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21st Jul 2017, 9:06 PM
I am actually playing in this beautiful World I downloaded from here (http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=468182) . No problem whatsoever with this upload, just so you know.
The routing annoyance I am having is more a general all-the-time problem, where Sims refuse to walk/run to their destination when it seems like the most logical/fast route.

My family was living far from the school, and with 5 children...you'd want to move closer. So I bought them a big enough lot near the school, and built them a house on it.
The location is perfect, or so I thought. Their new house is in front of the school, there is also a little sidewalk/path that one could use to shortcut their way across; from house to school/park/public pool!
But nope. They will take their bicycle, and use the street....go all around, a big detour if you ask me. I checked it, and behind the house is routable. A Sim can use that way as well.

I include a detailed picture for you to see.
I draw in green, the route they all take.

I have a mod to disable the school bus, so I use it. But so far, the only way I found for the kids to actually walk to school was to tell one to go here with...select all 4 other siblings, then click on that little sidewalk/path...like in the middle of it, halfway between school and home. From there, if I ask them to go to school, they will continue their way by walking or running, and get where I want them to.

I'm wondering if one, there is a way to completely prevent the game from lending bicycles to kids? besides buying them one...
Or, maybe there is a setting somewhere I could tweak, so anyone walk to places...the game seems to calculate the distance needed before a sim use any transportation. Maybe I could set that distance to be further?
This is getting frustrating.
Someone has tips, tricks, advice please?..Else than flipping the house around ;)
Thank you.

22nd Jul 2017, 12:00 AM
This is a normal behavior which has nothing to do with Setra. I see the same behavior in Riverview. The only way to get the kids to walk to school is to live on the same street as the school.

You're going to need some sort of mod to change this behavior, but be forewarned... most likely, you can only disable the use of bicycles etc... and they will do that with any routing, not just proximity.

22nd Jul 2017, 12:37 AM
This is why I stated that setra had nothing to do with this, and this was a problem I get everywhere, for any Town, yes.
I turned the house around. Front now facing the school. A bit of improvement. What is this mod that can disabled the use of bicycles?..and does this affects the one we buy ourselves?

22nd Jul 2017, 1:19 AM
to be honest the only mod I know of that might make a difference is awesome mod. It has a function which they call "smart vehicle chooser" or something which might address this issue. Other than that, I've never actually looked for a mod. I was speculating on the dynamics of routing and what kind of coding was necessarily. The easiest is to disable bicycle usage.

Maybe there's a NRAAS mod that can do similar things.

Don Babilon
22nd Jul 2017, 7:29 AM
If you've got Into The Future you could test something: give them hoverboards and set them to "Use Instead Of Walking"; this forces Sims to not use any other vehicle anymore but the hoverboard, and the hoverboard makes use of the routing behaviour normally used by pedestrians. If they then still go around the houses on the street and not use the walk-path then something needs to be changed in the world's routing; if they use the path instead you might have to look for a mod that changes routing behaviour. My guess is either NRaas GoHere or NRaas Traffic.

22nd Jul 2017, 8:37 AM
I uninstalled ITF as I didn't like it :)
Since I turned the house/lot around, all children walk to school now, regardless of where they are on the lot when I ask them. So flipping the lot helped. They won't use the walk-path though, they just walk on the grass, that was behind the house before..which is now the front on the lot. Both parents though...will each use their own vehicle, to go to the same place. (well park, not school) Maybe if I'd get rid of the car & scooter..then they'd walk too...not sure about that.
Now flipped...

22nd Jul 2017, 10:37 AM
You don't actually have to do that I think. You can leave the house facing the road the way it was before, except using testingcheats, "set front of lot" at the back.

In fact, you can try setting the front of lot on the left side towards the side walk trail. See if that works.

22nd Jul 2017, 8:08 PM
How interesting...
All I can think of is set as front door on doors, how do you "set front of lot" on lot? Do you just click on the terrain...

22nd Jul 2017, 8:21 PM
How interesting...
All I can think of is set as front door on doors, how do you "set front of lot" on lot? Do you just click on the terrain...

I think you hold ctrl+shift and click the terrain where you want the front of the lot. It will give you the option popup - "set as front of lot"

It is actually more specific than just which of the 4 sides. The arrow will point at the exact point of entry of the lot. So you can choose as close to the side walk as you can, see if your sims will go there.

Again, never actually tried it this way before. It affects mostly arrival to the lot than leaving the lot. So, no promises. :P

22nd Jul 2017, 8:30 PM
I'll be sure to try, let's see how this goes. :)

22nd Jul 2017, 10:30 PM
Doesn't 'Set Front of Lot' have to happen in Build mode? Not in game at the moment so not sure.

I think there is something in NRAAS Retuner that allows you to change the distance sims will walk before using a vehicle. You could try that, although I have no idea if it would work for kids and bicycles.

City Hall/Computer > NRaas > Retuner > Settings > General > By Tunable XML
Car > kDistanceToDestinationSoSimWillDrive >

If you have this mod, you could set the number of the distance sim will drive to something higher and see if that helps any. This will affect all sims in your 'hood though.

22nd Jul 2017, 11:54 PM
Doesn't 'Set Front of Lot' have to happen in Build mode? Not in game at the moment so not sure.

Yah, thanks for mentioning that. I just use "build on lot" cheat to build during gameplay and set the front of the lot. Also noted is that if you use NRAAS MC to reset the town, it will reset this front as well.

23rd Jul 2017, 3:52 AM
Thank you too @tangie0906
I might try setting this up to my likingz. :)

So, I re-flipped the lot so the front of the house goes back to what it was initially, and used the "set as front of lot" in the backyard. This seems to have the very same effect as just flipping the lot around as I first did ; the maid's car and the gardener's car then parked on the street in front of the school, acknowledging the new *front*.

Then, I tried "set as front of lot" on the side where the walk-path is, as Nitromon suggested, while still having the lot placed as it was originally. I think I love this very much.
Children will use the back door(patio door), run to the walk-path and go to school...or they will just go straight to school without heading for the path. Yay!
Then..another Field Trip..this time, to the Police station. At the end of the day, the school bus dropped them all 5 right in front of the house..the initial real front. And this is perfect, since they arrived from somewhere, not going some place. :)

Mom & dad also go straight to the path, then grab a cab...since I sold their vehicles. ;)
So all is well, thank you all so much.