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22nd Jul 2016, 1:17 AM
as any come across house or any liveable structures for the sims (sims3) that made from real floor plans?

22nd Jul 2016, 5:09 AM
Many of the people who have their houses here use real world blue prints and floor plans (within the limits that the game places on build mode). What style of house are you looking for?

22nd Jul 2016, 6:34 PM
ok. nothing speific. i have one image i will post i'd lie, never have able to make look right. what be looking for are larges made house from blule prints or aprtments. large onces.

22nd Jul 2016, 6:44 PM
ok. nothing speific. i have one image i will post i'd lie, never have able to make look right. what be looking for are larges made house from blule prints or aprtments. large onces.

22nd Jul 2016, 6:52 PM
this is house ive trid to make.

23rd Jul 2016, 1:00 AM
this is house ive trid to make.

(Fair warning: I'm horrible at building houses. All of mine end up looking like big, boring, rectangles.)

That's a pretty good example to talk about the limits of the Sims 3 :( Each of the squares in build mode is one yard (if I'm remembering right) and since we can't build walls that stop halfway through a square, any floor measurement that isn't a multiple of 3 has to be rounded either up or down. We also never got proper closets to speak of so building walk in closets doesn't work very well.

Having said that, here's three houses that are, to my knowledge, based (as close as possible) on real world designs:
CarlDillynson's Clearview (http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=577125)
stonee206's Hansen (http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=544570) trio
plasticbox's Trebuchet (http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=537132)

(Please note the last one uses stacked stairs, which may not work on every lot in any given world- The Sims 3 is odd like that. Put a test sim in it first and have them walk to the basement then try to go back upstairs. If they can't, look for a lot that's at a 45 degree angle to that lot when you're looking at the neighborhood view.)

Any builders want to chip in with designs they've made? :)

23rd Jul 2016, 11:46 AM
I'm going to try my hand at the house you want, OP, the plan looks nice :)

23rd Jul 2016, 4:11 PM
any attempt at this would be appreciated

23rd Jul 2016, 6:05 PM
OK, here's the house. I made some modifications to the floor plan since it required the lot being unreasonably (IMO) big for such a house.

NO CC, only basegame content + the washing machine, dryer and hamper from Ambitions.
The lot is furnished and landscaped and fits on a 30 x 30 lot.
Costs: $39,927 unfurnished, $75,948 furnished.
Rooms: 4 bedrooms (2 double beds, 2 single beds, 2 cribs), garage (2 cars), living + dining + kitchen (open plan), laundry, bathroom, patio
Entertainment: 2 bikes (1 adult, 1 child), 2 bookcases, 2 computers, 1 TV + 1 console, stereo, 1 treadmill, toddler playtable + xylophone + peg box, toy chest
The patio has room for a hot tub, you can have a garden near it, and the front of the lot has a tunnel of hanging plants and an apple tree.
There's no nook area or small bathroom, though you could turn the laundry room into a smaller bathroom if you want to.
The kitchen isn't diagonal, since placing objects diagonally in TS3 is almost always awful visually-wise.
I moved the master bedroom to the left, somewhere between the patio and the second bedroom.

Download (http://simfileshare.net/download/99526/) (.sims3pack and .package, install .sims3pack via Launcher OR put .package in My Docs\TS3\Library)

23rd Jul 2016, 7:33 PM
pretty good job with it. that part of the reason i was having trouble with it, because the way the plans our vs what the game allows us to do.

25th Jul 2016, 12:35 AM
@sweetdevil love the house and so lovely of you to do that for the OP

@mcoll86 I was trying to link to a tutorial on making a house from floor plans, but apparently the TS3 forum has been down for a while (forever?). Basically, you look at a house and use the wall tool as a measurement guide- for example, Bath 2 has a tub along the wall. In the game, a bathtub is 2 squares, or 2 wall segments long. Convert the floor plans by approximating the size with the wall segment. You might want to use graph paper, and then move the plans into the game by laying down floor tile in different colors to represent each room. It probably won't be an exact match, but you can come pretty close. Post any questions on the forum: Create>Sims 3 Creation>Building: http://www.modthesims.info/forumdisplay.php?f=594 where you will find people able and willing to help. Good luck (or just use sweetdevil's lot, which is great).

25th Jul 2016, 5:43 PM
@attuned - thank you <3

I would add that it's very important to take into account how routing is done. In real life people can squeeze between a chair and the wall, for example, but the game won't allow that. The kitchen in the house plans is also a bit tricky and not necessarily practical for TS3 because you would not be able to place those two doors without moveobjects. Diagonal walls are a different beast, since doors, windows and objects can't always be placed on/near them in a way that looks nice.