View Full Version : Custom Content Troubles

18th Aug 2009, 5:02 PM
All right, just let me say first that I am a Sims 2 veteran! I've been playing the game since it was released. I know where to put all my downloaded files, I know how to unrar them properly, I know about which things are EP-compatible and which aren't (the fact that I'm running every EP and SP makes this pointless anyhow), and I know my computer surpassed the minimum requirements to play the game.

Now, my problem. I CANNOT get my custom content working! I looked up my problem on google as I always do and was directed to a guide here on s2c... I followed every step to the letter and STILL nothing. The strange thing is that I can get default replacements to work just fine but everything else just doesn't show up!

I have even gone as far as uninstalling/reinstalling and I am STILL having this problem! Right now I have only the basegame installed, and the only CC I'm using (or trying to use anyway) is one skintone and some eyes.

I don't understand what I'm doing wrong! Someone please help me!

ETA: This is in both Bodyshop and in game.

ETA2: I think I figured out the problem! *SHAME* Mods can delete this if they would like. I didn't realize the basegame doesn't recognize subfolders in the downloads folder. :faceslap: