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29th Aug 2007, 7:15 AM

Mafia Sims Cycle 2

Welcome to Cycle 2 of Mafia Sims, we had fun in the last cycle. So I decided to make this a reocurring contest as I know some of you wanted to join last cycle but couldn't. Let's hope this one is as successful as the last, and most important have fun!

This contest will run from 9/25/2007-10/25/2007

1 Bodyshot
1 Headshot
1 Freeshot
Round 1-Meet Da Family (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1032675&postcount=38)-10/4/07-10/11/07
Round 2-So Dis is what ya do (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1037489&postcount=67)-10/12/07-10/19/07
Yeah show me da mafia stuff!10/20/07-10/24/07
Mafia Sims-Cycle 2
-If you must drop out please PM me I don't want to make others who have gotten thier entries in on time and my judges to have to wait
-Apply only if you have time
-Sims can be male or female and MUST be adult
-Sims can be any race, if you wanna enter an alien go ahead!
-There will be NO eliminations from the application round
-If you need an extension PM me and I'll do what I can
-No sim stealing or simmerizing
-Photoshop at your leisure, it's not required
-PLEASE put your sims name in the title, bar it makes it easier for the judges.
-Enjoy yourself!
-Any Questions PM me please don't crowd the board :)
-You can enter up to two adult sims
-There will be no eliminations for the application round

Judges and Prizes

Judge 2-Stormy
Judge 3-sapphireXclaws
EJ 1-Kakashi_Hatake
EJ 2-SwitchfootKatie
EJ 3-BusterBrown
EJ 4-HondaKatsuya
--Prizes, donations are needed. PM me please if you want to donate

Contestants List

25th Sep 2007, 8:42 PM
Contest Approved
Begins 9.25.07
Ends 10.25.07

Do not post replies and/or contest applications before the contest host has checked in on this thread, or your post will be deleted.

REMEMBER that the Picture Posting Guidelines (http://forums.sims2community.com/showthread.php?t=41698) apply to the contest forum as well. If your pictures violate these rules, your pictures will be deleted and you will be alerted/warned.

26th Sep 2007, 5:53 AM
Contestants List

Xahnu Chang (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1027163&postcount=4) Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1033225&postcount=44) Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1040378&postcount=77) Final Round (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1046197&postcount=103)
Renziel De Lores (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1027315&postcount=8) Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1033206&postcount=43) Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1039045&postcount=72) Final Round (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1045395&postcount=99)
Antonio Genovese (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1028847&postcount=13) Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1032927&postcount=40) round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1039306&postcount=75)-DRopped Out
Gilbert Jackdaw (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1030901&postcount=21) Round 1 (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1035948&postcount=61) Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1039195&postcount=74) Final round (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1045896&postcount=102)
Dominic "Ant" DeLuca (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1032358&postcount=34) Round 1 (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1036212&postcount=62)-Dropped out
Travor Wyatt (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1032808&postcount=39) Round 1 (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1035292&postcount=58) Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1042164&postcount=87) Final Round (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1047617&postcount=111)

Madame Indigo Felicia Del Montoya (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1027462&postcount=9) Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1033320&postcount=47) Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1039165&postcount=73) Final Round (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1044109&postcount=96)
Isabella "Bella" Malone (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1030577&postcount=16) Round 1 (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1036263&postcount=63) Round 2 (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1042833&postcount=90)-Dropped out
Pietra Kasparkova (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1031809&postcount=26) Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1033785&postcount=53) Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1039888&postcount=76)-Dropped out
Julia Vandenhoff (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1031907&postcount=28) Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1035141&postcount=55) Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1038918&postcount=69)
Skyler Brettin (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1032403&postcount=36) Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1033320&postcount=47) Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1040724&postcount=79)-Dropped out

26th Sep 2007, 1:38 PM
Name: Xahnu Chang
Age: 28
Likes: Family, Renziel, and cats.
Dislikes: Those who hurt the ones he cares about, stupidity, and mess.
Hobbies: Sparring, swords-fighting, and playing chess.

Face Shot:


Body Shot:


Free Shot:


26th Sep 2007, 3:45 PM
Can you give me sort of an idea of how much storytelling will be involved in this contest please? Thank you :)

26th Sep 2007, 4:08 PM
Can you give me sort of an idea of how much storytelling will be involved in this contest please? Thank you :)

I believe there will be minimal storytelling. Probably no more than a paragraph per picture (paragraph being 3-5 sentences minimum, if you believe English teachers). We try not to make our contests too difficult for people.

((I need to think up an entry for this cycle...oh who could I use...))

26th Sep 2007, 6:15 PM
Can you give me sort of an idea of how much storytelling will be involved in this contest please? Thank you :)

Yup there won't be alot it'll probably be just like Honda said, I like keeping things simple, fun and devoid of stress :).

26th Sep 2007, 6:35 PM
Name: Renziel De Lores, although he goes by Robert De Lores to everyone except close friends.
Age: 21
Likes: Cats, classical music, and watching Xahnu train.
Dislikes: His father, stupidity, homophobes, and people underestimating him because of his age and looks.
Hobbies: Playing the piano, playing chess, and listening to music.

Head shot:


Body Shot:




26th Sep 2007, 9:44 PM
Name: Madame Indigo Felicia Del Montoya
Age: Twenty-five
Likes: Peacefully reading in front of a fireplace, a good book on anatomy, torturing and murdering the people who couldn’t pay their protection money, and a good glass of Pinot Noir wine (the only thing humans are good for).
Dislikes: Every living thing; plants, one-celled amoebas, animals, and humans. Especially humans; they’re a dirty, scale-less, messy, and stupid creature with half the brains of a monkey.
Hobbies: Running my father’s business takes up all my free time, so I don’t really have many hobbies. If I did have a hobby, it would have to be torture. They don’t call me Madame for nothing, you know?

Head Shot


Body Shot


Free Shot


27th Sep 2007, 10:13 PM
Name- Kai Makuako
Age- 26
Likes- the ‘family’, the beach, good surf days, a good hand at poker, and hanging at the bar.
Dislikes- Let’s just stick to what I like. You don’t want this thing to go on forever, now do ya‘?
Hobbies- surfing, poker, and some ‘classified’ things.
1 Bodyshot


1 Headshot


1 Freeshot


(This is my first contest and my game is being laggy right now so, I may try to replace the pictures later for better ones.)

28th Sep 2007, 5:19 PM
I will update the contestants list tomorrow, They all look good so far and we've got about five more days to get more entries. i'm concerned though I'm thinking there won't be eliminations because I'm moving out of my apartment and will have limited access until I get settled and can find a library. I'm hoping someone can take over for the time that I'll be gone, please let me know, so that the contest doesn't have to drag out.

28th Sep 2007, 5:37 PM
I will if you want...or maybe one of the Mafia goddesses up there wants to babysit it--it's okay whichever way. :)

28th Sep 2007, 8:28 PM
Name: Antonio Genovese
Age: Thirty-four
Likes: My kitty Toggle, my ma, apricots, pretty ladies, and my job.
Dislikes: People who call me ugly or stupid. I’d rather smash their faces in than listen to that crap pouring outta their mouths.
Hobbies: I love to cook. Other than my job it’s the one thing I’m good at.

Head Shot


Body Shot


Free Shot


29th Sep 2007, 6:59 PM
Okay I've added the contestants list here contestants (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1027027&postcount=3) only one thing I've noticed is that one of you has forgotten to put the name of your sim in the title bar, please do so it makes it easier on the judges. We've also got 4 more days to get more entries in, I hope we get some more.

1st Oct 2007, 7:36 AM
I'll be entering! :) I'm ingame now so i'll post my pictures later today.

1st Oct 2007, 9:14 AM
Name:: Isabella Malone. Bella to those I can stand.
Age:: Between 20 and 30. Take a guess.
Likes:: Pool. My Family. Historical Books. Classic Literature.
Dislikes:: Sexism. Just because I'm female doesn't mean I can't smash your pretty little head in.
Hobbies:: Pool. My Job. That's all you're getting.

http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n141/a44caliberloveletter/Headshotpreview.jpg (http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n141/a44caliberloveletter/Headshot-6.jpg) http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n141/a44caliberloveletter/Freeshotpreview.jpg (http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n141/a44caliberloveletter/Freeshot-1.jpg) http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n141/a44caliberloveletter/Bodyshotpreview.jpg (http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n141/a44caliberloveletter/Bodyshot-3.jpg)

1st Oct 2007, 4:27 PM
Great entries everyone we've got two more days for the application round, but given the way it's going I think I'll keep it open until the end of round 1. There will be no eliminations from the application round and given the number probably will not be any eliminations during the contest either. Do you all want comments and scores on the apps or just comments since there aren't going to be aliminations? I'll probably post Round 1 when I get home from work so you all can get some extra time.

1st Oct 2007, 4:36 PM
Scores and comments please, if possible.

1st Oct 2007, 4:44 PM
I'm very tempted to enter this - I'll go in-game now and see if I can scrape together the necessary pictures. :)

1st Oct 2007, 6:05 PM
Since this is my first competition (I'm also in the Miss Curves one too), I would love some comments. Scores would be nice also, but it's really up to you and the judges.

1st Oct 2007, 9:13 PM
Name: Gilbert Jackdaw

Age: 31

Likes: My little girl Vittoria; my own special moonshine; getting other people to do all my hard work for me; going to Church; other women; my momma. (But I'm no momma's boy - if you think that, I'd be obliged to buy you a nice pair of concrete shoes.)

Dislikes: My wife Olga; my wife’s flea-ridden cat; rubbing people out myself (you never know where you’ll leave your fingerprints…); people asking where I got all my scars; weak women; fat women who insist on wearing garters despite their size…oh heck, I hate most things. Especially Olga.

Hobbies: Throwing beer cans at my wife’s flea-ridden cat; shooting stuff; moonshining.

Bodyshot (http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g41/amalinaball1/BigVersionofSlouchinOnTheCouch.jpg)

Headshot (http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g41/amalinaball1/Sims2EP52007-09-3022-01-06-45.jpg)

Freeshot (http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g41/amalinaball1/Sims2EP52007-09-3022-05-44-89.jpg)


I hope that's ok - if I need to change any piccies or they're hard to see, please just ask! :D

2nd Oct 2007, 3:16 AM
amalinaball, i love your freeshot!

2nd Oct 2007, 7:06 PM
Thanks, zixx! I'm loving your entry too - Isabella looks like one tough cookie. I bet my dear sexist Gilbert would have to think twice before trying to sneak a peak at her butt. ;) Hopefully this contest will be oodles of fun! :D In an evil gangster-y way...

And yep, scores and comments would be lovely but I'm not overly fussed if that's too difficult. Thank you, Kakashi Hatake!

2nd Oct 2007, 9:53 PM
While it's complimenting time, I have to say that Isabella is cute! She wouldn't happen to be interested in a 20-year female gamer from Britain now, would she? ;)

Amaliniaball, I love the way Gilbert's personality shines through even on simple things like his hobbies. :D

*Hides from Madame Indigo* She looks like one tough cookie I would only mess with if she pushes one of my buttons. :P

2nd Oct 2007, 11:49 PM
Hehe, thanks SilentPsycho & amalinaball! Thats basically what I was trying to get her to come across as, cute, but extremely strong and independent. And kind of a bitch, too. XD

3rd Oct 2007, 3:45 AM
Name- Pietra Kasparkova
Age- 31 years old
Likes- Family, singing, enjoying life, and collecting what is owed to my family.
Dislikes- Poverty, scum, and snitches.
Hobbies- Signing with my father at the Stroitel Club, spending time with my children, relaxing, and learning the family business.




3rd Oct 2007, 5:21 AM
Looking great guys, okay we've got all our judges and EJs. I'll update the contestants list tomorrow and the applications end tomorrow at midnight my time. At that time I will PM the judges and most likely post Round 1.

3rd Oct 2007, 11:03 AM
Name: Julia Vandenhoff
Age: 25
Likes: My "boys", my job, the beach at night.
Dislikes: Rudeness, my Grandmother, noisy people.
Hobbies: Gambling, Playing the piano, and hanging out at the club.




3rd Oct 2007, 9:04 PM
Contestants list is updated if there's a problem with it or a link is messed up let me know. I think they're all okay, everything is looking good guys. What do you all think should I keep applications open until the end of Round 1? Or go ahead and close them at Midnight and PM judges for comments and scores?

3rd Oct 2007, 11:02 PM
I say keep them open. I don't think we've hit the 10 entries minimun yet.

3rd Oct 2007, 11:16 PM
Does that count with the 2 entries? Or are there supposed to be 10 different people entering at least 1 Sim, 2 max?

By the way, everyone's Sims look out-freakingstanding. I'm really impressed and feel quite out of my league (darn my laptop, take prettier pictures damn you!).

3rd Oct 2007, 11:17 PM
If all else fails, I've been thinking about stepping out as a judge and actually entering. I can't decide which one to do!

But back on topic, yes, keep applications open through round one. The more people you get the better, yes?

3rd Oct 2007, 11:21 PM
And if Derange decides to do that, then I'll be more than happy to judge, Kakashi. :)

4th Oct 2007, 2:44 AM
NAME: Dominic "Ant" DeLuca.
AGE: Twenty-Five.
LIKES: My daughter Helen, Egg Rolls, Jack Daniels, "Lucky Strikes" Cigerettes, Ladies (I like all shapes, sizes, and colors), and Frank Sinatra.
DISLIKES: Mushrooms, Squirrels, Sunny Days.
HOBBIES: Listening to Helen play the piano, Boating, Reading, Eating (mostly Egg Rolls).




4th Oct 2007, 3:27 AM
Kakashi-sensei says you can do whatever you want, Derange, just let us know. :)

~HondaKatsuya, too lazy to sign out of Kakashi's name.

4th Oct 2007, 5:05 AM
Name- Skyler Brettin
Age- 24
Likes- Poker, Fine Literature, Naps, Soap Operas, Gold Jewelry, and Making Love.
Dislikes- Snow, Fields, Cooking, and Holidays
Hobbies- Reading, Knitting, Swimming, Being with Ben




4th Oct 2007, 4:00 PM
Derange is awesome. Need to worship Derange.

Some absolutely beautiful entries in here!

4th Oct 2007, 6:56 PM
Round one-Meet da Family

Okay this round is pretty straight forward I want to meet your sims family, I need 4 shots of your sim with his or her family or someone who is like family. It can be anything from swimming, playing catch, etc. Just make sure at least one is a family portrait, it doesn't have to be the entire family just thier immediate family. You can use captions for the pictures, just make sure that your sims is the main focal point. They can be bodyshots, headshots or whatever you need to get the point across.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED, the judges are going to be PM'd.

Derange if you still want to enter go ahead it's fine. I've got another judge on hand :).

4th Oct 2007, 10:41 PM
Name: Travor Wyatt
Age: 48
Likes: Money; pretty ladies; harmonicas; orchestras; German food
Dislikes: People who call him skinny, old, or crippled; swindlers, thieves, and conmen; the number eleven; blood; operas
Hobbies: Telling old war stories; smoking; collecting antiques, especially books, newspapers, and war artifacts




5th Oct 2007, 2:26 AM

Me and Ma (and Toggle) live alone in a shitty apartment where the only view we have outta the windows is of brick. My bed is near the kitchen; Ma gets her own room. She tries to decorate it nicely.


This is me playing with my kitty, Toggle. Toggle doesn't have a tail because Ma got mad at me and cut it off as punishment. Next to Betty, Toggle is my only and best friend.


This is Betty McCusker and I sitting on the bench across the street from the apartment Ma and I live in. Betty dances at a club down town and does alright in tips. She has her own apartment and is saving up for a small house outside of town. She's also promised to take care of me if Ma ever dies.


Ma gets mad at me sometimes for things I do. I know I ain't the brightest crayon in the box, but I have what some people call morals. I refuse to kill women and children, so Ma takes care of it for me. But she usually gets angry. Lately she's been yelling at me because I told her that Betty said she was pregnant with my baby. Ma says that Betty's a tramp and any man in the city could be the father of that baby. I don't think so.

5th Oct 2007, 6:14 AM
Okay, NOW I feel out of my league. All the new entries look freaking amazing.

My round one's coming soon, I'm going to open up the sims once I get off the net. :)

5th Oct 2007, 7:04 AM
Just so that everyone knows, I've submitted my scores for the application round to Kakashi. :) You all were amazing!

5th Oct 2007, 3:18 PM
Family is something that is very important to me, at least those who I choose as my family. My mother was one of those I loved, and my father...let's just say I paid extra attention to him when he was dying.


Here's a picture of my mother, Lenore De Lores. She died a few years ago, so the photo's a little old. That's me when I was younger standing to her left, while the guy on her right was my father's Head Enforcer, Leo, who was also my mother's lover. To me, he basically was as close to a father as he could get without blood. My real father was too busy with one of his many mistresses at that time to be in the photo. Both of them died not that long after this photo was taken, Father had them killed when he found out about the affair...


This is Xahnu Chang, my own Head Enforcer, and as you can see I've inherited my mother's tastes. I pretty much fell in love with him the first time I saw him as Leo's newest Enforcer Trainee. After Leo's and my Mother's deaths, it was Xahnu who helped me through the aftermath. Indeed, he was the one who held down my Father while I was torturing him.


Okay, I admit it, I'm a bit of a cat lover. The tuxedo cat who has just sprung out of his basket to have a mad five minutes careening about the room is Zax. The two kittens on the floor are Darkshadow and Silverstar.

I hope I don't have to help you figure out which one is which.

Sitting next to me is Sephira. Usually the cats are not allowed on the bed, but as Sephira's about to give birth to her second set of kittens she's entitled to a little pampering.


Alas, it seems that my kitchen is always under attack recently, although with the fact that Rai Li is eating for three, it's quite understandable. Rai Li O'Murphey and Xian Li Chang, Xahnu's cousin, are like the sisters I've never had. Thanks to the wonders of technology, the pair have been able to conceive a pair of twins biological to them both. Now if only I can survive Rai's wrath when she finds me continually working until the end of her pregnancy, her psychotic moods are worse than ever!

5th Oct 2007, 3:46 PM
Like Renziel, Family means a lot to me. I was orphaned when I was young, soon after my parents had emigrated to America, and it was thanks to a family friend, Leo, that I've managed to survive and reached the life I have.


When I heard of the explosion that killed almost all my living relatives, I immediately flew back to Japan to get revenge. After the usual bloodshed was over, and all the bribes given, I found myself the sole guardian of my young cousin, Xian Li. Not knowing what else to do, I began to train her as an Enforcer. As you can see in this photo, we've just finished a training exercise and both of us are a bit worn out.


While I can not say it was love at first sight on my part, there was a definite connection when I first met Renziel. However, not only was he the son of Leo's and my Boss, but he was also only twelve. I ignored my feelings for several years, until the death of his Mother and Leo, at which point I could not let myself stay distant. Since then, I've come to understand how much I truly love him, and I would kill anyone who tried to hurt him.


Meet Sephira, one of Renziel many cats. It's a good thing I'm a cat-person, especially with all Sephira's imperial-like non-verbal commands now that she's pregnant with her second litter.


When Rai Li entered the picture, it was truly out of the blue. I was given this little Hellcat under my command, and in a desperate attempt to find some use for her and to find someone who wouldn't run after ten minutes spent with her, I partnered her with Xian, who was having trouble mixing with the other employees of the De Lore Family because of her relation to myself. The next thing I knew, they were best friends and one of my best pair of Enforcers. Now look at them, in a loving relationship and soon-to-be parents of twins! While Rai has been put on the non-combat list, she and Renziel are still both fans of watching me and Xian spar.

It's an odd mix, a Mafia Boss with a reputation of cold calculation, his Head Enforcer, an orphaned Yakuza girl, and the spitfire daughter of a Belfast whore, but it works.

No one will ever take this from me without signing their own death warrant.

5th Oct 2007, 7:04 PM
Grat round 1s and I'm glad to see some from the last cycle Silent :). I recognized them right away.

5th Oct 2007, 7:09 PM
My entry should be in tomorrow. When does this round end?

5th Oct 2007, 7:27 PM
Here's the whole family. Every once in a while we actually get together outside the restaurant. We'll get together and have dinner. My father, mother, sister-in-law, brother and husband.
My husband Ben and I. We don't have kids, so we have plenty of time to spend on our own, having fun.
My sister-in-law is an amazing cook. Even though she's connected to our family through marriage, she picked up on our recipes very quickly. She actually makes them the best.
My nephew Landon. He's only 16 and already he's a huge help with the restaurant and other aspects of family business. He's not all that close to his mom and doesn't relate that much to his dad, but he talks to me. We're very close, probably the closest out of the whole family.

5th Oct 2007, 7:49 PM

Family portrait taken at the "family" get-together after my father died. My mother is still in shock that his most trusted business partner would take a hit out on him, and succeed. This was before I took over for my father and you can still see the youth in my face (I have aged greatly since I started). You can also see my brother and his whore of a wife (she works downtown at the club).


As soon as it was realized that Paulie wouldn't be the right leader for my father's "business", I was elected as the new boss (there may have been a bit of bloodshed involved, but I'm not going to admit to anything). My first move was to kick Paulie and his good for nothing wife out of the family and out of town. We weren't related, anyway, he was from my father's first wife. I felt no remorse.


Ma and I like to go out to eat on occasion to the family's favorite restaurant. They give us the best seat in the house and the best meal and in return we give them protection. My father's family has been going to the place for generations.


My little sister Grace. She inherited father's skin tone, but somehow got my thirst for blood. Grace is my second in command, and even though she's only sixteen, she has quite the grasp on economics, or economics as the family sees it. The only small twinge of love I have ever felt has been for my little sister Grace, and a horrible, crude, twisted, bloody death awaits he who hurts her.

6th Oct 2007, 6:06 AM
Round 1 ends on the 11th and I'm only missing scores from 1 judge for the applications and I'll put them up when I get it.

6th Oct 2007, 10:00 AM
Grat round 1s and I'm glad to see some from the last cycle Silent :). I recognized them right away.


Thank you, I've have this odd habit of referencing other contest entries in whatever I'm currently doing. Glad you like it!

6th Oct 2007, 10:44 AM
How would I go about the family portrait if my sims mother and father are dead and she's the only child?

[I don't want to be a hassle, but I had her story all mapped out in my head and the family portrait is going to look a bit odd with one sim.]

6th Oct 2007, 10:46 AM
You could do what I did Zixx, create the parents, de-age the SIm, take the photo, kill the parents then grow my Sim back up.

6th Oct 2007, 5:02 PM
Typical Sunday:

The Russian Orthodox Church plays a major part in our lives. We go every week. Its nice to have the whole family worship together. Papa used to go to the biggest church in Moscow when he was a boy. But when he immigrated to the United States, he had a hard time even finding a church that would accept him after news spread about the sort of business he was in.

My pride and joy:

These are my beautiful children - Mila and Peter. Mila is extremely good with her baby brother. She helps take care of him when I am away. My children mean the world to me, but I know the business that I'm in is dangerous. But leaving the business would be even more dangerous. Especially for them.

Typical Nicholai:

While I love my husband, he can be a real thorn in my side sometimes. He constantly fights with me about the work that I do... even in public. Stupid man. Doesn't he realize I do this for the good of our family?


So this is us. We live with my father, Ivan Alekséyev. We take care of each other and those whom we respect and work with. Life is good at the Alekséyev-Kasparkova house... for now, anyways.

8th Oct 2007, 3:00 AM
Judge 1

Xahnu Chang –
The first shot is lovely—the angle is just perfect for him and his eyes are wonderful in that shot. Likewise, the third shot completely portrays his emotions and his love of his sword, and the pose is really beautiful in a way, really elegant (despite the fact he’s sword practising ). It’s the second shot that disturbs me, because he looks too sweet and friendly in it—the sword looks like an accessory on an otherwise lovely man. (And he likes cats! )

Renziel De Lores –
With Renziel, I absolutely adore the third shot. It’s so believable (even with the smile ), and it just strikes me that this man is very, very smart. The background behind him is wonderful as well—so big town-esque. He looks like he’s topping management there. All three shots are very simple, and it works incredibly well for them. The second photo, folded arms and fountain, just works as well, and he looks pensive in the first, which is nice.

Madame Indigo Felicia Del Montoya –
She looks evil! Seriously, she really does. The facial shot of her is fabulous—it completely encompasses her hate for everything; she looks like she wants to kill something right now. The second photo’s angle is good too, with her pose and her looking directly at us. The third shot just amuses me. I know it says she likes doing it, but she still strikes me as somebody who wouldn’t really go in for reading by a fireplace. It’s comic.

Kai Makuako –
I like the third photo, of him sitting in the sand, the water creeping up on him. It’s quite peaceful and he looks happy there. However, the first two shots look silly as he’s in a suit on the beach, and I can’t quite fathom how he's managed to keep his suit free of sand! I know I wouldn’t have been able to. But the third shot was cool, and he looks pretty handsome. Besides, who could hate a Mafia man who likes beaches, sand and surfing?!

Antonio Genovese –
Well I don’t think he’s ugly or stupid! I think he’s adorable, actually. He cooks! And he has this lovely way of talking which passes through his words. It’s nice! I love the third shot—it’s so cute! The cooking aspect of this guy is fabulous, it just works for him. Big bruising men who cook—priceless. He looks amusing in the second shot though; he doesn’t know where to put himself with all those pretty girls behind him! He’s standing all stiff and kinda scared. And he likes apricots. I’m sorry, I love this guy. I want to take him home with me.

Isabella Malone –
Isabella’s really cool; she has facial piercings and a nice way of holding herself up. She looks calm and happy, and I guess that’ll make you more scared when she kills you! I especially love her in heels; it’s so classy (even playing pool!). The first and third photos are pretty cool. She looks calm and collected. How could you not like this girl? She’s sassy, girly, she has a lip stud and she could kill you. Brilliant.

Gilbert Jackdaw –
This guy is fabulous. He’s so completely relaxed and misogynistic at the same time that I can’t help but like him, despite his cocky attitude! And he goes to Church…his first picture is nice because of his lazy style. He looks calm and sleepy all at once. The third shot always makes me giggle. Garters, and whatnot. Awesome guy. His facial shot, him scowling, looks a bit misplaced because he seems jollier in his other photos and his commentary, but I can’t deny it’s a good shot. And his name suits him.

Pietra Kasparkova –
Pietra looks really posh! Kind of upper-class. It’s the hair, I think. She looks good in the facial shot, stern and fierce. The second shot of her relaxed is pretty cool too. But I like the third one most of all, which her singing. It suits her. It’s the kind of thing she looks really good doing!

Julia Vandenhoff –
The freeshot’s nice; she looks very calm and relaxed by that piano. Her house suits her as well; it kind of reflects her and her hobbies. I like the wallpaper! In the headshot she looks very pretty.

Dominic Peluca –
The cigarette in the first picture is a nice touch! He looks pretty bored, though. In the third picture he looks as if he may kill you if you touch his little girl, which is sweet. I love how he loves egg rolls and hates squirrels! It’s a touch of reality.

Skyler Brettin –
She looks really amusing in the third picture—kind of impish. I’d be wary of her gambling! She looks like she’d cheat at a moment’s notice. I like how her outfits are really Victorian, and she looks so good in them! It’s nice to see her surrounded by books, too.

Travor Wyatt –
Ah, it’s another smoker! And he has pretty cool scars. I love his house; it’s pretty nice. It really suits him; kind of old-fashioned and reserved (he looks like that to me). He looks very calm and collected as well, I can imagine him not getting very upset by anything. At the same time, he looks like he’s seen it all—nothing will faze him.

Judge 2
Xahnu Chang: 24/30
I would have loved to see a bit more personality come out in your photos and the wording of your answers. You have a pretty good concept of composition in your pictures, but I’d love to see more in them (clutter in the background and such).

Renziel De Lores: 24/30
I quite liked the free shot – a nice amount of decoration in the background. With the other two, it would have been nice to have had more in the BG, considering it is a garden – grass, trees, bushes, etc, etc. From the answers and the pictures, I think I got a pretty good grasp on Renziel’s personality.

Kai Makuako: 20/30
Next round, if at all possible, please try and use larger settings for your pictures. It will make them better quality – and thus better scores. Also, be aware of the light source and try and find better camera angles. Study up on basic composition, perhaps? Nice answer for his dislikes though. ;D

Antonio Genovese: 21/30
Awwww! Isn’t he just a big, squishy teddy bear!? Not the average tough-guy Mafioso, that’s for sure. It would’ve been nice to see more movement/a pose for your bodyshot. (On another note…Love the pin-ups in the BG. :B) Next round, if possible, try and use the larger settings for pictures – it’ll benefit you quite a bit.

Gilbert Jackdaw: 29/30
Gilbert cracks me up! I love the very end of his dislikes: “Especially Olga.” Ah, priceless! You did well showing his personality in your pics – I’m in love with the free shot – Ooolala! (PS: You get major cool points in my book for using “the chair”. Lol.)

Dominic "Ant" DeLuca: 30/30
Your bodyshot is amazing. Gah, the smoke; it’s so beautiful! X3 Dominic seems quite the smug and cocky man from the headshot. And, might I add, he has superb taste in music.

Travor Wyatt: 30-Great application and great shots.

Madame Indigo Felicia Del Montoya: 22/30
As I said with some of the other contestants, larger images would definitely help you in scoring. But moving on… your headshot is a-okay, but the body shot is a bit lackluster. As you did with your free shot, try and use more in the BG. I quite approve of the free shot, although you should try experimenting with interesting camera angles.

Isabella "Bella" Malone: 29/30
Ooo, very professional presentation! I’m likin’ it. I’m enjoying Bella’s (Oops, I can’t call her that yet, can I? XD) personality already. Quite the spitfire based on her snarky remarks. :3

Pietra Kasparkova: 26/30
Pietra seems quite laid back and easy-going from both the pictures and the answers, but I sense a hot temper! Run away! Loved the colorful settings for both your free shot and body shot.

Julia Vandenhoff: 30/30
Lovely, lovely, lovely settings in all three shots. The free shot is gorgeous and elegant. Nice, clean, and pristine presentation.

Skyler Brettin: 22/30
Someone’s got attitude, huh? ;3
Good background in the body shot, but would have liked to see more in the free shot. Again, bigger pictures could probably help more in scores.

Judge 3

Xahnu Chang - 25
Comments: I liked the whole posing with the sword.
Renziel De Lores - 27
Comments: He seems like a good guy. His looks are deceiving unless he really is a good guy. Good job!
Kai Makuako - 24
Antonio Genovese - 28
Comment: He totally looks like the mafia type!
Gilbert Jackdaw - 30
Comments: I loved your headshot and your freeshot. Very creative!
Dominic "Ant" DeLuca - 30
Comments: Your photos are amazing!
Travor Wyatt - 30
Comments: I love his face! He seems so real, it's scary. Good job!

Madame Indigo Felicia Del Montoya - 25
Comment: I like her facial scars or whatever they are.
Isabella "Bella" Malone - 30
Comment: I love her facial expression in the headshot. She's very beautiful and mysterious looking.
Pietra Kasparkova - 28
Comment: I liked your free shot very much! Her headshot is gorgeous. I love her eyes.
Julia Vandenhoff - 25
Comment: I love her eyes! It makes her look mysterious as well.
Skyler Brettin - 27
Comment: Your freeshot picture made me giggle. She doesn't look tough, but that last photo says otherwise.

8th Oct 2007, 3:18 PM
My Grandmother is the only blood related family that I have left. This is the closest thing to a portrait that you will get of us together.
The photo on the desk is a picture of my father and I not long before he died. We were never really that close because he was always busy at work.

As you can see my Grandmother and I don't get along well. She is always lecturing me on one thing or another... "When are you going to get married and give me some grandchildren?"... "Why didn't you do better at the job I gave you?"... "You are a disappointment to the family"... etc. etc. ughh...

These four guys, Jimmy, Vince, Frank, and Dom, are who I consider my real family. Frank has been working for my Grandmother for as long as I can remember, He is like a big brother to me. The other guys joined the business a few year back, and we have stuck together ever since.

This is how me and the guys spend most nights together, playing poker. We have to watch out for Jimmy though he is a pretty sneaky player.

8th Oct 2007, 4:48 PM
Wow! Such beautiful Round Ones so far - I've taken my shots and now they just require a little editing. They should be up very, very soon! If not today, tomorrow. :D
Thanks for the nice comments, judges! Hopefully I'll capture a little more of Gilbert's "unique personality" in this round.

8th Oct 2007, 5:35 PM
Please put the name of your sim in the title bar, it makes it easier for me to do the contestants list and for the judges too. I'm only missing one female contestant and four of the guys, these all look great everyone :). This round ends on the 11th so you've all got 3 more days to do them.

8th Oct 2007, 7:42 PM
I have a small family, with a new addition only seven months away, but every time I look at them I can’t help but marvel at how long it took to get here. Caroline, my loving wife of ten years, is actually not my first.

Once upon a time when I was young, I married a beautiful woman named Adeline Allor. She was a lifelong love of mine, when I was 25 and she 21. That was in 1908 – this picture, still one of my most cherished possessions, was taken soon after our wedding. It was the second photograph ever taken of us, and the only one I have of the two of us together. We both wanted children - creating them, however, proved to be a difficult task. In all, I have almost been a father eight times before. Only three were born alive and healthy – none of them survived a year.

Despite this, we were happy… then the war broke out. Even though I was in my mid thirties, I enlisted. I left home in October of 1917 and was gone for almost a year. September of 1918 arrives and I return home, right leg amputated below the knee from an artillery shell that landed too close, just in time to watch Adeline die from the Spanish flu.

Depression and attempts at ending my life followed. But then I met Caroline – it was 1920. She helped me mend the broken life I was living, and we married two years later. At the time she was three years older than my former bride had been at our wedding – I was nearing 39.

Anna was born in 1924. It truly made me feel whole again, to see a child of my own born healthy, happy, and grow up beyond their first year. These past few years I have constantly reprimanded myself for putting my business before my own daughter, but do not take that to mean that I do not love her. The profession affects the entire country, and after witnessing other bosses with their families, I know that my Anna is better off even with the slight neglect than all the other children combined.

9th Oct 2007, 3:41 AM
I should have my round one entry in soon enough [tonight or so...], i got stuck in hospital with freaking appendicitis and had to have surgery and got released today. Thankfully i've still got some time left, I REALLY didn't want to drop out.

Derange, Zoej and ashleybrooke, i REALLY don't know how i'm going to compete with your entries, they're all amazing. really amazing. :)

Also, thankyou for the lovely Application round comments! They're all really nice. :)

9th Oct 2007, 7:35 PM
These all look great guys, I'll update the contestants list later on tonight :). Don't forget this Round ends on the 11th. We're only missing 4 round 1s, sorry if I'm seeming like I'm rushing I'm just trying to get this contest done before i move :).

9th Oct 2007, 9:08 PM
Round One-Meet Da Family

Cast Out (http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g41/amalinaball1/CastOut.jpg)

Until a few years ago, I never had what most other guys have – a proper flesh’n’blood family. My birth-parents…well, who gives a damn about them? ‘Cause they certainly didn’t give a damn about me…I lived with them both, my momma and my pop, until I was four years old. My only friend was their old hunting dog, Scraps. Then they dumped me at a Church orphanage in Soho, Manhattan, with only a few scars on my face and half a buck in pennies in my pocket. So much for them.

Chess With Vittoria (http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g41/amalinaball1/DaddyDaughter.jpg)

I was “adopted” by a proper lady, Lucia, who brought me to Chicago. She and her husband (deceased now, God rest his soul) had a baby girl when I was nine. Let's just say we never "meshed". I took Lucia's husband's job in the gang – and to further please the family, I had to marry Lucia's daughter (Olga! Her name makes me want to hurl!) 5 years ago. Even though I don't like her. Not one bit. The only good thing that came from our “holy union” was my precious, sweet baby girl – my Vittoria. Now, even though our marriage has collapsed beyond all repair, I stick around for my little girl. I could never leave her like my parents left me. I help her play chess in the evening (my kid's a genius, I tell you!). She spends a lot of time with her grandma, because Olga and I grate on each other’s nerves when we’re together.

A Plunge in the Pool (http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g41/amalinaball1/MyElegantMansion.jpg)

I don't mind too much if she sticks around with the guys - she'll probably wind up married to one of their kids some day - but when I'm with another woman I make sure she's nowhere in sight. She still thinks me and her mom are madly in love. We like swimming, Vittoria and me; if the weather's balmy (or I'm feeling barmy!) we'll go out for a dip in our very own pool!

Family Portrait; Me, Lucia, Vittoria. (http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g41/amalinaball1/Family.jpg)

My family is the most important thing to me – without it (my child in particular) I would crumble into nothingness. Sometimes, when Vittoria falls asleep with her head on my lap of an evening, I love her so much that I actually can’t stand being in the same room…if that makes sense. I feel so dumb when that happens, and I have to go kick the wife’s flea-ridden cat to make me feel better and manlier. I don't have any pictures of Olga; I don't consider her or her mangy feline my own flesh and blood. (Don't tell Vittoria I said that!) I don’t mind people knowing that I love my family – but I can’t let snuggly-wuggly thoughts of them distract me from the task at hand! I am a gangster; I kill. That's how it is.


That's my round one done! Sorry about the big pictures; they looked awful when I made them smaller. If they're too large to be bearable, pray tell me and I will change them. Thanks!

10th Oct 2007, 4:17 AM
There are three of us: me, my sister Sophie, and my brother Tommy. We basically look like triplets aside from the fact that I ended up with blond hair. Sophie is a nut case. She insists on taking part in the family business instead of tending to family life like a proper woman does. Once Pa died she just wasn't the same. She chose a pistol over an apron.

I was only nineteen when Helen was born but she is why I do what I do. She deserves to be treated like a Princess every day of her life. Oh, and that lady? That's my baby's mother. We aren't together and never really were. A few sips of Jack Daniels and an empty house and.. well, we got Helen. Don't get me wrong, Elodie is sweet and all, but I don't have time for a woman right now.

This is my Grandfather. He runs the family business. What he says, goes. We don't see him much.

Ma! What would I do without her. She hasn't been the same since Pa passed away either, but she's still got more sunshine in her than any lady I know. She treats Helen like a daughter and still cooks me dinner whenever I visit.

10th Oct 2007, 6:25 AM
This is me and my five year old son, Damien. He was an accident, but a nice one. I've grown to love him, although no-one outside the family knows about him, for obvious reasons.

Damien is actually quite the little piano player, and often gets me and Timothy to stand around the piano while he plays us his newest piece of music.

Of course, raising a child rarely leaves us time for.... other pursuits. This is me and my fiancee, Timothy. I was quite opposed to even engaging in a relationship at the start, until a drunken night left me with a bun in the oven and some very shamed parents. They forced him to marry me, but were murdered before they got the chance to actually see me wedded, so we've taken it slow and are only engaged. I actually found he was quite a good companion, and (most of the time) bearable.

This is the last family portrait I got of me and my parents before they died, obviously Timothy and Damien hadn't come along yet. I was barely eighteen and knew nothing about the 'family business.' All I knew was that my parents were rich, and liked to buy me pretty dresses. Concieted, but true. It was only after a rival gang eliminated my parents that I found out about the harsh world I never knew.

[[excuse the horrible misuse of the decorgal hack in the last picture... i suck at family portraits. :D]]

10th Oct 2007, 6:32 PM
These are some really good family portraits, you guys! :anime:

10th Oct 2007, 10:29 PM
Judge 1
Xahnu Chang
Score: 25/30

Renziel De Lores
Score: 25/30

Antonio Genovese
Score: 28/30

Gilbert Jackdaw
Score: 30/30

Dominic "Ant" Deluca
Score: 30/30

Travor Wyatt
Score: 30/30

Madame Indigo Felicia Del Montoya (broken link. here's the link to it. http://forums.sims2community.com/sh...20&postcount=47)
Score: 20/30

Isabella "Bella" Malone
Score: 29/30

Pietra Kasparkova
Score: 29/30

Julia Vandenhoff
Score: 28/30

Skyler Brettin
Score: 27/30

General Comments:
Some of the entry pics were really good! They almost looked real!
Some entries didn't have a good detailed story about their family like some did. All in all, everyone did a wonderful job!

Judge 2
Xahnu Chang 23/30
Sorry to say, but neither of your entries caught my eye or left an impression. It would be great to see you experiment with animation boxes and overlays to create new and interesting ways to show fighting or what-have-you. In two of the pictures he’s just standing there with a smile on his face. In the first, it doesn’t even fit with the caption – they certainly didn’t look like they just came back from training. However, I did like the background and general composition of the piano picture.

Renziel De Lores 24/30
You got my overall comments on Xahnu, so I’ll just focus on Renziel’s pics. It was creative for you to de-age your sim for the family portrait- liked that – but having the subjects smack-dab in the center makes for a less than exhilarating photo. I did quite like the second photo – lovely background with the matching colors and good amount of clutter.

Kai Makuako
No Entry = No Comments. :O

Antonio Genovese 24/30
Hooray for bigger pictures! You experimented with camera angles, which is something great to see. Plus, Antonio is still absolutely adorable and I wanna squish him ‘til the cows come home. *ahem* Anyway… I hoped to get a bit more detail in your captions, especially more about Betty – is she just a good friend? Or is she his lover? Your backgrounds could still use a bit more pizzazz, but overall, good job.

Gilbert Jackdaw 28/30
I can’t get enough of his boy… man… Mafioso… whatever. I adore the photo of him as child and Scraps – very cute. I love the detail in all of your captions, it really lets me get to know Gilbert, whether he’s straightforward with what he wants you to know, or whether you can just pick it up in the word choice. Really the only critique I can give ya’ is to use more lighting in your indoor shots (ie: the family portrait) – everything’s in shadow, but there should be a bit more contrast.

Dominic "Ant" DeLuca 29/30
Nice, clean, crisp pictures. Overall, the aesthetic quality of the pictures is great, but there just not as much personality as I’d like to see. Ant’s posture and expression really doesn’t change much until the last picture – and even then (in my opinion), the goofy grin seems a bit out of place. Work on really emphasizing Ant’s personality so his sister doesn’t steal all of the attention. :3

Travor Wyatt 28/30 ;P
Travor, Travor, Travor. What to say? Hmm. Ah! Love the entry, especially the second and fourth pictures. I just think the old time portrait is an adorable idea, and it’s great that you’re showcasing more than just his current family. And the fourth picture? I just love the angle, colors, and all that jazz. Critique… In the first picture, it would have been nice to see something out of the window: a garden, the neighborhood, an evil snowman, perhaps?

Madame Indigo Felicia Del Montoya 25/30
Well, I definitely see an improvement from your application pics, and even your original Round 1 before you replaced it. It’s great that you really took the critiques into consideration! Indigo… Felicia? (What do I call her anyway?) Anyway, she certainly has an interesting and expansive family – half siblings, whores for sister-in-laws, good stuff. Hmmm, composition could still be worked on to make the pictures more interesting and appealing.

Isabella "Bella" Malone 30/30
Your camera angles were quite, quite good and the color scheme in all the pictures just gives me a happy feeling. Heh. The third picture… Oh goodness, I love it. You got creative and used animations other than ones that come pre-packaged with beds! Plus, sex sells, no? Bella has an extremely adorable family (and Timothy’s a babe.)

Pietra Kasparkova 29/30
Your backgrounds are beautiful! The church BG is very minimalist, and yet… I can’t help but like it. I knew under that sweet demeanor there was a temper – yelling in public… tsk tsk. Something you should work on is your balance between negative and positive space, so the focal point isn’t quite as broad.

Julia Vandenhoff 30/30
You get major kudos for how you did the family portrait – a portrait within a portrait! You did a wonderful job portraying her personality as well as the personalities of her “family”. Your last two pictures make me want to hang with them! Plus, the pool/poker joint is well set up. Fantabulous job!

Skyler Brettin 23/30
Sorry, but your pictures really didn’t “Wow” me; they just sort of seemed like game-play shots with no real planning. The backgrounds were quite bland, I didn’t really get a sense of how the family interacts, and you didn’t follow the guidelines. You were supposed to include Skyler in every picture, and in half… well, she ain’t present.

Judge 3
Xhanu Chang-24, he's a great sim but like one of my judges said I'd definantly like to see more variety and flare. You should try one of the boxes as well they've helped me drastically.

Renziel de Lores-24,Again experiment with angles and different poses it can drastically improve your score.

Antonio Genovese-26,I like the pictue with the kitty but I'm also wondering who Betty is myself. Also more decorations would be nice too, I like it but the pictures are just lacking something.

Gilbert Jackdaw-28, i love the first picter the black and white very creative and it definantly looks like it's in the time period. Great Job .

Dominic "Ant" DeLuca-28, Great pictures. They're very clear and I like the last one, he goes from looking really grouchy to a big girn, it made me laugh .

Travor Wyatt-29, What can I say. I like the old time picture and how your entry went into his past a bit. You can tell how much he loves his family.

Madame Indigo Felicia Del Montoya-25, Definantly an improvement. I'm glad you took the critique to heart, and I'm defianntly looking forward to seeing your round 2.

Isabella "Bella" Malone-28,I love the pictures. Clean, crisp and overall wonderful. i especially love the family portrait, and that's one of my favorite Hacks as well .

Pietra Kasparkova-28, love the pictures and backgrounds. I like the church one the best and the family one. Great job .

Julia Vandenhoff-29, Great job and like one of my judges said good job in pulling off the personalities. I could tell what kind of people they are just by reading and looking at the pictures. i also loved the pool and poker shots myself.

Skyler Brettin 22, the pictures were okay but didn't jump out at me. i would have liked to see her face more, but over ll you did an okay job. Just try to experiment with different poses and such, they seemed very uniform to me and lacked a bit of variety.

11th Oct 2007, 10:29 PM
I'm sorry to say that I'm going to have to drop out. My game crashed and I was hoping to try to get it back up before today. I couldn't. Good luck to everyone.

12th Oct 2007, 7:32 AM
Round 2-So Dis is what ya do.

What you guys need to do here is 4 pictures of your sim at his or her "job", they can be bodyshots, closeups, whatever you feel like doing. And other sims can be used in the pictures such as family members, friends, passerbys, etc. Who ever you need to use to get it done, maybe a member of a rival family? Something like that. Either way make sure that your sim is the focal point in these pictures, and please put the sims name and round in the title bar. Thanks, you guys are doing a great job and so are the judges :).

Round 1 scores and comments are here Round 1 scores and comments (http://www.sims2community.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1036657&postcount=65)

14th Oct 2007, 4:46 AM
*warm and fuzzy feeling*

Thank you all the judges for their scores and comments! I really appreciated them. :)

I've basically got the idea for my round two, i'll be trying to get it done tonight. :)

14th Oct 2007, 11:58 AM
Dom and I went to visit one of our business associates, Mr GilsCarbo at his warehouse for a chat about some money that he owes the family. This is usually a typical day for me, visiting people to collect the debts that they owe us.

It turned out that Mr GilsCarbo was trying to cheat the family. So my grandmother gave the order for him to be taken out. This is the part of the job I really hate, hearing them beg for their lives and to think of their wife and children. If they really cared about that then they shouldn't have tried to cheat us in the first place.

Now comes the fun part, getting rid of the evidence. Its not really the best way to get rid of a body but this is where the family have been disposing bodies for years and no one has been caught yet.

Another part of my job is socializing with family friends and associates. I have to put up with sleazy men trying to flirt with me just to keep the peace between the families.

14th Oct 2007, 12:15 PM
Truly awesome entry, zoej!
I'm still working on mine; it should be up either today or tomorrow. :D
Thanks for the scores, judges - I shall endeavour to follow your advise as best as possible in this round. :)

14th Oct 2007, 12:51 PM
I'm still working on mine; it should be up either today or tomorrow. :D
Thanks for the scores, judges - I shall endeavour to follow your advise as best as possible in this round. :)

Same here! *Hugs the judges*

14th Oct 2007, 4:51 PM
So you want to know more about my job then?


As the head of the De Lores Mafia, I have a number of different roles to play. I see myself primarily as an 'Organiser' most of the time - someone who knows how to cross-manage and to get things done through people. Of course, this means lots of late nights and piles of paperwork, something which tends to drive those around me mad.

Let's see now...take the money from that deal...bribe the police to look the other way...get Xian to assasinate that politician...wait until Rai Li's back on full-duty before sending her to 'talk' with that cheat...


One thing my Father never learned was the simple fact that the better the lives of the employees are, the happier they will be. This also leads on to the fact that the happier the employees are, the more productive they are. With this in mind, I make sure to keep an eye on my various businesses to try and tackle any problems that occur.

Such as in the case of one of my brothels, The House of Fallen Trees. As you can see, thanks to some faulty protection sold to this cat house, there's been an outbreak of pregnancy amongst the prostitutes, which has caused the productivity of that place to go through the floor. Even the male whore has managed to conceive twins.

...No, I haven't figured out how THAT happened either.

Note to self: 1) Set up a day-care for this brothel, 2) Get Xahnu to track down the faulty condom seller to have a little friendly 'chat' about the fact that when we ask for quality, we mean quality, and 3) Keep an eye on the science community to see if they've managed to pinpoint a cause for male pregnancy, just in case...


Not all my businesses are illegal though. The Nightwolf is one of my legitimate pubs that I own, and it actually does quite well for itself. Nice and cosy, and if the police drop by, well all they'll see are a bunch of young men and a woman playing pool, a couple of guys in the corner playing poker, and a happy mother-to-be juggling glasses behind the bar...

...Pity they don't realise that the group around the pool table are all armed bodyguards, the bar is bulletproof, the happy mother-to-be is packing enough heat to blow away half the city, and the two guys in the corner are both Mafia Bosses settling the final details of a large trade of certain illegal substances and weaponry.


Of course, dealing with other Mafia Bosses can be a bit tricky sometimes. I do hate it when they try to double-cross me when I come to collect, it's always so hard to remove blood stains from my white suits.

14th Oct 2007, 8:40 PM

My job isn't simple at all. Most of the time, I sit behind the desk and deal with some of the more important paperwork, most of which deal with cover ups of certain arrangements or misappropriation of funds from my father's businesses. On top of this, I also have to make sure things get done around here and hired hit-men are paid and content. I've just hired one who is supposed to take care of Paulie, my brother. Allegedly, he's the best of the best, and will be able to hunt down that son of a bitch and his wife for me, if he can get it through his ugly, thick skull.


One of the businesses is called "Kitty Kat's Kaboodle" (my father was definitely somewhat shoddy on naming his businesses), a brothel in the somewhat nicer section of downtown. I am, indeed, the owner of said very successful brothel, but I am not the madame. The madame is named Ming, and she is a woman of my own heart. Other than Grace, she is one of the only people who can argue with me, and she usually does so on the behalf of the prostitutes working at the place. This will, more than likely, make my patience wear thin one day, a fact that Ming does not seem to understand. I can only take so much debate before I react, often in a negative manner.


Unfortunately, sometimes I need to get close to a mob boss. There's no better way than using feminine charms to get what you want. Once in a while, when working out a deal with a different "company", I will bed with the leader. Things work out some much easier that way. Ivan Casimir, head of one of the local Russian mobs, has been a lover of mine for some time.


It's too bad I hate the Russian mobs more than I hate the Irish. They're too cocky, and not nearly smart enough at times for my liking. One day, when Grace and I are successful, the Salamand People will own the Earth. My mob will be the new government and I will be the new empress.

14th Oct 2007, 9:18 PM
Round 2-So Dis is what ya do.

Rape. Murder. Assassination. Kidnapping. Smuggling. Bootlegging.
When you’re the main man in the middle of one of Chicago’s most prominent racketeering organisations, then I guess you’d expect to come across this sort of thing every day. And you’d be right.

A Working Partnership; Me and Magdela (http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g41/amalinaball1/Sims2EP52007-10-1918-55-52-06.jpg)

But because I am effectively the Big Boy in the Cianini Gang I don’t take on these jobs in person…unless it’s by personal request. My fee ranges from $1000-$25,000 depending on how…permanent…you want the results. Otherwise I stick to paperwork (and you wouldn’t believe how much can arise after a simple murder or a bit of easy smuggling…); organising expense and wages; and also I cast an eye over the prevailing fashions to ensure that the gang isn’t left in the dark where style is concerned. I guess you could say I am the brains behind the outfit – with style to boot! Plus I get to sit behind a nice big desk. The boys never fail to be impressed by the magnitude of The Desk.
The one person who isn't all that interested in status or The Desk is my partner-of-sorts Magdela Delerini. She's got it all sorted out - and even though she sometimes forgets I'm the Big Boy she works efficiently enough for it not to matter too much. Without Magdela I'd probably be facing a million assassination attempts a night! :D She certainly has her wily way - especially with the men.

Rubbing out life's little mistakes (http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g41/amalinaball1/Sims2EP52007-10-1919-13-56-96.jpg)

It's pretty much entirely down to Magdela that I recently had that disgusting traitor Gabriel wiped out. He was trying to use his influence to overthrow me and take over the gang - and hand over my best guards and allies to my enemies. That dirty little swine. He didn't suspect a thing as we - Magdela and I - didn't touch a drop of our wine; he kept on slurping his down like the greedy pig he is. Correction - was. We dismissed him. He got up, grinning, thinking we still hadn't guessed his diabolic plan. Boy, was he wrong.
All I could do was laugh. Even our stern Magdela cracked a smile. Pity, really, that she and Gabriel happened to be brother and sister...

Click here if YOU hate the Yorokov's too (http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g41/amalinaball1/Sims2EP52007-10-1419-44-37-75.jpg)

In most cases I’m only following the wishes of our clients. As such, there’s a strict moral code where secrecy and personal details are concerned. I have a lot of respect for the policy of killer-client confidentiality. Besides which, I am not doing the job for myself – some [email protected]$$ed job might be good enough for me, but not for a person who has put their trust in me. I have no personal resentment towards my victims, but a job is a job. When I’m finished I’ll always have a bowl of minestrone to keep me going and dampen any feelings of guilt I may have accumulated. Let’s call it an anti-depressant. Then the boys come in and take the corpse away. Where? I’m sure I don’t know. It’s a secret.
I'm not entirely sure that these two saps, my darling Olga's cousins, Dmitri and Nicholas Yorokov, would tell you either. This was one of those really rare occasions where I had to get one of the guys, Jimmy Poe, to help me.

A little privacy, if you please (http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g41/amalinaball1/Sims2EP52007-10-1420-14-44-12.jpg)

My final job of the evening? Checking on the lovely ladies on the 3rd floor of the Club, of course. They are at their most gorgeous before they’ve met their first customers. Someone has to make sure they stay gorgeous. If I’m late for a date with one of the girls then usually Madame Molly is perfectly happy to keep me company for a few hours. I don't smile a lot when we're alone together - I can't have them thinking I might actually be enjoying myself, can I? Plus that weird mole-badger picture is pretty damn creepy. I hope he's not planning on telling Vittoria about this...
Like I said: It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.


Okay, Round Two done! I changed a picture (the first) as well as adding the second. I hope the pictures are ok. They look fine on my PC. :D

15th Oct 2007, 12:32 AM

A lot of my job is waiting around doin' nothing for a long time. I'm a hit-man, and I'm really good at my job, except for some few exceptions (women and children). Like I said before, Ma usually takes care of that for me. Usually, I hang outside waiting for a mark to walk by.


Dina Caliente is a dangerous assassin. She works for the Del Montoya family doing hits for them, at least she did until she went into cahoots with Alvin Montoya's lead man Don Lothario, and killed Mr. Montoya. The Madame, as I have been told to call her, is paying me a lot of dough to scare Dina just by being near her (something to do with nerves, and making mistakes). Soon, Madame is going to make the hit herself, when she says the time is right.


The cold hearted woman also wanted me to kill her brother Paulie in as mean and cruel a manner as possible. I'm not very creative, so I brought him to the docks when I found him and roughed him up a bit. Then I let him have a last smoke and we talked for a bit, me complaining about Ma and about how I knocked up my girlfriend Betty. He told me of his wife who was knocked up herself and about how much he loved her, about how much he wanted to live a peaceful life away from the mafia. After he got done smoking his cigarette, I knocked him out, tied his feet and arms, attached rocks to the ropes, and dropped him into the ocean.


It was too bad, I liked the guy. He seemed like the sort that I could play poker with on Thursdays, the kind of guy who enjoyed a good meal. It was also too bad Ma was on the trail of his wife, and Lord knows that Ma was much, much more creative than I was.

16th Oct 2007, 12:02 AM

When you're in the business I'm in, funerals are a way of life. Normally they don't hit me this hard, but this was definitely an exception. I've learned to shut off my emotions. You have to if you see the things I do everyday.

So I guess you're probably wondering why this funeral hit me so hard, right? Keep on reading. By the end it should be crystal clear.

My week started off like any other. My father needed someone to take care of some business in Vegas. But the old fool thought I couldn't handle it. So he sent Nicholai instead. To be passed over for my husband was the straw that broke the camel's back.


I stomped into his office and let him have it. Why didn't he think I had what it took to be his second? I've been here since the very start. This business is in my blood.

Well Papa gave me the what for. He told me that this business wasn't for women. That there was no way I could handle a job in the same way a man could. That I could never be as intimidating or ruthless. That I couldn't take a life like a man could. That was it. I couldn't take it anymore. I picked up the 9mm from his desk and...


Before I knew it, I was in Vegas. My head spinning from what I had just done. I had to finish what I had started. I hunted down Aleksander Ivanof and even with the showgirls fluttering around backstage, I "delivered" my father's message.

A short while later I was on a plane, heading back home. I had just stepped into the airport terminal when I felt the phone in my jacket pocket vibrate. I pulled it out and looked. A text from Nicholai... "I need to talk to you." Hmm... I wonder what this could be about?

I called him, but he did not answer. I hailed a taxi and instructed the driver where to go. He pulled up in front of the estate 34 minutes later. I grabbed my bag, threw a $50 at the driver and walked to the door. In the foyer sat Nicholai, waiting. Red eyes. Pale as a ghost.

"What's wrong?" I asked. "Are the kids okay? Is Papa alright?"

"They're fine. But I have something to tell you, Pietra." he said softly.

"Well, what is it?" I urged.

"I never went to Vegas to take care of the business trip your father sent me on." he said.

"I know. I took care of it. It's fine." I said. "Papa will be happy with the outcome."

"Pietra, my love, I went to Chicago." he said slowly, his voice shaking. "I had to see a woman."

"What? What woman?" I asked

"My wife."

"No. I'm your wife." I said. "What are you talking about?"

"Pietra. You and I aren't legally married. I have a wife and a son in Chicago." he said as tears welled up in his eyes. "You were my mistress. But I fell in love with you. I don't love her anymore. I only love you."

I put my hand on his back. "Nicholai, my darling, go sit in the parlor. I'll get us some wine and we can talk through this."

I readied the wine. Holding back the tears, I entered the parlor. Two glasses filled. I handed Nicholai the one in my left hand. He looked thankful. He took a long drink and sat it down on the table and looked at me.


I said nothing until I saw the surprise in his eyes. His hands lifted to his throat as he gagged. He looked at me. Pleading me to save him with his brown eyes.


"You disgust me." I screamed. "No one swindles an Alekséyev. Rot in hell. You certainly deserve it."

Nicholai soon fell to his knees, never to speak again. Did I feel guilty? Yes, but only because my children would grow up without their father. I do not cry for Nicholai. I cry for Mila and Peter.

16th Oct 2007, 4:58 PM
As Renziel's Head Enforcer, I take my duties very seriously, especially as the slightest mistake in the world we live in could mean injury or death for those I care about.


One of my major duties is to make sure that all the Enforcers of the De Lores Mafia are properly trained. I hold them up to a very high standard, and I don't hold back - better a little pain now than be dead later!


Sometimes Renziel gives me a 'special' assignment, one which usually involves descretion, and/or a certain 'edge'. Such as this guy, a supplier to one of Renziel's brothels, who apparently passed on some faulty goods, leaving the employees in a delicate situation, and causing Renziel more paperwork. I've been told to have a little 'chat' with him about the meaning of quality, and after finding the weasel in one of his warehouses, we had a nice conversation about the edge of my blade, a certain part of his body, and a promise. In the end, the guy agreed to make sure the goods he sends us are good quality in the future.


My favourite aspect of my job is when I'm acting as Renziel's bodyguard. Not only do I get to be near him, but I can also make sure that no one will survive an attempt to kill him, like this assassin here!

There is one duty which I hold above all others. It's a little unusual, but I would gladly do it even if Renziel had not asked me to...


...Making sure the flowers on the graves of Leo and Lenore are always fresh.

17th Oct 2007, 2:09 AM
Updated the contestants list only missing 3 round 2's Travor,Isabella and Dominic. Also I just wanted to let Ashleybrooke to know that you accidently put round 1 in the title bar. And this round ends on the 19th in three more days, let me know if you can't make it. Extensions are not going to be possible as i'm trying to get this contest over with before I move and lose internet access for awhile.

17th Oct 2007, 2:19 AM
It's not easy being in the business I'm in, but what can I say? It's a family business. If you're born into this family, it's in your blood to be in the business. Sometimes it's not all that bad. I've even been lucky enough to find love. Twice. The first time was with Santino Mancini. The first love of my life. We were madly in love, engaged to be married. The only problem was our families were rivals. We met when I was on assignment, sent out to spy on their current plans. He discovered who I really was, but by that time we were so much in love he didn't rat me out. We kept our romance a secret, but one day the secret was out.

My father was furious when he found out. He almost disowned me and shunned me from the family, but my mother talked him out of it. Of course our relationship ended then, but that wasn't all. My father was so furious he actually went as far as killing my beloved Santino. I guess when you're in this business, you need to learn to block out your emotions. But, despite everything, I managed to find love again. My current husband Ben. I managed to forgive my father, but I don't think he has ever been able to truly forgive me.

I'm still the brunt of his anger, every time something goes wrong. Every time some one messes up. I'm the one to blame. Even when it is in no way connected to me. I'm the scape goat of the family. Once you mess up in this business, you're never completely forgiven.

I don't do much of the "dirty" work regarding the family business. I usually keep things organized and alert other members of the extended family when they have new assignments. We also have a family restaurant that is our cover business. That way all of the money deposited in the bank, which was received illegally, has a legit source. It also gives us a much more steady income to put in a safety account. We use this account for things like bail money and court fees. We never have lawyer fees, because my brother-in-law is the best lawyer in the state. I help out at the restaurant whenever I'm not dealing with the family business. I keeps the books current and deal with the finances. I also help out in the kitchen and as a hostess when needed.

17th Oct 2007, 2:26 AM
Okay missing 3 round 3's, thanks for letting me know ~.^.

17th Oct 2007, 3:07 AM
I don't know if this will effect my being in this contest or anything, but I'm going away for a few days (I'll be back by Sunday). I'm turning 21 tomorrow and won't be in town. Then I'm heading somewhere else for my brother's wedding on Thursday and Friday. I probably won't be in town again until Sunday or Monday.

I probably won't miss anything, but I thought I'd give a heads up in case there were a pop quiz. :beer:

17th Oct 2007, 11:47 PM
Thanks for letting me know ^.^, you've already gotten your Round 2 in so you're fine. ^.^, and Happy birthday :), stay safe and being 21 is fun. Have a drink on me :P.

18th Oct 2007, 6:55 AM
I'm sorry, I don't think i'll be able to get this in. I tried, but i'm going to have no time between now and the 19th to get it done.

18th Oct 2007, 6:01 PM
Does anyone need an extension? I can now give at least a day making these due on the 20th, that would shorten the final round though but I usually post the rounds before I get scores since there are no eliminations. Turns out we couldn't find a place so we're staying put and not moving until this coming spring perhaps.

18th Oct 2007, 7:00 PM
Maybe a few hours? I've got one day of school left and there's a homework assignment I need to get finished.
I have the three pictures already up but I'd like to add a 4th so I could get it done tomorrow and that would be that. I hope that's okay. :D

Nice avatar, BTW. I lurve Edgy! ;)

18th Oct 2007, 7:41 PM
Yup that would be fine ^.^.

19th Oct 2007, 5:08 AM
Job, you say? What is this 'job' you speak of? I don't do jobs; I manage an empire. I own at least a portion of nearly half the businesses in Chicago, a few in New York, and one in Los Angeles. Depression? Hah - means nothing to me. If you really wanted to hear about all of them, sweetheart, you would be here into the wee hours of the morning. To make it simple for you, I'll tell you about my two favorite, the ones that I feel are most important... the theater and regulating bootlegging. Well, more like regulating the people who do it for me.

Honestly, did you really think that just because I am a war veteran and one of Nitti's distributors that I like to run through the streets making miraculous headshots from three hundred yards away? Please. I despise the look, taste, and feel of blood, and there is nothing that I hate more - except maybe the taste liquor - than guns. Of course I keep one in my desk for protection, but it's just for that - protection. Haven't had an incident in a long while.

The first is my theater, The Palace. Well, if you look at the official documents, I do not technically own it - due to it's location and a good majority of it's patrons, we felt that if it became known that a rumored boss of Nitti's gang controlled it that unnecessary violence and loss of revenue would follow. I do, however, help a great majority of the regular performers there - several, including one of my best enforcers, do extend into my other businesses as well. In fact, I am the one who gave most of them their jobs. Gratitude and repayment are powerful tools of manipulation, after all.

I am there for a vast majority of performances (the ones where I am not there, I send a trusted associate), although I never really watch them anymore - you see, I have quite an eye for finding known North Siders who patronize my theater. I alert the guards as to where they are, and after the performance, they are picked up for 'questioning.' It's a relatively new practice, so it hasn't been caught yet, although the lack of living witnesses does not help them very much either.

And, oh, the LaCroix brothers... they are a valuable asset to our outfit, although we have had our fair share of troubles in the past. Silas, the older one, is, as I mentioned before, one of my most trusted enforcers. You might not think it by just looking at him - the boy acts like he would never imagine harming a stick - but those boys have Russian blood in them, and when you get them going, they could burn down half the city with hardly any effort at all. He does things like visit people who haven't paid their dues, track the North Side's shipments, and occasionally steal from them. Before his brother got a girl to train in the art of the business by one of my associates, he would accompany him on occasion, too.

Vlad, on the other hand... well, let's just say that we acquired him through some very unusual circumstances and he has been our best political assassin ('hitman' just doesn't conjure the mental imagery of fearful professionalism to my mind) for many years. He's, well, he's the kind of person that you need to know exactly how to control or else you may one day turn your back and find a bullet has met your spine. Luckily for me, I have such ways of controlling him within easy reach... They haven't liked each other since their first meeting (ah, who could forget that one?), so it doesn't exactly help their cheerfully friendly ties, but if it gets the job done, I really could care less. They both know that the other is off limits as targets anyways.

19th Oct 2007, 5:30 PM
I'll probably go ahead and post the final round tonight when I get home from work, I've allowed a day's extension on Round 2 and so far I'm only missing 2 ^.^. These all look great so far, keep up the awesome work guys.

19th Oct 2007, 7:46 PM
I've finished my Round Two! I changed the first picture, as well as adding the second, so that's about it. I hope the lighting turned out a little better this time - the piccies are clear on my screen, at least.
Thanks and good luck to everyone!
(I will be away from the 20th to the 22nd, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem. I hope.)

20th Oct 2007, 10:02 AM
I'm often called to assist shipments down at the docks. Stupid job, but someone has to do it. Fortunately, it's only once a month or so.

Unfortunately, some of the guys who only come down there every so often think it's amusing that i'm female and that i'm in such a rough place. They think they can hit on me, and it's my job to put them in their place.

My favourite part of the job? Taking out people. Literally. The one womanly thing i enjoy doing in my job is the part where i get to seduce the man i'm going to kill. They're usually thick-headed idiots who don't know their nose from their ass, so i rarely need to do much to grab their eye. Back to his place? I think so.

It's not long before i can resist 'finishing the job.' Most of them are slimeballs and just want one thing, so i rarely need to spend more than 10 minutes at their house.

[Heck, I was so rushed this round. Forgive the crummy story, please!]

20th Oct 2007, 2:19 PM
Don't worry, Zixx, I did too. ^^; Although I think I made up slightly for the bad pictures with their description..

20th Oct 2007, 7:36 PM
I really, really apologize for not being able to complete this round. I came down with Strep Throat and have been in bed for the past few days. I'm really, really sorry. Good luck to the remaining contestants.

21st Oct 2007, 1:11 AM
Ick! >.< I've had that it's not fun, don't worry about it just get better. your health is more important than these sim contests. And strep is pretty nasty, I get bhroncitus all the time. Thanks for letting me know and again get well :). Eat plenty of chicken noodle soup if you can swallow, it helps.

21st Oct 2007, 11:52 AM
Derange, hehe, thanks. Seriously, your descriptions and pictures leave me in awe with the creativity. Great round!

Goodnightpeter, too bad about the round, but just get better! ^_^

21st Oct 2007, 4:55 PM
Basically what I want you to do is four photos of your sim being thier big, bad mafia self. and answer this question- Why should you win the title of Mafia sim 2007? Really try to convince me with these photos. They can be free shots, they can consist of other sims in the family or friends, they can be body shots, headshots but your sim has to be the direct center of attention.

((The judges have also been PM'd for the scores on the previous round, I'll post them as soon as I have them))

22nd Oct 2007, 4:54 AM
When you get angry, truly, really, sincerely angry, you tend to make mistakes. My first mistake was letting that bitch Dina Caliente out of my gun's range because I was so upset with my father's passing when I found her in his room.


Anger can be messy. I got messy when I killed my father for cheating on my mother. Dina couldn't kill a fly without the whole world knowing, but one of my talents is covering up the crime. Do you think I would be given my father's position if his business partners knew I killed him?


My favorite woman, the one made of the same grit and steel knew what I had done. She even threatened to tell my mother! What gall the woman had. Truly laughable. All I had to do was tie up some loose ends and make up a different story. . . it was enjoyable watching her die. It took a long time, and she had it coming to her.


What I hadn't counted on was that Ming had already given word to my mother. I had just taken the body away myself and was about to clean up the spilled blood when she came barging in with dear Grace by her side. She screamed at me to stop this madness. Without thinking, I shot her, adding her blood to poor Ming's. Dear Grace, forgive me, but this is for us. This is for our kind I kill for, think of mother as having been sacrificed in order for our people to prevail in the world of man, disgustingly scaleless, stupid man.


Why should I win the title of Mafia Sim 2007? Because I am the mafia, because I am the one most thirsty for power and blood. I've got the talent to succeed, to eventually take over the world if I get enough time to do so. Just watch me; I may one day be out for you, behind your back, watching you at your computer. My kind is everywhere, about to attack.

Just watch. I will succeed.

23rd Oct 2007, 7:07 PM
I've got two sets of scores in and i've asked for an exension, if I don't get those scores soon i'll step in and judge myself :). I will post them when I get them hopefully when I get home tonight after work.

23rd Oct 2007, 7:38 PM
Ok, thanks! :D
I've just got to take the pictures for my entry, they should be in by tomorrow. I only got back from seeing my friend in Cornwall at about 1.00 AM and have been catching up on lost sleep. Hopefully that won't matter too much. I have some ok-ish ideas for this final round! :)

23rd Oct 2007, 10:58 PM

Recently, I've found myself standing here in my office, looking over this city I own, thinking. The hushed silence only increases the contrast between the image of peace, and the reality I know exists out there. The harsh, blood-filled world that I control. There's no way that the knowledge of the reality can ever be far from my mind, and I've started to wonder if it really was all worth it...


Even while joining Xahnu on a clean-up operation, I still look at the night sky and think of innocence lost. Of my Mother, of Leo, both of whom were consumed by this world. Of my Father, who in his stupidity thought that his power made him invincible. Each time, my mind comes back to the same question: Is this really worth it?


I am no innocent babe, and I understand that in this world only those who know both their strength and their limitations will survive. Life may be a hell full of pain, blood, misery, with death only around the corner, but those who are too scared of the fire will never feel it's warmth. The fire may burn and consume me, but I will still willingly place my hand into the flame.


Living in this world, seeing the truth beneath the lies, and manipulating those strings are what I was born to do. Even in a room that's full of light and love, the need to control the darkness is strong because I know what will happen if I should ever let go. To Xahnu, to Rai Li and Xian Li, even to little Revi and Xiana. That is why I do this, why I plan takeovers, drug running, and sabotage with those I trust while Rai Li feeds little Revi and little Xiana sleeps in her cot nearby.

My silent meditation over, I look around my darkened office. It's time to rest.


No one will get in my way. Even though the fire may burn me, I will always plunge my hand into the flame, just to feel the warmth within. That is why I'm here right now, in a darkened office with a cooling corpse on the floor, a smile on my face. That is why I will win the contest.

Because I do not fear the fire.

24th Oct 2007, 3:12 PM
Judge 1
Xahnu Chang - 27
Renziel De Lores - 28
Antonio Genovese - 27
Gilbert Jackdaw - 30
Travor Wyatt - 30

Madame Indigo Felicia Del Montoya - 26
Isabella "Bella" Malone - 28
Pietra Kasparkova - 29
Julia Vandenhoff - 30
Skyler Brettin - 27

Judge 2
Xahnu Chang –24/30
Renziel De Lores –24/30
Madame Indigo Felicia Del Montoya –27/30
Antonio Genovese –26/30
Isabella Malone –24/30
Gilbert Jackdaw –25/30
Pietra Kasparkova –28/30
Julia Vandenhoff –25/30
Skyler Brettin –25/30
Travor Wyatt –28/30

Judge 3
My Scores:
Xahnu Chang 25/30
Renziel De Lores 26/30
Antonio Genovese 24/30
Gilbert Jackdaw 28/30
Travor Wyatt 28/30
Madame Indigo Felicia Del Montoya 24/30
Isabella "Bella" Malone 28/30
Pietra Kasparkova 27/30
Julia Vandenhoff 30/30
Skyler Brettin 23/30

General Comments: Holy Bejesus! D: Everyone improved so much this round. The camera angles, the backgrounds, the descriptions; everything is heaps better. It’s wonderful that everyone has listened to us judges. What really stood out to me was the thought put into everyone’s corresponding story – very creative, descriptive, and really let me get to know the guy/gal behind the gun.


Syd’s Comments:
Don’t take her comments personally; she’s like the Simon Cowell of this council.

Xahnu Chang
Alright. When you have a “special” assignment involving a brothel, a man on his knees, and a “certain body part”… A) Don’t talk about it in the first place or B) Don’t give vague commentary. It’s bad enough that you’re involved in any way, shape, or form with a cat house, but to give everyone reason to suspect you, yourself, may be a “faulty good” is just bad taste.

Renziel De Lores
Don’t complain about staining your goddamn suits. If you really cared, you’d dress appropriately. Furthermore, tell your drabs to find themselves day jobs. That way, mayhap, they could afford the purchase of their own contraceptives and there’d be no need to waste your money. Ugh. Also, my brother would like to add that “House of Fallen Trees” is quite the horrid name for a brothel... whatever that means…

Antonio Genovese
A hit isn’t time for a talk show, Oprah. Grow a spine; stop up th’ passage and access of remorse.

Gilbert Jackdaw
Tell me, Jackdaw… What does rape accomplish in your perverted corner of the world?! I’d love to know! How you disgust me, you slimy toad of a man - using women as objects of desire!

Travor Wyatt
Wyatt, hoping I could borrow your copy of The Time Machine. Some motherless deviant of a child ripped out all of chapter five and scribbled on the last twenty pages of the library's copy… Note to self: Insult LaCroix’s choice in sweaters next rendezvous…

Madame Indigo Felicia Del Montoya
Another brothel!? Merda, no one seems to possess an ounce of dignity as of late. And it’s excruciatingly obvious, you don’t. It may come as a surprise to you, but we aren’t living in the middle ages; there are “better” modes of persuasion than sacrificing your body to some sleazy capo.

Isabella "Bella" Malone
I contemplated praising you. That is, until you proved yourself a carbon copy of every other female in the business – using your batting lashes, your ample bosom, and your short skirt to accomplish a caper rather than your mind, your grace, and a keen eye. Women.

Pietra Kasparkova
Fathers... Most vile and repulsive creatures in existence. I’d like to commend you for your actions. Finally, a person to respect.

Julia Vandenhoff
Funny; I could have sworn I already killed Gilscarbo… Huh. Must be a brother, uncle, or cousin. Must be. Anyhow, how can one prefer a shovel to the sadistic pleasure of distressed pleas of forgiveness wafting through their ears? There’s… no logic.

Skyler Brettin
So… Essentially, you’re a secretary? Indeed, the business flows in rapids through your blood. Ditch the family, perhaps kill your father, and find yourself a safe clerical position with a legitimate business. At least you’d be provided health coverage and, mayhap, a dental plan.

24th Oct 2007, 3:35 PM

Simon Cowell indeed. Thanks for the scores, and the laugh.

24th Oct 2007, 3:48 PM
Heh heh heh. Syd's got it spot on there, actually - Gilbert may think of himself as a charmer but actually he's one horrible guy. His headquarters is one perverted corner of the world, let me tell you that. :lol:

Thanks to the judges for all their scores! (And thanks to Syd for all the useful advice. ;))

Round Three-Yeah show me da mafia stuff!

Why should I win? Why should I, Gilbert William Jackdaw, win? Easy. As pie. Something happened not long ago that proves that I deserve to win this. It’ll probably upset you, disgust you, or whatever. But I don’t care; I realise now that I ceased caring long ago.

Love is Blind (http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g41/amalinaball1/Sims2EP52007-10-2415-00-27-45.jpg)

Honour thy father and thy mother, all the days of thy life.
Or so our great God above told us. Now why oh why, Mr. God (and I say this with the greatest respect) did you not make a commandment which ran along the lines of:
Honour thy children, adopted or natural, all the days of thy life?
I mean, it would make my life so much easier. Because my adoptive mother – and mother-in-law, no less – my darling Lucia is no longer who I always thought she was. Truth is, she’s been having her wicked way with one of my biggest rivals who goes by the name of Don John Dejillico (“affectionately” known by the boys and me as “Tubby DJ”). Rumour has it that he’s pretty mad about what happened to Gabriel Delerini and he’s out to get me. Pretty cheap trick, hurting my momma in the process – because we all know that the ring he gave her means nothing. Its value is monetary, that’s all.
Why is it that all the bad things happen to me? And why do they always happen through people I trust the most – my adopted mother, my gang, my real parents, my wife and sister? Well hell to them, I’ve had enough of being pushed around. Today I killed a man; that’s nothing new. Today I killed a man in front of my mother and my daughter; that’s something new. I pulled the gun out of my pocket, barely took aim, and let loose two bullets. They would have hit Lucia had tubby not been in the way. And you know what? I don’t give a damn.

DJ pushes up the daisies (http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g41/amalinaball1/Sims2EP52007-10-2419-02-04-31.jpg)

Lucia screamed at me, her eyes welling with tears as they used to whenever I came home with blood in my hair and spattered it all over the floor. Back then I was sorry. I wasn’t now.
I watched as she hurried over to Vittoria, grabbed her hand, and told me that they were leaving. She wasn’t going to let her granddaughter live in the same house as a monster like me. I smiled. Then I shot her, too.
I expected for Vittoria to maybe run out of the room in shock and tears. But she didn’t. She ran over to me and hugged me tight, and told me that she loved me and that one day she wanted to be as strong as me. I was mightily choked, let me tell you – but I couldn’t linger, not with two corpses lying in my living room. So I buried them in two separate holes a few miles from my house; it’s strange, the first time I’ve ever buried my own victims. I put them near a patch of shrubs and roses – even in death, I like to think that old DJ would enjoy smelling the flowers.

Putting my trust in her hands (http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g41/amalinaball1/Sims2EP52007-10-2418-58-05-64.jpg)

Something clicked as I let go of Vittoria, and I told her there was something we had to go do. A quarter of an hour later I stood inside Magdela’s office, waving away her greetings and warm wishes. Instead I produced my gun; immediately the woman’s face paled.
“So this is it, Gilbert? After I’ve helped you for so long?”
“You’ve never betrayed me, Magdela Delerini; even if that meant betraying your own flesh and blood. I trust you now. Please don’t let me down.”
That may sound soppy – hell, it is soppy – but by that time I’d seen enough of the world to know that Magdela was someone I could trust indefinitely. She is now my semi-official partner in crime, though nothing more is coming out of our relationship in case you were wondering. When Olga heard what I’d done to her mother she scampered away pretty quickly. I’ll get that witch one day.

The Big Three (http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g41/amalinaball1/Sims2EP52007-10-2418-53-14-57.jpg)

Why should I win Mafia Sims Cycle Two, 2007? Well, that’s not an easy question to answer, but I’ll give it my best shot. In short, I’m just one man. But appearances can be deceiving. Because the fact is that I’m also a conniving, manipulative, cruel, unkind and generally evil b*stard. How do I sleep at night? But I’m so far down the mafia path that there’s no turning back – and I don’t know if I really want to turn back now. I have an heiress, a partner, some good guys on my side – what else do I need? The title would really give an edge to my reputation, but I’m not greedy. I can handle second or third – but any lower than that...well…don't push your luck.
My time with you guys is drawing to a close. I don't want to be going soft, so let’s leave out the goodbyes and I’ll give you ten seconds to run and hide. It won’t matter much; wherever you are, I’ll find you. And that’s a promise.
Ciao, babies.


Phew, done! :D These pictures aren't very good at all, but I've tried my best. This Round is sort of significant in that it's when Gilbert is really able to let go of things that are unimportant. I felt kind of bad about killing off Lucia, who was like a mother to him, but I guess I did so because so many people betrayed him and when she did too he snapped.

24th Oct 2007, 8:18 PM

I pide my self on my ability to fight. I can say with all honesty that I am probably one of the best at both melee and ranged fighting in this whole city, and I intend to keep it that way, so I keep training, every day.


Of course, even while training I'm still at my most alert, and I always do my job to correct form. This sneak-thief thought it would be a good idea to break into Renziel's office and see what he could steal. Lets just say I don't think he'll be bothering anyone else again.


That little unexpected detour over with, it's time to get on with some of the duties that Renziel has assigned to me. Duties like hunting down cheats, talking to new business 'clients', and assasinating a politition or two. For some reason, that always puts a smile on my face, at least where nobody can see me.

My duties all completed, it's time to head home. One thing left to do...


As I've said before, those I care about are extremely important to me. They are the reason I push myself to the limits, as the time when we're together is something I treasure, and knowing that their lives depend on me spurs me to new heights.

I would create hell on Earth to protect those I care about, and may the Gods have mercy on the souls of those who attempt to take them away, for I will have none. That is why I will win this, as I'm not doing it for myself, but for them.

25th Oct 2007, 12:16 AM
I'm sorry, I won't be able to complete my final entry. I came down with something. And on top of that I got my flu shot today and have been feeling some of the symptoms. Sorry, but good luck to everyone else. Your entries look great.

25th Oct 2007, 7:13 AM
Uugh, I am SO uninspired for this round.

Great entries though, everyone!

25th Oct 2007, 11:57 AM
The other entries so far are awesome - I almost feel embarrassed by my effort. Ah well. I've not much time to retry it, so it'll pretty much stay like it is for now. :D
Don't worry, Zixx, I'm sure an idea will come to you soon. :)
When does this round actually end? I may be away again this weekend (urgh, darn busy schedule!) and it would be good to know so that I can still maybe edit my entry without breaking any rules. Thanks! And good luck to the other entrants!

26th Oct 2007, 5:56 AM
Technically this contest was supposed to end yesterday on the 24th, please get the last entries in so we can start judging. i didn't realize this until tonight when I got home >.<. Honda's been sick so I've been a bit preoccupied, with getting Honda well again.

26th Oct 2007, 6:46 AM
Well, I never got that idea and i've been pretty preoccupied, so i guess you can call me a drop out. sorry!

26th Oct 2007, 4:55 PM
What? It was supposed to end yesterday? o_O

*Scrambles back to Sims to get her last three shots*

26th Oct 2007, 5:56 PM
UGH..I'm so sorry everyone! My contests usually run pretty smooth :(, this is all my fault ::Cry:: We're only missing two and I know Derange is working on it, I'm only missing Julia now.

26th Oct 2007, 6:23 PM
I apologize in advance for the atrociousness of this post.


Children. Whenever will they learn? Robbing a member of the Chicago outfit in an attempt to get some quick cash... it's not the first time it's ever happened. Newcomers try it often, and since bodyguards in my home make me feel even more vulnerable than living without them, I seem to be a prime target. Scared, nervous, shaking children.


All of them have made the fatal mistake of thinking that a mere pistol-whip will be enough for them to make their escape. Only once has any of them actually hit me hard enough to knock me out (very hard head, after all). I can never figure out why no one has just shot me yet and gotten it over with.


Despite my loathing of guns, they do serve a purpose. Protection.


Some people, I guess, will just never learn.

27th Oct 2007, 6:45 PM
Judge 1
Xahnu Chang-25/30, I like him alot and you've definantly imporved from last cycle. Keep up the hard work .

Renziel De Lores-23/30, again definantly improved but a bit dull. I do like the angle and the scenery on the first picture though it adds a certain mood.

Gilbert Jackdaw-27/30, great shots i love the last one and the mood it adds. The lighting looks really great as well. nice job .

Travor Wyatt-28/30, I love Travor. The last shot if my favorite though love the facial expressions.

Madame Indigo Felicia Del Montoya-23/30, great shots but I do wish I could see more of her face.

Judge 2
Xahnu Chang 24/30
Renziel De Lores 25/30
Gilbert Jackdaw 27/30
Travor Wyatt 28/30
Madame Indigo Felicia Del Montoya 24/30

Judge 3
Xahnu Chang - 27
Renziel De Lores - 27
Gilbert Jackdaw - 30
Travor Wyatt - 30
Madame Indigo Felicia Del Montoya - 25

I will add these up and come back with the places ASAP

27th Oct 2007, 7:04 PM
Okay there were 4 rounds, 3 judges for a grand total of 360 total points. So here it goes :).

Travor Wyatt-346/360
Gilbert Jackdaw-341/360
Renziel De Lores-305/360
Xahnu Chang-297/360
Madame Indigo Felica Del Montoya-291/360

You all did an awesome job :), hope to see you all again next cycle. and thank you judges for an awesome Job, I'll definantly be asking again. You all were so quick everyone and not just my judges great job ^.^.
I also moved this to finished contests, sorry we didn't have any prizes :(. I'm not good at making things and Honda has been sick.

27th Oct 2007, 11:31 PM
I just came to apologize for missing the last round. I had long shifts at work the last few days and when i got home last night, i fell asleep taking the last picture. :doh

Anyway congrats to the winners !!!

Heres a link (http://s153.photobucket.com/albums/s236/meeoow85/sims/mafia/) to some of my blooper pics and ones that didnt make it

my personal favourite is this: http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s236/meeoow85/sims/mafia/15.jpg