nothing much to say there. They're happy, healthy and Darren totally didn't kick his son out to live with the Pleasants.

Dina married Mortimer and had Kayla and Helios Goth, but Mortimer mysteriously died afterwards and Dina was found nearly frozen to death by his grave the eve before Alexander and Lucy were set to tie the knot. Lucy bailed on the wedding the next day as she found out her parents were splitting as they had been seeing other people for years behind her back. Alexander was crushed and now sits in front of the fire, numb and alone. Dina usually is out with her baby, Helios. Lucy lives alone after re-enrolling in university.

Daniel and Kaylynn "rent" a dingy squatter's "apartment" in an old shipping container storage lot, and soon after their engagement Kaylynn found out she could not have children. Daniel wasn't as upset as her and the two parted ways for a little while until finally coming back together. They're not ready to be partners again but friends with benefits is a start, right?

The Oldies died.

15th Sep 2011, 3:52 AM
One of my families just had a baby.



Peni Griffin
15th Sep 2011, 1:36 PM
Family/Pleasure Luis Iana is senior brother at the frat now that Pleasure/Finance Derek Zarubin (Tricou)'s graduated and gone. He's left the poker table on the ground floor but moved the instruments back down from the attic. He's been going around conscientiously fixing broken things - the kind of thing Derek was always foisting on younger brothers - and built a garage and bought a junked car to fix up. However, Orlando Centowski's grandfather died and his uncle decided to donate his vintage car to the frat rather than clutter up his driveway with it. The girls love that car! The only brother who hadn't woohooed in it within 24 hours of its arrival is Luis's biological little brother Lucas, who's waiting for his high school sweetheart to get to Sim State.

Alas, at Lucas's second toga party, Luis's relationship with his beloved Sharla Ottomas was interfered with by a cow mascot! Luis is seriously freaked out by his reaction to this - it's not as if he doesn't know about cow mascots, after seven semesters at Sim State. He really doesn't want to be a macho jerk like a certain former frat brother of similar ethnicity, but he doesn't trust himself. He worked off the adrenaline surge on the drums and the incident led to a major jam session. He's trying to avoid Sharla till he calms down, but she thinks that's nonsense and keeps calling him. His high school sweetheart Susana Casa, who's engaged to Sharla's brother and the little sister of the macho jerk Luis is afraid of being like, invited both of them over to the sorority, but she isn't actually friends with Sharla and the sister who's friends with both hasn't finished learning couples counseling yet, so that attempt may fizzle. My husband needed the machine before I could resolve it. I wanted to get them fixed up before Susana's graduation party and the inevitable return of the cow mascot. Next time I fire up the neighborhood I should put boolprop on so I can smite him with the sorority's batbox.

Sparrow Hawkins is dating Alon Livingstone, but they haven't woohooed yet. She thinks he's not ready. He disagrees, but she knows a lot more about it than he does. She talks to her old high school friend Gerry Mander a lot - his mom had twins and he needs a lot of advice from an experienced big sister of twins like her. She knows his mom needs him, but she really looks forward to having him at Sim State. He can stay with Alon till he joins the frat - that won't cause any problems! Her big sister Pigeon and her fiance Ezekial have graduated and will be married soon, probably with about 30 people in attendance in Drama Acres Park. Their cousin Paul moved his girlfriend Polly Esther Skirt in as soon as Pigeon and Zeke cleared out, freeing up a double bed. Neither of them is interested in getting engaged right now. They're just happy to be waking up together in the morning.

15th Sep 2011, 3:10 PM
The Greening Initiative Co. bought up large tracts of land just outside of town, promising that it would create jobs and bring an influx of new faces. At first locals were happy, but now suspicion has set in. There are rumours of plantsims working in the high-walled compounds and new plant species being developed.
The Merrick family arrived - Jules works on the Initiatives legal team and is personaly responsible for wiping several people's memories. She also like flower arranging. John took a job as a patrol officer and spends his workday driving through dusty streets.To unwind he's started to restore a car. Little Lucy became best friends with Samantha and Xavier Ross, and adopted Pepper the stray, who promptly attacked her bed in gratitude. Jules's brother Keran arrived and he bought the little florist shop in main street. Keran doesn't have any business experience so he's going through of horrors of learing how to operate the cash register and having people throw their shopping bags on the floor and storming off.
The Goodhearts moved in next door to the Merricks - George was offered the job of managing the Initiatives new branch in Baskerville, but he's not exactly happy about trying to control a bunch of slightly mad scientists. But he saw it as a way to start afresh with wife Vivian, after she had an affair with the cleaner. . and the gardener. . . and that guy who came to fix the telly. He wants children but Vivian is less than enthused. Thier relationship is as high as it can get when he starts his new job, but while he's away Vivian hires a maid.
Its the Goodhearts second reincarnation; they were some of the first sims I created when I first got the game. So was Farrah Fortune, who this time is Estella Ross's feckless sister, turning up out of nowhere and sleeping in the spare room for awhile. But after flirting with George at a party got a job as a receptionist in the Initiatives office - a strangely uniformative building - and moved into her own little house.
In the Ross household Samantha and Xavier STILL haven't grown into teens, but I want all my Baskerville kids to grow up at the same time. Ollie the dog hasn't learnt any tricks and still needs a bath almost every day, and Michael wants to go on holiday. Formerly Joe still tips over people's garbage bins, and a little cafe is being built.

16th Sep 2011, 1:36 AM
David Ottomas grew up. He sat at the table crying over his birthday cake and thinking about university. But he wants to be a rock god anyways, he doesn't need university for that!

Peni Griffin
16th Sep 2011, 1:46 AM
My David Ottomas would disagree with you. He pledged the frat, had a great time, got engaged, and nearly maxed his creativity leading jam sessions. Now he can't land a music job, but he goes to Sim Center South and Midnight Flows, where I've put instruments out, makes grocery money off tips, and networks with other musicians, who come to jam out with him. He's about to get married, still jobless, which makes both sets of parents frown, but hey, with all these contacts he's making, he's bound to land something sooner or later.

I also gave him a full beard and Jesus hair, of which neither set of parents approves, either, but it suits his lifestyle. His bride wants to be a General, so we'll see how that works out...And hey, at least their parents will bond at the wedding as they gripe over the buffet!

20th Sep 2011, 2:50 PM
Struggling single mom Marjorie Shepherd has fallen in a huge way for her new neighbour, violinist Akio Takashima. The feeling is mutual. Both are family oriented and want to get married. There are two obstacles in their way.

1) Will the kids like each other? Akio's teenaged son Haru, the only child of a single dad, may be overwhelmed by Marjorie's brood -- teenaged River, kid sister Flower, and the soon-to-be-adopted mystery sibling.

2) Neither one of them has much money. Because Marjorie wants another kid, she's not working at the moment. River is the breadwinner, cleaning dolphin tanks down at the aquarium. Akio has a good job but has only just moved into the neighbourhood. Once he's worked a few days he'll be in better shape. Moving in together with all those kids (and the Takashimas' big white dog Kita) is going to require a lot of space, more than they can afford at the moment.

For now, Akio and Marjorie settle for quick visits to the museum and sneaky cuddles while the kids are at school...

Then there's the new neighbour, Ella Hammond. Ella got pregnant by an alien and ran away from everyone she knew, and bought a tiny house in Belladonna Cove in which to raise her little pod person. She didn't count on the neighbours being so outgoing. Akio, Marjorie, and Tim came to visit and she gave birth right in front of them. So much for keeping secrets.

EDIT: Marjorie's mystery child is tiny blond toddler Alvin, the first boy in the family (and the first white kid, so he clearly looks adopted). The presence of another boy, even a little wee one, may soften the blow for Haru when he meets this family.

21st Sep 2011, 8:52 PM
Been playing my legacy family today (this is the furthest i've ever got woop!) and everything was going great! Heir come back from college, renovated the house etc, then slowly everything just went wrong!

First my heir- Connor, couldnt find a job, his LTW is to be a mad scienetist and it didn't come up for days! grrr! This was made worse by the fact his dad Xavier who is Chief of Staff got a chance card and lost 3 charisma points and £50,000!! :cry: Which was basically all that was left after the renovation. Then to top things of Connor got married and on his return jumped straight in the hot tub with his wife and woo-hooed, little did i no they tried for a baby!! (thanks ACR!)And now she just had. . . TWINS, natural twins.

So i now have a very poor family of 6 and 2 cats :|

Peni Griffin
22nd Sep 2011, 2:47 PM
I guess Connor's going to have to man up and take a job he doesn't like for awhile.

I'm having a drama-filled and exciting rotation this time, with a future criminal mastermind pledging the sorority, a cow mascot giving Luis Iana doubts about his fitness to be with Sharla Ottomas, graduations, marriages, pregnancies, and birthdays. Lance Point appears to take after his mom except for his dad's skintone. Kitty Hawkins is alternately heartfarting and arguing with her first son-in-law, Lance's dad Clovis. David Ottomas married Susana Casa in a relatively peaceful wedding, where the Ottomas parents met the Casa parents for the first time, Susana's new sister-in-law Tosha hogged the bathroom with morning sickness, and the backyard buffet got hailed on. David still hasn't found a job in his desired musical career, but he skipped his evening busking in the adjacent Sim Center Park in favor of consummating the marriage.

Sandy Bruty showed up at Ashley Upsnott's brand new house and tried to blackmail him, getting her butt kicked for her trouble. Bethany Ku hasn't told Ashley she's pregnant because what's the point, when he's married? Seeing that his long-term on-again, off-again girlfriend Lora Wolosenko, Beverly's half-sister, was worried about where to put her increasingly large and chaotic family, Jimmy Phoenix decided it was time to grow up and asked her to marry him, moving the whole menage - Jimmy, Lora, Bev, Upsnott-Jr-to-be, their half-brother Derek Zarubin, and their roommate Phoenix McClellan, into the Phoenix household. This gave them just enough money to buy and minimally furnish the old family estate of the half-siblings' father, notorious rake and polygamist cult leader John Smith Tricou, and now they're all moved in to the House of Fallen Trees to live happily ever after. Phoenix has not only been relieved of the burden of a model pterydactyl stuck to his hand, but is covering up his crush on Lora reasonably well so far, trying to drown his sorrows by taking out Sandy Bruty, who he met when she stopped by the old apartment to ask for the Upsnotts' new address and kick over Beverly's trash can.

You see how everything comes together when you play in one-day rotations? Ashley has no idea Beverly's pregnant yet and there's a whole soap opera set up around the kid, with four-part harmony and feeling! And I've left out the bits with Beverly's other boyfriends and Ashley's other girlfriends, his daughter and the lesbian next door, and the time not so long ago when Lora tried dating Clovis...I never actually watched my mom's "stories," as she called them, but I think I must have absorbed some of their principles by osmosis.

22nd Sep 2011, 7:42 PM
Torrance Cole reached the rank of State Assembly Person, and thanks to her best friends status with Brooklyn Savage, townies and community lots have been unlocked. Jermaine moved in during the last rotation and he doesn't have a job but helps by digging in the yard all day long. He stinks when he's done, but all the money he earns goes into the town funds towards the goal of achieving a Downtown soon.

Daniel and Charlotte Stoddard had a daughter, Elissa. Daniel wrote two more novels and that money is going towards his goal of owning a bookstore. Charlotte writes articles for the SimCity times since Journalism isn't unlocked yet but in this day of the Internet I just find it hard to believe she couldn't do some sort of freelancing.

Amy's home grocery went up a rank and she took a job in Education after Dimitri aged into a child. Marjorie took a job in politics thanks to Torrance opening the career for everyone. Gerald grew into the town's first teenager and is working on maxing charisma since he wants to be in Entertainment.

23rd Sep 2011, 4:19 PM
I just had to share. I've got a custom hood called Shiloh. One of my families the Amadu's has had alot of traumatic changes recently. Divorce of parents, death of mother, one of the dogs ran away (Bonnie), Amir Amadu's girlfriend Sera Winters died during the birth of their son Kanye. Well Amir also has a sister Kenya and neither one of them would take care of the baby. Amir would check on Kanye while he was sleeping but would not change his diaper or feed him with out me directing him to do so. I directed Amir to study parenting but somehow he got distracted and ended up playing with the dog Clyde (yes, there were 2 dogs boxer & rottweiller named Bonnie & Clyde). Well, I decided to see how long Amir and Kenya would neglect the baby because in all the time I've been playing the sims I have never had a sim male or female regardless of family relationship within a household neglect a baby, A sim at some point would automatically change and feed the infant. Kanye's moodlet is now orange, he's hungry and needs to be changed. I sent both sims to the babies room (separately) both would just stand there look at the baby and leave to either tell jokes to each other, play video games or watch TV. Warning pops up because Kanye has not been fed or changed in over a day. Finally (after almost 2 days), the Social Worker arrives yells at the sister, not the father of the child and takes the smelly hungry baby away. Amir starts crying and I'm thinking what the hell are you crying for knucklehead. I decided to save the game (big mistake) and got the bright idea to have their Aunt Khadijah Ellington adopt the baby. I'm thinking that the family ties would remain intact (with Amir as the father). What do you think happens? Khadijah (the aunt) is now the child's mother (wierd to watch her nurse her nephew) and Amir instead of being the father is now Kanye's cousin. How do you say "hot ghetto mess!" Simpe is not cooperating so I can't edit the family ties and although I can use the simblender I would have to manually adjust all family ties thereafter. What was I thinking? Why did I save that game? Normally I make a game back up every 2 days, but I've been so busy over the last few weeks when I checked my last backup was 10 days ago, so I guess I'm stuck with mess of my own making...lol go figure. When I fudge up, I fudge big.

24th Sep 2011, 11:55 AM
Harmony restored in Shiloh. Kanye is back home with his father Amir and Auntie Kenya with proper family ties restored. Bonnie still hasn't returned home. Although a NPC sim called to say that he found Bonnie and would be right over. When he arrived Bonnie wasn't with him and he just wanted to talk. After an hour it didn't make since to keep him around. Kind of worried because her motives look like she's near starvation. I've cheated and maxed her motives twice, wondering if this hindering her return, but I don't want her to die....sniff.

25th Sep 2011, 9:32 AM
My lawyer to the stars is dreaming instead of being a mastermind criminal.
Maybe he's defended them so well that he instead just wishes for their life?
Or he wants to go and wipe out them, their families, and anyone who has known them.
I wonder what kinds of cases he's taken to feel this way...
At least he finally cares for his toddler son.
He would neglect him as a baby.

26th Sep 2011, 11:45 AM
Took a break to play the King family off shoots of Subject. After much waiting, and many abductions for Manuel later; he and British moved out together. Though they were not a couple quite yet they soon had a son Dan. However Manuel still refused to do anything but kiss and hug he just refused to fall in love. Even refusing her proposal in a cinimatic way. Wanting another child British constantly dragged Manuel into the closet to try for a baby. I mean what guy can refuse the closet, or the photobooth for that matter.

FINIALLY British got pregnant with another child; however it was not to be.

In another attempt to make Manuel fall in love with her she cuddled and kissed him in bed. This is when "god" (aka user) looked away. Poor, poor British got so obsessed with holding unto Manuel that she parished as soon as he broke their embrace. Of course Manuel who always refused to give her her heart went totally insane at her passing.

Sensing a Sim loosing it the Theropist showed up and helped Manuel on his feet again. Of course not before leaving him a present that he left Nervous years before.

R.I.P. British.


Right before Manuel was about to give birth with the Theropists spawn "god" looked away again. Having poorly planned ealier no one remebered to place a fire alarm.

R.I.P Manuel.

26th Sep 2011, 5:39 PM
Been playing a slow-aging neighbourhood which I intended to only be a test of various rules and regulations I'm playtesting, but I've ended up getting attached to the families. They only age up twice a week (save for babies which age up normally) thanks to a mod, so I'm getting a lot of time to get to know the characters (and also three days in the main hood = 1 year correlates to one semester in uni). All families were rolled Prosperity-style.

I'm just finishing up week two, and quite a few things have happened. The Feverstein family (consisting of two women, Sherri and Kimberly, and their teen son, Nicky) had the older [Sherri] of the two women get pregnant via risky woohoo and then miscarry. Being a Romance/Pleasure couple I thought they would be okay with not having another child, but I was proven wrong. Since Sherri's miscarriage, both she and Kimberly have been frantically trying for baby -- after an in-game year of trying, I let them borrow some money for IVF, and Kimberly is now pregnant.

Nicky's girlfriend is playable Wendy Meeker, who lives in a house with her two female grandmothers, younger brother and younger sister. Almost as soon as Nicky and Wendy met they hit it off, despite only having an ACR attraction score of 19 (1 bolt of chemistry). Every time I play either the Feverstein or Meeker family Nicky and Wendy meet up, flirt, woohoo, etc, and I was just waiting for InTeen+risky woohoo to bite me -- well, one day I let Wendy sneak out with Nicky, and she came back pregnant. She ended up having a little girl and both mother and daughter have moved in to the Feverstein household.

In the Tabarez household, elder Nathan had the LTW to earn $100k and, after achieving an associate's degree in culinary, has continually rolled the want to get a promotion when he has the skill points (if he doesn't, he rolls the want for the skills then the promotion once he achieves the skill level needed).

The Bulgers are a yin-yang household with the woman (Angelique) being Family and the male (Aaron) being Romance. So far Aaron has been so busy wanting to skill for his LTW (Hall of Famer) he's barely rolled any romance wants, save for always being available to impregnate his wife, Angelique. They currently have a child-aged daughter, a toddler-aged daughter (a year younger), a baby-aged son, and Angelique is in the first trimester with her fourth baby. This is going to be quite a baby-filled household as Angelique's ideal number of kids is seven, while Aaron's is one; the woman/carrier's ideal trumps the man/DNA donor's, so I expect Angelique to get close to her ideal, especially as she gets pregnant so often. However, trouble may be brewing as Aaron has three bolts for neighbour Gina.

The Reddick-Omellas-Reck household in college consists of three sims, all of whom have just graduated: Cathleen Reddick, Judah Omellas, and Sally Reck. Sally graduated with a 4.0, Judah with a 3.5, and Cathleen with a 3.2, and all will be taking just over $6k with which to live on post-graduation. As Sally graduated with highest honors, I imagine she will be picked up by an oceanography company within a year after her graduation.

28th Sep 2011, 7:55 AM
I only have one couple, but it's a LARGE family. They can't seem to stop having children! It's one boy and five girls! I have inteen, so they had their first when they were still in College.

I think it's funny when I can send the kid to college with their parents! Not very realistic, but it's still amusing, and it's helpful if you have that family want of 10 children without getting old too quick. :p

28th Sep 2011, 1:52 PM
A couple newbies moved into town. Kyleigh Ingham is a romance sim who has already started having an affair with the town founder's live-in boyfriend and a married newcomer. The way she keeps booty-calling I fully expect a whoopsie baby before too long.

The Staffords - Jackson (one of Kyleigh's lovers) and Victoria welcomed a baby girl named Claudia during their first season in town. In addition to that, Jackson opened a gym (aptly named Jackson's Gym - I'm so creative, aren't I? :lol: ) and earned the town another newcomer named...

Jeremiah Cornell. Jeremiah has only just moved into town so he hasn't been played yet but he's a fortune/knowledge sim.

The Satchels (James and Shauna) welcomed their second child, a girl named Olivia. Their son, Adam, became a child this rotation.

Brooklyn Savage finally scrounged up enough money to afford to purchase a beauty parlor/spa.

28th Sep 2011, 3:38 PM
I'm in a 3rd gen Pleasantview. Beau Broke-Pleasant finally grasped the big ballet bar in the sky, leaving two married sons and one grandson.

Of the originals, I think Alexander Goth is the only one still alive. He's had a very interesting life, including a spell as a vampire and a vampiric affair with his polyamorous girlfriend's little sister. He has children with both of those women, but Alexandra's parentage is being played out as a huge secret. Alexander certainly has no interest in her.

Alexandra is a sweet teen, but she knows something is different about her. She doesn't trust the adults in her own family and she's too nice to run away.

28th Sep 2011, 11:13 PM
My Mayoral Mansion in Pleasantview is about to get its third tenant -- Alexander Goth, who happens to be the oldest (albiet illegitimate) son of former mayor Clark Charvat. Charvat was and is a legend, and he was the first mayor to live in the mansion. He retired and gave it to his old flame, Jeannie Debs (who happened to be pregnant with Charvat's youngest illegitimate son, Horatio). Now Jeannie, after her time in office, is giving it to Alexander....and Alexander will in turn succeed it to Paula Newman, who is Charvat's daughter-in-law. They've become the royal family of Pleasantview without my meaning them to. :lol: At the moment the Charvat clan is the only one interested in political leadership: the people who used to be Charvat's rivals are too old to seek office, and anyway...the Pleasantview folk like the Charvats.

Speaking of which, Clark formally recognized Horatio as his son. The mayor still has two illegitimate kids he's not recognized (Caroline Thomas and Holly Nova), but no one is even aware they're his. The Charvat clan in full:

Katherine Newman and Lorraine Newman (married)
- Maria Caliente
----- Teresa Caliente
- Katherine Newman and Tobias Debs (married)
----Katherine Newman (She's..Katherine VI or VII. The original Katherine Newman was my first CAS sim in this hood.)
- Jocelyn Newman

Alexander Goth and Constance Goth (married)
- Isabel Goth
- Catalina Goth (engaged to Keir Debs)
- Aubrey Goth

Jeanne Charvat and Paula Newman (married)
- Jill Charvat
- Jean-Paul Charvat
- Jessica Charvat

Clark Charvat (Jr)
Atticus Charvat (engaged to...Annette Debs, I think)
Sabrina Charvat

Isabel and Catalina were twins, as were Atticus and Sabrina.

Believe it or not, I manage to get most of these people to attend various weddings, parties, and the like. Clark Jr, Katherine, Catalina, Isabel, Sabrina, and Atticus even lived in the same college house together, but not at the same time. Clark and Katherine just graduated, and Catalina and Isabel are in their junior years, waiting on Jocelyn and Aubrey to join them. Atticus and Sabrina lived in the house as freshmen, but then moved into Greek houses.)

Holly Nova (born of Willow Goth) Child, though she'd be a teen if I didn't dislike playing her household.
Caroline Thomas (born of Cary Thomas) Teen.
Horatio Debs (born of Jeannie Debs) Teen.

30th Sep 2011, 11:19 AM
Alexander Goth became my very first ever warlock! I'm having fun trying out all the new magic-related stuff. He's not married and has no intention of becoming so, and his household is so rich he doesn't need a job, so he has nothing to distract him from learning spells.

David Ottomas and Jules O'Mackey moved into an apartment together after graduating from uni and are enjoying being enagaged. I'm going to have them work on their careers before having kids, because there's not enough space for children really, so they need to save up some money to buy their own house.

Sharla Ottomas is pregnant with Ashley Pitts' child (thanks ACR). I didn't really want Sharla to have children as I'm trying to cut down on the population of my megahood, but hey-ho. I'm kind of curious about what the kid will look like. Ashley dropped out of uni and moved in with Sharla, and they'll have a shotgun wedding soon. Samantha Ottomas will be one step closer to her LTW of marrying off 6 children!

Peni Griffin
30th Sep 2011, 7:56 PM
Drama Acres continues to be a very lively rotation indeed, with my last apartment-dwelling couple driven by glitchiness to move out of the Sentinel and into the last vacant house on Mendoza Street, where a lot of their friends live. Little do they know, they're moving into the house haunted by the unfortunate John Thomas Orphan, with whom long ago (not knowing how to age people down) I seeded the adoption pool by moving him in with six toddlers and then killing him after a little experimentation. There were still baby bottles all over the floor and a mess in the bathroom; but I moved them at the end of their day so no developments yet.

In Drama Acres proper, the big event everyone is talking about is the Hawkins-Gavigan wedding. Ezekial Gavigan having finally graduated, he and Pigeon Hawkins told their friends, neighbors, and family they would be getting married in Drama Acres Park on Thursday afternoon after the high school let out. Thanks to the teleporter cat, everybody they could possibly want (31 guests) made it there, along with a bunch of people they couldn't have cared less about, courtesy of ordinary game mechanics, which I had always thought stopped bringing new people aboard after critical mass was reached. Silly me. After the ceremony, during which the groom took the bride's surname, the happy couple retreated to the new photo booth. On emerging, they were greeted by a cheering crowd led by the bride's father, woohoo ed activist and educator Goz Hawkins, who also announced his retirement from the senior chair of woohoo education at Sim State. Afterward, the bride worked the crowd and the groom retreated to the restroom, where he was trapped for a considerable length of time by the milling crowd outside the door, who apparently were hoping somebody else would use the photo booth. He escaped in time to sample the buffet and to see Pigeon play drums while her sister and a family friend played bass and guitar. The happy couple are currently honeymooning in a tent on Twikkii Island, enjoying what Ezekial calls "the last opportunity for privacy they'll have for the rest of their lives."

(Really bad pics here: http://s231.photobucket.com/albums/ee238/PeniG/Simshots/Hawkins%20Sim%20wedding/)

In the aftermath of the wedding, rock goddess Mary Munny has financed the construction of a covered stage in Drama Acres Park, with room for the photo booth on the side, so as to relieve congestion around the restroom on future occasions. This replaces the soccer pitch, which never worked properly in this location anyway. The stage, however, works spectacularly. Drama Acres Park turns out to be an excellent location for busking.

The Munny family - Ernest, Sage Ann, their boys Frank and Mark, their live-in Nannie Ghote, and Ernest's mother the abovementioned Mary - bought a vacation home on Twikkii Island and spent several days there before the boys grew up to teen. On returning, Sage Ann became the third person in my game to achieve the top of her chosen career with the resultant Permaplat status. Shortly afterward, Ernest came upon Brady Estic, husband of his Aunt Madge and sometimes known as Mr. Big, in a compromising position with a much younger woman sometimes called the Diva. (Yes, I finally got changing booth woohoo to work!) Brady is afraid of the repercussions, but the Diva insists on calling him and wandering by the house, pressing him to divorce Madge and marry her. Whether she'd feel the same way if she'd seen the prenup he signed without reading it carefully is a matter for speculation.

Plus lots of growing up. I still have one child-to-teen birthday, one toddler-to-child birthday, and a birth to play before I get out of the territory of the core families, two downslopers to send to college, and a pregnancy to pop. I'm really pleased with how the Munny boys look as teens. Mark takes strongly after his mother's side of the family, and Frank's alien features are becoming less emphatic in comparison with the traits (particularly the nose) he got from his dad. And little Guadalupe Newson surprised everyone by growing to toddler with black hair like her maternal grandmother, though her mother's hair is brown and her father's is red.

1st Oct 2011, 10:09 PM
Because the other thread isn't really the place for this kind of story-telling, I'll move it here.

I took the Zombie Apocalypse challenge and started a whole bunch of different familes whose stories would intersect. This was a MASSIVE storyline that I actually played out.

Michael was a family man whose wife and daughter were infected. He couldn't bring himself to kill them and locked them inside their home and left them.

Alec, Anna, and Michelle were Police Officers just finishing their day when an infected, but not-yet-turned criminal was brought in. One thing led to another and their redneck co-worker got himself bit and eventually the rest of the police station became infected while Alec, Anna, and Michelle made a break for it.

The three of them ran into Michael, discovering that the streets were full of zombies, and the infection had spread all over the city. The four of them took refuge in a building, locking themselves in for the night.

I created about 12 soldiers and made a WalMart they were using as a base of operations. I sicked the zombies pretty much randomly, taking down every one of them except one. Nate Engers was the lone survivor and I moved him inside,barricaded the doors, and moved all the zombies out of the family.

After much arguing, Michael and the former police officers left for the WalMart. After overwhelming Nate, they moved in, eventually finding a way to coexist and even become friends with him. A mutual attraction brought Anna and Alec together, and the survivors all made a bit of a home out of the Walmart. Michael and Michelle eventually fell in love. I created a small fortress of a Market Place where they go and restock supplies. Ellie and the teenaged Billy came upon them and wanted to join, but Nate refused and attacked Ellie, then picked a fight with Alec when he stepped in. That was the last straw. Nate was locked out, and while stuck out there, he was "bitten". When he turned, they were forced to kill him.

Meanwhile there was a group of Raiders hitting up houses and taking stuff. They went into one with a family. Corran, the most sadistic of the group attacked the family, planning on killing the father and mother. John, the youngest member of their group tried to stop them, and fought Corran. After losing the fight, John started an argument with Kraven, the leader. During their argument, Corran murdered the mother and father. the four Raiders left the child inside while the house burned and moved on.

The Raiders came to the WalMart and met their match. They snuck their way inside, but were beaten up and locked up, after a betrayal by John, who joined the ranks of the survivors. Their security compromised, the survivors moved onto the nearby High School, and set up defenses while winter rapidly approached. Once moved in, Alec and Anna married.

Trips to the market became dangerous thanks to the cold. It soon came about that Alec and Anna were going to have a child. While in the school, Billy discovered his talent in art, and the survivors became very tight-knit. Things were good, Billy became an adult, and they lived in relative harmony. While coming home from the Market, Michael was "bitten" by his daughter, then Alec shot and killed her for good. The group, unaware of Michael's bite settled in for the night and while they slept, he set out into the cold. He returned to the Raiders, allowing them to kill him. Immediately upon his zombie rebirth, he bit Corran before being killed for good. Kraven, knowing what came next went to kill Corran, but Corran took one of the others with him before dying. Once he was resurrected, he was killed for good.

That's where I've left off. The survivors are fewer, but still going on. It's been an epic story, but I'm nowhere near done.

For pics go here:


Liv Lukas
2nd Oct 2011, 7:50 AM
Because the other thread isn't really the place for this kind of story-telling, I'll move it here.

I took the Zombie Apocalypse challenge and started a whole bunch of different familes whose stories would intersect. This was a MASSIVE storyline that I actually played out.


That's where I've left off. The survivors are fewer, but still going on. It's been an epic story, but I'm nowhere near done.

For pics go here:


Damn, dude. Cool.

Peni Griffin
2nd Oct 2011, 1:42 PM
May I just say how impressed I am that someone was able to make Sims into an adventure game?

Over in Drama Acres, the Generation of Lesbians continues. This rotation's birth, of which I had great hopes, is Alma Newson.

Oh, well, maybe the Tricou bastard to be born next rotation will be male. And maybe he'll even grow up semi-normal in the House of Fallen Trees.

2nd Oct 2011, 5:24 PM
Faith Fields has so far remained undeleted. It was discovered by Adrian First. He created all the townies, and all the specialties in the game.

Adrian First is my Wealth/Family Sim, and currently he is an Inventor. He is a total Science Nerd, but he also has a thing for the college student, Aryielle Avalon, and they're soon to be wed.

The Avalon Family -

Consists of Alex and Damian Avalon, they married in college, and had Aryielle a few Sim days later. I've become attached to this family, so I don't think I'll be doing the mass deletion like I always did.

Alex is a stay at home mom, and Damian is the Head of the SCIA. Alex is Family/Knowledge and Damian is Wealth/Family.

Aryielle Avalon - Popularity Aspiration with a side of family, and is totally smitten with Adrian. She currently moved back from University and into her parents house because it's a very nice place to hold a wedding!

Adam Avalon - Romance Aspiration with a side of Family: He is an odd one because he's terribly shy just like Alex his mother is, and he takes mostly after his mom while Aryielle takes after her dad. He absolutely LOVES his little siblings whilst Aryielle seems indifferent. He currently has no crush, and it's odd for a Romance Sim because he hasn't wanted to find a love or kiss anyone...

Avery Avalon - A female toddler who does nothing but splash in puddles, and get into everything.

Ashton Avalon - the newest baby born into the Avalon household. Nothing much to say about him at the moment except that Adam won't leave Ashton or Avery alone ...

Not much drama going on at the moment, the family is currently being set up to make generations before I get into the whole drama aspect of the game. It's a lot of fun because I usually don't get very far with neighborhoods or creations.

3rd Oct 2011, 4:41 AM
( typed on iPod so sorry for typos )

My sims David and Elle Benson gave birth to their first child, Selena! Selena just turned into a toddler a few minutes ago and now I am in the process of worthy out her outfit and adopting a kitty for her xD. David and Elle also moved into a new house earlier.

3rd Oct 2011, 2:43 PM
Still playing my legacy, my founder and hubby both just died in platinum mood and once again we have an accidental pregnancy! So baby Simon has just been born, and the twins grew into teenagers! Still cant decide whos going to be heir. . .

Peni Griffin
3rd Oct 2011, 3:20 PM
Spice, the pet who saved Ginger Newson from growing up badly, chased a catnip mouse into the other world a few hours before her child grew to teen and her toddler grew to child. RIP Spice. You sat on counters, shared your food with toddlers, chased other animals away, and were always there when someone needed to hug or play with you, even though the only one you cared two hoots about was Ginger. You will be missed.

(Husband Cooper wants to get a dog. Ginger'd rather get another cat. Kids will get deciding vote.)

Sophie Gavigan, International Corporate Lawyer, made a business trip to Takemizu Village and took her husband, their son, and her teen sister and brother-in-law along. From this player's point of view, Takemizu Village is an inferior vacation spot to Twikkii Island. There's not nearly as much for the kids to do; though the numerous fishing holes will be useful if I ever install a primitive campground. Sophie and her sister-in-law suspect that Sophie is pregnant again, but they don't want to get Mary and Nathan's hopes up and are keeping quiet about it for now. Nathan rolled his first-ever "have a grandkid" want and has now rerolled it twice, apparently in response to Ezekial's marriage into the prolific Hawkins clan, which he's got to figure is going to give him grandchildren whether he wants them or not, so he may as well want them. Plane fare for five, staying at the Flaming Dragon Hotel for three days, and going on a couple of disastrous tours reduced the family's cash holdings by about half! Vacation homes are clearly the way to go.

Next door, Lacy and Gene Skirt were quietly awaiting elderhood in the wake of their final daughter's departure for college, spending their time skilling and looking after their poodles, Maxi and Midi, and their new puppy Cotton. While Gene was outside improving his logic score with his huge new telescope, he was abducted by aliens. Lacy ran out and had hysterics at the mailbox when he got home, whereupon he squeezed her tight and they went up to bed - to sleep, as I decided this was not the family in which to have a double pregnancy, not with both of them only six (I guess five, now) days from elder. Gene is a scientist (with the Fortune aspiration; he did not summon these aliens!), so his approach to the offspring will be different from those of the previous two alien dads. I have intended all along to bond the alien dads into a social group, which is a relatively easy proposition in the case of the first two, who were bff in college though the affair the second dad, Clovis, had with the first dad, Ernest's, mother had thrown a kink into it. Gene barely knows Ernest to nod to, but he's been in fistfights with Clovis, who used to date his daughter Georgette. Georgette is a Romance sim living in an apartment. I may move her in and use her as the opening wedge, as her days were getting into a bit of a wake-date-work-sleep rut anyway.

Ironically, I have diligently had Merlin and Harris Hawkins looking through their big telescopes for a couple of rotations now, on the theory that if any men should get pregnant, the Hawkinses are those men, but no joy there. This is an interesting development in a family that was getting routine, though, so it's all good.

3rd Oct 2011, 6:17 PM
Spike Marsters is currently building his science laboratory so he can perform experiments on unsuspecting neighbors. =)

3rd Oct 2011, 6:55 PM
THE COLES (Torrance and Jermaine)
Despite him having an affair with Kyleigh Ingham, Jermaine remains a loyal boyfriend, never once rolling a want for Kyleigh (the affair happens at her lot). He continues to subsidize the income by digging and gardening while Torrance works her way up the political ladder. The town funds are now over $100K, though, and it's only year 2! $400K more for the funds to attach a downtown!

THE STODDARDS (Daniel & Charlotte)
Population explosion! Charlotte gave birth to the town's first set of quadruplets - Phoebe, Jacob, Scott, and Raymond. Now, including their daughter Elissa, this family has 5 children taking the title for most children in one family away from Amy and Marjorie Butler (they only have 3). Daniel, being the family sim that he is immediately decided he wants 10. We'll see, Danny-boy. We'll see. In other news, Daniel is working hard to get his gold robotery badge. Originally I'd planned for him to open a bookstore selling his novels but he suddenly stopped rolling wants to write them and now wants to focus on robotery. Given that they have half the population of the town living in their house, a robo-nanny might not be such a bad idea. Charlotte is a typical knowledge sim, constantly skilling when she has a spare moment. She also writes articles for the SimCity times to supplement their income since her LTW is journalism and that's not unlocked but since she's a vampire she'll definitely live to fulfill her dream.

THE BUTLERS (Amy & Marjorie)
Amy finally earned enough money to purchase a farmer's market to sell all the food she harvests as well as various craftables she and Marjorie produce. This nearly wiped out their family funds, but it was well worth it and earned the town another CAS to boot. Amy also works in the education career track and now that Colton is a child she and Marjorie (who works in politics with Torrance Cole) can finally both go to work at the same time rather than having to rotate days off. Good thing too. Amy was very close to being fired for tardiness and/or not showing up. Gerald began dating a townie named Roxanne Pope who he moved in with after they both aged to YA. The two begin college next round. I haven't officially earned a college yet but I have a "college at home" hack so I compromised and will allow that to be available to everyone at all times. The overachievers can go to a regular college when that's earned. Dimitri aged into a teen and will become a YA next round (I age them up when ACR says they're 18).

THE SAVAGES (Nathan & Brooklyn)
Brooklyn's salon and spa is doing horribly. Hopefully when she starts selling clothes it'll do a little better. In the mean time, Nathan continues to dig in the yard so they can afford their bills and taxes and don't end up thrown out. Matthew became a teenager and with it, teen angst. He began pursuing pretty Sandra Sawyer and just when he was about to make his move, she proceeded to ACR kiss his best friend Dimitri Stoddard. Infuriated, Matthew beat the snot out of Sandra. Bad for Sandra, good for anybody who wants to be in the Law career. Matthew bounced back pretty quickly, though, moving in on Dimitri's girlfriend Brittany Wiggins but apparently Dimitri is an eternal stud because Brittany was still ACR macking on him during a party. Matthew's a romance sim, though, so since he got his first kiss from her he was willing to share. And it seems Sandra and Brittany are too. Dimitri might end up being my very first polyamorous knowledge sim. Haha!

My prediction about a whoopsie baby came true. Apparently Kyleigh became pregnant at the end of the last rotation but since she had no motives decay and I don't play with sound I had no idea until the start of this rotation when she suddenly popped after woohooing with Jermaine - the lucky daddy-to-be. I feel bad for Torrance since the times she and Jermaine tried for a baby they had no luck, but he and his mistress are expecting. Kyleigh ended up giving birth to TRIPLETS - Penelope, Colleen, and Wesley. Oh, and the town finally had a burglary! A law enforcement opening is available!

THE STAFFORDS (Jackson & Victoria)
Victoria took the opening in law enforcement since her LTW is to be Captain Hero. Once she reaches the top, the family will move into the police station that is currently sitting empty on the other side of the river. It might take a while for her to reach the top, though. Victoria became pregnant again thanks to risky woohoo. Claudia became a toddler who looks to be a good blend of her parents, although I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not since neither of her parents are particularly attractive (I love randomizing everything!). She definitely has her father's elf ears and eyes and her mom's nose. Their second child, a son named Dominic, was born on the last day of the rotation. Additionally, they were the first family in the entire hood to run out of food! I sent Jackson to the Farmer's Market for emergency rations but he could barely afford any because the family is dirt poor and the food at the market is expensive. So poor that they own a business (a gym) but they're unable to actually afford any exercise equipment for it so it's just an empty husk. Haha! Worse yet, they defaulted on their taxes. One more time and they are evicted. And the next tax round they will owe their back taxes + 2% interest AND their current taxes. Things aren't looking good for the Staffords.

THE CORNELLS (Jeremiah & Alyssa)
Jeremiah started this round with barely any money. Fortunately he met Alyssa Weber. The two hit it off fast and she moved in with $15K! That was more than enough to pay taxes, finish decorating and furnishing the house and purchasing the needed game equipment to allow Alyssa to keep her job in the Gamer career track.

And thus ends Summer, year 2.

Peni Griffin
3rd Oct 2011, 7:08 PM
OMG akksgurl - I've been wondering what name was appalling enough for the thoughtless, impulse-driven Beverly Ku to give her bastard when it's born next rotation, and you've given me one, at least for a girl (and at this point it seems inevitable): Whoopsie! She'd totally do that!

10th Oct 2011, 7:43 PM
Well, tragedy struck. The world ended and everyone disappeared forever. Some VICIOUS virus got onto my computer and I was unable to save or move ANYTHING. The whole damn thing got wiped out when I was forced to reformat my harddrive. I'll just pretend nuclear reactors melted down and it resulted in all life on earth being eradicated.

10th Oct 2011, 7:51 PM
Major bummer.

Time to get an external hard drive or flash drive for backups. I learned this lesson when my computer was stolen right out of my house. I was both cursing and praising the fact that I'd JUST reformatted the night before, and thus had my game backed up on a flash drive.

Now I've got all computer files (not just game files) backed up on an external hard drive that stays unplugged when not being used. Brings some needed peace of mind!

11th Oct 2011, 9:49 AM
OK I have NEVER seen this before and I've been playing TS2 for years!
Toddler is on his way to sleep on the toddler blanket, and an action appears in his queue with his face on. I hover over it to see what it is and it says 'Allergies!' I've never seen this before so I cancel the sleep action, the kid wakes up, sneezes (adorable btw) and then goes back to sleep.
Has anyone seen this before? What causes it?

11th Oct 2011, 11:23 AM
Has anyone seen this before? What causes it?

I've seen it before -- it seems to occur randomly and only in Spring. I'm not sure the ages it occurs in as I have only seen it in a toddler (and like you, only once since playing with Seasons from its release).

11th Oct 2011, 12:07 PM
After I got the Avalon Family up and running, and the parents are now Elder, with one adult, one young adult, and three teenagers. I have decided it's time for a new family to move into Faith Fields. I've created the Maple family, and I tried to do something different than I normally do by playing with their looks, and I made Anna Maple VERY pretty without realizing it. She has big eyes, and is very tan with wild curly hair. I didn't actually mean for that to happen, it just did. Lol. But she looks so different from my other Simmies that I adore her! Her husband, Castiel is also tan skinned, and they have the cutest kids! I'm trying to get a couple families in before I start going into drama. So, they now have three kids. One child, and twin babies at the moment. I have no idea what I have planned yet, but I only have two sets of playables, and I don't much play with townies, I only use them as career fodder. So once I get more in there, I'll start causing some drama, which should be a lot of fun because I don't typically do that. =D

Peni Griffin
11th Oct 2011, 1:28 PM
I've seen it before -- it seems to occur randomly and only in Spring. I'm not sure the ages it occurs in as I have only seen it in a toddler (and like you, only once since playing with Seasons from its release).

It affects all ages and is a Seasons thing - when I first loaded Seasons during my experimental phase it was one of the first things I noticed. A large percentage of my sims have hay fever.

I may notice it more than others because distribution throughout the population is random and it only happens in Spring, which is the first season in Drama Acres and therefore the one I spend the most time in. It appears to be a purely aesthetic thing as I've never known it to have knock-on effects; nobody gets sinus headaches or loses hygiene from wads of dirty Kleenex or handkerchieves, energy doesn't go down, noses don't even get red. It's just sneezing.

11th Oct 2011, 5:40 PM
Well, the Mercer family settled in Veronaville. Ainsley gave birth to twin boys, Ashton and Aiden. She's definitely going to have her hands full. Chase got a promotion and is now a legal biller. He's about to get promoted again today. Ainsley is going to be so overworked. Poor girl works 5 days a week, she's got to use 2 days of vacation to stay home Thurs. and Fri. then she's got to go to work Sat. and Sun. so I can save the other day of vacation.

13th Oct 2011, 9:21 PM
After the great Accidental Neighborhood Deletion of 2011, I've just been playing around with building and finding the least amount of mods and CC that I can tolerate. But I have started a promising 'hood.

Naif Whinge moved into an apartment in The Shambles where he was set up on a blind date by one of his neighbors. Kana Phillips had a lovely personality and it was true love. She also said she was fabulously wealthy (that turned out to be a LIE - she only had one simolian to her name!). But not one to stand in the way of true love (or the promised $$$ simolians), they married and moved to a larger, nicer rental house. Their first daughter, Babette has just aged up to a toddler. After countless hours working as a bartender at the Crypto Night and making espresso at the Petite Cafe, Naif has opened a kiosk of over-priced fruits and vegetables. Kana is putting her cooking skills to good use and hopes to open her own bakery soon.

14th Oct 2011, 1:01 AM
Dustin Broke announced that he couldn't stand being married or being a father and he moved out, leaving Angela and their daughter Rachel behind. They were devastated and confused, but they're finally putting their lives back together. It's a struggle for Angela, because she and Dustin had been supporting her grandparents, Coral and Herb, in exchange for living with them. Brandi, who hadn't been allowed to see her granddaughter, took advantage of the situation and worked her way into Rachel and Angela's lives. Brandi and Beau are feuding because Beau feels like Brandi always thinks the worst of Dustin. What they don't know is that Dustin's choice to be a criminal finally caught up with him and he's hiding out. He grew a beard, dyed his hair, rented a small apartment downtown and is hoping his family hates him enough that they won't go looking for him.

Piper Caliente - Pleasant finally visited her mother's home and saw her brother for the first time. She was disturbed because the toddler isn't getting a lot of attention and had been considering skipping college so she could take him in. After talking to her sisters, Angela and Lilith, Piper realized that the Pleasant home is legally theirs. Since they could all use the money, they plan to kick Nina and her husband out and sell the house. Piper will use her part of the money to support her brother while she attends college.

Peni Griffin
14th Oct 2011, 6:23 AM
I just finished my third round of Sim State for this rotation, and once again Sparrow is surprising me.

Normally I start the rotation at Alma Mater house and play clockwise; this time for various reasons I played counterclockwise, so that Alma Mater House was last. Emilio Casa moved in with his friend Sharla Ottomas just long enough to throw a party and pledge the frat. He encouraged his newly-arrived buddy Gerry Mander to flirt with Sparrow at the party, thus putting him back in the romantic running with her despite their only having one bolt. Luis Iana got over the cow mascot thing, but still hadn't proposed to Sharla by the time he graduated and left.

Amber Dawn, realizing that she was three bolts with Alon Livingstone, decided she didn't care that he was dating Sparrow and that such an ugly girl had no business being the man magnet she is, vamped him hard, and exchanged virginities with him in the photo booth at Crypt O'Night, then got engaged. That wasn't on the agenda when they arrived, but Amber rolled the want three times, two before woohoo and once after, so she asked and he answered. They both have short attention spans, though, so this may not be forever.

Subsequently, Sparrow finally responded when Dulcie deLeche invited her to a toga party - Sparrow only has two playful points and hardly ever goes to parties except those of her best friends. Alon didn't even realize she was there, but Amber did and went on purpose to suck some face and precipitate matters. Sure enough, Sparrow ran right over and slapped him (whereupon he wolf whistled her!); but then she just walked away. No crying at all; and Alon didn't retaliate. Amber tried to argue with her, but Sparrow turned it into a friendly conversation, by the end of which Amber had a 24 relationship with her. I presume that, instead of yelling at her for stealing her boyfriend, Sparrow startled the details out of her and proceeded to explain why she should never, ever get into a photo booth with a man before learning the basics of each other, and how she should have gone about extracting a better performance out of him. She then went outside and got into the hot tub with Dulcie and a couple of frat boys, where she appeared to be perfectly happy. To all appearances, she not only fell right out of love with Alon, she developed a contempt for him that couldn't even be bothered to be hurt.

After this, I should have gone straight to Gerry's, but I was curious, so I opened up Alon's and Sparrow's households long enough to look at their wants and relationships. Alon had two wants about Amber, and three bright red ones related to Sparrow, with whom he was furious. Sparrow had no wants concerning Alon at all, but did want to talk to and dance with Amber, despite being deeply furious with her!

So I played Gerry, who asked Sparrow out and had a dream date, during which they ran into and spoke to both of their mothers. I also saw them transform from one-bolters to two-bolters in the course of the evening. They wanted to woohoo, but it was clear to me by now that this had to be a Sparrow-initiated action, so that happened in her bedroom at Alma Mater house. It was going to be in the hot tub, since one of Gerry's turn-ons is swimsuits; but it was thundering and Sparrow's social bar was so full I could only get "shoo/good-by" as interactions in the tub. They still had their swimsuits on when they dove under the covers, but when they emerged again were in underwear.

As for Alon; he mostly wrote a term paper that rotation, but at the end of his day, without once speaking to her, he'd completely run out of mad and wanted to invite her over to dance and make out. He's messy and she's neat, and I haven't been forcing him to clean unless the threat of roaches was imminent; so I suspect one reason he wanted her to visit was that he realized she'd been casually keeping his place hygienic and the place was going to hell without her. Amber's as big a slob as he is, so inviting her over wouldn't help a bit.

I went ahead and gave Sparrow a Romance secondary. It's how everybody reacts to her anyway, and she's never been a typical Family sim. She hasn't rolled a "get engaged" want for anybody. As a teen she had none of the desperation to get her first kiss, date, and go steady that most Family sims do and in fact shot down a number of promising candidates before finally accepting a flirt from Gerry, so Romance isn't quite right either. She seems to be a bit of an aspiration all to herself and them that don't like her may leave her alone. I'm almost certain now that she'll marry Gerry; but she could get any man she doesn't have a familial connection to and she knows it.

Gerry is Popularity with a lien on becoming Fortune or Family during junior year; and long ago, when I first saw how he took to looking after his little sisters, I regretted not giving him Family up front. Whereas Alon is Knowledge, started life as a paperboy so he has too many skills, and I can't imagine him with a baby. Gerry and Sparrow's faces are almost as different as Kitty and Goz's, so I have great hopes of their combined genetics producing some more spectacularly ugly Hawkinses by the name of Mander; whereas Alon has one of those bland unmodified template faces and would dilute her wonderful extreme heritage into something boring.

But mostly I've taken against Alon because he's committed the unforgiveable fictional character sin of not being interesting.

14th Oct 2011, 8:02 PM
Pleasantview Deathwatch...

Both Ottokar Caliente (Dina's eldest kid) and Alvin Arthur's (Kaylynn's) have defeated Death for the time being. Kana Broke (Kaylynn's maid replacement) and Odette Cabot (Ottokar's half-sister/Alvin's first "wife") went quickly and quietly. Banana Broke (Brandi's third son and Kana's husband) and Ronnie Harrison (Nina's eldest) have looming appointments.

On a cheerier note:
Alvin's last child (he has 4 by three different woman) had a party... she needs to make some more girlfriends so that her posse of young men will be better entertained.

The Picaso women are now in enforced hot tub therapy due to excessive brawling. Patti is a criminal while Claire is a cop, so it's no wonder they don't get along.

15th Oct 2011, 1:18 PM
I have decided to try and play one of the premade hoods, Strangetown. It seemed interesting, I first stepped into the Specter's house for about an hour. (I turned aging off at first so I can get a sense of the world that's been created) Then I went to the Grunt House.

Poor, poor Ripp. I wanted to hang General Buzz and Tank upside down on a pole in nothing but their undies. I got angry with them picking on Ripp and ignoring poor Buck(He's so cute!) that I decided to make them both have the flu on the first day, and ignored them completely.

I focused on Ripp, I changed his aspiration from Romance to Money with a side of family, and gave him somewhat of a makeover. I had Buck taken away by social services (on purpose) and it sent Buzz into aspiration failure, which I smiled at. =D

Now, I didn't know the story of Lyla, and I wondered where the heck she went too - so, what did I do? I summoned her - bad idea! She was dead, and they all got the memory of her death EXCEPT for Buzz! So, I spun the story that Ripp believes his father knows about her death, and is keeping it hush, hush. He is more furious than ever, and is determined to make his life a lot better. I used the Simblender/ACR to turn Ripp into everything his father despises.

His lifetime wish, which I am going to grant is to be a dancer of sorts (grins) When I saw that, I threw all caution to the wind, and set his preference, and I believe I'm a hook him up with one of the aliens to tick his father off.

Tank, I have no idea what I'm going to do. I might redeem him later, but I plan on Ripp getting Buck back after he goes to college. So far that's as far as I've gotten in Strangetown. I'm heading to the Smith residence next to play around. =D

15th Oct 2011, 1:46 PM
Sun Subject has been getting some revenge for how Loki Beaker treated his great-grandfather Nervous Subject. At first he tried to just steal his wife Circe away but Loki jumped in the taxi with her as she tried to leave. So both Loki and Circe moved in with Sun. Sun then locked Loki in a room with his torture devices and began to hit on Circe. With a window just sepreating him and Loki, Sun whoo-hooed with Loki's pregnant wife. This infurated Loki, but it did not end with the birth of his son. With Loki looking on he quickly tried to father a child with Circe. Finially Sun got Circe pregnant after many tries. To make matters worse Sun summoned up the powers from L&D to make Loki pregnant with the Theoripists child. While Loki was pregnant he was often sent to into the Eclectic and Enigmatic Energizer. Before giving birth Loki died after using the machine.

Is Sun prehaps more cruel then Loki Beaker himself?

The adventure continues as Sun recently proposed to to Circe while holding their child shortly after Loki's death.

16th Oct 2011, 7:15 AM
Angela Pleasant had a little baby! He's called Hamish. She and Dustin will be getting married soon- she owns a little shop called the 'thrift shop' which is basically unwanted things given as a gift to Angela and she sells it for very cheap in her shop! Dustin is working in the criminal career and Angela is a Nurse. Unfortunatly, there are times where they are both at work so the gross nanny (who just sits in the hot tub all day) has to come.

Lillith is Pregnant with Dirks child. They are already married and she has made up with Angela and Mary-Sue. She hasn't made up with Daniel though. Lillith and Dirk, I found, are more romantic and fun together. I gave Lillith a makeover on her honeymoon and now she looks gorgeous! They may need to move out soon because the house only has one bedroom.

17th Oct 2011, 5:22 AM
Today I played by New York Hood. As I shared in another thread romance bloomed and blossomed without my help between Gloria and Bertrum. Bertrum and Gloria were married at Lucky Shrine Park in Takezumi. I present to you Mr. Bertrum and Mrs. Gloria Cochran. Bertrum and Gloria are both Fortune/Family sims. They have returned home and Gloria is expecting their first child.


17th Oct 2011, 12:55 PM
Bertrum and Gloria returned home and it was business as usual. Both are workaholics and even in their free time they work. Gloria has a daily want of going to work. So taking time off for maternity leave was very difficult for Gloria. She worked her whole pregnancy. We welcome David Bertrum Cochran.


19th Oct 2011, 2:45 AM
Very busy day in Shiloh. First stop was the Amadu Household, Bonnie still has not returned home and since Amir still wanted to resurect his mother we thought this would bring Bonnie home since she ran away after Saben died. Amir went to the cemetary at St. Peters and moved Saben' grave back home and then he called his father Kwaggi and invited him over since he had the phone to the Grim Reaper. Amir contacted the Grim Reaper paid him $10,000 and Saben was resurrected, however this still hasn't brought Bonnie home. Saben now home had a lot of catching up to do. Since she died, Amir graduated from college and she had a grandson to get to know and Kenya's boyfriend Russell had move in. The next day after returning from work Saben decided the house needed too be redecorated since nothing had been changed since she had moved in and married Kwaggi. Even after her death neither Kenya nor Amir changed anything. So she set about buying new living room furniture, she brought new furniture for her bedroom and purchase new curtains, an antique bookcase and a new stereo. Russell took Kenya on an outing to Willow Park where they groomed the Zen Garden, drank tea and had Dinner at the Willow Park Cafe where surprise Kenya with a marriage proposal that she happily accepted.

Next we played Mathew and Kymora Sugarman's household. Kymora wanted to have another baby and their try for a baby was a success. The twins Nathaniel and Jonathan had a birthday. Neither of the boys wanted a party so Mathew sent an e-invitation to his mother and father Elijah and Shayla, his sister Amaya and her husband CJ and his siblings twins James and Sasha. He also invited Lillian Jameson a close friend of the Sugarman family. Kwaggi and Amir showed up and since they were there he summon his nieces Aaliyah and Charnelle, Kwaggi's daughter Nia and Amir's son Kanye. The boys grew up well and had a great time with their cousins and meeting Amir's son Kanye. Matthew is smitten with his niece Aaliyah but both are very stand offish. It was funnty watching them reject each others attempts to play and chat. Through their stop and starts they are forging a friendship. Two nights later Kymora gave birth to another boy. She was really hoping for a girl (at least I was). Daniel Sugarman joined the family and he looks like his grandmother Shayla. Nathaniel and Jonathan both love school and are neat freaks like their daddy.

It was also birthday time at the Whitney Clan. Skye has been basking in her glory with a full house. She loves having all of her children under one roof. As young as she looks it's hard too believe that she has 4 children. Joshua Bernard is persuing his LTW of becoming the Hand of Posieden, Aaron Cole is a final away from becoming Jr in college (he is attending college at home), and twin Sabrina and Samantha are ready to grow up. No big affair just the family and Bernard invited Opal Raymond. They celebrated the girls birthday in backyard with a BBQ and cake.

Although Joshua Bernard is a Knowledge Sim he seems to be an undercover Romance sim like his Dad Bernard Arrington. He has been thinking about getting engaged and married but doesn't know who he wants. He and Opal Raymond have been friends since childhood, they met during a vacation in Three Lakes while he and Skye were staying at Sugar Mountain Cabin.The kept in touch and fell in love while attending Shiloh State Unversity. However, Joshua Bernard also fell in love with Akiko Takamura and Sinead Salinas. In fact all 3 girls have fought each other over Joshua. Opal and Sinead are Sorority Sisters and together at the Alpha Delta Ro House and things are tense. Joshua also has a strong attraction to Kenya Amadu who is now engaged to Russell Simmons who is his Frat Brother.

His brother Aaron Cole seems to be more level headed in this area. After the debacle with Malia and Serendipty, and his subsequent break up with Malia he has not had anymore amorous thoughts or desires. However, since he left Shiloh State University to attend school at home he has a daily want to call Sasha Sugarman. What he doesn't know is that Sasha and Malia almost become enemies over him because Sasha has a secret crush on him and was angry with Malia for breaking up with him.

20th Oct 2011, 12:41 PM
I'm so proud of myself. I've finally started writing down all the sims stories I've amassed since the game came out. I'm still playing the same family, even.


Peni Griffin
20th Oct 2011, 4:57 PM
Congrats, Ms. Falcon! You've made a good start - now to keep at it. ("It's more like a gigantic white girl in glasses watching your every move..." Snerk.)

The first of my core CAS adults died last night. It was almost exactly like a good undramatic death scene in a book - I got teared up doing the write-up, but in a pleasant way. I'm glad I used the elixir to stagger the ages on my sims, though, as I don't think I could take it if they started falling like dominoes all in the same rotation.

Hilary Aerious was a Pleasure sim who never achieved her LTW of becoming Celebrity Chef. I made a good run at it, but she started slow with a bad series of chance cards, and was only a sous chef when she decided to retire rather than hire a nanny to look after her grandson. Her son Greg and his husband Ben were both Popularity, and on the night she died were having a party, at which Hilary mixed the drinks and went out of her way to talk to the (also Pleasure) father of the girl who died in a fire last rotation. Though I was on the alert and pausing frequently, as I could see her lifebar running out, I didn't notice when her energy ran low and she went upstairs to sleep, but I did see her thumbnail vanish and immediately paused, which enabled me to see the whole process.

The Grim Reaper appeared wearing a lei and bearing a tiki (or should it be Twikkii?) drink. She had a pleasant conversation with him as the hula girls danced, and then she went off with him. Her cat Eartha, witnessing this, started yowling, and Greg, who had just answered the phone for the follow-up to the dream date she went on last night, hung up and started bawling. Her grandson John Amos got out of the hot tub to cry, too. It was touching, especially when his girlfriend (sister to the girl who died in the fire) got out to hug him. Greg and John Amos kept stopping to cry for the rest of the party - which achieved the Great level and probably would have been a roof raiser without all the crying. Ben, who didn't like Hilary when he first moved in (I made it a story point that he was reluctant to marry Greg because he thought it was weird and wrong that Greg insisted on living with his mother), didn't cry, but he got wants to defeat the Grim Reaper and bring Hilary back, and a fear of losing to the Grim Reaper. Which was no good because I don't think you can do that with an old age death and he didn't roll them till after she died, anyway.

If you will excuse my self-indulgence (and even if you won't), I will post the local Drama Acres News write-up of her death. If no one throws tomatoes at me I'll probably do that for most of my core CAS sims - you have been warned. :p

Noted Cookbook Author, Disaster Survivor Dies by Isaiah Gavigan
Hilary Aerius, survivor of the Great Unobtainium Mine Disaster of '01 and author of controversial cookbook If It Tastes Bad, It's Bad for You died quietly in her sleep during a party at her home last night, according to her neighbor and fifth cousin twice removed Dr. Red Onions. No autopsy is scheduled, as all indications point to a peaceful and natural death.

According to her son, Llamas MVP Greg Aerius, Hilary had spent the day gardening, hiking, cooking, fishing, and jumping on the couch. When the party started, she prepared the drinks and mingled with guests, having a long conversation with neighbor Hi Thyme, who lost a daughter in a tragic yard fire as reported in last week's News. "I felt a lot better after talking with her," he said. "She had it lots worse than me and still managed to have a good time. It was inspiring." Greg reports that he saw her heading upstairs and asked if she was all right, to which she replied: "I'm a little tired, that's all. Don't stop the party on my account!" Her friends and family agree that these are appropriate last words for Mrs. Aerius, though it is not clear whether she may have spoken to her cat after arriving upstairs. The cat alerted the family and guests to her death by yowling piteously; and many guests report mysterious hula music from the second story.

The years in which Hilary Munny was born and married Gregory Aerius are difficult to pin down, as the Mater D Mining Corporation kept poor records of the population of its notorious "company town" of Hootin Holler, and the records kept by the mining families themselves vanished in the disaster. Friends and family agree, however, that she was between 65 and 70 years old at the time of death. She lost her husband to a mining accident when their only son Greg was a toddler, and she raised the boy herself, living primarily on garden truck and fish, with the assistance of her extended family. On the day of the disaster, she was instrumental in saving the life of future rock goddess Mary Aerius Munny (whose relationship to her is much too complicated to describe without a chart; please refer to www.DramaAcresGeneology.com) by dragging her down the mountain to safety at the home of Hilary's younger sister, Kitty Munny Hawkins.

After the disaster, Mrs. Aerius lived quietly in the home built for her by the Simulated Housing Corporation. She quickly learned to use modern cooking equipment, watched cooking shows for hours on end, fished and gardened, and held many different food service jobs before finally retiring as sous chef for Bernard's Botanical Gardens. She owned the first computer and the first car of all the Hootin Holler survivors, and could frequently be found downtown, scoping the local restaurants and greeting random passersby to tell them jokes or juicy gossip.

She will long be remembered as the best cook in the neighborhood. "She always took care to prepare the healthiest, tastiest meals with the best available ingredients," remembers Greg. "The only trouble with Ma's cooking was, it was almost impossible to make yourself stop eating it soon enough to keep in playing trim." Her popular low-carb cookbook, which advocated fresh food and plenty of it, was condemned by the Food Faddist Society as "dangerously simplistic and delicious" and endorsed by the entire Llamas Basketbase team as "to die for." Although many thought she could have gone far in her chosen field, Hilary chose to retire when her son and his husband, musician Ben Gay Aerius, adopted her grandson, John Amos. "She didn't see any point in hiring a nanny to stay with him when he had a perfectly good Grammy available," Greg recalls. "She loved her job, but it was never as real to her her family was, and it's not as if she stopped cooking. It also tickled her to get a pension check. We never heard of such a thing in the Bad Old Days."

Hilary Aerius Remembered
"A lot of kids thought she was weird," says John Amos, "because of the talking to plants and jumping on the couch and all. They didn't understand how I could stand sharing a room with my Grammy. But it wasn't gross at all. She just needed a little help sometimes. She used to stretch at my ballet barre, but I don't remember a time when her back wasn't bad. She was always telling me to party hearty while I could. She thought I was way too serious."

"I was a little creeped out at first that Greg insisted on living with his mother," admits Ben Aerius. "I was raised in foster care, and didn't get the whole family thing in those days. But she was the only mother I ever knew, and she was a hoot! If I could bring her back, I would. She taught me to fish and garden, and she could really liven up a party."

Even the final party, though marred by her decease, was rated by the guests as "fantastic." The Aeriuses' college friends, particularly the members of Urele-Oresha-Sham Fraternity, remember her variously as "the fun mom," "tons of fun," "a fishing maniac," and "smoking hot except for the whole Greg's-mom thing."

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to either the Drama Acres Community Center and Restaurant Fund or the Downtown Home for Homeless Cats. A ritual couch-jumping, eating, and memorial service will be held at Drama Acres Memorial Park as soon as sufficient couches and buffets can be rustled up to send her off in the style to which she was accustomed.

20th Oct 2011, 11:31 PM
Naif is going through a mid-life crises and I am not amused. Back up. Several Sim days ago, Naif tried to throw his little girl a Birthday Party. Not being very clever, he actually threw a Building Party. Since this is not at all what Naif wanted to do, the family ignored this party and it was a great success!

Then Naif threw the Birthday Party and zero (0) guests showed up. Undeterred, they partied on. They had cake, they blew noisemakers, they conceived their next child... and the party flopped big-time. Naif was spun into an endless cycle of depression and self-recrimination.

His business was going well - on paper. But the family was so cash-strapped, they couldn't pay their rent or their bills. They moved one midnight, selling everything that wasn't nailed down and could possibly be considered theirs through 9 tenths of the law.

Looking back, I should have seen this coming. Once the financial burden eased up a bit, Naif started rolling wants for cars (preferably sporty, red ones). Still, after closing time at The Kiosk of 'You Thought We Were Expensive Before, Get a Load of Our New Prices' Fruits and Vegetables, I was shocked (shocked!) to find Mr. Family Sim around the back of the store, listening intently to some pretty young thing admiring him.

"Oooh, Naif, you're such a good businessman."

"Well, shucks, Miss."

Suddenly, he can't think of anything else but her. No thought to his fine, upstanding wife, Kana. Not even a thought to his current or future child - all he wants is to talk with her and play with her and flirt with her.

The cad.

21st Oct 2011, 12:54 AM
David Ottomas moved into his own place. I just loaded his lot and left the computer alone for about two minutes. I came back to find him out behind his house at night, naked as a jaybird, splashing in puddles. Then he got a phone call from a random townie who said he was the coolest sim ever and she was going to tell everyone how cool he is!

21st Oct 2011, 1:14 AM
David Ottomas moved into his own place. I just loaded his lot and left the computer alone for about two minutes. I came back to find him out behind his house at night, naked as a jaybird, splashing in puddles. Then he got a phone call from a random townie who said he was the coolest sim ever and she was going to tell everyone how cool he is!

LOL. Must have enjoyed the view.

Right now I'm doing hood set up (Getting Antonio Monty and the twins into a house, getting Romeo Monty, Mercutio Monty and the others ready for college)

21st Oct 2011, 1:22 AM
Jason Marks, Athlete, is working on improving his body skill so he can move up from MPV.
Rita Marks, his wife, is making plans for her first store.
Cherry, their toddler daughter, just wants to grow up.

22nd Oct 2011, 11:59 PM
Clark Charvat (II) married his uni girlfriend, Lady Maria Charvat, and thus united two long-separated branches of the Charvat family tree. They married at the traditional home of the Charvats, under the same wedding arch that Clark's father and other relatives were married under. Although Clark expected to move from here to his late father's mansion, his mother is glad to have her four children out of the house. Thus, Clark will remain in the Old Home, with his best friend and...niece? Katherine Newman (V). Clark and Katherine, being the same age, lived in the same house in uni and are quite close....so close, in fact, that they agreed to name their first children of the appropriate gender after one another. Katherine has had two children (Clark Newman and Katherine Newman (VI)), and Clark and Maria had their first, Chad, after getting married. When Clark and Maria have a girl, it's going to be odd playing a house with four Katherines in it. :lol: I'm moving the oldest Katherine (IV) into another house to free up space, though. I considered moving Katherine's (V) husband Tobias out, being his only use is keeping weeds from growing around the estate.

23rd Oct 2011, 2:54 AM
I've started playing a single sim on a lot, trying to challenge myself to make a prosperous farm following a set of rules I've created. If all goes well, maybe I'll post them as a challenge! I'm having a ton of fun so far, even though my poor little sim is always broke.

23rd Oct 2011, 8:15 AM
Kintande Lake: A cold, remote town only accessible by air. For half a year the town is blanketed by Winter and comes briefly alive when it hosts the annual ice-skating championships, but for the other half locals enjoy quiet autumnal and spring days.
Gerard and Veronica Stone land here and move into a cosy A-frame starter. Gerard’s goal is to become a rich businessman. Veronica’s goal is for Gerard to become a rich businessman. She wants the comfort and security that only money, and possibly some nice shoes, can buy. She sends Gerard off to the murky world of mailroom ‘technicians’ with firm instructions to get a promotion, and spends her days caring for her beloved Alaskan Malamutes, Blizzard and Snowflake, who both have careers in show business. You may have seen them in the straight-to-video release of ‘Help - the Penguin’s got my sundae!’ But the bad reviews (‘I would sooner have my eye teeth pulled than to sit through this film again’) only strengthened her resolve, so after arriving in Kintande she hires an Obedience Instructor - a strange woman in riding breeches. The instructors job is made difficult by the dogs constant fighting and Blizzard’s habit of running away, but she hangs in there and occasionally let Veronica influence her to do some cleaning.
Meanwhile, a stalwart Gerard has quietly risen within the company ranks, and it becomes clear to Veronica that she will have to reinvent herself as the respectable wife and hostess of a would-be Executive. So she teaches herself to cook and patiently entertains Gerard’s co-workers. But she’s yet to get out of her favourite HP slouchy jeans, and tells an exasperated Gerard she’ll wear a dress when he buys her a Mercedes convertible. And maybe it’s the strain of living a Mercedes-empty life, or Gerard’s long hours at the office and his habit of shutting himself in the bathroom to practise his speech-making, but soon Veronica’s eye begins to wander. Before she knows it she’s fallen into an affair with a townie called Ben. But Gerard catches them and an ugly fight between the two men ends badly for Gerard. Winter sets in with a distinct chilliness between the couple, broken only by loud fighting and Veronica’s wailing apologies - because deep down she really does love him.
It becomes clear to her that the blame lies with Benjamin. How dare he let her flirt with him at the community garden - a married woman! How could he not resist when she threw herself on top of him in her knickers while they were watching Sim Sports on the new entertainment system her darling Gerard bought for her? Thoroughly irritated and frustrated with Gerard’s refusal to woohoo even on the coldest nights, Veronica invites Benjamin over on a snowy Monday morning. Within hours he’s joined the household, his inventory has been emptied and his mind warped by a crazed and half naked Veronica wielding a Sim-Vac. He’s last seen dazedly walking through the snow in his underwear, conversing with a soccer ball. It’s a harrowing time for Veronica, but by the time Gerard arrives home the house is peaceful again, the smell of spaghetti bolognaise fills the kitchen and several new appliances and some nice pieces of furniture have been bought.
Cheered by the cooking smells and the nicely beige sofa, he finds his relationship score improve as an attentive Veronica flirts with him over dinner, and sometime during the night a familiar little tune plays in the dark.

http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6115/6282459113_01dc0326f8.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6282459113/)

http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6097/6282474407_f1580b5c9a.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6282474407/)

http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6093/6282749211_ea62399652.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6282749211/)

http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6056/6283279570_e63d3b5751.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6283279570/)

http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6091/6282771985_0d534873fc.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6282771985/)
Why would a penguin want a sundae? Its craziness!

23rd Oct 2011, 7:45 PM
In Pleasantview, Mortimer is making the most of the short time he has left. He bought a vacation house and rolled the want to get married again. He called the matchmaker and had a whirlwind romance with his townie date. They got married the next day, and now she's pregnant (thanks ACR!). They have an odd little household, consisting of Mort, his wife Marsha, Dina Caliente, and the son she and Mortimer share (Dina and Mort are long since divorced). Mortimer and Don have become good friends over the years, so he was invited to the wedding. I was a little concerned this would cause problems, since Don's involved with Dina, Cassandra, and by chance, the bartender who worked the reception, but no one put the moves on anyone and the wedding went well, in spite of Dina trying to pick a fight with Cassandra.

24th Oct 2011, 7:09 PM
Getting back into TS2 after a TS3 mini-break. Decided to start up Pleasantview again but this time I'm playing it like a BACC. Evicted everybody, re-rolled their starting funds, changed aspirations to better reflect their personalities using an idea from Chickadeelee's Little Hollywick (Nina Caliente is a fortune sim now, for example) and I am plopping them down on empty lots. As I earn CAS points I can move in only EAxis families starting first with the binned families and moving onto families from other neighborhoods that I downloaded cleaned and extracted copies of. I also went through and fixed the appearances of Cassandra and Alexander Goth (they now actually look like they could be Morty and Bella's kids) and did the same for Angela and Lilith. They're actually quite lovely now that that enormous nose is out of the way. I can't stand it when the kids look absolutely nothing like their parents. I always do the same thing for Jules O'Mackey too.

24th Oct 2011, 7:14 PM
my neighborhood is in a state of "limbo" since i haven't played it for a long time. :P

24th Oct 2011, 11:34 PM
Was actually able to retrieve my Zombie Apocalypse Sims! A LOT has happened. The Survivors left the High School and moved down into a subway, barricading the entrances. Unfortunately, while on patrol, Michelle and Hope, the now-teenaged daughter of Anna and Alec, were bitten. Michelle went off with a gun to die on her own terms, like Michael had, taking as many Zombies with her as possible before turning. Alec spent the evening talking to his daughter before she turned, shooting her when the time came. The survivors, demoralized went about their day-to-day lives. Meanwhile the Turner family (Serena (mother), Abigail(teenaged daughter), and Marcus(father)) were making their way across town when Serena was bitten and turned. Abigail and Marcus barricaded themselves in an abandoned townhouse. Marcus was bitten and turned one day while out gathering supplies. Abigail managed to kill every zombie in her path, including her parents as she fled. She spent the next few weeks living in an abandoned diner before moving on. She stumbled across Will, Alec and Anna's son on top-side patrol, and attacked him before the other survivors broke it up. Right now, she's locked up.

25th Oct 2011, 2:36 PM
Still playing my legacy :) Connor and Lindsey both grew up into Elders and Simon one of the spares grew up on the same night to a teenager and was promptly shipped of to uni never to be seen again lol. Then Ethan the heir decided to start his own Greek house after it was becoming dangerous at halls with all his girlfriends living there. He's now incrediably poor with only a bed and a hot tub on his lot, all the things a romance sim needs! And he just fullfilled his "make out/woohoo with 5 sims want" and has thrown roof raiser partys everynight! Am undecided if he's going to complete Uni or not yet seeing as the Legacy household is now ready for him to return and start Gen 4 :) Furthest i've ever managed to get, and am loving this family!

Over in Pleasantview, Jessie (One of Dons daughters) went to uni for all of one semester before getting pregnant (completely unplanned! :/) And dropped out to live in a small house Downtown. Baby Jason was born before long and Jessie moved in her Uni boyfriend to look after him while she continues to party and go on a lot of dates.

26th Oct 2011, 4:07 PM
Kintande Lake / The Stone Family: Veronica is pregnant, and Gerard couldn’t be tickled pinker. Her affair is largely forgotten in the excitement of tummy rubs and ‘talking’ to the baby. But a square of red still remains in his relationship square, and he’s developed the odd habit of building snowmen with horns and pitchforks in the front yard.
Veronica, for her part, is unimpressed. Being pregnant in the middle of a Kintande winter is a dreary experience; the nights are dark and filled with the sound of howling winds and the days are blanketed with an endless white that makes her new home seem isolated. With no real friends and Gerard at work, she busies herself with re-decorating the house before collapsing into a depression that sees her comfort eating and taking long naps on the couch.
On a brighter note, no-one suspects her of having anything to do with Benjamin’s death. She keeps his urn in her inventory, hidden from Gerard, and doesn’t even carry a memory token of the event.
Blizzard is found and returned home, but the dogs becomes so aggressive towards each other that Veronica is forced to keep them separated in locked yards. Her dream of breeding her much-loved Malamutes seems hopeless. Snowflake, meanwhile, has reached the top of the show business career and stars in a movie called 'Sniff', about a narcotics detective who is killed on the job and comes back as a dog in order to solve his own murder. Critics describe it as ‘disturbingly dark for a kids movie.’ Blizzards career is stuck in a rut and the Obedience Instructor is once again pressed into service, though she spends more time being cornered by a lonely Veronica who wants to chat, than training.
Towards the end of Winter, as the roof groans under the weight of thick snow and the cold winds have swept away all of Veronica’s attempts of gardening, Gerard’s relationship square is finally free of red. One day he spontaneously kisses her, and later he runs upstairs to congratulate her, though of what, Veronica is not sure. She worries that he’s working to hard. His speech-practising has become almost obsessive. He throws a tantrum when he can’t get to the exercise bike, insisting that the fish tank is in the way. And when he wanders out into the back yard at 2am to play razzle with one of the dogs she starts to wonder about his sanity. But before she can change into Outerwear and drag him back inside she finds herself in labour. Five agonising seconds later little William joins the family. She promptly hands him to an excited Gerard, declares that she is ‘Never doing that again!‘ and runs upstairs to bed, where she pulls the quilt over her head and vows not to come out from under it until Spring.
http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6040/6282839089_454ac532c2.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6282839089/)
http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6221/6283572522_3a4962521e.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6283572522/)

26th Oct 2011, 5:34 PM
Pleasantview Reloaded: Gunther Goth has moved his family from the old country. He calls his new digs, "Pleasantville." His wife's family followed soon after. Gunther's son, Mortimer, hasn't yet noticed the complete lack of neighbors and is happy to search for bugs in the yard.

Meanwhile, across the river live the Calientes. Nestor works as a project leader while his wife, Dulcinea, has been working to get to the top of the dance career. Their son, Tango, can't wait to go to college. Recently, as a result of being abducted by aliens, Nestor gave birth to twins, Flamenco and Zambra.

Stoat Springs: Naif and his lovely wife are proud to announce the birth of their second child, Daft. Life couldn't be better for them, so why does Naif want to screw it all up by fixating on a younger woman?

26th Oct 2011, 5:55 PM
At the moment I am testing to see if Squinge's 'teen to young adult no college' hack will work on one of my teen sims who won't go to college but would do better still living as a young adult so she'll be in time with her college friends.

26th Oct 2011, 10:07 PM
In my new Pleasantview BACC/Prosperity mish-mash, I played all the houses through for one day just to get them started and get a feel for how everybody was going to help build the town. I had re-rolled some aspirations based more on their personalities (no more shy romance sims, for example) so that gave me new chemistry and romantic options than the previous times I've played PV. Anyway, during this first go through:

I teleported all the residents over and let them do their thing for a while. Immediately Don and Nina proceeded to start making out, resulting in Cassandra having a fit. She hasn't rolled a want to dump him, though, so they're still engaged currently but I do have auto-breakup enabled on ACR so that might end the relationship at some point. We'll see. Mortimer scanned the room and was soon farting hearts over Jennifer Burb. He rolled a want to become friends with her. Since she's now a fortune/romance sim that he has three bolts with I'm sensing a forthcoming issue. Kaylynn was also heartbroken over Don and Nina's actions and then proceeded fall right back into love with him.

The family began their one day of play by digging in the yard. Lillith was the only one of the twins who had a want to go to college (a requirement for my hood's "community college" since I haven't actually unlocked a college hood yet) but as she started working on the 15 skill point requirement as well she decided to run away. Since there are no phones (electricity isn't unlocked yet), they can't report her missing so it seems Lillith will not be attending college after all. Angela has the nature hobby so she was given the task of planting the family's garden so they don't starve to death until someone opens a grocery store. Mary-Sue's bio said she enjoyed pottery so she was given a pottery wheel and will eventually open a pottery shop but for now she spends her time making globs of clay and calling them plates. Daniel's at loose ends. His hobby is tinkering but Angela's garden takes up the only place available to put the junk car and right now food trumps junk cars so he spends his time taking bubble baths and digging in the yard right now. He's also now a knowledge/family sim after a re-roll so he has double chemistry with Cassandra Goth which could possibly be troublesome. We'll see.

Dustin planted the garden while Brandi tried to teach Beau his needed skills while simultaneously fending off weird ol' Herb Oldie who kept coming by to tickle her. She invited Darren in to see if they have any chemistry this time (only one bolt) but Darren was more interested in using their easel.

Darren painted up a storm while Dirk dug in the yard to build them a house (they rolled the lowest funds - $2k to start). By the end of their first day they'd earned enough money to build and furnish a small house and plant a garden. They also became the first house to afford the home schooling table - the only schooling option until the first born in game baby becomes a child (this will likely be Brandi's unborn baby).

John planted the garden and took care of Lucy while Jennifer began her affair with Mortimer Goth with whom she has triple bolts. In my game triple means soulmates. Poor John. He has double chemistry with Brandi but since he's still a family sim (secondary) after the re-roll so I just can't see him with anyone else unless he and Jennifer split up.

Coral wants to be a media magnate. Since journalism isn't unlocked AND she's an elder who couldn't do that anyway, I decided to compromise. Coral will run a local newspaper out of her house once electricity is unlocked (providing she lives that long...haha). Until then, she'll write stories using a notepad mod I downloaded a while back that allows folks to write novels without computers. Herb dug up the front yard long enough to afford to finish furnishing the house and then he planted their garden.

Don inexplicably got food poisoning the second I loaded his lot. Since I have the realistic sickness mod this was a VERY bad thing. I immediately sent him to lounge and relax and, like a stupid little sim, he got back up again and started wandering around. I ended up sending him to study cooking so he'd at least stay seated. I was thrilled when he made it through the night (most folks who get sick in my hoods don't) but because I made sure his comfort never went down, he ended up not planting a garden. Hopefully he'll be all right on food until he's well enough to be able to do that.

Kaylynn rolled starting funds of $26K which afforded her a lovely little house and she immediately set to work furnishing and planting her garden. Since she has a LTW to be a mad scientist, she started working on maxing her logic and getting a gold robotics badge. It works out nicely since her hobby is tinkering so she enjoys building the robots. I'll probably have her sell them in a little home shop at some point.

Dina married Mortimer and he and Alexander moved in leaving Cassandra at the Goth lot by herself for now. Nina has a locked want to move out on her own but right now the family has $5 so that's not going to happen unless she ends up moving in with Don.

27th Oct 2011, 4:40 PM
Huge Picture Update! The original lot was created mainly for picture stories by the brilliant Psychosim, but I altered it for my needs.
Street Level:

Shop Level:


Former Infirmary:


Shower Room (Basically a bunch of pipes they bust open to shower)

Abigail's Lock-up/Room

Train Station/Sleeping area:

Teenaged Will (Alec and Anna's Son):


Abigail has since made friends with Will, her key to fitting in with the others. The creepy thing is that, with free will turned on, it seems like Alec is obsessed with her. He practically monopolizes all her time. It's like he's competing with his son over her!

28th Oct 2011, 2:30 PM
Well, these two and a bit weeks (weeks 3 and 4, and a bit of week 5) in Adamswater Ridge have been quite interesting. Following on from my last post (http://www.modthesims.info/showpost.php?p=3653056&postcount=2578):

Feversteins -- Sherri and Kimberly had a girl and a boy, Amaya and Warren. The cost of their IVF meant a few times they were unable to pay the bills and the repo man collected quite a few shower-tub combos as payment. Amaya and Warren, as well as Ruby (the daughter of Sherri and Kimberly's eldest son Nicky and his girlfriend Wendy Meeker) are all children at the moment. The Feversteins got a lucky break at the beginning of week 5 when they won a small amount of money on the lottery (read: genie lamp delivery) -- half went on repaying their debt, while the other half has been used to start college funds for all the children ($5k each).

Leightons -- Albert achieved his LTW of having 50 1st Dates, and ended up marrying his 50th date (which I semi-planned) Taylor Allen, and the two are expecting a child (even though Taylor's ACR fertility was 11%, they still managed it). Albert's daughter, Debra, found a position in Entertainment and is working her way up the levels, while her husband Ralph is studying for his Bachelor's through distance learning. Debra and Ralph have three kids so far: first-born and daughter Caryn (who ended up blond; both her parents and her grandfather have red hair, so she must have gotten it from her CAS-and-discarded grandmother), elder son Dyllan, and younger son Johnny. Johnny is already showing signs of being a genius like his grandfather.

Bulgers -- Maybe it was the realisation that he was going to have four children, but Aaron stopped focusing on his job and has been wooing women around the town. He's been caught a couple of times by his wife, Angelique, but as she's constantly had the fear of falling out of love/breaking up, their marriage still survives. Their four children are (in order of birth) Lilia, Rosita, Marc, and Otis -- all four are children, and they are all one sim-day older than the next-youngest child. Angelique has gotten an Associate's degree in the culinary arts and is working her way up the Culinary track.

Meekers -- Nothing too much to say. Logan became fascinated by the culinary arts as a child, and became a Knowledge-aspiration teen (completely random, but I was hoping he'd get that aspiration). Rose has maxed out Logic, and is working on Creativity, but it doesn't look like she'll achieve her LTW of maxing out all skills.

Yards -- Thanks to risky woohoo, Gina got pregnant and had a girl, Jade. Chelsey, their eldest child, became a teen and rolled Fortune -- and while in the Feverstein household, she and Logan Meeker shared a first kiss. Chelsey and Logan only have one bolt of attraction, so time will tell if they end up dating or not.

Tabarezs -- Eric achieved his LTW of 50 1st Dates, his 50th date being with his now-girlfriend. Nathan continued to date Miranda, and she ended up moving in when she accidentally got pregnant (if a playable and a townie are woohooing, I make the townie selectable, and if they get pregnant via risky woohoo, well, they'll just have to deal with it) -- goodbye college education as Miranda was, unknown to me at the time, a dormie.

Omellas -- Cathleen and Judah moved in to an apartment but shortly after Cathleen got pregnant and had their first son, Braydon. Upon getting pregnant with Christopher, the family moved out in to a small house by the beach and is quietly raising their family there. Let's hope they don't have many more children as they don't have the space for another crib, nor do they have the money to move again.

Recks -- Sally married one of the people she had a crush on while at university, Gordon Reck, and before too long they had a girl, Angelia. Because they had managed to have a child a bit later than Cathleen and Judah, they had the money to move in to a new house before Angelia was born, although they're not too far away from the Omellas household.

28th Oct 2011, 10:37 PM
(if I wanted to post my legacy story here, where would I do that?)

I have one family, the Butlers. Aurora Butler is married to Calista Butler and they have three kids. The oldest is Ava Butler, whose father is Malcolm Landgraab. Their second child is Adrian Butler, who is the child of Aurora and Calista. Both Ava and Adrian are children and Ava is just a few days away from being a teenager (and banished to The Spare Townhome). The youngest, Anya, is a baby and my heiress. Anya's daddy is Checo Ramirez.

Aurora is my Slut Sim; I was playing her headfirst4halos00's mistress challenge.

I'm playing Pinstar's legacy with an alphabet twist. All my heirs have to be female.

Peni Griffin
28th Oct 2011, 10:48 PM
Try the Sim Stories forum under "Sims Creativity." Welcome aboard.

29th Oct 2011, 1:07 AM
Try the Sim Stories forum under "Sims Creativity." Welcome aboard.

Thanks :)

Peni Griffin
29th Oct 2011, 3:54 AM
Okay, I'm a little stunned. Once again my sims handed me an opportunity and I ran with it, and it worked great.

Alas, I'll have to provide backstory. Bear with me.

Billy Ghote exists only because I wanted a grandmother/granddaughter household, Nannie Ghote to become the Munny live-in and Billie Ghote to marry Oliver Onions, for whom I couldn't find a good match among existing sims (not one that suited me, anyway). The game wouldn't let me do that, so I made Billy to link them, moved them into an apartment, and then had him abandon them to live a wild free bachelor existence downtown. I decided to make him an experiment in running a Romance sim according to his base impulses - no locking of wants, no consideration of consequences beyond the base level of not letting him call someone whose character arc would be violated by accepting a date from him.

He called Billie at college spontaneously and often rolled wants relating to her, but became completely estranged from his mother Nannie. One of the women he dated was Luz Iana, a semi-legal simmigrant with four children, the oldest of whom was Billie's roommate at Sim State. Luz was a single mother, and the backstory on her was that she didn't know what had happened to her husband Lou, who vanished during the simmigration, and frankly didn't care much.

Because Billy is a selfish hedonist I ran his dates with his date's wants closed, but because Luz isn't a selfish hedonist, and moreover comes from a patriarchal culture so she's pretty good at reading men, I would open his for short intervals at certain points when she initiated a date. One day she rolled a want to marry him, and I opened his wants. He wanted to marry her, the wicked witch, or another of his dates, and cure the wicked witch of witchness! So Luz went ahead and brought up the matter, and they got engaged, he moved in (his money had been running low, anyway - he's careless about going to work and eats out a lot), and they moved out of her crappy apartment into a small house in Drama Acres, along with her youngest son and the dog.

Now, I had a built-in excuse for Billy to put off the marriage indefinitely, in the person of Luz's missing husband. They could hardly get married while they didn't know if he was alive or dead. But of course Luz, or more particularly Luz's son that wants to be a lawyer, would take steps to find out. Meanwhile Billy was dating on the side and developing an appetite for rich women and public woohoo. I figured it'd only be a matter of time before the arrangement went down in raging flames of Drama, and in the meantime - birth control wasn't part of Luz's habit of life, so every time she was home when he happened to have a non-specific date want, they Tried for Baby instead of merely woohooing. After awhile, it took.

Today I played the third trimester. He rolled a want for a date while she was sleeping, so he called a new prospect and went downtown. (They talked about cheating at dinner, so don't feel bad for the new prospect - she obviously knew what was what.) Who should he run into but his daughter Billie, also pregnant? So they greeted each other, and I was planning what to say in the dialog - because she can be assumed to disapprove of his cheating on her close friend's mother - when suddenly he rolled a want to marry three different women - one of them Luz, none of them his current date - and buy a dog!

So it became clear to me that Billie was pressuring him, and in the wake of his own mother's death earlier this rotation, suddenly being surrounded by pregnant women affected him hormonally and he was felt a yearning to settle down. So what's an impulsive man going to do in such a situation? He made promises to his daughter, ended his date, and went home.

The want had rolled away by then, but if there's one thing a man like this doesn't want, it's to have his daughter looking at him with scorn and disappointment, so as soon as Luz woke up, he took her and her son downtown to a new venue I needed to test anyway, St. Elvis's Wedding Chapel. It has lots of open space, a huge restroom, two buffets, wedding cake, seating for sixteen, two teleporter cats, lots of instruments, a makeover chair, clothing racks, jewelry stand, hot tub, bar, dj booth, photo booth, changing booth, hot tub, and makeout benches - did I forget anything? 'Cause there's still room to put things if I did!

I was going to make it wedding party, but he suddenly rolled a want for a date, so I did that instead, summoned the relevant people with the teleporter cat, and did date interactions (switching back and forth) till they both had the want to get married at the same time. And they married. And they both went platinum!

And then they ate at the buffet, cut the cake, and went home, because the bride was exhausted. It was a great success, though not all of her sons got into formalwear at the key moment. Even some of the walk-ins were appropriate, frat brothers of her sons' or friends of Billie's - and not a single one of his other dates!

For story purposes, Billy went on his first date during the day while he was pondering whether to report the phone call he'd picked up informing the family that Luz's first husband had been shot by a jealous husband in Guasimala about a month before. Seeing Billie and getting the hormonal surge, he told her all about it, and she took the bull by the horns and told him she'd take care of everything, just get Luz to St. Elvis's.

First time ever I've held a surprise wedding!

29th Oct 2011, 8:06 AM
Despite being the "god" of my game, I am not the all mighty force. Sun and Circe certiantly brought out a wonderful lesson in genetics by the wide varaity of differances and similarities between their children. Now they are both gone dying of old age and leaving behind a hord of teenagers. Recently -_- the oldest child grew up into an adult and as "god" I decided to add another skin tone to the genetics, and elf ears. After many tries the neighbor hood kept rejecting the child as it was born. The world litterally crashed when she began labor. So sadly "god" had to make the choice to send the grimmy to come and get her. There was no place for her or her child.

AH life in a borked game, it runs on such a thin line.


::sigh:: back to the drawing board.

Liv Lukas
29th Oct 2011, 10:48 AM
Maya readies herself to finally walk down the aisle...


It's going to be a lovely wedding!

30th Oct 2011, 8:40 AM
In my last play, I was in the Pleasant household.

Angela had been engaged to Dustin for a while, and so a small wedding went ahead - partly because she was already pregnant with their first child together (they split up temporarily and Dustin had a young toddler son from the relationship he was in before getting back with Angela), but mostly because Angela and her parents kept catching a cold from each other and no matter how much I tried to get them to rest they wouldn't...so I was trying to fulfill some wants so one of them could get a couple of aspiration want point things to get a secondary asp of family and the ability to make soup!

Anyhow, Dustin turns up to get married and before he's reached the front door I see he's stopped to cough/sneeze/whatever so he had clearly caught the flaming cold already. Mary-Sue had already recovered, but would die of old age soon anyway. So they get married and Dustin moves in.
The next day is the evening Grimmy comes for Mary-Sue, Daniel is in bits and bursting into tears all the damn time despite how he kept cheating on her, Angela cried once then went back to her rotation of eat/sleep/pee to manage her pregnancy.

About 8 hours later though and Dustin is sat at the dining table talking to Angela as she finishes her meal, then he stands up...and suddenly keels over! I do have the real sickness mod, but seriously...since when is dying from a cold real?! Never mind, I think, I'll just stop Angela from eating and get her to plead with Grimmy for her husband's life...they were 100/100 after all!

She lost.
Then, before Grimmy has even finishing taking Dustin, Angela gives birth to a lil daughter...I guess the stress of losing her mum and husband in one evening was too much...

R.I.P Dustin...we shall never know if being a dad would encourage you to change your thieving ways...

30th Oct 2011, 4:24 PM
My sim is a male nurse. He is very neat and cleanly. He is cohabitating with Gerard and Jessica (the townies). Jessica is a professional party guest and Gerard is some kind of football star. My sim is having a hard time living with them, because Jessica wants to give parties all the time. He ends up doing the cooking for all the guests, because he is the best at it.

When he comes home from working late at the hospital, the kitchen is in a mess. He is so upset and has to clean the whole kitchen before he can relax. He invited his friend over, but was so rude to him and distracted because of all the dirty plates. He served some food for his friend but then removed his platter before he had finished, just took it away and cleaned it.

I moved Jessica and Gerard in with the smiths. they seem to like it there. I think it was a relief for my sim.

31st Oct 2011, 2:02 AM
Let's me preface this with: I dont know how some of you play, but, 2nd cousins are allowed to marry in my game since the game doesn't register them as family members.

Alright, so my Worthington family has gone through many generations and through lots of births and deaths, is down to two households. There is Damion Worthington with his eldest son Nicolas who has just reached adulthood, his college aged daughter Chelsea, and his younger son Adrian who is still a child. Then on the other side there is his cousin Sean Worthington and his college aged son Charles and their child daughter.

After the Worthington's established hefty fortune in the game through hard work, they decided to sell their businesses and start a family farm instead. Damion Worthington inherited all of the family fortune and the farm leaving his cousin with nothing. Sean was fine with this at first because he wanted to prove that he didn't need the family fortune to be successful. He married his wife (whose name is coming to a blank right now), and they are well off, but not super rich. His wife really wishes she was able to get some of the money of the family fortune.

Their children, Charles and Chelsea (who are 2nd cousins) started college and fell in love. So Sean and his wife are going to try to push Charles to marry Chelsea so that way they have another chance at some of the family's money, which they will use to invest in new businesses and build up the family name again.

31st Oct 2011, 2:20 AM
Let's me preface this with: I dont know how some of you play, but, 2nd cousins are allowed to marry in my game since the game doesn't register them as family members.

In the United States, marriage between second cousins is perfectly legal in ALL states, so it's not surprising it's allowed in the game. :)

31st Oct 2011, 8:32 PM
A new dorm was under construction at Academie le Tour. However the architect was dissatisfied with the development and the contractors demolished it before it was completed.

31st Oct 2011, 9:34 PM
Tango Caliente is starting his senior year. This is fairly remarkable since he hasn't done any actual school work since his freshman term paper. Sure, he makes it to most of his classes - usually in his jammies - but his B average is due to charming his lovely dorm-mates into writing his term papers and doing his assignments for him. As a young Don Juan, he has several ladies already in love with him. Flamenco has started his freshman year, but unlike his older brother, doesn't see the sense in playing around. Flamenco has eyes for only the lovely Nighat Al Mahmoud.

Much to her parent's disappointment, Zambra did not follow her brothers to college. She has no plans on getting a job, but insists that she can make it in the big city just fine, thankyouverymuch. (Interestingly, she aged up into Nina's formal dress.)

After he lost his job as a researcher, Nestor devoted himself to being a stay-at-home dad and helping Dulcinea's career. But now that the children have grown up and moved out, now that he realizes he will never have six children, much less marry any of them off (except Flamenco), he feels a bit adrift. The house is far too quiet when Dulcinea's at work. He's considering getting a cat.

Dulcinea is now a Flamenco Master. She's sure that this is the last step to her plans of global world dance domination. She has three days off to study and schmooze her way to the top. She knows that she promised to share the elixer of life with Nestor, but she just needs one more little sip...

31st Oct 2011, 10:03 PM
In my rotation, the last day of Summer is a traditional move-to-a-new-lot-day. It's like Montreal on July 1st. I added six new houses, 4 from existing household amoeba-splits and the last 2 from the tray, emptying it. So, finally playing the Ottomas and Ramaswamis. I have no idea what will happen to them but most likely a series of tragedies.

1st Nov 2011, 2:01 AM
Hmm I thought you had to be at least third cousins before you could marry in most states. Oh well, either way.

Nothing much exciting in the game today. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis are working on their third child and moved into a new house. Wooo.

Peni Griffin
1st Nov 2011, 3:07 AM
Okay, this is so freaking sad...

Tommy Ottomas's girlfriend Spring burned to death rotation before last. This rotation, he's moved in with Sharla at Sim State. You know how when a YA has teen friends and family back in the main hood he keeps rolling wants for them to come to University?

Tommy keeps rolling them for Spring. :cry:

1st Nov 2011, 2:35 PM
Aw :(

In my game Garrison Orbinson, youngest son of the now deceased Tech wizard, Kent Orbinson - has finally found love. Granted the love interest is a bit younger, in college but age doesn't matter to Garrison.

1st Nov 2011, 4:45 PM
While working on my new Uberhood, I stumbled across an old DVD where I had backed up a long since borked neighborhood with my absolute favorite family ever on it. I spent the last day recreating them painstakingly and moving them into the Uberhood because I'm dying to see how their odd blend of genetics meshes in with the EAxis crowd. It took longer than I expected because after I made them the first time, I left them in the sim bin to go into Simpe and edit relationships but for some reason they completely vanished out of the simbin so I had to make them again.

1st Nov 2011, 8:20 PM
Alexander Goth took his boyfriend Cory to the nicest restaurant in town and proposed. Cory said yes, which surprised no one, since they'd been together since high school. The wedding will be right after college is over. They're in a rush, because Mortimer rolled wants to see a relative joined, and to get a new grandchild long before the engagement and he's not going to be around much longer.

Don Lothario was at the restaurant too. I looked away from the screen while Alexander and Cory were getting in their taxi, and heard the "caught cheating" sound. The game was at the loading screen before I could see who he was in trouble with and who he got caught with.

1st Nov 2011, 10:56 PM
Gerard and Jessica are very happy in their new home.
Lazlo died from a cold. Vidkund is unwell too. I do not think that place is good for their health. As soon as he has had his baby he will move in with the Smith family too.
Because they are related, so.

1st Nov 2011, 11:01 PM
Boy, one of my families has taken a turn for the interesting. Elders Jesse and Annalise were enjoying retirement with their youngest son and his wife (Aurelius and Zania) and a new granchild, Marc. I'd been thinking about letting Aurelius and Zania adopt Aurelius' niece Emma (who had been taken from her parents for a little bout with hypothermia), but then Aurelius died from the exercise bike. I shrugged. No matter; Jesse and Annalise could adopt Emma, and then raise Emma and Marc together. Well...two thing went wrong. One, the first child in the adoption pool wasn't Emma, but a sim version of Betty Cooper. Two, Zania died (again of the fitness bike!) and then Jesse died of old age! I looked up Annalise's age and realized she would die within a few days herself, but she'd already sent in an adoption request. The next day, Emma arrived, and Annalise asked her best friend (they were roomies in college) to move in. In a few days the children will be official orphans,but at least they'll have mom/grandmom's best friend looking out for them. Those three will grow up to be interesting teenagers, I'm sure.

Peni Griffin
5th Nov 2011, 1:31 AM
I hate to admit it, but Sparrow Hawkins is a bit of a bitch.

Today I'm trying to wrap up the final mini-rotation at Sim State. Dulcie deLeche at Tri-Var decided that all of her friends should like each other, so she dragged Sparrow in on a walk-by, invited the frat over as buffer, and invited Alon. At first all seemed to go well - not only did Amber and Sparrow eat grilled cheese together in perfect amity, but Gerry, who just pledged the frat, walked into the dining room and smooched her, in clear and obvious sign that Sparrow's moved on and isn't interested in Alon.

Everybody was in a good space from an aspiration standpoint, so I cruised around mostly letting everybody do their own thing. Gerry took off after a little while, and as he was walking out the door I heard the broken rubberband sound of heartbreak. So I zoomed in on Amber, and sure enough, she, Alon, and Sparrow were in the upstairs hallway. I'd missed the main event, but it looked as if Sparrow and Alon had held hands and Amber'd come upstairs in time to see it. As she stood there stamping her feet in rage Sparrow turned her back on Alon and walked off smiling (as he wolf-whistled her; yeah, when you're standing at the bottom of a pit, maybe you should try laying your shovel down, Alon?) as Amber ran up and slapped him upside the head.

Now, Sparrow doesn't smile. She not only has a naturally grim-looking face, she only has two playful points. Everything is life and death to this girl. And it was a very quick smile, too, a bright flash of teeth exactly as she reached the angle at which no one could see it but me! There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that, though Alon probably technically initiated the flirt since he never lost his little red hearts for her, she set that up on purpose! (Any Hawkins woman worth her salt can make a man flirt with her and think it's all his own idea, after all - that's kindergarten-level stuff from their point of view.)

And Amber went to the bathroom and then straight to bed (no doubt to cry herself to sleep) while Alon followed Sparrow all over the sorority house like a puppy, and she kept walking away from him, until I took pity on him and had Dulcie say good-bye to everyone.

After closing the house I looked in on Sparrow and Alon. Sparrow is platinum and is friends with Alon again, but has no wants related to him - she wants to make friends with the newest Tri-Var. Alon is still sort of in love with Amber, but he's also furious with her and he's 100/90 with Sparrow. And he apparently never managed to meet Gerry.

I've thought for awhile that Sparrow, like her oldest sister Sadie, enjoys the sense of power and control she gets around men, and I'm certain of it now!

5th Nov 2011, 3:08 PM
My sim is happy living on his own. He invited 2 friends over. They started to quarrel while he was playing the piano.

So, I think they are rivals and they both want to be in his favour. However they soon stopped fighting and simultaneously booed at him. Complaining that they did not like his "music" and begged him to stop playing. So rude. But he punished them. He made lunch and set the table for them on the deck, and then he himself sat down to eat in the nice warm livingroom.

5th Nov 2011, 7:24 PM
Because my legacy family have gone all glitchy, i decided to pop into Pleasantview again today. There was only one house i hadn't played before- The Brokes.

It started of fairly well! Beau grew up well, Dustin got his grades up and got a promotion and had his first woohoo with Angela, then all hell broke loose! Brandi popped out baby Sammy and headed straight to bed, whilst Dustin called Angela to sneak out, he headed to bed too for a bit till she showed up. I wasn't paying attention and am new to Seasons and next thing i know he's on fire!? I tried to get him to move and he just wouldn't, so i got Brandi up but by then it was too late the Grim Reaper had appeared :( I had Brandi plead but they had a bad relasionship so she lost. While all this was happening Angela was sitting outside in the car waiting. So poor Dustin had died, and i had plans for him to have lots of cute babies with Angela after going to Uni.

Brandi was not the least bit fussed that her eldest had just errupted in a firey ball, and went straight back to bed, and i don't think Beau even noticed what had happened. The next day Brandi went to work, then invited John Burb over to continue their blossoming romance, they headed straight for the bedroom and woohooed then Brandi drifted off to sleep. Again whilst i was watching Beau do his homework, Brandi then decided to burst into flames!!!! Beau called the fire birgrade, but again it was too late. The social worker came and took Beau and Sammy away. Now i've got to figure out whos going to adopt them.

I debated exiting without saving, but wheres the fun in that! I love it when unexpected things happen, but i do need to figure out how to stop my sims over-heating :s

5th Nov 2011, 8:00 PM
I debated exiting without saving, but wheres the fun in that! I love it when unexpected things happen, but i do need to figure out how to stop my sims over-heating :s

Sounds like you need this hack from Mootilda:


It keeps Sims in the green temperature range and doesn't let them overheat.

5th Nov 2011, 8:04 PM
shoo_flee, your sims shouldn't be bursting into flames; patch your game!

5th Nov 2011, 8:40 PM
Yes. Playing ANY part of the game unpatched is unwise, but playing Seasons unpatched is a particularly bad idea.

5th Nov 2011, 11:02 PM
Aurora Menon---nee Butler-- has gone through 3 sims so far. First she lived with Lilly Do, the mother of her twin boys, Adrian and Alex. She dumped Lilly in favor of Wyatt, who is the father of her youngest, Adam. Aurora then dumped Wyatt in favor of Jason Menon. Jason brought out the best in her and now they are married and just had Alyssa.

6th Nov 2011, 1:25 AM
I have patched my game now, i thought i had already done it but apparantly not lol! Its all running smoothly again now and haven't had anymore spontaneaous combustians, thank god!

6th Nov 2011, 1:32 PM
Last night I somehow restored my uber-megahood and settled the Newson kids down in the same street as Brandi Broke. I always reserve that street for trailers and 'poor' Sims. When I first played the Newsons, they were in a house I designed that allowed them to be efficient parents and everyone grew up to be little success stories. Last night I played the Newsons in two trailers, set at a right angle to one another with a common porch, and it was...not so fun. Georgia and Garret learned to talk, but that was it. They spent most of their wee toddlerhoods hungry, stinky, and bored. Gavin was fired from his job because of bad grades, but he had more cooking points than Ginger so he was still useful. Unfortunately, his permanent foul mood meant he had a lot of unpleasant interactions with his brothers and sisters -- he was really too young to be thrown into the position of responsible authority figure, and now most of the household regards him resentfully for cracking under pressure. Ginger did much better: now that Gabriella and Gallagher have hit teenhood she won't be as needed, but she's been a chronically-tired but steadfast mom figure who is fast becoming friends with Brandi Broke down the street. She even managed to get in a few dates with Dustin Broke, but he's rather aggressive and kind of thick, so none of their dates have gone well. Seeing his sister on dates REALLY makes Gavin angry -- that's when he likes to slap Ginger around. I retaliate by having Ginger influence her date to fight with Gavin.

Lady Scarlet
6th Nov 2011, 6:01 PM
Well, who would have expected two very different aliens to meet on earth and fall in love?
That's exactly what happened to Lucien and Charlotte.The two of them shortly got married and bought a house in the suburbs.Not too long after that, Charlotte discovered she was pregnant (they weren't even sure if their DNA matched, with them being two different species) and she gave birth to two adorable baby girls, Ruby and Amber.Now they want to see if they can have more children.

Charlotte and Lucien Ferrara.

The girls, Amber and Ruby.


And of course, their pets: Kapi and Mia.

7th Nov 2011, 8:40 PM
Once again, I've decided to destroy the neighborhood with a mass delete. Which was a pity because it stood strong for an entire month before something ticked me off, and boom, the world of Faiyth Fields was gone. Now, I have intentions on setting something different up. I'm trying to decide on reality or fantasy. I might do both who knows.

Peni Griffin
7th Nov 2011, 10:43 PM
Maybe instead of deleting it, you could just let it sit there and not load it for awhile. You might get a great idea for it next year, and then wouldn't you be sorry you were in such a hurry?

Meanwhile, in Drama Acres, Heather Huffington Beare just had baby #4, who was supposed to be a boy named Paddington. Alas, the generation of lesbians keeps on keeping on - Winnie Beare, seven pounds, four ounces, and they're going to have to shuffle the bedrooms soon because there isn't room for a third girl in the "girls' room." (Pink, with a bay window.) Either that or I have to find a bunkbed that'll work for me.

7th Nov 2011, 10:48 PM
im trying to create family links between townies and i have a neighborhood established only for townie families.

7th Nov 2011, 11:46 PM
Armand DeBateau married one of the Cordial sisters -- the one friends with an evil witch -- and had a baby with her. Tara, who is in a relationship with Benedict Monty, has become friends with her dad's ex-wife Jessica Peterson. Peterson successfully got herself pregnant by Carlos Contender and is now happily married and living in his home: they've had two kids together, a girl named Anita and a boy named Carlos. Jessica recently was promoted to professional party guest and is making a great deal of money by investing Carlos' fortune in the stock market.

Tybalt Capp is now a Recruit; Hermia a Legal Secretary; and Juliette a Substitute Teacher. Juliette is very much the jewel of the Capp clan, and does most of the cooking at Capp Manor. Tybalt has developed a crush on Beatrice Monty, which is embarrassing for him given his public hatred of the Montys. Hermia inadvertently received her first kiss from a girl when the girl -- an aggressive bi or lesbian sim -- kissed her up her arm. Alexander Goth is a frequent visitor to the Capp home; an alliance between the two clans would be profitable for both. Though an awkward child, Alexander is surprisingly outgoing near Juliette. :lol: Kent Capp recently began work in astrophysics; he and Cornwall are not getting along well. Regan is pregnant, causing her to struggle in her banking career. (The Capps specialize in law, banking, and business, I figure. )

Cassandra Goth pursued her marriage with Don Lothario, fully expecting him to run from the altar. Imagine her -- MY -- surprise when he went ahead with it, despite my having labored to ensure their relationship had fallen into the 70s. So...now Cassandra is Cassandra Lothario. :-/ Ah well. And they have a baby, little Michael Lothario. Right now Cassandra and Don are living in Goth manor. Brandi Broke is doing well with her boys: Dustin was fired from his criminal job and has sought legitimate employment, and Beau and little Skip both grew up well. Brandi and Darren Dreamer have been intimate a time or two, and Brandi has become friends with Ginger Newson down the street.

8th Nov 2011, 11:30 AM
In the Bulger household, Aaron rolled the want to buy a vacation home, which I allowed him to do (with a minor mortgage as the house I built, while small, still cost $30k more than they had available) with the idea of him taking his family to the mountains for a bit of reconciliation -- he'd been cheating on his wife with some other townies and has so far seemed to want to make it up with her.

Their four children all went along as well, and Aaron and Angelique are back on speaking terms, although that came with a price -- Angelique has been wanting another child for a quite a while, and during their vacation she managed to get hit with risky woohoo. It's going to be tough trying to fit another crib in to their tiny house though.

8th Nov 2011, 10:03 PM
Tragedy struck the town of Orville (named while I was eating a bowl of popcorn - Mr. Redenbacher should be honored) when the town founder, Anora Fenn, died unexpectedly in her kitchen during Spring, Year 2. Anora had been teaching her son, Brenden, wholesale rewards since he'd just been handed the reins of Anora's witchcraft store (Brenden is a warlock) when suddenly she starved to death. She hadn't even been 50% hunger so this was very surprising. She was 8 days from becoming an elder as well. Brenden coped as one would expect - he and his wife Alexis immediately woohooed. Anora's husband Courtney (yes...Courtney) was more heartbroken than I would have expected considering he's been cheating on her with Jan Tellerman at his (now Brenden's) bar. Jan is now playable so I was toying with the idea of moving her in but Courtney has never had any wants for her except at the bar so I'm thinking he's just not that into her. despite their triple boltage Romance sims. :lol: Their daughter, Melissa, is not aware of her mother's passing yet. She moved out at the end of the last rotation with her twins to start life as the founder of a Poverty challenge. She was the perfect person to roll this challenge considering how unlucky she's been. She had a 50/50 shot of being a witch, inheriting each business and inheriting the house and failed on all accounts and also got herself knocked up with twins on the first night as a teenager. :lol: The only thing she did inherit was the vacation home bought on a whim because Courtney just had to have one but since I rarely - if ever - send sims on vacation it's pointless. She won't be using it and she won't be selling it. It'll go to whichever of her kids isn't heir.

8th Nov 2011, 10:21 PM
3 townie families are done connecting with: Go, Johnson and Trimble.

8th Nov 2011, 10:32 PM
I have recently started a new neighborhood called Lotharia which was founded by a single male romance sim. He ended up meeting Lilly Do and (against his wishes) married her and had a son before having twins, a boy and a girl. Everything was going well until a couple days after the twins became teens the boy decided to get electrocuted by the trash compactor and begin a (after)life of trying to scare his family to death. Well, this devastated his twin sister who immediately started acting out and snuck out one night with Richard Comier and ended up pregnant with his son.
The founders, though frightened by the fallen son nightly, managed to live a long life and die of old age, adding two more ghosts to the lot. Their daughter ended up getting pregnant again after sneaking out but with a different boy and the firstborn son (named Kyrian) ended up marrying a townie not long after becoming an adult. They had quads together but unfortunately they were taken by the social worker along with their youngest cousin. The next night Kyrian's wife ended up getting scared to death by the ghosts roaming around leaving him a bachelor once again.
After Ricky's son (Ryan) grew into an adult, he married a townie and ended up moving out leaving his mother and uncle alone in the house until his mother got pregnant by the maid and had another boy who is now a teenager. This young man is now currently in a relationship with his deceased uncle's third wife who has just adopted her late sister-in-law's daughter who was taken away by the social worker who is actually the teen boy's older sister.
Crazy crazy world my little simmies live in....

9th Nov 2011, 2:15 PM
The Babcock family was extraordinarily insane this round. Carolina and Jimmy - both family sims - had three children. Diana, the eldest, was a child. Twins Deidra and Margaret were babies. The family has random challenges every week and this round their challenge was to adopt 3 consecutive toddlers. They have a three bedroom house and one bathroom and all their money was currently going towards Jimmy's car dealership so this was a rough challenge to roll. The first toddler was a girl named Elizabeth. The same day Elizabeth joined the family both Deidra and Margaret became toddlers and Carolina decided to ACR herself another baby. The second toddler was a boy named Roderick and the third was another boy (I assume, that hair makes it hard to tell) named Casey. The night after Casey joined the family, Carolina gave birth to twins again - a boy named Andrew and a girl named Evangeline. during all of this, Carolina and Jimmy were on the verge of starving to death and I was being driven slowly insane. :lol:

10th Nov 2011, 7:17 AM
I fixed the missing genetics in the Strangetown Characters, and I'm kind of running an informal genetic test out of curiosity.

Johnny Smith and Ophelia Nigmos graduated from college and Ophelia just gave birth to a baby girl: green skin, red hair (Johnny has recessive red hair from Pollination Tech#9), and both parent's green eyes.

I sent Tank and Ripp Grunt to college and they both graduated. Tank's wife just gave birth to a baby boy with blond hair (Tank's wife is blond), Tank's blue eyes, and it's hard to tell who's skin tone he got.

Ripp Grunt married Stella Terrano after they graduated but I think I might run into some issues on this pairing test. The icon disappeared too fast for me to really see, but I think Stella rejected Ripp's ACR Try for Baby when I played their lot tonight (Ripp has a want for a baby, but Stella doesn't) (I changed Ripps Aspiration to Knowledge when he was a teen, so he did have the want to marry her and he does have a want to have a baby) I'll see but I may have to try for baby manually down the road.

I moved Lazlo Curious and his wife to their own lot, and she gave birth to a girl that looks like him.

I moved Vidcund Curious, his wife and his half alien son to their own lot, and Christy gave birth to a girl that looks like her.

Pascal Curious married Nervous Subject (I have a mod so they are actually married, not joined). Pascal has a half alien daughter with green skin, his blue eyes and black hair. I played Pascal's lot this morning so he could give birth to his baby with Nervous, and he had a baby girl with pale skin, his blue eyes and both parent's black hair.

Buck Grunt and Jill Smith are teenagers getting ready for college.

11th Nov 2011, 12:01 PM
... Fishing ponds are the new neighbourhood building trend.

11th Nov 2011, 4:41 PM
Playing in Riverblossom Hills again. And THIS time I'm on the fourth generation! Imagine that, I actually got that far without getting bored and restarting!

First order of business, batboxed the plantsims and the Roth and Viejo households.

Jason O'Mackey got married to Violet and had twins, Alexander and Gabrielle.

Gabe and Alexandra remarried each other and had twins Evan and Ian.

Leod McGreggor married Lillian and had a son, Scott.

I also introduced a new family, Charles and Adora Hawk and their daughter Marissa.

Jules married townie Karl Bronson and had a daughter named Carlie. Now I am quite sure that I had the Safe WooHoo (I have Inteen installed) and nine days before elder I heard the chimes...and along came a baby sister for Carlie, Julianne. Totally unplanned, but eh, sometimes a bit of randomness is good! Sad thing is, Karl and Jules died while Julianne was still a teen, but at least she had a home with her older sister.

Alexander married a townie named Marlena, and Evan married a townie named Brooke. Ian married Marissa, and Scott McGreggor married Gabrielle O'Mackey. I had all eight Sims in college at once and split them up into two Greek houses...my first time playing a Greek house all through university! It was interesting...and boy did they party! They all graduated with honors...of course born-in-game Sims have time to work on skills before college.

Here's where it gets fun: Evan and Brooke had a son, Jason, named after Evan's uncle. Alexander and Marlena had a daughter, Darlene, who married her second cousin Jason.

Scott and Gabrielle had a son, Kenneth. Gabrielle's cousin Ian and his wife Marissa had Cheri, who married her second cousin Kenneth McGreggor.

Evan and Darlene have a son named Jonathan. Kenneth and Cheri have a son named Donald.

Carlie Bronson married Cyd Roseland and had a daughter named Alexandra, after Carlie's grandmother (not after me LOL).

Julianne Bronson married townie Daniel Tsrkunov and they have a son named Ivan.

This also marks the first time I've had four generations in one house--the McGreggors. Scott McGreggor was born and died in the same house. Scott, his son Kenneth, and grandson Donald were all born in the same house.

The two sets of O'Mackey twins and their spouses have died. Alexander O'Mackey died when a satellite fell on him...he was an elder and in permaplat when he died but he didn't get the gold tombstone (oh well--I think it's for if they die of old age in platinum).

Cyd and Carlie Roseland are now elders and their daughter Alexandra is getting ready to go to college.

I've actually been posting pictures as I go along on Simbology, if it's okay if I link to it: http://www.simbology.com/smf/index.php?topic=7643.0

12th Nov 2011, 3:12 AM
Currently playing a family called 'Neko' (don't ask why, I can't think of last names xD) The Male was suppose to have some cute cat ears and cat paws, but nooo it refuses to show up in the game so he's normal now. I have a girl in my family who is a redhead and I decided I wanted to surpise myself on seeing if she's pregnant or not! I'm hoping to TRY and do a generation family, but I really don't think I can with my stupid laptop.

Anyways YoT(the male) currently has a job as a mascot and I can't help but giggle at his uniform. The girl is working on the garden and I might send her out shopping or something for pure amusement, maybe adopt a pet but I'm not sure. Basically all that's going on in my game at the moment.

Peni Griffin
12th Nov 2011, 3:24 PM
Sue Casa threw me a curve. Her oldest girl is three houses earlier than her in the rotation, and she had her first pregnancy pop. Her oldest son lives in the house that immediately follows hers, and his wife was due to have twins this round (which duly happened; one of them a Stephen, so I'm tentatively daring to hope that the Generation of Lesbians is complete and I'll start having a more normal distribution again). Her third child is at University; her fourth is four days away from going; her youngest is two days away from turning teen; and she and her husband are about a week away from elderhood. But I'm having trouble keeping this family's mood up, and they had some excess money, so I figure: Vacation.

They arrive at Twikkii Island, and Sue rolls the want to have a baby. I send them to South End Beach. Sue wants to play pirates, build a sandcastle, see her teen become an overachiever, and have a baby. I send them to the Blossom Springs Hotel. She wants to play with her youngest, see the teen be an overachiever, get the teen a scholarship, and have a baby. No matter where they went or what they did, Sue wanted to have another baby!

And nobody except her husband Esteban rolled vacation wants with any regularity, so the get-the-mood-way-up project was a bust. I finally caved and sent Esteban and Sue on a date culminating in a successful try for a baby. Which will be younger than its nieces and nephews, but it's not my fault! I guess Sue was having a mid-life crisis or something.

Oh, and Esteban started picking a fight with a native, which made the kid cry and the teen get really upset. It wasn't even a real fight by his standards - he's forever engaging in fisticuffs (usually with women who've dated his oldest son or their other boyfriends) in the backgrounds of other people's community lot excursions, and setting the garbage can upright is part of Sue's morning routine. But he apparently has never been a real jackass in front of the kids before. He had to Console little Miguelito twice, the kid took it so hard! And he dotes on Miguelito; so I reckon now I get to work on a character arc where he tries to behave better in public for the sake of his children. So as a way to goose the interest level of the Casa household, the vacation was a success.

12th Nov 2011, 3:49 PM
The enormously huge Babcock family (9 kids, 2 dogs, 2 adults - one of whom is pregnant again) managed to earn enough money to pay for both their taxes AND a second story on their tiny house. I'm so happy that Jimmy's OTH allowed for a car dealership. Those things allow for a decent amount of cash influx in my experience. I have this thing about letting sims open just any store. I feel like it has to have something to do with what they're interested in so I worked out a system of sorts depending on their OTH. So it goes like this:

- Poker Club
- Pool Hall
- Arcade
- Game store

- Grocery
- Pet Store
- Fish Market
- Flower Shop

Science (this is the hardest one to come up with stuff!)
- Telescope shop
- Alien and space related furniture

Arts & Crafts
- Clothing Store
- Pottery Store
- Art Studio
- Portrait Studio

Film & Literature
- Movie Theater
- Book Store
- Publishing House

Music & Dance
- Dance Studio
- Music studio (basically pianos you can play... :lol: )
- Nightclub

- Robotics Store
- Electronics Store
- Car Dealership

- Gym
- Exercise equipment shop

- Bakery
- Restaurant
- Store that sells Grandma's soup (if sim is also a Family sim)

- Park
- Basketball Court
- Soccer Field

Carolina owns a dance studio but since she's constantly pregnant she's only been there once. Elizabeth has the same OTH so she'll probably inherit the store when she's old enough. Most of the rest of the kids are fitness enthusiasts so I'm figuring one of them can open a gym and the rest can own/work at a sports equipment store so the town doesn't end up littered with gyms. :lol: Of course, none of this is set in stone. Their neighbor James Durand is games enthusiast but he rolled wishes to earn toy making badges so I've decided he'll open a toy store eventually. We'll see what life has in store for this crew. Eldest, Diana, became a teen and was able to help out with the kids. By the end of the round, Richard was the youngest and a toddler but the family was still awaiting Carolina to pop out at least one more. Once she does I'll roll what everybody gets to inherit at the adult stage. Hopefully she won't get pregnant again in the mean time. :lol:

13th Nov 2011, 10:41 PM
My legacy family is currently on the 4th gen (a record for me), not including the 5th gen adopted child. The adopted kid became an orphan AGAIN, though.
So let's start off with my second gen heiress, Samantha Sydney Walker. Samantha married waiter Ethelred and, together, they had four children; Daniel Walker, Jacob Walker, Serena Chloe Walker, and Hannah Roxanne Walker. Ethelred had an alien daughter, who he named Bellatrix Noel. She married Nicholas Barthelet, a vacation spot local. Anyway, the 3rd gen heiress was Serena Chloe, who married Remington Harris and became Serena Chloe Harris. Together, the couple had four kids: Corbeth Dagmire Harris (Remington chose the name), Claire Marie Harris (Serena chose the name), Riverdale Ashton Harris (again, and obvious choice by Remington), and Jeffery Willows Harris (Serena's choice). Corbeth is an adult and is a private photographer; Serena is his favorite model for his photoshoots, and their photographs are covering the estate's walls. Claire was an adult who never had a date, but found herself attracted to a college girl named... uh... well, I forgot. But anyways, Claire declared herself lesbian and managed to get the girlfriend to move in. After a marriage, Claire realized that she wasn't satisfied with her life, so she filed for divorce (okay, you can't do that in the Sims 2, but I'm telling a story here!) and kicked out a very surprised... uh... whatever the girl's name was. Claire forgot all about the girl but unfortunately was killed when the hobby train set got on fire and consumed her soul. (Ooooh snap, I'm getting poetic here!) The family missed her and, despite Serena's attempts to bargain with ol' Grim Reaper, he left before she could ask. They soon bought a Grim Reaper phone off of a shady guy from an alleyway downtown (they're in Pleasantview) and resurrected Claire, but Claire did not want to relive life again so she drowned herself in the family pool. Chloe's photograph was added to the wall of dead family members; the first photo was of their first dog, Suzi, who died from old age but they recently resurrected. The second photo was of Chloe; I wonder who will be the third?
The adopted kid, Andrew Harris, is living a bad life but hey! He's not complaining, so it's cool with me. :P Andrew's girlfriend is college girl Hannah Roxanne... yes, THE Hannah Roxanne; technically, she's his great-aunt (remind me to age her up; she's too young and needs to catch up), which is disturbing, but they're not related by blood. Anyway, remember Jacob Harris? He's married to Dina Caliente and they had a nerdy teenager, Vincent Mark Harris. (I actually have the family tree posted in the family trees/legacy pictures thread/forum, so I won't bother explaining more of the family tree.) There's many more additions that I didn't bother including in the family tree.
ANYWAY, so with the entire family (*cough*'cept Andrew*cough*) living successful lives, Samantha Sydney decided to try at making a servo. She named the servo Ruby Ross, but Ruby began causing the males in the family to fall heads over heels for her; Samantha took it upon herself to kill Ruby, since that was her only option to stop her from ruining the relationships within the family. Using a (downloaded) gun, Samantha shot Ruby in the living room. She felt guilt, but knew it was only for the best. A few days later, as Andrew was playing the piano, he thought up of an idea; to resurrect Ruby, since he--nor anyone else-- knew that Samantha had killed Ruby. Since the phone had been sold, he had to track it down and "rent" it for a day; within that time, he was able to resurrect Ruby after a failed attempt and being conned by the Grim Reaper. A "Welcome Back" party began while Samantha was working in the garage, with no clue of what had just happened. She managed to lure Ruby to the living room and shot her while everyone was distracted by getting drinks in the kitchen.
Aaaand currently, Serena's pregnant. Hope it's a girl, I get TOO many boys!!!
Also, there's WAY more that's happened, it's just too much to put OR I can't remember it.
UPDATE: Just after I posted this, I checked my game. It turns out, Jeffery grew up so he's a cute toddler now.
UPDATE: Riverdale just learned how to talk by his older brother, Corbeth, and just grew up exactly right after.
UPDATE: The Butler, Greg, just stole money off of the newly placed money tree; Ethelred got angry and, after seeing that firing Greg wouldn't affect him, shot Greg. The money tree will now be in a locked room.

13th Nov 2011, 11:25 PM
Chester Gieke moved into the Cordial house, where Samantha has been living alone since her sister married Armand DeBataeu. The two were attracted to one another, but I kept them too busy to engage in much flirting. Sam has been rising in her career as a doctor, although her date with boss Don Lothario didn't work out well. Perhaps it's because he's now a respectable family man living in the Goth house with a child, but Don rejected her every advance -- including, hilariously, her attempt to leap into his arms. She and Maxis-made fellow Gabriel Green hit it off, though, and so now they're married and pregnant. Gabriel will stay at home and take care of babies when he's not gardening, I think. Chester has something going on with Bianca Monty, but before he can propose he must first win the friend of Patrizio, Isabella, and Antonio Monty. Since Bianca is of 'noble' stock (as are the Capps, Goths, DeBataeus, and a few other families scattered across the uber-megahood), the clan leaders insist on having influence in marriages. They'd much rather Bianca marry into another noble family, like the Goths. Alexander Goth is similarly bookish -- why not, they urge her, wait for him to grow up a little? Chester is a librarian and Bianca an elementary school teacher.

15th Nov 2011, 10:42 PM
The Babcocks have yet to become a calm and easy family to play. Carolina gave birth to her last child (finally!), a girl named Lorraine. Diana ACRd with Benjamin Long the night of her 18th birthday (when I was going to auto age her into an adult) and got herself knocked up. As a result, she and Ben just moved out (along with the dog, Maxx since she's his master). She took 2% of the family funds which ended up being a fairly decent amount since they cashed in some genie wishes. Diana also rolled a secondary challenge to be constantly pregnant. *facepalm*. The very next night romance sim Margaret ACRd with Kennedy Cox and got herself knocked up. *sigh* Jimmy and Carolina both want 20 grandkids and at this rate that won't be a problem. Speaking of Jimmy, for some strange reason when Margaret woohooed with Kennedy he reacted in jealousy, slapped her, became furious and when Carolina tried to flirt with him he slapped her and fell out of love. I don't get it. As a result, since next week's challenge is for a family member to be "accidentally" poisoned, I choose Jimmy. If he lives, great, if not then it's one less crazy person in the house.

I cashed in some CAS points and brought in three new families to town. The first family was an old family of mine from another neighborhood that I adore - the McGees consist of Jimmie, Blair, Miranda, and Lydia. During their first season in town they added Connor to the family. The second family is a single sim named Jon Clarkson who rolled the secondary challenge of being a Black Widow(er). He is also autonomously gay so I guess he'll be offing the (ugly) men in town. The final family is also a single sim named Jessica North - an overweight pleasure sim who works as a waitress at Brenda Durand's restaurant.

Peni Griffin
16th Nov 2011, 4:22 AM
After the easiest pregnancy in Drama Acres history, Pigeon Hawkins has had her first child. A girl. Dove Hawkins, lighter than her, darker than him, and Gavigan-blue eyes.

Having set down a policy that any time a Hawkins woman woohoos in suboptimal conditions for using redundant birth control methods, it's a Try for Baby, I'd gotten her pregnant during her camping honeymoon without either of them rolling have-baby wants, which is not normal for me. She's got a family secondary, so I thought it likely that she'd roll one during the pregnancy, but neither she nor Ezekial did. However, their moods stayed up, and since I was curious as to whether I could time it out so that they induced labor while woohooing one night (didn't; I'm not near good enough at tracking the hours), they're currently platinum, as the baby arrived in the middle of a date. Pigeon'd just finished eating the meal her sister left out for them and gone into the bathroom, which is where she gave birth. Kitty and Goz rushed in, and I dropped "put away leftovers" out of Zeke's queue so he could be there, too.

Goz kept having the stiff-startle-jump response, as if he'd never seen a baby born before! Come to think of it, most of his born-in-game kids did arrive while he was at work.

On the one hand, it's just another Hawkins baby; on the other hand, it feels significant somehow.

Hawkins Prime now consists of two elders, three teens, two adults, one baby, and one dog. Biggest one I've had yet. We'll see if I'm up to it.

16th Nov 2011, 4:54 PM
I've renamed my main Cabot family according to the different lines established, as there's about 40 playables now (about 30% of the hood) and the new generations don't recognise each other as family.

So we now we have the Cabots, Bricabots (from "Brick House" Cabots), Casabots (from Casa Cabot) and Cabotin. Mickey Cabotin also decided to become Mickey Mazza when he married the 3-bolt hot pizza girl ... alliteration for the win.

I recently introduced the Ottomas family in my rotation, and I am glad I waited until I got more skill with playing this game. The first week was rough as they had to deal with babies, inadequate housing and furnishings and a general lack of cash (Dora's timely death really helped them a lot). David will be an adult soon and may overcome his miserable teenage life and become a rock star IF he eats enough grilled cheese (... I don't have my hopes up). Sharla is now a teen and looks to have an uphill climb integrating into the hood's vicious, cliquish and competitive teenage social scene. Kid Tommy looks like gold though...he has a bunch of friends already and seems really well adjusted given his family's challenges. Oh and the twins are fine and not deformed and all is great in toddlerville

Peter may stray though ... a number of the predators seem to be interested in him. Given his family size, he is a billboard of virility. We'll see.

I am also now playing the Ramaswamis. They are expecting a kid but only have a single bolt attraction. I guess arranged marriage has its downsides. I don't know what will emerge here (again, cue neighbourhood predators).

17th Nov 2011, 4:38 AM
The final huge update!

After a huge blowout between Will and his father, the son stormed off, prompting Abigail to scream at Alec, severing the friendship they built. The two teenagers ran off to find somewhere else to live. At first, they stayed in an abandoned cafe above the Subway before they moved out to find a new home. They came across a cabin in the woods that had apparently been owned by a survivalist...who had been zombified at some point. After dispatching him, they moved in.

Will and Abigail survived for weeks on their own in the woods, taking down any Zombies who crossed their path. When food had become scarce, the two set out in search of a new home, eventually stumbling upon a mansion that had once been used as an Evacuation center.








When they moved in Abigail and Will talked and decided to reconcile with his father and the other survivors. The two returned to the subway. After patching things up with Alec, Abi and Will convinced them all to join them at the mansion.

Upon their arrival, they discovered a working computer and were able to contact the military. Finally, they made contact and were told to wait for evacuation.

Meanwhile, the remaining Raiders, Kraven and Nora, are forced to shack up in an old diner. The two barely survive without food or electricity. They begin to hunt down those responsible for their new lot in life. Finally, they find the survivors.

Late one night, while he took watch listening in for the military to contact, the Raiders broke in. Kraven attacked Alec immediately. Kraven was no match, but Nora took aim with her rifle and shot Alec just as Will made his way down the stairs. Abigail was quick on his heels as Will attacked Kraven, and made it to the gun. She quickly took out Nora as Anna grabbed the other gun and shot Kraven just as he was about to kill Will. The survivors won the fight, but the damage was done. Alec died surrounded by his surrogate family. He was cremated and his ashes kept by Will. The next few days were quiet, but then the call finally came in. The chopper was on it's way.

(Left to right: Billy, Abigail, Will, Anna, John, Ellie)

Finally, as zombies swarmed the mansion's defenses, the chopper came in. Together, the survivors boarded the chopper. At long last, they were finally all safe.










Taken to a new, safe, zombie-free location, they formed a new life, staying close together. Will and Abigail grew into adulthood, married and had a child, named after his father, Alec. John and Ellie eventually married and bore a child, named Michael. Billy became an artist, selling his paintings from the school and the subway. Anna grew old and prided her self in being a grandmother to baby Alec and honorary grandmother to baby Michael. Will buried his father's ashes nearby, never forgetting the sacrifices he made to keep them all alive throughout the zombie outbreak.

The End

18th Nov 2011, 7:37 PM
I don't know what will emerge here (again, cue neighbourhood predators). Anybody else get the image of a bunch of Predators de-cloaking like in the Predator movies? Because I totally did.

19th Nov 2011, 5:48 PM
In my game there is a family consisting of Silly Turanga, CAS sim, Genesis Lam-Turanga, (the former maid), and Donut and Nightshade, nobody in that family have more than 2 neat points or 3 active points.
They are such a horrible family! I must be a masochist, otherwise why would I play with them.

21st Nov 2011, 10:11 PM
I am playing the Darisian family, who has four children. One teen, our heiress, called Mai. Three children-Twin boys and a girl- called Hansel, Shorne and Gretal. They will all grow up in a day. Their birthday present is a puppy named bubbles! They all wanted one and we had enough money-Kaily had a chance card and she won 20,000- so why not? Bubbles is cute enough.. All currently in private school. Mai turned a teen on the night of the head visit-boost of score! Everything's happy, as both our adults, Kaily and Benjamin[used to be long] are currently in level nine dream careers! All going well and our third generation might have some cousins. [MISCHIEVOUS TWINKLE IN EYE].

26th Nov 2011, 9:29 PM
For a change of pace I started an ISBI legacy in a new neighborhood as a break from my BACC. Founded by Jane Stacks from University, Jane married her college sweetheart Chase Terry. She and chase had a rough start with practically no money. They lived outside for a full sim year having only afforded enough to have a small room to put the crib for their eldest twins, Jude and Darren. By the time Andrew came around they'd managed to build a decent house. Jude was chosen as heir because he ended up being the only one of the boys who did not end up looking 99% like their father. Jude married Emma and had Meghan shortly thereafter. While pregnant with their second child, Emma starved to death in the bedroom. Nobody cared. Jude was abducted by aliens and then received a genie lamp that was used to resurrect Emma. Both Natalie (Jude and Emma's daughter) and Philip (alien spawn) were born the same day literally seconds apart. ACR took over the following day and Emma found herself pregnant again via risky woohoo.

27th Nov 2011, 2:35 AM
I've been playing the Munsford family - Sir Walter and his wife Coralynne, their newly-adult son Walter Junior, their (now deceased) teenage daughter Camilla and their toddler Belladonna. The Munsford parents are ridiculously snooty, considering they live in corny old Riverblossom Hills.

They are endlessy annoyed by slobby, lazy slacker Walter Junior, who seems more interested in video games than finding a wife and settling down with a good job.

Camilla too was rebelling against the family, with her wild looks and multiple romantic interests. Coralynne thought that if she locked her daughter in her room for a while as punishment, it would teach her some discipline. Unfortunately the fireplace caused a fire in Camilla's room and Camilla died. That tragedy didn't bring Sir Walter or Coralynne any closer to their wayward son, but it did bring THEM closer... if you know what I mean ;)

Belladonna was born soon after, and appears to be the complete opposite of Camilla. Maybe that will appease Coralynne - finally she will have at least ONE perfect child. We'll see how it goes.

27th Nov 2011, 5:02 AM
I hate that you have ended the zombie story, dustingdustin. I have been following your story and enjoyed it a great deal. Nice work. I hope that you go on to do more. :D

You should seriously consider posting the lots and characters from your zombie story. They looked amazing.

By the way... Now that I think about it, I don't remember seeing any of the zombies from your story. Did you use the Maxis zombies or did you go with CC zombies?

29th Nov 2011, 10:06 AM
I'm back in Pleasantview for my Uberhood rotation. Amira Ramaswami has moved back home with dear ol' ma and pa after graduating SSU, and has high hopes of being a world-famous artist, although for now she's a wedding photographer. Bit depressing for her as she can't seem to get anyone to actually marry her, so she settles for helping others with their big day. Meructio Monty, her old flame from uni, a toy-boy as he's still only a Junior, came over the other night for a booty call and I heard lullabies... THAT will be a scandal when Priya and Sanjay find out, as they had hoped their pride and joy would settle down before producing sproglets.

At the moment I have a whole load of YA's to play through in all three uni towns which is time consuming, but provides me with a whole load of drama.

Victoria Langerak is a Sophomore at SSU. She's the daughter of Kaylynn and Daniel and looks just like her mum, but with Daniel's red hair. She's currently caught in a love triangle between Rafael Gere (son of Chastity Gere and Gabriel Green) and Aleksei Una (son of John Mole and Natasha Una). She was going-steady with Aleksei, but then hopped into the hot-tub with Rafael their first night of Freshman Year. Aleksei was furious with both of them but now he and Victoria have made up, although he still attacks Rafael at any given opportunity. Quite rightly too, as Victoria and Rafael are still at it like rabbits whenever Aleksei is at class. Like mother, like daughter.

I might have to move Rafael out of the dorm soon, because the constant fighting is annoying, and I do want it to work out between Victoria and Aleksei. They have more chemistry. So I might seperate Victoria and Rafael while they're in college and if, once they're adults, they want to continue their affair.. well, if I get some illegitimate children out of it, fun!

30th Nov 2011, 3:09 AM
I hate that you have ended the zombie story, dustingdustin. I have been following your story and enjoyed it a great deal. Nice work. I hope that you go on to do more. :D

You should seriously consider posting the lots and characters from your zombie story. They looked amazing.

By the way... Now that I think about it, I don't remember seeing any of the zombies from your story. Did you use the Maxis zombies or did you go with CC zombies? Thanks! That's a ringing endorsement. The only problem with uploading the lots is the ridiculous amount of CC I'd have to go through and credit. It'd take such a long time I'd have a freakin' aneurysm. I might just go ahead and package what's left of the survivors, that's possible. It would be one of those things where I'd offer it to those who want it and just package it up. I'm going through now and redecorating all of them just in case, as all the objects inside disappeared as the Survivors moved onto new locations. So, I'm stuck entirely redoing the interiors of Walmart and the High School.

I actually did play one more thing where an elite squad of 4 went into the town, took position in a parking garage to wipe out every last remaining Z. All but one of the soldiers ended up dying.

The Zombies depended on how much detail I wanted to give them. Being that "Attack of the Zombie" is a fight, I would change their appearance and add blood and gore to their faces, but for the most part the zombies were just maxis.

30th Nov 2011, 1:55 PM
I've started a legacy challenge with I'm Surrounded by Idiot variant rules at work. So far, my founder's wife has passed out three times and peed herself once. That was only because she was pregnant, though. At the moment I'm waiting for name suggestions from readers (http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=447726) before having the Generation 2 baby born. I wished for money from the genie and got a lot more than I expected. It seems like it should be a violation of legacy rules. :lol:

3rd Dec 2011, 8:46 PM
It's not what's happening in my game right now, but the storylines for the future... I got bored of my 4 generation legacy-type family and decided to completely uninstall my game and start again. Now I'm in the process of creating a new neighbourhood. I made four couple, and one sim in each couple was a family sim. Currently my neighbourhood plays out like this:

Gracie and Max Tomlin, with their three children - Aadyn (aged 5 1/2), Johannah (aged 4 1/2) and Elliot (aged 2)
Abe and Suzi Rooke, with their three children - Joseph (aged 4), Ruth (aged 4) and Naomi (aged 6 months)
Cassie and Nate James, with their five children - Makayla (aged 5 1/2, Sasha (aged 5 1/2), Jade (aged 4 1/2), Jack (aged 2 1/2) and Derren (aged 6 months)
Casey and Amelia Heath, with their two children Hope (adopted) (aged 6) and Maddison (aged 5)

But the future... when she's a teenager, Hope Heath starts dating bad boy Sasha James. Turns out Sasha's not all that much of a bad boy, unlike the rest of his family, and he's just growing on Hope's parents when she gets bored and moves onto the hot hot hot Aadyn Tomlin. However, she later things that maybe she should have stuck with Sasha when Aadyn cheats on her... with her sister, Maddison.

Yeah, I think I'm going to have fun with this neighbourhood...

3rd Dec 2011, 9:06 PM
I got bored of my 4 generation legacy-type family and decided to completely uninstall my game and start again.

Next time you want to start your game over, please don't reinstall. There's a much quicker, easier, safer way (http://forums.electronicarts.co.uk/sims-2/280652-how-reset-your-neighbourhoods.html) to do this.

4th Dec 2011, 10:32 PM
Bluebell Turanga has bought Olive specter's place and invited Vidcund, they had pizza standing on the sidewalk, she can not afford to buy a cooker or a table, until he moves in. All her money went to the house. Anyways, Vidcund got 3000 aspiration points because he saw a ghost.
Then Bluebell relaxed on the bed and asked Vidcund to join, he hade barely made himself comfortable, another ghost jumped right at him, he got 3000 more aspiration points, he went home. :(

6th Dec 2011, 7:33 PM
I reinstalled by game, and finally added Apartment Life so I could put in ACR (it would work properly with just Mansions & Garden'). I've had to start over because I didn't properly save my games and I can't open my 2 Legacy Hoods (Spring Valley and Shiloh, sniff...). Anyhoo I can remake those hoods later because I cloned the characters in bodyshop. Right now I started a new hood Riverside Heights to experiment in and make sure everything is working as it should and I've built my first Apartment TownHouse.

Riverside Heights is an Urban City nieghborhood sort of like my former home NYC. I created this hood with just one shopping district, and no downtown and I allowed Maxi Townies. I have a Neighborhood Unversity that I created called Harriet Tubman University complete with Dorm, Univeristy Park, Student Union, School of Music and Art and Main Campus Building. Thanks to Squinges Mega College Pack I won't have to add a University if I don't want to. I will add all 3 vacation spots later.

Riverside Heights has 13 playable sims (so far). The St. James family Bertrum and Gloria (fortune/family sims) and their daughters Beatrice and Bernice. Bertrum is on the Politic Career track on his way to becoming Mayor and Gloria is an Intern in the Medical Career Track. The Delaney Sisters Bessie and Sadie and Patrick Sadie's Son. Bessie is an Elder Knowledge Sim and is an Antique Appraiser in the Historian Career Track. Sadie is in the Show Biz Career Track and Patrick is a model and both are pleasure sims. Then we have Danielle and Maurice Sinclair who live in an Apartment building. Danielle (Family Sim) works at home as a free-lance writer for the Sim City Times and Maurice (Popular Sim) is a Personal Injury Attorney. These two try for a baby every morning before Maurice leaves for work and sometimes they get busy on the couch in the evenings, and so far they have been unsuccessful (they have tried for a baby 7 times). At first I thought that sims couldn't get pregnant using ACR however Elijah and Shayla Sugarman (formerly of Shiloh) tried for a baby and Shayla got pregnant the first time. It seems Danielle and Maurice have fertility issues with ACR I may need to do some tweeking. Elijah is a Fortune/Pleasure sim and is a Association Soccer Player and Shayla is Fortune/Family Sim and a Model. Edward Johnson (formerly of Spring Valley) is Pleasure/Fortune sim and a Cat Burgular and Natasha Anderson who is one of Danielle's Maurice's neighbors is a romance sim in the Slacker Career Track with a LTW of being a Dancer. I am having a ball setting up my new hood and watching townies and playables mingle. Since my hood is new everyone is still getting acquainted.

Tonight I plan to move 2 students into neighborhood dorm-I've used the Mega College Pack before and I love it. I'm going to bring back Kendu Afumei and Lizette Morgan-in Murray Hill they were married with 3 children. Kendu and Lizette make beautiful red head girls. I was only cloned one of their daughters and when I aged her up she is absolutely beautiful. Kendu and Lizette are a genetic experiment-Kendu has brown hair green-eyed and the Slimbb/Athletic Girl medium dark skin tone. Lizete has red hair, blue eyes and the momma lisa dark skintone and bodyshape.

Since I can get bored I like a variety of playable characters and they don't have to age in sync. However, I do have to make sure there is normal progression when they marry and children get homes of their own. I can also make them townies when I want since I have a mod installed that doesn't allow them to lose their memories if I make them townies or change their status back to playable. I also have a mod that ages my townies so my hood will have a semi-normal age progression.

Peni Griffin
6th Dec 2011, 10:02 PM
I wish there were some way I could give you points for Harriet Tubman University. She totally needs a University or something named after her!

6th Dec 2011, 11:49 PM
Thank you, it was either that or Frederick Douglas Univesity which I will do in another neighborhood. I built the dorms and music school myself and for the main campus building I used a downloaded lot. I didn't want to add a Univerity Hood and I love the fact that my young adult colleges sims can mingle with the regular neighborhood folks because all the buildings except for the dorm are community lots accesible by everyone.

7th Dec 2011, 2:36 PM
Still playing my Mencken (http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=447726) "I'm Surrounded by Idiots" legacy. So far, the founder and his heir have both been turned into PlantSims because they're the only ones doing any gardening. :lol:

Peni Griffin
7th Dec 2011, 3:25 PM
Lance Point aged to child just in time to start school Monday morning. Since he didn't have a fear of having a party, and I wanted to see the toddler-to-child video, his parents threw him a party with as many of his mother's family and friends-with-children as their smallish house would comfortably accommodate.

This is the family in which two Romance sims married because they both got pregnant, and he has a half-alien sister, Andice, who will be aging up Monday. Lance has relatives out the wazoo, because Mom is Sadie Hawkins, oldest child of the Drama Acres baby machine; but Dad was built as a single CAS YA, so Andice only has Dad, Lance, a half-alien brother, and a half-alien sibling due to be born this rotation (by other fathers) to call her own. However, last rotation Sadie asked Ma and Pa to watch the kids while she and her husband had make-up woohoo after she kind of accidentally accepted a flirt with one of her old boyfriends in front of him, and Andice ended the day with a higher score with his grandparents than Lance did!

During this party, Andice was upstairs playing with the bunny, but Sadie - who had her hands full - influenced her favorite sister-in-law to Play With her. Gabriella went upstairs, played with her awhile, then brought her downstairs and gave her a bottle. Andice drank off the bottle, then went and asked Pa Hawkins for attention, and he picked her up and snuggled her. A little later I noticed that the only teen at the party, Sadie's nephew Harlan, had picked her up to toss her in the air. She was giggling up a storm and having a grand time. So it would appear that, even though her family don't like Andice's dad (they've all seen him dating other women), they have accepted Andice as a legitimate member of the family. After all, where ever she came from, she's still a little girl - and little girls are precious.

Lance, meanwhile, met Harlan and some child-aged cousins, finished learning to walk, aged in platinum and showed me the video (which was wildly appropriate to him, the gregarious little grouch), and helped himself to birthday cake. He's a little plain at first glance, but he's growing on me, since (unlike his equally biracial cousins) he has a distinct biracial look about him. With his particular heritage and a Sagittarrius sign (identified by Cyjon as the sexiest star sign), not to mention that he's one of only two boys in a long run of girl births, he's almost certainly destined to grow up to be a Romance sim, and I think he has what it takes to pull it off.

One of Dad's old dates, who caught him with his wife (how shocking) on the make-up date and was devastated, crashed the party, but he asked her to leave and she actually did before any drama ensued. I guess when she realized it was a child's birthday party her sense of shame exerted itself.

7th Dec 2011, 5:06 PM
Finally finished carefully and correctly moving my BACC sims to their new neighborhood. The old town was getting borked and driving me nuts. Hopefully their new home will work better.

8th Dec 2011, 2:27 AM
Pleasantville Reloaded: Oh.my.gawd. I just had the Reign of Fire at my sim dorm. Flamenco Caliente and Nighat Al Mahmoud are exhausted but still very much alive. Unfortunately, Michael Bachelor is not. The fire also took the lives of 3 other dormies. (A fourth dormie had died previously when a Christmas tree caught fire while the only playable, Tango Caliente, was at class. This is not a large dorm - my dead students are now almost half the population.)

Other than that, things have been going swimmingly. The Goth graveyard is filling up. Victor and Gretle Goth and Simon Crumplebottom died of natural causes, however, Prudence was last seen petting the light-up reindeer.

Mortimer and Bella are still teens and have had their first kiss, although Bella has also had her second, third and soon will have her fourth. Tango Caliente and Frida Goth are roommates in a swanky downtown apartment. Tango is working his way to the top of the culinary career, but Frida has no visible means of support. Should we be concerned that Julien Cooke seems to have dissapeared and left everything to Frida?

8th Dec 2011, 4:30 PM
I turned the Rapid Racers Roller Rink into the Banana B. Broke Memorial Arena. If my sims are gonna skate, they will do it properly. On ice.

8th Dec 2011, 10:54 PM
I realize I need to update my custom content... particularly the wardrobe for Young Adults.
My sim was taking a shower and the school cheerleader barged in and did the school dance... again. XD
That same sim was still a freshman when I started playing with her again yesterday, and now she's a junior.

9th Dec 2011, 8:28 PM
The heat is on in Riverside Heights. Maurice & Danielle Sinclair, Natasha Anderson, Edward Johnson are apartment neighbors. Family, Romance and Pleasure sims in that order. Edward and Danielle instantly disliked each other. Edward likes to tease her and she doesn't like to be teased so the fighting began. So bad that Edward needed to be moved. Before the move Edward and Maurice became best friends. Edward and Natasha became friends and when he flirted with her she rejected him twice. She didn't become interested in him until he hooked up with Sandy Fairchild. She then showed up on the West End Avenue lot where Edward was buying new clothes and had her first Kiss-she laid one on him and walked away. She showed up again while he was playing basketball at Avery Park and they had a make-out fest. They eventually consummated their relationship at his new apartment where his new neighbor is Katylynn Spry, Natasha's BFF. Now who knew that Maurice didn't love his wife Danielle until he woke up one morning with the want to fall in love? On the same morning Natasha woke-up with the want to fall in love with Maurice. Danielle wants to have a baby and they have tried at least 10 times at this point and she has not conceived. Every morning before Maurice leaves for work they try for a baby and sometimes in the evenings they will try on the couch. Maurice came home from work with the want to visit Natasha's apartment so I said what the hell and let him knock on her door. He was in the apartment for all of a minute before they were on her couch doing their thing. Edward deceides to visit the next day and Natasha invites him to her bedroom for a casual woohoo before she has to leave for work. He stayed in her apartment until she returned home and they had their first date. Edward said that he had a ridiculously good time and gave Natasha a telestar telescope and flowers. ACR is in full force! I can't wait to see how all this plays out.

Meanwhile Elijah and Shayla moved into a one bedroom apartment home and after their first try for baby she conceived and they just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Matthew. Shayla is now on birth control because they do not have room for the one child they have. Matthews crib is in the living room. They are considering taking out loan to purchase a home. Between the two of them working they should have the money saved up soon without the loan. Hopefully the birthcontrol won't fail.

Edward is doing well over at his new apartment. He rented a small 3 floor 1 bedroom apartment with lots of amenities-pool and BBQ area, hot tub, exercise room and clubroom with pooltable, bar and chess (his favorite game). He's not sure if he wants annoy his new neighbor Katlynn or flirt with her. I discovered it depends on his mood. He is a scorpio and can be very grouchy when any of his needs are not maxed. On the job he is a rock-star on the crimminal career path. He has $100,000 dollars in household funds (not counting his money in the bank and all made without cheats). His last chance card gave him a $50,000 payoff. Edward is tall, dark, handsome, bald (thanks Jay Urban), rich and spoiled.

Stay tuned as the drama heats up in the Heights.

9th Dec 2011, 8:32 PM
Everyone are taking their next steps in their lives in Townie Place, Neil Trimble, a tourist, recently got married to Camryn Trimble, another tourist.

Peni Griffin
11th Dec 2011, 4:14 AM
Billie Onions had her baby, Pearl. The last Curian boy aged to teen and grew up gorgeous, enormous nose and all - with a Romance aspiration! Frank Munny just had his first-ever party and it was a great success, but Mark Munny keeps wanting things he can't have right now. And at Hawkins Prime - well, I was reminded why I love this family so much!

The loading screens had been looking a little bare, but now there's a baby on the lot it looks right again. The twins will be leaving for college next rotation, so I should enjoy that while I can. Pigeon and Zeke were worn out from woohooing and giving birth, so after cooing over baby Dove a bit they put her down in Ma and Pa's room and went to bed. The first thing Kestrel, the youngest, did when she got up in the morning was pick up her niece and feed her - she seems delighted not to be the baby of the family anymore. Pigeon decided to go to work, saving the vacation days for when Dove becomes a toddler. Zeke also had to work, so he went in and played with Dove a bit right before he left.

When I opened the game, Ma was feeling frisky, with a nice big purple Woohoo Pa want sitting in her slots apropos of nothing. He, however, wanted to make friends and learn parenting. So he started on learning parenting while Ma did some chores, but she didn't reroll and ran out of things to do, so I figured - what the heck, he won't be around much longer. But he's not a machine, so she had to do it properly (it is a base assumption of my game that a man without a Woohoo want is a man not presently in a physiological condition to fulfill it) and start a date. The fact that the baby was awake when Pa got ready to meet her objective didn't slow them down a bit. I didn't think it would, but they never actually had the baby in the room with them before, so I wasn't sure. During their heyday, the baby would share a bedroom with a teen, so Pa would get enough sleep to make it to work and Ma would get enough sleep to keep up with the baby during the day, and all the primal scenes happened with kids wandering into the bedroom while things were underway. I woke Ma up right afterward to Check On Dove and subsequently change her diaper (the howling didn't wake Pa - Ma'd worn him out properly!), but then Ma crawled back in and went back to sleep. The girls were home by then, anyway.

The funny thing was, that Pigeon came home (with a promotion! I'm getting this house fixed up nice, fast) and went straight in to nurse Dove just as the date timer ran down. She was standing there nursing the grandbaby while the old folks got out of bed and did their romantic kissing; which quickly turned into a spontaneous make-out session, some of which overlapped Dove and Pigeon as she stood there swaying between the bed and the crib.

No wonder all the Hawkins kids grew up the way they did!

Dahll Haus
11th Dec 2011, 4:55 AM
For some reason I decided I wanted to recreate Pinkie Pie's family. (Yes, that Pinkie Pie.) I don't know why, but I recolored some curly hairstyles and went to it. I started off with Granny Pie, because I figure that's where Pinkie got her sense of humor. But I don't expect they called her Granny when she was a young adult, so I gave her the first name Gigi. She lives on a high, narrow house on a peak with a water slide. It's funny to watch her swim up it. (screw physics, I'm Gigi Pie)



She's developed a crush on a local bodybuilder, Anthony Adonis.


She's in a bikini and he's in a winter coat because she decided to go swimming on the last day of winter. Oh, Gigi! You're so random.

She's in the culinary career as a drive through worker right now. I'm planning on skipping Pinkie Pie's rock-farming Amish parents because it's my game and I can. If she ends up with a brother, I'll name him Bubble Berry and give him pink hair, too. XD

11th Dec 2011, 5:54 AM
Betty (Dreamer) Harrison (Dirk's little girl from his second marriage to CAS Belinda B.) and Hal Harrison (Nina's C.'s son) both died of old age on the same day (He was 81; she was 76). They were Romance and Levity sims respectively who got married out of the force of sheer mutual attraction. They then had two-and-a half children and proceeded to have complicated and engaging relationships with everyone they knew including their own family.

Their children (Alexandra - an Alexander Goth bastard from Betty's Vampire phase; Hadrada- engaged to the very rich Arwen C, Dina's granddaughter; and teen Belinda, who is going steady with a boring, but stable(!) teen Family sim) are very confused. They hated and loved their parents, who despite their many flaws, were really devoted to each other. Uncle Jimmy, (Hal's cousin) who actually owns the house, is seizing the insurance.

Too many melodramatic layers to expose and recount in a quick post. It all feels like a good scene from a long Russian novel.

11th Dec 2011, 4:10 PM
Danielle Sinclair has begun spending time with neighbor Neil Cameron they are now best friends. Their friendship has apparently upset Maurice so much that he doesn’t like Neil and proceeds to fight him on sight. They have had 23 fights…23…and Neil has lost every fight. At what point will he just stay away from Maurice. Danielle and Maurice continue to try for a baby every chance they get but have not had any luck in the baby department. The try for baby count is now matching Maurice’s fight count with Neil.

Patrick Delany returned to live with his mother Sadie and Aunt Bessie to find that his bedroom is their sewing room. The two elderly sisters love to sew, make pottery and flowers and needed a room to put their crafting stations. Patrick has decided to stay and save his money that he makes from modeling to purchase a house. Both Bessie and Sadie are overjoyed because they love spoiling him. Sadie has been making his clothes, while Bessie makes stuff for him to decorate his new home. So far Patrick has not shown any interest in anyone. Sadie is always talking to him about getting married and having babies. She’s quite fond of his friend Marylena Hamilton but they are not attracted to each other. Bessie the town historian loves tending her garden when she is not working or crafting. Patrick hired a gardener and a maid to help his mother and Auntie around the house. The Delaney sisters love to entertain and you can always find several guests at the dinner table. Both sisters are excellent cooks, but Bessie usually does the cooking and Sadie entertains the guest. Patrick bought Shayla Sugarman home after work. Sadie invited Marylena and she bought a friend. Sadie tried to talk to Shayla about her hobby and the conversation didn’t go well. Sadie still upset with Shayla began to poke her after the dinner dishes were cleared. Patrick figured this was a good time to say goodnight to everyone. After the guest went home, Bessie entertained her nephew and sister by playing the piano which has seemingly become an after dinner tradition for the Delaney’s.

The St. James girls Beatrice and Bernice are doing very well in school and are slowly becoming friends. Bernice absolutely loves the family dog Sidney. Bernice and Sidney forged their friendship while Bernice was a toddler. Now Gloria, Bertrum and Beatrice pay more attention to Sidney. Sidney is a loveable brown daschund who loves lots of attention. Bernice is a concert pianist in the making. She faithfully practices on the piano every morning before school and immediately upon returning from school. Bertrum and Gloria took the girls to Riverside Civic Center where Bernice wowed everyone. Beatrice not to be out done by her baby sister tried to play, (having never touched the piano at home), and left everyone holding their ears. Bertrum was promoted to State Assemblyman and has the reputation of a distinguished do-gooder. Bertrum decided that the house needed some decorating. His first decision was he wanted a new and expensive Bed that immediately upon purchase he wanted to woohoo in. He then wanted a new dresser, a bar, sauna and massage table. They have the money so what the heck. A new room had to be added to make accommodations for all of his new toys. Since all this stuff has been purchased he has not had drink from the bar or used the sauna. Gloria however, wants to woohoo in the sauna. Who was more surprised than I to find out that Gloria was expecting? (I decided to enable the try for baby dialog so I know what’s going on.lol usually I just check the pop-ups-I have no idea when this happen or if it was planned or a risky pregnancy) This pregnancy was extremely hard on her. In addition to severe morning sickness her comfort level would drain if she blinked. Gloria gave birth to a baby boy whom they named Bertrum Spencer.

Kendu and Lizette Afumei have relocated from Murray Hill to Riverside Heights with their teenage daughter Kendra. Kendra is a beautiful red-head (born in game) like her mom and loves to have fun. Upon arrival at the Carrington Court Apartments Kendra and Lizette engaged in a water balloon fight. The family is Knowledge Sims and both Kendu and Lizette are teachers since both had wants of getting a job in the education career. Kendu has a LTW to become a Media Magnate (Kendra has the same LTW) and Lizette’s LTW is an Ecological Guru. After Lizette made lunch, Kendu called her upstairs to the living room for a casual sit on the couch that resulted in a risky woohoo pregnancy! What da’ hell….everyone is fertile except Danielle. Good thing Kenya will be going to college soon because they will need her room. Birth control seems to be in order for Lizette because their apartment only has 2 bedrooms and I can see it now-5 kids in a 2 bedroom apartment. These two are always getting busy naked on the sofa. They haven’t used their bed once. Lizette and Danielle are forging an uneasy friendship. They seem to like each other but their conversations sometimes clash do their different interest. Danielle is also a little jealous of Lizette because she is pregnant. She wanted to rub Lizette’s belly and Lizette slapped her hand away. So far these two fluctuate began like and dislike.

11th Dec 2011, 4:42 PM
Tank Grunt's and Ophelia Spectre's love has faded over the course of their adolescence (thanks to a hacked object ;) ). Grunt has taken a liking to little Jill Smith, the sister of Johnny, his mortal enemy. Johnny and Tank are trying to come to terms with their differences, seeing how Jill likes Tank so darned much (and why, one wonders? She's a knowledge Simlet and he's....in to being a rough and ready boot polisher! Love is so strange!).

Meanwhile, Jill's Dad is beginning to think it might be safe to be open about his existence in Strangetown since everyone thinks he's human now. No one seems to remember that he was found injured inside his crashed spaceship by none other than Mr. Grunt Sr. Mr. Grunt can't even remember why he considered Pollination a threat or an enemy and has decided to let bygones be bygones. Not that they will ever be friends, but he is no longer pursuing him with prejudice. Of course, Pollination, if you really want to fly under the radar, you might want to think about changing your name, eh? Obviously, he's not the brightest bulb in the alien box.

Jenny has gone back to school to get more training in the field of medicine so that she may be a technician or something. She longs for another child, but is getting on in years.

11th Dec 2011, 9:57 PM
As the only resident warlock in my game, Alexander Goth spotted a niche in the business market, and opened Ye Olde Magick Shoppe, so now the aspiring magically-minded in the Uberhood have somewhere to go to buy all their potions, spells, etc.

It was my first proper attempt at a successful business venture (Henry Burb's mechanic shop in his garage does not really count) and I rather enjoyed it! Two employees quit in as many days, but now we're steadily climbing the ranks and business is booming! I don't know what my Sims are going to do with all those dragon scales and eye of newt they've been buying, but hey-ho. It's quite good having a business owner be a warlock, too; whenever his employees got a bit disgruntled, he could cast a spell to cheer them up and back they'd go happily to work again.

Now I think I've gotten into the swing of business running, I might give my Fortune-minded Sims with the "Own 5 Top Level Business" LTW a shot at it!

In other news, I'm trying a "one pregnancy for each family" rule to cut down my population a bit, with the exception of Sims who have a LTW involving a required number of children. Buck Grunt and Jill Smith are trying for 6 kids; so are Beau Broke and Lucy Burb. Both sets of parents had twins first time round, so they are well on the way. Babies everywhere!

12th Dec 2011, 12:13 AM
It's day 128 in Prosperity, and 3 of the 4 Norwood quads did not get to go to Uni. (They won't yell at me about it for another four Simdays, but I feel their pain now.) Due to a lack of required skills, their aging mother is stopped on the Athletic career track at Coach, so no more big promotional bonuses have been coming in. And their father is an unemployed dreamer whose contribution to the family's bottom line consists of the occasional painting or piece of pottery. There was just no way they could afford §128,000 to send all four girls to college. Zoey Norwood, whose lifetime want is to be a City Planner, had earned more scholarships than the other three and therefore won the opportunity to transition to YA. Now it's time to play the other three up to adulthood so they can socialize with sis at her dorm and moan for three hours about not getting to go to Uni. Blame your father, not me, girls.

Meanwhile, Aiden Stone flunked out of Uni in his senior year and got sent to a shack in Baskerville. (Paisley Stone loves all her children, but Aiden's three older siblings -- all successfully graduated -- had already moved back home. He couldn't face them.) To add injury to insult, his welcome wagon was infected with the Prosperity Plague, so now he's kicking around in a one-room shack and entertaining himself with coughing sessions that last 2 simhours. However, he probably has a brighter future ahead, courtesy of Mallory Parker, impregnated via risky woohoo. Mallory's a self-sufficient adventurer, but she wants to marry Aiden, so if he can just stop fearing marrying her, he can put his loser shack behind him and sponge off her for the rest of his pleasure-seeking life. Mallory also knows the recipe for Grandma's comfort soup, one of three known cures for the plague. Think about it, Aiden. Marriage or death: which do you fear more?

Lastly, a minor development in the wealthy Bluestone Beach enclave: Chastity Parker, married to Zeke Parker since day 121, has finally had her (secret) locked desire to marry Steve Bishop superseded by the desire to advance in her career. It's not quite as romantic as it could have been if it had been displaced by a want to teach her toddler daughter to walk or talk, but I'm happy for her devoted husband Zeke. Bye-bye, yearning for past loves and might-have-beens.

14th Dec 2011, 7:55 PM
Randy London moved into Harriet Tubman University Dorm and began his first semester. He is a drama major and his LTW is being in the entertainment industry. It's amazing what a buff skin-tone, new hair cut, and beard and can do for a man. I never realized that Randy is of Asian ancestry. He has eyes found in some Mountain and Far East locals. After settling in and having lunch Randy went to the HTU Student Union for coffee. He ran into several friends who talked to him about getting good grades in school.

Birth control did not work for Shayla Sugarman. She got pregnant again! This time it happened by a risky woohoo pregnancy. Elijah got a $50,000 loan from the bank and combined with the $32,000 they had in household funds and purchased the loft and partially furnished it. Thank goodness they already had the basics. The Sugarman’s now reside at 1275 University Avenue across from Harriet Tubman University. Amaya Sugarman was born after a casual woohoo one morning and she is the apple of her father’s eye. Elijah is totally in love with his baby girl. It was so cute when Shayla handed Amaya to Elijah. Mathew aged to toddler and has already achieved miracle mite status. Matthew is a grouchy Scorpio, very outgoing and active-just grouchy at times. Elijah and Shayla will have to make sure they encourage him to be nice to others.

Over at the St. James- Bertrum is now on the City Council, Gloria has started her residency, Beatrice aged to teen and Bertrum Spencer aged to toddler. The St. James family is a very close knit family. The have their squabbles (very funny), but they love each other immensely. They love spending time together playing and joking. They are very friendly towards their neighbors and townies, but have not made any friends outside of their immediate family (not even one). Both Bertrum and Gloria are quick to introduce themselves to others, but they keep their conversations brief and never stay too long in place. Even on family outings they gravitate toward each other even when forces to socialize. Beatrice takes after her father regarding fitness and works out daily by swimming. Both Beatrice and Bernice are very interested in learning and creativity. Beatrice fulfilled a want to study fire safety and Bernice fulfilled her want to study physiology. Bernice is 2 ½ skill points away from maxing out creativity (Too bad there isn’t a career for a concert pianist) and will age to teen in 3 days. After the attention Bernice received at the Riverside Civic Center, the whole family has been influenced by Bernice to begin “practicing the piano.” Since the piano is now very popular within the household and usually in use by a family member, Bernice has begun playing the violin.

The St. James family loves their Butler Waymon (although Gloria still thinks they need a Nanny-for 3 days she’s had the Hire Nanny want). The house is kept immaculate; he makes the beds (if necessary-Beatrice will usually make her bed and her sister’s bed. He tends the garden, makes minor repairs, and makes sure the family pets are taken care of (feeds the dog and guinea pig, cleans the pet bed and mops up Sidney’s accidents); Waymon also makes sure the family meals are served on time and promptly clears the table. He also takes excellent care of Bertrum Spencer. Waymon earns every cent of his $345 dollar a day salary because the St. James household keeps him busy. He literally works from the time he arrives in the morning (I think he arrives between 6 am & 7am) until he leaves in the evening at 8pm.

Lizette Afumei gave birth to a baby boy that they named Kwaggi after Kendu's grandfather. Kwaggi has beautiful grey eyes. I wonder if he will have red hair like his mother or brown like his father. Kendra aged to YA and moved to Harriet Tubman University Dorms on the Riverside Heights campus. Kendra is a beautiful plus size red-head like her mom and quite the social butterfly. She loves to joke and play pranks, but she is not mean spirited and quick to apologize. After she registered for classes and put away her stuff in her room she made lunch for herself and Randy London. Randy has finished his first semester as Kendra is about to begin hers. Kendra is not very active and will often just sit around doing nothing or just lounging. It appears that Randy London is a little on the lazy side himself. After 2 days of avoiding each other except during meals, the two bonded over a game of pinball.

14th Dec 2011, 8:34 PM
I just finished playing the Broke's and the Grunt's (seperate households; the Broke household is the last in the Pleasantview rotation, the Grunt's the first in the Strangetown one). It amazes me how different the househoulds and family dynamics are, yet both had quite an eventful two days.

Beau and Lucy's toddler twins, Maisie and Spencer, aged up to children. Their infant son Connor then became a toddler. Spencer and Connor both look like mini-Beau's but with different hair colours (Spencer, black; Connor, brown) while Maisie looks like a mini-Brandi with brown eyes! I hope Beau's blonde hair gets a look in somewhere, or his blue eyes. Lucy is pregnant again, so there's hope. Brandi has just retired and spends her days looking after the grandchildren and eagerly awaits the other one to arrive. Lucy wants 6 children, so there's not going to be a shortage of Broke children any time soon.

So the Broke house is quite busy. There's LOTS of family interaction. The twins are constantly playing with each other, tormenting their younger brother, pestering the adults for attention. Lucy and Beau are all over each other all the time, no wonder she keeps getting knocked up. Brandi keeps rolling wants to invite Dustin and Brendon over, and they bring along their kids as well. There's always something going on.

Then I go over to Strangetown and enter the Grunt lot. Tank is in the military and his wife Klara is a GP. They work long hours and rarely see each other. They are 5 days from elder but my last play session, Klara got pregnant via risky woohoo. They already have a YA daughter, Faith, who is very tomboyish and I imagine struggles to impress a father that so blatantly wanted a boy to carry on the Grunt name. So relations are strained there. But Klara is preggers when I enter the lot, and gives birth soon after.. to a boy! Tank is over the moon with little Biff, so much so that he even takes a day off work. Klara isn't fussed and goes right back to bed. Tank plays with Biff, feeds him, puts him to bed, and then goes to his favourite object.. the excercise bike. You can tell where this is going... yeah, little Biff is fatherless now. Tank died. :(

I was quite surprised. Tank has been obsessed with that darn bike since he was in college, and he's had a fair few near misses, especially living in Strangetown where it's perpetual summer/spring. I like to think the game was waiting until Tank finally got that boy he'd been wanting before deciding his time was up.

So, two very different households, but there's always drama!

15th Dec 2011, 2:17 AM
It's week five of the Rose Island BACC. I can run businesses, but I can't really manage employees, so I am planning a neighborhood full of servos, plantsims and witches to run businesses in groups of two or three.

My founding family, the Lockes, have the largest, wealthiest, and most genetically diverse household around. My founder, Julianne, will soon celebrate her golden anniversary with her husband, Gunnar, an eccentric plantsim who has recently become a game designer and given birth to alien spawn. Aside from Gunnar's plant and alien children, the couple has two sons: Anderson, an intellectual, reclusive teenager who is hoping his family will get rich and found Rose Island's first university; and Stewart, who is genetically human but looks like a tiger. (This is his skintone. (http://trappingit.livejournal.com/50645.html) You will note that it comes in geneticized flavor only!) He looks like he should be the son of his next door neighbor, Fahd Bentley, but he's actually just a mutant.

Fahd wishes he could sleep with Julianne, but he probably never will. He's a successful entertainer, a bestselling novelist, a cruel but charismatic romance sim who plans to seduce scores of women -- but he hasn't actually managed to have an affair yet. His wife Abigail, however, just brought home a friend from work and slept with him immediately. ACR works in mysterious ways! Anyway, they're both terrible spouses, and they deserve each other. They've just opened up a grocery store together, which might be in trouble if their marriage is torpedoed by rampant infidelity.

Meanwhile, Lilly Vasquez has discovered the secret of artificial intelligence. She wants to open up a restaurant and have it staffed by servos, but she also wants to start a family with her husband Carlos.

15th Dec 2011, 1:48 PM
I´m currently taking a short break from my custom ´hood, by playing a merged Pleasantview/Strangetown. I havn´t done much yet, but Cassandra was left at the altar and is now furious with Don. She went to buy some new clothes and that´s where she met... Nervous Subject! She found him really hot and started talking with him. They became friends pretty quickly, and then Nervous started to tell her about the Beakers and all the horrible things they have done to him. Cassandra felt sorry for Nervous of course, but she got an idea - now when she knew all about the Beaker´s crimes, she could perhaps talk them into letting Nervous go. And as a present they would get a new test subject - Don Lothario. The Beakers were pretty happy about the offer. They had already done so much research on Nervous that they felt like having a brand new test subject could be interesting.

The new friendship with Cassandra made Nervous feel a lot more confident, and after a while he realized that he really liked her too. He found the courage and finally started flirting with her. Cassandra also did some research about who Nervous mother is. She fixed it so the mother and the son could finally meet again :) .

That´s pretty much where I am right now. Nervous isn´t free yet and Don is not the Beakers prisoner yet. But everyone involved, except for Don, know the plans.

Nervous is such a sweetheart and deserves a better life. Don on the other hand is probably one of my most hated sims, so I´m looking forward for some revenge :heyhey: .

Peni Griffin
15th Dec 2011, 2:32 PM
I played the Gavigans last night and on opening was greeted with the news that one of them had bought a pet. I was about to say no - there's already seven people and a cat on the lot, plus a pregnancy - when I suddenly thought: Y'know, the twins are about to go to college and it won't feel like the Gavigan house if it's not overcrowded and chaotic. So I said yes and wound up with an elderly - bulldog? He's a bit gracile for a bulldog. Probably a mutt. I got him a bone and a doghouse and fired the household up.

Cymmi, the mutt, growled at Ninevah, the cat, who yowled back. Nathan scolded Cymmi for hostility to others, but nobody was around to scold Ninevah and anyway, the dog started it. Later, ignoring the comfy doghouse (I don't think his old bones like negotiating the back porch stairs), Cymmi went to bed in the prime pet bed, the one on the second floor where it's relatively quiet and there's no stereo for people to randomly turn on. This is of course Ninevah's spot. So Ninevah, who isn't the least bit tired, comes along and pounces him where he lies. Three times! Cymmi, not about to give up the good bed, lies there and takes it.

Suddenly I'm tempted to get every household with a cat a second pet, just to see more of the pounce animation. The Skirts' poodles never did anything this interesting together - they mostly sniff each other and growl at the mirror.

16th Dec 2011, 5:07 PM
I had an Apartment Controller issue that is now resolved and one of my hacks was not working properly. Well, while concentrating on isolating and fixing issue, I forgot that ACR settings could possibly be reset. Well, two things occurred. Lizette Afumei just gave birth to a baby boy and Kendra just left for college. Since birth control did not work for Shayla Sugarman I set Lizette to not being able to conceive since Lizette and Kendu can't keep their clothes on longer than 5 minutes. They have a small apartment. The second bedroom is really no bigger than a large closet so there is really no room for another human Sim in this apartment. I entered the Afumei lot and they were sleeping as I left them. Upon waking, I thought Kendu was making the bed however, he was preparing for a woohoo w/Lizette, Suddenly, I'm hearing the baby chime, and I'm like come on already-what the hell!? That's when I realized my lot settings were back at default because I didn't get the pop-up telling me they were trying for a baby or she got pregnant by risky woohoo. Now, I know I could have not saved the game and/or terminated the pregnancy or she could have taken the morning after pill, but I figured perhaps we will get another born-in-game redhead. At this point you'd think I would go into every lot and reset their settings...No, I continue to play the household to make sure all is well before exiting to move Natasha and Princess back into their apartment. They had the issue with the apartment controller. Now I'm solely focused on getting her apartment back in order and making sure there are no issues. I totally forgot about Natasha's other neighbor the Sinclair’s (If you haven't figured it out already, The Afumei's, Sinclair’s, Neil and Natasha & Princess Anderson all live in the same building). After getting settled, Natasha goes to work returns home and goes to hang out at the bowling Alley.

Now when she left to go bowling Danielle, Kendu and Lizette were in front of the building. I also notice Neil lurking in his door way. Natasha returns home after bowling and immediately goes upstairs to take a shower and then cleans the bathroom. Then she heads for the kitchen to get something to eat. Now I hear all the chatter outside of her apartment, but again I'm focused on making sure everything is working in her unit. That's when I hear the blooms of heart thing when Sims fall in love and I'm wondering what in the world is happening outside-Everyone is married expect for Natasha and Neil-Then I'm thinking it couldn't be...What the mess? Danielle has gone and fallen in love with Neil while Maurice is standing right there. I move the camera to the front of Natasha's apartment in time to see Danielle and Neil coming out of an embrace. Apparently their jealousy threshold is high or low depending on how you look at, because Maurice did not react negatively towards Danielle. Remember Neil and Maurice have already had 23 fights and Neil has lost every fight. NOW I remember that their ACR settings have been reset to default-Now Neil and Maurice are back to poking, slapping and shoving each other after 3 days of no trouble. I can't figure out what Danielle sees in Neil and he is old enough to be her father (not that age is an issue-I just can't see them together). Danielle and Maurice start making-out and sweet talking each other in between the poking, shoving and slapping going on between Neil and Maurice. This is a hot Sim ghetto mess!

Peni Griffin
17th Dec 2011, 3:08 PM
This illustrates why I don't have ACR, and why I love it that other people do. :) Nothing does Daytime Drama like ACR. ACR + apartments = Uncontrollable Mayhem. And I can look on, and laugh, and return to my own less-strenuous characters.

18th Dec 2011, 2:33 AM
LilSister I was laughing at your post, then started playing my game. First thing that happens is one of the Brokes (who were on a child or less policy because there are too many of them) slipped upstairs with his wife and they ACR'd themselves another baby. I thought all the tokens were in place, but apparently they weren't, or Dustin's token reset between moving to jail and his release back home.

Today I focused on the Broke/Oldie house. They adopted a kitten, but for some reason it grew up 10 Sim minutes later. As mentioned, Dustin and Angela celebrated Dustin's release by conceiving a baby. Herb was feeling a little low, so he went out and had a quick date with a woman he picked up at the Card Shack. They went to the Love Maze, where Herb foolishly took a picture with her in the photo booth and brought it home. If his wife Cora finds it, it'll be all over for him.

Then, in the other Broke household, there was an incident that made me wonder how the game chooses the friends that Sims bring with them to other houses. I've had some Sims show up with strange townies, but today was the first time someone brought an enemy. Brandi's teen son Cole invited Katherine over and she asked if she could bring a friend. I chose yes, since it made sense for her to do it. Cole has been unsuccessfully (and autonomously - so many rejections but he won't give up) trying to get Katherine to fall in love with him for awhile, so it makes sense that she'd want a buffer. But she brought Lucy Burb, her enemy and Cole's ex. The two girls spent the whole visit fighting.

19th Dec 2011, 3:32 AM
So I loaded a household and it was 4am when I left off. I noticed that their child, Winter, was not on the left panel. I then went to bedroom to see that she got out of bed, just to drop dead!

I'm assuming it was the cold plague that has been going around, but I thought I had this family cured already. I also didn't get the notice spam of anyone in the household being sick and I would of also noticed if she was sick for that long. I told myself to never plead for loved ones anymore because of easy they can be saved, but I couldn't let this kid die :( So she was saved from death this time!

19th Dec 2011, 3:56 PM
Yesterday I played the Afumei household. The Afumei family moved to a nice but small brownstone with a garage for the car Kendu has rolled a want for everyday for the last 15 days. It was necessary to move them from the tiny apartment due their growing family. Lizette has been a maternity leave since she was pregnant with Kwaggi and no plans to return until after the new baby reaches toddler stage. Kendu purchased a black Ford Explorer Hybrid so he now drives himself to work. Kendu also received 2 promotions, the last from a chance card he is now a High School Principal. The Afumei's are doing very well. Kendu is able to provide for his family on his income alone and Lizette has stylishly furnished their home without breaking the bank. Lizette invited Kendra over for a visit to see the new house and to bond with her baby brother. Her visit also gave Lizette time to take a nap without worrying about baby Kwaggi.

Elijah & Shayla Sugarman stopped by, along with Patrick Delaney to welcome them to the neighborhood. Kendra developed a strong attraction to Patrick who is attracted to Shayla. Unfortunately for Patrick, Shayla is totally faithful to her husband. Elijah does not mind all the attention that Patrick gives Shayla. Elijah and Patrick are actually good friends. Everyone had a great time, Lizette cooked and the group ate and danced until Lizette wore herself out. After a shower she went right to bed. Kendu said good night to everyone, cleaned up the kitchen, bathed and fed baby Kwaggi and put him to bed for the night. Poor Kendu barely had enough energy to take a shower before he went to bed.

The next morning Kendu wants a little woohoo before work. Just as he leaving to go to work Lizette goes into Labor, Kwaggi runs back upstairs just in time for the baby’s birth. I was very disappointed, another boy that they name Kanye. Kwaggi goes to work and Lizette is left to deal with 2 babies. She calls Kendra to come over and help her. Now the fun begins, Kendra arrives, Lizette hands Kanye to Kendra, runs upstairs to feed, bathe and change Kwaggi. She then runs back downstairs to nurse Kanye put him down for a nap, then she makes lunch because Kendra is about to starve. They have barely finished lunch before Kwaggi is hungry and needs changing again, so the cycle begins again. Kendu arrives home from work promptly at 4pm in time to prepare for Kwaggi’s birthday, thank God because all this bouncing around from baby to baby is driving ME nuts. While Lizette is bringing Kwaggi to his cake, Kendra takes a few pictures while Kendu puts baby Kanye in his crib upstairs in the bedroom that the boys will share. Kwaggi ages to toddler, he is absolutely beautiful. Although he was born with grey eyes like his mother, they are now blue like his daddy and his hair is brown like Kendu’s. I immediately give him all toddlers skills (walks, talks, potty trained and know nursery rhyme), putting his aspiration platinum. All that running around feeding, bathing and changing babies wore ME out. Kwaggi is now self-sufficient- he can take of his own needs including feeding himself (thank you Rebecca). He eats when is hungry, goes to potty when he needs to and goes to bed when he is sleepy. Lizette is now on permanent birth control, no more babies. I mean really, they have a child in college! I really wanted another red-head baby girl-Oh well. Kwaggi bonds with his sister Kendra; they not only become friends they are best-friends by the time she leaves.

I decided to visit Kendra and Randy over at HTU. Randy is now a sophomore and has managed to keep his job and I’m not sure how that happened. He is in the adult athletic career-either level 4 or 5-not sure because I’m not able to see his job panel only his college panel is showing. His job schedule often interferes with his class schedule, but since he does his assignments, studies his skill requirements and writes his term papers he has managed to his 4.0 grade average. Kenya has finished her first semester and except for her laziness she is doing well. Kenya is lazy and I don’t understand because she has enough active points. Kenya loves to lounge-she will move from room to room, sofa to sofa lounging around. I had to remove access to the other dorm bedrooms to keep her from lounging in those rooms.

Randy and Kendra have become quite found of each other. I noticed that there are 3 bolts next to their respective pictures and Kendra is always following him around wanting to tell him a joke, gossip, or talk about her hobby. As much as Kendra likes to lounge around, Randy likes to keep busy. He will keep himself occupied by reading the newspaper, playing the piano or watching a game on TV. While he was reading the paper, Kendra kept trying to get his attention and he ignored her. She walked away and went to watch television. When Randy was done reading the paper, he decided it was time for his first kiss. Randy and Kendra shared their first kiss AND first woohoo-thank goodness I already made pregnancy impossible for her while she is in school. Can you imagine Lizette becoming a grandmother with a toddler and baby at home?

19th Dec 2011, 10:26 PM
at the moment my sims are dancing at the same time

20th Dec 2011, 9:50 AM
I've taken on Pleasantview pretty seriously now. I'm tired of making CAS after CAS. So, here is what is happening in Pleasantview.

-Dreamers - Dirk and Darren have moved a few times, taking Darleen's treasured grave with them. Darren is currently working as a Criminal Mastermind (needing those simoleons to win the heart of Cassandra), and Dirk is working hard on preparing for college with Lilith. He's snuck out with her several times now, and I think I'm going to keep this pairing cannon.

-Burbs - After John's wanky affair with Brandi, (just to get it out of his system) which he never told Jennifer about, he decided to cut ties with Brandi, especially when Jennifer came up pregnant. Even though Jennifer is pregnant she still goes to work every day. They're both hoping on a boy. Lucy has turned into a gorgeous teenage girl, and Dustin Broke accidentally fell in love with her. They are triple bolted with each other, and so I have the idea that once they get in college and Dustin breaks the bonds with Angela, he and Lucy will be getting together. Lucy isn't ready yet for any sort of relationship especially after Don Lothario got a hold of her. He saw her when she became a teenager, and instantly he was hitting on her (Thanks ACR!!) A very unexpected development. She doesn't really like him, but she was flattered, I mean what young teen girl wouldn't be? Dustin got into a fight with Don Lothario and actually won!

Pleasant - I have only played with Lilith so far, I changed her hair from red to black, and made her more Goth like, but she's really sweet! Her and Lucy are the best of friends, and she loves Jennifer. =)

So far that's as far as I've gotten. I think I'll head on over to the Pleasants or Broke's and mess with them next!

20th Dec 2011, 10:36 PM
Bored of the Megahood and my BACC, I started a third neighborhood which is just sort of this weird BACC/Prosperity/Totally Random Rules thing I created. I'm liking it so far.

20th Dec 2011, 11:15 PM
After broadening his horizons by dating Regina Francis, Connor Appleby decided that he would marry Prof. Eunice Curtis after all. The engagement was short-lived, and the wedding ceremony was a whirlwind!
He then managed to qualify for his dream career in Oceanography, and in between shifts managed to get in some serious loving action, culminating one evening in the birth of his son Walter.
Two promotions later, the family was beginning to look more financially secure, and Connor swapped useful titbits of fishy (and monetary) information from his wealthy uncle Brandon. Despite the two of them not being close while Connor was growing up, they hit it off and soon became friends.
Little Walter soon grew up to a toddler, which was probably just as well, as Eunice was pregnant again. The scans had reckoned she was only carrying one baby, so imagine the surprise when she gave birth to twins!
As it stands at this moment, Walter is busily slotting shapes into his peg toy, while Eunice is scrabbling around looking to beg, borrow or steal a third crib (they'd got themselves a second one) just so both Harold and Kitty have somewhere to sleep.

Never mind a crib Eunice, I thinks you lot need a bigger HOUSE!!! :lol:

21st Dec 2011, 12:47 AM
I am so happy right now I could SCREAM!!! When I finally decided to install Apartment Life I did a complete reinstall and didn't properly save my games. My 2 Legacy Neighborhoods Spring Valley and Shiloh can no longer be play. To say I was upset is an understatement. Only fellow Simmer can understand, I was on 4th generations in both hoods. I was so upset at the time that I deleted the folders that were in game, but I kept the zipped backup copies. Well just now I decided to unzip them to see if Simpe could still read the files before deleted them forever. SIMPE CAN STILL READ THE FILES!!! I can now extract my sims and their families, clone and package them to file and recreate both hoods or hell combined them.. I am so syked. It's a task that I won't be able to complete until the Holidays are over because I have family coming and I've got cooking to do, but this realization has made me so happy and I had to share.

21st Dec 2011, 9:34 PM
In my new neighborhood, town founder Magdalena Lynwood, a werewolf, met and married fellow werewolf Jordan Crewe. During the town meeting, Katherine Beckett and Jordan's brother, Colin (an atrociously evil warlock) started ACRing all over the place despite only having one bolt. Lucas Hyland picked lots of fights - seems he'll be the town's jerk. His wife, Audrey, showed up after dark since she's a vampire. Audrey's sister Cecilia was being a pest - every time someone went into the bathroom she followed them and then shooed them out and then left without ever using the bathroom at all. This continued for a while until Magdalena asked her to leave. Magdalena and Jordan had twins by the end of their round - Wilbur and Julie - who both rolled and will become werewolves like their parents when they reach their teenage stage.

21st Dec 2011, 10:11 PM
In my neighborhood, Townie Place, Komei and Jan Tellerman just had a son, Spencer and Christy Toyonaga just had a son too, Sheldon and Lucy Hanby just a baby girl, Neil and Brandi LeTourneau just had a son, Clarence and Naenae Phillipine just had a daughter and BJ and Marie Ryan are about to adopt a (girl) child. And much more...

21st Dec 2011, 11:39 PM
In my game, I'm playing the Strangetown pre-mades because I love all of their weird backstories.
I played through the Specter house until Ophelia grew up and Olive died. Then, I switched to the Smith household and aged Johnny up. The two haven't seen each other since I started playing, and I plan to keep it that way. Screw the system! After aging up Johnny, I moved Ripp Grunt to La Fiesta Tech to get away from Tank and his dad. His LTW is Become A Celebrity Chef, so I let him major in philosophy. He's become quite the casanova, and is in love with six or so girls (one of which is Ophelia Nigmos. :P)
I don't know where those two are going to go. Ripp is a Romance sim, and Ophelia is a Family sim. Maybe they'll get married and have a very dramatic and dysfunctional relationship. Maybe they'll squirt out a couple of freaks for me to play later on.

22nd Dec 2011, 4:49 AM
I usually only play one family for a real-life day or two. But I decided to hunker down and live out a persons whole life. And so, Laura Smith was born! Her and her dog, Bear, are in Belladonna Cove. Shortly after moving in, she met Gabriel Green. They fell in love, got married, had a kid, blah blah blah. He wasn't a great husband though, never did chores, broke things, hogged the computer for gaming when Laura wanted to write a book. The last straw was when he cheated on her. He was out, but their son, Lionel, kept in contact. Not long later, she met another man, Vincent. After their marriage, Lionel went to college with his child hood friend. With Lionel gone, they both wanted a kid, but after 3 days of trying, they adopted. And so Oscar joined the family. He met a lovely girl, and WHOOPS! got his teen girlfriend preggy. So they were kicked out to college. Laura is an elder now, and getting calls from Gabriel, wanting to meet up. So she goes out for coffee, and has one wild night of loving. She wants to leave Vincent, but HE got pregnant from aliens! Shortly after the birth of Quintin, Laura dies, after fulfilling her dream of becoming the best entertainer.

22nd Dec 2011, 7:40 AM
This is happening right now.

But seriously...
My extremely large Yoshimatsu family consisting of grandmother Makoto Yoshimatsu, mother Lila Yoshimatsu, father Kaito Yoshimatsu, teenage son Sora Yoshimatsu, teenage daughter Yuuki, twin boys Rikku and Link, and toddler Keiko.

Kaito and Lila met when they were children, and Lila always, ALWAYS, bullied Kaito, however, when they were teenagers they began going out (with Lila cheating along the way), and as adults got married. They had Sora, and around the same time Kaito's mother Makoto moved in (her husband had just died). Kaito started working more, and more, and before they knew it, Lila was preggers again! BUT, it wasn't Kaito's baby! Shortly after Lila became pregnant, future-Yuuki's REAL father died in a veeery suspicious house fire, and Kaito and Yuuki are convinced that Kaito is Yuuki's real dad. They had twins Rikku and Link, who were neglected by their mother who only cared about romance, and their father who worked all the time, but were shown much love from Makoto and Yuuki. In their final days of childhood, Lila gave birth AGAIN, this time the baby belonged to Gavin Newson, who, again, suspiciously died in a house fire after. The baby's name was Keiko, and aged to toddler the same day Rikku and Link aged to children. Makoto was too busy taking care of the new baby to pay attention to Rikku and Link, but Yuuki still showed them love, and they became practically obsessed with her.

Sora went to the gypsy matchmaker to set up a date with the prettiest girl he knew, Rin Kagamine. However, once Rin got to his house, she was completely ignored by him, who just wanted to play video games, so she started talking to Yuuki, and the two became best friends. A few days later, Yuuki invited Rin over, and she brought her brother Len. Len and Yuuki got along great, and before they left, Len tried to kiss Yuuki, and he did. However, Rikku and Link saw this, and - with no attraction to their sister - became completely jealous. Len began taking up more and more of Yuuki's time, and no matter how nice he was to the twins, they completely tormented him when he was at their house.

Lila is still pursuing her romantic pursuits, even though she's on the "wrong side" of adult hood right now, if you know what I mean. But she's a cougar!

Kaito has been working like crazy, and, one day when work was just too much, Kaito gave his boss the good ol' "take this job and shove it" sign, and came home early, to find his wife in bed with another man. (a TEENAGER to be specific. LEN to be specific.) Kaito had finally snapped (he knew she had been seeing other men, he had found love letters and flowers before) and, before he could take it back, slapped her. Len tried to run out of the room, but this was around the time Sora and Yuuki were getting home from school (he stayed home from school), and when they heard the yelling from upstairs, they ran up there, where they saw naked Len, naked mom, pillows all over the place, and a bunch of candles. Sora attacked Len, and Yuuki ran to the bathroom and started vomiting.

A while later, Yuuki realized she was pregnant. The only person she had ever had sex with was Len, and she knew it was his baby. Afraid to call Len, she called Rin and asked her to come over, with her family. She agreed, but only Rin and her mom showed up. Yuuki asked what happened, and Rin said that Len ran away (on the same night he was caught with Yuuki's mom) and they haven't been able to find him. When Rin asked why Yuuki was so damn fat, she told her that she was pregnant with Len's baby. This ticked off Rin's mom, and she attacked a very pregnant Yuuki.

When Yuuki's time finally came, she had a very unfortunate miscarriage, and Len was still nowhere to be found. Sora was flunking in school, Rin's mom constantly kicked over their garbage and stole their newspapers, Kaito and Lila have been getting into fights - physical and verbal - every night, Rikku and Link are ticked off about Yuuki getting pregnant, Keiko aged to a child badly, and grew a resentment against everyone in the family, except for Makoto, who recently died.

Things are not going so well right now. xD

22nd Dec 2011, 7:43 AM
haha everyone is dancing! Love it. (where did you get the clothes the girl with the short blonde hair is wearing?) love the outfit!

22nd Dec 2011, 8:16 AM
@RowenaLupin: I don't really know which girl you're talking about, but Rin's outfit is from SimalCast (http://u1.getuploader.com/vclsim/download/28/Rin.zip). It's in Japanese, but scroll down to the text box, type in cv02 and press the button next to it, then scroll down again, and press the button. Yuuki's outfit is from amandaskeefer (http://www.modthesims.info/d/245530). :)

23rd Dec 2011, 1:19 AM
THIS was born:


His name is Kermit (oh random roller, how you slay me at times) and I'm not entirely sure why he has no eyes. Both of his parents are very cute but he ended up like this! :blink: I sure hope he grows into it.

Peni Griffin
23rd Dec 2011, 3:44 PM
I'm working character arcs right now.

When I gave Gerry Mander a Popularity aspiration for his teens, I did so intending to change it in junior year, and this rotation, he hit junior. Given his history and personality, he'd do well as either Fortune or Family, so I rolled high/low (high rollers get Fortune), and he's gone and accepted the lesson of his stepdad's life with his mom. Sally keeps trying for a boy, but Joshua can't seem to provide the requisite chromosome, and is working like a dog in the show business career get not quite ahead of the bills. If Gerry's going to marry Sparrow Hawkins, with her family track record of rampant fertility, he needs to plan ahead, so he changed his major from Poli Sci to Economics, which means playing catch up on some of his skill points. Her family (or a portion of it) took him on an outing, where he talked about public woohoo with her sister and made friends with her mother and father. Yeah, he'll fit right in!. He's also lost a fist fight with Sparrow's ex-boyfriend Alon, who just will not ease up. It's not even about Sparrow anymore.

Sparrow, for her part, is on her final semester and still doesn't have a plan. She loves Gerry, and dates him constantly; but she also keeps rolling wants to play the field instead of to get engaged. Her usual role model, Pigeon, can't help her with that, because Pigeon never had a self-doubt in her life. So Sparrow's tentatively getting to know her other big sister, the notorious Sadie, who has gone from playing the field to married with one and a half children (she treats her husband's alien daughter like her own), and Sparrow will probably move into that household when she graduates, to provide live-in child care and get her head together.

Meanwhile, Alon's fiancee Amber was bowling at the Campus Sports Center, and since Alon was nowhere around I had her start randomly checking out the dormies so when Theodora Ottomas moves her Romance aspiration to campus next rotation she'll have a larger pool of guys whose bolt meters have been activated; and suddenly she spontaneously noticed Tommy Ottomas. Tommy is still withdrawn since his high school girlfriend's death, and has started getting notices about the decay of his old friendships. He's living with Sharla and Lisandro Iana, where I keep my interference in his behavior to a minimum - he frequently goes all day without getting dressed. And Amber, who wants to be a Criminal Mastermind, has already demonstrated a lack of concern for woohoo ethics. Dallying with and then dumping the fragile Tommy would have negative effects on the social connections she's supposed to be building at college so she can exploit them in her lawbreaking future, though. Can you imagine having the entire Ottomas clan mad at you? (Of course, that's going to happen to everybody who gets over Theodora, too.) At the moment she's just setting out to make friends with him and we'll see how it goes.

Alon continues to be a jerk. I made him apologize to Gerry, but he'd no sooner done so than he followed it up with a shove and a poke, so I guess good-natured Gerry is just going to have an enemy. I sent Alon jogging while his new roommate Daniel rushed the frat, so as not to complicate that scenario when Gerry showed up in a toga.

One nice little thing happened during George Hawkins's second day on campus. Lucas Iana wandered over from the frat and Lisandro Iana from the Romantic Resources household, and they sat around the dining room table talking to George while two of his housemates woohooed overhead and the other went to class. Lisandro and George both have girlfriends coming to campus next rotation, Lucas and Lisandro's brother will be getting married this upcoming rotation, and their mom just had a baby. The speech bubbles that went up were: Lucas's girlfriend's face wreathed in hearts; big red hearts; marriage; punch clock. I tend to expect woohoo symbols in the speech bubbles of college guys, especially under the circumstances (no way they didn't hear those fireworks going off), but these boys aren't just after a good time with their girls.

Back in the main hood, Georgette Skirt is rethinking her lifestyle. Her father just had his alien baby - a son named Dior. It's his first son; given his and his wife's ages, his only son. Georgette, who's always been Vati's favorite, moved back into her parents' house to help out with the kid and pregnancy, but she immediately went into a negative relationship with Dior, and her mother is distinctly unthrilled, too. Georgette, whose Romance aspiration had been going way too smoothly for some time, is suddenly hitting a bunch of speed bumps as old flames get married, or turn out to have been married all along, which leads her to rethink her whole philosophy of partner selection. She's about to take some definitive steps in the Femme Fatale direction.

24th Dec 2011, 7:24 PM
Started going through my Megahood playing everybody for 1 day to give makeovers and re-roll aspirations (basing things on personality this time). Been interesting to see who has changed so far. I think Checo Ramirez changed the most drastically - went from fortune to romance but he still has double bolts with Lisa so I think they'll make it barring any hinky "random occurrances" they may roll. During this initial round I'm also tallying up who will be running for mayor during the next season. Requirements for mayor are the same as in my BACC:

- The incumbant mayor who has not served 8 terms
- An Adult or Elder sim with the Popularity aspiration (primary only)
- An Adult or Elder sim with maxed interest in Politics
- An Adult or Elder sim with a LTW to become Mayor

So far only Albany Capp and Lisa Ramirez qualify. Being mayor has a big perk. Unlike in my BACC where taxes go into a separate account to be spent on bettering the town, the Uberhood's mayor gets to pocket the cash from taxes for themselves. So obviously Albany really really REALLY wants to win since he has $85.

The next round will be the official start of the Uberhood with random occurrances being rolled. I'll roll in each neighborhood the total number of houses and then I'll random roll who will get the event so some houses might end up with none and some might end up with several. The mayor will also be voted on during the last day of the season. Taxes won't start being collected until the mayor is elected so everybody gets two "free" turns before the tax collection starts during round 3.

25th Dec 2011, 6:57 AM
In Veronaville, a new luxury apartment building has been built. My Sims are lucky my girlfriend was in the mood to build something big (I've never had a great deal of patience for building, but I'm learning) so now they have somewhere new to live!

The Patel family moved from their cramped apartment in Pleasantview to Avon Apartments where eldest son Ibrahim finally got his own room away from his younger twin siblings. Everyone is enjoying the new apartment, although Ibrahim was missing his love interest, Eugenie Langerak. They were neighbours in their old apartment building, and had been friends since childhood. Ibrahim invited Eugenie downtown on a date, and it was a great success. They scored a dream date, and now they're going steady. They're very cute together. Ibrahim even has a photobooth picture of the two of them up in his new room. Everyone together now: aww.

The Patel twins, Omar and Parvati, grew up into teens. Omar looks a bit monkey-like, with sticky out ears, a cross-eyed expression, and a mouth that always seems to be smiling like a dope, but I think he's quite endearing that way! Parvati surprised me; she's actually rather pretty in a unique way.

David and Jules O'Mackey also moved into the new apartment building, renting the top penthouse suite. I love this couple. They too originally lived in Pleasantview, and lived in a small flat. Although David loved his work, he also wanted kids (he is an Ottomas by blood, after all; that family are breeding machines) but Jules was very focused on her work. He's Popularity/Family and she's Popularity/Fortune. So for the first years of their marriage they worked hard to save up enough money for a place big enough for the pitter-patter of tiny feet. David is a Specialist in the Medicine career track, and Jules is a CEO. Their second night in the new, bigger apartment, Jules stopped taking her contraception pill and sure enough, lullaby! I just like how 'realistic' and sensible David and Jules seem; things weren't handed to them, they had to work and save money to get to where they are. (Mostly I'm just amazed I had the willpower to hold them off having children for the first three rotations. See, I'm not baby-obsessed!)

Elsewhere in Veronaville, Antonio Monty became a Celebrity Chef and has opened a restaurant, La Monty Cucina. Antonio plans to be the chef, obviously, while Benedick is charming enough to host, his wife Lucrezia can serve, and when he's older, little Giancarlo Monty will take over the family business! He's still only a toddler for now though, so he settles for watching grandpa Antonio in the kitchen.

Brendon Goth-Broke and Michael Goth threw a birthday party for their twin daughters, Sylvia and Charlotte, who recently turned into children. Brendon invited his brothers, Beau and Dustin, from Pleasantview, and Beau brought along his eldest children so the girls could meet their cousins. Brandi came along as well, of course. It was a nice little Broke family reunion! Upon aging up, Charlotte latched on to her Uncle Dustin and hogged his attention for hours, and they quickly became friends. Then he went to the bathroom so Charlotte approached Uncle Beau - who just scowled and shooed her away and resumed watching television! Ha, Beau's getting grumpy in his old age. Maybe it's because his wife is pregnant again; he has no time for any more children!

25th Dec 2011, 1:25 PM
In the Uberhood, Luis Aspir has two bolts with John Mole! Well that puts a whole new spin on why he's trying to keep Natasha from pursing him. :up:

Lady Scarlet
25th Dec 2011, 7:28 PM
I just started playing Warwickshire: A Renaissance Challenge again, because I was a little bored with my modern simmies and I just love having lots of children who simply torture their parents and nannies (I also kind of love killing some of my sims).
So ...

In the Valois family (they are Barons) the oldest son, the heir, just aged and is now a healthy teen.I'm very happy that his parents can start searching for a proper wife for their son, who actually turned to be quite good looking.He has his mother's beautiful and melancholic eyes and his father's hair color and fair skin.He's quite an adventurer, dreaming of exploring the Seven Seas and reaching to the new World.Well, only time will tell what he'll do, because he has to accomplish his duty as the family's heir.
His brother and sisters are just too young to be preoccupied by that.they spend most of their time with their tutor, while the youngest ones are being taken care of by Cornille, their wet nurse, who loves the family's children as her own.
Françoise and Maximilian de Valois are still quite young and probably soon there will be more children on the way.Maximilian already fathered 9 children (unfortunately, his wife's first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage and their oldest daughter died at the age of two): Catherine(1597-1599), Maximilian(1599), Remont(1600), Madelon(1602), Marion and Agnesot (twin girls, born in 1604)), Denisete(1609), Beatrice(1611).
Well, this is one of my favorite families until now ^^ I will really miss playing with them when one of the will die (which is very probable, with Françoise and Maximilian planning for more children).I'm also excited about their oldest son soon getting married ^^

Young Maximilian de Valois (the heir).

His father, the Baron, with his youngest daughter, Beatrice.

I also played with the Gaudet family (serfs).
Marcelet Gaudet is raising his only living daughter alone, after his wife died giving birth to her.They had 4 children (including the last one), but unfortunately 3 of them and their mother died.
Jois, Anne and Mariot died of common diseases (Smallpox, Typhoid fever and Ergotism), while their mother died of Puerperal fever.Marcelet was devastated by his wife's tragic death and until now he chose to raise his only living daughter all by himself, so little Haiete is quite small and thin for her age.

Marcelet with his daughter, Haiete.

Tragedy stroke the House of d'Albon too.The Marquise died while giving birth to her fourth child, leaving a very affected husband.
The Marquis soon returned to the Royal French Court and to his old habits, starting again to seduce many different women from various social classes.
(Un)Fortunately, he decided to get married again, this time choosing a courtesan's daughter (the daughter of old King's favorite), Marie Victoire de Noailles.
Well, the young Marquise wasn't too thrilled about the new livelihood in the countryside, as Guigues' wife, but obeyed her husband and gave birth to twin girls, Isabelle and Sophie d'Albon.
Marquis Guigues Levieus d'Albon now has 6 children from both his wives: Alesia (1600), Athelina (1601), Guigues(1602), Eudon (1604) and the twins, Isabelle and Sophie (born in 1608).

Marquise Gotelana d'Albon (deceased), Guigues' first wife.

Guigues Levieux d'Albon, the Marquis.

His second wife, Marie Victoire de Noilles, Queen of Fashion (and drama).

25th Dec 2011, 10:04 PM
Love love, LOVE the medieval/renaissance clothing! Where did you get if it, if I may ask?

Anyway, I just started the Asylum Challenge. It was boring at first, as my non-controlled Sims were taking good care of each other; they all made group meals! Finally, I had some drama: Emily died, though I don't know of what. (Hunger? the flu?). It's very frustrating and freeing to only control one sim instead of all 8!

25th Dec 2011, 10:44 PM
Love love, LOVE the medieval/renaissance clothing! Where did you get if it, if I may ask?

Anyway, I just started the Asylum Challenge. It was boring at first, as my non-controlled Sims were taking good care of each other; they all made group meals! Finally, I had some drama: Emily died, though I don't know of what. (Hunger? the flu?). It's very frustrating and freeing to only control one sim instead of all 8!

The way to tell cause of death is the ghost color and actions. If Emily's ghost is white and raids the fridge, then she died of hunger. If the ghost is green and grabs their throat then they died of disease. If they ghost is red they died in a fire and yellow if they were electrocuted.

As for the topic, my new computer's integrated chip couldn't handle Sims 2, so I had to switch to Sims Pet Stories. I'm playing through story mode right now.

Lady Scarlet
26th Dec 2011, 11:31 AM
Well, I started downloading their clothes long time ago (when I was still playing the Test of Time Challenge and I was excited about the Medieval times - unfortunately, I never reached them, because I was bored too soon >.> )and then I continued to download this stuff every day, for months (I discover new things even now).
Here are some of the places I found this stuff

ModThe Sims (Medieval Challenge) (http://www.modthesims.info/browse.php?f=627&showType=2&gameOrig=1&gameEP1=1&gameEP2=1&gameEP3=1&gameEP4=1&gameEP5=1&gameEP6=1&gameEP7=1&gameEP8=1&gameSP1=1&gameSP2=1&gameSP3=1&gameSP4=1&gameSP5=1&gameSP6=1&gameSP7=1&gameSP0=1&gameSP8=1&gs=1)

MedievalSims (http://www.medievalsims.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=4)

TheMedievalSmithy (http://themedievalsmithysims2.blogspot.com/)

TheGardenOfShadows (http://gardenofshadows.digitalperversion.net/)

AllAboutStyle (http://www.all-about-style.com/themes.html)

And countless other sites whose names I can't really remember right now.

Peni Griffin
26th Dec 2011, 5:50 PM
Help, I'm talking, and I can't shut up...

Awhile ago, I decided to complicate Georgette Skirt's too-smooth Romance life by having her move a roommate into her apartment. Then her father got alien pregnant, offering me a much better way to complicate her life. She'd already made Skylar, the roommate, fall in love with her, and in a moment of wild disregard for the length of my rotations I moved him in and made him playable. I then let him sit there for a rotation, regretting the decision. I need more single adults like I need a hole in my head, I was sick of the apartment house he was in (Georgette's parties tended to tank due to routing problems, and it had become nearly impossible to keep the apartment neighbors out), and he had no obvious niche. Derek, the gay Tricou, spontaneously befriended him, so I thought a little gender experimentation was called for and let Derek flirt with him, causing a mutual crush, which is nice because Derek's brother-in-law Jimmy Phoenix still carries a torch for Georgette and working up a really complicated family feud seemed possible.

I then accidentally made Gary (formerly Goopy) Gilscarbo a member of the Estic family, and I thought - Hmmmm....I moved him out, moved him in with Skylar, and then moved them both from the apartment to one of those little two-story houses with bow windows on Greaves Street (or is it Custer? I get confused) downtown and renamed their household "Swingin' Bachelors." When I opened the household on the first day, Skylar's wants had universally to do with Georgette. Skylar is a Knowledge Sim. Gary is Romance. More hmmm...So Georgette comes over and Gary checked her out while Skylar went in to make sandwiches. Two bolts. The eventual result is obvious, but there's no hurry, so while Skylar and Georgette retired upstairs after lunch I sent Gary (who now sports Elvis sideburns and has some clothing affectations, btw) out into the neighborhood to get some practice in picking up girls before he sets out to create in-house Drama. Georgette and Skylar then had some conversation about how Georgette feels about her situation, which gave Skylar entirely erroneous ideas about his possible future with her. He's quit his DJ job and taken one with the SCIA, because if he wants to be with a sophisticated woman like Georgette he'd better start making something of himself. I also bought him a big telescope - he needs the logic points, and the aliens need men, dammit!

There's only one bedroom with space for a double bed in that house, by the way. That's likely to make an interesting dynamic in the household all by itself.

Next up, the Pitts-Upsnott household, where Ashley has recently achieved his lifetime want of becoming a Professional Party Guest and gained a lot of confidence as a result. He's always been a cautious, opportunistic Romancer, the kind who takes his ring off when he's out by himself and hopes for the best. Georgette until recently had a no-married-men policy, and their afternoon hook-up was followed by some ugly scenes when she found out The Truth; but in the wake of three of her best boyfriends getting married and the business with her dad, they were able to make up when they ran into each other at the pet store last rotation. Ashley had wants about several of his girlfriends, plus some generic ones - the clear implication being that he didn't much care who he got laid with, as long as it happened - so he met Georgette for lunch and they woohooed in his car because if they'd gone to his place his daughter would have been home from school before they finished. And her transition from carefree, friendly woohoo hobbyist to cynical heartbreaker has begun (but I doubt her sister Minnie will ever be brought to believe it).

Although I've told myself that anybody who gets a romantic want concerning Georgette this rotation should take it, I'll probably wimp out if either of two of her newly-married boyfriends does. If Clovis cheats on Sadie it should be an accident (an absent-minded flirt while uncontrolled, I mean - they've already done that once); and more tensions should build up in the House of Fallen Trees before Jimmy is seriously tempted, much less falls. If I can get Georgette together with the non-related housemate with the crush on Jimmy's wife, though, that'd be great!

On a more cheerful note, Orlando Centowski graduated, moved into a luxury apartment, and married Amy Jones, ex-papergirl. This is a Family/Popularity match in which he will stay home, write books, and raise kids and she will undertake a political career. I decided that Orlando is Old Money, and that - at least in the beginning - he'll be swamping her in luxury. They'll buy a vacation home and honeymoon next rotation, and as soon as she gets pregnant they'll buy a big house. She took a magic lamp out of the sorority, which I'm saving to cover shortfalls, and Orlando alone of all my sims will be allowed to dig for treasure. Amy is a weird combination of shy and party animal, and comes from a background of poverty, so she took a poky cheap loft right out of college and has changed jobs twice. She isn't at all comfortable with Orlando's "money is for spending" policy - she doesn't want to go into politics to support the elite, after all! And the luxury apartment doesn't feel like it belongs to her any more than Tri-Var House did - rather less, in fact. But this story should take quite awhile to develop, and I hope Amy has to skip through several jobs before a political one turns up - because her skill points as a service sim make employment and election way too easy if I don't introduce things to strain that Family/Popularity mismatch.

And aspiring teen heartthrob Pollux Stacks followed up his dream date with Gracie Hawkins with one with a townie - and was spotted by both Gracie's mother and one of her numerous uncles! Now to see if Gracie believes them when they badmouth him to her. Never date a Hawkins, much less a Hawkins-Newson, if you don't really mean it - the odds of running into a relative are way too high.

26th Dec 2011, 7:51 PM
HELP!!! My new Sim kids are freaking ugly with non-ugly parents! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peni Griffin
26th Dec 2011, 8:23 PM
They'll probably grow into their faces and in any case you'll learn to love them. Ugly is as ugly does.

26th Dec 2011, 9:58 PM
My neighborhood got a new resident today and she's a witch. =)

27th Dec 2011, 2:41 PM
I'm creating a neighborhood with a lot of SimCity 3000 references. At the moment there are four families -- Randall Shoop and his wife; Mortimer Green and his; Will Wright and his dog Klapaucius (the original Sims1 money cheat, before 'rosebud'), and a 'everyman' family, the Cornwells. The Cornwells have two boys, Walter and Keir, and I intend for them to be the same age as the 'adults' in the game (Green and Shoop). The neighborhood has chosen Will Wright to be the Telescope Victim. He has so far come over and attacked several people. :lol:

27th Dec 2011, 3:48 PM
I spent some time creating my custom version of Belladonna Cove, and added three sub-hoods to it, for my future use. After that I went into Pleasantview and added the Newburg family into Pleasantview. The Newbergs consist of Bob, and Betty Newburg, and their son Bradley (toddler). They purchased Brandi Broke's trailer (she has moved to Bluewater Village and married Cyd (I forgot his last name) and his dog Porthos, and are quite happy). After refurbishing the trailer the Newburgs has only 900 simoleans in their account, and Bob and Betty had to get jobs, so Bob got into the athletics field while his wife became Pleasantview's newest officer of the law.

They hired a nanny and apparently the nanny they hired is exceptionally mean and has it in for Betty, as she is always playing pranks on her and making Betty cry when Bob isn't around. Anyway to add to their hardships they drained the pool where Skip died and turned it into a garden, and for Bradley's birthday (he went from toddler to child) they bought him a small puppy named Bonkers.

The Newburgs have been so busy that they haven't made many friends in the neighborhood but If I get to play today that will hopefully change (I still have 3 Sim days left in their rotation, so maybe on their day off they'll take a trip to a community lot as a family and meet some of the towns local characters).

29th Dec 2011, 3:40 PM
So an update on my Attention Family Legacy...Ethan has achieved the feat of having 20 lovers at once (having woo-hooed with all of them). Needless to say, he is very proud of himself. After spending his entire life so far trying to complete this goal, Ethan also finally took a job in the Slacker career, something he has desired to do for a long time. He wants to become a Professional Party Guest, which I think is an appropriate job for him. He's also recently started friendly relationship with a stray dog named Webster, even though he did come into his apartment and destroy his couch while he was woo-hooing. Ethan also threw a party to celebrate his grand accomplishment, inviting over his parents, two of his children, and his friend/uncle Myles. Even though Ethan finally has 20 lovers, his romantic shenanigans are no where near finished!

Nothing much new happened with Mirabella, her sons Joeland Parker both aged to toddlers and still so far seem to have inherited good looks. Mirabella is pregnant again and should be due the next time I play that household. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's a girl!

Evan, Lucas, and Delilah finished up their first two years of college. Evan and Delilah are now an official couple, while Lucas is in the beginnings of a relationship with some townie girl.

Journey, Sean, and Orlando all graduated from Sim State U, Journey of course a semester behind her boyfriend and cousin. But they all survived, which is on the plus side! Orlando left to move back in with his mother and marry his long-time fiance Marisa Bendett. Journey and Sean went back to her parents' house to pick up her twin boys so that they could all begin a life together as some sort of a family.

Shelby and Frances also graduated, with high honors and lots of scholarship money to their names. They threw a few more successful parties during their college career and strengthen their relationship further. They plan on moving back to Legacy Falls and beginning their life of fortune there.

Nothing much in the Leong/Phelps household, someone retired from their job, I believe it was Cyrus, and the rest of them just played musical instruments all day long.

In the heir household Adam, Amaya, Alyson, and David all aged into elders. It's really starting to get scary now that the majority of Brooklyn's kids are in their golden years. Adrina and Jeremy, my potential heirs for generation 4, moved out of the house to go off to college. Once they start college, I will finally have to make the decision as to who will be the heir. I probably have more of an idea than I have ever had on who I'm going to pick...but that could change at a moment's notice.

Hayden and Mehrissa both aged into elders, while Megan and Ethan's twins Blake and Brielle aged up to teens. Both of them are incredibly good-looking, as was to be expected. Blake rolled Knowledge aspiration, and personality wise seems to take after his mother more. Brielle however rolled Romance, and is very much like her father. Ethan has been keeping in fairly regular communication with the two of them, and even invited them to his party celebrating his 20 lovers accomplishment. While there, Ethan introduced Brielle to her great uncle/second cousin Myles...and she couldn't stay away from him the rest of the night. She thought of him constantly, with red hearts flying around her thought bubbles. Looks like Ethan's legacy shall live on...

Myle's alien babies Keeley and Kristof aged into children. They are indeed cute in their own little way. Also continuing with my hood's twin kick, Sophie and Devin welcomed twin boys, Aiden and Jayden. The house was a bit chaotic for a while with potty training toddlers, alien kids running around, and butlers getting stuck behind staircases. I'm interested to see what Keeley and Kristof will look like as teens the next time I play them.

After moving back in with his mother Ashton, Orlando and Marisa had a lovely little wedding in Ashton's garden, with just a few friends and family members as guests. Marisa just discovered she was expecting as well (and for my sanity I'm hoping it's just one baby!)

I'm currently in the midst of playing Shawn's house, and it is driving me crazy...as you see Meadow and Austin are now the new proud parents of triplets. Two girls, Mae and Robyn, and a boy, Thane. Shawn and Austin seem thrilled, but Meadow and I...not so much! I'm sure they'll be the cutest kids, as Austin definitely inherited his fathers' good looks, and everyone knows how gorgeous Meadow is. If their oldest son Wesley is any evidence towards how the three babies are gonna look someday, I'd say they've got a pretty good looking bunch of kids on their hands!

Hobbies of the Attentions I've Discovered Since the Last Update

Joel-Music and Dance.
Marisa-Music and Dance.

29th Dec 2011, 3:48 PM
In Townie Place:

Richard Beckett (previous Fitness or Sports instructor) just proposed to Marsha Trimble (another previous Mechanical instructor) after the possible stalking he got by Andrea Hogan (i.e. she was stalking him possibly, the woman was on every community lot he went too?!), before the proposal, Marsha changed her aspiration from Romance to Family, inorder to have a good memory, then she changed back to Romance and are now on the verge on getting married, but before that, she will again change her aspiration, just for good memories. :D

Neil Cameron married La Shawn Cameron, Gordon Wolosenko married Viola Wolosenko (a previous pet obedience expert), Jihoon Hsu married Christa Hsu, Matthew Smith married Jill Smith, both are from the garden club (do not confuse with Jill Smith from Strangetown) and much more going on...

29th Dec 2011, 5:51 PM
My newest incarnation of Pleasantview is still in the adding new families stage to fill my quota of 32 families in the main hood +3 special Supernaturals or families that have special perks (like the Goths), and 22 families +2 special families in each sub-hood of which there is only one currently (Blue water Village). This is all part of my personal rules for my game (a 4 page document on what I allow don't allow in my games as part of a personal challenge).

Anyway I finished playing the Sim week long rotation of the Newburg family in Pleasantview. Bob Newburg spent the last three days of that rotation training their puppy turned adult dog Bonkers tricks, and continuing his job in the athletics career. betty spent her time tending to the garden in what was once the pool where Skip the husband of the previous residents of the trailer the Newburgs bought and refurbished (the Brokes have moved to Blue Water village with Brandi's new Husband Cyd Roseland). The garden yeilded a good harvest which added to the 2,000 or so Simoleans the family still has after all the spending they did this week to get the house in shape and to buy new clothes for Bradley who is growing up so fast. Bradley is now a child, and because of the hectic lives of his parents didn't grow up exceptional. His closest friend is the nanny who raised him while his parents worked. However he doesn't like that his nanny hates Betty Newburg (his mom) and plays pranks and pokes her whenever Bob isn't around making his mom cry.

After that I moved in the Tellerman family into Bluewater village. there are two Tellermans in that family and a dog, and I can't remember their names, because their Simweek wasn't exceptionally memorable, except that the father who I plan to have marry Jan tellerman (the townie) kept going downtown, and to community lots looking for his future wife and never met her (I'm not cheating so he has to meet, date and win her affection the old fashion way). Of course while his father was out most of the week, the poor son grew up with just his nanny and dog for company (see the pattern here). He miraculously didn't grow up badly, though he wasn't exceptional. He became good friends with the Adopted daughter of the Goodie family, and I think that those two may be destined to get together when they grow up because she is always coming over to see the boy and doesn't leave until her father comes to get her, even when no one is paying attention to her (She likes to watch TV or play chess until someone comes for her).

If I play today I'll be putting the Bruty family into a Downtown lot and hopefully I get lucky and the wifeless Father of one will find his future spouse somewhere.

29th Dec 2011, 6:31 PM
The residents of Riverside Heights are growing up and hooking up. Not sure where to begin. I spent some time with the Delaney Family (Elder sister Bessie and Sadie & Sadie’s son Patrick). As much as Patrick wanted his own place his mother and aunt convinced him to stay. The garage was renovated and turned into another room which now serves as the sewing room for Bessie and Sadie. New furniture was purchased for Patrick’s bedroom and he is now settling in. In addition, to the garage renovation another very much needed bathroom was added. The Delaney house has been in the family for several generations and has been meticulously maintained. As with most homes of that period bathrooms were a luxury and houses usually only contained one bathroom. All three are doing well in their respective careers and each received a promotion (Sadie: Entertainment Career, Bessie: Historian and Patrick: Modeling). Patrick is over his crush on Mrs. Shayla Sugarman-he has begun dating Romance Sim Natasha Anderson. Patrick is absolutely head over heals in love with Natasha-I’m praying that she doesn’t break his heart. Patrick is not as open as Natasha’s other 2 liaisons Maurice and Edward. Patrick invited Natasha over to meet his mother and his auntie. Sadie didn’t make a very good first impression with Natasha-she started off by gossiping which Natasha refused to do-she waved her hand and turned her back on Sadie. Sadie then changed the topic and that didn’t go over well, finally the ladies began discussing fashion and music and it was smooth sailing. Sadie left Patrick and Natasha alone and went to take a bath-Natasha tried to have a casual sit on the sofa but Patrick refused to do so while his mother was in the bathroom taking a bath. Natasha then went up to Patrick’s room and he still refused. Patrick refused to be intimate with Natasha as long as his mother was in the house. After Sadie went to work they were both naked in seconds on the living room sofa. When Bessie arrived home she made a special dinner – leg of lamb to celebrate because they think that Patrick invited Natasha over to meet them because he is thinking about marriage. Not sure where they got that from but that’s what the sisters were discussing. Dinner went well and as is the Delaney custom Sadie played the piano after dinner.

Natasha got a huge bonus from work $75,000 from a chance card (usually I get them fired). Natasha has been basically living check to check, she careful with her money, never spending above her means. She worked side jobs as bartender and at Starbucks to make ends meet and to afford her clothes and jewelry obsession. It took her a long time, but she finally had some money saved including $2000 sent to you by Edward. Natasha now has enough money to go on the Island vacation she has been rolling wants for and she can purchase her own home. Natasha is juggling 3 men (Maurice Sinclair: her best friends husband who is also her neighbor, Edward James Johnson who is Maurice’s best friend and Patrick Delaney), and she is doing it with panache. Patrick spent the weekend with her and they had great time together with no interruptions (I think Maurice may be afraid of Patrick). However, Natasha (as well as I) made a startling discovery that has her rethinking things. Natasha invited Edward over as she hasn’t seen him since their dream date. Immediately upon Edward’s arrival Natasha and Edward are naked on the sofa. Afterwards Natasha made dinner. After dinner Natasha and Edward are dancing, smooching and making out Maurice invites himself, into her apartment interrupting them and sits down for a hangout with Natasha. Now I’m thinking the Fat is about to hit the Shan-but no…Edward is totally unaffected by the interruption and when Natasha asks Maurice to leave and kisses him goodbye he doesn’t flinch. Maurice leaves, and I thought the door was now secure and Natasha and Edward continue where they left off. Not even a minute goes by and here comes Maurice again, again Natasha asked him to leave-they kiss and Maurice leaves-he is not out of the door a second before he is back in the apartment and this time he wants to hang out with Edward. Edward sits down and he and Maurice have a chat while Natasha stands there with her hands on hips looking from one to the other (I swear! lol). It is apparent that both Maurice and Edward know that they are both dating Natasha and neither of them care. Finally, Maurice gets up to leave and Edward also decides it’s too late for him to stay and he leaves too.

Folks are talking about the Sugarman’s-some think they are living above their means. They’ve pretty much completely furnished their new home including given the basement a complete make over. Both Shayla and Elijah have expensive taste in home furnishings and both love shopping for clothes. Thank goodness that as a model Shayla has access to discounts and free items for herself and the family. The children have grown up, Matthew and Amaya are both in private school, Shayla gave birth to another girl whom they’ve name Aaliyah who will age to toddler in just one day. Matthew has become friends with Bernice St. James (Young Master Sugarman likes older women). Elijah wanted to hire a butler-so he did and Shayla has gone back to work as an Editorial Print Model. Elijah has been traded to the Sim City International Soccer team and got a huge bonus. Both rolled wants for another baby, but their last attempt at trying for a baby didn’t result in a pregnancy.

All of the St. James children have had a birthday. Last rotation Beatrice aged to teen, Bernice just aged to teen and Bertrum Spencer aged up to child. All three children are in private school and are excellent students. Although, the St. James family like the Delaney’s come from old money they still believe in working hard and adding to the family fortune. They too were affected by the bank failure, but their household funds stayed in tact and the rumors about the St. James Silver fortune are true. There are silver bars locked away within the St. James Mansion. Gloria and Bertrum are doing well in their careers and both Beatrice and Bernice have jobs. Beatrice has a LTW of becoming the Law, so she got a job as receptionist at a law firm. Bernice wants a career in Oceanography-so she got a job in the same field. Both girls applied for scholarships Beatrice was only eligible for $2000 and Bernice received $4000 so far. As a graduation gift Bertrum purchased a car Beatrice that he will give her before she lives for University.

The Sinclair’s are still childless and Danielle still has no idea that her husband and her best friend are having an affair literally right next door. Neil transitioned, appropriately while at church. Neil is the first Riverside Heights Townie Sim to pass away. His grave was moved to Woodlawn Cemetery (mod works fine); Danielle mourned at his grave site.

29th Dec 2011, 6:37 PM
In megahood: Cassandra Goth and Don Lothario got married. Everyone who is anyone (rich snobs) plus a few family friends showed up. Olive Specter and Nervous Subject were noteworthy for doing nothing disruptive. Goneril Capp flirted with her brother-in-law Cornwall. He turned her down. Regan doesn't care, not mad at her sis or anything, and when I loaded up Goneril's family she was afraid of breaking up with Albany, though also furious with him for slapping her, and he wanted to fall in love with her. One dream-date later and they're reconciled with another little one on the way. We'll chalk that one up to Mortimer's well-stocked bar. (I was thinking it would be fun to play them as a split family, but is not to be. At least not right now.) Nina Caliente flirted with Danny Pleasant with the expected response from Mary-Sue, Angie, and Lil (this does not bode well for Lil, as he was the only family member she was on speaking terms with after running away and being brought back, and she's now flamey-thought-bubbling him around town). I haven't loaded their lot to see what's up yet.
Miranda Capp met Fricorith Tricou and has two bolts with him. They've since had a dream date and shared a first kiss. Tybalt Capp met at least Gvadoin Tricou, and possibly Tara, Ophelia, and the Pleasant twins, but I haven't loaded any of those families to see what they want.
Dina Caliente, on seeing her sister-in-law Bella back in Mortimer's arms, wisely kept her hands to her self. She and Bella are both pregnant by Mortimer, but Dina has more class than to air the family's dirty laundry at her niece's wedding. Especially since Don managed to not interact with her or any of the other women present that he's sleeping with. (How Don ducked Nina, I don't know. I wasn't watching either of them closely, but Nina may have just glued herself to Danny.) Dina, I think, doesn't think all that much of Cassandra's common sense. Mortimer and Bella will be having Dina move in, I'm pretty sure, at least until the baby's born. Dina and Bella are due the same day so maybe Bella will end up passing off Dina's baby as a twin to hers. Dina wants to marry a rich man and had the opportunity (though I don't know if she took it) to meet Consort Capp and Armand DeBateau. Mortimer's secondary is romance, Bella's is knowledge, and Dina's is Pleasure. (Nina and Daniel have family, Mary-Sue has popularity, Angela has pleasure and Lilith has fortune.)
Don and Cassandra moved into the big three story near her folks place and are expecting their first. Nina called Don for an outing that evening and brought Danny Pleasant along. None of the group misbehaved. Don called up the maid service when they got home and Kaylynn will be by to clean next time I play their house, and Cassandra got a kitten (Cymmi, renamed Cygnet). Don has a secondary aspiration of fortune, but his want panel is all about more girlfriends. Cassandra has a secondary of pleasure.
While I have ACR in game, it was off while all this happened--only performing it's auto gender-preference functions and letting me tell Mortimer and Bella to go upstairs and raise the party score without having to keep an eye on them.
Mortimer also bought Gothier Greens and put the family graves there, the Tricous were resurrected (during the party at that), and Alexander got a puppy (Maxx, renamed Buddy, he's always Alex's dog). The party ended with a mass smustle. Mary-Sue didn't leave after the party, but once the doors were unlocked went in and played chess until I had someone say goodbye to her. I suppose she was trying to reason out what to do now.
I've moved on to SSU to relax with a little less drama. I'll play a year, add the bin sims, and play another year before sending any teens to uni so as to have a better age spread.

29th Dec 2011, 8:29 PM
Hello, I'm SimfreakoO and I'm new on this site. I typically go to Sims 2 BBS but it keep glitching up so I figured I would socialize around here. (If you've seen a SimfreakoO on the Sims 2 site, then that's me!)

-- Anyways, I've currently been playing in Pleasantview. This is the first time in all the years of play playing Sims 1 and 2 have I ever played more then one family. I usually play my Legacy sims but I'm enjoying this new way of playing.

I'll start at the top of the list:

Dina married Mortimer Goth they had a daughter together, Isadora. Isadora became a toddler shortly after the death of her father. :cry: Alexander is still a teenager and helping Dina raise Isadora. The Goth mansion is not the same without the old man. :cry:

Nina is still living in the Caliente condo, and is single and not ready to mingle! She is focusing on her career in Athletics and raising her dog Venice and kitten Thor. Venice just grew up into adulthood and is getting along well with Thor. :)

John and Jennifer Burb moved into a trailer with daughter Lucy. They welcomed in their second daughter, Marie. Marie is now a toddler and Lucy is a teenager. John is hoping for another baby but career-focused wife is eery about it. So, they settled on raising two puppies: Bluette (girl) and Verance (male). I assume they'll be in puppy love in no time. :luff:

Monica Sharp (CAS) moved into a trailer beside the Burbs. She has two daughters: Kiren (teen) and Hillary-Sue. Hillary-Sue was toddler when they moved into Pleasantview, she is now a over-achieving teenager.

Kaylynn Langerak moved into the hidden cabin and had an affair with Daniel Pleasantview. There she gave birth to twins: Molly and Judith. Unfortunately, the twins were taken away by the social worker. She is distressed and trying to focus on her career and her love life.

Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant- They had a son together, Darnell. Who is now a child (same age as Kaylynn's twins). They're both elders, Daniel reached top of career in athletics and is retired. Mary-Sue is still working on becoming a business Tycoon.

Lilith and Dirk Dreamer- moved into a condo and are newlyweds who are expecting their first child.

Angela and Dustin Broke- moved into a house and are newlyweds who are also expecting their first child.

Cassandra and Don Goth- got married and adopted a cat named Nahla. They have two children Mavrick and Mollie (I forgot about Kaylynn's daughter, Molly!). They're expecting their third child. Mavrick is now a child and Mollie will soon be a toddler shortly after the birth of her younger sibling.

Brandi and Darren Dreamer-- Darren and Brandi got married and he helped her raise Beau and newborn Randy (Brandi's third baby). Now that Dirk and Dustin moved out, Darren and Brandi decided to have a child together. This will be Brandi's 4h and Darren's 2nd. Beau took Dirk's old room and I spilt up Darren's "art studio/hallway into two bedrooms for Randy and the new baby.

***This is the first time ever that I had the Pleasant twins grow up! I'm so proud of my upcoming generations in Pleasantview!

What's happening in your sims world? :)

29th Dec 2011, 8:40 PM
Welcome SimfreakoO, there is already a thread about this: http://www0.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=334969

the moment finally arrived when Richard married Marsha :lovestruc :luff: :beer: :jest:

30th Dec 2011, 5:10 AM
Awesome stories guys!

I cracked up about the Vacation story--- so sad to hear the couple never was able to talk it about. :'(

Loved your story, Lollipop-Girl. You should put them up online! :)

Everyone else I enjoyed reading yours too---plus getting name ideas for future generations. I'm using too many "M"s :\


I was able to get Kaylynn's twins back. Unfortunately, it no longer says Daniel P. was their father. Erg. All well. :\ I went into a frenzy before realizing Kaylynn could get them back, so I made Daniel adopt....but by the time it was time to play his household--- Kaylynn already had the twins back. So, elders Mary-Sue and Daniel are enjoying a bouncing baby boy named Jonathon. (he has black hair/pale skin/ and green eyes. No doubt will have a freak face. *sigh*) older brother Darnell is now a child.

Brandi Broke welcomed her fourth son (go figure.) into the world today, I named him Lance. He inherited Brandi's genes, I was hoping for Darren's. drags. All well, good thing there's Dirk. :P

Cassandra Goth welcomed TWINS! into the now-tight condo. a boy named Moses and a girl named Meredith. The eldest, Mavrick is now a child and older sister Mollie is a tiny tot. The world can't complete with the four children,because once again Cassandra is expecting AGAIN! Move out of the way Mavrick, Mollie, Moses, and Meredith--- another "M" kid is coming through. :P Cassie and Don are looking to move somewhere else. *** I plan on having Kaylynn move into their old condo soon.*

Here's a list of all the born-in children in Pleasantview:

Darnell Pleasant (MS, D)
Jonathon Pleasant (MS, D)
Lance Dreamer (B, D)
Randy (B, Skip)
Marie Burb (J, J)
Isadora Goth (M, D)
Mavrick, Mollie, Meredith and Moses Goth (C, D)
Molly and Judith Langerak (K, D)

*6 M names! :faceslap:

Peni Griffin
30th Dec 2011, 1:25 PM
Jim Spitzig is such an idiot.

Jim is a former dormie/secret society member who entered play by being one of Georgette Skirt's college dates. This existing relationship made him preferable to a new CAS sim when I needed a new frat member. His tenure at the frat coincided with the sorority career of Bad News Beverly Ku, one of the Tricou girls, whose rule of play is "never lock a want, fulfill as many wants as practical, no concern for consequences." They're only one bolt, but one bolt can do a lot of damage. Graduating at the same time as Estebanico Casa (who also gave his virginity to Georgette and dated Bev), he moved in with his frat brother as a temporary arrangement till Estebanico married his fiancee, Tosha Go. Estebanico and Tosha encouraged Jim to stay on when they found out Tosha got pregnant with twins on their honeymoon. And then Jim got fired from his job in the law office, which pretty much means he has to stay where he is.

So last night I play this household. Jim gets up, fixes the computer, goes to the grocery store, fixes lunch for him and Tosha, repairs the exploding sink, has to be forcibly prevented from unnecessary baby-feeding, changes diapers, and fails to find another law job. The plan was to insist on the law job because of his LTW. By the time Estebanico gets home, Jim's aspiration meter is pretty low and most of his wants are things like "be friends right now with person I met yesterday" that can't possibly be filled. But at the evening wants re-roll he rolls a want for a date, so I have him call Georgette. He's not presently in love with Georgette, but that can be fixed and he is friends with her again after the inevitable caught-cheating incident(s). However, Georgette is at work. I have him try again, arranging his phone book in order of chemistry, and I'm going "hmm...married, married, heck no you're not dating a cheerleader after graduation, engaged, low relationship, who the heck is that...screw it, call Bev."

So they get to Crypt O'Night, fulfill the usual opening date wants, and suddenly he wants to marry her - or the cheerleader he dated in college, either one. "Don't be an idiot, Jim." Beverly is presently living in The House of Fallen Trees with her sister, brother-in-law, brother, random housemate, and illegitimate son by a married man. She's in love with about four guys, including Estebanico. And Jim pretty much knows all this. I figure being the third wheel/live-in babysitter and losing the job is behind this want - Bev and cheerleader are who he currently has hearts for, so his vague desire to settle down and have his own life focuses on them. I proceed with the date, and the want rolls away. And comes back. And rolls away. And comes back. They woohoo in his car, and the want comes back again!

So he proposed, she accepted, and I expect it'll all end in tears. They can't get married till he finds a new job, anyway - it's been previously established in dialog that he'd "as soon be in hell with his back broken" as join the menage at the House of Fallen Trees, Beverly is unemployed and probably unemployable, and he's Fortune/Popularity, so he'll want his own home and a big wedding party and the whole nine yards. Also, I didn't lock the "get married" want and it rolled away as soon as the date ended; but I expect I'll start seeing "throw wedding party" in the lineup next time he's played. Unless Bev manages to break his heart again between now and then, which I wouldn't put past her.

He really should know better, but people do things they should know better than all the time.

Lady Scarlet
30th Dec 2011, 3:58 PM
Well, I started playing the third round of Warwickshire: A Renaissance Challenge, but I got bored (again XD why does this keep happening to me? >.> ) so I decided to add a little more fun by introducing some supernatural.I was reading a medieval story so I added an Elven family into my neighborhood.I'll say more about them when the time comes.

In the meantime ...

The Royal Family
In the winter of 1607 Queen Isabelle de Croy gave birth to her third child, a beautiful daughter whom they named Angelique.Unfortunately, in the spring of 1609, the Crown Prince, Charles de Croy got measles and in only a few weeks he died, leaving his parents devastated.
Not even Marquise Marie Victoire de Noailles d'Albon's gift for the queen didn't cheer her up.
The Marquise offered the Queen the latter-day fad: a little black girl from Senegal, named Zanzi (a slave's daughter), who quickly became the children's playmate, because everyone adored her from the beginning.
The same year the Queen gave birth to another beautiful daughter, Princess Cecile.
Finally, in the spring of 1611 they had another son, Jean Gaston de Croy (he became the Crown Prince, being the oldest male heir alive).Now everyone's hoping the baby will survive and someday will inherit the the French Crown.
Also, Madame Royale, Princess Blanche de Croy (the Queen and King's oldest daughter) is now betrothed to Maximilian de Valois, Lord of Toulouse.

Madame Royale with her younger sister, Cecile de Croy.

Prince Charles before his tragic death.

The Elf Family (Nallvir)
The elves live a different life from mere humans.Not only they have superior intellects, but their inhuman beauty makes them almost God-like.They get married of love, not duty and they do not spend their life giving birth to children, raising them and hoping that some of them will survive.They love art and nature, but despise the sinful humans.They are immune to human diseases and their superior knowledge and long lifespans place them very close to immortals.
So Saerima, Aranion and their son, Seith Nallvir live their peaceful life in a small house into the woods, away from the ignorant human world.Their concepts about life are simply too different.At least for now ...




The two elves

30th Dec 2011, 5:42 PM
Well, SSU's first year was much more relaxing than the Lothario wedding. I find that family relationships make uni premades more interesting, so flagged Jane Stacks and Heather Huffington as cousins and Tiffany Sampson and Brittany Upsnott as cousins. Brittany talked Jane into pledging "Your Cousin is outa control" and a worried Jane accepted. Brittany met the head of the LFT frat, Guy Wrightley, and with two bolts they'll be an item, I'm sure. Tiffany fell for Martin Rubin. Heather is dating both Joshua and Ashley and appreciates the frat's hottub. Her LTW is to be an Artist. I'm not sure a romance/pleasure sim with her personality can muster up the ambition to pull it off.
Over at the frat, Castor decided the woman of his dreams was Allegra, and they have mutual locked engagement wants. No drama there, the frat is low key and Joshua's romance secondary means he's more interested in the fact that Heather is easy than in her relationship with Ashley. Kevin has not had any luck in the dating department.
At the Bright household, Allegra quickly realized that Martin's grilled cheese secondary was going to drive her batty when Jane moved to the sorority, and called up to pledge as well. (If there was a fear of eating grilled cheese or being talked to about grilled cheese, the girls would've rolled it.) Allegra was surprised that all the girls already liked her enough to let her in. Martin didn't want to be alone, so asked Castor, who was over doing autonomous kissy face with Allegra, if he could maybe join the frat. He had to gain a few relationship points with Ashley and Kevin, but was soon admitted. Jane, who is a physics student, met visiting lecturer Pascal Curious. Her family sim side promptly came out, and Pascal was fed Martin's grilled cheese and generally pampered. He seemed a little bemused by the attention, and Jane is quite shy, but they hit it off well enough that he let her talk to the baby and brought by a huge bouquet of roses later. (Still not quite sure how I pulled off a dream date without a first kiss, but I did: I want Pascal to initiate when it happens.) Jane knows she's much younger and she's shy, and Pascal doesn't want to be that creepy professor who gets it on with his students, plus there's the whole alien kid thing, so slow is in order. Jane wants six kids, which suits the Curious clan's mindset nicely.

30th Dec 2011, 8:16 PM
*** Update on Pleasants Twins.

Lilith (Pleasant) Dreamer and husband Dirk welcomed their first child a baby boy into the world. They named him Tyson. Twin sister Angela Broke, also had a baby boy and named him Devon.

30th Dec 2011, 8:33 PM
Two days ago when i opened my game the Benson family consisted of Sam, her husband Blazej, and their teen daughter Matilda. The parents were running a level 6 business above their house that sold chairs. For a while, every time MAtilda got home from school she would restock and then her and whichever parent was in a better mood would go open up shop. I was planning on having her do this until she had gold or silver badges in restocking, sales, and register. Customers didnt seem to like Matilda and every day i had her on sales we would lose a few loyalty stars. It took most of her teenagehood to get up to level 8. When Matilda became an adult and her parents became elders i shut the business down temporarily.

Then i decided i wanted a servo, so Sam spent a few days mastering robot building. She was already halfway to a silver badge when i started so it didnt take long. She eventually made servo named Sheet Metal. Sheet metal was the dumbest thing ive ever seen. He ran through the sprinkler at every opprotunity. He kept shocking Matilda when he ran amock so i finally had to put the sprinkler away for a while.

Matilda got married to some guy she met as a teen named Timothy. He was kind of ugly and they barely knew eachother so it seemed strange at first. They had a son named Matthew and then a daughter named Tammy a few days later. As the kids grew up their parents worked on their ltw careers and sheet metal pretty much raised them. (i converted the old store into a room for Sam and Blazej so they spent all their time up there away from everyone else). Sam and Blazej died of old age when matt and tammy were kids.

When the kids became teens matt rolled family aspiration with the ltw to marry off 6 kids. Tammy rolled pleasure. Matt spent most of his adolesence looking for potential wives while Tammy...woohood the servo. She also went on a couple dates with boys from the town but mainly she just woohooed the servo. She got pregnant as a teen and had a baby named Joel. Matilda was not happy about this. Around this time both Matilda and Tim reached the tops of their careers and acheived their LTWs.

Matt became an adult and married Jessie, one of the adults he had met as a teen. she got pregnant soon after with their first baby. A few days later Tammy grew up too and Joel became a toddler. Right after the party Sheet Metal ran amok again and ended up electrocuting and killing Timothy. Matilda kicked the servo out and Tammy and her baby followed him. Luckily, the family had a genie lamp so Matilda used it to ressurect her beloved husband, who of course wasnt married to her anymore. They tried to rekindle the romance but they enede up becoming elders the next day barely knowing eachother.

Jessie then had her baby, Jake. The first time ive ever made it to generation 3. (Well, if you consider the original sim's great grandkids generation 3. I feel like most people call that gen 4.)
(i didnt count joel because Tammy was still a teen when she had him)

2nd Jan 2012, 1:27 AM
So...I got bored with my regular sims and retconned my zombie survivor story back into play! Will and Abigail are still teens with no kids.

I created a team to represent the crew who rescued my survivors. The team, a band of special forces troops named Duke, Yun, Cable, and Rockhound, brought the survivors to a blockaded, secure island surrounded by several Navy vessels. The ships constantly scan and ensure no waterlogged zombies can enter the area. Finally, the survivors are safe.







Or so they think.


The military hasn't had time to create housing for the people they rescue. They've re-purposed parking structures into housing for refugees with different teems assigned to watch over certain groups. At first things went well. They adjusted to life in their new home, despite the lack of enclosures to keep out rain and other weather. Occasionally they even get electricity. Will joined the team and began going out on rescue missions in their chopper. They go back to the mainland, kill any zombies, find other survivors and then bring them back to be put into housing. (Basically using cheats to add them to the family, bring them back and placing them into different lots.) Eventually, Abby and John joined the team, and all was relatively well for a while.

Then winter came. Almost completely exposed, and unprepared, the entire group almost froze to death. The only things that saved them were abandoned cars. The group piled into different cars to warm up over night and took shifts sleeping during the day. The zombies are no longer the most dangerous threat. They survived the cannibalistic monsters, now they have to survive nature.


Peni Griffin
2nd Jan 2012, 5:19 AM
Well, Drama Acres is going on hiatus during January. I realized that sims were eating into time I would normally have spent sewing, gardening, etc., and I really need to get back on top of that stuff; so I told my husband a couple of days ago that on January 1st he needed to take the AL disk and put it someplace I wouldn't see it or run across it casually, and give it back in February. By then I should have my head back in the real world enough to not default to playing all the time when other options are available.

Unfortunately, this means that I wasn't at the end of a rotation. I picked an arbitrary date so I couldn't wimp out on it - my husband can't tell when I end a rotation, after all - and I still had fourteen households left at midnight last night. But the game's backed up, the disk is - somewhere - I have notes on where I left off and what I'd planned to do, and everyone will be right where I left them when I return.

Marsha and Harriet Hawkins, the twins from Hawkins Prime, have left for college and been added to the household at Alma Mater House, but are not officially moved in and have not grown up to YA. I like to move them in right away so they can be called and can appear on community lots in the main hood as teens, and then first thing I do on starting the University sub-rotation is open the lot with the new members and grow them up. They threw a roof-raising going away party, inviting (or teleporting in, since the party limit was too low) all seven of the teens who will be moving to college to make a new household at the end of the round: the Gavigan twins, Summer and Justine Thyme, the Ottomas twins, and Jovita Casa. Then Pigeon brought Justine and Summer's dad Hi home from work with her, so I teleported in the last living Thyme girl, Rosemary, and her boyfriend, John Amos Aerius, who is Marsha's first friend outside of her family. I made a point of getting Kestrel better-acquainted with them so she can get more firmly hooked into Drama Acres teen life.

Not all was perfect at Hawkins Prime, as Kestrel kept rolling wants she couldn't have (though she may yet, thanks to Pigeon's improvements to that house and their fish-and-garden-truck dinners, become the first Hawkins in private school) and Pigeon's husband Ezekial fell victim to the Gavigan curse. Never yet has a Gavigan made a good call on a chance card - Nathan lost three jobs, Naomi and Isaiah both lost after-school jobs, and Isaiah has been fired from one adult job as the result of chance cards. I had hoped that Zeke's luck would change by making him a Hawkins, but no dice. He didn't get fired, but he got demoted several ranks. This is usually really bad for a Fortune sim, but Zeke only went down from platinum to gold; so apparently becoming a Hawkins at least rendered him able to be mellow about such things. After all, it's not his dream job, and he didn't do anything wrong, just made the best judgment call he could based on insufficient information, and now is taking the blame for it. He'll keep looking for his medical job, taking care of his baby, and loving on his wife, and all will be well. He's now got a daily score of 30 towards his mother-in-law, with whom he till recently was enemies. Her attitude toward him is only an 8, but Pigeon doesn't insist that they be friends, just that they not poke, insult, and shove each other.

At the only secondary Hawkins household I was able to play before turning over the disk, adopted Mary Ann Hawkins got potty-trained and has nearly learned the nursery rhyme. She ages up next rotation, so Harris will take the day off, finish teaching her the rhyme, and throw a party for her, so I can see her toddler-to-child video. Teen Harlan took Marius, his buddy Frank, and his Aunt Kestrel on an outing to Doc Alan's, where he met Pollux Stacks and Theodora Ottomas. I went ahead and had him Check Out Pollux, so for the moment he's gay. So is his Aunt Kestrel. He can always be a sperm donor for Kestrel's future wife - it would make sense, since he's BFF with Kestrel and they have a number of features in common, for him to stand in for her genetically.

In Curian Prime, consisting of Marie and Pierre Curian and their late-life child Marius, recently grown to teen, Marie finally made the last friend needed to enable them both to reach the tops of their careers. She had the day off, but Pierre became a Game Designer and immediately went Permaplat, after a lifelong struggle to stay green. Marie should go permaplat next rotation when she goes to work a hostage negotiator and returns a Space Pirate. Meanwhile, across the street, in the fine big house where their oldest girl Eppie lives with her wife Tiffany and their cat Sampson, Eppie threw a party at which Tiffany, sitting in the hot tub with Marius and Eppie's cousin Greg Aerius, complained that Eppie still resists the idea of adoption. So Greg (who is also gay, and hands-down the handsomest guy in the hood) asked: "Do you have a turkey baster?" I spawned the Tombstone of Life and Death, artificially inseminated Tiffany right there in the hot tub, heard some baby chimes, and Eppie will just have to lump it. I've been wanting to do this for several months. I'm also still having Greg cultivate an astronomy hobby, but I'm not allowing myself to create any more alien pregnancies with the tombstone.

At the Munny household, the ghost of live-in help Nannie Ghote spawned and was seen by Sage Ann and teen Mark - both Knowledge, so that's a win! The Leader of the Pack showed up and got into a fight with their old dog Silver, but Ernest chased him away. Mark rolled wants to be a werewolf and to play with the Leader of the Pack, but I don't want Mark to be a werewolf and in any case, no dog who beats up on Silver would be welcome on that property. Sage Ann got an enormous bonus on a chance card. Ernest completed the set of skills he needs for his last promotion and should get it and go permaplat next rotation. I spoil him so much it's a wonder he isn't permaplat already! Frank tried to put together an outing to the park, but I left it too late and everybody evaporated on arrival. So he went swimming, lost the gut he keeps regaining by eating fish and garden truck, and then jammed with Gramary - his grandmother Mary Munny, rock goddess, who played the drums while he played guitar. It was sweet to see them rocking out together, on the stage she is supposed to have donated to Drama Acres Park. Mary herself is dating up a storm - young men literally line up outside her house hoping to attract her attention.

And that's it till February. By which time I hope to have figured out how to make jeans that fit, done the Great Book Shuffle, and prepped the yard for spring planting, which in this neck of the woods starts in February.

3rd Jan 2012, 2:43 AM
My Sims Rachael and Myles Cornwall were originally roomies, but they eventually warmed up to each other and married. They had two blonde bombshell twin daughters, Nicole and Ciera. Soon they produced a redhead named Tamara. Ciera's in a relationship with Dustin Broke, which Nicole doesn't approve of for many reasons, one including the fact that she's heard Dustin already has another girlfriend, Angela Pleasant. (Screw Angela, Dustin needs to move on from her, she's not right for him, anyways. Haha jk, I really don't care about Angela; in fact, I like her dating Dustin.) Anyway, Ciera befriended Shelby Brown (a good witch) and was taught the Ways of the Light. So basically, Ciera's got a secret life as a teenage witch while juggling school, goals to get college scholarships, helping her mother with her business, and maintaining her relationships with all of her friends. Meanwhile, her older twin sister Nicole is single but looking. Nicole's starting to feel kind of upset about the fact that Ciera is eveyone else's favorite girl, so her self esteem is falling. Nicole finds comfort in her little sister Tamara, but Tamara, too, is more popular and successful than Nicole.
I've already got names planned out for generation 3, but mostly only girl names; I have only one boy name prepared, so hopefully I get mostly girls for generation 3. (I love when my Simmies have daughters! They're more easy to relate to--I know, it's just a game so it's weird-- and also to customize.)
Anyway, Nicole's planning to trick Ciera into drinking a potion so that she isn't a witch anymore. (I'll use a dice to figure out whether or not she does it successfully.)
UPDATE: While I wasn't looking, Ciera caught Dustin doing something romantic with Angela, so they're still together but Ciera's furious at him. (The fury's almost gone, though; I'm moving the Cornwall twins, Dustin, and the Pleasant twins to college.)

3rd Jan 2012, 8:59 AM
I got University for Christmas and have since been trying to figure out how to integrate it into my gameplay.

The first Sim I sent was a male Knowledge Sim named Adam. With him, I just tried to get a feel of how things worked. Well, he did perfectly, getting Dean's List every semester and graduating with Honors. That was fine since it was in his character to stay holed-up in his dorm being an over-achiever.

Next I sent his sisters, born-in-game twins, Dani and Rose along with a girl the same age from a different family, Maleena. Then I made three guys in CAS, Nathaniel, his same-age nephew Othello, and an un-related Angelo. They all went into the same dorm and I decided that I would let their wants dictate how well they would do in college so they wouldn't all make perfect grades.

The guys were interesting... Both Othello and Nathaniel are Knowledge Sims, but Othello is serious and Nathaniel is playful. Othello constantly wanted to do assignments, research, and term-papers; Nathaniel wanted... to play video games and darts. Poor Nathan got expelled, never making it past his Freshmen year. That was okay, he got engaged to Rose as a consolation prize. As for Angelo, he's a Fortune Sim and was in competition for top marks with Othello for awhile and then... he burnt out and gave up. All he wanted to do was play chess. Although they were friendly rivals, Othello actually feared Angelo getting expelled and wanted to help him with assignments which was quite sweet, but despite his best efforts, Angelo got expelled in his junior year.

As for the ladies... They're Popularity, Family, and Pleasure, and not one of them wants anything to do with college. Their saving-grace the first couple of semesters was that they were born-in-game and had quite a few skill points. Between that and going to class, they did okay. Then I had to step in, since Maleena wants to be a Natural Scientist and Rose an Artist, and make them do the minimum amount of work to pass their classes. As for Dani, she wants to be a Scientist and thus isn't required to have a college education. She was probated once during her Sophomore year, but pulled through with help from Othello and a few lucky wants. Still, I'm not sure if she's going to make it to graduation.

So, at least three out of six are going to graduate and two of those three only with my intervention. I doubt I'll be playing University this way again since it seems only serious Knowledge Sims are meant to succeed. It doesn't seem worth sending them just to have them expelled and get an extra fear for their effort (or lack there-of). In the future I guess I'll go with bare minimum to pass and maybe try out the Greek houses if there's any Popularity or Pleasure Sims around. I noticed Dani and Maleena wanted to go Greek, but I denied them since I wanted to keep them all together.

3rd Jan 2012, 4:06 PM
I got in a few hours of Sim time last night, and continued my populate Pleasantview project. I added three new sub-hoods to Pleasantview to deal with the growing population including opening up a second downtown district for those Sims who want to return to simcity rather then grow up in the suburbs.

I added a new family to Pleasantview. the Perez family which consists of a couple (the husband is a Don Lothario want-to-be, while his wife is a family Sim) and their son (toddler). Of course having this mix of adults immediately led to drama, with the husband almost immediately taking a liking to their new maid and tipping her 100 Simoleans out of the three hundred they had in their account after renovating the house they just bought.

The wife (sorry but this is my first rotation with the family so their names aren't ingrained in my memory yet). got a job as a librarian, while her husband decided to pursue his life long dream of becoming the best darn slacker he could become, and they hired a nanny for their son. well while his wife taught her son everything he needed to know to grow up a well balanced child, her husband spent that time meeting and befriending the locals, and making excuses to go on errands downtown.

During one of his excursions to the grocery store he encountered Nina Caliente, and wooed her in the photo booth, but he was rewarded for this stunt by getting a purse full of bricks in his face by the prudish Mrs. C, and so I think he'll be more careful about where he woo whoos in the future. I will say though that the husband in this tale does truly love his wife or feels guilty that he has such a wandering eye because he gave her a few gifts, and then the first chance he could get he woo hooed their maid.

On his son's birthday while alone in the house the husband called up Jan Tellerman and proceeded to woo hoo her but forgot the time and his wife came home with a cake for their son's birthday only to find her husband having a party of his own in their bed, and she proceeded to slap him silly, and watch him say good bye to Jan before she went downstairs to throw their son a party and watch him grow up to a well adjusted child. the funny thing is that later that evening Jan kept coming to the house and standing outside, and even had the nerve to ring the doorbell, which the husband quickly answered before his wife who was preparing a few meals in advance for her son to eat after school could notice.

Eventually the husband's apologies and promises not to do it again have cooled his wife's anger at him (even though she had a nervous breakdown, and kept cuddling a sack of flour for quite some time) and has seemingly saved his marriage, but in Lothario fashion whenever his wife is at work, her husband is either on the computer chatting up the town hotties, or is on the phone with them, and setting up his next "private party".