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8th Jun 2007, 7:19 AM
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Title of Contest: Two Hearts ~ Picture Perfect

Description of contest: This is a contest for your sim couples to show just how inseperable they are and how perfectly they look and coexist with each other. This contest will be primarily storytelling.


Participants must be adults
Couples can be male/female, male/male, or female/female
Participants can be any race or species
Photoshop is allowed, but optional
Participants can be anime/game/celebrity sims
Despite the title, Threesomes and Foursomes are allowed. Any more than that gets tricky. :)


Please provide the following information about your sim couples
Names :
Ages :
Occupations :
Likes :
Dislikes :
Brief description of your relationship together :

Application round:
Head shot of each sim and one of them together. Plain background for the 'together' one please so we can make icons.

Round One
July 4 - July 11

So you've told us a little about your relationship together, now you have a chance to show us just how you wound up with each other. Be creative, but you don't have to overextend yourself, just show us how your sims came to be in the situation they're in. 2-6 pictures are allowable, any kind of shot is fine. You can either add a little or a lot of text, just so that we know what is going on in the picture.

Round Two
July 14 - July 20th

Round Three
July 22 - July 27th

This contest will run from June 28th to July 28th (amended upon approval)

1st Place - pending (sim by Honda Katsuya)
2nd Place - sim by Kakashi Hatake
3rd Place - sim by ChrstyFarie07

PM me for a judge spot, I'll need at least two more and a couple emergency judges.

1. Mnemosyne
2. emaone
3. HondaKatsuya

Emergency Judges:
1. Sizza




1. Nevaeh and Greg Bliss (PixieDust_fairy) Final Round (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=962419&postcount=208)

2. Xemnas and Saix (SilentPsycho) Final Round (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=961044&postcount=202)

3. Robyn and Aruyu Seikun (slytherin-girl) Final Round (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=960646&postcount=201)

4. Reno, Rude and Yazoo (Kakashi Hatake) Final Round (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=958749&postcount=190)

5. Kylar and Bannor MacLeod (TRIriana) Final Round (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=961420&postcount=204)

6. Hiroshika Ashford & Yuudai Devlin (Melodyway17) Final Round (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=959879&postcount=198)

7. Llewellyn Fairchild and Ingo Jaeger (h3nker) Final Round (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=962210&postcount=206)

28th Jun 2007, 10:41 PM
Approved 6.28.07
Ends 7.28.07

***Do NOT post replies and/or contest applications before the contest host has checked in on this thread, or your post will be deleted.***

29th Jun 2007, 4:11 AM
Just got back from work, checking in~

29th Jun 2007, 4:15 AM
Honda! Would you like a sim for a prize? I making one right now, if you want it! I'll post a picture later :D

29th Jun 2007, 4:23 AM
oh sure, that would be great, thanks. :)

29th Jun 2007, 7:09 AM
I wish I could join. But I'm just too busy. :(

29th Jun 2007, 7:16 AM
Oops, did I accidentally delete that?

Pics needed:

Head shot of each sim and one of them together. Plain background for the 'together' one please so we can make icons. :)

29th Jun 2007, 7:47 AM
http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a86/PixieDust_Fairy/hearts37lx.gif Names :http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a86/PixieDust_Fairy/hearts37lx.gif
Nevaeh and Gregory (Greg) Bliss

http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a86/PixieDust_Fairy/hearts37lx.gif Ages :http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a86/PixieDust_Fairy/hearts37lx.gif
23 (Nevaeh), 26 (Greg)

http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a86/PixieDust_Fairy/hearts37lx.gif Occupations : http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a86/PixieDust_Fairy/hearts37lx.gif
Nevaeh-a part time model the other half of her time she works at a resturant as a waitress.
Greg-Works in the E.R..most times he's considered the Head.

http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a86/PixieDust_Fairy/hearts37lx.gif Likes : http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a86/PixieDust_Fairy/hearts37lx.gif
Nevaeh- The fact that her name spelt backwards is Heaven, sunsets, beaches, vacations, kids, and well of course Greg.
Greg-Football, sports, being with Nevaeh, cars, dogs, and Nevaeh

http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a86/PixieDust_Fairy/hearts37lx.gif Dislikes : http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a86/PixieDust_Fairy/hearts37lx.gif
Nevaeh-gross smells, poverty, child abuse, agents that are stuck up, girls that are stuck up, cats, and cleaning up animal feces.
Greg-cranky people, abuse, people that opose his football team, hot temperatures, and death.

http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a86/PixieDust_Fairy/hearts37lx.gif Brief description of your relationship together :http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a86/PixieDust_Fairy/hearts37lx.gif
After Nevaeh graduated she got a job at a local coffee shop; at that time Greg was 21 and just starting his career as an intern. One day the guys in the Hospital thought that it would be nice to take Greg to dinner on his first day if internship. They brought him to the coffee shop where Nevaeh worked. It was pretty crammed that night and they barely got a seat. When they got their orders Nevaeh was the one that delievered the food to them. In a huge uproar she dropped the tray (and everything on it) on Greg. He wasn't mad or upset, he just laughed at the whole manner and asked if Nevaeh would like to join him for a date when she was done with work. After a few dates Nevaeh and Greg bought a house together. We dated for 3 years before Greg finally proposed. We had a beautiful fall wedding and a few weeks later Nevaeh discovered that she was pregnant with our first child. In the fall time she had a beautiful baby boy (Colby). Right now we just discovered that Nevaeh is pregnant yet again and we can't wait to meet the next addition to the Bliss family.




29th Jun 2007, 8:10 PM
Pixie~ Awwww! they look so cute together in the last picture :D

29th Jun 2007, 8:12 PM
Thank you ChrstyFarie07 :)...It took forever for me to get that picture ready. There was to much going on in the background, so i had to make it all black (lol)


29th Jun 2007, 8:15 PM
Not sure what you meant by Plain background, but here goes.

Names : Xemnas and Saix. No one really knows their last name.

Ages : 23 and 21

Occupations : Members of Organization XIII, even if it's now unnecessary.

Likes : Saix - the moon, wolves, and Xemnas. Xemnas - Saix, learning, and ginger biscuits.

Dislikes : Saix - the sun, when they had no feelings, and Axel. Xemnas - Key masters, being disturbed by the idiot actions of certain Organization XIII members, and the colour pink.

Brief description of the relationship together : Originally, this was just sex, and a odd sense of longing for something more that couldn't have existed. This all changed once all the Organization XIII members were reborn (or in the case of Roxas, split from Sora), complete with hearts. Now the pair have moved away from it all to enjoy the fact that they now know that they love each other.




29th Jun 2007, 8:17 PM
A plain background picture is like my last picture...just a simple color, because they're going to make avatars, it just makes it easier (trust me i know)


29th Jun 2007, 8:20 PM
Silent~ I loved when you said "At first it was just sex", making something unusual, eh? :D

29th Jun 2007, 8:39 PM
Thanks Pixiedust!

Chrsty, what can I say? I have fleeting moments of romaticism. Luckily, this is all counter-balanced by a very dirty mind.;)

29th Jun 2007, 8:49 PM
Your welcome SilentPsycho. I think it makes a better contest when everybody helps.


29th Jun 2007, 9:02 PM
Your welcome SilentPsycho. I think it makes a better contest when everybody helps.


So true Pixie :D We need to help each other, giving each other tips, and encouragement :D.

29th Jun 2007, 9:07 PM
ChrstyFarie07- Yes, and i am here to help anybody who needs help with photoshopping and stuff (My pictures above are someway photoshopped to make the quality of the pictures better), because i remember when i was once frustrated with the fact that i couldn't photoshop and everybodies pictures were better, so i would love to help anybody that needs help.


29th Jun 2007, 9:17 PM
I think I'll enter my favourite sim and her husband. (Well the backup copy of her copy of her that only has her first two kids....there's a seperate one I play of her in a different hood where she has 14 kids o.0) There she is:


Both of those pics are from other contests she's been in but didn;t win. I'll win one with her someday though! :D

I'll just get my application together and post it either later today or tomorrow. Hurray for no photoshop required contests! :beer:

29th Jun 2007, 9:41 PM
I tend to prefer not photoshopping. This is my second contest, but one thing I have to say is that I think it's really helped me learn to create better rooms. I really enjoyed adding detail to my Mafia pics after I was told they were too empty. I've never been that good at building rooms, but I think I may be getting better.

29th Jun 2007, 9:46 PM
Robyn~ Yay! You're gonna join! Can't wait to see your entry :D

29th Jun 2007, 11:02 PM
My simmy is gonna be a prize, I sent it to Honda already and here's a picture of her, she also looks cute as a male :D


30th Jun 2007, 12:00 AM
ChrstyFarie07-She's really pretty. I love her eyes they're gorgeous.


30th Jun 2007, 12:03 AM
Pixie~ Aww thank you! Her eyes are by Heleane on MTS2 their call "beautiful stranger eyes" (http://www.modthesims2.com/member/showthread.php?t=226562) :duck:

30th Jun 2007, 12:51 AM
Pictures added later, and that sim is really pretty :)

Names :

Robyn and Aruyu Seikun

Ages :

Robyn (26)

Aruyu ( 33)

Occupations :

Robyn (Stay at home mum)

Aruyu (Military General)

Likes :

Robyn: Aruyu, tea, reading a good book, spending time with her family, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, cosplaying, and anything chocolate.

Aruyu: Robyn, working out, being in the military, Ancient Chinese History, collecting Samurai/Shogun related things

Dislikes :

Robyn: People who make you clean things, brussel sprouts, people touching her hair, unorganized bookshelves and being sick.

Aruyu: Incompetence, annoying people, people who constantly ask him why he doesn’t look Asian (Because of his name, he’s adopted) and when Robyn is sick (Because she makes his life miserable).

Brief description of your relationship together :

Robyn: Hey, I saw that thing you wrote about me being miserable, jerk.

Aruyu: *smirks* It’s true. You’re nasty when you’ve sick, and terrible to be around.

Robyn: Whatever, we’re supposed to be talking about our relationship anyway. And you’ve hardly a peach yourself when you’re sick.

Aruyu: Woman, you are so much worse than I am, discussion closed.

Robyn: *glares* What have I told you about calling me that.

Aruyu: I thought we were supposed to be talking about our relationship.

Robyn: Fine. *glares again* We actually met at, of all places, an Anime
Convention. At the masquerade dance to be specific. I was dressed in this really gorgeous formal kimono my friend made me, with my hair all done up and everything. And this idiot *points to Aruyu* had on what looked like a suit of Samurai armour.

Aruyu: It was armour woman, you know that. The people I was with told me I had to ask the pretty girl in the kimono to dance, some foolish reason like we looked like a pair or something. So I

Robyn: *Interrupts* You think I’m gooooorgeous

Aruyu: *glares* That’s it, I’m leaving *goes off*

Robyn: *rolls her eyes* Annnnyway, we’ll leave Mr. Grumpy pants to have his fit. So he asked me to dance, I accepted, and the rest is history basically. It was kind of a love at first sight thing, as cheesy as that sounds. We eventually got married and 2 months later I gave birth to our first children, our oldest son Ryuuen and his twin Li-Mei, who are seven now.

Aruyu: She just couldn’t resist me.

Robyn: I thought you were gone.

Aruyu: Nope. *grins* What do you say we leave these people alone and go take a dip in the hot tub?

Robyn: Okay! *grins and waves as she’s dragged off to the hot tub*






Robyn: And after having twins I STILL fit into the Kimono I was wearing when we met!
Aruyu: Well of course I still fit into my outfit, I work out every day.
Robyn: And what do you call the yoga I do every morning?
Aruyu: A good oppertunity for me to watch you bend over and stretch a lot.


30th Jun 2007, 12:58 AM
slytherin-girl~ You application is so funny :D. I guess they glare pretty much alot :D

30th Jun 2007, 1:02 AM
Thanks *grins* They're also mildly based on an RPG character of mine and her husband (That's why I love her and her family so much, they're so complicated and involved). Their relationship was rather aptly described by the song Always, by Saliva. ;)

"I love you, I hate you, I can't live without you"

30th Jun 2007, 1:52 AM
I decided to be weird and actually attempt a foursome. And a strange foursome at that. Bear with me. :P

Emile (http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y265/hensa09/App_7.jpg) & Fae (http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y265/hensa09/App_6.jpg) & Jaal (http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y265/hensa09/App_4.jpg) & Keever (http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y265/hensa09/App_5.jpg) (click each for individual picture)

Emile & Fae look about 21, while Jaal & Keever look about 25.

Fae & Emile-- Bride & Groom in a porcelain doll set.
Jaal & Keever-- Newest models in the "Barbie Today" series; called "Rock & Roll Romance".

Fae-- Old-fashioned morals, lace, cool summer evenings, lemonade.
Emile-- Dark clothing, long hair, moonlit nights.
Jaal-- Makeup, movies, loud concerts, and posing for pictures.
Keever-- Indie rock, piercings, cigarettes.

Fae-- Harlots, darkness, crowded ball rooms.
Emile-- Loose-fitting clothing and altruism.
Jaal-- Autumn, and any older versions of Barbie.
Keever-- Ken, the color pink, cheap thrills.

Brief description of your relationship together:
Fae: Emile and I met Jaal and Keever when we were thrown together in a cardboard box after our store's owner became bankrupt. After many months, a little girl and her teenaged sister finally found us. We were then placed in a doll house in the attic and promptly forgotten about...which is the most blessed thing that could have happened to us. Every night once the clock struck twelve, we were able to move around and talk like we had never truly been able to when we were locked up in our previous owner's shop. Over the years, we learned to love beyond the limits set by our creators. Though Emile and I had been created solely for each other (the same applied to Jaal and Keever) we were able to overcome those boundaries and find a kind of love we were all comfortable with.


30th Jun 2007, 3:33 AM
wow great ap slytherin-girl. I loved reading the whole thing!! Hilarious! lol. Cant wait for your pics :D

30th Jun 2007, 8:10 AM
Names : Reno Shinra, Rude Shinra, Yazoo Jenova

Ages :
Yazoo-Appears 24

Occupations :

Reno-Helicoptor pilot, Shinra Electric
Rude-Shinra Electric, making bombs
Yazoo-Shinra Electric

Likes :

Reno-Rude, Yazoo, strawberries, kittens, snuggling, toys, helicoptors, being with Rude and Yazoo
Rude-Sunglasses, Reno, Yazoo, hot baths, snow
Yazoo-Reno, Rude, kittens, swimming, clothes, nail-polish

Dislikes :

Rude-Children, Reno's constant talking
Yazoo-Being inturrupted when he's busy, Loz

Brief description of your relationship together :

Well it started out rocky, but these three have decided to put aside differences and make it work. They even have two children together and live in a house with them, Kadaj and a kitten. It's a good strong relationship and the three are pretty close, Rude and Yazoo are highly protective of Reno.




30th Jun 2007, 9:12 AM
Awesome entries everyone! Can't wait to see what's in store for Round 1 and see what you guys can pump out. (Plus, I can't wait to judge! Boooya!)

30th Jun 2007, 9:44 AM
Eeeee, Kakashi! I nearly fell off my seat in happiness at your entry. Got to love the Reno-ness and the Yazoo-ness and the Reno/Yazoo-ness!:D

30th Jun 2007, 2:53 PM
DontDieKThx~ HAHA! They are sure some nice, yet strange, dolly couple :D

Kakashi_Hatake~ They were kinda funny, they like each other, don't like this person constant talking, then one of them like being rude to one another, I like this couple ;)

30th Jun 2007, 5:18 PM
EEEEEEEEEEE! * steals Yazoo and runs away* I knew I picked a good contest to enter, but how I'll compete with that I'll never know :P

And Sneh's the author of one of my favourite stories too! *grins* This is going to be great!

I added my pictures by the way :P

30th Jun 2007, 5:36 PM
Ohh, I was thinking of joining you guys in this contest but I'm not so sure :blink:
lovely entries so far guys loving them all.

30th Jun 2007, 8:25 PM
DontDieKThx My god...now that's original and interesting. I love it!

30th Jun 2007, 11:08 PM
*peeks in and gasps* This contest is so awesome and it ends on my birthday!

Nice entries so far, I'm going to have to lurk around this one. :)

30th Jun 2007, 11:10 PM
*peeks in and gasps* This contest ends on my birthday!

Lol, Happy Early Birthday! :baloons: :birthday :baloons:

30th Jun 2007, 11:13 PM
Lol, Happy Early Birthday! :baloons: :birthday :baloons:

Haha! Thank you! :anime:

30th Jun 2007, 11:19 PM
Haha! Thank you! :anime:

Are you invisble? Cause the last I check your profile (1 minute ago) you were offline ;)

30th Jun 2007, 11:40 PM
Names - Adam Hebblewhite and Elise Davenport

Ages - Both 22

Occupations - Adam : Music producer

Elise : fashion columnist and hieress to "Chicken Shack!" *shudders*

Likes -

Adam: Lazy days when you don't leave your house or change out of your pjs, wearing make-up, music, shoes, the way I smell and feel after gigs, Elise in short shorts, fast cars and of course the saint that is Oprah Winfrey.

Elise : Babies (HINT ADAM!!!), Free anything, putting make up on Adam, acting random, shopping, long phone calls, nights in talking about random stuff like who would win in a fist fight between bugs bunny and roger rabbit, peas, oh and not wearing make-up

Dislikes -

Adam : Being told what to do (im a free spirit man), intolerant people, injustice, sandals, wearing formal clothes, Paris Hilton, cleaning and grilled cheese sandwiches

Elise : Cheese in general, people who get weirded out when I hug them when I first meet them, boring people, bills, Adam in short shorts... and the smell of fried chicken

Brief description of your relationship together :

Elise : Hmmm well I don't think how we got together is the most romantic story ever...

Adam : So we're at a college party and Elise was like really drunk and "apparantly" mistook me for her then boyfriend.

Elise : Don't do that! You know how tequila makes me act, I honestly thought you were Steven!

Adam: Sure sweetie... Anyways so she thinks I'm her ex (even though I look nothing like him) starts making out with me, one thing leads to another and... well you know

Elise : Steven finds us in the morning, starts screaming and I realise the mistake I've made.

Adam: I try to calmly explain what happened but he punches me! For his girlfriend finding me irresistable! (Not that its hard haha)

Elise : Steven dumped me on the spot and though I hated Adam at that moment for ruining my relationship by not jsut saying "no I'm not Steven" I kinda felt bad for getting him beat up. I offered to make him breakfast and we kinda just hit it off.

Adam : Three years later we're still together (amazingly). Definitely a story for the grandkids...







Elise: Just the one pic?

Adam: yea we're photo whores lol

Elise: As well as AMAZING dancers...


1st Jul 2007, 7:55 AM
Yuso Yamamoto
Ryugo Shimkami

Aged 23 and 22

Occupational careers-
Yuso; Musician and vocalist for the band LayMATicer which he and his current partner Ryugo both are members of. Also interested in joining the career of architectural and landscape photography and never leaves his home without his Nikon camera.

Ryugo; Guitarist for the band LayMATicer along with Yuso and two others, music is something he has been quite passive and involved with and has been playing since a very young age, growing up listening to a few early Japanese bands. While focused on his music he has had little time to wander into the workforce.

Rain pattering against my window while lying in bed and the pretty streaming patterns it makes, Observing the intricate and delicate world around us like the pearly translucent pattern weaved by the most unexpected creature alive and the way dew drops catch on its surface, I love the way water ripples with a million different currents and the way when caught just right the sun can reflect just perfectly on it. Yes you guessed it. I like looking at the smaller things in life that sometimes go unnoticed but these also could have originated from my love of photography and capturing the world as I see it. I pride on Honesty, and hold that above all else along with Ryu's smile, nothing can make me happier and more complete than that.

Teasing and playing with my Yu (tickling is a main favourite of ou.... mine) I like coffee and apples in the morning (lots and lots of sugar in my coffee ^_^)Being myself and not changing for anyone, even a partner who of coarse I care about dearly. I enjoy our open relationship. Most of all you will Never pry my guitar from my cold dead fingers no matter how hard you try, Yu SWEARS I love that thing more than him *chuckles* Don't tell him this but I plan to buy us a little kitten to quel those nagging feelings.

When Ryu gets all worked up over something little, (which he tends to do ALOT) I hate seeing him sad or mixed up. His frown is the one thing I hate seeing most. Heavey work scheduals, and feeling unclean and alone, are some more examples of things I don't like much along with complainers and whingers who wonder why they can't get their life going when they don't even bother trying but get everything given to them.

Spiders.... Eekk!! Don't like those AT ALL. You can't make me like them so don't even try. *shudders* Unlike Yu I don't like rain. I don't like the feeling of being cooped up alone while it pours and ragges outside especially when he has been out for a few hours and I feel worried about him.. Which reminds me. I don't like horrible feelings like guilt, worry, and anxiety. Nuh uh.

Our relationship beginings..

Oh, Oh can I tell it please Yu? *Yuso nods and waits for him to continue*

Ever since we were little kids starting primary school we had known eachother through our familes who were very close friends. My parents bought me over to Yu's house one day to meet him and hope we would bond well *sniggers to himself* Gee, they had NO idea how well we would.. I remember him wearing a ruffled up white shirt, half his buttons undone from his play time and his black locks mused but no where far from perfect silk. He was standing on the stairway just LOOKING at me with contemplating eyes like he didn't know why I was there and I had just wandered into his house or something. I tried to mumble a strained 'Hi' but it turned out more like 'H.....h-iiii...' or something.

*laughs* You were such a cute little dork. I remember as you tried to walk towards me your trousers caught on one of the steps and you fell and hurt your nose and that whole first day we spent keeping ice to your nose and rambing on about nothing and eachother.

I think after that I knew I could trust you... we spent alot of time with eachother when our families had alot of plans and events together and then we reached our teen years....

By that time we were starting to realise the attractions and relationships forming around us and I had had my eye on this one girl. She was a pretty thing, blonde of coarse with long streaming hair that fell on her shoulders. We got together and we were happy for awhile, but I realised Ryu wasn't really trying to find a girl or anything, he just didn't look interested much and I noticed he seemed a lot more burdened and troubled.. not like my Ryu at all...

When I found out Yu had a girl I felt this weird horrible emptiness that at first I thought was due to our closeness and my fear of us growing apart with this new girl in the way, but er.. over time this feeling did not subside. I began thinking things and wondering why I was feeling this way, moody and unhappy when he had clearly found some happiness, shouldn't I have felt happy for him?

Don't feel bad Ryu, I know you didn't mean anything by it. *smiles*

I saw him with her one day and I remember this solid intense feeling coursing through me, this kind of hatred I was feeling for this woman I didn't even know. It was then I knew it was more than a friendship I was worried about. And I started to immerse myself in my guitar playing and choosing to stay alone in my spare time. I think Yu noticed this and it came to the point were he confronted me about it. We fought and screamed, and my emotions were left raw and exposed to him to the point were I told him. I told him what I was feeling, and all I saw was the shock in his eyes...

It's not easy, having the reason why the closest person in my life had felt so miserable suddenly enlighten me like that, all I could see was white and rain, and the darkness that had crept in. It was silent for a bit as I concentrated on my breathing and just looking in his eyes to see if this could be anything but a joke but I saw nothing but real determined intesity burning in those eyes then. He was waiting for my reaction, to see what I would do and I think I disappointed him because he went to leave, his lips drawn into a tightly drawn line. Without thinking I reached out to him and caught his wrist, drawing him to me and into what I hoped was a warm comforting embrace while he cried out his frustrations onto me..

Luckily our friendship was strong and although he did not return my feelings he tried his best to stay strong for me and over time began to open up and let me into his heart and give to me what I had wanted from him, a loving friendship but with one promise to take it slow. And if anything were to happen to us as a relationship we would still stay friends no matter what.


http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/2764/yusofacegq7.jpg (http://imageshack.us)


http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/8066/ryugofaceshotrenamedrenvt6.jpg (http://imageshack.us)


http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/9311/nuzzlesjs2.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/2438/cute3renamedqc9.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

http://img292.imageshack.us/img292/3229/ryuyutogetherrenamedzk7.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
By your side I don't feel the darkness, the chilling biting breeze nor the overwhelming fear.
With you and your protective embrace I feel a warmth
not yet experienced before that reaches my whole being,
even if this world were to turn to dust.. please stay by my side..

1st Jul 2007, 9:28 AM
Man, there are some great entries so far. This is gonna be an interesting contest (especially since there is now a three-some and a four-some).

1st Jul 2007, 3:07 PM
emodawg and Hakuryuu~ Aww their such a cute couple, I like the pictures :D

1st Jul 2007, 7:34 PM

Kylar MacLeod


Interplanetary negotiator. Really. Or an archaeologist, it depends whether I’m on Earth or not.

Chocolate chip cookies; I developed an addiction to them when I came to Earth. Or finding an artefact when I’m on a dig, it makes me shiver with excitement right down to my dusty, well-worn, sand-filled boots. And then I really adore nights with full moons, and the Three Days of Togetherness. And our son, Romero.

362 days of your Earth calendar; though there are exceptions when I’m doing something that I like a lot. I also dislike you “fries”. I find them vile, yet people on the continent where I am seem to have developed an astonishing addiction to them. I also dislike my enemies, and the one who cast the curse on my husband.


Bannor MacLeod


Well these are rather unusual circumstances, but let’s say I’m a…protector of Kylar, alright?

Kylar, Romero; the song of hunsiye birds as the sun sets on my home world. The sun, I wish I could feel its rays upon my skin again. I miss it.

I dislike being dead, does that count? Apart from that...clocks. Humans run so much by time that they rush around, and never seem relaxed. I hate the ticking of clocks anyway.


Brief description of your relationship together

Kylar: Well you could say that our relationship's had many ups and down... Many, many down; but I try not to be cynical about it. But there comes a time though when the good times seem so few and far between as to be depressing. Make no mistake, the problem isn't with Bannor and myself but some unsavoury beings on the outside of our niche who try to cause unrest. Things were never going to be easy for us from the very beginning though. It started when I came of age...238 years ago now.

Bannor: And I was...older! Though it wasn't apparent in features. My race age so slowly. Unfortunately that we're granted such long lives doesn't exactly give us the wisdom to come with it.

Kylar: Does age and wisdom ever come hand-in-hand, lover?

Bannor: ...No...Not for them it seems. I may paint a desolate picture, but I must in order for you to fully understand. My race are very backward even now; any who aren't the same as them are oppressed.

Kylar: I had been sold and was a slave to one of the middle-class families...

Bannor: And I wasn't even supposed to look at her, let alone lust after her or fall in love with her. To do either of those things was...still is to those people...an abomination.

Kylar: When I came of age slaves are sold on, to be used for purposes of pleasure. I'd seen Bannor watching me from afar and I wished he would come to my aid. Many slaves wished the same of different Lords, hoping for...a "Knight in Shining Armour", but I wasn't dissillusioned and doubted it would happen.

Bannor: But I made up my mind and came to her the night before she was to be sold. The Count she had been sold to had many women, and they were used on consecutive nights. I had nightmares about that happening to Kylar. I didn't realise it then - I thought I was just being charming, a nice man...a good man - but I already loved her.

Kylar: He rescued me that night, but the Count had been there too and he saw us. He hadn't wanted to wait the rest of the night to take me. That vile beast makes me ill even now!

Bannor: We hid in the foothills for several days, and in that time we heard search parties...vigilantes, really. They were trying to find us, to punish us no doubt. We left the planet after realise the Count had contracted the Seekers to find us. They had some kind of "seeing" power...I don't fully understand it, but if we were on that planet they would have found us.

Kylar: And somewhere along the way we stayed together. And then we became lovers, and then we were married a century later. We live long lives...there was no immediate hurry to speak vows! But...we knew Bannor's people could hold a grudge; and the Count felt he had been wronged. He still wanted me, but now as a possession he wanted to steal because I was betrothed to someone else. The old "wanting what one cannot have". He still doesn't have me, but he also swears by the old adage...

Bannor: "If I can't have her, then you won't either..."

Kylar: And therein lies the reason I like "The Three Days of Togetherness". It's bittersweet. The Seekers have other uses -- and one cast a curse upon Bannor.

Bannor: And now I'm trapped, not alive but not wholly dead either. I have three days in which I am corporeal again. The other days...I can see Kylar, and she can see me; but I can't kiss her, touch her; I can't eat or sleep or drink. If I see danger I can warn her but I'm unable to do anything to help her avert it myself. It was the perfect punishment they exacted upon us: To be together, yet so far apart is torturous.

Kylar The three days are a lifeline.

Bannor: At least I was flesh and blood at Romero's birth, hey?

Kylar: And may you be flesh and blood at the next... Don't feel sad for our story. Just remain optimistic for our future.

2nd Jul 2007, 4:13 AM
Name: Yuudai Devlin & Hiroshika Ashford
Age: Yuu - 19; Hiro - 32

Occupations: Yuu - legit heir to "Bloody Ring" ; Hiro - Technical Scientist


Likes: Computers, books, chess, redheads, smoking
Dislikes: Poorly-written books, cheap cigs, broken electronics, wearing contacts

Brief description of your relationship: Ah - nothing starts a relationship then having your life threatened by your own boyfriend. It was a simple misunderstanding, I assure you, we get along quite well. Even though Yuu is far younger than I am, still; I work mostly at home, and since he doesn't go to school, I can spend my time with him at my leisure (whether it's on the couch or in bed, if you know what I mean *wink* ).


Likes: Italian food, sword fighting, furry kittens, adventure novels, chess
Dislikes: Proud women, smokers (trying to get Hiro to quit), guns, being called 'short'

Brief Description of your relationship: ...Do I really have to? Ugh - Hiro is so embarrassing sometimes! Honestly, I have to wonder sometimes why I'm even living with him - well, I suppose I do own him for almost killing him a while back. Hiro has waaay too much free time on his hands, and he always needs to keep his hands busy with something - whether it's on his computer, or... um... on me *blush* P-preferable on the computer is better. I'm always too tired afterwards, and I still have jobs to do.


*Ahem* Don't mind the crazy arrangements -- if it's too crazy, just let me know, and I'll gladly change it! :laugh: I was debating about this for a long time, and since I figured I missed "I'm too Sexy 3" I decided to join!

Hi honda!! *waves madly*

2nd Jul 2007, 5:40 AM
Names : Lotus and Ash Silvan

Ages : Lotus is twenty-seven, Ash is twenty-four.

Occupations : While they have many jobs at home (parenting and educating their daughter, gardening, sewing, and fishing) they make a profit by selling vegetables and fruit they grow at home. Every Sunday, they sell their produce at the Veronaville Farmer's Market, and are trying to grow enough produce to supply local markets as well.

Likes : Lotus greatly enjoys designing clothes, as well as reading classical literature. She also loves their homegrown produce, and refuses to eat anything else. Ash likes architecture, and designed their current house. Ash is blessed with his mother's beautiful voice, and signing is one of his passions.

Dislikes : Lotus and Ash dislike their home country, which is why they moved to SimCity. They also dislike the snow and Winter in general.

Brief description of your relationship together :
Lotus: I knew that we'd always be together the very moment that we met. I was seventeen years old, and he was fourteen. Although, our relationship wasn't allowed in our home country.

Ash: You see, I was a peasant, and she was the King's niece. Lotus was actually engaged to be married when we met, to a man--

Lotus: It was an arranged marriage. I actually met Ash a month before the other wedding. I would have been severely punished if I broken the arrangement and married Ash instead. So, four days before the wedding, we ran away. It took us two months to arrive here, and we've never looked back.

Ash: Lotus and I are incredibly close. It may have seemed foolish to you to run away together only weeks after we first met, but we've never questioned our love. If she had been married to --

Lotus: It was our only opportunity to make a life for ourselves, and we took it. I never believed in soulmates, but I would be incomplete without Ash.








2nd Jul 2007, 8:11 AM
:howdy: Hi Melody, Your Yuu is so adorable! I really like your couple and they take such nice pictures together.
I guess we will be in another contest together again :)

Oh, and can anybody please tell me when apps finish? I hope I'm not just being blind..

Thanks ChrstyFarie too, I'm glad you think they are cute, they are my fav sims at the moment ^_^

great apps from you other guys too :]

2nd Jul 2007, 9:07 AM
Man, there's some great entries coming in! Good job guys! *getting ansy because she wants to get to round 1 and judge already!) lol

2nd Jul 2007, 9:27 AM
:howdy: Hi Melody, Your Yuu is so adorable! I really like your couple and they take such nice pictures together.
I guess we will be in another contest together again :)

Hi Haku!! Aww, thank you - that means a lot to me, coming from you! ^_^ Your sims are just beautiful as always! Yuso is so cute! ^.^ Ryugo is cute too!

And, yep - guess we're in another contest together again ^_^ Best of luck~

2nd Jul 2007, 1:39 PM
All apps are great guys!
Tririana : wow beautiful couple! they look sooo cute :D
EmoDawg: WOw! the guy is hot!! and i love the couch shot! very cute :D

2nd Jul 2007, 6:14 PM
Okay guys, I've decided apps will end on Friday the 6th, but I'll go ahead and post round one on Wednesday--my day off. :) Good entries, everyone!

2nd Jul 2007, 10:47 PM
Thanks Emaone. :).

Mine (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=934440&postcount=44) is done finished!

2nd Jul 2007, 11:32 PM
Everyone's entries looks awesome! And the couple looks cute too :D

Okay guys, I've decided apps will end on Friday the 6th, but I'll go ahead and post round one on Wednesday--my day off. :) Good entries, everyone!
Oh and you should update the contestant list :D

3rd Jul 2007, 5:53 PM
Names: Adlai Witt & Pembroke Hidalgo
Ages: 38 & 21
Occupations: works on his farm, full time Uni student
Adlai: Pembroke, working in the garden, playing catch with his son
Pembroke: Adlai, when Adlai is shy & blushes, books
Adlai: people who judge, a bad harvest
Pembroke: authority, summertime, people who judge

Pembroke: Once I grew up & went to Uni, Adlai was all I could think about. Before we were great friends: me, Adlai, my half-brother Laszlo, my twin Panuco. Adlai came by for a visit...he was visiting his son, Laszlo. We talked about how I was enjoying my studies; it was no surprise that I was a Lit. major. Then, I leaned in, not quite sure what exactly was happening...I knew I wanted to kiss him. We kissed...there were hearts & stars. Aldai blushed, his pale face was the same colour as his hair.
Adlai: There's something about the way Pembroke reads her books, thats for sure. We weren't sure if we could actually be together, given the....circomstances. But, I knew that I had to tell her the truth, so I went back to Tech a few days afterwards, got down on one knee and proposed.
Pembroke: If people knew the whole story, the fact that Adlai was together with my mom, then they'd probably think that it's disgusting. The truth is, Aldai was with my mom when they were just teens...neither knew exactly what they were doing. It was a long time ago. And...well, I dont care. We decided to wait until I graduate to get married.




Random Shots:




I'm going to try & get a picture of them on a neutral background posing together later. ^^;

4th Jul 2007, 3:45 AM
Cassie~ Oh no! Well It was great having you :D

4th Jul 2007, 2:54 PM
Cassie we would love to have you! anyway have fun with your assigment then. :D
Great entries everyone.
And you're welcome Tririana.
Picos: your random shot is so cute =)

4th Jul 2007, 6:43 PM
Okay guys, applications end on Friday and I want your opinions. Do you guys want the application round scored or just comments and favorites? Let me know and I'll tell the judges what we decide together. :)

Round One

So you've told us a little about your relationship together, now you have a chance to show us just how you wound up with each other. Be creative, but you don't have to overextend yourself, just show us how your sims came to be in the situation they're in. 2-6 pictures are allowable, any kind of shot is fine. You can either add a little or a lot of text, just so that we know what is going on in the picture. Remember, we're here to have fun. ^_^

4th Jul 2007, 7:45 PM
I'd say jsut comments and favourites personally, the application round was really jsut for basic headshots and stuff so it's not really a test of anyone's creativity or skills. But that's jsut my opinion :)

*evil grin* Ooooooh won't this be fun. *snickers and points to Robyn and Aruyu* Those two have quite the interesting story behind them;) And is it okay if Robyn uses the occasional curse word? Nothing worse than H*LL or D*MN cause of the forum rules, she really jsut had a terrible trucker mouth and I want to keep her in character.

4th Jul 2007, 8:39 PM
sure, that's fine. :)

4th Jul 2007, 8:43 PM
Oh i can't wait to do this. There's alot more to their meeting then I wrote in their biography together (lol). Anyways this will be super fun, especially with the photoshopping that i'm going to do!


4th Jul 2007, 11:58 PM
Well hi again guys! Aruyu’s upstairs doing pushups or sit-ups or some other such working out type thing where he gets all hot and sweaty. So I’m going to tell you all about how we ended up together. Of course you already know about the meeting at the Masquerade dance at the Anime Convention, so I’ll tell you what happened after that.


Since the Dance was on the first night of the convention, we made plans to meet up again the next night after all the events were over. I was working at a booth with a friend of mine for the store she works at so I was busy all day. So as soon as the day was over I went back to the hotel room to change out of my costume, which I was glad for because as sexy as it might have been I was starting to get chilly. And please excuse the mess in there, I'm not the neatest person ever.


We were supposed to meet at his hotel room at 9, and being the weird person about being on time that I am I showed up 10 minutes early. He didn’t seem to mind though and he quickly invited me in. He told me he had gotten his own room, because his friends had dragged him with them last minute and there wasn’t any room for him in theirs. We hadn’t really made any plans for what to do, so we decided to just hang around there and get to know each other better. We ordered ourselves some roomservice and after a few hours of talking it felt like I had known him my whole life. I know that sounds really cheesy and clichéd but it’s absolutely true.


We were just sitting there on the bed, laughing about my story of tripping up the stairs back in high school when he leaned over and kissed me. And damn was it ever a good kiss. Well that kiss lead to another kiss and another kiss and eventually…well…you can see the picture can’t you? Figure it out from there. Yeesh, I can't believe I'm letting you all see me in my undies.


After the convention was over, the two of us became practically inseparable. Despite out rather different personalities, we just seemed to click. There was just something that drew us together that neither of us could explain, so we didn't bother to try. It was about 2 months later that I moved into his house with him, and also discovered that I was pregnant. Of course most of my family and friends thought I was crazy enough for moving in with someone so fast, and so young, and now I was pregnant to boot. But Aruyu and I didn't care about what other people though of us because we knew we were in love. My mother in particular wasn’t very fond of Aruyu because she thought he was totally wrong for me. Of course I knew she was the wrong one, but I was still nervous as hell about telling him.


But I didn’t really need to worry about it because he was thrilled. We decided to go out to dinner to celebrate and he proposed to me that very night. Of course I accepted and 4 months later we were married. Wasn’t my wedding dress gorgeous? We had it later on at night, and the whole area was lit with candles. It was absolutely beautiful. Two months after the wedding the twins were born. And here we are 7 years later, still together and very much in love. Yeah yeah, I know, point and call me cheesy all you want I don’t care. Now I’m sorry to have to run off but I just heard what sounded like china breaking and so help me god it better not have been the kids playing murderball in the house again or they’re going to be grounded till they’re 30.


5th Jul 2007, 12:27 AM
I'am donating one of my gorgeous pirate sims, his name is Leif Dawson. Here is a headshot of him, he's going to be a prize.


5th Jul 2007, 12:31 AM
Oooooooooooooo a pirate! You can NEVER have too many pirates running around your game ;)

5th Jul 2007, 1:02 AM
Name: Alton Quinn
Age: 20
Occupation: Cartoonist
Likes: Books, peace and quiet, Jo, a clean house
Dislikes: Loud noises, being hit, video games, when Jo makes a mess (Which is more often than not), Alcohol

Name: Jobab "Jo" Gray
Age: 22
Occupation: "Professional Annoyance/ Video Game nerd" (Aka: Unemployed/ Werewolf)(I wasn't sure where else to put it.)
Likes: Video Games, watching TV, Junk Food, Pranks, fooling around, mess, Alcohol, Parties
Dislikes: Make up, 'girly' things, those annoying Yaoi fangirls who always try and take pictures of him and Alton together, feeling weak, loosing control of a situation, hospitals, mustard, full moons ("I have to eat people then, would you like it?")


Together: (If the picture isn't clear enough, I'll take another one)

Brief description of your relationship together:

Alton: Do I really have to talk, Jo?

Jo: Of course you have to talk, Alton. This is a competition for couples. Not a single person, a couple!

Alton: *Sigh* O-Okay.....

Jo: Okay then! I'll start us off! How we met? Well, first I guess you should know that I didn't exactly have the best living conditions at the time...

Alton: You lived on a park bench, Jo.

Jo: I was getting to the details! Anyways, the park was right by Alton's school. So I always was around when he got out for the day. And I didn't really have anything better to do, so I usually would wander over and talk to some people. One day, when I did, Alton was getting the crap kicked out of him. So I stepped in to help him.

Alton: Admittidly, I'm not the strongest person in the world. I doubt I ever will be. So I couldn't really contribute much to the fight. Jo was rather outnumbered, I think it was three to one. Either way, he ended up breaking his arm.

Jo: And then someone made me go to the hospital! The icky hospital with the doctors and the shots and *Shivers*

Alton: Yes, I made Jo go to the hospital. I didn't know that he was terrified of them at the time. I found out when the doctor tried to set his arm back into place and Jo tried to bite him.

Jo: I would have gotten him too, if you hadn't held me down!

Alton: Right. Well, since he refused to stay in the hospital and he lived in the park, I invited him to come live with me. I wasn't really worried about asking first, my mother was so drunk all the time she would think he was a lamp or something.

Jo: Yup! So we've just sort of been together ever since! Of course, it took a while for me ot ask him out, but that's how we met!

5th Jul 2007, 1:18 AM
oooh great entries guys! :D:D

5th Jul 2007, 1:30 PM
http://i18.tinypic.com/4rbpd3q.jpg http://i14.tinypic.com/63j1aa1.jpg

Names : Kurt Morgan / Jenna Saxon
Ages : 21 / 20
Occupations : novelist / artist
Likes : indie music, watching sunsets, snuggling on the sofa, creating beautiful things.
Dislikes : mainstream culture, aeroplanes flying overhead, morning breath.
Brief description of your relationship together : "It's weird, from the first moment I saw him, there was this spark, a sort of current between us," Jenna says, "and I guess it never left." "I always believed in a sort of old fashioned romance, and here it was," says Kurt, "we're sort of hermits, we'd rather stay in drinking hot chocolate and watching bad tv than go out. Since we moved in together, we've been pretty much joined at the hip."
Kurt and Jenna met in college, and are currently living together. They have no plans for marriage or children (they'd rather have cats).


5th Jul 2007, 5:24 PM
Everyones applications and round one entries look good so far! And Honda I think you should do comments and favorites for the applications round and the scoring for the rounds :D

5th Jul 2007, 6:11 PM
i really like comments :)

6th Jul 2007, 3:11 AM

Name : Llewellyn Fairchild
Age : 42
Occupation : United States Senator
Likes : Hugo Boss suits, the Fifth Amendment, duck with lingonberry sauce,
porch swings
Dislikes : Onions, Viagra ads, golf, Wolf Blitzer


Name : Ingo Jaeger
Age : 25
Occupation : Personal Assistant to the Senator/Former Pizza Deliveryman
Likes : pickles and peanut butter, Louis Vuitton, Alphonse Mucha,
Dislikes : clowns, underwear, American football, dirty dishes


Brief description of your relationship together :

LLEW: Hello! I'm Senator Llewellyn Fairchild, graduate of Academie de la Tour and Simston University Law School. I am running for my second term, and I would appreciate your vote in the upcoming election.
(puts an arm around Ingo's shoulders)
And this is Ingo Jaeger, until recently a pizza-delivery specialist, and now my private assistant. His duties are ... varied.

INGO: We've been together for more than a year now, despite very difficult circumstances that force us to keep our relationship a secret.

LLEW: The possible consequences of our affair are devastating: if my conservative constituents find out about Ingo, my career in politics is finished. It is said that the things which are most forbidden are the most tantalizing, which is the only explanation I can offer for why a conservative Senator would get involved with another man. I couldn't resist Ingo; hell, John Ashcroft probably couldn't resist him.

INGO: I knew Llew loved me when he was willing to risk his career just to be with me.
>does a double take< John Ashcroft and me?! Thanks, Llew my love; I need to go bleach my brain after that mental image.

LLEW: >smiles sweetly< I'm sure I can come up with a much more pleasant way to clear your mind.

6th Jul 2007, 4:36 AM
quick question here...are apps still being taken? or am i too late?

6th Jul 2007, 4:56 AM
apps are open until midnight CST Friday night/Saturday morning

6th Jul 2007, 5:49 AM

Lotus: To tell the story of how Ash and I became a couple, I guess it would make most sense to start from the very first day we met. I had just turned seventeen, and I wasn't a very happy person at the time. I was soon to be wed to a man I had only met three times, so you can imagine why I was depressed. Back to the story, it was a warm, bright spring day. I stopped at my favorite cafe for a small salad. After I waited ten, maybe fifteen minutes, I asked the waiter where my food was. To be more precise, I said, "Where the Hell is my salad? How long does it take for you idiots to chop lettuce and put it in a bowl?" The waiter mumbled something like, "sorry miss, we have a new chef. Your meal should be ready in a minute." and walked away. After sitting at the table for another five minutes, I stormed off to the kitchen.

Ash: I was so embarrassed when I saw Lotus! "I'm so sorry to keep you waiting. Your f-food is done, my lady. It's my first day today...please don't get me fired!" Lotus just laughed in my face after I said that, and I could feel my face reddening.
"I'm sure that I could have you fired in an instant, if I wanted to..."
She didn't though. She stepped behind the counter, and looked into my eyes.

Lotus: "You're too cute to get in trouble." Is what I said after a brief pause.
That was the day that changed my life. If I didn't meet him, I would be an unhappy house wife of some arrogant, rich jerk.

Ash: Lotus and I saw each other every day after that day. We would sneak out of our houses at night time, and not come back until sunrise. I couldn't bear to see Lotus marry someone she wasn't even in love with. Four days before the wedding, we ran away. I asked her to be my wife, and I promised her a life of undying live.

Lotus: Ash was so corny, I swear. I accepted his proposal, of course.

Lotus: The next day, we exchanged rings and vows at an abandoned chapel. For a month or two after that, we lived in place to place until we gathered enough money to buy our own home.

Ash: I was used to sleeping underneath the stars and living off berries and raw vegetables. However, I do not think that Lotus was as comfortable with the situation. Nevertheless, we were finally able to afford a large plot of land in a neighborhood called Veronaville.


Lotus: Ash designed the house, and we both built it. I was so happy when we were finished! I was so happy to be with the man that I loved, and in a place where we could live peacefully for the rest of our days.


Ash: Ten years later, and not much has changed. We have a beautiful daughter named Jasmine, and we can make a living doing what we love.

Lotus: So, that's where we are now. I know that our family (which may be expanding!) will have ups and downs, but knowing that we'll always be together gives me confidence and strength.

6th Jul 2007, 7:31 PM
apps are open until midnight CST Friday night/Saturday morning

oh alrighty! :]

hopefully i can get mine in soon!

6th Jul 2007, 7:35 PM
First meeting:

(Neveah’s point of view)
After his first day of work as an Intern in the E.R the new friends that Greg made decided to take him out for dinner at the local diner. It was a crazy day at the diner and things were very hectic. When Greg and his friend’s order finally arrived I was accidentally tripped by another waitress and all the food on the serving plate landed on top of Greg. This picture was taken shortly before that incident happened and Greg was discussing things with his new friends (he was a total hotty with his long hair). I was so scared that Greg was going to be mad with me dropping piping hot food all over him, but to my surprise he started laughing. He got up and brushed the food off of him and picked up the serving dish and helped me back to the kitchen. When the plate was handed off to the cook to re-prepared Greg handed me his number with a smile on his face. I’ll never forget what he said after that I looked into his dazzling eyes and he said “Don’t worry about it babe, how about you repay me with a date on your next break?” I smiled my girlish smile and shook my head in agreement. I slipped his number into my pocket and told him that we’ll go to the movies on Friday. That’s where the story began.

First Date:

(Greg's Point of View)

Our first date was amazing! I would always get this awesome feeling inside of my stomach when I would look at Nevaeh. She was perfect and I was still in shock that I found her by such an awkward circumstance. We went and saw one of those new action movies, because Nevaeh told me she wasn’t really into the whole “Chick Flick” thing. The whole movie she kept caressing my hand and I would return the favor. I couldn’t really concentrate on the movie, all I could concentrate on was her and how gorgeous she looked. I slid my arm around her and made my move, our lips touched at the perfect moment and it felt like we were floating. After the movie a buddy of mine took this picture of us standing in front of the theater for myspace .:laughs:.. To bad Nevaeh wasn’t looking it would have been a better picture. After the movie we couldn’t keep our eyes off of each other and I guess you can tell that by this picture. We had a few more dates following this one and Nevaeh and I knew that we were going to be perfect together, so we proceeded to buy a house together.

(Nevaeh's point of view)

After we started dating I knew that I was finally happy. I mean at that time every thing was so stressing for me, because of how slow my modeling agency was at that time. Greg just made everything seem so much better and not as stressing. I guess Greg already told you about our first date (to which I loved), but I'm going to tell you about a couple of others. After our first date Greg would always call me when he promised, which is totaly rare for some guys to do. Our second date took place 200 miles away from home, he refused to tell me where we were going, but when I got there what i saw was breathtaking. He took me to a waterfall with all these wildflowers blooming around it. It was so gorgeous...I felt like this was some place where only royal people could come. Then a few more dates later he took me to a photo shoot, he told me that it was his treat. Later I found out that he spent 5,000$ on it just for me to have better headshots. What he did really helped my modeling career. That same day is the day we agreed to buy a house together.

Moving in together:

(Greg's Point of View)

Nevaeh wanted to take a hold of everything in our new house. She put the bedroom together (which is in the picture above).I never knew she was so artistic, she loved painting the mural inside of the bedroom. Inside of me I knew that she was the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with, she was just so perfect! I stood there helping her decorate the bedroom, there wasn’t much for me to do in the first place. When she needed a certain color of paint I would run down stairs and grab it and bring it back to her. Living together couldn’t have been any more perfect, sure it was a lot of work, but it all paid off in the end. When the bedroom was finished she started moving downstairs and painting all of those rooms. After it was all finished, the fixer upper that we had bought had turned into a house that a family could live in. The next move I wanted to make gave me butterflies in my stomach, but I knew what I had to do..I invited Nevaeh out to a fancy dinner.


(Nevaeh's point of view)

It was a gorgeous night when Greg invited me to come with him to dinner. He brought me to one of the fanciest restaurants in town, I had no clue to what he was going to do. Our table over looked the sunset and the beach, it was just breath taking. Just when the sun was about to hide under the waves of the ocean Greg gently pulled out a little black box and slid it across the table to me. He smiled at me and told me to open the box..inside I had butterflies flying everywhere. In the box was a diamond ring..I peered up at Greg with tears in my eyes and he said “will you?” I slid the ring onto my finger and of coarse that was the answer to his question. This was the greatest love of my life and I never wanted to let it go…it was perfect that we now lived together, were now engaged and I couldn’t wait to get married.

We had so many plans for when the wedding was going to be. We first thought about a summer wedding, then thought that there would be to many things going on during the summer. So we planned it for a month that wasn’t so hectic…in September, just before the leaves on the tree’s started turning the vibrant colors of fall.


(Greg's Point of View)

As soon as we knew it, it was already our wedding day. I wasn’t allowed to see the Bride all day which killed me inside, I never wanted to go a day without Nevaeh in my life. The day seemed pretty boring and like the wedding would never come. We decided to have the wedding in our backyard, so it was less open to the public. At separate times Nevaeh, and I were allowed to go up into the bedroom and change…I could feel that I went in after her (well I could smell it actually by her perfume). I stood there grinning like a menace, because I knew that very soon we wouldn’t be engaged, we would be husband and wife! The wedding was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen, it came together so beautifully. When I said my vows with Nevaeh in front of me, I couldn’t help but to shed a few tears, because I knew that she was my forever.

After the wedding we headed to the reception and danced the night away. When it came time to cut the cake Nevaeh smashed the whole thing into my face, we both broke out in laughter, because we knew that it reminded both of us of the day that we met.

A few weeks after the wedding we discovered that Nevaeh was pregnant with our first child, we were both glowing with happiness.

(Nevaeh's Point of View)

Our wedding day, the most beautiful day of my life. The day where I got to feel like a princess, the day where everybody looked at me and stood up in respect. I hated the rule that I wasn't allowed to see him until the actual wedding and it just killed me to think that I would have to life more then half a day without him.

As the big moment got closer I was sent upstairs to get ready with a few of my closest friends and Greg's mother. They made sure that I didn't have to do anything to get ready, they wanted me to be pampered. All of them pitched in and got my hair done, my nails painted, my make up done, and all the other accesories completed. I knew that when they were finished I was just a few hours away from becoming a wife and not just a Girlfriend.

It seemed like forever until I finally heard the wedding march and had my father ushering me out onto the isle, saying his goodbyes to his daugher, he was handing me off to another man and I could tell it was killing him inside, because I was his last daughter to get married off. When I glanced into Greg's entrancing eyes I knew that this was my future.

After we were married we went and partied at the reception. We made sure we had fun and showed everybody that we were going to stick together until the end. Everytime we would look into eachother's eyes everybody could tell how deeply we were in love.

A few weeks later I felt some symptoms of pregnancy (well the ones my friends told me about) and went and visited my Doctor. He told me a few hours after I entered that I was pregnant! I cried tears of happiness and rushed home to tell Greg, he had the exact same reaction.

First Baby:

(Nevaeh's Point of View)

Months seemed to fly by when I was pregnant. When we first found out everything was so hectic, everybody was excited. I wanted to have a baby girl at first, because I wanted somebody to shop with. Then the months just started flying by and I came to accept the fact that I might really want a boy, somebody Greg could teach so many wonderful things to. In this picture (taken by my mother) Greg is saying hello to my 8 ½ month belly, telling them how excited he was to finally see them and to be a daddy.

The 9th month finally came around the corner. On June 24th I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy…we decided to name him Colby after Greg’s father (he died of cancer a few months ago..may he rest in piece). Our baby boy was gorgeous one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen (I know that’s probably something every mother says about their babies). Having Colby just brought our family even more close to being perfect.

So that’s it, that’s everything on how we got where we are today, deeply and madly in love. The story may seem long, but it’s only really been a few years…We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us, and what new challenges and such may come our way.

(Greg's Point of View)
I was so happy that I was finally going to be a daddy. The time me and Nevaeh were together seemed to pass by so fast. I didn't know much about my future, but I knew that as long as Neveah and Colby were in it, it was going to be perfect.

I remember the day that she went into labor. It was a warm saturday evening when all of a sudden the couch was covered in this liquid..I gazed upon Nevaeh and she shook her head letting me know that it was time. I jumped up in a panic and started freaking out, I was excited, but my mind was so scrambeled I didn't know what to do at that time. I just ended up calling my mother and she came down and helped both Nevaeh and me into the car (me because I was almost ready to pass out). I held onto my conciousness when she was giving birth and I watched the whole miracle of my baby boy being born. I was proud that Nevaeh decided upon my father's name for him, it just seemed to fit so perfectly.

Life couldn't be any better right now. I can't wait to see the little one that's on the way. Nevaeh can't wait either, right now she's 3 months along, so we can't really see a bump yet. She is my everyday and she is my life..I love her so much.

(Ok that’s my shot at it, I wasn’t sure what you meant by the “how you got where you are today” so I actually did everything to how they got where they currently stand. It does show how they’ve grown to be a couple..it shows their first meeting, their first date, moving in, engagement, marriage, and their first baby…so I hope that’s what you were looking for =) )

Comments appreciated…


6th Jul 2007, 9:56 PM
Names : Miley & Ryne (Not Ryan) Brandau
Ages : 27 - 28
Occupations : Veterinarian - Lead Singer for a hometown band
Likes : Alternative music - Animals - Big Cities - Italian Food
Dislikes : Rap music - Working - Tv - Summer
Brief description of your relationship together :
Miley: Ryne and I met at one of his shows about two years ago! It was love at first sight...
Ryne: Er...more like first dive...I kind of almost killed her when I stage dived into the crowed. She had a concussion for a few days.
Miley: And he never left my side all those days in the hospital! *kisses her husband's cheek*
Ryne: Yeah, well I just couldnt leave her like that, and I had immediately fallen in love with her. She was everything I had been looking for! I knew from the moment I had landed on top of her that we were meant to be together!
Miley: And it has been pure bliss ever since!

Headshot - Miley
Miley: Erm...whoops, I guess you caught me checking myself out.
Ryne: She does that alot...
Miley: I do NOT!

Headshot - Ryne
Miley: At least I dont get caught dancing like an idiot!
Ryne: I wasnt dancing like and idiot...

Plain Background Shot - Together
Miley: Aw, how cute. Except I really do hate when you try to tickle me!
Ryne: Oh, you know you love it!

Sorry, all the dialog was really badly written :]

6th Jul 2007, 10:20 PM
My round one entry is completely finished...
Tell me what you guys think!


7th Jul 2007, 1:50 AM
I'm sorry; I have to drop out. I'm already in a contest and I have summer school. It's too much...sorry. Everyone's look great though! I'm gonna lurk =]

7th Jul 2007, 2:31 AM
We'll miss you Noir, :D :D have fun at summer school. :D
Great entries everyone :D

7th Jul 2007, 6:38 AM
apps are officially closed :)

7th Jul 2007, 9:51 AM
Round I
The Meeting


In those days Kylar felt fear as easily as she felt tiredness or sadness. It was a way of life for all the slaves, whether they had Come of Age or not. After a few months, weeks in some cases, upon arrival in one of the Houses the slaves learned to live with that deeper sense of anxiety until it permeated their evey pore. For some it sent them a little crazy, for others the despairing feeling borne of true fear sent them retreating into themselves. All learned to develop a little corner of their mind to shrink into when the beatings became too much, or the threat of death came knocking on their door. But Kylar was born of slightly tougher stock, or so her mother had said right before she was sold into child slavery. Whenever Kylar felt fear she struck out. Whether it was a physical blow she gave back, or standing tall with the presence and steely stare of a noble didn't matter. She still refused to back down completely and become utterly crushed of spirit.

She made a name for herself, a bad name. It was that which brought her to the attention of the man who wanted to by her once she Came of Age. He wanted to be known as the great man who tamed the wild beast.

Kylar only heard that she would be sold a week before it was to happen, and that was the first and only time she ever felt the overwhelming urge to submit. Maybe her buyer would lose interest if it seemed her spirit was already broken. Even as she prayed to their gods she felt sickened at what depths she had sunk to. Why would her Master's gods ever help her? She was a slave, lower than a slave soon. A vessel for pleasure.

Slaves had tried to escape before and they were locked away in the bowels of the Earth to live on the most meagre of supplies until insanity claimed them. Even as Kylar crouched with her head bowed to the statue, she heard the wails filter up through the crude ventilation system. It chilled her to the bone.

And as she sat there another shiver slithered up her spine. This time though it felt different - but when Kylar glanced up the presence she thought she detected had vanished.

Perhaps she was already losing her mind...?


Bannor could only watch as the slave girl was beaten into submission again and he winced as each stroke of the metal tipped whip lashed its intended target. He had seen her fight back before but now she was strangely subdued, only holding up her arms to stop the leather or metal from striking her face.

Her buyer would not be pleased to see bruises or scars on his new intended possession, and Bannor felt a stirring of hate when he recalled the lust the older man, the Count had had in his eyes. There was something else, too that Banner felt within his heart: jealousy. Immediately Bannor felt a wave of shame wash over him. How could he feel jealousy? The Count would never love the slave girl, as Bannor realised he did from afar. Love and lust were very different things, and to be able possess someone was nothing to be jealous about either.

But the Count would be able to see her each day, watch her as she worked whenever he wished. He would be able to touch her, and kiss her...

Yet it would be entirely one-sided; and with a pang Bannor realised why the girl - Kylar he knew her name to be now - didn't fight back as she was savagely beaten. The jealousy was rapidly overtaken by nausea as he thought of the Count inhabiting Kylar body and soul, and then resolve as he figured out how to stop her from ever travelling into the enemies hands.


The solution was deceptively simple, and Bannor had almost laughed out loud at his stupidity for not thinking of it before. "I can free her..." he whispered to himself from the dark corner outside, as he watched Kylar's room light flicker off hours later. "Show her the way to escape so she will need never be a slave again." Even as he silently murmured the words to himself, Bannor felt dismay at never seeing her again after she found the long coveted freedom.

And again he felt stupid, like a lovesick fool. She had never even seen him before, and he was of the race that imprisoned her, beat her, and sold her as a whore to a man so filled with burning desire he would buy women to keep him fully pleasured. How would she ever be able to look at him without malice in her heart? To believe she could ever return his love was just plain idiocy, and Bannor wouldn't be able to blame her.

"No...better to free her from her chains, and then keep her from my mind for eternity," Bannor decided firmly. He waited until the house was quiet before slipping forward. He had bribed the cook to keep the back door unlocked before leaving for home - the Lords of the Houses were not stupid enough to employ an enslaved enemy to prepare food, as the possibility of being poisoned was too high. Still, Bannor thought dryly. It probably wouldn't be too hard to bribe the cook to conjure up some poison himself, either. Within minutes Bannor reach Kylar's room, and he broke open the lock. The doors were kept bolted from the outside in case the slaves got it into their heads to take pleasure in each other's bodies, therein sullying themselves for potential buyers later on.

Only in sleep did the lines of anxiety seep away from Kylar, and her peacefulness stole Bannor's breath in the most cliched of ways. He felt almost like a peeping Tom and he tore his eyes away before his gaze could trace the curve of her body beneath the flimsy blanket. He was supposed to be preparing to sweep her from his mind, not become aroused. He loved her, and the best he could do was to lead her to freedom. And then leave to take a cold shower.


Bannor reached out a hand toward Kylar before drawing back abruptly. Best to rouse her awake by speaking softly than touching, lest she take offence. "Kylar...you must awaken. Kylar?"

The gentle voice filtered into her unconscious mind and Kylar stirred a little before dreams pulled her back down deeply. Bannor had been quite wrong, though he wouldn't realise it until later on. She had seen him watching on a few occasions. It was how she had sensed he was close by her the day before, as she despaired. Without knowing it she had become attuned to his presence. The young slave told herself on countless occasions that it was for her own protection, being able to sense a particular enemy. This race...they didn't watch a slave girl out of interest but desire. Likely he was a son of the Count who was coming to collect her soon, lusting after the new possession of his father. Probable too was it that he wanted a taste for himself, before she became lost to the adults of the House.

Yet she hadn't recognised any lust or desire in his beautifully pale eyes. Kylar had berated herself for even allowing herself to think any part of him beautiful. It was pure insanity, and yet another sign that she truly was losing control of her faculties.

Kylar dreamt of the nameless alien now as she slept, unknowing that he was right beside her bed and trying to wake her. But that voice was so insistent...

"Kylar... Please, wake up. They will awaken soon and you must be gone!"

Kylar groaned in frustration when the voice broke her concentration; just as the nameless man let his fingers lightly run across her naked skin in her dream. As she was woken so prematurely her heart was beating, and her cheeks flushing...

...A gasp tumbled from her lips when she saw the man from her dreams directly in front of her, at eye - and lip level with her. Unlike in the dream he didn't brush his lips across hers, or caress her face; and Kylar was determined to hide that disappointment But he did look bemused, as though knowing exactly what was running through her mind. Bizzarely, despite the misgivings she had forced herself to contemplate, Kylar wasn't afraid of him being there. In her room. Why was he in her room? Something about...leaving?!


"You will need to trust me," Bannor softly instructed once a few silence filled minutes had passed by. His gaze bore intently into hers as he whispered. "I wish to help you."

Kylar almost scoffed, but instead she started to shrink back instinctively as his hand moved toward her temple. "What are you doi-?"

His face looked saddened at her fear and it prompted him to quickly, and quietly, explain. "I can show you my intentions, but I need contact. It is more difficult without." Slowly Bannor saw comprehension dawn, and he receieved slightly apprehensive acquiesence. His fingertips tingled as he felt her warm skin beneath his and he had to force himself to concentrate on his task. He opened his mind to Kylar's and let chosen memories seep into her mind. Her mind was far more open to him than he thought it would be; and he soon saw the reason why.

She...dreams of me? The sight of the two of them entangled on silken sheets in her mind made him lose concentration for a few seconds, but fortunately Kylar had seen enough by then to know his intentions were honourable. But she still didn't comprehend why. Bannor hadn't let her sense the love he felt, lest it cause more trouble for them both. "I just want to...help the slaves," he said by way of explanation.

Kylar knew that he was holding something back but what were her other alternatives? Stay and be sold to a man who would force her to pleasure him when he chose? Or let this would-be rescuer try and lead her to freedom?

"Alright...Lead the way," Kylar made her decision quickly. The nights were short and soon daylight would close in. Their time was desperately short. To show how trustworthy he could be Bannor pressed a small dagger into Kylar's hand for protection. It did make her feel more at ease.

Once outside he led her past the temple, moving with speed Kylar hadn't known she posessed - there were no occasions for slaves to run...unless they were attempting escape, as now. When she started to slow, tiredness borne of not enough prolonged strenuous activity, threatened to overcome her, her rescuer slipped his hand into hers to urge her into continuing. Bannor had intended to come with her only as far as the wall that separated his country from the next, but when he heard hunting dogs in the distance he was more inclined to run just a little further...But only so far as the river...After that he really did have to leave.

But hours later as they rested amongst a few thick trees, he found himself coming up with more excuses to stay. The greatest actual reason for never returning home came that night, and Bannor found his heart ceasing its beat when he saw the shadow that cut across them. Turning his head stiffly to the side, he saw Kylar's widened blue jewel eyes trained on the same figure as his.


It was a Seeker. Kylar felt her mouth go dry and she whet her lips repeatedly to no avail. Oh gods, she thought with a sinking heart. We're already dead. She felt a sudden outpouring of emotion and hot tears of desolation sprang to her eyes. Closing them the tears spilled over her cheeks and she had to suck in a breath to keep from sobbing out loud, and ensuring an even speedier capture than what she imagined. To have come so close...

And then she felt Bannor's hand slipping over her own, and was curiously comforted. At least, when the end came, she would have managed to remember freedom for a few hours, however fleeting. And she had him to thank for that.

Bannor pressed a finger to his lips to signal that Kylar remain quiet and she nodded to show she understood his signal. Then he exerted his will over them both. It was tiring, to shield just himself but even more to do so with another person as well. His parents had trained as warriors, and with warriors came decidedly helpful abilities in battle. He Shaded both his own presence and that of Kylar. The technique wasn't infallible. If the Seeker should glance down in the darkness and see the flattened grass beneath where they sat the game would be up.

But amazingly they weren't seen. Not at all, and half an hour later when he was sure the woman searching for them was gone, Bannor let the cloaking effect fall. He was exhausted with the exertion of keeping the deception up for such a lengthy time and he fell back against the sturdy trunk of one of the trees.

Kylar found that she was concerned for him. He looked so drained, like a man only just clinging to life. He shook his head and forced a weary smile. "I need only to sleep. And then...I'll be fine."

She wasn't completely convinced but Kylar nodded before reaching out a hand to feel his temple. It was hot, too hot, and she poured some of the cool water they'd recovered from the stream and splashed some onto the edge of his cloak before pressing it to his forehead. "Sleep," she whispered in his ear. And then she pressed her lips to his cheek as she added softly, "thank you for saving my life, My Lord."

She didn't think it would be too bad to be in the service of one who cared for her wellbeing, but this man was full of suprises.

He held her hand gently, and smiled genuinely this time. "Not my Lord. Call me Bannor." Tenderly he pulled her down beside him and Kylar rested her head in his lap, submitting willingly to sleep.

7th Jul 2007, 9:38 PM
oh dangit! i didnt even realize that im leaving on vacation in a few days, so I wont be able to participate. wow, what a waste of time. sorry, but im going to have to drop out. :[

8th Jul 2007, 12:13 AM

Reno-One night me and my partner, and lover *winks* Rude were coming home from a mission, all of a sudden I spotted this bright blue light. Rude thought I was seeing things.

Rude-You ALWAYS see things.


Reno Shut-up! Anyway, i thought it was aliens, well it was technically. But here appeared after we thought they were dead were Yazoo and his brother Kadaj. They had both been vaporized, Kadaj had vaporized at the hands of Cloud, and Rude and I exploded Yazoo.

Yazoo-Yeah..I went BOOM!

Reno-Kadaj walked into the house, and Yazoo must have been weaker. He took one step and passed out cold.


Rude-He didn't look so well, he was paler than Reno's errrr....yeah..

Reno*Blush*-Anyway he passed out cold at my feet. We couldn't leave him there so Rude, being the big brute he is scooped him up and took him into the house.

Rude-He was pretty light, yet he was fully healed. I knew something had happened, Kadaj told us that he and Yazoo has been given a second chance by the lifestream. Loz had apprently been beyond repair.

Reno-The two had nowhere to go so we took them in, Kadaj keeps to himself but things started to happen between me, Yazoo and Rude. Good things.

Yazoo-Now we can hardly keep away from each other, we're always together. I feel sorry for Kadaj he seems so lonely, he'll find someone someday I just know it.

Reno-Yazoo and I like to dance for Rude, we also like to shop at..err..well just look at our outfits *Blush*

Rude-*Crunch...breaks another pair of sunglasses*

Reno-I didn't do it this time..*Giggle*

Yazoo-*Rubs Rude's bald head and purrs at him*Mmmmmmm...i like shiney...

Reno*purr*hmm..me too...*licks his lips*


Reno-Here we are posing for a picture with our Rude, we share very well. and like being with each other.

Yazoo-Threesomes are nice...i like to cuddle and to be loved. That's all I wanted was to be loved and taken care of.

Rude-I love my boys more than life itself, I'd do ANYTHING to protect them.

8th Jul 2007, 12:42 AM
Application Round Comments

Judge #1: Mnemosyne

App comments:

1)Nevaeh/Greg Bliss - Nevaeh's a beautiful woman and her name suits her perfectly. They are so sweet together, and I especially love your "together" shot. Very well thought out and the pictures are great!

2)Xemnas/Saix - I'm glad to see those two have gone past the sex and have found a meaningful relationship together. They seem to belong together and your pictures are nice. I would have liked to have seen better headshots of them both (perhaps if they had been looking at the camera), but overall I like them!

3)Robyn/Aruyu Seikun - I love those two! They glare at one another and bicker, yet jump at the opportunity of getting into a hot tub together. They seem to have a great relationship and I especially like the picture of them in the attire they wore the night they met (kudos for the cosplay bit). Also, love the dialog. Great application!

4)Jaal/Fae/Emile/Keever - So creative and original, especially the "doll" bit and how they come alive at night. I love the picture of Fae and Emile together. Fae sort of has a "hush hush" look about her. You overall originality is astounding and I love their background story.

5)Reno Shinra/Rude Shinra/Yazoo Jenova - Their likes and dislikes are funny and you did a great job with your pictures. I really like that Rude and Yazoo are protective of Reno; let's me know they all love eachother more than we would have known.

6)Adam Habblewhite/Elise Davenport - They are a beautiful couple (Adam's a cutie!) and the backstory was hilarious. I like the sort of "interview" response to the background story. Overall, I think they are a match made in heaven (or, a drunken party!).

7)Yuso Yamamoto/Ryugo Shimkami - Beautiful entry. Your dialog is outstanding, well thought out and poetic. I loved reading it. I can tell they are soul mates and that nothing would have ever kept them from being together, even beautiful blond girls. I'm glad to see that they stayed true to who they are. Great work!

8)Kylar/Bannor MacLeod - Such a stunning story! It almost brought tears to my eyes. To see such love be strained by such insolence (on the behalf of the one who cursed him) it pains me to know they are only granted three days together. Your originality is so impressive and your couple is beautiful.

9)Hiroshika Ashford/Yuudai Devlin - Both have such unique features and your pictures did them justice. The picture of Hiroshika is especially nice; shows his personality off. Yuundai looks a bit embarrassed in his headshot, which I took fit the dialog. Great job!

10)Lotus/Ash Silvan - I'm a sucker for "romanctic" situations; defined in just about every romance novel: guy wants girl/can't have girl because she's betrothed/guy and girl run away together. It touches my heart to know that they trusted their hearts to leave their home after just two weeks. I think they're both beautiful and unique.

11)Adlai Witt/Penbroke Hidalgo - I think they're adorable and their backstory is so sweet; not disgusting at all! Also, it's nice to see the use of Maxis content as your couple is not overdone with custom content. The picture of their kiss, with all the hearts, is cute. I like them and I can't wait to see more of their relationship.

12)Alton Quinn/Jobab Gray - Your entry is great! Jo's picture really accentuates his werewolf-likeness. their backstory is sweet in a "you got your butt whooped and I saved you" kind of way. I like them both a lot.

13)Kurt Morgan/Jenna Saxon - They are a gorgeous couple and your pictures are very well done. The black and white is my favorite. I can relate to them; I'd rather stay in and watch bad tv then go out. I love them!

14)Llewwllyn Fairchild/Ingo Jaeger - Sexy! It's a sad world when love can't be given and received freely without worry of reprecusions, but I'm glad that the Senator is willing to risk everything to be with the one he loves. That's true love. Great application.

15)Miley/Rayne Brandau - Ryne's a hunk and Miley is gorgeous and she darn well knows it! I love concert love stories and it seems Ryne sort of fell into her arms..sort of. Such a sweet tale. Great job!

My app favorite = Fae/Emile/Jaal/Keever by DontDieKThx


Judge #2: emaone


What a creative way to name a person . Navaeh’s beautiful. Now I can see why Greg fell in love with her so quickly. Your brief description of their relationship together is overall good. I liked how you ended it. Your photos are good too. They make a cute couple. =)


I don’t quite understand the storyline. Is it something to do with the galaxy or something? I like their names. Very original. Their individual photos could have had a better background though. =)


I loved how you began the whole description thing with humour! Keeps me reading and to the fact that you ended with humour too! Your description was good. How they met was ordinary seeing that it was the friend who asked him to ask her to dance. But overall you did a great job. =)


I don’t seem to get your story. Are they dolls? And what’s up with the photos? Who’s actually with who? But your photo quality is great.

Kakashi Hatake

.... I Don’t get your description either. Who had children with who? But overall I like the creativity you put in your writing and your photos are good too.


I love your photos! Oooh Adam’s hot and so is Elise. Your photos are great. I loved your story. It may not be that romantic like you mentioned but it’s good. Very different from others. Great job. =)


Your story is brilliant! Really good emotion and writing. I loved the way you wrote it. It sounds really professional how you added all the description. I really enjoyed reading it! Especially seeing the depression and jealousy from a guy’s point of view.
Your photos are amazing! Great job! 


Wow amazing storyline Tri! It’s very very very creative! Just like a mixture of the Prince and the Pauper plus fantasy a little. I enjoyed reading it through out! I loved how they came from different ‘levels’ and how he was such a good man! Great work Tri!


I loved the end bit of Hiro’s description! Lol very mischievous! Anyway their ‘relationship’ sounds odd a bit but I guess it’s your choice and it’s still good the way it is.


Wow cool story! I loved how you showed the emotions from Ash’s point of view.
It’s partially like the Princess and the Pauper. Great job! Lotus is really pretty too. Very good photos! I loved the storyline! Love conquers all.


If Lazlo was Adlai’s son and she was Lazlo’s half sister, doesn’t that make him like her half-dad? Well don’t get me wrong but, I guess if they were meant to be it’s up to you . I liked your similes when you said his face was as red as his hair (when he blushed) that was nice. Your photos could have done better though.


Your photos are great. It’s clear enough.
Your storyline is one of a kind! I loved how caring he was to take him to hospital. It’s awkward though how he could just fallen gay after leaving with someone but it’s your story and your imagination. =)


To begin with, your photos are amazing. I love the special effects you used. Kurt is good-looking. =) Your description was short but amazing! I loved reading it! Old fashion romance, now that’s real romance! Really good! I loved how you poured out the love at first sight. Good job.


It was quite a bore reading the whole thing since it’s all strict and political. But great work.


Your photos are amazing! Ryne’s hot. Oh so he’s a musician…. =). Great way of meeting! Lucky her to get injured when he stage dived! LoL. I liked how you wrote about his sweetness really good. They make a good couple

Favorites: Yuso and Ryugo by Hakuryuu

Judge #3 comments: HondaKatsuya

1. Nevaeh and Greg Bliss (PixieDust_fairy)
They're an awfully cute couple, and they seem very close. The way they met is just adorable, I don't think many people would be so forgiving if they got food spilled on them. :)

2. Xemnas and Saix (SilentPsycho)
I never finished playing Kingdom Hearts 2, but I love your entry nonetheless. I'm always glad when people actually make video game/anime characters for my contests when I allow them. I'd like some more story on them for those of us who haven't gotten that far (and spoil away if you must, I don't care :) ).

3. Robyn and Aruyu Seikun (slytherin-girl)
Oh how cute, they met at a convention! It was just meant to be, hmm? I love Aruyu and they look absolutely adorable together, great job.

4. Emile & Fae & Jaal & Keever (DontDieKThx)
Now this is an interesting foursome. I'm very happy someone decided to take me up on my challenge. They're all awfully gorgeous sims. I look forward to your regular round entries. ^_^

5. Reno, Rude and Yazoo (Kakashi Hatake)
Oh my god, they're adorable. Your pictures are a bit squished, but I know it's hard to do them well with the site's current image restrictions. I know other people have told you not to use the in-game camera, but try to use it plus your other camera, and compare the pictures when you reduce them. Maybe the old camera will look better by comparison? We'll experiment with that.

6. Adam Hebblewhite and Elise Davenport (emodawg)
I absolutely love your couple, and Adam is just stunning. It was an interesting way to get together, but it looks like everything worked in the end. They're both lovely, and I'd love to see how their children turn out.

7. Yuso and Ryugo (Hakuryuu)
It's wonderful they care about each other so much. They look very cute together.

8. Kylar and Bannor MacLeod (TRIriana)
The two of them have been through a lot together, it must make those three days all the more special for them.

9. Hiroshika Ashford & Yuudai Devlin (Melodyway17)
I love your couple here, Melody. I especially like Yuu's eyes. I can't wait to see more from these two.

10. Lotus and Ash Silvan (Nymphetish)
Oh wow, I love their ears, they're both gorgeous. They have an interesting story and I look forward to more pictures of them. They seem very sweet.

11. Adlai Witt & Pembroke Hidalgo (Picos)
They're awfully cute together and there's nothing disgusting about their relationship. And their age gap doesn't matter if they love each other. But that's my opinion. :) And it's my contest. I do agree your pictures could be a bit better. Ah...they look a bit plain. Just take a look at other peoples' entries and ask people for tips.

12. Alton Quinn & Jobab "Jo" Gray (Zeothid)
Oh my god the cute! No wonder they get chased around by yaoi fangirls. :) They both love video games, huh? I think I'd get along with them. They look very precious together and I love that one of them is a werewolf, very well done. They don't have a story put together do they? Because they should, if not. ^_^

13. Kurt Morgan / Jenna Saxon (lottiexcore)
I like these two and I love their attitude. I'd rather have cats than kids too. :) When cats backtalk you, at least you can't understand it and you can ignore them.

14. Llewellyn Fairchild and Ingo Jaeger (h3nker)
Oh wow, these guys are hot. I love the concept of a senator and his gorgeous assistant. I want to see lots and lots of pictures of these guys. :) You did such a lovely job on them.

15. Miley + Ryne Brandau (Mskellyanne) * dropped out *

My favorites:
1. Rude/Reno/Yazoo
2. Llewellyn/Ingo
3. Lotus/Ash

8th Jul 2007, 1:35 AM
Should I still send in my comments? And favorites?

8th Jul 2007, 1:49 AM
Awwwww thanks for all the nice comments guys :) I'm still working on my round one (I got at least one pic up) but I guess it's good you liked the cosplay thing :P

(Who me, hinting at something I'm doing....nooooope...not meeeee *whistles*)

8th Jul 2007, 1:49 AM
Thank you judges, Nevaeh (it keeps getting easier and easier to spell her name now) and Greg are happy to hear about those comments. They are a really close couple and their worst fear is loosing eachother..but i don't think that will ever happen.


8th Jul 2007, 3:31 AM
Should I still send in my comments? And favorites?

Yeah, go ahead. Just send em to me and I'll add them in. :)

8th Jul 2007, 3:41 AM
Thank you for the comments, judges! <3

8th Jul 2007, 12:47 PM
Wow, thanks for the comments, judges. :).

8th Jul 2007, 5:58 PM
Thanks for all of the comments, judges. I feel a lot more comfortable with my couple now, I was scared it wasn't intresting enough. *heh* Thanks again! <3

8th Jul 2007, 9:12 PM
Jenna: We first met in our first year at college, but more than that - at our first class. It's weird, Kurt was the first person I talked to. I was trying to find my art class, and in desperation I asked him. I'm really shy so I don't really know what came over me, but yeah. He didn't know where he was either, which was either reassuring or worrying but it was okay. It's awful to say, but we skipped the class. It seemed everything I said and he said we could talk about for hours. And after 'class' we exchanged MSN names.


Kurt: Things had kind of been simmering for a while. We'd crossed from friends into an awkward are we/aren't we sort of area. We spent pretty much every moment together, but we weren't 'official'. I think people kind of assumed we were going out, but we didn't really know. What can I say? You get two shy people in a close space and they'll go out of their way not to talk about stuff.


Jenna: We kept hanging out and with Winter came an excuse to snuggle in warm clothing and sip hot chocolate between class. It snowed more that year than I'd ever remembered. We'd sit outside and watch the snow falling.


Kurt: I was going away for Christmas. I really didn't want to go. We said our goodbyes on the night, but as I walked towards the car, something drew me back and I realised this was the moment I'd hoped for. I ran back and kissed Jenna and she kissed me and we sort of giggled and I realised that this was something, something really... wow. That holiday away, after that, was the longest one ever. I couldn't wait to get back to my Jenna.

8th Jul 2007, 10:11 PM
On a warm evening in late May, I found myself with no fundraisers, meetings, or speeches to give. Free time like this was very rare in my hectic life, and I didn't quite know what to do with myself. I sat down in front of the television. Staying purposely away from C-SPAN, I idly flipped though channels. I stopped on the Tasty Channel, where a cook was putting the finishing touches on a huge pizza. Suddenly, my mouth was watering; I hadn’t had pizza since I could remember. I turned off the TV, jumped up off the sofa, and picked up the phone.


Since I had a good half-hour before my pizza arrived, I ran upstairs for a quick shower. I was whistling as I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist, looking forward to an evening of pizza and some bad pay-per-view movies enjoyed while lounging around in bathrobe and slippers.
I heard the loud ring of the doorbell. Damn! The pizza delivery was early! I ran downstairs, clad only in a towel. There was no way I was going to risk missing out on that pizza.
I opened the door with one hand, clutching my towel with the other.
“Sorry about this. I didn’t expect you to show up quite so soon.”
The pizza delivery guy raised his head and smiled. “No worries.”


No worries, indeed. I was looking into the most unusual eyes I had ever seen, a shade of blue that verged on violet. He smiled and became, impossibly, even more stunning.
“That’ll be twelve dollars and thirty-eight cents.”
I realized that I was staring. “Sorry,” I muttered.
I automatically reached for my wallet in the pants I wasn’t wearing, and let go of my towel. It slid down my legs before I could catch it, and I was suddenly standing completely naked in front of the gorgeous pizza guy with the towel puddled at my feet.

Absolutely mortified, I looked up; he was smiling gently.
“Why don’t you come inside while I find my wallet?” And put on some damn pants, I added mentally. Inside, I hastily rewrapped the towel around me and grabbed a fifty from my wallet. I gave it to him with as much cool as I could muster.
“Sorry about all that. Keep the change.”
He took the fifty and put it away without looking at it at all. He was looking at me instead.
He held out the box. I thanked him and started to close the door, but he put out his hand to stop it. He took a step forward and looked directly at me. His voice was low and even.
“For tonight only, we’re having a special, just for preferred customers.”
“What sort of a special is that?” I stammered.
“All you can eat,” he said, and kissed me.
It was all downhill to heaven from there.

http://www.ExplicitSkin.com/Uploads/Images/5509432812500fairchild2Hbed.jpg (http://www.ExplicitSkin.com/)

After we were finished, lying quietly and smoking amid the rumpled sheets, I realized that, politics be damned, I had to see him again. But how? I couldn’t just order pizza every night. Suddenly, inspiration struck; if Ingo worked for me, we could see each other every day, and nobody would suspect a thing so long as we were discreet. I turned to Ingo.
“Young man, have you ever considered a career in politics?”

And so Ingo came to work for me first thing Monday morning, and went home with me Monday night. As the days and weeks passed, I realized that I was looking forward to his company, his jokes, and his wicked laugh even more than I anticipated his presence in my bed at night. I realized that I was falling in love, and I was terrified: could he ever love me?


In addition to his other talents, Ingo was apparently also a mind reader.
Working late a few days later, he playfully held a finger to my lips.
"There's something you want to tell me."
"Is there?"
He was suddenly serious.
"Tell me." He pushed me backward onto my desk with no warning.
"Tell me." He was relentless, merciless.
The words slipped free, flew away: "I love you."
"Say it again."
And as I murmured the words, over and over, I realized that he was saying them with me, our voices blurring into one.

http://www.ExplicitSkin.com/Uploads/Images/5656837500000fairchild2H deskfinalporcelain.jpg (http://www.ExplicitSkin.com/)

At first, I worried about my political career, but the more I loved Ingo, the more insignificant those worries became. I even began to amuse myself by imagining the horrified reactions of my conservative colleagues if they ever found out about Ingo. So far, luck has been with us, and our secret has been safe, but whatever happens, for better or for worse, we will deal with it. Together.


(Thanks for reading. :) I hope this is OK, and not too over-the-top... or too boring, what with all those dreary but unavoidable political overtones.
If any of it is a problem, I'll change it.:))

8th Jul 2007, 11:36 PM
my Round I is finished (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=939927&postcount=80). :).

9th Jul 2007, 12:54 AM
done all my pics should have them up tomorrow afternoonish. Everyone's entries are awesome btw

9th Jul 2007, 1:28 AM
Finally got my game to co-operate with me and my Round One pics are all done :) Round One (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=937608&postcount=61)

9th Jul 2007, 1:40 AM
TRIriana, those are great photos.

slytherin-girl, I love the pregnancy-test pic. :)

9th Jul 2007, 1:55 AM
Thank you! :)

A few of them look a little fuzzy for some reason, I'm not sure why. I'm really happy with how they turned out though :D

9th Jul 2007, 2:04 AM
What does everybody think of my round one entry?
Round 1 (http://www.forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=939260&postcount=74)
Some constructive critisism please?


9th Jul 2007, 3:18 AM
@H3ker-*Drools all over keyboard*Definantly NOT boring, they're D*mn hot if I do say so myself. I'm hoping you'll keep up with thier pictures even after the contest ends. I enjoy looking at them ALOT :).

9th Jul 2007, 3:29 AM
Oh my...! We have some gorgeous entries here guys. ^_^; You're all doing such a wonderful job.

9th Jul 2007, 5:48 AM
**I apologise in advance for all the angsting in this entry but I was trying to get across that these guys grew up side by side and were non separable for a big part of their lives and with the added mix of someone else stealing this persons affections and the mess of teenager years well.. you get the idea.**

Bound by an unbreakable friendship... Just try and come between us

Mid Autumn had set itself into the outer regions of Japan, the little boy had noticed with little interest as he took in his surroundings from the tiny window of their car. The leaves were falling around them with no more than a faint rustle as the wind brushed their edges. His raven locks were splayed on the glass of the window his head was resting against while he was trying to find some comfort in the small confines.

"'kaasan (Mother), just where are we going anyway? You never really said.."

The boy named Ryugo asked, fishing around still not quite sure what the motivation for this unexpected trip was.

She had said with no further indication of conversation and nothing more than a brief hint of a smile that he would soon find out in due time..

The gentle roar of the cars engine came to a sudden halt, indicating that they had arrived, he had to admit he was a little curious as to where he had been taken.

I was very young at this age, a little boy brimming with excitement and curiousity and always ready for something new, so naturally when I found out we were going on a trip somewhere I was a little intrigued. I had no idea what I was in for!

.. And your implying.. what? That I was a handfull or something?

Well.. maybe a little *pokes Yu's nose*
Anyway. We went inside and I instantly felt a prickle on my neck, like someone was watching me.
I raised my eyes and that's when I saw you...

Please Click (http://img154.imageshack.us/img154/69/46670603fo8.jpg)
http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/4466/ryuyu1mx6.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

"Twist of fate and an uncontrollable destiny, I never would have believed it if I had never met you"


I didn't know many my own age, and seeing Yu was something completely different from what I was used to. His eyes were shadowed but that didn't stop me from feeling their intense gaze burn my skin. I think he was just as surprised as I was. If you remember I made a horribly embarrassing first impression on him by crushing my nose on his steps :doh:

Don't worry I still love you, and your cute dorkiness *laughs*

And from this day a friendship had been forged stronger than ice and steel. These two young boys became closer than many siblings their age. They were never seen without the other and paired happy smiles. But all good things must come to an end.....? Right...?


*Ryugo thinks back and lets himself be returned to his past, to his younger years as a teen struggling with new experiences while growing up*

I had known nothing but Yu, I really did. He was everything to me, my best and closest friend, my brother and the person that could always make me feel alive when I was feeling like there was nothing much left for me in this world. He was always there for me as a child and I was sure nothing would change as we would grow up together, so damn and blindly sure that I let it blind me from the things I was supposed to be taking interest in. I was never happier than when I was with him and saw no point in changing this and finding others for company, but I guess he did.

I noticed the presence of new faces around us, and invading into our little close friendship and forcing their way into our lives, I wasn't happy with this but I just grinned and bared it because it made him happy. He grew close to a few select people as well as me, but the one I had noticed with a suspicious twisted feeling was a tall pretty blonde by the name of Regina. She was an exchange student who had been transferred to our school and Yu being friendly had invited her into our group. It didn't phase me too much because to me I was still his number one.. even if I was being made to share with others. But soon, the time we spent just alone just the two of us was cut short. It began to run dry and grew further apart, his smiles were not always directed at me and his attention was divided, I could tell by the way his eyes would drift from my face and to her, the one person I was really begining to dislike. One day while sitting under a tree together framed by it' branches he shared with me something I would not forget for a very long time.

"She's gorgeous isn't she Ryu"

He had said with his eyes downcast and dreamy but nodding in her direction.

"What do you think Ryu, should I give her a chance? I think It could work. I've seen the way they look at us when we're together and I can feel it."

Eyes widened, and choking a little on the juice I had been drinking I just stared at him, trying to decipher wheither he was joking with me or not and waited for the punch line. The part were he would tell me he wasn't serious.. but it didn't come. I was startled to say the least just nodding and quickly changing the subject before he could say anymore on it. Weeks had passed since that conversation under the trees and I was certain he would not act on those feelings, I hoped with my jealous guilty heart, I wasn't ready to share with a girlfriend! So many people had told me how friendships would grow apart and even be destroyed and reduced to nothing more than a passing by in the corridor. Without a second glance or greeting, a friendship torn in two. I just wasn't prepared for that yet, not when my happiness is all that mattered. But one day that was all to be shattered, my untarnised window of hope had been smashed beyond repair. If only I hadn't walked by... that river laced in blossom that day..

Please Click (http://img117.imageshack.us/img117/1804/79613087gw3.jpg)
http://img239.imageshack.us/img239/6540/ryuyu2va0.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

"Rivallry unmatched by this newcomer, I hate the affections you both feel"


It was as if ice had been poured over my whole body stinging and cutting away my breath and thoughts. The shock and sheer range of emotions I felt with just that ONE sight startled me like nothing else ever could. My pulse had sped up and my eyes were lost between open saucers and being sewed shut tight, blocking out what I was seeing. I knew it was natural for him. At our age everyone was begining to explore this new world of relationships, loving ones or just casual flings it didn't matter. But, but, my Yu was different! We were beyond that, we didn't need anyone but eachother! Why couldn't it stay that way?

I ran then my face etched with pained and conflicting emotions with my heart leaping in my throat, I ran then to the only place that seemed safe and comforting to me, that stood clear and in focus in my mind. The one place that always had, a place were we had spent so much of our time together. I needed something familiar at that time to sort out my emotions, were had all this emotions surged up from inside? The eletricity that shot throughout me, what was going on inside my mind of minds?

Please Click (http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/3449/33073793nd3.jpg)
http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/7448/ryuyu3qt1.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

"My eyes reflect your image Even though the day when loosing sight of you will come You‘ll always stay right in front of my eyes"


When I reached were I was so desperatly running to I didn't know what to do. I hadn't given any thought to my violent reaction. Even now, nothing has even come close to what I felt then. I collapsed into a boneless heap, ripping off my shoes, socks and striped blue tie. Nothing was worse than this I thought, as I dipped my bare toes into the river I had stopped by, greeted by a different kind of cold, not that it mattered now. I was numb and feeling oddly blank, just like an unpainted canvas with the potential of bursting into something else. A raging storm or a the quite before that brewing rage, hell what was I thinking. Nothing at all, nothing useful but incoherant strings of thoughts. I couldn't hear the calming buzz of the crickets and frogs nearby, when I had blocked them out I had blocked out the world.

Call me what you want, emotional selfish teenager whatever. I didn't know any better. I slipped my toes in further until my ankles were sinking into it's shallow surface I pushed myself off the bank and wadded out and daring the rivers depths to swallow me whole. But with the gleam of the moon on the surface I caught sight of my reflection, dishelved appearance pasty white skin and tired droppy eyes, but.. this hair wasn't my own. These eyes were unlike mine, they were your eyes peering up at me with your kind smile I was so damn familiar with it broke my heart to see it again after this.

We were friends yes, but why was this affecting me so much? What strange actions had gotten into me? Friends, good friends and closest ones.. we had been all of these, but I was in need of a new definition, a redifination that would sort this all out and make it clear as day for me. I knew I was jealous, that was natural but I was still puzzled.... time would soon give me it's answers.

Please Click (http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/1411/46650276sb8.jpg)
http://img239.imageshack.us/img239/2535/ryuyu4ua4.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

"I'm forgetting your touch, forgetting your face as it blurs infront of my eyes. We were at a standstill without recovery"


You were just the same as ever after that, a happiness that was clear in your smile and spilt from your eyes. I didn't want to be around you. Not when I was not the one bringing you that happiness. At first I still tried to act as happy as you and show that nothing was making me feel dead inside, but somewhere down the track that smile faltered and I grew tired of this charade. I left your side and didn't look back, the cracks and begining tears that I had noticed with growing dread had turned into a gaping abyss. One that I was finding harder and harder to turn back on and fix. It wasn't your fault. That was all my doing.

Please Click (http://img154.imageshack.us/img154/6361/63618798kg9.jpg)
http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/10/ryuyu5qc1.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

"Ghost of a memory. Is it over just like that? Maybe so..."


Something as enjoyable as eating became a chore that I soon resented, becoming a mechanical action that was performed without much thought. Sleeping was something I did often and my guitar playing was something that I soon forgot about with the absence of insentive. I kept my promise and stayed away from you. It scared me to think of what I might have done while around you and that horrible woman and I wasn't about to let myself try and sabotage what happiness you had found in her. I knew what my heart was telling me, it had become exceedingly obvious and that is what had made my heart ache most. That I hadn't been able to see it and prevent this hurt I was feeling every time I saw your face. The young faces of the two of us as we had played together totally carefree and without worries that would soon be thrown at us when starting our teen years. You were always trying to fix what had become of us always trying to figure out the mess I had made but maybe you knew I didn't want you to know...

Ryu, I really didn't know. I'm so sorry.

It's all in the past, really. I just can't believe how angsty I was, it seems kinda silly now ^^; You'd never think I was the same person if you met me now that's for sure ^_^;;

Please Click (http://img117.imageshack.us/img117/9535/99874121mr9.jpg)
http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/4981/ryuyu6zr2.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

"You‘re calling my name Even though I‘m about to break you‘re holding me tightly in your arms I‘m afraid to go"


With all the effort of hiding from you It just didn't work did it? You refused to let me be, let me drown in my own pit of unhappiness. You cornered me in the steady downfall of rain and my defences were feeling beaten and worn. I was sick of feeling the way I was so I let you in on the big secret I had been keeping from you like a wall of bricks to fall on your face. Your shocked expression, mouth agape and wide eyes. I'd seen it all before in some very bad teen flicks when a love was declared. But right now I didn't care, I just couldn't care and feeling the first trickle of tears I went to leave from you once and for all leaving myself with tatters of old memories that meant the world to me.

This heavey burden that I had stupidly placed on myself was about to come to an end. By pulling me into your arms and not turning away my affections even without words, spoke more volumes to me than anything else. Actions speak louder than words they say. I nuzzled and burried my way into your shirt, and if I could have found a way I would have crawled into your skin. I wanted to feel that comfort in you I had long since turned away, I needed to feel your warmth again to know this was real not caring that I couldn't controll my sobs. You didn't tell me you loved me back but that was something I wasn't expecting and prepared myself for but you gave me a CHANCE which you don't know just how much that meant to me. He gave us a chance to become what we are today...

I never realised just how possesive and selfish I was O_O, I was so mean to you Yu!

Don't worry pet, all's forgiven. I was a bit selfish too. *places a finger on his lips and tilts his chin with the other hand before giving him a sweet kiss*

9th Jul 2007, 7:22 AM
Waaaaaaaaaaa... *stares in utter awe-someness* *shakes head*

'kay - Haku you never cease to amaze me!! Even without the text, there is so much going on, and you can definitely tell what's happening!!


*Ahem* Uh... my photoshop skills are no where near as good >_> So... ^^;

Italics= Yuu
Underline Italics= Hiro

Hmm - so you want to know how we first met and ended up together? Now that is an interesting story; shall we tell it together my little Yuu~

H*** no! It's embarrassing, and besides, I don't remember every single detail that well.

Ah, but you must remember at least why you sneaked into my house in the first place?

Oh fine...

http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/RoundI/Meeting1small.jpg (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/RoundI/Meeting1large.jpg)

It was for my job - I was suppose to track down and kill a guy called Hiroshi Tanaka. One of my subordinates found the address he was hiding at; so I snuck in at night to kill him. Why? Well, Hiroshi Tanaka use to do some buiness with us, but we've found out recently he's been smuggling information about us to a rival group.

Hiroshi and HiroshiKA don't look anything alike, but the light was so dim, I could barely see his face.

http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/RoundI/Meeting2small.jpg (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/RoundI/Meeting2large.jpg)

As I raised my blade to his throat, Hiroshika stirred in his sleep. I jumped back from him as he woke up; he seemed really surprised at my presence.

That - and the sword you held in your hand is pretty threatening, you know.

Butt out!

http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/RoundI/Meeting3small.jpg (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/RoundI/Meeting3large.jpg)

Hmm - I believe the conversation went something like this:

Hiroshika: Wh-who the h*** are you?!
Yuudai: Don't play games, Hiroshi! You've messed with us long enough!
Hiroshika: Hiroshi? W-WAIT!! I'm not Hiroshi - it's HiroshiKA!!
Yuudai: ...

http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/RoundI/Meeting4small.jpg (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/RoundI/Meeting4large.jpg)

Not really sure who Yuu called after that little mix up - he was speaking in another language, so I couldn't really tell what he was saying. He was definitely mad at the guy on the other end; apparently the guy got the wrong name mixed with the wrong address. Yuu hung up the phone, and was about to leave with just an apology - course, I had other things in mind. *grin*

Here it comes... *buries face into hands*

http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/RoundI/Meeting5small.jpg (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/RoundI/Meeting5large.jpg)

Hiroshika: Hold up - you think I'm just going to let you walk away with just an apology?
Yuudai: Then what then? If it's money you want, I can arrange for that-
Hiroshika: Got more than I need - I want you to pay -- with your body.
Yuudai: !?!

http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/RoundI/Meeting6small.jpg (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/RoundI/Meeting6large.jpg)

I grabbed him before he could run away from me~ *grins wider* Though he still managed to evade me as far as downstairs before I caught him and dragged him over to the sofa~ I kept him there all night~

... I remember now - b******!! I was so sore after that, and you forced me to be your servant for a month!!

The month has long been over - Yuu's been living with me for nearly half a year now; and it's not like I'm still forcing him to stay. He's welcome to leave any time he wants; guess he decided I wasn't half-bad for a lover, huh, my little Yuu~

Go burn in h***!!


Erm - yeah - these two have a very odd (special) relationship ^^; They're actually kind of based on some characters of mine, so - that's how their relationship is in my head ^^;;

Yes, yes, yes - very odd couple indeed >[email protected]

9th Jul 2007, 11:56 AM
Beautiful photos!

Pixie, I like the use of the filmstrip border, and the angled border on the first shot.
Hakuyruu, your pictures have such a dreamlike quality.
Melody, very dramatic! Love the use of lighting and the sword.

Kakashi, I'm so glad you like the story and characters. I was worried that I had gone a bit too far in illustrating their, um, relationship, but if it's OK, I'll leave it. :)

9th Jul 2007, 9:23 PM
"What do you mean you're coming?... No of course I want to see you Steven its just... this isn't your type of party, I was gonna leave in a minute anyway... why don't I come over to yours and we can watch a DVD or something?... WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR ON YOUR WAY ALREADY?" I panicked. For 3 months I'd fooled Steven into thinking I was a respectable girl. Well dressed, well spoken, only drank on occassion and in small amounts. If he came here and saw the state I was in and the people I was with would ruin the carefully put together allusion I had worked so hard to maintain. If only wrecking a rich kid's beach house hadn't have seemed so tempting... "Huh? Of course I'm not drunk! *lie* Of course I'm adequately drresseed *ha! bigger lie* don't you know me at all?? *He really didn't....* Fine! I'll see you soon!" I shouted angrily into the phone then instantly regretted it.

I hadn't asked how far away Steven was but I knew he'd be here way before I could sober up.I pulled pathetically at my micro skirt. There was no way I could make myself look like the conservative girl he had come to expect. (I remember I wore an above the knee pencil skirt once... he was not impressed).


I slumped into the sand and sulked. I really didn't want him to dump me. Sure he was a little old fashioned but he was gentleman and absolutely lovely.

*cough* And loaded... *cough*

...Shhh you. After what felt like hours of moping I formulated a plan. I'd leave, call up and say I felt ill and got a ride home. I could maintain this charade of a relationship for a little longer.

Until you were finished bleeding him dry...

Do you want me to finish this story or kick your a**?

:blink: ...I'll be quiet

Thank you :). I went back inside to get my bag when I became fully aware of just how drunk I was...


Everyone at the party looked like Steven... :blink:

...Wait you never told me that. Does that mean you would have slept with anyone at that party?

...No. You were the only person who asked me if I was ok.

So if someone else had asked you why you were screaming "Steven!!" repeatedly on the top of you lungs you would have slept with them?

...Who knows, now shhh so i can tell the good people the story.

*whispers* slut

*Hits Adam* as I was saying Adam asked me if I was ok but me being drunk as a skunk still thought he was Steven. I started apoligising and as Adam wasn't who I thought I was looked confused at me, I didn't know how to respond, nor how to explain my attire, so I did what any clever girl did to shut a guy up.


I led Adam to an empty bedroom, still thinking he was Steven and well... you can guess what happened...

I woke whn the sun began to filter in through the windows with Elise curled up in my arms. I took a quick look at her and thanked God I hadn't been too drunk and shacked up with an ugly girl (again...). The next thing I know the door flew open and in came this tanned dude screaming his butt off.

I was woken by the commotion and was shocked out of my system when I saw I was lying in this random blonde dude's arms and Steven was staring daggers at the both of us.

I tried to calm the situation, confused at what I'd actually done wrong and what do I get? A punch in the face!


I'd never seen Steven like that he was always so gentle.

Gentle??? He knocked me out!

Steven started calling me all sorts of horrible names and even if I was in the wrong I didn't deserve that. I stopped saying sorry after a while and just agreeing when his insults started getting a little pathetic. "Only sluts have their hair like that and their nails that long and blah blah blah..."

They'd just finished arguing when I came to amd the next shock came. Elise helped me up then started having a go at me too!


...I'd just been dumped what did you expect?

It wasn't my fault!

I knew that... I was just angry.

To this day she take her anger out on me. Luckily I learnt a secret from her to how to shut her up when she's talking too much...


And that's our story I guess...

10th Jul 2007, 11:11 AM
Thanks for the comments judges *forgot to mention it earlier* we 'ppreciate you guys taking the time to comment on our work :]

*tackle glomps Melody* your entry is nothing short of beautiful and amazing (as always of coarse ;)), these pictures strike me as something very intimate you feel like you are there in them, and ho you say you arn't good at photoshop? I bed to differ. Your last three photos are incredible in particular but I'm curious, are these guys loosely based off the same ones from your His n her couple too? Thank you so much for your lovely comment You should have seen me grin ^_^

H3nker, thanks for your comment too, I didn't intend for my pictures to come out like that lol but I'm happy they did. I have to say your entry left my eyes wide open. Your couple and pictures.... :blink: so original..

emodawg aha, your couple are too much fun. Just great, nice pics too.

10th Jul 2007, 11:18 AM
Awww - now you're making me blush and grin~ *glomps Haku*

Actually - these two and the two from His n Her and from different stories, so their never actually meet or mingle :lol:

emo Hee - that's one heck of a way to meet someone. I liked the pic of the "mulitple" Stevens pic - very well planned out :laugh:

10th Jul 2007, 10:00 PM
I'll hand my entry in sometime on the 11th. Got it all planned out and everything. I would do it now, but I'm drunk and can't find the bloody Sims 2 CD. Ciao.;)

11th Jul 2007, 6:56 PM
I apologize in advance for the horrid photoshopping. D:


Emile: It was by a complete stroke of luck that Fae and I ever got to meet Jaal and Keever. As our owner-- the man who owned the only toy store in Deliah-- was storming around, throwing toys and games in any box he could find,
we waited patiently in our own cardboard vessel for the moving to begin. You see, our owner was going bankrupt-- apparently, there weren't enough children around to buy his merchandise-- and Fae and I had realized that we would be moving to a different store location, again. The owner seemed especially angry at Fae and I, though-- we could tell by the way he had flung us carelessly into our box. It was understandable-- we had always been destined for unpopularity; there just isn't any place in the modern world, full of fast-paced technology, for a fragile doll couple that have no bells or whistles attached. The few customers the store ever received always preferred the talking action figures and large, colorful board games to anything that actually required a bit of imagination to play with, such as doll couples like ourselves.

The minute the man had stampeded out of the room, Fae had begun to cry.

"Emile," She had sobbed, clutching her pale hands to her face, "What if he finally decides to throw us away? What are we going to do?" I put my hands around her in comfort-- but I, too, felt as worried as she was. Nevertheless, I tried my best to ease her fears.
"Hush, darling...he's not going to throw us away," I said, smiling warmly, "Everything will be fine, you'll see."

We had been so wrapped up in our own woes that we hadn't even noticed the two, strange-looking plastic figures that we'd soon come to know as Jaal and Keever until they began to talk.


"Eh, not so bad," The muscular-looking male doll had said, inspecting the box as one would inspect a new horse. He walked over to a corner and kicked at the cardboard wall. "It's sturdy enough, I guess."
His female counterpart had simply rolled her eyes, giving us apologetic looks. "I'm sorry, loves....I guess we should introduce ourselves. My name is Jaal, and this is my boyfriend Keever."

Fae had ceased wailing long enough to offer a shy smile. "I'm Fae, and this is my fiance, Emile. I don't believe I've seen you around before...are you two new?"

"Very," Jaal had said, nodding. "We were just shipped here today. But, uh, it looks like we're not going to be staying here for too long..."

Before I could respond, the owner had stomped back into the room, looking furious as ever. All four of us had reverted to our lifeless, default poses, and so we could not convey how fearful we were when the owner began to lift the box and run towards the window. "Ah, you're all worthless!" He had fumed as he tipped the box and forced all of its contents out into the dirty street outside.

With all of our worst fears realized, we could do little but pace around in worry and hope that someone would chance upon us and provide us with a new home. Fortunately, one young girl and her older sister did just that-- they had paused by the box, curious, and were astounded to find toys in such perfect condition scattered among the dirt. "Sarah will be so happy when she sees you all," They had beamed, gathering us lovingly in their arms.

Because of all the human activity going on in at the girls' house at the time-- they had brought us to their home right on Christmas Eve-- we weren't able to celebrate our luck until well after midnight, when the whole house was at rest. As Fae and Jaal 'talked' under the ornament-laden pine tree (or so that's what they had said they were doing), Keever and I sat silently on the edge of a particularly large present, simply enjoying our contentment.

"We're really lucky, aren't we?" I had whispered, looking down at the pile of presents awaiting the children when they awoke. Keever nodded, slyly resting a hand over mine.
"I know I am," He said. I had smiled in confusion then; I had no idea that the man harbored an attraction for me.

Roughly a week later, we found ourselves and our respective dollhouse stowed away in the attic-- the entire family had gone on vacation. Once again, Jaal and Fae had gone off on their own again. Even at that time, I think I realized that their relationship was already pushing the limits of what was considered 'acceptable'-- but I saw no point in stopping them; if Fae was happy, then who was I to make judgment? And so I had stood in our little dollhouse, thinking pensively about what our future would hold-- if, of course, Keever hadn't interrupted me.

"Why are you always like that?" He asked, his head tilted like a puzzled dog's.
"Always like what?" I replied softly.
"Like that...quiet. Like you don't want anyone knowing what's going on in your head. You should share some of your thoughts sometimes, you know?"
I nodded, though frankly I didn't know at all what the man was talking about. His actions and words as of late had been increasingly odd-- he kept by my side almost all the time, and talked of things that made no sense: how love isn't a crime, and how it's no one's right to judge. By that point, I had begun to ignore anything that came out of Keever's mouth.

"Emile,," He had spontaneously said, placing his hands on my forearms. "You don't get it, do you?" His molded lips ghosted over my cheek before reaching my ear. "I love you."

And, suddenly, it was if there was nothing else in the world that could possibly make more sense than this...than us...than all of us.

11th Jul 2007, 7:04 PM
Spoilers for Kingdom Hearts II, at least with Xemnas. Saix's background is all made up.


Once upon a time, there was a scientist called Xenohart. He, and a few others, learned under a wise king called Ansem. For some reason, there grew an interest in exploring the darkness of people's hearts in order to see why people do bad things. Xenohart and his fellow apprentices disobeyed Ansem and experimented on living beings to see what would happen if the darkness in their hearts was extracted.

The results were disasterous.


Living creatures of darkness formed - the Heartless. The Heartless escaped and then travelled to various worlds, stealing hearts. When a heart is stolen, the person then becomes another Heartless. If the will of the person is strong enough, a Nobody is formed from the remaining scraps. Xenohart was one of these, and his Nobody took a new name - Xemnas.


In a world far from this one, a young elf seer by the name of Ais Greenleaf was attacked by the Heartless while wandering the forest. The Nobody left behind took the name Saix.


Gradually, a group of 13 Nobodies came together to form Organisation XIII. Xemnas, Number I, was the leader of this group. Saix was Number VII. The purpose of this group was to find a way to regain their lost hearts, for without them, the Nobodies were empty. They could not feel any sort of emotion, yet could remember having them once and so longed for something that was just out of their reach.


While the Nobodies were incapable of emotions, the physical sensations of activities such as sex or fighting were able to be felt. The connection between Xemnas and Saix was that of a sensual nature, an attempt to feel a pleasure that they could remember once having. This could not be called the start of their relationship, as this state of being needs emotions in order to sustain it.

This stalemate was not to last.

A wielder of the Keyblade, an ancient and powerful weapon, called Sora appeared. In the usual course of things, the good guy won, the Organisation died. And that was the end.

But then something happened.


One day, Xemnas and Saix woke up to find themselves alive again, complete with hearts! No one could understand why, but all the Organisation were just so amazed and happy that they could now feel emotions such as joy and anger again, no one really cared.

This time round, complete with feelings, Xemnas and Saix decided to start anew, properly this time.


This is the point where their relationship really started.

12th Jul 2007, 12:23 AM
does the round end today?

12th Jul 2007, 12:38 AM
Emodawg-That's what i was thinking. I'm pretty sure that it does end today.


12th Jul 2007, 3:13 AM
At midnight. I'm missing two entries.

11. Adlai Witt & Pembroke Hidalgo (Picos)
12. Alton Quinn & Jobab "Jo" Gray (Zeothid)

Unless I missed their round ones somewhere, if I did please point it out as my eyesight is rather horrid.

12th Jul 2007, 6:26 AM
emaone, I can't PM you...

12th Jul 2007, 9:18 AM
Honda did you get my PM? ^^.

12th Jul 2007, 5:41 PM
Great new entries guys.

I just finished my entry and gee I think I managed to use just about every cliche in the book :lol:
I don't know what I was thinking while writing that, it sounds awfully blocky. Oh well.

Good luck guys! Theres some real awesome entries here :omg:

12th Jul 2007, 9:01 PM
I agree. Hence the reason I keep repeatedly checking this thread, even though I know that being in a different timezone means that other people are asleep or busy when I check. Well, that and hiding under my covers and whimpering.;)

12th Jul 2007, 10:49 PM
I've sent my scores in. Whew...that one was a hard one to judge. Everyone's entries were so great!

13th Jul 2007, 6:07 PM
As of yet, I have not heard from emaone. Please let me know if you find someone who wants to be a replacement/emergency judge, since our EJ ditched us.

Round Two will not be up until either emaone submits scores or I have a new third judge, or else I might have to close the contest.

14th Jul 2007, 3:06 AM
HondaKatsuya-how many judges do you currently have that are able to submit scores? If you have about 3 it should be fine, I've ran a contest with 3 judges and it was still able to move along.


14th Jul 2007, 3:32 AM
Oh man..I hope someone decides to help out. This contest is way too good to be shut down because of lack of judges. Everyone put too much work into their entries so far and I'm looking forward to seeing how you all do in future rounds.

14th Jul 2007, 6:17 AM
HondaKatsuya-how many judges do you currently have that are able to submit scores? If you have about 3 it should be fine, I've ran a contest with 3 judges and it was still able to move along.


Unfortunately, I only had myself and Mnemosyne, so that was not an option. Luckily, Sizza has so graciously offered to help out.

14th Jul 2007, 7:03 AM
Whew...great! Thanks Sizza!

14th Jul 2007, 11:18 AM
Thanks, Sizza, for stepping in. :)

14th Jul 2007, 12:22 PM
OMG sorry Honda about the PMing thing, but I did send in my scores if you want them. Anyway sorry my cpu got jammed up a litle when it came to that page.
Sorry everyone for the delay.
You all did a great job!

14th Jul 2007, 3:32 PM
I'm glad I didn;t miss anything while my internet was down for a few days :) Can't wait to see how we all did!

14th Jul 2007, 3:35 PM
I'm glad I didn;t miss anything while my internet was down for a few days :) Can't wait to see how we all did!


This is scary. Mine's been down for the last day or so too. I was actually starting to think about having to walk a mile to use my local library's computers for checking this thread and uploading the pictures. Thankfully, it's up again now, so my feet have nothing to fear.;)

14th Jul 2007, 3:41 PM
Mine was because they're doing road construction in front of my house :P That's what I get for living in Canada, if it's not winter they're doing road construction :P

I'm just happy I didn't miss the judging or posting a new round :D

14th Jul 2007, 6:18 PM
I was wondering what was wrong, but now that emaone has the scores in (Sizza didn't have time to do them until later today), I'm going to start adding them up now, they should be posted today and Round Two will be up later.

14th Jul 2007, 8:00 PM
Nevaeh and Greg Bliss (PixieDust_fairy) = 125/150
1. I absolutely love the story behind Greg and Nevaeh and I can tell you certainly thought it out. It was written with the enthusiam they must have had when everything was happening for them.
2. Cute how they met.
3. I loved how you formatted the pictures, it felt like a real story of their life, something they would show their offspring someday.

Xemnas and Saix (SilentPsycho) = 125/150
1. Now what are the odds that even after the organization died, these would end up having such strong feelings for one another? I think it's an amazing story. Your pictures are pretty good and those two sure do kiss a lot!! Good job..
2. Quite of a bore though, but your photos were great and I guess you story is very..different. Cool.
3. I thought it was interesting, it makes me want to play Kingdom Hearts again.

Robyn and Aruyu Seikun (slytherin-girl) = 134/150
1. Robyn is a gem! She makes me laugh everytime she opens her mouth. The pregancy test picture is great and her face is classic. Robyn told their story with humor and love and I enjoyed this entry..
2. ‘Amazing’
3. Is that Rikku’s outfit I spy? Mwah. My contest is Square-Enix’d out. Robyn’s so cute here, they make such a lovely pair!

Emile & Fae & Jaal & Keever (DontDieKThx) = 135/150
1. Your entry is wonderful! I think you're pulling off the "dolls" very well. It was a creative and great backstory and I loved reading it. Keever's such a sweet-talker! Good job on all of your pictures..
2. I actually understood this time. Good job. You’re very creative.
3. I thought you did a very good job on this round, it’s awfully intriguing, to say the least.

Reno, Rude and Yazoo (Kakashi Hatake) = 124/150
1. Your boys are so sexy and I love their outfits! Too bad Kadaj won't join them, but they don't seem to mind. They seem comfortable in their three-some, but I feel that if Kadaj wanted to join them, they'd all accept him willingly. Your pictures are great (especially the first and last) and the dialog was funny..
3. They’re all very cute, but I’m surprised that Reno doesn’t get fought over. I would fight over him, and I know you would. Heh.

Adam Hebblewhite and Elise Davenport (emodawg) = 138/150
1. Fabulous! The party scenes are awesome and it looks like it took a bit of time to set up (what's that guy doing in the third pic? Staring at the wall? LOL). It's a great story and your pictures fit perfectly with how it all went down..
2. Awesome!!! I loved it! They’re sooo adorable. Before I even read it I understood by the photos!
3. I still love how they ended up together even though he wasn’t the guy she was actually seeing. Adam’s MUCH cuter, she’s better off. :)

Yuso and Ryugo (Hakuryuu) = 139/150
1. Impressive! You are a natural story-teller and it was a fantastic story in and of itself. I really felt the pain that Ryugo must have been feeling and I felt so bad for him. Your pictures are amazing and expressive and represent the anger, sadness and hopelessness that had possessed Ryugo. Fantastic entry!.
2. Absolutely stunning!!! Wow your photos are amazing! I love your story and emotion!! They’re great.
3. Aww…they’re awfully sweet and they’ve been through a lot. You have an interesting way of meshing pictures together like that for effect.

Kylar and Bannor MacLeod (TRIriana) = 120/150
1. Your entry was very well written and I very much enjoyed reading it; I didn't want it to end. Bannor is so sweet and his love-struck ways are classic. Your pictures were stunning and did great justice to the storyline. Great entry!
2. Wow is all I can say! I loved it! Great job!!
3. I wish I could see the sims better… but the story is sweet.

Hiroshika Ashford & Yuudai Devlin (Melodyway17) = 130/150
1. I love them! They're so handsome and together they're just sexy. Your pictures were very good and spoke of the circumstances better than any text could. They seem to have an odd relationship indeed, but that's what makes them so special..
2. Your photos are great. Love the lighting effects you used. The story’s one of a kind. Great job!
3. Ooh, what an interesting story. I loved how the tables turned when Hiroshika pounced :3

Lotus and Ash Silvan (Nymphetish) = 127/150
1. They are so lovely together and it's a good thing Lotus met Ash when she did, or she'd be so miserable! They're so different and that's what makes me adore them. They didn't care that they had nowhere specific to live, they just wanted to be together, and that's true love. On a side note, the pictures could have been a bit bigger. Still, you did a good job..
2. Aww the little boy is cute! I loved the storyline. Very romantic

3. I love their ears, they’re adorable, their daughter is adorable, and ohmygod, where did you get their hair, I want it. :3

Kurt Morgan / Jenna Saxon (lottiexcore) = 116/150
1. So cute! That grey area between friends and lovers is a fine line and not always clear and I could relate to them about this. Sometimes it takes a week apart to really know you love that person. I especially adore the picture of their first kiss in the snow..
2. Short, simple and nice.
3. Aww, they’re sweet…

Llewellyn Fairchild and Ingo Jaeger (h3nker) = 136/150
1. Your entry is remarkable. I just love that no matter if political parties get wind of their relationship that they'll stay together. That's rare and very comendable. Their story made me laugh (especially when the towel fell)! Great job!.
2. Now this is not what I call boredom off politics! This is amazing! You improved so much from last time. The photos are great. Your sims look soo realistic!
3. I loved your entry. The scandal, the raw passion. All I have to day is damn, I wish all senators and delivery boys looked like that.

Round Favorites
1. Yuso & Ryugo
2. Adam & Elise
3. Llewellyn & Ingo / Hiroshika & Yuudai

14th Jul 2007, 8:56 PM
I'm glad to see the scores now. Everyone did such an amazing job with their round 1 and I can't wait to see everyone's round 2.

I kind of wished the scores were posted by judge so everyone would know how they got scored seperately, but Honda can do it however she likes! :) :beer:

14th Jul 2007, 9:09 PM
So um...was anybody eliminated?


14th Jul 2007, 10:09 PM
There are no eliminations ~ And I don't like posting individual judge scores to cut down on any drama in case somebody believes they were unfairly scored by any particular person.

Round Two

Okay, we've seen how you met, now lets see how you juggle your love life with your work life. We know your occupations and we've even seem some people at work, but now we get to see the both of you and how you unwind at the end of your day.

One picture of each sim doing his or her job, this can be anything from house cleaning, taking care of the kids, retail sales, assassination, et. cetera. It can even differ slightly from your application occupation if you can't think of any pictures for that, and one photo of your couple (triple? quadruple?) kicking back after a hard day's work. For most people this will be 3 pictures, but I'll allow up to 5 since we have Kakashi's triple and DontDie's quadruple. ^_^ If your sims share a job, take two pictures of them doing it together, just as long as you wind up with 3, 4, or 5 pictures.

14th Jul 2007, 10:43 PM
Thanks for the votes judges and just to clear up for judge 1 the dude in the back was supposed to be panicing lol whenever he turned to face the camera Elise and Adam stopped kissing lol

15th Jul 2007, 12:52 AM
Thanks for the votes judges and just to clear up for judge 1 the dude in the back was supposed to be panicing lol whenever he turned to face the camera Elise and Adam stopped kissing lol

lol I thought he was doing something peculiar! I was staring at the picture for a while before I noticed him and I nearly fell off of my chair laughing. He just looks like he's either smacking his head into the wall...or watching paint dry!

Honda I totally understand, and like I said, you'll do it however you want because you rock the casba! There have been some issues in other contests about individual scores. I mainly wanted those that I scored highest to know and not feel bad if their scores totaled were not as high. That's all..and I'll shut up now!

Can't wait to see everyone's round 2's!

15th Jul 2007, 1:32 AM
Good luck with round two everyone :D:D

15th Jul 2007, 5:34 AM
Oooooh! I did much better than I thought! Thanks for the comments guys! *grins* She certainly is quite the unique girl :P And that's Rikku indeed *grins* I'm going as her to my next con myself, couldn't resist throwing that in.

Ahhh jobs *grins again* I'll actually get to show the kids since raising them IS Robyn's job. Ooooh and an excuse to take loads of Aruyu in his military outfit pictures! *runs off to get started*

15th Jul 2007, 2:08 PM
Kurt's Job:

Jenna's Job

We work from home so it's pretty cool, we get a lot of time together. We work in separate parts of the house so not to drive one another insane. Because of our jobs we can take breaks whenever things get too stressful and curl up in front of the tv.


Kurt: Sometimes I need to read research materials, but Jenna won't let me.
Jenna: It's boringggg. So I tickle him. ^-^



I hope this is ok. :)

15th Jul 2007, 3:34 PM
Awwwwww! I love the picture on the couch :) It's so sweet!

And I see I'm not the only one with default painting replacements :P

15th Jul 2007, 9:46 PM

It's difficult to say what exactly led to the Organisation's current status. After our defeat by Sora, our deaths and the subsequent resurrection, it seemed like no one really had an idea what to do. Lost and different from the rest of the worlds, even with our emotions it was hard to fit in, so the Organisation surprisingly stayed together. Even the traitors Axel and Roxas have come back and were eventually accepted. I suppose the fact that when we all regained our emotions, most of us were secretly ashamed of the actions we took when we had no hearts to guide us might have helped.

However, this lead us to a problem. What shall we do now? Until the solution to that problem is found, my designation as the Superior and leader of this group means that the majority of my work is making sure that there are no problems between the members that might escalate.


Unfortunately, this means that I have to pretend that I'm interested in whatever arguments and clashes that occur. What with Demyx's habit of flooding the place, the explosions that wake people up coming from Vexen's lab, Xigbar's love of running on the ceiling and shooting everything that moves with plastic darts, Marluxia's plants trying to eat everyone, the power cuts caused by Larxene's rages, and the fact that Axel seems to take an extraordinary delight in setting everyone and everything on fire, it seems that I have my hands full.


Unfortunately it seems that a lot of this has been happening in the Library. This has resulted in a large number of books being burnt, torn, or waterlogged. I've asked my beloved Luna Diviner if he wouldn't mind watching and dealing with any trouble that occurs. It may take a while, but I think the message might get through after a few weeks.

Or at least after a few members end up in the infirmary...


At night though, when everyone else is sleeping, relaxing out in the courtyard with Saix and watching the stars is something I never want to give up. The gentle sound of the fountain calms me and the feeling of happiness that being close to Saix is something that I don't want to lose. Watching his joy at looking up at the moon and stars makes all the hell and trouble seem worth it.

15th Jul 2007, 10:11 PM
Random question, even if there's only two sims, can we still have the four or five pictures, or is it just three?

16th Jul 2007, 2:51 AM
You can have up to five, it's fine. ^_^ I just don't want anyone doing just two people thinking they *have* to do 5.

16th Jul 2007, 3:21 PM
Okay :) Thanks! I jsut wanted to know because when my brain get a good idea it likes to go a little loony :P I'll need those 5 pictures.

16th Jul 2007, 6:17 PM
Jaal: Though none of us have had to really live up to our "occupations" very often, there are times when a little kid (or someone who wants to reminisce about their childhood) climbs up the attic stairs to visit us-- and so we must slip back into our accepted roles and revert to being whatever the toy industry created us to be.

Even though we'd all rather chose our own life paths, we don't detest being played with by human hands. In fact, it can be really interesting to see what a human's imagination can make us.

The youngest child of the house-- or sometimes their mother, who seems distraught about her marriage these days-- usually ends up playing with Fae and Emile. They will form the most romantic love stories about them, stories that tend to conclude with a beautiful, elaborate wedding..with flowers and chocolate and even a fake little wedding cake. It's really very beautiful how they bring such emotion and vigor to such (seemingly) inanimate creatures.

The quirky preteens are the ones who focus more on Keever and I. Of course, we're always playing a concert-- how very creative, I know-- but they are always less...well, loud and fun...than Keever and I prefer. Since the children lost the guitar and drumset they bought years ago for us, we are forced to stick with a small keyboard and microphone set that is made especially for us. It allows us to 'sing' and play 'melodies'-- if they can even be called that-- for an audience of some sort. Keever, who wouldn't be able to sing even if he did have real vocal cords, is always put on the microphone while I'm stuck on this stupid electric keyboard that only plays sugar-sweet pop hits. Ugh.

But, when the humans are away, we are finally able to relax and choose how to live our lives without the interference of a warm-blooded giant.

Once or twice we have even been able to escape the house entirely and roam outside in the grass, with the sweet moonlight caressing our bodies and the scent of the humans' garden all around us. During these adventures, we've actually cast off all our clothing-- well, all that can be cast off-- and laid freely on the damp ground; Keever says that we were always meant to be like this, since it's our "natural state". As crazy as he is, I think he may be right about that...to be outside in nature, laughing and talking with the ones I love-- it gives me a strange, wonderful feeling deep that resonates deep inside me, where my heart would be had I been a human. I may be just a doll, but still...from what I've heard, happiness like this is hard to come by.

D: I'm sorry for the excessive use of frames...I've only taken a liking to them recently. And the poem is called Alchemy, by Francis Carlin (in case it's difficult to read).

Edit-- oops, was I supposed to do five pictures (since I have a foursome)? I thought it could be anywhere from 3-5.

16th Jul 2007, 6:25 PM
Yours is fine, I just wanted to allow more in case it was needed. :)

17th Jul 2007, 10:03 PM
When is this round due?


17th Jul 2007, 10:03 PM
Aruyu: Since she got to do the last one, I’m taking over since I’m the one who actually has a job.
Robyn: (calling from Kitchen where she’s attempting to make dinner) You better shut your mouth before I come in there and beat you with this pot. What the hell do you call looking after your children 24/7 huh?
Aruyu: Fine fine, you have a job, whatever you say woman.
Robyn: *glares* My spaghetti’s going to burn, Remind me to smack you later.
Aruyu: I love you to dearest. Well anyway, I’m in the military, so I’m away from home for most of the day. Sure most people think being in this particular line of work is difficult and strenuous, and I won’t deny it is. But it’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was a child, and I can’t see myself doing anything else.


Aruyu: My son Ryuuen has started saying he wants to be just like me and I couldn’t be prouder of him. We spend a lot of time running our obstacle course together, or rather I run it and he tries not to fall on his face.


Aruyu: Now my *raises voice rather obviously so it can be heard in the kitchen* Amazingly gorgeous and oh so wonderful wife *puts voice back to normal* doesn’t have a conventional 9-5 job, but is a stay at home mother to Ryuuen and Li-Mei. When she found out she was pregnant, she decided that’s what she wanted to do. I think it’s wonderful that she’s always there for the kids, especially since my job takes me away from home for long periods of time.


Aruyu: Robyn has a weekly column in the local paper as well, mostly stories about day to day life, motherhood, things like that. She insisted she didn’t want her journalism degree going to waste, which made sense to me. She does most of her writing when the kids are at school and I’m at work because she says, and I quote here, “It’s the only bloody time the house is quiet enough for me to think”.


Aruyu: But when I do get home, there’s nothing the two of us like more than to take a *coughs discretely* nice relaxing soak in the hot tub together. It does wonders for sore muscles and since the kids are too young for it we have it all to ourselves. Alone time is hard to come by for us, so we enjoy every minute of it. Believe me, that tub is one of the BEST purchases I’ve ever made.


Robyn: Are you done yet? Dinner's done *peers over shoulder and her eyes go wide* What the hell do you think you're doing showing them that picture *turns beet red* Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in?

Aruyu: *smirks* I really don;t seem to recall you complaining at the time it was taken.

Robyn: *goes even redder*

18th Jul 2007, 2:51 AM
Happy birthday Slytherin-Girl!
I'll have my pictures in tomorrow!

18th Jul 2007, 6:00 AM
When is this round due?


Round Two
July 14 - July 20th

I forgot to add it in the other post :) but it was on the first page.

18th Jul 2007, 6:22 AM
I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to drop out. I like this contest, but lately, I've been really busy with school. Again, sorry.

18th Jul 2007, 10:06 AM
((Would have had this in sooner, but my days' been all over the place :lol: And erm - I used all five photo options ^^; Just cause I really like taking pictures :smash: ))

Work, work, work...

http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/Round2/Work-Hirosmall.jpg (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/Round2/Work-HiroLarge.jpg)
Hiroshika: Well, as was stated in the beginning, I work as a techincal scientist - which can range from anything really. I do have an office I could go to, but I prefer to work at home; nothing strikes perfection and creativity than the comfort of one's own environment~

Yuudai: *mutters* That and you're too d*** cheap to pay for transport.

Hiroshika: Public transport is dangerous, my little Yuu~ I shudder to think of what some pervy old man would do to such a handsome young man like myself.

Yuudai: Yeah, right - like anyone would want to do anything to you!

Hiroshika: Tell them about your job now! *grins*

Yuudai: EH?! Ah - no way!! I can't do that!!

http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/Round2/Work-Yuusmall.jpg (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/Round2/Work-YuuLarge.jpg)
Hiroshika: Yuu is the blood-son to the boss of "Bloody Ring" - a business gang, if you will. Since his father is the boss, that means Yuu is next in line to take over the business~

Yuudai: S-shut up!! Don't go around telling people things like this so causally!! *blush*

Hiroshika: Aww - little Yuu embarrassed about being seen in a suit?

Yuudai: ... I hate you!

Hiroshika: Ah - right! How we relax after a long day of working~ Well - there's always the occassional showers together~ *grins wider*

Yuudai: WHAT!?

http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/Round2/Relax3-HiroYuusmall.jpg (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/Round2/Relax3-HiroYuuLarge.jpg)
Hiroshika: They say nothing relaxes the body like a nice warm shower (and a cute little body to hold doesn't hurt either~ *winks* )

Yuudai: *groans* Why me? How'd you even get a photo like that?!

Hiroshika: I have my ways. *pokes Yuu on the nose*

http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/Round2/Relax2-HiroYuusmall.jpg (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/Round2/Relax2-HiroYuuLarge.jpg)
Hiroshika: After the shower one of two things follows - we lounge around on my bed. I'm usually reading, and Yuu just sits and listens to his music.

Yuudai: To drown out your annoying voice.

Hiroshika: You know you love hearing my voice~ *pinch*

Yuudai: ... go burn in h***!!

http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/Round2/Relax-HiroYuusmall.jpg (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/Round2/Relax-HiroYuuLarge.jpg)
Hiroshika: Or the second thing is we just lounge on the couch downstairs. Since Yuu refuses to lie on my lap, I lie on his instead.

Yuudai: You're heavy - so stop laying on me!

Hiroshika: You're not usually awake anyways - you fall asleep listening to your music.

Yuudai: Touche!


Hee - they're becoming more and more fun each time :laugh: Yuu honestly does love Hiro -- he just doesn't show it that much :err: :slow: And erm - don't mind the excessive use of filters - I went a little edit crazy :bricks:

18th Jul 2007, 1:22 PM
wow! great entries everyon! surprise with how amazing they are. :D

18th Jul 2007, 1:32 PM
Great entries everyone :) DontDieThx, I am totally cracking up at the poses of the 2 guys on the right in your last photo...hysterical lol.

I've been lurking and everyone's photos are fantastic, I just had to comment on that one lol.

best of luck and cheers all :)

18th Jul 2007, 1:40 PM
:jaw: Melody! That shower picture is absolutly stunning, I love them and your pictures so much :lovestruc
They are such a gorgeous and cute couple. I just love their relationship.

DontDieThx, your entry is just so original I really love your concept. You pull it off so well :]

18th Jul 2007, 3:53 PM
...Shower picture...

*Dies of yaoi fangirl-ness overload* ;)

How did you get that? I would give my right arm for Sim couples to do that!

18th Jul 2007, 5:52 PM
Some of my pics are up, still missing one and will probably change at least one of em. And that's the Canadian Army emblem behind him in case anyone was wondering :P

18th Jul 2007, 6:02 PM
Haku Dawww - thanks. ^^; I bet your entry will be just as stunning! :beer:

...Shower picture...

*Dies of yaoi fangirl-ness overload* ;)

How did you get that? I would give my right arm for Sim couples to do that!

Take two of that public shower thingy that came with uni, moveobjects & boolprop snapobjects and slow motion 8 :laugh: I spent about 10-15 mins just trying to take the darn picture :lol:

Good luck to everyone~ :P

18th Jul 2007, 6:49 PM
gereat pics everyone. Hopefully ill have my pics up soon but mts isnt working properly and I have lots of things to do before I finish skool on fri...

18th Jul 2007, 9:26 PM
Take two of that public shower thingy that came with uni, moveobjects & boolprop snapobjects and slow motion 8 :laugh: I spent about 10-15 mins just trying to take the darn picture :lol:

Oh bugger. I wish Sims were able to have sex in the shower. Which seems more likely, sex in the shower at someone's own home, or sex in the elevator at a shopping centre...

18th Jul 2007, 11:44 PM
Rude, Yazoo and I work for Shinra electric Company, our bosses name is Rufus Shinra. Rude, Yazoo and me are his main guys and bodyguards, we "Take Care" of people that have been giving our boss issues.

Here Yazoo, Rude and I are conferring about our current "problem". Yep we got a job from the boss to do, apprently he's been spilling the latest about Shinra's confidential experiments.

Rude threw the first kick, then me and Yazoo jumped in, he won't be spilling anymore junk that's for sure. He's decorating the bottom of a lake now if you know what I mean, it was a job well done.

Yazoo seemed a bit worried, but he snapped out of it after awhile. After out mission was over we went back to the office and reported to Rufus, he then left in the Shinra chopper to another branch of the Shinra company that was having some problems.

Heh, Rude, yazoo and I decided to "break in" the bosses sofa while he was gone. All in a days work *Winks and licks his lips*. A good end to a good day.

19th Jul 2007, 12:00 AM
Oh bugger. I wish Sims were able to have sex in the shower. Which seems more likely, sex in the shower at someone's own home, or sex in the elevator at a shopping centre...


though it's a bit buggy... it's usable.

19th Jul 2007, 12:00 AM
Ok my pics are almost complete they'll definately be up tomorrow!


19th Jul 2007, 12:15 AM

though it's a bit buggy... it's usable.


Kakashi: Nice pictures, I've been wondering where Yazoo will fit into Shinra. Although, I have to admit my first thought when I saw him in that coat was 'Super Pimp Yazoo!' ;) Love the Shinra logo in the background.

19th Jul 2007, 4:29 AM
Wow..wowie wow wow you guys are amazing. Great entries so far!

19th Jul 2007, 2:21 PM
Guys, I don't think I'll be able to make the deadline tomorrow. How many hours left do we have exactly because I'm a little short of time with school tomorrow (I had work tonight and school) and I havn't got any pictures done. Unless theres more time than I think and theres a chance I could have an extension then I might be able to make it but I think I'm guna have to drop out :( Great job to every one else.

19th Jul 2007, 3:04 PM
I'm going to have to drop out, I've come down with something and haven't been able to get on the computer 'til now. :( Good luck to everyone. x

19th Jul 2007, 4:36 PM
Finished my entry :) Round Two (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=951602&postcount=146)

19th Jul 2007, 5:19 PM
Guys, I don't think I'll be able to make the deadline tomorrow. How many hours left do we have exactly because I'm a little short of time with school tomorrow (I had work tonight and school) and I havn't got any pictures done. Unless theres more time than I think and theres a chance I could have an extension then I might be able to make it but I think I'm guna have to drop out :( Great job to every one else.

the time right now is 11:18 AM Central where I live, so that makes 36 hours or so until the round closes. But if you go ahead and make your round two post later like TRIriana's going to do, you can submit your writing and pictures later and we can judge your round two with hers, since there are no eliminations.

19th Jul 2007, 8:08 PM
Juggling Work Life and Family Life

Nevaeh-Well as many of you know I’m a model for many industries. I will be bringing you to work with me today and show you a little bit around.



Nevaeh-Today they told me that I would be modeling for a new sleek black car. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I knew that it would be great. First they took me into make up and costume, when I saw what I was going to wear my jaw dropped to the ground *Laughs*

Greg-I actually thought it was quite sexy.

Nevaeh-Greg it’s my turn to be talking, you get to tell what your work life is when I’m finished. *leans over and kisses Greg tenderly then smiles sweetly*
Anyways back to what I was saying. When they were finished I looked kind of like one of those gothic girls, I didn’t have a clue how they were going to want me to pose, so I gave them the sexy look, which turned out to be exactly what they wanted.

Sometimes when I’m working I get carried away. Today when I was working some guy came up to me and totally tried hitting on me…so I returned the favor and hit on him (physically). This guy knew that I was married, but he was such a sleaze he wanted to sleep with all the models, so I gave him a taste of what I thought about him. I don’t think he’ll be messing around with anymore models.

Anyways my typical day consists of photo shoots and hair/costume changes. It may seem really hectic, but that’s why I love it. Oh yea by the way I think I looked absolutely wretched in that photo shoot. *Pokes Greg* Greg sweetie now it’s your turn.


Greg-First of all let me tell you Nevaeh, you didn’t look crappy at all, you looked utterly sexy. *Grins at Nevaeh*

Nevaeh-Oh Shut up, don’t embarrass me in front of these people. First of all they’re in our house interviewing us, so don’t make any crude comments babe.

Greg-Fine then, but your still sexy no matter what.

Nevaeh-Just go on and tell about your job already! *pushes him playfully*

Greg-Ok Nevaeh. Well when I’m about to do a surgery, I do a fake surgery on a dummy. This is to just make sure I make the right incisions and pull out the right thing. This is also a process that will help the interns understand what they will possibly be doing someday.


Nevaeh-Wow what happened there, doesn’t look like that’s what you were supposed to be removing. What is that a heart? EHMAGAWD (oh my god) Greg, you were going to be an ax murderer with that surgery.

Greg- *shakes head in embarrassment* That wasn’t supposed to happen. And sweetie I wouldn’t be qualified as an ax murderer, until I actually kill somebody with an ax.

Nevaeh- You still cut them open with something.

Greg-Yes that was a scalpel. Well anyways that wasn’t the best thing to happen, which meant I was going to be in a crappy mood all day, because I embarrassed myself in front of the interns. I knew I was going to need some relaxation when I got home.

Nevaeh-So how did the actual surgery go?

Greg-Lets just say it went better then the dummy surgery, this time I actually didn’t remove the heart.

Nevaeh-Well that’s great…I knew my smookums could do it! *kisses Greg*

Greg-Honey, remember don’t embarrass me and I won’t embarrass you.

Nevaeh-Oh yea…um…anyways moving on, to what happened that day when we both got home.

Greg-Erm…sweetie you may want to look away from these pictures for awhile, just until the interview is finished.



Greg-That’s why….

Nevaeh-Oh Greg you didn’t!

Greg-As I said just look away until the interview is finished.

Nevaeh-No, because I want my say in this.

Greg-Fine…Well anyways when I got home I was still upset that I had made a fool of myself in front of the future surgeons of our city. When I got home I saw Nevaeh playing a board game with our son, so I had decided not to bug their together time. I went upstairs to get changed and shortly after (when I was down to my Calvin Klein underwear) Nevaeh came up and started undressing herself. Let’s just say you all know what happens next.

Nevaeh-what if they don’t know what happens next and they want a full explanation? *silence for a few seconds.* Well shortly after I went upstairs we whoo hooed.

Greg-I think they all caught that Nevaeh, you didn’t need to give them that much info. Please don’t go into detail now.

Nevaeh-Why would I do that?

Greg-Never mind…next picture please?


Nevaeh-Another intimate one!? Why couldn’t you just take a picture of us being a family. I didn’t even notice that there were camera men taking picture of our “together time”.

Greg-Don’t worry, at least it’s not showing your cute little nudie body. *tickles Nevaeh*

Nevaeh-*laughing* Stop it, stop it and tell about what’s going on in the picture, because I can’t even bare to look at it.

Greg-Anyways after we had our time together in the bedroom, we decided to go take a bath to wash away the long harsh day. We were both going to take separate baths, but then we decided we needed to be comforted by each other.

Nevaeh-Yea and washed by each other.

Greg-Shhhhh…*puts finger against Nevaeh’s lips.* Sweetie again to much information.

Nevaeh-I don’t find anything wrong with washing your mate.

Greg-Yea but that’s probably something the people reading this don’t want to know.

Nevaeh-Now I know why I’m pregnant so much, I can’t keep you off of me. *laughs then looks at Greg who is shaking his head.*

Greg-I’m sorry, you have to excuse her…she gets this way after “together time”. Well the bath lasted at least an hour, but it was perfect I forgot about everything that had gone on earlier that day, and I was no longer upset about work.

Nevaeh-Well erm…now that you’ve had a look into our work lives and personal lives *mumbles* please don’t let this embarrass us. *regular speaking again* Go have a cookie or something, they’re laying on the counter…and we’ll be seeing you next round won’t we?

Interviewer-Yes we will be and thanks for the cookies *rushes off to grab one then walks out the door*

Greg-phew! Thank god that’s over.

Nevaeh-Yea I know, you kept telling them every little detail.

Greg-*rolls eyes then sighs* Oh boy.

The Bathtub picture took me forever to take. I had to keep trying to get them both to stay in there, so i could take the shot. Sometimes the bubbles would be covering both of their faces, which was a pain in the @**.

20th Jul 2007, 1:23 PM
Nice job, pixie, and nice job everyone else! :)

I'll have mine in today sometime, before I go to pick up my Harry Potter book. :)

20th Jul 2007, 5:55 PM
Great entries everyone :). Also Slytherin-girl, me and Honda are selling our books if he does we're HUGE snape fans ourselves ~.^.

20th Jul 2007, 8:45 PM
**I changed Adam's career cos I couldnt think of anything amazing to represent it... hope thats ok**

On the Job

Adam: I'm a music producer, usually working with up and coming bands. Music is my passion and I love helping people achieve their dreams as well as improve and develop. This is me working with The Pink Streaks, an all girl emo band, they're gonna be huge I know.


Elise: ...is that the dress code for the recordind studio.

Adam: ...erm I think they had a shoot before this session, had no time to change I think.

Elise: *glares and clears throat* I'm a fashion journalist and my job is to kinda decide what's in and what's out.. then write about it. But every decision has to be approved by our editor who loves ridiculing every idea me and my work collegue Lisa come up with.

"I want bohemiam but not too hippy, sleek but not too formal, dynamic but subtle..." Confusing stuff like that...


It sucks having all your ideas crushed again and again but I guess I don't get as upset as Lisa does...

Time Together

Adam: While we were in uni, we mostly went gigging clubbing raving like every other night... but now with our jobs we don't do that as often anymore.

Elise: Even though we can't come home smelling of sweat and alcohol as much anymore doesn't mean we do "grown up stuff" though. We tried going to the theatre and to fancy restuarants but kept getting kicked out for causing a disturbance.

Adam: I may have stumbled onto theatre stages drunk a few times but the acotors usually through the first punches, I don't see how that makes me the one causing the disturbance...

Elise: When go out now, we do stupid stuff like miniture golf, or funfairs or my favourite ice-skating esprcially at night. The rink is usually empty around 11pm so we have the rink to ourselves so I get the exclusive pleasure of watching Adam fall on his butt *giggles*


Adam: Its become our tradition to get really dressed up for ice-skating because the first time we went was after getting kicked out out of a fancy restuarant after Elise poured soup over this lady who kept giving us dirty looks. After that going skating in jeans seemed a little boring lol

20th Jul 2007, 9:49 PM
When Congress was in session, I spent plenty of late nights catching up on work. It was much easier for me because Ingo kept my projects so organized, but there was a huge pile in my inbox that only I could clear out. Ingo and I were about to celebrate our one-year anniversary, and I was hoping to clear my desk so we could spend an uninterrupted, quiet weekend together. So far our secret relationship was safe, and I saw no reason why it would not stay that way.


As I scanned the newest bills that were to be introduced into committee for voting, I saw something that made my blood run cold. It was entitled “Family Defense Act of 2007," but it was, in spite of the innocuous name, one of the more hateful pieces of legislation I had seen cross my desk. The bill sought to remove health insurance and survivorship rights from same-sex domestic partners, across the board. The bill’s sponsor was a colleague of mine, Jack Thompson, who had gone from shrilly calling for censorship of video games to a seat in the Senate.

I took a deep breath. There was no way I could vote for this, but by voting against it, I would definitely raise the eyebrows of conservative Senators. Then the whispering would start, and the digging for dirt, and it would only be a matter of time before Ingo and I were plastered across the tabloid headlines.
In committee, I voted against the bill. What else could I do?


After the vote, I had the misfortune to run into Senator Thompson in the hall outside the cloakroom. He approached me with a greasy smile that didn’t reach the rest of his face.
“Senator Fairchild, I know you had a very good reason for opposing my bill.”
“Jack, I just didn’t think it was good legislation.”
“You didn’t hear what I said. I know all about your good reason: 5’11”, blond, blue-eyed.”
I froze. He continued:
“I suggest you rectify your ideological error at the earliest available opportunity, so that your little blond problem does not become public knowledge.”
As he turned on his heel and walked off, I told myself that Jerry Falwell and Ronald Reagan would be ice-dancing together on the frozen River Styx before I'd vote for that bill.

The response to my negative vote was discouraging, to say the least.
Ingo was spending much of his time at work answering phone calls from outraged voters. I was happy to hear him using his signature sarcasm on some of the worst of them:
"You want to know if I'm a homosexual? Why, yes I am. Queer as a football bat. Have a nice day."
"Did my mother make me a homosexual? No, but if you send her the yarn, I'm sure she'd be glad to make YOU one."


My poll numbers were slipping daily. I was sure this would be the end of my political career, and I was already planning for the future: maybe I could go back to practicing law, or maybe Ingo and I could move to Zanzibar and survive by panhandling on the beach...
The stress pervaded our home life. Then, I woke up one morning, and suddenly I knew what I had to do.


I was sitting in the living room gloomily watching the pundits deliver my political obituary when Ingo came into the room, grinning from ear to ear. I looked up at him.
“You look very cheerful for someone whose name is about to be dragged through the mud, along with mine.”
“Llew, just come and look at this.”
He led me to the computer, where he had the results of the latest polls of likely voters.
“Look! The only people who are upset about this are the conservative ones!”
“Ingo, those are - were - my main supporters.”
“Not any more. You have a new set of supporters now.”
He was right. My approval among moderate and liberal voters had increased significantly.


“See? You don’t need those nasty old people. And you can tell that gasbag Thompson to go pound salt.”
He turned to face me, gorgeous in the reflected glow of the screen, then sat down on my lap, facing me.
“Now, Llew, get me out of these clothes before I melt.”
I was more than happy to oblige.
Who knew that polling numbers could be such a powerful aphrodisiac?

20th Jul 2007, 9:55 PM
Ahh....i hope mine is good enough. Everybodies are just so great!


20th Jul 2007, 10:43 PM
Heeeeheeeee good thing I'm not alone guys! I fully intend on wearing all black for a week if he does *grins* I'm in my slytherin uniform right now, I'm SO excited! Only 6 and a quarter hours left for me *does happy dance*

And wow at everyone's entires ^^ yeesh I'm embarassed at my craptastic graphics card now :P

20th Jul 2007, 10:55 PM
emodawg, great entry. :)

slytherin-girl, I'm about to put on my Slytherin tie and go join the festivities myself. Happy Pottering to everyone, and count me in as another Snape fan.

21st Jul 2007, 7:34 AM
I'm leaving the round open a bit longer, TRIriana has already told me she'll post with round three, and I don't know how Hakuryuu is progressing, and I didn't see anything from Nymphetish, I don't think anyway. I'll PM the judges tomorrow sometime, so the deadline for this round is kinda up in the air right now.

21st Jul 2007, 8:27 AM
Come on guys, get those entries in! I'd hate to see any of you get disqualified, or drop out....come on come on come on!

21st Jul 2007, 11:22 AM
Nymphetish wrote that she was dropping out back on page 6.

21st Jul 2007, 5:08 PM
Sorry guys, I had some personal things that came up that couldn't be ignored.
I tried to get my entry done but I don't want to hold you guys up because that is what I'd be doing with my one paragraph.
I'd rather drop out than hand in a rushed crappy entry, it wouldnt be fair to this contest.

21st Jul 2007, 6:18 PM
Nymphetish wrote that she was dropping out back on page 6.

Thanks. It sucks having bad eyesight, I need help looking through the threads horribly.

21st Jul 2007, 6:30 PM
No problem Honda, I know what that's like. At least I've found the tiny screwdriver so I managed to fix my glasses. Without them I'd be lucky to see the actual screen.;)

22nd Jul 2007, 1:46 AM
~An occupation of sorts


http://img71.imageshack.us/img71/3638/gahpf0.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

My nerves are on fire, a shivering tremble that I just can't shake. But for me this is all natural, all part of being a musician. I feel these same feelings each and every time before a show but this time.. I know it's going to be a good one.. Ryugo and the others seem to be fairing the same as I am but there is so much excitement in their eyes as they make the final finishing touches to their clothes and makeup eyeing the doors exit to the stage with interest. I can see the smile widen on our drummers face as the croud begins to grow restless and call for us, a thousand voices joined as one that reach our ears. They wait for us, something that will never stop the smile reaching my lips and always puts me at such comfortable ease. It's time. We make our way out..

Staring out at this sea of black, moving shapes and the shimmery sillouettes of our audience with flecks of smiling faces I can finally come alive and let myself go with the music that begins to pour from my fingers as I move my fingers over the strings of the guitar to start our first song, the crowd hushes and that's when Yuso lets his voice begin to mesmorize the crowd. My guitar flowing and meshing with his velvety deep vocals and he lets himself go, lets his emotions and experiences take him away with the songs we made together while the other members create our background rythem to paint our canvas on.

http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/7279/stageii7.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

"The thoughts I'm thinking the sights I'm seeing, I couldn't be happier being here doing what I love most"


The crowd is ripped and anticipation is in their eyes and movements were expecting a good show they won't forget and for amateurs I feel so proud to be here and playing for them, I think we can do it.

The show ends in a haze colours and blurs, we let ourselves go and gave ourselves to the music we made together in a display of complete and unrestainted passion. That is the way we like our music.

*Tries to talk but his voice is croaky*

:yech: T-that was r-really good!!

*Tackles Yuso and ruffles his hair while letting his fingers sink through the silky strands*

:eviltongu You think singings hard? ha! You should try being the guitarist.
But maybe I know something that could help that poor throat of yours... What do you say?

We say... Don't even think about it! We don't want to hear what you guys are going to get up to!

Ryugo and Yuso just smile at eachother and walk off together hand in hand, that can be arranged they both think.. oh yes

http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/4474/sims2ep5200707252221248lb5.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Ryugo & Yuso
Have we told you about our album coming out?
It's something we have all worked so hard on and think we have something to offer our fans in it, we hope you enjoy it.
As for calibration we all took a certain piece of music and contributed what we thought it needed most,
Uruha and Asuni worked really well together on the heavier pieces
while we both worked on the rythemic part of the music to finish. The name?

http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/526/unheardofendingsvr2.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/8283/albumartfp1.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
Asuni (Dr), Uruha (B), Ryugo (G), and Yuso (Voc)

That's not all.
We've recently been busy developing the PV (promotional video) for one of our favourite songs on the album.
It was long and tiresome getting the details we wanted JUST the way we had pictured them ourselves right down to sewing and creating our own special and unique costumes. (We ended up using at least three outfits in this)
Makeup was a big focus while filming because we wanted viewers to view they were lost in a sea of different conflicting emotions but also feel this sense of freedom that one can feel when the washing waves of the ocean hit your skin.
We call it "An inward emotion"

http://img187.imageshack.us/img187/1999/pvnd1.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

As someone who loves photography so much I don't really like to be disrupted in my work. Somedays I leave our apartment with nothing more than a breif note because photography is an artform, it doesn't come when you call for it. It comes and hits you out of nowhere like a writer stuck with writers block and suddenly finds the long awaited inspiration. I wander the streets trying to capture what had got itself so lodged and imbeded in my thoughts that I don't notice a familar face making a bee line towards me... so focused I am on my work. As I raise my camera to my eyes and look through the viewer where a spectacular scene of architectual art comes into my view but the next thing I see is a flash of red and black and a smiling face dive towards me before I am knocked unbalanced by a tackle. I panic thinking I am going to be mugged or assaulted when a familar giggle rings throughout my ears.

"Yu! I found you! I missed you.."

A nuzzle reaches my neck as I find my balance again. I've lost my perfect shot. Damn. I mumble under my breathe slightly a little aggitated.

"Ryugo... You know I don't like to be interupted while taking photos.."

My voice is quite and calm but with an underlying warning, one that soon melts away with my my resolve as his happy face melts into a brooding pout. My stern expression fades away as I turn his face to mine but he refuses to meet my intense gaze but begins to say softly,

"I only wanted to surpris..."

My lips are already covering his and keeping his sentence behind occupied lips, reassuring him that I am not angry with him. There is always another time for my perfect photograph, although I can't help the creep of red that reaches it's way to my face as on lookers stop and watch us, some faces smiling and friendly at us while others a sharp frown and stern steely eyes casting annoyance in our direction. But what does that matter?

http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/215/nikonryuyuij7.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

The perfect picture is nothing compared to your perfect smile, always..


22nd Jul 2007, 3:39 PM
Tonight I'll work on the first batch of scores I have and post the next round, I don't have time right now because I have to go to work.

Edit: I just got home, and I have scores from the other two judges and Sizza, so it's not fair to you guys to have to wait for me, so I let Sizza be my replacement, since I've been too busy this week.

If anyone wants my personal comments about their entry, PM me. :)


Nevaeh & Greg Bliss

Total = 120 (+125) = 245
1. Comment(s): They are so adorable together. The way they bicker is so cute and shows they are very playful. Your pictures were great and demonstrated what they do for a living very well. You did a great job this round,and it's great that they can unwind together and "wash away" all their worries and frustration.

2. Good pictures and a good story, but there is WAY too much of *Insert action here* in your entry and it’s very annoying to read. Do try to tone it down

3. Photos are amazing and the bubble shot would have to be the best! I like their ‘differences’ in their career. The story line goes on smooth. Great job.

Xemnas & Saix

Total = 105 (+125) = 230
1. Comment(s): You have a very interesting story for these two and it's always great to read it and learn more about the couple and the Organization. The setup in your pictures are decent and the second picture is great! I really enjoy your couple and their story.

2. The second picture is pretty funny. He doesn’t have the most enjoyable job in the world it seems. The library, somehow, reminds me of the game Keepsake.

3. Sorry but your story seems to be more detail in situation and not in the ‘chemistry’ between them. It sounds more of a saving the world slash universe story.

Robyn & Aruyu Seikun

Total = 128 (+134) = 262
1. Comment(s): You have such a great couple and I just love reading your entries. Your pictures are very nice, especially the picture of Aruyu in his uniform; the background is great. Overall, fantastic entry!

2. You might want to try to make your pictures brighter because the darkness spoils them.

3. Wow they’re so different yet so sweet! The storyline is great and so are the photos. They match in well really good.

Jaal & Fae & Emile & Keever

Total = 132 (+135) = 267
1. Comment(s): All I can say is WOW. Every picture is fantastict and the stuffed animal audience during the "concert" is very creative and fits perfectly for your dolls. The story is amazing and creative as well (especially how the mom plays wedding with the dolls when she's feeling down). Perfect entry!

2. Pretty pictures and a very good story. A bit creepy.

3. I think the only great thing about your photos is your photoshopping creativity. Your photos are great but your second and third photo doesn’t look that realistic. Your story’s out of the ordinary and creative.

Reno & Rude & Yazoo

Total = 105 (+124) = 229
1. Comment(s): Your last picture is great and quite sexy (and exciting, since it's on the bosses sofa!). The story could have been a little more in depth and longer, but I understood what they do for a living.

2. The story was a little short and it would’ve been better if the story was more detailed.

3. Your photos are plain. The story’s okay but a bit too short if you ask me. They look like shot picture descriptions.

Adam & Elise

Total = 128.5 (+138) = 266.5
1. Comment(s): Your pictures are great and there's nothing I'd have you change about them. They demonstrate their careers beautifully (I love the recording studio pic). Fantastic job this round and let's hope Elise doesn't get too jealous of The Pink Streaks!!

2. The first two pictures were very good but the last one was just so-so but it was a good entry.

3. Your photos are very creative. I love every bit of it and your story is amazing! However your last photo could have used better lighting. If you could have made all these perfect, you would score a perfect point!

Hiro & Yuu
Total = 133 (+139) = 272
1. Comment(s): Awesome pictures! The story is cute and I love hearing couples bicker and tease one another. It's a sign of true love. The shower scene is amazing, as is the pic of Yuu at the head of the table...very nice picture.
2. Really good pictures and a nice story. I really like the shower one

3. Your photos are amazing! Probably the best this round! The story is great too!

Ingo & Llewellyn

Total = 124 (+136) = 260
1. Comment(s): I'm loving these two the more and more I see them. Your entry was powerful and humorous and I greatly enjoyed reading it. These two needn't worry about what others think; they're all snot-nosed politicals who have no sense of humor or what love is. You entry was absolutely perfect! (The C-Span picture was grand!)

2. Pictures are nice, I especially like the first one. This entry was good, but nothing outstanding.

3. Photos are creative! The story, getting better every round!

Kurt & Jenna

Total = 112 (+116) = 228
1. Comment(s): I would have liked to have read more about their careers and how they feel when they spend time together. The shot of them on the couch is sweet and I'd tickle Kurt too! Good job, though!

2. The story is way too short, you could’ve done so much more with it. Also, you didn’t say WHAT their jobs were

3. Photos are great !! Storyline very interesting but it’s too short. Very short actually. It looks more like a photo description.

Round Favorites:
1. Jaal & Fae & Emile & Keever AND Ingo & Llewellyn.

2. Hiro & Yuu


Host's favorites: Ingo & Llewellyn and Hiro & Yuu

23rd Jul 2007, 4:32 AM
Round Three

Okay, the time has come to show us just how perfectly you fit together. I want this to be an easy round, so there is going to be only two pictures required, but you can do more. Strike a pose for the camera with all your sims in the shot-two photos, anything will do--this is strictly a photoshoot. You are encouraged to have a colorful/decorative background, not a plain one like in the application round, but this is not necessarily *required* it's just a suggestion.

23rd Jul 2007, 11:01 AM
3. Sorry but your story seems to be more detail in situation and not in the ‘chemistry’ between them. It sounds more of a saving the world slash universe story.

Well, they are characters from a video game, and as I've set them after the game ends, I can't let them off the lead too much and remove the fact that they were once emotionless bad guys who just wanted their hearts back now, can I? Plus I'm trying to explain the situation a bit for those who haven't played the game or haven't finished it yet. Guess I need to figure out where the fine line between explaining enough so that people don't get too confused, and where I should stop otherwise the actual chemistry will be hidden in the paragraphs, is.

Plus Xemnas thinks too much, and Saix is just as bad for all his berserker rages. Blame the serious-thinker/leader-and-second-in-command types, not me.;)

23rd Jul 2007, 5:10 PM
Well as for my boys not much is known about Shinra anyways and not anyone knows just what they do, all I know is that Reno and Rude are like Rufus's henchmen. And Yazoo just goes around looking for "mother" so it's not exactly easy to explain things. Video game characters are especially hard to do this with espcially when they work for a company like Shinra, who doesn't reveal a whole lot about thier actions.

23rd Jul 2007, 7:10 PM
Well - this is a surprise O.o Thank you so much for the wonderful comments - you're making me blush *hides*

Anyways -- good luck to everyone! ^_^ (I shall pull something together maybe tomorrow - it's too late right now >.> )

23rd Jul 2007, 7:16 PM
2. You might want to try to make your pictures brighter because the darkness spoils them.

The darkness of my pictures was no fault of mine. That's just how they are/how my computer and graphics card takes them and I have no photoshop to fix them with. I do the best i can.

23rd Jul 2007, 11:36 PM
Well as for my boys not much is known about Shinra anyways and not anyone knows just what they do, all I know is that Reno and Rude are like Rufus's henchmen. And Yazoo just goes around looking for "mother" so it's not exactly easy to explain things. Video game characters are especially hard to do this with espcially when they work for a company like Shinra, who doesn't reveal a whole lot about thier actions.

Heh, you should go read some Shinra fanfiction. There's TONS of the stuff out there, some are really good too.

24th Jul 2007, 6:08 AM

Rude, Yazoo and I loved this contest. The best part about it had to be this final round, All three of us love posing for the camera. And I believe these two pictures show just how close the three of us are, without being too naughty. I admit I did get a bit frisky with Rude and Yazoo. But tell me who wouldn't?

24th Jul 2007, 12:40 PM
When you say 'all sims', do you mean the entire family, just the couple/threesome/foursome themselves, or can you do one of each?

24th Jul 2007, 3:35 PM
(seconds silentpsycho's question) I was going to ask that myself

24th Jul 2007, 6:30 PM
When you say 'all sims', do you mean the entire family, just the couple/threesome/foursome themselves, or can you do one of each?

*blink* Just the couples. Just look at Kakashi's entry, and you only need a little caption, if any at all.

24th Jul 2007, 6:36 PM
Thanks for the clarification, HondaKatsuya! Can we write some, though? (I promise to keep it brief - no books. :))

24th Jul 2007, 6:38 PM
Gotcha. I'll just put a little beneath it, I won't be able to resist :P

24th Jul 2007, 9:18 PM
Same here.

25th Jul 2007, 9:20 AM
Heck, that's so weird - I dreamt I'd put up my entry already, woke up and realised I hadn't yet, :lol:. I'll be able to get it up - in reality this time! - later on today. :P.

25th Jul 2007, 11:35 AM
*comes skidding in, trips over carpet and slides straight into the wall; picks self up*

Erm - a day later than I said I would get it in, buuuuuuuuuut~ Ehee ^^;

Two Hearts in One

http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/HiroYuu2small.jpg (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/HiroYuu2large.jpg)

http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/HiroYuusmall.jpg (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a374/slayers23/other/Contests/TwoHearts/HiroYuularge.jpg)

Hiroshika: Yuu-chan~ You know I love you, right?
Yuudai: *Mutters* Don't call me 'chan' - and - yeah, I know.
Hiroshika: Good! Cause I'm having your baby! *grins*
Yuudai: ... say what?


Erm - Hiro is in a weird mood (pft - like when is he not *snort* ). Anyways - not much I can say about the pictures :\ Wasn't too keen on going ingame today, BUT-! wanted to get this done before it was too late! XD

This has been fun! And I can't wait to see the others too! :D (especially DontDieKThx's XP )

25th Jul 2007, 4:40 PM
((I just want to say first of all, thank you so much Honda, for letting me hand in last Rounds entry after deadline. :). My Final will be up before the end of this deadline, too, ;).))

Playing in the Sand
Kylar's Job


Kylar: It was Bannor who first developed my interest in archaeology. On another planet he would seek relaxation in excavating old sites; where relics were known to have been buried centuries ago. It didn’t matter that, on one such world, the “Old Thing Finders” as I dubbed them initially were seeking items for their own personal monetary gain – he just found being in the hot sun, gently brushing sand from fossils or seemingly inconsequential pieces of clay so soothing. After he was cursed I dabbled a little…and then I dabbled a little bit more…and now I find it as relaxing as Bannor does…did.

I even found my picture in an archaeology newsletter on Earth, after an artifact the professor initially thought was from your Ancient Egypt, was found close to the Valley of the Kings --.

Bannor: With a little help from me…it helps, being incorporeal sometimes. But only sometimes. Ah! The things Earthlings have yet to find beneath the pyramids!

Kylar: Yes, he walked through a few walls and then regaled me with tales of valuable items within an untouched tomb, when I was trying to sleep after a hard day under the oppressive heat.

Being the Protector
Bannor's "Job"


Bannor: As I said a few days ago, my career isn’t exactly an “official” one as such. Take the archaeological trip to Egypt that Kylar took a few months after our son was born, for instance. I told her she should have taken some official security measures…a robber tried to break into the room she was staying at, after a large excavation the afternoon before. Obviously, being in my current state, the robber did not notice me and I was able to slip past him and warn Kylar before he could do anything. I take my role as Protector very seriously.

Kylar: And I love you dearly for it, Bannor – but you did not need to rescue me from my Tae Kwon Do instructor! Or at least he tried to - obviously, being incorporeal to everyone else, my instructor did not see him...

Bannor: He was…leering.

Kylar: Lover, if I could touch you - I would poke you! Now, I'll be right back. Our son needs his dinner.

At the End of the Day
Precious Time Together


Bannor: Naturally, because of our unusual circumstance it’s hard to unwind at the end of the day in the conventional sense. But…we do what we can.

Kylar: But sometimes it’s so hard. I can sense him there, or see a glimmer even when I can’t touch him. There’s a…a…feeling that I can’t fully explain. Sometimes I can even imagine I feel his breath on my cheek, his hand on my skin, the warmth of our bodies close to each other. But of course there’s only a light coolness as then temperature seems to drop, the prickling sensation as the hairs on my arms and the nape of my neck rise. It’s so, so difficult to lie on the sofa, or the bed at night and see the seemingly broad expanse of the empty place beside me. Sometimes I even imagine I can see the dent where he’s been curled up at night.

The only time I can really relax is when I’m asleep, dreaming. Or when I’m with our son. He looks so much like his father.

Bannor: Well…a couch or a bed…any furniture in fact, hold no comfort for me. I kind of learnt to “hover” though, so I can lie parallel to a bed without actually touching it, or sinking through it as the case actually is. But when I close my eyes I envision our bed, and lying beside Kylar. Things I can only do during those three days. I can reach out and let my hand come as close to caressing her cheek or her hair or anywhere, that’s possible.

I imagine the blaze of the fire as we curl up on the rug in front of it, perhaps leaning against the sofa with maybe a film on the television, and our boy playing with us. It’s moments like that that we can cherish, until the time comes that we an actually do them really and truly.

25th Jul 2007, 11:32 PM
Honda, thanks so much for letting us do this you've been more than fair waiting for us ;)

My entry is all done I think, the story is a little bland this round sorry but overall I think thats all I can do ._.

26th Jul 2007, 1:53 AM
Robyn: This picture is actually a postcard we sent to the kids. You see, Aruyu surprised me with a second honeymoon for our 6th anniversary last year and we went to China! It was so romantic and I was completely surprised by the idea. We had an amazing time time and I finally got to see a lot of his relatives I'd never gotten the chance to meet in person. His parents live here in Canada, but the majority of his extended family still lives there. We got all dressed up in traditional clothes one day, because one of his aunts is a seamstress and she made these for us! Is my dress not absolutely gorgeous?


Aruyu: I just want to go on record saying this formal Chirstmas party was her idea *points to Robyn* not mine. I hate having to put a tuexdo on.
Robyn: Fine, I won't wear that slinky red dress ever again if you hated it so much
Aruyu: Like I said, my drap dead gorgeous wife had this wonderful idea to host a formal Christmas party. She put mistletoe up everywhere hoping to catch some of our friends under it and embarass them. Of course it worked more to my advatage than to her plan, as you can see.

The picture (http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a286/hikari-schezar-bloom/Forum%20Stuff/churstmas.jpg)

(I included a link to the second one, because it's too big and I didn;t want to compress it and loose the quality. I hope that's ok :) )

26th Jul 2007, 11:32 AM


I have to admit that neither of us really like having our photo taken, at least in a romantic setting. We both dislike showing our emotions to the world, possibly because of the fact that we are still getting used to being able to feel again. When we are alone, that's when we feel comfortable enough to be close without the fear that it will break if we try too hard.

In fact, the only time that we've ever been caught being intimate on camera is when we don't actually realise that anyone is there, like in this instance...


...Remind me to order in new bandages. Saix has been chasing Axel ever since we discovered this photo, and that irritating Flurry of the Dancing Flames seems to be tiring.

26th Jul 2007, 4:25 PM
I'm going to have my entry in later today or tomorrow....I hope i can make it, because i absoltely love this contest!


26th Jul 2007, 7:00 PM
The Three Days

Four day ago, the day had dawned like any other for this time of year. The sun was bright, casting such a dazzling array of golden across the sky that I had to squint to see the clouds. It was warm, and the ceiling fan provided a welcome respite from the high temperature. The neighbours were either sunbathing or playing in the pool. My son was with them, and I could hear his charming giggle filter through the open kitchen door. He was probably trying to catch butterflies, his favourite game of the moment. I was anxious though, and I couldn't help but check my watch every minute, every second...all throughout the day. I cooked - badly, I cleaned, I did the laundry, and I cleaned some more. I brushed the yard, and dusted down the motorcycle. I must have drank a dozen cups of coffee during the seemingly endless hours...

And then, at long last as day gave way to night it happened. I gazed eagerly out at the night sky, watching for the first sight of the full moon. The first night. It was time. Like a little girl meeting her crush for the very first date, my heart beat a mile a minute and, as always, my breath caught in my throat when I saw my lover. We had three days. Three beautiful days to make the most of the fleeting time that we are given. I could touch him, kiss him. To feel his breath on my skin as each item of clothing was shed, eliciting a tremble - such a simple reaction but one so, so longed for. I delighted in his heartbeat beneath my fingertips as they grazed his chest. I had missed the steady rhythm after enduring so many months without; it was that simple confirmation of his being alive.

The Fun Times

I had been close by when Kylar recieved a call from a person wanting to document out days, in photographs. I was reticent at first - we have so little time together in a year that I was loathe to allow any one, particularly a stranger, to intrude on our precious moments. But looking back I am so happy we agreed... out three days are forever captured on film. Hugging, kissing, dancing under the stars with the full moon spotlighting us with her natural ethereal glow.

It was breathtaking, to remember each touch that makes her smile; each jokes that brings the loudest laugh. But the ache in my heart lingered still, during those days, as it always does. Because in the end I will return to my incorporeal state; and we will both need to dream those wonderful dreams in order to make the next few months fly faster.

We spent such time together, happy times - my precious family: Kylar, Romero and I. We will always be together. And now, every single person who sees our pictures will remember us too.

In Her Glow, Forever in Three Fleeting Days.

We do not let sadness overwhelm us when we're together. It would taint the three days, and that would make it even worse. And on the third night...we waited beneath the blanket of stars; dancing to a soft, melodic tune that only we could hear...

Lost together, in each others embrace. I tipped her, kissed her, ran my fingers across her cheek and committed to memory her scent, the soft feel of her skin, her lips, her eyes as they shimmered with happiness. And then I was gone again. The music faded, our touch was severed, and a whisp of rememberance remains. Until the next time we can touch again.

27th Jul 2007, 1:56 AM
GREAT entries everyone! :D

27th Jul 2007, 11:23 AM
After all the media attention about my change of party had died down, and the talking heads went back to breathlessly covering the latest escapades of Paris Hilton, Ingo and I left for a trip to celebrate our first anniversary. When I had asked him where he would like to go, he had said, "How about Zanzibar?"
"Zanzibar?" I responded. "Where did you get that idea?"
"Remember how you said that we would end up panhandling in Zanzibar to support ourselves after your political career ended? You still have your career, but now I'd really like to see Zanzibar."
So Zanzibar it was.


On our last night there, we went out to dinner and stayed out until dawn, walking on the beach as the sun rose, and wading in the warm ocean with our trouser legs rolled up. As I watched Ingo laughing and splashing in the surf, I came to a decision.
"How would you like to take a detour through Massachusetts on the way home?"
He looked at me quizzically. "Llew, I'm sure Massachusetts is a fine state, but wouldn't it be anticlimactic after this?" He waved his arm, taking in the beach and the sunrise.
"Only if you decide you don't want to marry me."
He stared at me. "Marry you? But..."
"Is that a no or a yes?"
I saw understanding suddenly flash across his face.
"No! I mean YES! Yes Yes Yes Yes YES!"


And so, two weeks later, we found ourselves on another beach, on our honeymoon, this time watching the sun setting over the ocean.
"I don't think I can be any happier than this. I can't think of one other thing to say."
As the sun finally dipped below the horizon, and I turned the ignition key and put on the lights, it came to me: a fine old phrase, well-used and loved.
"And then they lived happily ever after."
Ingo smiled at me, and I put the car in gear and turned for home.


>brief note about places: Massachusetts is the only state that would allow these two to be married, and Zanzibar is a stunningly beautiful island off the coast of east Africa.<

27th Jul 2007, 3:14 PM
My final round is all done. I've really enjoyed doing this contest! Good luck everyone! :howdy:

And o.0 those are some gorgeous pictures h3nker.

27th Jul 2007, 4:25 PM
First before we show you our pictures we must say that we're going to miss this contest. This is the best bunch of people we've ever been around!


Nevaeh's Point Of View:

Well when the photographer started asking us what type of pictures we wanted to do, we wanted to take pictures that showed our relationship together and how much we loved eachother dearly. The first backdrop we chose was a picture of the woods. It was beautiful....The Photographer then reccomended outfits that we should wear in the picture. I was given this gorgeous dress to wear and i loved it!

This picture symbolises that no matter what we'll be there for eachother and we'll help eachother when we get lost.


Gregs Point Of View:
Well this next picture was kind of a wierd one. The photographer wanted me to change into the stupidist outfit, but i wouldn't allow it. He wanted me to blend in with my surroundings (as you can tell Nevaeh did...), but I was fine with just wearing my previous outfit. So the photographer just started taking the picture (or pictures) and he finally decided that this was the best one out of all of this backdrop, but his favorite was the one where we were in the woods, because it actually looks like we're there.

This picture symbolises that even though sometimes we act like animals, or are childish that we'll always find comfort in eachother's arms.


Nevaeh's Point Of View:
I loved taking this picture! Greg refused to wear one of their swimsuits that they had, because he didn't want to know who previously wore it before him, so he wore his own swim trunks...which are totaly out dated with all the designer CC brands out there. They didn't really have any good female bikini's so I stripped down to my undergarnments (they loook close enough to a bikini). I'm going to miss telling you guys about everything!

This picture symbolises *cricket* *cricket* well erm...actually we have no idea what this picture symbolises...All we know is that it was sure fun to take and see eachother's hot bodies!


27th Jul 2007, 6:42 PM
Awesome entries everyone :). And pixie is her name Hafise? I know she does some awesome murals, I use them all the time in my game ^.^. She's very talented.

27th Jul 2007, 6:49 PM
Pixie, those are gorgeous murals.

I'm also going to miss this contest. It was such fun, and you people have been awesome. Thanks for such a good time. :)

27th Jul 2007, 8:28 PM
Kakashi_Hatake-Yea that's it! I downloaded like 50 of them...she's so great at doing them!

H3nker-Thank you so much...I love your pictures they are amazing! I love the one where they're in the car!


27th Jul 2007, 9:05 PM
My entry is almost done. It'll be finished within the hour. :).

Edit: I'm Done (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=961420&postcount=204) and dusted!

I really enjoyed this contest. :).

28th Jul 2007, 12:20 AM
This is such an interesting contest. The rules leave for a lot of creativity, which all the participants made excellent use of. I loved reading through all the entries.
Will there be a second cycle?
Sorry if I'm being a bother. ^^:

28th Jul 2007, 1:00 AM
when does this round end i completely forgot sorry! I wont eb able to do anything till sunday...sorry.

If the round ends before that then go on with out me. thanks this has been fun x

28th Jul 2007, 1:23 AM
Wow awesome entries everyon! I love all the photos coming in. :D

28th Jul 2007, 3:03 AM
Wow....you guys are something else! All the pictures are fabulous!

Also, Hakuryuu & TRIriana, I've sent in your round 2 scores to Honda.

28th Jul 2007, 6:09 AM
I can't wait any longer, the contest is supposed to be over tomorrow. And I'm sorry I can't wait for you for this round, Hakuryuu--after all you did for the previous round. :(

I'll PM the judges, and the last two round two entries' results will be posted with the finals.

28th Jul 2007, 1:52 PM
my results are in goodluck everyone! :D

28th Jul 2007, 7:47 PM
Round Two Results~

Ryugo and Yuso
Total =125 (+139) = 264

1. Photos are amazing. Storyline was simply adorable. Definately no negatives.=)
2. The story was nice, but I found it too long and detailed. Also try to relax a little on the photoshopping. You don’t need to edit the picture so much because they’re already good
3. Absolutely perfect. Both rounds you have written great stories that truly show your artistic talent and show us how these two are meant for eachother. The pictures are wonderful and you did a fantastic job all around.

Bannor and Kylar
Total =124 (+120) = 244
1. Your photos are great. I really loved the last one. THe storyline was simply full of affection. Great job~!
2. Good story, unique. Pictures are very nice
3. Your pictures are wonderful, especially the last one; really makes me sad for them. They cannot spend time together like most couples but their love cannot be overlooked. I think the time apart makes their joining that much more sweet. Keep up the good work. I love these two!

Final Round Results

1st place - Hiroshika & Yuudai –= 417
2nd place - Llewellyn & Ingo –= 409
3rd place - Robyn and Aruyu -= 395

Sim prizes will be sent out later today, winners please PM me your e-mail address and if you prefer a .rar or .zip file.

Nevaeh and Greg 136 (+245) = 381
1. Your photos are amamazing! great photoshopping. The background's great and so are the lightings!
2. Amazing. The backdrops are beautiful and the symbolism behind each shot shows that you thought about their meanings thoroughly. The first shot is my favorite; how he carries her through the forest. Just beautiful!
3. Hafise does such pretty backgrounds, they’re fun to work with. Your second picture is a bit bright, yikes. I wish you’d have come in closer to your sims though.

Xemnas and Saix 120 (+230) = 350
1. I'd love to see more photos though. and try and make it more exciting next time.
2. I'm not sure I really feel that these two couldn't live without one another. The two shots are nice, but I would like to have seen more interaction between them.
3. They’re really cute, but I think you could have been more creative this round—you can be close in a picture without necessarily enjoying having it taken.

Robyn and Aruyu 133 (+262) = 395
1. the photo's really great but they look like they're flying. I'm sure if you've improved that part it would look amazing with the costumes.
2. These two are so hot! The clothing in the first picture is beautiful and suits the background, although they look like they're floating, instead of standing on the ground. The second picture is too cute. They're certainly in the Christmas Spirit.
3. Oh wow, they do look perfect together. Good job. :)

Reno, Rude, and Yazoo 139 (+229) = 368
1. Your photos have improved alot. Good job.
2. These three are too sexy! I like your pictures this round and just like in the previous rounds, these men can't keep their hands off eachother and it shows.
3. I think you did a good job, even though they didn’t want to behave for you :)

Kylar and Bannor 145 (+244) = 389
1. These photos are amazing! I love the creativity you put in!! Kudos to you!
2. My god, these two are amazing. Their story literally brought tears to my eyes in the first round, and now that I've a glimpse into their three days, the sadness is overwhelming. Your pictures are stunning and truly capture what True Love is. I imagine that even if they were "normal" and saw eachother 365 days a year, they'd still wind up with pictures as romantic and lovely as these.
3. Their story is sad and they do look perfect for each other. I do think you’re trying a bit too hard with the pictures though, I only required two, and you’ve got a collage of several in two finished photos. :)

Hiroshika & Yuudai – 145 (+272) = 417
1. Your photos have great backgrounds I love them all!
2. Your pictures are very nicely done and these two can't be more perfect for one another. A little more text would have been a nice touch, but overall the pictures are awesome.
3. Aww….they’re so sweet! It makes me sorry I only had three rounds in the contest, but that’s all we had time for.

Llewellyn & Ingo – 149 (+260) = 409
1. Wow another amazing one!!! Your photos are so creative and they actually match the backgrounds! Great work.
2. You never cease to impress me with these two. I've loved reading about their "affair" and I always wondered if Llewellyn would just let go and marry Ingo. I'm glad to see that they did. Your pictures are breath-taking and impressive. Great job throughout this contest and I hope they do live happily ever after.
3. These boys are so adorable, I’m glad everything is working out for them, they just kind of fit. ^_^

28th Jul 2007, 8:25 PM
Congratulations to the final three winners! :) And for the judges' input. ^^. I'm so glad I joined this contest; Bannor and Kylar wouldn't be here if I hadn't!

28th Jul 2007, 10:08 PM
Congrats to 1st-3rd you guys rocked! Everyone did such a great job and even I was excited to see who won. Honda, this was an awesome contest idea!

28th Jul 2007, 10:18 PM
OMG OMG! *does happy dance* THIRD! Thank you guys so much! :) I've really had a lot of fun with this contest too!

I'll go PM you with my email address now!

29th Jul 2007, 1:31 AM
Congrats to the winners :D

29th Jul 2007, 2:37 AM

You serious?! *dies* *revives enough to send email* *dies again*

Oh - and congrates to everyone though :giggler: You all did a splendid job~ :D

29th Jul 2007, 2:40 AM
Congrats guys :) You all deserved it.

Thanks for the comments judges and for hosting this contest Honda it's been fun :valentine

I'm totally in love with these two sims now because of this contest.

29th Jul 2007, 12:12 PM
Honda, thanks for a great contest.
Everyone, entrants and judges, thanks for making this such a fun and friendly contest. I wish they all could be like this. :)
melody and slytherin-girl, congrats. :)