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18th Jul 2011, 11:10 AM
Hi everybody, have U had a good day Simming? I've not for sure. Since I played Tomb raider, I've been obsessed with making TR sims. I struggle for daysand finally had to come to terms that the only way to make a good, realistic, true-to-the-original sim is to make a face mask for him/her. I found this tutorial on rejected sims:HERE (http://rejectedsims.blogspot.com/2009/10/mask-tutorial.html?zx=485ca007c354c131) .They also includes 2 texture files as samples. I meddle around with the textures and here are my modded images (.dds):

The Base:

Overlay (since I don't want anything to be recolorable, I make it all black):

However, when I load the textures in Delphy's CTU, the 3d model just shows the default face with no changes at all. I don't know if I'd done anything wrong and I'm still a beginner to all of these modding and texturing so if anyone has any idea or suggestions Plz don't hold them back. HELP me!
ps: sorry for the over-sized pic. I just converted them from .dds but didn't resize them. Also, the pics are extracted directly from Tomb Raider Underworld game.

18th Jul 2011, 11:46 AM
Honestly, face masks aren't necessary. You can do a much better job just getting a realistic skin and adding a little bit of facial character such as mouth corners, lipstick, eyebrows, etc., that help the likeness. I've never seen a sim where the face mask was absolutely necessary and was better than just working really hard on the sculpt and choosing the right content. Getting a face mask to look even -remotely- good is REALLY HARD and that amount of time/effort would be better spent getting a great sculpt and adding a few bits necessary here and there.

19th Jul 2011, 3:58 AM
Nobody knows??? Oh please I'm desperate now. Adjusting sliders (even multiplied by using NRAAS) still doesn't give the Sim the desired look. Is there, if any, face mask tutorial for dummies?