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16th Feb 2008, 9:23 PM
Images of Artists courtesy of Stefan
Welcome to the Lux Llama Records headquarters. Me and my very carefully selected board are ready to put our money behind some new talent but you've got to show us that you're ready to become The Next Big Thing. We only represent the best.

Lynn Parker (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1151275&postcount=10) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1155320&postcount=113) RD2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1160012&postcount=192) RD3 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1163663&postcount=254) MR (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1167074&postcount=290) RD4 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1168479&postcount=300)
Anna-Molly (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1152109&postcount=18) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1158738&postcount=172) RD2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1162725&postcount=225) RD3 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1166727&postcount=278) MR (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1168388&postcount=295) RD4 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1170959&postcount=314)
Pallor Shigo (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1153801&postcount=54) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1159119&postcount=177) RD2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1160858&postcount=211) RD3 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1164949&postcount=263) MR (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1166838&postcount=289) RD4 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1170510&postcount=311)
Julien Valentine (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1154115&postcount=62) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1156445&postcount=145) RD2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1163032&postcount=239) RD3 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1166048&postcount=271) RD4 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1170674&postcount=313)
Dylan 'Sage Haven' Hunter (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1155326&postcount=115) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1156089&postcount=142) RD2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1162799&postcount=231) RD3 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1164153&postcount=259) MR (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1167890&postcount=293) RD4 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1169524&postcount=308)

Austin Dae Reed (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1152114&postcount=19)
Laura Miner (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1153901&postcount=56)
Melody Aria (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1153333&postcount=45) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1158403&postcount=168)
Alison 'Aly Lee' Leon (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1154481&postcount=75) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1155422&postcount=123)
Ava Barnaby (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1152796&postcount=27) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1155921&postcount=134)
Evie Kingston (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1151231&postcount=6) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1158065&postcount=158)
Mila Paxton (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1154086&postcount=60) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1158352&postcount=165)
Melanie Rollins (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1152815&postcount=31) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1155799&postcount=132) RD2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1161035&postcount=214)
Erika 'Eri' Yamamoto (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1154316&postcount=68) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1155419&postcount=122) RD2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1161613&postcount=219)
Tempest Ambrose (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1154972&postcount=90) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1155950&postcount=136) RD2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1160407&postcount=205)
Mckensie Adams (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1153259&postcount=43) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1155649&postcount=129) RD2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1161773&postcount=220):(
Angela True (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1155035&postcount=93) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1155583&postcount=128) RD2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1160032&postcount=196):(
Stevie Warton (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1155275&postcount=108) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1155359&postcount=121) RD2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1160900&postcount=212):(
Sia Edloe (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1155344&postcount=118) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1157274&postcount=154) RD2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1162754&postcount=227):(
Jennifer Worth (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1154508&postcount=79) RD1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1155964&postcount=137) RD2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1160102&postcount=202) RD3 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1165274&postcount=266) MR (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1167805&postcount=292):(

http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/judge1.jpg (http://forums.sims2community.com/member.php?u=163997) http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/judge2jpg.jpg (http://forums.sims2community.com/member.php?u=164412) http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/judge4.jpg (http://forums.sims2community.com/member.php?u=176947)
http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/judge5.jpg (http://forums.sims2community.com/member.php?userid=151371)
SPECIAL EJ xxcali_canelaxx (http://forums.sims2community.com/member.php?u=149476)

20th Mar 2008, 9:08 PM
Contest Approved
Begins 3.20.08
Ends 4.20.08

Do not post replies and/or contest applications before the contest host has checked in on this thread, or your post will be deleted.

DO NOT WRITE USELESS POSTS like "Hey cool contest, I think I might join." Reserve type posts and useless posts about coming back with an application will be deleted.

21st Mar 2008, 4:11 AM
Im here... Please join! Lets revive the contests forum on S2C YAY! ENTER I promise its as good or even better than my last. :)
Im happy to answer any questions!

21st Mar 2008, 4:30 AM
What date are applications due?
How much time will we have for each round?
I liked to do this contest but as I'm still in college and need to do my homework (I know I can't believe I do my homework either. hahahahaha :) ) I can't be doing contest that don't give at least three or four days per round.

21st Mar 2008, 4:33 AM
ALL ROUNDS INCLUDING APPS END AT 11:59 PM MY TIME! (http://timeanddate.com/worldclock/fullscreen.html?n=156)
APPS* Demo :: March 20 - March 25
R1* Show us the goods (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1155227&postcount=103) :: March 25 - March 30 (http://timeanddate.com/counters/fullscreen.html?mode=a&year=2008&month=03&day=30&hour=11pm&min=59&sec=00&p0=156)
R2*Sweet Release (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1159918&postcount=185) :: March 31 - April 4 (http://timeanddate.com/counters/fullscreen.html?mode=a&year=2008&month=4&day=4&hour=11PM&min=59&sec=00&p0=156)
R3*Promo Crazy (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1163537&postcount=247) :: April 5 - April 10 (http://timeanddate.com/counters/fullscreen.html?mode=a&year=2008&month=4&day=10&hour=11pm&min=59&sec=0&p0=156)
MR*Ca-ching (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1166788&postcount=287) :: April 10 - April 13 (Optional to make up points to qualify for the finale)
R4*Big Time, Big Things (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1168447&postcount=299) :: April 14 - April 19 (http://timeanddate.com/counters/fullscreen.html?mode=a&year=2008&month=4&day=19&hour=11pm&min=59&p0=156)

:1st - Sim by Me
Plus all the other prizes!

:2nd - Work In Progress Recolors Plus Custom home by Me (Pics Coming soon)

:3rd - Millionaire's Mansion by Me

For All Finalists
Sim Courtesy of duderocks! (Thanx alot!) (http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t234/samantha45455/sheryl.jpg)
A group of posters by Meganfranc1

AVVIES (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1151290&postcount=13)
JUDGING CRITERIA (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1154551&postcount=85)

21st Mar 2008, 4:38 AM
Is it ok if they're entered in another contest already? I took photos just for you :)

Name: Evie Kingston
Age: 17
Genre: A unique blend of HipHop, Blues, R&B, and Ska (for examples: Mark Ronson, Lily Allen, and Amy Winehouse)

Click Here (http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii209/dlistedstella/EKpolaroid.png)

Click Here (http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii209/dlistedstella/EK1bodynbt.png)

Just keep the contest moving :D Things seem slow around here lately.

21st Mar 2008, 4:40 AM
Awesome! My first app. Anything goes as long as the sim is yours. Her headshot looks awesome!

21st Mar 2008, 4:44 AM
Awesome! My first app. Anything goes as long as the sim is yours. Her headshot looks awesome!

yay! I'm loving the teen simmies lately. It's been a slow night, I was glad to see some more contests open. :lol:

Haughty...I see you in here...you should join...I know you want to ;)

21st Mar 2008, 5:29 AM
Yah. I'm a judge. Bring on the fun guys. Let the apps roll. Evie is cute by the way. :)

21st Mar 2008, 5:56 AM
Name: Lynn Parker
Age: 22
Genre: Fusion of Rock, Jazz, and Blues with a touch of Classical



Body Shot:


21st Mar 2008, 6:04 AM
Awesome entry duderocks! She's giving off a Norah Jones vibe.

21st Mar 2008, 6:13 AM
Thanks, TLAW. It's my first contest as a contestant.

21st Mar 2008, 6:28 AM
http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/EvvieKfx.gif http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/LynnePfx.gif http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/Annamavvie.gif http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/austindavvie.gif
http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/mkandavaavvie.gif http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/MELavvie.gif http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/Melodyavvie.gif http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/MilaPavvie-1.gif
http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/LauraMavvie.gif http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/JulienAvvie.gif http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/PallorSavvie.gif http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/alyanderikavvie.gif
http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/Jenniferavvie.gif http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/Tempestavvie.gif http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/AngelaTAvvie.gif

EDIT - I added age to the application requirements!

21st Mar 2008, 9:33 AM
Oooh, tough competition already :D If I can get a sim together I may join http://wuerziworld.de/Smilies/lol/lol22.gif

21st Mar 2008, 7:25 PM
It would be great if you would join Charlotte!

22nd Mar 2008, 12:28 AM
lovin' the avatars :) The first one I've gotten from a contest

22nd Mar 2008, 3:50 AM
Glad you like it! Now if only we could get some more contestants so I could make more. LoL :) Anywhoo, Ive made a sim for first prize which ill upload later on! Get those apps in peeps!

22nd Mar 2008, 4:46 AM
-Name: Anna-Molly Etoile
-Genre of music: Alternative rock/ Indie
-Age: 19



22nd Mar 2008, 5:07 AM
Name: Austin Dae Reed
Age: 19
Genre: Indie | Pop | New Wave [ Much like; Lights, FTSK, Rediscover ]


http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k15/lifefallsfastnow_/applink2.jpg (http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k15/lifefallsfastnow_/apppolaroid.jpg)
headshot. [ polaroid-ish ]

http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k15/lifefallsfastnow_/applink.jpg (http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k15/lifefallsfastnow_/appaustinbody.jpg)

22nd Mar 2008, 7:35 AM
Awesome! Two more entries! Gorgeous girl emo! (Anna-molly:thats pretty funny)Cant wait to see your pics Kellyanne. Also all the judges spots are filled! Thanks alot to the volunteers.
EDIT - Great pic Kellyanne, Your avvie is up!

22nd Mar 2008, 9:32 PM
Im New....is It Too Late To Join?

22nd Mar 2008, 9:33 PM
No. Apps will likely remain open until we have 15 contestants. (Fingers crossed) Please join! :)

22nd Mar 2008, 9:35 PM
Kk...loading My Game Now To Make Her :)

22nd Mar 2008, 10:02 PM
thanks, tlaw! :]

i think ill probably change the bodyshot.
for some reason i can never get those quite right.
would that be alright? if i changed it by tonight hopefully?

22nd Mar 2008, 10:04 PM
I wanted them for a group shot so you can change it as many times as you want before the applications close.

22nd Mar 2008, 11:38 PM
((I wish this was for the week after next =P I'm in a play until the 30th))

23rd Mar 2008, 1:20 AM
-Name: Ava Barnaby
-Genre of music : Country/pop (sounds more like carrie underwood)
-Age: 20


This is my first time be nice :)

let me know if the bodyshot works

23rd Mar 2008, 1:39 AM
how do i get the pics on the post?

23rd Mar 2008, 1:49 AM
^You mean using the [ img ] [ /img ] tag?

EDIT: Just noticed that your images are PNG. You can only link to PNG images.

23rd Mar 2008, 1:52 AM
did i do it right? im so lost haha

23rd Mar 2008, 1:57 AM
Name: Melanie Rollins
Stage Name: Calypso
Age: 22
Genre: Classic Rock with a healthy touch of metal, also comes with a huge side of theatrical stage presence and opera length songs (but still totally rocking).



23rd Mar 2008, 2:05 AM
Yay! More entries!.. One thing.. Ashley, it said in the first post that the body shot is for a group pic so yours might be a little hard to extract.

23rd Mar 2008, 2:29 AM
Hey guys, I'm your A&R girl! Loving the entries so far :D Voodookatie, your genre rocks hard... classic opera metal! \m/ One of my favorites, I probably would've done something close to that if I'd entered as a contestant ;)

23rd Mar 2008, 3:11 AM
Connectzeedots - I would have loved to have you as a contestant but maybe the next time around(Im sure being in a play is much more awesome anyways! :))
OMGashley- Great entry! Next time though save your images as jpeg so they can be seen on the site. I only suggested png if you planned to extract the sim from the background for the groupshot but jpegs are perfectly fine otherwise. Kudos on it being your first time. EDIT:Could you provide your bodyshot without the lensflare so it would be easier for me to extract for a groupshot? Thanks alot!
Voodookatie- Great entry, you're the first one with a stage name.
Your avvies will be up soon.

23rd Mar 2008, 3:20 AM
yup i know sry im changing it now

23rd Mar 2008, 4:14 AM
Thanks ashley, the new pose looks awesome!

23rd Mar 2008, 4:31 AM
thanks a lot....i think im getting a hang of it now. do we all get those cool avvies? lol i want one. they r so cool.

23rd Mar 2008, 6:10 AM
i'd join but..... in 2 weeks i have school holidaysand for the week we have away i am at my Aunties.. but it sounds like a good contest TLAW!!!

23rd Mar 2008, 6:14 AM
The new avvies are up here! (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1151290&postcount=13)
Thanks wannabe! Maybe next time around.

23rd Mar 2008, 6:26 AM
yay!!! i love it. thanks

23rd Mar 2008, 4:27 PM
TLAW, I updated my body shot. It should be much much better for a group photo now. Just factor in her height when re-sizing, she's a teen sim. I think your avatars sucessfully pulled in a bunch more people.

I love the entries so far.

Anna Molly must really like incubus ;) I love red heads.

23rd Mar 2008, 5:30 PM
Great bodyshot update dlisted! We've got two more days left for apps so lets hope the avvies pull in enough apps so the winner can get a star.;)

23rd Mar 2008, 5:53 PM
this was so much fun i decided to enter another simmie if thats ok?

Name: McKensie Adams
Age: 18
Genre: Pop-r&b-rock (mixture between Pink and Gwen Stefani)



23rd Mar 2008, 6:23 PM
The more the merrier! Cant wait to see the pics. (Remember to put 'application' in the title bar) Maybe we'll get some male musicians.

23rd Mar 2008, 7:28 PM
Name: Melody Aria

Age: 17

Genre: Hip hop + pop





I hope the background color is ok. Or is it too dark??? Does it have to be white???

23rd Mar 2008, 7:30 PM
Welcome vicky! The bodyshot is fine, as long as im able to extract it there are no worries. Thanks for entering! Your avvie will be up soon!

23rd Mar 2008, 7:31 PM
I'm planning on entering, but I just wanted to make sure that if a sim is in another contest, is it okay to enter this one? Because in my mind, the backstory of the sim that I want to enter is that he's a musician, and this contest seems to perfect for him! But I'm also entering Starless Studs, so . . . is that all right?

23rd Mar 2008, 7:35 PM
Yes Saizine, as long as the sim is yours! Cant wait to see your app!

23rd Mar 2008, 8:19 PM
Well, that's good news then. I've just finished the sim, and I'm just going in-game to get photos. Maybe after downloading a couple of new outfits . . .

24th Mar 2008, 1:37 AM
I dunno if I can join. I'm leaving for a trip to Seattle in about a week...darn it!

24th Mar 2008, 1:52 AM
If I have time later on today I'll probably enter this contest. It looks really, really cool TLAW. I'll just need to make a simmie. If I don't enter I'll follow it all the way though.

24th Mar 2008, 3:05 AM
Thats too bad Banana, I would have loved to have you. I hope you join Pixcii but if you cant, lurkers are always welcome. :) We've still got two days left for applications so dont be deterred.
EDIT- Vicky, your avvie is up! omgashley, ill remake yours with the pics from your second entry once you get them in.

24th Mar 2008, 5:01 AM
WOW! I love it! Thanks.

24th Mar 2008, 8:53 AM
Name: 'Ele Blair

Stage name: Pallor Shigo

Age: 20

Music Style: Victoriandustrial

Random Facts:
Victoriandustrial is a term created by Emilie Autumn to describe her unique blend of classical Music and Metal/Hard Rock. 'Ele also likes to put bands like Malice Mizer and Moi Dix Mois in this catagory as well as her music of course.

Pallor is a reduced amount of oxyhemoglobin in skin or mucous membrane, a pale color which can be caused by illness, emotional shock or stress, avoiding excessive exposure to sunlight, anaemia or genetics.

Shigo translates to after death or affairs after death.

'Ele is Hawain for black

to the celtic's blair used to mean a feild but eventual came to mean a battle or battle field.


Fullbody image for easier editing:

24th Mar 2008, 9:01 AM
what are the rounds like :) hehe, are they like ads or photoshoots or um something? =)

24th Mar 2008, 3:43 PM
-Name:Laura miner
genre of music: rock/pop
-Age: 16
body shot

head shot

24th Mar 2008, 6:32 PM
Awesome entries Emmy(loving the presona already) and sugaplum(She's a cutie, just remember to put 'application' in the title bar)!
Lisaelle two of the rounds consist of a little decorating while the rest have mostly scene making and creating a setting, and there will be one or two ads that can be done in game or out. Its basically a mix of everything. Go ahead and give it a try, Luv your stuff on simfinity!

EDIT- I have two new prizes that Ill add soon. Avvies also coming soon.

24th Mar 2008, 6:37 PM
just so u know i updated my second sim, shes all set. didnt know if u seen it or not....if anything needs to be changed let me know

24th Mar 2008, 6:41 PM
Thanks for letting me know ashley! Ill add her to the list, her head shot is very rockstar!
EDIT- We're at ten contestants so the best prize of all will be your very own star! 5 more contestants and Ill post round one. Cant wait to get started!

24th Mar 2008, 7:12 PM
This is my first contest, so I'm a little nervous... but what harm in entering? ;)

-Name: Mila Paxton
-Genre of music: modern pop/rock/folk (ala Tegan and Sara, Mother Mother, Eisley, etc.)
-Age: 19
-Headshot of sim

-Bodyshot for group pic

I hope it's okay. Will you be able to extract it?

24th Mar 2008, 7:21 PM
Oh she's gorgeous neurophobic! My first didnt look this cute, Thanks for entering. Ill get to working on the avvies soon.(I love Tegan and Sarah!)

24th Mar 2008, 8:21 PM
-Name: Julien Valentine
-Age: 22
-Genre of music: Indie, Rock... I like several I guess

Here (http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj80/CiaoAlora/Sims/Bodyshot.png)

24th Mar 2008, 8:49 PM
He looks amazing Ciao! Our first guy, awesome!
EDIT - The new avvies are up! omgashley I redid yours to include both entries.

24th Mar 2008, 9:45 PM
thanks so much. it looks great :)

24th Mar 2008, 9:59 PM
Thanks for the avvie! .....Testing now..... yep it works! :D

24th Mar 2008, 11:35 PM
Love the avvie! xDDDD *excited*

24th Mar 2008, 11:47 PM
Hey I just realized this contest was on can u give me like an hour or 2 lol?

25th Mar 2008, 1:03 AM
-Name: Erika Yamamoto
-Stage Name: Eri
-Age: 21
-Genre of music: J-Pop (japanese pop), ballads, Pop, Remixes, songs with meaning


BODYSHOT: http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/1931/erikacy3.png

25th Mar 2008, 1:17 AM
Great entry rozes! I love the look of japanese pop groups and she's just as cute! Your avvie will be up soon!


25th Mar 2008, 1:28 AM
Oooh I love the new entries cant wait to get the party started. W00t :D

25th Mar 2008, 1:36 AM
I agree plumbob! :)

25th Mar 2008, 2:03 AM
Great entry rozes! I love the look of japanese pop groups and she's just as cute! Your avvie will be up soon!

Thanks so much =D! Hehehehe oh and u can call me by my old username as tru0001 but anyway lol!

25th Mar 2008, 4:47 AM
Julien is hot for a bunch of pixels ;)

25th Mar 2008, 4:56 AM
Darn these new names .. I get so confused. Your avvie is now up Tru and we officially have 24hrs left until Round one is posted and (if we get 15 contestants) applications close!

25th Mar 2008, 5:10 AM
-Name: Alison Leon
-Stage Name: Aly Lee
-Age: 26
-Genre of music: Ballads, Folk and Pop


25th Mar 2008, 5:11 AM
I am now using my other model as well so u can have 14 applicants lol!

25th Mar 2008, 5:14 AM
Ooh, another gorgeous entry Tru! Ill redo your avvie and put it up soon!

EDIT - Okay, ill wait!

25th Mar 2008, 5:14 AM
i'm not done with the headshot though =S

25th Mar 2008, 6:12 AM
wow Ralph she is 100% hot! lol!

EDIT: Okay finished both apps wooo!!!

25th Mar 2008, 6:23 AM
She is gorgeous Ralph! Welcome back... new avvies coming up... plus judging criteria.

-Tru watch out for the double posting, btw the update looks great!

25th Mar 2008, 6:50 AM
Ooh thanks I changed Erika's body shot as well if you noticed lol!

25th Mar 2008, 7:18 AM
TLAW...Thanks very much for the welcome...and for the avvie (I love it). :howdy:

999...Thanks. And your Alison is soooo pretty. :beer:

25th Mar 2008, 7:38 AM
Thanks Ralph =D. Good luck in this contest =D!

25th Mar 2008, 7:45 AM

For each round the three main judges plus one ej will be called in. If all four get there scores and comments in within the 24 hours, each contestant's lowest score will be removed making your final score out of 150 points. I think this makes it a bit more fair for each contestant as there will no doubt be discrepancies among the scores from each judge. I saw this technique used in a contest recently and so the winner of Round One will have immunity from being eliminated in Round Two as long as they get an entry in on time. This will also be done for Round Two. Now lets get down to the actual criteria.

Personality and Persona ( PP /15)
This will be based on the appearance and style of the sim. Does he or she look like a jazz/rock/pop musician? This will also be based on explanations and responses to the 'Interviewing an Icon' section (my version of a confessional). Alot wont be required but the little must represent your musician. Does your sim seem like 'The Next Big Thing'?

Rules and Guidelines (RG /10)
This is a simple criteria. Just stick to the rules, if two pictures are required post two, if you are unsure ask (pm or post). Late entries will receive -1 point and so will not putting your sims name and the round information in your title bar(though I'm likely to remind you:)).

Setting, Scene and Composition (SSC /15)
This will be based on the overall 'look' of your pictures. Were there useful props and extras? Is the focus on the sim? If photoshopped, does the background blend with the foreground? Basically, Is it a good picture? You won't be judged on your graphics card or how well you can photoshop(if you choose to do so).

Originality and Creativity (OC /10)
This will be based on how well all the elements in your picture come together. Does it stand out? Everyone has there own style thus making each idea original so be creative. Draw from your own experiences to come up with something new and exciting. I'm sure no two entries will look alike. You can give your sim an edge with the pictures or with your responses.

25th Mar 2008, 8:40 AM
Wow really nice Criteria! I'm all pumped and ready!!

25th Mar 2008, 6:47 PM
Is it okay if my application is a little bit late? (Just a little)
I've been having problems launching my game, I've been trying since yesterday,
It's finally fixed but now I only have an hour left, so my application will be late,
If that's okay

25th Mar 2008, 8:05 PM
You've got more than an hour banana! From the time of this post there are 8hrs left for the applications, Ill still accept it if its a little while after that though.

EDIT - LoL KAtie! I know what you mean.. Im a master procrastinator myself and sims contests help alot. :lol: I'll most likely post the round a few hours before the application deadline to give some of you guys a head start.

25th Mar 2008, 8:19 PM
To be honest, I can't wait for Round 1. I'd rather do anything than write this essay right now (teehee).

25th Mar 2008, 9:13 PM
ralph, Jennifer Worth is beautiful, I really love her face.
999rozes, Alison Leon is splendid, she have wonderfull eyes!

So heres my Entry

Name: Tempest Ambrose
Genre of Music : Rock pop ťlectro, rock alternatif or new wave if you prefer.
Age : 21

Headshot : http://img125.imageshack.us/img125/5375/tempestlf7.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Bodyshot : http://img125.imageshack.us/img125/5600/tempest1ny6.png

Freeshot, meet the unique, TEMPEST : http://img370.imageshack.us/img370/5683/simplyrockqy6.th.jpg (http://img370.imageshack.us/my.php?image=simplyrockqy6.jpg)

25th Mar 2008, 9:56 PM
Tempests freeshot is just gorgeous! She's a cute one. Welcome XoX! Ill have your avvie up soon.

25th Mar 2008, 10:05 PM
Thank you :)

25th Mar 2008, 10:19 PM
Name:: Angela True
Genre of Music :: Disco
Age :: 23

Headshot ::
http://img386.imageshack.us/img386/2079/angelatapefd6.jpg (http://img386.imageshack.us/img386/1495/angelatruepoloroidzk1.png)

Bodyshot ::
http://img386.imageshack.us/img386/1310/angelatruehipsfr0.jpg (http://img381.imageshack.us/img381/1385/angelatruebodxc6.png)

25th Mar 2008, 10:20 PM
I love your Tanya avatar, Tanya is my absolute fav. model ever!

25th Mar 2008, 10:32 PM
999rozes, Alison Leon is splendid, she have wonderfull eyes!

Wow really? Thanks =D. Your sim is very unique and beautiful =D

25th Mar 2008, 10:35 PM
Thank you 999rozes

uskyld, thats true, she is magnific, she haves so beautiful eyes and her lips are so WOW !!! lol

25th Mar 2008, 10:56 PM
Great entry USK! Our first disco queen. Its awesome that most(if not all) our contestants don't have a star because I always like to see someone without one win. Good luck to you all. We officially have a little under 6hrs left for apps.

EDIT - The new avvies are up for Angela and Tempest!

25th Mar 2008, 11:18 PM
Everyone's Entries are just so beautiful!!!!! I will have lots of competition =D!

25th Mar 2008, 11:27 PM
WoW, thank you TLAWBLIQUE360

26th Mar 2008, 12:15 AM
WoW = world of warcraft? Lol! Anyway I still can't wait for round 1 lol i am joining 2 contests in the holidays lol!

26th Mar 2008, 12:19 AM
I changed my body shot, hope thats ok xxx

26th Mar 2008, 12:51 AM
no its just for wow, lol awsome

26th Mar 2008, 2:17 AM
Well youíve got your foot in the door but its not gonna be as easy as a headshot and a photo shoot. Itís time to impress the board. We need to see where you practice, how you perform and what you plan to do with all the precious time weíre giving you in the studios. We DONíT plan to throw our money away you know, so show us the goods!

This is the first half of the design portion of this contest and its pretty simple. You will be showing us where your musician practices. Is it in an alley, their apartment, or even a local dive bar? This will result in 1-2 shots of the practice space. They may be in a collage form or separate.

Youíve invited the board to come see you in your elementÖ performing at a local spot. Show us one picture of you on stage. It may include any instruments or backup you need to make the show.

Interviewing an Icon (OC/PP)
::This section may or may not be accompanied by a picture (but please save the album covers for round 2 :))::
∑ Give us three song titles off your upcoming album. Choose wisely as these will come back to haunt you later in the competition.
∑ We know what kind of music you do but whatís your style?

*The letters in brackets are hints at the main judging criteria for each section.
THIS ROUND CLOSES ON THE [email protected]:59PM (http://timeanddate.com/counters/fullscreen.html?mode=a&year=2008&month=03&day=30&hour=11pm&min=59&sec=00&p0=156) - 13 CONTESTANTS MAKE IT TO RD.2

26th Mar 2008, 2:32 AM
I think i want to enter a guy sim as well but i'm a little nervous. Can i drop one if it gets too much?

26th Mar 2008, 2:34 AM
Sure, its all up to you. Most likely, if there are going to be eliminations i'll give you the option to choose which sim you'd want to continue with.

EDIT - Can't wait to see him dlisted!

26th Mar 2008, 2:41 AM
sweet. i'll have him up in a bit.

26th Mar 2008, 2:54 AM
Good, I didn't want to have the only male in the contest! :D

26th Mar 2008, 3:36 AM
-Stevie Warton
-Genre of music: Classical Piano/Violin and Hip-Hop
-Age: 21


26th Mar 2008, 3:44 AM
Stevie looks awesome Fway! Glad to have him, our second male musician. I'll have your avvie up soon.

EDIT- Thanks alot Fway!
Apps close in one hour then i'll get started on my first attempt at a group shot.

26th Mar 2008, 3:48 AM
Stevie looks awesome Fway! Glad to have him, our second male musician. Ill out your avvie up soon.

Thanks and you're awesome for the avvies! :D I really love the avvie's you've made Tlaw. I have been so busy, I am really glad I made it at the last minute. I'm going to start round 1 tonight (hopefully.)

Good, I didn't want to have the only male in the contest! :D
Now there are 3, 2 in this and 1 pending! :D

26th Mar 2008, 3:58 AM
http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/Stevieavvie.gif http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/dlistedavvie.gif http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/SiaEavvie.gif

They couldn't fit in the original post so the new ones(if any) will be posted here.

26th Mar 2008, 4:01 AM
Yess! I immediately put Stevie's av. in my profile! :D Thanks again Tlaw! :)

26th Mar 2008, 4:24 AM

Our practice space is an abandoned one-story place somewhere in Pleasantview. Using the money we pooled from our tips (around 200-300 simoleons per member and there are 5 of us), we restored the place and tuned it into a "Band House".


The practice area. It's nothing special, just the instruments that we need (and clutter that goes with instrument tech support). My sister Darla bought that statue on SimBay worth 1000 Simoleons. It's like our Simmy Award.


The lounge area. This is where we hang out after a day's worth of practice. My favorite couch is the Tiki loveseat Trixie got on vacation at Twikki Island. Sometimes, we play pool after rest. The masks on the wall were gorgeously hand-crafted by my brother Julius a year before he died.

We also write songs here. One time, there was a melody written on the wall before they covered it with wallpaper.

There is also a mini kitchen at the back where we prepare our food (unfortunately, none of us are good cooks. I actually set the house on fire last week. Good thing only the stove and theold counters were damages.)



This is my solo performance at the Pleasantview Open Jam Center, where anyone and everyone can play, sing, even stage a mini-musical. This performance happened during Grand Piano Night, which is a special event during the end of Spring to welcome the Summer.


(while doing the Interviewing an Icon portion, the von Parks, aka my backing band, went off to play Don't Wake the Llama)

My style is, in a nutshell, a melting pot. When I was a real beginner, I focused on the "Jazz" part on the music. Smooth piano melodies, trumpets, saxophones, you name it. Nowadays, I started to blend more genres into my music. Before, the results were pretty awful, as I was a total newbie with guitar and drums. But with lots of practice, I, along with my backing band, got better individually and as a unit.

Fashion-wise, hmm...On stage, I love wearing tights, tights, and more tights (oh, and fishnet stockings, too). Especially when worn over skirts. Obviously, I don't wear them during very formal events, so I wear a nice dress, especially in red, black and orange.

One thing that I refuse to part with, though, is my big curls. I have them since birth and I haven't had a major hair overhaul since.

Here is the scoop of my debut album:

3 of the songs are called:

"Undying Day": a jazz melody with a little string ensemble-type part. This is about a memory, a day you wouldn't like to end, or rather, a day you would want to relieve over and over.

"Listen to the Hard Guitar Song": a rock anthem, with some bluesy drumming style. This is one of the "harder" songs. My inspiration for this was Darla, my younger sister and bassist, who managed to get out of severe depression 3 years ago. The guitar song was seeing the light.

"Goodbye, Sweet Child": a slow-tempo, but beat-heavy song. This is about death, as well as rebirth. Transition, basically.

26th Mar 2008, 4:30 AM
For task 1 they can practice at home right? =D

26th Mar 2008, 4:33 AM
Name: Dylan Hunter
Stage Name: Sage Havens
Age: 22
Genre: Screamo

Click Here (http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii209/dlistedstella/DylanSageHead.png)

Click Here (http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii209/dlistedstella/DSHBody.png)

26th Mar 2008, 4:41 AM
ohhh hes hotttt

26th Mar 2008, 5:19 AM
Sorry... I completely spaced because I remembered only that I had posted the round and not that I hadn't closed the applications.
Ok apps are officially closed. One person expressed their wanting to enter and I'll accept it within the next 24hours.
Tru- Yes they are allowed to have their homes be the practice space.
Duderocks- She is so rocking! First entry looks good!
dlisted- He's a hottie! Welcome!
Good luck guys! The show has officially started!
EDIT-dlisted your neww avvie is up just above!

26th Mar 2008, 5:41 AM
I made it! My sims kept freezing, and then my photoshop froze, after I spent two hours searching for viruses and deleting old programs and files, it stopped freezing and here is the result =P Sorry, I said it would only take me an hour, it obviously took more

Name: Sia Edloe
Genre of Music: Classic/Jazz and kind of Soul
Age: 28

http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/6929/th1en1.jpg (http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/5774/polaroidzv0.jpg)

http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/6861/th2uq8.jpg (http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/4902/bodyshotib9.png)

26th Mar 2008, 5:46 AM
Its fine banana! She is gorgeous! Ill put your avvie up soon!
EDIT - Banana your avvie is up!

26th Mar 2008, 5:54 AM
thanks =D for the avvie and the compliment =P
I'm going to get cracking on round one =)

26th Mar 2008, 6:43 AM
The college houses in my area are pretty small, fit enough for 1-2 people to stay. Good thing my roomate is my girlfriend, Theresa A. She also has a thing for music. Anyway, that's a little bit too much information. When I moved to this spot after leaving the dormitories, I saw the terrace and knew that this would be a great place to practice. I love to play my violin on cool and quiet summer evenings (I live on campus the whole year) although we get the occasional drunk student. What is one to do? It's college!
Of course a college student is low on funding, it's not much, but I must say myself that it's a charming space to practice.

My favorite place to perform, usually on Friday nights is at this club called Matilda's Improv Pub and Grill. Every third Friday of the month is formal night, graciously you all came to see me on formal night. You'll either see comedians performing, singers, DJs on dance nights, plays, musicians like myself, etc. However, things like that can take place on any night if the space is reserved, and advertised properly. The vibe there is totally unique, all types of people show up.

Don't mind my Girlfriend and her friends in the background, they're just a bunch of chatterbugs. (My girlfriend is the one in the red.)

Interviewing an Icon

Give us three song titles off your upcoming album.
Choose wisely as these will come back to haunt you later in the competition.

My girlfriend and I have compiled our own personal album we are sharing with the company called "Doors". It's about a struggle between two people in love. A few examples of the songs we wrote together are:

"Break-In": The song is about a woman seducing the woman's boyfriend, and how she feels that the boyfriend is going to cheat on her.
"Locks": The woman found her boyfriend cheating, she knew it was going to happen too, and she changed the "locks" on him and won't let him back in.
"Keys": The cheating boyfriend has found his way back into his ex-girlfriend's heart. It takes place on the telephone outside of the ex's house. That's how it appears to the audience, the ex finally allows him back in and she listens to the story. Reluctantly after a few days, she brings him back into her life.

We know what kind of music you do but whatís your style?
I'd have to say that my clothing style is eclectic. It truly depends on what type of mood I am in. But I mostly like wearing casual things, but I can clean up, too if I am going to some place; a formal event, for example. Nothing too flashy. I can also break out of my element on stage. If you're talking about music, I've been experimenting with instruments at my college's music center. The keyboard bass is starting to grow on me, which means that I will be adding some R&B and alternative into my hip-hop element.

26th Mar 2008, 11:20 AM
TASK ONE (SCC/OC)Erika: I live together with Alison and though we live in the same house we practise at different places *I can travel from place to place in an instant =D* I would usually practise near the balcony which is the studio, I would compose some music and dance to some music and think of song titles at the same time. I also have a mirror in the room hehehe

Well here it is, my whole world... cosplaying! I love to cosplay, the characters I would love to cosplay would be characters that involve holding a microphone like Songstress Yuna!!!
http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/9253/photoas2.th.jpg (http://img185.imageshack.us/my.php?image=photoas2.jpg)

Interviewing an Icon (OC/PP)
::This section may or may not be accompanied by a picture (but please save the album covers for round 2 )::

∑ Give us three song titles off your upcoming album. Choose wisely as these will come back to haunt you later in the competition.

My first title is called: Enchanted Wishes which is about loss of love and how I would wish to get that love back.

My Second Title is called: Ai Love You - Ai means love in Chinese so with this song I would want to express a person's feelings through this revelation.

My Third Title is called : Midnight Tears - A beautiful song about a woman realizing that she wanted to be a woman she will never be and thus she will cry midnight tears.

∑ We know what kind of music you do but whatís your style?
My style has to involve something really unique and special like J-Pop music, they have unique names... I'm kinda unique aren't I? *laughs*

26th Mar 2008, 11:41 AM
I live with Erika and this is my house! I do everything but I don't get anything!! Erika gets the balcony when I get the back yard with a karaoke machine and an electric guitar. But I like the scenery so relaxing I usually would meditate when I have too much stress in music. Oh go to the spa because after I go out of the spa I feel like I am living again!!


Well every four months I would perform at the local Mall, I would sing and sing and no one would ever watch... probably because I've been singing the overplayed music like Rihanna's Umbrella ^_^

Interviewing an Icon (OC/PP)
::This section may or may not be accompanied by a picture (but please save the album covers for round 2 )::
∑ Give us three song titles off your upcoming album. Choose wisely as these will come back to haunt you later in the competition.

Plumbbobs - A pop song involving two people talking to each other with these wierd looking diamonds in their heads but the main point of the song is to show that someone is always controlling you whether it's your parents or even that guy at the screen *looks at the screen* Like you!

Live On - Its about a girl who was diagnosed with an Incurable disease she was about to lose everything until she will realize that she will live her life to the fullest even if she has the disease she will stay strong.

Boyfriend - A rock song talking about STEALING BOYFRIENDS! YEP! STEALING BOYFRIENDS!! Yeah thats the whole point two chicks are having a bitch fight over this.

∑ We know what kind of music you do but whatís your style?
Style? I don't know if I have one... maybe a mix between sweet and nerdy to gothicish... because I really like songs from Nightwish... something dark would be okay but its not a favourite genre though. I like Darkness would be something I would like to say.

26th Mar 2008, 2:00 PM
Dylan and stevie are sexy!

fway, it's so romantic, lol!

26th Mar 2008, 2:41 PM
Thank you Fashion Victim! :) I really had fun taking his pictures last night. Now, only if imageshack will keep them up. Otherwise I'm going to use photobucket, which I rarely use.

26th Mar 2008, 2:46 PM
fway, I love your pictures. I'm sure you won't be part of the eliminated ones (so far)

26th Mar 2008, 3:00 PM
fway, I love your pictures. I'm sure you won't be part of the eliminated ones (so far)

Thank you! I don't think you'll be eliminated either. I really like what you've done with task 1. It'd make a nice rumpus room for my Sims' homes. I was thinking of doing something similar to your task 2, I'm sure I can find something else. :) I can't wait to see the other entries, either. They are going to be awesome, I know it! :D

26th Mar 2008, 5:46 PM
task 1
http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/8937/11azs9.jpg (http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/1625/11qp4.png)

http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/5217/12abc9.jpg (http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/1198/12rc2.png)

Well here it is. This small little apartment is all mine! I eat, sleep, and record my music here and I spend most of my time on the computers. I need two because there's so much software on them, there's just not enough storage. As you can see the only things that don't deal with music that I own are a bed, a few pictures, and a fire pit. I grew up on the sea with my grandfather and the decor has always stuck with me. I don't own much because I spend quite a bit of time out at the clubs, and I just need a place to stay.

task 2
http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/1514/13aha1.jpg (http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/9569/13jc7.png)

This is me at a club a few weeks ago. When I sing at clubs I usually just do cover versions of disco hits. I do my origional work quite a bit too, but not as much because I don't want to sing or play the songs I've made until they're perfect, and I have OCD so nothing is "perfect". I've gotten over all that though recently, it's just childish.

task 3
http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/9448/14aga3.jpg (http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/6756/14em2.png)

I'm not a formal person, and that will not change wheither I'm meeting with friends or being interviewed by the president. That's just how it goes, comforbility is the most important thing with me.

My style is plain and simple. Disco. I just love focusing on a beat or meoldy and not on lyrics, although sometimes I focus a little more on lyrics when I'm getting bored with just the tempo. I take a lot of influence from mt aunt, Andrea, who was a disco singer back in the day. She had quite a few big club hits, and I like to think her talent rubbed off on me.

I have so many songs recorded, I have material for 4 or 5 CD's, but I've pretty much picked the ones I liked best.

"What's Your Name Baby?" - It's pretty much a story about a girl who walks into a club and some guy starts flirting with her, and she makes up an entirely different persona to get him off her back. It's a slower dance song focusing more on a story that keeps you listening to the lyrics.

"Disco Revival" - It's just me trying to bring he disco genre back into public view. I never understood why it fell out of populairty. It has my favorite beat and keeps you on your feet and wanting to dance.

"Inger Kissin" - It's another dance song, and it's basically about my aunt Andrea. Inger Kissin was one of her alter ego's from when she was in porn, it takes samples from her song More, More, More.

26th Mar 2008, 6:55 PM
My Mother allows me to practice in our garage, this is where i spend most of my time =] it still needs some work. but our local neighbors always stop by to see me practice

This is where i write my songs, eat and chill out

This is me performing my favorite song at a talent show at the county fair. With my backups of course, my sister Laura on drums and our family friend Christine on guitar....we have such an awesome time!!


3 of my favorite songs that i have would be

1. "Leading nowhere" a rock song about a relationship thats going nowhere

2. "Does she make you happy" a slower song. about a girl whose in love with a guy who has a girlfriend.

3. "Tantrum" a fun rock song that will make everyone wanna dance :beer:

We know what kind of music you do but whatís your style?
well i wear anything punkish or something real flashy and different from other people. I can also get on my sexy side.... i just like to stand out!!

26th Mar 2008, 7:55 PM
duderocks- great update!
Fway- Thanks and I hope you pics stay put because it looks great so far!
Tru- Both your entries look great and theyre so different too!
USK- Angela looks awesome in the pics!
Ashley- I love that theyre practicing in a garage. Great start!

Group shot coming soon! :)

26th Mar 2008, 9:56 PM
thanks! cant wait to see the group shot!!

26th Mar 2008, 10:31 PM
Task One:


This is my desk where I do most of the song writing. In order to get a good vibe going, I like to have the area Iím working in very dark. It sort of helps to focus my mind on what needs to get done, plus it helps me imagine and center on the song. Almost like itís forming from the almost tangible shadows. Oh, my, I thought I cleaned, but I guess I accidentally left some stuff on the floor (those boxers arenít mine, by the way, I, um, donít know where they came from?).


While I donít play the piano very often at concerts, I do know how to play. I write both the lyrics and the music for the songs I use.

Task Two:


This is me singing in a tavern downtown. Itís kind of a dump, but itís also where I started and I love it here. Plus the bartenderís a good friend of mine and gives me drinks for free.

Interviewing an Icon:


My style? All out, baby. You make a lot of your money doing concerts so itís my belief that you have to entertain your crowd. Sure, you can go up there and sing, but they love it so much more if you give them a lot of theatrics (Iím not talking Great White, here, I keep the pyrotechnics to a minimum). Theatrics, baby, not just dancing, go up there and give them a show! Theater and music collide, they can coexist!

I also enjoy singing a lot of the classic rock songs that came out in the 70ís. Iím doing a couple for my upcoming album, but Iíll tell you the title of three that I wrote myself.

ďThe Moonís Heart AcheĒ Ė Starts off slow, then crescendos into lots of drums and this HUGE raging electric guitar solo (the solo has a bit of a flamenco or Spanish guitar feel to it). Itís all about how the Moon loves the Sun, but canít ever see him except for once in a great while (eclipses, obviously).

ďSocial ChatĒ Ė A song about a womanís need to gossip. She accidentally tells a dirty secret about her boyfriend, and word gets round. He eventually breaks up with her. This song is meant for a duo. I also wrote it after being broken up with (itís a cautionary tale).

ďOutside the FireĒ Ė This one really has a lot of slow parts; itís definitely more of a rock ballad intertwined with a bit of opera-esque music. In all, itís about eight minutes long and is about not being able to follow your dreams because youíre too scared to jump into the fire for fear of being burned. Really, itís about me overcoming stage fright at a young age (I had it horrible until about 11th grade).

27th Mar 2008, 1:18 AM
I have almost finish my entry! All yours are very beautifull.
voodookatie, i love the dress that Melanie is wearing.

27th Mar 2008, 1:21 AM
This is where i practice...in my bedroom. I just love playing the piano :)

My parent own a cozy little country cafe, this is where im performing....tonight i did a song on the piano



1. "Mamma, dont cry" song about a father abusing a girls mother

2. "Take this chance" a love song about a couple

3. "Fly" a song about me trying to become who i am today

I'm pretty much a girly-girl. i dont really know what i would be classified as(maybe prep?). i love new fashions and dresses. :)

27th Mar 2008, 1:52 AM
Well it looks like imageshack stopped playing tricks on me. :blink: Anywho I've got a question about the second task... does it have to be close up? And should we be able to see their whole face? I've got a good shot of Stevie in a longshot. I could do an inset if it's allowed.

By the way, everyone has great entries! :D

27th Mar 2008, 2:03 AM
Here my beautiful the living and music area of my beautiful loft. Okay, its an ancient garage, but i convert it in a splendid loft. I decorate the piece alone. I had so much fun. Its truly represent me. Its rock, like me! You can see that im a little bit desorganized. I don't like cleaning, so. One day (last weeks, in fact) I was so inspired, that I writed melody on the wall! I'm a genius! Like Morrison, my idol!
http://img340.imageshack.us/img340/476/rockplaceef4.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
Here the bar area, you know, its my inspiration(Well, show me the way
To the next whiskey bar) :beer:
http://img340.imageshack.us/img340/2263/uturnuu1.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Want to see my talents? Its here! I rock, its when i saw pic like that, that i realized my beauty! I'm faboulus, no?
http://img174.imageshack.us/img174/7640/rockthecabashti4.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Interviewing an Icon (OC/PP)
http://img340.imageshack.us/img340/4264/beautywg1.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
Hum, i'm beautiful and thats a fact. Whats my style? Hum, I like to be sexy, its not really hard with a body like mine. I love to have all the attention on me, so I have to be provocant and irresistable. My clothes are a mix with punk,rock and glamour. I love to dance, its a second passion. I do all my choregraphy. I'm probably the next Samantha Fox :anime: .
I really like 70's and 80's music, so here some upcoming song.

-Hurt me tonigh. A song about sodo-maso relationship.
-Borderline. That song is about borderline personnality disorder.
-Its must be madness: a song about, the insanity of humanity, madness of the world.

27th Mar 2008, 4:04 AM
I love your Task 1, Fashion Victim. A perfect place for a rock star to practice

27th Mar 2008, 4:16 AM
Thank duderocks yours rock tooo. Its you that gave me the idea too put a lot of stuff on floor :) !

27th Mar 2008, 4:31 AM
I'm debating on weather or not to change my task 2 picture, well anyway my round 1 has been updated here (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1155359&postcount=121)

Great job Ralph and Fashion Victim love the entries. And I can't wait to see the rest of yours Ralph.

I love the colors Fashion Victim they help make yours stand out!

27th Mar 2008, 5:18 AM
These are some awesome updates! Great job ashley and Katie. I cant wait to see the rest ralph!
XoX-Only one of your pictures is showing/hope to see the rest soon!..Oopsie, theyre showing now. Gorgeous pics!
Fway- Glad to see are your pics working.

27th Mar 2008, 6:01 AM
Task One


Click Here (http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii209/dlistedstella/01SHNBTTASKONE.png)

Task Two


Click Here (http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii209/dlistedstella/SHconcert.png)

Interviewing an Icon


Click Here (http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii209/dlistedstella/shconfessionalphotokid.png)

3 Song Titles Off Your Upcoming Album
"Lonely Hearts Club"
"I Broke Her Heart so She Broke my Nose"

What's Your Style?
Thrifty. I like finding shirts most other people won't have. Plus, I don't have too much money and I honestly don't feel like doing anything else right now to make any...

27th Mar 2008, 7:16 AM
Awesome task one dlisted! Sage is panhandling the simmies! LoL

27th Mar 2008, 1:24 PM
Fway, its seem that we had the same problem wit ImageShack
dlisted, your pics are awsome!

27th Mar 2008, 7:06 PM
So you want to see the goods huh? Here you have it. As you can see, I spend alot of my freetime practicing my music. That is when I'm not chasing down all the girls! ...My drums are kept outside on the patio, there isn't enough room inside for them.

I practice at home most of the time. My loft appartment is the perfect place to try new music out.


"The Hideout" is where I go to perform. It is the local dive bar, but you get all kinds of people in there so the money is good.

Interviewing an Icon:

ē Give us three song titles off your upcoming album.
1. I Didn't Mean To Hurt You
2. Midnight In July
3. Christine
ē We know what kind of music you do but whatís your style?
My style is always comfortable, like a classic pair of old washed blue jeans, T-shirts, or a nice sweater if I need to dress up more.
I'm not gonna go all out for fashion.

27th Mar 2008, 8:03 PM
Great entry Ciao!

28th Mar 2008, 12:05 AM
I'm so sorry TLAW - I've been working on a new site over the weekend :( Looks like you have yourself some great contestants though - will definitely be on the look out for your contests in the future :)

28th Mar 2008, 3:43 AM
Arrrggg, Mila's lot is bugged! Every other lot opens, but hers gets to the loading screen and just... loads... forever. I really don't want to drop out. Does anyone have any idea what's wrong? I redecorated, but I didn't use any new CC and I removed the stuff I JUST downloaded from my downloads folder.

28th Mar 2008, 5:17 AM
http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/GROUPSHOTsmlfx.jpg (http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/TNBT/GROUPSHOT.jpg)
I tried :) It gets bigger!

I have no idea neuro but I hope it works itself out. Try removing the entire downloads folder.
Thats okay Charlotte maybe the next contest. :)

28th Mar 2008, 12:43 PM
idk how u do it.....it looks awesome

28th Mar 2008, 3:25 PM
done with sage...now only Evie to go... ;)

28th Mar 2008, 4:02 PM
Oh wow! This is awesome TLAW!
:lol: It looks like Lynn is kicking one of the contestants behind her.

neuro, have you tried the FFS Lot Debugger over @ MATY? (moreawesomethanyou.com)

28th Mar 2008, 7:01 PM
Got it working! Thanks everyone! I'll work on my entry tonight after work. :D

28th Mar 2008, 7:52 PM
Everyones entries look good! =D, neuro glad to see the problems fixed!
I kind of did a collage for task two, hopefully that's ok >.<
(I wanted to get a close-up on her but the size didn't merit it)
One more thing, I didn't write much because she's generally to
herself, not that I was lazy or anything, I just think it'd be weird
and out of character for her to be narrating

Task One:
(She practices at a pub, Clover, owned by her)

Task Two:
(performing at Clover)

Task Three:
Three Songs
- "Black Swallowtail Butterfly"
- "Tinted by Dusk"
- "Loop"

We know what kind of music you do but whatís your style?
Femine, I like to show skin, but remain classy, calm colors, rather than bright ones

29th Mar 2008, 12:11 AM
All of your entries are so awesome. Judges, be prepared.

29th Mar 2008, 5:17 AM
Great entry banana but the collage was only allowed for task one. She looks great in the episode in the background anyways!

29th Mar 2008, 6:16 AM
Lol I just realized this was a decorating contest as well lmfao!!!

29th Mar 2008, 10:16 PM
Task One


Click Here (http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii209/dlistedstella/eknbtrdt1p2.png)


Click Here (http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii209/dlistedstella/eknbtrdt1p1.png)

I practice at an abandoned warehouse about 5 minutes from downtown with my boyfriend, Gabe, on the tables. The warehouse is a popular place for parties.

Task Two


Click Here (http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii209/dlistedstella/eknbt2.png)

This is me performing at a rave that was held at the warehouse. It's easier playing there than hauling all the equipment elsewhere, plus no one really knows about it. We always get a great crowd with such a mixture of people. I saw a guy this night who's mohawk was, I swear, about 1 1/2 feet tall!

Interviewing an Icon


Click Here (http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii209/dlistedstella/eknbtconfession.png)

Me working the tables. Chick DJ's are hot!

3 Song Titles off Your Upcoming Album
"Go For Broke"

What's Your Style?
Quirky and Girly. I like to put things together that may not necessarily fit together. The more unique the piece, the better. I'm a huge fan of Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, Stella Mc Cartney, and American Apparel.

29th Mar 2008, 10:19 PM
Great entry banana but the collage was only allowed for task one. She looks great in the episode in the background anyways!

Should I change it? =(

dlisted that looks great! I can tell you put a lot of thought into detail

30th Mar 2008, 2:36 AM
Do we only get 2 pictures in the collage for task 1?

30th Mar 2008, 3:02 AM
Well the round requirement for task 1 says post at least 1 to 2 pictures, so I assume you can make a 1 giant image for task 1 with only 2 pictures in it (no more no less). But we'll have to see what TLAWBLIQUE says first.

30th Mar 2008, 4:39 AM
i took it as a collage to show the face of my sim better and then an additional photo as well...but technically i did submit only two pictures for sage's task one...so it's iffy on how you count it...

but i also put my sims in my task ones...which a lot of people didn't...so i don't know if that's allowed either...

ps: thanks bananawrench...i did hehe. I love Sia...the name reminds me of the singer of "Breathe Me" which is fabulous. The pub is super cute too.

30th Mar 2008, 4:51 AM
Banana I wanted to see just two pictures for task one and one for task two. The ones for task one could be put together in one or two seperate shots. It would be a little unfair to the ones who didnt do collages if the collages contained more than two shots.
EDIT - Dlisted there are three shots there(I just noticed the third) so you as well as Banana might be penalized 1 or 2 points(if the judges notice).

30th Mar 2008, 5:03 AM
is sage's task one ok? the task is of the practice area so i didn't assume he'd be judged on that snapshot.

30th Mar 2008, 5:57 AM
Task One

After finishing high school, I moved out to LA in search of fame, fortune, aaanndd... maybe Ryan Phillippe. ;) Instead I found reject, empty pockets, and Aunt Stacy's basement. This is where I'm staying while I'm "down and out", as it were. Being penniless also means I have no money for instruments, so I've found myself synthesizing them on my trusty old iBook and an old fashioned mixer I found. I've got my laptop and mic set up on an old ironing board.
http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/1176/milatask1atnfs1.jpg (http://img409.imageshack.us/img409/4918/milatask1aiw0.jpg)

My workspace corner of my little "apartment"
http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/1898/milatask1btnsy3.jpg (http://img187.imageshack.us/img187/9881/milatask1bui2.jpg)

Task Two
To make some cash, I've been working at a local coffee shop as an amateur barista. On my days off, my boss lets me perform my songs.
http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/4607/milatask2tnvf8.jpg (http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/8215/milatask2sw4.jpg)

Interviewing an Icon
Give us three song titles off your upcoming album.
*Albert's Lost His Curling Iron - a tragic slow song about a transgendered teenage boy who goes to prom in a dress, is ridiculed, and commits suicide
*What's in Your Head? - a love song from the viewpoint of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn
*I Don't Believe in Fairies - the sad tale of Tinker Bell's life after Peter Pan

We know what kind of music you do but whatís your style?
As far as lyrically, I like to go for more offbeat themes. Usually, people in society who are overlooked (transgendered teens), parts of history forgotten (Henry VIII's affair with Anne Boleyn, yknow, before he had her head subsequently detached), and the unnoticed tragic side of well-known stories (Tink's demise in Peter Pan.) As for fashion, I tend to go for comfortably fashionable. I like to look like whatever I'm wearing is completely intentional, while in reality I just throw on the most comfortable thing.

(I just realized while doing this round how silly it was to have entered when I don't have Uni *facepalm*) Also, let me know if the photoshopping effects are too much. I've edited them so I can see them on my dying computer screen, so I don't know if they're too sharp/dark/etc. xD

30th Mar 2008, 6:20 AM
For the interviewing an icon part, do we have to use real song titles or do we just create one?

30th Mar 2008, 6:27 AM
For the interviewing an icon part, do we have to use real song titles or do we just create one?

I think your best bet is to create one. Think of symbols that have good meanings. Or a symbol that means something to you.

30th Mar 2008, 7:24 AM
Task 1


I live with my dad in a fairly normal size house in the suburbs. Both my dad and I love music so we have a small room just for music and this is where I practice.

Task 2


My dad owns a small cafe and I ocassionally perform there.

Interviewing an Icon


3 songs:
"H2O": a song about the purity of a girl's love that is similar to the purity of water
"Rainy Day": a song about how the feelings of losing someone is in comparison with the feelings of a rainy day- gloomy.
"A Melody": this is a song about how life is like a melody. It could be happy but also sad; it would start but will eventually end.

We know what kind of music you do but whatís your style?
I'm not sure what my style is but I like monochromatic colors, like black and white. I especially love all shades of blue and I also like cute patterns but sometimes it all depends on my mood.

30th Mar 2008, 4:59 PM
Neuro - I like your task 1, great backstory too. I think you should work more on your task 2, I can't tell what exactly is going on. And blue skies are not good. Have you tried these (http://modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=211418), these (http://modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=215202) or these (http://modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=42789)?

And awesome work Vicky! Although, I think you could improve on the rug bleeding though her arm, but everything else is as good as that piece of cake on the table in task 2. :D

30th Mar 2008, 7:09 PM
Wow, I didn't notice. That's really great advice. I'll work on it a little more. Thanks fway.

30th Mar 2008, 7:29 PM
Vicky, your music room is awsome!

bananawrench, I LOVE the bar!

30th Mar 2008, 7:36 PM
Task One

Ta-da! My favourite place in the world, me and my band's practice room. Its Patrick's Aunt's basement which is huge and in the middle of nowhere so we don't have to worry about annoying anyone. I can spend days down here completely contented. And yes its always this messy...
We really pride ourselves on our rather huge instrument collection, most paid for out of our own pockets.

Bigger Pic (http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j96/emodawg/94ef02be.jpg)

This is our scribble board where we write up any lyric ideas as well as melodies, or when we need to distract ourselves for a little bit. The matress is a lifesaver when we're too lazy/drunk to drive back home after a long day of rehearsing.

Bigger Pic (http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j96/emodawg/12f7e2a9.jpg)

Task Two

We perform all over but our favourite place has to be a gig hall called The Asylum because as the name suggests, the atmosphere is insane.

Bigger Pic (http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j96/emodawg/8cb3d759.jpg)

Interview with an Icon


3 Song Titles off Your Upcoming Album

"Tight Jeans and Loose Morals" A light hearted song kinda based on the crowd I'm into. I just found it ironic how some people, despite walking around in super skinny jeans, two sizes two small for them with 4 belts on minimum, still manage to be the biggest whores around.

"To Whom It May Concern... (Dear Mr John Doe and Miss What's-Her-Face)" This song is dedicated to all the people who disregarded you when you had nothing but the minute you achieve anything, crawled out of the woodworks, as nice as pie to you, in hopes of cashing in on your sucess. This is me disregarding them in a similar fashion.

"There's Something About Molly" No this song isn't about me using *coughs* questionable substances in my hair, nor is it me blowing my own trumpet. Its about realising there is something about you that is unique and special, something I've only discovered about myself recently, and not being timid or scared to let everyone see that uniqueness. I know that might sound cliche but done thousands of times before but to me, not enough appriciate how special they are.

What's Your Style?

Musicwise? For the longest time I've loved the combination of guitars and drums with orchestral instruments like the cello (my first love) or harps, to create music which is both epic but dancable too. I always insist that my songs mean something.

Fashionwise, I do rather love anything elaborate, anything burlesque inpired gets a thumbs up from me. I love clashing colours and anything by Vivian Westwood too.

30th Mar 2008, 8:04 PM
Holy cow! Anna's aunt has a huge basement! I love the rooms! and their stage is aesthetically pleasing! I adore the last pic as well. 'Nuff said. :D

And, it's always a pleasure to help, Vicky. :)

EDIT: Great update, neuro. It's much more clear to tell what's going on now.

30th Mar 2008, 8:25 PM
I changed my task 2. Is it easier to tell what's going on? I tried to get some of the audience in there, but something was always off.

31st Mar 2008, 1:20 AM
much much easier nuero ;)

I changed both my entries today. I think i'm following the rules now...

31st Mar 2008, 3:23 AM
Great entry updates! Im sorry I wasnt on more often as I was away and only got to check in at nights but Im back now so ill be on a whole lot more to answer all the questions personally and promptly. We have approximately one hour left for round one and I havent received any requests for extensions so the round will possibly close on time. Great job you guys!

31st Mar 2008, 4:06 AM
Round 1 Pallor Shigo
Task 1: A proper Lolita's home.
Oh, you want to know where I live and practice? Well.... I geuss you can. It's nothing special really. I live in this gorgeous little one room school house that was built sometime in the 1800's. Isn't it quitaint? I really love it. Even though can be MUCH to strainous for a proper Loli sometimes this building just seems to ignore that fact. Infact this building is just so cute! I personally enjoyed decorating it with everything rococo and Loli I could find at all the flea markets (isn't that such gross name for such a cute thing?) and thriftmarts I could find. I just love my giant mirror. I found them at local store and bought a bunch. I even use the in my performances! There great aren't they? Anyway take a look around if you like I hope you enjoy it!

Task 2: Lolita's of death just love gardens!
Well, I thought I'd show you my favorite local hangout. I love performing here at club Victorian. This place has such a rococo feel. It's so fantastic! It used to be huge greenhouse owned by some local victorian millionairs years ago but recently it has become a really awsome dance club for all the tru rococophiles to come and dance. Today were holding a Alice in Darkland/ Through the Broken Looking-Glass themed tea-party. I thought you might enjoy that. Sometimes I like to hire other musicians to play with me but it's just a small tea-party today so it's just me. I set up my favorite theaterical performance set though. I call it my Alice in Twisted Toy Land set. I hope you enjoy my performance. Here help yourself to some more tea and coffin shaped cookies!


Interviewing an Icon: The Lolita Revolution.
This is on of the pictures that I was going to use in my cd booklet. I later decided not to... but it was so nice it would be a shame to let it go to waste don't you think?

Songs off of my up coming album Re-cher-chť
Breathless Dead [This is an instrumental peice. It starts out as a classical rococo song and ends as an metal/ industirial piece. It keeps the same basic tune all the way but gets more and more rockish. It's really quite cool! We'll I think so.]
Arcadian Maudlin [This one is industurial witha touch of classical ala Beethovan. It's about a young girl who was living a peaceful life in the country side until a vampire who lusted after her turned her into a creature of the night. Now she weeps because she is torn between her new eternal beauty and her memories of the sunlight fields she used to love so dearly]
Fetching and Saturnine [This one is a beautiful yet gloomy peace I wrote myself. It is written to be similar in style to medieval church music. I actually played this one on the organ myself!]

Interview Section:
What is my style? I geuss it would be easy to say Lolita (the japanese fashion), but that wouldn't really explain much because being a Lolita is so complex. I don't really dress Gothic Lolita myself, although people who don't know much about the fashion might acuse me of such. I like classic and black Lolita fashions myself. Of course... I'm not just my clothes, I'm more than that! I'm a dark little victorian-esque girl from an era that never was trapped in this modern era of today. I love tea-partys and being lazy. I'm childish, spoiled and stubborn, but wise and intelligent all at once I geuss. I try to be modest and graceful but it almost never comes off that way. Sometimes people even think I'm cold and distant. Yeah... that's me I geuss. I hope that all made sense to you. I geuss I'm getting all "deep" again... sorry. Say if you like we can go out and have a picnic in the park sometime. :)

31st Mar 2008, 4:34 AM
You made it emmy! Only one contestant is missing but since I havent been pmed Ill go ahead and PM the judges. Good luck you guys!

31st Mar 2008, 7:51 AM
Thanks for the compliements Fway :) Goodluck everyone!

31st Mar 2008, 2:49 PM
ohhh man i cant wait to see who makes it

31st Mar 2008, 7:47 PM
ohh, I can't wait to see the results! good luck all! I'm shaking right now! :D

You have a great entry btw, Emmy. I really love the costume setup. Once again, everyone, good luck. I cannot wait to see everyone's results.

Edit: Thanks Emmy (I didn't want to make a new post.)

31st Mar 2008, 7:59 PM
Thanks fway! Really liked you'r entry to btw. :)

31st Mar 2008, 8:02 PM
My scores are in. Good luck to you all! ;)

31st Mar 2008, 11:16 PM

Note that the scores are out of 150 so therefore your total is a total of your three best scores.
Sadly three of you will be leaving us. They are Alison Leon, Melody Aria and Ava Barnaby. Sorry to see you guys go, expect a PM and thanks for participating.
There will be no comments (or in depth scores) this time around but there were a few general helpful tid bits.
* Next time around try to follow the rules. For instance, task one asked to show practice space(not neccesarilly your apartment) and task two asked to show a performance at a venue.
*Try to refrain from the use of thumbnails, especially when they link to extra large images (anything over 700x700). It just made it hard to judge.
*For any info on using the tab key and print screen (or picture capturing program) check here (http://forums.sims2community.com/showthread.php?t=24516).


1st Apr 2008, 2:34 AM
We've decided you've got enough talent to go ahead and put out an album an album. Our guys in marketing feel that it would be in your best interest to make a video for your single that coincides with the album release. So now its up to you, will this be a Sweet Release?

Every album needs a good cover and yours will be no different. For this task you will be creating an album cover which features the title of your album and your artist. We would also like to see the back of the album with a list of songs and whatever image you'd like. Make sure you represent your artist's style, both musically and personally.(Remember answers from round one).

It's time to cement your status as a musician on mtv, vh1,fuse or any other music tv channel. There's no better way to do this than with a song. Choose one of the songs you listed in round one and show us two stills from the video of that song. (No you don't have to make a video, just stills-a picture showing a scene from the 'video') Each still should be accompanied by a line or two of lyrics from the chosen song, therefore try to choose one with lyrics.

Interviewing an Icon(PP)
This section may or may not include a picture. It's up to you!
*Being interviewed on what tv show would epitomise fame for you?
*Celebs always get free stuff - What company would you love to get swag from? (May be clothing, food, beverage, car, anything your heart desires)

:: Please try to refrain from linking or using thumbnails.
:: Make sure you understand what is required. Ask here or PM me if you're unsure.
:: Under no circumstances should the images be bigger than (750x750-at most!)

ROUND CLOSES APRIL 4TH @11:59PM (http://timeanddate.com/counters/fullscreen.html?mode=a&year=2008&month=4&day=4&hour=11PM&min=59&sec=00&p0=156)

1st Apr 2008, 3:09 AM
Congratulations to everybody! I'm sorry for alison, 999rozes she was so beautifull!

1st Apr 2008, 3:15 AM
6th place?! That was MUCH higher than expected. Thanks, judges. :D

1st Apr 2008, 3:40 AM
Sorry to see you guys go. I had a lot more fun than worrying, though. 10/18 I'll take, but next time I'm stepping it up. :Nod: By the way, are scores cumulative, or are they taken one round at a time?

I'm going to get started and re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-read the round requirements.

1st Apr 2008, 4:13 AM
Can the album be self-titled?

1st Apr 2008, 4:18 AM
Yes the album can be self titled but make sure the other elements of the album cover reflect her persona.
No the scores are not accumulative and I forgot to add that Anna - Molly is safe for the next round as long as gets her entry in on time.

1st Apr 2008, 4:36 AM
5/18 wow nice =] im very happy with that

1st Apr 2008, 4:42 AM

Okay, I just got out of my album cover photo shoot. That was really fun. It was just one of those times that I got to get out of my hectic practice schedule so I can just let the photographers and the other staff work. And they were FAST. This is my album cover:


Simple. No clutter, no other paraphernalia on the cover. Just me...and my bass. Of course, it will not be complete without my signature tights and big curls. Come to think of it, it's one of my song titles.


I have written about a hundred songs, and 11 of them made the cut for my album.


I will use Listen to the Hard Guitar Song as my single since not only was it easy to relate to, but it appeals to the masses as well, and shows the quality of my work at the same time. Not everyone, especially the young people, love pure blues, pure jazz, or even pure rock songs. Then again, not everyone likes my kind of music either, but that's ok.

Fast forward two weeks...Shooting of the video for Listen to The Hard Guitar Song. I managed to snag in my friend, Amin Sims, to be the other person for the video, since it needs two people. No tights here though. As much as I love wearing to tights, it isn't really appropriate for a hot summer afternoon.


Yes, the two people here in the video are in a blank, empty, bare room with only a couch, feeling a little blue and with nothing to do.


The chorus part of the song. I really loved the lighting here. Shows me off really well.


(me after the shoot)

I've always wanted to be on the Tonight Show with Joe Simotov. I loved him ever since I started watching his show (which was around 7 years ago). Funny guy, I tell you. It would be a GREAT honor bo be interviewed by such a humorous and well-respected talk show host. The studio is also located just outside Pleasantview so it's just walking distance from my home or the Band House.

One celebrity perk is free stuff. I'm not a celebrity but who doesn't like free stuff?

I would like to get clothing from Sixam Designs, who design clothing for all ages at more affordable prices than the usual designer store (and their clothes are much better too). I don't really like the really expensive stuff. They don't suit my style. I would also like to get free coffee from Simbucks. Really good stuff.

Of course, free music equipment will cme in handy. I'm not picky on the brand, as long as the product is solid.

1st Apr 2008, 4:53 AM
Great start dude! Lynn really likes her tights and curls.

1st Apr 2008, 5:03 AM
Are we suppose to do a picture for task 3?

1st Apr 2008, 5:20 AM
I should add that but that is optional usklyd.

1st Apr 2008, 5:25 AM

"Disco Revival"
(Beggining of the video is in a blank, plain room)
"You know
I'm sick of all this
It's time to change
It's time to be different.
All these rockers think they're cool
Think they're unique
But they're all the same
They don't got s!%t on me!
It's time for a
It's time for a
(After that a jukebox pops into the room, and once she starts it colors and colorful things are added as she dances/sings)
"Get ya up on ya feet
Get ya up on ya feet
Get ya up on ya feet
I say I'll get ya up on ya feet!
It's time for dancin'
Time for fun
Nobody knows how it's been done
So it's time to get ya up
Get ya up
Just be prepared
For the Disco Revival"

Interviewing an Icon

*Being interviewed on what tv show would epitomise fame for you?

There's really no TV show I'm dying to go on. I don't like to promote my music, I think it speaks for itself. I'd rather you find it then it find you. But I would LOVE to go on 60 Minutes or Dateline to just tell my life story. I've gone through quite a bit in my short lifetime and even though some may view things as "embarrasing" or "sad" I just view it as a past event. I'm not a victim, I learn and grow and so has my music and I just think it would be fun to tell the public about myself.

*Celebs always get free stuff - What company would you love to get swag from?

Pssssh thats an easy one! I'll take any free electronics that Sony will throw at me. Clothes and food are nice to have, but my life is music and I'd die for state of the art mixing equipment, new computers, software, and virtually anything they'd like to give me.

1st Apr 2008, 5:32 AM
OMG usk! That was quick. Great entry, just let us know the title of the song(just realised its pretty obvious but still..). ALso remember to use the title bar.
EDIT- Yes usklyd. Its fine now.
EDIT - Great update dude!

1st Apr 2008, 5:37 AM
IS everything okay now? The title of the song is right under where it says task 2.

1st Apr 2008, 6:06 AM
WHEW! Just finished my entries. It was really fun to do.

EDIT: TLAW, did I do my task 2 correctly? I'm not sure if the lyrics should be included within the picture (ala karaoke style). If not, I'll just chop it.

1st Apr 2008, 8:08 AM
Dude its fine as long as you include the lyrics. Either way is your choice.

1st Apr 2008, 8:12 AM
Dude its fine as long as you include the lyrics. Either way is your choice.

Ok, Thank you. I'll just leave it that way.

1st Apr 2008, 5:40 PM
Thanks for the high scores judges :). Just want to clear up, our images can't be bigger then 700 x 700?

1st Apr 2008, 5:49 PM
She said 700x700 at one point then 750x750 so i guess anywhere in that range is fine, though I,as a judge would prefer the smaller.:) loading times are torture!

1st Apr 2008, 8:49 PM
Task One : I had so much fun, this task idea is genial! Tempest makes rock, punk plastic music so I gave her a abstrac cover. Something a little bit weird, something that catch the eyes.
So heres the front : Shes provocant, beautifull and strange. The name of the album is Toxicity.
http://img381.imageshack.us/img381/897/toxicitylz4.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

The back : This side is more electric and girly. I may do some change because i'm not satisfied but... Its okay for now ...
http://img509.imageshack.us/img509/3425/backrm0.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

1st Apr 2008, 10:10 PM
Great start Ralph!
emodawg as plumbob said I would like the maximum to be between 700x700 and 750x750 but to make it easier for the judges, stick closer to the 700x700.
Great start XoX but remember to use the title bar.

1st Apr 2008, 10:36 PM
Wow, congratulations to everyone else who made it. After seeing the entries, I thought for sure I was a goner.

I'm off to work on mine now.

2nd Apr 2008, 3:34 AM
Congratulations to everybody! I'm sorry for alison, 999rozes she was so beautifull!

It's alright... She didn't die or anything lol! But yeah its sad, and its hard to handle two sims at once lol! anyway i'm glad Erika made it in. But Alison will surely be in another contest once this finishes.

2nd Apr 2008, 3:52 AM
It's alright... She didn't die or anything lol! But yeah its sad, and its hard to handle two sims at once lol! anyway i'm glad Erika made it in. But Alison will surely be in another contest once this finishes.

Yeah I imagine, I have some difficulty with time entry, and I just have one sims so... I hope, she will do some other contest, because shes a hottie, lol!!!

2nd Apr 2008, 5:20 AM
Lol thanks for the complement and see Guys can make hot sims lol I am a guy!!!

2nd Apr 2008, 7:34 AM
Task 1: Re-Cher-Che

Task 2: Arcadian Maudlin Video Dreams
Is my life rising or has it just set?
Beauty is one thing but is freedom preferred?
Maudlin me.
I dream of my past, Arcadian and free.
Yet still I find joy in the darkness Iím given.
Unbroken Beauty, my timeless youth.
I love what I have and yet mourn what I lost.

Interview with an Icon: The Dreams of A Lolita in Her Cocoon.
Pallor Shigo: I hope you enjoyed my music video stills. I really had a lot of fun making that video. I even got the chance to where creepy looking light blue contacts!

Interviewer: Being interviewed on what TV show would epitomize fame for you?
Pallor: What television show would I like to be interviewed on? I donít really have one I guess. None of the show on television for music are very Rococo. I guess Iíd like to go on the Japanese MTV channel if I had a choice. Then at least Iíd be showed alongside visual kei artists like Mana and such. What would really be nice is being in an interview article in the Gothic and Lolita Bible, especially the English language one since I read English and I want to support other American Lolita living the Rococo lifestyle.

Interviewer: Celebs always get free stuff - What Company would you love to get swag from?
Pallor: I guess they do always get free things. That would be nice, not only would I be waited on hand and foot like a true Rococophile but people would give me things on top of that! Iím sorry Iím rambling. I guess I would really want to get free things from Mary Magdalene and Moi Meme Moite. If I was able to get there things for free all the time I would certainly be able to live a proper Lolita life with no trouble. I could us the bags they sent me for picnics under the trees, warm coats for a perfectly Rococo-esque winter, and just generally live a proper Lolita lifestyle. That would be wonderful!

Extra: The Complete Arcadian Maudlin Song.
Is my life rising or has it just set?
Beauty is one thing but is freedom preferred?
Maudlin me.
Once was Arcadian; am I now free?
I dream yet still of the sunlight and pastures.
The things that were taken from me
It Ďtwas once in the night that darkness had fallen,
and an angel of evil drank of my soul,
my life, my joy, the world within me.
Maudlin me.
I dream of my past, Arcadian and free.
Yet still I find joy in the darkness Iím given.
Unbroken Beauty, my timeless youth.
I love what I have and yet mourn what I lost.
My friends, my love, the light.
Arcadian Maudlin
Arcadian Maudlin
Maudlin me.

2nd Apr 2008, 10:26 AM
Task 1 - DOORS LP

Task 2 - Keys Music Video

I'm sorry I never told you, I should have been honest
But now that I found those keys I've unlocked your heart


I'm here with you, you're kissing me, I know you're the hottest
Boo, I know what you're gonna say after, but nothing will tear us apart

Task 3 - Interviewing an Icon
Q:Being interviewed on what TV show would epitomize fame for you?
A: I would have to say VH1's You Oughta Know section, because an artist gets interviewed, then their music video pops up. I believe that does a lot, and helps gain the artist's fame.

Q:What company would you love to get swag from?
A: Free Stuff! I must say, I'd love to have a small Boeing jet and 2 personal pilots, along with mechanical service as well, so my flight will be ready but that's just pushing it. So, I'll settle for anything and everything from BMW, along with mechanical services from Jiffy Lube. I would really appreciate something to use for travel, so yeah a car (or plane) would work. Oh and along with the car, if I don't get a jet, I'd love free hotel stays from the Hilton Hotel franchise. This way, I'd get help with my travel expenses, minus the gas of course.

2nd Apr 2008, 12:06 PM
WOW, Emmy and fway. Those entries are GORGEOUS. *drool*

2nd Apr 2008, 2:26 PM
Task One:



Task Two:

From the music video "The Moon's Heartache"


"He uses her, abuses her, confuses her, but she loves him all the same"


"And the stars only shine 'cause they're crying, they only shine 'cause they're dying to tell her the truth"

Interviewing an Icon:


Q: "Being interviewed on what show would epitomize fame for you?"
Melanie: "This one, haha, but really, I would love to be on Saturday Night Live. I know it's not really an interview, but I would love to be a host on SNL so that I can show off some more of my theatrical side and perhaps make fun of myself (well, more than I have already, hahaha)."
Q: "What company would you love to get swag from?"
Melanie: "Holy crap, John Jameson & Son Limited. All the free Irish whiskey I could ever want. You hear that out there? I WILL TAKE MY CLOTHES OFF FOR FREE WHISKEY. Oh yeah! Or a Ford Mustang, I'd kill for a classy black mustang with smooth leather seats and a pair of big fuzzy dice. Actually, I'd just take the fuzzy dice, I can't ever find them anywhere."

2nd Apr 2008, 3:00 PM
Thank you Duderocks! Yeah... I just happen to spend like a lot of my life on photoshop.... that's the secret there. If anyone has photoshop and needs some advice or help I'd be happen to help anyone though. :)

2nd Apr 2008, 6:56 PM
Wow those entries are rocking!
Emmy, love the work on the video... very artsy!
Fway I love that you put the vh1 bits in (thats where I get hints on what to downoad) One thing.. for the interview section coud you spread out the words because the post just seems to go on and on.
Great entry Katie! Im still reeling form the whiskey comment.

2nd Apr 2008, 7:56 PM
Thank you Dude ! I was trying to think of something to make with, using violins and pianos. And once

Thanks TLAW, I changed it. I love how VH1 puts those musicians out there, so I said hey, if they can do it, why can't Stevie. (I'm aware that he's a sim :lol: ). I'm a silly goose, what can I say?

ETA: I'm loving all of the entries, can't wait to see the rest!

3rd Apr 2008, 3:05 AM
Yeeeeaaaahhhh, I changed a couple of my pictures (FYI). I looked at them again and decided a couple of them looked rushed (well, more rushed than usual).

3rd Apr 2008, 6:57 AM
Task 1:
Front: inspiration - http://gatesofheaven.files.wordpress.com/2007/10/yui-love-truth.jpg
http://img292.imageshack.us/img292/6615/cd1eb2.th.jpg (http://img292.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cd1eb2.jpg)

http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/1264/cd2rj1.th.jpg (http://img442.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cd2rj1.jpg)

Polyrhythm, Song of the Sun (Taiyou no Uta), Tell Me and Stay With Me are real songs by
Perfume, Erika Sawajiri, Wonder Girls and Erika Sawajiri again respectively

Task 2
http://img390.imageshack.us/img390/7058/66026232pg3.th.jpg (http://img390.imageshack.us/my.php?image=66026232pg3.jpg)
I don't know what I did I never knew why, I treasured your heart but
Your love belongs to her treasured by her hands.

http://img244.imageshack.us/img244/5971/80303527xz3.th.jpg (http://img244.imageshack.us/my.php?image=80303527xz3.jpg)
I thought I would be the VIP in your heart,
seeing all the lucky women along the streets I realize... They will be the woman I will never be...

Q: "Being interviewed on what show would epitomize fame for you?"
Oprah would be good I just love her and having an episode about me would be great! It would surely be a good thing to say most of my life and show my talents to many people
Q: "What company would you love to get swag from?"
Samsung! I don't want the "little Gucci Dress" or anything girly I love electronics and I love to get really good electronics by my favourite company i want an audiophile! Lol! anyway I would want many things by Samsung such as a new Mobile/Cell and a HUGE WIDE SCREEN TV HAHAHAHHAHAH!!

3rd Apr 2008, 2:15 PM

in the first clip shes wondering what it would be like to be with her crush
and in the second she sees them together for the first time


"Little do you know but i sit here and wonder of all the beautiful things that would come between you and I. Dreaming of things i wish would come true"


"tell me baby does she love you? Does she make you happy? Cause' if she doesn't me and you can start a new"


*Being interviewed on what tv show would epitomise fame for you?
Well, i've always loved MTV so i would have to say i would love to be interviewed on that :)

*Celebs always get free stuff - What company would you love to get swag from? Well...im a big fan of traveling and vacations and my favorite kind of trip would be a cruise, so any kind of cruiseline...maybe the grand princess? hehe

3rd Apr 2008, 7:07 PM
Great starts Rozes and ashley!

4th Apr 2008, 2:39 AM
i finished my entry!

4th Apr 2008, 11:35 PM
999roses I love the cover, looks great!
ashley, McKenzie looks awesome, I like the light effects =)

I'll have my entry in REALLY soon, I've been really busy this week, so sorry everyone =(
I just have to finish off a couple of things, otherwise I'm practically done

5th Apr 2008, 12:14 AM
thanks banana =]]

5th Apr 2008, 1:06 AM
Album Cover


I spent a lot of time thinking about the artwork as well as the title. I decided to call it "Something's Gotta Give..." because I think that reflects the influence of most of the songs: being close to breaking point. The artwork shows me bound, which I think we can all relate to feeling at some point by other people's expections, religon, our own limitations...etc, and on the right of me are things associated with childhood and to the left, things to do with being an adult. Struggling between the two stages has definitely left me feeling helpless many a time.


Music Video-Tight Jeans, Loose Morals


"It seems the tightness of jeans is shrinking individuality
Sorry, the pockets aren't big enough to carry morality"


"Who needs love when the drinks are free?
With these rainbow pills who needs dignity?
I think its time I stirred up some controversy
Walk away and start thinking for me

Interviewing an Icon

Being interviewed on what TV show would epitomize fame for you?
I think it would have to be Gonzo on MTV2 (UK). It may be a small show but the guests are always artists who make music because they love it not for the fame or the money and I think I'm one of those people. Its also very laid back and fun, serious interviews make me feel beyond nervous...

What company would you love to get swag from?
Hmmm it is not in my nature to turn down anything free so any company, any product I'm happy! Lolz But some criminal damage/heartcore/ DropDead/ Famous Stars and Stripes/ Bleeding Star products would be GREETLY appriciated. Free Vivian Westwood would make my life, chocolate, jellybeans, shoes, jewelery, haircuts... I could go on...

5th Apr 2008, 1:19 AM
Great updates rozes and ashley! Loving the cover emodawg!

5th Apr 2008, 2:16 AM
Task One Cover:

Back: (Note: the shadow of the lamp is missing on purpose)

Task Two Video (Tinted by Dusk):
Sorry about the quality =(
I watched the tide set, crossed at you and me,
I lingered in the town, where no one could see,

Tinted by the dusk, flourished by the dew,
Lose yourself in this song, so I can find you

Being interviewed on what tv show would epitomise fame for you?
I'm flexible with any show, but my prefrence would be late night shows, I would be more comfortable in that kind of environment.

What company would you love to get swag from?
High-end companies, like Valentino and Salvatore, simply because they are more my style, not because I'm high-maintaince. If it is my style, I'd definetly take any free 'swag' that is available.

5th Apr 2008, 2:25 AM
That's really good bananawrench! :blink:

5th Apr 2008, 3:25 AM
banana wowwwwwww the butterfly thing is just sooo cool

5th Apr 2008, 3:40 AM
wow bananawrench it looks amazing! simple and amazing! oh and thanks for your comment on the previous page

5th Apr 2008, 3:44 AM
CD Cover (http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii209/dlistedstella/cdcover.png)

CD Back (http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii209/dlistedstella/cdback.png)

Scenes from "Neon Truckstop"

"Blank stares and Broken Hearts. You left me alone at this neon truckstop." (http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii209/dlistedstella/musicvideo1.png)

"Reflections don't match the person that I used to be..." (http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii209/dlistedstella/musicvideo2.png)

Being interviewed on what tv show would epitomise fame for you?
Simply being interviewed on a show wouldn't epitomise fame for me. Anyone riding their 15 minutes can get interviewed. Performing on SNL would mean I've made it...but who really cares anyway?

Celebs always get free stuff - What company would you love to get swag from?
I'm not corporate, but if they're giving it away, Apple or Levi's seem decent...

5th Apr 2008, 3:57 AM
dlisted, omg great idea! tough competition

5th Apr 2008, 4:36 AM
Great starts dlisted and Banana! You both have a little while left but Ill wait to close.

5th Apr 2008, 4:37 AM
i'm done...sorry about the rush entry :(

5th Apr 2008, 4:44 AM
dlisted - Great job regardless of whether it was 'rushed' :) Youre dropping Evie?

5th Apr 2008, 4:46 AM
No real choice. It was a busy week and to make up for it my work gave me tickets to the hockey game last night (when I was going to work on it) that determines who goes to playoffs. Beats sitting in front of the comp...

5th Apr 2008, 4:49 AM
No problem, I understand and only ten make it to the next round anyways so thats one less I have to eliminate.:) Ill be pm-ing the judges now so the round is officially closed(though ill send another pm once banana finishes as she had asked earlier for a little time.) Ten contestants will make it to round 3.

5th Apr 2008, 8:35 AM
Gah, I finally finished, I'm soooooo sorry about being so late though, it honestly doesn't happen a lot for me, and I know how annoying it can be, so sorry everyone, I'll definetly make sure it doesn't happen again :)

Thanks nirvana, ashley, and 999rozes, it really means a lot =P
Dlisted, it looks so good! I'm jealous, you can see just how much detail and work was put into every shot, it's really impressive.

5th Apr 2008, 3:08 PM




Midnight In July, open up the sky...

Oh Christine, the girl of my dreams, but your not always what you seam...

Interviewing an Icon:

*Being interviewed on what TV show would epitomize fame for you?
"They always say that any publicity is good publicity, so it doesn't matter really. I'd pick a show channel like VH1 then."
*Celebs always get free stuff - What company would you love to get swag from?
"I wouldn't mind getting a case of Corona or two, you can never have enough beer."

5th Apr 2008, 4:01 PM
Dlisted, it looks so good! I'm jealous, you can see just how much detail and work was put into every shot, it's really impressive.

haha. thanks. i needed that. I''m over being embarassed by it today :) it just sucks when you know you can do better. Sia's entry is flawless. The butterfly and singing shots are beautiful. Seems very fitting to her.

5th Apr 2008, 6:26 PM
when do we get the results? im nervous

5th Apr 2008, 6:28 PM
My scores are in! LoL :LoL: Anywhoo... any lurkers want to volunteer to be an emergency judge as Ive lost one judge and another wont be able to make it this round. I'd still have three set of scores so if I dont get an ej the round and eliminations will still be posted. (Fingers crossed)

5th Apr 2008, 6:38 PM
I wish I can, but I'm already a contestant. :D

5th Apr 2008, 11:40 PM
Im just waiting on one set of scores now so it wont be long. Sadly, Ill only have three judges (including myself) so I won't be able to eliminate your lowest score.

6th Apr 2008, 3:23 AM
I can't wait for the results good luck to everyone! and TLAWBLIQUE360 I just love that star...it was from Mumo's contest right? If so how long did you get that star? it took forever right? lmfao!

6th Apr 2008, 4:47 AM


Only the top ten will continue! Thanks for participating but Melanie Rollins and Erika Yamamoto will be leaving us this round.(Expect a PM)

Lynn Parker - I loved the creativity in the narrative(Joe Simotov/simbucks/hilarious!) and this is definately your strong point. Lynn has a laid back personality but she could use a little more edge, also upping her style wouldn't hurt.
I think you did a wonderful job in staying true to her personality.

Anna-Molly - Anna definately has a rock star persona and her tasks this round were perfection. Kudos on the lyrics and just show us more of the same.
I like the album cover. Itís innovative and the explanation fit with exactly what I was thinking which is always a plus. Little small details like having different fonts for the songs was good and the clutter in background for the cover. The only thing I had a problem with is the first still for the music video. Iím not quite sure how the lyrics correlate with the image. It looks as if three girls in ďtight jeansĒ are sneering at your artist while is kissing an imaginary person? The second still is more cohesive and it makes sense to me that sheís walking away from peer pressure and people who canít think for themselves.

Melanie Rollins - This girl seems like the life of the party(whiskey LoL). The stills from the video were very panic at the disco costume-y but I would have liked to see more of a setting in at least one of the shots. Also I felt Task two definately outshined task one.
Iím left wondering more about your artist but not in a good way. I didnít see her personality shine through at all. The coverís background is nice but I donít see how it relates with the title of the album, ďGoddess WithinĒ. Also, the picture on the cover IMO was not a good choice. I canít see her and it looks a bit creepy like you were going for a Goth look but her song list doesnít fit in with this theme. Her style if I understand it correctly is hard rock. The back of the CD is missing the required picture and itís boring. The music video stills are simply okay. I like the styling. Itís different but I donít think you stand out as much as you could.

Pallor Shigo - I must say that Pallor's entry is a learning experience for me yet again. She has an intriguing air to her but I would like to see you explore a more commercial fun side. I liked the imagery in the video but I would have liked to see more color.
Your pictures suffer from lack of knowledge when resizing them or graphic issues. Either way I donít think it takes away from what youíve produced. I like the cover and I love the back. The back more so because I can see her personality and what her style is. I love her haircut. It suits her very well. I didnít really care for the music video. I get it but I felt it was a bit boring.

Mckensie Adams - I loved that your video went through different settings and told a story. However I would like to see you cultivate more of a definate persona for Mckensie more than just being a boy crazy teen.
Not much to say. I think you did a good job.

Julien Valentine - Great job on the video. Julien seems like the typical jeans and t-shirt give me a beer rock star which is great but he could be more. Show us!
Great job!

Erika Yamamoto - This round gave me a completely different idea of Eri's persona. I'd like to see you bring back more of the showmanship and the colorful personality we saw in round one.
Overall I think you did a good job but my only problem is that you didnít pay attention to the little details. In the first picture the window has a view of nothing. It would have been nice to see a lake out there or a tree. Something besides just green and the sky. Itís kind of unrealistic as well.

Jennifer Worth - The video was nice but a change of scenery wouldve made it better. The same styling was used for task one which made the complete entry a bit monotonous. 'Jazz' her up a bit.
I only had a problem with the album cover. Itís boring BUT I understand why. The back is great and the video stills are wonderful. I love the colour and the composition of the shots.

Angela True - The cd cover was very disco diva but the video fell a little short. An outfit change goes a long way and a little less posing would have made it great.
I like the concept of the video. The cover is really nice with the giant disco ball.

Stevie Warton - The little notes on the back of the cd cover and the vh1 signs showed effort which I appreciate. My one critique is that I would have liked to see more of Stevie in this entry. Also(well I guess its not one;)) making the editing a little cleaner will make the entry so much better. Rock the suave crooner angle and he'll go far. (Too bad for his girlfriend! LoL)
Just wonderful. I love the album cover and back. I didnít really care for the music video.

Dylan 'Sage Havens - Put both names in the bar because I got a little confuzzled. :lol: I loved that Sage developed a sense of humor in this round and this definately gives him an egde. Awesome concept with the cd cover. The video and the storytelling in the lyrics (and scene changes) were great. More of the same is my only advice.
I thought cover and back was very funny. The title Hollyweird is cute and the pics show his sense of humour.

Sia Edloe - I liked the cd cover and your use of lighting is great. The video stills were very well done and I loved the passion in her face in still two. Very original concept and she stayed true to her personality plus the imagery and artistry of all the shots were awesome.
The cover is beautiful. The layout, your artist, the font, etcÖ all of it goes together so well. The back of the cover is beautiful as well and I totally get why one lamp is missing a shadow. Your attention to detail and symbolism is amazing.

Sorry but one judge was unable to get in any comments. :(

6th Apr 2008, 5:37 AM
Youíve got the album out but the video hasnít propelled it to the top of the charts. Itís time to start going around peddling your album to anyone whoíll have you. Itís time to start making your face a part of pop culture. Lets go Promo Crazy!

We got a call from a popular TV show and they would like to have you on. This task will result in one picture of you at the show performing or being interviewed. Create a scene and show us the host (if applicable). Show us your larger than life persona on the show youíve been booked for.
Lynn Parker Ė The Tonight Show with Joe Simotov
Anna-Molly Ė Gonzo on MTV2
Pallor Shigo Ė Japanese MTV
Mckensie Adams Ė TRL on MTV
Jennifer Worth Ė 60 Minutes with Barbara Walters.
Angela True Ė 60 Minutes
Stevie Warton Ė Vspot Top 20 countdown on VH1
Sage Havens Ė SNL
Sia Edloe Ė Late Night with Conan OíBrian
Julien Valentine Ė Vspot Top 20 countdown on VH1

A well known company has heard how enthusiastic you are about their products and have decided to use you in their upcoming ad campaign. This task will result in one print/magazine/billboard ad for your given product. Specify where the ad is likely to appear.
Lynn Parker Ė Simbucks
Anna-Molly Ė Heartcore Clothing Co.
Pallor Shigo Ė Mary Magdalene Designs
Mckensie Adams Ė Grand Princess Cruiselines
Jennifer Worth Ė Blue Note Records ( you may advertise the website/ a store/ whatever you choose)
Angela True Ė Sony Mixers (choose one)
Stevie Warton Ė BMW (Choose a car)
Sage Havens Ė Leviís denim
Sia Edloe Ė Valentino Haute Couture
Julien Valentine Ė Corona

A lot of promo means a lot of backstage demands. Show us two shots of your typical backstage area. Do you have candles and all white furnishings Or Video games and tons of junk food? (This is focused on design so only one of the shots may include people).

PP will be judged out of 10 this time around while OC will be judged out of 15.
ROUND CLOSES APRIL 10TH (http://timeanddate.com/counters/fullscreen.html?mode=a&year=2008&month=4&day=10&hour=11pm&min=59&sec=0&p0=156)
An optional mini round will follow then the top 5 (using combined scores from this round and the mini round) will move on to the finale.

6th Apr 2008, 5:43 AM
Ohh, this round sounds VERY interesting. I think I should definitely get my entry started now! I can't wait to see the comments, either.

6th Apr 2008, 6:01 AM
Whew! That was close. I'm going to start my entry now.


6th Apr 2008, 6:26 AM
LoL. Good luck you guys! Im breathing a sigh of relief because I was in a mad panic because I hadnt posted the round on time. :lol: Im still trying to wind down.

6th Apr 2008, 6:46 AM
Thanks for the comments judges. I'm already upgrading Lynn's wardrobe and convince her to tame those curls... :D

I need inspiration. Oh well, must go back to my contest until something comes into my mind when it comes to my entry.

6th Apr 2008, 9:22 AM
Thanks for the comments. The problem is deffinatly graphics card with my images. I've been resizing things in photoshop for EVAH or well... at least 6- 7 years any who. Yeah so not to be annoying but please keep that in mind... I'm pushing it as high as it goes to get nice photo's but well. It could also be the fact that I'm viewing and resizing these on a 1280x880 screen to.

6th Apr 2008, 11:08 AM
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! I lost!!! Oh well life goes on and thanks for the comments! I'll be surely be better in the photoshop area!! Round 3 looks so good T.T!