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9th May 2010, 2:36 AM
I hope this is where I should ask this ... :blink:

I'm trying to do an adult-child age conversion, and an adult-teen conversion, but I seem to have screwed up somewhere in the process, and I made BodyShop crash ... :P

So, here's what I did ...

Made recolor of original adult mesh in bodyshop. Opened original mesh in SimPE, extracted original GMDC. Created new mesh package (fix integrity & all that). Opened DrPixel's child animation base mesh (I just didn't think about exporting a fresh child full body mesh from the game, but figured this is essentially the same), which is a ms3d file. Imported original (adult size) mesh into this file. I did *not* include additional bone definitions.
Did fiddle-work with mesh to make it fit child size. Used extended manual edit to line up neck vertices with child.
Deleted CHILDanimbasewhatsitsname group, and exported mesh. Imported into SimPE, blah blah blah. Linked recolor to mesh. Edited age in Property set to child only.
Tested in Bodyshop. CRASH.

So, what steps did I miss, what did I do mega-wrong?

Edit: it's definitely the mesh package that crashes BS. (I disabled the mesh package but not the recolor, and it didn't crash. I then created a recolor of a Maxis child mesh, linked it to my new mesh, which I un-disabled, I disabled my *original* recolor. Tested, and it crashed.)

9th May 2010, 3:14 AM
Make a recolor of a child outfit instead of an adult outfit if you are trying to end up with a kid's outfit. There is more to the package than just that one property set for telling it to function as a kid's outfit. Disabling the mesh package will cause the recolor to not work, and therefore it can't crash bodyshop. There isn't likely anything wrong with the mesh.

9th Jun 2010, 2:47 AM
Take a look at the thread below, and read post #6.


12th Jun 2010, 9:21 PM
Thanks!!! When I finally come back to the project I'll have to do that.