View Full Version : Object Unlocker for Community Lots

9th Oct 2017, 10:34 PM
Hi all,

As you might know, some objects are not available for community lots in the base game. (e.g. kitchen objects, wedding arch, etc)
Of course, it's possible to temporarily change the lot zoning using SimPE, add the certain objects while it's a residential lot, and then convert it back into a community lot.

But this gets tiring from time to time. So, I made this little mod for us all! (Goes into the Downloads folder as usual - but be careful! Don't use the delete buttons in-game. As this isn't a real CC.)

It'll unlock these objects for community lots:
- Wedding Arch
- Aquarium
- All of the kitchen objects
- All of the party objects
- All of the gym objects

Yay! No need for SimPE anymore to change the lot zoning... just because of one certain object!