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19th Aug 2017, 9:38 PM

I am currently working on a world that includes every feature of every expansion pack. (I know it has been done before and it caused some problems which is why I try to keep it as simple as possible)
I want to put everything on a flat map of Sunset Valley and place career lots in the middle so sims won't have to go to work for hours. Moreover lots that are related to pets or supernatural will be placed outside the city. There will be a one or two apartments and clubs - not too many since they normally cause some problems in my game (not sure if I am the only one) and of course a few house boats.
Another huge part I want to add to this world is families - all families that exist in Sims 3. I know, putting each and every sims in one world will probably only cause the world to crash over and over again which is why I want to add their descendants instead. There are 7 + 11 worlds and I am planning to keep two to six sims from each world, but doing this all on your own is quite hard even when you use Twallan's mods.
So I was wondering if anybody was interested in helping me with my project...


Required Mods (it is much easier with them)
- NRaas_DebugEnabler
- NRaas_MasterController
- NRaas_MasterControllerCheats
- NRaas_MasterControllerProgression
- NRaas_Mover
- NRaas_Overwatch
- NRaas_PortraitPanel
- NRaas_StoryProgression
- NRaas_StoryProgressionCareer
- NRaas_StoryProgressionExtra
- NRaas_StoryProgressionPopulation
- NRaas_StoryProgressionRelationship
- NRaas_StoryProgressionSkill

- Sunset Valley
- Twinbrook
- Bridgeport
- Appaloosa Plains
- Starlight Shores
- Moonlight Falls
- Isla Paradiso
- Rivervier
- Barnacle Bay
- Hidden Springs
- Lunar Lakes
- Lucky Palm
- Sunlit Tides
- Monte Vista
- Aurora Skies
- Dragon Valley
- Midnight Hollow
- Roaring Heights

How to
- put every (playable) sim together onto one big lot (64x64)
- if there are homeless relatives put them onto the lot as well
- let sims get married (I have already created family trees for existing sims, so you won't have to figure that out)
- women always take their husbands last name (sorry, but no same sex couples after the "first generation" since it is all about creating a family tree)
- only one child per couple (there are only exceptions in the first generation since we want to reduce our sims to a minimum or if there are not enough girls in one generation)
- families with "good" names (nothing ridiculous) will have boys
- same amount of boys as girls and only one boy per family name (two girls per family name are ok (like cousins) since they will take their husbands names anyway)
- age the parents up to elders and let everybody die of old age
- make sure no sim is wearing premium content clothes or has a premium content hairstyle
- keep doing this until you have two to three couples left / if you have two couples they may already have one child, but if you have three couples they should not have any children yet
- make sure you don't let sims have a baby if they are related in any way unless you don't have any other sim left
- personally I don't think you have to change the sims genetics if they will be dead when starting "the perfect neighborhood" but you should check if the living sims have anything that looks unrealistic (no blue hair, no purple eyes, no green skin etc.) unless you are playing in Dragon Valley, than you don't have to change anything if there isn't anybody in their family tree who looks "normal"
- keep the graves on your lot and seperate them by generation, moreover put all graves that are already in the world on your lot
- let deceased married sims still be married (you can change that with the named mods if necessary)
- there will be some sims that belong to recurring families - if they are not mentioned in a family tree, keep them on your lot but don't do anything with them and make sure they don't age - i will make sure that they are "reunited" with their other family members once they are all in one world

Only three more neighborhoods to go! Took me long enough...