View Full Version : Klepto Maids?!

10th Jul 2009, 9:59 AM
Ok, so I finally got around to marrying me one of the NPC's. Just got to say I am not too impressed with this. All the maids in town appear to have the Klepto trait.

So if you are throwing a party and you invite one just keep your eye on them is all I have to say. Another thing I am not certain of is where the stuff they steal prior to moving in with you goes... I had removed the trait from my sim and he had nothing in his inventory that appeared stolen, but he had the option to return a stolen item when he went to the mail box and there was some kind of wall ornament he still had. Oh well. Lucky the game crashed after that... lol as I was playing far too long without saving which is stupid! So now I intend to find out.

Hmm, the returning stolen items also gives a nice little moodlet that last for 8 hours. So you can steal all your 3 objects in a day and keep it through out. Such a well thought out moodlet i think... hehehehee

10th Jul 2009, 10:02 AM
Thieving maids. Another realism :P

10th Jul 2009, 11:24 AM
i had no idea that was a trait, i remeber a few days ago i moved into a bigger house and a few people came over, i didn't notice untill he came back from work that the tv was missing.

10th Jul 2009, 11:50 AM
Apparently, not only maids. One of my families got robbed by the babysitter. She was useless too, just stood on the sidewalk from the moment she came till the moment the parents got home from the hospital with their new baby then took a toy box and left..

10th Jul 2009, 1:49 PM
I think they need to change this back to nannies really, maybe have them as younger but the anoying thing is you cna not prebook them. You ahve to call them every single day when you have a new born. Poor little blighters.

Brian Chambers
10th Jul 2009, 8:17 PM
The items that your sims want to return or that they steal in otherwords go into the Family Inventory in Buy Mode.