View Full Version : WCIF A Remake Of Midnight Hollow That's Larger?

9th Jul 2016, 2:29 PM
Okay so I really like Midnight Hollow, I love playing in Midnight Hollow and if I could I'd play in it all the time. There's just one problem...I CAN'T play in it all the time! There's not enough ROOM to put all the interesting features from Expansions and the Store without completely uphauling all those gorgeous manor houses and the beaches are WAAY too small to put down ANY of Island Paradises content! I can't even fit the necessary buildings for Late Night or Showtime :( there just isn't enough room.

I love the town but it's so BORING!!! Without all that content at my fingertips.

I'm not really fussed about getting the content to LOOK like it belongs in the world yet, first I need to know that it's possible to find a version of Midnight Hollow around that can FIT any of it. So what do you guys say? Is there a Larger Version Of Midnight Hollow circulating the internet and if so could you please direct me to it?

Thanks in advance :bunny:

14th Jul 2016, 10:27 AM
Do you have the AddLotSize mod? http://modthesims.info/d/471164
I love this thing; because you can get real specific with what size lot to cram in hard-to-fit spots on the map.

I don't think any EA world's been large enough to accommodate all of the EP venues and hangouts (part of why that one particular patch with the auto-lots was so freaking annoying.)
You might have to end up bulldozing something. :\