View Full Version : Moving from the Sims2 to Double Deluxe, restoring backup, Store Edition?

29th Jan 2010, 7:11 PM
Hey simmers, been all over the internet before i decided to finally ask here.

My husbands laptop had the Sims 2 on it, original edition, all the expansion packs. Recently it had started to error, so we backed up everything and tried to uninstall everything then reinstall it.

first issue came during uninstalling. I had managed to uninstall all the expansion packs it seemed then went to uninstall the Sins2 and it said... there was still an expansion pack in there. Huh? so i checked my start menu and it stills aid that Apartment life was installed, but i had uninstalled it? it wasn't showing up on the program removal list either.

So after dinking around for a while and getting it removed form my registry, i finally got the Sims 2 to uninstall. oh this is just the beginning.

so i get Double Deluxe, mostly because the original sims 2 and nightlife we had was a borrowed install from my sister. I install it and then all teh expansion packs. first thing i notice is Double deluxe installed three folders to my my documents/ea games folder. The Sims 2, The Sims 2 Store Edition, and The Sims 2 Double Deluxe.

question 1: what is the difference between each of these?
Question 2: I have my backup folder from the original sims 2. where does that get installed, then?

we installed it into both the Sims 2 folder and the Double Deluxe folder just to make sure. Yet when i go to run Mansion and garden stuff, it tells me to run from the double deluxe disc. ok, no problem, running from the DD disc. (calling it DD form now on cause my typing is atrocious today) i noticed that the program showed up on the task manager as "store edition" hah...figures, the one we didn't put the backup into.

question 3: which of the game files SHOULD be running?

i noticed a message board about the store edition client being in error for some people. While looking through my DD folders, i noticed that... that's the only .exe file in the DD folders to actually RUN the game.

any insight, ideas, no duh comments that need to be made at my expense, please do. I'm completely lost... and i just want to restore my old game!

29th Jan 2010, 7:20 PM
If you haven`t already, try Game_Help:Uninstall and Game_Help:Install, then tell us what didn`t work. `K?

29th Jan 2010, 9:49 PM
Ok, i already followed those guides.

I uninstalled the sims 2 completely after having to go into the registry and removing Apartment life. it was gone. i deleted everything in the ea games folder and started an install from scratch.

the install went smoothly, no errors. But now i have these extra folders from DD, and i would like to take my backup from the original sims 2 folder and put it into my DD folder and play my old game... is this possible?

1st Feb 2010, 5:35 PM
My Double Deluxe never generated folders like that in the DOCUMENTS directory tree. Huh. Does your game function correctly? We want to make sure that it is working right before trying to install your old data.