View Full Version : Wall Recolors - Seams are showing in some game configurations but not all?

14th Oct 2010, 2:53 PM
ekrubynaffit used some of the walls I made in her OFB only lots and I was shocked to see seams showing. When I first saw it I misread the symbol and thought her lot was made just using the basegame so I loaded them in a BG AGS game and I saw the same thing, assumed it was a BGO problem and put a warning on my post. But she recently uploaded a second lot and I noticed my mistake.

Does anyone know what's causing this or what expansion packs are needed so they appear the same as in my game? Even if I can't fix it I'd like to at least let people know what expansion packs they need so the walls won't have seams--it's so embarrassing!

ekrubynaffit's lovely lots with the crappy siding:


Unexpected Sidings post that shows how the siding appears in my game:

14th Oct 2010, 3:44 PM
Walls have never needed an EP or SP, so I'm not really sure what that issue is. And I know I never noticed that in my game, but I have all EPs. I also tested a set of my own walls that have the edge trim in an AGS base game, and it behaves the same. Not quite as noticeable on mine as it is a pattern and darker color.

So my original thought of maybe cloning in SimPE rather than HCP could be an issue isn't it. I'm thinking that EA changed the mapping of the walls textures in a later EP so they could do left/right specific walls. I noticed the base game had no walls that were left or right only. So either Pets or Seasons fixed this, as I tested in an AGS with Seasons as the last EP and they were fine. Of course if OFB has left/right specific walls then my theory is crap. :P You probably could sift through the really old walls downloads here to see if any left/right specific walls are available pre-pets and see what they do.

14th Oct 2010, 6:52 PM
I wasn't able to find any left/right walls early on but your Pets guess was right so at least I can put a warning on my original upload. Thanks for your help! :)

It was also a reminder that I was going to do a coordinating fancy siding like you had suggested. I have a scalloped set done but I wanted to do a diamond pattern and a vertical siding too but at the rate I'm going it'll never be finished. But since the one set is done and looks pretty good (or as good as I could come up with trying to create the pattern and shading myself) so I might as well upload what I have finished while there's still a few people who play Sims 2 and might use it. :lol: