View Full Version : Change My Sims Skin Color

16th Jul 2012, 5:51 AM
How do I change my sims skin color on the sims 3? Is there some type of hack for it?

Peni Griffin
16th Jul 2012, 5:55 AM
I think you'd have better luck posting that question in the Sims3 forum. You put this in Sims 2 Discussion.

16th Jul 2012, 6:02 AM
I think it would be better for you to post this question in the Sims 3 forum, I'll sure someone there will help you. Because this forum is mostly Sims 2 players, there are some members that play both game that maybe know.
But on the whole this here is mostly Sims 2 players. Hope you get help on what you want to know. :)

@ > Peni Griffin I guess we both was typing the answer near the same time. :)