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24th Apr 2012, 4:25 AM
-sigh- it seems like I have nothing but a never ending stream of bugs and glitches with this game :( I recently kicked out one of the sims in my household using the phone > move option, after about a day (sim time), I went to check the neighborhood to see where he'd moved in but couldn't find him anywhere. That's when I noticed that he was missing from all my sims relationship panels, and when I checked, he was also missing from their family tree. It's like he never existed. Unfortunately I had saved before than. Is there anyway I can get him back? :(

I'm using Twallens story progression and master controller and have a couple of custom hairstyles but that's it mod wise.

Also, not sure if this makes a difference, but the sim was adopted, I've never had an adopted sim before so don't know if it could be a related issue, I do know I've moved other sims out before with no trouble, and there were plenty of free cheap housing available too...

24th Apr 2012, 10:38 PM
You should not use "Kick Out" in conjunction with [StoryProgression].

"Kick Out" renders your sim homeless temporarily, and if the cleanup process in [StoryProgression] fires before the sim moves into a residence, they will be deleted from the game.

I would suggest using [MasterController]'s "Add Sim" in the future, and move the sim directly into a neighboring lot.


27th Apr 2012, 10:33 AM
ah I see, thanks for the reply :)

27th Apr 2012, 3:42 PM
For future reference, if you used a mod to carry out an action and have issues regarding the results of that action, please post the question at the site/download thread of the item.