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20th Jul 2012, 6:09 PM
I have no option to give him a tour and he didn't eat the food I served. He just stays in the garden doing nothing!

20th Jul 2012, 6:23 PM
I'm assuming you've tried greeting him first? :) Did you save after inviting him over? There's a bug with the game that when you do that, the headmaster can sometimes glitch and not behave properly.

20th Jul 2012, 6:24 PM
Maybe you have a hack that might be conflicting with the headmaster?

20th Jul 2012, 6:39 PM
I also seem to remember that it is better not to quit the game between inviting the headmaster and the end of his visit.

20th Jul 2012, 7:21 PM
I only saved and quit because he was not working and I haven't been back on to the lot since... so that's not what caused it.

20th Jul 2012, 8:39 PM
I've had the headmaster get stuck before and he does nothing. I don't remember if I just quit without saving or what, but the next time I've invited him, he worked just fine.

20th Jul 2012, 8:51 PM
I had that same experience as VerDeTerre. Sometimes, the headmaster gets ornery. Did you try it again, perhaps at a different time of day (morning instead of the night before, or vice versa?)

20th Jul 2012, 8:52 PM
I once had him get stuck in the hot tub - the kid got accepted but I couldn't get the HM to leave, so I ended up using moveobjects to delete him from the lot. The kid didn't get into private school. Guess they expelled him for deleting the headmaster! That's the sort of "delete" that doesn't actually deletes a sim, but just removes him or her from the lot.

20th Jul 2012, 8:54 PM
(Raises hand)

I had that happen to me as well. I found myself yelling, "Will you go HOME already? Stop trying to mooch!"

Wait ... that should probably go in another thread (things you yell at your Sims), shouldn't it?

Yup. My headmasters can be a PITA. (And it can get even worse with any type of romance mod in a game! Sometimes, those headmasters want a little TOO much hospitality!)

20th Jul 2012, 9:46 PM
After doing the Headmaster Scenario- oh, I don't know- a hundred times? I figured there was nothing left to prove and got a little help over at Simlogical (http://www.simlogical.com/sl/Sims2Pages/Sims2_Schooltypes.htm).

20th Jul 2012, 11:50 PM
You can use the bat box on stuck headmasters. The option is there even when he isn't there.

21st Jul 2012, 6:41 AM
The Headmaster now he or she can be a tricky, and at time hard to deal with. To get a child into "Private School " follow these steps or else he or she will just come to the Sims home eat their food and tell you " the family not good enough for their institution."

1. There must be at least one child on the lot with Higher grades ( A or A+ ) or if the Sims have more than one child with good grades they all can get into private school at the same time.

2. Be sure the house is "Clean" as well as the outside no trash hanging around , be sure all beds are made.

3. Be sure both parents is present ( because one is needed to take the nosey headmaster on a tour of the home. Most "Important Do Not" have any cheap furniture or items in the house because when the Master go to look at each room the environment score need to be good for it will add to the tour points. ( Just place good furniture and objects in the home you can always get rid of it after he leave. )

4. Serve good food and be sure the Sims you use to cook have very good cooking skill ( Don't want burn food )

5. Be sure to do Schmoozing with the Headmaster ( but do not talk to him or her about getting your child into school they want you to talk to them like you would other Sims )

6. Use the phone to invite the Headmaster ( that interaction will be there ) if the child grades are not good he will decline the Sims invite.

7. If the call is placed before 5 p.m. the Headmaster will arrive at 5 p.m. if after 5 p.m. he will come the next day at 5 p.m. Be sure to have one of the parent greet him outside, then right away take him on the house tour ( that options will be there to do so) Have the other parent with good cooking Skill cook and serve him quickly after the tour. One trick is have your Sims cook a good meal a day before and put it away in the fridge, that way it will be ready for the master to eat. The cooking Sims after the Tour can ask him to come have dinner. ( all family members should be at the table )

If your child fail do not give up try it as many time as you like until you get the hang of what to do. When I first try I fail over and over until I found out what was needed, have one parent take him on the tour and show three rooms or more room if you have the best items in the three room that is all you need. You will know if the head Master like the room he or she will get very excited. ( Please no cheap items ) Hang high price pictures light fixer, remember you can always get rid of the items after the Master leave just besure it is before 12 Midnight so you will get your full Sims price back for the items. ;) that it.

21st Jul 2012, 2:51 PM
One thing that really helps, if you have one parent at work, and/or if you want to spare yourself having a fire during a headmaster visit (which HAS happened over here)...there's a hack that lets you put away leftovers as single plates or group meal (I believe I found it here at MTS). I just have someone cook up salmon, lobster thermidor, or filet mignon (even fried chicken works--but you have to have downloads for foods you normally only get at restaurants), stick it in the fridge as group meal, and after the tour, just go get it.

Also spares your Sim from having to start over again with the dinner if he/she burns it.

The Prima guide says the Sim should have a cooking skill of at least 5...but I've gotten away with having a Sim with level 4 make fried chicken.

22nd Jul 2012, 12:50 AM
You know, I've succeeded in getting kids into private school just giving the headmaster spaghetti - I don't think it has to be fancy food. I find it a pretty easy scenario to succeed at: you just need four goodish rooms, a reasonable meal and the ability to chat to him. I send very few sims to private school.

22nd Jul 2012, 12:57 AM
Yeah, I used to make Lobster Thermidor, but now my favorite meal for the headmaster is one of the fish meals.

I suspect that how filling the meal is is the key to a high score, and you can't beat fish for that. (Or any meal made with fresh produce, I imagine, but I never stock produce in the fridge.) These type meals don't require highly-skilled cooks, either.

22nd Jul 2012, 1:45 AM
What's the best one for those of us with base game only?

22nd Jul 2012, 1:48 AM
I once lured the headmaster in the bedroom and put a dresser to barricade the door. Needless to say my teenager never got into private school.

22nd Jul 2012, 3:09 AM
Know what's really funny? Pescado's Fitness For All mod. After the headmaster has visited enough of your Sims, his belly pops out. :lol:

22nd Jul 2012, 4:05 AM
Know what's really funny? Pescado's Fitness For All mod. After the headmaster has visited enough of your Sims, his belly pops out. :lol:

That is so true, as I remember the bald headmaster in my game seem to always have a popout belly. What get me mad with him is the nosey way he want to go through the Sims house, then eat the poor Sims food. And later tell the family they are not good enough for private school.

And then the poor kids are sad, but what so funny to me is when the children get turn down if you look in their memory panel they will say something like " That old headmaster just miss out on a good student."

I love it, it always make me laugh when I read it, it seem like the parents are the one that really take the turn down harder. In their memory panel it will say something like "My child did not get into private school."

22nd Jul 2012, 4:32 AM
The easiest way to get kids into private school is when the headmaster is greeted outside, to line up as many of the great interactions as you can. I did the alone child challenge on here. That is Mum is in a hibernation chamber and kept frozen the whole challenge. I had I think six kids and they by themselves got into private school. First time I've ever had children get themselves in. The only two things available to them were the many greet interactions and the tour. It was a very nice house, that helped too. Food wise they got no points at all. I had the kids ring for Pizza and did call him for dinner but the headmaster never ate. He won't come for muffins or snack food either as I tried everything the kids had. I also had a coffee machine and a bar but the kids couldn't use it and he never used it either. It was the many greet interactions the girl used that gave them just enough points to get in. I think they made 91 points with the socials and tour. So it is possible for children ‘by themselves’ to get into private school.

Katya Stevens
22nd Jul 2012, 1:56 PM
What's the best one for those of us with base game only?

Turkey. Each meal has something like a 25% chance of burning if it's the same skill level as the sim, but drops to 5% on any higher skill level (so a sim with 6 cooking points has a 25% chance of burning turkey, but if they have 7+ they have a 5% chance -- this explains why sims burn lobster thermidor so often). Make it with the best kitchen equipment you can buy: the best counters, the best fridge, the best stove. If you can, make two just in case one gets burnt.

Have an expresso machine (not the cheap coffee machines, but the one which only makes a maximum of two drinks at a time) and a drinks bar. Make sure to serve them when the headmaster is in the room and he'll drink them. Gives you +10 points each. The hot tub also gives you +10 but can be iffy as the headmaster can and does get stuck, risking you failing the scenario.

Buy 2-4 of the most expensive paintings or statues that you can, and place them all in one room. Show the headmaster the room, wait for his reaction, then move the paintings/statues in to the next room. Show the headmaster the newly-decorated room. Repeat until he says he's had enough.

If you have 0 schmooze points, schmooze away. It cannot hurt if the headmaster gets minus points as it never goes in to a minus number. However, I have seen that having a good relationship with the headmaster (e.g. a parent or grandparent getting a child in who has met and interacted with the headmaster before) increases your schmooze points.

22nd Jul 2012, 9:26 PM
I have read also in the Prima Sims Game Guide that you can also ask the Headmaster to join you in the "HotTub" that to me was so funny to read, It is said you get a very high score during so.

But I never try it, because I am too busy getting my Sims to deal with him on the tour and dinner, I just want the headmaster to eat and get out of my Sims house.
He get on my nerves, so I know he is getting on my Sims last pixel nerves. :rolleyes:

27th Jul 2012, 1:09 PM
After greeting the Headmaster you have to click on entertain to get the tour option to come up. Same with the meal. I tried the fish--bass and squash did nothing but stuffed rainbow trout got me 46 points. Which is good as my Sims are not good at schmooze. Clicking on the schmooze option is no good as all that ever shows is about school. Why do they even have it if it does no good? I have also discovered that you cannot click on the Headmaster and get the join me option. So how can you get him to play a game or watch TV with the family? I have never gotten more that 36 points for the tour.

27th Jul 2012, 3:26 PM
On certain lots for me, when I invite him over he just freezes and stays there until I reset him. It happens on the same lot over and over again. But the family moved, as their home business provided money for a bigger home, and their two kids are in private school. Now, the kiddies are adults with their own kids in private school ;)

When I first started playing Sims I thought that if I didn't invite the headmaster my kids wouldn't be able to go to school at all. :P