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16th Jun 2017, 11:28 PM
Hi guys :jest:
I decided to introduce you my little family! Let's start!
First of all I want to say I am not native english speaker so sorry If i'll write something wrong :jest:
Here is the picture of my actual familytree of this family. I believe it will help you to orientate in names! (Brittany = Brittany Parker, Brittany Upsnott = Ginger's friend)
Ginger's parents weren't really rich, but they knew their daughter Ginger is really clever. So they saved some money and they could afford college for Ginger.
So once upon a time, Ginger said goodbye and went to college.
She received her dorm room and she started to learn.
She has chosen an art major because she was really good in painting.
After some time, she already met some friends. But then she felt she is missing something.
She decided to live in greek house. But it wasn't that easy. She nedeed to be nice to some greek guys.
Next evening greek house sent Brittany Upsnott to visit Ginger. They were visting each other so much as they could.
Brittany finally invited Ginger to join her in greek house. Ginger accepted.
They were really good friends. But once Ginger kissed Brittany. Brittany liked it and then they went steady. :lovestruc
Time passed quickly and they had christmas.

TO BE CONTINUED :report: :jest:

17th Jun 2017, 2:34 AM
Hi mare31xxl glad to see that you are posting. It is always good to have someone new join and start posting.

I would not worry too much about not being a native english speaker, you write English fairly well from what I can tell. Also I think we are pretty good about not being negative and nit picky when it comes to someone's English.

I do have a Question: what is Ginger's Family Name?

Edit: Oh Duh, the answer is Parker. :lol:

Hopefully I don't use too much slang, I know that slang can be difficult.

It was a good post and I enjoyed it.

I will be looking for more, hopefully soon.

17th Jun 2017, 5:15 AM
So was there a big age gap between Belle and Brittany as siblings or did you play Belle's family a lot more? I ask because it looks like Belle's children are elder and already dead while Brittany's child, Jinx is alive and an adult still.

17th Jun 2017, 12:44 PM
:!: :!: !!SPOILER!! :!: :!:
belle lived a normal life, job, children - die. but brittany earned some days by drinkin the aspiration potion and she was also a vampire so..
btw. jinx on that photo snt even adult, she is teenager xd

18th Jun 2017, 10:37 PM
Yaaaay I'm here again! :) :jest:
Ginger also met some professors. And one of them was Prof. Todd.
He really liked Ginger. She was his favourite student. :deal:
One day when it was really late a burglar came and wanted to steal from Ginger and Britt.
Fortunately an alarm started to scream :alarm: and police took burglar and everythnig was perfect again.
Second day Prof. Todd went to visit Ginger. He also invited Ginger on a date. Ginger, after a short moment, accepted and they went to 50's dinner restaurant. (my fav. ea restaurant :lol: )
They didnt kiss each other, but Todd already fell in love with Ginger. When Ginger reached her college house she told Brittany.
Brittany yelled at Ginger..But Britt understood it after a while. A romance between Ginger and Britt wasn't the thing what Ginger wanted.
Next week, Ginger together with Brittany graduated and moved to their own houses. Ginger moved to flat.
Prof. Todd knew it and he went to visit Ginger again. He invited Ginger on a date again, but this time, Ginger knew he's the right. :lovestruc
Next day when Ginger woke up, Todd was there again. But this time, he asked Ginger and they got engaged and Todd moved to Ginger.
He left his job and found another one. Ginger took a culinary job. Todd also changed his visage.
..And maybe you're asking.. Yes, Ginger is pregnant!
After some "pregnant stress" Ginger went with her friend to China!
TO BE CONTINUED :lovestruc :lovestruc :report: :jest: :D :D

19th Jun 2017, 4:56 AM
Glad that you are here again mare31xxl :) :jest:

I liked reading about Ginger, Also your pictures were good.

25th Jun 2017, 12:26 PM
Im here againn! :jest: :deal:
Ginger was really enjoying that trip.
She met some new interesting people, gained some experience, she also learned dragon tale story.
But the trip was in ending. They left.
When Ginger arrived, she knew she'll give a birth. :lovestruc
It was a girl! A beautiful brown-haired baby with beautiful blue eyes.
Ginger and Todd named her Brittany because of the Ginger's old college friend.
As Britt was aging, Ginger was getting promotions.
She was really good chef.
One day Ginger was pregnant again. (fortunately again with Todd :rofl: )
And also Todd was getting promotions.
Ginger gave birth to her second daughter! Again very beautiful brown-haired girl.
This time they named her Belle.
Ginger was almost on top of her career but then she lost everything.
She needed to take care of little Belle. They had nanny but Ginger didn't really trust her.
Ginger was 3 times late to work and she got fired.
Fortunately Todd was almost on top of his Athletic career too.
Ginger tried to be home alone with kids but she's a little workaholic.
So then she took another job. At construction.
The kids' grades at school were really good!
First Britt gained A+ and then also Belle!
Ginger and Todd were really proud of them.
Ginger was always a very good gardener too.
So she was learning kids how to take care of garden.
One day, they successfully obtained a wishing well!
Their garden was gorgeous!
One day, "little" brittany decided to color her hair to black.
http://i68.tinypic.com/2n0lk60.jpg(well i lost photos of them being children)
But then she totaly changed her hairstyle and became more crazy! :jest:
Can you see that maid? That's Remington. Brittany was only teenager when she first saw him.
But she already fell in love with him! He didn't really know.
Anyway, TO BE CONTINUED :jest: :D
(i think i did a lot of mistakes in this part :( so sorry :rofl: )

26th Jun 2017, 4:22 AM
I think Brittany the Younger is cute, even if she is crazy

I have sims that decide to change their hair style and sometimes their hair colour too.

I usually have my female sims get pregnant for story line purposes. Also if one of them has a want to have a baby I make the story line fit that want. I have sort of toyed with using the Risky Woohoo Option on my LizzLove's Waterbed of Love that I use all of the time though I have not used this option so far. So I was wondering, was there a reason why it was good that Ginger was pregnant by her husband? Could she have been pregnant by someone else?

15th Aug 2017, 11:13 PM
I am back after a .. while?!:D
Did I say they had a dog? I think I didn't so..
Ginger always wanted some pet, so one day she asked Belle and Brittany. They totaly wanted a dog! A nice big dog!
So they went to pet adoption service and adopted Lerroy!
As I already said, Ginger was a little workaholic and she wanted her dog to has a job!
She signed Lerroy to police career. Lerroy was really clever so it wasnt that hard for him.
He was getting promotion and one day he already was in top of his police career.
Belle is aging! Belle grew up from a child to a teenager!
Now, when both of sisters was teenagers they started to think about college.
Ginger with Todd earned a lot of money so they could afford it and Belle with Ginger went to college!
Belle, Brittany, Derek and Amy went together.
Also Brittany tried to be more normal.
But.. It didnt last long, she was just a freak and she needed to be different from other sims.
Belle was into Derek, but he didnt really want her..
(i dont remember these so i will write by myself)Belle took a teacher major and Brittany an art major as her mother Ginger.
Belle was really into studying so she studied all day long and she became really clever.. But Brittany eh..
She took an art major so she had more free time then Belle, so she tried to do some nasty things like:
But she tried and studied too and in the end she was even more clever then her sister Belle.
One day, Belle walked to Derek and said him all what she fell to him.
She kissed him. He kissed her.. After some time they were always together! They had even a college room together with 1 bed!
But.. One day Belle asked him to engage her.. He didnt accept.
TO BE CONTINUED :blink: (btw omg i cant write in english well dont judge xD)

16th Aug 2017, 7:18 AM
I am back after a .. while?!:D
<snip, snip>
One day, Belle walked to Derek and said him all what she fell to him.
She kissed him. He kissed her.. After some time they were always together! They had even a college room together with 1 bed!
But.. One day Belle asked him to engage her.. He didnt accept.
TO BE CONTINUED :blink: (btw omg i cant write in english well dont judge xD)

Welcome back. @mare31xxl

Your English is not really bad, don't be so concerned about it, it is not that bad. I can understand it.

If two Sims are in Love they always go for the Engagement in my game, so make sure that Derek is in love and his long term relationship is at least 75 and he should say yes if Belle were to ask him again.

16th Aug 2017, 7:04 PM
:!: :!: :!: :alarm: spoiler :alarm: :!: :!: :!:

I play the sims like 6 years I know! But thanks:3 --- after they graduated belle engaged to derek sucesfully

16th Aug 2017, 10:29 PM
Your English is fine and I have no trouble understanding what you've written. I'm enjoying the Parker Family Story very much; they're a nice family. I like that Brittany has her own flamboyant personality and isn't afraid to show it.

16th Aug 2017, 11:35 PM
Great stuff! I like that Brittany is embracing her inner-freak. But Derek, just like a guy -- always wanting to have his sex and his freedom, too. Maybe one day he'll come around. Or maybe Belle will find someone more her type.

As others have said, your written English is not at all bad. Trust me when I've said that I've read things by native English speakers that were not as clear and grammatically correct as your writing! Also, as someone who knows ONLY English, I'm constantly amazed by the people I "meet" on the Internet who are fluent in two or more languages. I tried to learn Spanish several times (high school and later I took a course as an adult), but I just could not grasp it.

19th Aug 2017, 1:02 AM
Thankss for replies :lovestruc
I lost so much photos of my parker family, so I am really sorry that this is so faast:dd
The college time was slowly ending, and Derek knew what he felt to Belle.
Theye were in love with each other.
And he also asked Belle to engage her! Finally!
Belle, Brittany, Derek and also Amy, they all graduated with the best grades!
Because Belle with Brittany were still living in the same house with their parents, Derek needed to rent an apartment. Amy bought her a little house.
So now, when both of girls were free both of them found a job and started to live on their own! (still with their parents in the same house!:D)
As I already wrote, Belle was also the more serious then Brittany. She found a job in school as teacher and Britt..
Britt found a job in paranormal career.
Some photos of them being adults:(britt,belle,ginger,todd - they were always moving out house so, photos always from the different place, but i just dont like having same house for 4654days)
They had a maid - as I already wrote,
Brittany decided to invite that maid(Remington) to a date!
They had gorgeous dinner, and they were really having fun!
After some time, Brittany knew that Remington is the right one!
Will it be boy? or girl?(at least pretend that you dont know it will be a boy :dd)
Btw. what is the max size of one post? i cant see it anywhere :rofl: :deal:

19th Aug 2017, 1:42 AM
@mare31xxl Sorry to find out that you lost so many photos of your parker family. But sometimes being fast with your post is ok I think

Sometimes i just don't have all of the pictures that I wanted to have, so I just go with what I do have when I am ready to post. Other times I have just decided to post a small bit on a Sim or two of mine, rather that trying to make it part of a larger post.

Glad to find out that Derek and Belle are engaged now.

Glad to find that Belle, Brittany, Derek and also Amy, all graduated with the best grades! That is realy hard to do I have found.

Sounds like the date that Brittany had with that maid(Remington) went well.

I don't know what the limit is for length of post as I have not found it yet. I like do the longest posts I think, lately I just break my posts into parts, because it is easier to manage them that way.

19th Aug 2017, 2:46 AM
They've all grown into nice looking adults, and they seem to be finding their way in the world. I can't wait to see Belle's baby when he's grown up a little.

18th Nov 2017, 9:07 PM
News: updated family tree, will also continue in making story soon xd

5th Dec 2017, 3:53 PM
What a lovely family, and growing fast! @mare31xxl

I'm glad you've got Remington into your clan, I love him!

I especially enjoyed Brittany's teen makeover. :lovestruc

Loving your pictures and story! :cool: