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17th Apr 2007, 8:18 PM

Welcome Girls to The Blossom Girls!
You wanna enter this contest? Great! But, just to let you know. This is not a 'pretty face' contest! You need much more to be a Blossom Girl. This Contest will let you show us your creativity and you will have to impress the world with your talent and your skills. Of course, a little bit of beauty is recommend, too. ;)
Many different tasks are awaiting you.
Do you think you are ready for this challenge? Are you ready to become a Blossom Girl?


~Photoshopping skills are required
~You can enter up to 3 girls, but just one will made it trough the applications
~Contestans have to be female teen to adult
~Only humans
~I do not like frankensteining very much, but it will be okay, as long as every part of your sim is ingame!
~Your Contestant mustn´t be in other contest
~I will give extensions, but you have to ask
~If you have questions you can ask
~Please be kind
~Try to have fun :)


1. Lerisse Ross - Dreea ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=862178&postcount=10) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=871767&postcount=106) ~> Eliminated
2. Marianna Castillo - energy_genergy ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=862659&postcount=16) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=873209&postcount=122) ~> Drop Out
3. Madison Burke - Connectzeedots ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=862767&postcount=18) ~> Drop Out
4. Milan Nohealani - *Faye* ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=863356&postcount=20) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=872811&postcount=118) ~> Drop Out
5. Skylar Vogel - star.lilly ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=863840&postcount=22) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=871567&postcount=103) ~> Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=889918&postcount=213)
6. Angelina Grayson - pors ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=864239&postcount=27) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=873463&postcount=124) ~> Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=889797&postcount=212)
7. Kiri Em - xlightxdarknessx ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=864305&postcount=28) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=874140&postcount=130) ~> Drop Out
8. Chelsea Lee - Arthas ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=864632&postcount=32) ~> Drop Out
9. Jillian Watson - Aleesha ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=864939&postcount=35) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=873090&postcount=120) ~> Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=892657&postcount=221)
10. Kimora Smith - spiffyriffic ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=865521&postcount=42) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=872002&postcount=107) ~> Eliminated
11. Roxy Paige - spiffyriffic ~ Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=865527&postcount=43) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=872024&postcount=108) ~> Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=888222&postcount=202)
12. Elena Arti - ZIGGIE ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=865825&postcount=47) ~> Drop Out
13. Mischa Kenzie - pixelated ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=865984&postcount=55) ~> Drop Out
14. Thandi Tokota - Atgnat ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=865997&postcount=58) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=874401&postcount=132) ~> Drop Out
15. Charlie Skorsky - claire. ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=866080&postcount=61) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=873771&postcount=129) ~> Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=889209&postcount=208)
16. Viktoriya Lovlayasti - danishani2 ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=866202&postcount=62) ~> Drop Out
17. Annessa Hicks - Emmy84 ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=866209&postcount=64) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=872198&postcount=114) ~> Drop Out
18. Serenity Saltz - readysetgo88 ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=866228&postcount=65) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=875840&postcount=144) ~> Drop Out
19. Karma Hudson - Zixx ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=866982&postcount=70) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=875535&postcount=137) ~> Drop Out
20. Dannika Kilic - alexisaiger ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=868544&postcount=78) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=871081&postcount=100) ~> Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=887146&postcount=199)
21. Kennedy Crewe - kiki24 ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=868987&postcount=80) ~> Drop Out
22. Nina Adda - Tootsweet ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=869259&postcount=81) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=872769&postcount=117) ~> Drop Out
23. Laura Jefferson - leighthesim ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=869611&postcount=85) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=875933&postcount=149) ~ Drop Out
24. Clementine Zaire - joanne_8121 ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=870389&postcount=93) ~> Drop Out
25. Marta Jones - shniveshnive ~> Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=870855&postcount=99) ~> Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=873767&postcount=128) ~> Drop Out


All spots are filled ^^

1. lustyforlife
2. Chinchillagirl6
3. JocusDorkus
4. footballer_17




None yet~

Donations are very welcome x)


~ This contest wil have up to 5 Rounds
~ For every round 4-5 days are planned

First Round! (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=870846&postcount=98)
Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=884213&postcount=189)
Final Scores (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=904585&postcount=246)

1st May 2007, 11:11 PM
Approved 5.1.07
Ends 6.1.07

***Do NOT post replies and/or contest applications before the contest host has checked in on this thread, or your post will be deleted.***

1st May 2007, 11:31 PM
Yeah, I´m here!

Girls! Let me see you apllications!

1st May 2007, 11:47 PM
I think I might be good enough to enter! xD
I'll be back in a few with an application!

1st May 2007, 11:49 PM
That would be great! :)

2nd May 2007, 12:42 AM
you mean can't be in any other contest anywhere? or just this forum?

2nd May 2007, 1:46 AM
This sounds like fun, but I don't photoshop at all - I'd love to judge!

2nd May 2007, 3:42 AM
Hmm I think I might enter but I'd like to know what sort of things we'll be doing in this contest...

2nd May 2007, 8:04 AM
I think she means that your sim - the one that you use for this - can't be in any other contests, Summer_Wine. ^^ I think I might join.

2nd May 2007, 9:03 AM
Name:Lerisse Ross

One Headshot on a plain white Background


One Bodyshot on a plain white Background

2nd May 2007, 10:49 AM
hmmm okay. :)

2nd May 2007, 1:42 PM
I think she means that your sim - the one that you use for this - can't be in any other contests

Yes, thats right! Of course you can do as many contest as you wish, but the model you wannt to apply should not be in another contest. (What real persons are doing so much contest at the same time)

Hmm I think I might enter but I'd like to know what sort of things we'll be doing in this contest..

Very many different tasks. eg. advertisements.
But there also will be more creative tasks. I hope you understand that I don´t want to tell that much about the rounds, yet.

Thanks for entering Dreea

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask^^

2nd May 2007, 2:26 PM
I love the name of the contest, if i have time i'll join ;)

2nd May 2007, 3:13 PM
I hope you will ;)

2nd May 2007, 5:56 PM
can i enter a sim who just got rejected from another contest (she didn't make it through to round 1)

2nd May 2007, 7:28 PM
Name: Marianna Castillo
Age: Twenty-Six

Headshot (done in a polaroid style, though I hope you don't mind ^^):




2nd May 2007, 8:07 PM
can i enter a sim who just got rejected from another contest (she didn't make it through to round 1)

Yeah of course you can ^^

Headshot (done in a polaroid style, though I hope you don't mind ^^):

No Problem ^^

2nd May 2007, 9:06 PM
Name: Madison Burke
Age: 17 [and 3/4]

I don't wear makeup all the time.

I like to dance, smile, and have fun.


2nd May 2007, 9:12 PM
Can´t await your Pictures

3rd May 2007, 5:20 AM
Name: Milan Nohealani
Age: 21



3rd May 2007, 12:33 PM
can`t wait to get this started for real...if i pass the applications :)

3rd May 2007, 5:38 PM
Name:: Skylar Vogel
Age:: 25

head shot

body shot

3rd May 2007, 5:44 PM
I can´t wait this to start, too.
But we need some more Contestants <3

Thanks for entering^^
Skylar is very beautiful

3rd May 2007, 9:59 PM

I tried to make her application as soft as possible =]

I may enter her sister.

3rd May 2007, 10:11 PM
5 apps so far...oh can`t wait for this (hope i`ll pass the apps :D)

3rd May 2007, 10:48 PM
I'll enter! Look for my entry a little later :)

4th May 2007, 12:10 AM
Name: Angelina Grayson
Age: 21



4th May 2007, 1:19 AM
The idea of this contest sounds fun ^^ *enters*

Kiri Em



4th May 2007, 7:32 AM
OOOHH I would love to enter I'll my app up soon!

EDIT: where can I find the plain white walls and floors?

4th May 2007, 7:40 AM
This looks fun. I would love to enter this one!

4th May 2007, 8:05 AM
Aw, Connectzeedots, Katie is adorable! :) She's so pretty. Angelina is, too, Pors. i love her eyes, and her hair in both pictures. And Xlightxdarknessx, I love Kiri's hair and outfit. They really flatter her. And her name is cool. ^^

4th May 2007, 10:12 AM
Chelsea Lee



4th May 2007, 10:26 AM
Thanks for entering^^
Skylar is very beautiful

Thanks, she's my current favorite sim. This contest looks like it's going to be fun. Everyone's entries look great. :)

4th May 2007, 1:55 PM
Wow, so many new beauties *-*
I love them all~

4th May 2007, 5:22 PM
Name: Jillian Watson
Age: 20


4th May 2007, 6:31 PM
Jillian's stunning!

4th May 2007, 6:33 PM
thank you ^__^

4th May 2007, 6:59 PM
Hey Leesh! Good to see you! :anime:

4th May 2007, 7:06 PM
nice to see you too ;);)

5th May 2007, 1:10 AM
I'm entering :) My application will be in soon.

5th May 2007, 2:33 AM
Kimora Smith
Age 19





5th May 2007, 2:35 AM
Roxy Paige
Age 27





5th May 2007, 4:27 AM
And Xlightxdarknessx, I love Kiri's hair and outfit. They really flatter her. And her name is cool. ^^

Aw thankyou! I actually spent quite I long time picking out the hair XP Marianna is super cute, I love her nose the best ^^

5th May 2007, 8:43 AM
Mari looks better when she doesn't smile, :lol: I should have chosen a different facial expression for her, I suppose. But thanks. :)

5th May 2007, 9:03 AM
Aleesha good to see you here!

5th May 2007, 10:02 AM
Name: Elena Arti
Age: 22

Head shot (http://img412.imageshack.us/my.php?image=headshotqn4.jpg)

Body shot (http://img296.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bodyshotqw3.jpg)

I'm sorry but i was unable to show directly the pictures. :smash: I hope is not a problem.

5th May 2007, 11:03 AM
Aleesha good to see you here!
thank you dani :anime: :anime:

star.lilly: I was thinking for so long and now I know who Skylar reminds me of! Edie Britt... in some way. Maybe because of the lips^^
pors: Angelina is the prettiest sim I've seen of yours =)

5th May 2007, 11:18 AM
Good to see you here Aleesha^^

5th May 2007, 11:24 AM
thank you Arthas ;) Wow I can't believe how many people said they're glad to see me here^^
I feel so honored ^__^
y'all rawk!

5th May 2007, 12:44 PM
I am having my app up in a little bit I hope she is ok I tried my best after 78 downloads to make her right :blink:

5th May 2007, 2:17 PM
Thank you for you applications :anime:

I didn´t expected so many contestants..

Yeah, thats fine

@ flyingpigeon:

Well, not really, exept the first shoot. I think thats going to be difficult with non game Backgrounds...

5th May 2007, 2:44 PM
star.lilly: I was thinking for so long and now I know who Skylar reminds me of! Edie Britt... in some way. Maybe because of the lips^^

lol You're right, she does. That was totally by accident. I originally wanted to make her a brunette but she reminded me too much of Angelina Jolie. :)

@ pors: I love Angelina. In her head shot she looks like a porcelain doll.

@ xlightxdarknessx: Kiri has a really interesting face. I love her eyes.

@ Arthas: I love the way she's looking at you in the head shot.

@ Aleesha: Very pretty head shot. I love the eye make-up.

@ spiffyriffic: I love the pose in Kimora's body shot. I also love Roxy's hair, it suits her really well.

5th May 2007, 2:57 PM
that's so cool star.lilly and thank you :)

5th May 2007, 3:17 PM
Name: Mischa Kenzie
Age: 19



5th May 2007, 3:20 PM
Very nice entry ^^
I love Mischas style~

5th May 2007, 3:26 PM
Very nice entry ^^
I love Mischas style~

Thanks! ^^ She's was always the rebel girl in my neighbourhood (created as a kid in CAS, just slightly modified with a skintone change as an adult), and she seems to like it. ;)

5th May 2007, 3:33 PM
Name Thandi Tokota

Age 24





5th May 2007, 3:36 PM
Mari looks better when she doesn't smile, :lol: I should have chosen a different facial expression for her, I suppose. But thanks. :)
She still looks really good now though ^^

@Ziggie- Elena is so pretty, I love her body shot!

5th May 2007, 4:07 PM
@Ziggie- Elena is so pretty, I love her body shot!

Ohhh, thank you!
your is the first comment about my Elena! :D

5th May 2007, 4:40 PM
Name: Charlie Skorsky



ickk..my graphics card sort of exploded there, but its fixed now fyi :)

5th May 2007, 6:14 PM
Name:Viktoriya Lovlayasti
Age: 19

I hope she is ok.

5th May 2007, 6:16 PM
Yeah~ she is fine ^^

5th May 2007, 6:18 PM
Name:Annessa Hicks
Age: 22



5th May 2007, 6:30 PM
Name: Serenity Saltz
Age: 24



5th May 2007, 6:35 PM
another beauty
Just one more and We will have 20 ^^
Maybe I will change the rules, so that everyone will do the first round... because everyone is so great :)

6th May 2007, 12:11 AM
Hey! :howdy: I'm just checking in, honored to be one of your judges!

Now keep them applications coming, they're some very beautiful sims here!

-Jocus Dorkus putting on her 'judge's' hat- :D

6th May 2007, 2:10 AM
Oh! i reallllly want to enter!

I'm going ingame RIGHT NOW to get an application together!

*hopes that the spot wont be taken when she gets back*

6th May 2007, 5:54 AM

Like JocusDorkus says:

Hi, I'm one of your judges! Keep it coming with these applications, I'm sure you guys will make my job very difficult, which is always a plus, even if it makes life harder for me :). May the best simmer win, I'm super excited to see this contest begin!

Tips for those who want to get ahead in this competition:
to be announced


(is this ok, blacklips, if not, I'll edit it! :anime: )

6th May 2007, 10:26 AM

Name: Karma Hudson
Age: 23


6th May 2007, 1:44 PM
I changed my sim

6th May 2007, 2:07 PM
Thanks star.lilly! :) And looking forward to round 1! ;)

7th May 2007, 12:25 AM
@Star.lily- Aw thankyou! Skylar is beautiful btw :]
@Zixx- I love Karma! Her makeup flatters her face so nicely too, great selection ^^

7th May 2007, 4:31 AM
Great Applications everyone! :D
This is the first contest I've judged and I'm really excited about everyones entry's so far. :)

And here's my selfie. :D

7th May 2007, 5:42 AM
Woot! We're on the same boat ChinChilla! This would be my first contest as well and I agree, there are many promising contestants!

Oh yes, I finally finished my ID :D

-Jocus Dorkus feeling rather giddy- :smash:

7th May 2007, 7:35 AM
xlightxdarknessx: Thank you! I had a lot of fun making her, she really suits a lot of different styles!

7th May 2007, 10:46 AM
When will be our round 1?

7th May 2007, 6:35 PM
If there aren´t any users who want to enter, the application time will end tomorrow. So expect the First Round tomorrow~ as there will be no elimination ^^

7th May 2007, 6:49 PM
Name: Dannika Kilic
Age: 24



7th May 2007, 7:07 PM
Yes, I´m still accepting them ^^

8th May 2007, 2:15 AM
Name: Kennedy Crewe
Age: 18



8th May 2007, 10:34 AM
Name: Nina Adda
Age: 25



Hope you like her

8th May 2007, 1:53 PM
She's very pretty Tootsweet. I love her eyes.

8th May 2007, 4:08 PM
Yea. More contestants. :D

8th May 2007, 4:15 PM
i havent entered a teen contest for ages, ive been considering it .... should i or shouldnt i ... ?? hehe

8th May 2007, 6:10 PM
wait for me i only just had chance to get in game and ake a sim and i still need to take pictures but i can have and entry in in about 30 mins (wait for me as its my birthday)

EDIT: i have the piccys but i have just been called for dinner but will post them soon


Here is my entry

Name: Laura Jefferson


8th May 2007, 10:16 PM
When is round 1?


8th May 2007, 10:30 PM
Humm.. This will be an expirement to see how fast i can get a sim and application done.


Here we go...

I hope I get it on time.. o_O

8th May 2007, 11:18 PM
ive decided to enter also, wait for me.

9th May 2007, 1:15 AM
Gah. Screw it.

I can't get her from BodyShop to the game, and SimPe won't install.

Today just.. Isnt my day.

So.. LAKdhaksjhdfalskhd. I give up. -cries-

Good luck to you guys though. (:

9th May 2007, 5:33 AM
Are you still taking apps? I have a Sim ready to go, but I don't know if I'm too late.

9th May 2007, 8:31 AM
She's very pretty Tootsweet. I love her eyes.
thanks so much

9th May 2007, 9:02 AM
I might change my sim, and pics of course.

Oh, hi leigh!

9th May 2007, 9:40 AM
Name : Clementine Zaire
Age : 17


http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/4766/clemheadcopyqw3.png (http://imageshack.us)


http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/2453/bodywp0.png (http://imageshack.us)

9th May 2007, 7:44 PM
I'm not sure where BlackLips is, but hopefully we'll start with round 1 soon!

I can't wait to see them, 'cause there are so many beautiful entries! Good luck everyone and to your gorgeous girls! :D

-Jocus Dorkus creeping around for some soup- :hat:

9th May 2007, 7:47 PM
hi arthas may the best sime win hehe...

but everones sims look great and i can't wait till round 1

9th May 2007, 7:59 PM
Yeah, I´m very sorry!!!

The first round will be up in a few minutes, but I recieved a PM that there will be still another application...

9th May 2007, 8:10 PM
I WILL MAKE one right now.

9th May 2007, 8:22 PM

Good news for you, Ladies!
Because of the host´s trouble, there won´t be eliminations for now!
Yeah, thats right, you all will be able to do the first Round!

But be sure to do your best, because after this round we will choose the best 16!

Now something about this round:

Express Yourself!

The task seems to be very simple, you just have to show all of your personality in this shot. The Pic could be as simple or as detailed as you wish, but it has to show as much as possible about you. You could add a short description, if you want.

Yeah, this is no typical models shot, but we want to now something about you and your life. And you will be able to show how you are able put your feelings into your shots and if you are creative enough to be a Blossom Girl.

Special Task:
For making a group shot I need good-quality full bodyshots. Anybody who want some extra points or thinks that his/her model´s bodyshot isn´t good enough is encouraged to make one.

9th May 2007, 8:28 PM
Name:Marta Jones
Age: 19

EDIT: http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d8/shniveshnive/marta.jpg


click the link because it wont show up for some reason?

9th May 2007, 11:35 PM
I hope this is what you were looking for. Photos may change...

Express Yourself!:

Dannika: Well, there's a lot to my personality, but I figured I'd focus on those things that my friends say are most noticable. First of all, I'm a pretty goofy person with a great sense of humor (hence the crazy legs). That doesn't mean I'm not studious though! I do like to use my intelligence, reading books, learning new things all the time. I'm also really outgoing and sweet. So basically I'm goofy but studious, I'm a social butterfly, and I'm a really nice girl. At least that's what my friends say!

Special Task--Bodyshot:
That's the best quality my pics can be, so I hope that's okay!

10th May 2007, 5:26 AM
Sounds great blacklips! I'll post mine soon

10th May 2007, 10:35 AM
Cant wait to see everyones round ones!

I'll have mine up tomorrow!

10th May 2007, 11:46 AM
Express Yourself
For Skylar's personality shot, I wanted to show all her different sides. I wish I had more time to work on it but I'm swamped with assignments. :(

Body Shot
I decided to do another quick body shot, I liked the first one I did but I like the way her face looks in this one. :)
«zoom in» (http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u231/stainedglasscrossonline/pixienet/starlillybodyshotskylar.png)

10th May 2007, 2:47 PM
Great first shots!

Yeah, thats exactly what I am looking for~

10th May 2007, 2:51 PM
Great first entries! :D

10th May 2007, 4:41 PM
Express Yourself

I consider myself a chic person. I am working as a model so I have to be all the time dolled up. I also have a lot of self confidence(as you can see)

10th May 2007, 8:08 PM
This photo shows me to a tee.




10th May 2007, 8:36 PM
Self Expression


Group Photo


10th May 2007, 9:10 PM
Wonderfull entries, Spiffirific and Dreea

10th May 2007, 9:17 PM
I`ve seen that people show their attitude/personality in multiple pics. Is that what we have to do or is it ok to have one pic like mine ?

10th May 2007, 9:42 PM
As you wish.
I said that the picture could be as simple or overfilled as you want it to be, but it should show much of your personality.
But to be honest, I don´t want that everyone makes the same. Be Creative!

10th May 2007, 10:09 PM
Oh mann I didn't know we had to do a couple of shots :(.

10th May 2007, 10:11 PM
You just HAVE TO do one. But for a better result you should make more =)

10th May 2007, 10:52 PM
Expression Shot


This is why my friends call me naughty lil angel



I'm not very good at photoshopping but hopefully i should get better with this contest :D

11th May 2007, 12:32 AM
I'll have mine in soon

11th May 2007, 12:34 AM
So cute! I love all of them. :)

11th May 2007, 9:56 AM
Express Yourself!:
i feel that i am Caring and Sweet As i love animals and young kids
i feel that i am flirty and Hot cause flirting is my favorite thing
i feel that i am confused cause i am unsure of myself at times and what i want to be
i feel that i am Wild as i love to try new things and do pretty crazy things

11th May 2007, 11:39 AM
I believe that I am many things in one. One picture would only show one side of me, that's why I chose many pictures to show the many sides of Milan!

Body Shot

11th May 2007, 4:08 PM
Awesome entries guys! It'll be tough to judge this! =p

11th May 2007, 5:08 PM
Who and What I am - click image to view larger version
http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w300/countrybiatch/JillianPersonalitySmall.jpg (http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w300/countrybiatch/JillianPersonality.jpg)

Bodyshot - click image to view larger version
http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w300/countrybiatch/JillianBodyshotSmall-1.png (http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w300/countrybiatch/JillianBodyshot-1.png)

11th May 2007, 5:32 PM
I edited my round 1 entry with a different expression picture. You can see it here (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=871081&postcount=100).

11th May 2007, 6:45 PM
Finally, I got around to making this! :) Well, here's my round.

Expressing Myself


Body Shot


11th May 2007, 7:18 PM
These are so great! I love al your shots!

11th May 2007, 10:04 PM
Express Yourself

Body Shot

11th May 2007, 10:31 PM
*sigh* i have to re-install my game and all my cc. Will have my entry up in about 10 hours. Great entries so far!!

11th May 2007, 11:06 PM
You guys are so quick! :) I love everyones entries, I don't know how I'm going to be able to judge!

12th May 2007, 12:49 AM
When will this round be over? ^^

12th May 2007, 2:31 AM
Okay , this isnt very good... i tried to make it different but .. hmm , i could make a new one
I made three, diff sizes , i dunno which to use , you choose the best.



12th May 2007, 2:36 AM
The many faces of Charlie Skorsky

(to get the animation at optimum speed, wait for the whole page to load :) )


12th May 2007, 7:22 AM
Kiri Em

Personality Shot
Larger Size (http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/839/fllsizot6.png)


12th May 2007, 1:49 PM
Woa.. I think this round will be very hard to judge.. i am very happy just to be an emergency judge hihi

This round ends tomorroe 18h GMT+1

12th May 2007, 2:41 PM

- TASK 1 -


The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

- TASK 2 -



12th May 2007, 2:48 PM
Atgnat, that is such an awesome idea for the Express Yourself picture. :)

12th May 2007, 3:33 PM
Thanx Katie. So many great techniques were already used... This is a fun round !!

12th May 2007, 10:09 PM
claire yours looks realy cool i will get my entry in tommorrow but i have been a bit busy today

13th May 2007, 1:34 AM
Argh, I hope I'll have time... been swamped with work lately. :/

13th May 2007, 6:20 AM
Finally i have my entry in! I love everyones entries so far, this round will have to be tough to judge! :D

http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/779/blossomround1oswc3.th.png (http://img221.imageshack.us/my.php?image=blossomround1oswc3.png)

I like my bodyshot already, thanks!


13th May 2007, 11:18 AM
Meh, I won't make it. Have loads of work to do, so I'm going to have to drop out.

Oh well, this seems like it'll be a fun contest, so much creativity! I'll be stalking, good luck everyone. ;)

13th May 2007, 11:24 AM
Sorry to see you have to go pixelated. :( Hope you get your work done. :)

13th May 2007, 11:44 AM
Dang! That sucks that you'll have to drop out. Good luck with your work!

13th May 2007, 1:15 PM
how much do i have til round end?

18 hour like 6pm .... 4 hours away?

or 18 hours from that post you posted earlier.

13th May 2007, 1:21 PM
it's 3 hours and 40 minutes from now =)

13th May 2007, 1:53 PM
Yeah, Aleesha is right!
3 hours from now ^^

This is the last chance for asking for extensions!

It´s sad to see you go, pixelated! Good Luck with your work!

13th May 2007, 3:02 PM

I went ahead and made a new body shot since I had time. You can use whichever though.


13th May 2007, 3:06 PM
holy hell, you should have probably given us a heads up in the round info, i dont know if i will get one in on time. ive actually never droppe3d out of a contest before due to not making an entry in on time ... i will try hard to get one in before round end (its like almost midnight here :()

13th May 2007, 3:37 PM
Photobucket can be a royal pain in the butt at times. I sympathize with you. So many creative entries, they all look great! :)

13th May 2007, 4:27 PM
Oh, joanne_8121

I am very sorry, that I didn´t state it bevore!

13th May 2007, 4:45 PM
thats okay, unfortunatley this will be first contest i have ever dropped out of. its so late her and there is no way i cant get it done im really really sorry! and i wont hold everyone up so, you can close up the round as normal :) thanks!

13th May 2007, 4:49 PM
ok i redid my entry
here it is

and the body

13th May 2007, 5:11 PM
The First Round is closed~

I´s judging time! I will PM the judges... As we have 7 drop outs, there will be 3 eliminations.

Good Luck!

The next round will be up tomorrow.

I am honestly sorry! It´s my fault...

13th May 2007, 5:48 PM
goodluck guys have a great time :)

13th May 2007, 6:02 PM
Blacklips, I'm dropping out (because I didn't finish my round 1)

13th May 2007, 6:41 PM
Connectzeedots If you will be able to post your Round 1, you could still do this (but that´s an exeption)

So can everybode else! But only this round an until I get the first judgings

Okay, now it´s definately to late, sorry, girls!

13th May 2007, 9:58 PM
ooohhh i can't wait but i guess i will have to check tommorrow

13th May 2007, 10:48 PM
Good luck everyone :D

14th May 2007, 1:28 AM
My judging is in! Good luck everyone did a fantastic job. :)

14th May 2007, 3:07 AM
Good luck to everyone! :)

Aw Joanne I'm so sorry you couldn't get your pictures in, I really wanted to see your entry!

14th May 2007, 3:59 AM
Good luck everyone! :) Sorry to see you go Joanne and Connectzeedots, I loved your entries.

14th May 2007, 4:48 AM
I really like to continue this but I'm having trouble in my game :(

14th May 2007, 8:43 PM
That's a real shame Arthas, but it's understandable. Either way, good luck with your game and hope it gets better and fixed soon!

I just wanted to pass by and let you know that I've already sent my score and comments to BlackLips and thank you for a wonderful round, I mean there really were just some amazing ideas out there!

Great round everyone! :dsausage:

-Jocus Dorkus growing rather hungry- :egg

15th May 2007, 6:31 AM
Hey guys! :D Awesome entries!! Lovin all of it. I sent my scores and comments in already. :) Good Luck! Looking forward to the rest of the rounds. :dance:

15th May 2007, 8:15 PM
whens the judging over?

16th May 2007, 4:25 AM
My scores have been in for a while. I bet BlackLips is almost ready to present the judging.

16th May 2007, 3:24 PM
First to say, I am not BlackLips but her brother.
I should say sorry from her, because she is acctually in hospital and has no possibility to go on with the Contest right now.

I will give your scores, but the next round will be up, when she is home again, what probably will be on saturday.

Sorry again!

16th May 2007, 3:44 PM
First round results!


1. Jillian WatsonAmazing, you were able to showcase every aspect of your personality. I'm in awe.

2. Charlie Skorsky
Hands down the most effort shown in the competition. Most personality, as well.

3. Kiri Em
Another girl with "wow" power. Keep it going.

4. Skylar Vogel
Just.. amazing. Dont change a thing!

5. Roxy Paige
Another amazing representation of a powerful personality.

6. Milan Nohealani
Another good display of a colourful personality.

7. Annessa Hicks
Very good, very good. Next time try to make more contrasting expressions, so the picture doesn't look blended.

8. Marianna Castillo
A Wonderful way to show your personality. Keep up your effort!

9. Marta Jones
Great job, dont second guess yourself, be confident and show us what you're made of.

10. Kimora Smith
I really didn't see the different personalities in yoru shot, but good effort none-the-less.

11. Angelina Grayson
Wonderful, just maybe use a variation of factors to make your shots more interesting, to show even more personality.

12. Dannika Kilic
It was ok, but it could have been better. Something could have been used to make it stand out a little more.

13. Karma Hudson
Your shots were very good aesthetically, but next to some of the others you personality just didn't "wow" me.

15. Laura Jefferson
I really dont seem to be getting your personality, I wish you'd open up and show it to us a little more.

16. Nina Adda
The organization of the shot could have been neater, and some of the pictures weren't obvious enough to show your personality.

17. Serenity Saltz
Your shots didn't really stand out to me, next time maybe be a little bit more bold!

18. Thandi Tokota
I didn't at all get your personality picture. It was a little bit confusing, as it was unorganized.

19. Lerisse Ross
It was blurry in every aspect, I dont really see personality showing.


1. Thandi Tokota - Agnat Really creative, I could tell exactly what each picture was expressing.

2. Skylar Vogel - star.lilly I really liked this entry, I think the pictures were very clear to see what personality she was portraying.

3. Annessa Hicks - Emmy84 Really expressive pictures. Great entry.

4. Angelina Grayson- Pors The model has a great face. Her expressions show the personality flawlessly.

5. Roxy Paige - spiffyriffic This one was another great entry. I would say this is not your traditional beauty, but she was so perfect in expression. She has spunk and I like her.

6. Milan Nohealani - *Faye* Really expressive. Great job. Your personality choices were really different too.

7. Charlie Skorsky - caire. The animation was really cool, and the models expression was really nice.

8. Danika Kilic - alexisaiger Really nice, the only thing I would have liked better, is if the pictures were a little closer or bigger maybe.

10. Kimore Smith - spiffyriffic Nice, and different. I really liked the Health Nut and Regal.

11. Serenity Saltz - readysetgo88 Very nice, I only wish we could have seen more of her. I loved the contrast between the girly model and the tomboy boxer.

12. Marta Jones - shiveshnive This was a nice entry. It was a little hard to tell the difference between sexy/stylish and cheerful/weird. They were very similar.

13. Kiri Em - xlightxdarknessx This was a nice and very unique entry.

14. Nina Adda - Tootsweet I liked the flirty and hot pic and the wild shot. Very cute.

15. Jullian Watson - Aleesha This entry was nice, but I didn't think it was quite showing enough of her personality. While the Housewife shot was really nice, that is not really a personality. Something like "funny housewife" "Creative Chef" would have been more specific.

16. Karma Hudson - Zixx While I really liked the pictures, I have no idea what her personality is.

17. Lauren Jefferson - leighthesim This entry is very good looking, but I'm not sure what personality traits your trying to show.

18. Lerisse Ross - Drea This was a nice model shot, but I really can't say I saw her personality. Her face was hidden behind the glasses.


Lerisse Ross – Dreea
I like the background and how you present her ‘chic’ personality, but I wish you would have done more. I’m guessing since you didn’t submit it, that you’re going with the body shot from the application and if that’s the case, I like the pose and the nice simplicity of her attire.

Marianna Castillo - energy_genergy
I like the fact that you chose a monochromatic scheme to present Marianna’s personalities and have the one that sums her up the most in true color. The only thing that I would suggest to have made it even better is adding more definition to that one, so that she doesn’t looked so phased out. As for the body shot, I like it, but I do think the pose could have been more creative. With the first one, we know you have it, now it’s only a matter of executing it in all your photographs.

Milan Nohealani - *Faye*
I really love the scheme you chose for this and the fact that you presented more personality traits than the norm, especially then daring one. That just made me smile. In truth it was very well executed, nice and clean and nothing is overshadowing anything else. As for the body shot, I like its simplicity and the colors you chose, ‘cause it really makes her eye come out more. The only thing that I would have to say about it is that it’s a ‘runway’ pose that’s often done, so for future rounds, play around with different poses more.

Skylar Vogel - star.lilly
I must say that my favorite there is the ‘attitude’ one, I just love her bugged eyes. Overall though it’s really a wonderful piece with a creative artistic approach to it; the ‘typed’ titles underneath each personality and the way by having her named centered just ties it all together to point that although it seems like different people, it’s all just Skylar. I also like that she’s sitting down for the body shot, it’s something different from the norm, while also having a sweet smile on.

Angelina Grayson – pors
The simplicity of the background goes with the simplicity of how the personalities are presented and I love how clean and cut it is and how each expression really goes with the personality titled. Well done. And as for the body shot, although it’s a pose often done before, it’s clean and I like how you continue the color scheme with her dress.

Kiri Em – xlightxdarknessx
It looks like a lot of work went into the background, and it really does pay off. I love the fact that it almost feels like they’re all different people, standing side by side, but in reality they’re all the center of which is Kiri, the main and front one. A very nice and unique take on this round. For the body shot, I like the selection of clothing, but I only wish you could have done more with her pose to make her stand out further.

Jillian Watson
The setup of the first photograph is beautiful, very organized and the Polaroid’s to represent each personality was a nice touch to the assembly as a whole, so very nice work here. As for the body shot, I like it very much, it’s something a bit different and keeps you focused on her.

Kimora Smith – spiffyriffic
I really like the fact that for the ‘regal’ shot you put her in a royal getup, and instead of putting studious or intelligent, you put ‘logical’. There are many ways to word one particular trait without having to repeat and this you’ve managed. Also, I like the touch of the roses, I think it adds to her sweet nature that is another element to her personality and that even ties in with her pose for the body shot, as well as her attire.

Roxy Paige – spiffyriffic
I gotta say, the ‘rebel’ and ‘devious’ are my favorite, and I like how the color scheme of what she’s wearing and the background all ties in. The only thing, which is a minor technical thing, is that it would have been better to put her name in the middle instead of that middle star piece. As for the body shot, it’s a good pose, the lighting as well which allows to see more of her face than others and that’s always a good thing.

Thandi Tokota – Atgnat
Honestly, I think this is the most creative round, and very well executed. I really like how each personality trait is presented as an action and not just a pose, even the ‘proud’ one as she stands with her head held up high. It’s obvious you thought this out through and it really does pay off. And although the pose for the body shot is often done, it goes with her, the tilt of the head and sweet smile making it better yet. A job well done.

Charlie Skorsky - claire.
The animation sequence is a very sweet touch and I like how the text goes with each personality presented. The animation itself is not too fast or too slow, which can be annoying if that is the case, but it isn’t here. I think the only thing that would have been better is to have had less ‘white’ space and more of the photograph with your girl. As for the body shot, it’s a good capture of something they do naturally.

Annessa Hicks - Emmy84
If it weren’t for the middle picture standing out, it would have fallen into a pattern that has already been done before, but ultimately it was saved from having done so. It’s a good twist and I like how you present ‘flirty’ and ‘naughty’, but I think you could have done more with the background as whole to have made it standout more. I like the attire you chose for the body shot, but it’s a pose that is often done, so just be careful of that in future rounds.

Serenity Saltz - readysetgo88
I really like how you tie in ‘girly girl’ with ‘runway model’ and ‘tomboy’ with ‘female boxer’ and that you maintained a clean order of the color scheme. I’m really feeling the attire you chose for the body shot, it’s like a good mix of her ‘girly girl’ and ‘tomboy’ personality, the only thing would be to experiment more with the poses so you can get something that’s a bit more unique.

Karma Hudson – Zixx
I really like the setup for this round, her ‘thinking’ pose and that each personality is a thought of who she is. The only thing I would have recommended is to have added the titles for each trait. Some are obvious, but others are not. Either way, it was very well executed. As for the body shot, I like the choice of clothing, but I think it would have been better if she was looking at the ‘camera’ just because it’s for a group shot.

Dannika Kilic – alexisaiger
Even though you didn’t have to, I like that you wrote in a piece detailing Dannika’s personality, like a prelude before the actual photograph. I also like the uniform order of the stripes and how each text goes with the personality titled. And I would say that your body shot is perhaps the most unique because there are many thing we can do with this in a group shot. If she had been looking in the ‘camera’ it would have been perfect.

Nina Adda – Tootsweet
I like the background, though I’m not exactly sure how it ties in with the rest. I also like that you wrote out each personality and why it was like that. The only thing to have made it better would have been to have less of the background and more of photographs, so they’re not overshadowed by something that’s not the main focus. Also, I’m guessing by having omitted the body shot you preferred to stay with the one from the application. It’s not a bad pose and would work within a group shot, but only if it was a complete body shot, from head to toe.

Lauren Jefferson – leighthesim
I could be reading too much into it, but I do like how the rainbow as the background compliments that she has as many personalities as the rainbow does colors, and this is further supported with the amount of ‘traits’ surrounding the central Lauren. My only suggestion is to have made it a bit more unified with not too much overlapping of photographs and to have added titles. Again, some poses are obvious to guess, but others are not. As for the body shot, I really like attire and pose. It’s simple, but not often seen.

Marta Jones – shniveshnive
I like the second background best, mainly because it helps make all the ‘Martas’ standout better, although I think it would have been better to have had a simple background so the main focus is kept on the Marta and her various personality traits. I do however like how you presented them and formed them into arch that followed the bottom title. Nicely done. As for the body shot, it’s nice, but again, it’s a pose that’s often done.


1.Faye - Milan Nohealani
I really like the whole filmstrip effect. She looks good in all pictures and its very clear that she's versatile and is up for anything.

2.Aleesha - Jilian Watson
The photograph style is always a good effect. Love all the pictures, but she could've been closer in the middle for a better and fuller picture. Great job though!

3.star.lilly - Skylar Vogel
I like the scotch tape. hahaha and she looks really good in all pictures. It would've been nicer if it was a bit brighter. the shadows aren't really giving a nice look to it. But over all. It's really pretty.

4.xlightxdarknessx - Kiri Em
I like the background, it goes with the feel of every expression. Her in different poses in one shot did it all. but i think it can be a little more creative.

5.Atgnat - Thandi Tokota
I love your idea! Very very creative! But it can be a little clearer and the backround can be something else other than a solid color.

6.claire. - Charlie Skorsky
This is the first time I've seen an animation as an entry. And I must say, it works! hehehe She looks cute in all expression. you can change the styles in every picture to make it more colorful other than just green. and her background too.

7.pors - Angelina Grayson
I like your background, but her hair could've been different in all expressions. I expected more of like different stereotypes. Expressing yourself isnt really just showing facial expressions.

8.readysetgo - Serenity Saltz
I like that you're the only one that did only two expressions. I find that a lot isn't really realistic. This style is more of the reality. She's a girly model and yet she's a boxer. good job.

9.spiffyriffic - Kimora Smith
Her expressions are very natural. Changes you can do though: Have different backgrounds for different expressions so it gives more feeling to the picture. The roses dont really work. you can change each corner to fit the expression.

10.energy_genergy - Marianna Castillo
The red gradient is kinda creepy i must say. hehehe especially the dramatic. You can keep it on the natural color and the transparent picture should be gone. you can change it to her name, or something else.

11.alexsaiger - Dannika
Her poses are very cute. you can upgrade on the fonts though, look for better fonts to make it look better. The background isnt really colorful. Colorful backgrounds tend to capture or turn heads, so you should make it bright and glammed up to make it look more appealing.

12.Zixx - Karma Hudson
I love your background and idea! Suits her very well. you can put words in decribing what she's expressing. and it seems that your entry is incomplete. I would've loved to see your bodyshot.

13.shniveshnive - Marta Jones
I like that she's in different poses all in one line. although, im sorry to say but i dont like any of the backgrounds. you could make it more bright other than backgrounds that look kinda dark. and next time, keep it to one entry per task and try not to make the judges pick which one is better because other contestants dont do it and is kind of unfair.

14.Emmy84 - Annessa Hicks
I must say that this grid view is kind of common. Again as i've told other contestants, every picture should have a different background for a better entry. Different hair for each expression for more feeling.

15.leighthesim - Lauren Jefferson
its nice that there are a lot of expressions, but you can label each for more info. keep it up.

16.Tootsweet - Nina Adda
the gummybears are cute. But the pics can be a bit clearer and more feel to it. although good job.

17.dreea - Larisse Ross
you're missing one task. The bodyshot is pretty but you should make the picture a bit clearer for it to be more appealing. i suggest fraps.

18.spiffyriffic already has one.


Well, I am not the entertainer, so I will make it short.
You all have done great shots! I know that you all are talented, but two of you will have to go...

The first is...

Kimora Smith: Your shots were great, but only one of your models could make it...

The Second:

Lerisse Ross: You are so beautifull... I´sorry that you are eliminated.. keep on trying! You will become a great model!

Yeah.. that was it! The second round will be up saturday, as I wrote before.

16th May 2007, 3:53 PM
Gosh, i hope she is ok.
Thank you for posting the results brother-of-blacklips.
The important thing is for Blacklips to get better.

16th May 2007, 3:58 PM
thanks for the comments.
i hope blacklips is okay =(
Plz tell her to get better soon.

16th May 2007, 4:01 PM
Lol.. you can call me Ike, if you want.

Yeah, she will be alright, I think. That was just a stupid "little" accident with some toxic chemicals in school... one of the teachers forgot to close one glas and my stupid little sis had to be the one to find it... Shes just in hospital because they want to observe her, but shes okay (well.. she caught a cold... xD)

16th May 2007, 4:46 PM
Thank you for letting us know Ike.
Tell her we're thinking of her.

16th May 2007, 4:49 PM
Okay, I will

16th May 2007, 5:06 PM
First to say, I am not BlackLips but her brother.
I should say sorry from her, because she is acctually in hospital and has no possibility to go on with the Contest right now.

I will give your scores, but the next round will be up, when she is home again, what probably will be on saturday.

Sorry again!

Oh gosh! I'm glad to hear she's ok and getting well. :)
Thank you for all the kind comments from the judges. It was a really fun first round. I'm sorry to see Kimora and Lerisse go. I liked them both. :)

16th May 2007, 5:38 PM
Thanks for letting us know Ike. I hope BlackLips feels better soon! And thank you for all the comments judges. I'm looking forward to next round. :D

16th May 2007, 6:10 PM
I was wondering what had happened to her, but I'm glad she's doing better and will be home soon again, if nothing else than for her sake (being in a hospital is just not fun).

I've also realized that I'm the most winded judge, LOL Ah well... :D

I'm really sad to see you two girls go though, I really enjoyed this round.
Good luck to everyone!

-Jocus Dorkus stalking about the site- :kami:

16th May 2007, 6:24 PM
Aw, hope she gets better!

And have I gone blind, or do I not have a comment from Chinchillagirl6? :lol: If there is one and I'm just being dumb and totally missing something, write it off to the fact that I'm feeling a little blonde today. :) And thanks to the judges for all my other comments! ^^

16th May 2007, 6:30 PM
Aw, hope she gets better!

And have I gone blind, or do I not have a comment from Chinchillagirl6? :lol: If there is one and I'm just being dumb and totally missing something, write it off to the fact that I'm feeling a little blonde today. :) And thanks to the judges for all my other comments! ^^

Oh my... I don't know how I managed to do that. I was very careful to make sure I got everyone. I even wrote everyone down and crossed off the names as I wrote them.
I had the hardest time writing comments because I liked everyones entries so much. :D

OOPS You were supposed to be 9. :D I have all my comments still on my home computer. I'll let you know as soon as I get home. :D

16th May 2007, 6:32 PM
Oh ^^"

Jeah, your right Chinchillagirl has no comment for you ..lol

Nevermind... It´s kind of complicated with so much great entries...

16th May 2007, 6:42 PM
Lolz, okay. xDDD I just thought I was going mad.

16th May 2007, 7:38 PM
Wow, i made it to the next round , :) Thanks guys:)

16th May 2007, 7:46 PM
i hope she gets better thankies judges for my comments and i can't wait for the next round

16th May 2007, 9:04 PM
Feel better BlackLips!

Thanks for the comments, judges!

16th May 2007, 10:44 PM
I hope she's ok! So i'm guessing we wont be having another round for a few days?

17th May 2007, 3:57 AM
Mod's brother says: "Round 2 posted maybe on saturday"

17th May 2007, 4:18 PM
i am so sorry but i will have to drop out of this contest as my hardrive has justdied so i havelost all of my sims i am incredably sorry

19th May 2007, 1:21 PM
Is this still going to continue?

19th May 2007, 10:48 PM
Is this still going to continue?

I haven't heard anything from blacklips yet. We'll give her a little more time.
I'm sorry to see you have to go leigh. :(

20th May 2007, 11:43 AM
Gosh, I hope everything is alright with blacklips. Sorry to hear about your hardrive leighthesim. Hope it gets fixed soon for you. :)

20th May 2007, 2:27 PM
Yeah.. I´m back now!

Sorry, it takes a little longer ^^" I got home yesterday, but my parents didn´t want my to 'play' computer anymore..
But.. now I am here and Alright and im just preparing the next round!

Oh.. it´s a pity that you have to drop out, leighthesim

20th May 2007, 2:56 PM
heyyy! glad ure back!!!

20th May 2007, 2:59 PM
Welcome Girls, to the second Round!

I this round you will have to something completely different! Pleasantview Airlines needs some brochures still for the summer saison, and you got the chance to design it!

~You will be devided into 5 groups.
~In every group there are 3 contestants.
~Every group will have a different theme / route.
~The worst in every group will be eliminated! Yeah, there will be 5 Eliminations!

The groups are:

Pleasantview - Hawaii
-Marianna Castillo
-Marta Jones
-Milan Nohealani

Pleasantview - Finland
-Nina Adda
-Skylar Vogel
-Dannika Kilic

Pleasantview -Egypt
-Angelina Grayson
-Karma Hudson
-Kiri Em

Pleasantview Airlines general - Luxury Class
-Serenity Saltz
-Jillian Watson
-Annessa Hicks

Pleasantview Airlines general - Cheap Class
-Roxy Paige
-Thandi Tokota
-Charlie Skorsky



You will have to send in 2-3 pics:

The first is the frontcover, it should be attention-drawing. ( 350 x 500 )
The second will be the inside. There you will advertise the Airline/route. ( 700 x 500 or 2x 350 x 500)
You could also add a backcover, if you want, but its not required. ( 350 x 500 )

On the brochure have to be at least 4 Persons. A stewardess, another Staff-Member eg. the Pilot and two Passengers. You will be the stewardess.

That´s it. Just care of these requirements and of your theme and, most important, be creative!

If there are any questions, just ask me, I will answer asap.

This round ends Friday 6PM GMT + 1

20th May 2007, 6:25 PM
Okay, some questions about this round:

We are to design a brochure that advertises flying Pleasantview Airlines to our assigned destination? For example, the brochure would be advertising travelling to Finland on Pleasantview Airlines? So we should have info on both the destination and the airline, correct?

We need to include 3 other people besides our sim (posing as a stewardess). They just need to appear somewhere in the brochure, right? They don't need to be in every picture? For example, I could have all 4 people in one picture and not have them in the other 2 pictures?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make sure I'm understanding this.


21st May 2007, 1:50 AM
I'm so glad your back and okay BlackLips. :D

21st May 2007, 2:43 PM
You are completely right alexisaiger!

As long as there are at least 4 people (with you of course) could be seen on the pics it doesn´t matter how often they are.

And yes, if you have a special destination you should also bring some things about that in it. So in the hawaiian brochure you could show eg Hula girls or the beach ^^ In the for finnland maybe snow or something like that xD

@Chinchillagirl: Thanks ^^

22nd May 2007, 12:30 AM
Nice to see you back BlackLips ^^
I'm just a little confused on one part, are we creating the brochure individually or as one big group?

22nd May 2007, 6:41 AM

I REALLY didn't want to, but i'm going to have to drop out. My computer basically died and we had to unload everything, so now i have absolutely NO sims/downloads/houses, anything!

i'm so sorry, and i loved the idea of this round too! *kicks computer*

22nd May 2007, 8:43 AM
^ I'm sorry to hear about your computer Zixx and sorry to see you have to go. I hope everything gets fixed for you soon. :)

BlackLips - A question about this round; are we allowed to photoshop backgrounds or does everything have to be in-game backgrounds?

22nd May 2007, 1:25 PM
xlightxdarknessx: You do it indvidually ^^

star.lilly: Of course the Background can be photoshopped.. I guess I should put away that part in the rules.. I changed my mind completely about photoshopping..

22nd May 2007, 6:14 PM
You're back Blacklips! I was getting really worried there, but now I have my drinking buddy back! :beer: LOL

I'm really glad you're back, 'cause it would have been sad if we had to close this contest early.

And may I just say that Round 2 is brilliant! A very creative idea and can't wait 'till the entries start coming in!

-Jocus Dorkus stalking about, as usual- :D

22nd May 2007, 7:14 PM
Yeah, I am glad too... I absolutely HATE Hospitals.. they are so.. white.. and... clean... uarghs...

22nd May 2007, 11:55 PM
These might change if I find the time...

Brochure: Pleasantview Airlines--Finland
Front Cover Advertising Finland:

Inside advertising Pleasantview Airlines:
Featuring the pilot:
Featuring Dannika as the flight attendant and 2 passengers:
Click here (http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j307/alexisaiger/Dannika/brochure_spread.jpg) to see inside as a spread.

~I hope that's what you were looking for...

23rd May 2007, 4:51 PM
Jeah! Thats great alexisaiger!

23rd May 2007, 5:04 PM
That looks fantastic Alexis. :D

23rd May 2007, 9:21 PM
Pleasantview Airlines general - Cheap Class
(I'm adding captions to my brochure, to better explain the pictures. I hope that's ok.)

Front Page

Welcome to Pleasantview Affordable Airlines!


Inside Left

(Top Picture) Here is a warm welcome from our very talented Pilots, saying hello from the cockpit!

(Bottom Picture) Here is our coach class seating. We will be accommodating you with complimentary, comfy pillows to help your fly go by with comfort.


Inside Right

(Top Picture) Our fabulous, low cost meals consist of Meatloaf, veggies, dinner roll, a cup of green Jello, and carrot cake for dessert. It is pre-made and then microwaved. Beverages are extra.

(Bottom Picture) Our wonderful staff will help you find the best deal possible! The Affordable Airline customer service is located near gate 3.


Back of Brochure

Thank You for flying Pleasantview Affordable Airlines!
The Penny-Pinchers best way to fly!


23rd May 2007, 9:56 PM
Wow! Thats very creative!
Love your entry

23rd May 2007, 10:03 PM
Great Spiffy! I can't wait to see everyone's entry's. This is going to be the hardest judging yet!

23rd May 2007, 10:53 PM
Ha! I love it spiffy! Very creative and very well done. Good luck!


24th May 2007, 2:50 AM
:wow no kiddin' Chinchilla, I mean, just a look at these two entries, and I'm blown away. Not only is the ideas for this round really creative, but so far it has been executed very well.

Great job girls! I'm really glad to see these entries, and keep 'em coming girls!

-Jocus Dorkus stalking about- :kami:

24th May 2007, 2:56 AM
Ugh I'm so terribly sorry but my computer has decided to act up, so I will have to drop out of the contest >.<; I only got to finish half of the entry, and there's no way I will be able to finish the rest. Gosh I'm sorry again ._.

24th May 2007, 6:44 PM



24th May 2007, 6:49 PM
Oh.. thats really sad... But I guess you haven´t got any choice...

24th May 2007, 6:51 PM
I hope I can get my entry up tomorrow.

24th May 2007, 7:24 PM
Claire. really great entry. :)

xlightxdarknessx oh no. :( I hope your computer issues are fixed quickly. :)

25th May 2007, 4:12 AM



25th May 2007, 7:04 AM
Front Cover
«zoom in» (http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u231/stainedglasscrossonline/pixienet/starlillyfront.png)

Airline & Menu - Page 2
«zoom in» (http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u231/stainedglasscrossonline/pixienet/starlillyinsideone.png)

Route - Page 3
«zoom in» (http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u231/stainedglasscrossonline/pixienet/starlillyinsidetwo.png)

Back Cover
«zoom in» (http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u231/stainedglasscrossonline/pixienet/starlillybackview.png)

25th May 2007, 2:03 PM
Great entries, everyone ^^

But there are still many to come.
If anyone needs an extension, just ask^^

25th May 2007, 3:18 PM
*Shifty eyes* i think Blossom has jinxed everyone's computers. Mine broke last night. I tried to thefix it after work... It just won't boot up. I'm sending this from my phone.
So, i'm sorry, but i won't be able to complete this round.
Good luck to the entries thus far!! Also, i'm glad that you're ok and back again Blacklips.

25th May 2007, 11:17 PM
Oh crap, I still need to do this. *cringes*

26th May 2007, 1:57 PM
Hmmokay.. I am not home today, so I will give you all an extension... I want to have more entries ...

So, you all have another day to do the task!

27th May 2007, 8:05 AM
I'm only counting 5 entries...what's going to happen if no more come in?

27th May 2007, 11:34 AM
I'm giving my best to get my entry in today. I know you said the round ends this mornin and it's already like lunch time but hopefully I can get it in in about an hour or so if you grant me this little time =) Danköööö^^

27th May 2007, 12:28 PM
I'm not sure I'm gonna get time to do this. D= *really wants to, though*

27th May 2007, 2:04 PM
Brochure Cover


Back Cover

27th May 2007, 7:36 PM
This Round is closed now!

Well.. I only have 6 entries, but I gave you 2 days extension... I am quite sad, but okay.. that means, the next round will be the final.

There won´t be eliminations! I bet you know why ...

28th May 2007, 3:58 AM
Great entries everyone! :) I love the back cover pic you did Aleesha. It looks really cool. :)

28th May 2007, 11:02 AM
thank you Ashton ;) I'm sooooo disappointed with my entry though^^
yours is sooo beautiful and I was like: duh mine sucks xD^^

28th May 2007, 12:50 PM
I can assure you it doesn't suck. :) It looks awesome, everyone's done an amazing job. :grouphug:

28th May 2007, 8:08 PM
Really sorry girls, I'm checking in only until now. However, I'm going to start now and hopefully I'll be done in no time and send them in to BlackLips.

Great work girls though, just wanted to let you know that! :D

-Jocus Dorkus stalking about- :beer:

29th May 2007, 10:43 PM
I am sorry it takes so long, but I still wait for one judge ^.^"

30th May 2007, 11:18 AM
maybe you could get an emergency judge =)

30th May 2007, 9:04 PM
There will be no need to!
I now have three Judgings and the last judge is busy. But I think its okay as there were no Eliminations this round and we have three other georgeous Judges ;)


Skylar Vogel - star.lilly
I love the consistency of the color schemes from page to page and it’s honestly a brochure that would definitely reel me into using this airline and going to Finland. I also like the fact that you highlighted Finland within the map, it’s a really nice touch, but I would have to say that my favorites are the cover and back. Especially the back, it’s a very well designed collage.

Angelina Grayson – pors
I really like the ‘1-800-FLY-SIMS’ added touch, it made me chuckle and it’s just so catchy! I really love the front cover with the Pilot and stewardess and the pyramids as the background. But I would have to say that my favorite is the last one, the lighting, the image and the plane high above just make for a wonderful page within a brochure and the text give it that extra thing that ties it in all together. As a customer, it really makes me believe that using Pleasantview Airlines would be the vacation of a lifetime.

Jillian Watson – Aleesha
I like the fact that you went with an unconventional color for most stewards and stewardess and just with the front cover alone, I really get a sense of Luxury class really being great. I especially love the world in the background with the text ‘All around the world’. My favorite shot though would have be to the one with all the stewardesses, ‘cause it’s really well put together and with their smiles, it really makes me believe there are sweet as the brochure tells me they are.

Roxy Paige – spiffyriffic
I just can’t get over how wonderful the ‘Pleasantview Airlines’ logo looks on that real plane, it’s just amazing. I also like the collages that are evenly designed through the pages, especially the pilot one, that’s very well done and without even the captions, I get the message of them being welcoming and nice. I especially like the last shot and of the plumbob with wings. Just great really.

Charlie Skorsky - claire.
I really like the front cover and the feel of the friendly staff, but I especially like the Testimonials page. I think this entry is the only one with that, “What also is great is that PA doesn’t give you stupid rewards, they actually give good ones” and that’s when I really wanted to travel through the Cheap class!

Dannika Kilic – alexisaiger
I think the front cover is gorgeous, very welcoming and beautiful and the text ‘Discovering Finland’ as further incentive to use Pleasantview Airlines. I especially liked the last page because the text goes with what’s she doing, which is servicing, and with a beautiful smile! Really nice work.



1. Dannika Kilic - alexisaiger
Very nice. I really like it.

2. Roxy Paige - spiffyriffic
Perfection! I love every picture.

3. Charlie Skorsky - claire.
Very cute idea. I really like the testimonials.

4. Angelina Grayson - pors
Great pictures, the only thing I would suggest would have been to feature an activity you would be doing in Egypt.

5. Skylar Vogel - star.lilly
Perfect. Don't change a thing.

6. Jillian Watson - Aleesha
So cute. lol The only little glitch I noticed was in the third picture, Jullian's PA pin switched sides. Great entry.



Skylar Vogel - star.lilly ~> Beautiful star.lilly. Just beautiful. No negative comments. period.

Angelina Grayson - pors ~> I like their uniforms a lot. Good job on your assigned destination. You're doing very well.

Jillian Watson - Aleesha ~> I love everything about it leesh. Great job! Nice uniforms too.

Roxy Paige - spiffyriffic ~> Some great ideas here. thats always good, being very creative. But you could adjust some of the graphics to make it clearer.

Charlie Skorsky - claire. ~> Great idea on the testimonials. That proves the airline is very good. Great job with all the info.

Dannika Kilic - alexisaiger ~> Its a good brochure, but you could put a lot more info though. other than that, everythings ok.

The Next round´s information will follow tomorrow!

31st May 2007, 10:30 AM
A big thank you to all the judges for their kind comments. :) I enjoyed working on this round very much.

31st May 2007, 1:02 PM
wow thanks for the great comments. I really didn't expect to get such good criticism :D

31st May 2007, 9:12 PM
Yay, thank you judges :)

1st Jun 2007, 7:04 AM
Thank you judges for your comments! Ummmm, isn't this contest scheduled to close tomorrow?

1st Jun 2007, 1:17 PM
As far as I know there's still one round left. Hopefully it will be posted soon. ^

2nd Jun 2007, 2:43 PM
So.... anyone heard anything about the next round or continuing this contest? Seems a little too quiet.

2nd Jun 2007, 3:09 PM
I am sorry!
I was very busy the last days.. I had my last Class test this Year
and Thursday there was my Uncles Funeral and I had an first Aid group thing for my driving license.. And.. I do not come to do anything right now
But I promise the Task will be up today evening

2nd Jun 2007, 6:22 PM
BlackLips... This contest was scheduled to end yesterday (the 1st). Please either announce the winners or PM me for an extension.

3rd Jun 2007, 1:03 AM
I'm going to go ahead and bow out of this one. Good luck to any that decide to stay if an extension is granted. It's just a bit too unorganized for my taste...

3rd Jun 2007, 3:29 PM
I wonder if boolPropped has heard anything? The next round did not appear either. Is this contest over?

3rd Jun 2007, 5:18 PM
I'm not sure what's going on. Maybe it is over.

3rd Jun 2007, 6:56 PM
Okay.. I am very sorry...
It seems that I am very unorganised these says...
I will tell the judges taht they send scores for your last work so that the winner will be anounced as soon as I get the scores

I am really sorry... didnt ment it this way :(

4th Jun 2007, 4:25 AM
It's alright BlackLips. I hope everything is ok. I really enjoyed your contest, it was a lot of fun. :)

4th Jun 2007, 3:53 PM
I had some great fun too, Blacklips.
It's not your fault it kinda went down a bit since u were in the hospital.
But the main thing is that you're alright now and we had some fun in your contest ;)

4th Jun 2007, 4:09 PM
Tanks Aleesha and star.lilly

6th Jun 2007, 9:28 AM
BlackLips... Im giving you 24 hours to get the final results up or Im going to close the contest and have the staff vote on a winner.

6th Jun 2007, 5:10 PM
I still didn´t get answers of all judges.. but okay, if there is no other way, I will anounce the winner...

Skylar Vogel - star.lilly: 20/20
Angelina Grayson – pors: 17/20
Jillian Watson – Aleesha: 19/20
Roxy Paige – spiffyriffic: 18/20
Charlie Skorsky - claire.: 18/20
Dannika Kilic – alexisaiger: 17/20

spiffyriffic (Roxy Paige): 16/20
claire (Charlie Skorsky): 15/20
pors (Angelina Grayson): 12/20
star.lilly (skylan vogel): 19/20
aleesha (Jillian Watson): 18/20
alexisaiger (Dannika Kilic): 14/20

Dannika Kilic - alexisaiger 17/20
Roxy Paige - spiffyriffic 18/20
Charlie Skorsky - claire. 18/20
Angelina Grayson - pors 18/20
Skylar Vogel - star.lilly 20/20
Jillian Watson - Aleesha 20/20

So the best Girl, with an Score of 59 points is:
Skylar Vogel by star.lilly!

The second best Girl with a score of 57 points is:
Jillian Watson by Aleesha
Congratulations also :)

So, this is the official end of this contest.
Sorry again, that I am so unreliable, if there will be a next time, I hope I will do it better

6th Jun 2007, 5:20 PM
OMG! Skylar won! I'm beyond happy. I spent a lot of time on that round. BlackLips, JocusDorkus, lustyforlife, Chinchillagirl6, and footballer_17 - thank you so much. :)

BlackLips, I had the best time in this contest. You're not unreliable at all, you just have a lot going on at the moment and I think everyone understands.

Aleesha, congratulations on second place. :) pors, spiffyriffic and claire - congratulations on making it to the final round. :)

I'm delirious! I can't believe I won.

6th Jun 2007, 5:41 PM
Wow thanks very much for 2nd place4 ^_~
Congratulations Ashton you did a fabulous job!
Congratz everyone ^^ it rawked!

6th Jun 2007, 5:59 PM
Congratulations ladies!
Everyone did a fantastic job though. :D