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14th May 2013, 11:35 AM
I never played Freetime back in the day and I'm loving it. It allows dual aspirations!

Why does the exterminator like America?

I noticed that Loki had those spikes reaction to America at a point in time, so I don't know what's up with that considering they seem to be going on well.

Exterminator either just notices her in the thoughtbubble or if there are hearts around it, couldn't see it, he thinks she is attractive.

Do you mean with spikes reaction some sort of disgusted reaction? Then Loki is just not into her. No attraction to her whatsoever, so I don't think they will get romantical involved that well. ;) Doesn't mean they can't hid it off as friends. :)

14th May 2013, 2:10 PM
Sims will have thought bubbles of nearby popularity sims. It's cute when a baby gets a popularity sim thought bubble of their parents, while being held or something.

Peni Griffin
14th May 2013, 2:19 PM
Popularity sims are always appearing in people's thought bubbles. They make people notice them, you see.

X's through hearts mean the sim in the thought bubble hits the thinker's turn-off.

When you want to post pictures in this thread, please put them behind spoiler tags - just put the word "spoiler" inside brackets on either side of the image code, put a slash in front of the word inside the brackets in the second instance, and it will be tidily tucked away and not make loading the page awkward. There's a dedicated forum for posting pictures (with rules, to be found in the sticky threads of that forum).

I'm kind of bummed. I played the Harts of my full-game Widespot. Last rotation Valentine met his daughter Rhein as a toddler and clearly fell in love. To that point he'd been very discreet about his free-will canoodling with Mary Land, but in the very next house I played he squeezed her right in front of her other lover, Junior Mann, spiking that relationship. This did not strike me as a coincidence. It was the first day of spring this rotation, plus I'd given him a Family secondary, and he got to a place where he was willing to marry Mary, so I locked it and they got engaged. Junior was hanging around Valentine's daughter Candy and even interacted with his son by her - this provided Valentine with two motivations to spike Junior's guns with Mary - so everything was progressing nicely. Then Mary's little brother River called Val for a follow-up outing, which included a lot of the Land family - and River's friend Junior. I saw him walk onto the lot, thought "yeah, there's no way this could go south," and Mary walked up to him and touched his cheek. He rejected it and Val's heart broke.

So did mine, a little. But play it as it lies - Mary is young and allowed to make mistakes. As far as I could tell Valentine's reluctance to marry her was based on the difference in their ages, and this tends to confirm that he was right. She doesn't know herself well enough to be tying herself down to an old man. But I'm afraid he's going to slap her if they meet when I can't control him - I'm the one who gave him only three nice points, after all - and that is so far outside my mental picture of this version of the relationship I'd have a hard time coping with it.

Mary apparently has no idea what she's done wrong, looking merely bewildered when Valentine rejected the flirt she directed at him immediately afterward.I looked in on her before I went to bed, and her and her family's wants are all clearly looking forward to her marrying Valentine.

When Valentine got home he went to bed in the only single bed in the house. :(

14th May 2013, 6:05 PM
Simuro, too many pictures in a thread can really slow it down for everyone. Please put your pictures inside of spoiler tags, so that the thread will load more easily. Thanks1

hint: [ spoiler ] <pictures here> [ /spoiler ]
Just remove the spaces around the word spoiler.

14th May 2013, 6:54 PM
Simuro - soccer nets are under hobbies: games, and I believe the ballet barre is under hobbies: fitness.

Actually the ballet barre is a reward object - for dancing career.

14th May 2013, 7:03 PM
Things are finally going pretty well in the Nevergreen house. All the kids (five!) got A+ in grades and everyone is feeling fine, keeping the aspiration bar is a little bit tough although. Lily and Gilbert are retired and have enough money to live in peace with their children. Here is a picture on a Friday morning right before the kids are going to school.

Peni Griffin
14th May 2013, 8:00 PM
There's a buyable ballet barre under hobbies. Presumably the career reward object has special qualities.

15th May 2013, 1:11 PM
The Zamoranos
Duwar promoted to souschef. Micah stayed with the baby that day.
Duwar is a very caring father. This child isn't biologically speaking his, bút all the more reason to be very nurturing. Her own parents left her in the lurch and he feels sorry for her. He wants to give her extra what her parents apparently can't give. Micah tries to do that too. Duwar beats her every time, though. She is more the parent that cleans up after. They still don't know Demi's back story. They hope to find out more soon, so they can give her the best care she needs.

Micah doesn't have contact with her older brother Frank and sister Bonny. Somehow a good relationship was never achieved. She does have a relationship with her brother Marcel. She called him to catch up. He told her about the ring and the new development. They discussed what this could mean, but didn't come up with anything yet.

After she hung up, she got a phone call from CPS. Micah and Duwar had registered to be available as foster parents at some point. CPS had a small boy in their custody, who needed a home desperately. Were she and Duwar available for at least the next three months? Ofcourse they were. Zacharias could come. The Social Worker brought him in the morning. The boy was starved for a hug, because the first thing he did was give Micah one and then he wanted to dance, on her feet, together. Micah and Zacharias seem to hid it off together, because then they played ball until he had to pee. Duwar went for a jog in the neighborhood in the mean time, after he took care of Demi. When he got back he had gained a fysical skill point, changed Demi's diaper, took a quick bath and got ready for work.
To have some help and back-up for Micah, they let a nanny come. In that way, Micah could pay her attention mostly on Zacharias. It was his first day at their house and she wanted to give him a very welcoming feeling. He got his own room in the attic. A high bed with a sliding and a couch underneat, some toys and a desk with chair. He also liked their big pool and gained his very first fysical skill point there. Micah gave him a new haircut, because the hair-do he came with was somewhat derelict. He now looks like a handsome cute boy. Baby Demi grew up at the end of the rotation and is now a sweet looking toddler with long black curly hair.

15th May 2013, 8:19 PM
Bad news for the Curious brothers; due to a set of circumstances that were not their fault, Lulu got taken away by Animal Control. To explain these circumstances better: Lulu was the kind of dog who would rather eat trash from a kicked-over can than eat from her bowl. Pascal had gotten her a job in Show Business, which she got a promotion in, but apparently pet jobs don't come with lunch. She came home all the way in the red for hunger, and despite me moving her bowl (and yes, it had food in it) out next to the kerb, she would rather mope about being starving than go eat it. I had Vidcund come call her to eat, but she still moped around until, just as she started eating, the police car pulled up. Pascal got woken up to get lectured about it, since he's the one who was liked Lulu most, and the cop didn't seem to care about his complaints that he'd been up half the night due to his baby -- instead she wrinkled her nose at the smell of the peacefully sleeping Sirius's diaper.

Lazlo insisted on keeping Lulu's bowl, bed, and chew toy, saying he'd get her back...I'm not sure if you can re-adopt a taken pet, but since Pascal was the one who got the memory, perhaps there's hope. Pascal decided that secrecy wasn't as important as making sure Sirius had proper care (that he wouldn't have to give!) and hired a nanny to cover his night shift that his brothers aren't home for. He called in sick the first night though, just to be sure that the nanny was competent, and used the time to invite Nervous Subject and Grimalkin over and test out how WooHoo works on the loveseat OMSP I downloaded and put on his bed -- very well, as it turns out, though the nanny walked in on them and gave a disapproving look. He and Nervous ended up getting in a committed relationship, and Grimalkin enjoyed using Lulu's stuff, but Nervous did not get on well with the nanny -- he thinks she treats Sirius too coldly. Looks like Nervous will make a perfect stepfather for lil' greenie again -- I'm surprised how much the Pascal-and-Nervous storyline is moving in the same general direction as it did in my basegame-only Strangetown, even with the megahood and my occasional attempts to change things up. (Back then, they ended up raising three girls between them: Pascal's Venus, a hideous-but-brilliant adopted one, and a pretty adopted one. This time I'm hoping to get Nervous pollinated as well, and have them adopt every kid who gets taken by the Social Worker, as well as some from the adoption pool if Nervous wants them.)


At the Beaker house, things went better than expected with Circe gone; Loki woke up wanting to have a baby and fearing Circe's death, so he clearly has some idea what's going on. He and Nervous, amazingly, managed to make friends, although he still ridiculed Pascal when Nervous invited him over and introduced him as "my boyfriend". No matter -- while Loki was at work, Nervous and Pascal went for a stroll in the desert (with the ability to see the neighbourhood from the lot, it really does look like the Beaker house is right on the edge of the high desert -- beautiful) and Nervous proposed near one of the cactuses. It was a beautiful engagement video, and both of them wanted very much to get engaged, so things are great! Grimalkin photobombed a bit by strolling over the dunes in the background of the video, but it looked good too -- that dog is really a suitable desert dog. In fact, he prefers sleeping under a cactus than in his bed!

Nervous wanted to get married at once and have a wedding party, but I do not think either of the Beakers are going to like that...so he may have to run away first. At any rate, Loki has provided me with more interesting storyline -- he met a white wolf named Allegra, managed to teach her to "Come Here", and started wanting to become a werewolf. I quite approve of the idea of werewolf Loki, but he still has to meet the Leader of the Pack...and I also like the idea of the Beakers adopting a wolf, so he'll have to stay on good terms with Allegra.


Malcolm Landgraab got two levels of wholesale discount for Electronics Superstore, so he decided to ditch those old tired desks and start selling more exotic and seasonal goods -- including Christmas trees, lights, and bows, jukeboxes, the stork cradle I found on here, and, where the desks used to be, an outrageously tacky lime-green coffin on a cherry-red base (thank you, Coffin Crew). He's not sure about the coffin, but he heard they're all the rage with rich Downtown-dwellers... He sold one of everything except the coffin, and got the gold sales badge, which allowed him to do such things as sell a Christmas tree to Rose Greenman. He didn't even have to try with the cradle -- Chloe Curious strolled in, sized it up, and bought the first one there very quickly. Um, Chloe? Well, I guess it could be a tacky gift for Pascal, even though Sirius has a perfectly good crib...yeah, I'm going with that. Chloe's just being a good sister, that's all. He also bought a bowling alley back home, installing it in the backyard...and a beat-up truck, turning the shed into a garage. Hey, when you're that rich, you can get away with driving a junker.

Goods weren't the only thing Malcolm was selling -- at Club Dante, he made it clear that his services could be gotten by long-staying visitors, leading to him having his first WooHoo on a sofa with a quite desperate townie woman. He still sees it as a way to hype his club as a place where anything goes...but I see him slowly taking in any broke Romance Sims who show up, letting them live at his place in return for working at his club... (No, I don't want the Brothel WooHoo mod -- it might conflict with ACR or InTeen, and it's not going to start out that explicit anyway. Besides, Romance Sim "workers" should get the pleasure from the transaction too, shouldn't they?)

Malcolm went to the Corner Shoppes to buy a cell phone, and met a townie man who caught his eye. Just to prove that he wasn't letting his tastes be set by paying customers, he went on a date with the townie...which went very well indeed, ending in kissing, but no more. He did get a rose from the townie, late that night...delivered to the garage door (no, not the car one, the side one)!


The Tinkers didn't do much, but Stephen started a toyshop in the backyard. It didn't do too well, but maybe it will in a few days...

Wanda got her first bump, to her and Stephen's delight and Melody's annoyance. Melody must have a very weird personality, since I was actually relieved when she wanted a music player -- until then, she had only wanted to skill and do her homework! She got to go to town and get it, and she actually autonomously listened to it...she's not quite so odd...

(Seriously, Melody's getting the backstory-producing part of my mind running, in great contrast to her boring, slightly annoying parents. She's so odd, even for a Knowledge Sim, that I'm starting to think that she has undiagnosed autism...and that her parents, due to their slightly subnormal intelligence, have paid it about as much attention as they've paid her off-the-wall genetics. Hence why she seems to be on a different plane from them, not autonomously interacting with them and wanting nothing that has anything to do with them while they have the usual meddling Family Sim wants for her -- and why her only fears involve Baxter scratching something, hissing at her, getting sprayed by a skunk...and before he came, they were just getting bad grades, losing a skill point, and getting rejected from private school. She literally doesn't care if her parents live or die...which I entirely understand! But boy, does she need to meet the Curious brothers...)

15th May 2013, 8:30 PM
@mirjamsim2love; Any chance of a photo of Zacharias and Demi?

Andrew's party got a bit wild, but I think it would have been a voted a success, had it been a scored party. At its height there were 11 teens (7 boys and 4 girls) and 2 adults (Gloria and her boyfriend Garry) in the little house at 19 Chorus Court. The girls didn't have as good a time as you might expect, because all the boys except Romeo and (perhaps) Remington were gay. I only spotted one "incident" during the party, though, with so many Sims there at once I may have missed others: David Cornton kissed his old flame Ravi Bertino right in front of Jack Gill with whom he had just been making out! Thanks to Pescado's romance mod there was no slapping, but Jack just looked very sad (and a big pink heart crossed out appeared above his head)! Gloria and Garry escaped from the teens to the love tub. There was only one teen in it, Mallory Mace, and they chatted with her for a while before shooing her away so they could make out and woohoo together. All the guests gradually drifted away between midnight and 3 a.m., with Garry the last too leave. Julian didn't go home: he spent the night with Andrew. Gloria and Andrew have an understanding that, although the double bed is really Gloria's, Andrew can have it when Julian is staying the night. There's only one double bed and one single bed in the house, so they arrange between them who can have her/his boyfriend to stay the night! Andrew has a very broad-minded mum - probably something to do with being a romance Sim!

Jack Gill didn't stay sad for long. He was still on good enough terms with David to invite him round after school. And David then explained to him his philosophy of romance: "Just because I love Ravi doesn't mean I don't love you Jack! Of course I love you too! Actually I love five or six boys. (I can't remember how many.) We romance Sims don't have to just make do with one love - we can have as many as we want. As a fellow romance Sim, you should know that, Jack. If we all try to be nice and outgoing, and not too serious, we can all love each other." (Pescado's romance mod again.) Jack thought about that and liked it. He invited David to spend the night. The next day he phoned Ravi a few times and eventually asked him round. That was the Friday night and Ravi and he spent it together. Ravi went home on the Saturday morning, but later that day he asked Ravi back, and this time he asked him to move in permanently! He hopes he can have an open relationship with Ravi (who is actually a pleasure Sim) and they can both have fun with the local gay romance teens too! Jack had heard rumours that this sort of thing might be going on in Veronaville, and it was the reason he came!

15th May 2013, 11:06 PM
AndrewGloria, at your service :P



16th May 2013, 4:11 AM
Silence Falls 2.0; My four families are still lodged comfortably in a small apartment block overlooking the ocean. Its Winter and the lap pool in the common yard has caused some problems - everyone goes swimming in it despite the thick snow on the ground. I freak out when they come out blue. I can use sim blender to reset temperature, but for some reason this doesn't correct the kidlets, so there's always at least one kid running about coughing and looking terrible.
Gerard had to pay off neighbour David, so he would stop harassing him. I didn't even notice what David was doing, maybe stealing the paper, but the option was there so I had him do it. Gerard is unaware that wife Veronica has been madly flirting with David while he's at work, but to her credit she hasn't cheated yet. But in other ways she has reverted to her usual personality, which is somewhat unpleasant. When she throws a football with William in the backyard she throws it too hard, hurting his hand! She has taken on a psychotic dislike of David's wife Meredith, slapping her in the common yard with no provocation. When the family funds dwindled to 160simols, leaving them short of rent, she waited until her family had left for work/school and stood out on the pavement, waiting for the first townie that came along. His name was Juan, and she lured him inside. She spent most of the day moving him in, emptying his inventory and chasing him about with the simvac until she got too cold and locked him out in the snow. When her family came home she kept them inside for the rest of the day, to hide what she was doing, and plying them with food and the new games she had bought, before going to bed early, tired out. Poor Juan lay mostly hidden in the snow, unseen by other sims who moved about the yard during the evening, chatting and joking between quick dips in the freezing pool. I wish pools would freeze over in Winter, like ponds. For her efforts Veronica added almost 19,000s to the family funds through her day's work.
The Burberry family are much more stable; John and Jules work hard at their career's and little Lucy works hard at throwing water bombs at everyone and building so many snowmen in the yard that people can't move around properly. Mr Bigglesworth the cat has a career in showbiz, but otherwise stay indoors, batting his toys and snoozing on beds. On weekends the obedience trainer comes around and tries to teach him new tricks between his naps. The Burberry's are looking forward to moving out of the apartment and into a little house of their own.
The Prescott family on the other hand are less than happy. David is a selfish git who's career in sport has always sucked up the attention. Now that he's no longer a star and has gone into coaching Meredith has finally done something for herself and gone into politics. David's reaction is to largely ignore her. Meredith no longer seems to care much for him, and I suspect she's aware of his flirting with Veronica. She's very much focused on her career and making new friends in the apartment, so the poor twins, Angelina and Lilly, are kind of ignored by both of them. They've grown very close to each other and often wander into the other apartments in the evenings to watch telly and eat with the other family's. I'm going to give them a dog, because I feel bad for them.
The Mornington's, my long suffering favourite family, insist that this time I let the kids grow up and go into college at the very least before I scrap my hood and start again. I've promised to try. Evelyn is working again in journalism, Michael in medicine. Evelyn has yet to start her writing career; I want her to reach the level of investigative journalist before she does that. Crammed into a two bedroom place with two kids, Xavier and Samantha, and Ollie the dog, they are desperate to move out, and would like to buy a rundown farmhouse in the rural part of Silence, where they can keep chickens and horse's and grow organic vegetables.

http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7289/8743597618_6d6f34670a.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8743597618/)

16th May 2013, 12:07 PM
Old people's home
Dunya functions well in the hospital and is now a doctors assistant. Thanks to the oldies, who jostle each other in wanting to take care of the youngsters, she was able to keep up with the studies and the workhours. Dunya doesn't see it as interference of them. It was good for her. Then she had a chance to withdrew into herself after work and think about what Darim might do, what her future should bring and divorcing Darim. She has to take care that she doesn't lose sight of Hana, though. She does get overlooked sometimes by her mother and everybody else. Only Cujo seems to notice her enough. He sometimes comes to her for attention.
Chelsea told Dunya about the earlier call of her mother-in-law. Dunya called Hanifa back, they talked it through and Dunya agreed to meet Hanifa at the old people's home to see her grandchildren. As long as she didn't bring Darim or told him they were there. This was really important. If Hanifa wouldn't stick to these 'rules', Dunya could not go on with these visiting hours. Hanifa surely agreed. She was very excited to finally see her grandchildren. Darim is her son and she loves him very much, but she also blames him for keeping her from her grandchildren and what he did to her daughter-in-law and her children. She wasn't willing to jeopardize building a relationship with her grandchildren. Darim was in the fault here and she wasn't enabling him in terrorizing Dunya and kids.
Hanifa had joyfull times during her visit. Hana told her a joke and asked her for a ball play session. She also met with her two grandsons. The youngest grew up as a toddler while she was there. He asked her for attention, but when she wanted to pick him up he rejected. He didn't want that closeness from that strange woman he never saw before. Hanifa stayed as long as she could and went home a very happy woman.

Butter, former Ben Magee's now Chelsea's cat, got into a big fight with a neighborhood stray, Moonshine. Amin Zamorano saw it, called Butter over to scold her for being hostile and fighting. Later he felt bad. What if Butter would run off? Then it would be his fault. He seems more aware of his own role in things. What he does can have more severe consequences he could have foreseen beforehand. The situation around Dunya had made him wary and insecure.

No sign of Darim, but somehow that felt more threatening than hearing him rant on the phone or demand Dunya had to come back. The oldies tried to keep him calm on the phone and also tried to convince him she wasn't even there, but he wasn't buying their stories. It was too quiet on that side. The calm before the storm?

Oldie Victoria Haydon doesn't seem to feel her bladder anymore as well as she used to. Twice in a two day rotation she peed her pants. Unfortunate inconvenience when getting old. Incontinence is around the corner then. She and the others still have time left in the winter of their lives, but soon we will have some new pass aways.

17th May 2013, 3:18 AM
The Ramirez house gave me a very annoying time with Tessa's hair -- it got this weird transparency glitch where the edge of the mesh was transparent, making parts of her head see-through. I finally got rid of it by sending her to her first day of private school in a dragon-costume head and face-paint, then changing to normal hair again when she got home, but when she changed into her underwear to go to bed at the end of the day, the glitch was back...well, maybe it'll go away by itself? (These things really, really, really annoy me!)

Otherwise, the day was uneventful, with the adults resting in expectation of a big party tomorrow, and Estella proving that she too jumps on the counter to eat food from it...even when Lisa was right next to her, washing the dishes! Also, despite Checo's mockery, Lisa insisted that being a housewife and helping at the shop was not enough for her -- she found a job opening as an EMT, and she wasn't going to turn down a chance at a job in the field of her dreams.


Florence Delarosa made a lot of money off the shop, and got the LeTourneau Prize just to help out a bit when she got to rank 2. She also met a wolf named Alabama, and spent the end of her evening happily playing fetch with said wolf in the snow on her patio. Yes, she's odd...


The Jacquets managed to take advantage of the holiday to sell a few things at the bakery, but the viability of the business was undermined by Gilbert's instance on hiring both his lovers when the townie girl quit. Florence, having gotten a bronze cashier badge from her shop, became the new cashier, while the townie who'd gotten his first WooHoo became the cleaner. This led to a great deal more money being spent than was being made, and then the rank somehow fell to -1... Good thing Denise got a nice little promotion in her Criminal job.


I'm due for a backup and a HoodChecker run, but I wanted to get the Ottomas babies born and whatever might come of Consort Capp's attempt to kill Bianca Monty dealt with before making the backup...so SimCity Hospital was the first lot to welcome Winter Day.

Bianca was alive and showing no ill effects from the stabbing and shooting -- of course that wouldn't do at all for drama and storyline purposes! I quickly got Circe dressed in her own clothes and moved out and back home, moved in Samantha Ottomas, and got Bianca a few nice little facial wounds I'd downloaded that could feasibly heal into scars that I've also downloaded.

At this point the "real" storyline commenced. Bianca spent Winter Day unconscious and in and out of surgery (i.e. I made her bed one of the patient beds, and made her stay in it every moment I could, asleep most of it and daydreaming otherwise). Her immediate family, her Capp acquaintances, and the Summerdream-Gossamers were all being questioned by the police, and Officer Erin Beaker was standing guard outside Bianca's room at the hospital. Antonio Monty, though unable to come himself due to the aforementioned police entanglement, got Father Laurence Stratford to come and see to his sister. This led to serious and rather arbitrary friction between Laurence and Erin -- Laurence was very upset by what was happening, and confused as to why such nice people would feud so horribly; Erin, though she didn't want to show it, was badly shaken by what had befallen the doctor who so recently had helped her sister-in-law through the rocky start to her pregnancy. This led to Erin screaming at Laurence to shut up about how sensationalist the news coverage of the attack was when they both ended up parked in front of the same waiting-room TV during one of Bianca's surgeries (or rather, when they wandered off and ended up there together ;) ). You can tell she's a Beaker...

Meanwhile, Samantha gave birth to twins Anna and Adam in the maternity ward hallway, just steps from her room -- at least both the Doctors Larson were there to help, although Jodi wished Bianca had been there. And outside, as Ajay Loner (he's the chief surgeon) built a snowman to try to let off the confused emotions of having had to work on his friend, a sneaky-looking figure pondered how good the security the SCPD was putting on the hospital was...yes, Consort chose that moment to do a very sinister-looking walkby.

Bianca woke just before dawn next morning. The first thing she saw was the vase of daisies on the nearest flat surface. The next was the equipment surrounding her bed. The third was the sleepy-looking, scared-looking priest sitting on the uncomfortable, institutional couch facing her bed. "I was in bad enough shape they sent you? How many of my family is dead by now? Or locked up?" Those were the words she croaked out of her dry throat. She knew her family.

((I'm sorry about the dramatics in the last part! I just couldn't help myself...and this is exactly the instance of civil blood making civil hands unclean to get Escalus Prince to try to stop the feud, making matters worse.))

17th May 2013, 9:16 AM
Cavanah-Tjing house
When Brody invited Rowan Dumitru over, and just when he arrived, Darim Akbari came walking through his street. Brody saw him and gave Darim attitude. Besides what he did to Dunya, he also didn't trust him there. His sister Bailey lived across the street and it happened before that Darim tried to seduce Bailey. It could happen again! He doesn't know yet he is too late to prevend anything.
Darim has been suspicious of Brody for a long time now too. He thinks Brody will go after Dunya and claim her for himself. Suddenly he thought the smug face of Brody meant Dunya was there in Brody's house! Darim took a run for the door and entered the house.
He knew he had little time before Brody would catch up with him, so while he hurried for the stairs he quickly looked around, but didn't see anyone. Maybe she was in his bedroom! He ran up the stairs and encountered Rowan and Tessa. Dunya wasn't there after all. Hm, maybe this had been a stupid idea. Then Brody was upstairs too. This could get ugly..

Tessa wasn't happy with Darim there. She heard the stories about him and knows what he looks like. She got on a high horse asking what the hell he was doing here! How did he get in, passed Brody. Did Darim do something to Brody. Well? Then she saw Brody got upstairs too and looked fine. Before he could say or do anything, Darim had started irritating Tessa, who cried about it. Brody got really mad and hit Darim in the face. He felt good about that, by the look on his face after. Darim wouldn't be Darim to nót doing anything also, to return the favor. He hit back, hard. Brody didn't know how to react to that for a second or two. It didn't take him longer to attack Darim and get entangled in a fight with him. Darim clearly had the upper hand. Tessa thought it was pitiable for Brody and scoffed at Darim. She didn't like him at all. Darim attacked her for it. Rowan didn't know where to go and how to act. He ran to the balcony, came back and ran to another corner of the bedroom. Mán, what a dangerous mess here! Was he even safe himself here? He took off. Just to be on the safe side.

Brody was through with Darim completely. Beating up women too? That was a new low in Darim's life. Tessa might have kicked Darim's ass, serves Darim well, but that kind of thing you just did nót do. Especially not to his girlfriend in théir house. Therefor Brody fought with Darim again and this time beat him. Darim was done and beat a retreat after his humiliating defeat. Brody waved him good-bye rejoicefully. He added in a sarcastically tone: 'Bye, Bye!'. http://i782.photobucket.com/albums/yy105/ambiance_album/Brody-Tessa/Brody-waves-Darim-goodbye_zps2d976862.jpg

The next day Brody and Tessa had other things on their mind. Their new to start business. They bought a piece of land for their 'Ca-Tj-I-Net Cafe'. The name is explainable. 'Ca' stands for Cavanah. Brody's last name. 'Tj' stands for Tjing. Tessa's last name. The sound of CaTjiN(g) stands for Kaching. The money that has to come rolling in, but that mustn't be too obvious for the customers. Therefor they left out the G. I-net, ofcourse, stands for internet. It will take some time before they will have it up and running. They will keep working on their business contracts as freelancers. They need the money and can't get out of the contracts yet anyway. Brody would like to have a child, but at the moment they will have their hands full with their internetcafe.
When they got back from their owned land, they saw Faustin walk by. They had heard his mother passed away, because Brody is friends with Fabienne, one of Faustin's sisters. They wanted to give him condolances and invite him in to be friendly. Brody had 'a talk' with Faustin to cheer him up a bit and that certainly helped. Then one of Rowan's sons showed up. Briar Dumitru. Both teenage boys got invited to eat the hamburgers Tessa had made. Her cooking wasn't something to write home about it, so to speak, so they all trifled with their food. It was the idea behind it that counted.
The last day of the rotation they went to their property to oversee the renovation development. Ca-Tj-I-Net Cafe isn't ready for opening yet.

17th May 2013, 8:24 PM
It's been too long!! Been busy revising for my exams :( Anyways, I've played more I think, than I have typed up besides simple notes from a particular game session. Anywhoo...


Don Lothario’s traits: Athletic, Great Kisser, Handy, Adventurous, Loves the outdoors
Dina Lothario’s traits: Genius, Savvy, Ambitious, Loves Fashion, Loves the Heat

Don was promoted to Resident and Dina was promoted to Executive respectively and thanks to Christy, Dina was quickly moving up the corporate ladder and the people at Sim Nation were finally starting to trust Dina with the bigger projects… and bigger budgets. As for Don, well although his promotion meant he would have to work the night shift he knew it wouldn’t be too long before he finally got his own proper office at the Hospital.

Dina upon returning from work got a phone call from her estate agent whom she had hired (instead of finding a place herself) to find her and Don a new home maybe in the city or in Pleasantview, so that they could finally start their life together properly. Well it seemed that her agent came through, with a huge house on Sim Lane, with dark wooden floors and at least 4 bedrooms. Dina decided that she was going to get an extra 10,000 loan so that they could buy the house and so later that night when Don returned home they packed up their things and moved homes.

While Dina quickly went to work that morning, it was left to Don to unpack and move everything into its right place. Afterwards, Don decided to invite Addie English over for brunch and Kennedy Grove was the only member of the welcoming party, so Don decided to invite him into their new home for some lunch.

Dina brought home Gordon Wolosenko from Sim Nation, same guy Allegra had woohoo with…small world right (no pun intended), and they networked and had some drinks over brunch, while Dina talked about the current affairs (yes as in relationship affairs) that were happening at the office. Oh Dina you gossip. :lol:


Daniel Pleasant’s traits: Athletic, family orientated, Charismatic, loves the outdoors, hopeless romantic,
Kaylynn Pleasant’s traits: Natural Cook, loves the indoors, protective, nurturing, family orientated,
Angela Pleasant’s traits: flirty, diva, dramatic…
(I decided to not give Carol any traits as her time is coming to an end soon, therefore I did not see the point.)

She’s cried herself to sleep every night since Herb’s death. Poor Carol Oldie, in the 50 years that she has been Mrs. Oldie not once did she truly think she’ll be alone in her golden years. Herb and Carol hadn’t had the chance to celebrate their wedding anniversary which was going to be held on the first day of autumn.

Now Carol is unsure of what she wants to do now? Daniel and Kaylynn are currently happy with their growing family, and with Lilith living with Dustin’s family and Angela having finally gone off to University…Carol believed she wasn’t needed. She knew that her mood was affecting the happy mood in the rest of the house; she knew that Kaylynn had approached Daniel about maybe asking Carol to move out so that they could use her room as another nursery for another potential baby in the future. Yet if Daniel did in fact ask her to move out, where would she go? To an elderly home? Alone?

While Carol was thinking about what she was going to do with the remainder of her life, Angela was also making a new start in life as she had gotten an early entrance into Sim State University by applying to the Sorority. After Angela called Heather to tell her the news about the University accepting her application, it was time to pack up her things and of course buy more clothes and new make up for University.

Daniel stayed by the door as Kaylynn and Angela were packing up her things for University…Daniel had not felt so proud of his little girl so much until now. He was glad that Angela hadn’t followed the path that Lilith had taken and was going to make something of herself rather than just be some teenage mother with no qualifications. How was Lilith going to make something of herself if she wasn’t going to get further qualifications?

Daniel breathed and took a moment to pause, he said to himself that he wouldn’t let his disappointment on how Lilith turned out affect the way he felt about Angela. He was just going to enjoy this moment and be thankful that at least one of his daughters turned out okay. With her last things all packed up, Angela said buy to her baby brother and to Kaylynn. Daniel grabbed his keys and off they went for the 8 hour drive to Sim State so that Angela could finally begin a new life on campus.

Early that day while Daniel had been at work he had bumped into none other than Nolan Baxter (the new NFL player that not a lot of people knew), this might have been due to the fact that no one really liked him and everyone was surprised that he had made the team during the summer transfers…well that was Daniel’s opinion. But when Nolan came up to him and they started talking about sports and their favourite teams, Daniel realised that he wasn’t a bad kid. Of course Daniel couldn’t help asking whether it was true about him and a certain Cass Goth, yes he had heard the rumours about Nolan getting Cass Goth pregnant. Heck most of Pleasantview knew except maybe Mortimer. Daniel decided to invite Nolan back for some dinner, and Nolan talked to Daniel about his feelings about Cass’s pregnancy over dinner that night.

Kaylynn had gotten promoted to Midwife Apprentice at the hospital, and for the first time in her career she was help with the state of her career. She was learning so much on the job that Kaylynn realised that maybe she would need to take some night classes to boost her chances of getting further up the career ladder. Later that night after Nolan had left and before Daniel took Angela off to Sim State, Kaylynn and Daniel managed to have a few hours alone and decided to try for another baby so that the house could be full again now that Angela was leaving and soon Carol could be leaving. Daniel and Kaylynn tried for a baby (ACR) and now it seems Kaylynn is pregnant with their second child.


17th May 2013, 10:33 PM
Consort Capp indulged in a ridiculous piece of petty crime: he stole the Corntons' Saturday morning paper. There were no less than 5 teen boys in the front garden when he did it, and they all pointed at him in unison! At his age, he really should know better!

I never thought of phoning the police until now. There certainly were plenty of witnesses. But they'd probably have taken his word as a respectable businessman, and fined the boys for wasting police time! Since Julian Moltke got fined for phoning for the Fire Brigade when he really thought his dad was going to burn to death, the Veronaville teens don't have much faith in their emergency services!

17th May 2013, 11:10 PM
I got that backup and HoodChecker run done, so here's more drama...

Father Laurence Stratford had been dreading three Christmas sermons in one day, but events of the moment made him forget his fear; he tossed his tame, tidiness-encouraging sermons in the bin as he marched off to SimCity Cathedral, fire and brimstone swirling through his mind. He was going to take a stand with a great sermon about how spilling the blood of innocents would not go unpunished, and that was only going to be the preparation for an even better one in Veronaville...

Bad idea. Some bored townies stood around watching the first sermon, but they seemed more interested in getting out of the cold and buying candles than listening to Laurence. He knew things were getting bad when he had to chase a Contessa out of the vestry -- not that he personally thought she had any less right than anyone else to use the bowling alley a previous priest had had installed there, but he had to keep up some sort of appearances. Vampires weren't supposed to come to church, and if they did, he was supposed to expel them.

Veronaville was even worse. He realized the church was lacking in both food and cheer, so along with the ticket machine, a buffet table and, after some reflection, a carousel were installed in the grounds. The service was worse than a fiasco -- while Paris Prince made an appearance, he was disruptive, since he considered it just fine to chat loudly with Don Goth about what even Laurence suspected was confidential police information about the Monty attempted murder case. Patrizio Monty intimidated Juliette Capp into leaving in tears halfway through, and then stormed up to berate Laurence for preaching against revenge -- Patrizio had already lost one child to the Capps, and he had no intention of losing another. The only person who seemed to actually enjoy the sermon was Nervous Subject, who was hiding behind a pillar. To add insult to injury, Antonio Monty approached Laurence afterwards, delicately pointing out that it would be in his best interests, both financially and safety-wise, to bleat pleasing platitudes and prepare flattering eulogies for the myriad Capp funerals Antonio predicted. Outraged, Laurence went looking for Paris, but he had left at this point; Laurence took the hint and set out for Strangetown.

Strangetown Christmas was very wet -- there was a thunderstorm going on the whole time Laurence was there. This was actually the best-received sermon, despite General Buzz walking around laughing at the décor -- the many residents (none of them Jacoban) sitting in the pews probably just wanted first-hand gossip of the feud, but Laurence wasn't going to be picky about his audience at this point. He'd heard there were troubles between the prominent families of Strangetown too, so perhaps he could prevent those troubles from reaching Veronaville scale by his sermon.


Regan Capp of the Downtown Capps didn't want to be teased about it by her ambitious husband and agnostic brother, but she wanted to go to church. Since Kent had the flu, she was able to escape the house with ease once Cornwall had gone to work. She puttered around the cathedral a bit before finally locating Laurence scrubbing a sink, then told him that she wanted a "private talk" (and since I haven't located any working confessionals that aren't actually photobooths, a secluded corner of the cathedral had to serve). The conversation ended up being about business, irritating Laurence, who asked her if her job was really all she had to tell him about. Miffed, she marched off and amused herself by loudly substituting unflattering remarks about his facial features for the lyrics of the inspirational songs loaded on the karaoke machine. Laurence quickly found another sink to scrub.

Finally satisfied with her karaoke skills, Regan went to Comandgo Emporium to buy herself and Cornwall some new underwear for a little celebration of their own. That celebration was -- you guessed it -- autonomous try for baby shortly after Cornwall got home, pleased with himself for getting a promotion. And yes, there was a lullaby...Regan may well get exactly what she wants from Cornwall...

Cornwall woke up in the middle of the night and checked the computer yet again to see if there were any sports jobs...and there was one! Yes, it was a team mascot job, yes, he'd just gotten a promotion, but that was his LTW field...so he took it. Regan may not be pleased...


The SimCity Police Station was a place of high emotion, and the only good kind around was Chloe and Lola Curious inviting Pascal over and giving him their presents for Sirius -- the stork cradle Chloe had bought at Electronics Superstore, and a toy fire truck Lola had bought from Stephen Tinker "for when he's a little older".

The rest of it was tension. Claire Wood (I forgot her name before, and misremembered it as Woods -- it's even more suggestive this way!) hung around, annoying Escalus, who then had to have a not-very-nice conversation with Patrizio Monty. Paris watched in annoyance as Chloe flirted with that nerd, Chester Gieke. Did he love her? Should he say something? It was just flirting, right? Oh, screw it -- if he ran into Consort Capp at this point, it was going to be a matter of who was a faster shot. After Chester had gone out on patrol, Paris caught Chloe playing on one of the reception computers. Spinning her chair around, he dropped to one knee. "I love you, Chloe. Everything that's happening has made me realize that. Marry me, Chloe Curious, and I'll be happy forever." (That last bit is totally untrue -- he has the least common Pleasure LTW, to be a game designer!) Startled, and realizing it would not be a good idea to reject Captain Prince, Chloe agreed.

Upstairs, Escalus stared at himself in the locker room mirrors. How much longer could he do this? How much longer could he ignore the Veronaville madness? They were all people's children, he thought -- no, this had to stop. He would be devastated if his own son were to die, so how could he allow the children of others to be slaughtered for the sake of old men's quarrels? Whispered to the mirror were the words, "Rebellious subjects, enemies to peace...if ever you disturb our streets again,your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace...well, I could make a good speech out of that."

"It'd be your last, Chief," said Alexandra Teatherton, entering with a mop. "Veronville's got the highest tax base in the whole county. They'd have you sacked for telling them off."

"I know, Detective Teatherton. I know. But if it's my resignation speech already...what can they do?"

The mop was dropped. "You? Quit? They'd kill us all!"

Escalus shook his head. "I have full faith in Paris, Detective...and in you. Would you consider leaving undercover work?"

((Yes, I intend for Escalus to move out of the police station in the next rotation or so, leaving room for the grandchild he so very much wants to be conceived. I have zilch idea what, if anything, is going to happen between Paris and Juliette -- even in the play, he never really has a chance with her, and he and Chloe are so sweet together I don't want to split them up. Unless fate makes the choice for me...))

17th May 2013, 11:11 PM
Once when clicking on the phone, I got the option "Report Newspaper Missing" but I thought that it had something to do with neighborhood corruption.

18th May 2013, 12:16 AM
Tara Kat managed to drag herself away from her cats long enough to become an expert in anger management. She decided to test her new skills by setting up a party. It turned out they really weren't needed.

Urbani Nigmos was introduced to fellow party guest Gabriel Green by Tara, and they had a pleasant conversation. This turned into a succession of games of red hands and becoming best friends. Meanwhile, Hb'hvorniou Something-or-Other went straight for the plate of Santa cookies (he wasn't on the invite list, but who can resist brightly-coloured icing?) Cyd Roseland played with the kitten, Faline, while latecomer Scott Bradshaw played with one of the other cats, Samantha.

Then, Hb'hvorniou and Gabriel partook of Tara's chess set, eventually becoming best friends themselves. The others ate cookies except for Gabriel, who had a short chat with Tara. They'd just become friends when Tara's eyes drifted elsewhere... ...and all the guests simultaneously "aah"ed as she took Cyd's hand in a classic dance. She was still dancing with him four hours later, when the party was declared a roaring success. Everyone went home with the feelgood factor that can only come with SimHampton's two most pet-devoted Sims finally falling in love with each other. Now they just have to figure out how to make room in each other's houses for the furry loves of their lives...

(Also, free party tip from next-door neighbour Alexandra O'Mackey. Just because you think seeing twin noblewomen Elandrae and Elandré Picaso have a big fight just inside your front door is the funniest thing since your pirate days doesn't mean any of your guests will necessarily agree. All her guests agreed with each other never to speak of the wasted evening again).

18th May 2013, 4:50 AM
America has been promoted to mascot in the slacker career while Nathan just got a job.

Nathan is as boyish as ever, and is currently romancing Chloe Singles, who he has intense attraction to. I feel like they could have a wonderful future together but he's too much of a playboy and can't commit to make it happen. He's already dropped one girl from the neighborhood because she wouldn't woohoo with him after a date. He's a shallow, self centered person. At work on day he was the caddy for a big time golfer who was not satisfied with his results on the green so he tasked Nathan - who is completely ignorant of golf despite taking the job - his expertise. Nathan replied with a I dunno, but during his reply the big wig got a call that his company just struck a major business deal and tipped 50 dollars to Nathan. Nathan celebrated by buying the love making hot tub and spent the evening romancing Chloe.

America is much better off considering, but still a complete child. She stays out late partying downtown and doing karaoke and drinking and dancing late into the morning, enough to see the sunrise, with Nervous Subject and Pascal, her best friends. Still, she's a hard worker at work and despite her late party nights she's able to do her work and live a relatively normal life that's wrapped in excess.

Over at the Beaker household, Nervous has just about had it. He wants to go home with his mother. He realizes she doesn't have much time and wants to spend as much time possible with his family - his REAL family. Circe and Loki have a budding relationship but exclude Nervous out of it so he's trying his hardest to move out and live with his mom and cousin. He took a job doing what he knew best, as a test subject. It isn't fun, but Nervous figures that given the way his body is it would be a contribution to science to let them test him. He's in love with America but isn't sure she would love him back given everyone else in his life excluding his mother treats him like a freak. Why would she want to be with him forever? Can we see a happy ending for Nervous?

At the Grunt house, Tank is striving hard to please his father. Most of the teens and adults have the same clique: America, Nervous, Nathan, Pascal, Ophelia, Ripp, Johnny, and most of the Singles mostly get along together and go out on regular outings. They try to include Tank but he's reluctant all the time and his feud with Johnny always boils to a head. Still, it isn't like he hasn't given Johnny another chance and he tries to be nice. He's ultimately a good kid who wants to please his father, I really want him to come out of his shell. Ripp, more than anyone has tried to break the gap of communication between the two eldest Grunts and the two youngest but nothing has been working and he has given up. His father and brother have no interest in being a part of his life. Buck only gets along with Ripp and simply wants his fathers love which Buzz is slowly giving. Buzz, however, feels like he has failed as a father. He reads to Buck late at nights even at the expense of his own fatigue. Sometimes Buck is already sleep and he puts the book back. He tries to spend time with Ripp but they simply do not get along as they are completely different people with two different motivations in life. Meanwhile, he is starting to find a friend in one Mr. Smith as he overcomes his bias and tries to be a better father and neighbor. The Grunts is a sad house filled with expectations, wants, and needs. They all want something and that something is appreciation by the rest of their pack. Hopefully they find it.

Olive Specter is brewing over her own mortality by trying to make things right before she passes. She's spending more time than ever with her niece and son. They go bowling, she treats them to high class food, and she even joins in with America's partying whenever Nervous brings her over. Ophellia is...well, she just is. She works So. Hard. She brought home an A, but was starving for some entertainment so Olive bought a family TV for her hard work and rewarded her a night out. Ophellia, despite not growing up too well, seems to put her all in everything, from relationships to school and I really respect her courage to continue pushing even after her mothers death. The Specter house is a family of people who, despite not having the best of life, seem to be wanting to get a full cup.

18th May 2013, 12:02 PM

Brandi Broke’s traits: Natural cook, Frugal, Artistic, Family oriented, hopeless romantic, easily impressed

Kennedy Grove’s traits: Disciplined, Athletic, Handy, hates the indoors, natural born performer, great sense of humour,

Dustin Broke’s traits: Gatherer, Vehicle Enthusiast, born salesman

Lilith Pleasant’s traits: Nurturing, Artistic, Loves Music,

Beau Broke’s traits: Supernatural fan, bookworm,

Hmm maybe Kennedy Grove isn’t what he seems to be. Kennedy has decided to make a change in his career after having worked so long as a coach at Sim State, and what better way to make an honest living than combining the two things he loves…sports and books. He’s current attempting to write a novel with the current title of ‘The perks of being a Sports fanatic’, Brandi is fully supporting him by being okay with being the only adult bringing in money into the household. (Although Dustin is bringing money in too, the main bills get paid by Brandi) Kennedy wanted to thank Brandi for supporting him that he planned to make an honest woman out of her. Therefore, over dinner that night asked Brandi to marry him.

Elle stopped by the house and Lilith invited her in, only for her to start crying half way through lunch. Kennedy asked her what was wrong and Elle then began to talk about everything her and Morty had gone through recently. (I don’t think Morty will be too happy about Elle telling the neighbourhood about their problems though).

Lilith and Dustin are coming to grips with being new parents, yet Lilith is trying not think about the fact that Angela has left for college and that she should have been with her. But looking at Lilly-May reminds Lilith that she has a good life now, and will do in the future. Dustin got promoted to Host at the ‘MIA’ restaurant somewhere downtown, yes that means that Dustin has to travel further to get into work but at least that means more money and more responsibilities. And it also means that he doesn’t have to see Dirk everyday at work, trying to be all bossy and what not.
Beau went to his summer workshop at the Boyle Dance Academy; it seems that Beau is really taking to his love for dance. Maybe that could be a future for him one day?

Nina Caliente’s traits: Flirty, commitment issues, daredevil, social butterfly, perfectionist, hopeless romantic,

Nina decided to go on a casual date with Ryan Wheeler as he had nicely come to her house warming party despite not knowing her well and she thought it was best to repay him the only way she knew how. The date went fantastic. Nina invited him back to her place, and they did the deed. Ryan and herself managed to fall in love that night. She’s such a hopeless romantic, she just falls in love so easily and woohoos with the guys. I think she mistakes lust for love.


18th May 2013, 2:33 PM
I planned to add another piece of the Csonka Canon's weal and woe but I don't have time anymore. I'm about to walk out the door and stay away for the next 12 days.
My story will continue when I get back.
Everybody happy simming and writing in the mean time.
Bye for now.

18th May 2013, 3:45 PM
Have a great time, mirjamsim2love!

19th May 2013, 5:44 PM
At SimCity Prison, Cyd Roseland was worried. He wasn't sure if he should be hoping Consort Capp would be dragged in (less bloodshed likely if it was) or dreading it (he really didn't want to see that troublemaker again). He also was straddling the line of being worried Tybalt would try to follow his grandfather in escape, and worrying that someone would try to get him killed in prison, on Cyd's watch. To make matters worse, Olive Specter either had the flu worse than he did, or she was taking advantage of it to lay around and refuse to leave her cell -- he thought the former, since even the offer of chess didn't interest her. He humoured her, but he didn't feel like trusting Tybalt to do housekeeping tasks, so he had to do a lot of his own cleaning. Tybalt was caught with keys in his possession that he had no right to have, but he claimed he had just been trying to smuggle them to Olive -- he didn't think a nice old lady like her should be locked up.

Olive seems to take prison fine, not trying to escape or slip her cell when locked in, being perfectly happy with the bookcase in her cell, and able to get enough socialization by daydreaming of her many husbands. Tybalt, by contrast, has been found in inappropriate parts on the prison, has a bad attitude, and when tasked with giving Porthos his evening bath, managed to slip away from his task during Leod McGreggor's short absence from the warden's apartment, stealing food from the kitchen and chatting with Herb Oldie on Cyd's computer before being caught and ordered back to his cell...and that allowed Porthos to roll around in the puddles his splashing had made on the bathroom floor, making a large mess and getting dirty again!

Still, Tybalt got his back...his social totally crashed as he slept, causing a Social Bunny to haunt his dreams yet again. I think if he ever encounters the bunny while awake, he'll beat it up!

Everyone got healthy again, so at least this flu crisis is over, though I fear it may spread again from other sources...it's pretty hard to see roaches in the snow, and a lot of trash-can-kicking has been going on...


At the SimCity Asylum, the Ramaswamis had a great New Years party as their holiday gala; as its highlight, Paris Prince played the piano badly as the revellers alternately danced to the music and booed him. The theme was "Madness at the Madhouse"...I think the board of directors may object to the title, despite the fact that there are currently no patients in residence.

Sanjay met the Leader of the Pack, who is named Poochi...er, what? I think Loki Beaker would prefer his white beauty, Allegra...


At the Burb-Monty-Oldie rowhouses, Coral Oldie decided she'd had enough of seeing her husband acting like an oversexed teenage boy. Thanking Antonio Monty for his hospitality, she called a taxi to the train station -- she was moving to Pleasantview, where she was sure her daughter would have room for her. She didn't believe in divorce, but she also didn't see why she had to live with a man who didn't respect her any more.

The kids had Christmas Day off, since it was a snow day -- they were all delighted, and only Beatrice had any interest in homework, getting Antonio to teach her how to study. Benedick was relieved that Antonio, fearing for their safety, nixed all plans for either church or a festive meal out; it meant he could teach Lucy Burb to make snow angels in the shared back yard. "We've got to make them to show Mother that we're happy down here," was his view of it; Lucy wondered if her famous Grandpa Pleasant who she'd heard about but never met could see them too.

Herb decided that Coral's leaving was Jennifer's fault, and loudly berated her on the front sidewalk for messing up Coral's mind with her nasty modern feminist ideas. Jennifer, confused and angry, fled to the Monty kitchen, where Antonio sat her down with a nice plate of spaghetti and sympathy, explaining the actual reason why Coral had left. Antonio, unpleasant though he is to the Capps and anyone else involved in the feud, is a good neighbour -- he makes a habit of making sure nobody else needs to cook much, and the fourth chair at his kitchen table is seldom empty. He made Christmas dinner for all of them, although it was a little too modernist an experiment for everyone's taste. He called it chicken fritters with vanilla-lime sorbet, but Jennifer said it reminded her of stuff she'd made for herself when she was pregnant with Lucy, John agreed, Herb decided that free food above his cooking level was not to be refused, and the kids were delighted to eat what they saw as ice cream for dinner -- though they left most of the chicken on their plates.

Malcolm Landgraab was invited over by John, and came in hopes of getting a chance to talk with Jennifer. He got to compliment her by saying he preferred her turkey canapés to any fancified chicken and ice cream, but then he was dragged outside for a midnight snowball fight with John -- John has been reading the papers, and he doesn't trust any of the Montys or Capps much. Jennifer insists having Antonio and his children as neighbours is very good for Lucy's prospects of the future -- she's only a day behind them in ageing up to teen -- but John is hoping another rich acquaintance will make her realize that the Montys may be more trouble than they're worth. Little does he know said acquaintance has an eye for her...

And Herb? He used his freedom to get a blind date that ended up being with Heather Huffington. He couldn't get her into bed with him, but he came close...

23rd May 2013, 6:27 PM
I played the Davis household instead of finishing with the Williams. I had one day left with the Williams but that one day was technically the day they go on vacation (So it'd be more days) and I didn't have that much time before work.

As usual the Davis' drive me nuts. They have a small house and there's three sims in one room and 4 in another with another one on the couch. The twins Ellen and Evan take turns on who gets the couch. :lol: On the second day Emma was getting ready to leave for college. Things haven't been going very well for her, this will be a new experience. After getting pregnant in high school with her twins, her babies' father not talking to her and then dating one of her good friends, she is ready to start over in college. I usually have my college students leave their home around 1pm on their last day as a teenager but Emma stayed as long as she could so she could say goodbye to Sarah and Emette. The only good thing about Emma leaving? Besdies one less sim to take care of is her brother, Evan, gets to sleep on a bed now yay!

The night Emma left, her father aged into an elder. Its weird now because he's old but his wife Adelle isn't even at the half mark in the adult stage and he has a toddler with her. On day 3 their daughter Genevi aged into a child. So now Almeric has a child and grandchildren the same age :D I thought Evan was going to go back on the couch but luckily there was room for one more bed in her parent's room.

Sometimes I wonder what their life would be like if Almeric's first wife (Emma, Ellen, and Evan's mom) Sarah hadn't died in that fire. Would they be better off? Maybe Emma wouldn't have gotten pregnant if she had a role model to look up to or to talk about safe woohoo. Oh well, too late now! If you think about it Adelle really was a blessing to the family. Almeric had a horrible paying job and Adelle was a taxi driver making 400 a day, so she helped financially big time. She also aborted her first child since they couldn't afford another baby in the house.

Emma moved into the free/poor dorms. I gave her a makeover so she can start anew. New clothes and a new hair style. No one will say 'Hey! Its that girl who had twins in high school!' She is majoring in economics and will work in the dorm cafeteria. I can't decide if I want her to use the money she's earning to start paying off her loan or to save up for after college. I'll probably do half and half, they make a pretty good amount working there. Her first semester was pretty boring. Just work and school and any extra time she has she works out to lose that baby weight she never had time to lose. After she gets in shape she'll have more time to socialize and hopefully find a future husband :up: Coincidentally the only other sim joining Sim State this year will be her 'arch nemesis/ex best friend' Lilly. Okay, you got me! She's not really her enemy, Emma doesn't hate her in the slightest. But after she got pregnant Dakota started dating Lilly. She should be a little upset! Plus they haven't spoken since she got pregnant since Emma's been too busy being a mom. Luckily Lilly wont get in her way because she'll be joining Jamie Harris at the other dorm. Or maybe even Landgraab Dormitory if she gets enough scholarships. :deal:

Grumpo Marx
23rd May 2013, 8:23 PM
I went and made a parody Sim-Self, named him Ham Setlay, and employed him in the gamer Career. He's probably just gonna end up being treated like a townie, but the grumpy personality should make for some funny moments on community lots.

Peni Griffin
23rd May 2013, 9:20 PM
I feel much better about the situation in Widespot. Mary, after a morning spent toddler-wrangling, finally got a free moment when Scot brought David Ottomas home with him. With the house filling up with babysitters, she invited Valentine over, apologized about three times, and then I turned her loose, keeping an eye out to block anything disastrously stupid. She did very well, proffering only friendly actions, such as playing catch. And he clearly wanted to make up, making no hostile moves, loving on Rhein, and accepting her overtures. He threw a ball at her head once, but only once, during a game of catch, and you know - if he'd wanted to hit her head he'd have hit her. The man was a pro. He was clearly making the point that she didn't have control of the ball and needed to figure out what she wanted. They talked for a long time, but he didn't kiss her good-by.

At the Weiss house, however, Penny had just learned couples counseling and wanted to use it! So she invited household on Rhett, and Mary by herself. She talked to Valentine while Mary stood back hopefully, they reconciled, and everybody had a big smustle party. Rhett ignored his daughter Laika, but Candy put her to bed and tucked her in. Skye got a good chance card and came home with a bonus and a promotion, but there were too many people in his house and he wanted to go on a date. So he called up Dora Ottomas and they had a magical evening, ending up slow dancing and falling in love at the Swimming Hole.

At Academie La Tour, Edwin Sharpe moved in with Delilah O'Feefe and got engaged to her; Jonah finally got Roxie to love him again after the Cow Mascot Incident (she's still mad, though, and he's entirely innocent!), and Dixie Land got engaged to Mitch Indie, moved in with him and Max, threw a semester-ending party that included her family and friends from home, and moved into a more convenient residence. Scot Land and Ginger Newson spent the entire party in Max's bedroom playing rock-paper-scissors while Scot's girlfriend Goldie drank juice with her back to them. Max is strongly drawn toward Mary, who spent most of the party talking to his parrot, Matey; and then Roxie (who had come without Jonah) gave him a big fat smooch good-by, which presumably gave him something to think about.

Both boys are thrilled to have a real live gurl living with them, btw. They dance attendance on her like she's the queen of Sheba. Dixie lets them.

At La Fiesta Tech, Almeric Davis has attacked David Ottomas twice for taking his place with Tank, and gotten his ass handed to him both times. Tank has changed his aspiration to Knowledge, which won't please the General, and his major to Poli Sci, which will. He wants to be Head of the SCIA now; a career path that's actually open to him in Strangetown. Aldric Davis caught Jessie with Mickey at Guy's graduation party, but made best friends with Matthew. Francis J. and Jasmine finished the semester with lackluster grades, but threw a party anyway, which was successful once they broke up Guy and Gunnar. The Jessie Incident that put them at loggerheads is ancient history, but it's not really about that any more. Gunnar is living in the Strangetown Trailer Park and Guy has moved into a fancy (by Strangetown standards) apartment.

And finally, vacation time at Drama Acres, where George and Jovita Hawkins went to Three Lakes and ignored all the attractions in favor of getting pregnant. Seriously, although when I dragged them to lots they rolled a couple of wants about buying souvenirs or logrolling, all they cared about was skill points, canoodling, and that big fat "have baby" want. Of course George knocked it out of the park first try and Jovita settled in to mind her dropping needs.

24th May 2013, 6:02 AM
At the Oasis Dorm at LFT, Ophelia Nigmos was completely oblivious to the fact that Stella Terrano was slowly sinking into a deep depression. All she cared about was the injured hawk she'd found on her way back from class, a bird she named Evermore -- yeah, you can tell she's a Literature major. She got a bit annoyed when Stella got her hands on a bit of alien tech -- a Weathernaught -- and used it to cause a hailstorm, for reasons she refused to explain. Soon, however, Ophelia had other things on her mind -- a night of strange dreams ended with her holding the strangely-carved stick her aunt had slipped into her bag before she left Strangtown, and the chair she was facing kept fading in and out of existence. Yes, Ophelia carries the magic too... Despite all distractions, both girls got good grades, though Stella's weren't perfect this time around.


Frances Worthington allowed himself to cut loose a little bit -- not only did he put soap in the fountain at the plaza, he also streaked there, much to the shock of the sorority girls, who were hanging around. He then realized he had an easier way to boost his grade than by studying...he asked a rather distinguished-looking old professor out on a date to the Crypt O' Night Club, which went very well indeed. The professor ate fried chicken while Frances ate cake, Frances impressed the professor by staying in the dance sphere for a long time on high speed before falling out, and then they danced on the dance floor. The dear old fellow has quite a crush on Frances, but Frances is uninterested in him -- he just liked the grade boost he got from that date. He won't have to take a housemate, at least!


The Shifting Paradymes spent the first part of the rotation having a great time, partying, inviting the sorority over in a failed attempt to get Zoe in faster, Gunnar and Jasmine spending a lot of time in bed together, playing music on the roof in the middle of the night, pranking the cow mascot until it actually fled the lot...and then they realized that Gunnar was on academic probation, and the girls weren't much better off. Cue frantic studying and a lot of time spent at the library...but it was all for naught as far as Gunnar went. He got expelled, just as Jasmine realized his love of being in love was what she wanted to live her life like, using her chance at an aspiration change to turn Romance. Hmm...maybe Gunnar will be Malcolm Landgraab's first "helper" at the club? Oh, and now all of them want to be Celebrity Chefs -- some band they are!


The Tri-Fruhm Sorority didn't have too much drama; Jessie Pilferson drank too much again, but managed to keep herself somewhat together, and with the help of a love potion, managed to get a rather dazed DJ Verse to get in bed with her so they could have their first WooHoo together. Sarah and Monica noticed that DJ was acting very strange, and had started hitting the cask of the strong stuff too, but they were too in love with each other to mind much. DJ threw several rubbish parties, and ended up changing her aspiration to Fortune after finals -- she decided that while she still wants to have a career in music, she wants to be the kind of artist who makes a lot of money, not the one who's got heaps of friends but has to sponge off of them.

Oh, and they got a little one-tile wall with nice tiles on it and communal showers on each side by the pool, so that the overload of the bathroom isn't too horrible -- especially when someone suddenly needs a shower during parties. Of course, this means there's naked sorority girls showering by the pool, but who really cares?


The Oresha-Hoh-Var Fraternity didn't do too well...Mickey Dosser totally failed to either have WooHoo with Goopy or find another lover, and despite his best efforts, Guy Wrightly got expelled. Mickey managed to stay in a good mood, despite his romantic failings and getting back on academic probation, since he declared an Art major (he wanted it and was afraid of Physics) just before finals. Matthew also got horrible grades, so they're also broke... Well, at least Guy looked good in his new adult clothes. Yeah, college isn't such a party with the shortened years I need for my sanity!


Reports on Veronaville drama will come when I have the time...though you may have seen some pictures already!

24th May 2013, 8:00 AM
Joey Simons just moved in to a new house (from MTS, thank you seren) in Desiderata Valley. I have always thought that Desiderata Valley has some ugly houses, but I traded out the ones I did not like and I added a beach lot plus some neighborhood decorations so now everything is great!

Joey wanted a career as a burglar or something, although he only got a job doing the dishes at some place.
I only had like five minutes to play with him on the lot, but I like him alot :)

Grumpo Marx
24th May 2013, 10:49 AM
Ripp Grunt has recently become a Rock God, bought himself a penthouse, and so far has knocked up Chloe and Lola Curious, and Erin and Circe Beaker.

He's almost literally the Town Father.

24th May 2013, 11:49 AM
Craig Royce, AKA "The Slob", has just moved into a big downtown house at 35 King Street. The idea is to turn it into a hostel for teen townies wishing to get more involved in community life.


24th May 2013, 6:03 PM
Lilly has joined her old classmates at Sim State University. She is majoring in political science and hopes to become a lawyer. I feel bad for her mother because she went down that path and she's still a file clerk! (The dice just doesn't want her to get promoted and when she does she'll get a chance card and the dice chooses to demote her) Hopefully Lilly has better luck after college.

Lilly is in the same dorm Jamie Harris is in. Jamie isn't doing too well right now. I left off with them on academic probation. He was dating a girl for about two years and called it off because I just realized she's a romance sim and that wasn't going to work out. He still a bit attached to her but he's also eyeing the girl next to his dorm room.

After their dorm I moved on to Emma's dorm. She finally worked off those extra pounds and she looks great! Now that that's out of the way she has time to socialize. I was debating on who she could go out with but then I realized, why not Jamie Harris? They have at least one bolt for each other, he'll inherit his house so no need to worry about that after college and they're close in age so there won't be too big of an age difference. They both have a fortune aspiration in common too and the same LTW. I wish we could see which YA are attracted to which teens because I know that Jamie was attracted to Emma's younger sister Ellen, just not sure how much. Ellen is a bit young for Jamie but that's not too big of a problem, but when he graduates she'll barely be going into Sim State.

24th May 2013, 7:58 PM
The slum is coming on really nice. I have an apartment building and there are puddles, people sleeping on the sidewalk, and stairwell (?) and blocking the stairs and being stinky. Spink harris' ex room mate is stalking him and when he is not home she usually waits outside, until she passes out. His ex neighbor has not showed up, Kenya Miceli whose heart was broken when his room mate flirted with him. The romance ended very abruply but for now he has 2 women in his life, the room mate (he appreciates elder women because they are so mature, considerate, caring, tender and understanding) but there is also a new star which he met at work (I think) a red head townie who likes fatness and custom hair. And jazz music and bubble blowing. Anyways his former room mate has been very persistent.

In the main hood:
If he opens a toy store maybe he will be more interesting, and Joy can move in with them, because she is boring too so might as well hit 2 birds with the one stone, or 3 even with Paul. Plus they can help with the toy store.

Joseph Mossberry
I hope the wife likes gardening because I bought fruit trees for them so they should get fruit for their grocery store. It was so tiresome to give them fruits from others, who had some. Besides, Deryn died and he was the one who had a gardening gold badge. They still have aubergines and peppers from his greenhouse.

24th May 2013, 10:31 PM
At the Summerdream-Gossamer house, Oberon found himself hard-pressed to explain just how Consort Capp, last seen strolling casually upstairs, had disappeared with some very critical evidence -- the sword, the sword stand, and the rifle. Eventually the simoleon dropped as he realized that the elaborate construction of the house had allowed Consort to go up the inside stairs, wait until Loki and Vidcund were distracted, then stroll down the outside stairs and slink around until he could make off with the weapons and leave. (And at that point I paused, put the house in all-floors, roof-on mode, and admired how that house's impracticality at least has a point -- externally, at least, it's a very good model of the kind of theatre set Romeo & Juliet would have been first performed on!)

Soon things grew much worse. Not only were Consort and the weapons missing, but so were several pieces of sculpture, a cake, Otis's bowl and bed, and Otis himself. Oberon weakly jested that he was lucky Consort hadn't taken Bottom too, which the police did not find amusing. He was interrupted by a hue and cry from the garden, where Titania's lifeless body had been found in the shrubbery.

At this point everyone's version of things started differing. The police report empathised the extremely overgrown state of the garden, and how it was not their fault that it took them ten minutes to get from the house to the spot where Titania lay; it was as if the ground itself was tripping them up. The statement of Patrizio Monty, who had come to demand immediate vengeance and had found Titania, went on and on about how he couldn't move a step from the moment he touched her neck and realized he didn't feel a pulse until the police finally arrived. He saw Oberon rushing across the garden at unearthly speed, his feet not even looking like they were touching the ground, then kneel in a pleading attitude over Titania's body, whispering rapidly in a language Patrizio had never heard before. Just as the local police officer who was first on the scene arrived, Titania's eyes snapped open and she took a deep breath; she said, "I saw Queen Mab. She said..." and was then cut off by Oberon kissing her, just as it started snowing.

Oberon's statement, if it could be called that, was much shorter; it consisted of him rejecting Patrizio's ramblings with the words, "What? I learned CPR in high school. Now, if you don't mind, I am a victim here, not a witness or a suspect. I've nearly lost a dear friend, my wife, and our unborn child -- what, didn't you know we're going to have a baby? -- my dog and property have been stolen, the cake I purchased for the Solstice has also been taken, and the sword that I would have used to celebrate it tonight is both stolen and evidence in an attempted murder case. Now if you don't mind, please finish taking your photos, get rid of this yellow tape, and get out of my house before the children have returned from school! I didn't want to send them, but it's better than them seeing their house a crime scene!"

Titania refused to say anything beyond telling Oberon "I love you," repeatedly, and considering the circumstances, nobody pressed her. She was taken to the hospital, where it was discovered that she had no injuries, no evidence of poisoning, no heart problems...so what had happened? Well, she was clearly pregnant, and it was decided to keep her for observation...and protection, considering that Consort was behaving sp unpredictably. (And as for what happened, it was very mundane, and you probably know what it was already -- she passed out in the garden, her hunger crashed, and while she didn't have a miscarriage, she died of starvation. Oberon pleaded for her and won, but oddly, even though he got the memory of saving her, she didn't get the memory of being saved. It wasn't a bad time for it to happen, though...)

Oberon spent the rest of the increasingly snowy Solstice brooding, painting on an easel he'd bought, and teaching Bottom to study; Puck read his father's magazine, then invited over Romeo, who brought his Uncle Antonio to check the Summerdream-Gossamers' loyalty. Antonio was marginally satisfied that Oberon had harboured Consort out of overmuch faith in humanity rather than malice toward the Montys, but couldn't help referring to Oberon's outburst and joking that it was the first time he'd ever heard him talk about his school days; Oberon raised his eyebrows and retorted that "humans are not the only ones who can lie, Mr. Monty." Antonio was struck by how he said that as if he wasn't human... (People may suspect, but they don't know the reason for those pointy ears yet.)


Just as soon as the rotation started at the Monty Ranch, the lovely silver Christmas tree in the courtyard caught fire; I didn't know leaving the lights on too long could do that until it happened at the Goth house last rotation, and I didn't have time to turn them off before this one went up. Patrizio and a sleepy-headed Romeo got it out without too much trouble, but Patrizio insisted it was a Capp plot... Isabella rolled her eyes, and when Romeo, for reasons he refused to discuss, invited Juliette over before going to his part-time job, Isabella corralled her to come play chess for a while before leaving. They talked about food and first WooHoo, confusing me greatly, but it was clear that Isabella wanted to stop the fighting. Once the boys were home, Patrizio pulled off the feat of making his first lobster thermidor without burning it, while at the same time, Isabella invited Antonio over. A good Christmas dinner was had by all, only slightly marred by Mercutio inviting over Hermia after dinner. Hermia loudly blabbed about why Juliette had been over at the house earlier -- Romeo had invited her to propose to her in the courtyard, and Juliette had accepted. Isabella backed the story up, saying that she'd seen the ring on Juliette's finger, and the festive evening ended in the Monty males looking daggers at each other. Antonio snarkily pointed out that this had been Romeo's last day of high school, noting the age difference between him and Juliette, and Romeo stormed off to invite Juliette onto a date to the One-Twenty-Five Café. There they had a much more peaceful second Christmas dinner together, warily watched by Escalus Prince from the booth opposite them, and ended up slow dancing and making out in the entranceway. Romeo invited Juliette home, and after the date ended as a dream date, they got busy on the TV room couch...at which point Patrizio walked in. He didn't leave, they didn't stop...and then, when it was over, I saw that Romeo hadn't gotten his first-WooHoo and WooHoo memories from it. I got him a Love Tub to make up for it, but then he had to get out and use the toilet, and since the date was over, Juliette left due to the lateness, and...I figured I'd get them some WooHoo at the Capp place. Boy, was I in for a surprise...


At the Capp Manor, I immediately checked Juliette's memories. She had the first WooHoo memory...but it was from before her dream date with Romeo, which I knew was from the café date. I went back to the Monty place, checked Romeo's memories further back, and yep, they'd had their first WooHoo at at point in the memories that could only have been as guests at the Summerdream-Gossamer house the day Binaca was attacked. I think it must have been on a sofa there, since I would have seen the video if they'd gotten going in bed or in a hot tub...my, I had no idea! Suddenly suspicious, I checked Mercutio's memories, and found that in the same time period, he'd had his first kiss with Hermia (that must have been what set off the "boing!" of heartbreak I heard from Puck) and shortly after, had had his first WooHoo with her! And I thought they were being restrained...

Back at he Capp place, I examined Hermia's memories; it was all there, kissing Mercutio, having an affair, being caught cheating, having two loves at once, having WooHoo with Mercutio...she's really making a mess of things! She wanted to go steady with Mercutio, which I took as wanting to break off the engagement with Puck, but she couldn't get Puck to come over to do it...so she had Mercutio over instead, kept him from picking on Juliette too much, and had a lot of fun with him. One great moment was them having WooHoo on the couch in her bedroom as an angry ghost roamed by the street. She knows she can't marry him, but she wants him...but she wants Puck too, and she can get away with marrying him if she can make up for her cheating...but she wants Mercutio!

Mercutio stayed the night, and played fetch with Cleo in the graveyard, in the snow, in the middle of the night... I was hoping he'd get scared by a ghost, but no such luck.

25th May 2013, 11:41 AM
Joey Simons just moved in to a new house (from MTS, thank you seren) in Desiderata Valley. I have always thought that Desiderata Valley has some ugly houses, but I traded out the ones I did not like and I added a beach lot plus some neighborhood decorations so now everything is great!

Joey wanted a career as a burglar or something, although he only got a job doing the dishes at some place.
I only had like five minutes to play with him on the lot, but I like him alot :)Is that a cut under his eye? Has he been fighting?

25th May 2013, 12:38 PM

Brittany Upsnott’s traits: Confident, mean spirited, Diva

Tiffany Sampson’s traits: hopeless romantic, animal lover, perfectionist,

Heath Huffington’s traits: flirty, natural born performer, ambitious,

Angela Pleasant’s traits: flirty, diva, dramatic,

She had finally made it! And for Angela University isn’t what she expected it to be… as her and her dad were driving through the campus to get to her new dorm Angela looked out of the window to try and see what the campus was like. With its tall buildings and its modern architect, Angela knew she would get inspiration maybe to start painting again as once upon a time she had enjoyed painting as her one of her many hobbies.

Her dad drove pass the State Library, where Angela could see the musicians and artists performing practicing their talents and getting extra money to spend on nights out, maybe she could perform some cheerleader moves to practice her talents and get money too. But now that she was in college, maybe there was no point she needed to show people that she had grown up or was in fact a grown up now and didn’t need to rely on her childhood hobbies and talents to get attention. In fact she saw University as an opportunity to develop more grown up talents and skills. They were nearing her dorms, and Angela was impress with the building and its colours and couldn’t wait to begin her new chapter in life. Angela moved into her new dorm called State Dorms Delta, but it was only temporarily. She was determined to pass these so called 'tests' that Heather had warned her that Brittany and Tiffany would put her through for the sorority.

Angela declared Journalism as her major and classes didn’t start until tomorrow (the beginning of fall). Luckily for her, she didn't have to take out the full loan of 5,000 simoleans just 3,000, so she decided to go shopping instead, and look about the town by herself. While in town, Angela managed to blow most of her money on sexy and more mature clothing, well all that mattered was that she thought they were mature and sexy and she hoped she would fit in at the Sorority with the girls and their fashion. Well she knew that Heather and Brittany were into fashion but she wasn’t sure about Tiffany, in truth Angela just wanted to fit in and hopefully win Brittany and Tiffany around and become friends with them. She also met Cecilia McKenzie who looked like she might be a member of the ‘not so secret ‘Secret Society’’ that Heather had told Angela about.

Later that evening, Angela took her things (she hadn’t unpacked, solely relying on the fact that she would move into the Greek house that day) and moved into the Greek house after passing the 'tests' that Tiffany and Brittany had put her through. While Angela was settling into a beautiful new room, the other girls were at class. But during class Heather messaged Angela to say that she was going to hold a toga party in her honour so that Ange could meet the Frat house guys and other college people.

Heather invited the usual gang, and they had a bonfire toga party as it was tradition to have a bonfire night on campus every 1st week of autumn. At the start of the party Angela was being wrecked with nerves about meeting university guys and was worried about how she was suppose to behave, but Heather had reassured her that everything would be fine and that all she needed to be was herself. During the party Tiffany and Castor had casual woohoo and were all over each other, while Brittany was busy being a diva and demanded to have the songs be on a constant loop while fending off Kevin and his advances while trying unsuccessfully to flirt with Joshua.

Heather was busy trying to be the perfect host as her mother (fictional of course) Beatrice Huffington had taught her while she was growing up. Heather remembered her mother’s number one rule when hosting a party which was to always smile even if you are the most miserable person at the party. Of course for Heather when she was young and her parents would always host their parties she was indeed the most miserable person at the party, but it came with the job as her father ‘The General’ would say.

While everyone was having a good time, Martin had left Red roses by the front door for Heather but she had been too busy being the perfect host to see them. Poor Martin felt like it was a brush off and decided to leave the party early, as Heather was doing her rounds of talking and innocently flirting with people to boost the party.

Towards the end of the party Brittany went to bed early as she had been feeling unwell it seems (uh huh!!), and Tiffany and Castor managed to tear themselves away from each other to bid each other goodnight that it was then that Heather had seen the flowers. She smiled to herself and try to find Martin to say thank you, but according to Jane he had gone home early, Heather was slightly disappointed but put the roses in her room next to the photos of her and Martin on their date.

It had been a nervous night for the girls, as Heather had to skip out on the cleaning duty and go to her final exams. It had been a nervous night for Angela meeting all those people, but glad to know that she didn’t need to sleep with anyone during her first night at University. The next couple of hours were going to be painful for Tiffany as her and Castor had not used any protection that night, and needed to get the pill as quickly as possible in the morning.

Very late that night, Heather had entered her sophomore year on the Dean List, and couldn’t wait to tell Martin in the morning.


Peni Griffin
25th May 2013, 2:10 PM
I sent the Gavigans on the wrong vacation. They were supposed to take Harris and Gabriella Hawkins along and I zoned, and didn't realize it till I'd done a lot of work on their vacation home, which I'd been thinking was in Takemizu but it's in Twikki so now I need to remake it again and I was so tired of building, so I quit, figuring I'd restore from the backup I made after George and Jovita got home. (I'm a bit paranoid about backing up vacations since Joe Grundstrom's glitch.) And in the meantime, Strangetown.

Sunday at the Specter house, and Christy Inada, Nervous's caretaker, had to work. He puttered around the house and then started drinking heavily, so I had him invite household on Ophelia again. Lightning struck a saguaro in the former graveyard almost as soon as they arrived. I don't ignore lightning fires since the death of Spring Thyme, so I had Nervous go put it out. He then made lunch for everybody while they milled around chatting with each other, dancing, and watching the big-screen TV someone gave Christy for a free sample. The girls danced themselves stinky and left, but Almeric stayed and talked to him. This pleased me, as I am inclined to hook them up. They have bad chemistry now, but only because of Almeric's aspiration; get them all friendly and change him to Fortune junior year and they'll be fine. But he also took a phone call from Toby Farmer, Strangetown's only waiter; who is Family and wants to be friends with everyone he's ever served a meal to. Seriously, this guy calls everyone. And they're about five points from friend and he's a little awesome looking, so, I dunno...

And then - Monday at Casa Curious, where they had a big day in store. It was Mitchella's first day of school, Tycho's birthday, Crystal's due date, and the day Crystal and Lazlo's new house was ready.

Vidcund took one of his two remaining vacation days, Crystal was on maternity leave, and Pascal had the day off in the normal course of things, so only Laz and Mitchie left the house. They got out the door in good order and got on with the day. Vidcund got the gardening done, Pascal got the cleaning done, Crystal taught Tycho to talk and took a nap. Tycho, now with a full set of skills and in platinum, took care of himself till Vid put him down for his nap. Vidcund got a body point and Pascal got a cooking point, and Tycho and Crystal woke up just as Mitchie brought Tommy Ottomas home from school and the carpool dropped Lazlo off. So Vid dressed Tycho and threw his party while Pascal made salad to feed people with.

Between his call and the teleporter cat most of the family (Vid and Lola don't get along; he's convinced she's reporting on them to the SCIA), the most important friends, and Kriemhild Beaker - brought by Nervous - were there. Jenny blocked the door dancing with her adopted son Juan, so it took awhile for people to assemble around the cake, but Tycho got the candles blown out in plenty of time and everybody settled in to party. There was dancing on feet. There was hugging. There were introductions. There was chatting and talking about hobbies. There was family kissing. There was Vidcund/Monica canoodling. Pascal proposed to Christy Inada in front of the refrigerator, and she accepted, so there was Pascal/Christy canoodling. Tycho, who has ten neat, active, and nice points but no social or playful points, spent a lot of his party happily cleaning up or playing with his blocks. At some point, Mitchie, tired out, went to bed. Monica and Kriemhild played chess and Kriemhild cheated. Crystal's water broke and she gave birth - in front of the refrigerator.

This was where the first difficulty of the day arose, and it's not really a difficulty, but it's peculiar. I know I had a brief moment of insanity and had Lazlo make her cheesecake right after she got pregnant; but she only had one child, whose name is Darwin. I don't think I've added any hacks since successfully getting two sets of cheesecake twins in Drama Acres; and if this is a side affect that only happens sometimes it'll be a bear to troubleshoot. I've got a lot of custom foods, so I need to see if I have any cheesecake variants. If I do, it's possible Lazlo fed her the wrong one.

So the party ended on a high note of baby mobbing and Lazlo and Crystal went upstairs to bed, leaving Darwin in the capable hands of his uncles. Who have actually studied parenting, unlike them. Tycho put himself to bed. Pascal and Vid got themselves to bed. Mitchie got up, showered, and got her fun up tending the tomato plants. By the time she was done, Crystal had woken up and was available to teach her to study. Mitchie and Aunt Crystal, as the only girls in the house, are a team, and this was her last chance. After teaching Mitchie to study, Crystal finished making the teddy bear she had on the sewing machine, so now Mitchie and Tycho both have bears to remember her by. (Geez, y'all, they're only moving across the street!) Lazlo got up and changed Darwin's diaper. Crystal put the sewing machine into her inventory and moved them out.

Which is where the second thing went wrong. I was trying to get the baby bouncer into Lazlo's inventory before they left, and couldn't because it was "in use," even though Lazlo was holding Tycho - he was trying to put the kid back into it. I got the expected pop-ups and everybody got up and ran outside to wave them off; but I never saw the taxi, I never saw them leave, their portraits stayed on the side, and clicking them wouldn't take me to them. Finally I hauled out the batbox (realizing as I did that I'd let Crystal give birth without rolling the pacifier; oh, well, what are the odds they'll ever roll another Have Baby want?) and force errored all in-world. It took awhile, but eventually Darwin appeared on the sidewalk, disappeared, and the portraits faded out. I saved and went to the neighborhood, where I found a new Curious family in the bin - with only $20,000 simoleons. I thought two sims got more than that, and the house I already had built for them was priced accordingly! I've never successfully used the Family Funds cheat, but I looked it up again and tried it. Bingo! I moved them in, did some quick-and-dirty furnishing from what they had in their inventories and the necessities I'd left out to keep the cost down, and that was that.

But before I played them in their new home, I had one more important thing I wanted to do. Because I'd thought Crystal was having twins, I didn't have Monica Bratford throw her party as soon as she graduated, as I normally would have in her situation. So back I went to La Fiesta Tech. The next house in the rotation there is Student Housing, but these are special circumstances. I had Monica teach the new parrot, Pollychrome, to talk while waiting for the clock to advance enough that she could get the Throw Party option on the phone, and I threw her a graduation party. Vidcund was there, of course; and Chloe, who had introduced them after she made friends with Monica while fishing; and Zoe and Jasmine, and Stella. Vidcund danced with Stella while Monica made refreshments. David Ottomas came by to kick Almeric's trash can and DJ called him in. Of course he couldn't resist a party. He and Almeric managed to stay out of each other's way. The professor Jessie's been dating and the llama mascot crashed the party. DJ, Sarah, and Ophelia all had to leave at various points to take their finals, but they all did their parts. Vidcund and Monica had a pillow fight, and he kissed her tenderly, and the party timer ran down. She took her final snapshot leaning on Ophelia and then off to the real world with Vidcund.

Her every day outfit was acceptable, but I needed better school clothes for Mitchie and Tycho and I didn't know what she had for a formal, so as soon as she moved in I took her to 88 Road to Nowhere, and a good thing, too, or she'd have gotten married in purple leopard print. No way, Jose! Now she has a nice gold-colored gown and Tycho - last seen playing catch with Mitchie while bubbles floated out of his backside - has a tux for his Daddy's wedding to Momica. So I am satisfied.

25th May 2013, 5:39 PM
I saved and went to the neighborhood, where I found a new Curious family in the bin - with only $20,000 simoleons. I thought two sims got more than that, and the house I already had built for them was priced accordingly! I've never successfully used the Family Funds cheat, but I looked it up again and tried it. Bingo! I moved them in, did some quick-and-dirty furnishing from what they had in their inventories and the necessities I'd left out to keep the cost down, and that was that.Oh Peni, I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, and I know you've been playing The Sims a lot longer than I have, but I think I read somewhere (either on the Wicki or on Game Help here) that the FamilyFunds cheat can cause corruption if there's more than one family with the same surname. It's the reason why I still have Goneril Capp's family in the Family Bin - I don't see how you can buy an adequate house for a family with four kids with §20,000. (In her case I think I'll move them into a starter home. As soon as they get there, I'll probably use kaching, or even motherlode to give them the funds they need [or Consort might give them some money]).

I do hope your 'hood is ok!

Peni Griffin
25th May 2013, 6:14 PM
It's an uncleaned Strangetown, so I know it's not OK. I never heard that familyfunds caused corruption (how could it?), only that it's limited in its function, giving the funds only to the most recent family of that name. But in any case, I know the neighborhood's days are numbered and even if family funds can bork things up, you can only play under so many swords of Damocles.

To solve your Capp problem without Family Funds, can change their available cash with SimPE; or move them onto an empty lot and build the house, using money cheats, or move them in with some single sim and move the singleton out. You have lots of options. I used family funds because i was under time pressure and had already built their house; it was simple, since it worked.

25th May 2013, 6:24 PM
I think I read somewhere (either on the Wicki or on Game Help here) that the FamilyFunds cheat can cause corruption if there's more than one family with the same surname.I really doubt that. At worst, it gives the money to the wrong family.

25th May 2013, 9:10 PM
Sorry Peni & Moo if I've caused any unnecessary concern. :faceslap:

I've now found the web page that caused my concern: it's http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Money_cheats. I was wrong in saying that it says it will cause corruption. It just says not to do it: "It is possible for several households to have the same last name. This cheat should not be used on such households." It doesn't say what will happen if you do use it, and I must have just assumed it would cause corruption (because so many harmless looking things can corrupt a neighbourhood). (Before reading this I thought if it might just give the extra money to all families with that name. Maybe that is what it does?!)

I also just realised today that there are two Sims Wikis: http://simswiki.info/ which seems to be related to MTS, and http://sims.wikia.com/ where I found this warning.

And I've learned to spell better: there's no "c" in "Wiki"! :lol:

Sorry again for any unnecessary alarm. :faceslap: again!

25th May 2013, 9:14 PM
Before reading this I thought if it might just give the extra money to all families with that name. Maybe that is what it does?!I believe that FamilyFunds gives the money to the "first" family with that name, i.e. the family with the lowest Family Information instance number.

26th May 2013, 1:12 PM
The Riverblossom Capps had a chaotic but surprisingly okay Christmas; it was a snow day, so the kids were out of school, and the snow provided some free entertainment for them, getting rid of the miserable boredom they'd been putting up with. Albany and Goneril succeeded in getting a lullaby just before she rushed off to work, leading to her getting out of the car when she finally got home and immediately rushing to befoul the toilet. While she was at work, the shower was swapped for a tub-shower combo, and a changing table was placed in the living room next to Ariel's crib...they can afford practical presents, and they'll need those.

Albany invited the Downtown Capps over, and while Cornwall was unable to come, Kent and Regan showed up just as Goneril got back from work, gagging but with an extra logic point from a good chance card. Kent and Albany had a snowball fight, which the kids got involved in, and then they all came back inside to discover Goneril and Regan standing in the kitchen, eating, with great relish, heaping plates of watermelon and pickled herring. Kent wrinkled his nose, Albany grinned and remarked that there were going to be a few more Capp grandchildren, and Miranda stalked off to bed with a romance novel, wondering if she'd ever see the end of younger siblings. A few minutes later, she decided she'd rather disrupt her cousin's engagement by asking Puck out on a date -- he had some sense, however, and refused to do anything of the sort. He's keeping the moral high ground while Hermia struggles through the swamp!

Goneril is not in a good state mentally, but Albany is pleased with everything except Ariel learning to climb out of her crib. What a family...


The Roths had a great early-afternoon Hanukkah party, inviting Betty Goldstein and Catherine Viejo, some townies, and Priya Ramasawmi, since Stella wanted to be friends with her. The buffet table with the festive cloth I found on here went over very well, and the timing was perfect -- Stella and Morty had the day off, so they had time to set up (and have some fun in bed...) and it was late enough that Xander was out of school, but early enough that Sandra wasn't at work. She was able to dodge any involvement in the actual candle-lighting by being at work, and came back just as the rest of the family had finished eating, with a promotion to the top teen Law Enforcement job and one of the Tricou teens in tow -- he's the blond boy with black lipstick, his name is Magnus GilsCarbo, and his coat is very cool! Also, he was on the scene of Hermia's photo-booth exploits with Puck, and knows Miranda from then...he'll probably be sent to university as one of the girls' boyfriend! He spent enough time mooching around the Roths' house, eating all unattended food...

Someone has been knocking over almost everyone's trash cans -- it may be wolves in some of the cases, since the only person I can think of who's mad at the Roths is Jules O'Mackey, and I doubt she's that furious. Then again, with the kind of tensions going around... At any rate, Sandra got sick with flu from the bugs under the snow, and she gave it to Morty -- I'm trying to keep Stella and Xander away from them so the whole family doesn't get it. At least the party was over by the time they got sick...

And...has anyone noticed the description for the top teen/elder Law Enforcement job? Suffice it to say that sweet little princess Sandra Roth is apparently going to be carrying a badge and a gun while working the graveyard shift as a security guard...and she's not even old enough to go to college yet! She's barely old enough to drive!

27th May 2013, 10:17 AM
Bianca Monty completed her first day at work (in the business career), and came home with Jaiden Straight. She also invited round her dad Patrizio and Kent Capp, with whom she is now "just good friends". While they were there, Patrizio and Kent had a chat and said sorry to each other. This can't be a bad thing, as, the last time they met, they had a fight in the local convenience store! After they had all left, Bianca was ready to take a shower and go to bed, but her brother Antonio turned up wanting a game of red hands! She was too tired for red hands, so she gave him a family kiss before she went to bed. She would have let him stay the night, but he wasn't at all tired and he just went home soon after she fell asleep. His normal sleep pattern is maybe still disturbed after his recent bereavement.

28th May 2013, 3:31 AM
The Greenmans had a super-duper-absolutly-wonderful Winter Day, which also was Daisy's birthday. Jason was thrilled and somewhat scared that he and Rose would be having a child together, and attempted to wait on her hand and foot -- attempted, because she was feeling just fine despite a couple perfunctory episodes of throwing up, and had no interest in being spoiled. After the tree she'd bought at Electronics Superstore had been put up, Rose spent half the morning swimming and floating around the pool, getting all the sun and water she needed. Then she found Jason bemoning the snow that was rapidly covering his tomato plants, and consoled him with an offer of a date day, since Daisy was happily pounding her xylophone. The date was mostly outdoors, and involved slow dancing, a lot of backrubs from Jason to Rose -- the one bit of spoiling she didn't brush off -- and the discovery that Rose's attempts at dirty jokes really stink. Then they rushed off to bed together, since Jason warned Rose that a human baby was going to take a lot more time and energy to look after than a PlantSim toddler....and then they danced some more. It was a wonderful dream date, and by the time it was over, it was past 6 PM and Daisy was old enough to grow up. She could have waited until the next day, but it seemed better to give her a bit of time as an adult before she got recruited to help with the baby. Despite having no use for cake, she got a birthday cake on a festively-coloured table by the tree -- after all, she only gets two birthdays, so she deserves good ones! She grew up looking rather harsher-featured and more elf-like than I expected, but she's still quite adorable, although a little masculine (which is not helped by the PlantSim hair). She takes after her stepfather in aspiration, being a Knowledge Sim, and I found her random turn-ons/off almost perfectly suitable -- the turn-ons were fatness and fitness, so I changed the fatness one to PlantSims (if she ever finds one who's not related to her, she should be attracted to them!), but I left fitness and her turn-off of unemployed intact. She's like her mother, she wants someone to look after her and pay the bills. However, she also wants to work herself -- her LTW is Space Pirate, which is a rather odd field for a PlantSim, but she should have an easy time with all her skills and the PlantSim ease of skill-building. Since she looked a little lost, Rose invited over a handsome townie man she knew and introduced them; they hit it off quite well, although there's no outstanding chemistry. I'm not sure I want a line of increasingly well-skilled, increasingly elfin Greenman descendants, but Daisy's face does look like she could have interesting kids...


At the Wan household, Cleo and Patricia (especially Cleo!) quickly turned the majority of the money from Cleo's bonus into too much stuff! They're yuppies, so I felt it appropriate that Cleo get everything she wanted until she could no longer afford it. When she finally went to work, Patricia invited over Malcolm Landgraab, who had been to a one of their parties and whose club she'd been to. As soon as greeted, he flirted with her...and then flirted again...and she flirted back...and they quickly moved up to Patricia's bed, where she had her first WooHoo with him! She wanted the services of a skilled man before going beyond platonic love with Gabe -- she didn't want to seem like a silly little girl to him -- and she'd heard from the gossip at work that Malcolm was very skilled. As she slept blissfully after the deed was done, he quickly got up and left; someone of his class doesn't need the envelope on the bedside table. Patricia understands the value of discreetness; he'll be invited over and given an expensive and easily-sold gift soon. Cleo returned from work tired, but did notice the smell of expensive men's cologne on the stairs.

(Er...yes. Malcolm, along with his other enterprises, has become an...er..."escort". He doesn't event realize it himself yet; he's so sure his wealth puts him beyond judgement and proud of his money-making skills that he just sees it as yet another business venture. I mean what I earlier wrote about him and broke Romance Sims, however.)


The O'Mackeys had a quiet Winter Day, with Jules bringing home yet another townie kid from school to moan to about how her mother never calls, not even on birthdays or holidays. In her words, "It's not like Dad screens all the calls or anything. What's wrong with her? Does she even want to have a family?" While she has a point, she might understand things more if she could see her mother at that moment, drinking with stevedores in a disreputable bar Downtown...no, scratch that. She would never have understood the whole undercover-as-a-pirate thing.

Heidi behaved, Jules and her dad played chess, it was nice and tame. Yeah, I can see how Alexandra got bored...


At the Viejo house, both Betty and Jacob got fired due to bad chance cards, while Andrew found a Criminal job, and decided to toss up everything to get in his LTW field. This is just great, since Jacob wants to be Captain Hero, like Sandra Roth, and now that he lost his job, he'll probably try to get a job in Law Enforcement...the way things are going with the Veronaville mob families, it may no longer be funny to have a cop son (and maybe daughter-in-law?) and criminal father by the time he grows up. And if he gets together with Jules, instead of Sandra, there's her mother to worry about... And did I mention that there is a bubble blower in the living room now? "Funny bubbles" is legal in Riverblossom Hills, and ignored in Strangetown, though more conservative areas ban it.

Andrew adopted a tiny kitten named Cymmi, who the rest of the household tolerated, and Catherine invited over Daniel Pleasant, wanting to know if his wife could be persuaded to accept a threesome. Daniel wasn't hopeful, but happily stayed for a taste of Andrew's famous latkes. Betty didn't even notice she wasn't the centre of Catherine's attention -- had losing her job been a sign? It had been terrible how, so long ago, Elena had gone back to the synagogue to look for her lost cell phone and had somehow gotten caught in the fire...but was that reason enough, not only to flee to Riverblosssom, but to not fight the zoning restrictions banning religious buildings? Or really, why not see if the money could be raised to rebuild back in SimCity? The bad old days were over now, they said -- urban renewal, and all that. Maybe...


Leod McGreggor grumpily realized that being a prison guard, while interesting and well-paid, was not optimal for marrying money -- he'd been thinking of going Downtown to look for a Diva, but didn't have the time or energy. However, he did get promoted to the day shift, giving him a full 24 hours to do some looking for money next rotation...

28th May 2013, 8:25 AM
Something happened that newspapers stopped being delivered in Strangetown, so I deleted the EA Games folder and started over with Tarlia' Cleaned version of Veronaville.

I moved Antonio and his kids into a house and he skilled while Beatrice and Benedick walked to school. He taught them how to study, and it was a pretty uneventful 3 days. He so far hasn't rolled any wants showing that he wants to remarry, and since I have a no social worker mod now him being a single dad isn't such a pain in the ass so I haven't decided yet about getting him remarried.

Bianca moved into a house an rolled the want to fall in love, so I used the Find a Mate Crystal Ball to find a husband for her. She had a dream date with Juan Reamon and they got married. Even though they are both Family Sims hers is to get to the top of the Education career and his is to get to the top of law enforcement. Both were able to find jobs in their LTW and wanted to go on vacation. They had a good vacation in Twikki Island, and Bianca got pregnant. She gave birth to a little girl named Anna with black hair and gray eyes (Juan has genes for black hair and gray eyes, so Anna probably got them from him.)

I used money cheats to move Goneril Capp into a house and expand it to fit all her kids. She taught Ariel how to walk and found a job in the Criminal career. (Her LTW is to get to the top of the Criminal field). Albany's LTW is Golden Anniversary so I turned on ACR birth control for both of them. Albany occasionally rolls have baby wants, but Goneril doesn't, and I think 4 is more than enough. They do both agree that they want Miranda to be an over achiever, and Miranda herself rolled the want to get a job in the medical field, which she was able to get.

I usually have Miranda ask Mercutio on a date for several reasons if he gets his first kiss from Miranda during a date before the Summerdream party, he isn't trying to get it from Herma during the Summerdream party. Also Miranda and Mercutio tend to have good chemistry (keep in mind that I change Aspirations) once they get on the same page.

Albany taught Ariel how to talk and potty trained her while Goneril worked and skilled for work and Miranda skilled for her job. She got the A+, but because of the days off she didn't get the top of her career field to be an over achiever when I switched lots.

I moved Regan Capp into house and had Kent use the computer to find his own place since I didn't want to deal with the animosity between Kent and Cornwall. Regan and Cornwall both got jobs in their LTW fields, and they both rolled the want to have a baby, so I manually had them try for baby and heard baby chimes. Regan was able to get a couple of promotions before she gave birth to a baby boy named Corin also with black hair and gray eyes.

Kent moved into his own house and I got as far as getting him married before I shut down for the night.

28th May 2013, 5:39 PM
The Pleasants did not take well to Coral Oldie showing up on their doorstep on Winter Day -- she was horrified to discover that one of her granddaughters had been missing for days and she didn't even know it, and she quickly guilt-tripped Mary-Sue into calling the police to report Lilith missing. To Mary-Sue's relief, the police didn't hold out much hope of finding her, since it had been so long; Mary-Sue decided that if Lilith ever did show up, she would get her hands on a Cowplant. She'd heard stories about the milk of those things, and her desire to turn her rebellious daughter into more life energy for herself had become an obsession. She had given the girl life, she could take it back!

Coral wanted to be with Herb, despite his behaviour, and so she invited him over. He brought over Benedick Monty, hoping the child's presence would fend off a fight; it worked, and Benedick loved the pool. I think the Pleasant house is about the same size as the whole rowhouse!

Despite the fact that Coral was the only family member who didn't have the flu, Daniel invited Catherine Viejo over. He proceeded to kiss her in front of Kaylynn, making Kaylynn fall out of love with him, then after Mary-Sue got home with a bonus and a promotion, he deliberately snogged Catherine in the living room, right in front of Mary-Sue and Angela. Angela freaked out, while Mary-Sue slapped him and stopped loving him -- but it didn't effect her mood at all. He told her their marriage was a farce and he wanted out. She told him she'd get everything with his behaviour, and right now, she didn't care what he did. He kissed Catherine again. She showed her unconcern by plopping down and starting to watch the football game on TV, leaving Angela to sob on her own behind the couch.

Coral, amazingly, didn't see one bit of this, and neither her daughter or granddaughter wanted to tell her about it. Catherine apologized to Angela for the scene, claiming she hadn't realized Daniel was trying to start a fight -- Angela accepted this, though she still doesn't like her. Coral eventually realized there was a great deal of tension going on, and considering what she'd suffered, she could tell what was implied by the way Mary-Sue was splurging on expensive luxuries (fans, a nice black pickup truck as well as the car, a good dishwasher...). She and her daughter had been betrayed at the same time, in the same way...but she wasn't giving up on her marriage! While the rest of the household was asleep, she invited Herb on an outing Downtown; despite her fear of driving, she took the car and picked him up, then took him out for dinner at The Hub. Perhaps it was just how they felt like teenagers sneaking out again, perhaps it was Herb's prattle about how a marriage wasn't something to be given up on because one person had slipped up a little...whatever it was, she found herself falling back in love with him. She insisted on trying her hand at being the DJ though, just to prove that she could be independent, and went back to Pleasantview alone.


Mortimer Goth found himself overly scatterbrained -- he went out for a morning swim at the community centre, and instead played chess with Nina Caliente, then went out on a date with her to the diner Downtown. This date led to them kissing and flirting in front of quite a few townies and Kristen Loste, who thankfully does not read the society pages! He came home, slept until Alexander got home from school, and then decided to rush out and get one of those game-gadgets the kids nowadays talked about so much as a Christmas present for him. He hired a nanny, since Don and Cassandra were still at work, and asked Nina to come help him choose a gadget, but once they were at Sims Gone Wired, he got intimidated by the technology and ended up playing chess with her again. She kept asking pointedly whether he'd had WooHoo with her sister recently, and he had to admit that he had -- quite a bit, in fact, "but look, she asked me to marry her, and I said yes!" Nina's reply to that was, "I guess you should hurry it up, then." Before he could ask what she meant, she had put him in checkmate, and was getting up to talk with Wanda Tinker and Goneril Capp at the TV.

Back home, nobody could decide what the plans were for the evening; Don flat-out refused to consider anything involving church, Mortimer didn't want to go out to eat again, Cassandra refused to cook, and Alexander was bored silly and angry that his present was a red macaw named Bellona, which Cassandra had gotten him. (She dosn't know not to give pets as Christmas presents!) He kicked at the somewhat scorched tree...and a singed note fell out. Above the telephone number was scrawled in Don's horrible handwriting "Bella?!???" This was worth investigation, Alexander thought, so he called the number.

A short time later, Mortimer stepped out onto the front porch and wondered if he'd left his corpse behind him in the living room chair he'd been napping in. Bella, his Bella, was in the front yard, lit by the porch light, playing catch with Alexander. She looked no older than the day she'd left, perhaps even younger...but her eyes...those eyes were old, and they snapped him back to reality. This was no con artist, or ghost, or spirit come to take him to the afterlife -- this was his Bella! He tore down the steps, and before he knew what was happening, they were dancing -- dancing the same step they'd danced at their wedding, so long ago. Alexander grinned, while Don, rounding the corner from where he'd been in the Love Tub with Nina, stopped in his tracks and spat out a word that was quite unsuitable for Alexander's ears. Alexander was even more pleased when he realized nobody was going to pay attention to him -- that way they'd say things they wanted to, even if they didn't want him to hear them.

Well, a pasta dinner ended up being cooked by Mortimer, which was gladly eaten by him, Bella, Don, and Nina; Cassandra was in hysterics upstairs, and Alexander had decided that a bird wasn't so bad a present at all, since he could tell it about all the drama. Nina gloomily remarked that she guessed the engagement to Dina was off, prompting Bella to say, "No, no, I'm dead, remember? Really, darling, I've been the wife long enough -- I can easily be the mistress now." Mortimer objected, Nina said it was late and she should be going home now, Don crept upstairs, and Bella refused to move in. "We've all been damaged by the past," she said. "It will take more than one night to make up for so long. First I need to explain..." Then she stared at the telescope and wandered off to play chess with herself.

Cassandra calmed herself enough to change her clothes -- no longer in mourning for a woman who had never been dead, she put on a red dress (the kind with the black jacket and boots) and went downstairs to talk to her mother a bit. She then went to sleep on the couch, since she wouldn't share a bed with Don...


You may be wondering where Consort Capp went after trying to kill Bianca Monty and stealing so much from the Summerdream-Gossamers, including their dog. Well, Pleasantview's a nice isolated, tame place, and there's a young man there whose job in the underworld is the only income his struggling and growing family has...and considering they were all in low green aspiration, they didn't have the wherewithal to resist Dustin's boss's orders to provide Consort refuge in their trailer. Yes, Consort and Otis moved into the Broke family's already overcrowded trailer, and made their lives worse than they already were.

Now, this is being played as a sort of challenge: Consort must not be seen by the letter carrier or paper-delivery kid two days in a row, or they'll start putting the pieces together; needless to say, if he is spotted by either playable or NPC police, he's caught. He can go to that job he got when townified, because that's maintaining his contacts that got him this place, but if fired he can't get another one. Dustin can go to work, school, and errands, because he's trustworthy, but Beau can only go to school because the Social Worker showing up is worse than the chance of him blabbing some story that won't be believed anyway. Otis can do as he or any of the humans pleases, since he never got a collar -- he's just another yellow lab. And Brandi...poor Brandi is a prisoner in her own home, terrified Consort will have her children killed. She can't leave the house at all, can't get a job, can't talk on the phone without Consort in the room, can't have visitors over... And what happens if the rules are broken? If Consort's caught, the SCPD storm the trailer, but if only one officer sees him to start with (which is most likely, unless two of the Downtown cops do a walkby at once) he has time to take any of the family he's not friends with hostage in the bathroom. Since he has the sword and the gun still, you can fill in the details...actually, that will depend on how much he's antagonized the responding officers. If they have negative relationships with him, I'd consider them likely to do something reckless, putting the family in even more danger. And if the family breaks the rules...bad things happen, probably involving innocent bystanders and property damage. At any rate, Consort will be either dead, behind bars, or on the run again, and so may the family.

So...trouble from the start. Consort did not like the dirty, tacky trailer, and while Otis and Beau got along wonderfully -- Beau sees it as one of Dustin's friends coming to stay and bringing his doggie -- Consort terrified Brandi. She liked that he sold one of the stolen sculptures and bought a microwave, but didn't like the big stereo he also bought -- their little radio was good enough for them. The cake was inedible (literally...this has happened twice with bought cakes now!), and when the phone rang, Consort snatched it up. Big mistake -- it was Chief Prince, asking for Dustin. Consort slammed the phone down and interrogated Dustin, who had no idea what that was about. Consort was very rattled...not a good start.

While the boys were at school, Brandi approached Consort about a subject that needed to be brought up now; she was going to have the baby very soon, and she felt it was time to go to the hospital. Consort was unsympathetic: "Tough luck," he said, squinting at the flickering TV. "Try not to scream too loud -- I'd hate to gag you, but I will if I have to." Then he smirked. "Besides, I don't think I'd take very good care of your boys..."

Brandi blanched; fear for Dustin and Beau overcame her pain and fear for herself and the baby. She went back to bed and waited for the inevitable.

Dustin had gotten home by the time that Brandi gave birth to Skip Junior Broke (sorry, but that's the kind of name she'd give him!) in the bathroom, the most soundproof room in the thin-walled trailer. He knew his dreams would be haunted for a long time by her moans through the towel she'd ordered him to hold over her mouth. Consort had Beau in the bedroom, and the sword was there too; she couldn't risk agitating him. As he put Skip Junior in the crib and half-carried Brandi back to her bed, Dustin searched his mind for a way out of this...but his only answer was that he shouldn't have gotten in it in the first place. Consort's approving smile might as well have been a death sentence to his soul, he thought.

His misery was increased when Consort took his bed, forcing him to sleep..on the kitchen counter! Yes, I put an invisible "loveseat" OMSP on the one bit of counter long enough, so he napped through the night curled up there. Why not on the floor? Well, you know, they kind of share the trailer with vermin...

Peni Griffin
28th May 2013, 7:13 PM
Oh, my goodness, you really are going to town on this!

In my comparatively tame and sedate game, Jessie dated the streaker who crashed DJ's last party. He showed up for the date in a Ringmaster's uniform, and he's Fortune. This confirms me in my desire to make him the next Oresha-Hor-Var pledge. Sarah had an overlapping date with Matthew and when last seen they were eating DJ's shrimp gumbo in the kitchen. Both LFT Greeks need new blood soon, with the majority of their populations in final semester of senior year, so this is excellently timed.

29th May 2013, 7:21 AM
As I said last time Kent got married to a townie named Christa. ACR kicked in and she got pregnant with twins. She got a job, but spent most of the time puking and sleeping (the pregnancy took a huge toll on her) and wasn't able to go to work. Kent had the want to go on Vacation but since Christa didn't and wasn't really in physical shape to go, he went to Twikki Island by himself and had a great vacation. He got the map for the secret location, but I didn't have him go since his mechanical skills are low (have to fix the Witch Doctor's electrical stuff, and I didn't want Kent to get electrocuted with his one mechanical point.)

Christa gave birth to twin girls named Beth and Catherine. I don't remember which one has blonde hair and gray eyes and which one has blonde hair and dark blue eyes and I'm not on the computer with SimPE right now.

I played the Monty ranch next for a couple of days and Romeo and Mercutio both got an A+ and got to the top of the teen culinary career. Mercutio rolled the want to go steady with Miranda, and I had him ask her on a second date, and she accepted to go steady. They had another dream date, and she left him a vase as a date reward.

I played the Capp manor and Romeo went steady with Juliette, and I gave the house a major make over.

I played the Summerdream house and Puck and Hermia got their first kiss together and went steady, Titania and Oberon got engaged and married, and ACR woohooed to get Titania pregnant. The party was a roof raiser despite shoving between Tybalt and Romeo and Tybalt and Mercutio. I didn't see any fights and no one has any memories of winning or losing fights but Mercutio and Romeo are both furious with Tybalt and Tybalt wants to see their ghosts (wants them dead).

After the party was over I remodeled the house and played through Titania's pregnancy. Puck got an A+ and got to the top of the teen slacker career. Bottom learned how to study from Oberon and both Oberon and Titania got jobs in their LTW fields (Titania wants to be Captain Hero, so I turned on birth control after she gave birth). Titania gave birth to a girl named Helena with red hair and brown eyes.

I moved Tybalt into a college dorm with a CAS student that matches his turn ons. (There is a glitch in my game with the Capp Manor where Tybalt, Juliette and Hermia always reset when they get off the bus and lose their homework if I try to send them to high school, so I always send them to college right away. No matter what I tried, it didn't go away.)

After Mercutio and Romeo got scholarships (the Monty Ranch doesn't have the same glitch and they can go to high school and not lose their homework.) I moved them to college and they both moved into dorms. I moved Juliette into a dorm with Romeo and Hermia into a dorm with Puck.

I plan to send Miranda after she can go to work and get the promotion she needs to get to the top of her teen career.

29th May 2013, 5:39 PM
Orilon, while I don't envy your glitches, I envy your wants; nobody in my megahood's Veronaville has wanted each other dead yet, which is slowing the story (Consort's attack on Bianca was a heat-of-the-moment reaction to her threatening to send him back to prison).

Peni: Yeah, things are getting a little outrageous, but I consider the game, the personalities of the Sims in question, and the criminal justice system rules I've set up to justify it. Consort is not the type to, after pulling off a prison break for what was only an assault charge, go back without a fight -- and the bios and financial trouble of the Brokes make it clear that in a realistic situation, they'd be ripe for exploitation by Dustin's employers. I think Brandi will make it, though -- once Skip Junior was born, she started wanting to be friends with Consort, which is a very good idea in the circumstances. I'm not entirely sure about Dustin, but if he does, he's getting a reason for his LTW of Chief of Staff...

Now, to my game!


Dina Caliente woke to misery, rushing to the bathroom to throw up again. Nina watched her with furrowed brow, asking "Delay the wedding, or hurry it up?" Dina begged her to just give her a chance to tell Mortimer -- Nina is off-the-wall enough that she might not make it perfectly clear that this is Mortimer's child. However, Dina had a lingering desire to get engaged to Don Goth, despite the fact that she's engaged and pregnant and he's married...

Things did not work out when she invited Mortimer over. She thought the hot tub would be a good place to tell him, but Mortimer wanted WooHoo rather than talk...and then when that was over, he said he had to leave and get some kind of present for Alexander. She invited Don over once he'd left, hoping for some kind of sympathy, but got none; his advice was to get it over with quickly, because he had enough issues with his own baby-obsessed wife, thank you very much. She went back to bed at that point, and Mortimer only came over because Nina invited him over that evening -- hoping to help her sister out a bit, she suggested he bring Cassandra and Alexander. Don was still hanging around...

That was when the stuff hit the fan. Alexander left as soon as they got there, due to the lateness. Nina readily got Don into the hot tub...and the noise of their WooHoo was heard by Cassandra in the stairwell as she headed down from the bathroom. She raced up to the roof, screaming and raging, so angry her pigtails stood nearly upright! The words exchanged between her and Don could probably be heard at the Pleasant house, and involved Cassandra demanding, in a not-quite-rhetorical way, whether their marriage vows had meant anything to Don at all or if they were just lip-service. Nina smirked, while Don was genuinely confused -- really, all she wanted WooHoo for was to get pregnant, and he didn't think it was time for them to have children yet, so why couldn't he have some fun on the side? Cassandra said, "So they meant nothing to you. Fine. That settles it -- I'm glad I'm not pregnant."

"Dina is," Don said, hoping it would hurt her. "You and Alexander are going to get a little brother or sister...isn't that nice?" Cassandra stared at him, then walked over to the bar and downed three drinks in a row.

Downstairs, Mortimer was carefully telling Dina that Bella was back and so it had to be over -- he was sorry about everything that had happened, but Bella was his wife. Legally dead or not, no matter what had happened when she disappeared, his relationship with Dina was adultery in his book...and he was just glad he hadn't been an unintentional bigamist. Dina tried to think of something more decorous to say than, "Well, you knocked me up, so what are we going to do about that?" and that time-wasting cost her; Cassandra came stumbling down the stairs, weeping, drunk, and asking Mortimer if Don's behaviour was grounds for an annulment. Mortimer, wishing he hadn't ignored the ruckus on the roof, took his little girl in his arms and took her home.

Dina spent the rest of the night avoiding Nina; she didn't want to tell her the mess she was in. She hated the sight of the bump she got that night, and that morning, when day broke, she got out of the bathtub and into her uniform and headed to work, despite the fact that the military would understand her absence. Now that she was in this mess, she couldn't allow it to ruin her chances of a prosperous future.


Darren Dreamer tired to avoid thinking about Cassandra, and did a pretty good job of it too. He learned to cook quite a few things, made a snow angel by Darleen's grave, and was unable to get interested in finishing the painting of Dirk and the townie girl. It seemed only Cassandra inspired him... Eventually Dirk tore the unfinished painting off the easel and set to work on some dabbling of his own.


The Ottomas family proved themselves incompetent without Samantha. David got very tired of babysitting every minute he wasn't working, so as soon as he got to five days to adult, he headed to SSU (the poor-people's school), even though he had no scholarships. While Peter was trying to finish potty-training Tommy, Dora set the stove on fire. There was no fire alarm, and the phone was so close to the flames that she kept getting distracted while trying to call the fire department. She eventually got the call through, at about the same point as Peter and Sharla rushed downstairs to freak out over the flames that were now consuming quite a bit of counter; almost at once, the flames leaped to Sharla's pyjamas, and she was ablaze. Peter and Dora finally realized they'd have to deal with it themselves, and started dousing her, but to no avail -- then first one, then another firefighter rushed in and aided them. (I didn't know there were two-alarm fires in TS2! That's the first time I've seen more than one firefighter show up at a time!) The four of them managed to save Sharla and some of the kitchen, but the stove and counters were burnt to ashes -- and Sharla's needs were so low that death and/or the Social Worker threatened. Time to use that hospital for something other than babies...Peter went with her, but will be moved back as soon as they're at the hospital. Before they went, I had time to shorten her hair and put some nasty-looking burns on her face, and I have burn scars now...so she's going to be that girl in high school with a badly scarred face. (Yes, I have a thing about scars. It just seems that there should be some consequences, however cosmetic, to the situations Sims get into.)

Dora is wondering if they can sue the manufacturers of the stove and Sharla's pyjamas. Time to call that lovely Chief Prince...

29th May 2013, 5:55 PM
I played the Landgraabs- Malcolm Landgraab IV and his wife, Vicki Kandgraab, the former diva of Downtown both passed away before they could see their youngest grandchild be born. Malcolm Landgraab V and his wife Lyric Landgraab, the daughter of Melody and Erik Swain had a daughter named Madeline, Malcolm V wanted a son, but they'll just have to keep trying for that boy, to be named Malcolm VI.

Next up was the Roselands, Tara and Cyd passed away last rotation, but their youngest son, Christopher married Rachel Reamon, and they also welcomed a son, named Sebastian, surprisingly Sebastian was born with red hair, probably from his grandmother Tara, since both Christopher and Rachel have brown hair.

29th May 2013, 7:39 PM
It occurred to me that I had not had a plantsim for about five years, so I created a really pretty sim, Rose Planter, and set her to gardening. I intended that she should spray and spray till the toxic fumes converted her to a plantsim, but my heart failed me. She was so pretty and active and contented that I hadn't the heart to force the issue. She just worked each day till she reached gold badge level, and was able to talk to her plants and grow eggplants. Her ambition is to max out seven skills, so she can start making eggplant juice any day now. Some nights she shares her bed ith Puck Summerdream, one of my favourite sims. Things sometimes become tense, because Puck keeps dropping in with his wife. Rose can handle that.

Now that winter has ended, she can get the garden in shape and invite over the garden club. Perhaps she'll be awarded the wishing well? In fact, what am I doing here? I must head on back to Veronaville, and see how Rose is getting on ...

Mordecai and Rigby
29th May 2013, 8:23 PM
I recorded a bunch of "strange moments" in a family I created, the Richter family:

-Joshua came home from work, and brought a "friend" that looked oddly similar to his wife, Mary. Luckily, Mary didn't seem to mind.
-I called the landlord in to repair the sink, and he seemed to constantly throw fits while fixing it. My reaction: "Are you sure you're a landlord?"
-Mary's wants have been stuck for almost the whole Sim week, and have only changed once I fulfilled her "Buy A Painting" want. She then rolled three new wants, two of which (at this moment in time) I have fulfilled for her.
-The stupid matchmaking gypsy keeps on giving casual calls to Joshua over the phone. I wish she'd just shut up; it's getting to be really annoying...
-Whenever Makoto St. Julien, the elderly neighbor, gets in the hot tub, he gets naked. Yeah, it's just weird.
-Weatherman: "It's dry and pleasant right now, but watch out for some possible heavy snow later in the day." Mary: "WOOOO-HOO!"
-Layla, Joshua and Mary's newborn daughter, is crying in the middle of the night to have her diaper changed. However, their roommate Clarence is trying to fall asleep on the couch, and is too tired to change her so he can sleep without being disturbed. So basically: he falls asleep, wakes up. Falls asleep, wakes up. And then he falls asleep, and then he wakes up.
-Clarence doesn't seem to get that Layla can't go to sleep when he turns on the TV, so so I kicked him out. I mean, he was a nice guy and all but...Layla needs her sleep, and I won't let him be the judge of that. And I guess that's a good thing, 'cause I'm getting sick of my Sims living in this apartment, and I might as well move them out. This time, hopefully, they'll live in a house or something...
-They moved into another apartment (stupid Belladonna Cove and their stupid lack of decent residential homes), and their landlord is the SAME EXACT LANDLORD as the one they had before: Matthew Mellon! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
-Their new neighbors are: the Ray family, the Do family, and the Tse family. Talk about short last names...
-I do some stuff with Mary and Layla (now a toddler) upstairs, then go downstairs and find Josh partying with three friends, one of which I didn't even invite in! And to make it worse: it's Clarence! It's just weird!
-I just noticed the small 2x2 bathroom downstairs :faceslap:

Well...that's about it. Hope you enjoyed ;)

Peni Griffin
29th May 2013, 9:17 PM
That all sounds perfectly normal to me! Makoto St. Julien has 10 outgoing points, which automatically makes him a naked hot-tubber. Hardly anybody changes a diaper without being told to. Why did you even have the TV in the same room as her bed? Apartments often glitch so that it's impossible to lock people out and apartment neighbors just stroll in. I think there may be a lock configuration to fix that, but I can never remember what it is. Experiment.

In my Strangetown, Dr. L. Curious, his wife Nurse Crystal, and their baby Darwin have finally moved out of his brothers' place - making room for Dr. V. Curious to move in his fiancee, Miss Monica Bratsford. Lazlo went to work and for some reason no welcome wagon showed up, so it was just Crystal and Darwin till Lazlo got home; at which point the phone started ringing off the wall as his brothers checked up on them. Down the hill at PT & Jenny's, Jenny had the day off and spent it dating her husband and wishing Johnny would come home, get married, and produce a grandbaby already, before PT kicks off without seeing any grandchildren at all. The date went reasonably well, but in the end PT got struck by lightning after putting out a tree fire and they both got heat stroke. PT also wants his girls to get engaged, as he feels the end of his days drawing near, and there isn't a fella in sight for Lola, while Chloe can't seem to make up her mind. Jill brought home Ginger Newson, whose brother she's dating, and made friends with her. At least they don't need to worry about Jill. She's the Practical One.

30th May 2013, 6:58 AM
The see the ghost of a living Sim wants only seems to happen in my game when Sims are really, really furious (Full furious red overlay -90/-90 relationship). I image if I didn't have a mod to stop trash can kicking and paper stealing there would be kicked over cans and stolen papers between Tybalt and both Montys because they are really furious at each other.

Sometimes college gives them enough time to calm down so that they can have a civil conversation on the same lot as adults (I actually did see that in a past version of Veronaville. I forget who I was controlling, but adult Tybalt and Mercutio were on a community lot as non-controllables and they were having a civil conversation and not fighting.)

Right at the moment however, them being on the same lot would not be a good idea. I try to avoid fights as much as possible, although this being Veronaville and the background of the Sims they do happen.

Antonio Monty got several promotions and Beatrice and Benedick became Knowledge Aspiration teens. They both got the good grades scholarship and Antonio keeps rolling wants for them to get more scholarships.

Bianca Monty being a Family Sim rolled the want for another baby, and must have ACR tried for baby with Juan because I heard baby chimes. Anna became a toddler and Bianca gave birth to Julie, giving Isabella and Patrizio their LTW of Six Grandchildren. I used the batbox to roll the pacifier and Julie has black hair and brown eyes and a different personality than Anna.

Miranda was able to go to work the next day and get the promotion she needed to become an Overachiever and get the scholarships for good grades and top of teen job. I moved her into the same dorm as Mercutio, and as soon as he realized she was there he started autonomously flirting with her and rolled the want to get engaged to her. He proposed and she accepted, and they are now engaged. They are going to have to wait until they graduate to get married. (I changed her Aspiration as a teen, so she got a good memory of being engaged.) I sent them to their first class and then switched back to Goneril's lot.

Hal became a teen and Ariel became a child, and Hal had wants to get his first kiss and go on a date with Beatrice Monty. I think I forgot to mention that when Hal and Beatrice were kids Hal wanted to bring Beatrice home via the school bus mod I have. The way it works is that there is a pop up "Hal wants to bring Beatrice Monty home from school, is that ok" and there are three options "Yes", and Beatrice would get off the bus, "No" Beatrice would not get off the bus, but she and Hal get a relationship boost and "Cancel" where Beatrice would not get off the bus and they don't get a relationship boost. Because of Goneril and Antonio being enemies, I chose No because I didn't want Antonio to come over in case Beatrice stayed late, but Hal and Beatrice got enough of a relationship boost to be able to talk on the phone as kids and become best friends.

As teens Hal and Beatrice have two bolts of attraction and I had Hal ask Beatrice out on a date to a community lot. She accepted, and they had a dream date and Hal got his first kiss. Beatrice left a DJ booth as a date reward.

Albany taught Ariel how to study, and Ariel rolled wants to become friends with her siblings. I built a small pond on the side of the house and had Hal, Desdemona and Ariel fish together, which seemed to build enough relationship points to make all three friends.

Regan and Cornwall are both in the Intelligence field (both have the LTW to get to the top of the Intelligence field) and both rolled want to get skills they needed to get promotions and generic buy wants. They took care of Corin, but really didn't seem interested in any more kids. No baby chimes from ACR woohoo and they didn't roll the want for another baby.

At the end of the rotation Corin became a toddler. I shut down for the night because I didn't want to deal with Kent's twins tonight.

30th May 2013, 8:40 AM
Have a great time, mirjamsim2love!
Thanks. I had. :)
Just came home last night.
I have notes where I left with my story and rotation. Will post them soon.

30th May 2013, 8:50 AM
It's been some time since my last post about Cornwall, Regan and Kent Capp (http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?p=4104864#post4104864). I'm afraid I seriously misunderstood Kent. When I actually played their lot it became clear that he was not to blame for the constant slapping and poking that was going on between him and Cornwall. In fact he was often crying. He was basically a nice Sim but for some reason Cornwall hated him and was constantly getting at him. In fact, when I looked at his character, in many ways he was just like an older version of my Julian, basically decent, helpful, considerate Sims with knowledge aspirations. In fact Kent is actually slightly nicer than Julian with 7 nice points to Julian's 6. And they both have an absurd life time wish to be master criminals. But while Julian has a near idyllic life with a loving family and a very steady relationship with Andrew, Kent's life is one of constant harassment.

(I still think Julian is much better looking than Kent - decide for yourselves!)

Kent Capp

Julian Moltke

Bianca Monty no longer has a crush on Kent but they are still very good friends; when she discovered the conditions that Kent was living under, she found it quite intolerable and has let Kent know that, if things don't improve dramatically, he can move in with her any time, even if it's as a lodger rather than a lover. Of course knowing about what's happening to Kent has done nothing to improve Bianca's opinion of the rest of his family; it's just what you'd expect of the Capps!

For the moment though Kent is still with his sister and brother-in-law. I don't know why Regan doesn't try to do more about it. She does love her brother, but she's totally infatuated with her husband - and of course she shares his passion for Simoleons! Although Bianca's offer is still open to him, and he may well take it up, Kent is trying to improve his relationship with Cornwall. He has cooked delicious meals of salmon and turkey for Cornwall and Regan, when, without him, they would struggle to pour milk onto a bowl of cereal. After a mammoth session of apologies yesterday, Kent and Cornwall are almost on speaking terms.

Meanwhile, round the corner at 31 Mendoza Lane, teenager Jack Gill has decided that, since he now has an A+, he doesn't need formal schooling any more, and has registered himself for flexi-school! So, his housemate Ravi went to school this morning on his own. What flexi-school will mean for Jack I'm not sure. He might try to learn new skills, but I fear he might instead enrol for the "university of life" and spend his mornings on downtown community lots where the nightclubs stay open all day!

Other news in brief: The Cornton's have added an extra floor above the boys' pink and green themed "love nest" (which was originally a garage, but the Corntons didn't need a garage because they never [well, hardly ever] go out). The new room will be the master bedroom for Tom and Audrey when (and if) they get married.

Gloria and Andrew Jones have added a modest extension to there little house at 19 Chorus Court. It means that Andrew can now get his own double bed, so he won't have to arrange with his mum who's boyfriend can stay the night. It also means that, for the first time, Gloria has a kitchen sink so they don't have to carry all the dirty dishes to the bathroom!

30th May 2013, 7:59 PM
Despite their perfect-suburban-family lifestyle, the Smiths have never gotten the hang of any standard human ways of celebrating Winter Day -- Jenny grew up with Kitty Curious getting hysterical trying make Chloe and Lola stop standing out from everyone else in the family photos every Christmas, and all three of them agree that that sort of thing is not a good way to have a holiday...especially since half of the Smith family is green-skinned, and so would be stuffed behind a tree by Kitty's rules!

So, what kind of Winter Day did they have? PT#9 and Johnny slept late while Jenny and Jill went to work and school. After they woke up and had a relaxing brunch, PT#9 invited Chloe and Lola over, telling them to bring a friend -- this time, Chester Gieke again. They really don't want to let Chief Prince meet their father... They weren't the only guests, as Jenny brought home the shy, serious young paramedic she'd run into at work; one look at his face had told her he was of alien decent, and when he recited that story -- it sounded like he'd said it a million times before -- about being left on the steps of an orphanage, she knew she had to bring him to meet a real, unashamed part-alien family. So he was a Jacoban priest too; so what? Yes, she brought home Father Laurence Stratford -- how suitable!

Laurence was a little overwhelmed at first, but soon got used to the boisterous and exotic family. He beat Lola at SSX, congratulated Chloe on her engagement to Paris Prince, and even got friendly enough with Jenny that he let her give him a friendly hug. PT#9 and Johnny made two pots of rice pudding, more than enough for the whole group, and while eating it, PT#9 successfully nagged Johnny into "making your mother happy by going to college, and me happy by marrying dear Ophelia." The whole family rushed outside to see him off, while Chester helpfully autonomously sprayed bugs on the sidewalk. Tank Grunt stalked by as Johnny was leaving, but realized he shouldn't even kick over the trash can again with so many cops there.


The Grunts also do not do any kind of conventional celebration of Winter Day, but that's because they don't do any celebration of Winter Day at all. The lightest point in the day for most of the family was General Buzz having to carpool to work with Ripp, now that Ripp has a full-time job...no, the helicopter didn't pick them both up, the junk car did! Seeing the General get in that was quite amusing. He came back in the helicopter, but found, to his disgust, that Ripp and Buck were drinking sodas in front of the TV; Tank had decided that he wasn't going to let an alien get a college education while he didn't, had gotten the good-grades scholarship, and had headed for LFT as well. Johnny's in for a nasty surprise...

Buck got out of trouble by running to do his homework, but Ripp was blamed for the laziness. Furious, he did something he wasn't sure about at all -- he invited Daniel Grey, the townie school-friend he has a crush on, on a date! They went Downtown so nobody who knew the Grunts was likely to see them, and went to the Corner Shoppes so they could claim they were just buying stuff should they get questioned by someone who did know them. This was a very interesting date! Daniel is Popularity, but he was the one who quickly started wanting kissing, making out, flirting, while Ripp was sticking to mostly tame, friendly wants; the most intimate he wanted to get was slow dancing.

Ripp wasn't really sure what to think; he really, really, really liked Daniel, and maybe it was something more than that...he liked it a lot when they were slow dancing on the sidewalk, even more than when they "borrowed" cushions from the chairs in the game room and had a fight with them...but...was he...gay? Daniel was, and had no trouble making that clear, but he was nothing like what Ripp had been made to expect -- the General's ranting had made him think that "those type" were long-haired, over-dramatic florists in pink shirts. Daniel's hair was longer than the General approved of, that was true, but it was shorter than Ripp's own, and he dressed a baggy sports outfit, like so many other teenage boys. As for drama, he was laid-back compared to Ripp's family... Ripp refused to go beyond his comfort zone, even insisting on just taking a very stiff set of "Normal" pictures with Daniel in the photo booth, and Daniel respected this. However, when the date ended, Ripp realised that Daniel was looking at him, smiling, pursing his lips as he leaned forward; he wanted a kiss! Not sure of himself, but not wanting to upset Daniel, Ripp leaned forward and kissed him lightly. He had just had his first kiss with another boy -- and his thoughts were "That's Antonio Monty giving us a dirty look! He doesn't know my dad, does he?"

Buzz had no idea this had happened, but he did a very cruel thing that evening -- Buck was ready to grow up after 6 pm rolled around, and around 10 pm, Buzz threw a birthday party, inviting people he knew would not show up because they hate him. Then he dragged Buck and Ripp out of bed to come down to the cake he'd bought. Ripp was rather malodorous, which Buzz punished with a balloon full of soapy water to the head and a harsh reprimand. Despite there being no guests, Buck was ordered to blow the candles out; Buzz and Ripp put on fake-cheerful expressions as he prepared to do so, but then Buzz started poking Ripp before Buck even grew up, and he was seen slapping Ripp in the cutscene for the growing up. Buck grew up well, though he was in low green and made it clear in his little blurb about how his childhood had been (I'd never seen that before; what expansion did it come with?). However, he had to put down his piece of cake at once to flee the room and sob over Buzz's treatment of Ripp. Then the fish in the fishtank died...and Buzz and Ripp kept fighting...and they are total enemies and completely furious with each other now...and the party was a disaster. Buzz took an aspiration hit from the bad party, but it was worth it to make Buck feel like he has no real friends, and so should obey his father in all things. To show this, Buck has grown up to be Popularity like his father and oldest brother, and his random turn-ons/off were just perfect: he likes fitness and make-up, dislikes hats (he's gotten his father's fitness-kick and macho attitude, but is scarred enough by the fighting that he's repelled by any semblance of a uniform). He didn't get any of his wants before dawn, so I don't know what his LTW is -- General Buzz's is to become mayor, which I see as a very scary desire to take over the town, and I hope Buck wants something his father will approve of.

31st May 2013, 2:07 AM
For months, the trio who led the Cornwell Gang (Ioan, Patrick, and Jeanne Cornwell) have been hiding in the woods, outside the bounds of the law, ocassionally raiding food wagons from the farms and living off the bounty of the countryside. Last night, however, one of the outlaws was spotted in the home of Amaar Rashid, a recent immigrant to the city. According to the testimony of City Councilor Hosea Guthrie, Cornwell was spotted in conversation with Rashid and Mr. Wallace Biehl, also on the city council. Guthrie attempted to apprehend the villiain, but he escaped, and Guthrie subsequently arrested both Rashid and Biehl for the crime of consorting with an outlaw. The trial took place this morning, wherein Rashid was cquited and Biehl convicted. The general opinion is that Cornwell followed Biehl across town in hiding, then entered the home of Rashid with the intent of speaking with Biehl. Rashid had no knowledge as to Cornwell's reputation. The Cornwell's legacy is a recurring problem for the city: Guthrie has repeatedly urged the wives of Patrick and Ioan to petition the court for a writ of divorce, freeing them from the taint of the Cornwell name, but just recently Charlotte Cornwell gave birth to two sons, Bo and Sam Cornwell -- now the sons of Patrick Cornwell. How the boys will fare is unknown. Guthrie maintains that the outlaws are being supported widely by some of the city's leading citizens, who secretly sympathize with the outlaws' goal of putting down the Revolution of May 1st last year. Considering that one of the highest officers of the city militia. Doug Honker, is the very resentful son of the late Fred Honker, executed by the revolutionaries for various crimes, Guthrie may have a point..

31st May 2013, 6:51 AM
Kent's wife Christa was able to go to work once and get a promotion, and then had two days off so she hasn't been able to do much towards her LTW of Criminal Mastermind. She stayed home and took care of the twins and studied anger management and parenting while Kent worked. Kent helped some with the twins, but Christa seems to like them more. Beth and Catherine became toddlers at the end of the rotation.

At the Summerdream house Bottom became a teen and Helena became a toddler. Oberon wanted to go on a far east vacation and Titania wanted buy a vacation home and go on a vacation. I had Titania buy a vacation home in Takemizu Village and had Oberon and Titania go on vacation while Bottom stayed home with Helena.

When they got there, at first I was baffled as to why time was standing still until I remembered what Peni had said about having problems with Cyjons slower LTA gain (I forgot until I encountered the problem myself). I cursed my bad memory, shut down the game took out Cyjon's slower LTA gain, put in Rufio's No LTA Permaplat and went back to the Summerdreams vacation home. Time was moving again and Oberon and Titania were able to have a good vacation. I'm still baffled as to why Cyjon's mod didn't affect time when I had Sims stay at hotels, but time stood completely still at the Summerdream's vacation home.

Titania and Oberon both keep rolling wants for Bottom to get scholarships, and so far she has gotten the one for good grades and high creativity (she will not stay away from the piano). She has two bolts of attraction with Bendick Monty, I'll see what Benedick's wants are when I play his lot.

I switched over to the first lot in the college rotation, Tybalt Capp's dorm. He has two bolts of attraction with the CAS Sim I created, and they ended up engaged by the end of this part of the rotation (The second semester of their junior year.) She rolled the want to declare the physics major, and Tybalt didn't roll any wants regarding a major, so I had him declare biology because of his LTW (top of Oceanography).

31st May 2013, 10:33 AM
Brody knows now he was right to distrust Darim. He just instinctly had known that guy didn't creep through the street just for a stroll. He had been up to something and now Brody knew what.
As it happens, Bailey invited Brody to come over. While they ate a salad, she told him about her pregnancy. She had thrown up while he was there. There wasn't any other choice anymore to tell why, right then and there. Brody isn't angry with her. His only family left are his two sisters and he's especially close to his baby sister Bailey. He sees her as a girl who isn't to blame for this situation. He blames Darim all the more for putting his favorite sister in this position. Brother and sister do not discuss the subject Darim. Bailey did discuss Darim with her niece Belle, during a family reunion at Bailey's house.
After, in the middle of the night, Bailey gave birth to a son, all alone.
She named the boy Badi. Ba van Bailey, Di van Darim. At the same time, it's an Arabic name. The meaning is inventor or creator.
Now Bailey has a child, she was forced to move out of her starter home. Municipality is very clear and strict about their starter home rules. However, Bailey lacked the funds to buy her own lot with house. That's why she moved in with her sister Bobby Jo and her family. At least until she's back on her own two feet and ready to be a single mother. Because after the incident at Darim's house, they didn't have any contact anymore. Bailey didn't stop loving him, but is still hurt Darim suggested an abortion. She's not about to get over that fact that easily. He knew about her pregnancy. If he wanted to, he could find a way to contact her. She doesn't feel obligated to make the first move.

Ray-Shawn Haydon got unwillingly transferred to a free clinic. He hadn't foreseen that. One day, in the hospital, he had the guts to insist an important political person should wait his turn, while that man carried on his point of cutting in line, although the waiting room was full with other patients. Ray-Shawn didn't let that happen. No favors just because you have influence elsewhere. The politician made sure he got rid of Ray-Shawn after because of it. He has more responsibility and can call himself a doctor in the clinic out of Csonka Canon, but still it feels unfair. It did come in unhandy too. Every day he will get the reminder of the transfer because he still will have to bring Nooboo there, at that former workplace of Ray-Shawn, for that one's work. Then drive to the clinic and at the end of the day vice versa. Well, his principles were upheld. It was something.

Nooboo was very smelly after his shift. Ray-Shawn hadn't given it a moment's thought how unwise it is to not have a special bath for him. Now his whole car smelled like a garbage dump. He drove directly to a pet wholesale business to buy the item, with the filthy animal in the back. At home he immediately washed the dog thoroughly. He and Nooboo are establishing a better bond day by day. Nooboo considers him as his owner. Ray-Shawn is thinking about learning Nooboo more than just the command: Come here. He's not sure if Nooboo is easily trainable.

Long time girlfriend Fawnia Bakalov may be properly introduced to Ray-Shawn's parents, Victoria and Lee-Ron, she still likes to continue the same path she took when she moved in the starter home with her sister Fabienne. She has no serious plans yet to move in with Ray-Shawn, let alone getting married and have a child. Ray-Shawn is a step further in the proces. He does have those wants. He has qualms about asking her to move in or even to propose. She could reject him. He knows Fawnia is more busy with other goals, like finding a job she likes. There are no vacancies yet in the healthcare branch she prefers. Therefor she maintains her job in homecare. A job her recently passed away mother Thirza had arranged for her.

Her sister Fabienne doesn't even have a relationship. She isn't dying for one either. She ís dating. The one is Yonne, a young man she knows from the university, who got her a better job at a Free Record Shop. Her very first date ever, in uni, was with him. They became friends after, but didn't get romantically involved. After his gesture with the job, her interest in him renewed. She called him to go on their rather late second date. This time she felt more sparkle, while they were together in the local disco 'The Simplex Club'. She even felt the proverbial butterflies in her stomach. Yonne isn't exactly a hunk. He is a bit of a rough fellow with red hair and tattoos. He does have the charm that attracts Fabienne. He finds her attractive also, but the butterflies skipped his belly that night. They both díd believe in getting laid on the public couch in the club, under the watchful eye of the startled bartender. He never encountered that before in the club. Expectations are, rumors will be spreading about Fabienne. Yonne didn't just use her for sex. Somehow he got impressed with her and invited her now for a date at D.V.U., another club more downtown.
Fabienne accepted and brought Fawnia along, who could use a diversion. The latter headed for the hottub directly. Yonne and Fabienne chose the dancefloor, where Darim was trying out some moves too. Apparently he doesn't have time for Bailey, who he let look after the mess they both created by herself, but he does have time to hang around in clubs. What a lowlife.
Brody thought the same thing when he walked into the club and encountered Darim. Just before the Bakalov sisters went home, Brody and Darim were entangled in pushing and shoving to express their mutual displeasure for eachother. If the sisters had stayed longer, they for sure would have gotten indulged in a fysical fight between the two men.

Once at home, the ladies were very hungry. Fawnia became the first Sim ever in Csonka Canon, who burnt the rice-milk she had on the stove. The Fire Department was there quickly, but in their panic the girls blocked the entrance of the livingroom to the kitchen. Mitch Wethouder, the fireman, couldn't be of any assistance. Luckily, the young ladies had a fire extinguisher themselves and Fawnia tried to fight the fire. Unfortunately, the flames were spreading from the stove to the counters. The situation seemed to get out of hand. Then the fireman saw a chance to get into the kitchen, put out the infectious fire and save the day. Fabienne congratulated her sister. It wasn't quite clear if Fawnia received the sarcastically congratulations as to her cooking skills or to the spread out fire she had caused.

1st Jun 2013, 3:48 PM
Pleasantview restarted, again.

The Pleasant Home
So it turns out Mary Sue isn't that smart after all, she certainly hasn't noticed that her dear husband has been busy banging the maid every afternoon. And now, not only has a pre-menopausal Mary Sue just given birth to a third ginger child, named Celeste, but sneaky Daniel has suggested why not move Kaylynn in, and let her be a live-in maid and nanny? The poor girl is pregnant and needs a home, so it would be doing everyone a favour, right? Poor clueless Mary Sue just nods her head and reaches for the valium. The constant stress caused by Angela and Lilith fighting has shredded her nerves, although thank god they're away at Uni now. Mary Sue hopes that life will be easier now, and Daniel hopes that the Mary Sue won't notice the family resemblance of the baby Kaylynn is due to give birth to any day now.

The Caliente Home
Nina Caliente absolutely HATES Don Lothario right now. She was so sure that her moment of 'oops I forgot my pill and now look what's happened!' would send Don running to her. Instead, Don insisted on marrying that Goth bitch, and Nina is now the proud single mother of Keiran. It wouldn't be so bad but Nina is struggling to make ends meet now that her sister has managed to gold-dig her way right into Mortimer Goth's heart and bed. In order to pay the bills, Nina has been 'dating' several guys, and accepting their gifts, which soon enough find their way to Pleasantview Pawn Shop. Bunches of roses are great, but Nina much prefers her boyfriends gift her an outdoor fountain in recognition of her bedroom skills. Although trouble is now brewing, a date with Gunnar Roque managed to bring her a lousy love letter (worthless!) and a pair of twin buns in the oven.

The Goth Home
All of Mortimer Goth's Christmases have come at once - not only has the beautiful Ms. Caliente agreed to be his wife, but she is also expecting another Goth offspring. This more than makes up for the disappointment of seeing his only daughter succumb to Don Lothario's charms. As for Dina, well, she kinda sorta loves the old guy, she guesses - although her love is more to do with the impressive Goth fortune rather than the sad and withered Goth peen. At least she is getting somewhere in life, unlike her poor, stupid step-daughter Cassie, who is so blinded by her infatuation with Don that she hasn't noticed what a gigantic manwhore he is. After an uninteresting wedding party, Cassie decided to consummate Don's brains out, in the hope that the regular sex and the impending arrival of Lothario Jnr. might somehow prevent him from straying. Great idea in theory, sadly in this case Don is still incapable of keeping it in his pants.

The Burb Home
All John Burb wants is a son to carry on his name, and after constantly badgering his long-suffering wife Jen, and managing to knock her up twice, he is now the father of three girls. Disappointed, and unable to stop himself blaming his wife for the female onslaught, John has turned to Brandi Broke for comfort. And sex. Jen, being a strong, independent woman who don't need no man, snaps her fingers in the shape of a Z and boots John out. Predictably, he hauls ass over to Brandi's place. Jen, meanwhile, sees eldest daughter Lucy off to Uni, then settles down to raise her babies alone. But what's that, in Jen's Want panel? Jen has a Want to fall in love again? Get thee to the Matchmaker, young lady, and let's see who falls from the sky for the bargain price of $200!

The Broke Home
There's nothing like a Clean Hood to lift the spirits, put a smile on the face, and allow Brandi's third baby to be a girl, for once. Brandi is thrilled with the arrival of baby Belinda, and even more thrilled when her fling with John Burb lands him right in her lap. Dustin is pissed off, but then again Dustin is ALWAYS pissed off at something. Ever since he and Angela broke up, the kid has been insufferable, and Brandi is hoping that sending him off to college will calm him down. Now, she and John are busy procreating, with Brandi popping out another girl, Allie. John Burb celebrates the arrival of yet another daughter, quietly grits his teeth and goes off to ice his testicles some more. Beau is hanging out for the day when he, too, is old enough to go to Uni and get away from the goddamn lovefest.

2nd Jun 2013, 5:56 AM
Uni -

Goddamn, but Lilith was pleased to get out of that house, away from her father's incessant maid-shagging and her mother's estrogen-induced psychosis. Even Angela seemed to chill out somewhat, and the two were managing to tolerate each other, just. Although Lilith thought she'd never hear the end of Angela's litany of complaints about her ex, Dustin. After being stereotypical high school sweethearts, Angela finally had enough of Dustin's petty crime and stench of poverty, and dumped his ass just as they entered Uni. Dustin coped by starting a few fights down at the LuLu Lounge and skipping class, but soon decided to heal his broken heart by falling dick-first into the arms of every willing female at SSU. Including Lilith. Angela, meanwhile, got straight A's, dabbled with the bubble blower and began dating handsome-but-stupid Waylon Menon. Lilith was happy to keep her relationship with Dustin on a strict 'Friends With Benefits' base, unfortunately the eternally needy Dustin started throwing up engagement Wants for her, leading Lilith to finally understand what Angela was bitching about all that time.

2nd Jun 2013, 6:03 AM
Nervous Subject got hitched, with a Good Time wedding party and all! Yes, a wedding has taken place at the Beaker house; despite Loki's disgust at Pascal Curious, Nervous was able to play on the unusual sentimentality of Circe (hormones?) and the fact that Loki's sister is one of the three Sims I've decided are justices of the peace (the others are Escalus Prince and Mortimer Goth -- Erin is the odd one out, but I needed a not-an-old-man one, and Beakers get what they want). Erin was rather worried that what was going on with the foster child Loki and Circe had allowed to stay with them into adulthood would turn out to be embarrassing to her -- she knows their fetishes very well, and unregulated human experimentation is illegal, even in Strangetown -- and she hoped getting Pascal into the house would defuse matters. Circe thought it was so cute that Nervous wanted to get married "just like a real person", and between her and Erin, a wedding arch got placed on the roof and the party started, though Loki barred any of the Curious or Smith relatives from attending. Loki tried to disrupt it by refusing to be a witness, but luckily a townie walkby had gatecrashed (I kid you not -- she was not invited!), and she agreed to take his place; Circe glared at her husband and was the other witness. It was a really beautiful little ceremony on the roof, and Pascal made sure he was on Circe's good side by giving her a dowry of sorts as soon as he was in the family -- he gave her the stork cradle and fire truck that Sirius really does not need. However, Circe drew the line at allowing Sirius himself to move in with his father; she didn't want her child growing up with an alien playmate. It didn't matter, because Pascal really doesn't care about Sirius much, and his uncles can take perfectly good care of him.

Not all was well, however -- about halfway through the party, Circe started feeling very unwell. She was having yet another near-miscarriage at an inopportune time...but there was nobody else in the hallway she was in, and , Circe being Circe, she decided not to disrupt the party. She didn't want to be back in that hospital, and with Bianca Monty out of action, she highly doubted it would do any good. So, she just lay down in bed for the rest of the party, and she got through it. It's not like she wants this baby anyway, but Loki does...but it's clear she shouldn't get pregnant again after this one.

After the party ended, Nervous and Pascal rushed off to their honeymoon limo, a delightful new experience for Nervous. When they got back, Loki and Circe had eaten and were asleep, so they had a little extra honeymoon of their own in the spare bedroom, then went to Londoste, still in their formal suits, for a wedding night date. Nervous had never been out to eat before, and loved it. He ate baked alaska, while Pascal had a fruit tart -- as sweet as love itself, perhaps? They didn't have a run-in with Crumplebum, but they did get banned from the place; Londoste is a classy restaurant, and Nervous and Pascal got a little over-the-top when they shed their suits and had WooHoo on the couch in the bar area. This led to them being kicked out and threatened with arrest for public lewdness, and they spent the rest of their date at the bus stop I found here (it's a Plasticbox mini lot, which I'm coming to love -- they add so much flavour to Downtown!). They still managed to have fun, having WooHoo on the bench behind the stop, then getting their suits back on and slow dancing in silence, then joining the water-balloon fight that rather randomly broke out when Morty Roth and a bunch of townies showed up just after dawn (rush hour???). It was a dream date, of course! All in all, a very satisfactory Winter Day wedding...


Lazlo Curious found he could not get Lulu back, so he did the next best thing -- adopted Moody, the scruffy terrier. Moody seems to have no problem eating whatever is around, including his own food, so he may do better...

Lazlo and Vidcund adjusted well to caring for Sirus, and both actually wanted to do things with him, which Pascal never did. They had to get rid of the nanny and get a new one because of differing schedules now that Pascal isn't there to care for Sirius, but she may not be there for too long -- while admiring the disastrously trashed pickup truck (on an invisible driveway over some of the path-maze) that he'd gotten himself for Winter Day, Lazlo noticed a girl wandering down the road. She looked somewhat familiar... "Lilith Pleasant!" he shouted, recognizing the missing teen whose face he'd seen on the TV news. Lilith looked like she wanted to run away, then said "So the jig's up, then. Can you give me some water before calling the police?"

In fact, Lazlo had no intention of turning her in before he heard her side of the story. Over left-over pasta from the night before, he decided that he wouldn't want to go back to that family of hers, so he invited her to stay with them at least until the mid-day heat broke. She saw Sirius when Vidcund brought him out to change him, and was fascinated; she ended up staying until he grew up to toddler, and so met him properly, and I started wondering if it's safe to move in a runaway (with Inge's teleporter or something of that sort). If it is and she hangs around the Curious place much more and doesn't get brought home, she might move in with them as an au pair... (Yes, I know this is illegal on the part of the Curiouses. Consequences may occur.)

Now, the best thing that happened: Sirius grew into a toddler so unusual that I had to have Lazlo, who helped with the growing up, take him into brighter light so I could get a good look at his face. Sure, he's not exactly pretty, but if it wasn't for the green skin and all-black eyes, he'd look more human than Father Laurence Stratford! He has a normal-looking nose, thin but human-range lips, rather high eyebrows and noticeable cheekbones, but he's not overtly alien-featured. The only really odd thing is his extremely small ears, which almost merge with the sides of his head...but really, aside from the skin and eyes, he's the most human-looking born-in-game half-alien I've ever seen! Of course, he may turn ugly as he grows up, but he looks good now...oh, and he grew up into the Happy Holiday Stuff romper with the holly on the chest, which would have looked bad most of the time, but was delightfully seasonal on Winter Day. The new nanny still treats him coldly, but she clearly expects alien babies to grow up fast -- she put him in the high chair right away, and he was fine with it.

Despite stargazing most of the night, Lazlo and Vidcund still did not manage to get abducted, despite my higher-odds hack. If they max their logic skill and still want to be abducted, I may allow them a hacked telescope as a reward...

4th Jun 2013, 5:57 AM
Next in the college rotation was Mercutio and Miranda's dorm. They didn't roll wants regarding majors, so I picked their majors based on their LTWs. (Which is what I normally do. If the Sim rolls a want about a major they go into the major they want, if they don't roll a want I pick a major based on their LTW.) Mercutio is in math and Miranda is majoring in art.

Romeo wanted to get engaged to Juliette when I opened his dorm lot (I changed his Aspiration with SimPE as part of hood set up awhile ago.) I had him propose and she accepted. Like her cousin Juliette is majoring in art for her LTW and Romeo is majoring in Psychology.

There were a lot of engagement wants this round, and Puck also wanted to get engaged to Hermia when I opened their lot. He proposed and she accepted. Puck is majoring in Psychology and Hermia is majoring in biology.

I switched over to Antonio Monty's lot in the main hood and Benedick had general wants. I had him ask Bottom on a date to see if I could get something going, and they fell in love and had a dream date by the end. She left him a statue as a date gift.

Antonio kept rolling wants for Beatrice and Benedick to get scholarships. I had Beatrice get a job to go the job and good grades route and Benedick was closer to getting the high creativity scholarship. Beatrice did get the good grades and top of teen career scholarships, and Benedick got the good grades, high creativity and some sort of footwork award.

Next was Bianca's lot. Bianca and Juan took turns teaching Anna her toddler skills and Bianca was finally able to get some promotions since she wasn't on maternity leave. Bianca wanted to go on a Mountain Vacation. (I don't get Family Sims. They seem to roll wants for the Mountain Vacation specifically, but then roll the fear of meeting bigfoot.)
Juan stayed home with the girls while Bianca had a good vacation. It was probably a good thing that she didn't get the secret map since she constantly had the bigfoot fear.
Anna became a child and Julie became a toddler at the end of the rotation.

4th Jun 2013, 9:47 PM
The Ramirez family didn't go to the shop or do a big party -- running the shop exhausts both me and them, and Lisa's work schedule kind of got in the way of a party. Checo's worries about his wife getting a job were justified -- he had to get food for himself and Tessa, and chase Estella away from the food (Estella likes Nutella; she went for the same plate of Nutella sandwiches Checo made for lunch twice in a row!).

Tessa's hair issues continued, with the semi-transparent mesh problem showing up for some clothes, but not others -- I eventually decided her hair had grown enough to make the twin-buns style, which wasn't acting out, so that's her hair now. It seems glitch-free, for now at least...


The Jacquets also stayed home from the bakery, which I suspect is going to drag them into financial ruin no matter what I do -- Denise worked out and played the piano, while Gilbert went on a date to Club Dante with his townie lover, had WooHoo with her on the sofa in the TV room there, and tried to pick up another girl. Failing at that, he went home and got a matchmaker date...with Blossom Moonbeam! It was quite a disaster...but I got the idea that Tank Grunt is going to get some unwelcome dorm-buddies at LFT... (If he doesn't get in an argument with Blossom within a Sim-hour of them moving in, I'll be quite surprised!)


Stephen Tinker sold quite a few toy fire trucks out of the little toyshop in the shed, but he hated it, and Melody's job is still the primary source of income. He's still looking for a Law Enforcement job, but no luck yet... At least Wanda was quite able to look after herself, and has now gotten her second bump.

Melody started wanting to make Baxter perform commands and train him for new ones, though she's still very afraid of him. Cats certainly look funny sitting up on their haunches! She still wants to do homework as long as she's got any to do, and the only autonomous amusement I've caught her at was dancing away to her music player...but in the exercise room, where she could have as easily been dancing to the stereo. It seems that what is on her player has a certain meaning to her that radio music doesn't... Again, no autonomous interactions between her and her parents, and though she put up with a hug from Wanda, she went straight to the shower afterwards! At least she unblocked the upstairs toilet, clogged from all of Wanda's throwing up...


Florence Delarosa found a new way to boost sales at the shop...working in her underwear! She had a pretty dull day, but made a good deal of money and saw several wolves...and after she unlocked the house doors after closing the shop, the wolves she'd greeted followed her in. She took a shower, ate dinner, watched some TV...and discovered that one of the wolves had destroyed her bed! She chased them out and slept on the couch...


Malcolm Landgraab is on a roll! At Electronics Supercenter, he used his dazzling skill to sell overpriced stuff to Consort Capp, Isabella Monty, and Paris Prince -- thankfully not all at once, or there would have been big trouble. Isabella saw Consort in the store as she was heading out with the flat-screen TV she'd been persuaded to buy, but realized that creating a ruckus or calling the police would be a bad idea in a crowded store and would not impress Chief Prince at all. It was much later that Paris bought a jukebox and snowman speaker, and Malcolm knew better than to mention having seen Consort -- after all, he's a customer! The Christmas trees were replaced by some dolls I downloaded and two casks of hard liqueur (this shop tends to sell the odd stuff I want Sims to have, but can't find a reason to get them myself). A lot of TVs were sold, but nobody wanted the coffin...wonder why?

At Club Dante, Malcolm installed a Love Tub. He was able to get Jason Greenman to come into the tub with him for his special massage...and cuddle...and peck on the lips... That was as far as it went, but...Malcolm isn't just involving himself in the more dramatic storylines, he's creating drama! And the thing is, there's no malice or even hedonism involved -- he's just doing anything that'll get him money, and doing very well at it.

Oh, and Malcolm got a job as a mascot in the Athletic career too, since he wanted a job in Athletic. He looks more than silly in the costume, but hopefully he'll get a promotion soon...

6th Jun 2013, 12:57 AM
When I opened Goneril Capp's lot Albany had wants to get a job in either education or journalism. His LTW is golden anniversary, so I hadn't pushed him getting job a up to this point, but he was able to get a journalism job from the newspaper. Goneril wanted to go on vacation so I sent her to Twikki Island. She got a map to the secret location, but once again I didn't have her go because of her low mechanical points (3 mechanical points, and I don't feel comfortable with Sims with that low points trying to fix electrical stuff). She had a good vacation and vacation perk dealing with jobs (I forget the name) helped her get several promotions when she got home.

Desdemona became a teen and her random rolled turn on of black hair and turn off of high cleaning seemed to be an indication to me that she wanted to find a guy that was opposite of her father. Most of the time Sim turn ons and turn offs seem random, but hers seem specific.

All three kids got A+s and Desdemona got a scholarship for it. Goneril wants her to get another scholarship and I'm still trying to decide which way to go (job or skill points.)

Ariel has 2 days left before she becomes a teen, so she will become a teen next rotation.

Regan Capp and Cornwall Capp didn't seem to want another child, but I heard baby chimes from their ACR woohoo when I was almost done with their lot with during this rotation. Regan and Cornwall took turns teaching Corin his toddler skills and when he was one day away from becoming a child, I heard baby chimes telling me that Regan was pregnant again. I don't like leaving a lot without a pregnant Sim giving birth, so I played the lot longer than I normally would have.

Corin became a child and Regan taught him how to study while she was staying home on maternity leave. Regan and Cornwall mainly roll wants to get skills for their jobs and to get promotions, but they are still best friends with Corin. Regan surprised me a few times by rolling occasional wants to play with Corin while he was a toddler. My Fortune Sims don't normally do that.

Regan gave birth to a boy named Nathan with black hair and gray eyes. I did use the batbox to roll the pacifier so he does have a different personality than Corin.

6th Jun 2013, 1:35 PM
SimCity Hospital was a hive of confusion, with Samantha Ottomas and the babies leaving, Peter bringing the severely burned Sharla not minutes later, leaving at once himself, Titania Gossamer arriving and the resultant increase of security...and then to make matters worse, Erin Beaker had to bring bad news from Chief Prince. There were credible threats against Bianca Monty, and there were limits to how much security the SCPD could place on the hospital; the chief recommended moving her out of town as soon as she was stable enough. Well, that meant now, and out of town meant only one place: the old Strangetown hospital that was reopening. Jason Larson went with her...and I think that they'll end up staying in Strangetown for a while. ;) (I belatedly realized I need two hospitals to avoid overcrowding, since I don't feel like removing the sim-limit -- I'll have to have non-resident doctors come in more.)

From then on, the tension never stopped. Ajay Loner worried about how he was going to give Sharla a face that wouldn't automatically assign her to the back corner of the classroom in high school, but that didn't mean he liked her; her insistent cheerfulness struck him as desperate to seem heroic. He was much more interested in flirting with Eirn Beaker, who had left at that point and who he had good chemistry with...but when he invited her over, his first action after greeting her was to argue with her. Apparently he doesn't know how to appear assertive without being hostile...

Titania seemed fine at first, but it quickly became clear that something was wrong. Despite spending most of her time in bed or eating, she was in bad shape and had a scare just after getting her second bump. There's still no sign of Consort having done anything to her, but Jodi's worried they'll lose both her and the baby.

Sharla wandered down from the children's ward and ended up in Titania's room during the day; despite Titania having zero interest in interacting with her, she insisted on talking away and wanting to do a bunch of things with her by the time she was removed back to her own room.


At the SimCity Police Station, Chief Prince was busy passing on his talent of influence (the place has somehow gotten a level, and I used the perk for that) to Detective Teatherton; he needs to pass it on before moving out, but he doesn't trust Paris to use it well. That distrust was quite justified; Paris wanted to influence someone to prank someone, and he did so with the cleaner, a certain Kaylynn Langerak, and Alexandra Teatherton. Escalus watched with slightly amused annoyance as Kaylynn joy-buzzered Alexandra; he knew his son was behind this. Clearly Paris wanted to appear incompetent, to avoid responsibility...and perhaps marriage to Chloe?

Escalus invited over Dora Ottomas, supposedly to discuss the fire, but really to get closer to her; he quite likes her, she feels the same, and I think they might move in together when he retires.

Claire Wood hung around, extremely distressed over the rumours that the legally-dead Bella Goth had been found alive and well -- eventually Paris got annoyed enough to pick a random petty crime from her extensive list in order to shut her in the interrogation room for a while, though he felt sorry enough for her to bring her a plate of spaghetti from the officers' own dinner. She seems to gravitate toward the police station, and she's not even a downtownie!

Oh, and the reception computer that Chloe plays SSX on so much is broken. Coincidence? Um, I think not...Chloe is not particularly good at being a cop, so getting engaged to Paris may have been a good idea!


At the Burb-Monty-Oldie rowhouses, it was another snow day -- good thing, because nobody except Beatrice Monty had touched their homework. Lucy Burb had gotten a good report about Antonio's ability to explain homework, so she asked him to help her; he was glad to do so, so she got most of hers done too. Benedick didn't want to study, and instead spent a lot of time dancing in the Burbs' kitchen to the radio up in their living room. John tolerated him, but invited Malcolm Landgraab over again -- he really thinks Malcolm is from a better class of "good family" than then Montys!

Herb Oldie mucked around with the bass in his living room, then tried to start an argument with Jennifer Burb as soon as she got home from work. She escaped into her bathtub, however, and then it was time for Beatrice and Benedick to blow out their candles. Lucy told them they could have their cakes in the Burbs' kitchen, since it was the only one with enough free counter space and room for the whole block to theoretically cram in; there was no party, because Benedick feared one, but they got the classic twin cakes. Beatrice grew up well, in gold, and she is quite a looker -- she grew up into a bright green tank-top and pink cargo pants, and while she looks chilly, she looks good! Benedick had just falllen out of green when it was time for him to blow out the candles, but he had to keep up with his sister, so he did it anyway...but that counted as growing up badly, which he was afraid of...and so his aspiration fell as he grew up...so he ended up growing up in deep red. It's ok, I can play that as him still missing his mother horribly... They're both Pleasure, because they live Downtown, they share a block with Herb Oldie, but they're not at the level of their cousin Romeo...I know Pleasure Sims are supposed to be annoying, but I want to have more than one playable one, and I can change them in college or something later. Beatrice fell for Malcolm Landgraab within moments of growing up; when I gave them ACR tokens so I could check their starting gender preference (they're both straight by a very small margin), she already had the hots for him. Lovely...

It was about 3 PM, so Antonio and John put their plan into action -- Antonio invited the Headmaster over! When he arrived, John gave him a tour of the Montys' house, which is the nicest one, while Antonio cooked a turkey. John and Lucy then entertained the Headmaster over dinner in the Burb kitchen, to avoid any unfortunate questions to Antonio about the feud. It worked perfectly, despite Benedick strolling over in his pyjamas to flirt with Jennifer, by now wearing a very skimpy nightgown, in front of John, Lucy, and the Headmaster. She squelched him with practised ease, used to attempts to pick her up by desperate, hormonal males, and there was no drama.

The kids all got into private school, delighting their parents, and Beatrice asked her father if she could celebrate it and her birthday by going out. He thought that was a fine idea, so she went out with Puck Summerdream. Something tells me she got the scoop on what the Capp and Monty teens are up to...

Benedick went grumpily to his bed, now in the tiny basement room. He and his sister both want to be Game Designers, and I think he'll turn out all right -- his odd behaviour with Jennifer was just a sublimation of his feelings for Lucy, which will be out in the open once she becomes a teen in another day. I saw them smustling in the kitchen together, dancing in perfect sync, and I think he'll end up happily married to "Lucy from the block". Jennifer should be pleased by that...

8th Jun 2013, 1:46 AM
Next was Kent's lot. Kent and Christa took turns teaching Beth and Catherine their toddler skills when they weren't working, and Christa managed to get a couple of promotions now that she wasn't on maternity leave. Beth and Catherine became children at the end of the rotation and Beth looks more like Kent and Catherine looks more like Christa.

Oberon and Titania took turns teaching Helena her toddler skills and were able to get a few promotions. I didn't realize until Bottom rolled the want to get the creativity scholarship that her creativity skill was already high enough to get it. Helena became a child at the end of the rotation.

I played Tybalt Capp's dorm lot to get him graduated and moved back in with Consort since I generally don't like to play elders by themselves because they tend to roll wants they can't fill themselves like relative gets engaged, relative gets married, get a grandchild.

Tybalt and his fiancee Xandria graduated and moved into the Capp manor and got married, filling Consort's relative get married want. Yes Fortune Sims roll those wants too.
ACR kicked in but no baby chimes. Tybalt and Xandria had a good honeymoon on Twikki Island and Xandria got pregnant when they came back. Consort started rolling get skill wants and promotion wants after he started going to work in the Journalism career (his LTW is to get to the top of Journalism).

Xandria gave birth to a little boy named Cassio.

I graduated Mercutio and Miranda for the same reason, to move into the Monty Ranch.
Even though Isabella and Patrizio are enemies with Goneril and Albany, they don't seem to know Miranda before Mercutio marries her and always have a low but positive relationship with her when she moves in. They also always roll wants to be friends with her.

This time was the same. When Mercutio and Miranda moved in Isabella and Patrizio rolled wants to talk to and be friends with Miranda. Mercutio and Miranda got married and ACR kicked in but no baby chimes. Miranda did get pregnant with twins during their honeymoon to Twikki Island. I was surprised when they had naked woohoo on a bench in front of the hotel where any Sim walking by could see their naked butts. They don't have high enough outing personality points for naked hot tubbing, but apparently enough for naked woohooing on public benches. They had a good honeymoon.

I had Mercutio and Miranda look for jobs every day, but couldn't find ones in their LTW fields, so they remain unemployed. They stayed that way the whole time I played the lot.

Miranda gave birth to twin girls named Adriana and Alexis.

Edit: I played Romeo and Juliette through college and moved them into their own house. I didn't do much with them, just renovating the house, giving them better clothes and they were both were able to find a job in their LTW fields. Who moves into what house after college is usually decided by relationships, and since Juliette is enemies Patrizio and Isabella, and Mercutio does tend to have better relationships with Patrizo and Isabella I usually move Mercutio and Miranda into the Monty Ranch and move Romeo and Juliette into their own house. Tybalt has the best relationship with Consort, so he moves into the Capp manor with whoever his wife is.
In Puck's case, its more lack of room than relationships that makes me move him and Hermia into their own house after graduation.

I played Puck and Hermia's dorm but they didn't quite graduate because I'm trying to keep some aspects of the age difference.

8th Jun 2013, 11:40 PM
A new semester had started for the two left Csonka Canon residents at the university. Cyndi McCrae, from the McCrae town farm, and Fayme Bakalov. There is a third one, Liam Wilson, but he isn't from Csonka originally. He is somewhat involved with Fayme, but even she doesn't know anything about his background and doesn't seem to care either. She isn't a person who is quickly irritated or unbalanced. She couldn't care less about cheerleader Harriët's continueing affection for Liam. From Liam's side that isn't very urgent. He acts nicely towards Harriët, but he doesn't pay her much attention. All interaction comes from Harriët. Will she try to take it to a next level? Up until now it's no more than pursueing, wanting to do something together, give a friendly hug and a wish to admire. He didn't give her a chance to hug him, but he let her admire him. Getting your ego flattered is a necessacity, but getting socially couldn't arouse his interest for longer than a few minutes. Then he found something better to do and left her sitting on the floor. It's highly doubtful Harriët will get the sack with Liam.

Fayme, in the mean time, had a secret flirt with another dorm student. Sammie. A colored young man with an unnatural reddish haircolor and a lumpy nose. And Liam considered it a good idea to charm Rebecka Drammer. One of the other female dorm students. Not out in the open. In her bedroom. He had plans for more, but she didn't smell very fresh. Besides, she preferred to play darts. Possibly Liam feels neglected by Fayme. She isn't interested in amourous activities this semester. She only approaches him for actitivies on a friendly footing. He concluded, he had to check if he still was attractive for the other sex.

Cyndi has no intentions whatsoever to study about all the techniques and qualities you need to run a farm. She has other big plans. She wants to become a prima ballerina. To achieve that, she has work to do. She never followed ballet lessons. She doesn't have any background in ballet. Her discipline and practice will have to earn her a spot up the ladder. She did start with her fysical training, but it isn't much more than sparring. She is so busy with her study and her big plan, she doesn't notice at all that all the male dorm students find her very appealing. After her exams, she switched from a study in art to a study in theatre. Hopefully step one in reducing the chasm she has with the ballet world.

Fayme told her dad during a phone call that it's likely she and Liam will get married, while it isn't a certainty at all. Of all the times it was likely, this semester is the least. Fayme apparently still has faith in their future. At least all three made it good through their exams.

Bailey Cavanah couldn't keep her own promise to herself and she did call Darim. He still was the father and she wanted to share. She couldn't give up on him yet and she hoped time had softened his thoughts. She invited him over.
They ended up in bed together. Again.
When Bobby Jo heard the sounds of intimicy coming out of Bailey's room, she got in and took baby Badi out of his crib. He didn't need to be a witness. But then her husband Keyvan arrived home and they headed for their bedroom. She left the baby in the livingroom, where Bailey picked him up later while Darim was eating the left-overs at the dinertable there. The sleeping together didn't make Darim any more interested in his own child. He just ate the hors d'oeuvres Bobby Jo had made and then took off 'because it was late'.
A walking away Darim and a Bailey with a baby in her arms, left behind. It seemed to get a familiar sight in the future. Is she able to get Darim so far he won't disappear from the life of his youngest son, his fourth child? Or would she settle for bed adventures with a man she shares a child with while he doesn't do any of the sharing? She just got a baby and is full of hormones. She isn't able to make up her mind up just yet. After taking care of some things she was ready to go to bed, but then her carpool arrived at five in the morning. That was a mishap. She hadn't slept yet and totally forgot she had to go to work. She still went. It was only for a few hours. When she got back, her sister and niece had to go to work and school. Change of guard, so to speak. When she isn't there her sister and niece take care of the babies. When she gets back, she is responsible.
Keyvan had his fysical condition on his mind. He needs to be in top condition for a new theater play they practised for. Now they will have to perform for audience, evening after evening. Ofcourse it isn't like a sporter has to be prepared, but still, he has to be as fit as he can.
Belle became a teenager in the mean time and her little brother, yorgho, a todd.

8th Jun 2013, 11:49 PM
It has been a sad day for SimHampton University. Firstly, Mercutio Monty died. He was coming back to his dormitory, talking with his friend Desdemona Capp, when he was struck by lightning and died as a result. Desdemona was so distraught that she spent the rest of the day in bed.

Then, in the very next dorm, there was a blaze outside and Jasmine Tai basically died of stupidity (picture thread) (http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?p=4159950#post4159950). Sarah Love, her dorm-mate, couldn't spend long grieving because she had about 3 hours between arguing with the Grim Reaper and her final exam. It seemed to take most of it to get washed and eat something solid. Thankfully, she didn't need to revise to do well in the exam and make the Dean's List. Unfortunately, she has to pay full tuition to the university, meaning that even the maximum academic bonus didn't cover her fees. She had to spend seven hours working in the cafeteria to make up the funding shortfall. The university administrators are investigating how someone as stupid as Jasmine could have slipped through the entrance criteria.

In the Newson-Capp Fraternity, Hal and Tybalt Capp did their first exams. Hal managed a respectable B, while Tybalt scraped a pass due to the woeful lack of facilities in the fraternity house. It doesn't even have a mirror or easel yet! Gavin Newson expects nothing less than an A+ next rotation, while poor Dustin Hick can't get his introductory class to stick in his brain. He may find himself on academic probation, which is a rare event at the University due to its high standards.

The rest of SimHampton was pretty quiet, though Rashida-Labana and Ghanima Logarint moved house. They no longer live in the family home as there was too much drama and not enough space. Their new house, built to their specifications in grey stone and fairly flat roofs, is almost as big as the family home but houses 2 people instead of 7. Rashida-Labana seemed to have an epiphany that maybe getting a D+ on her homework wasn't the right preparation for success in the future. Even the commander at the local military base where she works is getting a little concerned. The ability to incapacitate an enemy using martial arts in 3 seconds flat only gets you so far, even in the military...

Finally, Urbani Nigmos wrote a book called "Wolf at the Door", adapted from a bedtime story she'd told her daughter Tenrha. She thought it was an amazing effort for a first novel. She was really upset to hear it had been remaindered, though the advance of just over $1500 she received was worth about a week's wages as a coin specialist. Besides, Tenrha loved the story just the same. For her part, Tenrha used her no-homework day to do some real work gardening in the vegetable fields. Maybe she won't have to work as hard as her mother is.

9th Jun 2013, 5:10 AM
Father Laurence Stratford had caught the flu somewhere in his extensive wanderings while not being played, so he got to enjoy Boxing Day staying home and working on the obsession he's developed with mastering the fine art of cleaning. He has Kaylynn Langerak as his maid (he wanted a maid, and of course it had to be Kaylynn!) but he's neat enough that he can (and sometimes autonomously does!) follow her around cleaning counters she just cleaned. He did his rounds of cleaning-after-the-maid, then settled down with a vintage housekeeping manual. He didn't quite get that last cleaning skill point, but he did recover from his flu...let's see if he has it again next time he's played!


At the house of the Downtown Capps, Regan strolled from the bathroom to the breakfast table and informed Cornwall that she was pregnant. Thus started a loud quarrel over the toaster pastries, a quarrel which Kent wisely avoided by checking to see if she'd befouled the toilet with her vomit yet -- she had indeed, so he busied himself cleaning it and the rest of the bathroom like a good brother. Meanwhile the argument grew heated, along the lines of: "What were you thinking? We can barely afford food for ourselves, let alone a baby!" "Well, I'm not the one squandering money and changing jobs so much!" "I have dreams, and I'm not putting them on hold for a brat!" "Well, what am I supposed to do about that?" "I'll tell you what you can do..." It was probably good the carpool for Regan came when it did, getting her out of the house.

Kent and Cornwall then argued, with Cornwall telling Kent to get a job or get out. Kent told him that someone was going to have to look after the kid, and it wasn't like either of them would be good parents -- besides, he wasn't fit for the workaday world. He ended up sitting on the couch with his nose in a cleaning book, ignoring all invective piled onto him.

Regan got yet another promotion, making her a Multiregional Sim of Some Question; she was pretty pleased with it, though she wondered if she could keep up her adventures with a baby on the way. Cornwall had realized that fighting with both her and her brother wasn't in his best interests, so he was super-sweet to her over dinner, and they made up. Kent was left to work on his cleaning until he triumphantly mastered it (yes, he maxed the skill!) and get his own dinner after midnight before falling into bed, and all seemed well.

But...Regan woke up just before dawn, rushed to the bathroom as if to throw up, and then had a miscarriage while standing right in front of the toilet. Cue hysterical sobbing on her part -- she really wanted to get started with having kids, considering how many her sisters had managed already. Her misery was not improved by Cornwall's reaction, when he walked in -- "Oh, it's probably for the better. Shame it had to be so hard on you -- I guess you should go to the hospital."


At SimCity Prison, Tybalt and Olive were released at noon. Olive was as sweet as ever, patting Porthos on the head and smiling at Cyd and Leod -- oh, it was a sinister smile, and it wasn't quite funny how she said, "I guess they never found the murder evidence I hid, then" but she at least acted gracious. Tybalt chased down Cyd, poked him, then ran out yelling, "Free at last! Watch out, Monty fools!" Cyd gritted his teeth; he'd been wanting to see the kid dead since he woke up that morning, and it was getting very hard to remain professional in the face of Tybalt's annoying ability to attack him in the presence of no witnesses. Of course, it was probably better to have no reason to keep him in prison -- if he'd been around much longer, Cyd would have had to find some way to kill him in self-defence!

Cyd took advantage of the lack of prisoners to throw a party and get the community to see what use the prison was. It didn't start out well, but it ended up being Not Bad, so Cyd was pleased.


At the SimCity Asylum, Priya Ramaswami invited over Stella Roth -- rich donors are a good idea. She was very shocked by Stella's blunt interest in discussing and comparing their love lives -- while Priya talked about how loving and sweet Sanjay was, Stella wanted to talk about how well-endowed Morty was, ask about Sanjay's "equipment", and find out if Priya knew any exotic WooHoo techniques from "back where you come from". The conversation ended in them looking at each other in bemusement, Priya blushing. Put it this way, though there's only single beds there, they're equipped with loveseat OMSPs; it just seems that the Ramaswamis are uninterested in anything beyond making out, even though they're married and have never had WooHoo... Meanwhile, Stella and Morty are at it every day, sometimes more than once a day, and Stella seems to be the queen of mentioning WooHoo in inappropriate conversations! (I'm waiting for the day she runs into Father Laurence and asks how he can stand having taken a vow of celibacy, since she's enthusiastically discussed WooHoo with everyone from her own son to Betty Goldstein on the phone to a Grand Vamp while she was Downtown as a visitor while I was playing another family.) I'm not sure why they're friends and want to be best friends, because they demonstrate that aspiration is not everything -- both of them have Popularity wants and fears, sure, but if I just watched their behaviour, I would think Stella was Romance, and Priya maybe Fortune.

Anyway, I'm hoping someone has a meltdown -- this place needs inmates!


The SSU Ottomas household was inaugurated by Peter bringing David to the Pinenut Plaza Dorms. Peter was composed, assuring David that his sister would be fine, that they could look after the babies without him at home...but he wiped away a tear as soon as his boy's back was turned. Then came the cheerleader rushing past...

David was broke, so he got Erik Swain assigned as a dorm-buddy. They argued at first, but then Erik overheard David on the hall phone, trying to get through to Sharla at the hospital. Over lunch, he got David to open up, and he realized how brave this guy was being just by going to school... Of course, it helped that David invited first Samantha, then Dora over, and they're both extremely nice people. Samantha stayed the night and enjoyed the taste of the college experience she never got to have, but Dora had to go back and look after the babies and Tommy.

Erik fell for a dormie guy who, again, he started out on the wrong foot with -- the guy insulted him, but Erik found him hot, so he tried to fix things, and guess what? The dormie found Erik hot too! Some people don't know that not all attention is good attention...

They both passed, though David only got a 2.0 GPA -- considering what he's coming from, not getting on academic probation was impressive!

9th Jun 2013, 7:19 AM
Since Beatrice and Benedick had several scholarships and were at the age I normally move teen Sims to college, I had had both make the call to go to college. I moved Beatrice into one dorm and I moved Benedick into another dorm.

Back on Antonio's home lot, he had the want to go on vacation (that seems to happen a lot after Sim parents send their Sim teens to college "I need a vacation after dealing with that teen.") He had a nice vacation in Twikki Island. He had the want to talk to Benedick while he was there, and I forget why I was going through his relationship panel but I noticed that his relationship with Albany Capp was at 0/0 but still with the enemy symbol. Out of curiosity I had him call Albany. It was a brief call, but it got rid of the enemy symbol and slightly raised Antonio's relationship. I tried it because Beatrice was dating Hal as a teen, and if things go to plan will marry him when they graduate from college.

When Antonio got back home from the vacation he rolled wants to talk to Titania, Patrizio and Benedick as if to say this is who I want to talk to, not Albany. I had him call those Sims at various times and filled the wants. He got two more promotions before I switched lots.

The flu must have been going around the school that Bianca Monty works at because she came home from work with the flu and I had a hard time getting it cured. She has the ability to make Grandma's Comfort Soup, but every time I had her make it and eat it, I got a notice that she still had the flu. I also had a hard time keeping Juan away from her to avoid him catching the flu from her. I had Bianca rest in bed a lot and had Juan teach Julie all of her toddler skills except talking and I finally got the notice that Bianca was healthy again.

Bianca was able to teach Julie how to talk and Anna how to study after she was cured. Bianca caught the flu on Friday and it was a good thing she had the weekend to recover.

Anna is still a child and Julie became a child at the end of the rotation.

Goneril kept rolling wants for Desdemona to get another scholarship, and when I opened their lot this time Desdemona wanted to get a job in either the medical or science field, and I was able to find a science job for her. Hal already had scholarships so I moved him into the same dorm as Beatrice Monty.

Also Goneril's relationship with Antonio was at 0/0 with the enemy symbol, so I had her briefly call him. The enemy symbol went away, and her relationship with him is now 8/8 and Albany's relationship with Antonio is 6/6. Not great, but considering these Sims were once enemies with relationships in the negatives, it is an improvement.

While Ariel was a child she brought home their cousin Corin Capp (Corin is Regan's oldest son) from school and made best friends with him since it was still summer with the summer friend boost. She became a teen this rotation with a turn off of blonde hair and again it seems to be specific to be opposite of her dad.

At the end of the rotation I moved Desdemona into a dorm with a CAS Sim that matches her turn ons.

Regan and Cornwall are higher up in the Intelligence field, so they had a long weekend without working when I played them. They wanted to get promotions, but since they were on a long weekend and couldn't work, I filled their various skill wants that they needed for their jobs.

Regan also rolled the want to buy a vacation home, so I had her buy one in Twikki Island and then go on vacation there since vacation homes need to be modified. She had a good vacation.

Corin wanted to bring home Anna Monty, but I didn't want her to get off the bus so I hit no. Regan and Cornwall still have a pretty negative relationship with Bianca, and I didn't want Bianca to come over to get Anna if Anna stayed late.

Corin is still a child and Nathan became a toddler.

9th Jun 2013, 8:59 AM
Gogam and his housemate, Paul were supposed to start a home business and sell toys but it turned out Paul had only 1 nice point and could not sell anything. The business soon after opening had -3 star rating. Then Pauls girlfriend (Joy Thompson) was supposed to come too and help with the home business, but when Paul invited her over she brought her Ex husband along. When Paul wanted to kiss her she was too busy, gossiping with her ex. Paul was very upset. He later died of food poisoning, or the flu not sure. Gogam is running the shop on his own. He got 1 star today so -2 now. He also sold some toys. Then he closed the shop because had to eat and so on and feed Stinky (his bird). Then he wanted to invite Monita T. over but then he would have to clean the house and he was to tired. He went to sleep andwoke up and was going to talk to Stinky- So he would get to Charisma level 5. But when he came into the livingroom, He found out that Stinky is now an "Ex. parrot" Yes, he is Ex-stinky. Perhaps because Gogam never cleaned his cage properly. But he did give him food. R.I.P Stinky.

9th Jun 2013, 2:45 PM

Mortimer Goth’s: Eccentric, Genius, Born salesman, Neat, Workaholic,

Cassandra Goth’s: Brooding, Family Oriented, Socially Awkward, Good, Shy,

Alexandra Goth’s: Loner, Socially Awkward, Green Thumb…

Elle Alioto’s: Easily Impressed, Charismatic, unlucky, Dramatic, Adventurous,

Morty had heard while in town one day from Brandi Broke of all people that she was worried about Elle and knew that she was having a hard time about the lost of the baby…Morty was outrage that Brandi Broke of all people was telling him about how his fiancé was feeling. What made him even more outraged was the fact that she knew the issues that Elle and himself were going through, and brought him to the realisation that Elle was going around town talking about their private business. Maybe she wasn’t what he thought she was, and Mortimer returned home confused, angry and upset.

After assessing the situation, Morty realised he couldn’t be upset with Elle as she had just turned to people that she thought she could talk to. Was he upset that it wasn’t him? Yes but it wasn’t because of her, he was more angry with himself for not being there for her. Therefore, he decided that he was going to surprise Elle with a wedding!

Yes you heard correctly, instead of just talking to her he’s going to marry her instead!

It was something they both wanted, and it was not as if Morty was getting any younger, therefore he decided to they were going to have an intimate wedding at the manor later that evening and called upon some of his contracts to help him many of whom were surprised about the quickness in which Morty had decided to get married and the time frame there were given. While over breakfast Morty was busy thinking about the phones calls he would need to make in his head, Cass worked up the courage to tell her dad that she was pregnant. Morty was surprised as he didn’t think his daughter was dating anyone, and asked whom the father was.

Cass told him that it was Nolan Baxter the NFL player, and Morty immediately asked whether Nolan was going to make an honest woman out of her when Cass replied that she wasn’t really sure what their relationship really was Morty asked to meet him immediately. To be honest, Cass was scared of her dad meeting Nolan for several reasons, but one of the main reasons was she wasn’t sure whether they would get along simply because they were from two different worlds. Nevertheless, Cass agreed for her dad to meet Nolan, and made the phone call and was invited over for lunch later that day.

Let’s just say that Nolan and Morty didn’t get on, Morty was disappointed and angry at Nolan for not having made an honest woman out of his daughter, and also didn’t understand why there weren’t at least exclusive or why Nolan hadn’t pulled his act together and stand by his daughter through this pregnancy. Nolan’s argument was that his job required long hours and that he was happy with where he was living and that his place wasn’t big enough for Cass or a baby. Morty was outrage and they both began to have a heated argument over morals and what was best for Cass.

Elle came upstairs to diffuse the argument between Morty and Nolan for which Morty then marched downstairs and locked himself in the bedroom while he continued to make arrangements for the wedding. During that time, Alex was busy trying to figure out how he was best going to use this summer holiday to better himself for University in a couple of months time.

Nolan managed to stay for lunch and him and Cass decided to talk about child support and how Nolan was going to give Cass some financial support to the baby. While Nolan was being practical about the situation, Cass deep down had hoped that Nolan would ask her to marry him or at least bring forward the idea of them at least living together for the sake of their baby but that was unlikely as Cass knew that Nolan enjoyed his single life and wanted to keep things the way there were. This only meant that Cass was left to do the heavy lifting of parenting and working despite Nolan’s desire to pay child support, there and then Nolan gave Cass 200 simoleons so that Cass could start on the nursery for the baby.

Later that evening, while Cass was busy dwelling on her situation and Alex was busy making himself a better man, Elle had locked herself in the bathroom and was secretly taking a pregnancy test. Elle and Morty had been trying for a baby after they both got over the shock of the miscarriage, Elle was determine to have a baby despite her bad mood/depression. When Elle saw that the pregnancy test came back positive she over the moon, but decided not to tell Morty in case she jinxed it and she suffered another miscarriage, so this time she decided to keep it a real secret this time round.

Morty in the meantime, was wondering why Elle was taking so long in the bathroom, the guests were going to arrive soon and he wanted to tell Elle before their came so that she could get ready. Finally Elle came out of the bathroom and Morty was wondering why she was smiling to herself…maybe she knew but Morty had made sure not to tell anyone until everything was finalised. Nevertheless, Morty told Elle about the surprise wedding and that the guests were arriving and soon enough that smile disappeared. The suppose wedding between Elle and Morty ended in heartache, instead of the surprise wedding being something of a surprise for Elle that Morty had arranged… Elle was instead outrage as this was not the way in which she had wanted to get married and was more outraged by Morty’s need to control everything. She left him at the alter and soon enough the wedding turned into a public argument between Morty and Elle which Morty didn’t doubt would soon spread around town, Elle made the bold statement that she did not love him anymore and both went to bed that night in separate beds, both being very angry at one another.

With Elle pregnant with Morty’s baby unbeknown to everyone in the Goth family, what will happen now? Is Elle going to move out? Will Morty kick her out? What is Cass going to do with her want to have a relationship with Nolan? Is this baby going to drive him away further? What about money? How is Cass going to support herself, the baby and Alex when their dad finally passes away?


9th Jun 2013, 7:30 PM
I decided to start yet another 'hood this afternoon, and did my usual thing of rolling to decide all of the founding households. I absolutely loved my roll - all four of the families are interesting ones. I ended up with the following households:

- an elderly lady who will be living with her and her late husband's two grown-up children, as well as her son's girlfriend and her daughter's boyfriend.

- a married teen couple with a toddler son and a newborn baby.

- a slightly complicated step-family arrangement, which came about after one couple's marriage ended in divorce and another couple's marriage ended when the wife passed away. Now the divorced wife and the widower are in a relationship. They share their home with the teen son from the widower's marriage and the triplet children from the divorcee's marriage. And they're young enough to have a child or two together as well, if they choose to. The ex-husband (and father of the triplets) has his own house next door, and hopes to see plenty of his children.

Finally I rolled for a family of my choosing - only a 1 in 55 chance of that happening so I wanted to make the most of it! So I decided to try out my ideas for a new species - Naelves. Naelves are based on plantsims, and have the plantsim "spores of happiness" ability as well as the ability to spawn plantbabies. They are also the only sims in my 'hood who are allowed to talk to trees. I use a mod to stop random sims from turning into plantsims, as I want the abilities to be inherited/genetic only.

I made the sims using the unlocked plantsim skin and custom plantsim eyes and then turned them into plantsims in game, so that they will pass on the skin and eyes if they have children through normal reproduction as well as by spawning plantbabies. Naelves also have pointy ears, abnormally large eyes and no eyebrows or hair (they do carry hair colour genes though, but only for black or brown).

If two Naelves have a baby through reproduction the pregnancy only lasts for 50 hours. The resulting offspring is aged into a toddler immediately after birth and promptly turned into a plantsim. If a Naelf has a baby with a non-Naelf the pregnancy lasts for the normal 75 hours. The resulting baby will generally have the Naelven skin (and often also pointy ears) but it won't have any of the Naelven abilities and will age normally. Some Naelves have fertility problems, which can take two forms (though it is possible for a Naelf to have both types). Naelves can suffer from the same fertility problems as normal sims: complete and partial infertility, and increased likelihood of miscarriage. They may also suffer from a type of infertility which is unique to Naelves and prevents an individual Naelf from spawning a plantbaby - approximately 1 in 5 Naelves have this condition. Male Naelves do become pregnant if abducted by aliens but alien abduction is very rare amongst Naelves. Not only do they have very little interest in knowledge and learning, which means they generally don't own telescopes, they also spend most of their nights indoors under sunlamps. So unless they have have a telescope on the lot due to a non-Naelf resident wanting one, and it's placed under an awning with a sunlamp, they are very unlikely to stargaze and hence extremely unlikely to be abducted by aliens!

Naelves have short lifespans - they lives for a maximum of about 40 yeardays, compared with 80+ for sims. Their adult lifestage makes up the bulk of their lifespan as it lasts for 30 days. Naelves age faster than sims, and start to develop wrinkles at about 23 yeardays post-spawning. Sims don't develop wrinkles until they reach 50 yeardays old (11 days before elder). All Naelves have perfect eyesight, but part-Naelves may require glasses if their non-Naelf parent had bad eyesight.

Adult and elder Naelves always have Family, Pleasure, Romance or Popularity as their primary aspiration and Family, Pleasure, Romance, Popularity or Fortune as their secondary aspiration. They are all very sociable and enjoy interacting with others. Some do have an interest in providing for their commune (their homes are known as communes) but although Naelves may occasionally want to skill they don't place great importance on learning/knowledge. As they go straight from toddler to adult they don't receive any formal education. Naelf communes are exempt from paying taxes and bills, as long as they have solar panels/wind turbines to provide their own electricity. This does mean that any sim children or teens on the lot are not eligible for public school and must either attend private school (and pay the fees to do so) or be educated at home. Naelves always have tree/plant/flower related first names and surnames. Have a look here (http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?p=4160931#post4160931) for more information on Naelven naming conventions.

It is very rare for a Naelf to wish to integrate into sim society; they are almost always self-employed farmers, they rarely visit community lots, and very few Naelves (approximately 1 in 8) are attracted to non-Naelves. Even if a Naelf does wish to integrate into sim society it's rare for them to be anything other than self-employed. This is partly to do with their lack of formal education, which limits their career prospects, but it is also partially due to their unique needs which are not always catered for by employers. Naelves may own their own business, often selling produce or flower arrangements, and occasionally work for non-Naelf friends or relatives. Naelves have an unusual approach to marriage - they keep their own surnames after marrying, are completely polygamous, and two Naelves are considered married after they've woohoo'd for the first time. This can cause issues for those who are attracted to non-Naelves, as most sims don't consider themselves to be married just because they've woohoo'd with someone, and they often aren't willing to be in a polygamous marriage either. Due to their polygamous marriages and their communal style of living, Naelves don't get jealous if they see their romantic partners interacting romantically with others.

So yes, that's your basic Introduction To Naelves! I eventually decided on an extended family consisting of 6 Naelves (2 elders, 3 adults, 1 toddler), one adult non-Naelf and the child son of one of the Naelves and his non-Naelf wife. I'm really looking forward to playing them! :-)

Katya Stevens
9th Jun 2013, 8:04 PM
I finally got back to Adamwater Ridge after what seemed like ages. I'd forgotten that the three final households all had a pregnant sim each, so the hood welcomed a fair few new babies to the world.

Blair and Joan had their second baby, Joshua Yard. Unlike his toddler-aged sister Vera, he is a font of recessive genetics -- Vera has her father's (and by extension paternal grandfather's) black hair and brown eyes. Joshua? Has blond hair (a recessive from one of his grandparents) and the same blue-green eyes as Joan herself has. Blair and Joan aren't married (being a Pleasure and Romance sim respectively, I doubt they ever will want to) so I'm having to manually change the names of the children so they're Yards instead of Turners.

The third Bulger household is more chaotic than I remember -- three adults and two toddlers in a small two-bedroom apartment with nowhere to expand and no money to move out anywhere. Lilia is kindly allowing her sister Rosita to room with her and her husband, Morris, but there is very little space, and even less now that Rosita has had her two children (yes, twins on top of everything else). They had a boy, Alex, with blond hair and the expected brown eyes (which are very dominant in the Leighton's, Jamie's family) and a girl, Amanda, with blond hair and brilliant blue eyes (from her paternal grandfather).

Her baby-daddy Jamie isn't scheduled to finish his Bachelor's for another two years, and I'm debating whether to have Rosita and the twins move in with him on campus while he finishes his degree - it's all allowed, just again be a bit cramped especially as Jamie and Rosita will be living together, upping the chances of another risky pregnancy.

10th Jun 2013, 3:50 AM
I've fallen in love with Naelves! :luff:

So much so that I'm in the process of creating a Naelven 'hood, where all of the founding households are (somewhat) related and very Naelven! I made the family tree on Family Echo - check it out here (http://www.familyecho.com/?p=START&c=peryncrork&f=664345706307587347) if you're interested..... There are 23 founding individuals, including 21 Naelves and 2 bog-standard sims. Only three of the Naelves are attracted to non-Naelves - two of them have married a non-Naelf, the other is married to a Naelf but would be up for finding a sim second wife (as would one of the Naelves who's already married to a non-Naelf). The third of the Naelves who is attracted to non-Naelves is female. She's married to a non-Naelf and has moved away from her family's commune to try to integrate into sim society.

Peni Griffin
10th Jun 2013, 11:30 PM
It was a pretty fast University rotation in Drama Acres. Annie Newson, her cousin Gracie Hawkins, and Gracie's fiance Nemo LeStrange rented one of the decayed stately homes on Landgraab Lane, with a violin, bookcase, and couch in the parlor, Gracie's craft stuff upstairs in the hall, double beds in two bedrooms, and a dining room set expertly cobbled together out of trash by former warehouse squatter Nemo. It's been a stormy spring for them, but only in the literal sense. They had two tree fires in one day but get along swimmingly. Annie and Nemo are rapidly making friends. Annie's high school sweetheart Maddox took her on an outing to the Platinum Gym with his family, but I let them free range all over the joint and neither even tried to flirt with the other, and he even went home with a friendly hug, so they obviously decided that they were done and what they had in high school was done. Gracie threw a party, at which Annie's friend Miguelito got all up in the face of Gracie's friend Pollux. Although the source of their friction, Ruby Gorey, is still in high school, these two ex-friends were far from willing to let bygones be bygones. It was a great party anyway. Nemo invited his warehouse family over, catching Maddox on a walk-by, and they had a great time, inhaling the household's food, playing red hands, tickling, punching games, and kicky bag, trying out the violin, and generally hanging out. Even with all these distractions, the house had excellent grades and everyone is in a great mood and poised for the next semester.

Maddox did smooch Annie good-by on that second day, but he's having Issues over at Alma Mater House. Alma Mater currently consists of Maddox, Kestrel Hawkins, Mark Munny, and Mark's fiancee Marsha Bruenig. Maddox has barely made friends with Mark and hasn't made friends with Gracie, but he made friends with Marsha within 24 hours of move in. He double bolts her, has a tendency to follow her around and find things to do in the same room as her (especially when she's in her underwear after woohooing with Mark), and is sublimating like mad. At one point every available slot was full of wants for bookcase skills like Couples Counseling. Since Maddox is Knowledge, this makes sense. He also rolled wants for dates, slow dances, flirts, and woohoo in bed. (Maddox is a virgin.) Yet when Annie came over for a party, he kept right on mooning after Marsha. He needs to find somebody else fast before things start getting dicey. Everyone else was in a good mood, and the entire house swept the dean's list. Mark, a Knowledge sim, took Family for a secondary and Marsha, a Family sim, took Knowledge as a secondary. Kestrel is shy a few skills for next semester, but anticipates no difficulty getting them.

Amanda Ruben continues to live alone and like it, but she took her boyfriend Frank Munny out to console him for the death of his Gramary, the rock goddess for whom the world mourns. She threw a party to celebrate the arrival of her friend Petra, and took Frank, Mark, and their teen friend Tina Traveller (who is depressed on account of her parents' divorce) on an outing to the nature hobby lot. Her grades weren't stellar and she mostly wanted to spend the summer days out doors, not inside studying, but she passed all right and her garden is doing well. Nemo calls her every day. Since Amanda has a history of adopting shy sims, and Nemo has no social points, he appears to be the dog hanging around hoping for a handout, though with Gracie Hawkins in his corner it's unclear what he thinks he might need in the way of protection and advice.

Miguelito Casa, having moved into the dorm behind Amanda, is settling in well but has brought high school issues trailing behind him. He went around bad mouthing Pollux to dormie girls, hoping to spike his guns with prospective dates, and wants to get laid himself but doesn't have any hot prospects. To my surprise, he rolled no wants for any of his teen friends to arrive - not even Ruby, the girl he's fighting with Pollux over. He threw a party, but since he lives in a dorm could only invite two people. It served as an ice breaker, anyway. One of the dormies, whom he double bolts, keeps borrowing his desk to do assignments, but he doesn't seem to think anything of this.

At the sorority, Honey Beare wrote a term paper and both she and Jordan threw toga parties that were great successes; and in between Honey invited the frat over. Ashleigh Pitts-Upsnott dream dated Kestrel, and Jordan romanced a dormie; but the dormie is Family and she feels obscurely guilty and a bit cornered. Brittany Parker managed to grill sausages without starting a fire and noticed a number of guys she found hotter than Pollux, whom she's been dating. The most significant thing that happened was, that I noticed Ivy Copur's grave has vanished - again! - and I haven't succeeded in respawning her grave yet. I'll try again this evening. I need to either move her to a cemetery, or never save the lot till full daylight, as the most likely thing is that I saved the game with her active.

At the frat, Frank took the frat out to his Gramary's house, converted to a community music center, and found the place jumping. He's not pleased with how the community is maintaining it, though - the upstairs toilet was clogged. I'm going to have him buy it, but I want a rotation of people going there unattended, first. Frank jammed with an impromptu band containing two of Gramary's old lovers (including his frat brother Ricky Cormier), which was rather sweet. Ricky threw his graduation party, inviting MIguelito, who he'd met at the Campus Swim Center and thought would make a fine pledge. Pollux disagreed and made enemies with him, then sulked for the rest of the party. Ricky also invited Theodora Ottomas, getting her onto the lot with, let's see, was it three of her old lovers? Plus her current fiancee. His plan was that she would do something foolish with one of them (but not him), Joe would break up with her, and then he'd go out into the world to pick up the pieces. It didn't quite work that way, though. She did, in fact, do something foolish with Guy Gergis, but Joe didn't catch her. Instead, Guy caught her with Joe and went ballistic, giving Joe a chance to hug her when she cried and be all supportive. So far, Operation Cut Theodora Out of the Herd is not working! Brittany called Pollux for a date, and he finally did everything right and got her excited enough to go to bed with him. As soon as they romantic kissed, however, they had a bad conversation, so I think he's still a work in progress. Harlan Hawkins is getting real impatient for his boyfriend Miguel to get to school; in the meantime, he made the dean's list and played the hell out of every instrument in the place.

And finally, at Romantic Resources, Petra Ottomas moved in. Rosemary invited Alma Mater House for her first evening and Petra called her friends Frank and Amanda, inviting household on Frank so it'd be less obvious that she's still 'shipping them. Yeah, Ottomai aren't good at the subtle. Ricky Cormier hung out with her in the hot tub on his last day on campus and then called her once he was out in the world. They double bolt, and it's not clear to me whether he's working on his strategy of getting in good with Theodora's family, or if he wants a matched set of Ottomas sisters. Petra was asked to move in as a favor to Rosemary Thyme's dad's friend Peter, but she made great inroads on making friends with Rosemary and her fiance John Amos Aerius. Rosemary and John Amos spent their final semester quietly at home. Rosemary, a solid C+ student, pulled a B- thanks to a tendency to spontaneously talk to the bird - she wants a golden anniversary and is marrying into a rich family, so has no incentive to make the big grades. Petra declared an art major and got strong grades her first semester, so she's inclined to think college will be a breeze. Rosemary and John Amos are now graduated, and could move out; but I like having that final 72 hours so they're still on campus.

11th Jun 2013, 12:19 PM
Micah Magee, twin sister of Marcel, came by for a visit at her brother's house. Then she stole a tree of her brother and her sister-in-law. Like nothing happened she acted all nice and sweet towards Sara Beth. Nobody noticed the tree was gone. Marcel brought colleague Marsha Bruinig home from work. She witnessed the birth of Shelby. A second daughter for the Davies-Magee family.
That distracted him from the whole situation around his father, who was still missing. He was curious however about the ring he found. Would Connor McCrae have more news if it indeed was his father's wedding ring? What would that mean in relation to Marcel's father? He would have to call, because he wrecked the computer and could not send a mail to Connor.

The Dumitru-Magee family almost had a real drama on their hands. Romy Dumitru and Frank Magee got a serious wake up call. Ruby and new born Ian were candidates for placing in care. Luckily there was room for a firm conversation with CPS and put adamant agreements in writing to prevend that from happening. The family got another chance to be better parents. The family had it tough lately. Therefor the circumstances had worked extenuating.
At the diner table Ruby asked her father if animals could marry too. She didn't realise how lucky she was she still could ask him that question.

Edu and Erin were born at the Davies-Bakalov residence. So sad Thirza, Farina's mother, couldn't see her first grandchildren. From Luka's side there aren't any grandparents to share the joy either. They were among the unfortunate who drowned in a pool at the old people's home years before. The only grandparent left for Edu and Erin, Rayder, has just shipped off to the same old people's home. Without his wife and his son off to the university, it was high time he spend his last time on earth in a home. That's how things go in Csonka Canon. Besides, it's better for him. Then he is surrounded with other people. He probably won't see his grandchildren grow up. He is old and his days are numbered.

Over at the Akbaris, Amin Zamorano showed up. To discuss the upcoming divorce between his daughter and the Akbari's son. A big argument started between Amin and Hanifa. They could not reach an agreement. Hanifa kicked him out of the house. Azmat already was in bed. Demanding job. His input could have changed the first negotiation about the divorce.
Chelsea Zamorano got invited to settle the situation. Dunya came over to discuss things as well. She wants them to agree in the divorce. The discussion got a bit heated but finally the two ladies got the Akbari's that far to agree Dunya could divorce their son.
Their youngest son Hakeem went off to university. Without any children, it got a bit quiet in the house. Azmat is still trying to reach the top of his career, but he will have to try for it from the second old people's home they will move to soon.

Darim wasn't planning for a divorce. He doesn't even know his parents agreed to get the divorce in motion. He was busy, with trying to seduce a woman he met at DVU. A club in town. Yes, he was out on the town, like he didn't have a care in the world. Two women were raising his kids. Why would he bother?
He also changed the interior of his house. All his wife and kids' stuff is now stuffed in one room upstairs. A curtain is hanging in front of the open entrance. He still enters that room, to read at the table, amongst the crowded furniture. He has a big renewed bedroom upstairs. He dismantled the crappy upstairs kitchen and removed the wall between that kitchen and the bedroom to get one bigger bedroom.
He doesn't quite live like a monk. Far from it. He tried to seduce Didi Frost to no avail. The woman he picked up at DVU. He flirted with the paper delivery girl, Michelle Verbon, but didn't get anywhere with her either. At last he succeeded in getting the mail lady, Dagmar Bertels, into his sleeping quarters. If she had been a virgin beforehand, she certainly wasn't after.
Soon he will find out Dunya has filed for divorce and then all bets are off.

11th Jun 2013, 10:20 PM
At the Urele-Oresha-Cham Fraternity, Kevin Beare invited over Heather Huffington and tried to make her realize how he felt about her. While he was shyly joking around with her, Ashley Pitts was much less subtle -- he just asked Joshua Ruben if he liked what he saw. The answer was yes, very much so, and Ashley knew just how to make that into what he wanted...a date at Club Dante! It turned out that Josua had great chemistry with Ashley, and they quickly ended up making out, then having their first WooHoo with each other...stark naked on the counter next to the bar at the club. Yes, that invisible loveseat OMSP I height-shifted to the right level to be on the counter works just wonderfully for the kind of shows I had in mind -- it's visible (or should be) through the archway to the main room, none of the animations look off at all (even getting onto and off the counter looks like a slight bounce, nothing bad!), and that counter does not attract food platters, because of all the other counters and tables in the place. Some townies got a good eyeful, to Ashley's glee, but none of them were interested in being next in line.

Spoiler contains ramble about my views of Sim-morality, and why I don't need adult mods for amusement; it's long, so I thought I'd hide it to not disrupt the story.
I'll just take the moment to digress and say that this proves you don't need explicitly "adult" mods to get some raunchy stuff going. I don't use non-barbie skins or blur remover because the skins are pointless without the blur remover, the blur remover is silly without the skins, I don't want to see my Sims sitting on the toilet with no blur hiding the fact they're wearing all their clothes...and, as the clincher, since I have Uni and streakers, I really do not want to be startled by one charging unexpectedly past my viewpoint with non-barbie skin and no blur! Those campus run-arounds startle me enough with all their clothes on -- I screamed the first time a mascot charged through my viewpoint and started his dance -- and if I suddenly saw a streaker in all their glory, I'd be as shocked as my Sims. I couldn't play well with those kinds of surprises, and that's not counting the chance that someone might happen to be walking by or otherwise in a position to see my screen... Anyway, even though ACR and InTeen are the most "adult" mods I have (and I don't think they're very much of that -- network TV has worse!), I've still managed to get some interestingly unsavoury proceedings going on with a combination of them and innocent ones like the beloved loveseat OMSP...I have been tempted to wander over to this site's adult sister site in search of a functional stripper pole for Club Dante, but I don't really want to have to wade through the inevitable nudity overload -- I'd be using it with blur; the show's for the Sims, not me! Ok, ramble over...

So, after giving the place a good show, Ashley and Joshua went to the restaurant in Bluewater for a celebratory meal. Much toasting and kiss-blowing went on, and then they headed home to finish the date at the frat house. It was a dream date, of course...

Meanwhile, Kevin was discovering that he had a crush on Heather, and that the cow mascot was actually rather funny -- they got in a belching contest. The next evening, he threw a party, inviting the cow mascot, a professor and the sorority, and Ashley used his high aspiration from the date to get a Love Tub, which just fits in the back yard. The professor brought along Herb Oldie, who Ashley tried to pick up (his LTW is 20 lovers). Herb was horrified and gave him an earful about what frat life was supposed to be about -- it involved picking up women, not men, in Herb's view. Ashley shrugged and went off to inaugurate the Love Tub with Joshua, while at the same time Kevin was actually managing to awkwardly seduce Heather in the other hot tub. It started snowing at this point, so I got two hot-tub romance videos in a row with snow falling into the steam...they were really pretty, especially the Love Tub one. The party was a bust for some reason, but Kevin and Heather got their first time with each other, and Kevin realized it was nothing serious enough to merit wanting to get engaged!

However, finals loomed the next day, when the house was a disaster and the boys were exhausted...but Castor Nova, who had remained aloof and distant, refusing to even come down for the party, had been spending his time studying! He made the Dean's List with a perfect grade!


At the Tri-Var Sorority, Heather was bored. She went to the sculpture park Downtown, having heard that it was the kind of place where many things were ignored...it sounded boring, but she'd heard otherwise. Well, yes, it is. For one thing, it and Bernard’s Botanical Dining are the only Donwtown community lots with bubble blowers, and they have a "grandfather clause" of sorts with the SCPD regarding them; demanding the removal of the bubble blowers would cause angry protests, so the police tend to avoid acknowledging they even exist. This has led to them being places that people associate with "I'm not going to notice anything but the reason I'm here" kinds of attitudes, so the reputation is justified. Heather, therefore, caused a stir -- she insisted on greeting and talking to half the people there, including the anxious-looking woman hiding behind the picnic area, her bomber cap pulled down low over her forehead. That woman was Brandi Broke, and the reason for her being there soon became clear; Dina Caliente showed up, her parka bulging over her belly, and demanded to know why Brandi had been out of contact. Brandi was startled that Dina was pregnant, but refused to explain what was going on beyond saying she had to get home quickly, she shouldn't have come to meet her here, and whispering that her family was in danger. Dina glared after her retreating back, rubbed her belly, and wondered if her new military contacts could be some use in figuring this out.

Heather finally found someone who would talk to her -- Circe Beaker! They shared theories about what all the quiet meetings in corners were about, then Heather headed for the bubble blower. Dina was already puffing away at it, and soon Erin Beaker showed up too...yeah, she's clearly not as by-the-book as she sometimes acts. Heather remained unpopular, and she headed back to the house.

Brittany threw two disastrous parties, one of which featured her trying to get her first kiss from Castor Nova...who refused. That's the end of that crush! Tiffany played the piano too much, and Heather went on a date with Herb Oldie, who she'd been a matchmaker date for, to Bernard’s Botanical Dining. It was as discreet as anyone could want, but they were politely told that they weren't allowed to disrobe in there, so they didn't get to have WooHoo on one of the couches. They kissed a lot, though...

Tiffany ended up on academic probation and miserable -- she should have stayed away from the piano. The others got Cs, and Brittany decided she was going to change her hard-partying ways -- she was going to spend the rest of her time at college trying to find someone who could make her feel wanted, loved...in short, she switched aspirations to Family, going from wanting to be a sports star to wanting to get three kids through college. I hope this makes her more stable...


At the Bright household, Jane Stacks set her sights on Martin Ruben as being more steady than Castor. He liked her, but it wasn't moving toward love as fast as she wanted, so she sprung for a love potion from the matchmaker, then threw a sports party with a drama professor and Joshua in hopes it would loosen him up. It did so a bit too well -- as the crowd headed for the kitchen for half-time snacks, he pulled her back down on the couch, kissing her passionately. She was glad of this -- she wanted her first WooHoo as well as to fall in love -- but he was so forceful about it...and it was over so fast. Really, it was only four Sim-minutes before it was over and he was getting up, saying he was going to grab some food too before the game got going again. It was done, and that made her happy, but she wasn't even in love with him yet... The party was great, though, and she was able to deal with the mess by influencing the paperboy to clean up for them the next morning!

Don't worry -- they did fall in love eventually, though it took them having a much more leisurely WooHoo yet again on that couch while Allegra Gorey was in class. He fell in love with her halfway through, and then she fell in love with him just as they finished. She now wants to get engaged to him...oh dear. Typical Family Sim!

12th Jun 2013, 10:54 PM
Quick update on my neighborhood.

Farrah Landgraab had her fourth child! She's the first Landgraab child I didn't name with the first letter being 'M.' (Farrah is married to a Landgraab) Farrah decided to name her after her mother, Ashley. I really hope this is their last child because its getting kind of cramped! Ashley, like the rest of her siblings were 'surprises'

Calissa and Aiden's daughter Suri, aged into a child. She unfortunately has her dad's large alien eyes which sucks because she'd be extra, super adorable otherwise :lol: Calissa got a promotion, thank god. Before her promotion, her and Aiden both worked from 2PM-9PM so it would have sucked to pay for a nanny that long. I'm not even sure they'd be able to afford it.

At the Morgan/'Harris' household (Calissa's brother ended up marrying Aiden's sister) Ava Robinson (Harris before her divorce) passed away from old age. :cry: I'm sure her family will be missing that big paycheck from being a 'hall of famer.' But they're not doing too bad. Leah and Bradley started having kids really young (they had their firstborn as teenagers) but I think they're finally starting to get on their feet. Although they dont really have a choice with grandma Ava gone now. But their three kids are now all teenagers and they each have part time jobs, and they don't have a mortgage to pay off so there's no major bills/loans to pay but they're barely living paycheck to paycheck. Ava is a ventriloquist and Bradley got promoted to campaign manager. Their eldest son Dakota is done with high school and is a paramedic until he leaves for college next session. Unfortunately most of his money goes to his baby(ies) mama (Emma Davis) to pay child support for the twins. (Dakota will definitely not be getting an award for World's Best Dad anytime soon, he hardly has a relationship with them) Alissa and Kate are still in high school and both have part time jobs. Alissa is a dishwasher and Kate luckily landed a job as an aerobics teacher (her LTW is in the dance career)

I had some extra time to play my simmies before I went back to work but now I go back soon and animal crossing is out so it'll probably be a while until I can play them properly. :bunny: Although, I could play both at the same time....not that I've ever done that or anything ;) :bunny: :rofl:

13th Jun 2013, 9:38 PM
Bonny got a devastating call from her son Chaz while she was at work. He urged her to come home immediately, because something had happened. He hang up and she hurried home. All the way home she wondered what it was. When she drove into the street, she saw police cars everywhere and the familiar yellow 'do not cross' tape.

It all had begun as a regular day at Bonny and Rowan's house. Bonny with her big secret, in the form of her fugitive father hiding in the attic, and the rest of the family had no clue. That day, Bonny had to work and her teenage twins had to go to school. Rowan had taken a vacation day. He would take care of Danice, their baby daughter. Ofcourse, Bonny found it risky to leave her husband home alone while her fugitive father was in the attic, unbeknownst to her husband. She figured however Rowan wouldn't go to the attic just that day. Even when he would, he would find the door locked and not bother with looking for the key of the door.

Around one in the afternoon Briar and Chaz, the twin boys and oldest children of Rowan and Bonny, came home. They had expected to find their father downstairs, to wave hi. He wasn't. Baby Danice was in her crib in the livingroom. They went looking upstairs and in the garden, where Foofu and Dame Black have their fenced spot. Rowan wasn't there either. How strange. Where could he have gone? Leave their baby sister home alone? That wasn't likely. They remembered, they have an attic. Briar as well as Chaz didn't ever go there. They did know their father had plans to fix the space for them and their old room would become their sister's. Had their father already started on that project? Chaz climbed the ladder. He saw the door was open. He called out. No one responded. He had an eerie feeling but in spite of stepped into the space. It wasn't empty. It looked like a small apartment. Then his eye fell on a figure on the ground. It lay in fetus position in a pool of blood. It was his father. Help wasn't necessary anymore. Rowan couldn't be revived. It was too late.
Chaz rushed downstairs, half in shock, and ordered his brother to call 911. He, himself, called his mother at work.

When Bonny came home, she couldn't enter the house. They told her husband was dead and she had to come to the police station to give a statement.
She didn't understand. How come dead? This morning he was fine! She arranged something for the baby and she and her twin boys went 'downtown'.
They got 'interrogated' separately.
There Bonny heard more of 'the story'. Her son Chaz had found 'the body'. They believed her husband was murdered. Bonny could barely grasp the situation. Her husband was murdered? Who would do such a thing? Then she thought: if my house is taken over by police and 'examined' inch by inch, then, where is my father?
She asked the officer where they found her husband. When she heard 'attic', she almost fainted. She had a dilemma. What if anything happened to her father too? But then she would get in trouble. She chose to spill her guts and 'confessed' she had helped a fugitive they were looking for and now he was missing. The police didn't think Ben was hurt or dead. They thought Ben was the killer.
As soon as they reluctantly shared that theory, she was horrified. The thought hadn't come to her mind. What if they were right? Maybe just the thing she wanted to prevend from happening hád happened. Bonny wanted to know how her husband died. They already knew she was accounted for the most likely time of the murder. She was at work. That alibi had checked out. The alibis of the boys gave the same result. So, they told her. He had been shot. She gasped. Could her father have had a gun? She never knew her father had one, but she also hadn't known he was capable of beating a woman almost to dead. They let her off the hook for now, but she would soon hear if she would be charged with harboring a fugitive, even when it was her father. She was in a state that could fine a person or even jail time.

She didn't care. Her husband was dead. She had wanted to celebrate their 25th wedding day. Their Silver Anniversary. It would never happen. That was far worse than some judicial punishment.
She couldn't even bury her husband yet. There would be an autopsy first, because it was a homicide. How would she manage alone with three children and two dogs. She sure cried over it and the boys too. They all are now convinced that their father and grandfather is a murderer. Especially the twins are very angry with their grandfather. Bonny has a lot more difficulty to decide where she stands towards her father. She doesn't hate him, but she's also angry and wants to see him brought in for questioning.

Peni Griffin
13th Jun 2013, 11:12 PM
That sorry sumbitch...This guy's a serious sociopath, killing his daughter's husband! (I assume he did it because I can't think of any other characters it could have been.)

Diva Allyn Chalmers's project of getting pregnant so Brady "Mr. Big" Estic will marry her has finally completed Phase I. Also, they got a puppy, named Wuffums. I wanted to get her a toy dog, but all the toy breed puppies were pigpens and a finicky dog is much more suitable.

Martin Gorey got demoted on a bad chance card at work (but he had to try the experimental fuel! What's the point of setting off the rocket if you don't use the experimental fuel?) and brought home Jeremiah Gavigan. Allegra worked on her sewing badge all day. And Ruby went to her last day of class, quit her job at Lily's, and threw her off-to-college party. All her close friends are adults or YAs now, so it wasn't a typical off-to-college party. She invited both Pollux and Miguelito, and they would not get out of each other's faces, so she dragged them into the hot tub to sit with her and Petra and talk about the weather. She still doesn't know what she's going to do about them when she gets to college and she has no intention of being rushed into any decisions. After all, if her life boils down to two choices, she's not living it right. And if they can't learn to behave, she won't take either of them! Martin juggled cups with his guest and was glad he was past all that youthful sturm and drang. He also rolled a have-baby want, but Allegra says he's out of his tiny mind. So he started summoning aliens.

John Stacks also had his last day of school, but he has one more day of teenhood so he hasn't left yet. Saturday will be his mom's birthday and also he'll be leaving for college, so I let Nova be the spoiled baby of the family one last time. She took Grimnir LeStrange out to the Mary Munny Memorial, but since she's spoiled and not used to being considerate she ran with his wants panel closed and coerced him to do two things he didn't want to do - sing karaoke and get a picture made with her - so at best it was only a good date. He came to the party she threw afterward and was very friendly with Erika Swain, who had never made him do anything that cost him aspiration points. John had brought Mary Ann Hawkins home from school, and with her, Cinnamon Beare, Marius Curian, and Tina Traveller all on hand, and parents canoodling in the bathroom where they wouldn't traumatize their kids, it came out a roof raiser. In the morning she got up and cleaned the tub, a chore she usually leaves (like all the other chores) to John; is she perhaps ready to start taking responsibility?

And at the Swingin' Bachelors place on Custer, Ricky Cormier moved in with his uncle Gary Gilscarbo. They barely know each other, but blood is thicker than whatever and the kid needs a place to stay. He made himself useful while Gary was at work, repairing electronics, but couldn't find his athletic job. I sent him to take a nap to be fresh for the first day outing - and nobody called. Duh. Because he moved into an occupied house. Okay, so, he'll make his own outing! I sent him to create a social group and discovered he was already in one, for which Uncle Gary also qualified - Theodora's Exes. That sounded like fun, so I duly added Gary and away they went - Theodora Ottomas, Gary, Ricky, and Tricou bastards Guy Gergis and Daniel Wheels. They went out to FM, had a good time, and went back to the cramped Custer Street house, which is only big enough for one double bed. Theodora in particular was having a fine time till Guy poked her for her behavior at Ricky's grad party - but Gary started giving her spontaneous romantic interactions, and that perked her right up. Everyone else was over her (for the time being), so this was not a problem.

Guy and Daniel started discussing the demographic problem in their household - i.e., the fact that Guy triple-bolts his sister-in-law, who can't get it into her head that it isn't nice to dance in your undies in front of your brother-in-law, or to crawl into bed with him while your husband's away just because you're lonesome. Much as Daniel and Helen would like to have extra hands on deck for the upcoming baby, Guy was becoming convinced that he needed to get out before he did something everybody'd regret, and to his credit he was forthright with his brother on the subject (without any indication that either of them blame Helen; they take it for granted she just doesn't know what she's doing to him).

So Ricky proposed a solution: Guy and his trust fund move in with Ricky and Gary, and they all get a new house together! This proposal being accepted, Daniel went home alone, Guy went upstairs to get online, and Ricky stood in the kitchen watching Gary and Theodora tickle, hug, kiss, and generally get along very well indeed, with interactions like "leap into arms" and "Romantic kiss" popping into his queue and aging out, until Theodora decided it was late and she needed to get home. At which point I saved and shipped them all off to the other side of town, near the House of Fallen Trees, to the Points' old place. I needed to remodel it a bit, but they had the cash. Now all the Tricou bastards live in or within a block of the House of Fallen Trees, the problematical menage in the Wheels house is broken up, and I have no single adults downtown. Wins all around!

14th Jun 2013, 1:46 AM
Two houses were interesting this session. Firstly, SimHampton SpacePort. The staff had a big sports party, inviting Afra Gwyn (who had a day pass from the Asylum because his daughter works at the SpacePort), Jennail Tricou, Evangeline Velduz, Katy Thorne and several townies. Afra watched the Weather Channel with Boeb Cheo, sometimes joined by Evangeline when she wasn't having a coughing fit. She passed on the flu to Jennail, who later passed it on to everyone else in the Tricou household. Thanks, Evangeline.

Meanwhile, Katy had a wildly successful date with Vdj'iun Gwyn upstairs. They started out as barely friends and nearly got engaged, it was that successful. Amica Saerin dated one of the townies, whose name I've forgotten for the moment, but they did fall in love with one another so I really ought to learn the townie's name...

The other townies spent most of their time playing with the pets. Amica considered selling Sarevok to make space for the puppy she longs to see, but couldn't bear to part with the big furry lump of energy and joy. It's not that much of a rush, since one of the dogs she intends to mate will be a puppy for another two days.

After the Worst Camping Trip people had an extremely boring day with only a broken shower getting fixed to add any texture to it, the Tricou household presented a big problem. Their bills and taxes were due, but nobody had any money. All seven Tricous living in the house caught the flu from the party-loving Jennail and were coughing themselves to bits, and there are only two beds and one sofa in the house at the moment. Jonathan used the last scraps of food in the fridge to serve up a steaming bowl of comfort soup. This cured everyone except Fricorth (because he was too slow getting to the bowl), so he got priority on a bed, to stop him from re-infecting everyone else. Some of the furniture formed part of a shop in the kitchen, opened by Gvordain and staffed by Nylissit and Jennail.It was quite successful, earning a new business grant. This was spent on the bills and taxes, as well as restocking the fridge and shop. There was just enough left over for another bed, but everyone was much more relaxed. They knew they were going to survive, and Nylissit was getting very good at working the cash register.

14th Jun 2013, 8:06 AM
Next was Kent and Christa's lot. Because of the high number skills Kent needed for his job he stayed at the same level the whole rotation and skilled. Christa was able to get a few promotions.

Kent taught Beth how to study and Christa taught Catherine how to study. Catherine
wanted to bring Anna Monty home, but I wasn't in the mood to deal with extra Sims so I said no. She was able to make best friends with her through the phone.

Beth and Catherine are still children.

When I opened the Summerdream lot Titania had both the want and the fear of having a baby at the same time, but they rolled away. She skilled for her job and was able to get a promotion (her LTW is Captain Hero). I generally don't have a Sim try for baby unless they have the want but not the fear or ACR kicks in and I hear baby chimes.

Oberon got several promotions, and is now one promotion away from his LTW to get to the top of the journalism career. His creativity wasn't high enough when he went to work so he didn't get promoted this time, but he might get his LTW next rotation.

Helena surprised me by rolling the "new family member" want. I very rarely see this want. Because it was the weekend, her grades didn't go up much and didn't fill her A+ want.

She was still a child at the end of the rotation.

Next was Consort Capp's lot. Why the heck did Eaxis make it so that a freaking baby could get a genie lamp? I don't know what baby Cassio did to get a genie lamp, but using the mind control mirror to look at his memories, he's the only one with the memory of receiving it.

Consort's LTW is also top of Journalism but he has been slower about getting up the career ladder. I'm a little concerned he won't make it before he dies.

Tybalt is at Level 9 of the Oceangraphy career, but since the level 9 job only works three days a week, he had the whole time off.

Xandria got one promotion before she popped. Yeah, she was pregnant again. Tybalt and Xandria apparently ACR tried for baby right after Xandria put Cassio in his crib because I heard baby chimes.

I was tired and in pain from the crown prep on my tooth, so I forgot to use the batbox to roll the pacifier. Xandria gave birth to a girl named Constance that is a female clone of Cassio because I forgot to roll the pacifier.

Cassio became a toddler and I shut down for the night after Xandria gave birth to Constance.

Peni Griffin
14th Jun 2013, 2:10 PM
Brittany PItts-Upsnott took the day off work to throw a joint birthday party for her and Ashley. Ashley didn't want to age up - first he made faces at the cakes, and then he took his time about blowing out the candles, going the long way around to do it and stopping to heartfart Heather Huffington Beare. In attendance were all of Brittany's sorority sisters - Heather, Tiffany, Eppie Curian, and Naenae Straight - Kevin Beare, their daughter Ashleigh, Ashleigh's fiancee Kestrel Hawkins, and Clovis Point, who had come to kick the trash can but decided to come in and behave himself since it was a party. Ashley had flirted with Clovis's wife right in front of him at Greg Aerius's birthday party, but Clovis and his wife are both old hands at the Romance game and Clovis was able to set his annoyance aside. Brittany's sorority sisters helped. Heather renewed an old friendship with him and let him tickle her (and I'm happy to say her husband Kevin is finally relaxed enough to tolerate this behavior in an old flame) and Eppie pillow fought with him.

Kestrel, who is Clovis's wife's baby sister, was another matter. She tried to tell Brittany about it (because of course she wouldn't be so unreasonable as to blame Brittany for being in a relationship with her own husband just because her sister is also involved with him!) and Brittany wouldn't listen and made enemies with her. Brittany doesn't want anybody in her family who won't help keep up appearances! And then Ashley tried to get her to hush and she wouldn't, so now they're both enemies with the woman their daughter (who just changed her aspiration to family) wants to spend her life with. Yeah, that could be a problem. Ashley decided the most constructive thing he could do was go play poker with Naenae and Ashleigh. Brittany schmoozed. Kestrel tried to recruit Clovis in solidarity and was annoyed when he tried to get her to chill out of politeness. It was a good enough party for Britt to get her aspiration points, anyway, and after cleaning up she went to bed and Ashley went to his job as a professional party guest. While he was out, Greg Aerius - who is furious with him for his behavior with Greg's cousin at Greg's party - let himself in and played poker by himself till his former frat brother got home. Ashley apologized and Greg went home because it was two in the morning; but I don't think he was much appeased because he came back again, got all the way up to the bedroom on the third floor, and then went away.

Next door, Leslie Gay is having trouble balancing her social and her business life. I was trying to get her to make stock for the shop, but it takes for-freaking-ever to make a curtain and she was exhausted when she finished. She went in to the store and had a really good day, gaining the next level of money perks, but then had to go to bed and didn't wake up till it was too late to date anyone and had to go to her cat for social needs. Not satisfactory for the swingingest romancer in town (now that Mary Munny's dead).

The Beare family was doing pretty well. All the kids got off to school on time - it was Winnie's first day of middle school and Ursula's first day of kindergarten - and Kevin and Heather minded baby Claire, napped, playing with the cat, and in Kevin's case got a charisma point. He's got a lot of charisma and body to build before he can become a leading man; if it weren't for the work hours he wouldn't care, but working six PM till two AM means he misses a lot of his kids' lives. He took the day off, hoping to have a father-son talk with Edward; but instead Edward took Ursula and Winnie ice skating. Winnie casually and with no fuss at all grew Claire up to toddler, with an emphatic resemblance to her father. Kevin got started teaching her to talk. Winnie and Ursula took naps. Cinnamon made supper and took a phone call from Brittany Parker at the sorority. Heather took a bunch of phone calls and a nap. Edward had some espresso and dinner, by which time Kevin and Claire were both exhausted, so Edward tucked Claire in for the last time and called for his scholarships and the college taxi. They could have the father-son talk in the taxi.

Edward never had time to breathe in that house, though he occasionally got to date Petra Ottomas. He was on the run 24/7, there was never any money for him to buy the stuff he wanted and he never had time off from childcare to get a part time job, or even go to the mirror to change his appearance. He left for college in the same shirt and hairstyle he grew to teen in - and when he grew up at the dorm, he was still wearing the same shirt! He had $4,000 in scholarships but I moved in him into a dorm by himself long enough to catch the video of Kevin dropping him off, then into a dorm with Miguelito Casa to prevent household proliferation and, I hope, finally get him a male friend. When last seen, he wanted to go to class, do group research, write a term paper, and - buy a double bed. Because Petra Ottomas is also on campus and now they can date properly! Since his clothes weren't an emergency (though I don't think camo pants and the blue shirt with the stripe are a stylish combo they're something Edward might well wear) I moved him straight in with Miguelito and then returned to the neighborhood with just time left to play the Starchild family.

Jared was happily teaching Juan Baptisto to walk, Alta Mira went to school, and Sara did a little gardening before she left for work. Jared and Juan Baptisto had a good day together. Juan Baptisto loves all his skilling toys and Bella the dog, so Jared was able to leave him to amuse himself while he did a few things around the house. Alta Mira came home and went straight to the easel to get her fun up, but it was Friday night and I had a job for her. She's been going around collecting the admiration of practically every teen boy in town for eight days now - it's time she did something about it! I arranged her acquaintance by chemistry order, knowing either Lukey Beaker or her friend Pascal Neugierig would be at the top and determining that she'd ask out the top chemical match, and Lukey won the toss. They went to Sims Gone Wired, talked a bit, and she told him a joke, but the date timer ran down while they were eating. For once I timed it right - having not quite gotten to "good" they only hugged at the end, so I'll still get a first kiss video. I then left them to free range and Alta Mira got with the program at once. First she noogied him; then she gave him a backrub; then she flirted with him suggestively; then she sweet talked him; then she argued with him! That's my girl - keep him hopping! At that point I decided she'd better go on home.

Sara got a surprise phone call from Tina Traveller. Judging from the expressions and the dialog pictures I think Tina is worried about her dad (recently seen talking to a soccer ball in a mortarboard at FM) and may be contemplating disrupting her mom's upcoming wedding, and Sara was trying to talk her out of it. Juan Baptisto got potty-trained; and that was a good day. Juan Baptisto grows up to child next rotation, a Saturday.

Signs of corruption keep coming at me. Not only am I still occasionally fielding an aspiration glitch, Juan Baptisto wanted to buy clothes, and Heather wanted to flirt with the family cat. Nobody's disappeared or glitched hopelessly yet, so I'll keep at it. I'm clearing gossip and trash memories at each house now, and will be running the hoodchecker on "remove" as often as I back up. My hope is to play till the death of the last of my original core sims; I think at that point I'd be able to close out the neighborhood without too many regrets. I certainly don't want to rebuild it with clones. Too many sims, and too much history!

14th Jun 2013, 5:28 PM
Here's a conundrum: Johnny Smith went to LFT for the express purpose of getting married to Ophelia Nigmos, and married students in the dorms would be inappropriate, impractical, and frowned on by the administration. However, he had the grand total of $500 to his name, so he couldn't rent a house... The answer? That posting on the bulletin board reading "Band needs new member/housemate, preferably male. No musical ability required, but interest and desire to learn a must! Double bedroom available." Mmm-hmm, he moved in with the Shifting Paradyms. He grew up decently, into a grey shirt and rather fascistic-looking black pants and riding boots, but it does look good with his colouring and hair, so the clothes stayed. His first desire was to move out...er, what? You just moved in! That wasn't happening, so instead he went Downtown to buy a cell phone, then to what is popularly called the "End of the World Church" -- even Father Laurence admits that calling the Strangetown church "Our Lady of the End of the World" (yes, it's the one from here) was asking for that -- to meet Ophelia before too much time ran out on the class timer. How very convenient that Ophelia is Jacoban, at least in name...

It was a beautiful little wedding, attended by the Smiths and Stella Terrano, who was invited out of pity and a desire of Ophelia's that both witnesses be aliens (PT #9 was the other one). Ophelia's dress was anything but traditional, being that glorious dark-red and gold oriental type one that shows a lot of skin -- this was deliberate, as was her hair teased into a spectacular pale-gold puffball of an afro, a far cry from her usual restrained braids. No veil would fit on that, but who would care? Certainly not the Smiths, since PT #9 was wearing a pink suit (it went well with Stella's pink dress), and Father Laurence admired how she'd arranged her dress to match the colour scheme of the church. PT #9 thought of babies the whole time, of course.

Stella made a gaff by bringing the champagne inside after the ceremony and plunking the bottle down on the altar before toasting the newlyweds, but nobody was going to tell her off for not understanding the rules of a totally foreign religion. ((Note to self: I've got a better altar now anyway, so I'm going to change it at Laurence's next rotation, and I'll try to put some kind of suitable slot-blocking trinkets on it like I did back with my TS1 churches. It was pure luck that the Sim to make the gaff was one who had no reason to know better.)) All in all, though, it was brilliant, with no gatecrashing Grunts. Although, is there any way to actually throw a party at a community lot? I think I remember hearing about a mod like that...

Back at the house, Ophelia's first desire after getting moved in was to buy a better stove and refrigerator. I guess the house is too shoddy for her and Johnny...that was ignored, however, since they were out of food, so their "honeymoon" was to the on-campus grocery store. There I started suspecting that something was missing, since I remembered reading that it should have an espresso bar, and since there was a gap between counters... At any rate, they got the groceries, then went home.

Ophelia and Johnny were too in love to notice, but Jasmine Rai showed her new Romance self by trying to flirt with him while teaching him the basics of being in a band. He thankfully squelched her, and Zoe Zimmerman threw a party that involved Gunnar Roque coming back and showing how music should really be played. While he and a professor rocked out on the roof, Johnny and Ophelia had their first WooHoo as husband and wife...and PT #9 would have been delighted at their carelessness! Luckily no lullaby this time, but I suspect Ophelia may be pregnant by the time she graduates....

Johnny surprised me by wanting to study Political Science and being afraid of Biology, but since it went with his LTW to be The Law, it made sense. He already had all the skills for it too! Zoe convinced Jasmine to write her term paper, and was in turn convinced to do Ophelia's assignment while Ophelia worked on her charisma.

Jasmine asked the matchmaker for a date, and got Dirk Dreamer! She tried to make the best of it, taking him out to Club Dante, but really, he's a pimple-faced teenage boy. He wouldn't even accept a friendly hug at the end of it, so she scoped the room -- and liked the sight of Brandon Lillard shaking his kilt on the dance floor. He liked her too, and was happy to go on a date with her. Since Jasmine was pretty sweaty, they headed for the spa, where she could get a shower. They slow danced and flirted on the sidewalk first, then she went for her shower...and the trouble started. Apparently Crumplebum considers it inappropriate to be naked in the shower! She screamed at Jasmine through the wall, which Jasmine laughed at, but that sent the date into disaster territory. It got back up again due to some use of the dance sphere and some more flirting, but then Brandon headed up to the roof to get in the hot tub. He wanted kissing and WooHoo then, and Jasmine wanted kissing and making out, so she was heading up to join him...and Crumplebum beat her up there, screaming and making a scene about him wearing swim trunks in the hot tub. He pondered asking whether she'd rather he not wear them, but figured that would not be a good idea...and the date was ruined again. There wasn't time to get it better, and Crumplebum kept stalking them and screaming at them, and...yeah, Jasmine got a poke at the end. By that time, Crumplebum was ordering Lisa Ramirez out of the swimming pool so she could have a fit about her wearing a swimsuit in the pool! Grrr...even yelling about people wearing their swimsuits in the pool area is funny, but what are they supposed to be wearing in the pool?

Obviously, a flaming bag of poo was dropped off...and stayed lit through a rainstorm until Jasmine finally stomped it and Ophelia cleaned it up. However, Jasmine and Brandon are still on good terms, so maybe a date at Club Dante is in order...

Jasmine got on academic probation this time, so she and Zoe should still graduate at the same time!


Oh, I so thought there would be a scene produced by moving both Tank Grunt and the Student Housing gang into the Desert Dorms. Was I wrong or what? Sure, Klara taunted William mercilessly, but Tank, once he was grown up (and not into horrible or out-of-character clothes) and his dad was gone, was not a bad person. Blossom Moonbeam, for some unfathomable reason, took a great liking to him...hippie girl falling for military brat, with an empathetic brat part of it?

Once they had their rooms, they went to the coffee shop, which made me realize that the coffee bars really are missing from my buildings and probably my game. What section of community build mode are they supposed to be in? I saved and went to the coffee shop in build mode after they went back to the dorm, but I couldn't find any sort of coffee bar -- I suspect I may have found one of the glitches of M&G without AL. At any rate, I think the way I redid it was fine, with a long counter with espresso and hot chocolate machines, a juicer, and even a stove (though I may need a fridge for that to work).

Back at the dorm, Tank slowly started being much more agreeable than he'd ever been in Strangetown proper. Despite being nice enough to flirt and slow dance with Blossom, he had misbehaved big-time at the coffee shop by waylaying the new Ophelia Smith and convincing her that she should give that poor lonely guy from campus security (a random guy in a security-guard uniform -- one of the downsides of having career outfits enabled for normal clothing!) a kiss for looking out for them so well. It's a good thing he pushed her away in horror, but it's not a good thing he then chased her around the place calling her a hussy and threatening to tell her husband, ranting about the stupidity of married students all the while. Tank laughed. Back at the dorm, Tank first tried to invite her and Johnny over, then used the campus directory to get in contact with and try to chat up Jasmine Rai...but after a while, the locked want to beat Johnny was the only belligerent one he had. Then he started wanting to be a Drama major... He threw a party that he invited his father and Johnny to, which only his father came to -- the dormies enjoyed it, but it was a disaster, and now everyone knows he's from that family. Blossom, sad to see him upset after the ill-advised party and wanting to fall in love, flirted with him for a long while -- she was in a skimpy black nightgown by this point -- and then they had their first kiss with each other. They've both got crushes on each other, though they're not in love yet.

Blossom had a good effect on Tank -- while she got to writing an anti-war romance, he declared the Drama major he wanted. He thinks he knows drama, after all! He also bought a bubble blower for the upstairs lounge, and even the General, who was still hanging around, sat down for a few puffs. There was no fighting, no screaming, no drama except Klara tormenting William... I think LFT is having a good effect on the Grunts. I doubt it'll last, though...

Klara got perfect grades and Dean's List, but Tank ended up on academic probation -- living in a dramatic house was not a good preparation for being a Drama major!

((Hmm...Tank Moonbeam? Blossom Grunt? Which sounds better? I like the idea of them mellowing each other out...))

Peni Griffin
14th Jun 2013, 6:31 PM
Coin a new name. Moongrunt? Gruntbeam? I see your problem...Tank is lovely, though, once you move him out of the house and the scripted behavior. In my LFT Johnny's the one being a jerk of that pair.

The coffee bars came with University so I don't know why having M&G without AL would get rid of them. I hate to say it, but you might have an imperfect installation; or maybe you've got some kind of weird hack-related glitch. Coffee bars should be under Appliances, I think; and if not they'll be under Misc...Misc for food-related sites.

14th Jun 2013, 6:44 PM
And I *think* that the coffee bars only show up in the buy catalog if you're on a community lot.

14th Jun 2013, 9:22 PM
Thanks; I just combed through the appliances, the misc stuff for all community lot types, and the Uni collection, and my fears have been confirmed. Something has convinced my game that the coffee bars, and the coffee bars alone, do not exist. HCDU shows no conflicts beyond the intended ones, and I've got no hacks that have to do with coffee at all (I've got a few CC coffee-makers and dramafix, but those don't have to do with coffee bars, do they?) so I'm willing to try whatever would fix an incorrect installation as long as I can still put my backup in. This isn't new -- there's never been a coffee bar at the grocery store, and I'd actually never been to the campus coffee shops before, so it wasn't glaringly obvious. I plan on making a backup after I'm done with LFT anyway, so I can do it a bit sooner... Point me to a walkthrough, anyone?

And on an odd note -- I'm drinking coffee now! I don't really drink coffee much, but it was there...

Peni Griffin
14th Jun 2013, 9:54 PM
First thing to do is confirm that nothing in your downloads folder is the problem. Remember, with a program this complicated, it doesn't have to make sense! So make the backup and work the FAQ you're directed to when you try to make a Help post. You'll want that coffee. And a book.

14th Jun 2013, 11:28 PM
Well, I know what I'm doing with my Saturday night...not that I have any better things to do with it! (I don't have time before then.) I'd end up playing then if I didn't have to do this, anyway...

15th Jun 2013, 12:58 AM
For the very first time since I started playing Sims 2, a Plantsim (drioru) grew into an adult today. Daisy Greenman ceased to be a toddler at a time when she was feeling very fulfilled with life. She became a Knowledge/Romance Sim, very unlike her parents in personality, even if she did look like a clone of her mother Rose. She got a yellow spaghetti top and jeans to signal the break from her roots. However, she chose to stay home for a while and help Rose grow plants. She already lives in one of the nicest places in SimHampton, so anywhere she goes to live instead is likely to be a disappointment in comparison. Jason sprayed a few plants but, much to his annoyance, remained stubbornly Simmish.

Urbani Nigmos finished her first novel, "Wolf At The Door", a humourous tale starring a whelk named Logbert. She'd adapted it from a bedtime story she'd made up for her daughter Tenrha. The book got remaindered, but Urbani didn't care - she'd learnt lots about writing, and all she really wanted in return was a printed copy of the book for herself. Tenrha enjoyed the book as much as she'd enjoyed the original bedtime story.

At Beaker Labs, Circe Beaker and Imane Caliente create the latest attempt to cure cybersickness. So far, the latest brew hasn't exactly cured it, but the test subject, Castor Bell, seems a lot healthier for taking the new medicine. Despite Circe insisting that testing is not yet complete, Sims have been queuing around the block to buy the medicine for family, friends and neighbours they know with cybersickness. Unfortunately, nobody remembered to attend to the house while all this invention was going on. The lab is now full of cockroaches and the only Sim who hasn't got flu is Castor - and that's because he's in a sealed room which the cockroaches cannot enter.

The Newsons invited the private school headmaster to tea, an odd decision considering that Ginger Newson isn't even allowed to attend secondary school. Even odder considering that Garin and Georgia-May grew up later that morning, just before they were due to attend school. This meant that only Garrett and Georgia were allowed to be in formal education. Garin is a Knowledge Sim and very keen for the headmaster to show up. Georgia-May is motivated by Popularity, which at the moment manifests itself in a compulsive desire to talk to children - whether she met them in her schooldays or not.

There was a scare when Garin got an electric shock trying to repair the living room TV during the headmaster's tour. Don't worry - he survived and the headmaster was complaining about the tiny secondary bathroom at the time. The accident was kept secret for the entire tour, and luckily the headmaster was more interested in schmoozing about the job Ginger Newson used to have than catching up with the latest news. The four younger Newsons were admitted to SimHampton University's Outreach Programme facility - offering elite pre-university education at a price. The Newsons have saved $17,000, so they're not worried about the price. Each of the younger Newsons has decided to take a different course while receiving their private education. Garin will concentrate on Politics, in the hope of being elected a Planner by his fellow Sims. Georgia-May, a gregarious Sim at heart, will specialise in Artistry (SimHampton University's biggest faculty is Expressive Arts) - assuming she can get the easel out of little Garrett's hands long enough. Garrett himself is doing a course in Maxing Out, "I don't care if the course doesn't make me employable. I just want to learn everything..." (Presumably this means Georgia-May will be able to use the easel for her own course occasionally, as not everything requires an easel). As for Georgia, she surprised everyone by choosing to specialise in... ...Golf. "So what if it's non-traditional? I want to do a dissertation on putter head aerodynamics, so there!"

Of course, it will be difficult for Garin and Georgia-May to learn much in class, since by law they are banned from actually entering secondary school. Still, the invitation was a nice gesture, and they at least get free books in their specialist area to self-learn their specialist subjects. They celebrated by inviting all their childhood friends over to the house for a nice game of mahjong and bowls full of Grandma's Comfort Soup (the most impressive thing Ginger could cook for the headmaster - and it was impressive because the headmaster gave it a mark of 34/30).

15th Jun 2013, 3:35 AM
Dina caught Mortimer fooling around with his ex in the hot tub and threw him to the curb. Mortimer took a small place and invited Bella to move in with him. Just as she had mysteriously disappeared all those years ago, she suddenly and mysteriously reappeared without explanation. Time has not touched her nor the way Mortimer feels about her.

Cassandra caught Don cheating on her with the maid. Just after she found out she was pregnant! The cur! She struck up her friendship with Darren Dreamer again and they have had a quiet wedding at the old home. She just gave birth to twin boys. Darren continues to paint and Cassandra plans to go back to work as a chemist once the kids are a bit older. Alexander is a wonderful uncle.

Dina is planning to open up a beauty salon and clothing shop. She wants to share her gift for beauty with Pleasantville. Lucky Pleasantville! (*Gag*)

15th Jun 2013, 7:33 PM
Ofcourse, Ben Magee, has now been put on America's Most Wanted List for the Canon Area, where Csonka Canon is a part of. Every police officer in the county is looking for him and the FBI covers the rest of the world. He has to be found. He likely is armed and for sure dangerous. No one has a clue where he went to, where he is staying and what he is doing. Could he have a secret hiding place? But where?

The McCreas are unknowingly connected to Ben as well. The ring of their father, that belongs in their family, was found under Ben's kitchen window. Was that a coincidence or had it a more sinister reason? Connor had gone to the police station to collect the ring, but that didn't go quite as easy. The ring could be valuable evidence. He was allowed to see it to identify it. He positively identified the ring as once belonging to his father. How did his weddingring end up under Dangerous Ben's kitchen window? It was a mystery. With a murder on their hands, involving the same man, the police got intrigued and were planning to look into the matter. They planned to send the ring, neatly sealed in an evidence bag, to a crime lab to let it examine for finger prints. They would keep in touch with Connor about the results, but he could not take the ring home yet. Not as long as it could be used as evidence in a possible future trial. Not much wiser, Connor returned home to find his sister Caley at the kitchen table, who wanted to talk to him. She had decided to move out. Connor now had his own family. He and Cathrien already had one daughter, Cheyenna, and a new baby was on the way. Caley felt it was time to find her own path in life. Connor could run the family farm. Before Caley left, Connor discussed the situation about the ring and Ben.

They both wondered what the story behind it would be. They didn't have hope their father Henry was alive, or their mother Christy or sister Nicky. Their three disappeared family members already had been declared dead a couple of years before. With the discovery of the ring, it only seemed more likely they were not alive. Their father never would've taken off his ring and throw it somewhere, just to walk away from it. It seemed more likely now someone máde him disappear, together with their mother and sister. There were no answers yet. They had to wait what the police would come up with. They let it rest for the moment.

Brody Cavanah and Tessa Tjing moved out of their starter home. They were completely done with the lack of space. Besides, the rental took a lot of their money. Therefor they bought a cheap piece of land and build a small bungalow. Tessa had brought in a karaoke machine. It was in storage all that time, because there wasn't space for it in the starter home. In the new home, after a night of fun with some friends trying it out, they sold it. That money was meant to be invested in their internet café. They will open soon. Just a few loose ends to handle before opening day arrives.

Darim got served. The divorce papers are handed over to him.
Dunya probably can look forward to trouble. Her ex to be already has been over to argue with her, but it didn't get out of hand yet.
Dunya however has other things on her mind. She had been inside the old people's home for months. She only went out to go to work. She was done with hiding. Darim didn't give her back her clothes and furniture. He refuses to let her have it. She didn't want to wait anymore. She took the old people's home joint car and went to Csonka Plaza to buy new clothes for her daughter and herself. She had walked around in her pijamas or in her workclothes. She was sick of it. She didn't want to wear the hijab anymore too. She shows her hair again inside the house, with a new dress on. Soon she will enjoy life outside of the home again.
If she can find time between raising kids, her own needs and work. And ofcourse if Darim let her.
Besides being in the middle of a divorce, she had to deal with new pain. Her father, Amin Zamorano, passed away. That is a tough one, because Dunya will sure miss him and all his help with her children. It was an emotional rotation. Everyone went across, crying and upset.

The two vivacious Bakalov sisters had to make a decision. Fawnia accidently got pregnant by Ray-Shawn Haydon, one steamy night. That forced her somehow to think about the future. Fawnia and Ray-Shawn wanted to keep the baby. They talked it through and came to the conclusion they all would move to a new house. Now the sisters live at Csonka Quarter no. 7, with Ray-Shawn and Nooboo. This will be the third grandchild Thirza won't see grow up.
Fawnia hadn't had in mind to live together but sometimes life decide for you what course to follow. Ray-Shawn would like to marry Fawnia, but Fawnia isn't that far. For her it's already a big step to live together and getting a child. Ray-Shawn will have to be patient.

~ pictures for enthusiasts ~
The real Ben
Dunya with her parents, Chelsea and Amin

15th Jun 2013, 7:50 PM
I love her dress! The pink one, that is. Where did you get it?

Bella and Mort married by the light of the moon. Their kids were happy to have their parents reunited again. Bella took up painting and Mort went to work as a spy. Once Mort reached the top of that career, he switched to law. Eventually, Dina got over her hurt and anger at Mort and they became friends before he passed on. I think she realized that she had gotten all that she really wanted from him anyway. Mort died happy and left a nice little nest egg for Bella so that she did not have to beg or go looking for a job. But she was lonely without him and tentatively reached out to her handsome neighbor Auden MacIntosh. Love bloomed quickly and a second moonlit ceremony was held. Magdelena, a lovely girl with olive skin, black flowing hair and violet eyes was born to them and they lived happily ever after...until the Sim gods thought of something else to throw at them.

16th Jun 2013, 1:01 PM

Sim State University has been a university withstanding 400+ years in existence. It has provided education to the most remarkable children for generations no matter that Sim’s background, and providing the workplace with creative, bright and intelligent Sims. It was found by the Delta Family, who had acquired the lands in order to build properties for families. Richard Delta had initially obtained the land in order to build houses for the rich for maximum prices, however it was his wife Valeria Delta that had come up with the idea that it was far more important for them as parents to teach their children the skills in order to for them to survive in the work place. Thus born a University that would come to teach generation after generation of Sims and provide them with the skills and life experiences (*cough* mayhem *cough*) at Sim State.

Today was the day to celebrate what the Delta family had done to change education for the young, and thus celebrations for Sims National Day were in full swing all over campus.

Martin Ruben’s: Bookworm, supernatural fan, brooding,

Jane Stacks’s: Friendly, nurturing, social butterfly (at times),

Allegra Gorey’s: Avant Garde, daredevil, eco-friendly,

In order to celebrate Sims National Day, Jane, Martin and Allegra decided that they were going to go downtown to hang out at their favourite spots and take lots of photos as it was Jane’s last year at Sim State. So Jane wanted pictures with her best friends before she left to go face the big bad world. While Jane, Martin and Allegra were in class, Heather stopped by the house to apologise for she believed she had done something wrong at the Bonfire party and she believed it had something to do with the red roses that Martin had left for her.

When Martin came back from class, him and Heather talked and hugged a lot. Although Heather was slightly embarrassed when Martin started singing to her and his failed attempt to declare his love for her for which was awkward for him, Heather couldn’t deny that Martin made her laugh and was for once the only guy she knew so far that wasn’t trying to get into her panties. Martin and Heather bid each other goodbye with a passionate kiss by the front door, which made Allegra roll her eyes and complain because they were blocking the door, and they needed to get into the taxi. Martin, Jane and Allegra decided to head out to their hang outs, which for them was stopping by Sims Gone Wired and then moving onto the Bowling Alley.

While Martin browsed the magazines at Sim Wired, Allegra and Jane were busy talking about kissing and Jane was asking lots of questions about a certain Gordon Wolosenko. Jane demanded that all three of them needed to take photos of their times at University… she wanted memories god darn it! They quickly moved onto the Bowling Alley, when Jane decided to invite Josh over to celebrate with them, of course she hadn’t really expected him to say yes so when he said that he had nothing better to do he decided to come. Of course Jane would argue that she invited Josh for Martin’s sake and wanted them to talk more and get along, but deep down it was secretly for her. While waiting in line for her turn at the pins, Jane bumped into a very cute guy by the name of Lance Fairchild (blonde, red top and green glasses…we all know the one) and they talked and laughed quite loudly. (Jane’s a social butterfly, she loves meeting new people)

Martin was playing pool, Jane was talking to Lance and Allegra was in the bathroom when who should decide to come to the Bowling Alley right at that second? ... Gordon Wolosenko. Allegra laughed to herself when she saw Gordon standing there in his business suit looking powerful and strong… he sure as hell stuck out from the crowd. When she walked over, he smiled at her and they starting making out in front of everyone, they soon decided to move their intimate moment to behind the Bowling Alley building where ACR kicked in and they woohooed…Classy.

Josh finally came down, and talked to Martin and they were at least civil with one another yet again. Furthermore, Jane and Josh talked quite a bit which led to Josh indirectly expressing that Jane looked good now that she had lost the weight and even thought she looked hot now. Jane was happy with that somewhat backhanded compliment, she also expressed liking him but Josh seemed to have gone to his default look and didn’t seem to be listening to which Jane just sighed. (Jane and Josh became best friends, and she wants to ask him out on a date but is scared he’ll say no)

Mid-term finals were upon the three students and all nighters were pulled to get their assignments and revision completed. Jane, Martin and Allegra all managed to get on the Dean List respectively, and Jane has started to save some money in order to rent a flat for when she graduates in the Winter, and has already started pulling together furniture for her new apartment. It will soon mean that Martin and Allegra may not be about to afford the place on their own and may have to move when they enter their 2nd year at University.


Back at the main hood the Dreamer household was spent with Darren painting Daisy in her pregnancy glory, as he wanted both of them to mark this moment, which led to Darren maxing his creativity. Today was also Dirk’s last day at home before he went off to University, so when Dirk came back from his last day from work he and Darren packed his things so that Dirk could get a taxi to Sim State.

The reason Darren didn’t drive him was because Daisy could go into labour at any moment and he wanted to be there to care for her and their new baby. Daisy made Dirk promise that he would come and visit them, his future baby sister or brother and Cate when he could. Dirk had no choice but to agree of course. Earlier while Dirk and Darren had been packing his things, Dirk had invited over Cate for them to spend some of the afternoon/evening together before he left. They woohooed, and Dirk asked Cate to wait for him… really Dirk? That’s what you’re going to do to the girl? Of course Cate agreed to wait for him, and promised him that she wouldn’t cheat on him.

(Hmmm…I don’t know about this, I mean I can’t imagine Dirk as the cheating type but is he really going to stay faithful when he’s at university being tempted by all those beautiful girls…Dirk going to University is going to be a test for their relationship that’s for sure.)

Dirk said goodbye to everyone, and later that night left for his new adventure at Sim State. After Dirk had left, Daisy decided that it was time to talk to Darren about the loans he had taken out and how they were going to pay for it while dealing with a new baby and of course Dirk’s fees (which they can’t afford, so Dirk will have to get a part time job at university). Daisy decided to push Darren into selling his paintings and turn it into a real business or at least get a higher paying job, of course Darren argued back that if she was able to do her dream job why couldn’t he.

(Money drama may be an issue with Darren and Daisy Dreamer it seems)


While Jen was moping…I mean cleaning the house, Daisy and Elle stopped by the house for which Jen invited them in for lunch. The women talked about babies, which led to Daisy asking the awkward question of whether Jen had decided if her and John were going to have a 3rd child? Jen answered that question with a firm NO. Little did she know that something was about to happen.

John’s job as a Crime Investigator was pushing him to his limits; his job was requiring him to take more risks especially lately as there was an increase in crime in the downtown area. But it seems that maybe John may be able to hack it at his new position due to a lack in judgement (Judgement to me is a lack in logic - see how I worked in the skills needed for the job into this mini-story… very proud) which led him to make a mistake while on the job which meant that his captain had to demote him. John came home that day depressed and annoyed at himself for having made the mistakes he made while on the job, when he walked in the house he knew that Lucy would have gone by now to work so went upstairs to check on Toby.

What he saw made him realise that his job didn’t prepare him for anything…his wife was lying on the floor clutching her stomach. This led John to go into panic mode and call his brother in law and the ambulance, Daniel came over and brought his friend Don who John knew as the local doctor or paramedic in Pleasantview. Jen had been complaining of cramps all day, but John had not heard as he had been tending to Toby at the time. Don confirmed to everyone that Jen had suffered a miscarriage much to the shocked faces of Jen and John, when Don left and Daniel stayed a little longer to make sure his sister was in capable hands… Jen cried. Not for having just suffered a miscarriage, in fact it was because she was slightly relieved that she was not pregnant.

John tried to comfort her, thinking that Jen was crying because of the loss of their unborn baby, when Jen told him that wasn’t the case and told him the reason for her crying. This led to an argument between the two, which left both Jen and John more depressed than before.

Unbeknown to Lucy of the tension between her parents, when she had returned home that night she didn’t get the chance to tell her parents that she had done so well in her monitoring that the man in charge had decided to give her a promotion as a ‘First Aid Paramedic’, this meant that Lucy could work with young children at the local hospital.

Too many issues are coming to the surface it seems? Maybe not everyone in Pleasantview is indeed happy.

P.S. I've realised yet again that I'm a real slow player, and my drama in my neighbourhood is alot more subtle that some other people's games. I'm trying to change that a bit, so that people don't get bored of my Sims. I hope that's not the case.:lol:


16th Jun 2013, 2:31 PM
I love her dress! The pink one, that is. Where did you get it?
Poooo, there you ask me something. I can't find the name of the dress or who created the mesh. The image with the dress didn't come up with a description in CAS or when I clicked a cloathing rack for buying clothes. If you have any other idea how I could look for more info on the dress, maybe I could provide you with a link where to get it.

16th Jun 2013, 3:04 PM
Poooo, there you ask me something. I can't find the name of the dress or who created the mesh. The image with the dress didn't come up with a description in CAS or when I clicked a cloathing rack for buying clothes. If you have any other idea how I could look for more info on the dress, maybe I could provide you with a link where to get it. Nah...don't worry about it - I just liked it and thought you might know. Thanks for trying. :)

17th Jun 2013, 1:41 AM
Next up was the Monty Ranch. Mercutio was able to find a Architecture job at level 9 because of his degree and skills, but because he is also missing some skills, he didn't get promoted during this rotation. (His LTW is to get to the top of the Architecture field, so I'm sort of taking time with those skills so he doesn't get them too soon.) Miranda still wasn't able to find a job in the Journalism career, and since the household has a decent amount of money there is no real need for her to get a job in a different field. The twin girls became toddlers, and Patrizo and Isabella are close to the end of their life bars.

Romeo and Juliette's lot was pretty quiet. Juliette rolled the want for a baby, so I had them try for a baby and heard baby chimes. She was able to get one promotion before she went on maternity leave. Romeo didn't roll the want for a baby, and his wants were pretty much all over the place.

Juliette gave birth to a girl named Luce with blonde hair (both have recessive genes for blonde hair) and gray eyes.

Puck and Hermia graduated from college, moved into a house, got married and were able to find jobs right away in their LTW fields.

I had moved Beatrice Monty and Hal Capp into the same dorm, and when I went to play them he had a want to get engaged to her. I had her propose to him and he accepted. (I generally have him take her last name when they get married.) Beatrice is doing a Literature major and Hal is doing Physics.

Benedick Monty and Bottom Summerdream are in the same dorm, and he must have heard gossip about his twin getting engaged because he wanted to get engaged to her. I had him propose and she accepted. Benedick is doing a drama major and Bottom is also doing a physics major.

Desdemona moved into a dorm with a CAS Sim that matches her turn ons, but not much has happened in regards to their relationship yet. She declared a Drama major, and Greg rolled the want for a Physics major.

I was a little grouchy yesterday and wanted the elders to die, so I played a little out of turn with two houses. Consort died of old age without problems. He wasn't permaplat, but still got a Platinum grave stone from being in Platinum aspiration at the time of his death. Tybalt finally went to work and got to the top of the Oceanography career and got his LTW.

I had more problems with Patrizio and Isabella. They both had a LTW of Six Grand Children and Bianca had Anna and Julie giving them the six grandchildren. The first time they died, Patrizio died first so he had a Platinum gravestone, but Isabella had a plain gray gravestone. She had a fear of Patrizio dying, and the fear seemed to have knocked her out of Platinum despite the LTW being filled. I exited without saving. Tried again, and this time Isabella died first Platinum, I used the Sim Blender to Max the Aspiration of all on lot during the Grim Reaper ritual and Patrizio did get a Platinum gravestone. I saved and used the Night Life move all graves method to move the graves to the cemetery off lot.

Edit to add more info:
Back in rotation was Antonio's lot. He had the want to buy a vacation home, and he still had the map to the Witch Doctor's hut in his Inventory, so I had him buy a vacation home in Twikki Island. I had him increase his mechanical skill points so he could fix mechanical stuff without getting electrocuted and sent him on vacation to modify the vacation home. (I never have understood why that is a requirement.) He was able to fix the Witch Doctor's stuff and get the voodoo doll.

I sent him to South End Beach, but the pirate captain didn't show up after several times plundering the cabin so I sent Antonio home. He had a good vacation despite the pirate captain.

Back home he was able to get a couple more promotions. I plan to move Benedick and Bottom in with him after they graduate.

Bianca's aspiration wasn't as low as I feared when I opened her lot. I've seen it in the red in the past after her parents died, but this time it was still low gold. She and Juan worked without too much chaos. Anna seems to be bringing everyone her age home: Beth Capp and Catherine Capp (Kent Capp's twin daughters), Corin Capp and Helena Summerdream and rolling wants to be friends and best friends with all of them. Julie learned how to study from Juan. Julie didn't seem as interested in bringing other kids home as Anna.

Anna is one day away from being a teen, so she'll become a teen next rotation.

Goneril got the biggest inheritance from Consort, and constantly had the fear of him being a zombie the whole time I played her lot. I have a play rule of the dead stay dead no matter what, so there is no danger of the fear being filled. She rolled wants for skills she needed to get a promotion. She's further up in the criminal field, so it's taking her more skills to get promoted.

Ariel got the logic scholarship and the creativity scholarship, so those plus the good grades scholarship meant to me that she was in good enough shape to go to college. She went at the end of the rotation and moved into a dorm with a CAS Sim that matches her turn ons. She was able to declare a math major right off instead of waiting since she had one of every skill.

Regan and Cornwall both had the LTW of getting to the top of the Intelligence field, and they both did reach the top by the end of this rotation, giving both their LTW. I made them take turns teaching Nathan his toddler skills when they weren't skilling for work.

Corin became a Teen and Nathan became a Child.

17th Jun 2013, 10:35 AM
The slums were awful. It smelled bad everywhere. And sometimes people fell from the windows. Rusty water had leaked from the pipes and discolored the plaster and mortar. The inside was not better. The wallpaper was loose in some places. The floors were dirty and worn. The boards were cracked and you got splinters in the feet when walking. Contessa Angie had started to excercise a little while everyday because she wanted to become fit, and today was no exception. She jumped rope for 15 minutes. (Easy) She then took a bath and contemplated the recent tragic events which had occured in her household. Her beloved, Jasmyn mazzas ex husband had passed away and left her with the 3 kids and the nightclub and the house in the slums. Contessa Angie sighed deeply. She washed her left arm to begin with. She knew that she would have to wash the rest of her body as well but she had a severe depression and it would take some time...
Much later she got up from the bath and washed and blow dried her hair. When she got out from the bathroom it was perfectly combed and shiny as usual. They might be living in the slums but a lady must look proper always especially a noblewoman like Contessa Angie. She checked on Alan and Amy. They were busy with their rabbit head. The rabbit was very beneficial for their psychosocial development so contessa angie allowed them to play with it as much as they wanted. They smelled very bad so probably needed a diaper change but it would have to wait. contessa angie started to make her way to the kitchen. She needed some sustenance. On the counter she found a hamburger which was cold but there was nothing wrong with it, otherwise. The kitchen was quite shabby, and there was no ventilation so food smells lingered for several hours. However the grass looked very green and beautiful outside the window. Contessa angie finished the hamburger and wiped her mouth. She sighed and longed to be in her nightclub. She loved DJing and watching the guests dance, well, sometimes they just sat down on the floor, but this was nice too, besides, she had not started charging them. In the long run, she probably should try to generate some profit because, otherwise what was the point of running a business??

18th Jun 2013, 4:00 AM
After a delay for reasons detailed in my signature, I'm back to playing! At the Oasis Dorm, Stella Terrano tried to focus on anything other than the creeping misery of being away from her own kind -- seeing PT #9 at the wedding had only made it worse. Ophelia had left Evermore the hawk, and Stella dutifully fed it and was happy to clean the cage, but she didn't want to socialize with that thing. She neglected to pay the bills, and the chair at the computer got confiscated, so she had to drag one in from the dining hall. She got good grades, but she is hating her very existence.


Frances Worthington went on a date with a Secret Society guy and also one with that old professor from last time. He went bowling with the Secret Society guy, and got to see Crumplebum bowling; he took the professor to Sims Gone Wired, which was also amusing. They slow danced and kissed quite a bit after eating lunch together upstairs, while a crowd gathered...to hang out by the host's podium! Um, is there not a better place to hang out than on the floor of a crowded restaurant? Frances ate so much cake on his dates (it's all he orders on dates!) that he lost his fitness, but he'll probably get it back. At any rate, between the professor in love with him and the Energizer he got with some of the aspiration from the dates, he breezed through with perfect Dean's List grades again. Yes, he's cheating -- it's the kind of person he is. Whether he'd actually go so far as trading WooHoo for grades is another matter...


The guys at the Oresha-Hoh-Var Fraternity had a much harder time -- both Matthew Hart and Mickey Dosser were so tired and bored that they got in a vicious cycle that made it hard for them to get any needed skill points. Matthew finally got enough charisma by talking to himself in the mirrors at the gym and pool after he got in a better mood, but Mickey stayed cranky and just couldn't learn enough cooking watching the cooking channel on TV; he kept changing the station to sports. The house was such a shambles that they spent most of their time hanging around campus lots to avoid thinking of cleaning, and hopefully put off the bills being overdue until they could pay a few of them...but they were out of luck. The repo man took the bathtub and a wall light just before finals.

Mickey was expelled, which he wasn't too upset about -- he was sick of school. Matthew scraped through, and the experience of having to struggle to learn changed him; he realized that though he wasn't good at learning, he found it interesting enough that he wanted to understand it better. In short, he became a Knowledge Sim!

18th Jun 2013, 5:30 PM
Is there a folder where all the houses you've downloaded are saved in? I want to make a backup of the houses that I have incase I have to start over.

Peni Griffin
18th Jun 2013, 5:34 PM

ETA: When I answered that I assumed I was in "random questions." I should make this a legit "what's happening now" post. Let's see - Dave Ottomas had his teen birthday party and grew up. His parents had filled the house with relatives and their friends with teen or almost-teen children, so he checked out Pearl Onions, scoped the room, and made a beeline for Guadalupe Newson. His grandmother Sue Casa got into a fight with his best friend Dior's sister, Georgette Skirt, but once the dust cleared his parents were able to keep them separated. Dove Hawkins got trapped upstairs (somebody left a chip bag in front of the spiral staircase!) and amused herself smustling in the bathroom and jumping on David and Susana's bed.

Since her brother-in-law moved out, Helen Wheels was home alone all day monitoring her plummeting pregnancy needs. Her husband Daniel went to work, but when he came home he invited Gerry Mander and his wife Sparrow over, hoping that pregnant Helen and new mother Sparrow could bond over women stuff. Instead they played SSX3, but hey, as long as Helen's happy and comfortable the mission was accomplished, right? In the wee hours of the morning Daniel went looking for his dream job and found it - he's now a lounge singer!

And the Bubblers did not get haunted, which is good, because they've been haunted for a couple of rotations now and were about at the ends of their ropes. Ty invited the Phoenix household over, Sam invited the Spitzigs, and everyone smustled, ate, played darts, and sat in the hot tub. The Phoenix cat, Dumbledore, was invited, too, and he at least did not fight with the Bubblers' cat, Sopa.

18th Jun 2013, 7:08 PM
Two new families in the neighborhood, the Parkers and the Mitchels.

The Mitchels consist of father Dustan, his daughter Jillian, and Jillian's daughter Rebeccah with Randy London. Dustan is a stay at home father/grandfather who sells his flower arrangements for a living. His daughter Jillian is now in college though she was just a toddler when they moved in. She is currently in a dorm with Randy and their mutual friend Orlando Centowski.

When the three first went to college Jillian was in love with Randy and was in a committed relationship with him. Orlando, though, had the hots for Jillian bad and kept trying to kiss her. She turned him down again and again while Randy was around but if Randy was asleep or if Orlando and Jillian were alone in Jillian's room she would be all over Orlando. Randy caught them once so now he hates them both. Orlando saw his chance and asked Jillian to marry him. They are now engaged.

Next door to the Mitchels are the Parkers. They consist of Jessica and Sara - best friends who moved here to follow their dreams. Sara is a Romance sim who, thanks to ACR, began sating her lust hours after they moved in with a random townie who walked by. Jessica is a family sim who wishes to settle down, get married, and have a house full of children.

However, one night both were lonely and they ended up making out with each other in Sara's bedroom. They have crushes on each other now, though they both want to continue on their own paths. The big question is if they will eventually settle down with each other or if Jessica will end up finding somebody who wants her and only her and give her the family she always wanted.

18th Jun 2013, 7:20 PM
Kent Capp didn't want to go on vacation, but I sent him to Twikki Island anyway because I was concerned that South End Beach had become glitched after Antonio Monty wasn't able to get the ghost of the pirate captain to come out after 6 or 7 times of plundering the captains quarters. It took Kent a few tries, but the ghost of the pirate captain did come out and he learned the Sea Chantey. Kent also had enough mechanical skill points from his job to safely fix the witch doctor's stuff to get the voodoo doll. He had a good vacation.

When he got back home he rolled the want to Hula dance, and I had him Hula to his home stereo. Beth and Catherine autonomously joined him, and I learned that children can get vacation mementos (they got mementos from learning how to Hula dance).

Kent and Christa were able to get to Level 9 of their careers this rotation, and may get to level 10 next rotation. Beth and Catherine kept rolling wants to talk to Anna Monty and bringing her home from school. They got an A+ in school and Christa was at home to cheer them while Kent was at work.

The twins are 2 days away from teen, so they will age up next rotation.

Titania Summerdream received a small inheritance from Consort Capp when I opened the Summerdream lot. She wants to become Captain Hero but seems to be struggling to get the skills needed to get promoted (she's at level 8 right now and needs several logic and body skills to get promoted). Oberon did get to the top of the Journalism career and reached his LTW.

Helena got an A+ in school which made herself and the adults happy. She's 1 day away from aging up to teen, so she'll become a teen next rotation.

I had started the rotation at the Capp Manor for Consort to die of old age, but didn't finish it. I went back now to finish it. Tybalt wanted to learn parenting while Xandria worked out to get her aspiration up.

Tybalt had reached the top of the Oceanography career and his LTW previously, and he went to work while Xandria had the day off. She taught Cassio his toddler skills and also wanted to learn parenting.

When the time came for Constance to age up to toddler, she kept refusing to age up for Tybalt while Xandria was at work. Tybalt autonomously kept trying and she kept refusing. She didn't age up until Xandria got home to age her up after 11pm. (Argh. Why do Sim babies do that?)

The Monty Ranch was a nightmare. I hate Sim toddlers and twin toddlers suck worse. Mercutio still managed to get promoted despite dealing with the twin terrors and reached his LTW, and Miranda was able to finally find a level 8 Journalism job. They managed to teach the twins their all their toddler skills and I aged the twins up one day early just to get it over with.

Romeo and Juliette's lot was much more manageable. They must have ACR tried for baby because I heard baby chimes right after I opened the lot. They both went to work the first day and both got promoted to level 8. Juliette went on maternity leave and Romeo didn't get another promotion because of lacking skills.

Luce became a toddler without any problems, and Juliette gave birth to another girl named Jessica. I did remember to use the batbox to roll the pacifier, so Jessica has black hair and light blue eyes (Romeo has recessive genes for light blue eyes from Claudio).

19th Jun 2013, 4:00 AM
There were just too many distractions at the Tri-Fruhm Sorority -- while Jessie Pilferson was able to get her drinking somewhat under control and try to get off academic probation, the other three slacked off a great deal. DJ Verse got Zoe Zimmerman into the sorority and did some studying, but she was finding her time overly taken up by Jessie's demands. Despite Sarah Love being on academic probation, she just couldn't be bothered to actually do schoolwork much of the time. She'd rather play marco polo with Monica Bratford...and have other kinds of fun with her as well. A cheerleader who DJ wanted to get into the sorority brought over Peter Ottomas...yes, she brought him to a sorority house! He ogled the girls, even though they've pretty much paired up with each other, but was uninterested in the one who was interested in him: Jessie! I know Sims don't really care about faces (Goopy GilsCarbo and Brandon Lillard are considered hotties!), but Jessie's hatchet face and femme fatale attitude combined seem a bit too much for anyone not under the influence of...*cough*...chemical aids to seduction...*cough*. Anyway, Peter still hung around in his swimsuit until 2 AM.

Jessie had Zoe bring over Jasmine Rai and Johnny Smith in hopes of finding something...er...someone who'd get in bed with her, and found herself falling for Jasmine, who was showing off her newly purple-streaked hair. However, Jasmine had eyes only for Johnny, and he accepted her flirting! There may be trouble in that house, especially after Ophelia graduates... Jasmine was happy to cheat multiple times at marco polo with Jessie, but had no interest in her otherwise.

So...the fated moment...finals! The good news is that Jessie got a C rather than being expelled, and realized that she should focus on more than the most intimate pleasures of the flesh if she actually wanted to be satisfied. Hopefully she'll be better as Pleasure than Romance...

The bad news is that DJ and Monica got on academic probation, Sarah got expelled, and Monica couldn't even say goodbye to her because she was having a breakdown in front of the other girls and some walkbys. So, Sarah's going to have to find a place to stay suitable for a "good girl", and Monica left just after her, exiled for the rest of her school career to a spartan asylum dorm I'm setting up. Now I have another dilemma; will moving Zoe in with the sorority make matters worse or better in the Johnny-Jasmine situation?

19th Jun 2013, 7:26 AM
I'm playing The Sims Castaway Stories, and right now there are about 8 newborn babies floating around. Gotta love having a bunch of single adults with no kids to quickly deal with, lol.

Peni Griffin
19th Jun 2013, 12:30 PM
Last night, James Phoenix brought Dior Skirt home from school and I realized that the dining room in my House of Fallen Trees is decorated in alien-skintone-green. Even though Dior is about to turn teen and this was first day of school they made friends watching TV and laughing at the clothes the actors were wearing. I'm serious - they'd have fashion speech bubbles and then laugh and point at the screen!

19th Jun 2013, 1:41 PM
I've had these teen boys in my game for a while, Taio and Mansen. They're both a bit odd, and don't really fit in with the others. I introduced them, and they became good friends. They even had a bit of chemistry, but nothing had happened because I wasn't sure if I wanted to pair them up with other people.

On this rotation, I was playing Taio's house. He was going to age up to adult the next day, so Mansen came round for a bit. I thought it was a shame for Taio not to get his first kiss as a teen, so I thought 'why not' and let him kiss Mansen. They fell for each other really quickly, and Taio wanted to go steady with Mansen, so they did. Then the next day, Taio aged up to adult, which was a bit sad for poor Mansen.

A few days later, I was playing Mansen's house. He was close to aging up to an adult, so he invited Taio as one of the party guests. As soon as he aged up, he rolled the fear of getting rejected for suggesting getting engaged to Taio! At this point nothing romantic had even happened, so I thought it was really sweet! Then next thing I know, they were hugging, and they fell in love again. Mansen almost immediately rolled the want to get engaged to Taio.

They are engaged now, and looking for a place of their own. I love whirlwind romances!


20th Jun 2013, 2:02 PM
Time have passed in the Cavanah-Davies home.
Badi isn't a baby any longer. He inherited his father's nose and his skin is tinted as well. He doesn't know his father at all. Except for that one time Darim came by because Bailey had called him, Darim has missed everything in the boy's life. It just looks like that with the failing of his marriage he gave up about raising kids and stay in their lives. He is now more of a womanizer, desperately trying to score with whomever. Bailey isn't scoring anything. She just fullfills her role as a young mother and bringing in her financial share with her part time manager job. She does think about being married sometimes, because she sees what Bobby Jo, her sister, and Keyvan have in their marriage. For her things went so different. From time to time it felt unfair but Bailey is too busy with Badi to think about Darim much.

Keyvan is on the verge of becoming a bit known filmstar. His total career was fixated on the theater, but now he transferred to television. Csonka Canon is proud they now have some sort of celebrity living amongst them.

His teenage daughter Belle and Chaz Dumitru have something going now. They go to the same school together and she had heard what happened to his dad. Murdered in his own home and Chaz had found him lying on the floor. She first felt sorry for him and therefor she treated him extra nicely. He had started to trust her as his confidente and they became friends. She really liked him and thought it was a good idea to have some fun somewhere, for distraction of the situation. She asked him out. He accepted and they fell in love that evening. This night they are out together again. To the Simplex Club in town. Belle was very eager and happy to make out with Chaz. In the rest room of the club slash disco. Aunt Romy Dumitru walked in. She didn't see anything inappropriate, because they only did it before she came in, when she was in the toilet cubicle and after she walked out. Romy isn't stupid. She had looked at the couple and known what was going on.

Belle brought Chaz home in the family car. He nodded slighty yes, when she asked him to stay the night, in her bedroom. While everybody was busy downstairs, including Noni Haydon and Sara Beth Davies, sister of Keyvan, upstairs Belle and Chaz had their first time. After, he was up all night because all that love, intimicy and espresso had left him full of energy. He came in handy. He got bored, everybody else was sleeping, so he unclocked the toilet and fed the two toddlers and one or two other house chores. He stayed halfway through sunday and then went home. You could say Belle and Chaz are experiencing an amorous adventure. Nobody knows yet they slept together. They just accepted the sleepover.

Next door family neighbor Sara Beth Davies and her husband Marcel Magee.
Sara Beth had visited Bobby Jo and Keyvan to invite Keyvan over for the next evening, because Marcel wished so. When Keyvan arrived, he couldn't wait to dive in their pool. It caused Marcel to dive after him, because he had wanted to tell an inside joke to Keyvan.

Child daughter Shasta met Elmer in school. Elmer had come into Micah and Duwar's life as the third foster child. He had told to his new (foster) brother Zacharias he was made by aliens. He had to tell something to explain where he came from, he himself doesn't know. He had never seen his parents and had never knew them. Suddenly CPS needed a new home for him. Reason unknown and the books are sealed. Micah and Duwar just accepted. They have opened their home for unfortunate children. Elmer also had to go to a new school. The same as Shasta is going. She invited him over in the weekend.
Dunya Akbari brought him and stayed. She's his aunt now, because Duwar adopted Elmer. Duwar had asked Dunya to bring him, because he was home alone with the other two kids: Zacharias and Demi. Micah was at work. Dunya decided to stay, her kids were taken care of by the oldies in the old people's home. She didn't need to work and had all the time in the world. Hana Akbari came right behind her mother and her new step nephew to stay too. Shasta and Elmer spend a lot of time together, but Hana started to ask attention from Shasta as well. As soon as no one paid attention to Elmer for a little while, he first took a swim, stepped out of the pool and got a temper tantrum.
Later he behaved again.

Shelby is now a toddler. She shares a room with her bigger sister Shasta. Marcel and Sara Beth expanded their daughters' bedroom, to give them more space. The room is even somewhat divided in two by placing half a wall. Every sister has her own corner.

Marcel had heard from Connor McCrae that he identified his father's ring. Plus the police would open an investigation, because one man played a role in three mysteries. It was enough to catch the interest of some police detectives. That one man was ofcourse Marcel's father. Tough to deal with as a son. The police is very eager to look into Ben Magee and even more eager to interrogate him. First they had to find him, but Ben seemed very good in hiding.

New puppies are born at the Dumitru-Magee residence, where Romy and Frank live. The puppies got called: Bingo, Blossom and Morse, all with last name Holmes, as a reminder Bearlock Holmes is the donor father. Foxy Red went to the pet shelter. She became a burden. Just as Nooboo had acted, Foxy had started to pester the other animals too.

It was a sunday and Ruby wanted company. She invited Noni Haydon and Briar Dumitru, her nephew. Briar brought Hana Akbari along. She and Ruby are childhood enemies, but for now they buried the hedges and played one round of chess together.
Hana really wanted to swim, but that dive board was way too scary. It didn't come up in her mind to use the poolsteps. Briar experienced the same with the dive board and didn't take a chance either.
Romy paid attention to the new borns. She got a special feeling for Bingo and wants to keep him.
Frank, Marcel's brother, just wants to see his wish come true. To see 20 puppies grow up. He didn't care they just got new puppies. He isn't getting any younger. They needed more puppies. Bearlock Holmes therefor got ordered to get puppies with Malley.
Briar, Noni and Romy were very excited if the match would take. The trio encouraged Bearlock and Malley with success. Soon there will come more puppies.

In the mean time, the other puppies all had peed in the yard and that had to get mopped. Briar was the one who had to clean it up. 'All good and well to do some chore for my aunt Romy, but this task sure makes me hungry!' Briar tought. He decided to go home, before he got ordered to do more tasks. Hana took off as well.

Frank desperately wanted another image. Wearing his leather jacket and crumpled jeans, the other residents might think he was scum like his father. He took his car to pay a visit to Csonka Plaza.
He had his measure taken for a suit and finally looked like a man his age. Meanwhile Darim had arrived on the premises too. He was still very angry about the divorce, which was fought out in court already. He got visitation rights. He had the right to come to the old people's home to see his children, but that didn't go untainted and plain sailing yet.

Frank did spot his sister at the plaza, but ignored her. He blames her for hiding their father as a fugitive, which cost his nephews and niece their father and made his father a murderer.

21st Jun 2013, 3:19 AM
The Summerdream-Gossamers fretted, groused at each other, and discovered that being high-and-mighty is all very well, but somebody could at least make a few meals and clean up every once in a while! Oberon's excuse for spending most of the day painting was that he wanted to be good enough to paint a picture of Titania and the baby when they got home, leading to Puck, who was shepherding Bottom out to the school bus, giving him a dirty look and muttering something that sounded like, "shouldn't you say 'if'?" Puck brought back a townie boy when he got back from school, and was very ashamed that the house still had dirty cereal bowls on the table, rotten cereal on the counter, and cookie bags strewn around the hall. And the state of the bathrooms... He hastily sent the townie to the hot tub while he scrubbed the toilets, and by the time Bottom came home, the place was tidy enough that she didn't see any reason not to do some of her homework.

Oberon channelled his worry into swapping his face-paint for elegant blue eye-shadow and glittery lashes, ate some chips, practised magic a bit, and went to bed. Puck, despite having next to no understanding of how a kitchen worked, made vegetable soup for himself and Bottom. Unfortunately, he was still terribly upset about Hermia cheating on him, so he burnt the soup -- and while he insisted it was edible, Bottom made faces and gagging sounds the whole meal. Both of them had to admit that it was over-salted, even though Puck insisted he'd followed the recipe in Oberon's magazine to the letter, aside from the burning...but the townie boy wandered in, helped himself to a bowl, and said it only tasted slightly burnt and the seasoning was just fine. "Humans lack taste buds," Puck said, putting the remains of the soup in the fridge; it was disgusting, but leftovers meant he wouldn't have to cook again until at least dinner the next evening. Both he and Bottom still want to do things with Otis, but the police have more important things to do than try to find a stolen dog. Bottom said she'd turn Consort in if she knew where he was, if only it would get Otis back.


At the Monty Ranch Isabella Monty had trouble trying to figure out where to put the two large, wall-mounted TVs she'd bought at Electronics Superstore. She settled for putting one in the master bedroom, visible from bed, and one in the kitchen...visible from the counter over the dishwasher. Yep, there's a chair OMSP on that counter now -- plates tend to be put on the counter at the other side of the room, so it's pretty much safe from disturbing imagery unless someone uses the dishwasher while it's being sat on. At any rate, it's the only place to put it in the unpleasantly-planned house without serious rearrangement or new furniture purchases, and it's either sit on the counter or stand in the middle of the kitchen, blocking people's way.

Romeo wanted to see Juliette, but knew inviting her over would be a bad idea. Therefore, he went to church, a destination nobody could find fault with, and spent his time there hoping she'd show up, while flirting with anyone he found at all interesting. He didn't go alone, though; on a rather stupid whim, he brought Roux, even though there was deep snow on the ground. Roux, disdaining the snow, strolled into the church and seated herself on a chair in the front row, where she stayed for quite a while. Aside from her rather startling presence, she did nothing disturbing, not scratching anything, and even helping with the disposal of discarded plates from the buffet by consuming their contents! Romeo eventually went to play poker in the vestry with Father Laurence, Jason Greenman, and Lazlo Curious. Needless to say, the conversation turned to non-humans and babies, much to Romeo's disgust and Laurence's fascination. Laurence eventually managed to get a private moment with Romeo when Romeo belatedly realized he shouldn't let his brother's cat wander off, and cautiously asked if the gossip was true about him and Juliette Capp being engaged. Romeo, thrilled to hear something related to his own life, went into a delighted discussion of her many wonderful properties, remembering that he was speaking to a priest slightly too late. However, Laurence was neither shocked nor disapproving; instead he said that he was glad at least they were making love rather than war, and that he'd help them in any way he could. ((Well, OK, Romeo got enthusiastic when talking about love and kissing with Laurence, and Laurence listened kindly, and I mapped their behaviour to the play.))

Once home, Romeo, along with Mercutio, went to work. Mercutio dealt with some rich kids in a creative way (he's a rich kid himself, he knows what they're like), and got a creativity point and a promotion. When they got back, it was siesta time for their grandparents, so they also took naps. Mercutio and Isabella woke up first, and while she arranged a family get-together, he issued a challenge to Tybalt, by way of a call to Hermia: "I know you're out of jail. Meet me Downtown, and we'll duke this out." He told Isabella he was going to get a cell phone, then headed Downtown to meet Tybalt and Hermia. They went to Cold Issue Clothing, but instead of heading around the back for a fight out of sight, Mercutio rushed inside to greet a salesgirl he recognized from when he bought his game player. Tybalt got more and more frustrated as Mercutio chatted with the girl, and he seized his chance when Mercutio went to the toilet. While he washed his hands, Tybalt snuck up on him, then poked and shoved him. But did they brawl in the toilets? No, Mercutio walked out to hold hands with Hermia, who had been talking with Circe Beaker. Tybalt followed him out and tackled him for "disgracing my sister, Monty!" A punch-up, dust-cloud fight ensued, to the delight of Circe and the bland interest of Hermia. Gabe O'Mackey walked out of the toilets, saw the fight, and ran back in to hide, glad he doesn't have to worry about teaching those kids. The shopgirl was thrilled, especially when Mercutio trounced Tybalt. However, since he didn't bring a Monty posse to intimidate witnesses, he's got a court date and Tybalt is the "innocent victim" -- nobody but Hermia was present for the beginning of the fight, so they didn't see him tackle Mercutio.

Mercutio lost the Capps, who were squabbling good-naturedly by this time, and went home alone...and found himself walking into the dining room (which looks really chilly with the arches and the snow outside!) to see Isabella, Antonio, Bianca, and Jason Larson enjoying lobster at the table, while Patrizio stood nearby, joining in the conversation if not the eating. All eyes were on him...and then Bianca, gesturing at her still-disfigured face, made a crack that she wasn't the only one who Isabella should be giving the names of top plastic surgeons. Isabella was a little more direct, demanding to know how he could go out to buy a cell phone and come back with a black eye and split lip.

"I got mugged," was Mercutio's excuse. "Probably by Capp flunkies... Hey, I didn't know you were so much better, Aunt Bianca!"

"Stop changing the subject!" Isabella snapped. "You were fighting again, weren't you? Just like your father...come to a sticky end like him too, if you don't watch out..."

That led to Patrizio vehemently defending Claudio's honour, Isabella berating him for continuing the feud that was threatening to lose them their children and grandchildren, and Jason gawking in fascinated horror. "Don't worry," Antonio told him, leaning across the table. "Yelling is a traditional dessert in this family."

The evening actually ended well, since Isabella invited over Beatrice and Benedick to show Patrizio how much the younger generation was growing up. They refused to be drawn into the quarrel, and by the time Isabella headed for bed, she had to turn off the bedroom TV and shoo the twins, Romeo, Bianca, and Jason out so she could sleep (Mercutio was taking a shower). Antonio and Patrizio ended up watching an old movie in the kitchen (Patrizio got the counter, Antonio stood) and making plans for Mercutio and Romeo's move to college. They'll go together for the sake of safety (and that adorable salesgirl may be sent to join them!)

21st Jun 2013, 7:58 AM
Hermia wanted a baby and must have ACR tried for baby with Puck because I heard baby chimes when I opened their lot. Puck didn't want a baby, and most of the time I like to have both parents on board when it comes to babies.

Hermia also wanted to go on vacation so I had her book a vacation with Puck to Three lakes as a honeymoon. (I wanted to see if going on vacation would get him on board with her about the baby. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This time it didn't.)

I ran into the annoying problem that I commonly have with Puck that every time he tries to learn one of the vacation dances, everyone dancing jumps out of queue. I got help from Simbology about how to fix it (resetting his dance skill in SimPE, since EAxis in their stupidity didn't update his dance skill for Bon Voyage. They also didn't update Oberon's, and I get the same problem with Oberon.)

They had a good vacation despite the jump errors, and Hermia didn't get any promotions since she went on maternity leave before she went to work. Puck did get several promotions.

Hermia gave birth to a little girl named Robin with red hair and gray eyes. (My game seems to be giving me a lot of girls this time.)

I played Beatrice and Hal through college and got them graduated and married. They moved into their own house since Antonio seems to have a higher relationship with Benedick.

Hal was able to find a job in his LTW field right away but Beatrice wasn't. I didn't do much else with them other than house set up, getting them better clothes and trying to find jobs.

I played Benedick and Bottom through college and got them graduated and moved into Antonio's lot.

Desdemona wasn't rolling any kind of college wants when I opened her dorm lot, but she did have a date want. I improved her relationship with Greg (the CAS Sim I moved into the same dorm as her) to the point she could ask him on a date, and the date went well. They both wanted to woohoo by the end (I wish there was a way that Sims could woohoo without unlocking their dorm door, the damn inactive dorm mates kept trying to sleep in Desdemona's bed while she was in class.) and both wanted to get engaged by the end of the dream date. She proposed and he accepted, but the date was cut short by her needing to go to class. I didn't have room for the instruments she wanted inside the dorm, so I put them outside and the damn things kept getting hit by lightning and catching on fire. Grr. I wish there was a way to turn weather off through the options panel like there is in Sims 3. No weather mods for Sims 2 don't work at all.

I didn't quite graduate them in trying to keep up age differences.

Ariel and her dorm mate Darren (a CAS Sim I made) flirted a little, but they were mainly focused on their class work. They got through to their junior year without any major wants for each other.

Antonio's lot is first in the main rotation, and Benedick and Bottom immediately ACR tried for baby when I opened his lot again. Antonio wanted to buy a vacation home and Benedick and Bottom wanted to go on vacation, so I had Antonio buy a vacation home in Three Lakes and sent Benedick and Bottom there for their honeymoon. They both had wants for the baby by the end of the vacation, which I locked. They had a good vacation.

Antonio had wants for an orchard tree and garden plots, so I bought them to try out gardening in Sims 2. He also had a want to buy new clothes, so I sent him down town since he was 2 days away from elder and probably needed a better grow up outfit (I have a mod that allows elders to wear adult clothes, so he could buy an outfit as an adult and still be able to wear it as an elder.) Once down town he rolled the want to go on a date, and I had a dilemma. There were only adult women and I didn't want him to marry an adult woman that was going to way out live him, so I had him go home and created an elder in CAS and moved her into the lot.

Antonio and Melissa (the elder I created) have two bolts and had a dream date and ended up married. I was amused by the way Bottom was looking at them during their date.

Antonio and Melissa wanted to go on vacation, so I sent them to Antono's vacation home in Three Lakes for their honey moon. They had a good vacation.

Bottom was able to find a job in her LTW field, and went to work once but didn't get promoted because of lacking skills. Benedick wasn't able to find a job in his LTW field until just before I quit for the night.

Antonio became an elder, and I did need to change his clothes to the ones I had him buy earlier. I was tired and Bottom still has little over 24 hours left of her pregnancy.

Edit: I played through the rest of Bottom's pregnancy this morning. Antonio got promoted and reached his LTW of getting to the top of the entertainment career. Benedick has the same LTW (*sigh* why can't Sims be original?) got a job at mid level. He got promoted to level 6, and Melissa also got promoted. Melissa has the LTW of getting to the top of the journalism career, and since I have Pescado's noagediscrimination mod, she was able to get into the adult Journalism career. She was able to get a couple of promotions during this rotation.

Bottom gave birth to a girl named Maria with brown hair and green eyes.

21st Jun 2013, 9:43 PM
Farina Davies (former Bakalov) and her husband Luka Davies had their hands full with their twins Edu and Erin. That distracted them a bit from the latest news about Ben Magee, who Farina is very familiar with after her encounter with him in the past. It shocked her. She never would have thought Ben could murder someone. But then, she didn't expect him to attack a woman either. It looked like every time they turned a new fact or new info about this horrible man prevailed. She was horrified to learn Ben had returned to Csonka Canon and had lived very close to her, hiding in his daughter's attic. And now he was on the loose again. Who knows what he would do next. She didn't expect him to come back for her anymore, but she did hope he would be caught soon before he would destroy another life.
Farina was mostly at home with the nanny. She had things to do and could use an extra hand with the babies. She had to call the repairman and return a message from her brother Faustin on her answering machine. She talked with him about money and safes. She is really in love with her husband. She wants to have fysical contact with Luka multiple times a day. She's happy with her husband. Especially now he promoted to commissar. His sister came along to celebrate.

Caley McCrae went living on her own. In the former home of the Akbaris. A small house, which she just could afford. She will renovate later. At the moment she's concentrating on her job as lobbyist and her unofficial side business selling pot-holders. She would want to find a partner to celebrate her Silver Wedding one day, but there isn't much fish in the pond. One of her goals is to find that partner.

Darim Akbari is laying schemes. He wants to let it look like he is adapting to the new situation and has become more friendly accordingly. This is all meant to pull wool over Dunya's eyes. When the time is right, he will take his chance. He went out to several clubs but found no one to his taste. Back home he called his daughter Hana. She told him grandpa Amin had passed away. Darim reacted stupid by saying she probably would inherit some money, but there would be no party. After that conversation, he had one with his son Anass. To him he said dead was part of growing up. To toughen someone up.
Another subject is on Darim's mind. He wants six kids, has four and made an arrangement with Didi Frost for the other two. Didi is the woman he picked up at a club. The arrangement is, she will bear the two children he wants. During the pregnancies she will live in his house. She will be a surrogate mom. After both children are born, she will leave with a check as a thank you for the effort. Until then she will combine business with pleasure. The babies will be conceived through natural way. It's hard to tell why Didi agreed to the last part of the agreement. Probably she likes him very much and wishes they will raise a family together. Besides. If Darim wants to sleep with her, while making the babies, he probably must like her too.

22nd Jun 2013, 1:58 PM
I feel like I've made big psychological progress with listening to my sims' wants instead of going with my own. The situation? Justin Kim fell in love with Moira Gavigan, Isaiah's little sister, while he was a teen. The family went on a vacation, and I had Robert make friends with Moira so she could come along as well. I figured Justin is an only child, and it would be a pretty boring vacation for him without his main squeeze along. So the family had a lovely vacation, and Robert even got the voodoo doll!

Fast forward one rotation--Justin goes to college and moves in with Moira, and I let them autonomously flirt, since neither of them rolled wants to do so. No problem, they flirt, hearts aplenty, they seem perfectly happy. Robert and Cynthia are next in the rotation, so I move on to them after sophomore year. Robert wants to invite Moira over, so I figure he must be missing Justin and his girlfriend. I call her up and invite her over, but I don't use "Invite Household," because that won't fulfill the want. I'm kind of hoping that Moira will ask to bring a friend and bring Justin with her, but she doesn't. Oh well, no biggie, after all, Moira is still friends with Cynthia and Robert for their own sakes.

So then, out of nowhere, Robert rolls the want to flirt with Moira. My gut reaction is Holy Major Creeper, Batman, but part of this whole autonomy thing I'm working on is that if my sims want to be creepers, I let them. Maybe that's what was on his mind all along, when he wanted to invite her over. Getting Cynthia out of the way isn't a problem, as it's late in the evening and she can just go to bed, but what worries me is Moira. I don't know if she would be the kind of sim to cheat, and I don't want to force that on her by directing Robert to flirt with her, which I think makes her more likely to accept, since it's a player command? Not sure about that. So at first, I direct him to tell her a dirty joke, and leave them standing there, to see if anything happens autonomously.

Well, it's a no go--Robert keeps wanting to sit in a kitchen chair instead. But since he has the want, I don't want to let that part of his autonomy go to waste, so I'm deciding that I do need to direct him to flirt after all. I'm torn about what flirt to use, but eventually go with the high-level caress, since I'm betting that of all of them, it has the most potential for rejection. Moira is thrilled, and -immediately- after the caress concludes, jumps his bones with a smooch! Here I am, so worried about making her cheat, when it seems like it was on her mind all along, and she was just too worried about overstepping her bounds with her potential father-in-law!

Now that the tricky part of figuring out what the two of them actually wanted is out of the way, I'm rather excited to continue the affair. What makes it even more interesting to me is that none of the sims in question are romance, or even have a romance secondary. Robert is fortune, Cynthia popularity, Justin and Moira are both knowledge. Though I'm thinking after this that maybe Robert at least wants me to go ahead and select romance as his secondary. It would certainly provide a use for that voodoo doll. Hmm. We'll see.

22nd Jun 2013, 6:14 PM

Ashley Pitts’s: Flirty, Confident, Party animal,

Joshua Ruben’s: Natural born performer, Athletic, Slob,

Kevin Beare’s: Clumsy, hopeless romantic, childish,

Castor Nova’s: Brooding, Genius, star quality,

Sims National Day at the Frat house was spent with Castor making breakfast as usual, Kevin sleeping in and Ash and Josh talking about woohoo scenes in films and laughing their heads off. (Think these two are going to live together after graduation). Ash decided to goof off classes and was making his presence known on online chat rooms, where he was meeting fellow college students…of course Ash told Josh that he was just ‘networking’ for future employment. Josh knew better of course.

While Kevin moped around his room also thinking about his future and how he still hasn’t found a girl for himself, Castor decided to spend Sims National Day with Tiffany after classes. Castor took Tiff to a formal dinner and was going to take this opportunity to ask her to be his girlfriend which he had come to the decision while at the Bonfire party, of course he wasn’t going to tell the guys because he knew that they would laugh at him. But he also knew that he couldn’t forget the bet that he made with Ash regarding the bar crawl that they were going to do after finals, but he hoped that he could manipulate the situation to his advantage without having to ‘get’ with anyone…but he needed more time to think about it.

(While Castor and Tiff were having their date, I noticed in the background that a lot of people were having thought bubbles about Don as he walked across the restaurant. I also noticed that Don and Joseph Lowe (Mr Big) were getting on great and in fact both were talking about Nina Caliente, whom Joseph expressed some heart farts and asked Don whether he could introduce him to Nina…interesting. Might have Don to ask Joseph to join the ‘Gentlemen’s club’.) Anyways…the date between Castor and Tiff was a success and Tiff happily agreed to be Castor’s girl and lets’ just say that Castor and Tiff’s casual woohoo cleared out the restaurant pretty fast.:lol:

While Kevin and Castor were at their mid-term exams, Josh invited Jane Stacks over to ask her to help him study. He had been thinking about her ever since they went on that outing together with his brother and that Allegra girl, he liked the way Jane looked now and congratulated her for making it into her final year. (Unbeknown to everyone except Ash, Josh hopes to try and get Jane into bed before she leaves…although he kind of likes her I don’t believe he would ever want a serious relationship with her) Kevin got a B+, and Castor made it onto the Dean’s List yet again. Josh and Ash didn’t do as well and only got a C and C+ respectively.


Carol held a small wake in memory of Herb at the house, for which Daniel and Kaylynn didn’t mind and that both Angela and Lilith came to. Daniel has decided to let Carol stay in the house reassuring Kaylynn that she doesn’t have a lot of time left so it would be mean of them to ask her to move out. While Kaylynn and Carol were busy talking to the family and mourning Herb (whose ghost decided to visit the party too). Daniel was having hard times at work.

Daniel was fired as the Assistant Coach due to a misjudgement and rumours that Daniel had been accepting bribes from players in order to all them to play even if they didn’t have the talent or skills. Now Daniel has left the Llamas, and is now a Team Mascot for the Crows, however luckily for Daniel the Crows didn’t believe the rumours at the Llamas camp and promoted him into the Minor League after working for them for a week. Daniel brought Nolan Baxter home who was on his side and they talked about what Nolan should do about his career. (Might have Nolan move in with Cass so he can be integrated into stories, I mean he’s best friends with Daniel and Don I believe and Cass’s baby daddy so why not)

Meanwhile, Kaylynn was suffering from bad morning sickness but she didn’t care she didn’t need to take a test to know that she was pregnant. Unlike Daniel, Carol was having a good time at work and had been promoted to the top of the career and officially became a Nanny, while at work Carol had bumped into Jan Tellerman and it seemed that Carol had babysat some of Jan’s friend’s babies.

Side Note – Carol attempted to goose Nolan when she came home that night, much to the dismay of both Daniel and Nolan.


Now that Brandi and Kennedy are engaged, it means that Brandi and the rest of the household need to get use to the new dynamics in the house. It also means that the house needs to get updated, so while Lilith and Dustin got to change up their room and Lilly’s. Brandi and Kennedy set about with the rest of the house.

Kennedy has started to make more of an effort with the boys now that he is soon going to be their step-father, which in fact led to the inevitable topic of whether Brandi is willing to have more children with Kennedy, of course with Kennedy still in his prime Brandi knew that he would want to have children while he was still somewhat young and who was Brandi to deny him that. But of course, Brandi isn’t as young or vital as she use to be and knew that if she got pregnant now as she was a mature woman that it would be much harder to cope. Also what Brandi needed to take into consideration was the lack of space in the home for a new baby, with Lilly have taken the spare room if she did indeed get pregnant that would require Dustin, Lilith and Lilly moving out and Brandi wasn’t sure whether she wanted that to happen jus yet.

Of course, Brandi and Kennedy ACR casually on the sofa and now Brandi is indeed pregnant. Looks like ACR decided for them. Now that Brandi is indeed pregnant it might mean that Dustin and Lilith will have to start saving up even more to get a house for them and Lilly, unless Kennedy can finish his novel on time for his editor to read over if so then Kennedy could ask the housing council whether they could renovate the home to add another room if they get enough money.


22nd Jun 2013, 9:18 PM
Now Rowan Dumitru was murdered, Bonny Dumitru (former Magee) was on her own with three kids and a lot of deferred maintenance. They could've moved, but Bonny didn't want to go to a new house where her husband would never live. Therefor they kept the house and renovated some parts of it. The dogs got more space in the garden. New fencing. The whole attic got renewed. Instead of one space, there are two now. Instead of an old weathered wooden floor, they bought carpet. The former 'home of the fugitive' was now almost empty, except for one desk for two people with laptops and a small fridge with a microwave on top. The extra second room became a bedroom for the boys. A while it was an unorganized chaos in the house, with moving the furniture around until the project was done. Bonny for sure thought about her husband during the renovation. This was in a way her fault too. She should never had helped her father. In hindsind, he wasn't worth it. Her own brother Frank ignored her because of it and partly she understood.
In the mean time she tried to get used to life as a single mother.

Her son Briar had four nightmares in one night. As well about his twin brother Chaz as his uncle Marcel. Chaz didn't want to sleep in his new bedroom. He insisted on sleeping in a bed on the first floor. Her youngest child, Danice, is the only really happy one. She was too young to understand.

The autopsy on their father had been executed, the body had been released and buried at Csonka Cemetry. The case was still open, the investigation ongoing. The police chief had given orders to dig at the spot, where the McCrae ring was found. The oldies at the Old People's home weren't happy with all that commotion. That disturbance in their last days on earth. It got worse. They found bones. Probably even from more than one person. When the news got spread around town, everybody was speechless. The oldies, because they had lived for years in the vicinity of human bones. They held Ben Magee accountable, while it even wasn't proven. Bonny, because it was yet another extreme situation that was related to her father. Her siblings thought the same. What kind of man was their father really and why hadn't they noticed anything, when they lived with him and their mother? The rest of the town was speechless, because it shook things up and happened so close by.

25th Jun 2013, 6:53 AM
For the gazillionith time since playing sims I tried to makeover the Caliente condo to a point where I would actually be happy to have them living there. I turned it into a little spanish villa with pool, and moved them back in. I expected them to exclaim joyfully over their new home. Instead they started rolling wants for showers and loo's.
I'd forgotten to install bathrooms.
I hate that place so much. I hate it, I hate it.

25th Jun 2013, 7:00 AM
I've been having many misadventures trying to learn how to create CC clothes, and had to re-install to get rid of some of the more persistent ones that didn't go away after just restoring from back-up. I can now do basic re-colors, but not more than that. Trying to do anything with textures kicks my ass. I'm going to do basic hood set up in Strangetown tomorrow and see if that newspaper problem is gone.

25th Jun 2013, 7:22 AM
The McCraes received the news bones were found on the same spot as where the ring of their father was found. Connor felt anxiety. Could the bones be of his father, mother and sister? They had said it was probably from more than one person. There's no identification yet, but that's a matter of time if they find skulls with teeth..
Would the mystery around their disappearance finally be solved, now they possibly are found? Years and years, there was no news and suddenly a possible break in the case.
The only things that could distract Connor to think about this too much is his life on the farm and his two children. His wife Cathrien gave birth to another daughter: Cherita.
Cathrien still has her job at the municipality. A lot of things fall down upon Connor. The work on the farm, cleaning, making diners and the care for the children. His sidebusiness 'Pimp your wrecked ride' already feels the negligance that he can't be everywhere doing everything. Sometimes Cathrien helps out with the cars, but now she's pregnant again she is either constantly on the toilet or in bed sleeping. Her maternity leave went in effect as soon as she came home from work. She immediately had her pregnancy bump on the sidewalk and can stay home for a while.
They consider help on the farm, because with the third child on the way and a wish for three more, they sure need an extra hand. Why, o why, Caley had to move out? They couldn't be selfish. They knew why. It only was inconvenient for them.

Micah and Duwar finally welcomed their first biological child into the world. Because they are fostering three other kids, this is in a way their fourth child. Therefor they called it 'Asfour'. Besides you can read it as 'as four(th)', it's also an Arabic name. They're even a bit proud to have found a name that double fits in this matter, because Duwar is after all moslim by birth and in name.
The foster kids Zacharias and Elmer have found eachother. They seek eachother out to play games together. Demi is more dependent on Micah and Duwar for fun, games and attention. She just became a kid and doesn't have girl playmates yet. She will have to find them in school.
Elmer first had a tough time adjusting, considering his temper tantrum. You can't even blame him. His own parents, whoever they are, abandoned him. Therefor he got into the system of foster care. Something happened in his last foster family and he had to leave immediately. Micah and Duwar aren't allowed to know the reason. They just try to do their best to give Elmer and the other foster kids a good home for as long as it takes. In a way these áre their children, but by law they can't put any claim on the kids. If one of the parents of these children comes forward and proves to be a fit parent nów, Micah and Duwar will have to let that kid go. They hope it doesn't happen, ever.

There already is enough drama in their lives, no need to add a new one into the mix.
Micah is, as it happens, also a daughter of Ben Magee and she goes through the same feelings and confusion as her two brothers Frank and Marcel and her sister Bonny. She hasn't seen her dad in a long time. Only that one time at the mall, where she spotted him behind a bush, looking at her. She had walked up to him and had a short conversation. She even had kept that meeting by coincidence quiet and didn't inform the police. Ofcourse, later, she had admitted the event to the police.
A while later she and her brothers had heard Ben had contacted Bonny and asked for help. Loyal Bonny had helped their father. Micah understood that.
She didn't blame her sister that she had given their father a hiding place in her home. She would've done the same if he had come to her. At least, before this tragic event of the murder of Rowan. Besides, Bonny couldn't have known Ben would one day kill her husband! Nobody had expected that. Micah puts the blame solely on her father. Her father used to be her friend, a confident, but after this, to her, he only is her biological father, that's it. She couldn't accept, he had used one of his children for his own benefit and return the favor by taking away his daughter's husband. That was evil and she feels anger towards him.

Csonka Canon has a small prison now, ready for Ben to get locked up. Hopefully, the place will be occupied soon here after.

25th Jun 2013, 6:17 PM
Mirjamsim2love, your Ben Magee storyline partially inspired Consort Capp's increasingly outrageous behaviour in my game, especially his holing up with the Brokes. I was thinking "Now what are you going to do, Consort?" and I started thinking of your posts...I wonder how much we inspire each other's gameplay decisions?


Yes, it happened. The alliance has been made that it is hoped "may so happy prove, to turn your households' rancour to pure love." (Yeah, right. All it's done is give Antonio Monty another reason to count Father Laurence his enemy.) Ok, let's start at the begining... The Capp Manor was an interesting place, with three teenagers and a dog, a garden that a brief thaw revealed to be a shambles, no adult supervision, and just-out-of-jail Tybalt panicking over his educational prospects. Despite coming from money and qualifying for both the orphan and athletic scholarships, he was getting close to being an adult, was far too old for high school, and had grades too bad for college admissions. Refusing to accept his fate, he went about trying to do everything he wanted in hopes of getting his hands on that elixir he heard Mortimer Goth had been working on before he retired... That may lead to him going to college, if he goes at all, after his little sister Juliette, since she turned out to be too old for school when the bus came...even though she still changed into her uniform for old times sake after she took a bath.

This is when things got interesting. Romeo called and told her that Father Laurence had said he'd help them in any way he could. Romeo's idea was that they figure out a way to use him get themselves not accepted to Académie Le Tour, so they could go to school in peace and away from their families somewhere else. Juliette, being slightly more practical, pointed out that he didn't have any more college connections than they did, but then shyly pointed out that she was old enough to marry without the consent of a guardian now...and Hermia, just home from school, picked up the downstairs phone just as she said that. That meant they had to talk her down from her high horse of "how stupid are you?" and by the time they were done with that, they'd agreed that they should get married right away.

Juliette and Hermia went dress shopping -- Juliette decided against white, but she (and I!) discovered a beautiful, long, white-blue-pink dress that I had downloaded and promptly forgotten about. Hermia got a purple bubble-skirted dress that was a little bit too short and casual for a maid of honour at a church wedding, but she's the rebel...then they went home, and everything went haywire. Hermia invited Mercutio over for a heart-to-heart discussion about whether he would support or try to stop the wedding, which was interrupted by him getting beaten up by Tybalt in front of Hermia, Juliette, and Tybalt's guest Albany Capp. Hermia and Albany were not friends with Tybalt, so they called the police on him. Now both Mercutio and Tybalt are in trouble again...

Juliette made a group with Hermia and Romeo, and they snuck off to the Veronaville church (it's called Our Lady of the Canal, and people use the correct name for it, unlike the Strangetown one!) late at night, in heavy snow. Juliette went and talked to Father Laurence, they were about to go inside...and Romeo's glance over Juliette's shoulder became fixed, he paled, and he bolted the lot. Juliette's eyes started to tear up, Hermia smirked...and Laurence, rather more sensibly, turned to see what Romeo had been looking at. "Consort Capp," he shouted, squinting his large eyes to focus through the snow, "if that's you, you have not reached sanctuary yet...and you're going to have to come through me to get to it. Young ladies, I think you have cell phones...if you could call the police..." But the figure in the snow shrugged, glared at them, and walked by. (Yes, Consort decided to stroll on and off the lot just as Romeo decided he had to leave the outing because of some pressing business! Weird, huh?)

Well, it was too late to try again, and Hermia had the flu already and refused to do any more gadabouting in the snow. I had spent enough time choosing Juliette's dress, hair, makeup, and adornment that I was set on the wedding, so did something almost cheaty with the no-time-passing feature of community lots...everyone went to bed when Juliette and Hermia came home, but Juliette woke up, well rested, just before 5 AM. She went to the church then, ate from the buffet there, and used her cell phone to invite Romeo over as soon as it was late enough. She then asked him on a date, to make it slightly less likely he'd bolt...and they interrupted Father Laurence's chess battle with himself to ask him to marry them.

Oh, did he complain, especially when they said they only wanted it to be him and them. He pointed out that it wasn't even going to be legally valid without witnesses, and considering that the Gossamers still hadn't gotten the paperwork fixed...but Laurence is a nice guy, unfortunately for him, and he still has faith in humanity. Romeo and Juliette were married that morning in a beautiful ceremony that involved much more passionate kissing than Laurence was comfortable with. Romeo took the name of Capp, since while they're of equal status, Juliette is the Family Sim who actually cares about such things. He got the good memory from marrying a rich Sim, so yeah, he's happy... They stayed on the lot for the rest of the date, and managed to both have a dream date (they should, it was their wedding!) and look good for a whole bunch of pictures taken by their delighted Watcher...I am getting very fond of them. :) Of course, it was still before dawn at the manor when Juliette got back, so I didn't break the rotation at all!

The plan is to actually use the fact that a community lot wedding moved Romeo to the Family Bin (I think...or does he just stay at his place? That's what happens with university students, I discovered...) rather than in with the Capps as a feature, not a bug -- he'll be merged back home to try to hide his ring and pretend nothing is going on, and they plan to run off together once at college. However, as Laurence would say, "these violent delights have violent ends"...

25th Jun 2013, 7:50 PM
Sorry for that post earlier in the thread, I always have multiple tabs when I go on MTS2 so I must have posted on the wrong thread by accident. :faceslap:

I played the Morgan household (now Milad household really now that Cosette's mother passed away) Ethan decided to tear the greenhouse down and give the boys a basketball court. Cosette's mother had built the green house so they let her last vegetable plants grow and tore it down afterwards. Ethan got a promotion at his job, he is now a smuggler! His businesses are doing okay. His new one, an art shop, isn't doing very well. I'm having him retire from his job next session since he'll age into an elder. That way he can focus more on his businesses. But it'll be hard to convince the mafia if he can retire since his father was head of it all. Especially with three sons, he wouldn't want them going down that path!

The boys; Demitri, Lucius, and Max are just your average boys. They all attend private school and they just hang out at home afterwards. Demitri is starting to talk to Isabella so hopefully something can come out of it.

25th Jun 2013, 8:08 PM
As usual, I'm all over the place. Downloaded a clean Riverblossom, and Downtown, added Widespot as sub hood. Have gotten fascinated with the Widespot uglies, so for the first time, I'm seriously playing the Ottomas family (as opposed to killing them in various ways). I'm supposed to be writing a story for Widespot, concentrating on one family that I really like, but I'm easily distracted.

25th Jun 2013, 8:43 PM
i've been playing the goth's alot, and so far : Mortimer and alex died (Cassandra sucks at cooking) Cassandra married don and they had two kids a boy and a girl. i cant remember the names but their son is a child and the girl is a baby. i also have a main "hood" called the stars, their daughter Jenna aged to an adult got married to some dude who i cant remember, had a girl (i cant remember names, i will edit soon.) and adopted a boy.

EDIT: the Goth's kids are: Kennie and Scarlett.
2nd EDIT: Jenna married Benjamin long and had Caroline and adopted Joe

Peni Griffin
25th Jun 2013, 9:51 PM
I'm not familiar with that glitch, Freefall. I've had a number of community lot weddings and always got the little "Who's moving in?" pop-up, and it always took.

And of course we inspire each other quite a lot. That's how creativity works. Every hour of every day, every bit of data you run across is added to the compost heap of your mind and transformed into something of your own. Literary critics call this "influence" and can waste reams of paper trying to track it down, when all the while Shakespeare had told them how it worked: "Nothing of him that doth fade but doth suffer a sea change into something rich and strange." It's not plagiarism; it's cross-fertilization.

In downtown Drama Acres, the Swingin' Bachelors settled into their new digs, inviting in a couple of random walk-bys - a female townie and David Ottomas - and Theodora Ottomas, with whom Guy Gergis had been chatting on line. Currently the only guy she's got mutual love-tags for is Gary Gilscarbo so this wasn't as fraught as it might have been. Ricky Cormier got picked for the Llamas and to celebrate Lily Casa invited him on an outing. To which also came Theodora's big sister and one of her brothers. Ricky is pursuing a policy of making nice with all Theodora's family and Sharla is pregnant anyway, but Guy and Tom threw down a bit. They went to Red's to eat and shoot some pool, then the whole lot of them went on home - where Theodora, David, and the townie were still hanging out watching the flat screen TV and helping themselves to drinks at the bar. They had to enclose the patio for a dining room (since Gary's a chef he needs a proper dining setup) but plan to put a hot tub on the balcony.

Casa Prime was very quiet without Miguelito there, mostly minding the businesses. Lily, who expanded her beauty store just in time to lose her only employee to college, hired her old sorority sister and styling mentor, Heidi McAuley, to help out until Heidi finds her dream job. The Estebanico Casa household next door was much livelier, though, with Tosha running after toddler Susie and throwing a birthday party for twins Stephan and Natasha in the evening. Between invitees and teleportees it was a full house and a great party. Natasha grew up with Popularity and a turn-on for makeup, which under present rules makes her a lesbian, and Papi and Abuelo both are likely to have a problem with that. (Abuelo Esteban has actually gone out of his way to harass gay couples, despite being friends with his old teammate Greg Aerius and his daughter's best friend since childhood being a lesbian. Because homosexuals in the aggregate are Terrible but Greg Is Different and he just plain hasn't noticed about Naomi. This man scares me a little; he's too freaking realistic!) Stephan, however, grew up to be Family, checked out Guadalupe Newson (meh) and then scoped the room and became fixated by the beautiful Pearl Onions, his sister's closest friend. They triple bolt and he immediately overcame his shyness enough to talk to her and even sweet talk her a little. And then he cleaned up the dirty dishes with an engagement ring thought bubble while she heartfarted him. Yeah, all the Casa men are a little scary, even the nicest ones.

At the Spitzig residence, Bad News Bev faced her first day ever entirely alone, and though she considered going out, her motives were down (and her mood elevated) enough that she wound up spending the whole day hanging around the house finishing her painting of a mashed-potato sculpture of Devil's Tower and cleaning. She left fixing the tub for Jim or Tri to do when he got home. Once Tri got home from his first day of middle school they played a bit and then went out looking for new clothes, changing her hair, and finding him girls to flirt. Operation Girl was a bit of a bust and he fell back on checking out a cashier. He looks a heck of a lot like Ashley nowadays. Dirk came home exhausted from his first day of school, got rested up, and then played till Jim could teach him to study.

The Centowskis also spent a day cleaning up after a party, Orlando worked on his book while Amy gardened. Maria Casilda had her first day of school and to my surprise Amy specifically rolled a want to teach her to study. AJ was annoyed by Maria Casilda when she was a toddler, but now that she's grown up enough to feel honored to be noticed by her amazing big sister, bossed around, and recruited for games AJ thinks she may condescend to be friends.

At the Rainbow Apartments, Heidi McAuley had undergone the aspirations glitch - as it turned out, probably for the second time. When she was invited, as a dormie, to pledge Tri-Var she arrived as a Knowledge sim with a Become Captain Hero want. Which isn't a Knowledge want, but I didn't think about that. After I used her batbox to fix her wants slots and locks I couldn't get her original LTW back - and it's been referenced in the story several times. So I settled for the next best thing, Head of SCIA - and this bothers me, because her neighbors, Derek and Skylar Zarubin, are running up hard against the fact that while Derek is in love with Skylar, and Skylar is both grateful for Derek's rescuing him and Skylar's alien daughter Estella from an untenable personal situation, Skylar just plain is not gay. It was possible to pass off failure to have a proper wedding night as the result of having a wedding and Estella's toddler birthday on the same day, but Derek timed the second night's date very carefully and Skylar couldn't get past hug wants before Estella woke up. They don't spoon in bed, either; in fact they toss and turn rather a lot. They've made it to woohoo before and given sufficient time the marriage can be made to work - but in the meantime they're in a complex with an unattached woman who shares Skylar's aspiration and is looking for a job in Skylar's field! They went through each household's day without their paths crossing, but how long can that last?

And the Warehouse Boys made it through another Tuesday without meeting the repo man. Swagger the cat terrorized the womrat while they were all at school. Lazlo Neugierig finally got his A+, his brother Vidcund was flogging creativity points, Grimnir LeStrange was behind on his homework, Diff brought home Mary Ann Hawkins, Lukey Beaker's mood was not up as far from dating Alta Mira Starchild as might be expected, Frieda Beaker came straight home from school to play computer games, and Pascal decided to invite Andice Point and her brother Lance over. Lance is on the outs with Grimnir over dating the same girl, but Mary Ann and Diff ran interference. When the Points arrived, Pascal was nowhere to be seen. So Vidcund, seeing his chance, greeted them instead. Vidcund is the one with the actual turn-on for aliens, after all. Pascal stole a march on him by getting to crush level without any help from me, but Vidcund and Andice are potentially much higher bolting. Alas, that boy needs to work on his impulse control! He told her a joke and got noseflicked by her brother (who I believe has been told off to Protect His Sister from Horny Boys by their father, a notorious ladies' man) and played some rock-paper-scissors and all was going great, and then he noogied her!

So I told him to go make mac and cheese and located Pascal in the bathroom, checking himself out! Repeatedly! Apparently somebody has informed him about how the girls react to him. Anyway, I told him to go out and talk to Andice, and they talked about rockets – and then they cuddled on the ground! On the dirty hard asphalt! Talking about barbeques! And then as they got up (still talking about bathtubs and pianos) up went the little red hearts. I think that settles that!

And then Pascal went upstairs and relaxed on one of the inflateable mattresses. Um, no, Pascal, you’re not old enough for that and I don’t have ACR. And if, in this context, that represents what I think it represents, it’s very tactless. But I suppose it’s better than going in for the noogy, as long as nobody goes upstairs and catches him with his hand down his pants. There is no hope whatsoever of anybody else in the warehouse not trumpeting that one to the housetops.

Andice and Lance are presumably having a rough time at home, between the toddler twins and Mom and Dad fighting over a caught cheating incident. (I don’t look forward to adjudicating that mess, but thank heaven for buttroses.) They stayed really late. After I sent Pascal to do his homework Vidcund and Andice got into a kickybag match and made friends. Mary Ann watched them – a little wistfully. Hmmmm…And once again I forgot to have Grimnir throw a party! Tuesday night isn’t a great one for a party anyway. I may have to turn aging off and play them an extra day. Wednesday is supposed to be Frieda’s birthday, and she won’t be in shape for it because she got up early to finish her homework and anyway there aren't enough days in the teen stage to milk every possible drop of enjoyment out of my warehouse boys.

Last of all Diff left to join Annie, Nemo, and Gracie at college, with a hefty scholarship. He arrived at the mailbox looking rather sober and unDifflike, with a flirt want in his panel. He got the mail, laid it on the grass, walked into the hall, where he found Annie with a big fat red “fall in love want,” grabbed her butt, waited while the big red hearts went up, and then squeezed her.

Meanwhile, Nemo was naming his new womrat Worf.

And that is basically that for the downtown rotation.

26th Jun 2013, 3:11 AM
I've decided to try my hand at Veronaville again! They were the first Sims 2 neighborhood I had ever played but in the almost ten years since then, I haven't really touched them and since I have a fresh game:

Albany Capp really doesn't care about his marriage. Goneril seduced the maid right in front of the family - the children were all upset and Albany was, "oh, what's happening out this window?" I kept trying to get him to notice his wife was having an affair in his face and he just couldn't be bothered!

Meanwhile in the Capp family, Cornwall fell in love with Consort but Regan didn't find out because Consort died before he even became friends with his son-in-law. I have no idea how Cornwall had such a high, non-mutual relationship. Still, it's fine with Regan because they are a 3 bolt, 100/100 happy in love couple. They are ridiculously sweet even. Just wait until the rest of the tragedy hits them. I'm going so Shakespearean on this neighborhood, I'll be lucky if there's a sim left alive by the time I'm done.

Peni Griffin
26th Jun 2013, 4:26 AM
You know, under those circumstances, I don't think any reasonable person would deny Goneril her right to seduce the maid! I vote she divorces his indifferent butt and takes him to the cleaners.

Oh, I should add what's happening, shouldn't I? Not much as it's bedtime. I went over to Widespot for a bit, attached a rough draft downtown, put in some Tricou clones (Johan Schmidt and his six adopted Pleasure teen children, John, Ian, Sean, Ivan, Jane, and Joan), and have played the three family bin families living at the Boothbay Apartments that I placed on Highway 13.5. Mary Gavigan, the only non-pregnant married woman in the complex, is beginning to think Nathan's firing blanks and is visibly sizing up Trent Traveller's willingness to lend her a, hem, hand. She's also made friends with Priya Ramaswami. Nathan has his gold sales badge and is finally beginning to make back the money he's poured into the Fun Bowl. His big break came when Valentine Hart bought a ticket - he glommed onto this Hall of Famer in a way that was positively embarrassing, but Valentine was very patient with him and discussed his plans for the business. He also seems to have made friend with his prospective mother-in-law (who's about the same age he is), which finally got Nathan the final star he needed to get to Level 2. Trisha Traveller stayed home from Booktique because she was so uncomfortable with her pregnancy, and has wisely started popping up whenever she realizes Trent is in the common area as the same time as Mary. The Widespot Travellers are much more affectionate than the Drama Acres Travellers ever were; which is a good thing because Mary's not the only woman in that complex fluffing up to Trent. He went in and tried to run Booktique for awhile, but he's hopeless - keeps trying to read the books instead of selling them.

Jessica Picaso gave birth to a baby boy named Jesse, who looks exactly like everybody else's Picaso kid because I was expecting him a few hours into the next rotation and hadn't rolled the pacifier. Matthew got promoted on a chance card and prior to the birth took Jessica downtown to the Dive 'n' Dine, a new concept in restaurants - swimming pool, full service restaurant, hot tubs, and bar. And Sanjay Ramaswami took his (vastly pregnant) wife along as insurance when Candy Hart invited him on an outing. Candy's good friends with her little sister, but Priya and Candy were the only women who got out of that cab. They went to the Up-and-Down Club, restaurant on the bottom and night club on the top, where a single DJ booth generated three DJs (two of them near as nothing identical but with different names) and Junior Mann did not quite get into a fight with Candy's father Valentine. Priya cannily got into a conversation with Candy about babies, and Candy seemed interested. Which is odd, because her tendency at home is to leave her toddler's care entirely to his aunt, uncle, grandpa, and visitors.

26th Jun 2013, 5:43 PM
Oh, I get the "who's moving in with so-and-so?" dialogue, but nobody moves in! As it turned out, Romeo didn't even have to move back in with the Montys (I was really tired after the wedding and didn't even check where he was!) because he was still right there at the Monty Ranch, Romeo Capp among the Monty clan -- exactly where I wanted him. I ducked in to check memories, and yep, they were all fine, including his memories of those living at the Capp Manor joining the family...and he was still eating his sandwich! I think the "glitch" has to do with not having Bon Voyage, which is the EP that introduced community lot weddings, though I wouldn't discount an obscure hack conflict; at any rate, I wouldn't want it gone, since I'm seeing multiple uses for it as a feature. If I want a spouse to move in, asking them once home is easy enough (and a little crazy behaviour at the wedding is either excusable or a sign that this is not a good match!), and it makes me feel I can safely marry college students to adults or teens (older teens who are basically the same age, just not at college!) without disrupting their education...and it's extremely useful for "secret" marriages where I don't want the couple living together. If I lost it, I'd probably be wanting a mod to bring it back, and I'm starting to think it would be a good optional feature for TS4...

About inspiration -- I'm pretty sure that my Romeo and Juliette had to get married as teens because I'd just gotten Romeo + Juliet (the Baz Luhrmann version) from the library and watched it for the second time (the first time was on TV, years ago). I can credit Veronaville for making me go beyond reading Shakespeare and start watching the library's DVDs of both traditional and modern-setting versions of his plays, starting with Romeo & Juliet; I'd already watched a traditional version of it a week or so ago. Of course, watching them inspires some of my gameplay, and watching Romeo + Juliet on the day the Capp Manor was due to be played basically fated a wedding to happen...and it's lucky I didn't let the garish colour scheme of the movie effect it too much!


I'm really glad that some alternate Goneril's having fun, because the Riverblossom Capps are scaring me. Goneril's mental health was extremely precarious, with her convinced that since she was a Capp, of course she was rich -- she hired a maid (it was her only want she could fulfil, though it was very unwise) then went to bed. Once the kids were at school, she got up, started sobbing about being rejected by the Headmaster, and had a miscarriage! The maid walked in, but Albany was eating, Ariel was in her crib and Miranda, who had skipped school, was asleep in bed still, and since nobody was afraid of Goneril's death, nobody cared enough to insist she go to the hospital. Miranda woke up grumpy and bathed and fed Ariel...as the maid confiscated a vase of flowers (bought by Albany at Florence Delarosa's place) and the potty chair. Of course they couldn't pay! Goneril ate and bathed...and then, as the kids got home...well, Hal came in to cheer about his good grades just as she and Albany successfully tried for baby again!

At this point, I abandoned hope of the adults acting rationally. Miranda slipped out of the house and caught a bus to Veronaville, hoping to see her cousins (she was afraid of Juliette and Hermia dying!) or at least get to watch a bit of TV! She went to 431 Globe Street, and while she didn't meet any of her cousins, she did meet a nice old man with green skin...she quite liked PT #9, but she liked the other man who watched TV with her even more. Who wouldn't like Peter Ottomas? He liked her too, but her "I'm bored, so I wanna cause trouble!" attempt at asking him on a date failed. Still, the TV got her in a good enough mood that she was able to go home, eat, and study cooking. She then invited over a girl she knew from school, and made friends with her just as Ariel and Hal grew up. Hal, in honour of his good grades in appalling circumstances, became Knowledge, and quickly got the same LTW as his father: become Education Minister. Ariel grew up into a black skirt and the "angry face with plumbob" shirt, which was suitable for her, but not for the weather. Luckily, Family Fun Stuff left the family with a pink princess dress, which she changed into to look like Desdemona. She then took over Miranda's bed...and Miranda, in platinum but exhausted, realized that she had only one hope for keeping her family alive and somewhat well. She became an Energizer addict, with her only goal being to use it enough to fulfil enough wants to use it again. Luckily, she had another "gain skill point" want, so she hit the cookbooks again.

Then Goneril completely broke down. She had another miscarriage (no surprise there) in the bathroom, sobbed, and wandered into the kids' room to have a complete mental breakdown. This was in front of Hal, Miranda, and Desdemona, and they reluctantly decided that she was in need of some serious help. Both mentally and physically, she's a mess, and Albany doesn't care. He just wants his kids to reach unrealistic goals, and to have another kid... I'm afraid the effort may completely wreck Goneril.

Albany had to get a job at this point, so he took the one that showed up in the paper for a custom version of Politics that ends with becoming president. I don't like the idea of President Albany Capp, but...well, they need the money. Who cares if he's a conservative fanatic who emotionally abuses his family?

26th Jun 2013, 6:55 PM
Mirjamsim2love, your Ben Magee storyline partially inspired Consort Capp's increasingly outrageous behaviour in my game, especially his holing up with the Brokes. I was thinking "Now what are you going to do, Consort?" and I started thinking of your posts...I wonder how much we inspire each other's gameplay decisions?

I like to hear I could inspire someone. If Consort Capp is like Ben Magee, I feel sorry for the Brokes. :heyhey:
My ideas can come from documentaries, books, just details I learned along the way and can sort of implement in the hood and the stories about it.
Brody Cavanah has a dilemma. He's in love with someone else. He may be living together with Tessa Tjing, but secretly he wants Dunya Akbari, his childhood friend. The woman that thanks to his snooping around and asking about her, alerted Marcel Magee enough to pay a visit to her adress and free her. Dunya's divorced now. Brody could take a chance. So what she has three children. He wants a kid anyway, then he get three in one go to practise. On the other hand. He's nót free. He's living together. He has a starting business with her too. He is still in dead with his business. He has no money to buy Tessa out. He decided to 'keep' all. On a date with Dunya it got comepletely out of hand. They made love in the hottub ánd afterwards in the car. He went too far, but if this is what he wants then he has to follow that path. He even considered marrying her. She tought about it too. But. When he came home he joyfully charmed and touched his girlfriend. Maybe it was to avoid suspicion when he still was affectionate.

He had a couple of days off from work and he already tried out if people would even come to his shop. The first day he earned a little over 200 dollars. A day later more than 300 with one star. When he was at Ca-Tj-I-Net Café he tried to do something romantical with a customer. It seems Brody doesn't want to commit, even when his values are family oriented. Some people are like that. If Tessa could agree to him also having an affair with Dunya and as a 'snack' others, they maybe could come to an arrangement.

Then Hana Akbari called. She's the daughter of Dunya. Brody's outdoor girlfriend.
She asked. 'What do you want with my mother? You are living together.'
How was Brody supposed to answer, with Tessa hanging around.
He played dumb.
He invited Hana, her mother, another child of hers and some others to go to the bowling alley. Tessa stayed home. She didn't know where he was. He just had left. It was some evening! Darim showed up. He threatened Dunya when he saw Dunya with Brody. His kids were there too though. Either he didn't notice or he couldn't care less what they saw or not. This already happened at the parking lot. They hardly had arrived.

Everybody hurried inside, including Dunya. Darim followed them inside. He was after Brody, to constantly defy him. Hana and her younger brother were upset by Darim's behaviour. Followed by an embarassing spectacle of Darim and Farina. She has cheated on her husband in public. She and Darim have done it in the photoboot. Dunya saw it, together with others. Like Brody and Noni. His own mother was even there. They all saw it by the pool table. A judge, Farina with a forensic investigator, Darim. That's a big juicy scandal.

28th Jun 2013, 6:05 PM
This is why I love the Sims.

Two of my Simmies just got married. No sooner had they exchanged vows than the bride took off for work, still in her dress and veil. The groom schmoozed with his new mother-in-law and stood by the cake until the limo arrived. He went on a honeymoon for one and the guests left. When the bride came home from work, smelly and exhausted, they could not cut the cake. Still, everyone agreed that it was a wonderful wedding.

Only in The Sims.

29th Jun 2013, 9:40 PM
Fabienne Bakalov got fired. She didn't see it coming.
She wished to forget for a moment and go out. Ray-Shawn and Fawnia came along. When they arrived at a family restaurant, both of them didn't bother to go sit with Fabienne as soon as she got them a table. Fabienne had no choice then to only order for herself and eat alone. She just had taken a few bites and was taking a sip of her drink when Fawnia fetched her plate, waddled with it to another table to dig in. Highly pregnant and very hungry. Fabienne had had better outings than that evening.

Ray-Shawn almost is obsessed with learning Nooboo all sort of commands. He managed to learn Nooboo one of them: the command 'give paw'. He intend to learn him more.
Fawnia and Fabienne don't know Nooboo very well. Fawnia tries to be nice to the dog. Fabienne doesn't mind her affairs with the animal. Fine he's there, but I have other things to do. Fabienne thinks.

Like calling her ex boss, when she saw a job ad for the job she lost. She got another chance. It already was worse enough rumours had spread about her sister Farina, the judge, who 'got caught' in public. Losing her job on top of it, would've been too much for Fabienne. She was glad she got it back. She did stay home from work two extra days, to calm down the situation. To use her time wisely she started on a second manuscript. The first one lay tossed in a drawer, never finished.

Ray-Shawn is still running the show in his private clinic as the only doctor there. When he came home after, Fabienne still was busy writing. Fawnia lay snoring on the couch.
Ray-Shawn made stuffed peppers. Fabienne smelled the food and went for the dining table to get a plate. They ate between the dirty dishes from an earlier meal and chatted along.

Halfway through the night, Fawnia delivered a boy: Arquam. An African name, because newly father Ray-Shawn is partly African also.
Fabienne was free for another day and baby sat Arquam. Ray-Shawn and Fawnia had to work.

Unfortunately there were some new deads in Csonka Canon. The small occupied second Old People's Home, with the Akbari's Hanifa and Azmat and widower Rayder Bakalov, lost two of its residents. Rayder died and so did Azmat. It was all way too much for Hanifa. She needed medical attention. When Dunya heard about the dead of her ex father-in-law and Hanifa's condition, she offered Hanifa to move in with her, which Hanifa accepted in a daze. Namely, the doctor had given her pills to stay calm, but it also made her into some kind of zombie state. She hadn't much choice to go along with what other people decided. At the moment she wasn't able to live on her own. With the new living arrangements, others could keep an eye on her well being. It wouldn't be for long. She has reached the end of her life almost also.

30th Jun 2013, 4:38 AM
Mayor Horatio Green and his wife Edele (Cornwell) Green are celebrating the birth of their seventeenth grandchild,

"Good God", said an unidentified source, who may or may not be Doug Honker. "Seventeen? Isn't that a bit much?" With five children, such a number isn't beyond the realm of possibility, but what surprises many is the source of the most recent births: his oldest daughter, Harriet.


Townsfolk were astonished when Lady Harriet suddenly began using her husband's Matthias Ingersoll's name a few years ago. Married at an early age, Lady Harriet (conscious of being the great-grandaughter of two venerable town fathers, and the daughter of the mayor) refused to abandon her family name for any other. Their first children carried the surname Green, and so thoroughly did Harriet raise them as hers alone -- it should be noted she only married out of duty and never viewed Matthias as a partner of equal standing in their relationship -- that he left the Green home in disgust, moving in with his ailing grandmother. The two spent the next fifteen years estranged, living seperately but attending odd public events like balls as a couple for appearances. Recently, they seem to have reconciled: with the boys off to university and the girls helping nurse an elderly relative in another home, Harriet decided to join her husband at his family home, and adopted his name to boot. Newlyweds in spirit, they've apparently decided to give furthering the Ingersoll line another go.

The line continues, but for how much longer? Hiram and Edgar are quite content to remain Greens, as are Georgiana and Emma. Harriet's last pregnancies -- including the surprise of twins -- have produced, in order, three girls: Cameron, Joan, and Abigail. Horatio Green is enormously proud of his daughter and adopted son for having made up, and wryly notes that Matthias seems to have gotten his luck: the mayor and his wife were pregnant four times, and each time produced a girl. (Hence his agreeing to Harriet's most unorthodox name-retaining...)


Considering that his second daughter Elizabeth has four children and twins on the way, it appears the mayor will easily have twenty grandchildren before long. (Pictured above: Anne, Tobias, Klaus, and Christopher Potter.) Some family members are urging him to retire so that he can spend more time doting on his impressive horde of descendants.


Girls are predominating this generation of Greens: Isabel, who kept her family name as well, has a host of girls, the eldest being Lily and Eve. Barbara, who also kept her family name by virtue of marrying into the Perceval Green branch of the extended family, has yet to have kids -- but at least one is inevitable. While some are concerned with the size of the Green clan, the mayor is pleased. "There's plenty of room for hands at the family farm," he says, alluding to the expansive ranch the family owns. That is its newest acquisition: the family also owns the General Store, operates a bank, and completely dominates city government to the point that their clan is something of a superpower.

30th Jun 2013, 7:05 AM
Oh, for goodness sake, Sandra Roth! Did you have to...well, yes, I insulted you by misreading your age and saying you weren't even old enough to take your mom's new car for a spin...hey, I was over-tired the last time I played your family, and that little "days to adult" box is a bit small!

Ah, yes, you can tell I'm a little irritated that apparently Sandra Roth was managing to squeeze in private school, her teen job, and the police academy...at least that's what I've surmised, since after a very productive last day of high school (I did misread her age last time!) that included getting a charisma point from a great performance in a school play, she got an adult job when 6 PM rolled around -- and that job was desk sergeant! Considering that I was mildly horrified by the top-level teen Law Enforcement job's description, this development led to me pausing, reading the blurb three times, and muttering some choice words. "Buying her way off the street beat," was one of the things that sprung to mind...I mean, really! An 18-year-old, just out of high school, with that kind of job already? Those Headmasters have influence keeping their students out of the dirt of the real world...or maybe someone wants to get the little princess promoted to vice squad while she still looks like a kid? Heh, I like that idea better...

Stella had spent a good part of the morning yacking on the phone with Priya Ramaswami, and once Sandra dropped the bombshell of her new job (over the lighting of the last Hanukkah candles, no less), Stella had to get somebody who knew Downtown over to listen to her worries about what her little girl was getting into. Stella lit a fire in the living room fireplace, and they both sat on the couch to get toasty warm and talk; Priya tried to tell Stella that she should let Sandra do as she wanted, and Stella worried that the fact that her daughter was a cop meant she was getting old. Priya refused to rise to the bait and tell her what she wanted to hear, which was that she wasn't old at all.

Speaking of getting old...Morty got a few subtle wrinkles around his mouth and forehead that evening. He didn't mind at all, nodding with quiet approval. Meanwhile, the entire family got the flu, and then Morty and Sandra got better, and then they got it again...perhaps they should get an exterminator and one-time maid. At least the trash can's stopped getting knocked over, which makes it seem likely it was Jules O'Mackey and not the wolves.


At the Greenman house, Rose and Daisy spent most of the day playing Marco Polo in the pool, satisfying all of their needs wonderfully. They took a bit of time off to work on keeping at least a few of Jason's tomato plants alive until spring, and Daisy showed a mischievous streak by catching Loki Beaker in the act of stealing the newspaper, greeting him, then pollen-pranking him (good thing being a PlantSim is not communicable in my game). Loki was annoyed, but then Rose waddled out of the house to chide Daisy about being polite, and he realized he was looking at two PlantSims in matching black bikinis...and one was very pregnant! He invited himself into the house and earned his supper by actually playing the piano pretty well, though music-snob Daisy kept making faces and covering her pointy ears. That supper was a chance for him to ingratiate himself with Jason, by then home from work, and find out about Jason's two ladies...

Jason tried to stay awake and by Rose's side every minute he was home, since he was worried about the baby coming...but he had to sleep, and so he had to convince Rose to at least relax in bed next to him while he did so. Rose knew he was worried enough about her wanting to have the baby at home (she only really feels safe at their house), so she humoured him, though she protested that she'd been feeling perfectly fine since she stopped puking after getting her first bump. The baby ended up running a little late, leading to me giving up on the birth happening this rotation -- as she slipped quietly off the bed (no need to wake that worrywart) and headed for a bubble bath at 6:30 AM, I saved and exited. So there'll be one more rotation of her roaming around with a huge belly...


That belly was exhibited at the party that Patricia Wan threw. It all started as her inviting Malcolm Landgraab over and giving him a bear statue ($600 is a decent price for a night with him). Then she decided that all this good stuff in the house deserved a party, and...well, the party ended up being great, due to her and Malcolm singing horribly on the new karaoke machine out by the patio. Gabe O'Mackey was there, but saw nothing to be jealous abut; he was too busy making best friends with Rose Greenman.

Cleo Shikibu was the only low note, storming off in disgust after one too many conversations around how Rose seemed to be a natural mother -- but she got a bunch of tips from her angry piano playing, so that went well too.


At the Viejo house...where to begin? Catherine's behaviour is causing a chain reaction of ill-advised actions. She dragged Daniel Pleasant away from the bubble blower to have WooHoo with him in her bed...and caught the flu from him at the same time. He then proceeded to break the toilet in the upstairs hall bathroom, and then Andrew Martin broke the tub in the same bathroom while taking a shower; the two together caused a flood of the entire bathroom.

Jacob Martin, very weirded-out by the realization that Catherine will shag anyone she can convince to get into bed with her, tried to find a Law Enforcement job both before and after 6 PM, but he had no luck. Betty Goldstein, confused by her dear friend's behaviour, greeted Mary-Sue Pleasant when she came by to kick over the trash can. Mary-Sue came in, thankfully finding Daniel had left by that time and Catherine was at work. Jacob picked up the trash can and cleaned up the trash...and then Angela Pleasant came and kicked it over again! Mary-Sue and Catherine did some ridiculous one-sided arguing when Catherine came home: "I hate you, you shrivelled old floozy! How dare you screw my husband?!" "Dear dear, what language. Would you like some hot chocolate? Or a soda? Or...Andrew dear, are you going to make us something to eat tonight?" Yeah, and this was in the kitchen, so Betty and Jacob had to put up with it while lighting the candles. At least Mary-Sue really seems to like Cymmi, the kitten...the kitten who peed repeatedly on the rug by the kitchen table!

Betty decided that she was going to get what she wanted, which was to find out what Leod McGreggor felt about her. He was happy to come over, but they got to puffing on the bubble blower before talking about anything serious...and once the got off that, she bluntly said they were meant to be together. He agreed to a committed relationship, and then she dropped down on one knee, in the living room, in front of every human in the household and Mary-Sue...and he said yes! Betty's already dreaming of a lovely spring wedding, but in whose yard? And will Leod come to his senses in time? Considering that his liquid assets are not too large, only one can have their desire to marry money satisfied...

Betty called a repairman, but they couldn't come until morning...so one more night of broken fixtures and flooded bathroom had to be endured.

1st Jul 2013, 10:11 AM
Princess Eloise just caused a major royal scandal by breaking off her engagement with Lord Nikolai Stroganov by accepting the Simaran Prince Caleb's proposal behind her parents' backs. Their whirlwind romance set in motion yet another scandal. Watching his younger sister follow her heart inspired Crown Prince Lucas to also cancel his engagement to Lady Clara Stuart to set off and find his childhood love, Lady Marianne Blanchard. House Stuart took this as a great slight, as Lord Edmund Stuart expected a king for a grandson. Meanwhile, House Stroganov is struggling to find a suitable replacement for Nikolai. He isn't too torn up about it though.

He has three illegitimate children. Twins Irina and Marina with local model Raeka Lawson, and then one son with Chastity Gere named Viktor. He only slightly takes care of them. No wonder Eloise wanted out.

Meanwhile, to ensure that their engagement also doesn't fall apart, Houses Stuart and Stroganov decided that Lady Chloe and Lord Dimitri needs to get married NOW. Chloe and Dimitri are fond of each other, though they wouldn't call it love (yet). But they know they have a duty to their Houses, and they'll accomplish what their older siblings couldn't.

They had a beautiful garden wedding.

Their guests. Chloe's older sister Clara is all the way in the back. Hmmm, are you jealous big sis?

And then Chloe's new mother-in-law changed into her undies???

Crown Prince Lucas with Imperial Princess Sachiko of the Simanese Islands. Another prospective bride for the prince, perhaps she would be the one to make him forget about Marianne?

Peni Griffin
1st Jul 2013, 1:50 PM
Although those pictures are lovely, raiscake, you need to hide them behind spoiler tags. We've had this problem here before - people start putting pics into their posts, it makes the thread jump around a lot and take forever to load, everyone gets cross. You can have pictures (four to a post) in the dedicated pictures forum, and the dedicated stories forum; but here in the discussion forums, limiting pictures and spoiler tagging them are good manners. It's easy: you just type the word spoiler inside brackets before the picture code, and the same with a / before the word inside the tags after it, and everything'll be tucked away.

I added an empty downtown I made myself to my full-game Widespot, and now people are getting called to go on outings. some of which have been awkward! Candy Hart got called away from a small dinner, to which Valentine Hart had invited the older Lands and Nathan and Mary Gavigan, to go on an outing with her lover Rich Mann, so of course she went. And Mary Land followed her with a blue plumbbob over her head - apparently Mary and Rich made friends in the background of a community lot. Which is awkward, since Candy has hated Mary ever since she walked past her father seducing Mary on the couch three feet from her mother's urn, and there's also the factor that Candy's other lover, Junior Mann, is currently on the outs with Mary over her engagement to Valentine. So dinner consisted of Candy's matched pair of father-son lovers and both her romantic rivals, her father's fiancee Mary and Rich's wife/Junior's mother Lana, at the fanciest restaurant in Bigg City. The meal was, understandably, a bit stiff (and I'm not sure my floor plan works very well - there were no routing issues, but there were line-of-sight ones). It's possible Rich invited Mary as a lightning rod. Afterward, Candy pointedly cleaned up Junior's - and only Junior's - plate and started carrying it to the kitchen to wash it, which looked pointed to me but I couldn't be sure who it was aimed at. She never rolls wants about Junior these days, and hasn't seemed interested in marrying him and his lovely money, happily double-dipping child-support from both possible babydaddies and accepting when he asks her out, with a panel full of red wants and Sanjay Ramaswami's face. But positioning herself as the woman picking up after Junior looks like angling for marriage to me! The surprise move of the evening was between her and Mary - Mary told her a joke, and Candy laughed at it! This is the first-ever positive interaction Candy's accepted from Mary. But my nerves couldn't take it any more, so I ended the outing and sent her home, and teleported Mary back in to finish the original visit.She wound up in the hot tub with her mother and the Gavigans, talking about sports - which probably means, talking about Valentine.

The Beeches had been too tired for an outing, and Hamilton and Sandy's schedules had been out of synch, so I'd sent Sandy downtown during the day so she and Hamilton would be napping at the same time in the evening while Grandma Daytona and the two teens looked after toddler Arden. Whose father is Rhett Hart but everyone is pretending that's not true, very hard indeed. Sandy'd broken up with Rhett when she caught him dating (and paying child support to) Penny Weiss and exerted herself to have a civil conversation with her mother-in-law, so it was Hamilton's turn to address the gaping chasm in their marriage and ask her on a date. They went to the Day and Night Spa and had a good time, which should have finished up in the outdoor hot tubs, but didn't because three people got struck by lightning during their time there. So they went to the department store, C.J. Peggey's, and woohooed in the photo booth, instead. It seemed that the original storyline in that household was wrapped up and I could move on to Sandy getting a job right before she turned elder and whatever repercussions result when Daytona dies in a couple of rotations - will Hamilton finish growing up, or just let Sandy take over as family boss?

Alas, Rhett - whose father insists on his getting a job (Valentine's Hall of Famer pension was adequate for maintaining the original family, but even with Candy double-dipping child support, covering Valentine's bastard with Mary and Rhett's bastard with Penny is putting a strain on the budget) - ran into Sandy when he stopped by Silver's Gym for a dip after filling out applications at all the restaurants in town. Sandy saw him heartfarting social group townie Jill Smith, decided she didn't like that, walked up to him, and kissed him. Which made him send up a crush heart for her. She and Jill got into a flirting competition, which Rhett just loved; but eventually she left and he and Jill hung out by the phone booth in the middle of a confrontation between the wicked and good witches.

I'm annoyed with Sandy and rethinking this entire relationship. It had looked as though their affair had been mere mutual desperate stupidity on their parts, Rhett spinning a rescue fantasy around an unhappy older woman in the wake of his mother's death, and Sandy blindly latching onto the first chance to rebel from the stifling domination of her mother-in-law and her husband's putting the marriage third after Mama and his job (as Mama's campaign manager) that presented itself to her. She'd seemed to regret the affair and be sincere in her desire to rebuild things with Hamilton - but now I think the whole thing was more cold-blooded than that. She's using Rhett; and may just be lying in wait for Daytona to kick off before she uses Hamilton, too. Not that Hamilton is any saint...Lord, what a mess!

1st Jul 2013, 2:51 PM
Although those pictures are lovely, raiscake, you need to hide them behind spoiler tags. We've had this problem here before - people start putting pics into their posts, it makes the thread jump around a lot and take forever to load, everyone gets cross.Yes, please. Just hide your pictures behind spoiler tags and it will make everyone happy.

1st Jul 2013, 3:06 PM
Well, Sandra may have the exciting, glamorous (or extremely dull...) job, but Jules O'Mackey has Jacob Martin interested in her for at least one thing! She invited him and a townie girl named Laura Straight, who she's friends with from school, to Sims Gone Wired, where they played the arcade games. Then they came home, and she invited over Daniel Grey (yep, Ripp Grunt's townie...something-or-other) who she also knew from school. He brought over Buck Grunt, and at that point the house was getting full of teenagers, so Jules threw a sports party, inviting over Hermia Capp and Beatrice Monty, both of whom she'd met on community lots while not being played. She had this grand idea that she'd stop the infamous feud by getting them to come watch the game with her...well, it didn't work. Hermia didn't show, and Beatrice was shunned by the rest of the teens, despite her efforts to be nice -- they knew she was one of "those crazy Montys", and didn't want to get involved. Still, the party was great -- TV blaring, pillow fight between Laura and Daniel springing up in the living room, Heidi getting way more treats than were good for her, Gabe watching with bemused tolerance...

Hey, where's Jules? Well, she and Jacob had disappeared up to her father's bed, where he was whispering sweet nothings in her ear and persuading her that "it's not a big deal, really, they won't hear anything with all the noise down there." She wasn't as into the idea of having her first WooHoo as he was, but when she asked, "So am I your second course after...Sandra?" and he, wide-eyed with surprise, answered, "Sandra? Do you really think she'd ever slow down enough for this?", she really couldn't turn him down. She was Jacob's first girlfriend, and if he wanted to do this with her but not Sandra...perhaps she could get him back.

Jacob was pleased with the results -- Catherine was a creep, he decided, but she had taught him some things. He almost said so, but then remembered how jealous Jules and Sandra got, and how it had messed things up between him and Jules. They were best friends now, and the kind of best friends who would have WooHoo on occasion; he didn't want to mess that up.

The party was totally spectacular, and even Buck had a little bit of fun. Jules made salad for everyone at the end, and Jacob and Laura, still being part of her casual group, stayed until four in the morning -- Jules told Laura about having WooHoo with Jacob over the pancakes she made for them to gorge on after Gabe went to bed.


Leod McGreggor, being engaged now, didn't go Downtown to look for a Diva -- instead, he got a radio and worked out until he got the body skill point he needed for a promotion, then got rid of his lingering flu by sleeping for a long time. He woke up at dinner-time wanting to marry Betty, so apparently he's not going to come to his senses...but this is not something to be rushed. Wait until the snow's gone, at least...


Moving on to Pleasantview, it was Alexander's birthday at the Goth house. He'd been whining about wanting a pug, so Don decided to get in his good books and get out of the house by taking him to the pet store in Bluewater. Once they got there, however, Alexander's only interests were playing with the bird and playing on the computer in the back office -- he'd never played a computer game before! Don wandered around for a bit, trying to find somebody attractive, but didn't have any luck, so he told Alexander that they were going home...especially since Alexander had let the bird out!

They stopped at Woodland Park on the way back, and Don noticed an interesting-looking woman over by the barbecue. That woman was...Alexandra Teatherton, and she thought Don looked interesting too. He decided that a great way to pick her up was to talk about having WooHoo with service Sims, much to her astonishment -- but then she laughed and said she liked a man who said things as they were. "Those maids are bitchy little sluts, aren't they? Why, one of them thought it was funny to use a joy buzzer on me..." They quickly realized they were talking about the same maid...Alexander made a beeline toward them, preventing it from going very far, but yes, Don got the number of another lovely lady. Little did he know that Detective Teatherton was in the park waiting for a smuggler contact who never arrived...to him, she was just a good-looking woman in a dowdy greenish parka. (Oh, Don, please get yourself in hotter water than you mean to! You so deserve Alex Teatherton...)

Back home, Don and Alexander had to rush off to work and school, while Cassandra and Mortimer got to sleep in. Bella didn't leave until it was nearly noon, and Alexander invited her back when he got home from school -- she had to be there for his growing up, after all, even though he didn't want a party or a cake. Cassandra wanted to be best friends with Lazlo Curious and Kaylynn Langerak (apparently they've bonded over horrible men!), so she invited Lazlo over. They started out playing chess, then he went to play with Bellona the macaw while Cassandra cleaned the cage. Nothing interesting going on, right? Much more adorable was Mortimer playing the piano while Alexander did his last dancing-on-adult's-feet dance with Bella...

Cue the sound of crush hearts rushing up at about ten till six. Woah! Don wasn't home from work yet, so no usual suspect -- Mortimer and Bella were already in love, and besides, they weren't doing anything with each other -- Cassandra! Yes, it certainly was Cassandra...getting cosy in bed with Lazlo, both in their underwear. Ok...she's in a by-now-loveless marriage with Don, has a severe crush on and has kissed Darren Dreamer, and now she's forcing herself on the somewhat willing but very bemused Lazlo Curious! (I checked his ACR token, and the timer was at 7, while hers was at 1.) I knew Alexander was about to grow up, but I had to watch Lazlo get his first WooHoo with Cassandra...and, while he doesn't know it yet, that wasn't just a heat-of-the-moment, what-have-we done WooHoo. Cassandra is solving her own problems; she tried for baby with Lazlo, and there was a lullaby. I suspect Bella gave her some advice about this, especially since Lazlo was a very smart choice as far as genetics go; Don will know perfectly well that it's not his kid (he's been very careful to avoid getting Cassandra pregnant!), but it's not likely to be obvious to the whole town, which it might be with Darren. And Lazlo's just an out-of-towner who she met from work...

While this was going on, Alexander grew up into a Knowledge teen (he did the detective work that got his mother back, after all), who likes red hair and fitness (Nina Caliente's fault?) and dislikes aliens (for obvious reasons -- he feels like they stole his mother from him). Bella then moved in, which created an immediate lack of beds. She, with tongue inserted firmly in cheek, proposed a solution -- plunking a coffin she happened to possess (not really, nobody's bought them from Malcolm yet, but it seemed the kind of thing she'd have) in the attic as a spare bed. Not surprisingly, Don ended up getting it, and getting very cold too -- that attic's not heated or insulated! Bella and Cassandra shared the big bed in the master bedroom for that first night, making plans for Cassandra's revised perfect future when they woke up in the middle of the night.

Cassandra has decided that she's not going to bother getting rid of Don; they'll be a "nice couple" in public as long as he never asks for DNA tests for "their" children, and he can do as he pleases as long as he keeps it discreet. The house will need a revamp -- they have more than enough money, but different designs will have to be considered. The first two floors are fine, but either there needs to be an extension, taking up part of the garden, or the roof literally needs to be raised, making at least part of the attic into a proper bedroom or two. (I like the idea of Cassandra and Don sharing a room, but with separate twin beds.) It's either that or have some of the family move out, and why do that when they're finally together again?

Alexander met Poochi, Leader of the Pack, and that made him want to become a werewolf. He also got the LTW of Criminal Mastermind...why, Alexander? You were such a nice little boy... I guess he thinks he's smarter than everyone else now.

1st Jul 2013, 4:16 PM
He also got the LTW of Criminal Mastermind...why, Alexander? You were such a nice little boy... I guess he thinks he's smarter than everyone else now.

:gjob: I love what you've done with the Goths! Cassandra is kind of hilarious! And Alexander...oh Alex....does anyone else think he's a bit like Artemis Fowl? :giggler:

1st Jul 2013, 6:41 PM
I'm enjoying your story, freefalldreams. My Alexander is a sophomore in college. He has a thing for vampires and has pursued a friendship with a pale one that he first met online.

1st Jul 2013, 7:28 PM
Although those pictures are lovely, raiscake, you need to hide them behind spoiler tags. We've had this problem here before - people start putting pics into their posts, it makes the thread jump around a lot and take forever to load, everyone gets cross. You can have pictures (four to a post) in the dedicated pictures forum, and the dedicated stories forum; but here in the discussion forums, limiting pictures and spoiler tagging them are good manners. It's easy: you just type the word spoiler inside brackets before the picture code, and the same with a / before the word inside the tags after it, and everything'll be tucked away.

Oops! I'm so sorry about that. I edited my post now.

2nd Jul 2013, 4:10 AM
Oops! I'm so sorry about that. I edited my post now.

Probably not your fault..I did the same thing in the page before and I should know better. :faceslap:

Last night the Mayor called for an emergency session of the City Council to deal with the expanding threat of plague. In the last year, no less than five citizens of Queens Bluff have perished of the mysterious disease, the most recent victim being the Mayor's dear niece, Prudence, who grew up in his home and was to him a daughter. Prudence, who managed the Green family ranch, died during the otherwise triumphant wedding of the mayor's grandson Hiram to Laura Green, of the Perceval Green line. (The thunderstorm that set the wedding arch on fire may have been an omen.)

The Council arrived at two decisions. One, any person declared by a registered Physician to be ill is forbidden from going into public, especially to work. Those who exhibit symptoms of the Plague and insist on leaving their homes will be escorted home by members of the militia or public safety officers. Those who leave again will be taken to the militia post and forced to bedrest until such time as they are well.

Second, in response to the dire medical emergency, the Council is willing to pay for the full cost of medical training for the next two young adults who opt to become apprentices to a doctor. Further, several leading citizens, the mayor included, are creating a foundation that will fund the cost of travel, training, room, and board for any persons willing to venture into a larger city and seek out doctors or researchers who know a remedy for the Plague. Medical knowledge has faded in past generations, owing to the peak-oil induced collapse of what was called "modern civilization", but the general consensus of leaders is that the mysterious Plague was once a disease firmly under control, and has now only become a menace because we no longer know how to prevent, treat, or defeat it.

* I found a mod that made sickness more serious. If someone is ill, sending them to work is a DEATH sentence, I have found. Comfort soup for everyone! The sad thing is there were 24 bowls of comfort soup at that wedding: Prudence died before she could get to one, I think. That or she fell victim to that weird choking death, which is exactly what offed her uncle a week before..

2nd Jul 2013, 4:53 AM
My most recent sim has won herself five bad memories consecutively. What bad luck.

2nd Jul 2013, 4:57 AM
:gjob: I love what you've done with the Goths! Cassandra is kind of hilarious! And Alexander...oh Alex....does anyone else think he's a bit like Artemis Fowl? :giggler:
I've heard about those books and read a few reviews of them, but never actually read them. I was sort of going for the mystery-solving-kid vibe with his childhood snooping into his family's secrets (like the one Don oh-so-helpfully stuffed into the scorched Christmas tree!), but I really was surprised by his LTW. I try not to get into expectations for my Sims, but I was thinking along the lines of lawyer, or scientist, or reporter, or maybe even priest, for Alexander's future career...not criminal! Are all my rich families going to wind up involved in dirty business?

As for Cassandra, I find her funny too, for reasons that date back to a whim of mine in TS1. Back when I played TS1, all my Sims had certain socio-economic-religious niches, and the Goths were the really upper-class nominally Catholic family who showed up in church to behave unsuitably (even for Sims) and flaunt their cushy reserved seats. I'm glad to pick up TSM's terminology and call them Jacoban now, but they still have that background...only Cassandra, somewhere along the line, started taking it extremely seriously, with the emphasis on morality, properness, and appearances. Therefore, she insisted on being the "good girl" marrying Don in a hurry so he wouldn't have to wait too long, thinking she could have a perfect life with him...and that made everything go pear-shaped (repeated cheating incidents on his part) after she'd gotten into a marriage she wouldn't let herself get out of (though I'd already been pondering as to whether Don's behaviour would have been grounds for an annulment, and probably would have gone that way if she hadn't autonomously bedded Lazlo!), which drove her to desperation, accepting Darren's rather forceful kiss of comfort when he heard what was going on, and finally the triumph of cynical practicality as she used Lazlo to at least get a pretend version of her perfect married life (Don has been very good at avoiding WooHoo with her after he got what he wanted on their wedding night, and after all the fighting, she's not interested in him either). I'm going to see if I can get a little more fun next time she runs into Father Laurence Stratford (the poor guy was destined for trouble from the Vernonaville Sims, but this is drama he wasn't meant for!) because I still don't know how she can justify this to herself, even with her mother's much more relaxed attitudes toward morality to help. "Only the Good Die Young" could be Cassandra's song, with her as the girl...


At the other end of the scale are the Brokes. Consort Capp should really watch out -- he's supplemented the family's meagre income by getting Otis a service job, and he made quite a misjudgement of time while training the dog to shake hands in order to be eligible for a promotion. That is, he forgot that the mail carrier was coming by that day, and so decided to train Otis by the pool (actually, perilously close to the edge -- hopefully Otis doesn't do a Skip...) Just as he walked back to the trailer, pleased to have completed his task, he was noticed by postman Pao Mellon, who wasn't entirely sure why he thought this dapper old man looked suspicious...but he did. That's one near miss...

Beau is infatuated with Otis, and made friends with him -- he also managed to be the first in the family to make friends with Consort, doing so by the weird method of waking him up by playing the pinball machine while Consort was asleep in Dustin's bed. He got Consort to join him at the machine, and Consort got a grudging admiration for the boy as the mysteries of the silver ball were revealed to him. There's one less hostage should things go bad...

Brandi, despite the circumstances, wanted to have ten kids for a while! She tried to be cheerful and get on Consort's good side by making cakes and cookies and suggesting he eat them regularly, but the combination of Skip Junior's traumatic birth and the stress she was under is taking its toll on her. (Interestingly, the right combination of CC makeup that looks really pretty on its own can, put together, make someone look like they're wearing no makeup, but are a wreck physically. She's also soon to get some wrinkles at a young age...) About the only passive-aggressive thing she could do was breastfeed Skip Junior in the hallway, in front of all passers-through, and that only embarrassed Beau horribly. Once she stopped wanting ten kids, she started wanting to get a job and fearing changing diapers...so a mental breakdown may ensue. At least she was able to get Consort to OK the purchase of a changing table...

Dustin talked on the phone to Angela Pleasant while Consort ate dinner and listened to him, but either his coded messages were too obtuse, or Angela was just too sheltered to understand that he was being deliberately unconvincing in his myriad reasons she couldn't come to visit. He's in a bind -- he doesn't want her to come over and run into Consort, but he thinks she's his only chance of getting out of this...

If any of the family hit red aspiration (Brandi's most at risk, but Dustin may have that happen too) they'll lose their self-preservation urge and do anything they can to fulfil their wants -- but consequences will still apply. I have a sinking feeling that the TV news crews will be homing in on Pleasantview before long...

2nd Jul 2013, 6:48 PM
I'm back. I've really got to get into the habbit of finding time to update more frequently and be more of a regular poster in this thread. My bad.:rolleyes:


Due to a short fall in mortgage repayments, Dina managed to negotiate for her and Don to move into a different home although their new home was slightly smaller than the one they moved into, Don much preferred this new home as it was a lot cosier. (The truth is, I was having trouble with their lot and so moved them out and bulldozed the house) While Dina went off to work, Don invited Daniel over and they hanged at the house and talked about the potential of maybe opening up a real business for the ‘Gentlemen Club’, and having it be a venue for guys to network with other guys. Of course Daniel told Don about his work troubles, so maybe their dream of going into business with one another may just be that…a dream.

Dina came back from work with fantastic news; she had just been promoted to Vice President of Sims Nation of the Pleasantview branch this meant that she could be closer to home and was moving up in the business world which meant only one thing for Don…maybe it was time to start trying for children. Dina wanted to share the news with their closer friends, so besides bringing home Sandy Fairchild Dina thought it would be great to have a little get together to celebrate her new promotion and their new home. She invited Christy, La Shawn and Nina over while Don cooked dinner, it seems that Nina’s reputation is spreading as Sandy and Nina started talking over dinner and couldn’t seem to stop talking with one another. While La Shawn and Christy started to get closer, they were seen slow dancing in the dining area after dinner and Dina decided to help the situation by influencing La Shawn to go kiss Christy…of course this led to them falling in love and woohooing in Don and Dina’s bedroom.

The night was much fun by all. Don and Dina sat down in the living room so that Don could discuss the baby situation, it was no secret to Dina that Don wanted children and now that both herself and Don were in a good position at their respective careers she knew that now was the best time for them to start trying for a baby. Don and Dina ACR tried for a baby, and now Dina is pregnant.


Nina decided to upgrade a few pieces around the house after reading the ‘Furniture for you’ magazine, she decided to invite William Robbins round the house, and guess who should show up at the same…Cassandra Goth at her front door no less.

While Nina was busy making lunch for everyone, Cass and William became best friends and started making out with one another in the middle of Nina’s dining room. Well it seems that Cass and William’s ‘relationship’ is a weird and complicated one. On the one hand, William is disappointed that Cass is pregnant with Nolan’s baby yet he still kissed her and Cass didn’t mind at all she even kissed him back, but Cass wants to get engaged to Nolan…it seems that she doesn’t know what she wants and this seems to be some sort of complicated love triangle, however Nina seems to like Williams a bit and in fact wants to sleep with him. What happens if she gets’ pregnant or something along those lines? Complicated indeed.


Dirk meanwhile at university was really missing Cate and wanted her to come to his campus, of course it meant that Cate would have to do the entry exam earlier than she had planned, but she wanted to be with Dirk. Luckily for her though, the questions on the exam had not changed all that much when Dirk took them, so he prepped her for the exam and she just managed to pass and get into Sim State.

Although usually unheard of, Cate moved into the same dorms as Dirk. (I don’t usually have couples in the same dorm as I feel it kind of restricts them to be carefree or faithful depending on their needs) It seems that Cate would like to own top 5 businesses, which only tells me that she is ambitious. Cate hadn’t been at the dorms for more than a few hours when her and Dirk start woohooing and I hear the sound that I did not want to hear.

Now it seems that Cate is pregnant. My goodness…not another one!:faceslap:

FYI: (Sims currently pregnant and the other parent)

Brandi Broke – Kennedy Grove
Daisy Dreamer – Darren Dreamer
Cassandra Goth – Nolan Baxter
Dina Lothario – Don Lothario
Brittany Upsnott – Professor Griffin Whittaker
Kaylynn Pleasant – Daniel Pleasant
Elle Alioto - Morty Goth
Cate Hicks - Dirk Dreamer


2nd Jul 2013, 9:58 PM
I decided to play with some of the bin families.

This time, I chose Gieke and Larson families.
Jason and Jodie Larson are con artists from Bluewater Village. After a row of successful scams, they were busted and lost most of their fortune. So, they left the village for fresher pastures. Ironically, they found dusty deserts, specifically Strangetown, but the twins figured the town would still be full of gullible idiots who would be willing to give their money.
Then they realized that their 20,001 simoleons weren't enough to rent a cheap apartment and maintain a business at the same time. Their trip was pointless, until they met a geeky twerp named Chester Gieke. Chester had lately inherited a lousy '70s car and a trailer home from his equally-geeky parents. Not wanting to bother with selling them and moving into an apartment, he just decided to settle in the trailer and continue his nerdy life.
The Larsons quickly realized that they could quickly escape to a new neighborhood with the car and trailer, should pickings get slim or things get too hot to handle. After a few minutes of haggling and convincing, Chester let them move into his smelly trailer, mostly so that he could be a deadpan snarker and laugh at their stupid plans, boosting his self-esteem.
The trailer was full of useless but valuable items, and Jodie found some old furniture while she was "taking a walk near some abandoned homes," so they're hosting a yard sale now.

EDIT: Jegus dick, some teenager townie named Ricky Cormier has bought like half of the items at the yard sale. How does he afford all this crap?

3rd Jul 2013, 2:07 PM
Alright, update :)

in the Goth's household:
Don invited over Nina C. and did a woohoo with her. accidentaly, Cassandra saw it. (stupid baby just HAD to have a bottle >:c)
Kennie also saw his father kiss Nina. (that's was supposed to happen.) it's Scarlett's b-day in my game too. hope she doesn't look like ken, though.

in the star household:
not much happened, Caroline aged up I made-over Joe and Caroline and re-did their rooms.

Edit: Scarlett's name is spelled wrong : :rofl: it has an E at the end. so it's Scarlette sorry for spelling it wrong. oh and Scarlette dosen't look like Kennie , she adorable unlike Kennie. :lovestruc i think she will be the heir but i'm not sure. :lovestruc :king:

3rd Jul 2013, 4:05 PM
Alright, Chester Gieke managed to get himself knocked up via alien abduction. I don't think Jason and Jodie will be happy about that, especially since their trailer home is very cramped.

But now it's time for another Unlikely Household.
Bianca Monty, the Picasos, Julien Cooke, Alexandra Teatherton and Ajay Loner were all squeezed into one single household. Right now, they live in a 1970s Suburban home (made by CatherineTCJD)
Jessica Picaso decided to call it quits and is now unemployed since the household has like 100k simoleons. Matthew still goes to work, however. During this time of privacy, ACR did its thing and Jessica had an affair with Julien Cooke. Meanwhile, Bianca Monty became friends with both Ajay and Alexandra. I'm sensing some sort of love triangle involving those three.

The Picasos will have to be kicked out of the household after Jessica gives birth, she has the Super Fertility benefit so there will be twins in the household. The house's already cramped and there's no space for two more kids.
But hey, we can always replace the Picasos with equally random bin families.

3rd Jul 2013, 8:20 PM
Oh, the Caliente ladies... Dina did pretty well, getting promoted to Elite Forces despite her pregnancy, and came home from work exhausted but feeing better than she had when she went -- they've been feeding her well at the base, and she really wanted the promotion! She also stopped her obsession with getting engaged to Don, so maybe she'll be able to break things up neatly with Mortimer (she doesn't want to make him give the ring back yet) keep herself in shape, and find a nice rich Count after the baby's born. Or...hmm...she might get lucky and bring General Buzz home from work?

Nina, despite having no Mechanical skill at all, was able to fix the broken TV, and got her first skill point in it by checking a book afterwards to be sure she'd done it right. After Dina came home and went straight to bed, Nina invited over Mortimer, Don, and Alexander -- Don couldn't come due to being at work, but Mortimer and Alexander came over. Alexander showed his everyday clothes for the first time (he was in outerwear when he grew up, then went to bed in a hurry), and they are hideous and so uncouth that I think he must be trying to rebel against his family: a pale blue sleeveless top that looks like an undershirt, and baggy, showing-his-underwear blue shorts. And did I mention it's still winter? Alexander Goth, I wanted you to be a nice boy, not a slumming hooligan! Oh well, he's got one rotation to enjoy the "gangsta Harry Potter" look before he gets dragged off shopping... Anyway, Alexander is beside the point. Nina's reason to get all the Goth men she could over was to get a few more notches on her "shagging every straight or bi male in three counties" belt -- she's in a competition to see if she or Don will exhaust the pool of lovers of their orientation first. She was able to convince Mortimer, with surprising ease, that she'd been infatuated with him since the first time she saw him, and that now that Bella was back, she couldn't bear to never know what it was like to have WooHoo with him...and so they did have WooHoo on the living room couch, while Alexander, thankfully, smustled outdoors, distracted by the music blaring out the window from the radio in the kitchen. And...Mortimer should really be a lot more careful about having WooHoo with Calientes! I think Nina was half-hoping she'd get a piece of the "having Mortimer's baby" pie, but he got lucky; though they tried for baby (not my idea, ACR's!), there was no lullaby.

When Mortimer went up to use the bathroom, Nina tried a little flirting with Alexander, but he was utterly turned off. She shrugged, went to the phone, and called the matchmaker...and for most of Dina's paycheck plus promotion bonus, she got a balding townie (or maybe old-looking dormie!) man with a horrible combover and the absurd name of Jihoon Love. Eh well, he was interested in her, so they chatted, played catch, and then they headed up to the hot tub (horny townies...again, I think the matchmaker is a madam). Mortimer and Alexander were in there, but they took well enough to being shooed out...but when Nina fulfilled her "WooHoo in hot tub" want at the same time as her "WooHoo three Sims" want, Mortimer did not take to it well. He ran up two flights of stairs when he heard the shrieks and splashing, but he didn't slap Nina -- instead he tackled Jihoon as soon as he got out of the tub to see who this crazy guy was, beating him up while accusing him of raping Nina. Nina strolled over to the bar and got a few drinks while watching the fight, and only intervened when Mortimer soundly beat the townie and threatened to throw him off the roof. Mortimer wouldn't buy her insistence that she certainly hadn't been raped, and that no, he hadn't slipped her a spiked drink, and that in fact it had been her idea...because accepting that would have meant admitting he was nothing special at all to Nina. Alexander saw the tail end of the scene, which was Mortimer pursuing the townie around the roof, poking and slapping him; this made Alexander burst into tears and rush all the way to the sidewalk to cry about the confusing mess.

Someone probably would have called the police if the phone line hadn't been tied up -- the phone had rung during the fight, and Dina was up by that point and answered it. She was talking away about her pregnancy when I noticed, and the first picture in her relationship panel (and thus the caller) was Father Laurence Stratford! Apparently he'd heard about the havoc brought to Pleasantview by Bella's reappearance (not that it's her fault, but it has messed things up) and called to ask if there was anything he could do to make things easier for anyone involved. Dina told him everything, figuring it was better to horrify him over the phone than beat around the bush -- this way she could slam the receiver down when she got the blistering tirade she expected about how she was the cause of everyone's misfortunes! She was stunned when, instead of a tirade, she got a worried-but-kind reaction and no preaching...she didn't yet know she was talking to someone with near-maxed niceness, and who's so shy he must have been truly concerned to make the call. She ended up talking for well over an hour with him, with no arguing the whole time and a lot of talking about what it was going to be like for the baby to be growing up with this awkward family situation and whether she could be a good mother (that's got to be what all the toys in the thought bubbles meant in that context, right?). She hung up and went to get some dinner with a feeling of great relief -- if he wasn't angry or disapproving, how bad could public opinion be? Nobody at work cared either; in fact, they thought she was so dedicated that she was high-level officer material for sure, though they insisted she take the rest of the time before she had the baby off. Well, it was her day off anyway...


Darren and Dirk Dreamer had a dull, relatively miserable time, mainly due to Darren having the flu. However, Dirk went to the Corner Shoppes to buy a game player that he wanted...but since they'd just paid the bills, he couldn't afford it. He had fun and socialized anyway, joining Peter Ottomas in a game of pool against Claire Wood and Mary-Sue Pleasant. Dirk and Mary-Sue found each other attractive, and Mary-Sue told all who would listen about Daniel cheating on her...

Darren talked to Dina on the phone, and it looked like she told him everything too. Right after that he started wanting to sell a best-selling novel...so now he's writing a thinly-disguised tell-all about the drama that's going on in his town.


At the Pleasant house, things were very unpleasant. Angela's view of being out of high school was "Yay, I can sleep, swim, and practice romance at the mirror all day!" Coral invited Herb over again, and she's back in love with him... Meanwhile, Daniel availed himself of the matchmaker's services. The date he got was...Bella Goth! :blink: He'd heard that she was back, but he'd never known she was that stunning...but still, even though she didn't look anywhere near old enough to have a daughter Cassandra's age, her daughter was his wife's best friend...and her husband was known to be a grouch...but none of that stopped them, after the official date was over, from having WooHoo on the living room couch as Mary-Sue, just home from work with a promotion to campaign manager, brooded in the downstairs bathtub about how the divorce she was planning was going to look on her reputation. Herb walked in on them, grinned, and walked out...and neither Mary-Sue, Angela, or Coral caught on to the fact that Daniel has yet another lover.

Mary-Sue bought a bar which she put on the back patio, then took the car to get an alarm installed. When she got back, Daniel was watching TV with a boozy grin on his face, Angela was sound asleep in bed after a few drinks herself and breaking the computer, and Coral was ordering Mary-Sue to come eat with her. Over their meal, she told her that getting a messy divorce now would be political suicide, and that the best way to save her marriage was to have another baby or two. No, no excuses, even if she found Daniel disgusting -- he was in a vulnerable state right now, and he'd get much nicer once the bun was in the oven. "You don't want to take advantage of him? He's taking advantage of you!"

That plan to get more grandchildren...didn't work. Oh, Mary-Sue dutifully sat next to him on the couch and started to cosy up to him (casual TFB), but he wasn't drunk enough to not realize that something wasn't right about this. Might have been that Coral had slunk up behind the couch and was watching with eagle eyes, of course...anyway, Daniel Pleasant rejected WooHoo for the first time in his life! I suspect this divorce is going to be very messy...

(Well, looks like Pleasantview is going to turn into a swingers' town, and not everyone involved is able to see the how hypocritical they are by objecting to the goose doing what the gander does. Considering how Mortimer reacted to Nina and the townie -- though he really did focus his rage on the townie -- I hope he never knows that the newly-returned love of his life has a thirst for adventure in more ways than one.)

3rd Jul 2013, 9:16 PM
Not much, my younger brother (he is 5) wanted to play so I helped him. We played the Beaker family and he laughed when Nervous and Loki started fighting. Then we put Nervous Subject in some machines and he had a great time, when I asked him what Loki should made for dinner his first answer was '' HAMBURGERS! ''

3rd Jul 2013, 9:38 PM
another update.. sorry for two in one day but i got on the caliente family :rolleyes:

Dina i got them a dog named chip and Dina became a at-home artist. Nina is unemployed in my game but i'm thinking of making her an animal breeder (my cousin acctualy came up with the idea, i was going to get her into medicine but he said no :anime: ) Nina also married townie Melissa Fancey. (cousin's idea too.) and adopted her daughter, October. (she was the child of my sim gorgina and her husband Fernand.) Edit: Chip was taken away aswell as their new cat, Niki.

3rd Jul 2013, 9:50 PM
When I procrastinate on playing the 'boring' families I go play the university students. (Then I play the boring families and realize they're not boring I just play favorites :D )

Jamie Harris stopped messing around in school and got caught up. He took a summer class and isn't behind anymore. I accidentally made him fail a semester because I thought he was a low motivation sim so that was my bad. During his last two semesters he was smitten by one of his dorm mates. It was completely unplanned, I'm just glad his other dorm mate didn't see him or there'd be some crazy drama going on. He's also seeing Emma Davis who lives in the next dorm. They're not official yet though because I'm waiting to see if she has a better match with someone in the next batch of college students.

Jamie finished his senior year and is just waiting for the rotation to finish so he can return home. His dorm mate Lilly will start her junior year next session. She has a 4.0 GPA so far and next semester will start her internship in the politics career.

Emma's sibling will be joining her next semester, I think. Oh no... every once in a while I mess up on the how long they're each suppose to be over at college and I think I've done it again. I need to find an easier way to keep track of that! :faceslap:

4th Jul 2013, 9:41 AM

Welcome to Strangetown! I'll be your guide.

4th Jul 2013, 3:22 PM
The Pitcairn family has arrived in Strangetown. Following the family's harsh but rewarding traditions, Jerry Pitcairn has been left on his own to make 10,000 simoleons from scratch in order to prove his worth to the clan.

Meanwhile, the Ramaswamis move into the house that's next to the Grunt Residence. They underestimated the house's size, so the Oldies moved in to keep some company and help pay the taxes. Chloe Curious-Smith also moved there, working as a cook and a maid after she was left without a job due to a disaster involving snack cakes and gasoline.
Out of kindness, they also let Jerry move there so he can start his quest for 10,000 simoleons.

Everything is going fine, but I'm just worried about Chloe's romance aspiration and Sanjay.

5th Jul 2013, 1:49 AM
okay, i got on the singles family :|
i didn't do much. after moving them into an empty lot and building them a home, i made Erin and Kristen leave. Lola and Chole stayed. i gave them a make-over and got Chole a job. Chole wanted to go into the slacker career so i let her. Lola wanted to be in medicine but i couldn't find it. possibly in the morning, Lola. but after that, Chole watched the cooking channel and got cooking points while Lola worked on painting :Edit:thanks, Peni sorry for not reading ahead enough before i posted it , i just haven't gotten to the section yet.

Peni Griffin
5th Jul 2013, 4:57 AM
You can find instructions for posting pictures over in the Pictures forum, which is where they belong anyway, Wilks. We just had the picture conversation, y'all - it's a good idea to read a few recent posts before you start typing.

I did a whole rotation of Widespot in what for me is a blaze of speed. Since I added the downtown, practically every household got an outing call in the evening, so most of Bigg City has been playtested at least a little. The Newson twins and Tommy Ottomas aged to child without any ceremony but without any disaster, and Faith Goodie took the twins to Booktique for school clothes and, in Georgia's case, a makeover. Skye Weiss called Dora for the outing in that household, and they went to the art museum with every friend he has in the world - his two kids, and the older Lands. Dora triple-bolts Homer and appears to be allergic to Mary, but thinks she can be friends with Beulah.

The Roseland-Cooke household continues to strike out. They both worked a long day and in the evening the outing was called by Cyd's only friend so far - Faith Goodie. He went with them to what appeared to be Senior Night at the Cherry Bowl (where Dora and Skye appeared in the background, apparently on a date as they bowled together and then were seated together), but social townie Christy Inada and Mary Gavigan showed up so he managed to add them to the train. Still, it's slim pickings for these two bachelors at the moment. Skye has asked Dora Ottomas to marry him, but she had to leave before they could woohoo and I'm not sure when they can get married, as he doesn't have another day off for awhile; and at their age, every day counts.

At the Land house, Mary tried to get Valentine to go out with her, but he refused; though he called her later, in the middle of Delta's teen birthday, for an outing. Apparently he feels safe from her charms in a group. She went to dinner with him and worked on her lifetime score with him, her panel so full of wants for him she might as well have been on a date. He'd let her give him backrubs and talk, and even tickle him, but drew the line at flirting, and when they got seated sat at a separate table with Candy. She brought the group back (half of them had been at the party anyway), but he bailed. Rhett, who was clearly drunk as a skunk, leaped into Penny Weiss's arms, spent awhile tossing Rhein into the air (she addressed him as "dada," possibly confused by his physical resemblance to Valentine), and then put her to bed while his big sister looked on, shaking her head.

Delta, meanwhile, tried to play redhands with Rocky Beech, her best friend since forever, and to everyone's surprise he refused, and they lost their friends tags. No one knows what that deal is. The general assumption among the Lands has always been that Delta and Rocky would date and get married, and since he's a slightly desperate Family sim this should in fact have been a case of first-flirt-love. However, I don't mind shaking that up a bit. She got him to play catch with her. No one did homework but their grades are all so high, and the weekend is so close, it won't hurt them to miss a day, and there'll be a little time for it in the morning.

In Drama Acres, Maddy Estic-Moiselle threw her elder birthday party and aged up well. She starts her job as an architect's apprentice at the Simulated Housing Corporation next rotation. The hours fell out on that perfectly. Her late cat, Day, haunted, to the consternation of Flag, the new parrot; but Dawn, adopted shortly before Day died, watched her with no apparent discomposure.

5th Jul 2013, 5:14 AM
The neighborhood is dumbfound following an outbreak of plague at one of the oldest homes in the city. This latest and most violent spasm of disease doubled the death toll, claiming in one week the lives of Gretchen Frawl, her granddaughter Diana, her daughter-in-law Jeanne Cornwell, Jeanne's husband Johann Frawl, and Frawl Farms employee Emily Honker. Young Kurt Cornwell was celebrating his 13th birthday when Emily was declared dead. The string of deaths leaves the community's two greatest farms sorely undermanned and without adequate leadership: the technical owner of Frawl Farms is now Evelyn Frawl, Gretchen's daughter, but Evelyn did not grow up on the farm and is only a few years into her training. While Margaret Cornwell and her sister Jeanne both owned stakes in the family ranch since adolescence, Jeanne did most of the work, with Margaret tending to the business side of the estate. She is now solely responsible for the largest cattle spread in the region, as well as the tool-and-die shop and forge located on the family grounds. With that in mind, the chief justice of the city, Matthias Ingersoll, noted that the statute of limitations on her brothers' crimes had technically expired, meaning that the two outlaws -- who have defied numerous searches of the woods in the past ten years -- will be able to return to the city and begin participating in the family ranch again. Few remain in the city who even remember what their crimes were, and most know full well that the brothers, Ioan and Patrick, have been operating one of the trade boats plying the river the city so much depends on.

Presently, young Kurt is alone in the home, as Margaret Cornwell is reluctant to move into a home that has claimed so many lives in such quick succession. The boy is unwilling to abandon his family's home, however, and so has been spending much of his time across the street at the home of Nathaniel and Victoria Green; he is close friends with their youngest son Edgar.

Plague Deaths, Known so Far:
Reginald Green - E (contested)
Cynthia Ingersoll - YA
Prudence Green - A
Cameron Green -A (but she got better. mysteriously. Seriously, there was a funeral, how did she come back?)
Declan Cornwell - YA (maybe)
Diana Cornwell - T
Gretchen Frawl - E
Jeanne Cornwell - A
Johann Frawl - A
Emily Honker - A
Johann Frawl - A

Kurt caught the plague as soon as he became a teen. He had 10 pts nice, so I made him a Family sim, and you better believe he beelined to make comfort soup. :lol:

6th Jul 2013, 4:00 PM
I didn't have much time this week to play and form a story. The time I did have I used to clean out my download folder, because I still have a lot of downloads waiting to get put in. 1,47 GB to be exact.
Keep in mind I really want to stay below 9 GB, otherwise it starts to take too long to load the game. Therefor I have a system of clean out some stuff and put back in new stuff of the same amount or less. This is also part of 'playing the game', for me. Then I look through all the downloads I have and decide what to keep and what can go until one day I will have a downloadfolder that is exactly like I want it with stuff that looks good enough or even really realistic.

According the story, I'm now that far we are at the first original Old People's home again, Amin Zamorano just died and Hanifa Akbari just moved in after the loss of her husband.
They gave her Ben Magee's old bedroom to sleep in. There wasn't room anywhere else.
There are four apartments. The first on the left was where Ben Magee lived. Everybody could walk in his apartment whenever that person wanted. To cook something in the kitchen, to watch tv or use the bathroom. It's kind of the public area of the Home. The other three apartments is a different story. The one on the right of Ben's belongs to Chelsea and Amin Zamorano, but Chelsea stayed behind after his dead and now it is only her apartment. Other people can't enter. The two apartments in the back are also private. The one left in the back was given to Dunya Akbari, Chelsea's daughter, and her children. Sometimes the oldies have acces to that apartment, when Dunya is away to work and needs help with care for the kids. Then one door is public area for a certain amount of hours.
The apartment in the back right belongs to Lee-Ron Haydon and his wife Victoria. Nobody but them can enter their apartment.
It's a full house, that Home. Eight people and two animals live there.

I have a bit of a story written about the Old People's Home and Ben Magee, the next part in the story, but it's not finished yet. This rotation is not done in the Old People's home and then I have to play the two day rotation of Ben Magee and where he is now. After that I can finish that part and post it here.

6th Jul 2013, 9:00 PM
Quick update!

The Reyes family seem to be improving dramatically. Alan got promoted to High School Teacher so he's making pretty good money. Unfortunately his wife can't seem to get promoted from her Desk Sargent job or she gets demoted by chance cards. (I roll a die for the chance card decisions) Their eldest son Christian is done with high school and is a starter until he leaves for college. He'll be majoring in Business because his LTW is to be a Business Tycoon. Their other son Daniel is still in high school and just dickin' around. Their daughter will soon turn into a teenager. Daniel also invited someone over for a couple days from ' Sim Hawaii'. I hope everything goes well, I can't remember if I was supposed to supple a bed for her or not. :lol:

Alan grew up extremely poor. It took a long time for his parents to finally get to where they needed to be. They lived in a tiny two story house with very minimal furniture. With enough hard work his mom ended up being Mayor of Bluewater Village, his father ended up being Captain Hero. Once Alan graduated college and got a job in the education field, they had enough money to get a new place. After Alan married his wife Gina, they sold their tiny home for a bigger one since there was a little one on the way. His parents are gone now but he has them to thank for his good work ethic.

The Reyes were the last on my list to play so now I can start the next session. Well first I have to play the school session, but before I do, I went to visit SSU and moved Jamie Harris back home. He moved back home just in time because his mother has planned a vacation to the Landgraab beach house. A little vacation time then it'll be back to job hunting time. :call:

I decided to move Lilly Hart to the Landgraab Dormitory, because she met all the requirements. She's an over achiever and has a 4.0 GPA and it'll look great on her resume when she applies to law school. Although Landgraab Dormitory is smaller than her last dorm (Plaza Dormitory) is has more. It has a full gym and library and everyone gets their own bathroom. (you don't have to share with sloppy dormies.) :duck:

Mordecai and Rigby
7th Jul 2013, 4:45 AM
Brandi Broke has 8, count 'em, 8 cooking skill points, yet she just rolled two new wants today: Learn How to Make Cereal and Learn How to Make Omelettes. :wtf:

8th Jul 2013, 1:32 AM
singles family update :D

I moved in two CAS males for Lola and Chole (idk if it's spelled right). their names were Luke and Chris. Luke and Lola got married and had two kids so far, Lance and Lilly. Luke wants another kid and i have names for a girl and boy, Leo and Lisa. what do you think? :) oh and Chole's side too, she and Chris got engaged and moved out after Lance was born. Lance is a child and Lilly is a toddler in my game right now, and their b-day is on the same day :)

Peni Griffin
8th Jul 2013, 4:31 AM
Dominic Estic visited his Great-Aunt Mary's house, now converted into a community music center. He mourned at her grave with his friend Lisandro, made $100 jamming on her instruments with his friend Marsha, got pictures made with Marsha and his Aunt Margaret, and very nearly made friends with Jane Stacks, who may be able to help him and his friend Polly Esther Curian with their desired teaching careers. He also went to Drama Acres Park to play on the stage his Great-Aunt Mary donated while she was alive, and his grandmother's second husband (Aunt Margaret forgave him for going around with The Floozy while Grandma was still alive, but the rest of the family hasn't) showed up and played bass to his guitar for awhile. Dominic outplayed him and the old man left without a word.

Greg Aerius invited Cousin Sadie's family over and used Couples Counselling to repair her relationship with her husband after the damage done by The Incident at his birthday party. Marius Curian went on a date with Sarah Ruben, got his second make-out count in, threw his off-to-college party, made up with his first girlfriend Minerva Newson, collected his scholarships, and left, arriving at college looking so much like his late Pa it almost hurts to look at him. His brother Paul is now living alone with his wife Polly Esther (and their cat and dog) for the first time since they married.

Eppie Curian threw an enormous birthday party that was highly successful, despite her old sorority sister Brittany Pitts-Upsnott picking on Cousin Sadie over The Incident (which she didn't even witness). Eppie and Tiffany's daughter Piff did not like it that Aunt Brittany made Cousin Sadie cry, gave Brittany the stink eye, and walked over and family-kissed Sadie. Which I'm not sure how she could, since Sadie is Piff's biological father Greg's first cousin and the game doesn't recognize that as a relationship; but I expect I gave them family flags at some point. I've messed with the family trees a lot in Drama Acres. Eppie is now an elder, able to wear colors that would have clashed with her red hair before, and feeling pretty good about life.

Oliver Onions has started selling solar panels and juicers at The Natural Kitchen as well as organic produce and kitchen deco. It was Sunday, so they had his wife Billie's family - father, stepmother, and younger brother - over. Pearl spent a lot of time with her live-in Grampa Red, who told her the story of how he found the beach glass, fished with her, and ate dinner with her talking about the importance of marriage. Billie's father and stepmother are going through a rough patch, and the stepmother went home early while the father sat in the hot tub explaining to anyone who'd listen that it's all a bunch of drama over nothing. Uncle William, who isn't much older than Pearl, hung around till very late, playing with the dog (his own dog died recently) and feeding Pearl's baby sister Vidalia. Also plenty of hula and gardening and that sort of thing. A nice relaxed Sunday all round.

8th Jul 2013, 5:39 AM
The Ottomas family had some difficulty looking after themselves, especially because they had to subsist on cold food thanks to the burnt-out kitchen. Samantha went right back to work, leaving Dora to look after the babies and Tommy, but Dora had to get a nanny for a while, since she had the flu. The nanny at least cleaned a bit, though she didn't bother looking after the twins much and was horrified when Samantha got home from work and proceeded to give Anna her dinner by the front door. Tommy grew up well into a rather good-looking little boy, but he wet the bed that night; well, at least I know the mod for that works!

Peter wanted WooHoo, Samantha wanted to have a baby, and Dora wanted another grandchild...so Peter and Samantha tried for baby. It was rather a relief they didn't get a lullaby...


In Strangetown, the Smiths got a boarder: Guy Wrightley! PT #9 was very pleased by this handsome young man, even if he was a college drop-out, and invited over Lola to meet him. He shouldn't have wasted his influence trying to get Lola to flirt with Guy, though...after all, Guy's not interested in the ladies. The failed flirt got them off on the wrong foot, leading to a series of arguments...and Lola hadn't come over alone. Escalus Prince had also come over, and while he liked PT#9 enough, he didn't like the looks or behaviour of this young fool much; nor did he like him insulting one of his officers. They ended up having multiple scream-and-poke battles around the house.

PT# 9 invited Johnny and Ophelia over, and then Jenny invited over Father Laurence Stratford, who she wanted to make best friends with. He asked if he could bring someone with him...sure, why not? Well, that someone turned out to be Consort Capp! That was not a situation I'd thought of while making my rules regarding him, and it led to me pausing fast and thinking frantically...especially since there were two cops in the house at this point, including the police chief. I ended up deciding that this meant Consort, who does not get on well at all with Laurence, had nothing to do with him and was stalking Escalus. Therefore, Jenny greeted Laurence, but ignored Consort, and thankfully, he wandered away before either Lola or Escalus, who would have noticed him, came out of the house. I was prepared for him to "drop" a firebomb should he be noticed, however...

Despite the very near miss, a very nice evening was had by all, although Guy stayed grumpy and Laurence and Escalus ended up arguing viciously about law. Yes, law...very suitable. Laurence was of the opinion that law was on the side of those who purchased it, and that Escalus was complicit in this...which Escalus did not like hearing at all.


I'm in a pretty bad mood right now due to the fact I'll have to spend some more time fiddling with the game to get HHS properly installed so I can get the clothes, hair and makeup after my total reinstall. Best case scenario is a backup and pulling the files it embedded in Program Files out, worst is a total reinstall and deletion of all files to do with any of the expansions. I'm really hoping it's not the full thing I'll have to do...

8th Jul 2013, 5:50 AM
lots and lots of babies: Alexander and Allegra Goth welcomed extremely unexpected twins!

Kaylynn Langerak seems to be suffering empty nest syndrome, even though Dan hasn't left for college yet. I'm tempted to let her fulfill her want and hopefully have a girl but she doesn't have any suitable sperm donors around these days.

Also - how do I get the police to come on account of the counterfeiting machine? Dustin has been at it for days with his aspiration bar in the red - I figure they have to come eventually!

8th Jul 2013, 3:41 PM
Yes! Usually the easiest way to fix things doesn't work with TS2, but this time it did -- HHS is stupid in how it embeds itself in the basegame, but not absolutely sadistic. It was so late it was early by the time I got it fixed, but I had to go back to the Curious place anyway to check that it wasn't just Bodyshop that showed the clothes there...and it was miserably hot...so I played a bit.


Lazlo Curious wanted to play with Cassandra Goth, but otherwise was uninterested in continuing his liaison with her. He fussed over Sirius a good bit though, and he'll probably want to have some part in his child's life if he finds out about it. Sirius got out of the ugly red-and-black and back into the tacky-but-cuter holly outfit, and he got multiple bottles of Smart Milk fed to him -- it's alien-baby formula, allowing their brains to reach full learning capacity. He got potty trained in two tries, and gained a lot of charisma with his rabbit head...but he apparently thinks he's a dog, as he slept in Moody's bed and ate a good deal from his bowl!

Lazlo got in an awkward situation at work involving starting a bonfire by his boss's office door, and got demoted. However, on getting back, he half-taught Sirius to walk.

Now that Sirius can't be cleaned by just changing his diaper, they'll be needing a tub for him, as well as for Moody, who stinks...next time!

9th Jul 2013, 8:12 PM
Singles family update: (i have been playing them alot.)

Not much but enough to "report".

Lola and Luke's daughter Lilly aged up into a child. Luke got his wish and had another baby girl named Lisa. and Luke went clothes shopping and got some new things for his kids to wear. Lilly and Lance now share a room too.

yeah pretty much it but i'm getting on the singles family after posting this so, i'll edit this after. :|

9th Jul 2013, 9:48 PM
Oh, I am so glad that was an easy fix and I was able to get back to playing...because my megahood's first conceived-in-game (OK, that sounds vaguely creepy) baby was born at the Beaker house my most recent play session (Rose's and Titania's were conceived earlier, but they're running a few hours late -- and in Titania's case, the pregnancy may well end badly -- so the Beaker baby was the first this rotation).

Despite all the trouble she'd had before, Circe was feeling very well for most of the day, and showed it by actually being friendly with Pascal -- Loki just mocked and taunted him every time they met, but Circe was rather nice. Nervous puttered around cleaning and making food (not cooking, since he's forbidden to use the stove) and making daisy bouquets at the flower-arranging bench Circe had gotten, and eventually hired a maid when Loki wasn't looking...that maid being Kaylynn, of course. Loki met Baron, Leader of the Pack, and played fetch with him a bit, then played catch with Circe. Pascal got in a very awkward situation with his bosses involving a dead parrot, getting himself a stern warning and a fine to pay for the parrot, but he got a job change to bookie for proving himself so inept as a bagman. Both he and Nervous want to adopt a child, even though he abandoned his own baby (and doesn't even think of him!) to move in at the Beaker place.

Despite there being nothing to stop him from going to bed, Loki drank multiple cups of espresso and fidgeted, wondering when Circe was going to have the baby -- he was really looking forward to it, despite his grumpiness. However, he got chased out of the kitchen by Grimalkin's snoring (that dog prefers sleeping on the floor to his bed) and went to the calm of Nervous's pit (Nervous still sleeps there, although Pascal has the nice room upstairs, but Nervous was working on flowers at that point) to read a cookbook. Circe had been sleeping, but early in the morning, she got up, came down to get some jelly, went back up to make the bed, started to head back to the kitchen for more to eat...and stopped in the little upstairs sitting room, clutched her belly, and let out a scream calculated to echo through the whole house. Luckily, Pascal was in the bath in the hall bathroom, and he jumped out and came running to her aid -- Loki also came running, but he had to get up a lot of stairs, and got there just in time to see the birth of his daughter (he was running into the room during the beginning of the cutscene!). Yes, it's a girl -- blond eyebrows over brown eyes, golden-brown skin, a classic sun-and-sand-toned "Strangetown Jewel" (what I called Johnny and Ophelia's kids in my basegame-only Strangetown) named Demeter Beaker. Hopefully her face is just as pretty as her colouring...

"That was...surprisingly easy," was Circe's opinion, after Loki had stopped jumping around and hooting with glee. "All that fuss over this little thing? Well, she's healthy enough..." She handed Demeter over to Loki and took herself back to bed.

The upstairs sitting room now doubles as Demeter's nursery, with the stork cradle and the fire truck in it. Pascal has little interest in being a nanny for her, but he can tell that this experience made Circe like him even more...so if that is what it takes to stay on the good side of at least one Beaker, he'll do it.

10th Jul 2013, 1:06 AM
I've been setting up a new 'hood, yet again. Only one family so far, though more may move to the area over time.....

Wesley and Tara Pryce live in Loste Hills with their son William, who was conceived using IVF and a sperm donor, as Wesley is infertile. Due to health problems Tara suffers from frequent miscarriages, so William was the first baby born, from 5 pregnancies. Wesley, wanting a child who was biologically his, got himself abducted by aliens. Tara was very upset with him and they argued a lot. Their old friends and neighbours, and Wesley's colleagues, didn't believe his alien abduction story and shunned the couple, which led to Wesley quitting his job as a school teacher. Desperately wanting another child, Tara used their remaining savings to pay for another round of IVF, but had a fifth miscarriage. She still loved Wesley, and didn’t want their marriage to fail, and so the Pryces moved to Loste Hills to live a private life and work on fixing their marriage - as well as raising their children.

10th Jul 2013, 2:10 AM
The three sorority sisters who dwell at the R. Cosgrove House scholarship House in Academie LeTour (Madison, HArmony, and Melody) have taken spring break at Twikkii Island. So far they have visited the boardwalk, the Ruins of Numchuck, and have relaxed at their hotel on the beach. Madison and Harmony have learned to 'hang loose' as well as to fire dance. They are super excited to visit the white Sand Springs for a spa day. Also Harmony found a tattered map to a 'secret hut' but is debating on wether or not to go there...it sounds shady and she forgot her pepper spray in Kashmire.

10th Jul 2013, 3:59 AM
Since the move things are really looking up for Wesley and Tara Pryce. It was touch and go for a while; whilst Wesley was pregnant Tara refused to share a bed with him, and they slept in shifts, barely interacting with one another. But they both wanted to fall back in love with each other once Rupert was born – Wesley wanted his entire family to be happy, and Tara decided that Rupert wasn't so bad after all! Not long after Rupert’s birth, William found a genie lamp. One wish for wealth later and the house had a new extension. Both Wesley and Tara wanted another baby, but this time they decided to adopt, and so toddler Dawn joined the family when Rupert was 3 yeardays old. Three children just aren't enough for either Wesley or Tara, so they’re considering adopting another youngster. Having a growing family is expensive (and if they do decide to adopt they'll have to find another $5,000 in adoption fees), so Tara started work as a dish washer and is already looking to get promoted. In the meantime Wesley is looking for a job in teaching, but teaching jobs are hard to find....

10th Jul 2013, 5:44 AM
I am building lots for Zanes Hollow right now. I've got about 20 of them done so far. (Out of 65) It's SO SO SO SO SO SO SO frustrating building with just the Base and no CC. Mainly just the fact I have no split levels. I normally build stairs with split levels 99% of the time because it's just so much easier and it flows so much better. I am sooo unhappy with some of my floorplans. I mean, they're not bad, they're actually pretty okay imo, it's just not to my high standard that I would want to be giving everyone. It's mainly the second floor because the stairs have to be placed in such awkward places! Oh well, I guess.

11th Jul 2013, 7:23 PM
Olive Specter was so glad to be home -- she grabbed a beer (yes, really!) from the fridge and pondered her next move. Nobody seemed to care at all about that incident with her and Chloe Curious, now that Consort Capp's escape and trouble-making were the talk of the region; she liked that! Hiring a maid would be a good start, so she could enjoy the ghosts and not worry about the mess they were making... The maid turned out to be Lucy Hanby...lucky escape, Kaylynn! Olive called PT#9 Smith and got on his good side by telling him her inside scoop on Consort, based on her experiences being in jail at the same time as him. They discussed the rumours that he'd been going around stealing random people's newspapers, and ended up not caring about the fact that Olive beat up his daughter.

Olive napped until dusk, then ate and worked on her skills. She was making a speech to the bathroom mirror (with great furious hand-waving and shouting) when Melissa Sims, wearing surprisingly suitable and pretty CC hair (she's the ghost who has different hair and clothes in each Strangetown) dove out of the mirror, scaring Olive into wetting herself. Olive wasn't displeased at all, as she enjoyed seeing the tormented spirits of her victims -- er, "those poor people whose mummies I found in the desert when I was out walking." Yeah, that's her story -- she's doing them a favour by having them buried in such nice surroundings rather than ending up in some potter's field. (Olive's graveyard caused me some issues when trying to make the game semi-realistic -- even with the high walls, people can't be totally ignorant of its existence, so why aren't they suspicious enough to get a warrant to dig it up? My story is that she hauls the bodies out to the desert, lets them mummify enough to be unidentifiable, then "finds" them, notifies the authorities, and offers her family graveyard -- she does have family there, after all -- as a resting place for them. The inefficiency of the local government means nobody important cares...yet!)

Olive took a bath, then went to use the telescope she got just before going to jail. She was scared by Creon Nigmos on her way there, but that just pleased her more! She got another logic skill point while Melissa rampaged around the house, turning on the new TV and stereo, playing the xylophone, rummaging in the fridge, and otherwise being a nuisance. Olive then went to get some leftover soup...while Melissa was messing with the fridge again. This led to them standing in the same place until Melissa finished, then Melissa scaring Olive into wetting herself again. She didn't really care, and grabbed some food, took a shower, and went to bed to sleep away the rest of the night. One of the cacti by the gate was struck by lightning during the night, but the rain put it out...


Buck Grunt wants to own five top-level businesses! This actually may be doable, since I've got the Moo's Nightlife Mews buildings as a dreary sort of "strip" down the middle of the highway at the far end of town from the "Welcome to Strangetown!" sign -- I see Strangetown as something between Roswell and Vegas, with a large dose of failed desert development town thrown in. Maybe Buck will be the man to make it a true pleasure city...someday! He also is quite fascinated with Beatrice Monty, who he met at Jules O'Mackey's party...apparently the two outcasts were eyeing each other from the corners.

Buck tried to make up for his failed birthday party by throwing a house party when he got home from school, which was a dismal failure as well -- none of the invited guests showed up, due to the family's unpopularity. Ripp tried to help his little brother out by inviting in random walkbys, but that only resulted in his father storming over to slap him for "speaking to a girl like that" when he greeted Meadow Thayer, who had been reading the newspaper by the door. The party was a disaster and Ripp really hates his father now, but at least he and Buck met Melody Tinker. In retaliation, Ripp decided to risk everything and ask Daniel Grey over for a date at the Grunt house, but Buzz was heading to bed at that point and didn't even notice... It was a good date, but Ripp is still conflicted about what he wants. ACR says he's bi, which is perfect for someone who wants twenty simultaneous lovers...but Daniel is his first crush, and with the family he comes from...

And...General Buzz Grunt, shortly after midnight, retired from the military and took a job as a campaign worker for an up-and-coming candidate for city council. His explanation: "I don't like to be at the top -- there's nothing to reach for there, and nowhere to go but down. This may seem like a dumb job for me, but I'm just getting my feet wet in politics; there's nowhere to go but up from here!" He's on his way to trying to become mayor... (If he and Albany Capp both succeed in their respective types of politics, SimNation is in trouble...)


At Strangetown Hospital, Bianca Monty eyed her healing face with worry. She'd been warned that the long whitish scars along her jawline would never fade on their own, and while she didn't want to seem vain, she thought they looked hideous. Oh well, time to put on a brave face and show the influx of curious locals that yes, this place was up and running; she still wasn't feeling at all well, but expecting Jason to run the place wasn't fair. But still, she had to see if Oberon Gossamer thought she looked awful...

Thanks a lot, Dr Monty. Now I know exactly why, storyline-wise, Titania has been doing so badly. It wasn't just Consort who was in a position to slip something in her orange juice the evening he tried to kill Bianca...and Bianca would actually know better what to use on her...and she fainted when Consort went after Bianca with the sword...

So, how did Bianca show this? Well, first, she fell in love with Oberon almost as soon as he showed up, then she hired him as an orderly -- she wanted to, and his "normal" job isn't really that suited to him, so that was fine. His job for now is tidying up, but hey, he's not just some normal human...he'll make himself useful. Not that he got much tidying up done...Bianca was just too good at getting him into rooms alone and pleadingly asking him if she was hideous. He's not human, he doesn't understand the rules...so she got everything she wanted from him, except for the thing she'd started wanting just after she fell in love with him...getting engaged to him! She slow danced with him, she had her first kiss with him...can you see where this is going?

No, I didn't intend for Bianca to be quite as vicious as the rest of her family...but seeing her autonomous behaviour and wants, I'm thinking I just didn't see past her do-gooder façade to the "my way at any cost" steel beneath. Her LTW is Golden Anniversary, and the Summerdream-Gossamers are the only family "good enough" to marry into the Montys and Capps and idealistic and neutral enough to marry into both of them, linking them into one and perhaps ending the feud. She knows Hermia's engaged to Puck, but not that the marriage is unlikely to go through. Oberon, who she started out with good chemistry with, is the only available match for her in that family, but even though his marriage to Titania was an handfasting that never "became official" -- too much happened for them to remember to go to the courthouse (or me to remember to send them) -- she can't afford to go around breaking up marriages. So, time to take the standard Monty way of dealing with things that aren't going their way -- murder! Being able to blame it on the guy who tried to kill her is only a bonus... I suppose she's figured out that they are faeries, and knows something that doesn't show up on tests, but is poisonous to them... It makes me think of a mystery novel where even the writer doesn't know whodunit until the character's actions make it clear!

12th Jul 2013, 1:08 AM
All the play today centred around the Capp/Pedersen/Bell dorm. Exams were approaching for the first semester. However, nobody was particularly concerned about these, as two larger problems had arisen. Firstly, the bill had been posted for the dorms and was due. Where were the students going to get §1521 from? Not to mention §2500 to cover everyone's tuition fees? The five students there (Samantha and Jeannie Capp, Andrew Pedersen, Paul and Andrew Bell) had §81 to their name at the time, which was hardly ideal.

Secondly, students were having trouble navigating the dorm's narrow corridors. The revolutionary mansion conversion had clearly been done by someone with no sense of proportion. The upper floor largely consisted of rooms so narrow that once the furniture was in, there was only a Sim's width of space to be found. To make it worse, the two "premium" suites were up there, as well as the study bookshelf and both computers. One student, Terry Owens, starved to death because he could not reach the kitchen. The only student willing to try to save Terry's life was Andrew Pedersen - particularly surprising as he'd barely met the bloke. Sadly, Andrew did not succeed in his mission, and was rather sad about it.

Exams came and went without helping the students meet their bills much. Andrew Bell got the best grades, with a 3.3 being moderately useful in advancing his degree. He earned §700. His brother Paul, along with Andrew Pedersen and Jeannie Capp, managed §1500 between them because they barely scraped through their exams. Samantha panicked when she saw the exam paper - she'd not been to any of her classes and this was the first time she'd seen an exam paper since she'd last been to school about 30 years ago. Naturally she failed bigstyle. She dragged herself over to the kitchen (this very expensive dorm is self-service only), put some toaster pastries in the oven and had a breakdown. The therapist was still visiting her when the kitchen caught fire. Luckily there was a fire alarm fitted to this one, so the fire was extinguished by the time Samantha was in any state to get the food.

Everybody else pitched in to work to pay off the bills. They took turns bartending at the university café and sports bars, tried playing snooker for money, played piano and freestyled for tips and attempted to write novels (none were finished by the time the money was due, but Jeannie and Paul in particular needed the creativity points anyway - and Paul is well on the way to finishing his much-desired first novel). They eventually raised §3522 in one day. A truly impressive feat between 4 Sims... ...but sadly not enough. Andrew Pedersen was asked by the university authorities to give up his dream of the theatre and return to SimHampton. The other Sims have another bill of similar size coming very soon, have §83 in the bank, and apart from a handful of classes and some skill-building, none of them has done anything relevant to meet their academic requirements. I sense big trouble for them soon. Though not as big a trouble as the dorm architect will get when Terry Owens' family lawyers hear who designed the fatal upper corridors...

12th Jul 2013, 6:28 PM
Goth family update: After leaving don, Cassandra called up Darren and went on a date. they got married and Darren and Dirk moved into the Goth mansion. they had one kid named damian. and Dirk died of disease. :( Don came by and Cassandra's face got stuck and idk how to fix it. that's where I left.

12th Jul 2013, 7:15 PM
So, how did Bianca show this? Well, first, she fell in love with Oberon almost as soon as he showed up, Her LTW is Golden Anniversary, and the Summerdream-Gossamers are the only family "good enough" to marry into the Montys and Capps ... Oberon, who she started out with good chemistry with, is the only available match for her in that family, but even though his marriage to Titania was an handfasting that never "became official" -- too much happened for them to remember to go to the courthouse (or me to remember to send them) -- she can't afford to go around breaking up marriages.

Yes, she can. Titania is so good-natured that she really does not resent the theft of her live-in lover. In my game too Bianca had three lightning bolts of attraction for Oberon Gossamer, and married him. Titania just called him back when she fancied a cuddle. A nasty surprise for me: I thought the child she conceived by Oberon would be as good-looking as Puck and Bottom/Moth; but it turned out they were both adopted! The child she conceived while Oberon was married to Bianca turned out to have his strawberry nose and craggy features. Bianca, beware!

12th Jul 2013, 11:55 PM
Yes, she can. Titania is so good-natured that she really does not resent the theft of her live-in lover.
Well, as I think I've said, different games are alternate versions of the same universe. With romancemod, Titania probably would take a threesome just fine, but I've given backstories to all but the dullest of the pre-mades, and the Monty-Capp one is such that divorce -- and causing the divorce of other couples, no matter how informally married -- is not done. Of course, since they're vicious feuding families that "certainly have no connection with organized crime; I have no idea what you're talking about, Chief Prince. How dare you suggest such a thing?!" (quote: Antonio Monty), that's not as nice as it sounds. I play by wants, but also by pre-set rules, which have to have a pretty good reason to change (i.e. Ripp Grunt dating a boy, something forbidden by his father, because he hates his father. If Buck, who still wants to please Dad, falls for a boy...tough luck unless the General becomes hated by him too or is out of the picture somehow. Tank wouldn't be dating a hippie like Blossom if he wasn't away from home, and bringing her home to meet his family will be difficult.) Therefore, the police department can't buy a bubble blower...and Bianca's romantic desires regarding Oberon hint to a dark side of her and an explanation for Titania's illness. Rule of drama, right? I just can't let out-of-the-ordinary stuff happen for no reason other than that the game allows it.


Malcolm Landgraab welcomed Gunnar Roque to his house, and to his business enterprise. Gunnar's only personal space is a single bed stuffed into the garage, but he's been promised a little studio flat of his own above the garage if he makes Malcolm enough money. Gunnar was suspicious at first, but when he realized all that was expected of him was to enrapture the female guests at Club Dante enough that they stay for a long time, he was delighted. This was what he liked doing! He didn't have WooHoo with any of them, though many were interested, but Malcolm says that getting started too fast gives people the wrong idea.

Once back from the club, Gunnar asked permission to invite some friends from LFT over. Malcolm was fine with that, so Gunnar invited the ladies of the Shifting Paradymes over -- including Ophelia Smith. While Malcolm and Ophelia ate together, he coxed Jasmine Rai to try out his employer's bed... Then he went downstairs and convinced Zoe Zimmerman to have her first WooHoo with him in the hot tub. That was an exhausting experience, so he went to his own bed for sleep, very pleased with himself (Malcolm wouldn't be if he knew how much free entertainment Gunnar was providing!).

Malcolm wanted to play a game with Patricia Wan, so he invited her over to try bowling in the snow in his backyard bowling alley. The Shifting Paradymes left about then, and then Gunnar woke up hungry and headed for the kitchen. Gunnar cooking requires attention, so I lost track of Malcolm...until I heard the sound of love hearts rushing up! Yes, he had convinced Patricia that he still had things he could teach her about WooHoo, and they fell in love with each other in the process. Endorphins are good at making business transactions into romances...which wouldn't be a problem if Patricia wasn't so platonic with Gabe. (No, I don't want noinstantloves. I like all the emotionalism a few too many episodes of casual WooHoo brings about.) Please don't let her want to marry Malcolm instead...


It was a snow day at the Tinker house, to the delight of Melody (who is the only reason I actually want to play them!). No forced interaction with other humans, her homework already done, and the chance to attempt to practice making eye contact while talking by making speeches to the bathroom mirror...not that she had any interest in that until she got dragged into that absurd attempt at a party while going on a jog in Strangetown (she took the bus there -- it's part of her attempt at jogging in every town in the area!). She really wanted to figure out why and how that strange Grunt family managed to stay in the same house, but she couldn't do that unless she could talk normally to other people rather than speaking to them through a convenient stray dog or from behind a textbook. It may have paid off -- worried about criticism for putting banner ads on her blog, she decided to sell t-shirts instead, and the snarky comments she had put on them (Sample: "Where's the fast-forward button on life? It's really badly plotted.") got them sold out before they were even ordered. She got a job as an internet movie critic for that success, meaning she's just barely able to give the family a passably good income...

That income's stretched among four now. Wanda knew the baby was on the way, but she just had to get something to eat before calling Stephen and Melody in from the shop-shed (Melody had decided to get her father to stop talking about the shop by trying to use her new charisma to sell stuff). She passed out in her plate of food, and then woke up screaming. Luckily Jason Larson was a customer, and the house doors were unlocked at once, but the only person who managed to get through the deep snow and into the house before the baby was born was Matthew Smith, Garden Club representative and oddly repetitive toy-buyer. Stephen and Melody did get in at the very end of the cut-scene, with surprisingly suitable expressions -- Stephen excited, Melody exasperated.

Melody was bewildered as to why little Leon had brown eyes, and ended up saying "You're the freaks, not me," before launching into a complicated explanation of genetics and how rare recessive brown is -- which nobody listened to, of course. Suffice it to say that I was irritated that my IVF-mixup theory of Melody's origin was not confirmed...but wait until Leon becomes a toddler and his facial features show! I doubt Melody's attractiveness will be repeated with a real child of those parents!

Jason did eventually get into the house, and Wanda refused to go to the hospital, saying there was no point now that the baby was born. Melody was seen to smile for the first time in recent memory -- thankfully, she didn't say what she was thinking, which was that with all the use Wanda was, her health should be of no concern to anybody. The shop was closed, Wanda went to bed and Stephen soon followed, and Melody was left literally holding the baby. She went to do more speech-making, still holding him (I didn't know they could do that!) then put him on the kitchen floor to make herself some sandwiches. Leon dirtied his diaper and started crying about it while she was eating, so she picked him up, carried him into the bathroom, put him on the floor, and went back out to the kitchen to eat another sandwich in peace. After all, the bathroom was made for stink... Baxter actually came in to investigate him, but he had to lie in his stink until Wanda woke just after dawn to eat the rest of the sandwiches and change and nurse Leon.

((Yes, the fourth wall is thinner for Melody than for anyone else, except maybe Bella Goth -- and maybe Claire Wood too, though she's so disturbed we'll probably never know. I'm not going to do the classic and inaccurate savant story with Melody, but since she clearly sees her world in a different way than anyone around her...))

13th Jul 2013, 6:31 PM
singles family update: 0
Lilly aged to an adult and I followed her. she got a makeover and she will marry someone soon. I just wanted to say that (to anyone who really cares)

14th Jul 2013, 1:27 AM
Sometimes the story in my game gets so juicy, but I don't have anyone to tell it to, so I'm just going to let it out here.

So Chuck Jacobs is the youngest of a pretty big family. He has one sister and 4 brothers. Chuck has always been closest in friendliness with his brother Todd. Todd helped potty train Chuck and played with him when he was a toddler and a child. When Todd graduated from college he returned home to live with the family and at that time Chuck was a teen. Todd got married to his high school sweetheart, Cassie, after college and she moved in too. Chuck also got pretty close to Cassie. After Chuck grew into a young adult for college he had an attraction to Cassie, but he knew not to pursue anything. That's his brother's wife, plus she had to be out of his league; that's what he thought. Chuck had a hard time finding someone to pair up with in college. But eventually he met a girl named Eliza. She was heartbroken but still very much in love with a guy she dated in high school but who moved on to someone else. Chuck and Eliza became friends, but love and attraction just wasn't completely there. After graduation they moved in together in a 2 bedroom house. Chuck is a family sim, so he was hoping this relationship was going to naturally progress into a romantic relationship and marriage and kids. But he knew deep down that Eliza just wasn't right for him. Eliza also knows that Chuck isn't right for her. She's always had an attraction attribute for make-up, so when she brought home a female co-worker from work, she kiss a girl and she liked it. Then she and the girl went into a private room and did more and she liked that too. Meanwhile, Cassie, Chuck's sister-in-law came over to say hi. It was kinda odd and out of the blue, but Chuck served her some food, talked with her, and then flirted with her even though he knew that last part was wrong. Cassie allowed the flirt, and the romantic interactions that followed. The pink and red hearts floated above their heads right away. And the interactions quickly escalated to being very intimate; they woohooed. Cassie shamefully left the house in the middle of the night, feeling extremely guilty for sleeping with her husband's younger brother. Now since Chuck and Eliza aren't engaged, steady, or even in love, they have a no strings attached relationship. The two of them had some risky woohoo the next day, which resulted in a lullaby. Because Chuck is a family sim, expecting a baby is all he could ever ask for. Eliza on the other hand is starting to get serious with another playable sim who is also a family sim and would like to get married/joined and have babies of her own.

So that's where I'm at. I'm still trying to decide what will happen with the baby. When Eliza has the baby will she take the baby and move in with her new girlfriend. Or will Chuck fight to keep the baby and be a single father. But then again he just rolled a want to "get engaged to Cassie." I had to shout at the computer and say "you can't get engaged to Cassie, she's married to your brother!" On top of that, he has a fear of getting in a fight with a family member. If he's ever caught with Cassie, especially where Cassie lives (with Todd and Todd and Chuck's parents and Todd and Cassie's children!), he will be in deep deep (fill in the blank) and all his fears will come true. Will Chuck win over Cassie too? Or will Cassie stay with her husband? Will Chuck and Cassie even get caught if they do it again? Is there someone else even out there for Chuck? Most of that will have to be answered in the next rotation, but I'm really looking forward to it.

14th Jul 2013, 8:44 PM
Goopy and Lilith Gilscarbo are expecting a baby! Probably their one and only too - here's hoping for some recessive genes! Not sure what to name it...I used up my good names on the puppies: Copper, Garnet and Goldie (parents Ruby and Chief). Goldie has been given away to Kaylynn Langerak and renamed Saffron.

15th Jul 2013, 6:34 PM
Time warp is in my game right now. Due to unfortunate circumstances of my own fault, a ton of my sim files were corrupted this weekend so I had to re-instate my back up files from April.

Playing sims last week: Pryce Cosgrove's wife had died, leaving him and their two daughters grieving. He ended up finding solace with the company of Maggie Orbinson and remarried her...they were expecting their first child together. Lawrence Orbinson married Noelle Wellington and they welcomed their new son Jay into the world. Joy Orbinson, 95 years young passed away. Samantha Cosgrove, Pryce's mother forgot to harvest her fruit trees before she died.

{Playing sims after this weekend: Adriana Cosgrove is healthy and fine, she got to see both her daughter's birthdays. She and Pryce are planning a tropical getaway and she is expecting their third child. Maggie Orbinson is single and nannies for her nieces. Lawrence Orbinson is in his senior year of University, he plans on proposing to Noelle Wellington. Joy Orbinson, 90 years young is playing cards at the Old folks home. Samantha Cosgrove, Pryce's mother harvested her fruit trees before she died, and is resting in more peace than she was.

16th Jul 2013, 9:43 AM
@ mirjamsim2love: I have got a bit behind with reading the posts here, and have only just realised that Rayder Bakalov is dead. I immediately thought of Faustin, who reminds me of Andrew in my own hood. (Andrew is a teen who is very close to his mother.) It seems so recently that Faustin was playing with both his parents, and now they're both gone. Please pass on my sympathy to him.
I'm looking forward to more new from your 'hood.

Here's my own news:

Gill + Bertino (31 Mendoza Lane, Downtown)
Jack and Ravi enjoyed an outing (organised by Ravi) with Gordon Cornton and Harry Hastie. They enjoyed a meal out at the Hub. Gordon gave Ravi an expensive Song Dynasty vase to thank him.

Moltke (100 Via Veronaville)
Andrew stayed most of the weekend. On Saturday Julian, Andrew and Hans went swimming. At night, Brigitte joined the three boys and they all went to the PURE nightclub. In the course of the day Brigitte made friends with Beatrice Monty and with Andrew.

Jones (19 Chorus Court)
On the Wednesday, Gloria got her promotion to the All-Stars. She made substantial improvements to the garden, and bought a bicycle. She also got her punch bag, and put it in the corner of the kitchen. She and Andrew are beginning to look like fitness fanatics.
On the Thursday, Andrew at long last took his expensive telescope out of his inventory and started to use it. To commemorate this momentous event, he wore the outfit he wore on his first day in Veronaville.

Siddons + LeTourneau (37 Mendoza Lane, Downtown)
On the Monday of their second week, Jamie concentrated on building his friendship with Andrew Jones, with whom he plays chess, and did nothing to develop his love life.
On the other hand, Jihoon had seen Gordon kissing another boy at a nightclub and was a bit upset, not to say confused. At the nightclub Jihoon had kissed Ralph Enriquez, but at home after work, he still wanted to talk to Gordon. In the event he phoned both Gordon and Ralph. He mended things a bit with Gordon, whom he still loves, and they are best friends again.

The Smythe sisters are still struggling to make ends meet. They desperately want to buy a computer so they can apply for full-time jobs. Julian Moltke told them there was a public computer at the P.U.R.E. nightclub; they went but they found there is no access to the websites advertising jobs on that computer. So they are still looking for funds to buy their own. When they heard that the new Capp Charitable Foundation for the Assistance of the Deserving Poor of Veronaville and its Environs had been established, Emma and her sister lost no time in applying; they bought the special cards as soon as they were available. Fortune clearly helps those who help themselves, because, as soon as they had bought the cards, and before they had even had time to send one, they both got promotions in their part-time jobs. Money is still very tight though, so they have applied for assistance.

Capps (Capp Manor)
Juliette was fed up with the ghosts haunting Capp Manor.
She got all the graves moved to a special Capp area in the new municipal cemetery (called Eternity Acre). Afterwards the family bought new clothes at Stratford Strip.
On Sunday night no-one was tired. The three teens (Juliette, Hermia and Tybalt) went to Bopperz, the new nightclub for teens. Puck Summerdream was there, wearing the brief swimming trunks he had bought during his brief gay affair with David Cornton. (Bopperz has a small pool and a hot tub behind the club, so most patrons wear swimwear.) Hermia proposed that they go steady and Puck agreed. They celebrated with a slow dance. Tybalt showed off his prowess on the Electrosphere and had a go at working as DJ. Romeo wasn't there and Juliette wanted a slow dance, so she danced very briefly with her friend Jamie Siddons. Unfortunately this affected her hormones and left her with a crush on Jamie, something she hadn't intended. There was no fighting although Mercutio Monty was there!
Consort couldn't sleep either; about 4 a.m. he made a shopping trip to the mini mart to buy even more clothes.

16th Jul 2013, 2:28 PM
@ mirjamsim2love: I have got a bit behind with reading the posts here, and have only just realised that Rayder Bakalov is dead. I immediately thought of Faustin, who reminds me of Andrew in my own hood. (Andrew is a teen who is very close to his mother.) It seems so recently that Faustin was playing with both his parents, and now they're both gone. Please pass on my sympathy to him.
I'm looking forward to more new from your 'hood.
That's sweet! Thank you.
I'm behind also. Even with my own game, haha.
Partly because I was encountering an ingame story dillemma. Not sure how to solve it, yet. Anyway, it prevents me from playing along and conclude that part of the story.
That's why I didn't update for a while. As soon as I figure it out, I will update.

Faustin is the youngest and came way behind his four sisters. Actually five, but the oldest girl disappeared at some point. Nobody knows what has happened to her.
Because his sisters were way older, the only connection there was: his sisters taking care of him as a baby and toddler. They never really socialized together then, because by that time the girls were out the door. He only had his parents. A sort of three musketeers bond was existing between them. Especially his mother was very important to him. When she died, he was totally devastated. He cried more than other sims did&do when they lost/loose someone they love(d). I felt really sorry for him.
His mother was his best friend. Right behind her, his father was. Luckily, he realised after the attack on his sister Farina he should have a better contact with his sisters. With three of the four sisters he get along well now. Between him and Fabienne, there's not much contact. She's more busy partying.
Technically he's an orphan now, but with the support of three of his sisters he might be able to make a life for himself. At the moment he's studying at the university. His first year.

Yes, I read about Andrew and his mother Gloria. I like it when child and parent have a special bond. Parent and child and at the same time friends. But Andrew only has his mother, if I recall right? That will be a big drama if Gloria passes away. :(

16th Jul 2013, 7:32 PM
Florence Delarosa had a totally boring and pointless day, not opening the shop and spending most of the day sleeping on the couch (she's not getting a new bed as long as she keeps letting those wolves in!). Hey, everyone needs a day off sometimes! Besides, the drama for her was a the next house to be played...


Gilbert Jacquet infuriated his mother by refusing to have anything to do with the bakery (it's boring and bleeds money, so I really don't like playing it -- he'll probably sell it after Denise dies) and instead, went through his list of phone numbers, trying to find some more nice ladies to call. He invited over a townie, and things seemed to be going very well...until she started reacting badly to him in the Love Tub he'd gotten. Apparently the turn-off she wasn't mentioning was swimwear... By that point, he was sick of her, so he invited Florence over. She was pleased he was finally ready to give her her first WooHoo...and that was just what he'd wanted all day, so he was pleased too. Denise got a demotion at work for doing an under-the-table bet, so she had more things to worry about than nagging Gilbert about the bakery.


Checo Ramirez, despite being annoyed at Lisa getting a job, had no qualms taking a job as a mailroom technician when one popped up. His first day is tomorrow, which gave him time to get his charisma up...and, oddly, get a cooking skill point making himself lunch! Lisa got a promotion to paramedic due to her dedication to cleaning up a food-befouled room, and Tessa's grades are very good. She got a grey parrot (I think they're supposed to be African Greys?) as a reward for doing so well, and named it Betty for reasons she refused to explain to anyone else. The real reason was that she'd met an old lady who looked like a bird at her parents' shop...yes, the parrot is named after Betty Goldstein!

Checo and Tessa went to the shop that night, and sales were pretty good. They put some more exotic decorative stuff up, and that may have helped...


And slightly off-topic, but I'm pleased to see that each time I run HoodChecker, it's got less and less junk. Maybe someday I'll be able to do a full rotation without anything showing (I think it's Tricou garbage, since I've got clean hoods and don't do anything stupid, but I do like having them as ghosts)...at any rate, while I don't understand it, it feels good to see that repeated purging of it is decreasing the amount of it.

Peni Griffin
16th Jul 2013, 9:03 PM
Sparrow Mander went to work, got a promotion, and quit. See, first the nanny didn't show up; then after she called her Ma to watch the toddler, the nanny did show up; then both of them wandered around the house ignoring each other, the dog, and the toddler all day; then Sparrow and her husband Gerry came home tired to a lonesome dog and a garden overrun with weeds, and a baby ready to grow to toddler. They invited over his favorite sister and her older sister Sadie's family. Sadie and Clovis, you may or may not recall, had a Caught Cheating incident last rotation and in the last update got couples counseling. Sparrow is pretty invested in Sadie's marriage, having taken her example as reassurance that she could keep her own Romance secondary in check well enough if she married Gerry, so she influenced Sadie to flirt with Clovis, who got aspiration points from it. Sparrow grew Geraldine up into a toddler who looks almost exactly like her mother, who looks almost exactly like her own father, so Goz's genes are marching on! Gerry's sister Amanda, who has a whole neat point to her name, decided Geraldine needed a bath (she didn't), but it all would have been much more fun for me if somebody'd been home with family helping clean the house and mob the baby while Sparrow fed the dog and gardened. And Sparrow doesn't have a career want, while Gerry does, so she's elected.

Hawkins Prime had a big day. Pigeon took a vacation day and opened Kid Stuff, selling toys, play equipment, and baby furniture. She and Kitty wrangled toddlers. Ezekial had no vacation days so he went to work. Dove went to school and when she got home, Pigeon threw her a party - a teleporter cat occasion, of course. It went off flawlessly, Dove growing into a lovely young lady (by Hawkins standards) with the same Fortune aspiration as her parents. Some of her favorite relatives were on hand, but she spontaneously started paying attention to her second cousin, Pearl Onions, and almost made friends with her before the party was over. Lance Point and Ginevra Hawkins were at dagger's drawn and Kitty influenced both of them to be nice, which seemed to take better for Ginevra than for Lance.

Next door, Ted Ottomas had to go in to his paralegal job, leaving Harriet alone on her final day of pregnancy, which he did not like at all - he was sure the house would catch fire and she'd die. So she called up a social group called "Hawkins Girls," getting Kitty, Sparrow, Pigeon, Marsha, and Kestrel over for the day; and for good measure, greeted Harris's wife Gabriella on a walkby. She influenced Sparrow to clean and went to bed. Ted came home with a promotion to find a gaggle of women in his hot tub and the phone ringing. It was Polly Esther Curian, wanting to talk to Harriet, who was still asleep, so he told her she wasn't available. She turned up anyway, and then waved at her friend Margaret Iana, who joined the throng. Ted influenced Polly Esther to make a meal and went to bed. Most of the women were on hand when Harriet gave birth to little Dorothea Ottomas, with her daddy's skin tone (and nice points! Ten Active, Outgoing, and Nice!). Harriet needed to go to the bathroom desperately so she handed the baby off to her husband, who stood there looking stunned and happy. He gives every indication of wanting to spoil the kid rotten, so once the ladies had dispersed and Dorothea was fed and safely in her crib I sent him down to Kid Stuff to buy a bouncy chair and some toddler items.

Next door, the Dorothea-spoiling continued when I discovered that Harriet's twin Marsha had bought a rocking horse on her own trip to Kid Stuff, so she invited Harriet over and gave it to her. Harris Hawkins had Hawkins Prime over for Sunday dinner and Mary Ann took an outing down to the Convenient Stores, where Dove gratuitously picked on Nova Stacks, no one knows why. I expanded the house so Mary Ann and Swainson have the whole top floor, Gabriella has a private study, dining space is expanded, and there' s a place for the TV Harris bought during Esteban Casa's rotation.

At the Point house, it was as if The Incident never happened - Clovis had a panel full of red wants and as soon as they got the teens off to school and the twins into their cribs, they started in on filling them. Sadie had bought a slide, monkey bars, and merry-go-round at Pigeon's, so as long as I was sprucing up the yard anyway, I put a love tub out there. About the time they got to the woohoo point, though, Adena and Eva crawled out to the back porch and started demanding attention, so they interrupted to wrangle toddlers and called for Clovis's birthday party in their swimsuits, finishing up their makeout woohoo during the party. A good time was had by all, but Lance and Andice were in dangerously low aspiration, so when they got up early and Andice did her homework I sent them down to the Convenient Stores, where Lance got a burger and a handheld game and Andice ran into Pascal Neugierig. They had an adorable first date, first kiss, and first makeout, after which Lance - who is supposed to be chaperoning his little sister for his paranoid Romance dad - slouched over and greeted Pascal. Pascal turned right around from that and made out with Andice again. As soon as they released the clinch, Lance noogied him. I love free will.

I played the Munny household on my birthday, so I didn't try anything dramatic, just had them invite household on Frank and the Points. Sage Ann finished her book about The Bad Old Days and discussed it with Joe Grundstrom, Andice and Ernest made friends over chess, the late Mary's dog Yen got along great with Ernest's dog Copper, and Pollux started poking and shoving Sadie for no reason. Seriously, no reason - she never had love tags with his father in her life!

Minerva Newson threw her off-to-college party and arrived at Sim State in decent clothing, Guadalupe Newson had an outing, Marsha and Jeremiah Gavigan dropped in on George and Jovita Hawkins, who also had Jovita's family over for Saturday dinner, and Esteban Casa and Marsha got into an argument over heaven-knows-what that no one could soothe. Jovita threw up exactly once, though her motives kept dropping like a rock and she had to eat like a trucker all day long. Ginger and Cooper Hawkins had the Garret Newsons and George and Jovita over for Sunday dinner, and little Gozii had what appeared to be sophisticated conversations about babies with the pregnant ladies, but became furious with her cousin, the antisocial Carmel. And at the Gavin Newsons, Naenae threw a party to celebrate her new job as a personal injury lawyer. Random particularly asked her to invite Uncle Merlin, for whom she had a Friend want, and she fulfilled it, sitting on the floor of the living room discussing aliens and rocket ships. Random grows to teen soon and I'm thinking she'll be Knowledge.

Alma Newson got up too early, so I sent her to the Convenient Stores to get her tired enough to get back to sleep, and she ran into Trent Traveller talking to a soccer ball. She greeted him, ventrilofarted him, made him cry, and then invited him to play catch, toss a football, and play redhands. Obviously she felt bad for him and wanted to cheer him up.

17th Jul 2013, 12:56 AM
Its getting harder and harder to choose what family to play with since they all have something interesting going on! :D

I decided to play the Morgan family. (Bradley+Leah, Dakota, Alissa, Kate) Dakota left for Sim State University on the first day of the session. First he sent his child support to his baby momma, studied a bit in order to get two more scholarships so now he has four total and then he was off!!! The Morgans only had about ten grand in savings so I wasn't sure if they should pay for Dakota's schooling or have him take out a loan. I ended up having them pay for his since he was an overachiever and worked hard to keep his grades up. Not to mention Dakota will major in physics so after college he'll have to further his education so he'll be in debt anyway so why not help him out a bit. His sister Alissa and Kate don't really have a huge need for school at the moment so they might not even end up going to college.

After Dakota left, his younger sister Kate took over his room. Some very odd things happened this session. Alissa and Kate have both kissed the same boy from school (Daniel Reyes, he's apparently a big playboy because he's been kissing every girl in sight!) Alissa has woohooed with him and Kate has only had her first kiss with him. They threw parties two nights in a row and Daniel ended up taking Kate's woo-ginity as well! :wtf: Talk about being Eskimo sisters! :lol: I just hope neither of them end up pregnant at the same time by the same boy..how awkward! I am trying to steer Kate into getting to know a Landgraab boy because they have three bolts together so hopefully we can avoid that situation.

Their parents both ended up with a promotion so hopefully they can save up enough money for their college education. Bradley is a city council member and Leah is a round table knight. Alissa has finished high school and is working as a hostess until she leaves for college. Kate also got promoted in her teen career and her LTW is to be a dancer so she might not even end up going to college.

Dakota Morgan moved into the Plaza Dormitory. He is majoring in physics and plans to stay there for a year and then transfer to the Landgraab Dormitory where his girlfriend (Lilly Hart) is also staying at. Its kind of awkward because his baby momma is also on campus and now she'll have to see them around as a couple!

17th Jul 2013, 1:34 AM
Tybalt has just made friends with Romeo! He came home from school with a want to be friends with Romeo. I locked the want and got him to phone Romeo. Within minutes they were friends.

Next Mercutio was passing and kicked the dustbin over. Nevertheless Tybalt went to the gate and started chatting to his old enemy Mercutio. When I left them they were still chatting happily! They've a long way to go to become friends, but their relationship is already much better than it was a few hours ago!

Things are definitely looking up at Capp Manor and the Monty Ranch. Now I can at least hope that things might work out better in my 'hood than in Willie Shakespeare's version!

Yes, I read about Andrew and his mother Gloria. I like it when child and parent have a special bond. Parent and child and at the same time friends. But Andrew only has his mother, if I recall right? That will be a big drama if Gloria passes away. :(Yes Andrew would be devastated if anything happened to Gloria. His father was the enigmatic "Mystery Sim" so Gloria is his only blood relative, and, being gay, he's unlikely ever to have biological children. Fortunately Gloria is young and very fit; I have every hope she'll be around for a very long time to come! His relationship with Julian also seems very solid and I hope it might last a lifetime.

17th Jul 2013, 5:41 AM
His father was the enigmatic "Mystery Sim" so Gloria is his only blood relative, and, being gay, he's unlikely ever to have biological children.
Well, that's what the aliens can come in handy for, though I know you don't want abductions... I don't care for the unfortunate implications of abducting and pollinating Sims who don't want it, but when it must be done to get bio-kids of guys with great (read "strange"), genetics, I'll go for it. I really want to get Nervous Subject pollinated just to see how alien features blend with that wonderful face (and if he should have a daughter, odds are she'll get named Susan... :P ). After all, he's Family, he'll be OK with the results if not the procedure. The green usually goes in a generation, and the facial features can be diluted by the grandkids' generation if you don't like them... Of course, I realize that Father Laurence Stratford, the CAS priest I also have slated for abduction (I didn't realize what I was doing in SimPE, and when I adjusted his attraction I yanked it down so far he can't even be "bad"...and I can't let that silly-ugly-cute face fade away!) having a "heavenly child" opens another whole can of unfortunate implications...

About the Montys and the Capps, I'm glad you're getting a peaceful game, since that's what you like. I like drama, but I still get worried when I realize a Monty and a Capp are on the same community lot and I'm playing Sims they should not fight in front of (like the police!). Seeing Mercutio and a Count next to each other led me to consider influencing the Count to bite him, which would at least be a distraction...


At the SimCity Asylum, Goneril Capp made her madness clear by begging in the parking lot repeatedly. I'm not playing this as an Asylum Challenge -- rather, it's something like a reverse of it. Patients can be told to fulfil wants, but nothing else beyond cosmetic adjustments and being told where their bed is (for the ACR bed-recognition thing). And if they're standing idle, any want that they can fulfil must be fulfilled, unless they're in the red for needs, in which case they're left to sort themselves out. They can't get out until they get to platinum, and if they have a breakdown (chicken-dance-and-shrink style) in front of others too many times, they'll get a new personality...which will probably be Grilled Cheese!

Of course, Goneril had wants that she couldn't fulfil! I allowed her to invite her family over in the evening, since all her wants involved the kids doing good at school, but other than that, she was on her own. Albany doesn't believe in mental illness and refused to come, Miranda was horrified at seeing her mother unable to recognize her and Hal as anyone other that people who might give her money, and Hal put on a brave face and talked seriously to Priya Ramaswami about his mother's condition. Despite wearing shorts in the snow and a purple sweater, despite being broke, despite having a delusional mother, he was determined to appear a responsible young man. She was quite pleased by him...

Sanjay tried to make Miranda feel better by informing her that even Chloe Curious got bad grades as a teen -- he must have heard that gossip from Paris Prince, since he's never gotten on good enough with Chloe for her to have told him that. It didn't work; Miranda just snarked, "So I'm good enough to get a job as a token minority, you mean. Oh, wait, I'm not a minority, am I? Still, I guess I could be one of those fake-cop strippers..." Sanjay pondered whether Goneril was the only one in that family with serious issues.


At SimCity Hospital, Titania Gossamer's labour was induced in an effort to save both her and the baby. Regan Capp wondered sourly why Cornwall had told her to go to the hospital if she was just going to be ignored, so she got up to go look for someone to complain to. This led to her walking into Titania's room just as she gave birth to a fragile-looking baby girl with Oberon's skin colour. With some wit remaining, Titania named the girl Cobweb Mab -- Cobweb for how frail she looked, Mab for Titania's vision, during her brief death, of Queen Mab. Then Titania collapsed while Regan raged at the unjustness that she should have a child even though she wasn't going to live to raise it. At that point, Erin Beaker, who'd come to investigate the noise, nearly dragged her out and told her to stop inserting herself in the troubles of others. Regan, not really being very unwell at all, marched off in high dudgeon...only to encounter Isabella Monty coming down the corridor. Of course, she took out her anger by poking her, Isabella poked back, Regan slapped Isabella, and Erin had to yell, "Do I have to arrest both of you?" at them to make them leave each other alone.

Titania's blood pressure was skyrocketing, and Isabella, who had come to see her, was very concerned. She didn't understand why the Summerdream-Gossamers refused to come see her, since she didn't think Downtown was all that dangerous...and so, while she had to go home, she made sure Titania wouldn't be on her own.

Thus there was a collision of tempers yet again, with the victim being the person Isabella sent to Titania...Father Laurence Stratford. Titania woke up long enough to notice him standing in her room, gazing pensively and sadly at Cobweb. Her anger gave her strength to get out of bed and demand, "What have you done to my child?" His insistence that he hadn't done anything but admire the baby were not enough to stop her from telling him not to touch her under any circumstances, not to touch her baby under any circumstances, not to ever be in her sight again, "and tell whoever sent you here that I am not one of you, so leave me alone!" Then Ajay Loner came and told him to stop bothering patients who didn't want to see him... Laurence, wondering how he'd gotten so unpopular so fast, nearly walked into Sharla Ottomas as he headed for the elevator. "Why was Miz Titania yelling at you?" the child demanded, blocking his path. "You can't ex...ex...exercise her, you know. She's a fairy, not a devil."

"Uh...exercise?" Laurence didn't want to think what she might mean if she didn't mean what he thought. "It's pronounced exorcize, and I'm not actually qualified to..."

"Sharla, go back to your room and stop bothering people," Jodie Larson snapped, coming up behind Laurence. "Sorry, Father, she likes to wander around and we're understaffed...and all that talk about poor Ms Gossamer being a fairy..."

"Oh, I believe she means it literally," Laurence said, inching his way toward the elevator. "Veronaville is not SimCity; I don't think those pointy ears are just a quirk." Titania's raging had badly upset him.

Jodie stared at the wall, wondering. There seemed to be no reason for Titania's condition to be deteriorating so badly...unless...well, there was a recognized alien presence now, and hospital policy mandated knowing how treatment of them had to differ from treatment of humans...it was worth a phone call, at least.

While Puck was grudging to talk at all, Jodie pointing out that his mother's life was at stake led him to admit that yes, they were faeries ("and don't you dare tease us about it"). He then went on a rant about how every recipe he tried was over-salted, and that if his mother died on her watch, she was going to pay, because he couldn't learn to cook on his own... "Salt," Jodie muttered, hanging up. The old legends...faeries didn't like salt... Titania's sodium levels were normal...for a human! Well, nothing else made any more sense than that, which was saying something...

Well, Titania is now on her way to recovery, although at a price -- Jodie didn't think Ajay would believe her saying that the Summerdream-Gossamers were faeries, so she just told him that they were not human. That led to him guessing some other kind of alien, perhaps enemies of the green ones, in hiding among humans...he wouldn't think "mystical being" instead! At any rate, he decided he would be their protector, so when he found Laurence still in the building, eating in the cafeteria, he went looking for that "knowledge extractor" thing in the back lab...and asked if he could pick Laurence's brains. He got two cleaning skill points before Laurence fled, giving Laurence a large aspiration hit.

Laurence still didn't go home; Ajay's vicious attitude had convinced him he was being played for a fool in some way regarding Titania, and so when he found Sharla wandering around again, he personally escorted her back to her room. They then watched cartoons together, with him asking her about Titania and fairies during the commercial breaks. :faceslap: He's sitting with a little girl he didn't know before today, alone in her hospital room...he's an actual, honest-to-goodness "good priest" (he can't be anything else, due to my deliberate personality-setting and accidental over-lowering of his romantic attraction in SimPE!) but he's far too naive for his own or anyone else's good. This is the modern era! He is so going to get blackmailed/framed for his foolish niceness as soon as he becomes unpopular among those with power...

Oh, and the elevator broke down in the night, sending a car plummeting to the ground floor. Guess who was on it? Yep, Father Laurence -- he was fine, just a bit shook up, but he's really getting the bad end of the stick...

((Almost all of this -- Isabella and Laurence showing up, Sharla making a nuisance of herself, Laurence watching TV with Sharla, Laurence being on the elevator when it broke, and Titania's illness and recovery -- was autonomous. Sometimes the game goes well with my story...))

17th Jul 2013, 11:56 AM
One of my Sims (I play a 4 family legacy hood) Damian (Clan Carlisle) just got a bouquet and a big ass hot tub dumped in the hallway in front of his appartment by Ericka, a npc, he's dating. They just had a dream date and Damian asked her to be engaged. She was apparently happy about it, because Ericka is a little golddigger and had a marry a rich sim want. However Ericka doesn't know Damian is a romance/family sim. And even though he does want kids and all that, he has the LTW of woohoo-ing 20 diffrent sims, which I was planning to fullfil. I see some relationship drama coming up in the future there.

Meanwhile the 3 Generations of my Bellevedere family have rolled vacation wants. Time for grandpa and grandma to take the whole family to their Takemizu (or Twikki) vacationhome and show all the favorite spots. I need to remember to take a familypicture there.

Karmin Roslin hopes to inherit his mom's business, since she has a few days to live still, tops. He will sell the parental house when it comes to that. (Gonna do a big inventory swap with him and him mom on my next 2-day hood play-a-round.) Which might bring him a bit closer to his LTW of having 5 top businesses. Meanwhile his partner Craig keeps adopting children and eating grilled cheese sandwiches. A 3rd one might just be too much. On the other hand, these kids can all produce goods to be sold in those businesses.

Got a bunch more offspring and about 3 generations running atm (4th will be born soon), so there are a lot more households. The game is at a slow pace with all the families. I play them each 2 days in rotation. I started off with 4 different sims who all married townies and got kids. Now I am up to about 14 individual family lots and I need to start breeding again (2 pregnancies going on in gen 2 now.) The total hood is on day 5. Time to sync the whole lot up to the same day of the week again, because I had some college YAs move back to main and subhoods. So the next time I arrive to play a family again can be weeks from now.

17th Jul 2013, 5:50 PM
The Downtown Capp household was composed of only Cornwall and Kent, since Regan was in the hospital; they got on surprisingly well, due to staying out of each other's sight. Kent slept in, while Cornwall finished his novel, "Fat Guy the Skier!", a thriller about a sumo wrestler who hits the slopes. It sold horribly, but did make $1347, which was just what the household needed! Cornwall is already planning a sequel.

When Cornwall went to work, Kent got up and took the beat-up truck to Ramirez's Fine Furniture -- not to buy, just to see what was going on there (i.e, for me to see if it works as a customer). Business seemed to be going well, so he hung around, playing chess and making burgers on the grill, getting fat by eating too many of them. He met and liked Florence Delarosa, and they went to Le Magnifique. They didn't actually eat together, since he decided he'd rather play chess with her. She clearly wanted to play it too, as she got aspiration points for doing so, but that didn't stop her from trying to liven up the game by talking about how much she'd enjoyed her first WooHoo! Although embarrassed, Kent invited her home, where she made herself useful pulling weeds and trimming the hedges. She wasn't really interested in him, though...


At the SimCity Police Station, Alexandra Teatherton tried very hard to avoid giving Escalus Prince a chance to finish transferring his perk of influence to her. She didn't want him leaving... Meanwhile, Paris Prince and Chloe Curious had a good date without ever leaving the station, which had him wanting to get married right away by the end. However, Chloe was afraid of getting married, and said as much. She bluntly told him that she'd had one other relationship -- "pure lust, not love", she put it -- before he had proposed to her, and she highly doubted she could remain perfectly faithful to him. She advised him, for the sake of fairness, to play the field at least a little, just so they could decide if an at least semi-open marriage would work for him. Paris was surprised, but liked her forthrightness. Oh, and Chloe finally earned her blue shirt...yeah, has something to do with her being engaged to the chief's son.

Paris wanted an outing, and he got it, with Alexandra, though they never left the station -- officially, she was shadowing him to see how responsible he could be. Unfortunately, Don Goth walked in, leading to Detective Teatherton having to figure out a way to explain her presence -- so she claimed to be Paris's yoga instructor, and asked Don if he'd join them. Cue the three of them doing yoga in the lobby...well, at least it was a good outing!

Paris and Erin Beaker went out to investigate reports of unsavoury transactions at the city dump (conveniently located next door to the police station!), and he asked her on a date, explaining what Chloe had said. She agreed, and they had a snowball fight at the dump, then went to Red's Diner for breakfast and some goofy photos, then went to Comandgo Emporium to get a blue tracksuit for Paris, a very skimpy exercise outfit for...um, one of the ladies...and a skimpy white dress for...well, just in case Chloe does decide to marry Paris. However, when he tried to kiss her lightly at the end of the date, Erin pushed Paris away. Enough was enough; she wasn't going to let him kiss her in public for nothing more than proving a point.

The business reporter came, and while totally unnoticed until he gave Escalus his opinion, he was very impressed. So, he gave a good review to the police station...does that mean he's going to write an article saying how well the police force is doing its job?

18th Jul 2013, 11:20 AM

Mary-Sue broke up with Daniel. This is kind of her way to deal with it..

19th Jul 2013, 11:01 PM
Father Laurence Stratford got unexpected news: The orphanage her had grown up in was being shut down due to mismanagement and lack of funds, and a large item marked with his name had been found in a store room. Would he want this thing that appeared to be a large cauldron and the accompanying book on one-pot chemistry with household ingredients?

Laurence was delighted that the cauldron was in fact the gift he'd received from a rich widow who visited the orphanage once and gave presents to all the children. It had been confiscated after his first attempt to use it permanently scarred the floorboards, but he was much better at reading directions nowadays...so he set to work trying things out. Full of the bliss of learning, he failed entirely to see that this was yet another thing that would look very bad out of context...and meanwhile, the rich widow herself, Olive Specter, made off with his newspaper! (This is the Harry Potter Project cauldron, which I just discovered, and which I put in after my most recent backup. I consider it completely in character for the Friar Lorenzo character to dabble in chemistry/alchemy and maybe end up making some potions!)

He tore himself away from the cauldron to go to the Strangetown church, where he was pretty much ignored, and where Consort Capp, Cassandra Goth, and Daisy Greenman had a great laugh-fest out in the grounds. Cassandra and Daisy didn't recognize this dapper old gentleman as the hunted fugitive they'd heard about on the news...because neither of them have a television, and the SimCity Herald has a great dislike of using colour ink. Besides, I doubt Consort would be recognized by anyone who isn't deliberately looking out for him, such as the Montys, the police, or the delivery people who have seen wanted posters at work. ;) He is so well-mannered....

Going home, Laurence had the day off from his paramedic job, so he got his cleaning skill that he lost to Ajay Loner back. That left him exhausted, though...


I deliberately chose not to have any "summer vacation" mods, even though I know there's one for every configuration of seasons, because I like the Maxis life stage lengths and don't think kids should get to not have to go to school until they're teens or nearly so if they grow up to children at the start of "summer". I'm really glad I don't have them, because the kids at the Burb-Monty-Oldie rowhouses have been getting a winter vacation thanks to having so many snow days in a row! Yes, it was yet another snow day, much to the relief of Beatrice Monty, who was very tired from going out the night before.

The snow day indirectly led to Herb Oldie and Jennifer Burb really disliking each other; Herb called Catherine Viejo, who he'd met at the Pleasants', made friends with her over the phone, then invited her over. Despite her being much older than his tastes run to, her kinky ideas of fun excited him, and they ended up having WooHoo...on the bench by the sidewalk...in the deep snow...and unfortunately, Lucy Burb saw the tail end of it when she innocently walked out of her house to play in the snow. Her mother then got home from work to see Lucy's shocked but intrigued reaction, as well as Herb carrying on with yet another woman; had Herb not made a quick escape to his car and work, there might have been a fight. Lucy and Jennifer both went to take naps in bed, and Lucy slept past 6 pm, so she grew up late and without a cake...

John Burb and Antonio Monty agreed to adopt a dog together, since there's a doghouse out in the backyard and an old pet bed and bowl were in the Montys' house when they moved in. That dog was Lulu, who appears much more at home as the pet of a bustling block than as the animal companion of mad scientists. The Monty twins mobbed her, and she loved the attention -- and the bowl seems to be good enough to please her, though she still begged at the Monty dinner table. Benedick slipped her a bit of his food -- after all, Antonio had made that absurd chicken dish again!

Beatrice asked her father, yet again, if she could go out, and he said yes -- it'll take school resuming a regular schedule before they realize how bad an idea this is! She called that Grunt boy she'd seen hanging out at Jules O'Mackey's party, but Buck had better things to do...or so he said. He's probably scared his father would be angry if he went out with somebody from the city. Beatrice didn't care much, and went with her old standby, Puck Summerdream. He brought a surprisingly beaten-up two-seater, but she didn't mind the shoddy paint job.

Lucy woke up at 8:43 pm, and grew up into (what else after seeing Herb and Catherine?) a perfect Romance Sim, liking black hair and cologne and disliking unemployement (a little bit of her mother's influence!). Her hair's in the brown version of the Brandi Broke style, and her everyday clothes are that pink jumpsuit outfit! Yes, it's tacky, but oh, it suits her so well! She also has a pink sweater and red trousers outerwear outfit -- nice match! Jennifer took one look at her and went over to Herb's to scream at and shove him, accusing him of corrupting her daughter. How funny that I really thought they'd have an affair back at the beginning...

Lucy slipped out of the house at three in the morning, going to Sims Gone Wired to get herself a game player. Once there, she wanted to flirt, and tried doing so with Ajay Loner in the restaurant upstairs. He had the sense to turn her down, so she stomped off to sooth the humiliation with food. Then the waitress dumped what looked like a large plate of salad on her head, in front of all the other diners, including Ajay, the townie woman he was eating with, and a Contessa! (The Contessa ate baked Alaska, by the way!) That was even more humiliating! She eventually got her fruit tart, but she was pretty annoyed. However, things looked up before too long; she went down to get her game player, then decided to try another tack with Ajay. She wowed him with her ability to bust a move, then tried charming him again. This time, he didn't push her away at least...but the townie woman he was with really gave him stink eye. Pleased with herself, Lucy went home, to dream her dreams of being a hall of famer -- like her mother, she likes sports and money, and she wants to combine them!

20th Jul 2013, 8:42 AM
The most unexpected thing happened. Nina Caliente was asked out on a date, totally out of the blue, by one of her downtown friends. He was a knowledge Sim and a Vampire. While on the date, she rolled a wish to get engaged to him and a fear of getting engaged to him. There were more points on the side of getting engaged. She then rolled a want to get married while he rolled a want to get engaged to her. I guess it was destiny. So they hurried home to her place and put on some fancy clothes and said "I will" by the light of the moon (when else would a vampire get married?). So far, he has neither rolled a want to turn her into a vampire nor to be cured himself.

I was all set to play her as a single Romance Sim, but I guess the game had other ideas.

20th Jul 2013, 5:28 PM
I played the Ottomas family again after not touching it for like, half a decade. The twins were already born the last time I played, so I managed to play them so they could grow up. I also thought it would be nice to let David follow his dreams in becoming a rockstar, so I jacked up his creativity skills after renovating the living room(and buying a spiffy grand piano). Sharla grew up and I gave her the popularity aspiration like her older brother.

I forced Peter, Samantha & Grandma Dora to train the little ones the "essential" life skills( walking, talking & well.. the toilet) and went on one last vacation with David. After David grew up, I had him stay for a while until the twins grow up- for the time being, David & Tommy had to share rooms. Because David had reached the top of the musical career in his teen years, he was instantly promoted to a Summer Camp Music Teacher, then got promoted a day after (no cheats used!).

The twins then grew up a few days later, so David HAD to move out so the boy twin would share rooms with Tommy. Peter & Samantha gave up some space of their humongous bedroom for the girl twin; I was going to have her share rooms with Sharla, but it got too cramped.

Now, I'm not sure what else to do with this family other than wait for Sharla to grow up & move out. I was thinking of having Pete & Samantha have ANOTHER baby to keep them & Dora busy. Hehe...

20th Jul 2013, 8:02 PM

Darren looks like he’s getting some recognition at the Simtastic Magazine Company which produces the only current magazine in Pleasantview – The Pleasantview Review; he was promoted to a ‘One-Time Author’ which means he writes one-off articles for the magazine. Darren can finally write articles he’s interested in which he hopes will led him to the arts section of the Review. While Darren was at work, Daisy spent the morning looking through magazines for baby furniture for the non-existent nursery that Darren had promised he would make up when he had the time, of course between his writing job and him trying to get his ‘art career’ back up again he hasn’t had the time.

This therefore led to Daisy going on a slight online shopping spree for their baby and getting all that she needed on her own without Darren’s input (could that be an issue later on, if they decide to have more kids). While exiting the office, Darren bumped into none other than Kennedy Grove whom Darren knew was writing a novel. It seemed that Kennedy had stopped by the office to have a meeting with his editor (who happened to sit on the board of directors for the Simtastic Company); both Kennedy and Darren talked about Kennedy’s novel and Darren’s new position within the company. Darren decided to invite Kennedy over for some dinner, while Darren was in his studio working on his next master piece for his online website Daisy and Kennedy were busy talking about Daisy’s pregnancy and how Kennedy proposed to Brandi.

William Robbins it seems is Daisy’s boss’s cousin and it seems that thanks to William, Daisy may be in for a promotion after all at the hospital. Darren decided to take Daisy’s idea about him selling his art and has decided to sell his paintings online after finally getting a computer for the house with his new earnings. Daisy went into labor later that evening and gave birth to Dawn Annie Dreamer. She has Daisy’s eyes and black hair. (It seems my default baby hair is messing up my game because all of the babies being born get born with red hair it seems.)

Brittany entered Junior Year with a 2.5 GPA and her and the professor finally fell in love and proclaimed their love to the whole sorority not that the girls didn’t already know about Brittany’s relationship with the professor but now the rumours were spreading around campus which only led to one thing…professor Griffin resigned from his job and was told he would never be able to work in education again! As the professor had resigned from his job this only meant that Brittany had to do the right thing and indeed told Griffin that she was pregnant.

Did that mean that Brittany would have to leave the sorority? Well according to Heather it did in fact mean just that! Although Heather never believed in kicking a sister while she’s down she already knew that the reputation of the Sorority was in jeopardy if Brittany and Griffin stayed in the sorority and gave birth to their baby. Brittany was angry at Heather for the notion, but happily packed her things…she knew when she wasn’t wanted. Although Heather tried to apologise, Brittany was hearing none of it. She planned to leave in the next couple of weeks hopefully if Griffin could find a place for her and their baby that is.

Although today was Sim National Day, Heather also knew that the famous Crows vs. Llamas game was on so Heather decided to throw a Sports Party that way there were celebrating Sims National Day too. Some romance shenanigans happened during the party; it seems that Angela and Kevin got on great as Kevin finally got his first kiss…from Angela. (I was just free-ranging them- was not expecting that) Could Angela and Kevin become an item? Or was it a one time thing because Angela felt bad that Kevin hadn’t had his first kiss? Though for a girl that seemed slightly scared by the notion of woohooing with college guys, Angela didn’t seem shy around Kevin. Maybe it was to do with Kevin’s good nature and clumsy self that made Angela not shy anymore.

One thing lead to another between Angela and Kevin both of whom were drunk off Heather’s punch that they ended up in bed together (not to my doing at all- again free range)

When thinking about Kevin and what they did during the party, Angela gave herself a pat on the back…has anyone ever noticed that?


It was the morning after the events at the wedding, and while Morty, Alex and Cass went about the day as normal it was Elle who was left sitting outside laughing her head off having a mental breakdown. It seems that Elle is also suffering bad morning sickness, which didn’t go unnoticed by Cass. Cass then decided to confront Elle about her constant need to go to the bathroom, and Elle knew she couldn’t hide it anymore.
Elle decided to move out, as the atmosphere in the manor was too much for her. She told Cass not to tell her father that she was indeed pregnant as she didn’t want to stay in the manor simply because she was rather than being with Morty. That morning, Elle decided to pack the few things she had and moved out.

Cass wanted Nolan to move in with them so that he didn’t miss the birth of their baby, Morty agreed on the basis that he hoped that Nolan (who btw is a family sim) would one day make an honest woman out of his daughter. (Which according to his current wants is what Nolan wants too…but I wonder if William Robbins is going to get involved?)
While Nolan was settling into the manor, Cass was busy getting the baby things ready because her due date was tomorrow. Yet Cass didn’t need to do much as Nolan had in fact ordered furniture to be delivered to the manor, it was a surprise for Cass as she had thought he didn’t want anything to do with her or their baby. She couldn’t be more wrong it seemed.

Late that night, Cass gave birth to a baby boy named Xavier Roman Baxter. He looks just like his mother.


21st Jul 2013, 5:51 PM
Csonka Canon
In the first Old People's Home, a lot of tears were shed. Lee-Ron cried. Victoria, his wife, cried. Chelsea cried too. All about Amin, Chelsea's husband. Everybody in the Home either cried or thought about Amin, with a sigh. Except for Hanifa Akbari. She didn't know anymore what she was doing, since the death of her husband Azmat. She thought she was broke and had to beg by the side of the road to make a living. The poor woman didn't even have her fruit and vegetables garden anymore. Now she had to live in the same building as Chelsea Zamorano, instead of her former home: the second Old People's Home. That building became empty when two elderly died at the same time and the one staying behind, Hanifa, had a mental break down. She couldn't stay there and got transferred to the Home where the other grandmother, Chelsea, of the same children, lives.
Those two grandmothers aren't on friendly terms with each other. It was waiting for a possibly violent quarrel. Both women stand at the ready, because of their grief. Plus, Hanifa hadn't accepted Chelsea in her house. Now it was Chelsea's turn to set Hanifa back. Then Hanifa also shed some tears.

Darim came to visit his mother early the next morning. He had a court order to come see the kids at the Home and therefor every right and chance to see his mother there too. He played more with Cujo, the dog, though than paying attention to his children.
At the same time, Chelsea heard the klaxon of a vehicle and came outside in her pajamas. When she saw the vehicle was in fact the school bus, she remembered she didn't have to go to work anymore. She had retired shortly before. Just at that moment Darim had decided, if he had access to a building he could use everything he wants there. He took a dive in the pool, stayed all day and only had one disagreement with Chelsea. Dunya and Darim mostly ignored each other. Only a short chat at the table in the public kitchen because someone in the house had set the table, made diner, served it out and they were hungry simultaneously. He played nice, but in his mind he had planned to take the kids. First he thought about taking only the oldest two. He would leave Riaz with Dunya. He dismissed taking Hana. She would never go with him. She didn't trust him. She had been old enough then to realise it was abnormal behaviour to get locked up. She was old enough now, as a teenager, to not fall for his trap. Then he decided he would only take the boys. He couldn't have pulled it off that day, with Dunya there. Darim left without incident, to return the next day unannounced. Twice. Both times he got shoo-ed. It's not your visitation day today, mister Akbari.
While grinding his teeth, he 'waited at home' until he got summoned for his next appointment. He hang around until Dunya was off to work and the oldies and Hana weren't paying attention. Almost it didn't work out, because the boys were doing their homework and were persistent in finishing it, before they wanted to come with him. Lucky for him and bad luck for Dunya, he had enough time to disappear unseen with Anass and Riaz.

Mordecai and Rigby
21st Jul 2013, 7:52 PM
My Sims, the Jones, have such a weird little family tree. It may not be the biggest, but--there's seven newborn babies in it. :blink:

22nd Jul 2013, 12:00 AM
The Great Plague has claimed more victims, this week reducing the Honker family to a single orphan. After his wife Megan succumbed to the Death, Doug Honker immediately propositioned Marie Green, but she had no sooner moved into his home than he dropped dead, leaving his bride-elect to raise his baby son Ronald. Alas, Marie, too, fell, though not from the Plague: being pregnant and simultaneously taking care of a small baby evidently took more of a toll on her body than it could withstand. The baby was left in the care of young Anne Potter, a teenager of notable maturity who was interested in nursing even before the plague began and had been adopted by Marie as a virtual 'little sister'. (Anne is the daughter of Harriet Green, Marie's cousin). Though Annie will soon leave for college, she and her best friend Geraldine, who has joined her in the Honker home, are together looking after young Ronald. The arrangement is admittedly odd, but in these trying times, the entire city is adapting as best it can. Although one person to date has recovered from the dreaded disease -- a recovery announced by the ringing of bells -- the prescribed remedy, constant bedrest save brief excursions to the dinner table and lavatory -- has yet to prevail in any other case. The death of the Honkers leaves the city without its prosecutor and drill instructor. The deputy-mayor, James Clockson, announced grimly today that people should consider immediately quarantining any person who contracts the disease. "Our only option may be to allow the dreaded disease to destroy itself by killing its hosts before spreading," said he.

Peni Griffin
22nd Jul 2013, 4:08 AM
Trent Traveller having finally granted Trisha a divorce last rotation, when I opened the brand-new Cooke house (with room for the kid, at last!) Julien wasted no time getting engaged and calling the wedding party. He doesn't have nearly as many friends as he should, but everyone showed up - even Tina, who not unnaturally is less than thrilled with him. Trent wandered in during the ceremony, stared out the window as if struggling to remember why he was here, pounded his chest at a couple of people, recoiled from little Patrick's attempt to get his attention as from a Thing That Should Not Be, and pulled out Professor von Ball in the middle of the living room. Tina went over and coaxed him into a game of red hands and everyone else pretended not to notice. Trisha and Tina are worried about him; Julien's just afraid he might do something to Patrick. The party was a roof-raiser, so at least he didn't spoil the occasion.

Deborah Gavigan grew into a blandly lovely Romance teen and Miguel left for college. Hi Thyme had all "his girls" over - his surviving daughters, plus Justine's wife Naomi and Amanda Ruben, now a college student, who had dropped by constantly to check on him when she was still a teen after his last girl had flown the nest. I didn't want him to be alone if his baby arrived, but it didn't. His dead daughter showed up and went around scaring everyone and breaking things - she scared Hi twice! I hope to get him a bone phone and another thousand dollars or so, but I have to either remember to have Tiffany Curian give hers to Greg or Ben Aerius and then have the Aeriuses give it to him, or find time in Georgette Skirt's schedule for her to call him and give him hers. Plus there's the money issue. He could spend every penny he's got right now and get a zombie, but what I'm aiming for is a reverse-personality version. Spring was mean even before she died!

Georgette didn't get a chance to invite Hi - their sleeping/working hours didn't allow it - and her fiance Phoenix McClellan grew to elder. Her father Gene invited Georgette's twin Minnie's family over, but neither he nor alien child Dior made much progress with teen Eugene or child Athena.

Peter Ottomas finished his final sports romance, Love Under the Bleachers, invited household on David and Sharla, and died, leaving his daughter Theodora and Galore the pussycat living alone in a house that used to be crammed to bursting. Theodora's fiance Joe will graduate soon, but in the meantime she and Galore are wandering around crying a lot. So Sharla, after the birth of her daughter Luisa, invited Theodora over. It was a snow day, so Otto and Luis both stayed home, and Luis's mother Luz and younger brothers William and Lisandro, along with Lisandro's wife Summer, also came over, since they live so close. Romance teen William got along so well with Theodora I was really glad not to have any teen/adult woohoo mods! Summer cheerfully cleaned house when influenced to do so. Sharla ran out to Kid Stuff to buy a bouncy chair and found Sally Ruben (who is done having babies) and my Mistress Vampire crib shopping. Which was even more disturbing since Kid Stuff is not downtown and should never see a vampire. Trent Traveller also wandered in, looking kind of scary.

Sunday at the Ghote household would normally have been a family dinner day, but Billy had more important stuff to do. William got a puppy named Mohair (I know, it should be Angora, but - that's a cat name). Luz and William went in to the Hot Spot while Billy was at work and William had his first day of selling tickets, helping to push the place to level five. He took his best friend Tri Ku and his nieces Guadalupe Newson and Pearl Onions to the park, where they completely failed to meet any teen girls he wasn't related to. And when Billy got home, after some coffee and a quick shower, he set about re-seducing his wife. I decided to let him have character development. As the selfish son of unthinking patriarchy, he's always run dates with the lady's panel closed; but since he's motivated to get Luz back and they've been together quite awhile, plus she was feeling ready to be pleased, I opened the panel and fulfilled her wants preferentially to his. It all ended up satisfactorily back home in bed and all is well in that household again. For awhile. I don't plan to have him call any more side dates from this point; but he has a number of contacts who won't blink at calling him, plus he's already been misbehaving autonomously in the backgrounds of other people's sessions.

Finally, with some trepidation, I opened the Traveller house. Trent, by the way, had a total of three friends outside his original household: Billie Onions, and Peter and Samantha Ottomas. Tina was crying over the divorce, but in platinum from making friends, best friends, and BFFs, so I wasn't worried about her. Trent, however, was deep in the red. Despite this, he came home with a promotion - to Underwater Demolitions! He put himself to bed in Tina's room, wanting to be saved from death and to resurrect Peter. Tina caught up on her homework and invited the Rubens over, hoping Joshua and Sally and all the rambunctious girls could shake Trent out of his funk. Instead he stared at Sally without speaking to her, pounded his chest at Joshua, and confided his marital woes to Martine over darts. After they left, I decided he needed to get out and scramble his wants, so I sent him to Drama Acres Park, where he played chess with Justine Thyme. Whose dad's about to become a single parent in a house not at all designed for small children. Hm. But do I really want Trent around a baby? Something has to be done soon, as the clock is ticking on Tina's teenhood and she's not going to be allowed to skip college to play nursemaid to her father. He wants a trip to Takemizu, but I'm not sure they can afford it.

To cheer myself up I played the Warehouse Boys with aging off for a day. They brought home Mary Ann Hawkins, Guadalupe Newson, and John Stacks. Swagger the stray tomcat demonstrated why you shouldn't have cats on inflateable beds, but Guadalupe helpfully cleaned it up. It's not gotten noticeably less chaotic since Nemo and Diff left. Vidcund and Lazlo are the last two boys having trouble bonding, and Mary Ann kept following Vidcund around even though they don't bolt and his fun was tanking so he was grouchy. After awhile, though, Vidcund went up to bed and Lazlo, who double-bolts her, started playing with her. Of course, he and Alma Newson are mutually crushing...well, it'll sort itself out!

22nd Jul 2013, 7:55 PM
I had a couple of restaurant visits that were really for testing purposes, but at the same time they moved the story forward. . .

Teen Townie Hostel (35 King Street)

Since Keith Cormier moved in on Thursday, he and Mallory Mace have been thrown together. As the only two residents in the hostel, they really have to be friends with each other. On the Saturday morning, Keith wanted to do his homework, but he needed some fun too. In the event he got most of it done and then went out to a new restaurant for lunch with Mallory. At the restaurant Keith was still desperate for some fun, so he threw some of his lobster thermidor at Mallory. It must have triggered some chemistry between them, because then next thing they knew, they had a crush on each other. Up to then Keith had been gay, but Mallory says that's just because he hadn't met the right girl!

The architect (me!) had made the entrance to the Ladies' toilets too constricted. Poor Mallory Mace got stuck in the resulting bottleneck trying to get in and ended up having an "accident". Caryl Zarubin cruelly laughed at her. Mallory tried to clean herself up but couldn't get any privacy in the busy "Ladies"; other Sims kept coming in to use the toilets, and Marion the waitress came in with a mop to clean up Mallory's puddle - all desperately embarrassing. Poor Mallory was by now very upset and crying, so I really had no choice but to let her and Keith go home to the Teen Townie Hostel to get a shower.

Patrizio Monty and Cornwall Capp were in the restaurant all the time Keith and Mallory and I had a hard time stopping them fighting.

Gill + Bertino (31 Mendoza Lane, Downtown)

On the Sunday morning, Jack and Ravi had breakfast in a newly-opened restaurant just for teens. The service was slow and the boys ate slowly, so they were still hungry after eating their omelettes. They therefore went back and ordered cake and tart too. Their friend Harry Hastie was there, so Jack & Ravi invited him home with them.

Also there were Romeo and Tybalt, who are supposed to be friends now, but their long term relationship is still poor and Romeo kept wanting to poke his new friend! Somehow they were still friends when Ravi and Jack left. I clearly still have a big job on my hands if I want an end to the feud!

24th Jul 2013, 1:37 AM
Lots happening in Bluewater Village right now!

Recently divorced Albany Capp has been seen courting Florence Delarosa - and he might want to move fast, if he wants to beat his son to the altar! Hal has been seen around SSU campus chatting up a pretty blonde girl, the future Mrs. Capp?

With the birth of their first child and with Darren growing old, Dirk and Jane Dreamer agree that it's time for bigger things. They're looking for a new house to fill a still growing family and they think they might have just found the perfect places - one to live in and one to start up an art gallery!

Malcolm Landgrabb IV, Mrs. Lucy Landgrabb and their son Malcolm V welcomed a daughter, Madeleine, to their family as well as yet another business purchase made as part of Landgrabb Inc.

Business is booming! For the Tinker family, not only is their toy shed shop growing, but so is their family: with Melody off to college, the Tinkers feared this was the beginning of their old age. Instead, out popped Polly and just recently, Owen! The Tinkers are hoping that they might have yet another child before they grow too old to keep up with the demands of raising a family and a business.

Checo and Lisa Ramirez are sad to announce their recent divorce, due to extra-martial affairs. Checo holds the deed to Ramirez Fine Furniture, but has since moved out and Lisa retains custody of their daughter, Tessa.

24th Jul 2013, 9:31 PM
While others mourned the loss of a partner, family member or friend, Ben Magee has found himself a hiding place in the woods. Finally he had surfaced. The woods he hid was impassable terrain and people didn't come there regularly. Therefor it was easy for him to set up an existence, far away from everyone, mainly the police, who want to get their hands on him gladly. He had encountered a small shack and decided to stay there for a while. He was getting older. Being on the run got harder and harder. He didn't know how long he could stay loose before they would find him. For a second he considered turning himself in, but threw that idea out the door immediately again. Instead, he made himself at home in the woods. In the shack he had two 'rooms'. One sort of kitchen area and the bigger area he could use to live and sleep. He had found an old couch, bed frame and a couple of crates at a dump in the area. With those cast-offs he furnished his 'living room'. He used blankets to make a mattress and pillow for his bed.

He had put up an outhouse, because there was no toilet or shower in the shack. Behind the shack, he had found a very old tub which he could use to bath himself outside. He also had planted vegetables and fruit to become self sufficient. For his meat he had his gun and could wander through the woods to shoot some animal and prepare it on his outside rusty barbecue for consumption. Luckily he had stolen enough food out of his daughter Bonny's house to last until he had something growing and ripe.

In a strange way he felt happy. He didn't have to pretend he was something else then he really was anymore. His only concern now was to stay out of reach from the police. He didn't want to loose his freedom more than he already had, because he was what he was. He didn't want to do explanatory work for the police. Then they would discover his path in life became darker earlier then they knew now. Ben didn't know the police found the remains of deceased people under his former kitchen window. He only knew they could link him to the attack on that woman and to the murder of his son-in-law. That was more than enough to get him locked up for a very long time! If they would know the whole truth...he would never see the light of day again.

For a short while his mind went back to that day in the attic. The day Rowan discovered him there. He had tried to talk him into keeping his existence there a secret. Rowan hadn't be willing to hear it. He had asked for it, had given him no other choice in Ben's mind and therefor it had cost him no effort to assassinate Rowan. The simpleton shouldn't have threatened to report him with the police. His own stupid fault. Too bad Bonny didn't have a husband anymore because of it. There were plenty of other fish in the sea though. She would get over it. Ben didn't loose any sleep over that.

He did worry a bit about being seen in the forest. He realized, if anyone encountered him there, he would have to take that person out. He couldn't risk being sold out.

Ben's hidingplace

24th Jul 2013, 9:43 PM
I realize I'm about 6 years late to the thread, but here goes.

I only have one family that I consistently play, and that is my legacy. The starters were Don & Dina of PV, and I'm on my 3rd generation. Don & Dina had a son named Samuel, Sam and a random dormie named Jan Baity had a daughter named Jamie (who strangely had red hair unlike her parents who both had black hair), and Jamie and a random walkby recently had a girl named Harmony. I've decided not to let Jamie and the walkby get married since Jamie declined when I instructed the walkby (who's name was Jihoon, by the way) to propose, but I have a feeling that ACR might take over even though they are only 1-bolters.

24th Jul 2013, 10:20 PM
I thought Bluewater was interesting but Veronaville decided to take matters into their own hands! Starting with Romeo and Desdemona - full bolts! So much for Juliette...

24th Jul 2013, 11:44 PM
So....Pleasantville, yes. Alexander and The Countess of the night tied the knot (at night) . On another night, overcome with passion, The Countess turned Alexander into a Vampire against his will. He didn't seem to mind.

They scrimped and saved, and while she sought employment in the culinary field, they conceived twins, a boy and a girl. Despite not having saved where they had hoped to, they still thought they needed a bigger place and moved into The House of Fallen Shadows (leaves? trees? Seriously, I cannot remember the name of it). Now they are happily settled in with their crypt in the basement (how convenient).

Alexander achieved his lifetime want of reaching the top of the medical career. Now he wants to become the minister of education (so he can open Hoggwarts?), but hadn't found an entry into that career yet. While biding his time, he is exploring the mysteries behind UFOs because we all know the truth is out there......

25th Jul 2013, 12:59 AM
Lots of birthdays in this rotation of Townie Place.

Nothing much happened at the Grandparents' homes of the Vijayakar's or the Johnson's, but a lot happened at the younger Vijayakar's. Noah grew up to a teen with a Romance aspiration, kinda balances the mixture since his three elder siblings, all three, are Family sims. Charlotte (5th) and Hailey (youngest) tried to work things out, their relationship did get fixed a bit though they still kept fighting till the last moment (before Charlotte's birthday). She grew up to be a Fortune sim.

At the Dawn's, Houston Bigfoot wanted to get a job in the athletic career but the Sims Sports Agency was reluctant to give him a job due to the fact that bigfoots are stronger than human sims and it would be unfair to put him in one team were he could just crash into other players and allow his team tow in all the time. Its just unfair and its still in lobbying (in my head). Connor and Amber (ex-teen-tourist, now married) woohooed at night. As for their soon Lucas, who is a teen now, he visited several community lots several times in hopes of meeting Olivia Miguel there, daughter of the wretched Sophie Miguel.

Unfortunately for Elmer Miguel, Olivia does take after his wife, in terms of personality, she only has something like, 3 points towards Grouchy and maybe two points towards serious, something like that. While I was playing their house, I did send Olivia and her mother to Bluewater Village Mall (of Townie Place, I don't have any shopping districts attached) in the hopes she might meet Lucas Dawn there, but its no use, as once they were leaving and disappeared from the lot, Lucas suddenly;y showed as arriving on to the lot. Damn! So close! Oh well, maybe next time.

As for the Rabbits, I mean Hamilton's :D , they had several birthdays (in one day). Mason is the eldest teen and is taking great responsibility of his younger siblings. This is good since he's a family sim. The Family reached ten members, including the parents. In the past, both Amar and Marylena (ex teen tourists) rolled wants for ten kids, and I locked it for them, but it rolled away for some reason (a reinstall perhaps?). So I tried to get Marylena pregnant again to reach baby no. 9 or maybe twins, so baby no. 10, but the option for trying for a baby didn't come up until I realised that even though I did edit the userstartup.cheat, I still had to use BO's hack to allow alt of sims. But once I installed the mod, I was wondering about what will I do. If I get Mary here pregnant with twins, things are going to be pretty hectic, since she already has toddlers around the house. But if I get her a singleton, then that means I will need to hurry up to get to baby no. 10. So when I left the house with her and her Amar on their bed relaxing till I get to them next time. And I noticed their Family Secondary wants weren't showing much so I used the batbox to reroll their wants. Now, both of them want to have a baby. I believe they have 11 days left.

Not much happened at the Turner's other than adopting a kitten. Younger teen twin Hope, Fortune, wanted a a kitten, so was her younger kid brother, Timmy, so I got their father to adopt a kitten, Cymmi, female I believe (can't remember).

25th Jul 2013, 3:34 PM
I started a new neighborhood and immediately installed two families: The Farkles - a young newly married couple and their good friend and trust neighbor Ferd Berfle. Ferd, a freckled bespectacled red head lives with his mother and but escapes regularly to the Farkle's place. He keeps Frannie company while Frank works long hours at the office. Frannie finds him amusing and awkward in contrast to her commanding husband with his chestnut locks and chiseled chin. Frank dreams of becoming wealthy and influential in the business world. To that end he has made great sacrifices and comes home most evenings too tired to do anything but sleep. Frannie longs to have a big family, and despite her husband's lack of attention, has managed to produce two beautiful red-headed freckled children, Mark Farkle and Phoebe Farkle.

Waiting in the bin are the Mike Brady family and the Carol Martin family.

25th Jul 2013, 7:20 PM
I did it! I've finished my sims 1 hood! Whatever will I do with my life now? :D


25th Jul 2013, 8:08 PM
Oooo! That's impressive! I want to see the rest of the old neighborhood which would include the Goth's house, the Mansion, the Bachelor's pad, and the cottage with too many flowers. *Edit* I goofed and finally found the view that let me see it all. That really is cool!

26th Jul 2013, 4:40 AM
PLAGUE! again. This week, the already-ravaged Horton clam lost yet another scion, Anthony Horton. Aside from their founding father, the Horton males have been notoriously short lived. Fortunately the Horton line still has hope in the form of teenage Peter, and a newly-born daughter, Antonia. Meanwhile, directly across the street, an even worse disaster befell (arguably) the most legitimate strain of Cornwells. First, young Warren nearly died, but was rescued by his mother; then, Master Jacob -- minister of education and longtime foe of Mayor Horatio Green -- died of a cold. His pregnant wife Judith immediately seduced disgraced ex-bank manager Joseph Henry, who was forced to resign from the bank his family owned for generations after a series of scandals. His name may be dirt, but he still posessed a small fortune, which the widow was aiming to gain access to. Alas for her, while she was seducing him, someone set the kitchen on fire. The resulting inferno not only devoured the entire kitchen, but killed Judith as well, and almost killed Warren and his sister Julia, who were saved only by the passing-by of Georgiana Green, who has already gained acclaim for her nursing skills. Warren very nearly died, and before he passed out he was said to have been on his knees, begging a phantasm of his imagination -- the very image of Death -- for his sister's life. "There's nothing my great-grandmother's soup can't mend," said Georgiana. "That and a little castor oil.."

In happier news, Edgar Green returned safely home from university, and is now living with his cousin Isaac and his family in Green Hall, the historic residence of Oswald Green, eldest son of Green founder Mortimer Green. Horatio Green intends for his grandson Edgar to move into the family's headquarters, but at present it is full of his sister's progeny. Although Edgar is not yet married, and his suspected mate Veronica Horton has been snatched up, there are rumors to the effect that he met a reputable young woman while at uni. Edgar has already proven to have a head for economics -- a genius, in fact, not seen since his great-great-grandfather Mortimer walked the streets of the Bluff.

The warden of Light Perpetual Cemetary reports that there are more Honkers and Hortons buried there than are alive presently.

Mr. Newbie
27th Jul 2013, 6:44 PM
After a fresh in-game reinstall, I played around with the Goth family for about a day. As usual, I had Don leave Cassie at the altar (because I don't think there's ANYTHING that could go wrong there) and have Cassie go into complete aspiration failure. Alex and Mortimer tried to cheer her up for a bit then for some reason the gypsy matchmaker showed up to the door. Cassandra arranged a $5,000 date (it's the Goths they have money). The man that landed down in this case was Pleasantview police officer NPC Dorian Kauker, who turned out to be a perfect match for Cassie. I didn't have them go anywhere, but they did have an OK date and a bit of a family dinner before Cassandra sent Dorian on his way. The three then went to bed. In the morning, needs were refilled before Cassandra went to her job as a Field Researcher in the Science track while Alex went to his private school. To pass some of the time Mortimer went out to the town park to meet some of his neighbors. He comes across Daniel Pleasant and the two have a lukewarm game of chess together. While Morty leaves Daniel goes into a bit of a sexually-deprived low Romance aspiration state. Mortimer went home, Dorian called for the absent Cassandra, and I exited to the 'hood there.

27th Jul 2013, 8:19 PM

Dirk and Cate spent the day shopping for some new clothes and looking round the campus, when Dirk suggested that maybe next year they should move in with each other. Cate didn’t mind, it at least meant that she could concentrate of figuring out what she was going to do in regards to running her own business some day.

While Cate was busy buying the clothes in one shop, Dirk bumped into none other than Angela Pleasant. Out of politeness, Dirk of course asked about Lilith of course Angela hadn’t really spoken to Lilith since she’s been at Sim state so told Dirk she didn’t really know, they made small talk and parted ways. While waiting for the taxi to pick them up judging by Cate and Dirk’s conversation it seems that Cate doesn’t want Dirk to become a doctor after all… and her reasons for it? Not sure yet. Cate spent the rest of the afternoon in bed as she was feeling unwell, later that evening Cate took a secret pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant… her dreams of completing University seemed to be going up in flames and she knew that if she dropped out Dirk would too.

Now not sure what to do, she looked at herself in the mirror and could already see the signs that she was pregnant. It was tradition that one of the freshmen host a Bonfire Night party at the dorms, this was Dirk’s opportunity to get to know everyone and so decided to host the party. The party was a roaring success that even the police came to break the party up, looks like Dirk will be well known at the Delta Dorm and throughout campus… even if it wouldn’t last long.

In the wee hours of the next morning, Cate built up the courage to tell Dirk that she was pregnant. Dirk’s reaction was a mixed one, one of slight joy that he would be a dad but one that told him that he knew that he was to blame and couldn’t believe that he had gotten himself in the same position that his ex Lilith had been ridiculed for. How was he going to explain this to his dad and Daisy? What were they going to do for money? What about University? Would both of them have to drop out and move in with Dirk’s parents? This isn’t what he wanted…yet he knew he was to blame for getting her pregnant.

Dirk decided that morning that he was going to step up, and let go of his dreams for Cate and their unborn baby and both decided to drop out of University after their freshmen mid-term exams. Daisy of course took the opportunity to call to tell Dirk about the birth of his new baby sister, for which then Dirk had to turn around and say that Cate was pregnant which very much disappointed both Daisy and Darren. Dirk told Daisy what he and Cate were going to do, and all Daisy said was that it was their choice…nothing hurts more than a parent’s disappointment.
Jen announced out of the blue the next morning that she was going to no longer have any more children. Of course Lucy had no idea what her mum was talking about and didn’t know that her parents were even thinking about having more children after Toby. But the news well predicted disappointed John who wanted at least another child/ younger sibling for Toby for when he grew up. But with the recent arguments about having more children or not, john knew not to push the issue and therefore left the decision in Jen’s hands. When both John and Jen came back from work, John decided to teach Toby a nursery rhyme. Ruby grew into a lovely adult dog.
In order to sort out the timing of births (Cate, Elle and Brittany), I had to quickly go to the sorority and actually move Brittany out and clear out her room…quite sad actually that her room just only has a bed in it:cry:. But anyways, Brittany found out she was pregnant before Elle and Cate if I remember correctly so she needs to have the baby or be ready to have the baby before I can move Elle into an apartment and Cate and Dirk back home.
While Brittany packed her things, Heather and Tiff were at their mid-term exams and so Angela was the only one at the Sorority that saw Brittany leave. Brit although angry at Heather for leaving her with no other opinion she wasn’t that sad to say goodbye to the campus, she was ready (she’ll argue that she was ready in her Sophomore year to go out into the world of work :rolleyes:) to face the world and was sick and tried of teachers trying to baby feed her. Now it looked like she was going to be baby feeding an actual baby real soon…and for once Brittany was actually scared at the prospects.

Meanwhile, back at the Sorority Heather and Tiff were slightly down about the fact that Brittany wasn’t here and would soon need to replace her room with a fresh new member, Heather knew she had made the right decision and needed to get back to work. As it was the last day in autumn it meant that it was Fireworks night. So Heather and Angela threw on their party masks on and got out the fireworks for the occasion.

Like any party that these ladies throw, there was some hooking up…in the form of Ashley Pitts and Angela (she’s getting round jeez…ACR) much to the dismay of Kevin who was right behind them when Ashley started flirting with Angela, of course no hearts were broken Kevin knew that deep down he couldn’t compete with Ash in regards to women anyways. Of course while Ash and Angela were upstairs woohooing, Heather and Martin chit chatted and Tiff greeted random walker bys to join in on their fun which in return helped the reputation of the Sorority making it a Level 4 Sorority. However, because Angela was busy woohooing with Ash she missed her mid-term final exam and is now on Academic probation… daddy won’t be pleased that’s for sure!

When I left the Sorority it had officially become Winter Day!


27th Jul 2013, 10:31 PM
My sim and her son went out. They picked up fruits, played games and they take care about plants. After that they went back home and i moved them to a new house. Didn't did much today ;__;

27th Jul 2013, 11:51 PM
Araina Schwartchkov lived alone for many years. She dated two men, for a while before settling down and marrying the Elder Leo Wilkie. They immediately started trying to have a baby but were unsuccessful through years of trying. Even after Araina had an affair with her former boyfriend Phil Jitmakusol in an attempt to get pregnant, she failed to conceive a child. She knows if her luck doesn't change very soon she will never have a child of her own. But now it comes down to if they should simply quit trying since they will never get to see their child grow up, or if they should adopt an older child so that they will at least be able to be parents before they die.

29th Jul 2013, 8:28 PM
Lots of baby mama drama and first bumps going on in Pleasantview…especially the issues between the Goth family and Elle Alioto!

Brittany moved into her new flat in the Downtown of Pleasantview in the poorer part of town, although this wasn’t the place that Brittany wanted to raise her child there was nothing she could do about it as it was the only thing she could afford, but she still had to take out a loan which just added to her debt problems. The first thing Brittany did was try and go to the Job centre to find what jobs were available and much to Brit’s dismay for someone with her only ‘part’ education she couldn’t get that many jobs and Brit didn’t think she should get jobs that were below her. After her disappointment at the Job centre, Brit thought it would be best if she introduced herself to the other neighbours after all there were going to be her neighbours for a while. The first neighbour she met was Kaylynn Spitzig who reassured her (according to their conversation) that this part of town didn’t have too much crime despite its appearance… of course Brit differ on the topic.

Brittany could now officially see her baby bump and everything started to get real, this meant that Brit had to ask Griffin to move in with her but of course Griffin was happy with the situation and according to his wants he wants to make an honest woman out of Brittany by asking her to marry him. Though deep down he knew that she might not be ready for that especially as she was busy thinking (worrying about a baby they couldn’t afford) about the baby they were going to have, but Griffin was too excited and couldn’t wait to be a dad. He just hoped that he was going to be a good one. (I can already see who is going to do most of the parenting here)


Elle Alioto moved into her new flat which was located at the edge of Pleasantview just before Downtown, this way it allowed Elle to be close to the town of Pleasantview that she had grown to love despite the things that had happened. It also meant that she could be in the district with the good schools and hopefully get her child into private school, of course that meant that she would have to save up for a house one day. But right now, she was more worried about what she was going to go for money than anything else especially as she could see the signs of her baby bump which meant soon enough her due date would come.

Elle was also debating about whether to tell Morty or not, although he had every right to know about their baby before it was too late for the both of them; she wasn’t sure what telling him would do for their situation. It was pretty evident that they weren’t going to get back together, and she didn’t want to have her child grow up in a hostile household that was the Goth manor. Being the bigger person that she was, Elle attempted to invite Morty over but of course he refused. However, when he came by to kick over her trash can Elle managed to greet him (caught him in the act) and invited him into her flat so they could talk.

Elle told Morty she was pregnant which was met with disgust by Morty (the picture is a classic…couldn’t fake such a picture even if I tried…pure story telling moment!) at the same time the phone was ringing off the hook and guess who should be on the end of the call? Cassandra Goth…probably telling Elle not to tell her father that she’s pregnant or else it would add to his stress levels and make him more ill. (Seriously this storyline is writing itself…loving it!) While Elle was busy answering the phone to Cass, Morty took that opportunity to run out of the apartment…well looks like Elle won’t be getting any help or benefits from the Goth family even if the baby is a Goth and is therefore entitled to some of Morty’s fortune.

While all of this was going on, in the background Elle’s neighbours Michelle Tse and Neil Chalmers were flirting and slow dancing with each other.


Dina went off early to work in the morning, which left Don playing in the bathtub. Don went to the Gym with Daniel and they went to their secret dance class…unbeknown to both Dina and Kaylynn both Daniel and Don have been taking weekly dance classes to improve their moves. As the gym is Morty’s business, Don tried his upmost best to be friends with Morty and even asked him to join their group for which Morty accepted. Because of this, Don is slowly starting to get his reputation around in town for the good kind this time. While Don was doing his late night shift, Dina got her first baby bump.


Kaylynn got her first baby bump when she woke up this morning, while Daniel was at work and Kay was busy being pregnant and really tried. Carol decided to invite her good friend Katy over, and bumped into Brandi outside the house and invited her in too.
Daniel got promoted to a Rookie with the Crows. As today was a family day and also Lucas’s birthday, Daniel decided to invite Angela from university and even attempted to invite Lilith and Lilly-May over for a little get together. Everyone came, but today was also going to be Carol’s last day in Pleasantview. Carol spent her last moments playing with her granddaughter Lilith (I couldn’t have planned this better) laughing and joking and finally glad that this family was somewhat getting along despite everything that had happened. Carol was happy knowing that her family was going to be okay for the future.

Carol Elta Oldie died Sunday 28th of July (it’s kind of spooky how in the game it really was Sunday…), she was a treasured Mother, grandmother to Lilith and Angela Pleasant and great-grandmother to the beautiful Lilly-May Broke. Carol and her husband Herb were real pillars in the community and were in fact one of the first families besides the Goth family to inhabit Pleasantview, Carol taught the young children of Sim High Academy (the public school and sister school to SimCity Academy) the art of cooking, baking and Home care in her years of teaching.

‘She loved to teach the children sewing and baking…she had a real natural talent for cooking so much so that we would often tell her to go on those cooking shows and become world famous. Of course she didn’t do that once her daughter Mary-Sue came along, but she could have if she wanted to.’ - Principal Brent Joseph McGrowan (BJ)


Katya Stevens
30th Jul 2013, 2:25 PM
I'd forgotten how I'd left the Marshalls (2) household -- siblings Meadow and Lilian along with their partners (Joseph and Nicholas, respectively) and so far three children (Don & Aiden from Meadow, and Heather from Lilian). They've got a nice, large house in Danport and are earning a reasonable amount of money, enough to get by at the moment. None of the adults have too-lofty abmbitions (by which I mean "needs a university degree") so they're all settling into their lives and careers.

The house was in a mess when I arrived so once the younger children were fed and put to bed a massive clean-up took place (I don't imagining it lasting too long -- seven sims, people). Joseph made nice with his semi-mother-in-law (he and Meadow are dating, not married) and Don worked on his homework before heading to bed. I did realise that I'd forgotten to set any of Nicholas' stats, so I went and did that -- ideal careers intelligence, medicine, natural science, oceanograhy, and science; risky woohoo 1% (a change to Lilian who is 21%); idea number of children 4. He's in the music career and must have rolled a want to get into that career otherwise I wouldn't have let him -- for his ideal careers without a Bachelor's degree he'll be able to get to level 5 max, and that's for Oceanography. He's currently a Battle of the Bands judge (music level 5) earning $880/week and happy there, so he'll likely stay.

In contrast Meadow is in the slacker career but really wants to get into the culinary career (her LTW). She is low motivation so she'll have a right struggle getting above level 5 if she's not determined about it. Lilian is happy being a stay-at-home mum. Joseph has ideal careers for art, business, culinary, entertainment, journalism, and politics, but is aiming to get into art as it's his LTW career.

The house is full of either average or low motivation sims, meaning that this will never be a high-income family. They're probably the household with the second-lowest income in Cresdale; above the Kraemers and only because of multiple earning potentials and low cost housing. And with Lilian continually getting pregnant accidentally, they'll ensure they're a three-income household rather than a four-income household.

Yup, Lilian got pregnant through risky woohoo again; she rolled well over both her adoption and abortion rolls, so will be expecting another child the next rotation, about midday on Monday by my calculations. I'm only thankful that if she or Nicholas have a twin token it's yet to turn up. The news of a new addition kicked into motion the addition of a second nursery for Lilian's children, designed in a nice purply colour. So far only Heather uses it, but that'll change when her baby brother or sister arrives.

Thanks to a chance card deciding between two groups, Nicholas got a promotion up to roadie, pushing his income up to $1,850 a week, over double what he was earning as a battle of the bands judge!

30th Jul 2013, 3:38 PM
Jamie has moved back home now that he's done with college. Before his little brother Ian went off to college the Harris family took a much needed vacation. I transferred the deed to Nora from Malcolm Landgraab so they were able to stay at the Landgraab beach house. They didn't do too much on Tiki Island, most of their vacation was just relaxing at the beach home. Jamie did meet an islander who he had great chemistry with so now he has about four potential future wives. (Whoa not like in a sister wife way!) Emma (who's really more of a back up to be honest) Toya (the islander) and two dormies from college. I feel like he might give in to one of the dormies because he actually gets wants about her and its very rare for my sims to get those.

When they came back Ian had no time to unpack because he had to leave for college asap. His parents and Ian had a pact, he'd go to college if they paid for it! Ian is a low motivation sim and will most likely go into the slacker career so there wasn't a need for him to go to college. But what would the Landgraab family think if he didn't ?! Of course Ian doesn't care about what they think which is why Nora and Arthur offered to pay for it if he went. (We wouldn't want those rich snobs talking now would we?) Once Ian left, Jamie moved into their old room and out of the tiny guest bedroom. Thats when I noticed his parents will soon die :( Which is weird because his father is a lot older than Nora but I guess she didn't have a high aspiration when she aged into an elder. I hope they get to see Ian graduate and to see Jamie get married.

Nora got promoted to a scholar this session, which means thats the highest she can get promoted. (on my part anyway) I'm glad she was able to get this far because she worked so hard to finish her degree when she was younger and spent a lot of time just trying to find a job in the science career. Arthur got demoted unfortunately by a chance card. Jamie was able to find a job in his ideal career(the business career) unfortunately he's only making $80 a day but it'll eventually get him somewhere. I'd like to think that his uncle Landgraab gave him the job. Though you'd think he'd give a college graduate a higher position than a mail room technician, but hey dontcha' know? The economy is bad! :D

Ian moved into the Plaza Dormitory with his fellow classmate Dakota Morgan. One of the main reasons I wanted Ian to go to college was to work on his LTW (have 20 loves) I think the dorm life will be perfect for that! Now I need to decide which major to go into considering he's going into the slacker career anyway but since his parents are paying for it maybe they want him to major in education at the very least so he can have a decent job while he's looking to get into the slacker career (Uhhh shouldn't it be the other way around Ian? :wtf: )

By the time I come around to the Harris household again I should be a little more certain on who Jamie will court for marriage. I'm sure it'll be the dormie, or Toya or Emma in that order. I prefer my sims to marry with other playables because I don't like getting too many new sims but if I'm not really feeling him and Emma together then I'll marry him to someone else. They only have one bolt together but they have the same LTW and goals and not to mention he'll inherit the house so Emma and her kids will have a nice home to live in :lol: The only bad part about them being together is he would have to get to know the children first before they move in together which could take a while. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens!

30th Jul 2013, 11:51 PM
I've made a new hood, Moon Island. Currently, my main family is the Rodrigos. Mario Rodrigo opened up a bakery, where he has an apartment up top. One night, he went out and about town and he met Jan Tellerman. Jan and Mario went on several dates, and eventually Jan moved in. Jan was a romance Sim, and her LTW was to WooHoo 20 lovers. Jan didn't do anything risky while with Mario, but one night she got pregnant. The Night Lucy was born, Jan took Lucy with her to the apartment complex on the main island. There, Jan could WooHoo all the men she wanted without worry of being caught. Somehow, she kept good ties with Mario, and when Lucy grew up to a teen she moved out. Jan and Mario got back together and got married. Together, they had their second child, Natalie. Mario got really lucky in the bakery and was able to save up 70,000 simoleons! (This is the first time I made all this money without cheat codes so it was a milestone for me as well lol) Mario decided that he wanted to take his family on vacation. Lucy, who at this point was in college came with them. Natalie was a child, and they all had a great time on Twikii Island. After that, time went on and Lucy graduated with a political science degree and got married to her long time sweetheart, Bruce Rossi. Mario and Jan died, and Natalie inherited the vacation property that Mario purchased which has yet to be visited. Lucy shut down the bakery, and moved out of the building to purchase a rather expensive modern beach home on the main island. Together, Lucy and Bruce have twin girls, Candice and Rosie. Natalie went off to college to pursue a math degree. Now Lucy owns a Jewlery store which recieved a positive review in the paper. The place is always packed, and Lucy is making a tidy profit from it. Currently, Lucy and Bruce are worth 175,000 Simoleons. :)

31st Jul 2013, 2:15 AM
@headfirst I didn't even know that one could accumulate that much money in the sims 2 without cheats. Guess I may have to try running a business.

Anyway, I just started playing the clean version of Pleasantview.

~Salamis Family~
I used SimPE to clone Circe Beaker and Vidcund Curious. In this story, Circe is a little gold digger. Her husbands, Loki Beaker and later, Vidcund Curious, mysteriously died. However, Circe had one child by Vidcund, Persephone Salamis. (Persephone looks just like her mama, by the way.) She also took in Vidcund's alien daughter, Erica. I originally came up with the idea of playing this like a Cinderella story. In my original story, Mortimer Goth was going to be Circe's next target I mean partner, but I saw him and Bella Goth chatting on a community lot. Maybe instead I'll be a good player and reunite the family? We'll see.

~Pleasant/Oldie Family~
I usually don't make sims cheat anymore, but I gave in to the temptation. Daniel Pleasant was caught making out with Kaylynn Langerak. Mary-Sue divorced Daniel through Sim Blender, so he could take Angela with him. Mary-Sue got fired on the same day. So the next morning, she mysteriously died from sickness after trying to starve herself to death. This would have left Lilith living alone if her grandparents, the Oldies, didnt move in. But they moved in.

This is all I've played of Pleasantview so far. I can't remember what's going on in Strangetown and I haven't even made all the families for my custom neighborhood Black Mesa yet.

31st Jul 2013, 1:51 PM
The Csonka Canon students, six in total, had to move to a new dorm. The other building was as old as Methuselah. It wasn't justified any longer to house people. The build of a new dorm had started ages ago and now it finally was ready for use. The seven stood in front of the big door of their new housing unit, a bit unaccustomed. The two other roomies from the old dorm also moved to the new dorm, but they showed up later. One, a young woman named Rebecka Drammer and a young man, Sammie Geluk. Exhange students from the Netherlands.

The two Csonka girls, Fayme and Cyndi, got a room downstairs. Cyndi's brother got the room across hers and Fayme's boyfriend, Liam Wilson, the room across hers. The two other boys, Hakeem and Faustin, had to go upstairs to claim a room. Cyndi and Caiden gave eachother a family kiss in front of the building and right after claiming their room plus exchanging keys.
Faustin wished he could make the dead of his father undone, bring him back. He had wished the same when his mother passed. It was weird he suddenly didn't have parents anymore. He was one of a trio left behind. Faustin is a tough person to deal with if you barely know him. He can have a big mouth and approach people with it too quickly. If that's not the case, someone for any reason gets beef with him quickly.

Therefor it didn't take long or the first incident was fact. Faustin and Hakeem got into it in the bathroom. Hakeem gave Faustin a lecture while he was in the toilet, went in the same toilet after Faustin came out, flushed, came out again to have an argument with each other. Faustin didn't like he got scolded for not flushing. He saw it as a reason to irritate Hakeem over it. Then there was an awkward silence between them. Faustin broke it and suggested to play ball outside, as if an argument never took place and they were best friends ever. Hakeem went along with it. But.. Faustin wouldn't be Faustin if he didn't throw the ball as hard as he could towards Hakeem, every single time. Hakeem took it as a man.

Rebecka Drammer openly fancied Faustin and finally made him a compliment. The feeling wasn't mutual. Sammie saved 'her face' by shoving a pillow into it. Then she could focus her attention on the pillow fight and pretend she wasn't rejected. Faustin ignored both and asked Cyndi to throw ball. She rejected, but later accepted the same request from Hakeem. Cyndi just is not that fond of Faustin. She can't deal with his big mouth and same size ego. Faustin went upstairs, took it out on Cyndi's brother Caiden by badmouthing Cyndi and making Caiden cry. Sammie walked by that moment and said to Caiden to get his act together.

Cyndi is sometimes watching over Caiden like she's his mother. She picks up stuff, he left behind. Caiden on the other hand has become a bit bigger boy. He wants a double bed to have sex. The rooms however are quite small. With a double bed, nothing else will fit. Despite his programming interest,he got rid of his desk with computer, just to have that double bed. If he manages to get a girl in his bed, he better asks his key back from his sister Cyndi, before that memorable moment. Otherwise it's quite possible she will catch them in the act.
His sister on the other hand does not think about that possibility. She worries about her relationships with other people. She has a very good bond with her bit younger brother Caiden, yet she is scared they will have a serious fall out. Same for her friends Sara Beth Davies-Magee and Liam Wilson. She's insecure. Her studies aren't doing so well either. It's her second semester in her third year and her grades were very good before this semester. She will make it to the next year, but her total will drop. Maybe not so strange if you consider they might have found her parents and sister's remains under that old man's window. They still were waiting for the results. Ofcourse that got her mind off her studies and brought her fear to loose more people she loves. Especially because Sara Beth is the wife of one of the sons of that old man Ben Magee. The results could change a lot of relationships and maybe not in a good way.

Faustin discovered it isn't so bad to have that Dutch girl Rebecka like him. He started to appreciate Rebecka and gave her a back rub, which she accepted gladly. If his plan was to get closer to her as more than friends, he was too late. When all were off to do their exams, except for Sammie Geluk and Rebecka, those two seized the moment and had sex on the upstairs living room couch.

31st Jul 2013, 10:51 PM
@ mirjamsim2love: I still feel sorry for Faustin. I think it must be the loss of both his parents that's making him like that. Maybe he's afraid to get to close to anyone in case he gets hurt again. Even so, my advise to him would be to try to make friends with Hakeem. I'm sure it would make life easier for both of them.

To my own game: In the last few days I've taken a short break from Veronaville and created a test 'hood called Teston Woods, mainly (initially) for the purpose of trying to see if I can get the cook to appear in various small restaurants when playing without hacks. The new 'hood was created using Argon's empty Pleasantview template along with the Arbordale terrain. Until today there was only one playable Sim in Teston Woods. His name is Denis Fraser. As soon as he moved in I put the clock back to 05:00 with SetHour, and created townies with the mailbox. Although I had removed my hacks (because I was advised to) I left my Body Shop CC in place. This resulted in most of the male townies getting custom hair. All told I think I got quite a good-looking bunch of townies, and I'm glad I diod it that way and didn't just get the Pleasantview townies. Although it's a test 'hood, I still had to play it, so...

Denis moved into Riverside House, a rather fanciful name for a little house beside the river. It is in fact the only house in the neighbourhood. First thing on Monday morning after moving in he went to a restaurant to eat (the only one where the cook actually appeared!). There were a few Sims there but none of them made much of an impression on him.

Three townie locals arrived at midday to welcome him: Christopher Mendoza, Yvette Cormier and teenage Claire Dalton. Denis got on well with young Claire, while Yvette and Christopher talked to each other.

Denis's first friend was his paper girl Madeleine Chen, whom he greets affectionately every morning. On Monday night he took her out for a late dinner at a posh but intimate little restaurant.

His next friend was Zoe McClellan from work. Around this time he got promoted to Lab Assistant. He felt he'd really like to start a family, but Madeleine was clearly too young for him and he had no chemistry with Zoe.

So on Saturday (when he had the day off) Denis met Gretchen Sims at the Riverview Restaurant. He fancied her, she flirted with him, and he soon developed a crush on her. He took her back to the Riverview Restaurant and teen Mayhew Fancey, who had been passing in the street, came along with them.

On Sunday Denis invited Gretchen round and she brought a friend, Houstonn Platz, with her. They all went out for lunch at the Riverview Restaurant, and, when they came back, Denis and Gretchen settled down to kiss and cuddle on the sofa. In the afternoon he had to go to work.

On his second Monday Denis again had the day off work. He invited Gretchen round and they fell in love. He asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted to get engaged to him. He wanted the same, so they did! He asked what her job was and she told him, "I am a General." True, she always wears camouflage fatigue trousers, but she looks about 22!

They wasted no more time: they got married in the afternoon! Madeleine Chen, Mayhew Fancey, Zoe McLellan, Houston Platz and Claire Dalton were invited to the party, and just before wedding ceremony started, Denis asked Andrea Zaidi, another teen who was passing in the street, to join. Denis and Gretchen got married under an arch in the garden. Gretchen really is a General, but, just for once, was completely out of uniform. Then they cut the cake and ate it. Jeannie Toyonaga, who was also passing briefly joined in the cheering. Denis introduced Madeleine Chen to Mayhew Fancey and they appeared to get on well together. The party was a success and Denis and Gretchen went off in a black stretched limo for a very short honeymoon.

On their wedding night they twice tried for a baby without success.

... This was my very first Sims wedding! I'm glad it went well, and I'll maybe persuade some of my Veronaville lovers to tie the knot! An oddity of this 'hood is that Denis has lived in the house for a week but has yet to turn on the cooker. This is in part because he's been going out every day testing restaurants, but also because I've been playing without any hacks. I'd rather he didn't cook until I've got Squinge's No More Fires hack in place again!

I've got one more restaurant to test and then I can put my hacks back and return to Veronaville. But I'm sure I'll occasionally come back to Teston Woods, if only when I've got something new to try out. And also to see how Denis and General Gretchen are getting on - she's by far the best-looking general I've ever seen! She was General Gretchen Sims, but now she's married does she become General Gretchen Fraser? (It was Denis who proposed - he was the only playable!) Or perhaps I should change their names in SimPE and make it double-barrelled. I like the sound of General Sims-Fraser. Lots of our British generals used to have double-barrelled names.

1st Aug 2013, 5:16 AM
Finally had a day off of work and I decided to just relax and play my sims. Between coming back home from our destination wedding and the reception next week I just wanted a 'dumb' day where I didn't have to do ANYTHING...except manage my sims' lives of course. ;)

I started with the first household on the list, the Williams. Andrew recently got divorced but met a cute islander during his stay at Tiki Island. She came to visit but while on a date with Andrew somehow managed to end up going back home and not home with Andrew so he had to invite her over again. He had proposed to her on their date so maybe she just went back home to say goodbye to all her relatives? A warning would have been polite... When Daisy came back from Tiki Island, Andrew asked her to move in and decided to throw a wedding that night since it was a Friday and his last day off. I set her stats and she has a high percentage of getting pregnant. I had a feeling she'd get pregnant the first try and that she did. The wedding was small with only 10 close family members and friends. Andrew invited his son over but his mother wasn't invited. The wedding party was great and after they came back from the honeymoon Daisy started showing symptoms from her pregnancy. I made her take a test and luckily its only one baby. Andrew is a couple days from aging into an Elder and Daisy is a fresh adult. I like to think that Daisy is a young naive adult that wanted to desperate get away from the small island life. Thats not to say she doesn't love Andrew, they have three bolts for each other. She just didn't think it all the way through.

Andrew lives with his sister and her husband. (Jeniffer and George) Their son Cameron just left for college so Andrew and Daisy have plenty of room for the baby on the way. If I find a suitable house I might move Andrew and Daisy out. I think its time Andrew has a home of his own but with the new baby on the way and still having to pay child support it might be hard. Especially because his new bride is a low motivation sim. Her ideal jobs are to go into journalism, culinary or the music career. Whatever comes up first will do but I hope its music since she doesn't have to go to school for that and can earn the most money at level five.

Cameron joined Dakota and Ian at the Plaza dormitory. He wants to be a professional dancer so he'll be majoring in Drama. Since he is a high motivation sim he plans on moving to the Landgraab Dormitory after his first year. It'll be even harder for Cameron to get it because the Landgraab Association doesn't take the drama major too seriously and they don't like to give free rides for 'easy' majors. Will he give in to pressure and change his major in order to live for free during college? Dorm fees can add up if you're not working park time!


After the Williams I finished playing the 'other' Williams household, Andrew's ex wife Zoe and their son Max. Nothing too interesting goes on with them. They live in a nice apartment complex (That Andrew helps paying with his child support) yet they have the most ghetto neighbors that attack each other constantly. :wtf: After hearing Andrew got himself a nice, younger woman Zoe went off to search for her own future husband. She met an older guy named...wait for it...Mokoto St. Vincent ..or something like that. (Must be from that name generator that I put in) They went on a date and it went pretty well. They started talking on the phone more too. I feel so bad for Max. His mom is trying to make his father jealous and his father couldn't care less. He has to deal with a new step mom who isn't that much older than him (he'll be heading to college soon) and a new sibling on the way already. He just focuses on work until he can leave for college and its been showing because he recently got promoted to legal biller by a chance card! He misses when his parents were together and he lived at the house with his aunt, uncle and cousin. :(


The Landgraab (II) household also had their eldest son move to the college campus. Thomas Landgraab joined the Plaza Dormitory along with his three old high school classmates. Four boys in a dorm, can anyone say messy? :D Thomas wants to get into the oceanography career just like his father, so he will be majoring in biology.

Baby Ashley aged into a toddler. I think thats the last child Mason and Farrah will have. They are almost elders so hopefully she wont get pregnant again. Its funny because every single one of her pregnancies was unplanned. She's just so fertile! Since Thomas moved to Sim State Maddox has the room to himself now. It'll be difficult once Ashley ages into a child because I can't decide if I should have the girls share rooms or have the teenagers share rooms since it'll be a weird age gap if Ashley and Malory share rooms. You know how teenage girls can be! Malory aged into a teenager and her LTW is to also to follow in her dad's footsteps. So far only Maddox got a different LTW (to be a general)

Lots of expenses this week for Mason; Thomas' college tuition, Malory's private school tuition, rent and toddler stuff for Ashley. Luckily he got a promotion at work and is now a dive master. Farrah is up for a promotion next session, she works as a nanny. I think its time Mason trades in his sports car for that mini van/SUV, don't you?

I think Thomas was the last of the teenagers that had to go college this year so maybe I can start playing them! It'll definitely be interesting this semester with everyone from the old high school group there.

Mr. Newbie
2nd Aug 2013, 6:40 AM
Not too long of a major playing session today, but here we go -

I decided to start a brand new Strangetown neighborhood, and since I love the area but always thought it was a tad too small, I added a single Sim family to the area - Alister Archer, a quirky Knowledge Sim who wants to make friends but is quite occupied with working in the Science career. Or, at least, that's when I came up with when I saw his Lifetime Wish was to get to the top of the Science career (Finally, no Criminal Mastermind lifetime want!) He chose to move into one of the two Strangetown starter houses - 73 Road To Nowhere, a small, yet quite interesting starter house which I thought matched him well -
He got some very basic furnishings and started playing, starting with my usual first-day routine: getting some skill points (Cooking/Charisma, depending on the type of Sim) and started playing. The normal welcome wagon came by with Jenny Smith, Nervous Subject (I always wondered - how does he manage to escape the Beaker ground what with them probably trying to hide up all the evidence of him being there?) and the Strangetown Bella Goth, which would be interesting if she wasn't just a CAS Townie. Alister got to know Jenny and Nervous well but kind of ignored Bella for some reason. He wished them farewell and got a job in the Science career. Skill-building and friend-making ensue. He gets a burglar at some point (Oliver Phelps) who attempted to steal Alister's kind of shack-like for the time of the game's Trottco TV. I had a burglar alarm, so a police officer was summoned (name unknown.) Burglar got away. Alister got promoted and met Pascal Curious at work, and the two slowly became friends. On his day off, he went to the local Strangetown Spa where he met Vidcund Curious and slowly began to hunt down some ladies so he could plant roots. All of them weren't too keen on it. Cut to the Curiouses - Vidcund got impregnated and stuff happened. Pascal also gave birth to his alien kid - not a boy, so unfortunately Tycho wasn't in the running, but he did give birth to a girl, Luna, who I'll post in the Sim Kid topic. Hallelujah.

2nd Aug 2013, 9:54 AM
As I still had one more restaurant test to do, I briefly played Teston Woods again.

On Tuesday morning Gretchen went to work in the helicopter. Meanwhile Denis went to Moo's Open Plan Restaurant where he met up with Houston Platz and dined with him. He would like to make friends with Houston. When she came home from work, Gretchen paid the bills and did the crossword.


I then re-installed all my hacks, plus a couple of new ones, and reopened Veronaville for the first time in over a week. Inspired by Father Lawrence in FreeFallDreams's story, I felt that Veronaville could do with a church. When searching the downloads under "church" the only clerical clothing to show up was Aranels's clergy shirt for adult and elder women (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=467606), so that decided me to appoint a woman priest. (I've since found other appropriate clothing.) So a new Sim has moved in...


The Rectory (Globe Street)

The Reverend Elspeth Anderson has just moved into the Rectory in Globe Street (next door to the municipal cemetery and across the road from the Globe Street community lot). As yet there is no church, but it's Elspeth's mission to establish one.

Elspeth is keen to meet her new parishioners. The first person she met was her paperboy Serdar Curtin. She looked in the paper for a job. As their were no ecclesiastical vacancies, she took a starting-level job in the medical career. Next person she met was Isabella Monty who was passing in the street. Elspeth then sat down to study a recipe book before attempting to make lunch. While she was doing this, Titania Summerdream, Martin Moltke and Bill McBain all turned up to welcome her, but she was too slow in getting to the door. So she started looking up their numbers in the phone book. She had hardly started, when Martin reappeared so she went out to meet him.

Thanks for the inspiration FreeFallDreams!

2nd Aug 2013, 11:39 AM
@ mirjamsim2love: I still feel sorry for Faustin. I think it must be the loss of both his parents that's making him like that. Maybe he's afraid to get to close to anyone in case he gets hurt again. Even so, my advise to him would be to try to make friends with Hakeem. I'm sure it would make life easier for both of them.
Probably he does feel lost, without his best friends. His whole social life was mostly involving around his parents as his best friends. Just a short while before he went to the university he made a platonic friend from his own age: Mirjam Oosterom.
Faustin is just very picky in who he likes or not. When he feels a connection with someone he can be great and sweet, after the ice has melted, so to speak.
But when he doesn't feel a connection and/or does not know that person he can be grouchy to that person. He's socially a bit akward while on the other hand convinced of his own importance. I think Hakeem and Faustin cóuld become friends but it won't be easy. They are very different, but it's probably in Faustin's best interest to be more neat around Hakeem. That could help develop that relationship. The question is: Is Faustin willing to do that or does he like to argue with people? :heyhey:


2nd Aug 2013, 11:43 PM
my game got deleted because my computer "glitched so i have to re-install sims and i lost the sims disc. so i have to restart my families. >.<

3rd Aug 2013, 10:54 AM
I was playing Tree Tribe's rotation (mashed up Test Of Time Challenge) And had not one but three fires in a row. First one I couldn't figure out, the second was the BBQ and the third one I figured out was a chick with instant combustion and so was the first. My sims were starving and hot, my chooks were going up in flames and two of my wolves ran away from home. All in all they had a very interesting day! And not even a nice roast chicken dinner to be had from it all.
http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e397/joandsarah77/Test%20Of%20Time/snapshot_7ef5b4b3_df095fb7_zps56cead04.jpg (http://s43.photobucket.com/user/joandsarah77/media/Test%20Of%20Time/snapshot_7ef5b4b3_df095fb7_zps56cead04.jpg.html)
I'm sure Neanderthals had fire extinguishers

3rd Aug 2013, 11:43 AM
I love your family and theme, Jo! I did a prehistoric neighborhood once. It was a ton of fun. Last night I was watching the Lazy Game Reviewer's take on Sims 3 Island Paradise and thought it might be fun to have a tropics Sims neighborhood from an earlier era, maybe something along the idea of Castaways. It could be fun. I once had one Sim who lived alone on an island who was a castaway. He got really lonely, so I had to build him a bridge, then I gave him a robot.

4th Aug 2013, 7:41 AM
Alright, its Landgraab time! This Landgraab household consists of 8 members. Malcolm VI and Carolina, their children Madison, Marylin, Malcolm VII and Mavis. Madison's baby daddy Cale and their son Makell.

Carolina was able to get promoted to a specialist today, yay!! Unfortunately that is the highest she can go (with the exception of chance cards). Malcolm is still a senior manager but his businesses are booming, slowly but surely they're leveling up. Its hard to visit all three businesses so I try to do at the most two a day. On this session he took Mavis to work with him and she was able to work on her selling and restocking skills. Usually he takes Malcolm VII but Malcolm went last time and Mavis is really the one interested in learning how to work a businesses (She has the same LTW as her father; to own 5 businesses) Malcolm VI and Carolina both aged into elders this session. Sigh it seems like not too long ago they were dating as teenagers! :cry:

Malcolm VII is working as a paramedic until he leaves for college. He has the same LTW as his mother, to be a doctor. He's an overachiever so he might actually get to achieve it. Malcolm and Marylin (they're twins by the way) will be leaving for college next rotation. Their dad will be having a lot of expenses; paying for their tuition and giving them cars before they leave. He'll have to go in and work at the electronics store since it makes the most. ;) Their younger (and prettier) sister Mavis is glad she'll get her room all to herself again. She's a bit of a diva and wasn't too happy when Marilyn had to move into her room when Madison moved back home with her boyfriend.

Madison is a stay at home mom working on her law degree. She is almost done and just has one more paper to finish. No openings in the law career have popped up yet so she's just been at home taking care of Makell while working on school stuff. Cale works as a birthday party mascot but is up for a promotion next rotation. He's hoping with the bonus from the promotion he can buy Madison a ring and finally pop the question. (Yay, a wedding! Another expense for the bride-to-be's father!!) I still can't decide if Madison should move out soon or just wait and save up until her little brother graduates and moves back home since he's the house heir. It would be nice if they stayed so grandma and grandpa can be near baby Makell! Plus they could save a good amount of money until they have to leave. (At least 12 sim days worth!) They could move into the Landgraab Condo but its a little too bachelor-y for Madison. She wants a nice house with a yard so Makell and any future kids can play in. Madison also got off her birth control now that she's almost done with school. Makell is a toddler who will be aging up next rotation. Malcolm VII won't be leaving until the last day of the rotation so they'll have to share rooms for a little bit, then Makell will take over his room! :giggler:

Even though this household takes forever to play, its probably my favorite and I get a little sad every time I play them because it'll be a while until I get to play them again. :cry:

6th Aug 2013, 10:14 AM
Unusually for me, I went on playing The Reverend Elspeth Anderson for the rest of the week. She is, after all new to Veronaville, and has a lot of people to get to know. To make her study look realistic I downloaded a little wall crucifix (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=217105) from here. I hadn’t reckoned with it having interactions, and autonomous ones at that! It seems to be leading to a quite unexpected religious revival in Veronaville.
I also downloaded the Church of England custom career (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=234337) from here, as she does need a regular income. Unfortunately this career hasn't come up in the paper yet, so she's had to take other jobs.

To my story...
While she was talking to Martin Moltke, Elspeth spotted Mercutio Monty passing, and invited him in. Both Martin and Mercutio were impressed by her wall crucifix. Martin prayed for forgiveness. When Elspeth saw that, she thought she'd better speak to him; amongst other things, they talked about public woohoo(!); it didn't exactly look like a priest hearing a confession. Mercutio, of all people, wanted to pray for forgiveness too, but he couldn't get near for Martin and Elsperth. When they moved away he stood in front of the cross praising God! She invited them both on a trip to Stratford Strip where she bought some clothes. While there she met Gordon Cornton whom she also befriended. The next day she went with Gordon to a boys club where she met Gerry McBain, Keith Cormier and Julian Moltke. She soon became friends with Julian, but on Thursday she was sacked. After Julian helped her to cheer up, she found another job, this time in law enforcement. Work was proceeding well with building the church.

On Friday she made friends with Angela Ramsay and renewed her friendship with Martin Moltke. Then while talking to Martin on the phone, she spotted Andrew Jones walking past outside. She went out to greet him and soon struck up an acquaintance with him too. In the evening she invited Julian round, and the four of them had dinner. Both Angela and Andrew first cursed God and then praised Him. After dinner Andrew had to go home but Elspeth took Angela and Julian to look at the new church. A few other Sims turned up to visit the new church too, including Patrizio, Mercutio and Romeo Monty; Mercutio had evidently told his family about his new-found faith!

When Elspeth and her group got back home, Andrew rejoined them. Elspeth gave Martin (Julian's dad) a quick ring on the phone, which was enough to make him her first best friend in Veronaville. Then she said good-bye to everyone and went to bed.

Amongst the interactions available from the crucifix, is "Curse God", which it says here has a "very funny" animation. I was afraid that this might include the Grim Reaper appearing to lead the unrepentant sinner straight to hell! I had reckoned without the mercy of God. While the consequences of cursing God are certainly swift and dramatic, the Sim walks away from it afterwards quite unharmed! Much to my relief!!

But who would have thought that putting this little cross on my priest’s wall would have had such a dramatic effect on my game? I’ll just have to see how things turn out.

6th Aug 2013, 2:27 PM
The Davies-Cavanah household
Keyvan and Bailey don't know each other that well and their relations seem to appear somewhat strained, which of course is a bit inconvenient now they have to live under the same roof.
Keyvan's wife Bobby Jo promoted. The last chief inspector, Chelsea Zamorano, had retired and Bobby Jo was a logically candidate.
Belle still goes steady with Chiaz, whose father was murdered. Chiaz is almost a spitting image of his father, unlike his twin brother Briar.

Bailey wanted to examine arts and culture more. Experience something more than being a mother, employee and sitting at home. She decided to go to a Van Gogh Gallery. Who knows if she would meet new people to talk about this subject. She ended up serving everybody food and cleaning up after them. It wasn't exactly a fruitful experience.

Belle repeats after her mother, when she was a teenager. Caring for her little brother Yorgho as her mother did for her brother and sister Brody and Bailey. Other than that she is just a teenager who wants to hang out with her boyfriend and best girl friend. She invited Chiaz and Noni over. Uncle Brody paid a visit that day too. Chiaz was a dear to pay attention to his girlfriend's little brother Yorgho and sang a child song with him. :lovestruc

Noni and Chiaz get along real well. It seems on a platonic playful basis, but you never know how it will turn out later. Hopefully there won't come a drama in threefold out of this.

Keyvan's sister Sara Beth Magee-Davies followed in her sister-in-law's footsteps Micah Zamorano-Magee and adopted a child. The boy proved himself loyal. While no one was paying attention, he had noticed another person stole a tree out of their back yard. That tree is quite popular. He insisted on getting it back, while he just arrived that day at the house. His new father Marcel walked after him, but he was too fast to catch up. Marcel wondered if the boy had run off, but didn't think too long about it and went back into the house. The kid came back from his retrieve stolen good mission. Where else could he have gone.

The Dumitru's Frank and Romy adopted a new dog for their breading kennel. Blanca Snow. Not surprisingly the dog is completely white. A new pup was born. They called it Diva. The other pups grew out into a nice mix of adult dog. They're not sure if they can keep them all. They gathered a flock of 6 or 7 animals at the moment.

Daughter Ruby had to do homework, but instead she took off to the mall to buy new clothes.
When she got back, the loathed paperwork was waiting for her. Luckily she keeps up with it a whole lot better nowadays. She still remembered she almost got taken away from her parents when she was a kid and caused trouble. And she really doesn't want to get separated from her dog Mazy, who just learned a new trick.

Frank had an early workday, got picked up around five. He came home promoted. He's now senior manager. His wife Romy still calls the shots at the zoo.

Frank's sister Bonny came by. She had heard Ruby finally was doing well in school and thought it was the perfect moment to patch things up. Because Frank blamed her for hiding their father, who did then an unspeakable thing. She hopes they can bury the hatches or rather Frank's hatch. He greeted her with a hug and the temporary detachment seemed to have vanished like fresh snow.
He even confided in her he thought he saw his father hang around the house one night. He wasn't sure anymore if he really saw him or just dreamed about it.
What if he really was in the vicinity?
They agreed they had to turn him in if they saw him.

6th Aug 2013, 7:22 PM
Gosh, I haven't updated my site in a while but a lot of things have happened in my subhood!

- Queen Clemence just died while gardening one crisp autumn evening. She had platinum aspiration so it was a peaceful death. Still heartbreaking for me to watch because her husband King Leon tearfully watched her go. And then he mourned her grave for hours. Poor guy. :( King Leon's age bar is also nearly full. I'd say he only has a day or two left which means Rivercrest will have a new king very soon.

- Crown Prince Lucas is still unmarried and losing public favor everyday. His younger brother who's second in line to the throne, Prince Mathis, has been married for a while and now has two sons. He definitely looks better on paper and the Crestene Conservative Committee (CCC) is starting to plant ideas to the public that Mathis should be king. Of course, Mathis would never betray his brother, and Lucas would never step down. But we'll see how things go.

- Princess Eloise finally married Caleb Qureshi after like a week of conflicting schedules. One always had work when the other had the day off so I couldn't pin down a wedding party. Of course, the tabloids decided to spin it into something much worse. Her engagement is falling apart! She shouldn't have left Lord Nikolai! That's what you get for ignoring your duties! Thankfully, Caleb got promoted and they had a Sunday off so I threw an autumn wedding party. Can I say she looked so stunning? :D She's the first Sim to wear an actual white dress to her wedding. So now I put into the lore that she's the one who started the "white dress" wedding tradition which makes a lot of sense. She's a princess, a frequent tabloid topic, and gets a lot of attention, good or bad. There will be more than a few women who'll be copying her style.

- Lord Dimitri and Lady Chloe had a daughter, Anastasia. She's third in line to inheriting the Stroganov Estate after her father. I plan on Lord Nikolai to never marry 'coz that's just how he rolls, which means little Annie will inherit everything someday. In the present though, one of Nik's baby mamas, Raeka insists that their daughter Irina should have the right to the title and estate since she's the heir's eldest daughter (conveniently ignoring his son from another woman). Raeka has always been a gold digger but she also wants the best for her twins. Nik has been the definition of deadbeat dad. It's his dad, Duke Vladimir, that's been providing child support all this time.

- Lord Thomas is dating a college student from Sim State University. It's out of the left field for everyone but it made sense to his character. Poor girl though, the tabloids are gonna rip her apart!

6th Aug 2013, 10:21 PM
Ok, I'm still alive, I haven't quit playing, my computer hasn't flipped out...it just got a wonky keyboard which took weeks to fix, and I couldn't type or play without getting furious at stuck keys (the Tab key was one of the stuck ones, and I use the picture albums to take storyline notes in game). Luckily, I took a few paper notes of my last play session...but first, I'll just say this...

AndrewGloria: I've got those shirts too, in case they're needed; if the Ottomas clan take over the Pleasantview Peteran church, they'll be the jeans-and-nice-shirt kind of clergy, and I don't want to think what the Riverblossom Capps would do with it, but there are other candidates for the power struggle....and I like those shirts... However, for the more Catholic (and currently dominant...though I don't intend that to last) Jacobans, I found this: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=40722 It's old and doesn't look too great in the pictures, but it is both everyday and formal, and looks really good in-game -- you may have seen Laurence wearing the adult male clothes in some of my pictures. I wouldn't like it for a less idealistic guy, though, as it does look a bit sinister...


At SimCity Prison, Cyd Roseland finally stopped wanting Tybalt Capp dead. He also discovered how dull things could be without inmates...as did I. I wouldn't mind a few more civil brawls to get those nice people from good families locked up again...though I think I'll try to avoid escapes this time. I'm pretty sure everything is going to go pear-shaped with Consort Capp by the time I get to Pleasantview, because he keeps showing up around town to steal papers and kick trash cans, and that appearance outside the Smiths' when it was full of police was just weird (I'm keeping track of who sees him, and he's got about one more brush with a paper-delivery kid to go before trouble starts).


On to Sim State, where the SSU Ottomas household got a bum's rush out of the Pinenut Plaza dorms. Apparently there were dangerous levels of black mould infesting the place due to generations of sprinkler pranks -- everyone had to leave at once. (In fact, the lot got corrupted for some reason, and wouldn't load; David and Erik had to be evicted to get them out.) They moved into one of the Almond Road houses, figuring that since they had the money, they might as well make the best of the situation. David soon realized that just moving another bed into the bedroom wasn't a good idea...Erik kept implying that since they were sharing a room, soon they might share a bed... David tried to ignore him, but after a long study session at the library, he started to wonder....NO! He couldn't do that, even if he was finding Erik more interesting than any of the other students. He...well, he couldn't afford to move out without going back to the dorms, and he was sick of that, but his family would have a fit if they even knew what kind of person he was sharing a house with...

Poor David. He dove into his studies so much that after finals, he realized this was what he wanted to do his whole life. Forget fame and fortune -- studying was a good aim in itself! He became Knowledge, and at the same time, Erik realized he didn't really want to settle down -- since he'd been having Romance-type wants the whole time, he switched over to Romance.


At the Urele-Oresha-Cham Frat...let's just say that while their grades crashed, the boys kept some other things up, taking advantage of everyone from Allegra Gory to campus security. As for Allegra, Castor Nova gave her too much punch at a party and dragged her of to the Love Tub, where of course she yielded to his advances...in a thoroughly disturbing way, considering what her ACR token said about her feelings for him and how desperate she was (yes, I check that and decide matters of consent from the numbers, unless the act makes green aspiration numbers fly up for the non-initiating party -- that's automatic consent, obviously). I think she'll blame herself for having her first time with a drunken frat boy...well, it was his first time too, which he thinks makes it all right...

Campus security...well, that was weird. Remember that guy Tank Grunt influenced Ophelia Smith to try to kiss at LFT? He was walking by during the party, got invited in, and thanks to a love potion chugged by Ashley Pitts, they had WooHoo on the living room sofa. Again, ACR had some things to say, and the love potion added to the unsavouriness of Ashley's behaviour...and much to my surprise, that guy is some kind of service Sim, according to Ashley's memories! Hmm, maybe there really is campus security...I just thought it was from the unlocked uniforms.

Oh, and the clincher to this awful party? (It really did turn out badly, for some reason, though it was going well at first.) Kevin Beare had invited the sorority over, and as Allegra and Brittany boozily yelled at each other, he went down on one knee in the trash-strewn living room and proposed to Heather Huffington! She was still sober enough to refuse, which stung, so he took a leaf from the other brothers' book, and got her full of punch and into the hot tub. After that, she didn't know if she was saying yes or no...but she really didn't want that ring on her finger!

Joshua studied during the party, and was the only one to get good grades at the end. I forgot which of them got on academic probation (don't have my paper notes nearby), but it was at least one of the others...

7th Aug 2013, 3:12 PM
Caley McCrae is happy in her new house.
For the first time in her life she doesn't live on a (town) farm. She has a job at municipality and in her free time she is following a sowing course, tries to get her first certificate and practices on her sowing machine at home. She even has a special room for it, because she intends to start her own business someday. Sometimes she thought about dating and getting a boyfriend. She placed an ad on line to get in contact with guys, because the people she knew and liked either already were set with someone else or she didn't like them. The first two were no success. She didn't get hot or cold of them. The third guy seemed promising and she agreed to meet at her house. She didn't think about meeting him in a public place. Luckily, Joppe Larsson isn't a creep. They hit it off okay, had chemistry and talked, with the yelling television in the background, until late in the night.

The next day after work, they met again. Caley then suggested he could stay the night, but he rejected that. I then thought “well, if you don't want to stay the night you're not going to sleep with her either!” Caley thought otherwise. She was the instigator, but he wasn't a less willing participant. It was both their first time. Caley just isn't a person to sleep around, but when she decided she wanted to sleep with a guy it was immediately serious business between them.

She therefor decided to introduce Joppe to her family. She called her oldest brother Connor and his pregnant wife Cathrien from the farm, Cyndi and Caiden at the university. All came by unbeknown st to the real reason. Connor approved openly the association between Joppe and his sister. Unfortunately Joppe doesn't have a penny to scratch his ass. He also doesn't have a home anymore. He basically was send packing by his former landlord, together with his sister. Caley suggested they both would come live with her. She never even saw her future sister-in-law Jasmijn, but she couldn't hang Jasmijn out to dry.

The house isn't really suitable for three people. They had to expand the house to get one more extra bedroom, where Jasmijn can sleep.
Brother and sister both prefer a job in architecture. Luckily there were two openings, so they won't become Caley's parasites.

Joppe and Jasmijn

7th Aug 2013, 5:27 PM
Galdor, the cold-hearted warlock, took his housekeeper (Sarah Gamp) to bed, and had three children by her, plus one child from Lisa Ramirez. He had moved in Lisa briefly, kept the child Daisy Ramirez, then sent Lisa on her way. I'm afraid poor Lisa is the town bicycle - the girl who just can't say no.

Anyway, Galdor has just recalled his first son from college to work the magus mutatio spell on him. Welcomed to the ways of the light, Gregory Gamp flew off to the Palace of Neverending Light, and learnt nine points of magic at triple speed, punctuated by sits in the high witch's chair. He fashioned his warlock's chair in the cauldron, bought a fair selection of reagents from the high witch, and returned to college. There his room furniture went into his inventory, and he settled into his new chair by a bookcase, to spend the dark hours racking up the knowledge points.

Meanwhile at Lorien, the palace of Aragorn and Arwen (who are very cool about each other), poor Hermia has just given birth to Aragorn's child. Aragorn proved very popular with ladies other than his aristocratic wife, and has children all over the neighborhood. Titania Summerdream now has two of his. Luckily Hermia is happy to be second string to Aragorn's fiddle, and is getting on with her career. If only Arwen would thaw a little!

7th Aug 2013, 7:38 PM
We had a big scare at the Hart household last night. I had been playing them for two days already when I saw that Isabella was throwing up in the toilet. Isabella is a teenager who just finished high school and she had just started the police academy. The previous day she got food poisoning but she also woohooed with her crush Demitri Morgan. So it really could have been either situation, luckily she took a test and found out she wasn't. Even though Isabella's parents are wealthy (they just don't flaunt it!) she decided to pay for the police academy herself. Of course she couldn't afford it so she had to take out a loan but she's paying it off everyday with the money from work. Her mother and father were extra lovey dovey this session. They aren't married but are very much in love. Who needs a piece of paper anyway?! ;)

Oh yes, I forgot! Isabella's younger sister had a cringe worthy moment. David Ottoman came off the bus with her and not too long afterwards Sarah went in for a kiss and got rejected! (Rejected by an Ottoman, ouch thats got to hurt! :rofl: ) She hardly knew him too! :faceslap:

Quick recap on the Landgraab/Robinson family: The family took a vacation to the Landgraab vacation home (A lot of them took a vacation there this season) When they returned, Madeline and Hayden's son Marcus aged into a teenager. He rolled the fortune aspiration and has a LTW of becoming a dancer. Its no suprise he's been surrounded by music and the arts his entire life since his mom dreams of making it big one day. But just because you have the money and a fancy studio doesn't mean you'll make it big! Madeline got promoted to a battle of the bands judge. As much as she'll miss teachings kid music at camp she's glad she's moving on upwards. Hayden and Madeline aren't married or engaged. They're both romance sims and they have three bolts together and I thought they made a nice pair and considering she got pregnant by him they might as well live together right?! :D Next time I play them it'll be time to celebrate Thanksgiving. They'll probably just spend it at their house and invite Hayden's brother and his family over since the main Landgraab household is already so packed.

An even quicker recap on the Robinson family: Nothing much really happened with them. Damien and Blossom have a toddler son and they're really great parents! They switch off on who gets to feed him, dress him and teach him his skills. I made them try for another baby before I left the lot because baby David will turn into a child soon and I thought it'd be a good time to have another baby, specifically a girl! :up:

Peni Griffin
7th Aug 2013, 10:52 PM
Sim State University had a productive rotation, with Marius Curian, Diff LeStrange, Ruby Gorey, Minerva Newson, Edward Beare, and Miguel Gavigan all starting, John Amos Aerius and Rosemary Thyme graduating, and the sizable existing population responding to these innovations.

Diff LeStrange, as already recounted upthread, walked straight into the residence where his brother Nemo lives with Nemo's finacee Gracie Hawkins and Gracie's cousin Annie Newson, grabbed Annie's butt, and fulfilled their mutual desires to fall in love with each other. He looked past Annie, said: "Oh, cool, you have a womrat!" and went to play with Worf. He had a get-engaged want in his panel, but Annie suddenly wanted to do a lot of skilling. What can I say, he was born in a petri dish and raised in a lab? He and Annie immediately started sleeping together, but he had to get advice from his brothers (both Nemo and successful Romance teen Grimnir, still home in the warehouse) and take her on a successful date before I'd let him propose. Interestingly, they went to dinner, took a photobooth photo, and both immediately rolled wants to woohoo - Annie never did roll an engagement want, and for part of the date wanted to fall back in love with the much lower-maintenance Maddox Estic-Moiselle. Diff and I both figured the woohoo want was good enough given the circumstances. If Annie changes her mind later, well, that's Drama, isn't it? Annie then took him to the Mary Munny Memorial and they woohooed in the legendary rock goddess's bed. After they finished, Gracie's aunt Sparrow Mander walked in and they both started chatting with her amicably; however, when Diff wolf whistled and told Sparrow a dirty joke, Annie decided she'd better grab him and make out some more.

Diff also decided he wanted to study literature. I don't think he grasps that this will require staying seated for prolonged periods.

Alma Mater House had a relatively peaceful rotation. Marius was a bit uncomfortable, as the only current Alma Mater he knows at all well is Mark Munny; but Alma Mater House is a non-stop musical extravaganza and he intends to play professionally, so he fit right in. Maddox Estic-Moiselle, in dire need of a girlfriend to distract him from Mark's fiancee and the no-longer-available Annie, took him out cruising the campus for chicks, but whereas Maddox ran into his old buddy Diff and Joe Grundstrom from the frat, Marius was poleaxed by the sight of Brittany Parker from the sorority. Triple bolts! They talked for hours and dated more than once; if I'd pushed it they'd have woohooed by now but I had a lot to do. This was not the last foray onto campus Maddox made, looking for love; but he showed a decided tendency to meet attractive lesbians, such as dormie Gina Wheeler, instead of realistic prospects.

Ruby Gorey moved in across the street from her cousin Amanda Ruben, on Almond Street, declared her major, and got settled in on campus. On her first meetings with her high school boyfriends, rivals Miguelito Casa and Pollux Stacks, she held them both at arm's length, and focused on writing her term paper and selling craft items (she brought her sewing machine and pottery wheel) to give herself a financial cushion. She also led a study group composed of Kestrel Hawkins and Gina Wheeler and set her kitchen on fire. When Pollux asked her out on a trip to the art museum, however, he unexpectedly proposed; and she just as unexpectedly accepted. Her cousin Amanda, dropping in on her unceremoniously, disapproves but as always supports her favorite (okay, only) cousin. Ruby threw a roof-raising party consisting of all her campus friends and some people she'd met through the Greek, including Joe Grundstrom and Annie Newson, who pillow-fought all over the house and discovered that they triple bolt. Amanda has no social items in her house at all at the moment, but she served dinner and pulled off a roof-raiser. Between that, the engagement, and making the dean's list, she has every reason to be satisfied with her first semester.

Amanda Ruben, still insisting that she prefers living alone, welcomed Ruby to campus, throwing a party to celebrate. She's in a very good mood this semester compared to last and expects to pull much better grades; even though, to her own annoyance, she thinks about Frank Munny all the time when she should be studying. Instead of ducking out of reach at the last minute as she has previously, she kept allowing him to catch her when he chased her. She's being stalked by a cow mascot and in addition to the sheer annoyance of being hit on by someone she doesn't find attractive, she's afraid he'll do it in front of Frank some time, and that Frank will succumb to the clinical disorder known as Cow Mascot Fury. Though Frank is less obviously in mourning for his rock goddess Gramary these days, he's still down enough about it that she felt needed enough to ask him on a date, which went exceedingly well - so well she for the first time ever blew off not only class, but a phone call, to take him to bed. Normally she takes phone calls because what if Something Awful happened at home?

Miguelito Casa was joined at Pinenut Plaza dormitory by Miguel, Edward, and his old friend MInerva. Minerva walked into the building, saw her old friend slapdancing, and realized: "Hey, I'm not with Marius anymore and Miguelito and I triple-bolt! I'd better do something about that before Ruby suckers him into loving her again!" So she marched straight up to him, touched his cheek, and I expect Ruby could hear the harps all the way over on Almond Street. The household was broken up almost immediately, with Miguel pledging Urele-Oresha-Cham to be with his high school sweetheart, Harlan Hawkins; Edward moving in with Petra Ottomas as soon as space freed up in her house; and Miguelito and Minerva getting engaged and moving into a house on the edge of campus, behind Peanut Street. They couldn't wait to woohoo, though, so they were the first couple to exchange virginities in Mary Munny's bed. Once installed in their new house, they tested the only substantial item of furniture, passed their finals, and threw a well-attended party at which everyone had a good time, despite both their exes being their. Ruby appeared slightly huffy, but really was feeling fish-out-of-water among a lot of people she didn't now; while Marius congratulated Miguelito and discussed the fine points of making out with Minerva.

At Urele-Oresha-Cham, parties were thrown, Pollux got engaged to and woohooed Ruby and is still reeling from the experience, Harlan and Frank had their friends over in various combinations over the course of the three days, Joe got a visit from his fiancee Theodora Ottomas, and Frank's Pa asked him to undertake a task of filial piety. The Mary Munny Memorial, as per Mary's will, has been taken over by the city's Parks and Recreation Department, but it appears that people have been abusing the property and the department has agreed that a family member should monitor the place for awhile in the interest of getting a better grasp on the subject and implementing solutions. In game mechanical terms, Frank now owns Gramary's house, and we'll see how well he manages with no bandatron or even open-closed sign over the next rotation. The chief aim of this period is not to run the place as a proper business, but for Frank to spend enough time there for Mary's ghost to spawn. Harlan and Miguel moved straight into Ben-and-Greg's room and redecorated, but have yet to consummate their relationship. Miguel is after all awfully young, the reality behind that joke about horses being hung like Hawkinses is a bit intimidating, and their schedules aren't meshing well. Harlan is not only scrupulously obeying Rule 1 (Don't Rush), he's re-evaluating his college career now that the love of his life is here. Time to stop screwing around and start preparing to give Miguel a life in which he never has to worry about anything. He changed his aspiration to Fortune/Popularity, and becomes the first Hawkins since my Freetime installation not to have Family in one aspiration slot or another on reaching maturity.

At Tri-Var, Brittany Parker dated Marius and suddenly, inexplicably wanted to write a term paper. She was interrupted by a mascot battle, but we'll see if she can get through one. Jordan Carlson dated a couple of women, including Gina Wheeler, who she thinks is an excellent pledge candidate. She also graduated, making the dean's list for the first time ever. She bought a cockatoo named Barrette (geezer points for following my train of thought there) and hopes to teach it to talk before leaving campus next rotation. Honey Beare threw a toga party for her brother Edward, who showed up in some old clothes of Dad's and was supremely uninterested in the Greek life. She and Ashleigh Pitts-Upsnott worked hard and went on midnight swims, discussing the future - Honey's with Dominic, and Ashleigh's with Kestrel Hawkins.

One unfortunate side-effect of Honey's toga party was, that Katelyn the cow mascot flirted with Rosemary Thyme and John Amos Aerius was blindsided by Cow Mascot Fury! He started the rotation in an awful state, even though he knew perfectly well Rosemary was innocent. He's studied this condition in his psych courses, but never expected to experience it for himself! He kept good control, drank lots of strawberry juice, and, since they both graduated last rotation, spent a lot of quality time with her, and soon it had all cleared up. Neither of them had much time to get to know Petra Ottomas, who moved in with them last semester because of the numerous cross-connections between her circle of friends and the household - Rosemary's dad was best friends with Petra's father, Petra is close friends with Rosemary's friend Amanda Ruben, etc. Petra was in mourning for her father, who had just died; but as soon as Rosemary threw her graduation party, she asked her high school sweetheart Edward to move in and this cheered her up a lot. John Amos threw his own party and Petra immediately bought a TV and rearranged the living room. They also have not consummated or even gotten engaged, but again it's a matter of timing. They're both much too shy to do it while John Amos was in the house, and then they were tired; but no one who looks at them can doubt that it'll get done.

8th Aug 2013, 6:44 PM
The Tri-Var Sorority started out bad, with Tiffany Sampson wandering around in distraction over her poor grades, Brittany Upsnot suddenly wanting to be friends with all her professors due to her aspiration change, and Heather Huffington frantically trying to figure out what to do with her new engagement to that sweet little dork Kevin Beare. She went on a dinner date with him to the Crypt O’ Night Club, where she tried to embarrass him by talking loudly and repeatedly about WooHoo; he neither got embarrassed or took the hint about her desires. Back at the sorority, she pondered how she was going to get her desire to make out with three Sims, and chose the most direct way...inviting over Castor Nova, telling him a dirty joke, and then grabbing him and forcibly snogging him. Castor wasn't displeased by the making out, but he frantically tried to point out that she'd failed a spot check -- namely, that his fraternity brother, her fiancé, had wondered where she was and followed her, and was standing right behind her, fuming. He slapped her, she started crying and ran off to cry in the communal shower I put in the little room off the living room, and Castor and Kevin went to do schoolwork in far distant rooms; Kevin went to the desk in Tiffany's room, and Castor worked at the dining room table. It took them long enough to leave, though...maybe they didn't want to take the drama back to the frat?

Tiffany and Brittany worked on their schoolwork and skills most of the time, though Brittany invited over Zoe Zimmerman and made friends with her...despite Brittany's tendency to cheat at chess, which they played a lot (skilling and socialization both!). Heather had decent grades to start with, so while she did enough skill-building to keep them up, she also had time for some fun...which included putting a double bed ("the show bed," as she calls it) in the entrance hall. She wanted to have WooHoo in bed, after all... While Tiffany was watching a cooking show and Brittany was doing group research with Zoe, both upstairs, Heather invited Castor over for a date (she was still furious at Kevin for slapping her, and Herb Oldie was at work). They made a beeline for the bed, had their fun, got out, kissed, both wanted to make out with each other, did that, then both wanted to have WooHoo with each other, so hopped back into bed again...this cycle continued for almost the whole date! They're quite compatible, except for the issue about Heather still being engaged to Kevin...

Rather surprisingly, Heather got an A, while the others only got Cs. It must be her good mood from all that getting what she wanted...


At the Bright house, Jane Stacks wanted to get engaged to Martin Ruben, and feared being turned down; he feared being turned down, but didn't want to get engaged. For a good while, he avoided her by focusing on schoolwork, but eventually she managed to get him to agree to a committed relationship when he found her miserable over her failed attempt to make chocolate chip cookies (they were burnt). Then, as they ate a brunch made by him, Jane slid a box across the table. Allegra Gorey was sitting at the other chair, her nose in a newspaper, and she refused to take her eyes off the article about a mysterious newspaper thief...even as Martin cried out in startled delight as he opened the box and found a ring. Jane was thrilled, and Martin wasn't too displeased either.

Since everyone in the house wanted to write their term papers, Allegra got a new computer on a card table in the living room. Jane got a womrat named Ratty Piggums, which annoyed the girls to no end by waking them up in the middle of the night, due to Jane's insistence it be kept in their room. Everyone managed to write their papers, but Jane had no interest in skill-building, so she ended up on academic probation...which is not all bad. This way, she won't graduate so far before Martin!

11th Aug 2013, 8:17 AM
- The Rivercrest elders are dropping like flies. Lord Edmund and Lady Gretchen Stuart have both died, making their son Thomas the new Duke of Longbright. The moment he became duke, he moved his college girlfriend in. Carmen Landchild decided to drop out of college upon moving in, which reflects pretty badly to the media. They've been secretly engaged all this time, and the public isn't taking too well to her. A commoner AND a college dropout to become a duchess? That's unheard of. Of course, none of this matters to Thomas. He wants to be with her.

- Lord Vladimir Stroganov also died, and on Annie's birthday too! That was a crazy day. Chloe brought home the flu and it spread through everyone FAST. So while I was scrambling to get Tatiana to cook grandma's comfort soup for everyone while Annie was blowing out her candles, the Grim Reaper decided to show and take Vlad right in the middle of the party. Luckily, everyone got to eat the soup and got healthy again. Anyway with Vlad's death, Nikolai is now the Duke of Yanvar. Dowager Tatiana isn't giving up her power though. ;) She just made a wish for a long life and the genie granted it to her. She'll be around for a while longer.

- Lady Chloe is pregnant again. :) I'm oddly invested in Chloe and Dimitri even though their marriage was for duty than love. They're fond of each other and they both care for Anastasia greatly. They both never rolled a want for a baby, but they felt it's their duty to try for a son. Nikolai has no plans to get married anytime soon, making Dimitri his heir presumptive. So they're planning for the future with a son just in case. I'm secretly hoping they have girls though (she's having twins!) because I want Annie to have it all.

- Princess Clara is also pregnant with twins. I kinda feel bad for her because she's been pregnant pretty much all the time. But it's what she and Prince Mathis wants. They both want to marry off 6 kids and they're determined. I know one of their kids could just divorce and marry again, but these are two Family sims we're talking about. They want baaaabies.

- Crown Prince Lucas attempted to propose to Princess Sachiko. She was very taken aback since they haven't known each other long, and she rejected him. Unfortunately for her, her cousin and sworn knight Shinichi has been sending reports home about her activities, and her father the Emperor is going to accept the proposal on her behalf. Things in the Simanese Islands haven't been improving and marrying Lucas means Sachiko (I call her Sa-chan) will be safe for life. Poor Sa-chan, sooo close to her LTW. She's only two promotions away from Space Pirate, but she'll have to give that up to work for the monarchy. It's one thing for her to personally reject a proposal, but if the Emperor commands her to get married (and he can), then she pretty much has no choice. Royalty is a gilded cage, isn't it Sa-chan?

11th Aug 2013, 8:57 PM
The Shifting Paradymes survived the school year, somehow...and with the younger Smiths' marriage intact and no little ones on the way either! Zoe moved into the sorority, since they needed girls after the disastrous end of last year...and also because she had a nasty feeling that having a married frontman for the band would not work out in the long run. She's still in the band, she's just not going to be living in the same house. Gunnar Roque came over for a few parties, and while he took quite a liking to Johnny, he decided that his voice had more potential than his skills on any instrument. Just get away from his tendency to whine, and that slightly "off" Strangetown drawl would make a great voice-as-instrument. (The reason it's slightly "off" and sounds whiny is that he learned to talk from PT#9, whose facial structure prevents him from speaking Simlish without a pronounced accent. Jill has it too, though it's not so noticeable in a little girl.) However, Gunnar repeatedly tried to get a bit too close to Ophelia, who was not amused to be considered Johnny's primary groupie. She very much dislikes him now...

Jasmine wanted to be friends with Tank Grunt, and invited him to one of the parties. As if him being invited wasn't bad enough, he brought one of his professors...and he's a Drama major, remember? Oh yes, she first messed up his grades by attempting to kiss him and jump into his arms (he rejected and dropped her), then tried to kiss Johnny. He shoved her away, giving Tank the perfect excuse to slap and shove him...and then PT#9, who Ophelia had invited, showed up to watch them in bemusement. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, a cow mascot was trying to flirt with Ophelia... Gunnar cruised through the party, making drinks, turning on every piece of electronics in the house, feeling like he was in his element; even though the actual residents were not pleased by the situation, the party was great, though Johnny and Tank became enemies again.

At Gunnar's encouragement, Johnny got out some scissors and some of Jasmine's hair dye (she has purple streaks at the moment). A bit later, he emerged from the bathroom with his hair cut short and dyed black except for a blond puff at the front (it's one of the Uni styles). Swaggering and wearing Gunnar's old sleeveless black shirt, he called the Oresha-Hoh-Var fraternity and asked to join. Matthew Hart was not keen on an alien rocker joining, but he didn't have much choice, due to the fact he was the only member left. Johhny got on his good side with no more than grabbing him and making him sit down to watch TV with him, and so he's now a fulll member of the frat. However, he upset Matthew by refusing to move in and leave Ophelia living in a different house. Married students are upsetting the normal social structure of LFT...

Jasmine invited Tank over for a date, realized she wasn't going to get anything from him, and went out to satisfy her new Romance urges with a trip to Club Dante and a romp with a townie on the sofa by the TV there. This was watched by an intrigued Beatrice Monty -- she must have snuck off there to get the real scoop on what adult amusements amount to. Herb Oldie does have that effect on the young people on his block...

Ophelia got put on academic probation, which, again, isn't bad -- she and Johnny shouldn't be too different in age, and she shouldn't do badly enough to get expelled...unless she gets pregnant, but that's another issue... Johnny decided that he didn't actually want to go into law; Ophelia was set on becoming education minister, and he didn't want their children to be raised by nannies. He decided he'd be happier taking a leaf from his father's book, as the green-skinned househusband for a fully-human, professional wife...and he wanted grandkids too! Yes, he changed aspiration to Family, with an LTW of six grandchildren. I really love the Johnny-Ophelia pairing, I know from prior experience that their children are beautiful without being boring, and I want them to have a happy life. However, now that Johnny's thrown in with the band, he's going to find it hard to escape the music business...


At the Desert Dorms, Tank Grunt decided to use Jasmine's obvious attraction to him to get Johnny into his sights. The first time he came over, the fight in the upstairs common room led to Tank getting beaten up in front of Jasmine and Blossom, but not enough hostile witnesses to get anyone in trouble. The second time, Tank finally got his long-held desire (since the first day he was played!) to beat up Johnny...in the upstairs hallway, perilously close to the railing by the window area, in front of Ophelia and a coach who had come to yell at Klara to work out. Those were enough witnesses to get him a court date...

Blossom was very upset by all the fighting, and tried to work things out in a meditation circle (hanging out, really) in the upstairs common room...which was undermined by dormies turning on the TV, then suddenly breaking into a slap-fest for no reason anybody else could see. Then William ran in, pursued by Klara, who was yelling about something...it was a mess.

Blossom and William got on academic probation, but Tank did well.


Next was an...experiment of sorts. Monica Bratford was banished to a creepy old asylum dorm, the Old LFT Asylum, where she was played by my personal asylum rules -- only want-fulfilling actions allowed to be commanded, with her left to her own devices when she was in red for needs. Much to my amused pleasure, most of the dormies who moved into the other seven rooms were wearing the medical uniform type clothes that I've got unlocked; they looked very suitable in the background.

Monica was lonely and unhappy, since she wasn't allowed to go to community lots, but she managed to get her aspiration up to low green and get decent enough grades to graduate. Next rotation, I'll let her play the full three days grace period, since she's the only playable there (since I have shortened years, I'll probably only give one day for most graduates, unless I want to equalize ages), but if she can't get to platinum by the time that's over, she'll have to move into the main asylum when she leaves. Although she's not that bad off, compared to Goneril Capp...Monica's just depressed, not psychotic!

13th Aug 2013, 10:38 AM
I've been playing HugeLunatic's Black Mesa for a year now and of the fifteen families I have my favourite has to be the Bell family (straight from Desiderata Valley, more or less).

-Daniel Bell is now an elder: he married a townie named Mary and they had two sons and a daughter. Daniel and Mary are currently living in an apartment with their daughter Rachel, who is still a teen, and their son Corey (an alien born after Daniel was abducted). Rachel is a perfectionst and a hard worker while Corey is a bit of a slacker - he's still living with his parents even though he's an adult. He's also a womanizer - two of his victims being Stella Terrano and Georgia Newson. Rachel doesn't like him at all and can't wait to move out.

-James Bell is Daniel and Mary's second son. He's employed in the Criminal carreer and hopes of having loads of money. His wife is Eshani Ramaswami, daughter of Sanjay and Priya. She's just given birth to the first sim of the third generation, a girl named Laura Lee. They live in a small house. Eshani is unemployed but enjoys gardening.

-Henry Bell is Daniel's brother. I played him as a single father of a teenage girl named April until he met Amy Wong, a single mother of two children. They fell in love and got married and now live together in a cute home. April has quickly made friends with Amy's two daughters but doesn't seem to like Amy at all (it may have something to do with the fact that Amy is a werewolf).

13th Aug 2013, 10:11 PM
House of Farina Bakalov and Luka Davies

Farina, the judge, who made out with ex-lover Darim in a public place, managed to keep it a secret for her husband Luka, that she cheated on him. At least up until now Luka isn't aware of this deception. According to him, he had a very good week. Little does he know. When he came home from work he took care of his twins Erin and Edu the whole night. Farina was upstairs sleeping. Edu has the tendency to drink from bottles with rotten milk. He had to throw up twice in one night. Or he cried, because he couldn't reach something. His sister Erin is not bothered by anything. She spent her time well and earned a creativity point.

Their mother got exempted from her judicial duties. After her very public sexual 'side issue' she got summoned to appear before the judicial disciplinary board. She would stay a judge, once given stays given, but only in name. She got a new title: senator. She felt rewarded for her dissipation, but soon she found out she too was only senator in name. She realised she was on the back burner. Condemned to a desk.

When she got home, she fired the nanny. The way their work schedules were, Farina already came home before Luka had to go to work. It was money down the drain. Then she realised she got new work hours. She needed that nanny! Luckily she is free the first three days. Time enough to come up with a solution and spend some extra time with her kids. She may be an unfaithful wife, she isn't a bad mother.

Farina and Erin

Across the street and a bit too the left from Farina, on no. 6, Darim Akbari lives. Correct. The one with whom she cheated and that cost her the executing position of being a judge. Darim, however, isn't thinking about Farina and how akward the situation is, he helped creating. For him, it just was a one-photoboot-stand. Besides. He just came home with his two sons, who he actually had to leave at their mother's home. He was operating with a whole different ballgame now.

When he came home his live-in-incubator-girlfriend wasn't that happy. Pregnant and then suddenly forced to take care of two boys she never met before. She knew trouble was ahead. Darim wouldn't get away with this, if they stayed in this house. When she protested, he gave her two choices. She could either pack her bags and come with him or she might as well consider herself out of the picture. She didn't want to end up on the streets without a penny and pregnant. She went with him, to sort of going in hiding from the Justice Department.

That night a raging fire burned down the house at Csonka Drive no. 6. When Dunya heard the news, she got the scare of her life. Soon they could bring her the message that no bodies were found. It still was a nightmare though, because where were the boys? They probably were alive and Darim 'just' took off with them. For the second time, since Csonka Canon rose from the ashes after a terrible earthquake, a BOLO went out for a resident of that hamlet. Darim Akbari this time. For shirking the kids from the other parent's authority. The bird had flown. Literally.

Not lang after namely they discovered Darim, the boys and a woman with blond hair had left the country, to Morocco by plane. Dunya was beside herself, but powerless. Would she see the boys again soon? Or would she have to wait until they were adults and could decide for themselves? Íf they wanted to see her by then. Likely, Darim would have poisoned their minds with defamation by then. Dunya wasn't willing to take this. She would do anything to get her boys back.

14th Aug 2013, 2:53 PM
At the Oresha-Hoh-Var Fraternity, Matthew Hart was left to himself. He got a horrible case of food poisoning from eating a sandwich that went bad just as he was sitting down to eat, and from then on, he couldn't keep anything down. He'd eat a piece of pizza and run to throw up, eat another piece, throw up again, have a drink, throw up again...needless to say, he had difficulty doing schoolwork, socializing, or fulfilling his wants. Between all that and how lonely he felt, he became very sick of life...


By contrast, the Tri-Fruhm Sorority did very well indeed! They went up a level, and Zoe coming to join them helped them pay a bit more attention to studying. DJ went a bit crazy when the repo man came and took some lights after Jessie squandered the sorority's money for a matchmaker date with a lustful dormie (who then refused to leave for hours, and was put to good use by Zoe as someone to be influenced to clean), but nobody was watching. Jessie showed her new Pleasure side by jumping on the couches at the Swim Center, and generally refused to pay attention to skilling -- of course, she ended up on academic probation.


Frances Worthington, being one out of two students to actually be on track for graduating on time this rotation, concentrated on his studies. He got his professor date to do an assignment for him, and then skipped off to the Student Union to play chess to get the logic points he needed. However, when it was six hours before finals, he was hungry and didn't have the time to both eat and finish his term paper, and his aspiration wasn't high enough for it to be a good idea to use his Energizer...so he decided to use the discounted-meal coupons he'd gotten from a date and go eat Downtown. He went to Oresha Family Dining and ate two large pieces of cake...and didn't pay anything for them! Apparently the coupons were enough to cover the cake completely... Recharged, he headed home and finished the paper, then played SSX on the TV for a while before finals. He graduated with a 3.3 GPA, which is good enough for him.


At the Oasis Dorms, Stella Terrano was the other student on track for graduation. Though she was despondent and tired of life on this planet already, she kept working, painting pictures, studying mecanics, doing her assignments, and even remembering to look after Evermore the hawk enough to keep it from starving. She hated the dorm food, the stupid dormies, Evermore's tendency to befoul his cage, and most of all, the fact that Ophelia had not only left the hawk with her, but never even bothered to call and see how things were. All the same, she survived the rest of her time as a student, and graduated with a GPA of 2.7. The dormies want her to throw a party, but she doesn't see the point...

14th Aug 2013, 3:01 PM
It is waiting for me to place a family but I am typing posts right now.

14th Aug 2013, 3:58 PM
For the person that once asked me about Dunya's dress after I posted a picture of her here. I found the dress. Don't know if you still read along, but if you do, you can find the dress on milanosims2.
Click on downloads and then on formal at the clothing section. Then you go directly to the page where you find the dress as last in the list. Can't miss it, it is with picture. (the white with pink dress)

Peni Griffin
15th Aug 2013, 1:17 AM
I had a productive rotation in Widespot. Mary Gavigan still isn't pregnant, but Nathan finally got his business to Level 2. Tina Traveller had twins - in a two-bedroom apartment! - named Topher and Tilda, both blue-eyed blondes thanks to my giving her a blonde recessive. The crib (only one, a Haffa Crib with a baby dangle on the changing table) had to go into Tina's room because Tina and Trent's room shares a wall with the Ramaswamis and Sanjay will not stop practicing his fiddle at odd hours. Priya gave birth to a boy, Lavesh, and both the Ramaswamis and the Picasos, who mostly survived a day with a baby and plates that neither could clean up, are looking for a house to buy. The Ramaswamis may move in to Bigg City. They feel a little out of place in Widespot.

Rocky Beech brought home a fixed-face-template clone of Skater Tricou, named Sean Schmidt; but I'd figured out that his loss of best friend status with Delta Land last rotation was a glitch (the one where one half of the relationship gets disconnected and goes to 0/0; Virginia had also lost family tags with Rocky and Candy with Rhett, though Rhett and Rocky still had theirs with their sisters, so I had to do a lot of tidying up), so I fixed it and invited her over. Sure enough, they made best friends again at once and he started rolling wants to flirt with her, so they're back on track just in time for the weekend. Sean seemed more interested in little Wallys than in the teens, anyway. Realizing that if I didn't feed her elixir, Daytona would probably die on Wallys's birthday, I got out the green bottle.

The Ottomas household had twin toddler birthday and one of them, Olivia, is a little blonde Ted! Since Ted of Drama Acres is my favorite Ottomas, and this is the first blonde first-gen Ottomas I've had (I didn't know to fix Peter's recessives the first time around) I'm all excited. Her brunette sister Viola, incidentally, has eyes actually large enough for their sockets, obviating a lot of the haggard look which, I am convinced, is the cause of the general prejudice against Ottomas attractiveness.

At the Goodie house, it was the first day of school for the Newson twins, and Faith and Herbert took advantage of it for some married-people time. Ginger and Gavin came home while they were going at it, put down their homework, and immediately ran outside to the swings, where they couldn't hear it. Their grades are slowly managing to creep up and Gavin is no longer risking aspiration failure at every breath, but the kids are still crashing as soon as they come home from school, so I still have a lot of juggling to do - and no income coming in. But with a weekend coming up, I expect to be able to get a lot of this straightened out. The Roseland household was unsatisfactory, because Julien got demoted to a job that required him to go straight back out, and Cyd came home with the flu, so I spent a lot of time watching Porthos.

Last rotation at the Harts, Valentine had invited the Lands and the Gavigans over for dinner. This rotation, Mary was still there, and was obviously a woman on a mission, so I left her to it and watched her work on Valentine. She did really well, for the most part, mostly playing with him but occasionally coming onto him, and he'd alternately let her, come on to her himself, or remember that he's officially trying to get her to pursue her own best interests and jilt him - but his refusals were always very gentle, more so than I thought rejection animations could be. She drank a lot of coffee and ate some spoiled sandwiches, and once fell asleep in her plate. I expected her to go home after that, but nope, she got more coffee! Even Candy was favorably impressed, and tried to tell her a joke a couple of times.

Arden is unlikely to learn any toddler skills except potty training, but he loves playing that xylophone. Candy started a novel - romance, of course. Goldie went to school and cooked dinner. Her aspiration is good and she simply did not have the energy to do more. Rhett was feeling down, unable to find his culinary job and chafing at the expectation that he'll marry Penny when the old man is trying not to marry Mary and nobody's riding Candy about her mess at all. So he went to the phone for a date, and when I arranged the possibilities in chemistry order, the top two choices were social townie Jill Smith - who had no phone - and Brandy Dixon, Wicked Witch! So he had a good date with the Wicked Witch, met another double-bolter, and upset Skye, who spotted them and was upset, but too shy to force a confrontation. (He was clearly out with Dora Ottomas, btw.)

Rich invited Candy over, but then got on the computer and did financial consulting till he dropped. These people keep promising me drama, and not delivering! Candy was on her best behavior - butter wouldn't melt in her mouth! Junior gave her a painting for child support. Lana went back to the pet store and got another cat, Yardbird (http://mswn.tumblr.com/search/yardbird), hoping to get kittens eventually. I expected him and Doomsday to go through a period of hostility, but in fact they got along well!

At the Land house, Homer had a day of vacation and used it to teach his granddaughter the nursery rhyme, so he did. This freed Mary up to call Valentine to accompany her downtown. If he wants to think of this as escorting her in a dangerous strange place, instead of a date, she can't help that. Despite harassment from Mrs. C, Peter Ottomas coming at them with his sports columnist antennae twitching (remember Valentine is a Hall of Famer), and Candy just happening to cross their path, she refuted all his arguments against setting a date, got some little red hearts into the atmosphere, and brought him home to see Rhein. The date is now set for Saturday, next rotation. In addition to making best friends with Rhein and being a big help with her in the evening, Valentine had a long talk with Homer over chess and they seem to have come to an understanding. Beulah, who likes Val, is happy and looking forward to the wedding, but will miss her big and little girls. She got up early Saturday morning to fill her "teach Rhein to walk" want before they moved out.

And finally, at the Weiss house, Penny spent the morning teaching Laika with smart milk and tending the garden and the afternoon taking a nap alongside Woody. Skye came home at 7 without a hoped-for promotion, but with Cyd Roseland. Cyd made friends with him last rotation, and with the sight of Rhett wining and dining another woman burning Skye's retinas I have every reason to think he's breaking his hermitic habits in a cause! Meanwhile, however, he had important business to attend to, so he showered, got into his good suit, and threw a wedding party.

Beulah, Homer, and Mary Land; Peter, Samantha, David, and of course Dora Ottomas attended. Scot presumably was babysitting the twins, Tommy, and Sharla (whose nose, I expect, was out of joint at being excluded). Penny made burned meat loaf. Dora and Skye got married in an arch in the back yard and immediately classic danced. Cyd and Penny got into a conversation with no help from me. Woody ignored David in order to hang after Mary despite my lack of teen/adult relationship hacks. His turn-ons are brown hair and cleaning points, so I figure he imprinted on Mary as the Ideal Form of Woman a long time ago, and now that it looks as though she really is going to get married instead of waiting for him to grow up he's taking his last chance to monopolize her. Laika got out of her crib and demanded he play with her, though. Most of the party danced themselves stinky and borrowed the bathrooms - fortunately Skye recently added a second full bath upstairs, and I installed an outhouse, which logically dates back to when he first built the place. Roof-raiser; but Skye was wiped and had to go to bed a virgin. Dora introduced herself to Laika and at saving time was giving her a bath and contemplating changes to the tile in the downstairs bathroom.

16th Aug 2013, 12:10 AM
The Rectory (Globe Street)
On Saturday, Elspeth invited Andrew and Julian over. She made friends with Andrew. Then she asked them to go on an outing to the Globe Street community lot. As they left, Garry Mackay joined the group. There is now a notice board for jobs at Globe Street, and she finally got a job in the church as a sidesperson. Long hours and badly paid.

Then they all went to eat at the poolside restaurant at the Swim Centre.

Elspeth's friendship with Julian and Andrew is interesting. Can she interest them in the church? It's most unlikely that they would give up their gay relationship.

When she got back, Elspeth was very tired and went to bed for a while. When she got up in the evening she invited Gordon Cornton and Angela Ramsay round for dinner, but she got into trouble for having missed work. After dinner she became best friends with Gordon, while, for some reason, Angela was praying for forgiveness.

Monty Ranch
No one could sleep on Tuesday night, so Patrizio and Isabella went out on a date together. They ate out at the Club Venezia, the new nightclub in Veronaville. Meanwhile the boys played computer and video games.

They didn't quite make it a dream date but they both agreed they'd had a great time.

Capp Manor
On Tuesday all the Capp teens brought friends home from school. Juliette brought Harry Hastie, Hermia brought Jamie Siddons and Tybalt brought Jack Gill. Juliette and Hermia both got A+ marks. Tybalt got A- and was very pleased with that. Only Tybalt had any homework.

As usual someone had kicked over the dustbin, and there was vermin about the place. Tybalt ordered the exterminator but they couldn't send anyone till the next day. They put a fence with a gate in it round the dustbin to try to stop it happening in future.

Then something totally unexpected happened. Whether she meant to or not, Juliette then fell in love with Jamie! They already had a crush on each other since their slow dance at the Bopperz nightclub a couple of nights ago. She had only asked her friend for a dance because Romeo wasn't there. Now she's got two loves - she didn't plan that! While this was going on, Jack Gill met Harry Hastie in the garden and they started kissing and cuddling. It wasn't their first time together. They are both romance and gay and into open relationships. They were to spend a lot of time together during their visit to Capp Manor.

Juliette made luncheon meat sandwiches for everyone. Hermia wasn't hungry, but everyone else ate them. As the Capps have guests so often the dining table was rearranged for six. As soon as he finished eating Jamie left, as he felt he wasn't having enough fun at Capp Manor!

Juliette thought she wanted to ask Romeo round, but before she got round to it he came himself! Hermia was out at the mailbox posting a cheque to pay the bills and, when she met him, she invited him in. As he walked up the front path he passed Jamie leaving. Romeo had no idea what had just happened!

Juliette hugged and admired Romeo, but then she said goodbye to him, because she needed a bath and was afraid he would get into an argument with Consort or Tybalt. In truth she doesn't know what to do. She wants to go steady with Jamie, but she's afraid of breaking up with Romeo. And she's afraid Jamie might reject her too.

It seemed so easy to ask Jamie for a dance the other night - she never dreamt it would lead to her falling in love with him. She'd really only wanted the one dance, and asked Jamie because he was a good friend and Romeo wasn't there.

Tybalt wanted to make friends with Jack Gill. He went to his bedroom where Jack and Harry were sitting on the sofa together watching TV. Tybalt chatted with Jack and then went to bed. As he tried to sleep, Jack Gill and Harry Hastie were still in his bedroom telling dirty jokes and flirting with each other. They seemed in no hurry to go home, but fortunately they both left at midnight, though not before they had become best friends (with each other, not with Tybalt).

Rather naughtily, Hermia invited Jamie Siddons to come round again and he brought Amar Larrea with him. She probably wanted to see what Juliette would do with him. In the event, and perhaps fortunately for Juliette, the boys realised it was late and didn't stay.

Tybalt had forgotten to do his homework but he got up ay half past four to do it.
While the teens were having all their fun, Consort read the letters from the Smythe sisters and from Craig Royce at the Teen Townie Hostel, all asking for financial assistance from the Capp Charitable Foundation for the Assistance of the Deserving Poor of Veronaville and its Environs. Craig was out but he spoke to Emma Smythe on the telephone. She’ll soon be summoned to Capp Manor to put her case in person.

I have no idea what's going to happen now with Juliette. I had intended to follow Maxis (and Shakespeare) and keep her with Romeo. Romeo is romance and wants to have 2 loves at once. Juliette is family and has got them! In some ways she might be better with Jamie, a nice popularity Sim. And Romeo could be quite a good match for Glenda McBain, a romance Sim and Jamie's previous girl. But I do hope Juliette won't be two-faced and start slapping Romeo if he finds love somewhere else. With Pescado's Romance Mod, Romeo and Glenda won't be too upset, and Jamie should be ok too, as he was only at crush level with Glenda, but I'm not so sure about Juliette! She's always seemed a nice girl, but she only has four nice points!

16th Aug 2013, 4:36 AM
Well, we're in a prewar setting currently and my sims are enjoying the delicious taste of prosperity. With a booming economy, stable places of employment, promotions circulating the working population and a bright, hopeful future, family oriented couples are eager to have children. Left and right Maxis pre-made families/couples are confident enough to ring in the next generation, while single romance sims and one night stands are also adding to the newborn population. Pangea is experiencing, in effect, a baby boom due to the prospering economy. Some of this generation has been posted here on the site, in the Sims 2 "Babies and Toddlers" forum. Mostly I'm building up the next couple of generation and preparing for the Holloway Legacy tragedy. (which I have yet to start in my Uberhood (otherwise known as Pangea)) But I have a happy bunch of prewar simmies. :)

16th Aug 2013, 10:38 PM
The Summerdream-Gossamers got, much to Puck's relief, a new live-in housekeeper -- Sarah Love! She scoured the house, painted a bit, helped out with Bottom's homework (does that have any advantage after learning to study? Oberon had already taught her how to study) and made rice pudding, which was not burnt. Yes, she also invited Monica Bratford over (she's in green aspiration, so she can get let out of the asylum to visit others) and celebrated Monica's graduation by proposing first a committed relationship, then engagement...both of which were accepted. Oberon was a little annoyed to find Monica there, but he didn't mind after finding the house clean and good food on the table for him.

Puck invited Juliette Capp to the Corner Shoppes that evening, with Sarah along as a chaperon; he also invited who he thought was still Romeo Monty, but Romeo was at work. Once there, he told Juliette that her sister was engaged to him, but had cheated on him with Mercutio Monty. Juliette was furious and disgusted that Hermia would have anything to do with "that swine" (erm, your brother-in-law!). Puck suggested that perhaps he was engaged to the wrong Capp sister, and tried to charm Juliette; she retorted with "I'm a married woman now, thank you very much!" and stormed off to play pool with Sarah. Puck was very startled, but still set on giving Hermia a taste of her own medicine; he tried to flirt with everyone from Sarah to Claire Wood to Ajay Loner to Contessa Chris Barret. Disgusted that none of them were at all interested, he went to join Sarah and Juliette at the pool table, then took the group home.


At the Capp Manor, Juliette dragged Tybalt and Cleo off to the courthouse to fulfil his court appearance. Taking Cleo there meant the lot was swarming with stray dogs and cats, and while Cleo ate some snow, peed on the sidewalk, and went to sleep in a basement storage area, the strays got a bit wild. While Tybalt was eating in the cafeteria after sitting in the courtroom for a while, a little dog that looked like a Jack Russell and a cat who looked Siamese had a fight in the kitchen, much to the distress of the chef and waitress -- it's a very small kitchen!

Juliette called Romeo on her cell phone and asked him to come over. She met him on the sidewalk and they slow danced, but he rejected her idea that they find some witnesses and try to get the paperwork sorted out for their marriage. "How are we going to get past your brother?" Romeo asked. "There'll be another fight if we run into him!"

Back home, Hermia invited over Puck after she got home from school. He agreed to come, amazingly, but was not pleased by her attempt to embrace him in greeting, shoving her away and reminding her of what she'd done with Mercutio. He then argued with her, causing her to fall out of love with him and go into deep red aspiration. She turned around and headed for Juliette, intending to slap her, but Juliette was busy spraying bugs. Hermia then tried to get back on Puck's good side, but after a few games of catch and some talking, just when they seemed to be getting along, he hauled off and slapped her. She was furious, and slapped him back, then he insulted her, she slapped him again, he poked her...and so on. As he headed toward the house, she was ready to attack him, but she lost track of him before she could get to him. She's just too furious right now to even demand her ring back...

Tybalt, upstairs, was despairing of ever going to college. As he bathed Cleo, he came to a decision -- he wasn't going to squander his family money forever. He looked on Juliette's computer for a political job, since he wants to become mayor (ultimate triumph for the Capps would be one of their own running the town!), but couldn't find one. When he still couldn't find one after a midnight supper, he decided to go on...another path. He applied to be a seminary student, figuring he'd get one kind of higher education or another. He announced this to Juliette, who was coming out of the bathroom to go to bed; she smiled and said that was wonderful, and would teach him a lot. Hermia then pelted out of the bathroom (they'd been playing red hands in there, amazingly not fighting) grabbed her older brother, and gave him a noogie, crowing, "Father Tybalt, the fighting priest! Will you punch out any Monty who comes into your church, Father Tybalt?"

"Better than what my sisters do with Montys!" Tybalt snapped, disengaging from her grip. That earned him a slap from Hermia, making him furious at her too.


At the Monty Ranch, Mercutio and Romeo worked one more day, with Mercutio getting a promotion to host at the restaurant. He bought a piano and put it in his room, just for when he comes home on visits... That night, they invited over Benedick, Beatrice, and Bianca for a last lobster dinner, then headed to ALT, taking, in Romeo's case, Juliette's love letters and roses and a poster from his room, and in Mercutio's case, just some posters. Got to make wherever they end up feel homey... Magnus GilsCarbo, AKA the blond Goth Tricou, will be sent along too, as a bodyguard -- they do need protection while at school and away from home and their family! Too bad the shopgirl Mercutio likes is useless to the Montys, and a potential romantic hazard, being very unsuitable.


The Riverblossom Capps were, once again, desperate. Albany lost a charisma point from making a fool of himself at work, trying to sell someone who hated his party on the idea of voting for their candidate. The kids did badly at school, and Miranda and Hal deliberately brought home unsuitable townie boys from school. Miranda's was actually Daniel Grey, who I'm pretty sure will become playable due to his knack at inserting himself into the lives of playables...and of course, he's Ripp Grunt's crush... Hal's was a not-often-seen guy who I suspect is also gay. Albany thought about ordering them both out when he got home, but they seemed to be keeping the kids entertained, and he needed sleep.

Miranda actually used her bed this night, so Ariel had to sleep on...her old changing table! Yes, it got a loveseat OMSP shifted to just the right height (my standard solution for poor families lacking beds), and it's the right size for her to sleep on it. Miranda did suggest selling the changing table and crib and buying Ariel a cheap bed, but Albany wouldn't hear of it -- he's convinced, against evidence, that there will be more babies.

Albany woke up around midnight, grumpy and...lonely. Even with all these kids around, he missed being able to talk with another adult... He dressed quietly and headed for the bus into SimCity. He'd heard about someplace called the Royal Hotel reopening.

The Royal Hotel is my ever-so-slightly-edited version of something made by Plasticbox (as is much of my Downtown!). Albany got there at the same time as Mary-Sue Pleasant, campaign manager for the opposite party to his. They talked, then went to the bar for a drink...and argued about politics...and asked the bartender if there was a TV they could watch the wee-hours political talk shows on ("Only so I can show you how stupid your whole party is," quoth Mary-Sue)...and he said they could watch in one of the rooms upstairs, since nobody was going to be checking in at this hour...and for the sake of respectability they took a small single room...and they both realized the talk-show hosts were idiots...and it was a small room, and Mary-Sue's hip brushed Albany's as she turned off the TV...and then she stared at him and blurted, "My husband's cheating on me. Our marriage is a sick façade," and he said, "My wife left me to look after our kids. She paid them to say I was driving her mad," and then...well, that bed wasn't too narrow for them to have WooHoo (thanks to the ever-useful loveseat OMSPs, one of my edits!).

And then...a townie walked in as they were at it, apparently wanting to look at the paintings above the bed. Mmm-hmm...what a story! Adultery across party lines, and from the family-values people! Mary-Sue had to go downstairs and charm him to convince him not to go to the media or their bosses...this is going to come back to haunt her!

Back home, just before dawn, the kids woke up, and Hal decided they were all going to the Pleasantview church (the only Peteran one) where they could at least get some entertainment. Ariel wet herself as they were going out the door, so she took a shower at the church, and between the office computer, the cloned-from-podium lectern (great fun for the kids!) the playroom, the swings, and the musical instruments, they all got enough fun. However, they didn't have enough money for making food from the fridge, and nobody else volunteered...so they had to go home for some kind of breakfast next rotation.

Peni Griffin
18th Aug 2013, 3:43 PM
The Beech house had a really big day last night. Hamilton had to work but Daytona had the day off. Rocky finally made friends with his little brother Wallys and took Delta Land on a first date to the only restaurant in town. He wanted to take her to the Makeout Spot, but a big storm came up so they had their first kiss and agreed to go steady right there between the jukebox and the bubble blower in front of God, the waitress, and everybody. He then brought her home, where big sister Virginia threw a birthday party for Wallys, inviting the first seven people in her relationship panel - steady boyfriend Woody Weiss, Wallys's secret aunt Goldie Hart, Scot Land, Dixie Land, Junior Mann, River Land, and Wallys's secret grandfather Valentine Hart.

Wallys grew up with the cake into suitable clothes and Junior started poking Valentine, who poked back. Daytona distracted Junior by stepping in to talk to him. Sandy served leftover pancakes. (I'd forgotten to stock the fridge and didn't want to send her out in the middle of the party, since two of the guests would have had to leave to mind the store). Wallys discovered his OTH by playing catch with Virginia, finally making friends with her. So Virginia told him that Mr. Hart was a famous ball player and could probably give him pointers. Wallys is shy (don't ask me how that happened) but that encouraged him to go in and have an excellent conversation with the grandpa he doesn't know he has. Much canoodling and smustling among the teens.

Wallys was worn out and went to bed, after which Junior started picking on Valentine again. They had a huge fight right in front of the refrigerator, which Junior won. (He attacked the game leg. That's Valentine's story, and he's sticking to it.) Daytona asked Junior to leave, politely. Hamilton came home to smustle. He and Sandy stopped smustling to do a synchronized age-up pirouette - again into acceptable clothing! Three decent grow-up outfits in one day, how great is that? Daytona should have been dying at the same time, but I'd given her elixir to prevent that. A good time was had by all.

Wallys moved into Virginia's room and Virginia is sleeping with her Grandma in the double bed. Virginia leaves for college Monday morning and there's no point buying a new bed for two nights when she's BFF with her grandma - who, btw, was hanging out with her encouraging her to take poli sci in college, if I read the speech bubbles correctly.

Delta stayed after everybody else left and she and Rocky slow danced in the living room. Rocky has it all planned. He'll get his grades up, they'll go to class together and hold hands under the desks and go to college together and get married and live happily ever after and there will be no drama whatsoever!