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16th Apr 2017, 2:45 AM
Hi , I was a long ago allmost about to post this at the regular area, but then I tought there must be similar topics allready and I would of made myself feel like and idiot :)
But hey in here I know here is non so topic, so out of curiosity, at what way you play your games?

Rotation? (if so, how long in each household?)
Just one family?
or non above :)

PS. sorry if this is not allowed, just that I am so curious to find new ways to play :)

Emperor Crat
16th Apr 2017, 3:55 AM
Well, I play the game in a rotation-usually focusing on a particular family for an undefinable amount of time. I don't necessarily like to play pre-mades, as I find making my own stories to be preferable! This is allowed, and don't feel like an idiot for posting this! It's a good question, in MY opinion ;)

16th Apr 2017, 4:07 AM
I usually play with a mixture of premades and CAS-made sims, in really irregular rotations, so the neighborhood is always desynced despite my efforts. Although lately, I've been wanting to create a neighborhood completely from scratch and see how long it lasts before I get bored.
PS: How is an integrated hood supposed to work? I've heard that term a lot, but I don't know what it means.

16th Apr 2017, 4:57 AM
I love pre-mades, because I like to destroy their stories and also the idea of them meeting with others pre-mades and the madness happening, I usually play by rotation, but is nowhere near something synced..., I have some problems with the names here in the forum, because my game is in spanish, sometimes I don't know how to call some sims when I tried to tell what's happening in my game...

16th Apr 2017, 8:32 AM
All custom Sims with maybe 2 that came pre-made with uni. About 30-35 70-some families and a ton of single Sims or college Sims. Loose rotations so everyone ages more or less at the same place. Usually play 1 to 3 days per home.

16th Apr 2017, 9:02 AM
Right now - Megahood, therefore pre-mades + very few CAS sims (one household right now), strict rotations, 12 or 24 hours long. I would like it to be more integrated, but I'm actually just starting with hood and making things up, so there are no rules for economy yet.

16th Apr 2017, 9:12 AM
I've always tend to play legacy style with only two families. One family who come from old money, and the other who work hard for their money.(Great! now I'm singing Donna Summer in my head). Still working on my neighborhood, and hope to create the two families.

16th Apr 2017, 9:25 AM
I usually play either CAS only sims, or Megahoods. My last megahood fell flat on its face, so now I am setting up a new hood. A CAS hood.

16th Apr 2017, 9:38 AM
I have my own. I play the premades in university and I drive rotation (four days)

16th Apr 2017, 11:37 AM

CAF to create test simmies who then enjoy very hectic but very short lives in the various test hood I have


Rotationally by families in my main hood. Rotations typically last 1 to 3 days, and I try to sync every family to the start of seasons. I currently have 34 families and around 100 sims. Most are either the original founding family members or born in-game. "New blood" tends to arrive in the form of "college loves", but occasionally a sim will wander down-town to find a new partner. Only created two new sims in CAF - and both were to experiment with Warlock's body shapes.

Uni is (now) played as 3 years of two terms, each term being a single day in the main hood. Teens that don't go to uni can have up to two drinks of the elixir depending on their school grades and/or how mean I'm feeling and/or if I remember.

Just changed the life spans (shortened toddler, child and teen slightly, lengthened adult by a week, and drastically reduced elders) so I'll see how that works out.

Vacations are played in "real-time", so a 4-day holiday passes both 4 days of the sim life and 4 days in the hood for the house. If a family is split (elders go for a break), then they get teleported on their return to a spare lot and sit out the days until they are back in sync with the rest of the family. I also have a house-sitter (called Estelle Argent) if I need to leave a house empty but furnished (eg when a family of teens go to Uni)

There's probably more, but I've spent more time modding recently than playing. Thank god for spread-sheets to keep all this info on!

16th Apr 2017, 1:36 PM
Several families in rotation, each round least an entire sim-season (that is, five days each). I use empty neighborhood templates, so all my sims are created by myself or generated by the game at the spot (i. e. NPCs), no premades.

16th Apr 2017, 5:32 PM
Same as Rguerra except that my rotation lasts between 1 and 3 days. It's more one-day rotation nowadays. I keep track with the Lot Sync Timer (http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/smf/index.php?topic=2386.0)
I play a semi-integrated hood since I use some of the Maxis career. I barely use NPCs instead a playable does the job.
My farming family provides food for the hood. I don't use the delivery services.
Sims buy clothes at the clothing store.
A playable makes the repair(wo)man.
My kids go to a playable school and so on. You get the idea. :)

16th Apr 2017, 5:54 PM
Strict rotation - Little Carping, if I'm actually playing families, takes about a month to get through from one days beginning to the next.

17th Apr 2017, 5:20 AM
Hi , I was a long ago allmost about to post this at the regular area, but then I tought there must be similar topics allready and I would of made myself feel like and idiot :)
But hey in here I know here is non so topic, so out of curiosity, at what way you play your games?

Rotation? (if so, how long in each household?)
Just one family?
or non above :)

PS. sorry if this is not allowed, just that I am so curious to find new ways to play :)

Let me see.

Rotation: yes, I keep a list of families in Strange Town, Blue Water Village and Downtown and I play one and then I play another one, usually the next one one the list, but not always. Duration is until I meet a goal, Usually until Teens go to College and then I go to Uni and place the Sims into a house some place on campus.

Every so often when I feel like it I do a rotation involving the College Students using a separate college list, I concentrate on the Greek Houses, one Male and one Female and one Mixed male and female. Duration until one or more Sims graduate then I place those Sims into a household somewhere and I update both lists. Sometimes I switch to one of the other Greek Houses, sometimes I go back to the main families list.

Just one Family: NO! see above for more detail.

Pre-mades: Yes, all of them. I also play with two Ancestor families that I created. Created Two families, one with a Brother and Sister, the other with two brothers and two sisters.

Integrated: No, just Strange Town and its sub-hoods.

2nd May 2017, 8:25 PM
No rotation, too restrictive. I play tons of families, move them between subhoods. No premades, never could stand them except for one time when I played the Brokes. I usually have a plan for the neighborhood, like a BaCC or a medieval BaCC. I have given up on legacies, I just don't have the stamina...

Emperor Crat
3rd May 2017, 1:02 AM
I also can't deal with legacies and premades-I'm just more invested in my own sims y'know! I also plan for the hood--although I can only have 1 hood a time, every hood is a better version of the last!

3rd May 2017, 2:56 AM
play with rotations. 1 rotation = 3 sim day. It seems to be not so long, and does not bother to nausea (although I have 15 (!) Households (active at this time)). During these 3 days can do a lot of things.
1 family? Well, it's a little bit quick to start bothering! The same person and nothing can come up with a new one until a new show comes ....

Emperor Crat
3rd May 2017, 2:55 PM
I don't think I have the patience for timed rotation. :lol: I would lose track...

3rd May 2017, 3:01 PM
I've never played an integrated hood, but Jo told me what it is. I hope I get this right.

Basically, no NPCs or premades. You create every person in the hood and every business is run by a playable. I have no idea how to accomplish such a feat, and frankly, it sounds like a chore to me. I'm sure it's entirely wonderful to those who play, though, because a lot of people do.

I would suggest you pm joandsarah and get her to explain it to you. She does a wonderful job.

3rd May 2017, 10:48 PM
Rotation? (if so, how long in each household?)
Just one family?
or non above :)

I do play in strict rotations.
They are quite short (1 Simday in each household) so nothing too much happens in one family while others remain unplayed.
In my game 1 Simday = 1 year, because I tend to micro-manage (although I've learned to let them use their free will, and I also like it... sometimes) so they still get a lot done in very litle time.

College is different though. Semesters last 1 Simday, so 2 Simdays = 1 year henceforth I play 2 Simdays per rotation.
My excuse for this is that during college life seems to be much more intense (oh! those were the days!).

I like having several families but not too many, because I prefer my rotations to be kinda fast.
I also like families to be small, I would be glad if they only had a child or two, although I obligue when they want more than that.

I use empty templates, notownieregen, etc. so I don't get any premades in my custom hoods and even the townie population is quite small. Just a few are enough, I'd rather know them well than having lots of unknown townies wandering.

I also have my own rules to choose aspirations, as well as to set aspiration bonus, etc.
As I said, I tend to micro-manage.

Emperor Crat
4th May 2017, 3:19 AM
Amura, do you ever get bored of strict rotations?

4th May 2017, 1:23 PM
Amura, do you ever get bored of strict rotations?
Not really.
Maybe that makes me sound like a bit obsesive... and maybe I am LOL

I like to keep my households in sync.
And since I have a custom lifespan where the first stages are kinda short (1 Simday is a whole year, and they either go to college or become adults when they are 18) it would be very easy that Sim who were born on the same "year" were growing up at very different paces unless I kept a kinda strict rotation.
I guess I could make some little exception here and there and nothing would happen, but there is no point for me.

It's probably because I don't play focusing on a character (or set of characters) but rather in family lineages (I like seeing them grow and have children, and grandchildren and so on).

4th May 2017, 11:37 PM
I've only begun playing my neighborhoods in rotation this year!! I had an old game built on "oooh, that's pretty" downloads, sheer ignorance, and massive neglect for organization and "mod logic". I literally had one folder : Downloads!! I have completely revamped my game over the past month, and I have never been happier with it. Anywho, I play in rotation from Thursday to Thursday. Mostly I am a "family player" you could say, but lately I have a few single sims who haven't woohooed or anything and it's been a RL month! They're just taking it easy, waiting for someone with chemistry so strong, they can't bear to be away from each other (no ACR, btw). Unlike my old gameplay, where my sims would make eye contact, get married and conceive. Slowing down and taking in everything has made me more detail oriented and particular. I'm almost certain these traits will eventually change into obsessive compulsive disorder, or spontaneous combustion, I'll update that later. All in all, I have some pretty simple rules for the pixeleens. Stay at least above red aspiration, unless it is intentional. I like a happy, healthy town. Be kind, don't be an @ss, (but there is always one or two). Take care of your children! Clean your house! I only recently made an "unusual" character in my game. I don't play any supernaturals, Plantsims included. Don't really know why, I'm just not into it. I've tried it, though. I think it would be interesting to mention that I only use build cheats in my game. None of my sims get any extra money. Ever. I'll leave their house halfway built, and they have to work their butt off to finish it. That's how it is. The only cheat I use for my sims is the plastic surgery/change appearance on the SImBlender. The last two sims I made, I rolled for their personality, etc. I prefer this method, and found it's great if you can stop being a complete control freak for five minutes. Which most of us can't be bothered with. I would like to add that with all the beautiful content and super cool mods, I would officially like to dub my game SIms 2 1/2. It's almost there, but we want that to be almost... ;)

Emperor Crat
5th May 2017, 4:47 AM
I am an extreme control freak! maybe I should take my hands off the sims for a bit-It IS more interesting that way. I don't like TOO much chaos in my hoods, though. Real-life is stressful as it is :lol:

13th May 2017, 7:29 AM
I play rotations. Each rotation lasts a season but I often jump around houses so 1-2 days jump around. Especially important when I have toddlers becoming kids so they can start at the school and kids becoming teens unroll from the Primary School and either enroll at the boarding school/homeschool.

I'm not sure how many families I have now. I started with 12 and now the founders grand kids are being born/becoming toddlers/kids.

No pre-mades, no townies except those I have made. I do have BV townies (wish I didn't!) and dormies spawned by Moo's Brainania uni.

Integrated as much as possible. Sims run the town, as few NPC's as possible and items preferably bought at owned shops.

9th Aug 2017, 5:03 PM
I've usually just played families, and watched how the various generations turned out. The longest I went was a hood that was in its 4th generation, then I had to get a new computer and started all over. I did once play a small hood where I had each family do something (farm, make pottery, etc.) to see if they could be completely self-supporting. That was hard but fun, and it took a long time for them to fully furnish their houses.

I play in rotation, currently from Monday morning to Monday morning. For the kids in Uni, the rotation is two semesters. I use a lot of mods and default replacements, and a lot of custom content. I started using ACR and am much less of a dictator with my Sims now. I try to slow down and just enjoy their day to day lives, but often end up pushing them to be more serious about skills and things.

11th Aug 2017, 3:11 AM
Rarelly i play by rotations, the most of the time i play with a family 3 or 5 days, then i have a new idea and i play another family a few days, and generally i switch between premade hoods and custom sometimes.
i play a lot of the premades specially from Strangetown.
One time i tried that a couple only survived by fishing and farming, however they were going to die by hungry and heat. In that time i didnt want that they die so i let them to use the refrigerator to eat something more than fish.

25th Aug 2017, 1:36 AM
I used to just play whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted, but I just now got into playing rotations. I'm wishy washy as hell with how many days I'll play a family, but I always make sure to keep my households synced up. I do have a bit of storyline to fall back on but otherwise I'm a "whatever happens, happens" player :P

That being said, I'm currently playing premades and 2, soon to be 3 CAS households in Strangetown. :duck:

25th Aug 2017, 5:41 PM
For years, I played whatever pre-mades interested me for however many days I wanted. I'd usually play for two to six weeks, uninstall the game and then not play at all for months at a time. Little by little, I'd add something new. I'd make a CAS family, I'd find new Sim clothing or furnishings on the Internet. But there was never any rhyme or reason is my gameplay.

Then, last December, I learned about empty templates, no Maxis townies and generations challenges. I dabbled in making my own community a bunch of houses, some apartments, CAS townies and a self-sustained farming family. I only sort of rotated. I'd play my generations family for a season, then another house for a season. Then I'd return to my founding family for yet another season. My generations (self-sustained) family aged much more quickly than their neighbors. I had great fun making them plant, tend and harvest their crops. They had a warehouse stocked full of fruits, veggies and fish. I got only four generations in when I had a computer issue and had to reinstall Windows7. That's when my gameplay changed yet again.

I'm still using empty templates, no bin characters and no townies, but I am no longer focusing on one family and I'm not in a race to have these Sims breed and die so I can count the next generation. Instead, I've added an age mod that lets these Sims live very long lives, and I'm trying to let them to make more of their own choices when it comes to love & marriage. Right now, my Sims are "living off the land" but I hope to morph the game into a self-sustained (integrated?) hood with Sim-own shops and neighborhood government. Also, instead of playing willy-nilly as in the past, I now rotate households daily and I keep my neighborhood in sync and in the same season (Sync Timer from MATY; Weather Controller from SimWardrove; Day Setter from Neder here on MTS).

26th Aug 2017, 8:27 PM
I usually play the Sims I make. I have rarely actually played with premades or townies! I would like to change that, but the premades and townies are so ugly to me! And I forgot how to open the plastic surgery CAS so I can't modify them right now.

27th Aug 2017, 1:03 AM
I usually play the Sims I make. I have rarely actually played with premades or townies! I would like to change that, but the premades and townies are so ugly to me! And I forgot how to open the plastic surgery CAS so I can't modify them right now.

@tictachoe I play sims that I make, Premades, Townies, moved in NPCs, and sims born in game.

One of the easier ways to do Plastic Surgery on your Sims is to use The Sim Blender (http://www.simbology.com/smf/index.php?topic=20.0) and I use that function liberally.

27th Aug 2017, 5:29 AM
@tictachoe I play sims that I make, Premades, Townies, moved in NPCs, and sims born in game.
One of the easier ways to do Plastic Surgery on your Sims is to use The Sim Blender and I use that function liberally.

I have SimBlender, but had no idea that Plastic Surgery was possible with it. I've also never used the plastic surgery station in the game.

I got tired of the ugly Sims, so I downloaded default face templates. I went with a mix of three or four different creators in an attempt to keep my Sims from all looking the same. Now, most of them are almost too pretty for my taste. In my current game, I've used CAS to add a touch of "ugly" to a few of my Sims. (Several of Dagmar clan have pinched cheeks, squinty eyes or no chin. And while you can't really tell from the pictures, Captain Grumby--though young--has wrinkles.)

24th Sep 2017, 1:26 AM
I play rotation-style, one season per household. Everybody's gotta be in the same season or I go nuts.

You can probably call me pretty particular - I pretty much micro-manage my sims, and I have a determined storyline to go with, though some things I'll leave up to spontaneity. I dislike playing Popularity or Romance aspirations, so I never assign those. Premade teens usually change from those in University when they complete Junior year, while I generally just go ahead and cheat to change adults. Only Don Lothario is allowed to keep his Romance aspiration, because it suits him.

Everything is Maxis-Match except for eyes and hair. I rarely use hair that isn't Pooklet'd, and I will not use any eyes that aren't recolors of Yumedust's Eye Love set. I've been using those so long that anything else looks wrong to me - I even went and made my own alien eye defaults out of them that are pretty cute. :)

I have two main 'hoods at the moment: Simsissippi, which is a custom hood with all premade hoods attached as shopping districts, and Summer Isle, for my custom sims.

2nd Oct 2017, 2:41 PM
I happened to play rotation at the very begining, like when i got the game without any SPs. My favourite town was (and still is) Pleasantview, where i was stick with Marysue, Lilith etc. Although after maxis's force movement of making Mary face the fact that her husband has an affair and their breaking up i decided to stay away from them (as if their situation can get any worse).
Now i rather create families play a few hours with them and leave them alone and forget about them. It's not that i do not like them or that i got bored, just that I do not want them to die since ones i have made at the very begining are ones i have played the most with, and was trying to keep them alive (even was leaving the game after they have set themselves on fire). As i have started to create and upload sims i have made i do not focus on playing that much. I play an hour or so to take screenshots and then just pack them from game to submit them.

31st Oct 2017, 4:38 AM
Please let me know if this is the wrong place for this, but I'm interested in who plays with a lot of subhoods and why. Or who doesn't, and why. What are the benefits or disadvantages to subhoods vs. a large main hood with all those things in it?

I'm looking to start over with my game that I'd just started with the Isle of Demeter (https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims2-hoods/title/isle-of-demeter/id/854510/) terrain. I like that it has many different areas, and I set up different zones such as Mediterranean, South American, Tropical, Mountain, etc. For each zone, I had a shopping center and some forms of entertainment for the inhabitants. I'm not greatly bothered by anachronisms like a zone with an old-style village market while another zone is much more modern. However, I'm wondering if it would be better to have actual subhoods for some of these. I'd appreciate anyone's ideas and input on this.

31st Oct 2017, 5:16 AM
I have a main hood (Old Town), a Campus, Downtown and 2 subhoods, for me the Main Hood is the Center of the city, but for the purpose of my story, only the rich Sims live there and others that received benefits, that means that all the community lots are exclusive and with higher prices. In the first subhood "Bluewater village" we have the "entrepreneurs and young professionals" is the shopping district, almost all the stores are here, but a lot of houses also, mainly of the owners of the businesses. The second subhood is Riverside and I choose to give it a natural look, a lot of parks, museums, and pools. The Sims that live here are big families or young couples, also some rich Sims that want to escape from the envy of the center of the Town. If some Sims wants to travel to another subhood, they need a car, because my idea is that each subhood is distant around 40 minutes to 2 hours, so the taxi is very expensive, that way I can keep the most of the Sims in their subhood and I can form stories like Dina Caliente who lives in Riverside want to go to Bluewater village for the day to shopping and meet some new people, also the teens can have their big adventure when they travel to another subhood or to Nocturna (Downtown)

In the DownTown we have only night buildings and people that live in little houses or apartments. I like to play with subhoods, because it gives me the chance of make like stories within the same hood, like families that fight and decide to separate and one of them travel to another place to live, etc. Each hood have the basic stores and one H&M and they are decorated to represent the hood.

31st Oct 2017, 5:43 PM
I play with three custom down towns a custom shopping district, all three vacation hoods and all three uni hoods that came with the game. Even when I was on my slow computer, I had multiple down towns because I like to have a variety. Some areas give off a different feel than others, this also allows sims a variety of places to live (subruban vs urban vs small settlement).

All areas encompass a sort of larger community and you can give each area it's own flavor, which you mentioned you have done. Mine aren't so drastic, as they are all considered in the same region but even having multiple areas could give your hood an even wider world feel.

For example, in my hood, Memosa Bay is the only one that has an art museum, Scandalica City is the only place with a dedicated nightlife/night club area, Pandora is the only place with a casino and oasis. Even if they do have the same types of businesses, there's differences in them. For example, Isla Del Kashmire has a small indoor/outdoor fitness building called 'Gymboree', Memosa Bay has a two-wing gym with an upper floor electro-dance sphere called 'Quick Gym', and Scandalica city has a ginormous complex called 'Recreation Center' which has an Olympic sized pool and then a second floor with indoor soccer nets and basketball hoops. Pandora has a tiny spa with a room with work out equipment.

Then you can have 'chains' of businesses where you build it and then plop copies down in each hood. In mine there is a Mocha Chip Coffee Shop which is every uni hood plus the main one and then a 'top of the world' restaurant that is every city (minus Pandora) that covets the highest spot for the best views.

The disadvantages, of course, are the varying load times - if I want a sim from Isla Del Kashmire to visit a bar in Memosa bay, that's twice the loading time than if I just had them visit a local bar in the same hood. The other disadvantage I can see is that playing with multi-subhoods will not give you a tight sense of community with your sims. If they are all in one place, then theoretically they all know of each other more. I don't wish to play like that so it's not a disadvantage for me.

I think multi-hoods are great for world-building and you can really expand your sims outward that way so maybe one family is the most known one city while another one is in another and creates sim politics or something.

Emperor Crat
2nd Nov 2017, 2:49 PM
That is a rather interesting idea, after I complete the aesthetic of my main hood, perhaps I will experiment with this idea. Thanks!

7th Nov 2017, 1:39 PM
@tictachoe I play sims that I make, Premades, Townies, moved in NPCs, and sims born in game.

One of the easier ways to do Plastic Surgery on your Sims is to use The Sim Blender and I use that function liberally.


I used to only have Strangetown, Downtown and Bluewater Village, but lately I added Veronaville, Pleasantville, and Riverblossom Hills as subhoods to my game and so I have more Premades that I am now playing and while I have not added any new lots to the new subhoods at this point I will eventually.

My playing style has not changed at this point. I still play with lots of Aliens and I am playing Generations and Legacy style in a rather loose way. I do have several tightly organized clans that I have formed around my different Alien Families. I have several Human Clans as well, and I have them mixing with my Alien Clans as well.

Lots of Clans in my Game.

Currently The Aliens are only in Strangetown, Bluewater Village and Downtown at this point, but they are planning on spreading to the other subhoods in time. :D

17th Nov 2017, 11:32 PM
I play with one main family like all the time, but when i play another family, its because i want to age them or its family of dated sim by any sim from my main family.
I also play test household where I test some cheats and kill stupid sims like chef who frking burned like 120% of all meals they prepared when i was in college :) im so mad at her lul

18th Nov 2017, 7:23 PM
i play in rotations and always complete ltws etc i'm currently playing in a beginning megahood

7th Jan 2018, 4:22 AM
I enjoy playing the premade neighborhoods and rotating through the families by seasons, and gradually as the premade a marry, have children, grow old, and pass on the the Grim Reaper, the neighborhoods gradually become my own. I renovate the houses when the looks become tiring, I make custom community lots that sometimes stick around for a long time and sometimes they don't, and whenever I have a hard time getting through a family's rotation I take a few days or a few weeks to get back into it and I fall in love all over again. I'm currently 50 sim years past Maxis Riverblossom Hills and still going pretty strong! It's been going on for over a year now and I can't imagine how different it would've been in my mind originally :)

23rd Feb 2018, 9:41 AM
I play mine in rotation :) I always end up playing pre-made families in Pleasantview and focus on one for a really long period of time because their backstories are always much more fun and interesting to watch play out, I never play my own Sims made in CAS.
I also occasionally play sims who live in the downtown area and university, and once they finish move them back home again :)