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25th Feb 2016, 10:13 PM
I must explain the absences.

With my home life spiraling out of control with dad binge eating and mom becoming nice like my grandmother, I find myself escaping to 1 of three places: here at MTS to vicariously live through your stories (Face it, even some who cause chaos would prefer a little order.), to phone lines with helping operators, or into my game on my computer.

I should explain my game. I recently downloaded Alice Cooper for use in The Sims 3, but for some reason, the recommended hair looks like a failed attempt at a comb over, about 70% of the head was bald. Then I downloaded the Sailor Moon set and hair. With a bit of CASt ingenuity, sliders and wrist grease, I created the 10 Sailor Guardians (Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Chibi Moon, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn). Also fiddled with a tux in the outfit to create Tuxedo Mask's tux. The mask is another story.

I put Alice and the Sailor Guardian team in separate worlds. In the Sailor Guardians' world, I am testing a cutting edge apartment system for single occupants that feature an all in one bathroom unit, a bed, a fish tank and a small kitchen in a 7x7 space. If this fails, I could demolish the apartment complex and build the palace in Crystal Tokyo.

16th May 2016, 11:40 PM
May 16, 2016

Currently, I have been put in charge of the house and Gemini is bummed out. She feels lonely without the attention of my parents. I still love her, but she is being demanding. Like a temper tantrum without the loud crying.

It might seem traitorous, but I am driven to the point of me shouting in a way, "ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT! I'LL WALK IN THE MUD!" as I am going to give The Sims 4 a try. You guys gave me the nudge to try it. I do admit, I haven't given it a try and in our house, "Don't knock it until you try it" is an order.

Tried out the game's trial version and it is impressive, given the technical aspects and controls. The mouse I use is an ergonomic design from Microsoft, so camera control took some getting used to.

It is fun to give it a try. Might invest in it.

So, at the tail end of my house and cat watching job, I caught a nasty cold about a week after my father did. Like Dr. Nye said about viral infections in a lecture on viral cellular duplication, no two viruses are the same. They mutate as they are passed along. So I ended up with messed up eustation tubes which are in the ENT part of the head.

Otherwise, to keep me occupied, I am watching Zyuranger on the official R1 DVD to stay distracted from sniffles, cough and sneeze. Lately, I have become the Leonard Martin of Tokusatsu media. (Tokusatsu includes Super Sentai, its reformated series Power Rangers, Ultraman and even Godzilla. The person to thank for pioneering this special effects laden action movie\tv show art form is the late Eiji Tsuburaiji, who would, if he was alive would rank in the top 10 of oldest people alive.)

I could imagine PBS doing a series where we first aired the Zyuranger episode and between the breaks as the shows were aired on local tv, we fill them in on the mythos of the show and cultural viewpoint of Japan. As it runs an hour, the second half shows the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode that used that Zyuranger footage from the prior episode in the block.

Given a good portion of Mighty Power Rangers use snippets of special footage titled in containers at Toei with ZYU2 after the Doomsday 2 parter, which was supposed to be the series finale if the franchise failed. I also would have to point out specialty footage for Seasons 2 and 3 as the suit were reused every time a new robot was implemented.

Funny thing: the South Park episode "MechaStreisand" was a send-up to Tokusatsu and Leonard Martin (Voiced by a god-awful mess of a voice actor as Robert Smith was the big name for that episode) was the analog to Ultraman being called so far as Ultra Leonard Maltin

27th May 2016, 5:19 PM
Today, I calculated my expenses for June 2016 and due to my bills, which include rent, dishwashing service, phone bills and a tab for various goods, I have to give more than half my paycheck to cover the costs. But the fact I make sure to pay my bills is an adulting win that shows growth. If I calculate it right, I can get caught up on The Sims 4 and stock up my stash of snacks.

Although my mother is normally opposed to me having food in my room, when my father began stealing me and my mother's snacks, locking them in my room is brilliant because of the classic vampire etiquette stating they cannot enter without my consent being the reason they ask for entry (note: they actually don't go in my room, lest they get an earful from me.)

I also have to leave my father be. He's been having a rough time and he is planning to seek therapy. I feel bad when those I love are hurt in any way.

28th May 2016, 10:44 PM
Today, I received a pamphlet menu for a Chinese restaurant specializing in Cantonese, Hunan and Szechuan style cooking called Panda Wok. All panda notions aside, it is one town north of my home. It is directly across the street from a sushi bistro which I received their pamphlet menu months ago. I have yet to go to these restaurants because the town is a bit sketchy in parts.

Still, Memorial Day holds very little significance because if I am connected to a fallen-in-combat member of my grandfather's naval units, it's quite a stretch. But regardless of connection, I bless the fallen anyway and solemnly contemplate humanity. While others vacation, in my family, we show respect to the military and first responders.

4th Jun 2016, 6:37 AM
With grocery day upon us, I had quite a week of changes.

For one thing, I decided to go back to my old primary care doctor upon the counsel of my parents. Sure, the doctor I was seeing was nice, but she misdiagnosed my horrid cold as allergies. A portion of last month's bills were to pay for OTC medicine and enough ginger ale to make a stocked wine cellar look bare.

Second, I did buy The Sims 4 and I heard the news of it being fully LGBT friendly in terms of Sim Creation because of yesterday's update.

Third, I guess it may not matter, but I have been working on music videos. I tend to get inspired in the morning and I half finished it, but I have to find the right footage for it.

Fourth, I had been thinking of pulling an all nighter to get some playtime with my Sims.

5th Jun 2016, 12:02 AM
Today's grocery day was offbeat. I stocked up on snacks for my snack chest. I bought frozen foods, stuff for drinks and repaid my mother for eating her snacks.

But as I was at the checkout counter, the amount of grocery and the price for it required subtraction. In the moment I saw I was $20 over, I hear Mr. Potato Head shout "Toss 'im overboard!" (My mind has humorous defense mechanisms) and I commenced getting multiple items thrown back, including a box of my beloved soft pretzels. For those who grew up in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, soft pretzels are like the biggest deal in snacks. "They are the shit!" As my father put it.

But in the madness of the day, I had instant ramen with a mixture of a non-alcohol, caffeine-free sangria mixed with 7UP (the sangria has a chemical smell like that of wine and the taste isn't too far off when drunk straight, so the 7UP is to cut the harsh nature.)

5th Jun 2016, 3:17 AM
including a box of my beloved soft pretzels. For those who grew up in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, soft pretzels are like the biggest deal in snacks.Sorry if I'm out of place here, but I'm really curious about these soft pretzels. I live in NY and have never heard of them before, maybe because I didn't grow up here I guess. What exactly are they, and is there a certain part of NY where you get them or something? I must be missing out on something if they're so good, lol! I tried sending you a PM instead of posting in your topic, but it gave me a message saying you either weren't accepting them or weren't allowed to receive them. I really didn't wanna post in your topic because I thought it would be kinda rude (sorry!), but I was just so curious.

6th Jun 2016, 12:06 AM
Well, there used to be soft pretzel carts in NYC when I visited a museum...but that was 20 years ago, back before everything changed.

So I guess my memories aren't serving me well.

6th Jun 2016, 1:06 AM
Lately the debate about "Why transgender people but no toddlers?" Has become the latest in the debacle of "EA...Y U NO TODDLERS?" and this reminds me of some gamer asking a gaming site how possible is it to make T rated versions of M rated games like it is to make clean versions of explicit albums. He (remember that girl gamers were not as prevalent in 2004 and he had a boy name) didn't realize bleeping out words was easy, but to remove elements from a game to make it fit a rating is much more difficult to the point of being incomparable.

Sadly, I have to come to the hard decision and stand on my own by saying, I know where programmers are coming from, I once did programming as a little punk. However, one might argue that, with all the programming done for everything else in the add-ons (EP\SP\GP), they could have put that energy into toddlers.

The hard part is years ago, EA employees were worked like dogs and it was not pretty. Take into consideration the fact programming in the chosen language like Python, WOL (pronounced owl) and the like are hard when you use a primary human language.

I just realized how difficult it became when I debated an issue of contention by myself.

8th Jun 2016, 4:33 AM
Well, the sweltering heatwave of the area has finally broke and we are, in the Seattle area, happy.

I got back into coloring in coloring pages I printed out from Sonic Channel, a Japanese official Sonic the Hedgehog site. I printed a bunch of coloring pages. You download them into Adobe Acrobat as they are PDF files and print.

So far, I've colored one of Dr. Eggman partially.

Those damned octuplets dreams came back. My grandma nagging me beyond the grave to embrace destiny when I have no desire to have children until I find a responsible but light-hearted man who can care for them and give them reason to be positive in the face of adversity.

13th Jun 2016, 5:19 AM
For all my female fans...You know how "Aunt Flo" can ruin you for a few days? Well, most women get periods. I, however, get a hyper-steroidal case where I am much more difficult to handle and my face breaks out even when on hormone therapy. I have what are called "evil periods" where my sweet and gentle self is given a drastic flip in behavior and attitude for the major duration.

However, dad liked my birthday letter to him and since he asked for the spare set of colored pencils I received years ago by accident (he recently got into grown up coloring books), I wrapped them in newsprint and he was happy that I gave him a gift that meant something to him.

Still, I clocked 30+ minutes in The Sims 4. Weirdest part was when Sim Alice Cooper walked in on my Sim self while she was on the toilet. Both were embarrassed to say the least.

However, in that Sims 4 session, Sim PANDAQUEEN started gardening and what seemed like an OOC twist, Sim Alice Cooper started making cupcakes and ice cream treats.

17th Jun 2016, 2:20 AM
With my mother upset at work, one reason being asked to take the management position and she never liked it...I may have to tread lightly with my mother.

Otherwise, it disturbs me as an American that in the 240 years since we became a country, that we have the most violent history involving all kinds of violence in comparison to other countries. Anything prior to 1776 is just as awful.

Still, the mere fact that destruction and creation go hand in hand with the nature of humanity and life on Earth.

Did some edits to an old fanfiction for Sailor Moon. The author left a note that he was going to change the first dub names and terms to the original Japanese names and terms. (He forgot after 16 years, which was when he last wrote the chapters.) So I did some finding, replacing, rewriting for grammatical reason and grammatical corrections that Weird Al sang in Word Crimes, like the error of it's as a possessive.

Tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment and it may be an annual I haven't had in a long time.

To confess, I hate exposing my underbelly of any sort to relative strangers. After such probings, I go out for a meal as being under scrutiny in examination makes me hungry.

Still, debating with myself over buying doll parts or those Made to Move Barbies. Made to Move Barbies have 23 points of articulation. There are 6 varieties and they are denoted by shirt color. The first four came in Pink, Blue, Purple and Yellow. Two new ones in Orange and Sky Blue came out recently. They all wear black yoga pants. Still, it ruins my aesthetics of my ideas.

I could get back into doll making. Been meaning to.

26th Jun 2016, 9:10 AM
A user on Facebook is currently renovating 12 copies of the 1978 Barbie Dream House into a mansion for her dolls complete with a sprawling backyard.

With my space restrictions, I can only afford to make an apartment block with paperboard boxes for cereal and a KETER plastic shelving unit I took from dad's office in April 2016

(I am in constant contact with my insane paternal aunts, uncles and the in-laws that are their spouses, a doll customization and collection group and a famous fan artist from Argentina who gained notoriety in his art with his renditions of the Disney Princesses as Sailor Guardians from Sailor Moon.)

2nd Jul 2016, 10:17 PM
Recently started my social life anew, because now that my family is moving back East, I decided to abandon my Facebook page for a new one. The abandoned one will be deleted.

I just love the new dolls. Not many dolls in my collection represent the disabilities found on Earth. Also, there are 3 more coming soon from Monster High.

6th Jul 2016, 7:07 AM
Lately, I am extremely nervous about my appointment in 12 hours. My last one was cancelled and I have another annual. Good thing that there's a burger joint on the other side of the shopping center.

6th Jul 2016, 5:19 PM
Last night, the vision I saw wasn't really a premonition, dream or nightmare. However, it seemed like a harsh reality.

I was married to Saul "Slash" Hudson, we had octuplets (equal mix of genders) first and a couple years later, the twins Evan Luther and Eva Lucia. The conversation happened in bed as we were winding down.

Slash: Sweetheart, you seem unhappy. Is it about my long hours in the home studio? Or are we drifting apart because of a physical connection? Is it the money? Anything?
Me: All of the above.
Slash: Well, how are Evan and Eva?
Me: Eva has been having crying fits when you work. Not even holding her close and rubbing her back elicits a positive response. Evan is sleeping longer than normal, even for his age.
Slash: I haven't been with my littlest girl for a while.
Me: She certainly takes after her mother.
Slash: What are the octuplets up to?
Me: I introduced them to the shows I grew up with and they want to learn how to make foods I grew up on.
Slash: You know, we'll spend the Independence Day weekend as a family. You spend time with the octuplets and I'll get the twins to have fun.
Me: Thanks, honey.
(We kiss each other good night)

It was mundane to say the least.