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10th Mar 2012, 9:15 AM
It is the end - the apocalypse. Human life has been wiped out by what we know as the 'War'.

One night, a sorceress, angered by the sim-kind's ignorance, raised an army of the dead. The zombies, pale green in colour, with pitch black eyes, sought to claim [insert town name here] for the sorceress and for sims to become her slaves just like them.

The undead residents of this town, known as vampires or creatures of the night, did not like their food source to be removed from them. They declared a war against the sorceress and her slaves.

As the vampires slaughtered her slaves, they released a toxic gas into the atmosphere, the vampires were immune to this poison as they didn't breathe, however sim-kind soon fell sick, and within a few weeks only the strongest had survived...

You stand on the charred piece of land you once called your home. Both races had forgotten what they were fighting for and just continued slaughtering. The generations that had witnessed the dawn of the apocalypse had perished, leaving only their ancestors, who had been taught to eliminate the other race. Your whole family have perished, you can't see anyone, however you are certain other survivors are hidden amongst the battlefield you once called your home. You feel that it is your responsibility to rebuild the human race and conquer the world of undead.

Load up a town of your choice, delete all the townie families except three.

Create your survivor, they may be male or female, YA or adult. They must be created with a human skin tone, no bright pink, green or blue etc. I advise not to have any pets, as I highly doubt that kittens have a better survival rate than the human race, however if you want Fluffy the super-kitten then I guess it's your choice. You also must randomize on traits, you can roll a total of three times, however if you choose to roll again, you cannot go back to a previous roll.

Move your survivor into a 20x20 (Or smaller) piece of land. If your town doesn't have one of these, just place one. Reduce their funds to 5,000, you then must build them a shelter, it can be any design and I recommend apocalyptic themed CC for this, however it isn't needed.

Your shelter must follow these rules.
-A fence around it to keep out the undead.
-Some kind of covering over it, whether it's a roof, floor tiles or the ground.
-No windows, it's not like you'll spend time gazing dreamily at the undead coming after your life.
-A door without any glass in it.
-No showers or sinks only tubs, you don't have running water, you have to collect it from the stream/river.
-No outdoor washing lines... "Hey undead, here's my scent!"
-No electricity.

Set Up
-Only have three townies families. (You can leave story progression on, it's not like it's very rapid.)
-(Recommended, but not required) Create your sorceress, if any human talks to her they are instantly turned into the undead.
-Create a household of eight 'zombies' green skin, black eyes.
-Create a household of eight 'vampires' pale blue skin, pale eyes. You don't need Late Night, but if you have it you can make them 'actual vampires'.

General rules/goals etc.
-The aim is to repopulate the town, the town is repopulated when there is at least one human sim in each house.
-You lose if you have no sims surviving in your hosuehold, so you must reproduce with other survivors.
-Contact with any undead, causes that sim to be converted.
-All converted sims must be moved out of the shelter immediately.
-You may not cancel an automatic interaction with the undead, just consider that sim going 'bye-bye!'
-All traits must be randomized.
-If any sim inherits a 'bad trait' (see below) they will die instantly from disease (pool room, fire room etc.) (If a toddler inherits one, age it up to teen with cheats then it goes 'bye-bye!') (CAS rolled traits don't count.)
-For every child that survives to YA, you can kill one undead.
-The challenge ends when the town has been repopulated and the undead wiped out.

Bad Traits List
Couch Potato
Heavy Sleeper

Good Luck! ;)