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21st Jul 2017, 3:12 AM
Has anyone ever tried a challenge that involved not being able to control the sims in their household, and letting autonomy do all the work? I had this idea the other day, and I keep wanting to try it, but get bored quite quickly lol.

Sims really don't seem capable of taking care of themselves, which is what makes me curious as to whether or not they could actually survive without the player's help. Granted, the NPC ones do, but I have no idea how the game treats them when the player is nowhere near.

Ghost sdoj
21st Jul 2017, 4:13 AM
All the major needs are handled autonomously, although bill paying is "Partial Autonomous." (If you click the "Only one day left to pay this bill, the bill gets paid. If you ignore or miss it, the sims don't worry about it, either. Until the Repo Man shows up. )

This does not preclude sims from doing stupid stuff like putting a dinner in the oven, answering the phone, dropping the queue command to get the food, complaining about being hungry, and then catching themselves on fire when the food in the oven burns up.

They can keep themselves alive, but you might want to give yourself one sim you can play, or a limited number of commands you can issue each day to keep yourself from getting bored with just watching them.

21st Jul 2017, 12:42 PM
I really wish sims had their needs taken care of better.

Things like hygiene, hunger, bladder, etc. should never really drop more than 3/4th of the way down needs bar before they're taken care of (unless your sims have tons of negative moodlets that make them neglect themselves).

Same with family management- I wish there was a way that active sims could pay off their bills and work towards their careers and wants autonomously.

@igazor Is there anyway this can be done with tuning alterations? Something to make bill paying autonomous and change the priority of need fulfillment (to avoid sims starving or pissing themselves)?

Anyways, I sometimes play a single sim, and try to let them be as autonomous as possible. Any more and you quickly descend into dysfunctional familyhood.

Arsil's Leaving Home Ain't Easy (http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?p=4755068#post4755068) is a rough but very useful mod that allows sims to go off-lot on their own- which eliminates the whole 'where will we go today' issues that come up.

Combining that with NRaas' Maptagger system (that pinpoints all sims in a world), you can always be sure of which lots have the most sims on them.

21st Jul 2017, 7:03 PM
NRaas StoryProgression already allows for pushes off the home lot, though the destinations will seem awfully random, and Automatic Active Billing (SP Money module) replaces the need to ever have to write checks at the mailbox -- actually I never use the latter myself since that takes away the option of paying the bills a few days late on purpose when funds are tight and there might be other priorities. Either MasterController or DebugEnabler can be used to make a sim in the active household not selectable, thus the game's autonomy would take over control of such sims entirely.

But I understand that part of the goal here is/was to improve the performance of these elements of free will and autonomy without necessarily using SP and without making the sims entirely unable to be controlled by the player. I don't really see how mere tuning can change the priorities of needs fulfillment, my sense is that the priorities are already correct but as Ghost described sims are just too easily sidetracked. The reason this doesn't really happen much with inactive sims, at least for life-threatening things like forgetting to eat or coming in out of the cold/intense heat, is that the game itself steps in and takes care of the needs for them in most instances without them necessarily having to go through the animations of cooking and eating, etc. when they are off-screen.

If this were the official EA forums, I would probably put on my fake-grumpy hat and say something like, "Oh, knock it off and just play the game by directing your sims in the way it was meant to be played already." Or something like that (without really meaning it). I guess that approach won't work here. Perhaps the needs fulfillment adjustment question and its complexity could be better answered by someone with more meaningful modding experience?