View Full Version : So Bridgeport is a connection?

5th Jan 2011, 3:04 AM
So I've had the base game for months and months, not even bothering to grab a stuff pack and just running off of custom content. But I just purchased all the EPs and SPs except for Late Night. I've been holding off until the next patch or next EP so there's less chances of glitches. But I've been reading about it and I'm a little confused about Bridgeport...

So Bridgeport is kinda like a Sims 3 version of Downtown? Or is it kinda like a vacation spot? Is it its own town too that you can play in? I've looked around a bit and people have said it's separate but also people saying that it's like Downtown. Then I found that there's some connection thing in Bridgeport to Barnacle Bay...? :wtf:

I'm a bit confused. :/

5th Jan 2011, 3:13 AM
Bridgeport is its own separate town, like Sunset Valley or Riverview. Except it's a more urban environment with "nightlife" (NOT the TS2 EP) elements built in.

It is not a subhood, not connected (or connectable) to any existing towns.