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25th Sep 2008, 7:16 PM

Hello! My name is Bette Vargas, and I’m the host of House Hunters! House Hunters is a show that follows individuals, couples, or families, as they hunt for a new house. And we are interested in filming a number of special episodes of our show in Sim City! If you are interested in trying out for the show please submit a “tape” introducing your family. Our producers will review the tapes, and will contact those that show promise!

Round Overviews
:here:Application: Introduce us to the Sims who are trying out for the show. Include basic bios (eg. “Gloria is a stay-at-home mom who enjoys painting watercolors in her spare time”) for each Sim, and answer some questions for your Sim family.
:here:Round 1: You will be provided the building plans of 3 houses based on the style & specifics you are looking for. Note that not all the houses may have everything you are looking for; that’s just the way real estate works! You will build all 3 houses (you will not decorate the houses; just build them and include all important fixtures (kitchen counters & appliances, bathroom plumbing) and features (fireplaces, pools, etc). You will have to do some basic landscaping, like trees, & shrubbery however. Then you will submit a “tape” of your Sims visiting the 3 choices, and giving their opinions on the houses afterward.
:here:Round 2: Your Sims will decide one which of the 3 houses they have chosen to purchase, and you will include photos of your Sims packing up their belongings in their old house.
:here:Round 3: Your family is now settled into their new house. The House Hunters crew has returned for a follow-up, so your Sims will show the crew around the decorated & finished house.

:here:I will send you the plans for the houses you are to build, unless you want to find your own. If you choose to search for your own plans, they need to be okay-ed by me before Round 1. Please PM me the links to 3 house plans.
:here:A family is whatever you want it to be. (2 moms and 2 kids, a single dad and 3 kids, 2 grown siblings, an old lady and 6 cats, you get the picture).
:here:Sims may be any species.
:here:I will try my best to choose house plans that “translate” easily into the Sim world, but you will be given leeway with the house plans.
:here:Photoshopping is only allowed for basic cropping, sharpening, etc. There should be no borders or text on the submitted shots.
:here:Your username & round info must be in the title bar of each submitted entry
:here:One entry per person
:here: There are no limits for using custom content
:here: All rounds end at 8:00pm PDT (GMT-7). A countdown clock to the end of the current round can be found here (http://www.timeanddate.com/counters/customcounter.html?month=11&day=02&year=2008&hour=20&min=00&sec=00&p0=256)

Round Specifics
:here:Application: Introduce the Sims in your family with basic bios and a group photo in front of their home. Have your family show the 3 problems areas of their house and include 1 photo of each problem area with at least 1 family member in each photo and a caption for each photo. Have your family answer the following questions:
• Why they are wanting to move to a new house
• What specifics they are looking for (certain number of bedrooms, a pool, a large fenced-in backyard, etc)
• What style of architecture they are looking for (contemporary, traditional, country, victorian, etc)

This round will result in a total of 4 photos with captions, a bio for each family member, and answers to the round's questions.

:here: Round 1: Build the 3 house plans you have been assigned, and ensure the bathrooms and kitchen are furnished the way a new house would be. Remember to include the extra wants your family was after, like pools, garden, etc. This round will result in 12 photos; 1 of your family checking out the exterior of each house, 1 aerial shot of each house's floorplan, and 2 of the inside of each house. At least 1 family member must be in each photo. Each photo should be captioned. Also have your family answer the following questions:
• What are your thoughts on the houses you saw today?
• How do you feel about leaving your current house?
• Which of the 3 houses is your favorite?

:here: Round 2: This round will consist of 5 photos and captions:
3 photos of your family members packing up their belongings. At least 1 family member must be in each photo.
1 photo of your family outside their old house, saying farewell and thanks for the memories.
1 photo of your family outside their new house with some of their belongings.

Please answer the following questions:
- What made you choose this house over the other 2?
- Are there any changes or renovations you would like to see occur at your new house?
- Do you have any plans to purchase new furniture or decorations for your new house?

:here:Round 3: This round will consist of 8 photos showing the interior of the home. The exact rooms shown in the photos is up to you, but you must cover the "main" rooms, such as the kitchen, dining room/area, living/family room, each bedroom, and at least 1 bathroom. Do not collage your photos; one photo=one room. You will also take 4 photos showing the exterior of the home, and 1 aerial photo of each level of the fully furnished house. Finally, post 1 family group shot in front of their home, saying good-bye to the House Hunters crew. Depending on the number of floors of your house, you will post a total of 14-16 captioned photos for this round. Also have your family answer the following questions:
• What have the positive aspects of this experience (besides the new house!) been on your family?
• What have the negative aspects of this experience been on your family?
• Are you happy to have participated in this show?

Each round entry will be scored out of 25 points

Judges - if you are interested in judging, please PM me
1. kattenijin
3. Ainotar

Emergency Judges
1. coldfloral
2. simcharley1990
3. Daisie

Application: Oct. 6 - Oct. 11 / Judging Oct. 11 - Oct. 13
Round 1: Oct. 11 - 18
Round 2: Oct. 19 - 25
Round 3: Oct. 26 - Nov. 2

:here:This contest will run from Oct. 6 to Nov. 6

6th Oct 2008, 8:45 PM
Contest Approved
Begins 10.6.08
Ends 11.6.08

Do not post replies and/or contest applications before the contest host has checked in on this thread, or your post will be deleted.

DO NOT WRITE USELESS POSTS like "Hey cool contest, I think I might join." Reserve type posts and useless posts about coming back with an application will be deleted.

6th Oct 2008, 9:35 PM
:here:Contestant List

• TRIriana / Application (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1266404&postcount=17) / Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1269261&postcount=75) / Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1271848&postcount=127) / Round 3 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1274660&postcount=166)
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7th Oct 2008, 4:53 AM
ill join, im new to the forum and contests, but would like to try it out

7th Oct 2008, 7:06 AM
This contest seems awesome!
I'll definately do it!
I'll get started on my family RIGHT now!

7th Oct 2008, 9:03 AM
By 'tape' do you mean photo album type thing, or video?

Sounds like good fun, I just hope I've got a properly working computer in time to apply.

7th Oct 2008, 9:08 PM
beyond_beauty and IAmMadi: I look forward to your entries!

Schnorlick: Sorry for the confusion. In real life applicants would send in a tape to apply, but for the sake of this contest, you will not submit a tape or video, but photos;think of it as the 4 photos are "stills" from their application tape. Does that make sense?

7th Oct 2008, 9:37 PM
I think i might enter although im not really that good at building. Be Back

7th Oct 2008, 11:15 PM
Say we have a desire to enter...can the original home be a Maxis home?

7th Oct 2008, 11:52 PM
[email protected]@r: You should enter! It could be a good learning experience :)
Tyler: Yes, the first house can be a Maxis one. You will not be judged on the original house, but on your creativity with your photos, your answers to the round questions, etc.

8th Oct 2008, 2:54 PM
I think I shall be joining this, I love building houses. :) If we send our own plans to you, can it be via PM?

8th Oct 2008, 3:00 PM
I haven't joined a building contest for sooo long, but this definitely sounds like a great idea.

I was going to say I'll think about joining, but I'll save on the thinking time and use it for making a family for the contest. :P

8th Oct 2008, 8:53 PM
LostSock: Yes, please send me links to the house plans via PM after you have submitted your application.
TRIriana: Yay! I look forward to your entry.

8th Oct 2008, 9:15 PM
Hmm... i'm thinking of joining. i've not entered a contest for ages & this one looks like fun! Building 3 houses for round one does seem like a huge task though!

8th Oct 2008, 9:23 PM
I.Infectious you could probably build them sloppy tho, and make the third look the best or whatever order.

Coldfloral i was wondering, I couldnt get a picture of my rooms the right way (although i still have the picture). because the house is so small so i am wondering if we could also have a picture of the floorplan so that you see exactly how small the rooms are.

8th Oct 2008, 9:34 PM
Will we be judged on how well each house matches the plans provided/found?

8th Oct 2008, 9:46 PM

Meet the Family
From L-R: Adam, Alexandria, and Milo. The three have lived together for three years now, on a quiet little estate by the nearby forest. While it was perfect for them when they first moved into the woodland property, things have since changed and they're looking to move as soon as possible. Alex and Milo are engaged, and Adam has been a friend of the younger gent's for a good few years now; long before they were both in the army together.

The Problem Areas
The wooden stairs lead up to a balcony area, where the front door is located. When they first purchased the property they thought that it was rather quaint. They realised the problem with having a first floor front door when Alex injured her leg recently - having to continually hop up stairs put unnecessary strain on her good leg and made things very uncomfortable for a few weeks. Doing the monthly shop also takes it's toll...the three tend to draw straws to decide who'll haul the shopping through the door.

The balcony is a nice feature in the kitchen, where it overlooks the lower rooms. However the glass is only single and wouldn't meet regulation standards anymore. It would cost a lot to have this balcony taken out and an updated version put in, but something has to be done now that the happy couple have a curious toddler.

Last, but not least, the bedroom. The room in itself is very nice and comfortable...however there are only two rooms in the house, and four people. Adam kindly moved out of his old bedroom to make space for his godson, but has been sleeping on the couch. Comfortable as that is, it just isn't feasible long-term.


8th Oct 2008, 10:29 PM
I.nfectious: It may seem like a lot of work, but really you have control over it. You won't be building 3 large mansions (unless you want to) for the first round unless your Sims specify they are wanting a large house. So if it seems like a lot of work, maybe your Sims should want something cozy... :)
[email protected]@r: The houses are supposed to look like they are well-kept, not like shacks! Also, I don't want an overhead shot for the application. I'm sure you can get creative and figure out a good way to show how small the room(s) are.
Daisie: A small part of the score will be based on following the floorplans, but you will be given leeway. So you are welcome to remove closets, widen hallways, change the exterior colors & windows, etc. But I'd like it if the basic "feel" of the house was similar to the houseplan.

8th Oct 2008, 10:52 PM
I just made my family and moved them into their house, so I'm now in the process of taking pictures :] My app should be ready by 7 central time :D

8th Oct 2008, 11:06 PM
For the main photo in front of the home, should my sim's home be in full view?

8th Oct 2008, 11:17 PM
Juliet Morrison and Bump


If you strain your neck you can make out my apartment, above the bowling alley and gym.


Problem areas? Where do you want me to start!
Well, the fact that the cameraman had to stand outside the bathroom says it all, doesn't it!


And then there's the noisy neighbours, they keep me awake all night and I don't want to bring a baby home to this.


And finally, just the fact that it's an apartment! It's just one room, no space for a baby, or for my work, and no outside space.

• Why they are wanting to move to a new house
With Bump due to arrive in a couple of months I want to move into a house, with it's own garden. There just isn't the space for a baby in my apartment, not to mention how dirty and unhygenic the place is, no matter how much I clean it.
• What specifics they are looking for
I don't want a palace, just 2 bedrooms, a little studio for me and a small outdoor area where Bump can play.
• What style of architecture they are looking for
To be honest I don't mind, as long as it's a house! I'd probably say more comtemporary, something easy to look after and maintain.

8th Oct 2008, 11:40 PM

Here's The Canobe Family. ( Ca - No - Be)

Amber Canobe: 12
(In The Brown) Shes the high fashionista that actually enjoys school, while also loving her image. She loves attention from those who matter most and if thats not all she loves to play ssx3.

Weldon Canobe: 11
( In the Black) Weldon is adopted. It was just finalized a few days ago. Weldon loves to play and talk to Amber and Brandy but for now hes still under observation.

Brandy Canobe: 12
( In The Red) Amber, now shes is a mystery. One minutes she loves to talk the next minute she's all by herself doing her own thing. Brandy loves to paint and use her creativity to the fullest.

Mikel Canobe: 30
( Father in black)
Mikel is the mother of the household. He may be the dad but he cooks, cleans and even helps the kids with there homework. Mikel likes to workout and in his freetime spend all of it with his family. How ironic Huh? Well its totally true with Mikel. Mikel favorite thing to do is play chess.

Kamile Canobe: 28
( In The Orange)
Kamile is "Mama Fashionista". her style changes every week to ever month. Shes full of excitement and fun. She likes cooking, so shes always in the kitchen eating or baking up a storm.

( Kamile) 1. The Reason we are in such a need to move is because the house is intirely to small. It's a 2 bedroom house with 5 people and 1 bathroom. With no other words that could sum up all the problems. We were falling into bankruptcy at one point which is when we sold our old house and moved to a smaller more family friendly town. We got our credit back right and decided to adopt but figured it would take a while so we would save up more money so that we could move into a house. Now we have finalized the adoption with Weldon sooner than planned and our kids are sharing a one bedroom while all 5of us are sharing 1 bathroom. Is that a fire hazard? because i would never want to put my kids in danger. We are a growing family and i would love it if we moved into a bigger more comfortable house.

This is our living room. Not the perfect picture but my kids are always in the living room unless there outside. It combines with the kitchen. No space and its not big enough for all of our furniture. Its a quaint cozy kitchen and living room for a family of two but when there's five, theres no way.

The bathroom. Well lets just say its really small that you barely can move in it. With 5 people in the house someones always in here but luckly, he hadnt started to use the bathroom. I was standing at the door when i took this picture, so that shows the lack of space.

Like i had said before, so small. And 2 girls and one boy share 1 bedroom. I didnt plan for Weldon to have to go through this. So now that hes here i plan to change that real soon. Summer has just started so maybe in the next month we will be buying a new home.

* The Canobe family are looking for:
An open floor plan with a kitchen and living room together but are cut off with half walls or so.

* A house with atleast 3 to 4 bathrooms

* A 1 story house if possible.

* Family room or/ and office

* Backyard

* 4 or more bedrooms

* Contemporary house with room and acres to grow.

!!!House Hunters Please Help Us!!!

* I know my application may seem a little sloppy. I will be editing it all the way up to the deadline. If thats ok.

ColdFloral: Are These Pictures Any Good? If Not i will do them again.

9th Oct 2008, 12:03 AM
the last pic is a tiny bit dark, but the app looks good.

9th Oct 2008, 12:30 AM
Penny and Coleen Jacobs

Coleen and Penny Jacobs are an active young same-sex couple ready to expand their family. Coleen is a well-known volleyball player in the community of Crystal Springs, while Penny prefers to pursue more creative endeavors. They moved into their home shortly after graduating from college, and now find the house too small for their soon-to-be-expanding family.

Penny: I'm a little bit ashamed by the bathroom... We don't even have a tub! I can hardly turn around in here.

This is the biggest design flaw for Coleen and I. The entire living space is totally open. There's no formal dining room or real "kitchen" area, and the living space itself is fairly small because of the way our house is shaped. Hmm... What else?

Oh! Right! This is my study corner/Coleen's workout room. It's a difficult space to mesh together, and I think she deserves more than a treadmill and wall mirror, and I'd prefer my own area to put in my mother's old piano. There's simply no space here.

Why do they need to move?
Coleen and Penny are in the process of adopting a toddler. Their current home has only one bedroom and a very small bathroom, and the backyard is too hilly and dangerous for a baby.

What specifics are they looking for?
Penny would like Coleen to have her own space for working out, be it a small extra room or just a designated corner in the living room. She would also like to have a study and space for her piano. Three bedrooms are a must, but four is perfectly acceptable. Penny and Coleen want room to expand. Coleen would like a pool in the backyard and gardening space for Penny. At least two bathrooms are a necessity, as is a separate kitchen and living room.

What style of architecture are they looking for?
Neither of the woman have a specific style, but they agree that they both like contemporary homes.

9th Oct 2008, 3:35 AM
Alright, LazyViolet i will change that tomorrow

9th Oct 2008, 4:16 AM
Tyler: Try to show as much of the front of the house as you can.
[email protected]@r: If you are unsure about your photos, I suggest you take a look in the picture tutorials section; there are some great tips and suggestions there!

Everyone else: Your apps look great!

9th Oct 2008, 6:09 AM
Hi, my name is Cynth Blanton and this is my daughter Mia.

I kind of liked sharing a room with Mia when she was an infant, but it would be nice to have some alone time once in awhile. Can't do that with Mia in here.

This is the bathroom, I should just call it the tub room though, as that is all the room has in it. If you need to use the tiolet, it is located on the first floor, while this room is on the second floor. It is a pain in the morning!

Finally, we have my "office", if you can really call it that. More like a closet if you ask me. I barely have enough room to turn around, let alone keep Mia in here while I'm working.

• There just is not enough space in this house. Mia can't even play in the yard because even it is too small.
• We would like a home that has a bit more space. Mia needs her own room, I need an office big enough so that Mia can have a place to play while I am writing, and I would really like a nice big bathroom. If the house had a decent little fenced yard for Mia, that would be a bonus too.
• As far as architecture, I think something modern or contemporary would work. Not uber contemporary, just something nice and current.

9th Oct 2008, 6:45 AM
By w8tin (http://profile.imageshack.us/user/w8tin) at 2008-10-08

Hi, I am Steve and this is my wife Hanna trying to hold our very unhappy little boy Breden. We are outside our apartment in the middle of the night because it is more peaceful than all the noise our neighbors are making...you don't want to know trust me. This was Hanna's place before we got married but now that Breden is walking it is time we find a house.


Problem areas...there are so many choices. This is our office tucked away at the foot of our bed. Since Hanna and I are both teachers this doesn't work on any level.


Lack of space is the biggest issue with this place,,,that and thin walls. We had to turn the dining area into a nursery. It worked ok when Breden was small but now that he has more stuff than we do there is just no room.


Our living room was not much more than a hallway to begin with but now it has to double as the dining area also. I just do have enough space to get my wheelchair between the couch and the entertainment center. It is time we found a larger place of our own.

We really need to move because we have no space here not to mention the lack of sleep due to the loud neighbors.
We tend to like more traditional homes, but are opean to anything. The only must haves for us are three bedrooms and no stairs ofcourse.

9th Oct 2008, 8:16 AM
The Vanloure Family


Problem Areas

Look at this! It's tiny! How is my family for 3 meant to live here?

A bedroom for two.. teenagers. Privacy anyone?? My two teens run amuck as it is! Vampires should NOT have to share rooms!

Oh yes, a elven garden is the cherry on the pie for a family of vampires!

Family Members


Hello, I'm Rose. I am a vampire. I enjoy reading, watching my kids grow up and star gazing. Fifteen years ago, I had relations with an elf. Ugh. A vampires sworn enemy. Nine months later, I found myself pregnant with twins and married. We moved into a treehouse. Once the babies were 1 year old, my deadbeat elf of a husband left us, pursuing a career in entertainment. I hate him with every inch of my body.


This is Declan, my son, he is mostly vampire. He's 15 and enjoys girls, the internet & the taste of human blood (although he would never admit it to his mother). He wishes nothing more to be a normal human. He tends to stay on the "vampire" side of things, unlike his elven sister.

This is my daughter Ava who is Declans twin. She is green. Thanks greatly on her fathers behalf. She inherited her fathers elvish genes, much to my dismay. She enjoys being outside, magic & being different in her family. -Shudder- She tries to embrace her elf nature as much as she can, without pushing me over the edge.


Why are we wanting a new house? I despise this house. The elvish-ness of it depresses me. I spend my days in my bedroom, trying not to the think of the greeness outside. I want my teenagers to have a "vampire" upbringing.

What specifics are we looking for? A large house, big rooms, big block, dead trees, dark interior.

What style of architecture are we looking for? Victorian, gothic, traditional.

10th Oct 2008, 2:09 AM
My game had crashed halfway through the picture taking && I think it switched my picture settings.
I'll try to get the pictures that are small and blurry fixed before the round is over.

The Hanley Family

Hi. I am Lindy, and this is my daughter Maddie. We live in this beautiful home in the heart of Coral Falls.


Well, not exactly. For the past few years I have rented the tiny apartment above the garage.
Through my pregnancy and the first couple years after Maddie was born the tiny apartment was perfect for us.
Now that Maddie is growing the space is just getting too small.


I use to love this little garden entrance. It was a wonderful welcoming coming to and from my house.
Since Maddie is learning to walk, the stairs are a major concern of mine. Plus there is no room for her to play in the yard.


The biggest problem with the house is the bathroom. Not only is it tiny, but hello, there is no door!
It is very uncomfortable using the bathroom when guest are over when I know just a curtain is seperating us.


Finally, this apartment is just one room. Maddie's toys and crib are tucked away behind the bookcase, and
my bed is hiding behind a room divider.


• Why they are wanting to move to a new house: There is simply not enough room in this tiny apartment.
It is time that we find a house, so Maddie can grow up the way a child should.

• What specifics they are looking for: I am looking for a cozy house. It doesn't need to be too big.
As long as it has two bedrooms and a bathroom door, I would be thrilled. A small office would also be
nice since I work from home.

• What style of architecture they are looking for: I am probably looking for either traditional or contemporary. I want something
with a homey feel to it.

10th Oct 2008, 5:14 AM
is there any way that you could extend the deadline until saturday night? its my mom's bday today (friday) and ive been putting extra hours in the office this week, id really love to join. but if not, thats ok..ill understand

10th Oct 2008, 7:37 AM

The Ramirez's have been married less than a year and have just found out that Luz is expecting! They are so happy, but now they really need to find a bigger place.

They have been saving their money by living cheaply in a long, narrow sub-divided apartment which was once part of the garage and storage level. It's ok for a starter couple trying to save money, but it is no place to raise children and they want a large family. For one thing, there is only one bedroom and it has no windows. The house is dark, only having windows on the front room and kitchen ends. The front room opens onto a long wide corridor that connects the front to the back kitchen. The bathroom is only large enough for the fixtures and the bedroom only has enough room for the bed and one end table. The dresser along with the phone is stuck out in the hall. There is no room for a baby unless they put the crib in the hall. The apartment has a postage stamp sized front and back yard. The back yard opens onto the back alley but there is no room for the garden that Luz wants.

They'd like at least 3 bedrooms contemporary or country home to start with... They'd like a family room, front room, large kitchen with dining area suitable for entertaining their large number of friends and relatives. Luz would like a nice breakfast nook area that looks out on a nice landscaped area or if not already landscaped, it has the room in the yard for nice landscaping.

They've been working hard and saving their cash and hope to be able to afford the house that fullfills their needs.


Xavier: Xavier is an IT Sysadmin at the university. He'd like to tinker on cars as a hobby and have a place to practice basketball, but their current place is too small for either. He also likes to paint and garden.

Luz: She has worked in IT support but is ready to be a homemaker. She has always loved to paint and work on pottery and her garden and has sacrificed those desires while saving up cash for their dream home. She'd also like to work on creating her own fashion line and would like a home large enough for a workshop that can hold her many interests and projects.

They both have talked about the kind of house they want. It doesn't really matter to them if it is contemporary, country or Victorian style home, as long as it is in good condition and has the space to expand and a large yard. They'd prefer the countryside rather than an inner city home or a place in a crowded suburbs, but if it's the right house, they'll consider it.

10th Oct 2008, 1:46 PM
Meet the Möttönen family, Erin and Johanna. They have been living in this compact one bedroom flat in Helsinki during university, and decided to keep the place for one year after they graduated in order to save some money for a new house. It worked, but they're at the end of their patience with the small space.

The building:

Erin is the one with the silly braids and Johanna has the lovely long hair, and they are both artists in addition to their office jobs. Johanna is a painter and illustrator, while Erin is a writer.

The Workspace:

One of the problem areas is space, as it is a very small flat not far from Helsinki city centre. Johanna doesn't have enough room for her art supplies, and she'd love her own room for it.

The Bathroom:

They both find the bathroom very constricting as well, because as Erin demonstrates, when you first walk in, you're already in the shower!

The Kitchen:

The major issue they have now is space. As students it was okay, but as you can see here, there's not even room for a kitchen table. Both Erin and Johanna like to cook, and the kitchen is just not big enough.

What they're looking for:

Now that they both have jobs they'd like to get a nice house just outside of town, where they can relax outside if they want. A pool would be nice, but is not necessary, however a deck is wanted. They'd like at least two bedrooms for having a guest, but no more than three as they want to keep a fairly small house still. Nothing huge. Johanna also wants room for her art studio, and Erin wants a bigger kitchen with room for a table. They would also both like a sauna, though that won't be too hard to find.

A traditional Finnish home is what they're looking for, although neither wants anything too country-ish nor too modern. They don't mind doing some modifications to the house either.

And that's the Möttönens!

10th Oct 2008, 9:57 PM
Nice apps guys,

Here's mine:

The Family

Mary Livingstone: "Hello, my name's Mary, and this is my husband Joel. We've been married for almost six months, which equals to six months of torture living in the trashhole that we call our home."

Joel Livingstone: "The house is not a trashhole, like my wife described it. It was my bachelor pad, and I've had a lot of fond memories here, but it is small, and I think that Mary and I need a change."

Mary Livingstone: "I've known my husband Joel for about 12 years. We both met in the 9th grade, and quickly clicked. But, we only became romantically involved three years ago. Joel is a dork, he loves to make people laugh and always looks at the bright side of things. He is an inspiring football player, quarterback to be exact. I may not be the biggest fan of football, but from what I can tell, he's really good at it."

Joel Livingstone: "Mary is my life. She may have not found me attractive in High School, but I'm happy that she likes me now. Ya see, I've always had a crush on her, but she always saw me as 'just a friend'. Hmm, what else can I say? Mary is an inspiring chef, and makes GREAT meals. Her dream is to have a big family, which obviously we can't do in a small one room trailer."

The Houses Problems:

Joel: Problems? Where do I start?
Mary:" Well, one of the main problems I have about the house is the kitchen area. It is small and cramped, and it's hard for me to make meals."

Joel: "The bathroom has always bugged me. I mean, look at the floors, they are filthy and just plain gross!"

Mary: "Our master bedroom is a disaster zone. The room is so small that we can barely fit our bed into it. The bed takes up so much place, we don't got enough room to put our dresser into it. We just keep our clothes on the floor."


Why do you want a new house?

Joel: "We need more space, especially with our dreams of a big family."

What specifics do you want in the house?

Mary: "We would really want a house with at least 3 bedrooms. Maybe even 4 for a workout room for my husband. Also, we would like a big yard, so future generations can run around and play."

What style of architecture are you looking for?
Joel: "My wife would like modern, but I think that any house, as long as it's cheap and has enough room is fine for us."

10th Oct 2008, 10:25 PM
The Monroe Family


Olympia: Hi! I'm Olympia Monroe, this is my husband Ingram and our daughter Audrey. We're sending this application video from sunny Twikki Beach and we'd like to have your help, Bette and the House Hunters Team, in finding a new house in far off Sim City!

Ingram: I'm a computer programmer by trade and my company set me up in this... {ahem}... interesting Caribbean house here on the island; we've been here for 7 years and we are more than ready to ship off to the city! I've received a promotion at work and Olympia has secured employment with the Riverblossom District School Board as a Language Arts teacher so we're ready to move on to new pastures.

Problem Areas


Olympia: We've been renting the house here on the island and, as such, we have to deal with the wallcoverings and the pain-in-the-rear white tile. For one thing, the beachy white-washed walls clash with my design sensibilities and the tile {heavy sigh}... oh the tile! The tile is impossible to keep clean! I must mop that entry area at least 4 times a week and it still looks dirty. If I never have to mop a white tile again, I will be a VERY happy woman indeed!


Ingram: While the house isn't overly small, there really isn't space in the living room for me to set up a more permanent workspace for my telecommuting into work. Couple that with the fact that the house has only two bedrooms, one for me and Olympia...

Olympia: Olympia and me, dear.

Ingram: Yes, sweetie. She's a grammar nut. Anyway, one of the bedrooms is for Olympia and me and the other is for Audrey. As such, I had to set up my workspace in our bedroom. Unfortunately my late night code releases tend to keep Olympia awake at night. {whispers}And you don't want to see Olympia when she's cranky and tired, trust me!


Audrey: Seriously, the biggest problem with this house is the fact that it looks ridiculous when we decorate it for Christmas! Plus, it's super-hot here all year round and I'm really, really looking forward to having a real, winter-y Christmas this year! Not to mention having stuff like Autumn too. Yeah, Mom & Dad may go on and on about stuff like footage squares and mowing the lawn and stuff, but seriously Mrs. Vargas, we really need your help because of this Christmas thing. It's a big deal, ya know. And besides, how does Santa even get here? Mom says maybe he takes a jetski, but that just seems stupid. Help us, Mrs. Vargas, pretty, pretty, pretty please... with a cherry on top?!?!?!

A Little Q&A

Why are you wanting to move to a new house?

Ingram: The main reason we want to move to a new house is because I'm being transferred to the Sim City branch of Landgraab Computing Solutions. We've always rented, so owning a home is a whole new realm for us!

What specifics are you looking for?

Olympia: Ah, you mean "For what specifics are you looking."

Ingram: Olympia, darling, it's best not to correct the grammar of the host of a contest we would like to enter.

Olympia: Oh, yes... {clears throat uncomfortably} well, my apologies. As for what we are looking for in a new home, I for one, would really like to have a fireplace and a large kitchen in which I could entertain company.

Ingram: I would like the house to have a separate room for a home office, be it a converted third bedroom or a den area for such a purpose. I also really dislike gardening and yard work, so having a smaller front yard while having a larger, more simply landscaped back area for Audrey to play in would be icing on the proverbial cake.

Audrey: I'd like a bay window or built in window seat for my room; one kinda like the one Wendy has in her room in Peter Pan. And I'd like to have enough space for a swingset in the backyard, because that's one of my favorite things to play with... Oh yeah, and I want to have some seasons!

For what style of architecture are you looking?

Olympia: I'm a big fan of Tudor and Old World style architecture, but that obviously isn't the most important factor for me.

Ingram: Really, as long as it isn't a rainbow-hued Caribbean style house, I'll be as happy as a clam.

10th Oct 2008, 11:58 PM
"What specifics are you looking for?

Olympia: Ah, you mean "For what specifics are you looking."

That just sounds so wrong even though it may be correct English grammar. :lol:

11th Oct 2008, 1:38 AM
Yay! I'm so happy to see so many applications coming in!

beyond_beauty: I'll extend the round by one day, and one day only! :beer:

11th Oct 2008, 2:59 AM
Oh Darn!~ I mean for me. :lol: I was hoping to have Saturday AND Sunday to make my lots.. I work long hours weekdays...

11th Oct 2008, 3:10 AM
The Tuckers

Hi, I'm Laura Tucker and this is my husband Ollie, and our two beautiful children Isabel, 14 and Eric, 8. Welcome to our home in the suburbs of Hucclecote, just north of Simsville.

We've lived in the house for 12 years, and are now looking for something new and exciting to call home. Ollie is a graphic designer and has in the last couple of years, set up his own business. With this coming on in leaps and bounds, we are now able to afford something a bit nicer to live in. My modest career isn't nearly as exciting as a part time receptionist at a local hotel, but it has allowed me the flexibility to bring up the children and have the joy of earning some money.


Our current home is lovely, but it is getting very cramp for the four of us and particularly with the kids needing their own space to relax and run around in. It would also be great to have an space for a study, so Ollie can work properly.

The kitchen is tiny, there's hardly any room for all of us to be in the room together, and with it being the heart of the home, it's really needs to be a lot bigger.


Ollie is desperate for a bigger space to play and has said he can't wait to invite his friends round to play footie in the garden in the new house. The garden again is on the small side. But for a growing boy, just a swing can't get rid of all that excess energy.


And Issie is also after a bigger bedroom, her room is the smallest in the house and is barely big enough for her bed, let alone any other furniture.


So overall, we're really just looking for the extra space so we can stretch our legs a bit more, spread our stuff around further, more room to run around in and be happier as a family

What specifically are you looking for?

The specifics, right. We want four bedrooms, or three with a room that could be used as a study or office. Definately a big garden for Eric, and a garage or a space to park two cars. A large family kitchen because that is definately the main part of the house. My own love would be to have a proper working fireplace, with a real fire. I think that's the main things

And finally, is there any particular architectural style you prefer?

We've talked about this a lot and we all want something with some character, so a period house would be perfect. Victorian or Edwardian. We definately want something in the country. The dream would be an old farmhouse or Tudor cottage. As long as it isn't a new build, we're happy.

11th Oct 2008, 4:18 AM
oh good. thank you so much :) i have my family. just have to take the pics in the morning. i appreciate you extending the app round

11th Oct 2008, 7:07 AM
Yay! I'm so happy to see so many applications coming in!

beyond_beauty: I'll extend the round by one day, and one day only! :beer:

Yay!!! One more day! That is so cool! This will be my first contest! ....off to take photos!

11th Oct 2008, 9:38 AM
Charlie Henry & Shakespeare


Charlie graduated journalism school and moved back home to Belladonna Cove. She found an affordable, cozy, one-bedroom apartment and adopted Shakespeare when he was a puppy. A puppy in an apartment is fine, if you have a small breed of dog. But Shakespeare is not a puppy anymore and Charlie would like to buy a home with plenty of outdoor space for Shakespeare’s antics and more indoor space for writing and entertaining. Now that she is an established writer with 3 best-seller mystery novels, she is ready to find better living arrangements.


One of the biggest problems Charlie has with her current apartment is the teeny-tiny apartment bathroom. As a puppy, Shakespeare had no problems with bathing in the tub, but now that he is full grown there just isn’t room for both of them in the bathroom at the same time. And Charlie would soooo love to be able to take a shower for a change!


As a writer, you tend to collect those items you love most – books. And Charlie has tons of those, just no room for bookshelves! The one thing that Charlie would love most is to be able to get her books out of every room and floor in the house and onto shelves in a comfy library. The space needs to be large enough for her computer desk and a comfy chair for relaxing and reading. A nice view of a yard would be great inspiration for writing as well.


Living in an apartment also means a small eat-in kitchen. Charlie would like to have a formal dining room for dinner parties with friends as well as a kitchen and a breakfast nook with plenty of morning sun shine to get the day off to a great start.

• Why they are wanting to move to a new house
Simply put, writers block is setting in. Charlie needs inspiration and Shakespeare needs a place to roam. City life is fun, but just too distracting for a budding writer.

• What specifics they are looking for
Charlie would love to have a more formal home with a couple of bedrooms and space for a library/office. A big yard with a small lake would be great for Shakespeare and Charlie.

• What style of architecture they are looking for
Charlie would like to have a rustic style house in the country – less traffic and noise will help her stay focused for her writing career and as a journalist, she can easily work at home and submit articles for the paper via email. She doesn’t want a log cabin, just a rustic, older home with plenty of space, natural lighting, and a great location.

11th Oct 2008, 4:21 PM
The Hoover family


Jack, "My name is Jackson and I am the head of the Hoover family. Just call me Jack for short. I am a huge sports enthusiast, I live, breath and swim in it, lol. I always have to be doing something, I can't sit in one place for too long. Family is important for me and so I love it when we are able to play something together. We found this great rental and it was perfect for us starting out and it was even ok when the twins were born. Now that they're older, well...it's time for us find a place to call our home with room to grow"

Harriet, "I'm Harriet, Jack's wife. I am a home maker, Jack and I believe that it's so important for me to be home with the kids instead of working. I'm the quiet sort so it does not bother me at all. In what spare time I have, I enjoy making crafts on my sewing machine. As a bit of a side business, I also do some light tailor work. I also enjoy cooking and being out in nature. I wouldn't mind trying my hand at some gardening if we find a house with enough yard space. I'm not as active as Jack but I still love to join in the sports with my boys. I call them my 3 Jacks because the twins are identical and are a mirror image of their father. Of course all three love sports!"

Jesse, "Me and my twin, we just had a birthday! I'm the oldest though by several minutes but don't tell James that. Anyways, I'm like Dad, I love sports and keeping active. I'm a bit of a dare devil as well, I'll try anything new if mom and dad will let me."

James, "I'm Jesse's identical twin. We love playing tricks on people but sometimes it does get annoying. Anyways, I'm a bit more laid back than my brother and not quite so adventurous. I do enjoy sports though and can't seem to get enough of it. I wish our yard was bigger to allow us more room to run and play."


Jack, "Our biggest priority is the yard space. We simply do not have enough room. I would love to set up my soccer goal that I have but can't. Some of our rooms are too small but we don't even have room to expand if we wanted to. Losing what little yard space we have in the backyard was simply out of the question.
Did you know I have a dog? I had to leave him with my folks as we did not have room for him here. We are an active family and we could not always find time to walk him and again the yard just isn't big enough for him to stretch his legs."


Harriet, "I love working on my craft projects...but the only place to put it was in the basement and sometimes all the noise gets so distracting that it's hard to concentrate on my work. I would love to have my own separate area where I can work in peace or if nothing else, a separate game room."


Harriet, "Our bedroom is nicely decorated and we love the view from our huge window...but it is very cramped. I hate having to walk in and the first thing I see is the dresser. I can't tell you how many times I've stubbed my toe on that thing in the middle of the night.
Did I mention that I'm expecting? We're hoping for a girl! but we will need additional bedroom space as well for the new arrival and we just don't have room to expand in this house."

Jack, "Our bathroom is even worse than the master bedroom. The only way to get 2 of us in here is if one of us is taking a shower."
Harriet, "Not to mention when one of us flushes the toilet the shower runs cold! This is far from what I would call a master bath."

1. Why do you want to move?
Harriet, "We want to own our own house. Move to the country where there's lots of yard space where we have room to expand on the house if need be and still have room to play and maybe have a garden."

2. What specifics are we looking for?
Jack, "We'd like to have 4 bdrms but we could make do with 3 if need be and a small room where Harriet can work on her projects peacefully. A big yard is a must, we simply can not go without that. We would like a bigger master bedroom but it doesn't have to be too huge but we certainly want a bigger and more well laid out master bath."

Harriet, "A well spaced kitchen would also be wonderful!"

3. What style of architecture are we looking for?
Jack, "I'm mostly outdoors so it does not matter to me. I'm a bit partial to log homes but since I'm mostly outdoors anyways, I'd be happy with what ever Harriet is happy with."

Harriet, "I've always been partial to Colonial homes! That would be my dream but any well laid out country home would satisfy me."

11th Oct 2008, 8:10 PM
The Harris Family


Jaina Harris: Hi, House Hunters! My name is Jaina and this is my daughter, Sylvia. Welcome to our very blue, less than spacious rental unit in Belladonna Cove! We've lived here for six years...six very long years! We're looking to move into something more spacious and family-friendly.

Sylvia Harris: Hi, I'm Sylvia and I cannot wait to have my own bedroom! Mommy just got a promotion at her work and I am excited to move! This house is too small for mommy and me!

Jaina Harris: The home looks like it is decent sized from the outside and it worked for a while. C'mon, step inside! We'll show you what we mean!

Family Bios:

Jaina Harris: As a single mother, I have always had trouble providing a better home for Sylvia and myself. Sylvia's father left before she was born; she has never met him. Recently I was able to snag a job as a Principal of the High School over in Riverblossom, the shopping district. Now that I'm finally able to get my family out of this one bed-one bath apartment, I am wasting no time getting our dream home!

Sylvia Harris: I am Sylvia and I cannot wait to move to my new home! Mommy and me have been sharing our bedroom for six years. I hear the weather is beautiful in Riverblossoms and I can't wait to go to the beaches! I love to play outside and I just can't at this house!

Problem Areas:

The Kitchen and Dining Area:


Jaina Harris: I love to cook for Sylvia and myself. When her friends come over, we can never eat at home. We have no room for a table that can seat more than two people!

Sylvia Harris: I like to cook with mommy but it is too hard in this kitchen. We have no space for anything!

Jaina Harris: As Sylvia said, there just simply is not enough room! Did I mention the blue?

The Bathroom:


Jaina Harris: The bathroom hasn't caused any major problems other than it's small size. Sylvia is still growing up and when she's older, I cannot imagine sharing one bathroom between two women.

Sylvia Harris: I don't like this room because of the ugly purple color!

Jaina Harris: As you can see, it's not blue; however, it's not any better! We need a home with friendly colors that make it feel inviting and warm.

The Bedroom:


Jaina Harris: This is our lovely master bedroom! As you can see, we cannot even fit a dresser in here. It's in the closet in the hallway! We can't even fit a double bed in this room.

Sylvia Harris: I love having my own bed, but I need a place to play and do homework!

Jaina Harris: I also need a place to do work. After a long day at work, I'd love to be able to come to a master suite and relax. Did I mention...it's blue?


Why are you wanting to find a new home?

Jaina Harris: As I've said, I've been promoted at work. I can finally afford a new home. I'm really tired of not being able to paint the walls, build anything. There isn't a master suite here, Sylvie cannot grow here, she cannot have friends over...it's awful! Being sent to Riverblossom has been a blessing on our family.

Sylvia Harris: I want my own bedroom and since mommy got her new job, I cannot wait!

What are you specifically looking for?

Jaina Harris: Atleast two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a master suite with a large bath. I need a home office, a den would be lovely, a dining area, larger kitchen, and a large entertainment room.

Sylvia Harris: I want a big backyard with a pool and room for a puppy!

Jaina Harris: Yes, big backyard is needed. A pool would be great - atleast room for one. Also, a big back porch for entertaining would be good. I'd love an open floor plan, living room, maybe a fun room...so many things! We have a little over two hundred thousand simoleans to spend, but finding all of this below budget would be great! I prefer a bigger lot, but I do not want a mansion.

What style of home are you looking for?

Jaina Harris: It doesn't matter. I'd prefer a relatively new home, light, welcoming colors. Victorians are lovely, but it may be hard to find one with the requirements we have. It really doesn't matter, but it must have good curb appeal and a great, open layout.

Sylvia Harris: Colorful and big! Oh, and lots of trees and plants!

11th Oct 2008, 11:21 PM
ahahaha.. I'm getting anxious! lol.. I want to get started building my 3 houses!... (Just like a kid - can't wait.) Can we get our plans now? Are we there yet? lol

12th Oct 2008, 1:25 AM
Hi I'm NaTasha Wesson I work as a ballet instructor and enjoy painting masterpieces in my space time.

Hello I'm Lacey lee and im 6 years young and I enjoy being a kid. I like to play outdoors just as much as in doors I just wished we had the room.

Howdy house hunters Im Ellen Derecks mother nice to meet you. I'm a retired widowof 50 years. In my spare time I enjoy sewing clothes for my grandbaby. Her mom has the worst taste in clothing poor child its about as bad as her cooking and cleaning skills. Sometimes I wonder what my son saw in her I raised him better than that.

Yeah um Im dereck the man of the all woman clan and I'm uphold the law and take my job very seriously. I enjoy time to myself with peace and quiet and a hot cup of coco and the sports section. Unfortunaly since my mother moved with us all the free space we once had is not occupied and all the peace and quiet is gone and rerplaced with my mother and wife bickering off and on.


With three woman in the house waking up extra early to beat them to the bathroom is getting to be abit much says Dereck

And standing in line for 45 minutes is a bit much as well says NaTasha!

Second problem is the woman has taken over the garage! I can't even park my car its everything but a garage. A computer/hobby and sewing room! It's a garage people a garage!


finally we need to move because The out door space is very limited and there is no front lawn . A nice lawn with a front porch a few flower beds will almost make me forget about the fact that my overbearing pushy talkes to flippin much and needs to mind her business mother-in law is staying with us replies Natasha


• Why they are wanting to move to a new house

it's simple with my mother living with us I no longer have a man's room or a garage. The once hobby room is her bedroom and the once garage is her new studio/ office and craft room.

• What specifics they are looking for ?

A three to four bedroom home with a nice size yard for my 6 year to run and play. A deck for them summer bbq's and At least 2 full baths a office and a den would also be ideal. My wife don't really like large homes but, a nice medium size home would be ideal. And please can I please have a 2 car garage so if they do want to still do hobbies out there I would still have a place to park my car.

• What style of architecture they are looking for ? contemporary, suburban style

12th Oct 2008, 7:06 AM
I am getting really excited about round 1 - but I am wondering, how will we get our sims to visit a residential house? I mean, wouldn't they have to move out of their current home? Does this mean we should stage round 2 photos prior to round 1 photos? This is my first contest so I am totally unsure how to procede. My only other thought is to photograph the rooms, then photograph poses and edit the photos in photoshop? Is this even close to how you want this?

12th Oct 2008, 8:11 AM
(It might be too late, but it's worth a shot!)

Meet the Dyson Family!

Ben: Hi, we're the Dyson family! I'm Ben, and this is my wife, Kate.

Kate: And this is our daughter, Ella. We live in Arizona in a two bedroom, one and a half bathroom house. I am a stay at home mommy who loves to cook, garden, and go running!
Ben has some excellent news. He just got a huge promotion! And it's just in time, because I'm seven and a half months pregnant with...

Ben: We have been trying for a long time to get pregnant again, and when things weren't
working out naturally we got a little help. Unfortunately, our starter home
isn't going to cut it for a family doubling in size. Luckily with my new position we can afford a larger home.

Ella: Mommy, Daddy, you forgot to mention Chestnut!

Ben: Oops, sorry sweetie. Anyway, we love our house and will hate to leave it, despite the problems it has.

Kate: Yeah, we need to tell them about the problems!
Kate: My least favorite room in the house is the kitchen, which should be my favorite room since I love to cook. It's cramped, the appliances are outdated, and despite the personal touches I've added to the room, white walls and white floors definitely do not give this room any personality.

Ben: Since I just got promoted, I'll now be able to work from home. With soon to be four kids in the house, there's no way I am going to get any work done with my desk placed in the middle of the dining room. Not to mention our current open floor plan, which means people are walking around and disturbing me all the time.

Ella: You know what I really really really want?!?!? A BIG HUGE POOL! With a water slide! And a diving board!!! All I have right now is this stupid kiddie pool :( And there's no grass to play in or anything. And it's tiny!

Kate: While we're talking about outside, I'd like to mention the brick. Who thought it was a good idea to match the brick to the color of the house? Ick.
Anyway, though, I feel like we're being so negative! There are some things we love about our house. It's cozy and comfortable! And it was the perfect size for us as newlyweds. We have some gorgeous furniture, too.

Ben: I love our dining room and living room sets! But we can take those with us.

Kate: I agree. Our bed is gorgeous, too. We had it shipped from it in India, remember babe? Hand crafted.

Ben: Mmhmm. Well, we should probably review some things. Let see.

We want to move because:
We are already outgrowing this house and there's no way we can manage with triplets.
We finally are financially able to afford a house with all the nicer things in life.

In our new house we would like:
More than two bedrooms!
A room that can be used as an office
A pool along with a big backyard with room for a garden.

Architectural styles we like:
Contemporary, with a bit of Mediterranean/Tuscan.

12th Oct 2008, 8:39 AM
I am getting really excited about round 1 - but I am wondering, how will we get our sims to visit a residential house? I mean, wouldn't they have to move out of their current home? Does this mean we should stage round 2 photos prior to round 1 photos? This is my first contest so I am totally unsure how to procede. My only other thought is to photograph the rooms, then photograph poses and edit the photos in photoshop? Is this even close to how you want this?

I am a bit confused about what is going on also.. I don't often get to enter contests because I miss the start dates by the time I find the ones that interest me. They extended the application deadline to Saturday, so I rushed for nothing. :lol: I thought we would be given our house plans at 8 pm Pacific time Saturday, so we could have the weekend to work on the houses but I have not seen any plans yet. Then re-reading it, I think they are going to judge the applications and perhaps select from the applicants and only those lucky people will go on to build the house plans. ??

In any case, for those who get to do Round 1, BEFORE you move your sims in - Make the house to plan and move it to your houses bin, and then back onto the neighborhood. That way, it will keep the basic work you did for round one 'lookie-lou' tour.

You will move your sims into those houses and pretend they are looking it over and take pictures of them on the house site. Then move them out. Of course, when you do that, all your appliances will vanish but that's ok. It doesn't matter. Toss that neighborhood house and replace it with the basic appliance house from the bin. Move on to the next house and do the same.

This way, you won't have to rebuild everything when your sims move in to the house they 'bought' on Round 2 & 3. :D Anyway, the above will work for any kind of thing where you make a base house, move a sim in to look around and move them out.

Anyway.. Maybe we have to wait until Oct 13?... when is that?... Dang! Monday. I'm working Monday... Oh well.. If I get selected for Round 1, I can build houses fairly fast. Depends on how many days we get to build...

Good luck everyone! :D

12th Oct 2008, 12:50 PM
Patience please, people.

I will be sending out the house plans this afternoon. But right now it's 5 in the morning and I have to go to work!

12th Oct 2008, 7:29 PM
Oh... Ok mom...

... (waiting).....

.. (really trying hard to be patient)......

... (waiting) .....

..... Are we there yet? :lol: ....

.... Just kidding!. :D

12th Oct 2008, 10:39 PM


[email protected]@r







LostSock *found her own plans









Remember that not every house plan will have everything your family was wanting; that's the way real estate works :)

Also, you have lee-way with these plans. You are allowed to remove closets, widen halls, remove the foundation, remove the garage/change the direction the garage faces, etc.

Also, any additional wants your family were wanting, like a certain size lot, a pool, a garden, a landscaped yard, are to be added to any or all of the houses at your discretion, allthough at least one house must have at least one of the additional wants.

If you have any questions, or any major issues with the house plans I've given you, please PM me.

Please check the main contest info for this rounds specific instructions.


13th Oct 2008, 12:11 AM
These homes you picked are lovely Thank you. Great job everyone and Good luck to you all cant wait to see your homes

13th Oct 2008, 12:53 AM
WEEEE!!!!! Thanks! These are all so CUTE! I can't wait to get started on mine! :D Hmm.. I'll have to make some new walls to match the exteriors.... lol...

Logging off as soon as I finish reading the Round 1 instructions!..

Hey! When the contest is over, can we upload our lots to MTS2? :D

13th Oct 2008, 11:01 AM
Oooh, the plans are gorgeous, thank you. I can't wait to get started on them.

13th Oct 2008, 11:16 AM
Hmm, my links seem to not work when truncated. For anyone who wants to see my plans, here they are:

One (two homes, but I'm building just the one) (http://www.kuoreksenniemi.fi/eng/images/img_etelaranta-pp_800x600.gif)

Two (http://www.kuoreksenniemi.fi/eng/images/img_koskelo-pp_800x600.gif)

Three (http://www.rantasalmi.com/resources/userfiles/Image/mallisto/tormapaasky120_pohja.jpg)

:) Happy building everyone, I love building contests and I'm glad this one came up :D

13th Oct 2008, 8:15 PM
Yay, I'm happy you all seem to be pleased with your houses. Don't hesitate to PM me if you encounter any troubles with your plans.

Just to update everyone, I have scores from 2 judges. If I don't hear from the 3rd by tonight, I'll step in as EJ.

porkypine: You are certainly free to do whatever you want with your houses when you are done :)

wndy26: I apologize for the confusion re. your Sims visiting residential lots, but porkypine explained very well the method I would use to accomplish it. If you have any other questions, ask away :)

13th Oct 2008, 8:21 PM
On this (http://www.theplancollection.com/house-plans/home-plan-9539/big-images/#home-plan-image-23087) plan of mine, does can anyone tell me what the blue is to the right of the master bathroom as well as the blue just above the pool bathroom?
Thanks in advance.

13th Oct 2008, 8:48 PM
I think those are walk-in showers heavenzdvl987.

13th Oct 2008, 8:51 PM
Just curious what others are marking the utility room as? :)

13th Oct 2008, 9:35 PM
Just curious what others are marking the utility room as? :)
laundry room

And thanks romyhorse!

13th Oct 2008, 9:49 PM
On this (http://www.theplancollection.com/house-plans/home-plan-9539/big-images/#home-plan-image-23087) plan of mine, does can anyone tell me what the blue is to the right of the master bathroom as well as the blue just above the pool bathroom?
Thanks in advance.

:D Lovely large soaking bathtubs and showers

14th Oct 2008, 12:42 AM
House 1

I loved House 1 when I saw it, it looked so modern, and the layout was great. I loved the carport with the built-in storage, it would be a great place to store Bump's toys.


The open-plan layout inside was perfect and the wall of windows overlooking the terrace was amazing, it's the kind of room I'd never dreamt of living in.


*Sigh* The bathroom is a big let down though. It's not much bigger than the one I've got already, plus it doubles up as a laundry room too. I have to say I am disappointed by this.


Overhead View


House 2

I thought they had brought me to the wrong address when we pulled-up outside House 2, it is huge! Three bedrooms, a den and a bonus room, wow! I'd never thought I could have a house this size. The garden is a bit of a disappointment though, it's quite small, especially for a house this size.


Now this is what I'm talking about! This is my dream bathroom, just thinking about soaking my aching back in the tub makes me want to buy it!


And the Bonus Room would make a great office for me, it large and well-lit with plenty of natural light. It's so big I could probably set up my photography studio in here.


Overhead View
Ground Floor



House 3

House 3 was definitely uninspiring from the front, just 2 tiny windows and a door, it looked more like a box than a house. However, the back garden is just perfect, large enough for a child to run around and a nice deck for me to sit and enjoy the fresh air.


The open-plan layout again is perfect for me and with plenty of windows overlooking the garden it's very light and airy.


*Sigh* The bathroom... not what I was hoping for. In fact I'm sure it's the same size as the one in my apartment. At least it's not the only one, there is a shower room upstairs.


Overhead View
Ground Floor



• What are your thoughts on the houses you saw today?

It was so exciting! House 1 was amazing from the outside and the inside was almost perfect too. If the bathroom had been bigger it would be a winner. House 2 was huge, and I fell in love with the master bathroom. There were more rooms than I know what to do with, but I'm sure I'd manage to fill them! The only disappointing feature was the garden, it was quite small. Finally House 3, from the front it was pretty ugly, however it has a large, fully-enclosed rear garden which would be ideal for me and Bump. The rooms weren't huge but definitely adequate for our needs. Again, the main disappointment was the bathroom, it was tiny, but there was also a shower room upstairs which helped compensate for that.

• How do you feel about leaving your current house?

I am so excited! Living is a single room apartment was great when I was on my own, but with a baby due soon I really need the extra space. Plus I am looking forward to expanding my business when I have more space.

• Which of the 3 houses is your favorite?

Well, if I could have House 1, with House 2's master bathroom, and House 3's garden it would be my ideal house and I would buy it straight away! As they are, I'm leaning towards House 3, but that could change when I've had more time to think about it.

14th Oct 2008, 3:28 AM
House One:

OMG! Do you see the front lawn. I need not say no more.

This backyard is a little small and woodsy but, It comes with a all ready playground

The Master bath is one of my favorites with the His and her sinks no more lines and A separted tub and shower.

House Two:
You call this a porch! More like a walk way. Althought the landscaping in minimal than the first this porch has to be expanded or even added.

This room above the garage is a mans hangout waiting to jump off.

I think this home is too BIG! I mean Tasha has a hard time keeping your current house clean. What are you gonna do with all this space?


House Three:
Regardless of any flaws with this home the pool and Greenhouse makes up for it

This garage is not finishes which means the ladies wont find it appealing. hum but, will Tasha nag me about finishing it?

WOW! A suncken den with a fireplace This is huge I love it

• What are your thoughts on the houses you saw today?
I loved them all Im soooooo excited. Althought they all are a little large for my taste but, I think which ever one We pick I'm gonna love.

• How do you feel about leaving your current house?
I just wish we were leaving because our family was growing with more kids *hint hiht* and not because of a extra family member. I'm sad to go but excited at the time

• Which of the 3 houses is your favorite?
What a hard Question they all had so much to offer. House two and three because they both had bonus rooms

14th Oct 2008, 4:50 AM
WoW! Fantastic! you guys are quick or you had a lot of time to work on your places! Nice work! I better get a move on.. Still working on house 1...:lol:

14th Oct 2008, 5:48 AM
Excellent work guys! I just hope I can keep up with you all! I am almost done with house 1 and its been really fun!

14th Oct 2008, 1:00 PM
Man, I'm intimidated now... I finished up all my houses yesterday for the most part... Tomorrow I'll be going back to update and put on finishing touches, then pictures! Woo!

14th Oct 2008, 2:36 PM
ColdFloral, I can't send you the other two links 'cause your PM box is full. ;)

14th Oct 2008, 7:24 PM
I was asked to pass this on from one of the judges, kattenijin:
All Contestants: I apologise in advance for the lack of comments. I have a tooth infection, and am not at my best, I promise to be more "vocal" for the next round.

• The toddler should have been included in at least one of the photos.
• I think it would have been better to include the toddler in the pics, app missing question answers.
• first and last shots were well styled; needs weren't portrayed, they simply posed the sims in different rooms.

• I like this family, and look forward to seeing more.
• "Bump" lol!
• liked the sex shop box as an endtable

[email protected]@r
• I would have liked the group shot to be more close up so we can see the family better.
• A bit larger photos please.
• bathroom shot too close up; last pic too dark

• Good photos; showed needs well.

• Nice bright shots showed needs well.

• Good app, but I'm disappointed you left out the family group shot in front of the house.
• Larger pictures please.
• nice to see a sim in a wheelchair for once; last one too dark

• You included too many photos! There should only be 4 for this round. • Interesting family; looking forward to seeing more.
• too much fluff. needs weren't shown; first shot too dark

• You have 1 too many photos!

• Next round please keep you photos within the forum size limits!
• liked the first shot.

• Sauna: YES! The whole rolling in the snow thing though...
• kitchen looked roomy

• Well thought out captions and back story.
• k. and bedroom didn;t look cramped.

• Good photos and captions.
• choice of setting and christmas shot.

• Really like the family's story.
• creative pics, nice story.

• Would have liked to have seen more of the front of the house.
• cool bathroom shot

• Try to keep plumbbobs and other above-Sim-head-floating-things out of your photos; they are distracting.
• what is that brown rectangle in the pic? bedroom didn't look cramped.

• Nice bright shots; would have liked the photos to be a little bigger.
• pics expressed needs well; pics were great and well lit.

• Family interests me; look forward to seeing more.
• bad punctuation annoyed me.

• Good captions show personalities; photos show family's needs.
• Umm...Chestnut??
• liked yard shot, showed need for landscaping; kitchen looked roomy enough.

Your applications were scored on:
• Following contest rules and round directions
• Creativity and Originality
• How well you portrayed your family's needs for a new house
• Photos: (how well do they portray the family & the house's problem areas)

I want to point out that a lot of you lost an easy point by not including your name and/or your family's name & the round in the title bar of your post.

:baloons: Congrats to CisteCaise for the application round's high score of 72/75! :baloons:

There will be no eliminations this round or any other round; you all deserve to make it to the end :)

14th Oct 2008, 8:59 PM
Should I include an overall shot of the floorplan also?

15th Oct 2008, 12:16 AM
Ditto on what Tyler asked.

15th Oct 2008, 10:54 AM
I don't think we need overhead views, it says just 9 pictures, one outside and 2 inside for each house.

15th Oct 2008, 12:32 PM
House One: (http://www.modyourpanties.com/hosting/3432_081015181949clp6.jpg)

Basment (http://www.modyourpanties.com/hosting/3469_081017153531clp24.jpg) Upstairs (http://www.modyourpanties.com/hosting/3470_081017153551clp25.jpg)

Realtor: Hi Jaina, welcome to the first home. It's brand new and ready for moving into. It has a master suite, one bedroom, one bath, full kitchen, full basement, and wonderful outdoor entertaining space. Unfortunately the weather isn't cooperating, let's head inside and hope it clears up!

Jaina Harris: The house looks lovely from the outside - the wrap around porch will be great for entertaining.


Realtor: This is the master bath, part of the large master suite. The master suite is upstairs with the den. You'd have the privacy you're looking for without compromising any space!

Jaina Harris: I adore this bathroom! The style fits me perfectly. The window seat in the corner is wonderful. I love the privacy - it's great for us both to have our own bedrooms; however, I am concerned about being so far away from Sylvie's room!

Sylvia Harris: I wish this was my bathroom!

Jaina Harris: Hehe, maybe someday sweetie.

Realtor: Great, let's have a look at the den, shall we?


Realtor: Well Jaina, this is the den. It's upstairs with the master, but you could even convert this into a bedroom for Sylvia.

Jaina Harris: I aboslutely love this as a room. We could hang art in here, we can paint - Sylvie will finally have room to do her homework. And OH-look at the wonderful exposed rock. It really gives this cabin an earthy feel.

Realtor: I'm glad you like it! Let's head out and check out the porch you've been dying to see!


Jaina Harris: I love this yard! There is plenty of room for a garden and the pond is great. We could fish and cook out. And the rain stopped - a good omen!

Sylvia Harris: There is even room for my swingset! I love it!

Realtor: I'm glad you liked the house. Don't make any decisions yet, we still have two more wonderful homes to see!

House Two: (http://www.modyourpanties.com/hosting/3421_081015073022clp11.jpg)


Realtor: Okay Jaina, welcome to your second choice. This is also a new home and a little larger than the last. It has that master suite you've been wanting. It has tons of great, little features.

Jaina Harris: The weather has cleared up and things are looking up - let's go in!


Realtor: This is the bonus room. Sylvia seems to have taken a liking to the backyard.

Jaina Harris: I love this room. It's great. It could double as a bedroom if we needed. It's secluded from the rest of the house so it could even work as a guest room. So many possibilities. Is that a pool house I see?

Realtor: It is indeed. Let's check out backyard!


Jaina Harris: I absolutely LOVE this yard. A pool house already installed. A full playground ready for Sylvie. We have room to grow, I like it.

Sylvia Harris: Hehe, I love these bars!

Jaina Harris: Sylvie, you be careful!

Realtor: I'm glad you like it. The pool is heated, by the way. Shall we step into the kitchen? I know it's important for you.


Sylvia Harris: Mommy, look! A table with room to move!

Jaina Harris: Yes sweetie, this kitchen is great. I love the open layout. The appliances are in excellent condition - what's not the love? It even has a little nook and bar. The dining room is right around the corner and the great room is within feet. I could cook and still be apart of the party - I love it.

Realtor: I'm glad you liked this home - we aren't done yet. We have one more home to see!

House Three: (http://www.modyourpanties.com/hosting/3433_081015205138clp2.jpg)


Jaina Harris: The exterior of this house is beautiful! The landscaping is great. Plenty of room to entertain and plenty of room for Sylvia to play. And look at these wonderful flowers - so well kept! I love it!

Sylvia Harris: Wee! Lots of butterflies in the garden!

Realtor: The exterior is newly done. This home was recently foreclosed, that is the reason for the low cost.


Jaina Harris: This is just as good as the front of the home! look at all the flowers. Again, room for Sylvie to play in. We could even add a little greenhouse and pool! You've certainly outdown yourself this time.

Sylvia Harris: I love it! I can practice my gymnastics, mommy!

Realtor: Wonderful...let's step inside, shall we? Keep an open mind.


Jaina Harris: ...I see why this home costs so little now. Look at these awful colors. Is that...linoleum? Pink appliances! This is like someone took a paint brush to the old house and painted it pink. Oh my go--is that shag carpet?

Sylvia Harris: Mommy, this carpet hurts my knees!

Realtor: The interior is certainly dated. Keep an open mind...let's check out the master suite, shall we?


Jaina Harris: This room is just as bad as the blasted kitchen! PINK? In the master suite? This is ridiculous. The only good thing is that it gives me privacy and is close to Sylvie's room.

Realtor: Before the home was foreclosed the previous owners did a complete exterior overhaul. Their funds ran short in the interior - but keep in mind, this is at the lower end of your budget at only 100 thousand simoleans!

Jaina Harris: Hmm..that's true. But I don't know if the work would be worth it - new floors, new walls? A new kitchen? Two complete new baths? We would be able to make this home "ours," but it's something we have to think about.

Realtor: You have three great options, sleep on them and get back to me with your decision!


What are your thoughts on the houses you saw today?

Jaina Harris: All three home were great. They all had their own pros and cons. They all had the things we were looking for. House one was great indoors. The layout was open and fresh, the basement gives us room to grow, and the master suite is to die for!

Sylvia Harris: I didn't like the outside, mommy. The front was ugly and no pretty flowers!

Jaina Harris: The front was a little rough - nothing we cannot change though. The backyard was excellent. House two was amazing inside and out. A pool and playground already there? I love the idea of living there. Plenty of room to grow and expand my family.

Sylvia Harris: It was so fun! The second house even let me have a huge room for sleepovers!

Jaina Harris: The exterior of the third house was definately the nicest - the inside was awful. I'd have the money to redo it, I'm not sure if I'd like the task. Still, something I must consider.

How do you feel about leaving your current house?

Jaina Harris: I am excited to leave. It's a great home for a single person - not for a family. After seeing these homes, I don't even wanna go back to make my decision there.

Sylvia Harris: I can't wait to have my own room! I love to play outside and it will be so fun in the new house!

Which of the 3 houses is your favorite

Jaina Harris: I love things about each one. Can't we take the master suite of the cabin, the kitchen of the second home, and the exterior of the third and make my dream home? Hehe! I loved them all and cannot wait to grow into whichever we decide is for us!

Sylvia Harris: I loved house two. The pool and slides were so cool!

15th Oct 2008, 4:13 PM
House Number One (http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj80/CiaoAlora/Sims/House1front.jpg) :

I really like the garden in the front entry, it looks pretty low maintenance, and inviting. The exterior is nice looking too, I like the mix of stone and wood.

I love that it has an office that opens right onto the family room and has this great door to the sun-room. It would be a joy to work in here while Mia plays nearby.

This master suite is to die for! I would love this bathroom, my own bathroom...This room is huge and has two closets, my old house doesn't even have one....

Aerial View:

House Number Two (http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj80/CiaoAlora/Sims/House2.jpg) :

I love the architecture of this house, it has so much character. The flat roof and different heights looks amazing! The fenced back yard is nice, plus it has a small enclosed pool. This would be a nice place for raising Mia.

This fireplace is so cozy and really warms up the room, and I like the openness of the layout, with the kitchen, eating area and living-room all together.

Hm, an unfinished basement, well I was really hoping for an office, but it could be expanded in the future.

Aerial View Main Floor:

Aerial View Basement:

House Number Three (http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj80/CiaoAlora/Sims/House3.jpg) :

It seems a bit small from the outside. But it is cute. Looks like a little doll house.

Wow, this bedroom is huge! I do like the generous size of the rooms despite the houses' overall small appearance. But it does not have an office nor does it have the space to add one in the future.

This is the only full bathroom in the house, the other one reminds me of the old houses' bathroom, but this one is amazing! It feels so big and spa-like, I wouldn't mind taking a soak in that tub.

Aerial View Main Floor:

Aerial View Upper Floor:

• What are your thoughts on the houses you saw today?
I wish I would have had a sitter for my daughter, she wanted to play in every single toilet in all the houses we went to today so I had to hold onto her the whole time. My aching back! But other than that, I really enjoyed the house tours. Every house I saw had a neutral color palette, so I could really envision how I would live in the space. It will make it nice for when we move in so that we can put our own personal mark on the house. I liked bits and pieces out of every house I saw, house number one had an amazing layout, it would be perfect for us fight now, house number two however, had a lot of potential for the future even with it's lack of an office space. And house number three was cute and cozy, with over-sized bedrooms which was nice, but was short on expandability.

• How do you feel about leaving your current house?
I can't wait to sign on the dotted line! We are almost finished packing our belongings.

• Which of the 3 houses is your favorite?
I'm really torn between house number one and house number two, both are just so great in their own way, it will make my decision hard.

15th Oct 2008, 5:55 PM
House One

Aerial Views
Ground Floor (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/Sam_Monoceros/Sim%20Competition/HouseOneGround.jpg)
First Floor (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/Sam_Monoceros/Sim%20Competition/HouseOneFirst.jpg)
Roof (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/Sam_Monoceros/Sim%20Competition/HouseOneAerial.jpg)

Exterior Shot

Interior Shots
Alexandria: From the outside this house looks huge. Inside the rooms, for the most part, are medium to small though... It has three bedrooms, which is nice. But I think in the attempt at putting as many special feature rooms in as possible, the main rooms have been downsized. This is the kids' room, but it's so small! This would fit little Banafrit and her crib in but, beyond that? There just isn't space for much else. It's a shame, really because I really like the starlight feel of the room, and so did she.

Alexandria: From a purely luxurious point of view though, this room is amazing! There are three bathrooms in all, one downstairs and a smaller one upstairs with a shower... and then this hot tub. It was a big surprise, and a very nice one too. Still, buying a house just for a hot tub would be a bit silly.

House Two

Aerial Views
Ground Floor (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/Sam_Monoceros/Sim%20Competition/HouseTwoGround.jpg)
First Floor (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/Sam_Monoceros/Sim%20Competition/HouseTwoFirst.jpg)
Roof (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/Sam_Monoceros/Sim%20Competition/HouseTwoAerial.jpg)

Milo: The size of the front garden is...amazing, to put it simply. The back garden is very small, but the front is very large and more than makes up for that. In my opinion, brick houses of this size can sometimes look too imposing and impersonal but this one has a lot of character.
Adam: Exactly right. And inside it was even better. There are many rooms, and the study and living room stretches across the ground and first floor - which means there's plenty of space to just relax and have a moment or two to yourself. In fact, you can see the study just behind me, where Alex is standing inside.

Adam: The current owners of the house are still in the process of moving out, and so some of their furniture is still here. It's very tastefully decorated. I especially like the fireplace and, while smaller than the one at our present home, still adds something to the lower living room.[/B]

Alexandria: As you can probably tell, most of the stuff has been taken from the bedroom so it looks a bit on the empty side at the moment. But it fits things in quite nicely I think...it has this homey cosy feel to it, which I especially like. There's also a private bathroom attached to this bedroom and, from that, a walk in towel room.
Adam: From where I'm stood there's actually a balcony on this, the first floor, peering down into the reception room downstairs. It looks amazing, I have to say. And I checked too...the balcony is reinforced, and the iron banisters are close enough to meet regulation standards. It's perfectly safe.
Alexandria: I know there's still a third house to look at but, I have to say...this is by far my favourite so far. There are three bedrooms and bathrooms, two studies and living rooms, a sizeable dining room, kitchen and informal breakfast room. Then upstairs to the east and west wing two empty rooms to convert into whatever we want!
Milo: If we decide to give Banafrit a sibling or two more, there'd be more than enough room.

House Three

Aerial Views
Ground Floor (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/Sam_Monoceros/Sim%20Competition/HouseThreeGround.jpg)
First Floor (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/Sam_Monoceros/Sim%20Competition/HouseThreeFirst.jpg)
Roof (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/Sam_Monoceros/Sim%20Competition/HouseThreeAerial.jpg)

Alexandria: The main thing we knew about this house was that the previous owners had moved across country after six months of living here, so it was still a very new home. The estate agent said that we'd be wowed by this place but...I wasn't so sure. I'd really liked the second house we explored yesterday, but I kept an open mind.
Milo: With Adam looking after Banafrit for us, we planned to really stroll around this place. I must say, when I first saw the house looming in the distance, it took my breath away. The veranda was very large, and I can imagine a little porch swing standing out there. Unfortunately it wasn't the weather for dilly-dallying too much, so we hurried inside to take a look at the rooms.

Milo: As we stepped inside, I was very much hoping that it wouldn't be like the first house: large from the outside but squashed up rooms inside. Walking past the spiral staircase we made our way into the kitchen. Alexandria and I both love to cook, so a sizeable kitchen is a must for us.
Alexandria: I definitely wasn't disappointed! The kitchen was huge. As well as all the cabinets and usual appliances, there was also a breakfast bar and a formal eating table. What I thought was a very nice touch was the interior window set into the walll; for one very good reason...

Alexandria: It showed off the interior swimming pool. As it turned out, this used to be a garage but the previous owners had no car or motorcycle, and so converted it. There's still plenty of space outside for a driveway, or another extension though, so that isn't of any concern to us.
Milo: I don't swim, but it was certainly a very nice - and unexpected, touch. It would be a great place to teach little little ones how to swim, and I know Alexandria loves to relax in the water.
Alexandria: There are more than enough bedrooms in the house too, all of a decent size; and a spare room that can be converted. The importance of having enough bedrooms was of an even greater impact too, when I found out yesterday that I'm expecting again!
Milo: I think, after this viewing...I have an idea which house we'll be going for...

What are your thoughts on the houses you saw today?
I think you can guess from our commentary just how happy we were with this little gem. I know Alexandria had her heart set on the second house we saw, but I think she may have altered her mind a little bit.

How do you feel about leaving your current house?
From my part, sad I think. We've lived there for so many years now, and it was our first house together...we'd been so lucky to find it initially. But Milo reminded me that it's a necessity that we move, and that house has given us so many happy memories...like our new home will.

Which of the 3 houses is your favourite?
Alexandria: I'm torn between the second one and the third...swaying more toward the latter. Milo adores the third house, and Adam liked the second - but he's pretty giddy about seeing the third too, after the photographs we took. Banafrit...as long as she has her toys, she's happy with any!

15th Oct 2008, 6:12 PM
NB - Please keep in mind that in Europe/Finland these are small to average size homes, they're not considered that teeny. :)

After a very tiresome and randomly rainy/sunny day, all three houses were visited and photos taken. The morning started out at this bungalow on the edge of a hill.

Erin: This is a very nice kitchen, there's a simple galley design, and then an adjoining spot for the kitchen table. It's just too bad the owner didn't get his kitchen built in time (silly Ikea delivery problems, apparently), but the small discount in house price would be nice.*

Johanna: Oh wow, the view from the livingroom is really nice. It's an okay size, and might have space in the corner for my art stuff. It's too bad the second bedroom isn't big enough for guests and art.

We both think the deck is fabulous! But that's quite a drop, wouldn't be good to let anything roll off. *laughter*

Floor plans for house one.

Just before lunch it's off to the second home, just fifteen minutes down the road...

Erin: This backyard is simply stunning. There's enough space for a good midsummer party with a nice pool for cooling off, and it still is rugged enough to not look completely manicured.

Johanna: The sauna is a rather large one as well, which would be good for when we have friends over. And the shower! Room to actually turn around. The only problem is, this part of the house is that little bit that sticks out by the deck. That's a little strange.

Erin: Hmm, this is a nice open livingroom like the first house, though I see in the far corner is the kitchen area. Looks very spacious, and I'm afraid it'll take us a year to get enough furniture to fill it.

Floor plans for house two.

And after a nice light lunch, it's off to the third home, which is a mere twenty minutes from the city centre.

A hot tub on the deck, oh this is definitely a selling point. The space above the door is kind of plain though, but the large living room windows are really nice.

Johanna: Look, a bedroom that we can use as a guest room and also an art studio. Perhaps I'll even let you keep some of your writing books in here, Erin. *winks*

Erin: I quite like this layout, the kitchen is just tucked away from the living room part, but everything is still very open. The masterbedroom being behind me here would make it nice and quiet too. And I love the fireplace, I think we'll be using that quite often in the winter.

Floorplans for house three.

What are your thoughts on the houses you saw today?

We were impressed by all three, to be quite honest. The second house was a little large for our taste, but we could see that it would fit a family perfectly. The first house was smaller and more comfy, with a very nice separate kitchen. The third had a fabulous view, and the layout was more what we were looking for. The saunas in all three were quite nice too, and none of them needed work done, though we will probably be fixing up whichever house we choose to our liking.

How do you feel about leaving your current house?
We'll miss it, of course! Johanna likes the central location for walks, and Erin will miss how close we are to Linnanmäki rollercoaster park.

Erin: Rollercoasters are awesome.
Johanna: There is something wrong with you.

But in any event, we'll miss the convenience of living close to everything, but we think that having more space and a more relaxing surrounding will be much nicer.

Which of the 3 houses is your favorite?
It's a tie between one and two, but we'll have to make lists of pros and cons first to then figure out which one really is best. We have our gut feelings though, and we are trying to day dream and envision living in our soon to be new home and the daily life there.
Johanna: But lists are love, and so there will be lots of lists.

*every time I tried to take the shot with the ceiling in, the appliances disappeared. Just in this house though, hence the "delivery problems"

15th Oct 2008, 6:30 PM
Xavier: Well, after spending hours at the real estate office to see what we qualify for and after looking through so many listings, we've narrowed it down to these three houses.


Floor Plans: First Floor (http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i228/porkypine_2006/Plan1-first-floor.jpg) - Second Floor (http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i228/porkypine_2006/Plan1-second-floor.jpg) - Roof (http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i228/porkypine_2006/Plan1-roof.jpg)

Luz: This first one is so wonderful, we are tempted to just stop looking and get it. They say the new paint job should mellow out to the lighter salmon seen on the advertisement's photo.
Xavier: I love this huge lot. It has fruit trees and space for a nice veggie garden - nothing better than a ripe tomato fresh off the vine! The house is on a corner and I can build my tinkering garage behind the house.
Luz: And I can attach an adjoining room for my hobbies and sewing shop. The One thing I really do not like is that the house is on a slab foundation. From my experience in our current dungeon, it can mildew in damp weather. I'd really like a raised deck in back rather than just a slab patio.
Xavier: Not to mention having to get a jackhammer to tear out the concrete slab to fix plumbing problems! But, I love the real wood floors.

Luz: This kitchen is so huge! We could have our entire family from both sides over at the same time! The dining room is bigger than our old bedroom and kitchen combined. I like the little breakfast nook that sticks out from the house a bit. Unfortunately, it's also the door outside so we'd be squeezing around the table to get out.
Xavier: Wow, a working fireplace!

Luz: Can you believe this Master bedroom! The bathroom is almost decadent! That walk-in closet is as big as our old kitchen!
Xavier: Yea, and I won't bang my shins on the bed anymore trying to squeeze around it. I think I can get used to having space!

Plan 2:

Floor Plans: First Floor (http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i228/porkypine_2006/Plan2-first-floor.jpg) - Second Floor (http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i228/porkypine_2006/Plan2-second-floor.jpg) - Roof (http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i228/porkypine_2006/Plan2-roof.jpg)

Luz: Hmmm... The realtor said this place has been vacant for a few years, but that they've repaired and painted it. The yard is huge but there's hardly any landscaping. At least they've painted it a pretty pink. I like the gingerbread shingles near the roof line.
Xavier: Well, there's plenty of room for a garden, but it will take a few years before fruit trees start producing. The bonus is we won't have to remove any landscaping to build your shop or my tinkering garage. This place has possibilities. Let's see what the inside looks like.

Luz: Wow! This room is huge and purple! I feel like I am in an easter egg... ~laughs~.
Xavier: There's more than enough room for both our families to come over when we have a party. I like that. I just hope this old house doesn't turn into a rotten egg. I hear that domed veranda section out front caved in from termites. If we get this place, we'll need to make sure it is properly inspected. This paint and new carpet may be hiding lots of structural problems.

Xavier: Nice kitchen! I like this layout better than the other place.
Luz: Yea, You don't have to climb over the breakfast table to get out the back door. And, it has a nice big raised deck.


Plan 3:

Floor Plans: First Floor (http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i228/porkypine_2006/Plan3-first-floor.jpg) - Second Floor (http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i228/porkypine_2006/Plan3-second-floor.jpg) - Roof (http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i228/porkypine_2006/Plan3-roof.jpg)

Luz: Ooo... I love the fact that this house is so close to the ocean! And there's a horse pasture in back!
Xavier: Good. It has a double garage and plenty of garden space and it's already nicely landscaped. There's no deck in back though.. It's just steps.

Xavier: Oh man! This bathroom is decadent! I can soak in that tub and relax after a hard day's work. I can get used to this!

Luz: Wow! This is a very nice kitchen! It opens onto the family room - It has a mud room and large pantry! This is fantastic! Plenty of room for entertaining! And that curved stairway on the entry is very welcoming.

What are your thoughts on the houses you saw today?Xavier: I loved the first house and was almost tempted to just take it one the spot! ~~That pond has some really big fish in it. and mature fruit trees! ~~
Luz: I loved the wood floors of the first place but I've had bad experience with concrete slab floors, even though they've laid wooden flooring over it. Slab floors can mildew when the ground is damp.. The second house had that nice raised deck in front and back and it had plenty of room for all our extended family to visit all together at once. However, I was not really fond of the easter egg purple throughout the second house. That old house should have nice wooden floors under it, but they hid it under that pruple carpet.

Xavier: Yes, House 2 is on a huge lot with plenty of room for expansion, but I want to look and see what's hiding underneath that new paint job.I am concerned about that reported roof collapse and wonder what kind of hidden structural problems that old house has. They'd have to cut a deal for us. It was empty for a few years.. There has to be reasons for that. Either it was in probate for a long, long time, or they were asking too much, or, it is damaged.
Luz: Even though house 2 is pretty pink on the outside, I am not crazy about the purple carpet in every room. It does have that wonderful deck though... Eh.. I really don't like the dome though. It's not really to my taste. The yard is terrible, but we can do whatever we want with it.

Xavier: I think I can love house 3! That master bathroom is even better than the first house, it has wooden floors on a raised foundation so it avoids the potential mildew problems Luz fears. the yard is well kept with plenty of room for gardens. There aren't any fruit trees though.
Luz: I like house 3 much better than the other three, except for the lack of a deck. I really like that room above the garage in the attic space.

How do you feel about leaving your current house?Luz: You mean our converted garage? We have absolutely no problem at all leaving out basement corridor! It's hardly room for one person, much less a family. (laughs).Which of the 3 houses is your favorite?Xavier: When I think over all the pros and cons, I think I like House 3 best.
Luz: I think I like house 3 best also. It is similar to house one, but it has a raised foundation. No deck, but that can be built.

15th Oct 2008, 11:13 PM
Should I include an overall shot of the floorplan also?

Ah crap, I knew I forgot something!!! :argh:

15th Oct 2008, 11:16 PM
Just a question...in the rules it says no real photo editing, but I was wondering if we could turn our photos into collages like porkypine did? If so, I may add a couple extra little frames. Good idea, porky. :)

15th Oct 2008, 11:27 PM
Ah crap, I knew I forgot something!!! :argh:

Well, since a lot of you already have your entries in and completed, and since it's my fault that I forgot to state it in the round instructions, no you do not need to include an aerial shot of the floorplans. My apologies for being unorganized. :smash:

But... It's not the deadline yet and those people who see it on time should be able to go back and be able to add that shot. I'd like to do that so you can see the finished house layout and grounds. That would be the 4th image? :D

15th Oct 2008, 11:31 PM
Tyler: I consider it to be beyond basic photoshopping, so if you choose to collage your shots, you will lose points in judging.

Photoshopping is only allowed for basic cropping, sharpening, etc.

15th Oct 2008, 11:42 PM
Tyler: I consider it to be beyond basic photoshopping, so if you choose to collage your shots, you will lose points in judging.

Ok.. It's not the deadline yet... I'll just put in plain shots.... :lol: (My first contest...) I'm just having fun with this and am perhaps being too ambitious on my home building. :lol: I better get a move on... I think house 3 will have to be a brand new, crowded city home with no landscaping at all. :lol:

16th Oct 2008, 2:27 AM
ColdFloral - I too would love to have an extension - I work 10 hr days currently due to being short handed on employees at work - graveyard 8pm to 6am - and with kids to take care of I only have about 1-2 hours a day, if I am lucky, to work on them. An extension of atleast 24 hours would do me though as I am almost done building my third plan.

16th Oct 2008, 2:45 AM
I would also like an extension of the deadline - I'm in the middle of moving! :P If it's not possible I will manage but it would certainly make it a little easier :)

16th Oct 2008, 3:06 AM
Hehe, lots of extensions needed.

Finally finished my homes - I didn't read it right the first time. I thought it said two exterior shots. Oh well, fixed now. I hope it's okay that I linked to the exterior pictures. Please don't judge them, I only kept them to help with the dialogue. Also included a Realtor like on the show - hope that was allowed!

Good luck everyone!

16th Oct 2008, 9:55 AM
But... It's not the deadline yet and those people who see it on time should be able to go back and be able to add that shot. I'd like to do that so you can see the finished house layout and grounds. That would be the 4th image? :D
I don't mind adding an overhead view of the floorplan, especially if there's an extension given.

16th Oct 2008, 3:38 PM
^Me neither, I actually took them when I did the other pictures but didn't add them per the requirements.

16th Oct 2008, 4:12 PM

Hanna: This house is beautiful! I just love the stone archway entrance.
Steve: Yeah it looks wonderful, plus it is very close to work.


Steve: I love this place. The yard is great for Breden and this room is wonderful. What do you think?
Hanna: Well there is not really a dining room, but I like it. I can really see us living in this house.

Hanna: Honey.....Breden found a little problem with this house. The toilet is in a closet. Great for privacy but not so functional with your wheelchair.

Steve: I want this one! It has a fishing pond!
Hanna: Steve, it is farther out of town than we had talked about being.
Steve: True, but it also costs a lot less than the first house we could afford to put a fence up to give Breden a safe play area.
Hanna: It does have a pretty wraparound porch.
Steve: Yep and a FISHING POND!!!



Steve: Well I think Breden likes it. I have to agree with him I love how light and airy this great room is.
Hanna: It does have a very homey feel to it. I’m just still concerned with how far out of town it is.

Steve: Honey, come check out this huge master bedroom. The attached bath is great and very accessible. Plus I think I can see the pond from here.
Hanna: If you don’t hush about that pond I am going to roll you into it! I know you like this place, but we have one more house to see in the morning.

Steve: This place is huge!
Hanna: For the price it should be. I love this brick walkway and the landscape is amazing.


Hanna: Well there is plenty of space here. There is a eat in kitchen and a dining room. I wouldn’t know what to do with all this cabinet space.
Steve: The layout is great, but this backsplash is a bit much.

Steve: This house is amazing. The layout is great, it has bamboo flooring and I love these built-ins.
Hanna: Yeah it seems to have everything we are looking for. I am bit worried about there being space between the back porch and pool to put in a safety fence.

• What are your thoughts on the houses you saw today?
The first house was so adorable, but it didn’t have a real dining area and the master bathroom would have to be remodeled to make it wheelchair friendly.
The second house was really nice, but it was farther out of town than we had really thought about being.
The third house we saw was amazing. The space was laid out in a great plan very wheelchair friendly with lots of space to grow. It is the most expensive home and then there is the issue of the pool and spa. We are not sure how much use we really would get out of them.
• How do you feel about leaving your current house?
Are you kidding we are thrilled! Our current apartment is such a headache we can’t wait for a new start.
• Which of the 3 houses is your favorite?
Right now I think we are leaning toward house three. Although Steve can just see himself fishing with Breden at the house with the pond. I think house three has the best layout.

16th Oct 2008, 8:41 PM
I only have the floor plans for the lot my sims ended up choosing...I deleted two of them. I guess I could rebuild them if you wanted, cold. :)

16th Oct 2008, 9:27 PM

This round has been extended to Saturday, October 18. It ends at 8pm PDT like every round will.

Please everyone also post an aerial shot of the floorplan of each house; those who have already posted their entries should have lots of time to go back ingame and take these extra aerial shots by the deadline.

16th Oct 2008, 9:49 PM
Yippee!! Thanks for the extension! I was thinking that after finding out that lot 2 had termites, I'd have to have my sims visit a partially constructed lot for Plan 3.. :lol: and have to flub some funny caption of them investigating the partially constructed building.. :lol: I was planning my shocked poses for that collapsed veranda roof on plan 2. :D

On the floorplans... Do you want a separate photo for each floor as well as the roof or can we photoshop those into one image? on one of my plans, I have 2 floors, an attic and a roof, so that would be 4 extra images.

:lol: I will post a non-contest blooper page. :D


Before termites:

After Termites

16th Oct 2008, 10:07 PM
I just got my computer back and my sims game is not on it anymore, well actually nothing is and i was letting you know that i had to drop out because of it. Im not sure when the deadline is but if i stayed in i would have to do the family all over again. ( though, they wouldnt look nothing the same). I am sorry for the inconvience, i myself really wanted to do this. I will be watching. ( But a question, if i can get a family and everything made by Saturday can i still participate?)

16th Oct 2008, 10:12 PM
Ok, I've added my aerial views into my round entry.

16th Oct 2008, 10:18 PM
[email protected]@r ?? You are listed as having passed the application round. I would go ahead and see what you can crank out!

:lol: I found that I stayed up way too late last night (1 am) trying to finish house 2 only to have part of the roof collapse on the porch veranda when I moved my sims to the lot. :argh: :doh At that point., I just went to bed. :lol: I hadda get up at 6 am... :lol:

16th Oct 2008, 10:36 PM
Oooh, thank you coldfloral, that's brilliant, I can relax slightly.

Just got the last house to landscape and do all the poses now. Everyone's entries are really cool so far.

16th Oct 2008, 10:36 PM
EDIT: Scratch that! I forgot I packaged the homes. :D!

16th Oct 2008, 11:36 PM
I'm going to pull out from the contest. I don't really have the motivation to rebuild the two homes over - I deleted them after we were originally told we didn't need floor shots when I asked. :(

Good luck. Cold - your PM box is full. ;)

Oh, common!.. Don't quit now! :lol: You made those houses pretty quick. If part of my Plan 2 roof can collapse from termite infestation, (which I have to repair) you can build your houses again.... :lol: (Next time, don't delete your stuff until after the contest is over.) :)

I think I will incorporate that into my plan 2 visit... gotta take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves! :lol:

Cold's mailbox is probably full from all of us whiners begging to extend the build times. :lol:

17th Oct 2008, 1:48 AM
What if our house is multi-level? Do you want an aerial shot of each floor, or just the main one?

17th Oct 2008, 1:57 AM
It says one aerial shot...so I'm guessing the main one. :D

17th Oct 2008, 2:33 AM
I am soo soo soo sorry for being so spacey you guys. The other contests I've run went much smoother, I swear!

I should have stated one aerial photo per floor. Hopefully that many photos can fit into one post... if not I'm sure it'll be ok to double post your images.

I know I've said it a lot already, but again, I apologize for being a ditz thus far.

17th Oct 2008, 2:39 AM
(Ignore the lack of furnishing in the aerials of the first and third houses- I had already moved them out, and the furnishing went along with. Also, I kept getting the 175k message with the aerials coded into the post, so I made them links. I hope that's okay!)

We now join our family on my personal favorite day- House hunting day! Today the couple will see three beautiful homes, and hopefully something will catch their fancy!

House 1
Aerial ground (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f153/UnderTheJackalMoon/House%20hunters/Sims2EP52008-10-1617-56-47-40.jpg)
Aerial main (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f153/UnderTheJackalMoon/House%20hunters/Sims2EP52008-10-1617-56-51-88.jpg)
Aerial second (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f153/UnderTheJackalMoon/House%20hunters/Sims2EP52008-10-1617-56-56-65.jpg)

Penny: Coleen, look! An orange tree!
Coleen: That looks great, honey, but I'm not sure about all these stairs... Especially if we're going to have a little one around.

Penny:Oh... My... God! This bathroom! It's huge! The toilet's in a separate room! Two sinks! Hallelujah!

Coleen: This rec room is great! We could get a pool table, my treadmill, Penny's piano, if it doesn't fit in the study... I'm starting to feel like it totally makes up for those killer stairs.

House 2
Aerial (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f153/UnderTheJackalMoon/House%20hunters/Sims2EP52008-10-1618-00-58-04.jpg)
Aerial second (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f153/UnderTheJackalMoon/House%20hunters/Sims2EP52008-10-1618-01-04-25.jpg)

Coleen: Oh, dear lord... This home looks a *bit* too big on the outside...

Penny: A family room with a fireplace! This'll be an excellent formal space for holidays with the family.

Coleen: I am loving this double sink thing... And that corner tub! How wonderful is that?!

House 3
Aerial (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f153/UnderTheJackalMoon/House%20hunters/Sims2EP52008-10-1617-58-44-54.jpg)

Penny: Oh... This garden's a little boring. Uprooting all those ugly bushes will certainly be a job, and I don't know if I can do it... After all, they're pretty big and probably very much rooted to the spot.
Coleen: Maybe so, but... No stairs! Single story house! The yards are kind of tiny, though.

Coleen: We have a sunroom! It's nice in here, but the lot's so small for the house...

Penny: The kitchen is huge! It's so beautiful and full of light!

What are your thoughts on the houses you saw today?
Penny: I think the least likely candidate is house number 3. I just wasn't feeling that whole stucco-on-the-edge-of-town thing. They were all beautiful, though!
Coleen: I personally loved all three houses. They all have decent room for expansion (though we won't need it with house number two- WOWZA that place was huge!) so I'm happy.

How do you feel about moving?
Coleen: I won't miss it. Not one bit.
Penny: I was getting a little sick of shack myself, to be honest. I don't think I'll miss it too much.

Which of the three homes is your favorite?
Penny: If I could have house number two with house three's kitchen and house one's study, I would be the happiest woman alive. As it stands, both houses one and two have caught my eye. Either could be "the one."
Coleen: Well, none of the three had my dream pool, but house number two's neighbors have themselves a great little backyard, complete with greenhouse, hot tub, and swimming pool. It's also on the busier side of town, much farther from our current residence and more into the center of the county. It's closer to both the area public and private schools.

17th Oct 2008, 12:34 PM
Are we going to get points deducted for not having furniture in our aerials? Hopefully not. :|

17th Oct 2008, 3:34 PM
Round 1 – Charlie Henry – House Shopping

Monday 8 am – Charlie gets a call from Bette Vargus at House Hunters Realty Show – she has a house for Charlie and Shakespeare to visit after work today. Bette says the first house is a Craftsman’s Cottage and is located at 3256 Oakridge Drive. Bette emails Charlie a photo of the exterior of the home and the layout and lets her know that unfortunately she has another engagement and Charlie will need to visit this place without her.

House 1 – 3256 Oakridge Drive. 2BR 3 bath with den and formal dining room. Cost: $120,027 View 1 (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3206/2949548896_e89e7ebfbc_o.jpg) View 2 (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3217/2949548850_0ef700c4a4_o.jpg)


Charlie: “Wow! This layout looks amazing! I hope the gardens are just as colorful when we visit!”

Charlie arrives home from work at 3:30, excited about her first home visit. She rushes into the apartment and takes a shower. Shakespeare is just as excited to be going for a car ride. At 4:15, Charlie and Shakespeare are on their way to view the Craftsman’s Cottage.


Charlie: “Wow! This place is huge! And it’s a bit more expensive than I envisioned spending too! The gardens are over the top – colorful and look -the place has a sprinkler system built in! That should save hours of time in watering the flowers. Shakespeare, lets take a look inside.”


Charlie: “The den is super nice. It has an open walk-in closet where I could store my tons of books and a great spot for a window seat. I think I could turn this room into a really nice library. I really like the walls! What a yummy color – chocolate!”


Charlie: “The master suite is amazing! The bathroom has plenty of space to give Shakespeare a bath when needed. And look at the recessed lighting above these his and her sinks! The walk-in shower is really cool and the toilet has its own little private room! The walk-in closet is amazing too! I can’t believe this place – it’s completely awesome!

View Charlie in the kitchen. (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3048/2948695111_a29e0c53b5_o.jpg)

Charlie: “The kitchen is amazing as well! It has a walk in pantry, beautiful windowed wall between the great room and kitchen, and a cozy breakfast area with plenty of lighting and a view of the back yard. And this place definitely has the formal dining room I wanted.”

View Charlie on the back patio. (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3230/2949549160_784023e4e0_o.jpg)

Charlie: “The only thing I don’t like about this house, besides the huge price tag, is that there is no pond in the back yard. I was hoping for a pond or lake. My dad really loves to fish and it would be an extra excuse for him to visit me more than twice a year! I also love to hear the frogs croaking just before sunrise when the rest of the world is still sleeping. I seem to get lots of writing done at that time. Well Shakespeare, I like this house – but I am just not sure. It is really huge and more than I expected to spend too! Let’s wait for Bette to call with another place to look at – keep our options open.”

Wednesday 10 am: Bette calls bright and early with a house to visit at 2935 Louisville Circle Drive. She assures Charlie that this house has what she is looking for and is priced the lowest she has ever seen for a place such as this. They agree to meet at 4:15 pm in front of the house for a tour. Charlie checks her email and finds the layout and photos of the place.

House 2 – 2935 Louisville Circle Dr. – 2 BR & Den, Walk-in Closet and semi formal dining - $67,763 View 1 (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3228/2948694603_f1072f9245_o.jpg) View 2 (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3043/2949548654_300d8a9ab9_o.jpg) View 3 (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3049/2948694697_caf0cc7fb6_o.jpg)


Charlie: “This is exciting! According to the photos, which I hope are not that old, there is a lake! And look at the price! It really is as reasonable as Bette mentioned. I can’t wait to see it!”


Wednesday 4:15 pm: Bette meets Charlie and Shakespeare outside the house just as it begins to rain. Bette runs ahead into the house while Shakespeare and Charlie explore the exterior of the house.

Charlie: “Those photos were recent! This is awesome. The garden is perfect – not too much for one person to take care of. Shakespeare, let’s go look at the lake!”

View Charlie at the lake. (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3285/2949692186_312c749595_o.jpg)

Charlie: “Oh wow! The water is so clean! Look! I can see the fish swimming around in the lake! Fishing here is going to be great! Dad will love visiting now! And this yard is so perfectly peaceful! Not nearly as busy as the apartment – very inspiring!

Shakespeare: “Woof”

Charlie plays a quick game of fetch with Shakespeare in the back yard before walking in through the patio doors into the kitchen.


Charlie: “The kitchen is awesome! And it has a pantry and an island stove too! The dining room isn’t nearly as formal as the last house – but you know what, I like it better. This way I can be closer to my guests while I entertain and cook. More formal dinner parties would be better at a fancy restaurant anyway.”


Charlie: “Oh my gosh! Look! A fireplace in the great room! I love it! It isn’t over-powering the great room like at the first house. I feel like writing already!

Charlie: “You know Bette, this house has everything I am looking for. The bathrooms are big enough plus everything is my favorite color, green, and the price is more than reasonable. I don’t really need to see anything else, I am almost sure this is the house for us.”

Bette: “You should really look at one more before you make this big decision. And while you were at work today, I found another to show you. Here is a folder of photos and a layout for you to take a look at. This next house is smaller than the other two, but it still costs a bit more than this last house you looked at.

House 3 – 9052 Alpine Drive – 2 bedroom 2 bath loft house with newly added detached garage, upper deck, and expanded upstairs bathroom. - $71,258 View 1 (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3254/2948695169_17185fb63d_o.jpg)View 2 (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3015/2949548432_d011581ace_o.jpg)


View 2nd Level (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3174/2949549024_456b706073_o.jpg)

Charlie: “Wow Bette, you’re prepared! When do we visit this next house?”

Bette: “If you have time, we can drive over now.”

Charlie: “Sounds great! Let’s do it! Shakespeare! Let’s go buddy!”

Charlie, Shakespeare, and Bette drive 15 minutes to the last home on Bette’s list. It’s not as large as the other two and according to the layout, Charlie does not see a formal, or even semi-formal, dining room. It looks really rustic though, even more so than the other two homes.


Charlie: “Wow, look at that huge deck! And the gardens are beautiful!”

Bette: “That was a recent add-on. It wasn’t in the original plans but the owner wanted to be able to view the valley and open up this side of the house with a few more windows. Since they were already building the garage, they decided to add the deck at the same time. They removed a 2nd closet in the upstairs bedroom in order to put in a sliding glass door. “

Charlie: “I can see why he wanted the deck, that view is amazing from down here. I can’t wait to see it from up on the deck. I can just imagine watching the sun rise on the deck with a hot cup of java.”

View Charlie on the back patio. (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3276/2949548370_60bcb25e3a_o.jpg)

Charlie: “This patio is really nice! I love the masonry. While I don’t see a lake or pond, the yard is still really nice. It’s very woodsy and secluded. I would certainly have plenty of privacy and could install a hot tub.”


Charlie: “The kitchen is disappointing. I really don’t like it. While it is cozy and would be good for only one person, it just doesn’t have the space for even a semi-formal dinner.”


Charlie: “The bathroom in this place is plenty big for giving Shakespeare a bath. And look, there is even shelving area to keep my towels right in the bathroom. That is very nifty!”

Bette: “Charlie, there is another bathroom upstairs next to the upstairs bedroom. When the deck was added on, they expanded that bathroom as well. It used to only have a shower area, now it has a tub and shower. No more waiting for the shower when you have weekend guests!”

Charlie: “Oh that is great! My dad hates driving in the dark, which is another reason he rarely visits. In my apartment I had no where for him to sleep other than the couch and Shakespeare would never let him get any rest! Then to have to share that tiny bathroom with no shower...lets just say we were both grumpy for the first few hours of the day! Let’s go upstairs and check out that deck!”

View Charlie on the upstairs deck. (http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2123/2948694457_03582d5f2a_o.jpg)

Charlie: “That bedroom was a nice size. And this deck is amazing, I can see the bell-tower of the town hall all the way from up here when I look through my binoculars. The deck is a major selling point!”

Bette: “I thought you would like it, which was why I wanted you to see it.”

Charlie: “Well Bette, I need to really think about which of these houses I really like. I will call you first thing in the morning with my decision.”

Bette: “Thanks Charlie! The sooner the better, these houses are hot and won’t be on the market long!”

• What are your thoughts on the houses you saw?
House 1 was huge and had a huge price tag to go with it. It did have the formal dining room but was missing a lake. The gardens were really over the top – I don’t foresee me using the greenhouse much as I am not really a gardener. The rest of the house was awesome. I loved the chocolate plaster walls and the big window between the great room and kitchen. The master suite was amazing, I would so feel like a princess with all of that space! I really enjoyed the den as well...I can just see all my books in that closet.

House 2 was perfect and the price tag was even less than I planned to spend leaving me more money for decorating. I totally loved the lake in the back yard. With this house, my dad can visit for a week at a time and we won't get annoyed with one another. He will have plenty to do with fishing and hanging out with Shakespeare. The kitchen and dining room was exactly what I was looking for. I loved the pantry and that the garage was backed right up to the kitchen. Bringing in the groceries will be much easier here. I can really see myself not only entertaining in this house but also writing some great best sellers!

House 3 was awesome as well. It was smaller than house 2, and cost a few thousand more because of the recent renovations – bathroom remodel, deck, and garage. The renovations were a great addition to the house, its really a good buy. The yard was good – it was very spacious but it didn’t have a lake. I could see myself writing here, it's so peaceful. The deck, with it's view, is inspiring in itself. The kitchen was way too small for me – it was an eat-in kitchen and there was no dining room at all. I would really have to plan my entertainment for the weather as I would have to have dinner parties on the patio.... That isn’t a bad idea, really, but I think I would much rather have options.

All three houses had bathroom space galore! Shakespeare appreciated that for sure. I don’t think I will see him barking at the sink, trying to get it to move, in any of these houses.

• How do you feel about leaving your current house?
I am really ready to move, as I am sure Shakespeare is too. He has no room to really run around and play and I am dying for a quiet place to call my own. While I love my neighbors dearly, they seem to come over all the time. Living further away from them will assure that I am able to finish future book deals without interruption or delays. Besides...with all the extra space living in one of these homes, I can invite them over when ever I want! Having a spare bedroom will be a luxury as well and I know my dad will love it.

• Which of the 3 houses is your favorite?
I loved all three houses and choosing is really tough! My most favorite of all of them is house 2. It had all the features I wanted and more! And with it being well below the price range I had planned I can begin to put together a real library...I need to get the shelves ordered, a new desk, a new up-to-date computer! Oh wow! I am so excited. I can’t wait to sign and move in!

17th Oct 2008, 4:11 PM
After much deliberation and fussing, we've made our minds up and decided to look at these three houses. We've only seen some plans and we're impressed so far. Really can't wait to see the real thing.

House One


The family: WOW!! Are you sure this the right house? It's beautiful, we really can't believe this is in our budget. Just amazing. Can't wait to get inside and take a proper look around.


Eric: Look at all this space to play in, this place is soo cool. Can we move in tomorrow? Pleeeeeaaaassseeee.


Laura: My word, I'm rather overwhelmed by everything, it's amazing. Totally not something I would have thought was possible.




House Two


Isabel: Oooh, it's sooo cute, I love it already. The blue is so pretty.


Ollie: The plenty of room here for the entire family be in here comfortably. Although I'm a tad worried about the dining room.


Eric: Dad won't let me slide down the bannister, hmmph. It's so high up there, perfect for sliding.




House Three


Laura: This is lovely. Look at the garden, it's gorgeous, although I don't know if I would be able to keep it looking that good. Dear, we're going to have to employ a gardener!
Ollie: Why darling? They only need a bit of water and a prune every so often.
Laura: Ollie!


Isabel: I've already chosen my room, it's huuuuge, and the wardrobe is so big, I'm going to have to go shopping to fill it. Daa-ad.


Laura: Oh, this bathroom is beautiful, so bright and airy.




What are your thoughts on the houses you saw today?

Laura: They were all amazing, the first one I thought was totally out of our league. I was flabbergasted, I don't think there was anything wrong with it. The rooms were huge and there was also plenty of room outside for Eric.
Ollie:] The second house was again beautiful, but both Laura and I decided that some of the rooms were a bit smaller than what we had in mind.
Laura: The third house was just as lovely, the landscaping was splendid, and the rooms were mainly the right size, although the family bathroom let it down somewhat.

How do you feel about leaving your current house?

Isabel: I can't wait, I'm getting claustrophobic and I'm desperate for more space.
Ollie: I have mixed feelings, I'm sad because this is where our children were born and it's the first house Laura and I bought as a couple. But I'm also excited, I'm certainly looking forward to more room and a separate area for my work.

Which of the 3 houses is your favorite?

Eric: The first one because the back garden is huuuuugggeeeeee.
Laura: The first house was is exactly what I had in mind, has everything we're looking for.
Isabel: I like the third one because I have such cool plans for that room.
Ollie: Sorry Isabel, I think you've been outvoted. I'm in with your mother, the first house was perfect and was the one that stood out the most.

17th Oct 2008, 11:52 PM
Tyler: I'm not sure what you mean; your aerials look just fine, since the only way the houses should be furnished are the rooms that come furnished when you buy a house, like the bathrooms and kitchen.

18th Oct 2008, 12:40 AM

Harriet ~ "When I first saw the first house, I wasn't all that impressed. It wasn't all the great looking and the front yard was pretty small."


Jack ~ "but looks can be deceiving. We were surprised by the huge backyard and what a view! We could see the small town of Bluewater in the distance and even bits of the ocean as well. The boys made ready use of the backyard tossing the football around while we checked out the rest of the house. Downstairs, I found a sports room and a bar! How perfect for throwing those sport parties!"


Harriet ~ "The main floor was wide open with windows facing the amazing view in the backyard. The kitchen was average sized but the decoration wasn't too my taste. Still it's nice and it is roomier than what we had with a lot more cabinet space. The island in the middle is awesome, I've always wanted an island.
I say with some redecorating, this house holds a lot of potential for us!"

Main level



Harriet ~ "Wow! What amazing landscaping! Who ever lived here had a real green thumb! I know I said I wanted to try my hand at gardening but this may be too much for me."

Jack ~ "I don't like the fact the house is surrounded by streets on 3 sides of the lot...but the backyard is huge and it is fenced in.


Jesse ~ "A pool!! Mom, Dad a pool!!"

Harriet ~ "It's nice that it has a green house already set up...I just don't know."


Harriet ~ "The master bed & bath is much bigger than what we have but the other rooms in the house are a bit tight and there's only 2 bedrooms so the twins would have to share a room. With a baby on the one, this house already feels a bit crowded. I do love the interior design though! It has an english cottage feel to it. Some of the appliances in the kitchen are out of date though."

Jack ~ "Oh wow! Honey I'll have my own workshop in the garage and I do love the idea of having a garage."

Harriet ~ "All though the rooms are smaller than we'd like, there is plenty of room for expanding if we wanted to. It's definitely a house worth considering."



Harriet ~ "Wow...I am speechless. This house is beyond what I was expecting."

Jack ~ "The curb appeal is certainly there and I like the pond...but this one seems to have a smaller yard then the other 2 homes."


Harriet ~ "An open floor plan again with a huge kitchen! By far the biggest one then the others. I love the fireplace in the living area and I can see the beautiful yard work from the windows which is really relaxing. I also love the decorating done in here, it's very homey."


Jack ~ "The master bathroom is huge! Plenty of room for Harriet and I to move around and with our own sinks too. There's enough bedrooms upstairs that the twins can each have their own rooms and Harriet can set up an actual nursery room for the baby which she'll love doing that project."


first floor

second floor

1. What are your thoughts on the houses you saw today?
Harriet ~ "I loved the house plans, each had their pros and cons and it's going to be really difficult to decide on which one will work the best for us."

2. How do you feel about leaving your current house?
Jack ~ "I'm ready to move somewhere where there's a little more elbow room and me and the boys can really have some quality time playing sports. I will be further away from my work place but I think it will be well worth it."

3. Which of the 3 houses are your favorite?
Harriet ~ "I loved all 3 houses for one reason or another...but I have to say I really loved the 3rd one. It held a lot of charm, plenty of room for all of us and with enough yard space for my 3 Jacks' to play in, haha. It wasn't overbearing on the landscape either as the 2nd house was."

Jack ~ "The third house was really nice but I like the first house for that sports room & bar and for that magnificent backyard and amazing views."

Twins in unison ~ "The 2nd house for the pool!!"

19th Oct 2008, 2:21 AM
With much sadness and despair, I must drop out of this contest; my game is crashing and my hubby recommends I do a complete re-install of the base game plus expansions. :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep:

Everyone has such great houses and storylines! Even though I can no longer participate, I will definitely be following along on the sidelines.

19th Oct 2008, 2:59 AM
House Number One (http://www.theplancollection.com/house-plans/home-plan-9539/big-images/#home-plan-image-23087)

Aerial View

Exterior View
Ella: Whoa, mom, daddy, look at this house! It's HUGE!
Kate: It is very big! And wow, look at that landscaping.
Ben: We don't have anywhere near enough furniture to fill this place.
This is practically a mansion! Hmm, where's my limo driver? ;)

Interior Shot Number One
Kate: I could definitely see myself in this kitchen... Though with triplets
I'm not so sure how much cooking I'll be doing for a while.

Interior Shot Number Two
Ben: This office is perfect. Right off the master suite and far away from the
commotion of the kitchen and kid's rooms.
Ella: Daddy, do you really think I'll want to play office any less just because you're far away? ;)
Ben: You'll be too busy in the pool to even consider it!

House Number Two (http://www.eplans.com/image-gallery.hwx/Q/Plan.HWEPL04711/ImageId.78050)
Lower Level (http://www.eplans.com/image-gallery.hwx/Q/Plan.HWEPL04711/ImageId.78500) Upper Level (http://www.eplans.com/image-gallery.hwx/Q/Plan.HWEPL04711/ImageId.75213)

Aerial View Downstairs

Aerial View Upstairs

Exterior View
Kate: This house certainly has some charm.
Ella: Look at me!!! This house has a really cool porch that goes all the way down the side over there!
Ben: Are you sure you're not going to cry since this one doesn't have a pool?
Ella: Oh, daddy, don't be so silly. You can just build me one!
Ben: You can always dream, little princess :)

Interior Shot Number One
Ben: Honey, look at this gorgeous master suite...
...I bet you wouldn't mind spending some romantic nights here!
Kate: If you keep rubbing my back, I'll never want to leave this house!

Interior Shot Number Two
Ella: Dad, mom, come here! Look, a green kitchen. It looks nice I guess... but kitchens are boring.

House Number Three (http://www.theplancollection.com/house-plans/home-plan-24086/big-images/#home-plan-image-71259)

Aerial View

Exterior View
Ben: The house itself has great curb appeal, though the lawn and landscaping need a little work.
Kate: I agree, it would require more landscaping work than the other two. I do like this stone driveway and front path.

Interior Shot Number One
Ella: Mommy, can I have this bedroom? It's already painted
my favorite color, blue, and I can see the pool from my windows!

Interior Shot Number Two
Kate: This kitchen is more modern than the other two.
Ben: And nice and bright. I like the yellow paint!
Ella: Even Chestnut the cat likes it :)

Hi everyone! We'd like to give Bette Vargas a huge thank you for suggesting such lovely homes for us to check out.

Lets go over the three houses we saw today.
(+ for an attribute our family finds positive, - for one we dislike)

House Number One
-Was huge; probably too big for us
+Had great landscaping
+Had a pool for Ella
+Was only one story, which is a plus with the triplets coming
+Had a designated study
-Was the most expensive of the three

House Number Two
-Was a little on the small side.
+Had great landscaping
-Had no pool, though room was available to add one
-Had stairs

House Number Three
+Had a pool
-Had poor landscaping
+Was one story
+Great deck out back

Our thoughts on the houses we saw today:
Ben: I loved the study in house number one, and the wraparound porch as well as the charm of house number two.
Kate: I agree with Ben about the charm of house number two, however, there's no way I'm lugging three newborns up and down those stairs all day. I was particularly fond of the cheerful kitchen in house number three. With some decorating, I could easily see that kitchen being the life of the house.
Ella: I liked house number three! It had the best pool and a BLUE bedroom!

As you can see, we have quite a bit to discuss before we make any decisions! Hopefully we'll be able to figure out what will be best for our family long-term.

Our thoughts about leaving our current house:
Ben: I will miss so many thing about our house. Not!
Kate: Oh, come on, Ben! It was our first home.. There are so many memories we've created in this house. This is where we brought Ella home to!
Ben: I know, I really will miss it. But it is time to move on.
Ella: I like my room now.. but I won't miss the pool...
Kate: We know, sweetie!

Our favorite house is...
Ben: One! No, two. Ahh..
Kate: One!
Ella: Three!

19th Oct 2008, 4:00 AM
Alright, time's up!

Those who have posted incomplete entries will be judged on what they have posted.

I'll be PM-ing the judges now, and will post the round 2 info shortly.

19th Oct 2008, 4:33 AM
Kewl! I made my last entry just in time and fixed that last typo (I hope I got them all!) :lol:

Now that Round 1 is closed, can we start on Round 2 now? (I wanna get working on it while aI have my weekend off. :beer: )

19th Oct 2008, 8:24 PM

It's time to choose which house your Sims have decided to purchase!

This round will consist of 5 photos and captions:
3 photos of your family members packing up their belongings. At least 1 family member must be in each photo.
1 photo of your family outside their old house, saying farewell and thanks for the memories.
1 photo of your family outside their new house with some of their belongings.

Please answer the following questions:
- What made you choose this house over the other 2?
- Are there any changes or renovations you would like to see occur at your new house?
- Do you have any plans to purchase new furniture or decorations for your new house?

This round will run from Oct. 19 to the 25.

A countdown clock to the end of this round can be found here. (http://www.timeanddate.com/counters/customcounter.html?month=10&day=25&year=2008&hour=20&min=00&sec=00&p0=256)

19th Oct 2008, 8:37 PM
Everyone's entries for round one were great! Round two looks great coldfloral, :) goodluck everyone.

19th Oct 2008, 11:36 PM
Packing up and moving out


Jaina Harris: Yay! We're almost done! Gotta carry these boxes out and have them loaded!


Sylvia Harris: Wee...I love packing up toys. I can't wait to get some more!


James O'Reily (Realtor turned lover) : This all you have, Jaina?

Jaina Harris: Luckily, yeah. Only a few boxes...Sylvie, c'mon. Thank you again for all the help, James. We need to say goodbye to Mr. Meadows.

Saying goodbye...unsuccessfully.


Jaina Harris: Thank you for ever...

Alvan Meadows (Apartment Owner) : Get out, get out. After all we've done for you...you leave!

Jaina Harris: Oh whatever, c'mon, Sylvia - we have better things awaiting us.

Dream home...here we come!


Jaina Harris: After all the drama..moving only took a day with help from James...we didn't really have much. It was only one trip in the moving truck!

Sylvia Harris: Yay! We're finally done. Let's go play in our yard, mommy!

Jaina Harris: Not yet, dear. We need to unpack the little we DID have.


What made you choose this house over the other 2?

Jaina Harris: All three houses were beautiful, but this one just had some...coziness to it that the others did not. When we stepped inside the log cabin home, I fell in love. The doorways, the windows and the designs inside reflected the homes beautiful style. The house had a lot of things we wanted. The elevated dining area is especially beautiful.

Sylvia Harris: It had a big backyard! Mommy said we can finally get a puppy!

Jaina Harris: Hehe, yeah...Sylvie finally has room for her dream puppy! It didn't have a pool for Sylvia, but that's always something that can be added in the future if we want. I couldn't dream of a better space for entertaining outdoors - it's lovely. Inside we have an extra bedroom and a den...and we have the unfinished basement to work with. So much space, I'm so excited!

Are there any changes or renovations you would like to see occur at your new house?

Sylvia Harris: I hope we get a pool...

Jaina Harris: Someday, dear. Of course there are changes we'd like to do. This house is wonderful as it is...but there are some things we can do to take it to the next level. I think we are leaving the upstairs as is - the bonus room could be turned into a lovely den for our family. Downstairs we're going to finish the basement and add a bathroom, maybe an office, a small gym, and an entertaining area. On the main level...we are planning on reducing the utility room and adding a bathroom. We're also making the existing bathroom part of a new suite downstairs for Sylvie. The extra bedroom will be turned into a guest bedroom...we think! So many things to do, we're truly excited for it all!

Do you have any plans to purchase new furniture or decorations for your new house?

Jaina Harris: Of course! Our old home would fit into our new kitchen...

Sylvia Harris: I am going to buy lots of toys to fill my new room!

Jaina Harris: Something you definitely deserve, dear. We've taken out a loan for some new furniture and decor. I want to keep the cozy feel. I've never had the chance to decorate anything like this before - it will be a blast!

20th Oct 2008, 5:53 AM
Luz: My goodness! Is everything out of the cabinets?

Xavier: Come on down plants. We're moving to a nice big place with plenty of light and fresh ocean air! You won't have to be all squished up in this tiny yard any longer. You'll have sunshine all day long, not just in the morning. I can't wait to get working on my garden!

Luz: Hmmm. Am I forgetting anything? It's not like we had much space to store things. I forgot about the gnome and that Christmas house! It's funny how you forget about stuff that is stowed away.

Luz: Oh my! You're so tired, Felicia! I want to thank all of you for helping us move. We really appreciate it. ~laughs~ I had no idea we had this much clutter! Well, we can rest up at the barbeque at the new place. We ordered a hot tub and it should already be installed. It will be good to soak in later. This isn't goodbye, you know. We expect you to visit us at our new place.

Luz: Well... Here we are at the new place! All this stuff yet we hardly have any furniture. Now I can start getting the baby's room ready! We better hustle and get this stuff inside before any rain comes. The sky is clear right now but that can change before we're done. I don't know where Xavier hid all his gardening stuff but there sure is a lot of it. ~laughs~
Xavier: I have a place to hang my hubcaps! I've been waiting to put them on my restored car!... Now all I have to do is get to restoring it!
Luz: I can see the struggle now. Classic car restoration - garden - car restoration - garden. ~laughs~

* What made you choose this house over the other 2?
Xavier: We had a long discussion about the pros and cons of each place. I really liked house 1 because of the mature fruit trees which house 3 didn't have.
Luz: But I really did not want that slab floor even if it had wood flooring overlaid on it.
Xavier: Neither place had a raised deck, but that can be built better at house 3. I think the wooden floors on a raised foundation and that nice master bath, the huge yard and the garage made the sale.
Luz: And the ocean view. They all had garages. I think I really like the curved stairway in the entry. It's very inviting.
Xavier: House 2 had the big deck that Luz wanted and large rooms for family and visitors but the yard was a disaster not to mention our concerns for that collapsed pergola on the veranda.
Luz: Even though it was a pretty pink on the outside, the purple carpet in the entire house was a bit overkill. Old places like that should have great wooden and tiled floors. I hate to think what they're hiding under that carpet.

* Are there any changes or renovations you would like to see occur at your new house?
Xavier: In the future, we may expand that finished attic space over the garage into a real room. Right now, you can really only stand up near the center of the room and that sloping roof to the floors will end up just being a catch all for clutter. We'd probably keep the front the same and just standardize the height on the backside of the house. I'd like to build a greenhouse also.
Luz: I'd like to have a deck built and a hobby shack for my pottery.

* Do you have any plans to purchase new furniture or decorations for your new house?
Luz: Oh yes! We hardly have any furniture! Our old furniture will move to the guest room and the old metal dining table to the workshop. Plus, we have to fix up the baby's room. I am not sure how I want to decorate it ... I'll need to shop around.
Xavier: I'm going to fix up my garage so I can work on restoring by diamond in the rough. I can't wait! We couldn't work on cars at our old apartment. The tenant contract forbade it.

20th Oct 2008, 2:32 PM
I wanted to apologize for not getting my pictures in on time. We had a death in the family, and I had to leave town unexpectedly. Everyone's entries are really good. It's a great contest!!

20th Oct 2008, 5:16 PM
We are making a lot of progress on getting everything packed up. I would be making more progress if Breden would stop helping me though…

I can’t believe how much stuff we had in this one bedroom apartment. It will be so nice to have a room just for our office at the new house. And yes your right...I am stuck in here.

My sweet yet lazy brother and nephew were nice enough to offer to help us move the big stuff. We made the mistake of trying to move out during a baseball game though so not much moving is going on.

Our landlord and some of our neighbors were nice enough to give us a going away gift.

I love our new house it is going to be a perfect place to have friends and family over. My sister-in-law has already said we should host Thanksgiving this year.

* We chose this home because it had a very accessible layout while still having a very homey feel to it. We were worried about it being farther out than the other homes we looked out but it turns out it is still less than a ten mile drive to work. The other two homes were great but one was not accessible and the other home was just bigger than we really wanted.
* The only changes we are going to make is to put a fence up around the backyard so Breden can have a play area where we won’t have to worry about him getting in the pond.
* We will be having to buy a ton of new furniture. Since we only had a one bedroom apartment we never bothered buying any furniture we just used what we had. We can’t wait to actually have our home expresses our own personal taste.

20th Oct 2008, 8:51 PM
Cute story W8tin! I like the lazy brothers... :beer:

20th Oct 2008, 9:33 PM
Looking good so far you guys!

I've only heard back from 1 judge. I will be contacting a couple EJs in the next day if I don't hear back from my judges by then.


21st Oct 2008, 1:15 AM
Thanks porkypine..trust me they are inspired by what my den looked like this weekend. :D

21st Oct 2008, 7:45 AM
While the Dyson's contracted people to work on their new house, Ben and Kate
decided to work on their old house before putting it on the market. It needed a lot of work!
Ben painted and Kate gardened (http://img208.imageshack.u/my.php?image=dysonoldhouse1zc7.jpg). Kate cleaned (http://img444.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dysonoldhouse2tm8.jpg) the house top to bottom while Ben was finishing up.

Finally, the place was ready to be packed up. Needless to say, Ella was a huge help!
Ella: Dad is busy packing up the kitchen, and mom is too tired to do much so I get to pack
my room all by myself! I'm going to help Daddy with everything!

A few hours later...
Ella: Well, okay, maybe not everything...

And a few more hours pass...
Ben:Just a few more boxes and we'll be finished. Ella, off the couch.
Ella:We're moving! And there's a pool! Pool, pool, I want to go swimming!
Kate: Ella, sweetie, will you please settle down for a bit? I'm so worn out.. I'd love a nap... Zzzzz..

Ben: Take one last look before we go.
Kate: The paint looks so nice, Ben. We should have done that before we left.
Ben: But we have a new house for you to decorate!
Kate: I can't wait!
Ella: Lets go!

Ella:We're here!!!!


We chose this house over the others because...

-This house was the largest, although it was the most pricey, but this seemed to be the best long term solution. We'd prefer to have a large house that we can grow into rather than one we'd outgrow in just a few years.

-It had a large backyard already with a pool and plenty of room for a play set and/or greenhouse.

-The study was absolutely perfect for Ben's needs, and since our income is dependent on his job performance, meeting his needs are extremely important!

We're making many renovations at the new house, including:

-Adding another bathroom. We already had one master bath, one bathroom for the 3 bedrooms, and the pool bath, but there was not one that seemed to be perfect for guests or convenient while working in the kitchen.

-Breaking up the overly large formal living room by adding a small fitness room. Since Ben's going to have more hours at home and Kate's going to want to work off that pregnancy weight eventually, we figured it would be a great addition.

-New paint in a few rooms

-New built in cabinetry in the dining room

-Installing a play set for Ella (and someday the babies will enjoy it too :))

Our decorating plans...

-We'll use our old living room set in our new family room, adding some new pieces since we don't have nearly enough to fill such a large room! Ben was like a little kid in a candy store when he went to Best Buy and picked out an incredible 73" television. Hopefully he won't get distracted away from his work by it!

-We'll also use our old bedroom set. We don't have to buy much more for that room. We painted the master bedroom a perfect blue to match our blue bedspread and accessories.

-We've picked out a new formal living room set in a beautiful cream color, as well as oak side tables and a coffee table.

-Ben has already picked out an entirely new office set with a gorgeous mahogany finish. All he had before was a desk that was way too small to properly accommodate him, so this should be a great change. It is going to be delivered tomorrow!

-Kate is expected to be on bed rest for the last month of her pregnancy, so we have a ton to do in the nursery! We'll need.. well, everything! We also changed the paint from peach to a gender-neutral color.


We can't wait to show you around once we're done with everything. But no peeking for now, we have work to do!

21st Oct 2008, 4:20 PM
Mia sure made a mess in here, she wanted to help so she threw clothes all over the floor.

My boyfriend come over to help with some of the heavy lifting, and so that we could use his truck to move our things.

I think most of this is ready to go out to the truck.

I feel a little bit nostalgic about leaving this place, after all, it was my first home on my own.

Oof! I'm exhausted after all of that packing and moving, who would have thought we could get it done in one day though? Well here we are!

- What made you choose this house over the other 2?
House number three I eliminated right away, it was too small, even with the bigger room sizes.It was a harder decision between house one and two. I didn't want the house to be utterly perfect upon us moving in. I wanted something that offered more space for us, especially Mia. The house I chose has a full basement so that it can grow with Mia, and if I get married again I may have more children in the future, who knows. The other two houses didn't seem like I could enlarge them later.

- Are there any changes or renovations you would like to see occur at your new house?
Oh, yes! Maybe some new paint, although this house's paint colors weren't bad. In the basement I would like to make an office for me and a play room for Mia with direct adjacency to the office.

- Do you have any plans to purchase new furniture or decorations for your new house?
I believe that we need to purchase new furnishings, we don't have enough stuff to fill one corner of this house. It will be nice to have new things, some of my old stuff is left over from my college dorm room and has seen better days!

21st Oct 2008, 4:29 PM
Great entry so far guys!!!!
Prokypine, i love that littlr yard reminda me of the yards in a soap called Corrie :P

21st Oct 2008, 5:52 PM
lol... Yea.. that was the cramped backside of their tenement - It was originally the garage storage area of the building which the landlords converted into flats. 1 room wide, long and dark. :P They couldn't wait to get out of there. :smash:

21st Oct 2008, 11:23 PM
Living in a tiny, furnished apartment has it's upsides...
there wasn't much to do when it came to moving day, just packing up my clothes and working equipment, and taking down my posters.


And even the small, grotty bathroom was a pleasure to clean, knowing it would be for the last time.


There's not much to transport so I don't need to hire a van.


My best friend, Selena, came to help me carry my things down to the taxi, and she brought a present for Bump too.


I can hardly believe it's all mine!


What made you choose this house over the other 2?

Well, I loved the other 2 houses, but the single bathroom in the first house put me off it, and the second house... it would be my dream house, maybe 5-10 years down the line, but now, as an about-to-be single mum, it's the wrong time to be making such a huge financial commitment. House three was the perfect compromise, big enough to be a comfortable home but not too expensive.

Are there any changes or renovations you would like to see occur at your new house?

I did say the bathrooms were too small, but I noticed there is a large storage room next to the downstairs bathroom which could easily be knocked through to make the spacious bathroom I dream of.

Do you have any plans to purchase new furniture or decorations for your new house?

Yes! Everything! I've lived in furnished accomodation since my student days so I will have to furnish it from scratch. I've bought most of the large furniture, it's getting delivered tomorrow, so for tonight it's the sleeping bag, which is not a good idea in my condition!

22nd Oct 2008, 2:30 PM
Fortunately, we had a month to pack before the move day. We still hate it.


Here we are trying to choose the best soundtrack to pack by, because music makes it all go faster and better. Of course, the computer will be one of the very last things packed, and the modem is the last thing. :)


Johanna makes sure Mr. Sock Monkey is packed. The faithful friend must not be left behind!


Here we exchange back massages after a long day of packing up the kitchen cabinets and the bookshelves. Packing and moving takes a toll, but we're looking forward to our nice sauna and hottub to relax us very soon.


Johanna lovingly saying goodbye to our precious and tiny one bedroom student flat.


Taking a short break infront of the new house to rest our feet and figure out what one earth we put in "Special box #2", what room it goes in, and why we labeled it that...

What made you choose this house over the other 2?
We chose the third house because it was just the right size for us, and we really liked the layout. There's enough room for our guests and hobbies, as well as a very spacious shower room next to the sauna. And the view off the living room is fabulous.

Are there any changes or renovations you would like to see occur at your new house?

Yes, we're actually putting in a new roof because the old one is very drafty and leaking in one spot. We negotiated the sale so we got a discount for that, which is nice. Other than that, there will be repainting of the walls, and retiling done in the bathroom. That's about it, so far.

Johanna: Maybe we'll plant some flowers outside and try not to kill them. :)

Do you have any plans to purchase new furniture or decorations for your new house?

Absolutely. We'll be getting a kitchen table finally, and some bookcases. We might need another lounge chair or two, and Erin bought us a lovely new bed as a treat. As for any other decorations or little things, we'll be scavaging markets for those because it's more fun than stores. :)

22nd Oct 2008, 4:29 PM
my scores will be in today. sorry if i've been holding this contest up!

23rd Oct 2008, 11:40 AM
Round Two

Moving, Moving...and More Moving!

Alexandria: It's been only a few weeks since we decided on where our new home was going to be, and things have been such a rush since then - but it feels like only yesterday that we made the decision to move in the first place. Everything's happened so fast. I know its probably hormones talking as well - I'm not usually emotional over something as small as moving home! But this place has been so good for us. Seeing it so...empty right now makes me more than a little bit sad. Listen to me moanning! I'd better buck up before the guys get back upstairs, or they're going to think I'm a wuss.

Milo: A friend of Adam's was nice enough to let us borrow his beverage van, so we didn't need to pay the ridiculously expensive costs for a removal van. Our car, unfortunately, would only fit a couple of boxes in and we didn't feel like making hundreds of trips ourselves. This is actually the third trip so far, but we're doing rather well I think. All the fragile items went first. Our new home isn't too far away, so it isn't taking as long as it might otherwise have done. We've all been working hard but - Adam! I can't believe him!

Adam has decided to check the weather...to ensure it doesn't hinder their progress... by running an extension cord from inside the house to the television outside. He swears it's his way of helping...uniquely...

Adam is getting ready to demonstrate the correct way to lift things, while Amexandria tries not to scream in frustration. It's been a very long afternoon; but fortunately this is the last load. And then...they can leave permanently for their new home.

Adam entertains the Gabriels' toddler - who seems completely unbothered by all of the hectic rushing around! Milo gives Alexandria a gigantic hug as she starts to tear up... hormones, she swears again.

The friend who had lent them the van had taken many of the boxes inside the house, while the others travelled to-and-fro. When it came to Alexandria, Milo and Adam sorting out the remainder of the boxes... Well, things did not go as planned. Alexandria takes a much needed sit down in front of the boxes, relaxing until -

Milo: Huh?! Who puts the boxes there? They're very nicely stacked. Unfortunately there's a small problem in the way of them blocking the front door.

Nobody raised a hand in admittance but Milo could guess whose mistake it had been. Speaking of, Adam had somehow been trapped into a corner of the veranda by a mountain of furniture. It took quite a bit of flexibility to climb over chairs, sofas and underneath tables. At least the youngest of the clan found it hilarious, and was giggling incessantly at Uncle Adam.

What made you choose this house over the other 2?
Alexandria: Well there was tonnes of space for the four of us, and Milo and my unborn baby - a wonderfully big garden that I'm going to have so much fun in, and the kids I'm sure are going to enjoy playing in also. We won't be under Adam's feet when he wants to do his thing, and he can have a separate room to just play his piano endlessly sometimes. And we have our own swimming pool, so we can finally start teaching our daughter how to swim! Not only that, but it's pretty close to a couple of schools, the local part and a small town while still being very close to nature also. I think we found our ideal location with an ideal home right in the middle of it.

Are there any changes or renovations you would like to see occur at your new house?
Milo: Well there's a bit of paintwork and wallpapering to do, and we would like to add a garage to the property also. We also have a couple of spare rooms that we can do something with, and I know Alexandria wants to do some landscaping. She had green fingers!

Do you have any plans to purchase new furniture or decorations for your new house?
Adam: Yes, absolutely. With this being a bigger house, our current furniture couldn't possibly fill all of the rooms. What styles furniture we might purchase? That I don't know yet, it depends on the wallpaper - or so Alex tells me!

23rd Oct 2008, 5:14 PM
Just curious about the judgings...

23rd Oct 2008, 5:28 PM
there are a few people who haven't submitted their round 1 entry. that's got to be what's holding it up.

23rd Oct 2008, 6:05 PM
Cold said round 1 was over...hmm, only two days left before round 2 ends. Hopefully we get judgings before round 3!

23rd Oct 2008, 7:49 PM
They'll get around to it. They all have different work schedules. :anime:

They have some really cute little icons for this site...

:vikingb: :goodbad :buddies: :knight :mob :laugh: :bath :fly :taekwondo

24th Oct 2008, 4:38 AM
Scores and comments are coming tomorrow; I was typing it all up today when the power went out so I lost everything I had typed. So I'm too frustrated at the moment to do it all again. Tomorrow, I promise.


24th Oct 2008, 5:04 AM
Ugh! I hate power outages...I get them all the time at my house. Then I get upset because my power is out the entire night while the neighbor across the street never loses power! I finally broke down and got a UPS for all my pc's.

24th Oct 2008, 6:33 AM
Scores and comments are coming tomorrow; I was typing it all up today when the power went out so I lost everything I had typed. So I'm too frustrated at the moment to do it all again. Tomorrow, I promise.


We get power blips here too. Save frequently! :duck: :Pimp:

24th Oct 2008, 7:26 AM
Or type it up in Microsoft Word or in gmail so it automatically saves it or recovers it if you do crash :)

24th Oct 2008, 1:04 PM
Never leave the old house dirty or pack dirty things. I believe in fresh begining and a clean start.

Almost forgot to take the sheets off the bed I never thought we would be moving I was so content here sorta speak.

Moms says I have to do my share and pack my own room and stuff. Never knew how many stuff I actually had until now.

They say change is good out with the old and in with the new. I hate to see the old house go but, lets get ready to decorate the new.

Finally, We just about moved in have to stop and take a breather.

What made you choose this house over the other 2?
We really loved the extra space plus the pool and greenhouse was a plus as well. The bonus room upstairs and the Fact that my mother in law has her very own bathroom was a huge plus.

- Are there any changes or renovations you would like to see occur at your new house?
The kitchen is nice and big but, I hate the cabinets in there so thats up for renovations. We pretty much content with this home but, I just don't think were going to keep the blue exterior and I would love to increase the size of the greenhouse.

- Do you have any plans to purchase new furniture or decorations for your new house? Of course, We have no choice our last house could fit in this house livingroom. lol This is going to be great I never knew moving could be this exciting and fun. Well, I have to go now I have a lot of my husbands money to spend.

25th Oct 2008, 12:23 AM
I was asked to pass this on from one of the judges, kattenijin:
All contestants: As most of my comments were repetitive, I made one large group comment, and then the individual scores with individual coments that didn't fall under the group comment. If you didn't get an individual comment, it's because everything was covered by the group comment.

Group comment: Gridlines are bad, m'kay? Aerials should not be links. It would have been a bit less confusing to present the homes in the same order as the floorplans. Consistancy is key- if, for example, you are deleting closets, delete ALL closets. Even though there was leniancy in adapting the florplans, room proportions still need to be kept; many spaces are oversized/deviate too much. Double check floorplans, be sure what is a wall and what are design details, fixtures, door swing radiuses, etc. Now, on to good news: you all have captured the spirit of the show in your story-telling, I can't wait to find out what happens to your families next!

• like the tub shot
• Really good overall, but be careful with your photos looking overly posed

• like the city shots; i prefer overhead shots to external ones of floorplans
• I disagree, the bath in house 1 is huge!
• Great photos, they really showcase the important features of each house

• Your photos are a little dark; try adding more lighting

• gorge fireplace
• There appear to be extra floating floor tiles in several photos.
• Your photos really showcase the selling features of each house, good job.

• love these shots!
• Good photos!

• beautiful external shots
• I like the "action" in your shots, and how they don't look overly posed

• like the house into the mt.; too dark
• I would have liked to have seen the front of the houses, and try zooming in closer for the overhead shots

• Your exterior shots really showcase the houses well; I would have liked for the aerial shots to be directly looking down on the floorplans rather than looking down at an angle, though.

• It's a little hard to make out some of the smaller rooms in the overhead shots, so try zooming in closer next time. The exteriors of your houses are fantastic! But be careful of your Sim being overly posed in the shots.

• Be careful about following round directions in regards to photo requirements (1 exterior shot & 2 interiors; you have 2 exterior shots for some houses); it's better to have your aerial shots looking directly down on the house rather than down at an angle.

• love the storytelling shots
• I like your attention to detail, but because with your shots coming off as overly "posed"

• like the bathroom shot
• Aerials completely missing!
• Nice shots; they really showcase what your family was looking for in each house

• love the landscaping in the first house
• Good job overall; I would have liked to have seen more of the exterior of house #1 though.

Your entries were judged based on:

• Following contest rules and round directions /5
• Creativity and Originality /10
• How well you interpreted the houseplans /5
• Photos: (how well do they portray the family & the 3 home options) /5

:baloons:Congrats to romyhorse for Round 1's high score of 65/75!:baloons:

25th Oct 2008, 1:20 AM
Moving Day

Charlie woke early on the day of the move and called her dad. Samuel hadn’t even woke up yet! He was amazed that she was already up and moving. He hurried over just after gulping down a cup of coffee. Charlie was so excited she rushed out to greet him with a big hug and to usher him off to get the moving van. Twenty minutes later, Charlie and Samuel arrive at the apartment with the moving van. Charlie is having difficulty getting the rig parked in front of the apartment complex, there isn’t much room. Samuel directs her.


Samuel: “Charlie! Don’t run over me! I thought I taught you how to drive better than that!”

Charlie: “I am sorry, Dad. I suppose I am just really excited about this move. Well, let’s get busy! I only have a few more boxes to pack – and since I have no furniture other than my end table and cd tower, it shouldn’t take too long to load.”

Samuel: “Well, with all the books you have I think we’re going to need a forklift!”


Charlie and Samuel head in to finish up the final few boxes. Once the boxes were packed away in the truck, Charlie tackled her clothing. She decided to put all of her clothes into her suitcases, as she really doesn’t have that many clothes – or thought she didn’t. By this time Samuel was ready for the move to be over!


Samuel: “Charlie, I sure hope this place is worth it because I am too old to help you move again!”

Charlie: “Oh Dad! You’re going to love this place. There is a special surprise waiting in the back yard for you! I can hardly wait to see your face!”

Just as Charlie and Samuel were about ready to go, Charlie’s best friend and neighbor, Calista, came home from work. She was sad to see her friend going but excited that Charlie would have a new home.


Calista: “Oh Charlie! What am I going to do without you here?”

Charlie, grinning from ear to ear, says: “You’ll gossip with the next girl that moves in!”

Calista: “Naw! There won’t be another as good as you! But I can hardly wait to read what Lou Dobbs does next! I am really gonna miss you!”

Charlie and Samuel drove out to the new house and unloaded all of Charlie’s boxes. Samuel was greatly surprised by the lake and started bugging Charlie for a visit before she was even able to get unpacked!


Samuel: “Wow Charlie! This place is awesome! I love the lake! Now where did I store my fishing gear? You know, ever since your mother passed away, it sure has been lonely…”

What made you choose this house over the other 2?
Charlie: "There were many reasons why I chose this house over the other two. The first one is definitely the lake in the back yard. My dad really loves to fish and one day soon I believe he will be coming to live with me. Ever since Mom passed on Dad has just been exsisting....he needs to live again. I think he is lonely. The next big reason I chose this house was the price. Of all the houses, this one was the cheapest. Since my apartment was fully furnished, I need the extra cash for furniture. The third house was nice, but it didn't having a dining area at all - although with renovations I could picture a dining area near the stairs. I am certainly not ready to have carpenters working daily while I am trying to settle in. The first house was really nice, I loved it...but it was way out of my price range."

Are there any changes or renovations you would like to see occur at your new house?
Charlie: "Actually, I can't think of anything I would want to change at all. The house is just perfect!"

Do you have any plans to purchase new furniture or decorations for your new house?
Charlie: "Because my previous place was a fully furnished apartment, I have to buy all of my furniture, from the kitchen table down to the bed I sleep in. I am just greatful that it came with the kitchen appliances. I am going to get rid of the washer and dryer though, I don't like stackables, I want a side by side. I love the blue/green stripes in the kitchen and I already found some dishes that I think will set off the blue stripes in the paper. I also found an old sewing machine at a garage sale and I am going to take up sewing. There should be plenty of space i my bedroom for that. This whole move thing, its just sooo exciting!"

25th Oct 2008, 2:17 AM
• gorge fireplace
• There appear to be extra floating floor tiles in several photos.
• Your photos really showcase the selling features of each house, good job.

Sorry about that, it's not floating floor tiles though, my graphics card didn't render the entire roof in the overhead shot. The floor tiles you see actually come from the garage ceiling. I have to positions the camera just right to not have that happen. I just have cruddy integrated graphics on my laptop...

:D Good job so far everyone! I'm really enjoying what everyone is doing!

25th Oct 2008, 2:50 AM
• Aerials completely missing!

The last I checked when I was online we didn't need aerial shots! Somewhere between then and since I logged on Yesterday I guess The host decieded to add it in a later post. Excuse me for not checking the thread and reading every post. Thanks

25th Oct 2008, 7:26 PM
Well, here we are! It's moving day! We've sent our cameras over to the Jacobs household to watch them in the oh-so-exciting and life changing event of packing their stuff! While we know you'd just LOVE to see them putting things in boxes for a few hours, we don't have that much network time! So, here are the highlights!

Coleen: It's amazing how many little jars and things we had packed in these counters! I don't even remember BUYING that ugly little chicken statue...

Penny: Check it out, C! I found the tiki man we bought a couple years ago in Twikki Island under the chair!
Coleen: That thing freaks me out, Penny. Put it in a box and let's hope we lose it.

Coleen: See those boxes over there? Those are all filled with Penny's clothes. See these clothes in the wardrobe? Yep, you guessed it; Penny's. This girl has more outfits than Simora Lee Kimmons.

Coleen: I'm beat. Maybe once we get the baby, we'll have an excuse to buy that PS3 I wanted... Eh?
Penny: As lovely as that would be, honey, babies don't play video games.

Coleen dug out the old battery pack for the TV, as their moving day happened to be scheduled on the same day as the Sim State Llama's game.
Penny: I can't believe we're really out of that shoebox!

What made you choose this house over the other 2?
Coleen: Well, this house has a big lovely garage with plenty of space to be turned into a gym, plus a study and formal family room, AND three bedrooms and a bonus room. Not only that, but we have a patio and, finally, a yard! The other houses, while more fitting for our family as it is now, just didn't have the space for growth.

Are there any changes or renovations you would like to see occur at your new house?
Penny: The hardwood in the dining room and kitchen is hideous. I want it gone. Other than that, it'll just be repainting and maybe we'll replace some counters or something.

Do you have any plans to purchase new furniture or decorations for your new house?
Coleen: Well, seeing as we really had very little furniture at the other house, we'll definitely need more. Not only will we need to furnish at least one nursery, we'll need all new couches and a dining room set...
Penny: End tables, dressers, sideboards... A grill.
Coleen: It'll certainly be an adventure!

25th Oct 2008, 9:55 PM
It's been a hectic few weeks and finally we're now moving. It feels like this day has taken forever to come along. But now we're here everything all the more real, it didn't really hit me that we were actually moving until last night.

But it's all been an adventure, and I know as a family, we are more excited about having more space to spread out and lounge around. This was us just about to load up the last stuff into our hire van and leaving this place for good.


Ollie: Come everyone, wave. You're not going to see this place again. It'll miss you.
Isabel: Dad, you are soo sad sometimes.
Laura: Let's just get everything packed up and then we can think about what we're doing for lunch.


Laura: Gosh, there are so many boxes in here already and there's still so much more to pack. I didn't know we had acquired so much in these last few years. I am trying to be organised about it, but as you can see it's getting a bit awry because of the amount of things we have.


Ollie: I'm just starting to pack up my workstation in the corner of our dining room. I can't wait to finally get a proper space for all my work., it'll be nice to have an area away from the children where I can consult with clients without the worry of constantly being interrupted.


Eric: Izzie, could you help me with my stuff?
Isabel: Err, you didn't exactly help me did you? So why should I, you really shouldn't leave it to the last minute. Mum's going to so angry.
Eric: Pllllleeeeease
Isabel: Alright, but only because Mum and Dad have enough to worry about at the moment, and you owe me.


We're finally here, at last. We're just having a breather before taking everything inside.

What made you choose this house over the other 2?

The space in this house was much more suited to our needs than the other two. And this one also had a particular WOW factor, we fell in love with it before we entered the front door.

Are there any changes or renovations you would like to see occur at your new house?

I think the main thing we want to do was to change the siding on the front of the house and extend the back decking so you could get to the garden from the sun room as well as the family room. We've also decided to replace the kitchen.

Do you have any plans to purchase new furniture or decorations for your new house?

Oooh, yes. We've got some grand plans. Isabel has all sorts of ideas for her bedroom and we've definately got to get a new dining room suite because we now have a proper nice dining room. Also wouldn't mind replacing our current bedroom furniture as well.

27th Oct 2008, 1:55 AM

For the 3rd and final round, you will fully decorate and furnish your new home, inside and out.

You are allowed to make minor changes showing any renovations your family has undertaken in the last 3 months. Keep in mind it has only been 3 months since your family has moved in, so they wouldn't have had the time to start/complete any massive remodling/renovating.

Please see the main contest info post for additional information & photo requirements.

This round will run from October 27 to November 2.

27th Oct 2008, 7:04 AM
Er, minor changes... I changed the roof of the house because the old one kept getting them sick with the draft and cold (In Seasons). Mind you, it's a small house so a roof change wouldn't take too long. Oh well, hope I don't get many points deducted for that.

But thanks for the high photo count, now we can show off our decorating skills. :D

27th Oct 2008, 10:28 AM
coldfloral, I am curious, for all of our decorating shots for round 3, do we need one of our sims in each and every shot or is it just a shot of the rooms with the exception of the family shot saying goodbye.

27th Oct 2008, 2:14 PM
I just sent in my round 2 scores, all your entries were fab!

good luck in 3rd round!

27th Oct 2008, 8:20 PM
i just sent my scores in. good luck, people!

27th Oct 2008, 11:43 PM
coldfloral, I am curious, for all of our decorating shots for round 3, do we need one of our sims in each and every shot or is it just a shot of the rooms with the exception of the family shot saying goodbye.

Ah darn! I was all proud of myself because I thought I didn't forget anything! lol

It's up to you if you want your Sims in the decorating shots for this round. You will not be deducted points either way.

28th Oct 2008, 12:26 AM
Welcome back to my home!
Why don't you come in and I'll show you around.

Entrance Hall
This is a nice large room with plenty of space for a buggy, and there's a built in cupboard for storing my vacuum
cleaner, ironing board and all those other things I don't want on display!


Kitchen/Dining Area
The hall opens out into the open-plan living area.
On this side is the kitchen and dining area...


Living Area
... and on this side is the living area. To the right are door opening onto the patio.
I think my nesting instinct really kicked in as soon as I moved in, I spent 2 weeks doing nothing but
painting and decorating. My parents were a big help and my dad did all the heavy work.


Downstairs Bedroom
Bump has now become Yasmin, and her bedroom is downstairs too. I chose the different coloured stripes for the
walls and white furniture as it was pretty neutral...


... the girly bedding and decorations were added after Yasmin was born.


Main Bathroom
The last room downstairs is the bathroom, this was the only room I had altered.
The wall between the bathroom and the storage room behind it was just a stud partition so it
was easy to move back and give me more space.


Upstairs we have a gallery area which I use as my workspace. The area on the right I use for meeting potential clients,
and on the left is my office space, with my art materials hidden behind a screen when I'm not working.


Master Bedroom
There is a small shower room up here and next door is my bedroom. I chose darker colours to decorate
it as the rest of the house is quite bright, it's my little sanctuary. It also has 2 large built-in closets, which is
just what every woman requires!


The front of the house is pretty much the same as it was, I left the flowers beds and just added some cobbles round
the shrubs at the side of the house to make more of a feature of them.


I have to say I love the back garden, it's like having another room in the house.


My dad is quite the handyman. He built me a barbecue area on the patio which is great
for lazy summer days.


He also built me a pergola which I just love. When I sit in there I feel like I'm out in the countryside.


Ground Floor


First Floor


• What have the positive aspects of this experience (besides the new house!) been on your family?
This experience made me look at houses I probably would have dismissed, in fact I probably would have taken one look at this house and hated it because of it's boring frontage.
• What have the negative aspects of this experience been on your family?
All the work? HaHa! But even that was probably a good thing as it stopped me from sitting around eating chocolates while I wanted for Yasmin to arrive.
• Are you happy to have participated in this show?
Yes, I've got a wonderful home and I feel very settled here.

Well, thanks for coming back to visit! If you're in the neighbourhood anytime drop in for a coffee. Bye!


28th Oct 2008, 12:36 AM
You said only minor renovations can be made...but the renovations I did to my home were ones my family was able to do in about two months with minimal help hired.

For instance...the knocking down of walls and re-adding them (a weekish per room), adding doors/moving them (couple days per door), painting of walls (a day per room), plumbing for a new bathroom (about a day), and the laying of new flooring (two or three days). So...my question is, are all these changes okay? All the projects (and some more) would be doable in a three month span. Hope this is okay. ;)

28th Oct 2008, 5:51 AM

I totally love what you did with that house! I managed to get the same floor plan. I am amazed at how well you did with decorating it. If I get a chance, I will take some photos of the family that is now living in mine and share with you. I, too, have a bbq area that I added - and its brick as well. :) Your place is very nicely done!

28th Oct 2008, 9:21 AM
Thank you wndy26 :) I noticed you had the same house as me, I liked the way you did the windows on the top roofline, it was a tricky house to build. If you have time I'd love to see pictures.

28th Oct 2008, 9:51 AM
I am at work till 6 a.m. (another 2 more hours) but I will pm you with a link to my flickr site once i get some taken and uploaded, but it may be later on this morning after 7ish or so.


FYI: The family that is living in the house are the ones I am using for the Daddy & me contest, there may be a few shots with the house in them over there, can't remember which ones I uploaded already. LOL. It won't be in Round 1 though, as those are a past house from before.

28th Oct 2008, 10:39 PM
You said only minor renovations can be made...but the renovations I did to my home were ones my family was able to do in about two months with minimal help hired.

For instance...the knocking down of walls and re-adding them (a weekish per room), adding doors/moving them (couple days per door), painting of walls (a day per room), plumbing for a new bathroom (about a day), and the laying of new flooring (two or three days). So...my question is, are all these changes okay? All the projects (and some more) would be doable in a three month span. Hope this is okay. ;)

All those changes are fine, Tyler.

What I consider to be major renovations would be completely re-doing the layout/floorplan of the house so it is no longer recognizable as the same house!

28th Oct 2008, 10:46 PM
Okie. So the adding of SOME rooms in the basement would be fine? Since that was one major blank space? :D

29th Oct 2008, 6:04 AM


Welcome back to our new home! As you can see, I haven't done much with the front of the house. Just added some potted plants. So come on inside and I will give you the grand tour.


Here is the living room, I really enjoyed decorating this room, I wanted to have a warm and comfortable place to relax and visit with friends and family.


Moving on, well not much, the whole main living area is open, we have the dining room. I painted it a bright sunny yellow. It's a big mood booster, puts a smile on my face from breakfast throughout the day.


Then there is the kitchen, I painted it the same sunny yellow as the dining room, for continuity. I love love love my new kitchen! I have so much room to cook now, and all those cabinets to store my pots and pans. Plus I added an island to fill up some empty space, I'm sure it will be the place to hang out when Mia is older.


Here is the bathroom, I know there is just the one, but I have plans to add another next year after I get married. Anyway, I didn't do much in here, it was painted this nice blue already so I just hung up a portrait of my hunky fiance.


My bedroom faces the front of the house and is next to the bathroom. I hung some wall paneling that I found at a local salvage shop. I like the feel of the distressed wood with my new black lacquered bed. My fiance painted that huge painting behind the headboard, he is into art quite a bit.


Here is Mia's new nursery. It is very girly, like she is. There is a chair in there for when I read bedtime stories to her, she loves that. All of her favorite toys are up here, but she has others in the basement too.



So in the basement I have my office set up, but no walls yet. After all the new furniture I bought for the house I ran out of money. I don't mind though. Mia has so much space to play down here while I'm working. I set up a little area with some of her toys and a TV so she can watch her favorite programs.


And finally, here is the back yard. I have made a few changes back here, the most noticeable being the new privacy fence. The old fence just didn't work with the pool area, I felt like the neighbors were always watching me in my bathing suit. There is also a new play area for Mia, and some new flowers.


And here is our new puppy, I thought it would be nice to get one now that I have a nice big fenced backyard. His name is Spot, lets just hope he has spots when he grows up!

Main Floor Plan:

Basement Floor Plan:

• What have the positive aspects of this experience (besides the new house!) been on your family? I liked being able to express my creativity and personality while decorating my new home. It has expanded my horizons as far as what I thought I was capable of doing. And I think Mia will appreciate my efforts when she is older too.
• What have the negative aspects of this experience been on your family? Money. I have definitely exceeded my budget with this house. But I would rather have a nicer home now than have to repeat the experience in a few years because of waiting until I could afford a house like this.
• Are you happy to have participated in this show? Yes, it was a fun experience, how many people can say they participated in a TV show while house hunting?


Thanks for stopping back in! I do hope you like what I've done to the place, and don't be strangers...

29th Oct 2008, 4:33 PM
First off, I would like to say "thanks" to simcharley1990 for helping out as a judge this round!

• funny about the boxes blocking the door.
• You should zoom in slightly more so we can see the families expressions; I liked how the husband tried to slack off.

• it looks like she's really taking the poster down.
• I liked how you showed her packing up her few belongings.

• Plumbbob’s and thought bubbles are bad! Use cheats to remove them from pictures; Could you make you picture a little bigger, then we can see your full creativity.

• Love how you expressed Mia’s ‘help’.

• some shots too dark.
• 2 of the pictures are slightly dark.

• creative plant shot.
• I love that little garden in their old house, its cute; Gridlines are bad! You have them in your 4th pic

• Plumbbob’s + Headlines are bad!! Use cheats to remove them from your pictures; Gridlines are also bad, they ruin your wonderful shots.

• A little less sharping.

• love the simlish uhaul truck!
• Loving the simlish moving van; Nice use of clutter and boxes.

• pics are bright and beautiful!
• I really like how excited Sylvia is; The first shot is really good.

• Plumbbob’s=bad. Please use ’ plumbbobtoggle off ‘.

• Can you Put your username, round number ,and contestants name in the title of your entry please; Ella’s distractions of helping are cute.

Your entries were judged based on:
Following contest rules and round directions: /5
Creativity & Originality: /10
How well you portrayed in writing the family's thoughts and feelings about the move (captions, Q&A): /5
Photos: (how well do you portray the family and their feelings during the stressful time of moving, etc): /5

:baloons: Congrats to Tyler for Round 2's high score of 65/75! :baloons:

29th Oct 2008, 6:15 PM
Quick question about round 3 photos - some of the rooms are large enough in my house that its very hard to capture the whole feel of the room in just one shot - will points be deducted off for more than 8 room shots? The total shot amount states 14 to 16 - if its 16 to 18 is that bad? - Would it be better to use links to optional photographs - if the captions refer to items from those optional linked photos?

Also wanted to say congrats to Tyler for Round 2!

29th Oct 2008, 6:21 PM
Okay, really? We're losing points for having the green diamond plumbbob thingie showing? I didn't even know there was a cheat to get rid of that, and the picture guidlines said nothing about taking them out.

Oh well, I'm having fun building and decorating my house for this contest, so I don't really pay attention to what score I'm getting. :) I'm also really enjoying the other houses; I have such creative competition. :D

29th Oct 2008, 6:29 PM
Congratz Tyler for getting top score:). your entry was really good, as where everyone elses. :D

Lostsock, I did'nt take away points for your plumbbobs. I just commented on them because they ruin your wonderful shots. Like i mentioned and like what it says. :/

29th Oct 2008, 6:42 PM
Lostsock, I did'nt take away points for your plumbbobs. I just commented on them because they ruin your wonderful shots. Like i mentioned and like what it says. :/

No problem, as I mentioned I'm not here for the score, I just like to build houses. :) I was just wondering why out of nowhere they were suddenly bad.

29th Oct 2008, 6:54 PM
Ok, I did'nt mean it to be horrible, i'm just trying to help, if you did'nt have them. your pictures would be even more perfect. :)

29th Oct 2008, 10:40 PM
Thanks for the scores and well done everyone, will keep in mind what you said.

29th Oct 2008, 11:09 PM
Thank you for the comments and scores judges. :) I'll make sure I use a close-up of the family in my next pictures.

29th Oct 2008, 11:11 PM
Thanks for the comments. I didn't know about the plumbbob thing, either, but it's useful info for future contests and this round! :]

30th Oct 2008, 6:05 PM
Round Three

Alexandria: It's a tad too cold to be hanging around outside playing for a long time, at the moment. But when we do the little one loves her brand new playground set. We're probably spoiling her quite a bit at the moment, but it's difficult not too! The large veranda is great, and it means she doesn't stray too far out when playing so we can always keep a close eye on her.

Milo: Even though I don't swim it's very relaxing to just sit by the pool in the alcove, and look out of the window. It opens up right onto this little garden section at the front of the house. Alexandria had a lot of fun planting the flowers and making her patterns in the soil.

Alexandria: Milo already mentioned that I have green fingers, so it was a lot of fun for me to muck around in the garden, before Bump began too big for me to kneel over for long periods of time! This is in the back garden, just behind the dining room so the view over here is gorgeous.

Adam: This is a new addition to the house, and its where the more formal living room is. Milo and Alexandria like it in here when they want some alone time. I like it in here on the frosty mornings, with a hot cup of coffee and the morning paper.

Alexandria:We altered the kitchen slightly from what it was originally like- we had new cabinets put in and actually took out the breakfast bar I loved so much at first. It simply provided more room and enabled us to buy a very large dining table, something we didn't have room for at our old house.

Milo: For the most part the study is the domain of either Adam or me, though Alexandria paints in here sometimes. It was initially a very sombre looking room and she set to brightening it up with new wallpaper immediately! One thing you might notice is the use of red...she likes the colour.

Adam: This is our informal sitting room. Perfectly placed really, because it gets a lot of sun! It's extremely comfortable, and I get a lot of writing done in here. It used to be quite dark - wooden floors and blue wallpaper. I like the green and white a lot better, and somehow it manages to make the space bigger.

Alexandria: We have three bathrooms, and this is the main one on the ground floor. It's definitely my favourite, and we spent the most money renovating this I think. I adore the mix of wood and white too, and there's more than enough room for me to take a bath and Milo a shower - or vice versa, at the same time. It makes things a ton faster in the morning.

Milo: Alexandria and I made a deal when it came to the master bedroom - no bright pink, and it's fine. She doesn't tend toward "girly" colours, as they tend to be called nowadays, anway so I wasn't too worried. I think she did a fantastic job. It's very cosy, especially at night.

Alexandria: Some of the toys in our daughters room are things from the old house, but the things like the crib and changing table, and a couple of pictures, are brand new. She actually picked some of the things herself, and I think she may have a future in interior decorating! She loves her room so much.

Adam: And now we come to the best room in the house...mine! Everything in my room is brand new. There isn't a lot of clutter at all in my space, which is how I like it. The wallpaper and carpet is completely new as well, so the room has that wonderful new feel to it still.

Adam: I don't tend toward very colourful things very much, so this black and white bathroom is unofficially my domain. And with that bath tub who can blame me for being "territorial"?

Adam: A remarkably clear view taken from Google Earth! We thought it was perfect timing actually, as the outside renovations had been, mostly, finished for about a week when the picture was dated.

Alexandria: As you can probably see from the emptiness in a couple of the rooms here, some interior decorating still has to be done. The larger one will probably be the bedroom for the triplets, becaiuse its so spacious. I can't wait to get started.

Milo: The only thing on the ground floor that needs something doing to it is the entrance hall. At the moment it is very empty, but we thought it better to get the larger renovations and main rooms out of the way first.

Saying Goodbye
Adam: A now it's time for goodbye, I'm afraid! It's been wonderful showing you around our home.
Alexandria: And if we ever move again in the future...
Milo: Alexandria, I'm sure they have other people waiting for future episodes!

• What have the positive aspects of this experience (besides the new house!) been on your family?
Alexandria: Definitely the extra aid provided in finding a new home as quickly as possible. We didn't think the houses in this area would be in our price range, so we didn't even look anywhere near this neighbourhood. Without this, we likely wouldn't have found a place as beautiful and idylic as this. We very grateful.

• What have the negative aspects of this experience been on your family?Milo: We had initially thought moving so quickly would have a negative impact on our daughter, but she's adapted very quickly. Apart from that...Adam stated that lifting all those heavy boxes were negative. I think the exercise was good for us! Having to move house was initially bad, but we've settled in so well that the good things about moving have by far overwhelmed those.

• Are you happy to have participated in this show?
Adam: Absolutely! As Alexandria said, without the help of the show we wouldn't have this place so we're extremely happy for that. A great big thank you from us all!

30th Oct 2008, 8:28 PM
All those changes are fine, Tyler.

What I consider to be major renovations would be completely re-doing the layout/floorplan of the house so it is no longer recognizable as the same house!

Well, that's good to know. I am just now getting back here to read what others are doing and I had already expanded that unuseable upstairs attic-room because it was one straight corridor and the sims wouldn't walk to the sides more than 1 square. The roof sloped down to the floors at the sides impinging on head room so they wouldn't walk to that area even though the original floor plan shows is as a useable room. That was going to be a workshop area. I had to expand it to make it useful.

I missed that gridline in the 4th picture because of all the junk in their yard. :D

30th Oct 2008, 11:33 PM
Note: The family may not be pictured, however, the commentary on the pictures will be done as if the family is showing you the home. I tried the pictures with the family members, but they took away from the decor. Please keep that in mind while judging.

The Exterior


Jaina Harris: The modifications we did to the exterior of the home are certainly minimal. We do have plans to add a shed and garage. We tried some flowers and landscaping out front, but nothing really fit. Sylvie and I decided that the front of this home was perfect save for the walkway. We just added some overhead lighting, tore up the cement and laid mulch, added two large potted evergreens, and added a welcoming rug.


Jaina Harris: Out back is where a lot of money was spent. We finally got an adorable dog, Ralphie. I also spent some money on this adorable dining set which has gotten much use. The temperate climate here in Riverblossom is ideal for outdoor entertaining. I absolutely love my back yard.


Jaina Harris: As you can see, this little area was not here before! I loved the old elevated dining area, but after the first cookout we threw, there was absolutely no room on the deck! I hired some workers and had this entire area taken out. It has been one of the best investments we have made! I can grill and still be in touch with people hanging out at the bar. It's a wonderful change and I do not regret it!


Jaina Harris: Sylvie had really wanted a pool, but she settled for this equipment instead. The location couldn't be more perfect. She can play and I cook and still see her. We can fish while Sylvie plays. The playground was certainly a wise investment. Sylvie is happy with it and that is enough for me. The area has become a wonderful spot to paint also!

The Floor Plans


Jaina Harris: We have finally gotten around to the basement. This has been our latest project. As you can see, it's been going rather slowly. The bathroom is near completion! The first room we added downstairs was a gym. Something I'll certainly be using in the months to come! We installed full mirrors and a ballet bar for Sylvie. All of the flooring and walls will be redone. I have the plans to add an office, another entertaining space, and places for storage. It's going slowly, but that's fine for now!


Jaina Harris: The main floor is where a lot of changes took place. We repainted every room except the guest room. New hardwood flooring was added throughout the majority of the home. We had the old guest bath converted into a bath for Sylvie. The old utility room has been divided into a small room for utilities and a large guest bath. The guest bath is not completed yet - we are awaiting the shower to arrive in the mail! No major changes have been made in the guest room, we have barely began to decorate it! So much has been going on, it's slipped to the bottom of the list. The hall way has become Ralphie's room, as you can see. The white curtain/room divider has been a wonderful investment. It allows the house to have an open floor plan, but gives some privacy from the residence quarters. We also added a wall in the great room. The kitchen and dining area needed to be closed off and it helps define the space. The half walls in the kitchen were redone and we have a new dining layout. As you can see, the utility is now accessible through the kitchen.


Jaina Harris: The only major change we did upstairs was the flooring and the revamped half-wall. My master bathroom was completely gutted, but more on that later.

The Interior


Jaina Harris: This is our wonderful foyer. It's contemporary and welcoming. The bright colors really give you and idea of what the home is like. I absolutely adore the artwork in this room. This modern table is great. The light fixtures could not match the style of the decor any better.


Jaina Harris: Back to the great room! As you can see, it's colors are a bit out there. They are warm and inviting and not overly contemporary. It flows nicely with the rest of the home. The room divider is amazing and everyone loves our fireplace! The adding of the wall really helps the room flow better, but it's still very open to the rest of the home.


Jaina Harris: Ahh...the kitchen! We completely redid all the cabinets. We kept the old appliances. It's a little cluttered, but there is room to move around and a ton of storage space. I love my added shelving...oh! I love my island too! I have a wine rack, an area for herbs, and hanging pots and pans tie everything together. The color is really welcoming and adds warmth to the room. The view from the kitchen is to die for!


Jaina Harris: Our new dining area is much better than the old. Tearing down these walls was easily the smartest thing I've done in this home. We still have plenty of room to move, but it's not so cramped you cannot walk. This is our old dining table, I have yet to find a new one that I really love.


Jaina Harris: Not a lot has been done in the guest bedroom. We have focused on the other living areas before we have done this room. I have plans to keep the walls as they are, but I hope to add more artwork and get nicer linens for the room.


Jaina Harris: This is our newly-added guest bath. Right now it's only a half bath, as I said, we are awaiting the shower. It's spacious...hehe! I think I'd even claim this for my own bathroom! The color on the walls has turned out to be a huge hit and ties in nicely with the cabinets.


Jaina Harris: This is Sylvie's "palace." I'll let her tell you a little more about it.

Sylvia Harris: I love my new room! I have lots of toys and it's pink! I have butterflies on my walls, even in my bathroom! I love this room and I am very happy we moved!


Jaina Harris: The master suite - my favorite thing. I kept the hardwood flooring but redid all of the walls. We kept the original doors throughout the house and it really adds to the warm, cozy feeling. My master suite has the huge walk-in closet, a reading area, and an area for sleeping. I think the master suite alone is larger than my old home! The balcony is wonderful. I love my remodeled bathroom. It follows the same color scheme. We replaced the sinks, shower, and tub! I was concerned with the privacy at first, but now I am happily engaged, it's amazing!

The Goodbye


Jaina Harris: Thank you, House Hunters! You have given this family our dream home and we didn't even go over our budget! Sylvie is wonderfully happy, as am I! We've gained a few new family members along the way. James and I hit things off and now we're expecting! Sylvie's birthday is in a week and I think it's safe to say she'll grow up well!


What have the positive aspects of this experience (besides the new house!) been on your family?

Jaina Harris: There has been so many wonderful things to come from this experience. Sylvia and I have grown closer - that is probably the most important. Sylvia finally got herself a puppy and room to grow. The new home has allowed us to be creative and it's been a wonderful journey. I happened to find love along the way! We're set to marry before the new baby's due date. Sylvia is excited to finally have a baby sibling, and I'm excited to finally have a father figure in her life! We have gained so much since we've began this experience.

What have the negative aspects of this experience been on your family?

Jaina Harris: Honestly, I do not think there has been many. The only thing that's been bad has been the stress of adding on, redoing rooms, adding walls...my bank account is certainly hurting. It was all worth it though.

Are you happy to have participated in this show?

Jaina Harris: Of course, I'd be stupid not to! I've gotten a dream home, a dream guy, and an experience of a lifetime! What else could I ask for? Sylvia has made new friends and we are all much, much happier. We cannot say thank you enough to the crew of House Hunters for everything we've been blessed with!

31st Oct 2008, 2:01 AM
Thanks everyone. Good luck! Will be hard to try to win this one!

EDIT: Hopefully Maxis content will win me this one! Hehe.

31st Oct 2008, 7:02 AM
Holy wow o.O

The bar has been set really high on this round, I need to get mine in soon. Your houses are all fabulous!

31st Oct 2008, 7:45 AM

We really have not done much to the front of the house. It was looking a little sparse since the summer flowers had died along the walkway so we added a few fall decorations. We had a great time taking Breden to a local farm to find decorations.

Entrance Hall

The entry hall is a wonderful place to display family pictures. We are looking forward to filling the wall with all the memories we are going to make here.

Great Room
This room is the heart of our home.
We have made a few changes to this room. We put a darker paint color above the bead board to warm the room up a bit. There were some functional changes made, like putting bi-fold doors to the laundry room and adding more task lighting in the kitchen.

We upgraded the appliances in the kitchen and added some lights over the island.

It is wonderful to have an office that we both can use. We have not changed much in here except the light fixture and adding the same type shutters that we placed in the rest of the house.

Breden's Room
Breden's room is so cute and he has got his first big boy bed. The room is good size for him and even has space for his new best friend Otis to sleep.

We love this bedroom it is so relaxing. The only thing we changed was updating the light fixture to something a bit more romantic.

Master Bath
It was great to find house with an accessible bathroom without having to remodel anything.

We fenced in part of the backyard for a safe place for Breden and our new dog Otis. In the future we will do more to the backyard but so far we just added a back porch swing and a sandbox.

On the right side of the house there is a garden spot and some fruit trees I am sure we will enjoy next summer. It is such a nice shady spot we added a little bench.

Here is one of the best things about this place. We added a small deck to make it more accesible. We spend a lot of time out here.

View from Above

• What have the positive aspects of this experience (besides the new house!) been on your family? It was great to do this experience with the help of the show. And the best part is that when he gets older Breden will be able to go back and see what this whole experience was like for our family, and how adorable he was.
• What have the negative aspects of this experience been on your family? It is always stressful to move and seeing homes we really liked only to realize how much work it would take to make them accessible added to that stress. I think things worked out very well though.
• Are you happy to have participated in this show? Yes, it was a fun experience and we enjoyed getting to know the wonderful crew.

31st Oct 2008, 8:53 AM
All the furnished houses are just amazing everyone. :)

31st Oct 2008, 10:53 AM
coldfloral have the picture requirements for this round changed because most people seem to be posting more than 8 interior pictures?

31st Oct 2008, 11:08 AM
coldfloral have the picture requirements for this round changed because most people seem to be posting more than 8 interior pictures?

I noticed earlier on that I'd made that mistake, I was planning on going in-game later on to switch it to an exterior shot instead.

I can count...honest! :P

31st Oct 2008, 11:51 AM
I noticed earlier on that I'd made that mistake, I was planning on going in-game later on to switch it to an exterior shot instead.

I can count...honest! :P
:lol: I remember someone asking if we could have more than 8 pictures so I wasn't sure if it had changed :)

31st Oct 2008, 2:20 PM
LOL...Romy--that was me that asked...and I am having trouble cutting mine down to 8....so if we can have a few more than 8 it would really be good. Some of my rooms are just too large to get a nice shot of and include all their potential.

31st Oct 2008, 4:38 PM
:slow: ... I just can't count!
It might help if I did not work on it in the middle of the night huh? Thanks for bringing the topic up Romyhorse. I think I fixed it... 1,,,2,,,,3,,,,ummm 3..noo

1st Nov 2008, 8:29 PM
Sorry for not responding sooner, wndy26; I must have overlooked your question.

The limit of 8 interior photos will not be changing. You are more than welcome to link to additional photos, however the linked-to photos will not be judged. If you post more than 8 interior photos, you will lose points for not following round directions.

Quick question about round 3 photos - some of the rooms are large enough in my house that its very hard to capture the whole feel of the room in just one shot - will points be deducted off for more than 8 room shots? The total shot amount states 14 to 16 - if its 16 to 18 is that bad? - Would it be better to use links to optional photographs - if the captions refer to items from those optional linked photos?

Also wanted to say congrats to Tyler for Round 2!

2nd Nov 2008, 1:43 AM
I'm out working 12 hours this weekend I don't have time to reboot my game thats takes every bit of 10 min to load to take the exterior shots . Good luck and GREAT job EVERYONE1

2nd Nov 2008, 1:51 AM
Coleen: Penny really wanted a nice white sofa in here, but I kindly reminded her that we'd have the pitter patter of little feet spilling apple juice on the carpet, and she quickly settled for a nice black couch.

Penny: This is by far my favorite room in the house. The kitchen is so lovely and large and full of light... I spend all day in here sometimes!

Penny: Are those what you think they are? Yes, actually! We had a bit of a surprise when we went to go see the little boy we were planning on adopting a week prior to bringing him home. Playing with him was a little girl, and well... It was love at first sight! You'll get to see the babies' rooms in a little bit!

Coleen:THIS is where we put the white couches! The kids don't come in here unless it's a holiday or they want to listen to Mommy play the piano, and then they keep their juice and sticky hands AWAY from the furniture.

Penny: This is Sybill and her bedroom. Both the nurseries are quite matchy-matchy, but I really like it. They'll probably grow out of that style as they get older, but for now I like that everything color-coordinates.

Penny: And my baby boy, Andre! We went with green in here because it was the original color of the room. It feels very calm in here, which is quite helpful, since he's a big screamer.

Coleen: This is the master bedroom. It looks rather small from this angle, but it's really quite large. The shape of the room is interesting and keeps it feeling cozy, but still large.

Coleen: The bathroom is by far my favorite room in the house. I can just lay in the bath for hours... Well, I could, anyway, before we adopted the babies.

Penny: This is my greenhouse! It used to just be a few strips of plantable land in the back yard, but we expanded it and built around it so that I could keep the fresh veggies coming for the kids even in winter.

Coleen: This is another lovely part of the house. I love this patio. During the summer, we invited the neighbors over for barbecues a lot.

Coleen: And here's my pond! The kids love to sit at the edge with their toes in the water and watch me fish.

Penny: As you can see, I've done absolutely NOTHING with the front yard. We did have the driveway relaid, though.

Andre: Aybye!
Penny: -smiling- Bye everyone! Thank you so much!




• What have the positive aspects of this experience (besides the new house!) been on your family?
Coleen: Well, for one, Penny and I learned that we really can work together to do something. I think that we would have picked a very different home, and not even looked at this one, if it weren't for you guys, and for that I certainly thank you. This home is beautiful and perfect.

• What have the negative aspects of this experience been on your family?
Penny: We learned how to push each other's buttons! Before when we were living together, we agreed that we both hated the house and we agreed that there wasn't enough space for a child. Looking for a new home, however, we disagreed on a lot of things. Maybe this is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, I now know how happy Coleen was to lose that tiki and how much she hates blue carpet (which I made her leave in the living room because I love it), but on the other hand, we now know more about each other!

• Are you happy to have participated in this show?
Coleen: Absolutely! It's had a lovely impact on our lives.

2nd Nov 2008, 10:17 AM
Sorry for not responding sooner, wndy26; I must have overlooked your question.

The limit of 8 interior photos will not be changing. You are more than welcome to link to additional photos, however the linked-to photos will not be judged. If you post more than 8 interior photos, you will lose points for not following round directions.

Thanks for letting me know. I am almost ready to post my entry. :) Good luck everyone!

2nd Nov 2008, 12:52 PM
Charlie: "Welcome to my new home! I am so glad you could come back for a visit after I was able to get everything put in its place. Three months isn't really much time, it took me at least that to get all packed up. Lets go inside and you can see just how busy I have been since I moved in. Oh, wait just a minute. Before we go in, check out this fancy porch swing that my dad put together for me. He gave it a white wash finish to match the trim of the house. Its a perfect spot to sit with my coffee and read the newspaper while enjoying the fisrt rays of the morning sunshine."


Betty and the camera crew follow Charlie into the foyer.

Charlie: "From the foyer we have several doors and a hallway. We will get to each of those in a moment. In our foyer, we ask that you please remove your shoes. I have an appointment to get the carpet stain guarded, but until then we do ask that all guests remove their shoes. Please feel free to sit on the bench and you can put your shoes neatly under the bench. Ok...on with the tour. The first closed door on your right (left in photo) is the coat closet. The closed door on your left (right in photo) leads to my library, which we will look at in a bit. And the opened doorway just past the coat closet leads into our kitchen - which will be our next stop."


This is the foyer - perspective from inside home. Click to view what you would see from foyer as you walk in to the house. (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3200/2982161299_f969e0c00e_o.jpg)

Charlie: "Ok, lets move on to the kitchen. I really love my kitchen - it has a huge pantry, the island stove, and we're standing in the breakfast nook, the awesome french doors just behind us on our right lead onto the patio. Also, my washer and dryer are in a laundry closet over to our left by the garage entrance. The garage entrance alone has been sooo beneficial to getting groceries in, not to mention on those blustery winter days - it saves me tons on doctor bills! Shakespeare's dinner bowl is also in the garage."

Click here to see a view of the kitchen as your walking in through the archway. (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3072/2982161303_97701144c3_o.jpg)

Charlie: "The kitchen is really the only room that I did any serious renovating to. I hired a crew to come in and raise my cabinets closer to the ceiling. I have all of those shelves that I put up in my old apartment's kitchen and I wanted to use some of them so I decided to put one right below the cabinets to hold my most-used dishes - plates, glasses, and mugs. This way they are easy to reach and put away. I white washed all of the shelves to match the trim in the house as well and hung some of the shelves in the pantry. If you look, you will find those shelves all over the new house."


Charlie: "The dining room is our next stop. The matching table, chairs, and hutch I found at an estate sale just after I moved in. I got an unbelievably great price on the set - it was under 700 simoleons! I couldn't pass them up. They did need a bit of sanding and a repainting to look all nice and new again, but that didn't take too long. The table and chairs that are in the kitchen breakfast nook were my mom and dad's original set. They had a small home and since I was an only child, we had a small table. I remember all the dinners we use to eat from that table...I was glad that dad kept them and brought them along when he moved in."


Charlie: "If you remember from my application to join the show, I originally wanted a formal dining room for entertaining friends and colleagues. While this one is not formal, it is really a great space for entertaining. My guests can enjoy watching television from the dining room (for those big game parties) and I can also enjoy their company while I finish preparing snacks or dinner. I have had a few get togethers already and my friends all commented on how much they loved the openness of the dining room, kitchen, and great room. And I never felt like I left my guests unattended - which, to me, is somewhat rude."


Charlie: "As you can see, the great room is just that! It's great, it's big, it's great big! I love the fireplace - it barely takes up any room. The furniture you see in here came straight from the Ikea store in Bluewater. They also had the area rug below the furniture and those nice end tables. I went to Best Buy and got the big screen television and that is my old game system that I had in the apartment. I repainted my wooden cd stands and got a new book case for the room. This is probably the only room with almost all furniture brand new. The only used things in this room are my cd stands, stereo, and Shakespeares chew toy."


Charlie: "I sooo love my library. It is small - smaller than most libraries - but it's mine and I love it. As you can see, I have a great view of the front yard from my desk. It's so nice to be able to write for a while, look up, and not see someone staring at you through your window! Apartment living was just so uncomfortable. I used a few more of those shelves from my apartment kitchen in here for some of my books plus I picked up three great racks at the same estate sale with the dining room furniture. Over in the closet, I have a few more tons of books! Oh, and with all the peace and quiet I have had, I managed to finish another novel just last week. It sold quite nicely - I earned more from that novel than I had from any of the other 4 novels I have out."


Charlie: "Now let us move on to my spare bedroom. By the way, its no longer a spare bedroom, my dad fell in love with the place and has visited so often I just asked him to move on in." Charlie giggles. "He was basically living here anyway - he seemed to always make it over just in time to make pancakes for breakfast 4 out of the 7 days of the week. Anyway, I am very happy to have him here. I no longer have to worry about him being alone or lonely now that mom is gone."

Charlie: "Remember that estate sale I told you about earlier - they had this bed and another just like it - buy one get one free! Can you believe it! I got both bed frames for 500 simoleons along with the 4 side tables - all of which just needed sanded and refinished. A guy at the estate sale also gave me a tip where I could get end tables to match the side tables at a really good discount. There is this little furniture resale shop down by the Cove - it's owned by a really nice couple who happen to be big fans of my Lou Dobbs books (go figure). I picked up three end tables that matched for under 150 simoleons and they delivered them. I wonder if they offered to deliver just to see where I live." Charlie chuckles nervously as she ponders that thought for a moment. "I did end up buying new box springs and mattresses for the beds though, but all together I only spent about 1,000 simoleons on the beds and linens."

Click here if you really must view the main bathroom. (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3135/2982163829_5eb5e4fe42_o.jpg)

Charlie: "The bathroom next door to dad's room isn't that special in case you were wondering, I decided not to show it off because I rarely use this bathroom. My bathroom is the master bath - I love it completely! Oh, and in the hall here, there is a linen closet as well - the door to it is right next to dad's bedroom door. I worry that as he gets older and his eye sight gets worse that one of these days I will be pulling him out of the linen closet." Charlie chuckles to herself.


Charlie: "Now the queen's chambers! I really love the master suite. I could spend the whole day in here and not even realize I missed anything. As you can see, I have a really nice window seat. Shakespeare loves to get up here and gaze out the window - well, that was until we got him his own little house in the yard. He still comes in and visits now and then, but anyway, I love the window seat for watching the butterflies in my garden. It gives me a way to relax and unwind - counting butterflies. I also took up another hobby - something besides writing. I am sewing! That couple at the furniture resale shop had this old sewing machine. It was broken and they couldn't fix it. Dad used to fix mom's all the time so I offered them 50 simoleons for it and they took it. Dad fixed it for 5 simoleons - it needed new bearings. Oh, and in my learning to sew process, I made all the curtains in the house...Dad was really impressed. Apparently, I did learn something from that Home Economics class in high school."

This link is to a photo of the other side of the room. (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3183/2982163839_564d65a1cf_o.jpg)

Charlie: "Dad and I spent last week going to a few garage sales. Much of the art work and decor throughout the house were found at the garage sales, as well as some furniture. I bet we spent over four grand at garage sales in Belladonna Cove and neighboring cities, Bluewater Village and St. Lucas. We found a vanity and a chair set at one of the garage sales. I recovered the window seat chairs and the arm chairs so they were a matching set. The only way you can tell they aren't is by comparing the legs of both chairs. That sewing machine sure came in handy for this project. Those end tables over by the window seat and by the arm chairs are the ones that I got from the resale shop."


Charlie: "The master bath is exquisite! I love having the double sinks and the shower! Also, the walk-in closet has enough room for a ton of clothes! I would feel like a princess every time I walk in there if I had enough clothes to fill it! Once I sell a few more books, that baby will have plenty of clothes in it." Charlie grins. "Its also nice to have the toilet area separated from the rest of the bathroom. Just the other day, I needed to go and Shakespeare followed me in the bathroom while I was cleaning - I just shut the door behind me and I didn't get funny looks or panty sniffs! Dogs sure can be a pain in the bathroom so it was nice to have the privacy!"

Click to view the toilet room. (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3149/2983021432_c21b53c44c_o.jpg) Click for another perspective of the bathroom. (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3228/2983021448_8c9af2781f_o.jpg)

Charlie: "Well, the only room left is the garage...it's really fairly bare and boring so I didn't include a photo of it. The only exciting thing in it is my first car! Now, it isn't new or anything and I did get it pretty cheap, only 2500 simoleons, but with all the money I saved by buying the cheapest (and best) house I was able to splurge. Actually, I had to splurge - there is no public transportation out here in the boonies - and taxi fare is expensive from this far out - so I had to buy a car so I could commute to work when necessary. Not all things can be done via the internet, try as we might."

Click if you must see my new car - but please note, I had some walls put up in the garage after this photo was taken. (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3138/2983021454_1029ca1b37_o.jpg) (Just didn't like having my household appliances just hanging out in the garage - they needed to be part of my pantry)

Charlie: "Now I am sure you want to view my landscaping. I was thinking that since you have already seen the front of the home, we should just head right out of the patio doors, here, and walk around to the back yard."


Charlie: "I have a really awesome patio set up back here and once the weather warms up I plan to have a few bar-b-cues. I plan to bask in the sun, read a few books and get a nice tan in the process. The deck set with the umbrella is brand new - it was a house warming present from my book publisher. The Adirondack chairs and table were my parents - they are both antiques. Oh, and Shakespeare's house is right over here by the flowers - he has already chased away a few skunks who were attracted to the flowers."


Charlie: "Dad loves the lake. After I got my stuff unloaded from the truck and just after you guys left the other day - Dad left me high and dry! Actually, he took the rental truck back and got a cab to take him to get his fishing gear - he must have remembered where it was! The taxi pulled up and left and I waited for dad to come in. Twenty minutes went by and Dad still hadn't come in. I went looking for him and there he was holding his pole over the lake, grinning from ear to ear. He had already caught a rainbow trout which was our first dinner in my new house! And the Jacuzzi - I installed that last week, it was a present to myself for selling my first novel from my first home!"


Charlie: "I want to thank you for picking me for the show from all the applicants, helping me find this wonderful house, and coming by today. Dad is extra grateful because he now has much more to do in his retirement! I think he likes the house as much as, or maybe even more than, Shakespeare and me. At any rate, you have helped make all of our dreams a reality. Thanks so much!"


• What have the positive aspects of this experience (besides the new house!) been on your family? - I learned a lot about how to pick the right house. You asked a lot of great questions - about why I wanted to move. Instead of just moving on a whim, I had to think about why I wanted to move and what exactly I needed and wanted in a space to call my home. I learned to make sacrifices and that some sacrifices, no matter how big or small, will turn out in your best interest, and some will not. In my case, letting go of the formal dining room for a semi-formal one ended up being a blessing.

• What have the negative aspects of this experience been on your family? - It did take longer than I had hoped. I mean, I am a bit impatient, I suppose. I ended up taking off work a couple of extra days to do the application and filming of everything. Having someone follow you around with a camera is a bit annoying. I guess that is why I chose to be a writer instead of a movie star!

• Are you happy to have participated in this show? - Happy, grateful, ecstatic! Although I have no real estate shopping experience to compare it to, as this is my first home purchase, it really was the best experience for me. I enjoyed filling out your questionaires and bringing you into my home, even if it was via video...you took my ideas and helped make them all a reality, and for that, I am really grateful!

Below is the layout of the home via an arial view - you can view it larger by clicking on the photo.

http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2152/2995310638_aedcc26e1a_o.jpg (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3272/2994471489_2dfeeba25e_o.jpg)

2nd Nov 2008, 8:23 PM

Welcome back to our home; as you can see, a lot has changed in the three months since moving in. Our old roof was too drafty and leaked in a spot, so it has been replaced with a much more modest roof with more light. And now we even have attic space for storage. Much nicer.


As you can see here we've added a small fence for privacy in the hot tub, and some much needed plants around the front. Not many, as both of us tend to kill them in the long run.


These are the beautiful picture windows that we got with the new roof. It took three weeks all together for everything to be installed, but it came out just wonderfully.


Here is the back of the house, which is plain but quite suitible to our tastes. The driveway isn't paved, but we don't mind.


And here is our prettied up front steps, so come on in for a tour!


Our front hallway is quite large compared to the one in the flat, which is nice when taking off snow boots and pants and storing them. Just off this hall is the showerroom, bathroom, and two small bedrooms. It then leads into the living room. We've chosen a theme of wood, blue, red, and white, and we've tried to keep it through most of the rooms in the house.


This is our shower room slash laundry room, which is very nice and has enough space for us to set up the hanging clothes rack for the laundry to dry. You can't see the shower, because for some reason Johanna stood in it while she took the photo. The wooden door on the right leads into our sauna...


Which is here! And gets used at least everyother day. It's very nice not having to share with the other tenants in the building anymore; it's all ours.


Beside the shower room is our small guest bedroom, which is just large enough for a single bed and a nice dresser. We quite like it, and we decided to break theme and go with greens here. We have a few friends who are lining up to stay here already.


Next to that is Johanna's art studio, which is bright and has lots of workspace for her. Erin sometimes uses the PC here, though she has her own laptop for writing.


Then comes the large livingroom, which has a beautiful view of the lake down the hill. The livingroom, while open plan, is still quite cosy with the fireplace nearby. The dining area at the back is Erin's simple joy, as she's wanted her own kitchen table area since we first started living in the student flat.


Another shot from our brand new kitchen; the ladder you see sticking down leads to our new attic area. It's not finished yet though, that will be a project for next spring.


And finally, behind the kitchen is our favourite room of the house, our master bedroom. We started here and combined our favourite colours, and came out with a very relaxing and calming space with bright bursts of colour and energy.


Here you can see the full layout of our house, we must say, this one is set up very nicely. None of the bedrooms open out directly to the livingroom, so though it's not a large house, it's quite peaceful and perfect for us.


So thank you for visiting, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in the show! Er..what camera are we supposed to be looking at?


What have the positive aspects of this experience (besides the new house!) been on your family?
More room to create projects, and as a result Johanna has sold some art that she's done. We've also had more space to hold parties, and have brushed up our renovation skills.

What have the negative aspects of this experience been on your family?

We've gone overbudget on things, of course, and there have been a few nights where the tempers were flaring. Deciding what peices fit decorating style is a bit of a struggle sometimes too. But for the most part arguments have been avoided.

Are you happy to have participated in this show?

Absolutely! We needed a new place anyway, and it was neat to have cameras around to document the process. It also kept us on our best behaviour, which worked out for the best in the end. :)

2nd Nov 2008, 11:17 PM
Master bedroom - Luz: It is so wonderful to have such a large room to walk around in! We even put the bed on the diagonal so we won't have that closed up feeling we had in our old place. AND, We're having twins, so there are 2 cribs in the babies room right next to ours.

Master Bathroom - Xavier: This is an excellent tub - good for soaking tired bones in. There is a huge walkin closet and a separate bath and toilet room and a large sink area. I just can't get it all in one shot.

Bedroom 3 - Xavier: My parents and my younger brother moved in with us temporarily. This is my brother's room for now. Raoul is in high school and at that age to be sneaking out. ~laughs~ They left the rest of the family back home under the care of my sisters and just brought Raoul here. It's nice that we have plenty of room for our family. Mom's going to help out with the twins and dad and my brother have been helping me work on that classic car down in the garage. Plus dad is fantastic with plants. He's going to help get the garden going and the greenhouse built. And, all my brothers and sisters will be over here anyway. They only live across town.

Bedroom 2 - Xavier: That's mom resting up and just admiring the Fragipani bedspread on the old brass bed we found for this (their) room. Right now the room just has basic stuff, but she'll get to customing the room soon enough.

Foyer - Luz: Wow! This foyer is so busy! Originally it had a rounded curved stairway with pink marble steps - We didn't really like the pink color or the curved staircase. I was surprised that they can bust out a staircase and replace it just 3 days. We went kind of crazy with the classic gold-tone romanesque wall panels and the candleabra wall sconces. But it was fun! It's so different from the dungeon we've been in.

Luz: This shot looks from the family room into the kitchen.

This is the view from the family room into the front room

Xavier: This view looks from the dining room, through the entry foyer into the formal front room.

First Floor

Second Floor

South side
North side


Thanks for coming! It's been great fun!

• What have the positive aspects of this experience (besides the new house!) been on your family?
Luz: We are so happy that we finally have a place large enough for our families to come and visit and stay with us. We have room to garden and work on our hobbies.

• What have the negative aspects of this experience been on your family?
Xavier: Well.. It's not a negative to us because we like our family but outsiders might think so. Mom moved moved here temporarily to help with the twins and dad came because mom is here and also to help with the garden and work on my classic car restoration. Raoul is here just so my parents can keep tabs on him. It's a mixed blessing for my other brothers and sisters. They are all at my parents house across town. The younger kids have the illusion of freedom but my sisters who are in college won't let them get away with any crazy stuff so that's no fun for them. Plus dad just pops in over there unannounced to see what they're up to. ~laughs~

• Are you happy to have participated in this show?
Luz: Oh yes! It's been so much fun house hunting and getting this wonderful place ready.
Xavier: I like the fact that we found a great house with a yard suitable for a good garden and a large garage for my tinkering.

2nd Nov 2008, 11:36 PM
I realized I have a problem. 8 total rooms.. However.. my house has:

4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Family room
Living room
Dining room
Study (which has to be shown, since it was a main focus in my storyline and the wishes of the family)

So even if I only show 3/4 bedrooms, and 1/3 bathrooms, that still leaves me with at least 9 photos I need to post for the interior shots.

3rd Nov 2008, 12:37 AM
Third time I've had to reboot.

I'm really sorry, but I seriouslydon't think I'm going to make the deadline. I've just got in from work, and now my computer seems to be having some serious issues and won't let me do anything, let alone Sim.

Really sorry, but it's been a great challenge and lots of fun and I am totally in love with everyone's entries. Well done guys.

3rd Nov 2008, 2:39 AM
I realized I have a problem. 8 total rooms.. However.. my house has:

4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Family room
Living room
Dining room
Study (which has to be shown, since it was a main focus in my storyline and the wishes of the family)

So even if I only show 3/4 bedrooms, and 1/3 bathrooms, that still leaves me with at least 9 photos I need to post for the interior shots.

Hi, You'll have to pick and choose. I have the same problem. However, my floor plan allows for a view of the dining room, foyer and front room and then the family-kitchen. My computer drive is full I've been trying to get rid of duplicate stuff so I can run my game. Got a couple more images before it froze. :taekwondo :lol:

3rd Nov 2008, 3:36 AM
Looking at your house plan, I'm sure you can combine a couple rooms into one shot, like the family room & kitchen, and possibly the living room & dining room. But in the end, you should have 8 photos, any more and you will lose points for not following the round rules. I'm sorry, but I have to be strict about that.

I realized I have a problem. 8 total rooms.. However.. my house has:

4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Family room
Living room
Dining room
Study (which has to be shown, since it was a main focus in my storyline and the wishes of the family)

So even if I only show 3/4 bedrooms, and 1/3 bathrooms, that still leaves me with at least 9 photos I need to post for the interior shots.

3rd Nov 2008, 3:43 AM
Ben: Hi again! It's us, the Dyson family.
Kate: Only we're slightly larger - our family has doubled in size! Well, I'm smaller, two months
without triplets in my belly has done wonders for my figure. Anyway, our new joys are Chase and
Brayden, the boys, and Alexis, our little girl.
Ella: We also got a new cat to keep Chestnut company, a white one named Allegra.
Ben: We've had so many changes in our lives the past few months but we're finally settled
into our new house. Come on, we'd love to show you around!

Front of our house (http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/2578/outside5se5.jpg)

Aerial View
Ben: As you can see, we added the small fitness room (http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/9243/untitled3ax2.jpg) and bathroom, breaking up the overly large formal
living room into a more usable space. A perfect little pass way connects the entry and the formal living room
without compromising the view of the backyard!

Click here to view the entry (http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/5624/entry3eg5.jpg)

Kitchen and Family Room
((This shot is horrible, but I had to combine the two rooms so I didn't exceed the picture limit.
The room is far too large to capture in one shot, so please, view the links below!))
http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/1998/kitchenandfamilyroomyn4.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
Kitchen (http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/6816/kitchenyu4.jpg) | Family Room (http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/9764/familyroom3yd0.jpg)
Kate: We love how open the kitchen and family room are. Since the whole wall between the family room
and backyard is windowed, it's perfect for me to watch Ella outside and it also lets a lot of light in.
Ben: Yeah, it's a great place for the whole family to hang out.

Formal Living Room
Kate: I decorated this room, and I have to say I'm thrilled with it. We put new wallpaper up in this room
and bought a new living room set, the cream couch and chairs. This room has a much more formal
appearance than the family room, and even though it hasn't been used much yet, it'll be great to invite
Ben's boss or coworkers or our family friends over for kid-free evenings.

Dining Room
http://img380.imageshack.us/img380/4905/diningroomwy9.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
Ben:The cabinets we installed in order to hold our good dishes are a perfect fit for this room.
The room is a perfect combination of formal and casual so we are able to use it both on a daily basis
and when guests are over.

Ben's Study
Another view of the study (http://img399.imageshack.us/img399/2199/study4wr4.jpg)
Ben: My office couldn't be more perfect. As I've mentioned before, I love that it's away from the
commotion of the rest of the house but still close enough that I can take a break and come kiss
my wife or tickle my little ones. There's so much room for all my books, and it's the perfect environment
to be very productive.

New Bathroom
Kate: This is the new half bathroom we added. I just love it! The greens and purples are soothing and elegant.

Master Suite
Ben: Here's our large master bedroom. We love the bed and loveseat from our old house so
we used the two to create a stylish, relaxing room.
Kate: We have his and hers walk-in closets (http://img392.imageshack.us/img392/7907/34286036iq2.jpg) just off this room, too. When we're in here, between
the fireplace, tv, and large jetted tub in the bathroom, we can totally unwind and relax.

Ella's Room
Additional shot of Ella's room (http://img91.imageshack.us/img91/2132/untitledxe3.jpg)
Ella: My new room is awesome! Mommy and I picked out the wallpaper and the blue to paint
my walls, and I made sure to put Chestnut's bed at the foot of mine.

Chase, Alexis, and Brayden's Room
Another view of the triplet's room (http://img262.imageshack.us/img262/6715/babiesroom2gp8.jpg)
Kate: Decorating for triplets of mixed gender is extremely difficult! I decided to go with a
simple pink and blue theme, with shades of brown and tan to tie the two together. Eventually this
room will become Chase and Brayden's room and Alexis will have the smaller one next door..
since girls definitely need their space!

Side Yard
Kate: Since I love to garden and hopefully someday will have time for it again, we set up an area
that serves both as a place to enjoy the yard and a functional place to keep my garden tools.

Ella: This is my favorite place in our new house! Well, besides my bedroom. I love our new pool!!!
Mommy and Daddy like the hot tub, but it doesn't have a slide, so it's boring. I even have a huge
green tube to sit in! I've already had five of my friends over to swim!

Play Area
Ben: We picked out a playground set for Ella, and eventually the triplets, to play on. We had it
delivered and installed the day we moved in, and luckily it's warmed up enough for Ella to enjoy it.

Play House
Ben: We also hired someone to build a little house for her. I think Ella's happy with it.
Ella: I love it, Daddy! I can play dolls and dress up and school out there.

The Dyson family would like to give a big THANK YOU to House Hunters for allowing us to participate in the show.

Our experience has been positive because...
We learned to be patient when searching for a house, as well as to compromise and make
the best possible decision
We also were able to spend a great deal of time together as a family.

Our experience has been negative because...
Well, we certainly have had an unusual entrance into the neighborhood.. A few too many people
have stopped by asking us about the film crews. This wouldn't be a problem if we didn't have three
frequently screaming infants to care for.

We are thrilled to have participated in House Hunters!
Ben: Thank you so much for taking the time to help our family.
Kate: We love our new home and the fun time we had picking it, and can't wait to create many
memories here.
Ella: Thanks for the pool!

Goodbye, House Hunters!

Some additional photos:
Ella enjoying her new playhouse (http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/1761/ellamp8.jpg)
Laundry room (http://img112.imageshack.us/img112/8493/untitled2yv6.jpg)
Garage (http://img112.imageshack.us/img112/8468/35195320fh6.jpg)

3rd Nov 2008, 5:26 AM
Alright, round closed!

I will be pm-ing the judges shortly. Good luck everyone!

4th Nov 2008, 3:02 AM
i'm off until thursday so i'll have my scores in tomorrow. good luck!

4th Nov 2008, 3:47 AM
My scores are in, good luck to all! (you need it too, hehe!!) ;) (( JUST KIDDING!!!)) :)

4th Nov 2008, 9:18 PM
i've sent mine in aswell. Sorry i've had lots to do! sorry if i kept you all waiting. :)
all entries were fab and i've had fun being a ej stepping in for last two rounds! everyones entries were all great. hope ot see yous in more decorating and building contests soon :) :kami:

5th Nov 2008, 5:14 AM
Yay, all the judges have sent in their scores and comments!!

I won't have time to tally everything up until after work tomorrow, which is 18 hours from now. In the meantime, hang tight :)


5th Nov 2008, 7:19 AM
LOL...And here I am...all on the edge of my seat and stuff! Shucks!

6th Nov 2008, 12:27 AM
One general comment (from kattenijin): Gridlines and red pause lines are BAD THINGS!!! M'kay?

Round 3 scores & comments
• great decorating!
• I really like what you did with the house; Thanks for also taking the past comments on board; your family photo bit was much improved.
• The playground equipment being in the front yard bothers me. Your aerial shots need to be tighter, and the roof aerial is not needed.

• love the bright colors!
• I really like your decorating skills, and like how you use a wide verity of colours throughout the house and rooms, it’s nice to se a room filled with colour and not just one or two colours.
• Very cute home Romy, but, I think you forgot the sink in the new bath lol!

• I like how you have done nothing with the front garden, it makes it more realistic, and you couldn’t get EVERYTHING done in 3months with two toddlers now can you? So kudos for sticking to realism.
Also could you crop your aerial shot, or use the hack to get rid of pause lines? Otherwise pictures are fab.
• Some of the color pairings are off, some more than others. Many rooms feel under-furnished.

• wonderful landscaping!
• I really like the kitchen and dinning area, I love how bright and cheerful it is. I like what you’ve done to the yard also.
• So sorry you need to move again so soon, I'm moving in and taking over! Sweet!

• nice fall decorations.
• Adore the garden, the ‘country’ kitchen really ties in with the ‘country’ sort of garden with the lake and garden patches; It’s nice how you kept a stubble blue throughout the house.
• The color choices created more of a "cool" feeling, rather than "warm".

• Cropping really help get rid of the pause line and interactions. You could always download the hack to get rid of pause lines and switch to a different Sims who idle so you don’t have interaction queues; Pics look better without sims in them aswell; I like the ‘victorian?’ look of the hallway.
• Most of the captions, especially the exterior shots, need work. I got no real feel of the family in the home.

• i'm partial to finnish lesbians because i have a pair in my game!
• I see you didn’t take the Plumbbob’s suggestion on board, it’s a shame.
• Cute home! I know where I'm staying when I visit Norway. One question, is it a Norwegian "thing" to not have curtains?

• love all the green
• I really like how you carried the green throughout the whole house, usually one colour looks horrid, but the different shades you used made it work. It’s a shame you linked some pictures though as we’re not suppost to judge linked ones; the garden is vague but is so cute.
• At first I thought "cute house!", then I decided it was too matching. It would have been nice to see more variation.

• like the rustic setting.
• I really like the living room and kitchen, and the ‘woodsy’ feel of the outside of the house.
• The contemporary interior is at odds with the rustic design of the home. I think the re-model took away from the home, and the new lay-out awkward.

• Shame you also linked photos, we cant judge them; Ella’s house thing is lovely; So is the playground; Them kids are spoilt!
• Rooms feel under-furnished. The re-do of the great room took away from the home.



Congrats to the top 3 winners above, and thanks so much to everyone who participated for the duration of the contest! I know my organizing was a big haggard at times, so I apologize for that. But I hope you all had fun; I know I really enjoyed reading your stories as they grew from round to round. Also a big big thanks to the judges, who were timely and fair with their scores and comments.

Also, one of our judges, lazyviolet, had kindly donated 2 super cute houses to the top 3! Yay! PM her for details!

Thanks again everyone!


6th Nov 2008, 12:38 AM
As always, thank you to the judges for the scores and comments. :) Though I don't know why play equipment being in the front garden would be bothersome, considering it was so expansive and such equipment can be in front gardens; but nevermind, LoL.

Congratulations to the three tops, your entries were awesome! :D

6th Nov 2008, 1:51 AM
Gongrats winners! Great job! This was a fun contest. The first one I've completed. I'm glad I was able to get round 3 entered just under the line. My hard drive is too full and I had trouble running the game and getting the snapshots. Getting a new hard drive so I can move my stuff over. :howdy: I wasn't paying attention when I installed Apartments that it used up the rest of my hard drive space. :einstein (Pay attention!) :Pimp: :taekwondo Now to clean up the junk! :anime:

6th Nov 2008, 2:08 AM
Congratulations to romyhorse, CiaoAlora, and wndy26! And congratulations to everyone who participated as well; it was fun to watch you all!

6th Nov 2008, 3:40 AM
Congrats romy and Tyler for making top three!

And thanks for a fun contest coldfloral.

6th Nov 2008, 5:59 AM
Congrats to the tops 3!
Thanks for having such a fun contest. I really enjoyed this.

6th Nov 2008, 7:07 AM
• i'm partial to finnish lesbians because i have a pair in my game!
• I see you didn’t take the Plumbbob’s suggestion on board, it’s a shame.
• Cute home! I know where I'm staying when I visit Norway. One question, is it a Norwegian "thing" to not have curtains?

Thanks :)

And I meant to! But by then I was already in game and had forgotten what the cheat was. ;) I've not been to Norway, but here we definitely have curtains, especially during the summer when the sun is still light during the night. I do like the home too, I wouldn't mind actually living in it...

To be honest, I did not do my best on this round as I moved across the country on Saturday and was just too tired to do the finishing touches. But I had fun, so thanks to everyone, and great work to you all :D

6th Nov 2008, 8:54 AM
Thank you judges and thank you coldfloral for hosting this contest! It's been great fun :D (even though I did end up with too much CC!)

6th Nov 2008, 4:29 PM
Thank you, coldfloral, for hosting a really awesome contest. Congrats to everyone who entered, the entries were awesome. Congrats to Romy and CiaoAlora.

I am excited to place 3rd in my very first contest ever....it was tons of fun and I am looking forward to more contests and tons more fun. :) Thanks judges!

6th Nov 2008, 6:40 PM
congreat romy for winning, congrats to everyone cause your entries was all so good. :)